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10/20/17 - 'No credibility in the end' (Bill O'Reilly joins Glenn)

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Hour 1  Don't trash or exalt ...George W. Bush comes out of retirement to rebuke nationalism on the right ...Hollywood is crashing and burning as we speak ... ‘no credibility in the end’...overplaying their hand ...Congresswoman Wilson thinks she's a ‘rock star’?? ...the power of the word 'racist' ... ‘say one thing and DO that one thing PERIOD!’ ...A Indiana University is unmasking Halloween …'appropriating culture'...dressing like Fonzie is all the rage?? ...Black Lives activist blows his cover, is now called a 'token' ...Content Contracts! Contracts! Contracts! ...UPDATE: Sex Rehab Harvey...it's not going so well...cellphones and naps...beating up French chauffeurs ...Courage is a muscle; it needs exercise ...empowering women is great, but who's empowering men to be better??    Hour 2 Is anything sacred anymore? ...General John Kelly stunned by the politicization of a soldier’s death...we deserve better than this ...Bill O'Reilly Friday...the current media culture is rotting to the core ... ‘off-the-charts corruption’... ‘It was a huge set up’ ??...80-90% of the media wants to destroy President Trump; how do we continue as a democracy?...Everyone is avenging their cause ...Is a media backlash coming?...fearing the casualties of a  'backlash' and the secular progressives that have power      Hour 3 ‘Layers of disgust here’...the sex doll business is booming... Brothel now open for service with 11 dolls on rotation ...Sex Doll vs. Potted Plant ...Soulless souls...single singularity by 2029 ...The rising value of Bitcoin ...Tampon Tribes offensive to Native Americans?? ...George W. Bush: Up, down and all around...irritated by the timing of his speech ...2020: President Carrot Top ...Fake news technology companies...Facebook says its fake news label helps reduce fake news ...is it a utility? …Not all opinions are equal.    The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio.

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The blaze radio network on demand. Love, courage, tree Glenn, back door! W Bush in stunning attack. Bush Accuses tromp of promoting falsehoods and prejudice? End quote: that's the headline. Headline from the allay times yesterday about press. And bushes speech at the George Bush Institute in New York headline, is what we might classify, as I dont know, spin. George Bush, never flat out accused trump of anything in his speech. But how did call for the awareness of a disturbing trend of nationalism that has become popular with Trump and the right.
We ve seen nationalism distorted in the native ism the dynamism that immigration is always brought to America We see a fading confidence in the value of free markets in international trade, forgetting that conflict instability and poverty. Follow in the wake of protectionism, we The return of isolation is sentiments forgetting that american security is directly threaten the chaos and despair of distant places. Where threats he's terrorism, infectious disease, criminal gangs and grow traffic. King tend to emerge can result everything that he said rings. True, I don't they were directed at Trump. But anyone who participates in the isolationist mindset, protectionism, nationalism They have never ever been apart of american success. Never we ve never needed them to be proud citizens of the home of the free and the brave,
Our pride in America emanates outward, not inward. We want to share everyone. We want to share our values, our principles and our prosperity. That's what makes us great come over here. Participants A share in this. But because they just wanted to kill Trump His words fell on deaf ears, the left just heard him say: tromp bad and now you W Bush is suddenly a progressive darling, which I can't take it anymore. How is George Bush all of a sudden, the leftist here? Oh, I guess it happens when you completely ignore the later comments in the same speech where he excoriated their side as well there are some signs that the intensity of support for democracy itself has waned. Especially among the young who now
Our experience, the galvanizing moral clarity of the cold war or We're focused on the ruin of entire nations by socialists, central planning, some have called this democratic decay. The consolidation, really it seems the combination of weariness, frayed, tempers and forgetfulness. Look? Here's the deal both the right and the left are facing philosophical and ideological challenges at the moment. Both sides- took George W Bush to sit down and explain why were both looking at american democracy in the wrong light I fear, however, that to, and the left will only listen to his words when it suits them before you trash or exult Bush for the air, did sound bite. You heard that might have
and promoted in your carefully selected news feed. I implore you, its fifteen, minutes long, listen to the entire thing fatty October twenty year, listenin to decline back programme, what both sides are imploding and I, for one am finally that I can find with that. I don't want to be. I dont know what it means to be a republican anymore than what it. What is, it means due to be a republican honestly. What do they stand for anymore?. Is an honest. Why should have an honest question enough? There's nothing! Nothing will be a because again like that is sort of a function of the parties and think we ve weave brought this into this world, where we think these parties are supposed to stand for something they don't. We look at that.
Platform in the half. The candidates disagree with what the platform is. The platform means nothing, it's just a document that they pass and then ignore. There really. There is an end, and if they stand for in any real separate, nothing, nothing. Yesterday, the Lee Republican Senate pass the two two thousand and eighteen budget Paving the way for one point: five trillion dollars in tax cuts oak A well tax cuts were for tax cuts church. How about the spending? Nope nope, the tax that we're gonna to pass the budget. So we need the tax cuts. But the spending is gonna to no we're for small government. Wherefore limited spending, but That is in part of it anymore day that I think your problem without sentences we're first of all Europe, even a republican now, but second of all, there is no we're like they eat the idea.
These parties having principles He is needed but their designed to do, which is designed to bring a bunch of people with some but similar viewpoints too. Either to win elections period, and so We are talking about how the party is changing, able change to whatever it has to change to to We elections and honour we really more than that just to appeal whose whatever the Democrats are doing at the Democrats, decide that they are going to be for lower taxes. You're gonna you'd see the Republicans decide, therefore higher ones, it really wines are being just team jerseys, so I have to be bigger than the parties you have to. Be able to step outside of that an end in disagree with your own site, or what value are you and look at how things are coming? Undone? Look it look at Let us look at the left, the your times. The the press in general is a mess, is a mess.
The average millennial doesn't believe the press, they don't believe the New York Times or you know of the drugs report. They don't believe it. They don't believe they don't even believe in social media. If you If you look at the credibility of the press is gone. Look at me systems of the liberal press. It's gone, we don't cheer. Because look at the systems of the press on the right doesn't exist. So they're both being flush down the toilet. Look at Hollywood, huh wood is in flames. Hollywood doesn't have any credibility, Hollywood, isn't it You know this, this Harvey wine thing. Is killing Hollywood for This time, however, it may be more popular to be a republican than to be in Hollingford. Yes, it is a matter of funding. I mean it's bad, so what
is the left going to do that. You ve, taken a real issue. With Harvey Wine steam and Because they're imploding and because the left just mark. My words is gonna happen because the left wants us. Stop talking about how bad Hollywood is they will ratchet up their attacks on any one else. They can find anything on. They try do it with the Donald Trump, but it didn't work, but we're just gonna do anything they can and what will they do in the end, the credit Ability of a woman saying hey They have a real problem, there's a really a bad guy year. They won't any credibility in the end, because This is going to be they're going to do what they always do and over play their hand. Think anybody is afraid of being called a racist anymore array
It is a joke now did you hear what what's your name the congresswoman that's been taking on Donald Trump on the gold star mothers. What's her name, Wilson, Frederico Wilson- as yeah, see ya. Frederico Wilson have you ever heard. Her before now. You never had any we'll, never hear again now so it's all. Yours is congresswoman who enjoying her fifteen minutes of limelight and she is She came out yesterday after Kelly in his speech, said you, you know you like an empty bet. An empty barrel is always the loudest one. Ok, don't even I haven't shouted into an empty barrel or heard me, through an empty barrel. So I'm not sure if it's the loudest one but ok whatever it seems
an old timer kind of comment, She immediately jump to its array This comment: what why we were? How First of all its. I believe. It's a Shakespeare I'm not s own empty vessels make the most noise. Ok. Although this is theirs It's it's it's it's I mean unless Shakespeare is now racist, probably was a probably what was his opinion on a firm and of action. We can only around it. He never talked about it, unbelievable. What is it? about called calling Catherine had taken a need and even addressed a thing. So racism has has no teeth anymore. Sexual assault will have no teeth. It will have Oh teeth we we're taking our language, our institutions and we are flushing them down the toilet. All of it is gone, Yes, pm.
