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10/23/17 - 'The Evil Genius'? (Bill O'Reilly, Megyn Kelly & Julie Belshe join Glenn )

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Hour 1 Boom!!!?? ...Bill O'Reilly's water just got hotter...'the affidavit'...Innocent until proven guilty or guilty until proven innocent?? ...'Settle to make it go away’ doesn't work anymore ...time to fix 'reason' firmly in her seat ...US Legal System: Whoever has the most money wins! ...Megyn Kelly did complain about Bill O'Reilly??... Here’s what she said in an email to the network   Hour 2 UN Ambassador to Hell …the Hitler of his time?... why does the UN deserve our money?...Guest Julie Belshe joins the show to speak out against elder abuse...After a stranger became her parents’ guardian, they were moved to a nursing home and their property was sold … how is this possible?...Beware: Nearby relatives should be contacted, but they aren’t...'Guardian systems' are popping up all over the country: Who and what are they?...families are being traumatized ...Fox News wants to have its cake and to eat it too    Hour 3 Bullying a fifth-grader, ‘commonsense gun laws’ and Cub Scouts ...typical 11-year-old behavior? nah ...Friend Bill O'Reilly joins the show to discuss the ‘beating he's taking in the media right now’ ... ‘I am not going to run and hide’ ...can't comment ‘specifically’ on any case that has already settled...Can't confirm or deny $32 million out of his own pocket?? ... ‘Just a hit job to get me out of the workplace’ ...Glenn reads letters to Bill from Megyn Kelly and Gretchen Carlson ...Roger Ailes = The Evil Genius ...Living in a vigilante society The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio.

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The blaze radio network on demand. Love courage, tree gland, bad. It was Christmas day, two thousand nine, a man smuggled chemicals, To a Northwest airlines flight with two hundred and eighty nine passengers aboard Thou, this feat required the poorest of a master technician and the stealth of a magician. One doesn't just simply walls onto a plane with a carry on full of deadly flammable liquids too obvious. You might be mistaken for a terrorist. Now this this top secret, Miss required months or even minutes of careful planning. It also took a steady and sometimes to steady hands for the chemicals
have to be concealed. Where no government agent would ever go. The man made it through airport security with its concealed chemicals intact too easy. He thought he then thought of Richard read the failed shoe bomber amateur the flight from Amsterdam to Detroit seem to last forever is Neither regions were cramped and uncomfortable. He had stash the secret chemicals within the cotton confines of his underpants brilliant. He thought to himself. Finally, the plane is beginning to descend toward Detroit. The man covered himself for the blanket and tried to light his skin ease on fire at first just smoke, fruit of the boom, just a burning sensation, where you never want to feel a burning sensation. Before he knew it boom
four route and his singed underpants, landed maximum Security federal prison with a life sentence for his brief attempt at mass murder Well now he has a new burning sensation, a bird desire to communicate with the fellow citizens of the world except he says, the United States government is key. Bring him down VI leading his first fifth and eighth amendment rights, because now he care so deeply about stuff like freedom and american constitutional rights last week. He sued Uncle SAM for prohibiting him from having any communication whatsoever with more than seven point, five billion people, quoting the vast Madeira majority of people on the planet. End quote. He also now says: solitary confinement is inhumane and he
not allowed to pray with his federal Muslims. Apparently, life in prison is proving to be even more restrictive than his tidy whitey were Monday October, twenty. Third- this is the Glen Back programme. There is a lot about today, but I want to start with a personal note over the weekend. I had to call Bill O Reilly, say bill I talk to you personally about what I'm reading in the New York Times full disclosure? He had called me two nights before they tell me that the New York Times was gonna, be publishing, something that he had spent the day at the New York Times or yet. He is, he or his council has won the day.
