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Hour 1  Pat Gray in for Glenn today ... NBA Opening Night, linking arms wearing ‘Equality’ shoes...NFL team apologizes to its fans...will this be a trend?? ...Ann Arbor city council takes a knee ...Jerry Jones confronted by protester and the ‘$40 million slaves’ ...Owners meeting with the players = joke ...Everyone's different perceptions  ...Good news: ISIS looks to be 'giving up' ...One scientist's marathon quest for the ultimate exercise 'pill' … Jeffy’s in   Hour 2 Now Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein’s brother, is being accused of sexual 'harassment'...Amazon studio chief resigns ...Caller Eve from Georgia shares her sexual harassment story and how she masterfully handled it...Repeated sexual harassment ...Sexual Harassment or NOT Sexual Harassment: What do you think?...Men are sexually harassed too ...Harassment vs. persistence ...Las Vegas security guard breaks silence...how was he able to escape the massacre?   Hour 3  John McCain testier then usual ...The New York Times hates religion of all kinds ...Bump stock conspiracies...30-year law enforcement vet Dave from Oklahoma educates us on what a ‘bump stock’ is... ...Government's lack of information causes conspiracies ...Wet t-shirts on the job?? ...Correction: The Mandalay Bay Hotel is not a dump    The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio.

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The blaze radio network on demand. Love courage, tree gland, back, spread gray for Glinda the Good Back programme jumpy. As well this morning, an awful lot to talk about today. The NFL had their meeting yesterday, to the the owners and bunch of the players got together and apparently they decided nothing she's gonna, let resolved you're not really know the lot if you, if nothing, has a lot to you who does what they got resolved so now the NBA has opened up opening night was last night. And the Cleveland Cavaliers it
good for the national anthem, but they all locked arms, in solidarity or unity or whatever. That means that's fine! It's fine! I'm tired of it. Tired of the whole thing I really wish would stop. Products is not going to now that there are now that the NBA is involved in this to die, I mean when spring baseball opens next year is it going to be all of baseball as well We probably shouldn't anything because if, we're still standing oh, dear NBA, if you'd, locking, arms and standing you're still showing respect right, not taking a knee, still works. I'm ok with that yeah Leubronn also wore shoes that said, equality on the back here like Sony into the back of his shoe NBA allows that I I'm not sure I am not sure. If he's gonna get find or not
said I will in my voice. I will end my passion I will in my money I will, in my resources to my youth and my inner city and outside my inner city, to let these kids know that there is hope there there is greater walks of life at one individual, no better fits the President of the United States can to stop your dreams from becoming A reality got news for you, Leubronn. The president of the United States is not trying to stop here. Your keys No one has from the experience seeing whatever they want they want to experience? So coming from a guy that will directly to the NBA from high school right millionaires, Israel from high schools, the american dream angrily kicked you in the rear, didn't level antique assets yeah, he only makes what thirty million dollars a year. I don't know what a donut You can buy with thirty million, but not much not much.
Barely you can have the word equality sown in their back your shoes when you make thirty million a year that something else something so the NBA, I'm sure, will kick this into high gear. Meanwhile, the Jacksonville Jaguars have appeared Just two local Jacksonville military leaders for demonstrating during the national anthem in London last month, course. President MARC Lamping sent a letter to the director of military affairs and veterans and Jacksonville saying the team was remiss in not fully comprehending the effect of the national anthem demonstration on foreign soil yeah. Has had on the men and women who have or continue to serve our country, exactly right because they they took me many of the jaguars took me during the STAR spangled banner. During the: U S national anthem, then they stood for God save the queen in the country,
instituted slavery in the western hemisphere, come on. He said this was an oversight and certainly not intended to send a message that would sparing you are flag or our nation. I saw I mean that's nice, it actually the coup backroom yeah that after the game in London. Some call it's stupid for them to stand for, anthem, even though such acts are protected by the? U S constitution, he said this are the players. Saying I stand and cover my heart for the pledge in the anthem. I think it's stupid to do. Otherwise, the? U S, constitution protects the right, for a lot of people to do a lot of stupid things, I'm a constitutional conservative. So I respect the wisdom of our founders, which is as great while Valley has spread to the NBA it spread to the Ann Arbor City Council meetings, four members. So good
for members of the Ann Arbor City Council, chill two meal during the pledge of allegiance at a meeting last night Chip Smith of Ford, doesn't matter that you don't know the names in right, but they they turned toward the flag and they took me when it came time to recite the pledge of allegiance. It looks ass. An I've done. It's real But you listen? They really. They just wanted to take the knee and demonstrate the commitment to upholding democratic values now shut up at first of all, were not a democracy. Secondly, it's a dumb displaced, don't you don't even know why you're doing it, they don't even know what they're doing willingly believe that I really believe that are even know why they're doing well the one body,
here, one of whose name is that I can speak to what is in each person's hard, but for me to take a knee as an act of attention of concern and of respect for what about why TIA thank you. Was. I will say that that is a reminder that another means anything. But do you know marijuana, but legal or the city man Arbour, for a number of years, so you're saying there or else don't dance, Bosnians possible. It's definitely possible Yesterday he was coming out of the NFL owners meeting with some of the players Jerry Jones was confronted by a couple of protesters and what an any stock and listen to the guy was yelling at him was started with what supremacy and then went downhill from their rights and privacy wanted freedom. I point a million dollar way way way way.
O day Jerry Jones wants to treat these ETA fell. Football players as forty million dollars slaves. I got news for this bonehead there's. No such thing. As a forty million dollar slave, theirs Euro dollar slaves for depriving yeah by definition of your maid of forty million dollars. You not asleep. Nudges defeats the whole purpose of slavery right there when you're paying people for the work they do. Here! You see the barest. It is embarrassing children and it's no respectful thank to people who have actually gone through it and who are going through it. Now. Yes, as well, talked about on this programme, a lot there's still every going on today. Our people working to free them today, so that don't you
this forty million dollars slavery, stuff fights of privacy wanted freedom, like forty million dollar, lay blotting, airs her well paid and each other's brains out what happened to their mouth with about. Nor did they don't have to keep their mouths shut, but one year when you are representing my business. I am to tell you certain things that are appropriate to do when, representing by business and certain things that are appropriate and if you don't like those things, you Being a forty million dollar slave and you go somewhere else, try that, Work at an accounting office maybe they'll. Let you talk all day about equality and respect that might, but you won't, a forty million dollars, so you will not be a forty thousand dollars a year, slavery, even twenty six by right, looking the videos on the police getting away with murder and tell me where the wrong path,
Maybe you should look at some of those videos. Maybe you investigate, obviously, this guy hasn't done any homework, because are there there are instances where police were wrong. Yes, of course, or an They're gonna there is going to continue to be There is also a lot of these things that they're talking about a lot of these people that they mention the oh, my. Brown, for instance, he wasn't in the right there at the police were justified and what they did and- and that's the case, my of the time and they have no right- people need integrity against white supremacy and people need you and your body down down spies. So what this is really about to this idiot is, Donald Trump, that's what it's about what supremacy. Worded word that come from. I I haven't. Even That mentioned among the NFL football players. Is it about why, supremacy cause. I'm a want unaware of that. It's
not everything. Now all of a sudden, whatever you want. It's about that and all you have to do is say the word respect its about respect. You don't I have to say what you're respecting respect for what yeah they they don't care. It doesn't matter so the way it's gotta be interesting to see how long this last, wait too long for my money, but obviously going to continue through this NFL football season and lawyers it'll its fire, I'm sure in the NBA. Virtually every team. Although celtics last night just stood man, they didn't. When he joining arms or in me or spinning on their head or you know, sitting sideways. They didn't do any of that stuff. They just stood respectively for the national anthem and that was it perhaps they understand the financial implications, it's possible,
Perhaps they do. I am surprised that someone has taken. I dont know that it would matter, but I'm surprised that they have been at least taken. Some of the players and the other players union and looked at them with a baby, oh baby, we use Glenn Back chalkboard, yet point out the look when people stop watching than the money doesn't come in kind of dries up What we don't want to lose our customers. The people in the that you see around you, our customers, the people were on television sets all across the country, our customers, and don't want to lose my customers, so you will stand during the anthem egg. You isn't that a reasonable disaster. I love, if you guys, want a protest outside of work time go ahead. Oh, I had absolutely Monday Tuesday. If you're off, you know when we're not a practice, you go protest and do what everyone absolutely to free country do what everyone go standards, great corners.
