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Lady In Waiting


A story of those waiting for a better life to find them… and a story of those who seize it.

Lady In Waiting

Written by Mackenzie Lynn

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this episode was produced with audio effects in full surrounds out for the best experience. We kindly recommend you listen with headphones high listeners. I'm the people Here- and I have a story. I want to tell you a story of those waiting for a better life to find them and a story of those. sees it so gather around and listen close Don't
Jenkins, thought she was beautiful, a real life, snow white except out of an evil which darling fleeing from her meagre existence. She can, since your that may be. A long, dark, curls, weren't, so shiny and are porcelain complexion a bit less flawless. She might have bagged nice, her husband, maybe and all the other wives wouldn't be so jealous of her, and never my beauty was her cross to bear though her birthday was until November. Four days ago, Darla decided give yourself a new one July, eleven nineteen ninety six. The day. She left her husband of seven long years, Waited until he left for work then pact her bags as quickly as she could and hit the road. Stop Hollywood Darla! It's going to be a star
A little Camry hugged. The interstate like no friend, would lay in the cigarette in one hand and staring with the other. She let him one she thought back. There childhood evening spent with her daddy how he would come, from work, dishevelled but happy how we would put his favorite records and well sir with her in their threadbare living room. He'd, always bow for her and ask, may I this dance Darla was a princess memory brought a loved her throat. What would daddy think of her now? Did you think a little girl had abandoned him? He wouldn't have understood, She thought not now with his mind, starting to fade away and began to set the tank teetered on Darla pulled over checking the map she stole from the drugstore back in Arkansas ever Gus was right. With an Oklahoma. Now Oklahoma was good ways, away from her old life and North Carolina, but still
not nearly close enough to California. Win whistled through the wheat ass. She gazed out Darla heads one too many nights, driving and sleeping in her car. She couldn't live, another night of it. Luckily, the man showed a small town down the road one by the name of marble. Ten darlin car sputtered into the marbles and gas station there was convenience store, like she had hoped. Instead, it with a mom pop operation, complete with an attendant sitting outside, He was sallow and sweaty, and our other wanted nothing to do with him. But these sidled up to the car she rolled down the window with a wide smile. How much he asked high, pitched throaty voice Darla handed him. A few dollars include whatever I can get for this
He leaned forward making sure to give him a view down her shirt. He looked desperate enough. She thought sure a glimpse of her charms when Sweden the deal instead, for just what you paid for and not a penny, more Darla wanted distemper foot. Who did he think he wants couldn't you see that she needed help? Oh, what a loser. When she pulled out of the station darla looked around town, more in a single road running down the centre that seem to be it on one side of the street, with the gas station a bar and a diner On the other side was a grocery store and Salvation Army. All the buildings, the empty, hardly anything seem to be open or in business for that matter. Darlin spotted a motel around the corner. grungy neon sign that spelled m o o with a smaller sign under need that read these
and see the place. Looked beyond trashing but it was either this or sleeping in the Camry. darling beyond. She needed a good sleep. California, we're still states away. There was no way she was getting there tonight. If the tying grander suitcase from then ignored, butterflies and her stomach. She walked inside the lobby wreaked smoke and sweat with mould tucked into the corners its furnishings system of a torn leather chair next to a haphazard, stack of old newspapers, Darla Approach, the desk clerk, the nearly jumped when she saw him by the looks, the man behind the counter could have been the gas attendance twin, but it wasn't the resemblance that shocked her no It was the dead crow on top of his head, Darla squeaked startled and the man laughed.
Ain t this yellow with the weather newspapers, No little wretch scare, you pretty girl, said the man patting the crow. drugs are made him a newer. Had he ain't gonna buy. The back of her mind. Darth heard her Mama's voice loud and clear run, but Marla shook her head and mustard. Her courage, I I need a room. She said. I reckon He answered, smile unwavering for how long to night, a man's growing smile for starless courage to fade Why sure he said we ve got him. In any room your choosing his? As you can see, we ain't exactly overbooked. He laughed Darla fiddled, let her luggage desperate to leave,
As if reading her thoughts, the clerk opened a drawing fished out, a key linked to a thick wooden slab, a crudely sketched five was painted on the side. Darla went to grab it, but the clerk Papa She looked at him wide eyed and annoyed half a second. From demanding manager. This place may be achieved, but it ain't free right. of course, Darla summoned and innocent. Look before handing over her credit card relieved that it went through She signed the receipt and guess book then snow the room key out of the ragged man's hand and hurried away. The were to room five had a dummy lock. It took darling Several attempts fumbling with the clunky key until finally, the door opened. She ran in and slammed the door with a sigh, the room, smelled, musty She turned on the light to see singed carpet faded for awhile paper, nicotine
oh blinds and a single painting she closed her eyes in an effort to escape her dismal surroundings, but the incessant drivel of the bathroom sink dragged her back. She tried to open the windows to air out the room, but before she could a knock sounded on the door a shadow moved behind the blinds, then back to knock again Securing the latch Darla Open, opened the door, but the width of a it was the desk clerk. Do you need any towels. He asked Darla shook her head. No, no tell thinks she shut the door only half regretting the why she hurry to the window to ensure the man was leaving. walked away. He stopped he turned and looked back. His broken teeth were shaped into a parabolic, grin Darla held their breath
