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The Story Of Vera Valentine


A story about a school girl and her unusual dormmate.

The Story Of Vera Valentine

Written by Laurie Faria Stolarz

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you probably when it no this about me since never really talk about it. I mean to this day: it's probably the figures thing that ever happened to me, but I once attended bore, score and believe it or not that actually not the freaky part, but it happened. While I was there, let me back but to the summer, before my junior year, high school, my parents rocky point in their relationship fighting all the time they loved the idea of me getting away not having to witness how ugly things were getting at home pass with me away nearly a hundred miles from home. They could try to work things out, get back on track, so they made it happened. I enrolled that Far Briar Mayfield Academy, home of the Bulldogs and, admittedly
kind of excited I mean here I was on a whole new adventure in a new environment with a whole new menu of classes to take plus the campus, it absolutely stunning, with its sprawling green. I be covered with buildings and a state of the art Jen. It also had the cutest Prague pond with the footbridge and telescopes for stargazing. In some way I felt like I was going on vacation rather than to prep school, but then I met my roommate and yes. I know who doesn't have a roommate from Hell story right and, to be honest, she seemed perfectly nor my first quiet soft spoken, not exactly like some of my hilarious friends back home, but still she was really sweet. Anna Rice was her name. She was a junior, too are so she said she looked barely old enough to be in high school,
I remember she offered me first steps on which side of the room I wanted. She asked insisted. I take the bigger closet because I had more clothes and she promised, to take any of my stacks. Without asking I mean how could we not get along, but I noticed something. as we were in packing and arranging her sides of the room, a suitcase at the foot of Hannah's bed. It looked like an antique with its wooden surface. Another straps Every few minutes, or so Hanover Square down to get the cover, I might pact at first. I thought Maybe it was a good luck thing or even a nervous. Twitch like I went elementary school, but the kid who used to tap his pencil against the side of his head, five times before he was able to start a math question, but then
Hannah giving the suit case a weird rap ass, though in code cap, tap tap, knock, knock, knock, tap, tap tat. Now she did that same rap. Over and over again, I asked him if everything was ok, I mean it was just so weird she told me she was fine. then sit up like nothing happened after dinner, the night, every one in the dorm convened in the wreck area for a back to school game where we construct a towers out of toothpicks marshmallows, which didn't really go so well. Is everyone kept eating the marshmallows? It was actually pretty funny, but not too Hannah. I mean she didn't even participate, She just stood there with a scowl on her face ass. If we were acting like animals and, admittedly maybe we were, but on
See who doesn't love marshmallows, especially when their chocolate, fountain involved in which there was any way she went back to our room without a word I had no idea: why was she not feeling well add something bad happened? Maybe one of the girls had said something rude. I still for a bit playing ping pong and getting to know the other girls have hoping that Anna might come back and join us, but she didn't and so around ten o clock feeling guilty and went back to the room to check on her nowhere near prepared for the reaction. I would get. And it was sitting on the bed with the suitcase open in front of her and like a reflex, she drew the lid closed, fasten the latches and snapped the lock shut. What do you want? She asked me seriously. I don't want anything
I told her I just came to check on you- is everything: ok did something happened back there. her dark eyes narrowed into slits, as if maybe I'd been the one who done something wrong stone. She didn't answer. Instead, she patted the suitcase and did that weird tap tap tap Thing, but this time I wasn't going to let its side what is in there. I asked she set the suit case on the floor in doing so something toppled up her bed. I moved to pick it up. It was black and rounded. Smaller than the size of my palm by Anna snatch? The thing before I could grab it? Does that shoe? I asked because that sort of what it looked like a shoe for a baby or toddler me, but once again Hannah didn't answer in
She just said how tired she was. She Denton Table AMP saying she had a hard time falling asleep until the darkness then settled in for bed. I went to bed to still curious about the suit case. I mean what could be inside it. Drugs weapons he parts, maybe term papers for so that she can at risk my finding pops up with all of the wrapping. What would happen if I wrapped, in this case too. I waited for him to not off once I was sure she had could hear her settled storing I got out of bed and across the four accidently knocking over my water bottle. it made a plunge sound against the hard wood which radiated to my heart. But luckily the sound had it seem to waken up the suitcase buzz within reach now, but still it was right at the sight.
patents, bad position that our arms reach ashes. She wanted to keep her eye on it. My finger shaking her rapped on the side of the suitcase ever so lightly. Tap tap, tap, knock, knock, knock, tap, tap, tap, knock, knock knock. Then. I pay My Europe against the side, but nothing happened at an ear, are feel anything a moment later. Anna stirred in her bed her hand reached out toward the sea case, though I was sparely certain she was still asleep. Maybe she was dreaming about the suit case, I'm not really sure, but a scurry back into bed. feeling silly for wanting to tat the thing in the first place I mean what had I really expected, and so I went to bed for rail this time.
