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Whoa If True, Beto’s Blues, and Pizza ATMs

2019-01-18 | 🔗
On the latest episode of the <em>Free Beacon</em> podcast, sponsored by Calm, the gang discusses the latest whoa-if-true bombshell about the Russia investigation, wonder if Beto's okay, and discuss the latest in gourmet excellence.
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The programme that you're about to hear contains material that may be offensive to some listeners listener. Discretion is advised, but a good week, my dear fellow, and welcome to write and writer the official Pike Ass of the Washington Free Beacon sponsored by com, I'm your hosts Elizabeth Harrington, involving on Twitter ATLAS, W F B, the freebie can pack ass his available on Itunes. Google play in stature, please scribe telling friends and leave a review. Drawing me from the right today is free, beacon. Editor in Chief Matthew got Nettie. You may remember him from such mainstream media outlets
America's Future foundation and real clear world can follow him on Twitter. At caught, nutty, hello, Matt. I was further that's right is free begin. President Aaron Harrison who loves to run train on the progressive agenda does round me. Obviously size checks, that's good enough for us, hello, hairs, Fine international is ever deeper into the programme. Is the chairman of the three big Michael Goldfarb International Man, a mystery and licence republican consultant. He always keeps our palace in line helical FARC guerrillas up first on written writer buzz news is out with another bomb shall bombshells that will surely lead to present trumps impeachment this time. The report says Trump personally directed Michael Cohen, a week person to lie to conquer. About a tower that was never built in Russia. One of the reporters on the peace as he wasn't he hasn't
actually seen the evidence. The story is based upon. President Trump responded on Twitter, saying cone is lying to reduce his jail time. Matt. Has he done for well? if these story is true, you know that saying on twitter. Woe with true this is whoa with true story. If it is it, if it does emerge, from the Mulder Report or from the house investigation that is gonna ramp up pretty soon that Trump obstructed perjury, abstract justice by suborning perjury? That is a different thing than the current legal theory, which is that he obstructed justice by literally doing his job and firing an employee of us so that I think, would Raise the stakes deftly put trump on the defensive. It put a lot of trumped offenders in an awkward position, because this is the same thing which the Congress impeached Bill Clinton for. It said
the democratic impeached trumped me anyway, so you know find something. This might be it not the going to find something else. I don't have you seen the cover of the new Atlantic Monthly, but is literally just in each operator speech to find something. We hate him just impeach him, and so that's basic where we are, though, like I say if the if Mahler does say that there is evidence that prompted this he's gonna be in a pickle Harrison. This is such a bunch of matter. We got. This whole thing is about a real estate deal. I thought we were talking about collusion now. I never said there was inclusion to begin where the issue of a european state- Where do you think, really gets notes? Stupid meeting that was allegedly taking place was about the Moscow Tromp Tower, which is yet to be built. Okay, so what kind of action Buzzfeed it looks quite nice
the bureau will as all trope properties, are there not only luxurious, but there also had it was evidently please yeah what we here is basically the black mirror, seasoning banter snatch, so that that's really what they need to call this thing now is this: this is the banner snatch investigation because its choose your own adventure. Ok, whatever they think they can get their hands on. That would prove obstruction of justice. That's what go with them. That's gonna hit led the headlines in every newspaper in every magazine in the entire country, only twenty four, seven on on CNN and Fox early and CNN and MSNBC. This is, a choose your own adventure investigation, and that is the big problem with the announcing the special investigator and to begin with, because they always go in every which way until they have the catch, something that can be construed as obstruction of justice. Whether or not it actually has anything to do with the subject matter were originally tasked with investigating right, go farm.