Why is he s peons credibility, bad because they adopted the agenda? They became about politics why The NFL in trouble because they made about politics and a jot, adopted the left's agenda and its it. Absolutely crumbling. The problem is we're not do. Much better how's your church doing. How's, the credibility of religion. How's the yeah how's the year. The the ratings on Christians. As a what's the what's the latest public opinion on on how great Christians are. Now. Part of that is because of the attack, but also part of that is because we're not Christians, please you go to church
you follow your doctrine? Maybe christian. When's. The last time you forgave somebody who, just It was impossible to forgive. When's. The last time you cross the street for your enemy and help them. Christians have a bad name because of the Pr Christians also have a bad name, because we just think we're holier than thou. We just think we're the greatest everybody, This is going to Hell, but we're fine, no matter What we are doing, we say, one thing and live another, That's the problem! these things. It boils down to just that idea say one thing do another: how fix your phone
Say one thing and do that one thing. You want to fix. The national Organisation of women say: One thing do one thing: you want some credibility: Al Gore say that Theo too is bad and then stopped king jets save Small houses are better to reduce your carbon footprint and then Even a really small house. Say one thing do thing. You say your for: Everybody is equal and everyone deserves a shot good, then If the person that you disagree with most and bring them into the fold, use your for tolerance. Do you tolerate the
other side, or do you dismiss them as crazy as unamerican as evil. As someone you have no sympathy for as p bull, that you put in their group are shot to death in the streets at a concert. You want to solve America's problems. Say what you mean: mean what you say. We will hear the stories in the news good now uses guns, protect his families from the criminals and then he's the one who gets arrested and thanks to our system. This actually happens a lot and that's exact, what can happen to you unless your fully prepared here's away
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Protect and defend dot com. Right now you get free access, instant access to the guide into the audio version, but you look we'll find out how the U S Cecy. I can help you per day To end, defend dotcom, go there now protect and defend dot com Glenn back. Glenn back I mean how long can a society for an hour, an ideology. Last it's it's. It's only a matter of time, and again it did. We will come down to if you're willing to shoot to protect these ideas. For instance, now trigger warnings for Shakespeare place. We can all start to say, stop it, stop it
and we can all start engaging in some common sense or the left. Will continue to grow and don't get me wrong. The right we'll. Do it too on their things and leave the Extreme right will continue to grow and it will become more and more insane, and then it just gets down to the people in aren't really willing to shoot to defend these things need to have to have a trigger warning now for four Shakespeare: ok I don't, I don't think so, but ok, then you will be triggered from boredom. Is that saying love. Anybody understood Shakespeare. Maybe maybe you trigger warning about this one Indiana, universities, housing and residents life programme toasted a quote practice Halloween
though the students could learn how to avoid offensive and insulting costumes when they grow up and attend the Halloween, parties on October. Thirty, first actually practice Halloween the threat sixty four other days, but that's just by the eating them the candy ready. Yes, just in case yet on a silly dress off. I that's a less important out of it right because you you wanna, be you wanna, be woke. And so they D, the university, has just trying to test people's woke Agnes, and I I appreciate a university using the words woke ness I think, that's, I think, that's appropriate. What do we have a bunch of five year olds Is this is this? Is this what you're paying for put I gotta say if you have to follow the rules there implementing on hollowing customs? I do need practice. I have no
idea. That's the whole point of hollowing is to dress up as something you're not their rule is don't appropriate culture. If you are not part of that culture, right, Basically, there are oh costumes, that fit. Unless your dressing up as yourself is really the only safe thing to do, and even then you can dress up, wait you! I think you can dress up as somebody who surrenders your friends! Your french background, so I couldn't, but you could know, Will you wanna go over there, the german costumes you can address I've ass, readily ass, mister back as this road to go down so no one. I couldn't dressed up as though, because those are just two events, if all, but it your culture Glenn. I don't understand not my years here- it's not my eagle eye was right from years that are surrounded They they handed out a picture of the Mario Brothers and
This was safe waiting. Mario, is that's, it's, the italian culture. That's stereotypical italian guy, that's a safe thing. They did recommend they did I commend dressing as a poker parties put. They reckoned, against again, which is fighting the harness ear, I think solely poker haughty they said is, is great, is frowned upon, but dressing is The funds is not and how many people seriously in college today. Already thinking, I've got to dress as the fawn it's very popular, very well youth today, and that also an italian stereotype maybe in kind of kind of maybe funds around.
Yeah right, maybe I mean by the I think, idolators anything safe, there's no safe in the safe space. How long does a culture last when college has this Halloween's Glenn Back is the climb back programme. We go to a place where we can talk to each other at all. I don't know if you saw your member Walter HAWK Newsome he's the black. Lives matter, activists that was protesting a Trump rally and they said none at all free speech. You see We can then wills. We will give you the microphone and he spoke now black lives matter is really upset. They said he did a photo up and he dismantled a lot of the work that our groups have been doing for effing years.
Its unfortunate somebody who so well educated could represent a community from a more radical perspective he had to stoop to token eyes by white supremacist. Well, ok! So what do they say? Don't talk to anyone, don't try to bring any gaps at all. Don't don't allow them to see you as a human being? How do we, How do we do this? How do we do C4 controlled by politics. Then, because we're afraid of each other. Look at what happening in Hollywood now. How does does anyone work in in movies? Austin's West World View River You think in West, although they had to sign, If you were an actor and actress, you had to sign a deal. That said you will be posed in uncombed, level positions you will be. Your body will be touching other bodies, yeah
I was like it was very invasive, and women had till a sacrifice: basely give up all their right of men and women. Everybody had to sign it. Are you gonna? Do that How are you gonna? Do that house? you're going to be able to have anything in in Hollywood in entertainment, even eventually in our own lives. Yeah I mean I don't know how you make any contract her shawl content, or This is a tweet I did I saw, and it was from someone who was. It was woman who went to go work for an organization. It was Content Organization and sheet, is, did a part of her employment agreement and she decided not to take the job she refuses to. The job because of this location. Should new job that she wanted and applied for, because this is what it said. I understand that this company is involved in the entertainment industry. I further understand
that, because the companies business requires a creative working environment, including exposure to offensive each I may be exposed to conduct in speech that openly and explicitly relates to sex as well as race, sexual orientation, gender. Natural national origin, religion, disability and age I wish that a me I may be privy to conversations were offensive speech more scripts roles and evolve. Nudity sexual scenarios, racial epithets suggestive gestures, profanity and reference Mr stereotypes is utilised, Your standard acknowledge that is part of my job I may be exposed to speech and conduct that explicitly relates to sex sexual orientation, gender? no origin, religion, disability, age and exploit experts. We agree in represent that I do not object to being exposed to such speech and conduct and do not find it otherwise offensive or objectionable that I'm will? to work in such an environment. Now she,
how? How does a company make meetings apple Schindler's list without this agreement, how does a company make any movie? How does it come many make westward had and it may it may I make boil down I'm listening to that and I'm thinking to myself. I think We should have everybody in my company sign that, because look at women we look it. We look at dead bodies We are talking about ISIS, racism. We're talking about all of these things coming up. The programme today will discuss the first sex doll brothel now, We talked about that in a meeting. We had to do. Search it right I mean this is not even you know, This is also how do you example, how do you so this was so offensive and so crazy that she thought it was like. I can't we do so everyone can see the ridiculous things women have to deal with in the workplace. Now. Look I
You don't want to deal with that. I think that's understandable, like I, I wouldn't want to go work at you know up a porn, the film manufacturer, because it's just that when I want to do with my life so, but if I gonna go work at the porn feel manufacture. I should sign something like this is not only that I mean Stu honestly. Most of that applies your job absolutely. Does I mean so? We were constantly discussing things when people make offensive comments in the media. We have to talk about offence. Speech towards sometimes it's racial up that sums up. Sometimes it is constantly surrounded by that stuff. Yeah I mean it. Of every showed the left loves. Oh, thank you. V or breaking bad or any Emily release of content that pushes the envelope in any way the view, for example, again, I mean literally, all programming would be in this world and it- and I guess, like you could say as a person
that doesn't mean you can be harassed and assaulted in the workplace. That's not what this says: you're working environment, Are these things are discussed and you have to be able to act companies are going to produce this content? You have to be able to say to your employs. Look you're gonna hear some things that are offensive and, if you're so sensitive on that stuff that that about you. You probably shouldn't oral. Here's that here's the real solution on this, the real- lucian is that should not be signed by women or men that be signed by infants with their footprint. Welcome to the world you're gay to be surrounded by nincompoops and offensive vein. I'm going