But I was awakened later to the sound of that wrapping tap tap tap, knock, knock, knock, it back shells to my skin, I rolled over and look toward Hannah, but she was sound asleep with her eyes closed and her hands clutching her pillow. The sound was gone now, so I don't lie dreamed it. I went to turn back over and that's when I saw it sitting at the foot of my bed I know it's I'm sort of crazy, like maybe there is something a bit stronger than sugar and gelatin in those marshmallows. dull headlong golden blonde hair. It was an orange dress and looked to be about ten or twelve interest Tom those sitting.
The dim light of the lamp cast over the doll space revealing Amber eyes on its forehead was a gash sideways that about four inches now the thing Is I was so be unexhausted? I fell back to sleep which, some suspect, like maybe I dream the whole thing. I even wonder that too, especially because when I woke up the next morning, the doll wasn't there. The suitcase hadn't moved and under dimension a word about anything from the previous night the whole. Next day, though, I felt like I was being watched, like everywhere, in my classes, while I was eating my lunch walking back and forth between buildings I kept looking over me. Shoulders and checking the corners of various rooms, but there is never any thing to explain the sensation
the feeling followed me back to my room. I closed the door locked behind me relieved to finally be totally alone. Why could have little piece? The one I turned toward my bed? I was unable hope notice. Hannah suitcase was just sitting there unguarded. This was my chance. I tried the latch. The suitcase was locked, of course, but it was an antiquated buck, nothing that a hairpins could impact, I had my fair share of practice breaking into my parents, antique thicker cabmin. It took practically nothing just abandoned the pen and a future calls from side to side the latch of doping I lifted. as chills rip up my arms, because inside the suit case was the same da for my nightmare, no joke, but the golden blonde hair, the quack forehead and the orange stress my head started. Spinning I mean how does this even possible?
but I totally losing it. The shoes were shiny and back with a strap across the top. Exactly like what I'd seen topple from his bed. The previous night I lifted not the case in doing so, the eyes tilted open. They were the same, amber color. It appeared that One had drawn slash marks over the forehead gash to make it look like hand drawn stitches, totally creepy. I went to check the back, wondering if there might be a heading compartment at the same moment, the door object. A key was inserted into the lock. I, the door back inside a suitcase and drew the close catching the dress. My pulse racing, I put the fabric back in England to shut the latches. I manage to click, wanted them closed, but the other one kept sapping back. There wasn't time. I stood the suitcase up anyway, just as a door swung open Hannah. Was there staring straight at me
What do you think you're doing she asked without waiting for my answer? She storm to pass the rooms that the suitcase toward her and opened wide. She took the dollar and spected it all over the dress, the hair, the shoes, the robbery skin. She slipped a too and tested the eyelids, making sure they opened and shut. I'm really sorry, I told her had no excuses. I was just curious, but then can be curious to and go through all of your stuff. She snapped. I'm sorry, I told her again. She quiet for a while, but after a moment at the like, she had come down. That's when she started to explain about the door but it was extremely sentimental. Hannah grew up and foster care and didn't have much of a family, but I have Vieira she said
pointing out the embroidered v's on the pockets of the distress veer Valentine. She spent it delicate at least sixty years old. Is that why you're so secretive about it? I asked why you keep it locked up in a suitcase. I keep fear and a suitcase because of stuff. This. She said people going through my stuff, not understanding the value. Understanding me Spain that she bought the dawn mine on a website for haunted hundred dollar collectors, who knew such a thing existed? Does like Vieira Hannah continued We have a history according to Hanover was owned by a girl named Rebecca who spotter was a general contractor. The contractor built families home and land where there had once been a hospital. One of the patients
I've been flew in that hospital years, Pyre Inhabited Rebecca STAR, wait, I said unable to resist. Are you trying to tell me that view is like Chuckie and Annabel? I mean it was just so crazy. rolled her eyes. This is Hollywood. She said some soup It's who dont managed to pass on use objects like TA says vessels to communicate. It made no sense, but she still kept going telling me that sometimes the dolls make whistling sounds or leave trinkets behind. Look, no, it sounds unusual. She said, but when you're forced around as much as I have having a spirit jaws. Persisting, I've got to Turkey a life family. My eyesight shut, I mean, It was just too much weight to out there, in believing ghost or spirit energy of any kind. I mean yeah
it was said that handed didn't feel close to any humans, but the Spirit our stuff. wasn't buying a word of it, and so I put it right on her. Why had she put the damage that the previous night handed me a confused look as if she had no idea what I was talking about. Much was really kind of air hating because I hadn't made it up. The door had been on. My back I was sure now than ever it hadn't been a dream. I didn't answer did veer? I was in the suitcase all night my face, flushed hot. I got up not wanting to argue I had no idea where she was mine alone. was that I wanted a new roommate and so after dinner that night, I want to talk to the rest. In Pfizer, but she was in a meeting, so I had to make an appointment for the following day.