You know, I agree that it's, it's not. Nobody seems to have a hundred percent confidence. It's true Oh arm, so, if it is true, then that's obviously it I haven't, got it it is a real problem. I'm not sure that it necessarily means he gets convicted in the Senate. Agree they're, going to impeach him, no matter what so it doesn't seem to have a ton of bearing there. Maybe that becomes the reason for the impeachment, as opposed to whatever other reason they are scheming up. If it's true, we'll be disconcerting. Now I just you know I I I I know best met, I think, he's a serious guys series reporter and a serious in less than a you know. I saw on that ways in one direction for me that they, wouldn't, I don't think ban- would run something that was, on the other hand, really the special, the special council, whose whose real run a pretty tight ship and not a lotta leaks. They're gonna put this in King Buzz feed,
unlike, and so the rumbling ordered along different stories already about whether they have actually seen the documents. So like I'm, what are the documents like Trot texted Michael Conan said Lizzie, don't tell them about the Russia Tower like I it's unless current again pure speculation, but remember with we found out the identity of Danny Davis, because Cullen Head recorded the calls with tromp, where they discussed the Stormy Daniels, wouldn't that our Macdougall payments as possible coin was also taping. Conversations with the president in which this matter came up now, what striking a me just a sorry is that Cohen, remember with basically cut off by Trump once Trump got into the White House, so it big news to me and my obviously suborning perjuries futures. There are also be news to me that that they were continue in contact once Trump became the president, what it
if there was a recording the conversation that would be the leak and not the fact that, like they know that they have ordered the air that allegedly order co into law. So this whole this reminds me that these ongoing contract negotiations going on a major league baseball for Shadow and Harper OX playing this to you, because right now there's a huge like secret, beak war, that's going on between the agents, the ball clubs and the players camps oak trying to confuse the other side with the hopes it took it. Somebody to blinking these ongoing stand off negotiations, and I think that's really what's going on here to fishing expedition, see start throwing out these pieces of until we you just get somebody jump on the line, and I think that with this in particular this is another, its other piece of pay
there's no hard evidence here, and that's really what you need to be looking for. Four gonna run with this is as though this is the biggest breaking story of the past weeks with two months at next, responding to Nancy policies, power and totally bad move according to the media for DIS, inviting the President United States to the state of the union present. Try decided to cancel policies week long taxpayer funded overseas trip blessing, their fellow Democrats learn the news on a bus benefits to take them to their military. Jet quote due to the shut down aims, return form you that your trip to Brussels, Egypt in Afghanistan has been postponed Trump road. We will risk drilled, a seven day excursion when the shut down is over in light of the eight hundred thousand great american workers not receiving pay, I'm sure you would agree that postponing this public relations event is totally appropriate Obviously, if you would like to make your journey by fine commercial, that would certainly be your prerogative. Harrison
was January. Seventeenth toy nineteen, the day Trump became president. The bare troll pretty much yield is real action. This is the power play that we have all been looking for. This president actually employ against these. These rope Democrat but I do want to say something about the shut down here, because what we have here is I think it really rests on the on the on the shoulders of the american people themselves. Ok, that is good choice that they made. If, therefore, straighten was that the Republican Congress and the republican President was not getting enough. It was not getting enough done. Over the past two years Their solution was to go and put Nancy Pelosi in charge of the house and they somehow thought that was gonna lose years of government what news go down right now, What no incentive to reopen it. So you know what this is. What you asked for folks and finance Nancy Pelosi. On the other hand, she tried to play trumps game will there's nobody better playing trumps,
than Trop himself, so she thought who's, gonna, get away with this petty move hell. The only thing that truck could have done better in this situation was let that fly over on a broomstick to Brussels and their or better yet Afghanistan and then pull the return flight. Say: hey baby, we're out of money in this way pretty satisfying letter, I must say what it What did Pelosi expect gap that I mean the one thing the one thing that we all know about. Donald Trump he's a counter puncher right. Thickly Shea and it happens to be true that sees the heat he operates. I want to say the word best, but he opera It's when someone attacks him and then he counter punches in attacks them back. That's all he does, and so it was to be expected that he would find way to retaliate our wedding. Hasn't done is decide whether give a state of the union address, and I find it