army wines dean- is not doing well in sex rehab, apparently owner he volunteered to go to rehab and according to people, I guess in the facility This is I I thought he was gonna. Do really well with Essen and you're really ruining my day. So far, one source says in one group syrup therapy session Harvey Right, fifteen minutes late. Then, when it was s turn to speak, he launched into a speech about how this is all a conspiracy against him. Then he fell asleep in his chair. He woke up by the ringing of is smuggled mobile phone, which is banned at the facility. He was jolted awake jumped up took the call and ran out of the room? he another source close to wine. Seen says he is no longer joining group sessions, for quote obvious reasons. He and this that he never raped or assaulted anyone and all of the counters work and central he real see acted like a the whole of some sort,
and insists that he's not a rapist. He does have his phone when he's in therapy. He has to give it to someone else. The translation of what he said. What happened the group session is not true, I don't believe so. I don't have you saw the chauffeur you know you know. These stories and where he was like. The chauffeur will take you home my driver will take you home, get out, get out get out, So this is come from his french chauffeur, the man, the man who ferried wine Steen around when he was over and con or in France he sad wine. Steen beat him when he took to meet a prostitute. That didn't show up the alleged beating put. Out of commission for four days. He went crazy hit me at that moment. There was no question. I would never work for him again
he did try to sue for damages, but the local prosecutor in the town dismiss the charges, he said that Women would enter the car with tears in their eyes. He said I felt like driving poor innocent people. Innocent girls in them to the wolves mouth I could tell them, where you put your feet, it's dangerous- He would agree You know he would meet people in his hotel room and he'd. Have these women drew driven to him? He said and that marked me. The most was a girl who was a fan of him who loved him for who follow? Him for years she gave her body, her soul, she gave everything to this man because he promised to make her Make castings and make a film that was never shot he said he would demand that the driver would leave him alone with a woman and he said I would often find traces of illicit products strung about what that means: drugs
the nickname among the locals incomes for Harvey, became the pig one housekeeper the majestic hotel where he stayed so Oh him, yeah loved oh him, he was the ugly, one who thought he was God and that Sir, it's actually and its business guard? He was very likely foreign who theses God. He was very bossy men like George Clooney or Brad Pitt. They were such lovely men and so handsome, but not him. He was just a mean pig. It's interesting. This is sort of the reverse of the Vegas shooting story. In that light. Vegas, it's like no one had any idea. The sky was doing anything like this. There's no motive, there's no background. There's no trail, nothing this is like literally everyone whose ever met the guy thought he was doing something like this. They made out and on the extent it now known, he was committing crimes, but everyone seemed to know this? Guy was a complete dirt
I can people like that. Didn't say anything and meanwhile Quentin Turn Tino came out and said he knew more than he said I should have said something yet he did you know he did a lot of movies with criminality. All of his was a big Billy. All this mix up. He said I never knew. I knew enough to do more than I did. There was Two within just normal rumours, the normal gossip. It wasn't second hand. I knew he did a couple of these things. I wish I'd taken responsibility for what I had heard. If I had done the work, I should have done. Then I would have not with him anymore, He was aiding eating sardine, oh after lines, dean I guess Brad Pitt, did know because Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt confronted him. So Brad Pitt did say something the Harvey ones just for the Angelina stuff yeah and said basically he was dating. And he knew Harvey, wouldn't violate his
relationship so he thought she was protected and oh eyes. So a guy in That of going in stopping the other guy he's I don't worry you're under my umbrella now, ass bad yeah. Not not death is not a good look. You know I thought of this last night. All these people who are now living with the shame and they're going to convince themselves that they had nothing. They could do is that's what happen. I mean you know if you look at if you look at the Germans the Germans that were involved and did nothing. We know they all convinced themselves are. There is nothing we can do and maybe not, but they had to live a life of shame and these people are living a life of shame, they're gonna be tormented in their own head because they know they know they didn't rise to the occasion and so the question that we should all be asking ourselves now is because I really believe tough,
I'm just aren't sprung on you. It's not like everything is great and then the next day it sucks and your living under Hitler happen. Slowly and you have opportunities to stop that slide all the way along, but society units, the declaration of independence, people are more likely to live with tyrants, then they are to upset the apple cart. Now it's obviously butchering the declaration of independence. But dear just more your more likely to just go along with it. There was an Look I reckon there washed out and is sure about IVO Apple carts, their racist. So its human nature to just go along and let it slide, and if you Don't prepare yourself to stand up in the three times, though he might have thought that was really hard, but now he looking at that and going please that was easy. I should have done that. It should have done that.
Don't put yourself in a position to wear your ever having to say I should have done, Ex wires E. Do it do it? Do live with the regret, it's a muscle. Courage is a muscle, if you're not exercising it in this smallest of ways telling your kid what you should be telling your kid telling her spouse, what you should be telling your spouse? saying something to somebody that is important. That is hard for them to hear, but you should say it. If you, aren't exercising that muscle of courage. The smallest most personal level, you will never be able to stand when it right. Really counts yeah
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Glenn Back Gland back to ask another question. I am. I have upon the screen. You know we have four monitors in front of me and so we watch the networks and On one of em, I ve changed it about ten days ago to the Megan Kelly jokes. I wanted to see what make it was doing after everybody was writing in and you know just trashing her I wanted to see for myself. It can't be that bad now I haven't listened to any of it, but I've just been monitoring. Her topics and what she's doing, etc, etc- and I think she might think he looks good Nanda. The show looks. Gunnar topics are really strong in in what she's doing is empowering women
but it really gotten me to think the last few days. Some powering men Think of a show that is empowering men. Powering men to be better fathers. Empowering boys and saying hey. You know boys so a strong dad's. Here's how you raise them to be strong. I can't think of me string shoulders doing Glenn back. We all know. The travelling for business can be a mega disaster, its it can be horrific. I mean I've. I saw the picture of some. Woman who is on a plane and took her shoes off, which is already huge violation in my book, but then also took the socks off, which is like I mean almost I'm a word to catastrophe of regions but then put if the bare feet on the foot on the armrests in front of them, so their poking through the person seat. These this
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You heard him ask a much deeper. Questions than I've heard from any one else than I thought at least that was sacred. As a kid grown up. A lot of things are sacred in our country. Women were taken, looked upon with great honor? That's obviously not the case at Moors, received from recent cases. Wife a way of life is sacred, that's gone. Religion at seems to be gone as well. Gostar families. I think that left venturing over the summer, but just start selflessness. Ocean that brings a man or woman dying die battlefield. I just thought that that might be sacred. I listened to the whole thing. We're gonna play his whole speech here later on the broadcast. I don't think I've I've seen anything, this emotional and and this genuine from anyone
And I dont know how long. If anyone has something to say of substance here, it's Kelly, Huh has lived this nightmare when his son was killed. Every American should listen to Kelly's, no talking about what happens when our soldiers. Fall in combat how he walked after that, This debate started how he took an hour and a half and just walked, or ten cemetery in and how he looked for the names that he had ordered to do, something that put them in the ground. What made this so devastating was knowing that, as he was describing in detail how III a slain soldier is packed in ice and then laid in his coffin. He was visualizing his own memory is his own son, his own pain. He told the press
in that because of the pain involved. There is really no good way to talk about a soldier die in combat to the family, but to trumpet He tried anyway now what Does that say for the state if our country, that someone was waiting to tee this into a political advantage? What is happening to us. Shame on Wilson and anyone else who is trying to score a win from this. To prompt a man that has lost a son in combat to explain how this works is insult on injury and all of it because of politics You can get. I can guarantee you that, as he was why king, through Arlington Cemetery. He was thinking I. Why am I serving? What am I serving Who am I serving any more? What country
What does it even stand for. One side may have started, but we're both engaged in it now and we have to stop it. Kelly deserves better than this gold, stark fact please deserve better than this are cut Free deserves better than this. You deserve better than this truly is nothing sacred in this country? Any more fighting act of our twentieth, you listening to the clan tat, perhaps the the only Mister Bell, O Reilly, joins us now bill. Did you see that Did you see this news from Kelly yesterday? Yes, yes, yes, you
thing out, though, which is really the crux of all the savagery and that's the word savagery that going on in this country right now and ass, the media What happened was that the twenty four hours before the present it made the call to the widow of the slain soldier Niger they family knew. The president was going to call because you have to give them. I had and find out where they gonna be in all that, then the fair! apparently, alerts. Congresswoman Wilson. Why? Why would you if it were your son back with me we learnt any politician, never you're gonna get a call from a president. Never never. I wouldn't. Ok, so who would do that? What's the point of that?
