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Unlucky In Love


A story of hopeless romantic lured by her desires down a path of demise.

Unlucky In Love

Written by Sugani Wignarajah

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P dot com, slash full body chills. This episode was produced with audio effects in full surrounds out. For the best experience we kindly recommend you listen with headphones high listeners, I merely Martinez, and I have a story. I want to tell you a story of a hopeless romantic Lord by her desires down a path of demise, so gather around and listen close there are those who got it all money looks talent and then There is every one else: the people just living,
to get by the normal guy or girl with the normal life your average Jos, that's where I live deadened. Center, the normal of the normal It's where have always lived, no matter how hard I tried growing up, spend hours studying, but my grades nothing more than okay, so the best. I could do we'll get into an ok college, Finally landed me a job that was you guessed it. Just ok at work. I'd be the first one an last one hour dedicated, but for Ray promotion. I was passed up for some one else, even among My friends, I wasn't any one special, no one's bf Alfin, far from the life of the party, but I got you stole that sure I would. still fantasize eyed wonder how it would feel
working your dream job or even sitting at a bar and having a drink sent over just because someone like the way I looked, but that never happens, No one looks at me with my dead street. Brown, hair and round baggy eyes. Thinking well looks amazing. It will probably come as no surprise that my love life wasn't that great, my high school, boyfriend LEO was an absolute dec, of cheating and lying I get, for giving him and going back and admit, spiraled from there There were SAM the druggie who kept stealing money out of my purse, Craig the violent trunk and might the no job narcissist my friends when tell me repeatedly that I was too forgiving adore man, but after the fifth or sixth bad boy and the pity while dried up. Then they just left me to my miserable life choices. I hoped for one bad relationship to the next. Until I was almost thirty
until I met Erin Erin would change my life. I was at this crap bar celebrating a friend's birthday. When I saw him, he was on work, Nite Owl drinking awkwardly with colleagues. He would rather not see outside of the office he had sweetest, laugh and the way his eyes would crinkle up when he smiled just hypnotized me. I was upset later that night as we stood by the bar, he sparked a conversation like they say the rest is history, all the years of being. In the background being average being ok was worth it. I didn't about it anymore. All I heard about was Aaron and errands opinion of me. He thought I charming and funny he loved me He told me so all the time he wanted
spend the rest of his life with me and I could see it I dreamed of Erin and I together forever and it fell Like my entire life, I had been I'm not like. I had just in coasting. Until this moment, and now I wasn't just existing. I was living and it amazing, up until he cheated on me with his assistant, everything changed. Everything was broken, because errand and love me anymore because he loved her. I was on my knees, begging him to stay. I can still Yet the look of pity in his eyes ass, he picked up his bags and laughed. I would never see him again. A craving for my numb plain old life back, how could you
Let me believe that I can't live anything more than my average life I fell apart. I alienated? My friends avoided family in away into the company of cheap wine. It was hard coming out of that place. But I am proud to say I did I got. Whatever little bit of courage, I had left and tried to start fresh. Eventually I even downloaded dating? Am I got set up? an account, started swiping and then a notification. Some one had liked me Charles, and he wasn't too slightly over way in a little balding, but he had a great smile and most of all, he liked me this was it Maybe my luck was changing. Finally, was ready to live again, our first
They came around pre quick. The whole day I was prepping preening myself and with the help of a few Youtube tutorials, there was learning how to blow dry my hair and blend not to but three I shadows together. It look go. I looked good I was nervous as hell, but a part of me felt like this. Was it my chance at a better life, better boyfriend I mind, ran through a field of fanciful thoughts. Maybe this could be the one was I meeting my future husband, but surprise surprise. The date was a bust. The real Charles was at least ten years older than his profile pic and left me just a little over dressed in his star wars. T shirt sleeves. But the entire evening talking only about himself and ruling over my chest by the time. Our meal came. I had heard enough of his sly comments to guess his intentions. He was
