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The Cave


A story about the secrets buried beneath an old amusement park.

The Cave

Written by Jordan Kowalko

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Lee Martinez live a story. I want to tell you a story about the secret buried beneath an old amusement park So gather round and listen class. tales of the old amusement park remained in the accurate air of our town for a decade, the bones still stood and rapid decay behind a simple chain link fence that did nothing more than add to the ambience. No trust passing signs littered. The area careless
whispers of nothing more than empty suggestions and hopes that kids and adventurous alike would keep off the property, but to no avail a place with a secret, always holds mysterious charm. For those brave enough to look the park left blemish on our small town. After a sixteen year old boy named SAM disappeared, there. the ten year anniversary loomed before us, like a dark entity ten years was supposed to mean something maybe afresh get the case may be. Some extra media coverage but I knew that it meant nothing There was a visual every year on this day, candle scattered in circles like the ultimate seance, but never brought him back after them. Shut down due to excessive safety issues. Rumors I like the common cold Everyone had heard the tails
Urban legend books were published in local libraries, local kids claimed they saw him heard him felt him there was a monster at Highland park. and everyone knew it. The first time I went back was exactly two weeks after SAM's disappearance after the sex of the park where the incident occurred had been closed for investigation I snuck into Exhibit where I last saw him, I became obsessed with the play ever since ten years, and I was back again the same way I had been back every day since my initial visit. I had a backpack, flung over one shoulder filled with only essentials a clue. up a small ravine and made my way through overgrown brush and tall trees to a clearing with a broken chain link fence.
I saw one of the no trespassing signs had fallen playing among the tall weeds and I kicked it over so it was unreadable, climbing the hill. The cloudy breeze was picking up The long hair I had kept covering my scars was blown over my face. I tied it back stared up at the sky. the sun was hiding behind the clouds, while the air turned hot and stale. I ignore. The signs of a storm with trepidation. Knowing But this is where I needed to be thought about SAM, as I began my track through the wilderness salmon had been in a relationship for a year before he disappeared. Thoughts of my for past came beating into my mind. I could almost feel his first colliding with my face again of hand
spinning me too. The cement of my own screen is leaving my throat dry and raw had to stop working I lingered for a moment with my head, held in my hands SAM me through Hell, worse than the abuse, the memory of TAT day. He vanished scorched. My thoughts like wildfire, I hated SAM I blame him for the nightmares, the loneliness and the trauma plague to my life. He could see the fairest wheel a lonely skeleton covered and avian defaced. What the kaleidoscope of graffiti you'll, never survive was scrawled sloppily on one of the cars and bright blue meanwhile warning signs like do not climb, were posted all around the memory of day burns bright and my mind. A picture perfect play back of
every moment gone wrong. Every played at once again. It was sunny and hot that day the air smelled strongly of fried dough. Hot dogs sweat every, piece of metal was hot to the touch my hair, stuck to my face Bent the entire day at the park, writing roller coaster is swimming at the water park, dusk approaching, and I wanted more than ever to slow the data we have. This could have a day in a long time. This day was my day my anniversary present from SAM for one year, Spain together, I screamed. Let's go on this one. I pointed to Ferris will from the moment we arrive. I romanticized the idea of us writing the towering, we'll lights aglow under the night sky, so was Tom. History
arms were holding an oversized bag of popcorn and a giant lemonade, as he looked over at me, with a mouthful of He gave me a thumbs up and I laughed a smile, lit up his entire face ass. He came over and asked if I had heard about the new exhibit. I told him. Of course I had, but it wasn't opened yet the cave was an interactive exhibit full of animal products and animal displays that would come to life with one flick of a switch samples did. You tell me that he had friends who snuck into the exhibit and that they had to damn it was amazing and that we had to do it too. but there was no way I was doing it He rolled his eyes and scoffed live a little attention was helpful one wrong word from me: could throw SAM offer an entire day in his annoyance. Was the last thing that I wanted. You said that
would go by himself and stormed off. Despite my feelings, breaking an I stuck at his heel, I followed him to the side of a giant black warehouse looking building the place guarded, so SAM leaned against a wan pretended to be on his phone. I followed his lead after waiting nearly forever we over her, employee radio in saying that we're going on a break sam marked at me with a look that said, we were going in add my hand and pulled me through a giant metal door labelled employees only. for I knew it. Sam was touching every button in the exhibit the lions began to tumble war. The animals were so lifelike. It was like king, a movie their movements, but some fluid there skin, so soft, even their teeth, look dangerously real. I was both
mesmerized and terrified. I don't want to do this I said my stomach turning with unease SAM asked eyes me for being afraid, so I kept quiet, I stared into one of the empty glass boxes. It was lit up in a deep florescent. Glow and decorated, with a coral reef. suspended and motionless was a menacing shark. Ding several rows of sharp teeth stared into its abysmal black eyes, my hand hovered over the exhibit button came up behind me and slapped his hand over mine, my breath, caught in my throughout the ravenous shark came alive, it's mechanical body twisting and turning throughout the miniature leaf, the horrid large teeth, sharp as pickaxes and swam right up to the glass before returning to its stationary position. I am