defying, I think the real easy play would be say. Fine. You don't want to have me come to this state of the union. I will send you the text and I will deliver the text. I will deliver the text at Ford, cedar or I'll. Go who not Boards Theatre had met at that point, the national veto, I'll go too. You know go to some Military- sir algorithm border yeah we're all go to the border or their summits. Opportunities actually to make its generate some political capital here. Instead, Trump goes for the flight deck of thereafter be ninety mission accomplished in fine and plain. There are a lot of ways he could do it, but he hasn't and I'm curious why, what its to me that, like what what does she saw afraid of his? That kind of a tipping the hand that, like oh, you dont, want to give tromp this platform is
like an admission that trumps actually persuasive when it gets the MIKE Shit before MIKE set, I can say I think she's totally had ever skis and dealing with Trump. If you really look at the press there, oh yes, queen you're, so mean to him. You showed him to his face how you so he's heap of born in a silver spoon tonight. If you saw her press conference yesterday or the day before she does openly insulting him and making all these kind of ramesses. Whenever she talked about him and made a comment that was, I think, vaguely about his weight when she said you know he. Heap. He slammed his fist on the table at the last meeting to give him leverage to to get up from the enable, I think, maybe I think that's what she meant it's hard to know. Sometimes what Nancy policy mean that here, the literally, if you had a laboratory experiment where you said, give me the worst possible negotiators to resolve a government shut down, you would come up with
it's a policy in Donald Trump. I mean that's. Why there's no way we're getting out of the author? Who does she think she is Goldfarb that she can just jet off for a week? Clearly she doesn't actually care about these government workers, blah blah blah fairyland she's a Democrat, so she notion that can give beat up or, if anything, that's what they're gonna hold up in front of the troops and say look at her she's in Afghanistan. Trumps never been. She really cares about the troops she's finding out what they need. She's telling commanders blah blah blah. I just watch the press conference she gave here, though, and I have to say I was kind of surprised- the cheap throughout this accusation that the White House, ITALY, the details of their commercial flights and the press was like what on what you basing that, what evidence do for that, that's like a serious charge and that doesn't seem to be any evidence of that. Well, that's just old age is like telephone game. They don't hear all tat. I may say to her. Itinerary was leaked. She just assumes the worst case scenario. I would say serving friends
and family the reaction from people who are right wing by nature to Yang the plane was overwhelmingly positive. People enjoyed it, they thought it was like a little butter, come up and for Nancy and and and got a good right out of it at that only anyone's paying attention to this. I don't think most Americans know anything about the plane. I don't think most Americans about the shut down there like vaguely aware, but it's not really acting their lives. You know the o trumps roubles down like his approval, goes up and down I'm not what's a correlative the market also the bed a month ago and it's coming back and I'll. Tell you one
I do notices if people really thought this Buzzfeed story was correct. I dont think the market be up to other points right now. I just think people would be like, while this things about to take a real, serious turn for the worse and unpredictable, and that's not the reaction at next. The twenty twenty race is just getting started, but the Good NEWS is will have two years worth of NATO's journal to read. It seems rather Rourke, Irishman and Captain of the Columbia crew team who goes by NATO is having another identity. Crisis quote have been stuck lately. Beta rights. In and out of a funk. My last day of work was January. Second, it's been more than twenty years since I was last not working. Maybe if I get moving on the road me, people learn about it's going on where they live. Have some adventure go where I don't know known, it'll clear. My head reset afflict new thoughts break out of the lips. I've been stuck in Matt.
His beak novel writing career is off to a good start. At least it was news too. That is the Columbia alarm like that. So our part of the same yeah yeah were part of the same enterprise there. Of course the previous president was also Colombia alone up over Iraq. Doesn't it he's on his way to being present. It is a pretty terrible few weeks and I think a lot of the Democrats who were buying up beta at the end of last year now having some remorse and maybe we'll do some short selling. The thing, though, is almost every Democrat, has had a bad few weeks. I can't think of a twenty twenty candidate, who has a good few weeks with the possible accept
Elizabeth Warren, who seems to have emerged from her campaign, launched a crush on Liz, worn, well, I've loved you get. You can use it because I think she's in here for the long term, buddy otherwise and bite. It knows it says, is the real question as a kind of say my my calendar days is biting run and if he runs, can he be the front runner that he seems to be in the polls and in terms of money and establishment, support and policy chops. Harrison well. Baino example is what you get when you fall back, we're having a problem land campaign. Well, you can go for live in the primary, but just now well. Well, I just don't think that baino, if you look at his whole life story from you, know his band days, tv crew days, you know, is being kept man days like NATO is not really a guy who his exhibited a lot of it.