Taken me in the supermarket, I don't care, I don't care, but but isn't it only reasonable to luxury. Every one of these owners are totally within their rights. To do this triple eight cents. Two seven b, Ok, Glenn back. Glanced back that grant blood triple eight. Seventy seven back to keep in mind you know they happen. Owners meeting with the players last night, yen yesterday afternoon and an image we, the owners were saying and Roger Adela sailors. We're gonna ask him to stand. We want him to stand and then they immediately backed off at the first sign of any push back let us whether they had said it does look well, look we're not gonna, accomplish anything. We're gonna make anything concrete here in these meetings were
here to listen, talk, and I know that there's a quote from Arthur Blank: the thought of Algeria. Look I said to all the owners this afternoon. I thought this was one of the most open and productive meetings. I've been in maybe ever our wonderful, wonderful, I get it did she beat them. The players who are listening. You guys are the owners you're. The bosses have some jib. Let's take control of your business and tell him to stop it. But they won't, but they want, and that is why this thing is spreading everywhere told you about the NBA opening night, although they just joined arms, which is not a big deal and then the Ann Arbor City Council took me the silk. Last week, we before there is a group of cheerleaders from Like Canada State that took me, and and now someone else's joined in in that little protest. Here's a little university
later report on aid during the national anthem will now that university is deciding if the mask God should face any action. After w scattering campus demonstration telling Jerusalem Joneses living under a state university, that's where officials say do they didn't approve this student to use the costume ahead of that straight and the cannot sturgeon The student who the school chose to wear the mass God to whom and run religious go says he didn't think permission. He says he wanted was to be her grand rywhere in that costs. Doom was the best way. Do it It's about first main arises freedom of expression and that's all these years level does not get exhausting university. Junior canister, no, representing all the schools, are Mass God costume known as scrappy and took a new
a during a protest on camp as Monday he's see you're on somebody else's dime here, what is it? They don't understand the back. I know I don't know, I don't know and an apparently, maybe this university will have the gumption the guts to take a stand against it, but you mass got taking me on behalf of the cheerleaders now or taking me for the NFL player so I don't know why. They're taking any ah, but knows whether dig it was a secondary school forestry, o r d, show disrespect were laying no respect and and unity for for what for whom a trivial seventy seven back. Jerry, North Carolina high a jury go ahead, yeah yeah yeah, you want I'm I'm sick of all this stuff, these idiots it wanted disrespect.
This respect, the anthem amount they stay a casket and somebody salute them Adam, the flier God for their fathers gasket. Now, if any more, if I get out a bread, a bit I spoke about them all to free, I'm oasis, then what is it been bandied about so much that it my mind is now irrelevant. A little put only got my mother was a german too That makes me American but these areas, how can somebody thirty million dollars a year. The oppressed Why the girls who are making a principle? What about this? promoting who, as point be children and if, It doesn't even know their birthday Morton principles that I have no problem with a black community in America. Today is a black community. Their decided daddy's thugs too much of a generally raven babies they're not
eaten anything about respect the jury, Lubin fired up and we're not gonna generalise and entire race of people, Greece is South Carolina higher, you're on the Glen Back programme. Yes, I'm just wondering in a sign of a quality is, is the brine. Can I put its money where its mouth is and share his pay check with his fellow employees need he says, he's gonna put its money where his mouth is, but well we'll see. You know, I guess it remains to be seen right, that's right. Now I got big louder than hashtags. Me haven't had a word printed out the back of his temper shoes Right Andrews has tag and there is a hash tags. Oh I mean one work. Do the same as that sharing banks to Virus the North Carolina welcome for banks but decade. We we, they are what the video that actually call up to date and are we
appeared like a mere right that get murder within five back it up a lethal counter, and now we have our fellow Americans. Why demand Whoever today I just take a look it quickly, ridicule out. There were put it. Are you pay now and taken me and had out yet it does? Show you Look at what happened at the call it a call before it's is not about. We have we have criminal they have a criminal element, it all in all the tide sure it'll take us, they don't take up all the servants, and will you see I'm at the time our pay diesel will serve it yet all repeatedly, there's! No just Well, that's that's not exactly right divorce, the people, their police office there have been charged with murder. Some of have gone to jail for what they ve done when it is clear that the police are in the wrong base,
and what I've seen they ve been brought to justice for it. Now, in some of these other cases, where nobody seems to understand that there were other circumstances the factored in, like the action of the of the victim. In the first place, that kind of triggered the police officers action, those that goes completely ignored and the reason people say, if I take a look, is because an entire movement sprung up from the the incident in Ferguson called hands. Don't shoot Michael, I never said ever put his hands up and said, don't shoot he went running at the officer. As was testified by multiple victims, and so that's why white people and others see? You take a look at some of these incidents, because not all of them are what you think they are Tripoli
Seventy seven back that great for Glenn Ally, jumping on the Glinda programme Glenn back. My main? They welcome glints taken tourism business that was unavoidable today, so it's bad great Jappy, filling it you can also find my new show, gray unleashed immediately following the show on the blaze radio network that begins at twelve eastern eleven central on this NFL kneeling situation during bunch of allegiance or who are actually the national anthem. It was the pledge of allegiance last night at the Ann Arbor did he council meetings for for the council
took me, I mean that's just embarrassing. Here is what was done: things I think I've ever seen in my bad come on, but you know Here's! The problem, we're talking at each other! On this. We need to talk to each other, when people use ridiculous phrases lake your treating them like forty million dollar slaves. We stop listening, you ve lost us there. And on the other side, suppose we have to acknowledge that there have been unjustified police shootings, so How do we get together and solve the problem? There is a priest option within the minority communities that more hops are bad than really are and that all of these incidents people just rattle off the names of and say this, as for
trade on Martin, this is for Michael Brown. Will those were not first of all trade on Martin was shot by a police officer. Just an ordinary citizen, Saudi on that in with the rest, with Georgia Michael Brown. The guy came running at and gave a beating to the police officer so There is a perception among people on the right that There are a lot of protesters who don't know exactly what they're talking about. How do we interjected fast? Since this, how do we listen to each other? What what happen with the shooting in that it goes, was Charleston, Caroline Carolina where the police, officer shot the guy the man who was running away from him in the back several times and killed him, whereas I can tell
do you sell your trial. Righty was charged with murder, Michael slugger of former police officer, and is he was hired. He was but that's what I'm trial is in jail awaiting sentencing for secondary murder. Ok that was his plea deal, so he experienced the justice system it worked. In that case So I think that was a very unjustifiable shooting with it what was the name of was Eric something New York City, where he was selling cigarettes on marine areas, our garnier and the cops came up to him, and him down and were put their knee and his back in the bows suffocated and that there is another terrible. It's terrible. It look bad. It was bad
they were also charge. They were fired and charged good. The where there are bad cops. It seems like the they're gonna they're, coming to justice. Now wouldn't cops are exonerated in something. Since there is good reason for it, a jury heard it out the evidence weighed the evidence and found in favour of cop. I don't know what you can do about that eight. Seventy seven back, Robert Alabama you're on the globe that programme morning. Thank you very much for allowing me to respond just listening at the two of you, gentlemen, unless they at the previous gas that respond. I just want to comment on some concerns that I have recalling the pledge of allegiance, something that specifically said one nation under God, in the visible with liberty and justice for all? Hence the words and justice for all:
a reference to the national welcoming people protesting supporting one hundred percent. I believe, as long as it is a peaceful protest. Ah I'm all port. The concern I have is when my commander, in chief refer those gentlemen Ass Ethel bees. I think that was a very distasteful. I think it was out of order, and sometimes I think our present have a tendency to intact nice a situation, but when you be more active about it, Roger did the only in a fail. He knows if he didn't get a hold of this whole situation. It's gonna be Loss of revenue is not only for the players before the owner. Yes, I really feel that we just need a calm down and let the guys they asked as long as if these and had an order, I don't think it's hurting anything. I was
the beach or and faint game, and I sat next to some new people. I was on my and had a good conversation with man. Besides, they need why you're too, the national anthem and they stood along with the beach or lions down on any plan without being updated? It was just awesome yeah, but in reference to that that pass through gas people really queuing say in this respect is not found this respect. They have the right to protest as long as it's an order. Thank you for allowing me to respond, shirt, things rubber sure they have the right, but then We also have the responsibility to suffer the concept whatever they may be, so if the owner says stop doing it because we're losing revenue in the end, you, you just put your finger on exactly Robert. What what the problem is there is a problem with it because they're losing revenue as ratings go down, and they continue to anger more and more fans. It's going to affect the boy,
line of not just the players but the the owners cause with true or not its perceived as disrespect for America Right and Georgia, yes, and so when you, That perception do something to change it or have a nice. And in this society you do have the right to protest, but there's certain conditions widely their affecting somebody's business in that you're doing it and we say, look a view when you're off we're not a practice, and you want to go down the street corner. Joint wrote does Glad Didier as lungs is, If I'm an owner, I'm tellin him. Yes, you are free to do whatever you want in your off time, but when you on the playing field. Do you representing this team in my business and you are in front of my customers? You gotta act, certain way of the universe rationally when you're being paid ten or fifteen million dollars to do it at www develop certainly has other limited.