That night, as I said in my bed, doing my homework, I watched Hannah Tender DA brushing out her hair reading the dough story in changing the close one of the compartment of the suitcase was devoted to veer, is wardrobe and accessories stuff, like storybooks watch, cause jewelry and play food items so weird anyway, I went to bed telling myself by the end of the week. This would all be over. I get switch to a new room. I would never have to see Hannah or Vieira again. some time that night I got up having to use the bathroom. There was about ten of us on the floor of that door. Tori and we all shared a communal bathroom, was showers and toilet stars. I crept down the hall which luckily stayed lit up at night. Still it was pretty airy. The building was quiet Nor was up. He was just passed, two a m and you could have heard the drop of a pen, the boy
through mad about six thousand total for toilets to showers. Eyebrows done into the sing to wash my hands. That's when I heard the whining and one of the star doors, appeared over my shoulders feeling the same sensation. I had before being watched but no one else was in there. I was totally alone. I took a deep breath and turned back to the sink At the same moment I heard it going so that's an shivers all over my skin. It was coming from the last star, my heart pounded, but still I told myself, it was just my imagination. Despite the goose flesh on my for arms and the tightening of my chest, the giggling sounded like it was coming from a child like someone was hiding
playing a joke. I approached the stall my limbs trembling. My inside shaking the door was only partially closed. I kicked it open. It made a loud hard, the black against the wall rather than me my core appeared inside holding my breath, but the star was empty. The giggling had stopped now to item of course, the sink spotting, something small and pink by the fuss it. It had been there before I would have noticed. I took a few steps closer able to see what it was a plastic baby bottle. As though for a doll, I hurried back to my room down the hallway tearing the door open only to find the doll again sitting on my bed, its eyes, gaping its mouth curled into a grin,
I let out aloud thirsting gas, but woke me up. I set up. I was stone bed like I'd, never gotten up. I dream the whole bathroom seen everything list all the giggling, the door, it's wack the baby bottle and it was still asleep or suitcase was closed. There was no doll on my bed, silently I counted to ten trying to catch my breath, desperate to get a grip. I mean, what was going on with me? A chirping son, maybe jump myself on my bed. My mom's picture flashed across the screen. Mom I answered she. Absolutely hysterical talking a mile minute telling me that I needed to come home that there's been an accident involving my dad,
my dad's family has a history of heart disease, so my mind just went to the worst possible scenarios: picturing him in a hospital, a hooked up to machines. Please just come. My mother insisted call a taxi. I flew out through some things into a bag. Hannah woke up in the midst of it all, and I explained what happened she tried to help asking. If there is anything she could do, she was actually pretty sweet, but odyssey. No one could do anything. I just needed to get home. I took a cab got there around six in the morning, just as my parents are getting out of bed, I data. Gearing up to go for an early morning run mom was making coffee. morning news was on. It was just like any other day, except for my parents reaction,
They were completely alarmed that I come home. What happened? Honey Mamma asked. What do you mean? I asked them in check my phone. but there was no trace of my mom's car and neither of parents had any idea what I was talking about. There was accident. My moms, or she never called me. Basically, I freaked amount. so much so that my mother made me stay home. That day figuring the stress of the new school and living away was wreaking havoc on my mental health and honestly, I could really argue, because I was feeling pretty freaked out too do that afternoon. After some rest, I called my resident They are demanding that I get assigned new roommate, but you don't even have an old room. She said what do you mean? I asked You're in a single. She said yes, there's an extra burden there, but you
have a roommate for now. Anyway, of course, I do, I insisted, room. Nineteen, I'm with Hannah Rice Room. Nineteen as a single. She assured me still made her double check. Her records Hannah Rice, I repeat, a tumor times my resident adviser responded that no one named Hannah Rice attended by AIR Mayfield. She check the student directory and upon me, insistence. She also called registrar and check out my room reporting that only one half my half appeared to have been decorated. My stomach twisted up knots. Like I was seriously going to be sick. I bet the sight of my head, as I totally losing my mind,
I hung up. I lay down in my bed feeling so cold and terrified. I couldn't stop shaking wanting to feel some kind of comfort, some warmth. I searched for my backpack, where I had passed away. My tropic clothes I pulled up my sweatshirt insisted on, but as I did, I felt something inside the front pocket, reached and see what it was. My fingers curly,
and something palm sized memory. I pointed out the doll shoe the shining black one, but the strap Junta. To this day. I still have the shoe. I came across it last week in the back of my closet, which prompted me to do a Google search, severe Valentine, remembering how Hannah said she'd purchase the dawn on a site for collectors. I came across a website with a database of haunted things. It listed the veer doll as having been purchased steers before it also listed some of the physical details like the gas in the forehead in the ink marks on the phase, but even creep here than that. The listing included info of the supposed spirit that inhabits the bureau die. The girl died at aged twelve in a hospital victim to the flu of nineteen eighteen.
She was a foster care with the love of dolls and her name was Hannah Rice. This year was produced by actually flowers and David flowers, the separate It was written by lorries dollars and read by Samantha, where the story was modified lightly for audio retelling, but you can find the original full on our website. Full body chose as an audio chuck production. So what do you think chuck dear? move
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