Vision in his life. He just kind of goes with the flow. Oh brow and ends up wherever the tire vicious and his marriage. Look, I'm not gonna do not say that, but with better, it's like he wasn't running for Senate really with the who of winning like it that was always kind of a far fetched campaign. It turns out that he caught some fire and he's your his campaign about nothing turned into a campaign about his opponent that all the Democrats hate with fury and fire of a thousand sons in TED crews, so like with that, alone. That kind of carried him to the top. There is no specific, it was about rid of tat clues on the left, like with Obama its weight. Story. I'm your father clearly had a twenty thirty year plan of becoming President just happened like way faster than even his planet admitted, but like he was so
ambitious from day, one that you knew where Obama was going because Obama started doing his homework. Baino is out you're walking the earthen, some kind ass like strange, no hippy. Why about in the middle of nowhere in the Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas, panhandler asking himself these I Lucy Jesus is the Hutu fancies like. I can't wait for that story to show up. We ve got some cattle ranch that sort whispering conservatism in zero ate like, oh god, I'm having a crisis of confidence here. I can now it's time to check in with our sponsor calming. Do you know that eighty percent of New year's resolutions fail by February, even if year, twenty nineteen got off on iraqi start? Each new day brings an opportunity to start again to establish new habits and is that support
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Bob Ross, is even in their to their soothing music breathing exercises gentle stretches to relax your body and more for a limited time. Our listeners get twenty five percent of a com premium subscription combat com. Last up, you have be that see. A l, dotcom, Slash, W F, B, get unlimited access to all of comes content today, conduct conflict of EU be give yourself the gift of calm and a happy and healthy twenty nineteen. Now it's time to check in with our acting pop culture, experts Daphne America Stephanie Hylas. What's goin on here, we have some southern charm updates, good after Thomas Ravenel accused Catherine Dennis of abusing drugs and alcohol, while caring for their children. Catherine now says that Thomas once throw party where he encouraged guest to take magic mushrooms, has now let by a sound like him at all, but that's his brain
That's what actually, regarding thrown out offers to begin with the city, would throw epic parties with mountains of cocaine all over the place. So I set in motion a credible story from Catherine she's. Also, questioning whether or not he's been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, also plausible my hands of Zaire, Russia! and she's asking for a full list of all the women who have accused him of sexual assaults? Oh there possibly are more than two and then, as far as the show celebrity insiders reporting that Catherine and actually both access of Thomas are were forced to film together at a Fox hunt. First, these insects, they gotta the drama, that's gonna be the best episode, I'm sure the new season they need some drama somewhere has ever analysis continent. You now forgotten older they're, getting them
lives together, it's gonna shoves, giving a live. Your life were about the due to mix the pillows how's that business crack correctly. Regarding my lawyer, half isn T shirts either gonna get my lunch together, making I ordered all we have twenty nineteen of the terrible time to date, news new study has found that eighty eight percent of people have research their deep forever meeting them their spending between fifteen and thirty minutes. Researchers. Their potential matches checking Facebook Google Instagram twitter There are already know everything they need to know, and forty percent say they ve backed out of dates based on what they found here. You gotta do your research, how many sure how many show up to the deep sea with the date looks like him in the bathroom and never get out of forty two percent of those surveyed set is obvious. There date was lying based on what the, how are these a deeper meaning? I guess it's
We on line online, slow regret, though our Europe is built on wise, so nodded this account your potential made so quickly. Over a few little embellishments ran. Present your vessel women are most likely to lie about their wait, there's work they're a hedge and then where my wireless sharing obray online. What is there an option on the tender on the tin, but I know it just says your age. I think I guess give you a very diverse, Nay manufacturers, where you're looking skinnier kind lie away. You can idea at us at every picture a woman's right, yet I mean you go to show your best. It's hard to our aid. It just gets worse and twenty nineteen predating and finally, it linsey low hands. Reality show yes, has begun airing. I've watched the first episode, it's great,
grey or tear up a luxury burdens, terrible. She looks Why do you ask me sad? I keep it's hard to lodge is especially depressing because I can only Watchmen demands and it wasn't. The second episode was now yet side to look at, but their extra content was an end. Tv has decided to put in hours worth of old, c on every appearance was made from like fifteen years ago, with commentary by her younger, siblings, not famous, colleagues, it is so bizarre is very depressing catch. You know she's living room, all some I yonder females, ripplings yeah Why are we in? I, the boy there, both more he's a ginger, but anyway, she's like a brunette, or so I know I did their chair. I go out there, commentaries terrible anyway go on this week. We learn that the clubs family friendly cars, a baby is there.