for one night stands, I meant nothing to him and never would fight it. Think he'd be any different. the betrayal bubbled inside of me. I kept a pretty face, If I couldn't get non state, then at least I make the most of whatever this was next morning, as I strolled into worker notification, rang from my phone I had another match. I was delete the app after last night's disaster, but then I thought maybe I'll give it one. Last chance. Fine last night's date had been a bus. but maybe this new guy could be the one you I know you're thinking I'm an idiot, but I just give up at least was better now Now I dont let people take advantage of me now. I dont let those people back in my life, I make sure of it. That second day it was a bus to is everyone just out for themselves
Is it all one night stands and sex these days? if so, but don't tell me, you're looking for a relationship in view like that, right, whatever, like I said, I just make sure I cut contact with these kinds of people and then keep trying which bring me too tonight, I'm sitting alone and some dingy pub trying to get the bar men's attention twenty minutes until I finally get a glass of pin agrees you in my hands- I guess- even dressed up, I'm still invisible, was Dade Number one with match number. I forget, but I have high hopes for this. One six foot and who loved dogs and had great brown hair that fell perfectly across his head, but he was late for failing to get the bargains attention for a second time. I just waited there and started squalling through my phone.
through the headlines something about a celeb divorce and affair political scandal, blah blah blah, but Then there was a headline that made me sit up straight data nap murderer, strikes again. Nervously. I click the title and started reading through all the grizzly details, about how a murderer was preying on victims through this dating app and how the police had no leads. I read about victims and how they died. The first and found with their skulls smashed in the next was found dead in a car park. The car park victim or Charlie, as friends called them was described as popular and funny someone who had recently entered the dating app world and was nervous. I read on the spot police could tell there, seem to be a clear, I'm all some of the victims, I'd from blunt force trauma, others were strangled by some kind of rope should have been scared
If I was to trusting based on a few, ports police had a working description of their suspect. They had punish, hair and were attractive, or at least charming in a way that they could isolate their victim. Just then my expert account, walked into the bar for once my date. Look just they advertise on their profile. I threw my phone away quickly, forgetting bout the dating murderer. Whenever he apology as for being late and then went to order drinks at the bar. He was immediately, there was a petite blonde, across the room who kept eyeing him. I got a bit sad faction. Knowing he was on a date with me playing average me and he was just looking at me right. I thought I could see him looking at her, but no, he was here on a date with me, I was the one he was interested in my mind. Thing again, where it wanders dollars. Dreamy thoughts are way
day in future kids thinking it'll be like how it was with Aaron before he broke, my trust Erin. Who was the first one to let me feel special unwanted. Like someone was interested in what I had to say and how I looked feeling someone loved me. I was caught off guard as my date leaned in close his whisky breath hot against my neck. He whispered, No, no, I must have missed heard. He doesn't know the others we were only here for twenty minutes, this supposed to be our day at the beginning of our relationship here. To get to know me in his eye. at his eyes I saw what he truly wanted sacks One night stand: to use me and Suppose me
mustard, smile sure let's go Erin this was an errand. He looked at me, puzzled, sorry, I exclaimed do much wine. I meant Danny. I got a little hoping he wouldn't notice when he didn't my when he is not liking cared on my coat and followed outside. I wondered when he'd make his move. when the wait until we got back to his place. Answer me the first chance he got the thought of car Park, Charlie flashed across my kind, but I shook it away feeling fear and anxiousness were welling up inside me. There is something else to the adrenaline
Heart was racing. Now came whenever the guy initiated a one night stand yeah, I guess at a certain level I enjoyed it even though the next morning I felt like rubbish and guilty, but right now, in this moment I loved it grieved it. He asked I nodded with a smile. I said my phone into my person, slowly caressed the thin nylon row hidden inside would it have in the car or at his place. I guess it didn't matter either way. He was going to pay for treating me this way for lying and breaking my trust for being just like the others. He had no intention of seeing me again.
now's. Ok, because I make sure to cut people like him out of my life forever,. The series was produced by Ashley Flowers and David floors. episode was written by Cigani wig Mirage and read by Merlin Martinez the star was modified slightly for audio retailing, but you find the original in full on our website, full bodied, as an audio check production. So what do you think check? Do you approve?
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