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The Dead Corner


A story about a factory. A factory which, by the end of its life, produced only fear and death.

The Dead Corner

Written by David Flowers

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Oh brother plays fine and caused a cheque for three hundred and fifty dollars. I cannot, properly, return again to have forced upon me. so I have estimated its cost invaded back to you. I cannot accept it and I know little brother at you, find some way to be heard or wronged. my my kind action but it is in no spite do your attempts at well wishers I do not need your out for you. Do not know how to help Russia You forget I am your older brother. You have never seen the Boogie man under your bad. Have you because I we always one you cried fortnight.
I wish the one word search underneath your bed and in your closet. So do not pretend to know You may be all grown up now. of your own family, but you we're still my younger brother. But you say, you're a man now Father will have to look under his own boys ban so fine. I'll tell you so that you do not keep on asking I'll, tell you why I do come to see your family and why? I left hours How long ago,. Maybe you remember all those years before when mom pop still owned the gas store by nor can now you might also remember, those later years and how we struggled
We barely had an after serve. I have played of Kant beans every night folks, then around that band Marge now The train was in town and Bob started cutting corners things. getting any better and I was hardly any help shuffling stock around returning. it might one day leave. Those shallows saw last summer. I got a job our job and the one stunned, planned now what stunned planned account of on board the Falcon work. There were keen to avoid had time calling that place anything, but a factory made. You look ignorant or worse because I whinstone plant didn't get profit rays,
cattle. Now it was the killing paid and that place was fine May June. one song it new best. You see the planned operated to both grow and harvest their meat I wasn't under any illusion. I knew the Winston plant was the slaughterhouse, but I still had some naive expectations. Private or worse than I would intending to the care of the animals? shovelling their bans filling their trough Maybe I thought I would help deliver the calves, as I down on her uncle Troy's range two years before well. My fanciful thoughts would soon disappoint me. As soon as my first day,
I agree on the floor. Most would say the conditions of the factory were anything but tolerable, but horrible the Gulf WAR manager then always agree with. How are we to find it act is back. Then our town was too small or too afraid to union eyes, and Faction committees had a habit of forgetting sir. Details, but we aid to think about such things. Put me on one of these scanners. Job was a glorious, as the name suggests it was on welcoming side the sea creatures, Flash pulled offers effort, mostly, as our fellow member having his coat. However,
I found that our luck search challenge often struggle at the torn strips of wine Finding my war, too slow My manager move to the saw my new drama required, To guide track of hanging carcasses, through a shadow version by age. why didn't have to endure the horrible scanning scene nauseating stank blood, still stuck to the inside of my nose the scanning? beyond massage forlorn natural O Brown choir awkward fellow his face harm lowered his head. He always wore crooked. On his left foot, he worked
the factory same job as I did One day ass, he was pulling me down. The track slept on the dance for a second too fast to catch? But too long to forget I saw the me fly through the shores. Along with a third of his hand, it's funny injure hours, cutting me from dead things by the instant. Had seen three of her fingers fly off my stomach. larger volcano based It was on sanitary, not the beds brown hand. They found on the floor a week later now the varlet, so they moved me convinced they weren't really concerned about my sensitive stomach
rather sure they got their kicks, assigning the green kid to be a youth, and, where's, nearly on my knees begging to go back I'd work as a scanner. Man saw anything but that but it was too late. My pre, this position had been filled day said I was a youth her or it was nothing and I guess I would have considered nothing but then I always had to think of mom and Bob, and you. I had no choice the next day I met with a man named Lester. Cover laughter, was a foul man. Every thing from his yellow teeth to grief. She hair told be that as soon as I laid eyes on em
it just so happens, Lester would be. My partner you see, being re use and Iser was to man job unless you wanted to carry the corpse of the animal all the way to factory, for you had to guide them there, while they were still alive now apply and processed all sorts of animals. There chickens and pigs, but we worked with the cows last year was what we called back man He made sure the cows kept moving forward. I was the front van and make sure they moved in the right direction. Bouser naturally curious, so you need someone in front directing them where to go. Otherwise they follow every other noise. I heard
suppose, that made me a shepherd of swords chaperone. of death. Guiding them across the law was the easy part there are so desperate to leave their crammed cages. Follow you like Moses out of Egypt, then We bring them inside Wade walk the iron doors behind us, though I never trusted it would prevent. I nearly one time creature from breaking free weed March them down the hallway before turning into the kill room- corner was always artist. for the cows and me The hallway words made to be as simple as it could be. That way.