Button bright, which is totally not them. We can baby, she tried to kidnap November. They were in baby. It wasn't you only us energy, these updates I'm not really focused on Wednesday, its focusing on her vip hosting hostesses right arm. I think Brent Health is the stand out star, Anville and yeah he's like you're, the only person featured on their this week. He said all the girls are ugly and tools which leads to him getting to queue up, or his error is good. It is not necessarily wrong about these. These VIP Wager says: yeah, there's one the jewel Julia Jewels whose wish once a blonde one year, but my favorite quote from one of the girls was, I dont know if just looking pretty and showing up good vibes is going to be enough for her, as in Lindsey, when it had ever been enough. You know she's just want to show up and have good
Our aim is not a to Sunday just confirmed we'll go. I'm search, I'm glad you're back in any way. Gotta keep watching immediately her God TV, it is she's a train wreck article. Thank you, sent me Euro, so much needed update up first in our culture around the search for new dentist has a writer for the cut noticing. Dentists are generally upset anonymous. Dental patients disclosed
Their dentists are always judging them quote, even though I'm now forcing regularly, they always have something negative to say, like I'm floss into hard or I'm not making enough of a sea shape with mighty flaws. When I do it said one patient, I once had a dentist, get rather upset and tell me I pressed my teeth to vigorously at which point I officially gave up and just accepted that my efforts at dental hygiene are few tiles. Had another man toward dentists hate us. Yes, I can relate to this. Article is not the dentist so much, but The dental hygienists is always like, and why are you doing this? You need to do that. You have you been on my genocide. There say, but you know each other sat right. Kind of feel sums sympathy towards their position in the sense that can you imagine having to spend your entire day every day, looking
at people's teeth? A brass I live carried away. That would be wrong, so I can see that is today. We get frustrated because they're, like all I had I do is look into people's mouse better than the other end. On research, got worse this subject at hand- please I remember, I remember, might was like a shell shocked when you went in for less bleaching several thousand yards. There came a command of chemistry framing, oh, my guys. Hurry up, now wait a bit atm, is serving hop. Pizza minutes restored, said Ohio State University. The machine operates using a robotic arm that places a geezer pepperoni pie from a refrigerated unit into a convection, oven and bake set for students.