On what the players could wear. Yes, divined find all the time that anything not approved by the NFL right gone: I stay I mean, even though the, one big example that they uses after that police shootings here in Dallas the cowboys wanted to wear stickers to a room. The police officer, it'll novel said no yeah. They were till now five police officers were were murdered and they still couldn't do it, I am sorry, but that a girl right, so it is a business, had an inner business. You after you have to act a certain way If your employer tells you to do something, it's really good. I didn't do it, he tells you Not to do something really good idea, not to do it if you value you your employment right now. What you want, you ve been fine. You thought, making money anymore and you're not representing his business anymore. Do what you want whenever you want knock yourself out or a few
You start work someplace in you realize you now. I am not happy with what you expect of me LEO get another job exactly right. I just it seems simple to me sure, does answered well, jobs that we quit for one reason or another. Whatever reason that is, you have the of the job. You have the floor. And you realize look it's either better cross the street or wanna do what this job asked of me. I'm going to go, do something else and it seems like the saints have a pretty good system where they kneel before the anthem and then to show respect for that for the anthem saw the military people serving. They stand payment. I think that's great, either If that's what you're, if your honor school that keep doing it, if not, maybe a stop that ard upwards and it's just the perception. Yes, yes and you do. Constitutional right to do again is not about that. It's not about that.
Because you also have certain responsibilities to keep your job you don't have to. To do whatever you please in the car, Fines of your job change, Things a little better does either certain things can't say right now. Well, what about my first amendment rights? yet scream the F word over and over. If I want well yes, I could and should be back to implore. The next break sow We make certain concessions in this, residing to President Eliza happens. I've taken in me Five briskly really unworthy, you have a lot of work is beautiful. Thank you, George and Pennsylvania. I you're on the Glinda programme. TAT Day, I don't do good. I think the guy taken in Vienna with a nation that they should stop the music at that point in time, said
everybody gonna nail. Let's pray, pray for the nation, pray for the people service, nation, yeah world. I think they do have a problem with that is in your messing with their protest. I think that makes any body either they urged but I mean there's. You can't make everybody happy in this evaluation. You just, I think it's pretty well impossible and again we're so split were so divided right now we're at each other's throats continually. So it. It makes reaching some sort of consensus on any of these issues. Pretty tough shot Pennsylvania you're on the Glinda programme. The shine loads of India Line eleven a m. Ross will come right back to your patient. How you doin good goodbye, but those are my car. Ok, I just want to make a couple of points.
The first one is: let's get to the heart of the which is this, is the progressive left trying to destroy the NFL If you remember going back way before hands up, don't shoot which probably about four or five years ago, when the linebacker others killers James hours and did a cover shoot for a gun magazine. Wait after that, this it was cut him loose and then the following. Go, get your Daniel! The try to get sponsor for commercial during the Superbowl get Del, what let it happen. Ok still after that, but he's not gonna. Let approach gun at play. Joy, no superboss await. There was a major red flag on the progressive left by design. Trying to turn apart. So when you, forward up till now. Knowing that the Anna appreciate. Those exchanging money was Soros for his political organisations. Members are by design. This is not because it up because of some hands up. Don't you approach
asked or black lives matter. I mean that included with it, but it's not separate. So I made this. This is not something that is just you know, organic why don't? I just came about this happen at least or five years ago. What has come to full foolish thanks to brought Obama yeah its function the George Soros angle is something we haven't talked about much because he is behind. Some of this is, and when you consider that it's just a little less grass roots, then you might think Glenn back,
land back that great legibly burglar, some Good news, leather, some good news, Ices has been completely, driven out by: U S back forces completely driven out of Rocco Bear Syria which they have I have set up as the guys the capital of of there is my door there. You know pseudo state. That is good, really good news, they this is where ices staged big euphoric parades after they had a bunch of victories in a row and twenty fourteen. This was when the Iraqis the racks army was running away from them. We remember all that in Syria was a mass and then they put up north no fight will now too, where
They were all about the glory of this movement now that it seems like their struggling to get recruits. Fortunately, people are leaving the movement and The ones who are staying in fighting are being killed. Jimmy really good news mother, good news. This is pretty amazing if it turns out to be what do you say it has potential to be they develop? scientists name. Ronald Evans has been working on a fat burning bill at what I ever taught him now got your attention right. It supposedly the one he developed in like two thousand, seven, so it's been ten years as the initially developed it it worked on mice, to the extent that they lost weight and- and they were in such good shape. It was like they'd been working out. It's almost like a workout pill.
And so he said I not ready for humans. We got a test for awhile well, which they were doing. China, reverse engineers, these things and they come up with some sort of powder and start selling it athletes are buying it cause. They hear how great it works right. Ronald Evans, the same, I wait, only went laid it the reason I say this for human consumption. Yet this can cause, surrendered. Has it in certain people, so out ten years later, though, he thinks he's got to the point where it's not harmful to humans and burns fat and It changes your bottled bodies, metabolism to wear your body thinks in Spain. Workin out and responds accordingly. He who isn't as would be the best pellet the best selling pill in the history of the world every year, If you get burned with a pill possible counters
all that bad law. Now? Yes, yes, yes, I care about time, drivel eight. Seventy seven the easy, gay, Pat Graver, Glenn Glenn back. Love courage, tree Glenn, back palgrave glow, Jeffrey today triple Seven hundred seven be easy. Kay Your comments, questions concerns we're talkin. Last hour of about the NFL, the NBA, taking a knee, one player so far in baseball has done it. I think, but the Ann Arbor said Council joined, the fine last night witches? putting to sea air goodbye.
