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<p class="p1">Today on the podcast, the crew discusses the odds of Donald Trump winning the Nobel Peace Prize, a truly ingenious Russian intervention, and Aaron Harison offers up some health advice.</p>
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but go ahead. Make my day why low in wealth and to write in writer, the official podcast at the Washington Free Beacon, I'm your hosting Elizabeth Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W F, B, free beacon, pod gases available on Itunes and Google play. Please subscribe. Tell your friends and leave a review join me from the right today is free beacon, managing editor David Ruts, who has once again occupying the squid chair. While our editor in Chief Matthew, continuity is gallivanting on the left coast, validated will lose good to be back further to David's right is free, beacon, president and his tender high score holder, Aaron Harrison.
Not exactly sure when he does round the office. Buddy sides, the Czechs and that's good enough for us hello Harrison. I just like to start by wishing you and all of the millions of beacon, babes out there a very happy international women's day who thank you have them. If I do say so myself, your new hair cut is simply ravishing laughing Thank you very much, and returning to that showed today is the chairman of the Washington Free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, international man, a mystery and licence republican consultant. He always keeps our penniless in line hello called for, I'll, be handling the age. Our complaint on that up. First, and writer shocking. The world President Trump will meet with rocket man by met South Korea's, as Kim Jong on is committed to de new colorization. More refrain from any further nuclear or missile tests Harrison should we had.
Jumped the Nobel Peace Prize now. Well, if he was Obama, he would have already received yeah, but I think this is. There is a via path here for the Nobel Peace Prize I mean, can you imagine the vomit that will be spilled on the stage and Stockholm when when Trop has to go up and stop this award in his white tie. You are, it is it's almost too good to be true. I actually almost awhile What have we got a serious history, historical situation with North Korea, where they never do what they say, they're gonna, do end up, cannot just starting few more million people, but I do think that there, is a path to peace here, where Kim Jong Una may actually do popularize North Korea job to see the reactions of people giving either because the Nobel Peace Prize you gonna, go to proper. It's gonna go to Kim Jong, whom so just
to see the reaction of the committee. He may do it right and the media their heads would explode at this happened. Rats Yes, my favorite reaction to this so far was from CNN Erin Burnett yesterday she said after a panel discussion about this she's like if this happens, Trump, go down as a great president and then she added and there's no way around that cause. She was very disappointed that she actually had to point out that if Trump brought peace, generations long nuclear threat, yes What money do met that was an achievement that work. However, commie skeptical of this meat. Will actually occur its planned there's a lot that can still go on between now and then, but still the terrain, threats and cold. Your honor, I'm just saying I am sceptical. That's all I'm saying of excited about the prospect of go five. What is it what's? Your take on this you know, Kim Jong on is just a dreamer and trumpet.
The trump once they do not know. I I wonder what the worms role in all this was. You know there's no way. This happens without Dennis Rodman playing a ban, channel role right for Tromp friends will Kim Jong on. That's that's. The mister that I think the free beacon reporters need to get after the Harrison. Well, I think it's worth looking at That said, I dont think Trump really needs back channel ambassadors. He seems too able to cut a deal on his own- and you know, is one of the finest negotiators of our time. I think to be: probably dealing with them one on one. I am not sure that we really needed are anything out of your mind. I there's no way on gods green earth that this thing turns into Kim giving up his clear weapons, there's only one way to give up the nooks and that's when we bomb rise,