and the car comes in, and there are no car, apparently on a speaker phone. And the president. But was disregarding the advisor. And we'll Kelly is chief of staff, because General Kelly to listen. Please grieving, no matter what you say is not really gonna make a difference and it's a very difficult situation. For any present into being, but you said these credit- and I agree with that. But down from to look, I want to try I want to try to to give them words of sympathy. Will. It is an honour, the call from the president, I say it is, and I will tell you this is a sidebar. We were all very, very upset. At least I was, a tale, Kyle wasn't but, It was very upset- and I asked it: Diastase Kyle for a year has president reached out at all I mean here is this great: hero has
President reached out at all. Now she didn't want the call, but still it is. That is something that a president should do more. Talking About- president obama- yes, I am yes, yes and he and he because there is no protocol that is installed? I think there should be an escalation on dual rally dotcom yesterday. Could be a way to handle these kinds of things that always happens now. I dont think that should require. A phone call. Now I don't think so either no, but but the president is the commander in chief. He has the option to do that. Yes, so anyway, but but The call comes into the limo and they're all in a limo and and accordingly, Kelly presidential. Was trying to? tell the widow that her was a hero because he voluntarily put his life at risk for a country that was the theme of the call.
Hero? He voluntarily- and I guess I use the word signed up. He knew the danger, but he did it anyway because he wanted to protect his country. Riches mobile sentiment. Okay, so then the calls over within what ten minutes This congresswoman is calling to see in it. That cannot happen. Spontaneously back that guy, be planned in advance. You can't just call A major network which I want to be on your air. They get bet you they gotta know. You are All of that we can It wasn't a set up an absolute set up. That is a huge story this, Huge story is, as they always do, the barbarians on a cable and right gas news. Believe every word Wilson says like they were there, even though those in incredibly admit
Well, I didn't hear the whole folklore. How could you not possibly you to home phone call? If it's in a car and a speaker and a new sitting there. So right away or credibility, zero. So am I the cable news and I'm seeing is hit one after the other after the other, at all. What a disgrace desire boys and says it is ass. He said this target about drop They don't know what happened but good. We know. Yet they use this once again. Today by the country in a hurry. Away. And it's on them. It's on em media we, have now is a corrupt, any time in our republic. This is the choice. The newspapers to that television programmes to the internet. It is corrupt. In the extreme, and it is
harming the United States, no question so I want to go back to that. You sound speaking with some passion there, I'm really cute. I know I know you I mean I really am. I got to deal with this personally. I got to deal with this kind of crap all the time you do. Anybody that doesn't talk the far left line is danger now, no I will, I will tell you how to control. I will tell you all about it and I will tell you that term. We have spoken off the air about my I had a I had a day in court. Boston on the ball in bombing and You know I had good government horses and the government knew exactly what sources and some day some journalist while not another, want another. Some someday. I just will just write a book. I guess what this in it
I have all of the documents I have all of the transcripts from the trial. I have absolutely everything including the ability to speak about the trial, because I was part of one of the conditions of the settlement, but I will are you it's not just the media, it is. The government is corrupt. You cannot defend yourself. If the government, won't respond and abide by the constitutional constraints, and they don't you, no way to defend yourself, the old an end. I sympathise because you were at Fox NEWS Channel where he broke that story, and I am familiar with the story, and I know you didn't make it up. And I know you were going on people in Government- telling you certain things that that's actually trip but I don't have any expectation that the government would do anything. Anybody,
at any time. Zero expectation on that by war, Here is the the at United States is now in a position where the media about eighty to ninety percent of it wants to destroy him. Yes, what that ever happened. How can you run a damn? where she went. The media? Doesn't care about the truth, any kind of accurate report eyes their whole bent every single day is to destroy the leader of the country. I don't know how you can run a democracy, let alone a republic like ours. I mean it. Simple and disgraceful and politicians on both sides. You know their scrambling for cover they go. I want to be in this
Kelly alot of credit. I said on below rally dotcom yesterday. Look you expect the chief of staff to defend his boss, the present you expect that ok so We have to listen to what Kelly, I say very closely, as you pointed out, but that what he brought to the explanation was logic: here's what was Ed and why it was said, and then his disgust with this congresswoman trying to who hates tramp tramp to make it a political issue, but he didn't take it that the step further. Is it the media immediately grabbed? this corrupt congressmen congresswoman and ran with it? They always do, and it's just sickening, bill here here we are, we were looking at this corrupt. Media.
Do you see a way out of this by doubt Doubt I mean a bit his business, forty three years, and and you know I try to run an honest programme- do you. I wouldn't be appearing here every Friday if I thought you weren't, I'm trying to run an honest airport. Similarly dot com, and look at things and in verify things and in czech things out and invite get it? I don't say it but put on these cables and enable a mockery is an absurdity, but you know what I'm talking about couldn't care less it we'll get trouble, gonna get up there. You were gonna, get him tomorrow, we'll get in this way we'll get o Reilly will get back, we'll get limbo, we'll get Hannity we'll get it we'll get anybody we we disagree with, will get them.
Oh, do you believe that the right is some people in the right are engaging in this same behaviour? Will get we'll get the laughed we'll get them media doesn't matter who they are or what they ve done, certainly there in Hillary Clinton situation. There is an element of that and I'm not sympathetic to MRS Clinton. Ok, I'm not. I think she will she's an imperious woman wear day imperious cool election, does people flat. I didn't like us, and I really I mean if there is one person I would not want to dine with it would be her. You don't have any use were at all, but There is an element on the right that in court read some of these scorched earth. I hate you tactics, buddies, Nearly it's not even the same universe, organize and funded as it is on the far left each individually.