The tenant pizza cause eight dollars and are ready in three minutes a local NBC reports. Five hundred machines are already operating in France and Europe, but this is only the third machine in the: U S but Harrison the crust is not gluten free. How will the college students arrive? I didn't think about the because of that Basically, the only thing they care about. In dining these days, what I'm told Millennials in Vienna, we know Flay said that this is not good enough. For them is so I saw picture disputes No, we are not talking grade a New York. Styles did this is total. Your wave oven, pizza, it is. It is bottom the barrel three I am yours phase. It is likely that better than some of them, I don't know this wasn't good nature, but what
pizza, like drop people, there's no such thing as wreck. Truly bad, drunk pizza. Miley question is these things are only able to store seventy pies, so we think that their college friends now that the price support for the quality, on the other hand, a little high free sure you can walk into a seven eleven bucks, a slice Scorpio with little personal tending, I said, TAT, so You know you to walk into seven eleven. I think you score pizza, but the same. That is not good. That's what we're dealing with here. What vending machine pizza you're going to live in peace is at least I guess, half the price, but its bright look. There is better at seven love if you can confirm that has been waiting under the helium for at least three hours allows better allows the flavor radiation I'll get rid of all the talks and math thoughts on that
safety, and why yards it's good, that Harrison kind of took the culinary angles, because for me it was all about robots and smoke has now we have the pizza vending machines, You know soon will be having pizza drones and then, if you saw this, but the giant food stores are beginning now too the aisle robots. Have you seen these? Tal robots and they have these big googly eyes, but they and their just Rome. What a grocery store monitoring isles for spilling some paperclip? Yes yeah, it's just. I haven't seen one in person yet, but it is turn it over stories to me word but were cut had that voice in the back, my head saying: yeah they're, coming in twenty years the world might be a very, very different play for the giant ones. Looked like first generation mobile cops, they look like
the guy Johnny five from short circuit, like China, had eyes and they're kind of going around I've alive. You look. I think you should totally arm these things, that they should be Shoplifter prevention off profession. Loss. Prevention is what the old and retail I want. Also to guarantee this I mean there's not that many spills at groceries- let's be yours, could be a spill fast. I'm gonna catch. Their first wrote robber on I'll five. We got like four gallons of blood. I got a good thing in Robocop at the board meeting. That's it you're exactly like we would. I want at net CPU Earth Saudi what I'm Corp right at two o nine, because the two owner yet all time great movie, character, robot next just in time for the Superbowl Reynolds RAP has unveiled the Hunger Harness Reynolds says this one of a kind wearable snack pack has the thing you need to go all four quarters, plus the half time show without taking a break
looting, a main thermal power to help keep sandwiches, multi wings piping and use stationary integrated food. That turn you into a human table a third drink holder for hands, free storage of your beverage insulated, upholder, to keep the most important gain day, snack, warm and adjustable silver straps that make this the new you'd forward luck for the the season elite Daily calls it the greatest eating. Innovation known to mankind, its wings, we're just four dollars and ninety nine cents, but unfortunately, it sold out Goldfarb. This is great for China, less millennials they can wear this instead of a baby, beyond I mean can work but the pizza, Dray yeah, guess about works by aids. Yeah right onto your little bath agendas are gonna love. That's that sounds very innovative
fortunately airs and ass, an area that I can. I just attack this stupid invention already nine. I want why this should be giving it away is stupid thing. I'm personally offended by this call me a snowflake. Do what you know if you wanna tell me for that, but this is another in a long line of tax on the stupid mail in commercials, ok, there's These things are not being marketed to women, number wise is a sad because we're all just these stupid apes, its root football gotta, have a ring just stood for future with reach draft EU picture pop, courted potato chips Jean Pierre? How are you gonna? How are we gonna abuse? Our wives are weighed down by these out ass, the others had always out, and that is what you want. That's what feminism is turned into. We're just is blobs that sit on the couch for the same things, just keep stuff interferes with a bunch of mass food because
many more without your, whose and our jobs or livelihoods are homes or families. Snowflake Harrison back. I've sympathy that, though, that we have heard it is. It is a right writer like to give special big sir producer before it. Of course, our free beaten, Desmond Cotton, any Erin Harrison Michael BAR and Stephanie Merrick remember: finance on Itunes, Google Playin Stitches, just search for free beacon. Please subscribed till your friends and leave a puzzle review like a listener. British petrol who says what our podcast pot cast to make. You laugh podcast love podcast play like a little girl. His podcast is one I cherish until nice. It's trailer in our trailer use. Remember we have that my
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