that's what you get the peace prize for you. They eat nuclear eyes. Now you don't mind there would never give him the peace prize for drop in a bomb on that, no matter, if it just the vapour eyes, the entire nuclear programme over their they'd, never given to answer that it be great if it s a play, fair pre emptive strike, but if you know what I'm gonna buy like I said. If anything, the committee is gonna, give this award to Kim Jong Boon for DE nuclear rising. They will never go to trap hats funny about. It, though, is is the is the reaction of the Obama people because Tonia they were for that kind of direct diplomacy. They never actually pursued it because they were too chickens, but they were for it in principle. There just appalled, now and so what their responses like. Oh, my god, he didn't without telling the ambassador. Well, you have you data without telling the Secretariat Familiar the Obama's. You know you only want to negotiate directly with a radical islamic terrorist like that, the iranian regime,
regime. That's the only whether they're gonna does anyone there. Oh Mamma was to chicken shit. Do it himself, though, even after they wanted to clearly, but he didn't like actually show up and do the direct personal diplomacy? I just love this idea there, like their melting down about the process, because we had process with Obama and what do we get? We got it. We got a new your deal with ran that that that you will see how that in let's go and quickly at another great media reaction. This morning morning, Jos theory is this was definitely dying by Trump to distract from stormy Daniels and get her off the front page and they were they were dead. Syria plausible its. I take not crazy a bombshell freedom can skewed by Allah. Handrail Griswold Pina revealed that, contrary to what Texas Democrat Better Orourke sets, NATO has not always been NATO during his days as captain of the crew team for Colombia,
Firstly, he went by Rob Free Beacon, revealed a photo of Rob Rowing at Columbia, but could not confirm which of the three white men was indeed rob, overwork overheads. This certainly can't help the Democrats efforts to turn Texas Blue. No. I can't believe this. The media narrative about Texas, maybe turning blue, appears to have gone up in smoke for the what eight consecutive elections. I can't believe it. Yes, beta Rourke did go by rob or work, apparently when he rode crew for Colombia that are really connect and well with the people of Texas. I would imagine, but yes, a great screw borrow Numb Mr Griswold or economic growth, while paying results when we only these areas. I mean come compared to what compared you being on the debate team at Princeton like that, it's not like you know, right ruses messages. Have real Texan, yeah Harrison worry. You thought with free beacons.
Really on this story. For a little over a year now our very own branch you're actually broke. This story that bet dough was actually short for Robert Orourke, If you notice is website, it doesn't mention overwork whatsoever, even in all the merchandise selling its slogan- is better better but de facto better. So I do not for this is the most cynical ploy that we seen in this election cycle for hispanic voters now suspended. Voters make up a significant portion of the Texas Elect. You really aren't gonna win as a Democrat without significant support from them, but I was reading that the? U know hispanic voters on occasion when the question is, how can I read in the end to be debated, but what it? What I read was Acta historically, candidates with hispanic surnames perform much better amongst hispanic hispanic vote
So it is a real test of cynicism with Beppo because actually, said he get changes. Last names are: instead he changed his first So I think, is gonna, be one watch again when it depends Rodya the sweater, the though that he showed the picture little baby Bailey their dependency, tell a better had even saying I believe it's better. But it appears errands word for the proper he's, he's got taste don't forget, you can analyse AMOS Orourke bird Tom Press was on the Dnc Chair and he said overwork you no kind of like tried to like role his hours. Would I wrap name? It never was elected and we we played it just in the office to make sure we read in wartime role the hours on a roaring to make him sound like he was like from war. Is out of love, love it Texas version of Obama, strong it. It's ok at next CNN reveal that that russian propaganda with so advance they created a video game cod.
