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A story about the passengers aboard a plane with an unknown destination.


Written by Claudia Neaves

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the let this be a warning to whomever come beyond me. Let my hasty ink spots, scratch save someone's idiot, son or daughter, it's already too late for me. I should have trusted my instincts. I should have screamed. Let them drag me, kicking biting spitting off that plane. This warning I scrawl in secret on the corner of my complementary napkin shoulders hunched, as if that gesture might hide me, I know they are watching the perspiration dripping down my nose, tears, blurring my vision, fingers trembling so that the penn klaxon erratic heartbeat rhythm on the train table. They already have me, let them watch the
I could say it started simple enough. It didn't stepping into the and I felt the air suck straight out of my lungs as if pressure hadn't been properly adjusted and we were already in the air, the stewardess His smile was fake and slimy curled her long red finger nails around my carry on bag like she might yank it from my hands. I hang onto thanks. I spoke with a shaky, laugh stewardess laughed to mechanical enforced suit yourself darlin. It sounded like a college. I fumbled for my ticket, suddenly forgetting my seat number had requested and I'll see that I remembered how strange I to have such a distinct memory of that request. I had always preferred the window. After all,
I could rest my head on the plastic e, rounded walls and pass out for a few moments of uneasy plain sleep. And to new york should afford me a few hours of sleep restful or not know. We were in new york. heading to atlanta them a few hours regardless funny. I thought still fumbling for tat. I had never ten t MA am, I think I lost my ticket. I don't remember my seat number, her son I'll stretched her mouth thin. She tapped one white, french tip fingernail to her nose as if to say, I know, and show me, with a wide gesture to the seat, to my right right here. Darlin. Yes, here this was only thing of which I was sure that this was I'll window seat and I belong here.
Thankfully, I sank into the ocean seeds and gave the stewardess strain smile she's. We used my shoulder with those sheep pinks. Dick on nails and can you down the aisle taken, carry on bags from patrons, and washing her alien smile first time. For the first time knowledge the man to my right. He was tall his legs folded in occupying much of the cramped space, and yet he looked quite comfortable. His eyes were blue and his hair was dark. He looked like someone I could have easily been in love with. It occurred to me we may have been at one point: there was that easy, grin those full lips that made me blush and familiarity bubbled up inside me. I had no for years. Yes, that is some. Thing, of which I was absolutely sure. I fly all the time.
I assured the stranger with a nervous laugh this airline, the question: made me pause working so many years in new york. I had flown hundreds of times american Malta spirit, even lufthansa. On a number of occasions couldn't remember the name of this particular companies, so I gave a small shake of the head. He smiled said. back into his seat in passing in the air, but oh you'll, like this one may Sure you try. The chocolate cake after dinner, a stewardess different before commanded our attention for a few short moments for her safety brief before the captain cackled over the speaker, the static was overpowering. You can only catch a few phrases. should have written them down as soon as I heard them Even now, my cognition sharpened, with fear
It could only half were called the snatches of words. I heard over the speaker detroit no. I spoke to my feet, searching for the stewardesses eyes through the throng of passengers. No man play I'm flying to san Francisco. Please I think I'm on the long claim her eyes glazed over me. Like I wasn't there. This is wayne for you, my seat partner, spoke calmly, producing my ticket from his carry on and pointing out the details to worry darling
you're exactly where you're supposed to be. I was passed in the minutes between take off in the top of climb came the captain's voice of the speaker a few more times. I thought we might have trays for dinner. A rolling card of beverages, even a bag of peanuts, would have curb my hunger, but when nothing came a cave and ordered the flight special one. famous and spectacular spice chocolate cake, the man, side me smiled a twin crocodiles. to the stewardess, who had assured me to my seat, make that two two slices of care, one on each tray
I was immediately with the aroma of chocolate one bite and I was kitty, intoxicated with space, ginger, nutmeg, even coffee, rich and dark, and spectacular I took my seat partner, my dearest friend and I licked chocolate frosting off my fingers, god The tiredness overtook me to three blinks and I was out there to find my head bob onto his shoulder. He was warm and soft. Smiled like drowsy dark chocolate? I slept it? Could we been minutes, but it felt like ours. My throat was sticky
or dry, like I hadn't had water for days. I'm so sorry. I look to the soft shoulder had fallen asleep on, but it was just the smooth round plastic of the airplane walls. I sat up straight breath started to grow ragged like the pressure in the cabin was closing in around me. The crane my neck, sir, for the stewardess or my strange friend, but there was no one.