Think about cheerleaders and the Mass God, Canada State. I believe it is not in Georgia, so we ve got. Fun topic, I don't think that's gone away anytime soon, there's gotta be a continual thorn in our side Is this sexual harassment thing which is just burning down Hollywood calibre news on fire in more ways than one. You are lying. Harvey Weinstein got himself out of town because he he's going to be brought up on some criminal charges now and he's he's in a lot of trouble. Bob Wine steam said that, and he talked a number. People and done numerous interviews, senses others escapades were revealed and he said you know he he deserved it. He needed to go he's a dirt bagger. I finally got him purged from our company, the Winston company. Well now, Bob
Wednesday is also caught up in a white one, but but listen to this. Listen to that. You tell me now female show runner? I don't know what show runner is. Maybe it's just somebody who delivers messages to people or goes and gets. Coffee donut the head of a series of ideas and shall run or do a little bit more than blogger. Is that I, like the Gaza other outwardly? Are they like? Yes, there, like a writer, so the female show runner. Worked on the wine steam drama, the mist. Now, that's it that's all. Hell, that's been broadcasts, so you have obviously scene it Jerry, the mist, yeah Do you not see man? I don't think I've seen others something. There's a ban on television that you have not seen well now this hold out, because I may have seen the preview about moved. Ok, Some of those shows, I see the British Museum others like not in any way
he has accused Bob wine steam of sexual harassment during the production of the two tv series, her name's Amanda Siegel she's, an exam, can a producer of mist. She said why its Bob wines deny Army Bob One, steam repeatedly made romantic, overture, lighter and get this. Doesn't stop there, there's more to his heinous he actually ass. Her to go to dinner with him what he asked her to go to dinner. I did. Why has this man I mean you go directly to prison at there's no trial. Don't do atheling alone dollars, nothing in fact maybe we surgically so your mouth shut, just you can ask anybody else out to dinner
come on now. Is it really that bad? Where you can't ask a woman to dinner, and she says no and ok, so you ask her again: does you think? Well, maybe more assistance will pay. I kind of like the show runners who looks Prodi. I want to go out to dinner with I wanna get the now. Are you sure you wouldn't linked to go to dinner? I'm Talkin stake lobster. You know that mackerel, cheese with the little bacon flights, as it were a lot. You can order. No ok, so a week later, he asked her again. They would like to see a movie, maybe or Akerana Jews with crab in it. I guess That's now: sexual harassment, now. I know a lot of people a lot of men who were told no by by a female on on the first attempt, but they they stuck to asked again. Maybe we're told no again asked third time. Maybe she finally said yes link
how many times I said no and I finally came around the same yes, my lord, to drugs. Are we talking about, is certainly not women, others there's been no women asking you to do anything with em. A hum the earth, the rascal began. She says in the summer of twenty sixteen continued on it off for a bow three month. Oh my gosh till seagulls lawyer informed The wine Steen executives include the sea. Oh oh David glasnost, Glasser that she would. Leave the show if he didn't stop contacting or on personal matters. She says: no should be enough. After know, anybody who has asked you out should just move on, so she admits he's just asking around here, asking her out on a date in and then he's being persisted about. It is that of not
yeah, I suppose, but it's not sexual harassment, no notice is it this? This is exactly something happened similar to this not too long ago, you can try to remember who it was, but someone else try nuclear was there was some sort of international exchange, began, a man and a woman, yes, which used to be completely fine, totally normal, and if you know if, if it's on What did you just say? No and the unknown and I dont want? I told you know You tell em no again by move on with your life and then, if he s a third time- and you still don't want to just tell em no It really like damaging your emotional psyche, I guess so I don't know she says by kept referring to me that he wanted to have a friendship heeded. What a friendship he wanted more than that may help you. They know is not from now on,
you knew that by his ass to go out to some sort of eating establishment that he wanted more than a friendship, yoga, I ve had the mist is that is the Stephen King story with from the student king, and I was the tv show from that. That's why I am now about what actually, apparently They did have dinner at one point: bottling esteem had dinner with MRS Siegel and allay in June, two thousand, the forced he denies any claims that he behaved in appropriately at or after the dinner. Its most unfair should have that any such claim has been made, not that's according who is lawyer, obviously so that they're gonna be defending it, but I think he's got as some solid footing here, just asked her for a date repeatedly, if that sexual harassment, there's a lot of people that organ go to jail, yes, no The problem is that there are
red Bob has is being brother to harm and he's in this. Current environment, yes, where it's it's who wear them that's it. That's a close call with Harvey Familiar their shoulder to shoulder with aren't ya. A report to the boy were men can't ask women out that's crazy! That's just crazy! If you, if you can't be it acted to? Somebody is ahead like to spend some time with you. No ok! But you kids, swipe bright on tender, never meet within an hour. Yes, I was at a believable, but in person Apparently, though, there's nothing you can do as far as You know interaction with a woman and maybe at work. It's not a good idea, but it's not illegal is just
We ve gotten so carried away with all its staff. It's pretty hard to believe. Heaven forbid. He asked her out on a date. Oh no, oh no can we get her counselling I shall no more than once She need to go to a hospital. Now. Yes, we get some emergency treatment. She's amazing relate seventy seven B, sixty eight. Seventy seven back dont care is also trying to make up for what she said. In the midst midst of all of US wine steam stuff, good luck, which was women are asking for look how they dress Oh you get him Jim people did not appreciate that, especially women didn't appreciate it. I didn't appreciate, was busy so stupid. Yes, she knows parachute where we should, as it should,
about yesterday. She she said that she's apologetic from the bottom of her heart she various about the stupid remarks you made yet sprawly. Nor business where I think she sold to some other was running ass. He has allowed thinks she's been actually running down a Karen for a while, but it still her name admit that that's worth a lot yoga, she said initially, how do we display ourselves? We represent. How do we prevent ourselves as women? What are we asking? Are we asking for it? You know by presenting all the sensuality in all this. Actuality, its Harvey wines dean, you look at everything all over the world today. You know women are dressing in Vienna with there asking by just presenting themselves the way they do. What are we asking for trouble? It's while so now. She saying I made a horrible mistake. I regret it from the bottom of my heart. This is never who I am as a woman. That's not exactly true as it
how you are as a woman just last week, and then it affected your butt and so now you don't want it to be. Who you are it's a she's going to apologize from the bottom of our business. I mean our art but she apparently two thousand and fifteen she announced pursued, be stepping down However, company, so that you could focus on her lifestyle El Brand Urban, then well, good luck with Ireland, so her brand could be effect by the urban urban. Then add the data Caroline have a nice day because I'm Larry of when you listen to the way she said what she did was pretty amazing to here's. Here's a reminder. I think we have to look at ourselves. Obviously Many women all over the world is something that happened has always had to be identified. Certainly in the country of Haiti. Where I work in Africa, developing world has been
time for women to see it here in our own country is very difficult, but I also think how do we display ourselves. You gonna be present ourselves as women. What does not so much the way she's never acted before is a woman. She's in Britain pretty comfortable with those comments it has. Of course she regrets it now. Eighty eight, Seventy seven be easy. Gay, let's go to even Georgia. Welcome. My time I was calling because I had a situation was I was working Establishment and one of my coworkers asked me to go out with him. Then I thought sure, why not so I went out with him once he became my boss, next thing I know is he's stocking me come home to my house and he's sitting outside his trodden watching me come home and and I put my wife coming out of college sitting, the travelling Wabi very loose you and intimidating
the person and I'm barely five foot. They shall. I call this guy up and I was on my house. So it came about how this is. If you don't stop stocking me, I'm gonna call the police problem solved did stop. Why get women yeah dwell and did you we women have power, yeah sure sure did Live alone at this time we're living in my part of the time Poker and did you share this with your dad cause? I would think he would be dead, moved up, wow why would I need a man to protect, took care of yourself with you with your woman power, and I apologize for thinking that you do to ban the others. Obviously you don't mean that old, so wrong. That so wrong will nicely handled ways I had the whole police force tat. They take care the promising eatin stockbroker. We all
the police alone, woman society. I have nothing to pin me happy with that. Tell you I'm not gonna. Miss measure begs punch, Glenn back. That that greater Glenn Glinda programme check out my immediately following the Glen, program had gray unleashed at noon. Eastern immediately following this programme on the blaze radio network, we are talking about Bob wine steam asking out more. Co workers any US now more than once this repeated they over three months until she, finally at a lawyer and told him to stop her, she quit or whatever I mean just asking woman out, I die
think that rises to sexual harassment, mate, maybe does in his age, but it doesn't seem like it should mean that the probably has to be some sort of number sat, and I don't know what that is, but I mean I'm guessing its different for each female and male. So at some point no me That was the last no. I don't want to ask me any more. You have a guarantee that their a couple of expressions? One was playing hard to get. Is ok. I know that I don't think I mean that eliminating I appoint sure there's another thing called persistence: when sometimes persistence pays off so times a warm up to the idea sometimes feel its charming that you're so interested in as long as you're not being crude or nasty in some way, being mean not threatening her job. Other did seems like it. Just of interpersonal relationships between the sexes this one's a little bit different, Thea.
A person who has been in the dust in this regard. The Hollywood is starting to fall by liar. The walls are governed out. The head of Amazon not Jeff Basis, but the head of Amazon's entertainment division. It was his idea for the entertainment division and he took it over and ran it from day, one so he made Amazon. You know the movies, the thing you see on line, all of that he made it. What it is Roy Price Roy Price is his name now he's, had to resign as well. It is actual harassment issue. He apparently Propositioned Ayesha Hackett, whose producer on the man in the high castle, which is pretty good, show I've seen that a few times she has some actual. She she's got some there's. A meat to this wire is easy. Easy stop. Theirs, no pun intended She says that
he told her. You will love my any abuses of slang. Word for his unit man, unit airport, you'll love, my Mannion, and then learn the cab right over and he just blurted out the type of sexual escapade like to have with her the issues of conversation that some party with the other people all around you just walks up. Let us learn it out now that, Actual arouses alleges that day, that's obvious the dead, so that one is well deserved. So guy now has lost his position at Amazon and he also lost his fiancee bow. She just sold their wedding castors such dirt bags? For you're, so Amazon is already in the market for a new executive for their entertainment division and their only talking about women for the position other considering the at a price.