He'll tender it, which is a Mario, like Gameboy version of an Anti Hillary Clinton character, who runs around the leading classified emails and helping collect money from Arab States Harrison. How did we not come up with a throw this assembly where I'm actually really angry with the whip? entire free beacon staff are not coming up with this idea. Typically, these type of ideas fall into. My prevents saw my. This is a lot of self hatred here that I can just project out onto the inferiors on the staff, but yeah I mean I am but which, as you know, we met that I, didn't come up with this idea, but I'm mad that I didn't hear about it until CNN Doug. This thing you know up out of oblivion. Apparently this game was played twenty thousand times. That's, not twenty thousand people played its. It was played twenty thousand times by about like the valley of terrible, but honestly, if they just pictures the free beacon, there'll be millions of
Will it aplenty is gonna put like it? I'm actually help them develop it. I would have added a couple different levels like how about burying bought he's like a young there are there there's a lot of bodies in the in the hidden kin, proclaimed body count many levels. You'd I mean you could do that like. How quickly can your bury a body that can be a level first, shaming bills, bills, women there had a little of that level by a blue dress level that there's some report. Only Donald Trump Junior on handier Harrison is upset that he was not given a proper opportunity to collude with the Russians We would not like this with. This would have a perfect opportunity. Ethical, creative, you see point six points: Putin for creativity, no they're, gonna get Martin Weir. Russians are smart. They play like way above their level is their smart. Their good at someone, you gotta everything they did on the political side all amounted to like a hill of beans right, it was all like you know, twelve thousand tweets in it's like that didn't actually matter, but it was all ideas right in a bit of rats if
tender would have actually become widespread. I think the russian meddling would have actually worked more no doubt about that yeah I mean for the ECB to go forth, wondered at the six million via loops former russian vines. Are we had one got formerly in alone, comparing Lena Dunham, the emperor Papa Team and the CNN like puts these numbers out there, like? Oh, my God, six million oops and nineteen thousand video game plays like that's one Michigan that that's one Pennsylvania, it's it's it's it's hilarious, Harrison! That's just what I beg MIKE for comparing me to Donald Trump Junior. I think that's quite a high praise for shit
author next arouse the hand of the Argo. That's also hive plug the bed to, God is gearing up for space warfare and New Trump Administration policy in response to space attacks, mainly by China and Russia. This is a break from the Obama administration, which sought to promote arms control agreements as a way to limit space, weapons or conflict in space rights. Are you ready for this Wars final frontier, or is it not that STAR Trek? Isn't it? I got a mixed up. I don't know much about going, I'm gonna confess. Yet I need the mute him again. He had talked about tv or movies, hair set and look I don't need to see the movie star wars to have an opinion on the fact that real lifestyle wars enemy far better, I want to be able to devise mother from fifty thousand above the earth This is gonna, be awesome. I think that we need to be leading in
dominating the next frontier middle and militarized, the next front, the last frontier, the final frontier whenever it, but now this is great like this. This is what present drunk promised to do. He promised to rebuild America's to military through higher defence ban and this is one way to go about doing it. You'd dominate space going to dominate the future. We hear so much good news about space returning the moon into a gas station right I mean there's so much to be happy about corporate you, canst thou progress. There will be a space, for it will be glorious. America will prevail loved and before we jump into our culture topics on right and writer, it's time to check in with our favorite pop culture expert and noted feminine, at the free beacon, nobly Johnson. Currently so, since we last spoke, I know it's been a couple days, but we ve
seen in part two of the dramatic conclusion of the bachelor and we ve had will these process what went down there Natalie? What are your thoughts on what happened? Like the rest? the world, I'm just an incredulous It really was the break up heard all around the world. We had. We I'd better, go on after the final rose and confront ARI for dumping her on national television. And then we also found out the back I got over. Six thousand dollars do need to do her from random fans. On Van MO and she's. Now, that's all for wine author. All like random people, just sending her like here's, some money to get a glass of wine headed up to six thousand six thousand dollars and, of course, Becker being this class act that she is. She said, I'm gonna donate that stands for cancer.
Yes and I Navy see an Katy Kirk are both matching. Oh, I saw that. Yes, I without eighteen grand going up to stand up for cancer thanks to now, a bachelor I about four at Becker and again she made all this money off a Van miert. I mean she's the real winner here, quite frankly, I owe you know, get you out here by the time. Are you propose to Lord B, who it's like? Who cared we got em the stay. I would bring him back. I would see the new man, let's start the bachelor at let's get this guy and were so ever that will at the fact that Oprah hasn't offered to new that hurts runs just gonna proves that she's, not a serious candidate doins, wanted you not serious about dollar she's having a terrible, weak wrinkle into I'm getting pan in the reviews. Like you said she doesn't always they care about women, but yes, Becker Big Winner international out ways of another man, I don't know what do you think about the the guys they trotted out? I heard from my wife was not impressed. Oh I can like I like,
them. I I liked three of them. Two of them were diet. Banjo man was my favorite. Oh, he was also my are usually don't like the musician types, but that I was impressive here. That is a huge and they also had a man who has brought out a horse Harrison what you think about Becker as a bachelor. It actually like hers. The bachelor I think TIA, probably, would have been a better bachelor at than Becker, but in terms of the two, the drama that went down at the end of this year and we ve really got you know a fan favoured leading leading the next season of the bachelor S, I'm with it, but I do think that our kind of ended up with exactly what he deserved. Oh yes, this is exactly my point so when they actually proposing meets at with a family. I dawned on me why he chosen why switch changed his mind. His entire family has chosen a blonde there.
