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The Jumps


A story about a mother's ignored warnings and a teenager's irreversible choice.

The Jumps

Written by Claire Giannino

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Why do parents have to be so crazy? Half the time they expect you to be an adult, but then the other their upset, when you don't follow, orders MIKE I'm not a child anymore. I got into another fight with my mom. It was about college this time I wanted to go far and she wanted to keep me right here and Boring cops Hill bike. Want me to be independent and let me be independent, I can blame her for wanting me to stay, though she's been really lonely. Since my dad left it's just that, I'm so tired of constantly being told what to do all the time. This. The time in your life when you're supposed to start making decisions for yourself, but between teachers, parents and anyone who thinks they the slightest authority over you. I just I need to get away from all of it again, the key to my little red Fiallan stormed out of the door to the jumps to go, see my plans. As I said,
down the steps of our shock of a house. My mom calls out to me come back. When you learn how to speak to your mother, I opened my our door and I gave her a sour glare. Oh never coming back. I slammed the door start the engine and speed off in my city. There's close to nothing to do. That's what you get from an old know, our new Hampshire, so most of the time friends from all over get together and meet up at the jumps. It's a place where anyone is welcome There's just one thing you need to do bring a case of beer, its kind. Far back into the woods, so no cops can find it surrounded by a lake and these giant boulders. Well, I doubt you Call it much of a awake. It's mostly where the copper creek River is at its widest. It's called the jumps because there's this urban legend that this
kid way back when that winter, high school climbed all the way up, one of those boulders and jumped into the river, but never came back up. I think the parents, Town just made that story up to keep kids from jumping at another. I just don't buy it. Nobody would be stupid enough to jump off. One of those boulders into the river is a pretty big. I'm to land and water. You don't know how deep it is. Then again the sole reason people go to the jumps is too well get drunk. So I don't know. Maybe some jackass was drunk enough to do it, I take a shower bright done, Washington, road and speed to the bottom, where the track to the jumps begins. As I said it's pretty far, in the words, so nobody can really find it since it was starting to get can clearly. I was a little rattled from the argument with my mom. I asked my four. Mark to meet me and mock the path with me, I'm not afraid of the dark or anything, but I just always had this weird feel in the pit of my stomach working there alone, although it's a little foggy,
I can see mark at the bottom wearing black genes Smith's Spanky certain chunks marks miles at me in waves, hey Really didn't think you were going to come. He says I turn out the engine and grabbed the beer in the back seat of my car yeah I had a change of heart. I say Marguerite in walking through the Woods Emmy Boat, just walk in silence for a bet, a chirping, the cricket, getting louder and louder. It seem like it was the first man night in a while here and cops Hill so Monday, I felt like I could literally pillar layer of sweat off my face as marks. What's mosquitoes out the way you finally breaks the silence
so how is everything lately with your mom? You guys good. He asks ice. I really have I really turned into that girl, the girl that people feel like they need to check up on, because there's probably something wrong. I keep my eyes fixed on moving the prickle branches yeah, it's fine. We are fine, just a little fight about college Mark, Scott's and smiles. Well, that makes two of us. Then he says, rowing his eyes gave me some comfort, knowing I wasn't that only one having this, what seemed like now ending battle with my mom. I gave Mark a half hearted smile, several hollers, and cheers welcome us as we approach the top. Finally, we had arrived at the jumps. There's something weirdly nostalgic about the jumps. It's kind of
explain though it's like you, have all your friends they're laughing having a good time, and you can feel the warmth of the fire hit your face as everyone's just that piece, there's music playing from someone's busted speaker. Running into the river, with all their close on just a few, little bit of life again this year, especially the jumps is really import. Because soon we won't be hearing more. There will be the next wave of high school, that take over and we will just be a distant memory. They always say you don't know the good times till their pass, but I know I know these are the good times I look over. I carry whose barely able to stand even though she's an absolute mass. She still looks amazing tall blonde and full of life carry out of all coming presents to her, no matter who you were where you came from more what you look like. She was always going to make you feel, like you, ve, been friends with us for ever
She's, there's her words as she approaches himself by the UK in come. I saved you see she hands me bottle vodka. She has been working on all night here, drink up, my going to have fun tonight mark shakes his head. I carry we father her to the fire pit one drink who drinks three drinks and yeah for drinks. My head was officially starting dishpan, see I'm not a really big drinker I know that might some main, but it just makes me a little nervous. I dont like feeling like I'm not in control of my body. My dad was big drinker and when he drank you sucked. In other words, he was completely out of control. I hated it tonight.
I guess I through all of that out the window, because before I knew it, I was hammered all of a sudden, my whole life of spilling out of me, like word vomit, as they say my parents suck. Everyone around the bonfire, lass cabin. This kid I know from Bio, raises a spear and says I think we can all during two that we all take a sip shot, puffer, whatever our hearts desire I give it my best shot to stand up and managed to finally get up, even though I am a bit wobbly. No, really, though, this is where my little performance starts. Aren't you guys so sick and tired of people telling us what to do something looking at how completely junk I am, and some are probably paying a little too much attention to me. They say that were grown ups right. That we need to start taking more responsibility.
Being more shore, actually getting our shit together. They are sitting us after college, but we still have a damn curfew. This bullshit I take another sway and those boulders that got everyone's attention for sure. Now. All eyes were on me. Some more made up a stupid, sorry that a down kid jumped off those rocks and must never to be found again. We all know: that's not true right. There were whispers scattered by every around the bonfire. Where was she going with this? They probably thought someone made up story, just so that there is another thing. Parents can tell us that we can and cannot do so