Weren't any distractions. the walls were, dull white The windows were just high enough, so the cows couldn't see out of them. Just high enough, so we couldn't see out of them either. Despite all the efforts to delude battle, corner, too sharp. But always buck They feared it I'm saying in their instincts were screaming. at them. I'll do my best to coax them one time I com lie to them. learning them around that dreadful turn now if my peaceful attempts failed laughter,
went to work is dogs being bag, man, plaster relied pack of vicious march to harass the cow for live cattle those dogs were born and raised at the Winston plan for a single purpose, you run His dogs were me. nothing about the way they sneered and Jude in your direction said man's best friend, I was thankful to God pose priests were on change poor cows at the back, at the mercy of the last his patients It was always shorter than the lady she held I'd, be careful to the cows got two startled. By likely trample me in that narrow passage last
claim. That was how my predecessor wind sure if he was telling the truth or interest having fun with a frightened kid, but he described that fellows chest crush Jelly under the white stampede made me feel, like was watching o Browns accident reply. The way we get the cows round the corner and into the killing room, stir, and I took turns on the bolt gun- I was pretty lucky last Herrera statistic appetite hey did most of it, but ass he began thinking. I was trying to slide off. He became more appealed to watching me. Do it. then don't really understand what's happening. My new.
Why I started having some bad dreams, dreams that follow you into your day. There One morning I came down to the dinner table and MA am you were there? I slept much that my partly due to the drains and partly due to your crying, I was hungry We had no more than enough to feed one mouth in the morning, and you are our the first to eat, but that neither here nor there more Bob and I arrived from. Only coffee for breakfast Well, I guess I saved my lukewarm brew. I tasted iron, I looked to see blood decorate?
On top of the sickly black water, it was my blood driven now off my Chin Y gotta look in the mirror. there. I shook my head spill open at the centre of my forehead was a gash corner wine at, is the same or guide implanted on each one of them. Cows but in a sack on there was and then I was gone off to work where I'd pass on my nightmare to more answers acting victims life continued as I continue to take life from those animals at some point. My daily habits said where the cows,
days. I didn't have a lunch, but I'd take my break out in the pan In a way I felt like onto profession like there, all across from me word a bizarre me of Martians, like my guild, easier to carry, but it only added more weight because then I recognize him whenever it their turn, Remember time I shut maximum time mine, their skin. Where's ruthlessly torn from their bodies a time when they could be alive you think he would have made my job harder. The wars car was, made it easier. because then when we went down that long hallway reach that
our corner they follow me I trusted me Stir applauded made her. I had improved He wasn't using the dogs as much where's constantly looking for a new job, I guess all town was because they were always filled up before I could even apply about there's time pop showed a car and, downgraded to the rusty piece you, but I generally inherited on your sixtyth birthday. I was stuck in my purgatory for a while longer I worked at the plan for another month. Were the only change in the world seems to be the animals feed now no Mr Watson and fag.
I rather don't believe the factory belongs to anyone with such a name, but there's One thing I ve gathered about the owners of that plan. I suspect they were going through some money. Was, I think, slide. the gas store, Welcome to cut a few corners. The animals or given a new type of feed, I said it had some chemicals in it. There were make the cattle grow up faster and stronger, Well, I don't know anything about tat all I knew animals started acting odd They were walking around their pants more. I'm making it less noise. While we were around, sometimes I am sure, and I will take my breaks for them. They would all sort of.
gather here, the gate just watch me weird things started happening. one time I came into the stable for my brain and their free hollows, One of the car startle. Like a word, confused about how it got out. There was the tricky part. I couldn't figure it either, because taking bag. I found its ban was locked now way I climbed they weren't smart enough to try. I had to ban another factory worker, but now wanting to cause any trouble, My mouth shut even Alastor was going. strained acres. The dogs shirburn making funny noises
I thought I was crazy, like the cows, maybe thought he'd been eating out of their trough. Work got difficult where the cattle wade, bring them down the hallway to kill room a day stop still before the last corner. I try count for doing them, but whatever cursor charm I had was gone so Leinen. Try the dogs, no matter how much they met at their eels owes cows one move. The dogs out of eaten them alive. Therefore, he led them play chicken any longer, Master God. Fat often said, if they weren't going into the kill room, then we would have to kill him right here lasted help from another factory.