It's gonna, be. I think we should say that I think that's got to be some of the fall out from this. Is that allow companies are. Gonna be hiring women to head up their division. There are good enough great, yes right eye We certainly have no problem with females running and well being the boss of things, of course, but may I got it out twenty first century will, after all, oh thank you. Thank you be good enough. Yet, yes, obviously always but I dont think anybody wants to take that chance so they're, just eliminating man, and if the woman, if it's a woman- and she does have you know some, in that area there they're gonna definitely hire a woman owner. We could sooner over that probably hopefully now Corky potential obstacle, they say in recruiting a new top entertainment executive at Amazon is how deep. There. Amazon executives fly,
mostly coach and day and reasonably priced hotels ever mind. You can hire the female was it is and company, Please don't even get free Amazon, prime membership, while the opera, that's pretty cheap bozos. What are you doing? That's pretty cum laude thinking, to be one of the richest men in the world by Niall ago. One please, research, a hiccup heads amazing, although women, he'll, kill, say when, if made the salary good enough, that you should be able to afford the things you want, no matter what it is right. Yes, so I would be interested to see what the actual Sal and I'm sure they say above minimum wage as I suppose that it could be above minimum, whereas the president about that now, if they're not give their pride membership, would make you fly coach. I know who that's not good to rule the triple eight seventy seven be easy coats its rat hurts yeah
what about louder parking, pass or veterans eighty eight, seventy seven be easy game or of the glad that programme governor, Glenn back. This plan that programme today venturing Pad Gregg Jemmy plunge back tomorrow, as is due. You can catch. My show immediately following this one on the blaze radio network news. Eastern Eleven Central AAA Seventy seven back. We ve been talking about the sexual harassment Bob. Why steam Harvey's brother, also been caught up in this now, but for looks of it to me. That's just not harassment!
to me. When you ask a woman on a Dane, she says no and you ask again, and she says no, but you don't you know she doesn't suffer any ramification. From it there's no consequences of it is it Dating Doria, probably but the bring a guy up on charges for asking you out multiple times, Tripoli Seventy seven back lawn in Michigan, welcomed the Glen Back programme. Are you guys doing. Do not just want to point out that you got I made the comment that Amazon was just looking at women for the ceo or further high position, and I did when I was in school. I work for big boss. For a moment, the name no they're out of business, and the store imagine the female, and that you thought fifteen years older than me, she's a follow me around the store touch me. He asked me out your budget times core to me. The warehouse saw any by this Women in power don't pull the same kind.
Stop there are there might have had to have no two or three times actual. I hate. When that happens. I, get always at an that's a double standard? There I met the Jaguar long yeah yeah, that's all you is so what did you did you do anything about it? Did you talk to anybody, or did you try to put up with it, because I'm not that there can be. Rightly ask me our time and stuff like that, I was gonna blow and you know that A thing would I'll be mean a bonica. You fired had always make excuses Why don't? I just gonna blew off. I think. Eventually he found someone else the bottle around, but upon a new job thousand school at the current mean oh yeah, I want you to do my career, but yeah I mean it. You re use. It doesn't bother me all the time, but I would have felt so conscious going up the somewhat whose use of sexual harassment that that will be they crossed my mind? I'll, be honest with you, you know
It happened in this happen to me multiple times in my life. You must have really good luck, a man six, four to thirty look like the rock the lot of us. A lot of us like the right in your mind. I know what I want. You guys do. Actually that option you go get a raft of just doesn't stop, or else it doesn't murder thanks alone proceeded in. There is the problem we just went into that whereas we did manner taken seriously as you ve got a double standard and if he had on two somebody for sexual rights. Without would they have even taken it seriously? Laughed after I would not of the police. Probably was a pig about a year jet Pennsylvania you're on the glimpsed programme. Today, though, maybe not, I am I just out I wanted to point out that by you
the two agreeing with just be those thing about. Fellow, A position with the woman you're actually perpetuating what the problem I'm not saying. I really I'm just saying I'm just saying it's going to happen now. I'm not, it should happen. I just like that. I can understand that that's going to be the prior, for a lot of these companies. Now is it they don't want to mess with it. But you're not agreeing ok cause. It's important that that voices of families we may now. Let me it's not that All men are like this right. That's right out and lines have pointed out. It could be women to end, and you know it would be so unfortunate if we now rode out man as as leader, in business because of some scumbag, an indifferent company does not the truth. Really us thanks Jennifer appreciated
But that's that's where we are right now you can kind of sea that companies are gonna, be nervous about. This, then will want it. They will want to take the chance. Especially the wine steel company and added a play. Like Amazon Entertainment were you know, they'll think all but a woman it and then we won't have to worry about that it's not necessarily the case. No, it does not matter Virginia your other Glinda programme. Yes, thanks for doing God, workers, fifth yeah, I have a funny story Four years ago I met a beautiful woman at work and Initially, I had some advances Apparently she didn't like in the beginning man a couple: the gods were like hey, gotta back off man watch out Hr Dalia, then hear of four months ago. We got married really eyes, so your persistence eventually paid off absolutely it yeah. I and I I know that and many times many times did she
say why she initially spurned you initially. I said some things that were probably quite an approval. And she informed me of those and that's why I yelled out by the rest of the guys at work. I I corrected myself and went about a polite, bow wow all right. Well, ok that good for you for at least seeing the error of your ways. Then I'm glad it worked out thanks that Tony in North Carolina you're, the guy that programme. I have we do good good. I made my way, we're not with fifteen years old working at a burger thing. I was wild back then throw free. With loud it I'm not here. He didn't want nothing, you're with me, I'm now thirty, five years old, we get married nine years we have three daughters, pursuit of a woman wanna. Take me back then, because he had you like
everybody I married up, but I believe it. This woman is turning up in three judgment you through. Wages are kid. You don't not oboloi rate started with the utmost importance in Greece. The ever afterwards woman in a whisper, that's great story, the preceding the stony It's always nice when you appreciate your wife to sure some of that with her phone call today matter Are you on the glimpse programme How do I know you do in its doing good diet? Nonetheless, oh you don't really care about. This is all about just trying to get the word out on this new building the republic and markets carbolic. Under this to the house. Ok, now
make it a felony punishable by up to five years in prison on any part or combination apart that can increase made a fire of any weapon and the problem with that Is that just a Utah bill? Or U S, Congress bill? It's a! U s collar! that's it. That's the the reaction to the bump stock right, wow exactly and it's so open ended that they could basically include anything that they want that. Could I could dump stocks binary triggers Adjustable Fraser triggers Muzzle brakes gas blocks even red dot sight, because all those things can he the only threat of you like a fire. Well like that, I'm just trying to get the word out. So they know about these things like they're, trying to pass that everybody knows, is young I've heard almost nothing about it. It's HR three. Ninety nine HR three nine, nine, nine and it was introduced. The Republican, Marcus Carbolic precede the heads up thanks Le Monde,
interesting development along those lines to from the shooting in LAS Vegas. Not only are they there obviously going to use this as an as Canada Cannon fodder for passing anyone a gun control legislation in that. That's what this obviously that's. What this bill is all about. You sturdy something kind of interesting happened. These security guard who's, not a security guard, cause he's not registered in the state of Nevada as such, and you have to be hasty, Compost went missing for like five days. He knew where he was supposed to have these interviews. That does disappeared before those interviews and then no one has seen him now. My speculation on that, as some people are saying. Well, maybe that means he's implicated in the shootings. I think it means maybe he's an illegal aliens and is really I've thought about Gaza and the spotlight is on him now and he doesn't want to eat. He ordered sailor. They also. That means that you know the company.