in the glass shattering in the shark devouring me in one bite. Sam continued lay with everything he was press, in buttons and tapping on glass. He messed with doors and lovers and before I knew it, he was half way through and unlocked bear exhibit. He asked me to take. extra time, as he went up to a gigantic brown, bear that hovered in the air clause fully. Exposed above him. He marked their stance and made a low growl come on camera. He said impatiently, but before I could, even out my phone. The whole exhibit began to shake. Suddenly one of the mechanical tour guides came marching around the corner. The tour guide anthropomorphic in its movements in appearance, was so human, like that I dont think I would have known any better if it weren't for its dead black eyes and too happy smile
locked down all exhibits, blocked at all observers. He repeated his it shut salmon or to our is about to begin salmon. I shared a panic look before he ran to the door. He pushed shoved and kicked, but it wouldn't budge. He mouth, my name through the glass, the same feeling of impending doom etched onto his face, I'm sure, was on mine too shocked to notice a moving cart load of behind me into its seat, a robot I'd buckled man, despite my defiance, must stay inside of a card at all times for passenger safety. The robot said no I shouted my eyes. Darted back to the bare exhibit we're SAM was pounding on the glass frantic. Please stay silent, so all fastened yours may hear the roles. I screamed for help, as I have hazardous tried to free myself, but the buckle was locked around me and I couldn't move more than a couple inches
I yelled again just then the bare behind him reared with a terrible roar. I looked away from the scene just as the tour guy descended upon me once again. If you can here by the rules. I will have to dismiss you from the door school you I shouted. incredible. Forced the robots seized my arms locked into my seat. I wailed is it began to pour from the chair stretching my bones free from their socket at the lack of the robot release me letting my arms fall loosely to my side. When I heard the scream, I should have never looked as I heard. Sam's feeble cry should have never glanced behind me to see a giant bear ravaging his body, twisting it in throwing him around I shouldn't have because play this moment in my mind. Over and over again, I shouldn't have because
for me, a sinister high that I'm afraid to admit base of the cart was a small emergency release button with whatever drink. I had a slimmed down reaching with my foot and barely managed to kick. It befell topped often instantly. I scrambled out of the cart towards the exit escort to accept the robot said calmly, but I kept running I kept running towards the red edged letters that burn so tantalizingly close. Meanwhile, all around me, a menagerie machines were coming to life. A booming made me jump as a shark from before pummelled against the glass, its teeth scraping the cage like mails on a chalkboard. I was nearly out and so close to safety, but I stopped What about SAM? I thought didn't I
of him. Could I be so selfish as to only save myself? It was this hesitation this moment of pity. That earned me my scars pouncing from an open, exhibit a wild chimpanzee latched itself. On my back. If my arms dislodged all I could do with whale around the creature tour skin. From my face, I wiped my neck kicking the chamber and made a blind dash for the door security guard was waiting outside is drawn to the sudden noise and was standing there with a horrified look as I came running out, bloody and screaming, into his arms. Tears. Mixing with blood last thing I remember before passing out was looking back at the Bare exhibit being SAM's body gone
the police search the entire park, but SAM was never found. The closed off exhibit was perfectly intact. No blood no malfunctioning, animatronics, the developers of I couldn't even get them to replicate the bizarre behaviour overall, please question the legitimacy of my story. However, they couldn't disprove my injuries- and my injuries would only be the first of many long after what happened. The park was hitting headlines following a number of freak accidents in in case a woman drowned after jumping the fence into a coy pond. The whole I am she was screaming for help saying she was on fire later covered that same woman, abused and neglected her five children play. Found them locked in the basement of her home. Sometimes after that, a man jumped from the very top of the fairest we'll he had recently, Rob DE liquor store, killing the cashier get. Away with all the money that was
a matter of time before Highland Park closed their gates for good. Whatever right, it could be sold, were disassembled and shipped off across the country. Now All that's left are the broken bones of a lost world whose mister exceeds even my own dark secrets, but I've crowned loved this tragic place. I truly believe that it saved my life. So, if you happen to hear rumours of highland park, rumours that its haunted by ghostly spirits, but the cries of a missing boy can sometimes be heard, echoing from beneath the parks decrepid grounds. Just now they are lying, on the tenth anniversary of SAM's disappearance. Things were just as they say I stepped into the cave, the very exhibit were SAM was last seen sometimes the robots still twitch all these years later and die, thirdly in stages of their own rigour. Mortis
and opened a giant mental door hidden beneath the layer, rash and climbed down a ladder. go down closer to the screaming and moaning of a forgotten monster, a monster that fell through a trap door after being discarded by mechanical bear. A monster that I once thought was worth saving until he spat in my face on that very first visit of it where I made the decision to let the park have him. This monster a fragment of a man now was chained to the wall. His mouth was mingled in speechless, a grotesque tapestry of Cars covered the length of his warped body only covered by the same clothes he wore ten years ago. I found.
setting down a small cake with candles, happy anniversary. The series was produced by Ashley Flowers and David flowers. This episode was written by Jordan Coelho and by merely Martinez story was modified slightly for audio retelling, but you find the original in full on our website full He chills is an audio check production. So what do you think check? Do you prove it
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