Calls on the far right? Ok, so you can't make the can Earth, and because they don't have the mega phone number one, they don't have. The organised cabal, and you know there are various websites like bright barred and in daily collar and some like that. They they do their thing It's not merely No, it's it is. When you have Comcast NBC, you have CNN, I may you, these are huge. You conglomerates, so I don't use any comparison. Ok, back a bit o Reilly formula rallied our common just a second from business? Insider Jim Rogers had said that the said this about the regards to fear gold and the sector to be bullish on he said everyone should have coins physical coins as an insurance policy. I want to talk about that for a second big as there's lots of things you can invest in and
can invest in things. Go up and down you can you can buy all the paper, you want something happens and that paper is worthless. Nineteen, twenty nine, so what're you gonna do Gold is not something that I look at as an investment. Gold is something that I look into as an insurance policy that, if thing Go crazy I have something that will retain its value in the people older Hulu Time, it's not going up like you, the stock market. No, it won't go down like the stock market either. In fact, when this market goes down. I bet you. Gold goes way up. Gold is an insurance policy, its durable, it's easy to transport. It looks the same everywhere. Every one in every part of the earth knows they know out away. It lay not a great it
an insurance policy against calamity? I want you to all gold line? Now, if you believe like I do that, optimistic catastrophe missed it. We are going to pay for these insane days when that happens every year earn policy Goldline one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line or goldline dot com. Do it now. Glenn back Glenn back Reilly from familiarly dot com talking about General Kelly's speech yesterday and bill I want One more thing here before we move on, and that is his question. Is there any Sacred anymore,. You know, I don't think that say
question that can be answered in space tific way, I mean, I think most Americans are decent people. Into them. There are things that are sacred But yet I hate to keep them come back and be in boring, but to the media they now known derision, politicians again, it's a case by case basis, but there are good people, There are people who understand that the World is not a place where trying to destroy people. It should be your main focus and end, I think folks again discuss it on me, sing for the backlash back around waiting for the backlash. I think it's gonna come do you think the backlash me again against the media and what would then how he had power that manifest I'd be ratings you seeing in the end, I follow the backlash against me and if you see the ratings down fairly significantly at all
a marketing merchandising. I think you're gonna, see about We are against the media because people are disgusted with it. So what is the replacement? Because I am afraid that the backlash comes and then you just don't believe anything or anyone, and so you just on blog- that's not good No, it's not, and you know it The people will know what do you call look in the look in on occasion, the newspaper industry, is dead good. Time magazine, Newsweek dead, good. Tell still layer, but declining, so the look in on their machines on their devices on the internet, the look in but I really think that the people who had while people in media matters are already in the halls of Facebook. Twitter and
Everyone else, sir, glaringly I guess never gonna go square play on the net. It's just a convenience thing I mean I go and do so people now I gotTa Cbs News, dot com and a morning because They give me a headline service that useful sometime I'm sure articles ridiculous, but I know immediately when I'm gettin con. I go there. Dot com to get the Washington stuff, I write for them and their fairly fair, and I are both sides and that's about it. Ok, Bill Reilly, firm billow rally dotcom more of the news of the week. In his perspective, without the spin billow rally calm coming up more in a minute,
Glenn back. This is the Glen programme. Reilly from below dot com is joining us bill. I let me give you something from the Wall Street Journal. Now the Wall Street Journal is the most liberal paper in in Amerika. I mean mainstream paper when it comes to the news. However, it but a section is not an end, editorial section section of you- saw this Donald trump me We following Pailin trajectory and I'd like sure thought on. This in his own peace. She observed you tolerate what did with the famous okay. So here it is in this day, like surveillance supporters who saw her lack of intellectual polish as proof of here sincerity, but in time
I am. She lost a place through annex statements, intellectual thinness and general strangeness. The same may happen or be happening with Donald Trump and But what they're saying is you know what you eight about Sarah was she was just you know, one of us saint. Like is an after a while that started to wear really thin in your, like, I don't think, there's any thing behind this. And then leave the theatrical in everything else in it, just war thin and She is nowhere. I I know both people pretty Oh Stickley trauma I wouldn't say no european as well, but I am around or enough to be able to evaluate it, it's an unfair comparison. There's! No there's! No similarity in intellect between
tromp and european problem, much wider frame of reference, then this balance, Mary similarity in their boat populists and they both tailor their message to the folks. Can't stand the media. I'm? So there that's their similar, but the pale and thing was I happen to trap it. Would it happened already, I'd be a trumpet Is that is his wording, sometimes it's in precise right, it's it's not as exact as it has to be president, he just wanders too much Miss Taylor Didn't really know that much. Before its history is concerned, are in her country
and when Katy Couric asked her about which he read, she couldn't really articulate that so there's a big difference. Between trumps life experience and what is it published and what european is accomplished next story. Transgender Wyoming woman convicted Thursday. Of sexually assaulting a ten year old girl inside a bathroom Michelle Martinez known as formerly known as Miguel Martinez before I and a fine as a female found guilty first degree and second degree, sexual abuse of a minor could face seventy years in prison. Martinez, who was a family friend, invited the girl into the bathroom on March. Twenty third touched her penance. It had her. The girl told her mother immediately thirteen as when questioned by police became, notably hostile and defensive, said the girl was just talking crap before or denying being a child. Molester is all
calling accusations, publicity stunt he has did not guilty on both counts. You know what you want me to say that this is a heinous thing. All American should want justice, so let it play out is really united. Think you can take one or two situations: and make any general points when I say, is that the pressure from the polluter? We correct, please things and the eighty. Oh you to force, like schools and public facilities, to allow people born one gender to go into, room of another gender is insane and there is an easy solution, whereas you make a third
the facility for transgendered people to use We think that they would want privacy anyway, so make a facility. Because a little money, but in this pc world that the solution to the problem is so yeah, I'm not big on generalizing from a specific heinous situation and of the debts fair, and I want to be fair, but I think that movement for America do things that are not in the best interests. Children and are not based on common sense, common sense says you build a third facility, so that's my tech, President tromp releases petition requesting support on standing during the national anthem. I read this this morning and he came out yesterday and say
I want to know who is patriot, Patriot enough to be into stand and and pledged the stand during the national anthem, I want I'm I've, I've issued a petition and I thought I was a little strange and then I saw where the url leads and it's too, the g o p I'm in a common on air, but I want you to go to the next question on killing anyone my number one, but because it plays into this, and I don't want your audience- who think that I'm crass and in using the question about the anthem to promote my book, ok awry
right! Well, you know. How can I get it right? We are. I do that this is probably if this is the way we're gonna run the show. This is probably something you should have said before we went on the year, it's a little, but I was a little less crabby. Auditors do. I want them to know the ride, all right, all right, all right, ok, national anthem! oh questioned, jumps using it for political benefit, everybody guy tat, because he's already command is already said: he believed who's, that everybody should respect the flag and the anthem? Most Americans where did the day concur now the other was and any one he wanted he's on the side of apple pie, goodness and flag and anthem. Ok enough enough, you're, the president. We need to act
I can keep going back. We don't need a petition, we don't need to go trick or treating dressed up like the flag. Ok, we'll need it. We got it. You want, there's, might our own killing. Anyone go you're, not the blasphemy the budget that they passed yesterday. Only one g o p a person against it ran ball? yeah there's, no, there's no cuts real cuts to this. How do you feel about them? The republic- I'm not not surprised, because the Republican Party knows there is only one thing: that's gonna save it at this point in that. Tax revision and they working people getting the four thousand dollar average into their pockets. Sought there, to spend more money to get that, which is what the trade is: okay, they're gonna, do it
no surprise here. I trail about tax cocky. I don't think there's any trade. Ok tell me about Killing killing England, knowing ok number one working. I knocked off Hillary Clinton, the New York Times Vassallo, three weeks running which is amazing. To that all have the platform is to have the market the book provide in New York new been very generous with all right, there's no kickback allay did send back a free book free. I Don't blame you and I don't believe you did. I did I showed you, did you sign it? Yes, you did not exist, but one end and glad I spend your name correctly. The reason I I'm trying to get people Attention on this is because obviously want to book to be successful, but I want you to pair George, Washington and Thomas Jefferson
and Benjamin Franklin the three central characters in our resolution to what we? now, we have now? I mean it believable the difference in every single way intellect character. Courage and why down the line when you through reading about these men who gave us this unbelievable? freedom that we have that now being a It was by the way, but we have it when you about the suffering they went through the suffering and what they actually did and you can parities weasels that we put into power. I mean the boy S, some good people and also, but also the weasels them adjust gorgeous also the weasels that we have become. I mean He don't really
Demand the highest standards from ourselves any more as a people. But you general now there I'm going back to their- are people who do that and it was in you before back in seven. No, I haven't five. I know let her the colonists one to stay with the insane king. I know Philly and they wanted to do it most of them for money reasons. Not not. You know, because I believed in the monarchy, it they were cowards, I'm so human nature is human nature. I always say that, but I think the majority of Americans do high standards and are good people. I don't know if I differ you're all right on that. Sure anymore. I would I would have said yes to that, but I am not sure any more. I am not sure that we're much different than we were.
In the colonies, eggs with the exception we are also. We have. You know, where there was an overwhelming understanding back then of some morality, so Things were sacred to, a majority of people- and I dont know if that's true at all any more certainly more fragmented and scattered in an hour this is not on other people I mean I would ideally thing last night for Philadelphia. A radio station where were the subject of religion came up because religion is under fire in this country's everybody knows and then, if you're, a believer in you live in LOS Angeles or New York, you use they think you're a cook. You know. If you go to church every Sunday at the people. Look at you like what's wrong with you, certainly back, then that was not the case.
And so there is a big difference in the secular progressives have power they have power and they're using it, because the media sympathises with them and they get their message out and it's easy for them to get the message so you're right in that sense that there has been a Big erosion in good, your neighbour as yourself putting other people ahead of you, do. We hear that these days, yet not very often at all thank you very much appreciate it. I back, and I do so free killing one, so you find it in all of your fine and right right outside it after you send it bill arising from a bill bill o for Bill orally Dotcom number one, both Greek sweet running in the country is killing England Billow Riley thanks for joining us,
so did you send you the free books? Are you the sperm, look pillow Riley, giving anybody a free anything now works not not out or not altogether, a single one of his books signed by him, I'm his publicist will send a book never even eat something personally from him no eat. I don't even think he knows what a mailboxes you know it a mail box. It had a male something anymore. No now too, who is he to lead us to understand what is a constitutional programme now he's just one would give anybody paper or envelope or anything in keeping nothing is more essential than protecting your home, but traditional home security is a punished. An expensive task there, The better way- and you want protect your home.