His brothers have applaud. His mom is applying sisters, applaud you just had to fit in any needed. No offense erhead blonde forlorn be aware that she knew you need someone who was more boring than him. Yes exactly, but as Zalm both women speaking here are both blonde. You know that's not a hop on blonde. No, we are way better. Obviously, my every problem Lauren Lauren does not represent us very well, but speak have learned. We have article that came out there She was apparently a model for six years, but she went under the name Libby. So maybe she's has a different sites. To her. Maybe she hides a little bit of an alias, we pray, Judge Lorn be, do we have any visuals on this matter, not back.
We now they they have sides as risk gave. That's risque they're, just some bikini shots, it's nothing! One final thing: I want to ask you a bachelor related. They ve been a bunch of art, think pieces. If you will saying maybe it's time to reconsider the bachelor with the meat teach me to movement, its inappropriate right and one ass. Can one b a feminist and enjoy dating, shows you're our feminists here Natalie, you, you have to answer. I'm gonna preface this and say I support me too. I support time's up. I do I back both of those things. I think that's a long time coming, but when they come out with people like this, it completely detracts from any type of equality that they want to get comparing or asking whether the bachelor is appropriate. In this quote me to era. Is just absurd. I would stand it if we did not have the bachelor at, but we have the bats her effort, and so it's just in Europe's it's an absurd comparison to talk about its reality. Tv show
its showing women women voluntarily go on this show it's just Riddick. Yet that's that it's no one's forcing these these they compared to the casting couch insightful yeah. I saw there's a good casting what I mean. They all want to be famous. That's what gone on the show they want their own. Like reality, spin off they want paradise and its great and again they have the bats threat and balances. This out you have to again vying for a woman to display see the latch. Little is done. A rare thing in Hollywood in its actually brought equality is not bad. A hundred percent. Ok. Thank you very much now for this much needed. Culture, update fur art, culture, topics on writing. Writer. However, first we have this week they celebrated international women's day and an honour one female Mcdonald's owner.
Sided to turn the golden arches upside down to create a w. Of course. Not everyone was happy with this, because the internet is a terrible place. Reds. How dare this woman celebrate women? Women Donald, doesn't even have a fifteen dollar minimum wage classic mistake by these people. They think by these little empties Joe shares, they're gonna make up for their years of massage any industry, men and wage gap, and it wasn't just that store. She she did it, but the downs announced actually flipping the end to a w ETA they're all thereof, Mr Graham and Twitter logos and at a hundred restaurants at celebrated women. I dont know accounted, maybe they they d up the Us
for the women workers that day by twenty one percent, to make up for the horrible wage gap that actually doesn't exist, but that, as far as that person at a restaurant you have to learn. You too can never please these people, so her gesture was empty and misguided. Yes, Harrison. Any thoughts on this I think make towns is, does plenty for women just with their dollar menu. What's good point, I mean it, personally, I think the die in others. Let this woman do whatever the hell she wants to with her franchise. Like I don't really care it's. It's gonna, like you know she owns. You should do what she wants. I'm fine with it. Don't stop me from celebrating international women's day Mcdonald's. I got my standard order to big Macs, medium fries and six be strict Mcnuggets with Sweden, sour sauce inside. So as not going to stop me from going to me indeed, if some random franchise owner out of what is it? three million Mcdonald's franchise. It exists in this world, not a big deal. Publicity style