Mandalay re would be as irish iron illegals that's right and they probably know that he's not reactors right and maybe they do this on a regular basis, from what I understand. Mandalay Bay, is not exactly an elite hotel. Real idea. That's what I that's right there at the heart of re, their clear down at the very end of the street media and apparently your heart most I consider it to be. You know a little bit under a kind of like it. I don't know a dump. I you know that rum, LAS Vegas, expert, uber gear I never got a bag is heavily by their once or twice in my life, maybe three time ass, a surprise and never for gambling, but stew as the other end and enjoy it. Sometimes in so yeah you, you say the Mandalay Bay. Not exactly
a highly sought after hotel residents, lay down down at the of over the edge of the strip almost but your past, the other, the stirrup really so do they were saying they cut corners and higher illegal aliens for security where it ass warrant register, maybe maybe That theory that you have beads. My second shooter theory yeah cut, does because if that were the case probably be out of the country now which he has not taken up yesterday on Ellen here's, what he added I'm doing better each day slowly but surely just healing physically and mentally ornament and other people that assess the best night, whether it was metro, the eye, the community, especially from together to help everyone in need everyone, came together to help their night dogs, our societies, shows up on our own Ellen speaking out on Ellen
wow I'm kind of surprised. I have as work as I thought. Maybe you wouldn't turn up again, and you know I wouldn't want to bees but maybe he showed up on Ellen to kind of. Documents. I say that still holds you, you could still. You could still be correct. The fees of illegal aliens shows up on Ellen you're, probably not gonna, deport no way. He also described what he saw that night, you're so say, couples there was a metal sized holding the door in place and when you saw that did you think It's weird. Why when so many put brackets on a door there's just out of the ordinary, as I was walking down, I heard rapid fire at first I? it's a cover, abundant sensation. One to go left my pants and I saw the blood that's
I called it in on my radio. The shots had been fired, while really something locating and so Ellen got a pretty good, pretty good, get on heading. Haven't him turn up, and I guess that the full interview I his today, so be interesting to see what else he has to say. She asked him about back that he's not registered as a security guard in Nevada? Be interesting to? If they look into that is well triple eight, seven hundred seven be easy game. Glenn back back at Grand Javert he's back tomorrow, triple eight. Seventy seven be easy Kay
about Bob line- see delivered today the brother of Harvey less of a dirt bag. According to most people, I've. Seen comment. I am, although, He is now being he's also being accused of sexual harassment. By a producer of the show, the mist and it doesnt to me This does not rise to the level of sexual harassment. She said He repeatedly made romantic overtures to her pastor and asked him join. Him asked to join him for dinner. Bad is, if that's, not Harvey unlikely. To unless he asked. If she you know dinner naked with him that doesn't seem sexual harassment to me, no matter what he's gonna look absent,
We now know that sexual harassment ask someone over dinner and even asking someone over dinner multiple times, which you did It does not rise in my eyes to sexual harassment mile. One of his bed problems right as that is in the fall out of the shrapnel of brother right away his brothers in the company and take any chances. So I wouldn't surprise me to see him gone as well from hit from money on age just shut the place I gotta go to body in Louisiana Bonnie High you're on the beer on the Glen Back Programme. I Glenn Instead, I met my eye. He his life It was how'd you like to bury a man who is on business get even told him. I was the void in his life. That would never be filled. He asked me out several times and eventually he has to do his birthday party, and I said yes and I took a date. Somebody I knew he didn't like
when I homage what they go out with him, it was because I wanted to any point. I would you have made the boy I do not want to go without you. Please thought it was my choice to eventually go out with you wicked. I finally got to know. It is public that so you are, you see really liked that he was persistent with you. Well now, the first Emmy did. I thought that was the worst line ever had public setting the theme- and I got to know him before and see: that's always the level the guy who is pursuing the girl right. It's it's the hope that allocation. He's gonna like me. Eventually I coming to how charming I rode to call that preceded the carbon to combat sexual harassment. Is it's me this is why it is madness, Tripoli, Seventy seven be easy going
Glenn back. Love courage, tree Glenn, back progress for good. On the Glinda programme, also a jiffy along for the ride. Today laid. Seventy seven back. The LAS Vegas Security Guard has turned up you'll, see him today, full interview on Ellen is amiss using net is really surprises me? She usually. Obviously she does the feel good stories and she gets the big celebrities and and I've got it so, she does have some stories that are just the celebrity hawking their new movies interviews, but do get the breaking news uh yeah rebook at his big now mean who will
want to talk to this guy. Did you think of him? If I am, I don't know someone who seems appears to be not doing well. My times lad. Someone like that and I'm begging gully would want that interview, no desperately area ever goes to Ellen she tweeted a photo of Campos building a cane on the said on with maintenance engineer Stephen Shock, who is also shot by the gunman so we'll have that first interview today with him and will hopefully will get some answers, although I don't know we had very many. He he was the first person shot and then it turned out that he's not registered in Nevada as a security guard security and in Europe used to be by law you required to, but did Mandalay Badge is not in force. That is
they could pay their security guards. Lassiter no or maybe the press is calling him a security guard, and that's not really was NEA right right. They keep brief, I know I know it is any illegal aliens in that's why he has shown the spotlight so far. I don't I mean it's. It's tough not defeated to some of these conspiracies when we keep not getting what with the truth yet and the cuban shuffling at around, and we haven't gotten the haven't been able to wrap our heads around this Khazars. When no motive talked about, I mean you, ve talked about several, but we just we don't know what it was. We don't know what the motive is for this and you want to be able to Canada Put it into a category we haven't been able to, and he is one of the key I certainly hope she asked him about not being registered in Nevada and find out on his status as that puts that to rest, and we know why he avoided everybody because,
our some Jeff Fischer, who I've been speculating that use the setting of sugar sector needs clear. Now its clear path dragged their clear he's, not right there in front of I'll. Give you that its clear. He is not a second shooter and end. The fact is, there was no second shooter But there are. We know that there are people who swear by that and still inside to this day that there were more shooters than one Also John Mccain was interviewed by Peter Duty. Fox dues yesterday level testy lower. Even knowing Mccain is all always testy, but a little more than normal. I think you're really support anything that comes to you and as I would you so he he asks John Mccain. Has your relationship with the president's deteriorated to the point
where yours now get us support anything he wants to do say something that stupid. Why would you have one thing that done is United States senator asunder the fingers young age, anxious reelected trainer, shade re wrangling, I'm somehow going to behave in a way that I thought everything because of some personal disagreement. That's a dumb question, I'm sorry, your majesty Lydia does it. It doesn't rise to your incredible standards. That's I! thought the said. It was all about decorum and politeness and niceties that's certainly as none of those things how is that? Mr Mr niceties of good good little good relations when everybody lonely everybody yeah except when somebody s him a reasonably difficult question like. Why do you say note absolutely everything the president wants to do AAA,
seventy seven back. Also, this is pretty interesting. James Beef has another under cover video out. He was tall with one of the senior editors of the New York Times and she is quite revealing. First of all, she says this is all off the record and then listen to what she admits to it's hard to portray princess the president, unbiased words now all agendas, or vice versa, when did he apologized for white supremacy? These never done that. He may not have been is clear in the statement. Is you want it to be about white supremacist, but what he was trying to say at that time was a look, there's anti for there too and they're not exactly a peaceful.
Where are they now she's, going up on my pants, whose even worse than drug screaming, maybe journals thing? Maybe people read so that she should be saying that reporters are hoping that if they talk about how insanely crazy Donald Trump and my pants are, people would not vote for them They were actually trying to swim election. On behalf, You avail reclaim. Prettier me. Admission
it sure is. We saw and tried to explain some of it, but everybody blew it off like now now, Smock YAP is right there and in the religious thing where it sounds like she's, so disgusted that my pants is a religious guy. All like that's the craziest. Then you can be as religious person. Our society, sicker religious people, sick of there are times is absolutely path is one of those guys Rover when he was good so beat up over the deal that he wouldn't go out to dinner. With anyone female other than his wife by by themselves. Yes, Anna, well like a pretty good idea. These days shirt does, it sure, does. Buddies excoriated by this New York Times editor is easy. Guy with pride. The bulls and morals. And and religious osity. How dare you in this day and age to carry around that kind of superstition,
Have him in office come on Is he a member of some cult or somethin? you can't have you been a high office? ledges forward talk, show host. You like you, could just tell how New York Times has amnesty for oil for religion. Or conservative values for anything, not big government and liberal, pretty amazing interesting audio their triple eight, seventy seven back Travis twenty seven you're on The Glenn Beck Programme high. I learned a lot bigger noticed this information came, I say about it. There is a report that was done by law, Loma that you ve heard about it yet, but as far as Campos, you are getting closer and you're being on the illegal status. What came out of the apparently look by two people share the same social security. That Campos then that's, why initially the possibility
I think in g m- is- is dissolved by collective, but I am Yemen holding out that information trying to gear up their lawyers, because the lawsuits we're gonna start. Exponentially, wants to include all probably could see that one out, you know it's damned way beyond. As far as the under security have you not Demetriou amnesia, literally, is the first unionized security force and are going to go beyond isolate coupled with a lot of rejection, so they ve been near enough about you. Watch the law while ailing we're gonna, go way beyond the shooting itself as far as the care well being of the patrons. So the report for all that you saw Travis. Did it specifically stay that he is an illegal aliens now I do not specifically theater, was talked about on a radio show was done by law looming and it is not a state illegal status. It merely stated that Social Security
he has multiple shared by another word exactly I'm not paying the legal grounds danger your idea of going to come to fruition. I learnt it sounds like it will. Obviously, next rouse Vegas people are listening to bad Greg the afternoons. Other boys radio network yeah clearly having clear her Gary Pennsylvania I you're on your on Glinda Programme, a guy that I ain't mean to feed into the conspiracy theories. But one of the things I think than skipped on the pictures at least from the hotel room in LAS Vegas, is so far, I've I've been able to recognise for weapons completely. You know tat the bottom three, the for weapons, don't peered out, one stock on them and the one that does have a bun stock is not the type of weapon would shoot from regarding ebony accuracy there. The eight hour type weapons on by possible scope. And if you look at the pictures at least they are not equipped Bumstead and yet go after him, anyway may arise
How does he the one I already laid on side near his body? You can actually see its letters, which I believe top left of trigger now it- really I'm not I'm not trying to fuel the flames and I'm not sent bumps OX, be legal or illegal, but all our efforts into shooting his bomb stocks and I'm looking at three. It would be logical weapons issue from that point on me to be more that nothing happens. That's right and the audio I got to every time. I listened to the audio it. And I've seen other people wash their reaction when they listen to the audio of man. That's an automatic, that's not upon stock. We and our very cumbersome manner, not accurate that the whole thing is: thanks to me and I'm not a conspiracy guy by any means we got. No information has been no less of what weapons are, what they have bump stocks. What do you? Why do you choke a multiple calibers are still many things at like don't make any sense about. Any of that What do you think is a media theory is to what's going on. I don't have an area.