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by the time you go to bed at night, Deasey thirty minutes you'll have on tonight at best buy, or you can wait just a couple of days- save ten percent by going to simply safe back dotcom that simply safe back dot com Glenn back, Glenn back. No, I It was interesting talking to Bill O Reilly about the landscape of the media and the hearing him say he doesn't see away out he d And see, and an end to this, this car, one of the media and that's all disturbing- and you know. You know. When I left fox, I left far
because I saw this meltdown coming and you know like buys. I told you here in the last year something that I had never shared before in the air every day. Sometimes several times a day, I would look up at the monitors when I was at Fox at Fox and MSNBC and CNN and I'd look at my team and I'd say we have. Ought to get out of here. This whole thing is gonna, come burning down fast, and, and and here we are it's- it's all burning down. And when I left there I thought you know we can start. We can start something, you know new indifferent. I don't think you can I really don't. I don't think the. I don't think the the Mid. Is there on the right? I don't think the money is. There on the right. There's. No, there's no exit strategy for the raw for, though, for the right
Nobody wants to invest in it. Nobody wants because nobody will sell it. You're not gonna, have created a backing to post and sell it for a billion dollars, not gonna happen. And that's the only way you draw money in and the views of the right are so in. Drenched in unpopular images because of things like media matters that I dont oh, how you survive that without everyone coming together and too many people on the right, don't wanna do that back. Love courage, train gland, back woman weights in her car outside a dingy, Streton Dortmund Germany. She annoyed to checks or watch for what C
like a thousand time she's waiting for her husband, she's been waiting now over an hour? He said it wouldn't take long Spain, over an hour, where is he on the other hand, is having a great time he is in the first ever sex dull, brothel happily now a board all. Very first of its kind paying customers can have their way with one of eleven dolls that are now on rotation, to opening Evelyn Schwartz. But twenty nine year old, female owner says the dolls or booked up to twelve times a day, and she spoke The report that the customer satisfaction is high. Seventy percent of the men return for a second visit, her business is booming thing. To her loyal clients, and that
all wives that wait for their husbands outside the board, all also reports. You only have to replace one doll after a customer brokered. Some like Evelyn sorts clay, That using sex dolls is not harmful, but its actual beneficial to one's health. Kay Report recently found with a significantly high number of bread, say that sex with a robot or sex with a doll? Isn't cheating he's not like, other human. People truly feel this way. Or is it just convenient. So what's the consequence of this behaviour? Well,. With a I. Only time will tell.
One of the consequences so far as it reduces the very act that creates life into a simple reaction. The difference between a sex, Darlin Potted plant grades. The relationship between a man and a woman. It's going to become more and more dangerous. It will become more dangerous than the porn industry. Why would any one have the incentive to pursue a real woman You have to listen to them. You have to listen about their day. Why. When I can have a dream, woman she'll sleep with me: Sheila you talk to me about the things I want to talk about, she whose everything she knows. My every want. Thank
AY. Is this the beginning of the inevitable slide into West world. Are there any men? Are there still trying to put in the effort, Louis bill trying companionship, still want companionship, love, respect a friend. Somebody who sees the value of a woman more then just a piece of plastic. Friday October, twentieth dear listenin, to the Glen Back programme Why would you even say two LISA? What would LISA say to you still hey honey just give me an hour. You just wait.
There's probably sums part of her. There The excited she didn't have to do hold me probably would not be disciplined, would not be excited about that scenario. My wife would be a disgusted. She would, while discusses layers of discuss that you did not. Reach we get into well. I don't think we need to talk about the doll being used a level admin times yet again. The girl, that's all I want to know what is the procedure between uses? If it's not, burning them in their fire at all, because I mean that is: there's a line, there's a lot of lines being crossed, but when you talk of, I don't even know why I don't know which is the most disturbing line. Woman waiting outside. The man going in there. Fact that he is making it with this doll.
The fact that he's making with a doll who has been made- it with a guy just the hour before after that a woman is running this I mean I don't even know where to start yeah I guess the society, here's. My most disturbing observation is that this is good to win. Yes, it is in our society, Just like a ventilator, it feels like it's a habit and now but remember like remember when people used to say, like you know, you're going to spend a lot of your day on your phone with you. What are you looking at? breathing. Why are you fond seeming insane like there was predictions about that decades before, actually gone on, and I think this Something thing is gonna happen here, like over decades. It will become like it it went away, and I now here's the thing we have you watched West world,
I started I got bored with hollow. Gosh is whole unbelievable. Is it really and I did it so low moving, though you have is low moving, but it is so well I mean you know me, I'm fascinated with technology in the future and a high. So this is right up my Ali, because the the the com, two of a high or Beyond your imagination and why world is dealing with it, because it will It will be used as a park. Ok, It will be used for your amusement at first and as a high becomes aware of itself and not going to serve you. Why, if it, if it believes that it is real,
you will be a modern day slave owner. I'm telling you by twenty fifty. You will be in court fighting for the liberation of a I. I guess t you buy toys, he fifty we will base. We will be having the conversation in court of, What is life were you to say: that's, not life and an easy answer to that. Right now is to say: well, it's not like it's weather. To believes it is life or not does not matter, because it isn't right, but we have no suppose we have no. We have no foundational beliefs any more as a society. I know many individuals do, but it now as a society. These things will move us quickly You know we will. We will change those lines that we have, I think, fashion the most people I have to tell you. You are so quick to say it's not life when you can tell the difference between
it s a real person. They still won't be life. Its issue, What is the definition of life? If you don't believe in a soul don't believe in God. But this is why this is easy for his writing correct as we do, but if you don't believe in that which we are moving away from, what is the deal prince, and I will tell you there will be. People who don't believe in the soul who will suddenly say they believe in the sole, because this will be convenient and then what makes you different than the slave owners. Let me just say this: if it thinks it's life, ok, it thinks its life. How is it going to be servicing you, and I mean that in the most grotesque sort of way, how is it going to be servicing you? You do whatever you want to it and it
continues to take it. It just continues to say I'm here to serve you. That's all I'm here for no, it's gone to be smarter than you did. I It's going to see you as. Harvey wine steam without any of the power. If Harvey Wine steam. Didn't have any power. How long would he have remained out of jail? Harvey Wednesday will would be living under a bridge right now if he were alive somebody probably would have killed Harvey wine steam if he would behave the way he behaved for as long as he did. Without the power and the money the attorneys. How are you writing I to do that
What do I mean this sincerely look at what happened to Japan, they Camp Japan, the king of the jail, These two procreate, her just now interested this sort of a revolting process. When you really stop and let us not to stop and think I mean it's not Somebody is really kind of eighty. Ok, when you really stop and think about it. That's why not stop and by lies in either way, and I think the documentary demolition man that was not a doktor discover list because they didn't have to touch each other anymore neurons. They just realized. The whole thing was a key, and why would we do it like that when we can have these cool virtual reality it sets and the same types of things happen, and I mean as That is its kind of protection of the future right, I mean, as this is one sex doll shop and we, I think all, would look at this and say: well, that's not the same We would also you know what stupid that's, not the same thing like we win,
We're almost gonna want that you weren't human interaction, think about just the change. Viewing a concert for a minute. I should have. You went back to someone in the nineties and said you know what you're going to go to the concert in order to pay to be in the third world. Countries hold up of food and feed Your face, the entire time and watched on video like you could watch it tv, it's gotta be amazing. It can you imagine Norway that to someone with their sales are still early. I know that's what I'm saying these things are moving. They move fast like these. We we have. Something that we ve learned. I think over the past twenty years or less, is that things that think are concrete, are absolutely concrete at one willing- was the liquid way when it may very well turned back to a little way. What I tell you, how many times have you said, desires liquidated or solid and solid liquid, but its very true, and it happened a lot faster, doesn't mean you. Ve talked about this before
We know you make your beneath it. About glens about a prediction, a minute type, a guy when you're too, to and some of them you ve made that I think most people would agree with that, certain types of things will happen. You're, usually the guidance as they're gonna happen a lot faster than others. Might you know, and you said this will about technology a lot of times, and I mean these things have happened faster. I mean you think of I was listening to a show about dating and I remember when, on fine dating. Was this thing that, like us only weird computer nerds did like it was not something member. It was one of the lively id yeah. I remember asking people how'd you meet and they get really embarrassing that guy in your like a really really really like there's actual people out there. I this is like in the two thousands I'm not talking about going back to the seventies here. Two thousand now I would
agent and, thank God, I'm not in this world right now, but I would imagine It seems like at least basically that's the way you meet everybody. That is the way you date now fear under a certain age you just that's what you do you send onto the actor swiping left and right this is how you do it now I mean in ten years, went from an ostrich activity to basically the only way it happens, I mean I don't know. We certainly are prepared for the moral and deeper conversations. Ethical conversations about things like artificial intelligence were definitely not ready for that, but that's like a sick, These steps past, where we are open, But we will be, we will hit the point of singularity by twenty twenty nine. It is the human, machine hybrid, At the moment, machines can. Be spiritual and
We can become machines. Twenty twenty nine guarantee it t twenty not exact year. Twenty twenty notice that, based on based on they wiles prediction and looking at the compounding of technology, he says it's writs. He said it absolutely he went from. Guy. Who said you cannot predict the future. That was his first theory back in the seventies. You can predict the future Because it's too many twenty five, people's etc, etc. Then technology he started looking into technology and, as he started to see computer science seaside wait a minute. This is actually very predictable. We can assess airily, protect human nature, but we can predict the rise of technology, and so He's he's done the math for two decades now, and he is twenty. Twenty nine, not twenty! Thirty, not twenty. Twenty, eight, twenty! Twenty nine.