Let the feminist figures I do need to ask you, though, so, where does Mcdonald's rate you got? Kfc is your top that no ICES, your title pop up- we're, don't gotta get this straight kit k of sea is that in the sides, division of derived chickening division? Are you writing in terms of food quality? Erlich weakness of the queen of the Russian were then that will now does not. This is a factor in now. That's what I think are Mcdonald's is its. Is an American go to its everybody's top three? If it's not like, I question whether you're being honest, because, honestly it's hard not to like Mcdonalds Goldfarb, you have any thoughts on us and he showed how many holidays the only it's made up highway our entire day. You got anniversary. You got birthday now is international women's day, don't forget mother's day mother's day and others dacres some women can be found and don't forget secretaries. There is endless
Your life on lifelong learning are internationally. We note if she gets a Valentine's, I'm lucky if she gets the anniversary thing is ridiculous to his. That's just like. Oh congratulations. We didn't separate here I mean birthdays are meaningless to Another celebrations are three months, I'm sorry, but black history month, a jewish history month. This stuff is ridiculous. He I gotta. When is jewish history, mob don't know, there's a jewish there. Yes, what there is, sadly, eggs I'll go bomber is in talks with Netflix to pay him and Michel for exclusive content, where he will moderate conversations on topics such as healthcare voting rights and Climate change Harrison. This doesn't exactly sound like Netflix and chill know this perfect for Obama, though I may know it wasn't gonna end up any other way than a Hollywood run. I read this guy's been so
love would not only himself with celebrity culture since day, one mister and Missus Obama do Netflix. I can't wait, to see the mediocrity that is churned out by these two lane brains. It's gonna, be the most boring tepid. Why be aspirational. Bull shit, that's been produced in the past three years. I honestly it's gonna, be said the people, the level bomber are going to react. Your usage naturally love there and talk about a programme several enemies, but it's so predictable This is his good. This is his culture. This is this. Is the true Obama right? Here's what we're gonna see on Netflix Caraway again they kept it in a really won't, go away. Rats No, it's also the final humiliation. What was it Donald Trump TV star became the President Obama, the president, and now we just gotta, be a tv guy, not even really tv it
Catholics networks or give a deal to anybody, and it's gonna be just a disk gonna be just dreadful. I couldn't. Unfortunately, I couldn't echo Harrison sentiments anymore. The worst ideas on the New York Times story was him. Moderating. Discussion, Obama couldn't moderate anything because moderators once both to talk and moderating Obama will never stop talking. Have you ever I can. Quite this is going to use modern history will be dreadful, he'll, never shudders trot, but anything I gotta know that's the worst idea, the faster the ironing over this is going. He is going to do his own version of the truly rose you you know We need the egg Lena EK, yes, but if we, the boring conversation department, this guy he's gonna bring in all of his favorite professor. And celebrities and we're going to Toronto guy we're gonna talk about making a difference in this world and how we can do inspirational stories called Firebird your thoughts I agree with that. I mean it's all gonna be about Obama, it's always all about Obama. So I have my favorite thing about this. Those like
It's not clear whether he's going to produce or whether he's going to host. You know we're just trying to figure that out and it's like well, it's going to be about Obama right. What Obama climate change and let's talk about what we can do in the Future Michel's gonna talk about nutrition on Netflix I mean: That's what I love about this issue in all these issues are going to talk about the issues of the day it like you were an office for eight years. Buddy, you solve any of these problems. Were there not just talk about it again on Netflix is also in the story. It's it won't be clear, but will be a response to conservative, criticise critics or or the trumpet ministrations active.