worker chalk helped me hold talks between the cow. Meanwhile, Lasher would get to work with words. Macao was hidden from Non US One easy, even doing our best to hide. What was going on those weren't fold It was a wonder. I didn't try running, that could have trample ass if they, so afraid when it was done we had a line of corpses, Norway, most of factory workers, to have greater drag all dead weight, it became so tedious. In fact They found it easier to do their work. Their instead chopping animals into manageable bear
whatever was laughed Lasher FED to dogs. Beyond me food. They ever eight Martha Stewart So for me for claims it made them tougher, better, their job I'd say the devil in them. cows only became more stubborn in response, I suppose The dogs became more of Russia's or turn and downright feral Lester. To put one down because it refused to let go of cows lag time after you told me the ground so spacious them He claimed that the dogs men given strange locks He wore a mound eve and car a few of them whistling.
I was the only one who fell like they were. in their wine. Like him, I feared something wasn't right, do you remember, Rob busted my may that summer me out of work for a few months, always said it was an accident at the plant. I wasn't lying exactly my right. And the truth at Bay was quiet Our main there wasn't any sound, factory was turn song, but hardly the same gusto, Familiar with I couldn't quiet I said at first but then I realized at all. The animals had gone silent. was a ring,
master assume dressed as put off, nay, he chose to leave the dogs in their cage. Tell me why. the mask God to work. Moving. Macao. They seemed oddly patient there he followed our evenly and orderly We're Lasher separated by the herd, twelve hours, drowning in my nerves, as we enter the hallway sure why but ours, dreading sharp corner dreaded More than I ever had before before staying faint, pink Roma I agree with the previous heard and I wondered if fees cows would put up the same fight,
catch the end of them all away and stopped. I look back to meet. The gay These are the stair by me. We share a long look before I was brought forward kept my eyes on austere Lee walking backwards around the corner. The animal coffee, my path, never once in his head from me. When we finally made it and the killing library. Sigh of relief, I turned away to reach for the bolt run when an apple I was flung forward, are bent me. I shouted and pain, just as I heard Alastor YO, I couldn't even raise my head before our house,
crash nod to the bolt gone. Then I felt something press onto my bag. Oh, I was terrified thoughts. of my inside master. Jelly made me shake My face was forced onto the wet floor, so I could only look sideways up at the steer. On top of me, I was a step away from death as it held its foot There was a loud echoing what came from the hallway squeezed my eyes closed waiting for what came Next then the white lifted, and for a moment I thought I'd gone, but I opened my eyes again to see the steer leaving into the hallway prompt myself martyr
one good lag started, Going back I turned into the whole way, I saw what it happened. the metal doors were swung, open and heard which Treating outside I found last year by the door crumpled. His chest where's having trouble breathing, hours fairly certain broke a few webs. I helped him up and we ve on each other. For support to look for help but he demanded we go the cages last year was cursing through, is bloody teeth as we headed for the dogs, not sure what he was thinking, but I was just as Hell when we reach the cages, I stopped the dog
never greed and anyone with nothing less than teeth, They all just stood content and ice. Cube's shut my spine. master was half way through unlocking the cage. When I noticed it there total of ten dogs at the factory. but I only seven I sought to light in France, the gate was open before I could argue, and as I yell for Lester those monsters charge the door, they sent him stumbling. He aimed the cattle prod order. In back back, I watched as they gleefully prowl towards their former master, and then I heard one of the dogs replying
trust my ears, promise you. It was something between a bar and human words. I thought, maybe it my head too hard man growth, talk again blaster couldn't see the dog, that's not beside him, but he screen has it small snapshot on his heel. He lifted the project strike, giving the dogs their opening hours in a tilted. Chases Lester fell to the ground. Behind me, I heard the tearing of skin over devilish laughter. I ran ran anywhere. I thought I could find help.
And the fields the number of escape bees have multiplied. Nearly every animal was out of its cage. Now I found some of the cows pacing front gate and another grew patrolling round the pans kept my distance as I weave towards the factory for, from some distance behind Okay came a menacing. How I was met with confused, looks I ran into the factory saws shouting so loud couldn't hear my frenzied boys but my face. An odd lamp was an after brew concern. A few of the man came over to me. Couldn't we pulled from the pace of their work?