And we will be able to connect as people to the cloud we ought to happen is gone about November. Twenty twenty eight neurons are gonna. Call me more on your name is sorted only eight, as I too think of how fast this is changing. As I You right now for the first I'm ever Bitcoin. Over six thousand ok, this is something was completely unknown a few years ago and we went on the air in March of this year. Talking up how oh my gosh look, how much Bitcoin has gone up it's up to eighteen hundred or whatever it was it's more than tripled. Since the conversation we had on the air talking how ridiculously high it March in March or April. I think I bought Bitcoin at a thousand or eleven hundred, and I This is so risky. This is so risky. You bought what thirty until they can. I wish now is not that love, but it was pretty love it.
And there are some people that bought it. There's a there's, a kid who bought a whole bunch of bitcoins he's now, eighteen and he's worth, I think three million dollars because he just saved his. I don't know bike money hand stuff, that he was making on hundred or even knows paper route, and he just put it into Bitcoin and held it near now. It's six thousand six, just cross that very for the first time ever and by the way I may music was eighteen hundred eleven eighty yeah. I was eleven unaware of eleven eighty one or two other I mean and think about that and renouncing its in credit and I dont know, will Bitcoin replace the way we think about currency. I don't know- maybe maybe not, but I mean it might end- Talking now, is it we're talking about a hundred billion dollar exchange a hundred billion dollars, or you can do so. You can understand. Put that into perspective of other hundred billion dollar organization, that's bigger than Nike, it's as its big. Can bear.
Bigger than Honeywell. It's big, and all of these gigantic corporations that you thought about your entire life in this thing is brand new hesitate most people don't even know what it is not even really based. Click even do anything with it. Yet I mean, what are you it's hard to? You? Wanna go buy things with it. It's not easy. I mean there are certain companies. I know. Overstock was very early on this doing that, there's if there are companies that you know that that dude except Bitcoin, but there's not a ton of them, my company Listen to me, I would have been our company and we would have had a whole bunch of bitcoins goes. We couldn't have been able to spend them, but that's ok, men- then that's what this funny, because this is even talk about real problems in our world. You know when it coin started. It was these thing, graces feel public. Only colonels reasoning and Wikileaks was one of them. They put these things and they had.
Fifty thousand percent profits from when they were buying long before we were there, we ve done. Wikileaks is poised to become so unbelievably powerful because of the money they ve made, because government shot off the credit cards and they had them, but all of their money in demand going. How many other crazy criminals did similar thing. He had a lot of power on a power there. Casper has outdone themselves again tawny, and I were one of the first to have the new wave mattress from Casper and we absolutely love it. They have. Collected three years of data feedback, foam research, sleep science, if created the wave, it features a patent bending support system that mirrors your bodies, natural curvature, that's the way for a deeper and more restorative sleep. It also has an top later. That's incredibly soft, but you get the support that you need down below
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Glenn Back glancing back what the people have to go through at universities. Today's I don't know how they survive anybody walks! I really don't. We found out in, is it Is it Iowa earlier today that too University is to have a rehearsal for Halloween, so the students would know how to rests on Halloween in what was appropriate, and I dont know how we ve done this our whole life without a college class on how to really participate. Now a win and I'm glad if I were putting my money into that. I'm I'm really glad that I would put my money into that for education, but
so Brown University, they decided they were gonna, give away free, eminent feminine hygiene products, and it is hit a snag because there were given away the wrong kind. They selected, it s the tampon tribe and they I believe some of the students are complaining that those free tat bonds, from the tampon, try, Barbara Earnings to native Americans back. Listening to the global programme, Fellow America so lead. You hear tat gray from TAT Gray Unleashed is joining us now and I would like to but one more exclamation point on the Red Rica, Wilson controversy with Donald Trump yeah.
I am torn go back and forth on Donald Trump as you know, because you can't help it try to defend him because the Democrats, or so ridiculous about him- I mean they're there the entire just so unhinged that use it just drives you toward him. Their most unleashed Yahoo and, as you know it is, it is the way they must have felt when people said he's from. Yeah birds are to me ass, they must have said they are so on hinged, yeah and I have stuff- does raise two level: daddy died as really does, and Frederick
Wilson, she's, not a serious person, I mean we can all agree on that and a great weight ways that she's like gay, not pretend contraries wearing like a band of form, a cowboy die it's hard to take or Syria, but it would be nice if the press, that would leave the gold star families out of this, if the, if he just didn't respond to be just they're going to say whatever they're gonna say in they're gonna tell him. You know that he'd wasn't respectful or whatever just stay here, even if their grieving leave him alone in say, if I said anything that was inappropriate, certainly didn't mean to, and I apologize and move on move and then it's over right. I mean, I think, in this pretty quickly, Trusting how Kelly, who is also Marina goals our family yeah. The media has no trouble questioning him the end nodded his story, because the whole thing with Trump was that you know he shouldn't. Even when you get in the common fight during the campaign, they were very critical of,
for doing that and honestly, I didn't like it either, women like I think, you're right like the standard, it should be, he pretty much. If you give your son to die, for the country. Even if your completely wrong, I'm pretty Miss Connell media alone. Yes, I mean in other areas. There are times when they become such political. Activists over a long period of time that I think that that goodwill, sorts sort can sort of dry up, and some of these claims to have them Cindy she and comes to mind and look up Bush handle that look, how we handle unity, and here we just stay out of it, and he let her say what you wanted to say and she went to his house every weekend and protested and put a banners and did all kinds of things and he just ignored it, and he never said anything about and ever setting about about or no they did they did so. We already talked to her, which they did but they never said anything else than those interesting. Is the Donald Trump oh said. He didn't know how to make these phone calls you under the general Kelly, Sir.