I think they're automatic weapons. I think that that's not gonna, be, I think, that's not gonna come out. The laughter suddenly built you didn't want to say, because, because automatic weapons are already banned or illegal, either already illegal, so appointed that needs to be made. There are illegal. The guide have how many love the boy called approach trigger the law is not the issue is the person you can write. Brigida thinks Gary. And by the way he broke another law, which is a don't, kill anybody there surprisingly, there's a law against that yeah. Do me. There should be a law there should. Maybe we make it mega illegal to kill somebody, and maybe that will make a difference. I don't I'll triple eight. Seventy seven be easier Glenn Back Glenn Back Belgrade gently for Glenn Back tomorrow, they have been.
Every meeting yesterday between the owners and the players and they and even talk about the protests. I thought that was sort of the point, but I I guess not now I they have they broke into the home a couple of sub committees that We're going to start talking about it, but the main owners meeting had been set and I don't think that that agenda had the at the moment so you're getting. They had said before that. If, if everything gets done as not gonna be much, good luck with that, because they continued to lose your fan base. You're gonna continue to anger people what they don't understand about that. I really doubt is it's a harbor Roger who Dallas guys? It's not that tough! It is. It's really not really isn't it. I dont understand what they can see that this as hey Guy wherever the do what you want in its their business, you know they they need there.
Fan base the need their customer, we're from players already saying I'll I'll quit fucking now go ahead by go ahead. Take care, purple. Seventy seven back also the sexual harassment and continues to burn across Hollywood. Amazon Amazon's head of entertainment department, the guy who actually had the idea to Amazon, entertainment, the tvs, the movies, and He is right. It ever since day, one Roy price. Forced out Amazon because of sexual harassment? He apparently propositioned a female producer ice, a hat from my, I guess, she's on the mist she was producing better she and hears us. Stupid that she's a lesbian,
I read you a woman and he's try tell us that this was one of the things that she said was that look I've I married and have children yeah, still didn't. He was going to be the Jordan. Now he was going good to toured so silly Bob lines. Dean Harvey's brother is in. In this scandal. Two, because an exit producer of a show in this. This one was the spike tv series missed a man. Siegel said that he drug to dinner, multiple times- oh my god. Oh my god. I mean, if you have young children. You know remove them from the room now or cover their ears? When I say again, he actually asked her to dinner more than one
Thank you more than once multiple times obeyed, maybe look the other way it was, but not ways. Maybe maybe you might look the other way too after that she says. No should be enough. Well, probably hundreds of thousands of marriages that if the guy stopped at the first know they were have ever gotten together, two or three off the cuff this morning. Others brought yes exactly exactly. She said after know, anybody who was asked you out should just move on Bob kept. Referring to me, then He wanted to have a friendship, well hidden, one of friendship. He wanted to more than that. My hope that no is enough from now on. So every person who ever hear the word no never go back that. Well, ever ever again, now called ever you should never get. You know
timid aiding you should never be belligerent. You should never be threatening, but king a guy can't a woman out more than once. If she says no, barely not. Where is that rule cause? I guess it's it's a new one and it'll be interesting see if we lived by the Roma as a matter of fact, I don't want a man ass, your global out at all, not once well women don't need men out what they don't need. Em. We ve heard that woman wants to ask about let her try Maybe that's why it should be a baby. John in Louisiana you're on the guy that programme I'm gonna, take it wanna be bogged down in an illegal immigrant laelia. Whatever they now Thirdly, I want you to do with the captain and down the guy. That may be true,
My return thanks John Jay in South Carolina tie your on the Glinda programme that it goes into. Debt it's a little luck. I done it. I didn't hear anything about it, but I question about politics: it is in the lack of those you know, talk about it. One thing. I don't hear anything about it. What party was affiliated to and if it is kind of a similar shooting do what happened at the baseball feel them out. I Washington, yeah there's been some speculation about that, although theirs, girlfriend or whatever she was to him says he had no party affiliation. He wasn't really political. I dont know if we believe that from her, but they can't seem to find Pritchett call J. They can't seem to find any evidence that he was a radical left or right wing guy. So, no matter what what led they
Chase down. They volcanic got nowhere as more is finding a moment ago. If it goes back to we want some kind of closure yeah. We knew we desperately need some kind of closure for this horrific acts and right now we don't have a stone habit and that continues to do sir crazy through those day an Oklahoma you're on the that programme to the air hear from the I could talk you guys in a room. Click on the biggest they'll, just gonna clear up a couple of points: you're gonna misinformation on his farm. Stop it's coming out by so called experts like home, armchair exports, a lot of weapons are not illegal for civilians out there just highly restricted rare expensive the ban on several years ago. I want to say it was back in the eighties, no, no more civilian production, but if there was one out there, that's transferable, which means once a into another. Then you just do the paperwork you pay too. Our tax damp within their background check and you can leave
Oh I'm so first got a lotta weapons. Are legal own by private individuals while they are. But it's unusual hang out here, because I want to give you your full say we're up against a heartbreaking. Get back into that. Come up on the back burner. Glenn back. You're. Listening to the glad that programme, that grace Glenn Lowood with Glens back to Morrow, longer Stew, and you can catch my show immediately following this vote today in all week every week, on the blaze radio network AAA Seventy seven back. We were talking about the city. Vegas has come up again because the security guard has turned up and he'll be. Interviewed by Ellen on her.
Today, so fascinating truth. She got she got a big interview, their cause, everybody wants to talk to the sky and maybe have some things cleared up will find out if he clears anything up, but also Nope Lama was a clearing up some things about bump stock and all of that now who, as we said, multiple times, automatic weapons while they're not flat out banned. There is, centrally a ban on them. You can't own one that was manufacture after nineteen. Eighty six, you can own one prior to that, you have to read Mr them, it's a pain. They made it cost programme. It is for a lot of people to own them. It's it's difficult to. And so when you say they ve been banned, they haven't, you know technically been banned, but for all intents and purposes
and most people can't get them or don't have them anyway. Dave go ahead and clear up what else. Whatever else you feel like they're service take on a lot of owners out there if you're not Do it, you probably don't know anything about it and that's understandable, but they have big machine guns It's all the time and people bring your foot registered legal Falada gun, so it has a following. Be that, as it may say, their illegal is incorrect. You can alone. If you got the money you can find in person people will sell. Em are legally through dealers. Are you got the paperwork but the money? Then you can This advertise laugh at times. However, I will say: if somebody owns them or has them, they are often times illegal. Julie and uses them in improperly, like this guy? Did there lay a little it? You you'd be hard pressed to find full Otto guns used in crimes recently illegal falada. You're, just not out there float around like people. Thank you.
So anyway, that's thirty years law enforcement, anyway. Let me just say this about that, and a lot of people are saying he couldn't do this. He couldn't do that with this gun. Bump stocks are highly inaccurate. I just say I just showed you go ahead and an you tube. Some bump stock people, foreign bump stocks, you'll see that with practice People can really I've been amazed at what shooters can do with their firearms things that you would have thought impossible speed of fire without even a bumps doctors, people out there, the fire semi, are almost ass, fast alot of objects by trigger control, so they just be careful about Listen to these anti experts angle! There's no way we could have done that in all those things were inaccurate. It's good for people to look up and find these things happen. Himsel show that there are not keeping somebody else's fault that's all I'm saying becomes. A firearms is a lot of detail out there, the devil's in a detailed- and you guys are,
good, about training, a question. Everything then no accept nothing beats. Valued spoke, that's kind of what a lot of bunk about this bar on stop, and I know from personal experience it's just that. It's on checks, For saying you can't do this, and you can't do that when I seen shooters that you know it's like magic, what they're doing they're so good at what they're, how they shoot. So there are some really caught, not shooters out there, that they can show people what training and experience will do. So that's what I'm trying to is going to clear up some of those people are saying was with all sorts certainty we could have done. This could be done that, and I'm saying you know the guy practising was dedicated. Did some some really good research. Reading its disguise the women on what he could have done, it would have asked- semi automatic any was wealthy guys. We had the means to do that kind of geography. If you wanted tat, you want your guess, also We haven't got a Lisbon arms, that's gonna be pretty important work on a farm. He had what kind of modifications if anyone done too.