not a single soul in a single seat. My heart was beating wildly in my chest. Then came the captain's voice again marred by static. I clodagh, the felt ignoring the life Houston Houston was wrong. That much I was certain even I was beginning to admit that my certainty was depreciating in value, but Houston felt wrong. An empty planes felt wrong. The uneven slices of chocolate cake, abandoned entrees felt downright sinister. I struggled to breathe but ran to the front of the island with my shoulder fudged open the cockpit door, please, sir. I have to get off this plane and there he was blue eyes, dark, hair height the picture of ease with his feet on the complicated dash his pilots cap tipped back on his head. He smiled crocodile teeth falling out of his mouth scattering onto the floor. I should have screamed then. Instead, I squared my shoulders narrowed my gaze and looked right at him in a strangely friendly eyes. I have to get off this plane
warm with open when rumbling papers flying all around us in a panic tornado at the moment and toward the earth. The other passengers on board the ship were in a panic. We were standing on the dark whips by the salty air of the sea. I was on the ledge, then dress soaked face stained with crime and tears Ocean turns beneath me, and I thought it might swallow me home help me No one heard me the word were drowned by the sound of the sea, the waves crashing against the boat and the siren song of the captain's voice luring people from the dark back inside the dining room back in
to safety and the promise of spectacularly spice chocolate cake. It occurred to me, then that I had been on the ship for quite a long time why does the icy water me like a war. I didn't even have time to scream. Is that when I should have screamed no time no time the water was already filling my lungs carrying me further into the waves dark dark, nearly bruised black. I closed my eyes. Let the lack of oxygen slam me into submission. I closed my eyes. I opened my eyes: the cart,
it'll pass laden with plastic cups, bottles of juice and water and periods, the stewardess, let her eyes pass over my tears steam, cheeks and dishevelled hair before rattling past herself. I would have liked it's a bottle of water, my throat was wrong as if I had been screaming The man beside me stirred in his sleep. tray, was in the upright position tucked safely in his arms were folded comfortably over his chest own tray was down my collection of ink. much napkins, taking up most of the space, a few even fluttering to the floor, and their perched on a paper plate lay infection that made me pause an intact and completely untrue. slice of chocolate cake Do you get it now? I did
I have to look up to see who he was, but the draw to meet his blue sky eyes. Overpowered me, I drank in the captain's appearance both familiar and strange, and it parched my arid throat and the image of him ocellated between my visual field, one. and sitting comfortably at my side and next leaning by the door that led to the cockpit he made me look between both delusions pivoting, my head, like I, was watching a tennis match. Yes, I like it was the cake. It was drugged, or it was the plane or maybe it was him something keeping me here. He shook his head, one of the versions of him clamped a hand on my shoulder found, but I liked the weight him there. I tried smiled, but I was so tired
I was worried that if I tried to hard may teeth would pop out of my head little crocodile. Curls bouncing about the cabin you don't get it here. I'd have sounded melancholy for me. He kept walking making his rounds through the aircraft squeezing shoulders and offering encouragement. The plane landed, There was no stomach flip of dissent no bump bump bump is the wheels touchdown onto the asphalt. I didn't remember crumbling up. My watch napkins or discarding the piece of cake, but it did seem to matter they settled in in a state of calm. The weight of my seat mates hand was warm and play lulling me into the comfort of my plush seat. I felt only the buds of anxiety nervous to take off. I was going to shanghai my very first time. I saw a girl
word she could have been. My age may be younger. I saw the way she clutched her bags close to her chest like on He's was starting to bloom inside her eyes, the kind stewardess with the pre finger I'll show her to her seat close to mine sire. I start from passenger to passenger like she didn't trust us here. The captain was sitting beside her comforting hand on her knee. I thought to myself how kind of him was to offer his reassurance, your ex They were where you're supposed to be his voice was a refrain. Maybe I had heard the song before he looked at me, his blues on mine. I offered the girl a smile. I watched her recoil, but I didn't know why you like this airline
Suddenly it struck me that the words were not my own. I tried to break the captain's gaze, but he held steady, I nodded and the curse bubbled out of my lips ancient and weird and The champagne toast among us, weary travelers, make sure you try the chocolate cake. The Full by chile is an audio chuck production. This episode was rich. By claudia needs and rights. By merely martinez? story was modified slightly for audio retelling, but you can find near nor in full on our website. So what do you think chuck? Do you move
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