Ice on it the person, a call really is George Bush Nocturnal Kelly, George Bush. George Bush was the president. He was under fire the whole time and he called, if I'm not mistaken, he called every soldiers. Family Amene seems like it he would call you ve had a time every morning. I think it was at five, a m that he would get briefing every morning of who was injured where they were injured, who was killed. He would call the families he would call the soldiers. He would even call this the families of the injured and he seemed to do a really good job of a and nobody and nobody knew that now mean that something when I asked him about it, he said I do that because I'm the one who asked them to go I have to say the music and I want to- I want them to know. I am behind them. The right thing to do it is it's gotta, be the toughest call in the world make
and obviously, yesterday General Kelly said he advised Trump. Not to do it. So I don't know who would handle that instead, because I think it's kind of traditional for the president. Now I don't think it is certainly with Bush round the after first of all, first of all this is the first time we ve ever had a war, less Islam. I mean we who just to have had we just salmon, had this ongoing. Vietnam was pretty long. It was pretty law, but not as long as this gap, but I mean again there's a lot more calls a habit in world war, two or even though many been shortly. I know that but act, but I'm sorry, but I'm saying there's no real pattern, because three President's in a row, have never had to deal with this. You not I mean it was empty, are and then for a short period of time, Truman that was the I was the longest you know, or it was not even as a war it was an action under Kennedy than Johnson and ended in Nixon, so There wasn't as pattern of for a fee
a term of a presidency, the next full term of a presidency, and a year into the next term, speaking of Bush, though what were you thoughts on his speech yesterday? I was little irritated with him too, because where were you last eight years of a country downhill. We're worry because RO. I content of the speech I liked. I just wish. I dont know why it's only showing up now. I will tell you that I can't look at George W Bush, and not think that yeah every title. I really like you. I respect him. But you know- and maybe it's now because he's it's not the guy. He lost too buddy? It bothers me that you know he's taking on one side, the you know and speaking out about. What's what he believes is wrong. However, He also spoke out about the left yesterday. It was not this be no, it wasn't all
tromp by only one is partially about Trump, and I don't remember ever being about oh by dont, think it was about Trump. I think it was a really nationalism, nationalism and patriotism and how danger, but he was pretty good too tromp earlier. We yes, but he didn't say it was Donald Trump he wasn't taking on Donald Trump and saying you know this policy. Is he saying these? These ideas are dangerous. The little bit of of that of saying it's not about Lebron James is just about the best player on the Cleveland. Cavalierly shaped like a young areas. There is a lot of similarities. There obviously others a big portion of the port of a country that is starting to believe in, and nationalism and isolationism and Vienna populism I'll. He places that a prompt store and ethics are put at me, like I more purely it's probably Bannon right there certainly parts trumps administration that are not doing that. I mean there's a large parts of it than I do a great job. There's a lot. I mean there's a lot too, like, especially with other represented. I mean the administration as a whole. To me, there's
I too, like I'd. I'd, always runs handles these things, but I mean I think I have heard a speech who could run in twenty twenty and win? Is general Kelly now she I mean I don't know. I don't think I've heard a speech given by somebody in opposition of power. That was that frank on Real it was powerful, is powerful. It was real really powerful and you just have respect for him, be just commands respect and he knows you, you he's been there. I mean when he said yesterday about walking in Arlington Cemetery. And he said you know after this came out. How to get away and clear my head, and so I had to go, find something of honour so I walked around among the men of honour and their use he D found find there all laying their in Arlington Cemetery and he's some of them? I put their rights as they were doing what I told him to write he
So I went just a clear my head in and try to center myself and I I walked among those that I put there. Which was an amazing comment: yeah You watch Kelly in his boy started recently doing any press of ability in all last week or so, but he is a he other a calming influence to the nation. Like its lids legitimately that big. When you watch him- if you are because everything a lot of people are like the policies for tramper. Ok, some of my like some of my daughter but I'd stuff. You know he handles himself differently than any president in history. I think we can all agree on that, whether you like it or not, a lotta people. That might be the reason you like him, but if you dont like them at times that can make you feel uneasy, but people, You know you feel like a journey. Kelly's there and he's behind the scenes, and he seeing the though the inner workings of this thing and he's not panicking.
You know how you feel a little bit better. Libraries may actually is and handing over another known. I feel better if you're of the mindset of of a conservative but less into his language and then and then look at JANET height book where he talk. About how the the left does not speak the language of honour in sacredness and though basically the only language Lily Box, so it all relate to that end. They don't they don't they don't e honour and then things as sacred the way, though, though the right does, and so he was only speaking the language of one side yesterday I fear and I he's too serious a candidate to win. I think we're going the other way. It'll, probably be like carrot top next time.
I think I mean look. The guy it's catechising great shape is further detail for small government or by governments. Just for doubt, dial down the middle. That's all he wants to do is dire down the middle. It says that a simple its apply following an honest sandwich around and easy concept, and I am ready to vote for it. I really am, ready to vote for it. Down the middle ok, I can do that
as long as is valid position is in the middle? If not, it's gonna be a real problem in that he had to go right now, which card dashi and would you go for president? I feel I feel like one of them is gonna be President's at some point soon I gotta go slow. Does you don't Chloe load? I dont Courtney, although I hope does Bruce or what's her name now, Caitlin Galen Caitlin count. I Caitlin counts here. So I gotta go. Forget your Caitlin yeah spigots would never go there to complaint. We are haters. Aren't we really think that the fort well he's white still if he gets a racial, is not identifying as a white person anymore? Ok, then I've just for having. If your hiring you know, Quality hires, keep your business moving forward and you also should know it can take a lot of time to find the right candidate for the right job. So zip, Quarter is here now you can
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dot com, slash back, try it for free, zip, recruiter, dotcom, slash back! Glenn back. Claimed back so as we are trying to figure things out and try to figure out. How we stay away from fraudulent stories. How do we tell the difference between truth and fiction? Government and Facebook are here to save the day in obviously face because great for a lot of things. We do a behind the scenes stuff here and Facebook if every day followed linebacker stupor gear and you can see it every single day. There's a lot of great things that happen there. But there's like interpretation of the whole fake news thing. What happened in two thousand sixteen election and facebooks trying to deal with that internally, the new story from
three. Today we talk about how Facebook has long been concerned about assuming any sort of media watchdog rule and the companies objection usually takes the form of its well worn argument at Facebook. Is a technology company? Not a media company, hey so stop this. Is the conversation remember when, though the conservatives came, and I got bash mile, the conservatives, because This is what I heard Zuckerberg saying: where technology company we do but we have where in what did he say a hundred and sixty different countries? We don't know what's offensive in one culture and what's not offensive in another culture, we to know about all of the parties all of the candidates in every country. That's not possible now, and so you don't want us in their lives, this we're a technology company and That's what I heard Facebook saying, but now Facebook is being pressured,
a two, because of the Russia thing yes, Cheryl Centric, said weeding higher engineers we dont higher reporters. No one is a journalist. We dont cover the noose, that's how they look at themselves, but I think, is the right way, for it is self evident Garcia Martinez, Martinez's, former Facebook employee who helped led the company's early add platform? He worries. That the momentum to create to correct for what happened during the two thousand. Sixteen election will push Facebook a step too far. Everyone here's facebooks power and, as a result, there asking them to assume more power in form of I'm curious fashion and editorial decision making really bad. I wonder that two or three years from now we're all going to deeply regret. We asked for this. You are going to deeply regret. It yeah deeply deeply regret it. You know. I said five or six. Years ago that Facebook is. The new telephone Television talk radio.
Bulletin board tv it's, it's everything its everything and you, just have to look at it, and I hate to use this word because once you used word than its regulated, but it's utility- it's not, it's not anything other than a system of communication and It's why I am so sick of opinions, because, for the rohingya people on earth, four billion people- four billion people. Everybody has an opinion there, not all worth some they're not all worthwhile along the same, some of them are wrong. Some of them are crazy. Some of em are right. Some of them are not all, opinions are equal and everyone has an opinion. Everyone wants to see their likes go up, so they augment their opinion and make it a little more outrageous or whatever it's up to
it's not up to Facebook. It is up to us on how we use this now, how do they protect us? from people who are trying to influence our mind in a negative way. Well, you're out. No fraud is one thing right. Where are you talk about. Does the day of the year Family, that's gonna, leave their show and may go to their face. Create Austria every as every add on the internet would write and true the gains it it's like that sort of stuff, you can understand them saying: ok, we know this is false, but is that line that line will move. They will include moth thing Well, I mean, if you know the Republicans, the Republicans of Kansas when Actually, Russia, yeah, haven't
that's a violent death. It was Tennessee ever yeah. Yeah I mean that was there was a fraudulent account being operated by Russia as tweeting things like as if it was a GEO peace source in in Tennessee, and it looked totally legitimate it wasn't. It was Russia Nan. They report Think things about like Donald Trump and there look at this crowd in Cleveland, and it was like the Cleveland Cavalier celebration for their championship. Crowd like it wasn't. Even Trump crowd. There's fraud out there and it would be nice tools to try to fight that, but you don't facebook, making decisions for you like Glenn back
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