Legal or otherwise, and that information has not been forthcoming, it makes people speculate. Why? Why is there a monopoly? We ve got it, they ve got a phone rang. We are better of what they were after now, right they get there. You think so, but in all the less information more people are gonna. Try to fill the gaps in with your theory. This theory that up don't mention it almost with EU honest David almost feels like they want conspiracy theories, through a rise in others, because the they ve kept so much. Information from the public like for it since the arms he owned, I mean there's a lot of stuff. They know that there are not telling us. Are you Are you in law enforcement? Are you you have a background in law enforcement? thirty years retired from a major problem police department, The other thing people are saying, because some of the fire some rapid fire sounded near and some of it sounded far than ever that exceed and as it was just the echo echo but level of assume, that was a second shooter. There is also a fly
hush of light or something coming off of one of the windows, and they said that wasn't gun. Fire either heavy. Ever you seen anything on those things. You know I have watched to some of these videos on there in a taxicab, video and there's one that a guy had done. It did a real good job with some listened somebody echoes you know are some of the gun fire in the different sounds. You know it's really, I'm no experts. I want to say too big with its kind of early on, could could tell whether or not the word the weather was echoes or whether there was a second shooter done, so what I'm saying in a lot of this, is that this is a very tens of investigation that they're gonna have a lot of tat. The barber and they're not gonna come forward clear. Will you shouldn't come forward with a lot of speculation to begin with and
No, I'm just trying to give law enforcement the time to do this. Can you imagine what the crime scene looked like now? You are there to serve right, I'm sure the sheriff feels like it's not his job to fill in the halls of the of the mysterious right now properly yo at any time, it's a shooting. What they try to do is account for every round fired the language in this case, and I don't know that they can do that. This is like a battle zone, but when I was on the department, any shooting the weather was also involved, or otherwise we had. We try to count every single round fired and positional paintings and everything else, and so this is just a I've seen it and you got, people have already destroyed evident Europe. It up inadvertently. Probably so on tv they usually get that done in an hour. Maybe too are united by fifty minutes. Viagra really thought about this. Not you know that The thing is, I will tell you from a person perspective. I think the advisor are tremendous organization, but my experiences. They
share information, so it's very hard for local law enforcement to get anything from the FBI. They do a tremendous job. They have done that probably the best forensic units out there, but they just don't share with local law enforcement, and that's that's been there- that's been there before tations forever I've I've worked with. I welcome closely complications and greater Hasta gaiters, great great street level agents out there, but their training is they just don't share with local authority might well that these tests, if a fabulous but anyway, I wonder, was clear up some those things month. Arms dealing in what somebody calls in says. Will this that your things they were really? Why is it that true? I mean I would question about that, and I just I just hate here in a bunk out there, because you're so much falsehood.
People think it semi automatic means Collado in that now and that you can just buy em across the internet without a background check. Forty four semi three IRA next check in Joe. You know that's what we appreciate the context. If that's what we hear perpetuated by the Democrats time all the time make it sound as though there are no background checks when there are in almost every case they make it sound like an error, Team is an automatic weapon, it is not. Everyone is purchased a weapon through a loop. All yeah, exactly Amber in Nevada welcome to the club. That programme so much for having made this morning. I've been listening to the east worries about people going back. You know their twenty years in being sexually harassed, and now I'm date come on come on.
I'll, be back in the day. I was actually a heavy but an operator for fifteen years and back then I was twenty said. A little palate maybe each by any girl out their working with the men, and I you have. A job I went out on you can, two men turned, Beside me in a water track, the wet t shirt they come on I let that ruin my rare. What I know is I left with the water track and left them without a job, because I went straight to the oder. It's all thought of what happened and they fired them and I went back to work, but you know why you don't have dreams about that. To daddy it's over London Go Fifth, now play hurry back yet on the other. Appreciated, thanks Amber, while somebody did that today, I think they face of firing squad. You met turning a hose out, a woman on a construction site,
yeah, I'm sure you can yes Oh, that was. You are asking me the answer now I want you to actually him I did, God look right, elbow yeah. You'd be dead in front of a firing. Swine loudly, no question in this kind of interesting do we haven't. We have mentioned this today, but the travel ban again that did just keep coming and going in, and now it's ok now it's not ok, then it is ok that it's not ok. On another job, a judge No, the hawaiian judge again, the other he's done the second, this one right, yeah, I'm here to number three: he blocked the travel ban again and Senator Elizabeth WAR. Took the social media to say, a Donald Trump just can't take a hint, his ill Legal muslim ban is now over three it first of all its a muslim ban, its country and you didn't. As far as I know, the vat, the ban doesn't say anything about religion, zero.
What does absolutely nothing about religion but she's, of course, ridiculous and she's pretty vocal vitriol Alec critic of Trump the whole time, and only trying to set up a run for president in twenty twenty she's. As its long pastime for president trumped, is to fight for all Americans, not tray our values and undermine our safety with the Muslim Ban, good gully, I just like everybody come in daddy. But even ask who you are where you're coming from what you want to do when you get here, how are you going to stay? Let's not worry about any of it is let s but he come day as long as they want do, whatever they want, don't even take down a name. I see how that works out asked open the border and let everybody flow in doesn't matter. I'm sure nothing. Bad will ever happen. He's trying to restrict travel. From places like our ran, Libya, Sir,
Maria Yemen, Somalia, Chad in North Korea. I wonder why could it be that there might be terrorists whom harm coming from those places. Of course yes, but this judge said the ban plainly, discriminates based on nationality and claimed it had internal incoherence Is that markedly undermine its stated national security rationale, while I just this keeps happening it's amazing through those become such a struggle. We must the original one was made because they needed to work on getting the getting it right, remember right, Irma Volvo everything from but they they were doing the ban because they need to get the process of immigration right, and so we need to get this ban so that we can
have the time to get all the other immigration one. It takes to get into the country in line and take a look at everything that it takes in get rid of what doesn't work and keep. What does it so there's been time to do that. Its also fascinating to me that it's wrong for us to try to get any information. We shouldn't that these be. We're coming from these countries at all no information from foreigners but we need all information from citizens of the United States if they plan to buy a weapon, He had thrust any of our citizens, but we trust Everybody who comes here from Syria ok makes perfect sense. Land back Glenn Beck Glenn on the Glenn Beck program, Jeffy's here as well, Glenn's back tomorrow, eight hundred and eighty eight seven thousand two hundred and seventy e c k J and Nevada?
taking an exception, was something that was said on the issue of age Well, you thanks a lot. You're being kind of hard. I actually work at their library. Again I was the end of the day, the first Norway, then go to characterize, are properties. Anything other than spectacular, beautiful require these zones. Mandalay Bay is spectacular and beautiful. Your alleging, because you won't just because you haven't felt by this- You have done me meditating. I rang like no other hard. Oh dear, I, there thou hard right magic, frightened right well at the energy mix, is still outside of the actual we share the same. We should be all for acres of forces and then down on which the poorest our property- and I thought you really can take place that evening in Europe, The guidelines are not, I don't. I don't agree with the politics of the approach one hour, accompanied by try anything let them in a meeting place
well, thanks for colonists appreciate. I bow to your knowledge because I actually never been there. I was taking the word of stupor gear who's been there would blame blame him he's the one about the bad guy said it was a dump. Monotony is: are you did to one of our that's where I am or guys area, not not spectacular, but J disagrees self good for him. The gods good employed morning at play here. Ozone layer is worth bad mouth. A bed Dave in Texas Welcome to the Glen Back Programme by Roy Sir Egg, A couple of things were good and old. School right, so I'm still counterweight nonstop from fast and furious. Do you have a long way and I think, a year a year, I just keep on getting this picture. My head of the oval office and a guy runs in, and the present looks up and says what Bob
The guy says hey. I got a great idea. We're gonna, get where weapons right, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, ok, do we? Do we give a whole bunch under the bad guys? and they did they did everybody thought hey what occurred yeah really. The bad moment in american history. Frankly, are I glanced back tomorrow? You can join me on pad gray, unleashed immediate following the show on the blaze radio network, Glenn back,
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