A manager stepped out of his office that overlooked for a descended the stairs with the most bitter anger on his face I'm sure he wears hardly happy for the stall and these orders before he could even reach the bottom. A bar My eye Watch like a brown. There wasn't much warning for the fellow working, the saws as a dog jumped on his back before I knew it. Pay fell before this all There was too much blood to even think about what it happened too much for us to see the other hound sank. His teeth into my managers face so tired of the pack follow through the door. Kissing cool, laugh the dogs that snuck away,
found their game I climb to the managers office. It was the only room close enough where I could place a door between me and those devils. I winced with every step of my me, but forced myself, higher faster at the top of the stairs Lud into the office barricading the door. Would my shoulder not a second more a pair clause against model with a war. A few survivors remain below yelled in far until there was no more sound even the assault at my door retreated leaving only Van and hum of machines, I collapsed. The stance of all blood mixed with new
I waited endlessly for my wits to come about. Is too terrified to move. terrified to thank as I hid from the world. There came Cora sheriff screens but day work, Schuman screams. It was coming from outside the cows, mingled in that horrible slaughter, familiar cackle. Sign around lesters deaf, I knew I had to go the trouble where's convincing my legs of that fact, I managed to pull myself placing careful heir to the door. Besides the blades, the distant Ass was the only noise around me so
I dare to step outside Looking now the shredded forms of my coworkers swiped factory floor. The fool of intestines and blood. suddenly made Mitchell. Rounds excellent, look like a piper cod I was so captured by the massacre I merely ignored the beast behind me. Patiently waiting, there was my pursuer damn dog was lying. waiting for the hair come out of its whole. There. I stood a few metres from the beast was bowed. waiting the sea or I place my first step. My next move.
Would we gamble for my life? I live with. goodbye and ass, the dog John to catch me. I sprang out said direction. Despite my star was on my you down the factory, I would have been better if not for some divine intervention, the jaws of death, reached for my flash, but worse thrown aside Maya walking figure from out of nowhere The same steer that had trampled me now, stood at my guard. It was mangled heart with a no better than my own dog rose.
To meet its challenger just as another of its pack crawl forth. The stair cast aside glance at me I'll be damned. If I didn't say it understood, front gate was within a sprint from here, but those dogs were a faster than both of us combined the stair charged and fire of TAT ran for nails. The Winston planned, down after that though most didn't care. No, why of course, but the others who knew We were made to change our story lawyer, for the Winston planned archers. Certain then
ability with money and threats officially the plant was closed because of, on sanitary conditions all those who died at the factory were left forgotten by our town. their bodies were taken by the same folks who paid eyes to forget them I had heard rumours that they'd sweat factory clean of any death. All those bodies and animals. They said it took. nearly two whole days to care at all. Job years later, when I had the courage to go back to that decrepid vice barely find a single bone, their memory lingered began Even though I didn't stay long
swear ghosts, howling under. devilish laughter. I wish I could have confess the truth long ago, but I had to protect the family. I had Jack, you They called it severance for my work. Injuries. it was an offer mine popped, her start fresh It was enough for you to go to school Joe little brother I hope you understand why why I have been so cagey, Call it. Why When I see your family, smiling and happy. I think about all those ruined by the Winston plan.
Why I left town so young, so could be far away from that pies. I hope you understand why I cannot accept your gift. Why, when you left me that too, untold ask him for? in shape I could see where those damn based tearing human flesh. Why every time a yams, here's, a mocking call those devils, not stand it. More and no had not harm. That part my neighbour, Madeleine, he's quite fond of her pads and will take of it. Now but most of all hope. You know now the buggy man,
under anyone's bad now, a real bogey man stands right where we can see him Sometimes he might look like Winston other times. He might look like you and me or he might look like a devil where the Moslem full of teeth, because why not a single animal made it that factory, alive, I never found any dogs sincerely max. They're serious, was produced by irish farmers and David flowers. have soared, was written by David flowers and read by,
whatever story was modified slightly for audio retelling budget can find the original info on our website full Howdy chills is an audio chart, production Joe, what thank chalk. Do you approve
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