Ball. It won't be about trifling zimrud of critics. Please! I bet he starts podcast to supplement man. What we can we can handle Acapulco POD, save him or her. That's a matter of time right of lacks the Hollywood reporter was out with a disturbing cover with the so called men of the Age View Series Silicon Valley with their hands in each other's pockets. One of the actors explained quote: there's a tender quality to these guys, I'm among my tribe, of like beta males rights, is the rise of the, a male decline for us all know I piglets it's it's on the coasts. If we already knew beta may arise was happening in the more these guys problem sums up the more it helps people like alpha males, like Trump and in his people we debate. These are the opponents. These are the people going against it. It just heightens the contradiction. So I think there are some
trolling with that cover in the way they were talking, but I think it's, I think it's actually a positive thing- Harrison! Nay, you aunt. I bade him now. I hope Well, isn't that the ideal feminist male now as a modern feminist like who wouldn't want a beta, you now look that its it. It is gag worthy, but like these guys, apparently just reflecting their nerd character, as we were always told in school that it was the nerves that we're gonna end up running the world to a large extent. That's true, but I'm not sure about the lasting power, eventually somebody's gonna stuff, these punks back in their logger where they belong. I think farm, any thoughts. You know at the exceptional, like John Wayne, Clint Eastwood Bruce Willis, like they're all bade, as if you get it acting here a beta. That's like I feel, like that sort of self evident the shows high quality and they actually dont really play bade. As on the show, I mean he's kind of a these bodies there, like they're, trying to build a business
they're like in this silica, that's a good show in there and there, like their politics, are not beta and show their like. There's gonna be the wound builder company make a ton of money. They will it laid it's not the show itself, actually kind of a positive message, write it words, so the actors themselves in real life and having to have the there were political opinions you now, but to make himself like the put on make up. Way dress up and make believe I mean what that's always the way. It's been deaf ears in but to what was Jimmy camels final line after friends, but Gorman accepted or ask it he's had a man I wish I was a woman, I just after she and he said that now, like Jimmy Kamal, hosted the man show, and now we see that in front of the lowest Oscar audience ever would still twenty five million people in Paris and other guy but it is not surprising that, MRS, where it's gone, you don't we he would men are there.
Have to really start guess: a lotta ass. It were for the for the women's movement here they got a lotta egg on their face and said this is this the reaction to that? I think it's entirely predictable and weight is what it is highly was not gonna become conservative, anytime sand YAP. Finally, in today's health news, scientists are saying oral sex is causing a throat. Cancer epidemic in men Harrison take away, well, you know, I'm gonna stay away from that. She has Harrison that one first. Well, you don't listen. This is this its beta. I dont want to turn back. The two are Hollywood again, but this epidemic. Let's talk about Michael Douglas here for a minute he's the he's kind of the patron saint of this, this new awareness campaign where he came our throat cancer about five years ago, and he blamed it on his affinity for performing oral sex.
Now what we are finding is. There is scientific link between HPV and cancer We have known this in women for a long time. We ve known this time. I talked to several medical professionals over the past week about this as it is you I care passionately about, but when you look there is. There is a direct correlation between HPV cervical cancer amongst women. It's just now. It's starting to hit the members of the mail. Unity as well as I that let another, being community also has to worry doubly about so listen though it affects a large population of people out there is I'm saying about, and I think the awareness campaign in good people to be where this pro vaccines. So I think people need to get. There I think men and women both need to get to know each be vaccine when they become sexually active. It's important. If, if I can just point out that Rick Perry, a man who has been the right.
As far as an enemy, a science as an ignorant man, Rick Perry was the man who tried to mandate having successfully mandated in Texas that all girls she get this vaccine right So. Are you radio that he was an early front runner on this? He was protecting America's natural resources. He's always been a man of science, and I think we have the Tipp our had to him as being too. Vanguard of the movement to protect men from this play. A governor has done such a good point, tat. They always say ever weakens their anti science well, that their man of science, man of science, for unfortunately, that is all the time we have for today's edition of right and writer. I'd like to give special thanks to our producers, Louis Bunch, the fourth and, of course, are free beacon, Guess Errand Harrison David ruts. Now we Johnson and Michael Goldfarb remember, find us on Itunes and Google Pledge search for free beacon. Please subscribe! Tell your friends and we
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