You know I, I think a pause and glanced back at the rocks behind me. I am jumping my heart, sank to my stomach and a wave of sweat at my face. Oh god, We just say that at this point everyone is channing for me. Mark grass. My arm know you not jumping mag. No idea. How did the water is look at him and he can tell em. Regarding my words, you don't have to do that, to prove some point or whatever I know my arm away from him and take off my sneakers, oh what now. You're going to lecture me, I looked back ensuring me on, but the blank face. On carrion mark unsettle me. I need to do this I need to do it quickly. Somehow, despite how much alcohol Ipad, I am able to climbed to the top of the boulder honestly being
This high. Definitely sobered me up a bit which has its obvious pros and cons. Pro being. I am more aware of where I am jumping and con being. I am more aware of the fact that I am actually jumping. I make a huge missed by looking down Jesus, ok, that's afar! John! I step my head back, don't you down. Are you crazy one? Kid screams? Just go exclaims I looked down once more. I realize I'm wearing one of my favorite tee shirts. It's a big white oversized ban T shirt, it's really cool. It's got a little rips in it. That makes up the call grunge. It's me
Actually I start my head back up again. Stop if you're going to do this, just do it no stalling, I'm not afraid of falling, I'm just afraid of landing, but since my landing as water, how bad could it be? Ok, one two three and before I knew it, I'm falling and just like that it was over I thought my head back up above the water and through my hands in the air. I let out a huge victory scream insured for myself, just like everyone else is doing. I did it I got out of the water soaking wet. I felt heavy considering I still had all my clothes on. I run
open to carry and give her a huge hug Jesus mag. She says: don't scare me like that, but I mean that was pretty cool. I give her a huge smile as I try and catch my breath family I meant it might not have been the smartest thing in the world, but it was so much fun and I definitely got my point across or whatever our turner, define mark sending directly behind me with his arms class. What the hell wrong with you. He did not look happy at all. I hate being yelled at my face, turned red from embarrassment, and I answer nervously. Why it my boy shakes nothing happened. It's he cut me off. Yeah. Nothing happened, thank God, but what were you thinking? Yeah the story of the missing? It probably isn't true, but that doesn't mean that there are a million other reasons to not jump perfect. Just what I needed right now,
lecture? And this time from one of my friends, I grabbed the blanket. Had been sitting on all night and dry myself off it's time. For me to go home, some of them, begged me to stay most are too drunk to notice me. Leaving mark marked, doesn't say anything. I walk through the woods and finally make it back to my car what a crappy waited in such a fool. Night I get my car start the engine and make my way back to cops Hill. Stop thinking about Mark and what you said market.
Don't fight, maybe they once but that's it. I feel bad. Maybe I shouldn't have jumped. I know everything turned out o k in the end, but it easily couldn't have I keep reliving the jump in how it Subaru rating the whole thing was I'm about to reach the end of the road to turn unto my street. When I sat on the brakes and try and comprehend. What's in front of me, it's just far enough away that I can only seen outline smoking's God awful noise, though its distance and sounds almost lake. Is there no way it Campi? I started. Report my foot on the brain just to get a little closer.
I moved and even an inch for it and it runs back into the woods I sit there may see, and I swear my heart pounding so hard. I can hear it. That's just ignore it. Just a few minutes more and I'm home no need a freak, It was probably in animal. Didn't really look like an animal, It's probably just some stupid, drunk kid accepted in an exactly like whom neither? Why would someone run back into what the hell, the person or thing is back? My colleague just barely able to shine on their close shine. They look right now, I'm not this is like horror movies, one wanna one don't let the strange things in the woods, but I really don't feel afraid. I turn off the car and step up slowly
I allowed to who ever it is hey are you all right? I have to yell just to hear myself over the horrible crime the response, it's a person, but something doesn't look like I try. Yelling again, Are you hurt? Do you ride somewhere. I take a step closer and just like you, are they got into the trees? I can't keep doing this. I have to get home. I get back in my car and policies in the ignition you're kidding me, I say my hands against the steering wheel. Of course, my car chooses now to act up. Panic is starting to set in
a scramble around my car? Looking for my phone? I don't really know who I need a car, but I know I need someone to help. I call carry no answer. I call Mark no answer. I am faced with harsh reality and needs so my mom, I slowly dial her number at rings. Bunsen clicks Maggie. My mom shouts first thing answering the phone. I pull the phone away. Why can't you just speak without yelling all the time mom relax. I'm sorry I'm coming home, but I think my car died or something I need you to come meet me. Oh thank God. You're! Ok, her voice starts to get a little fuzzy mom, what of course, I'm fine. My card just call me crying esoteric me into the call eyes. Was she upset about now in? Why would mark my mom crying
Actually that worked up about the job. I sit there in silence. A weird feeling starts to build up in my stomach all at once. I feel nauseous and miraculously my card turns on A jump from my seat startled believed were still with this, be feeling all over me and freedom pie disdaining. It's a girl she's, absolutely certain, like she's injure too her neck she's, holding up her head sobbing. I feel this heading growing. It's this hard and sudden pounding against my school My car
like? I can barely three I turned to the sovereign girl. I want to help her. Please please she's not okay, instantly noticed her t shirt oversized. Covered in the doldrums. It's my teacher walk up to an overwhelming since of tariff. Also, I look myself in the eyes. As I hear, an ambulance condemned Washington to the jobs. This series was produced by actually flowers and David follows this episode was written Claire Genome and read by Samantha when the story was modified.
Rightly for audio retelling, but you can find the original in full on our website. Full body chills is an audio chuck production. So what do you think chuck? do you approve
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