voice rang out again, maybe go but love to watch me. He tackled deny jar Darlin closed the blinds and triple check every lock on the door she wished, had a chair, so she could profit up against the door. Knob like she'd seamen due on tv, but all she bazaar, suitcase, it wouldn't stop prowler, maybe trip over it or something LE sat on the edge of the bed and the light flickered above her, she tried to sure herself that no one would act they try to get in most creeps like dead bird guide. The desk were harmless grows, but harmless a crash darla jumped wildly scanning the room until her eyes fell on the sound of the noise, the painting she heaved. A sigh of relief Darla picked up the porter. And turned it around. Checking this
If the hookah come loose, everything looked intact. She managed to get the painting back on the wall and for the first time she took in what she saw nineteen showed a young farmer woman out in the middle of a feel, carrying a bundle of wheat at field. Darla thought: look. a lot like the boring. Seen that surrounded her burgundy, shawl curled around her thin shoulders and her dark hair hung. Stick straight and brutal hardship were heavily on her face. She might have been beautiful Carla in another life, maybe one where she was happier somewhere else, free Darla thought of herself running away on the road. that somewhere else, California,
name tickled, her heart Darla looked at the pitiful portrait and frowned. Then she met the woman's gave the artist depicted such a depth to the woman's eyes so real that they seem to follow her ass. She moved darlin, shivered, She left the painting behind and got ready for bed in the bathroom mirror she caught her reflection and winced oily skin, gaping oars park circles the work ass, soon, ass, she got to Hollywood, Darla was going to March down to rodeo drive and get yourself a real facial. She deserved it after everything, she'd been real. She brushed her and washed her face with the last of her off grand agreements, scrub then does she was telling her face dry Darla, but she heard something
mean herself for the plunder. She crept towards the door and peered into the bedroom. but she didn't see anything carefully. She searched the room the only closet and peeking under the bed. Nothing. She sighed just further proof that she needed a few nights rest before getting into allay. She couldn't bear to be seen like this freaking out over nothing. Just as she turned to go into the bathroom Darla noticed the painting. It was crooked, she straightened out and took a step back on. Second thought: she didn't like it anymore Did the painter make the woman so sad and ugly? Maybe Darla thought she had been painted to be beautiful. She would have gone into a gallery and not some crummy motel that probably rents half of its rooms by the hour, whatever Darla wasn't going to end up like that. She was
The California she was going to be somebody Darla turned the lights and climbed into bed without looking at what might be on the sheets, the matter How hard she tried, though Darla couldn't ignore. The dripping facet she tossed turn until finally put the life back on and stormed into the bathroom. She attempted to rob a stiff hand tat over the faucet head, but the water continued to drip through the tattered cloth giving up. She came back out to find that the painting was crooked again, her good twinkled, something felt wrong. ignored it and fixed the painting without a hammer. She couldn't. We hang it properly. just have to straighten it, the best that she could and let it be this time when she pulled back to look at the painting
She could have sworn that in the background, the wheat was swaying, Darla, blinked, rubbed her eyes and then blinked again. The painting was too she shook her head and returned to bed ass. She lay back down Darla reassured herself that nothing lurked in the shadows, monsters don't exist. She thought at least I don't think they do stop at darlin muttered you're, not a little girl anymore. She twisted and turned in the scratchy sheets trying to shake off the dread in the bathroom, the faucet continued to trap darlin ground enrolled under aside with her machination nor or the tracks getting louder. She peered at the clock. One thirteen am unlike sleep,
which refused to come visions of shadowy predators and skeletal desk clerks parked in our thoughts. Darla pulled the blanket over her. Refusing to open her eyes. She was overwhelmed, prickles, by the sensation TAT she was not alone. She tried to folks on her daydreams, the thing that she wanted most in life. Like the caliph new sunshine, rich husband house, her name on the guest list. I fancy parties he was going to be just like she's always imagined The faintest creek was it something in the walls are at the door she squeezed eyes. Even tighter, other Craig Darla stayed stock still, but her heart was beating wildly. She heard it now under the trips creeks
who grounds of an old building. She could hear footsteps on the carpet. I'm dreaming. She told herself everything will be ok, everything will be the mattress tilted and the bed springs. Quaked tireless eyes flew open, but all she could see was darkness. The mattress of de can softer something approaching her from behind moist air tickled, the back of her neck breathing time stood still even the fuss, it wouldn't speak, Then there came a whisper. I saw the way, Darla open your mouth to scream and silence
Motel owner wheedle, weedy Smith, was at work and early that, following day, he was in by six to unlock the doors and set out some spired cereal for complimentary breakfast when It was done he took to his desk for a morning now. What was broken mere moments later standing before him was the girl from last night. Good morning, sir, she said I'd like to check out, lady leaned forward and offered a smile. Well huge sugar. I thought you stand for another night. She placed the can table between them. Oh, I wish I could have a long drive ahead and really must get Goin weedy paused squid, and that was her hair, always that street, perhaps it was The burgundy shawl that made her shoulders like thinner, ah, but never mind he nodded and took the key.
well safe, driving, if you ever round these parts again, I know just where to find you The woman turned to leave escape understand, ass. She sailed off in her little Camry. She waved one final. Goodbye for a while and motel room. Five. There hung a curious painting. Before a field of wheat and sorrow stood a beautiful woman, or at least she thought she was beautiful. four Darla Jenkins sought only to escape her meagre life, two traded all four fortune in vain, but now she was, wrapped in a world far from her own.
This series was produced by actually flowers and David flowers. This episode was written by Mackenzie Lynn and red eye. Nicky Boyer this door was modified slightly for audio retailing. You can find the original and full on our website. Full body chills is an audio check, production subsidies. check your proof,
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