And then they had presented them with evidence that he said. I know there, never going to print another smear job is coming so on Saturday, the times came out and it's a pretty bloody story I say last January, six months after Fox NEWS outside its chairman Rodriguez amid a sexual harassment scandal, the networks, a top rated hosts the time bill, O Reilly, struck a thirty two million dollar agreement. With long time, network analysed Liz Wheel, to a settled new sexual harassment allegations according to two people briefed on the matter Extraordinarily are large amount, for such cases are included allegations of repeated harassment, a nun, consensual, sexual relationship, which is a term I think I've ever know her Before nine, Canada is not a revelation of non conventional, but
consensual sexual relationships and the sending of gay pornography and other sexually explicit material to her. According to the people briefed on the matter, it was these. At least these six agreement and by far the largest made by either O Reilly or the company to settle harassment, allegations against him spite that record. Twenty first century Fox began contract. Negotiations with orally and in February, granted may for your extension that paid him twenty five million dollars, ear so kind of it. We'll hit hears they're going after a rallying saying that there is another allegation on him. In addition, they're saying Fox Wild telling everyone they cared about sexual harassment, This went on and sign bill o anyway correct. Now here is here. Is I'm inlet. Let bill speak for himself he's coming on in our number three today and I am going to ask him of the thirty two million dollar question and
he will answer to the best of his ability. He is under legal. Strange, but he will answer to the best of his ability. I will tell you that I, an affidavit from Liz, we'll she's. As I have known bill o for eighteen years, we have worked together, we have socialized and on occasion I gave him legal advice at the end of twenty six. Dean. I hired council who prepared a draft complaint, asserting claims against Bill O Reilly. We have since results old Dolliver issues. I will no longer make allegation allegations contained in the draft complaint. Additionally, over the years, while I was acting as Billow Riley's council, he forwarded me certain explicit emails that were sent to him and any at all,
Ice sod or rendered is attorney, client, privilege, confidential and private. I have no claims against billow, rightly concerning any of those emails or any of the allegations in the draft complaint. I have reach an accommodation with Fox NEWS regarding the termination of my employment. I have no claims against Fox NEWS Liz we'll now Bill has not only the affidavit, but he also has what would be described as love letters from Liz to bill now how to how'd it. How did have how is therewith with somebody forcing To write those things are thus, whether I thought that term non consensual, sexual relationship was so bizarre because you know look if you're in nation should with someone you can still violate them. You can He'll do terrible things does not necessarily on some there saying here, but just I mean you could
you radically right, you're in relationship. These things happen all the time where someone something you're not supposed to inside of a relationship. However, a nun. Central sexual relationship, sounds to me like rape, but a butler over and over and over again right and it's in the terms of a relationship. The strange word: oh yes, it is some so I'll take. It makes any sense than I am if there's, if there are these love letters, which I have not seen I've seen them either, but if, if they exist and and and one of these were presented the times or not. But it is my standing there and I middle at let bill talk about this- that he went and offered evidence and said that this is not true. The way that it is being presented is absolutely not true. And he said they were not interested in any of that. It is my belief
that there are those that do not want billow right to return, and I believe, honestly, that some of those The Lord the Murdoch's hand they Murdoch's, do not want billow Riley back on the Fox NEWS, and so they want to keep him. They want to keep him out. I think it is interesting that everything was dead and buried with with bill till he went back on Sean Hannity show and made fox number one for the first time in months and months, then, all of a sudden, people realized he still a threat and now it's being pushed again This is not new. These are a thing that have already been out in the paper. Now. Here is my problem.
This is why I say I want to start with a personal note, I come from a family of abuse. And I know what abuse is like ay you know how abuse plays on people. I know how abuse destroys people I have no place in my life for abusers. Then I have no place in my life for men who treat women with anything but respect, they also have no place in my life for women who don't treat men with respect We are now in a place that it starting to resemble the crucible. This is starting to look like a witch hunt and we after decide. Are you guilty
till proven innocent or are you innocent until proven guilty which is it in Amerika? We can Each make our own personal judgments on this, but on speculation and on complaint. Does this mean that you are driven from society and can never work again. Bill maintains that he might eat mistakes, but they are not these kinds of mistakes. His mistakes were trusting people. His mistakes were dating at work. His mistakes were settling He has spoken to me and said Glenn. I did not want My children exposed to any of this. It's worth that for me. I think I understand that now I don't think I am
and thirty, two million dollars. If that, indeed, is the settlement amount, However, I do understand that and I We all understand we ve all worked for companies that settled things You knew were wrong how many times, at least in my life. I don't know. Maybe people are different- but in my life I've seen companies. People settle things that they should have never settled, but they did because it made. It go away made. It just stop and we have been we been a society that has given these lawsuits so much power that we settle And then what do we do? We put a stupidly? bull on a snow. Blower that says snow blower shouldn't be used on the roof So you didn't have another stupid lawsuit, law suits are important and the?
system is important. And if we're going to settle these cases, then then the affidavit in the mean something a v ABC needs to mean something. If you can say to somebody hey, they did this and then the earth at. The table now wishes to this. Just assume that this is not about sexual harassment is about something else. I used a snowball or on the roof, and I. Gonna, take you to court and I'm gonna, I'm gonna get you for half a billion dollars. And you know, as the company they're not going to win half a billion dollars and it's absolutely no jury in the world is going to believe this. However, it's going to cost us X, Y and Z, it's going to cost Putting all of our company time into this. We're gonna have to fight it in press. There are gonna, be people who are against us, because the others no blower company is all
instead in they're, gonna use this against us and they're gonna say we built arsenal blurs never go on the roof. Just settle the damn thing, settle it to me. Go away now, can that be used against you, because what did you just pay for and if the poor, some who signed the affidavit is said. Okay, so we settled in these. Things are true, and I've had a good relationship with the snow blower. If. Everyone just says: well they only signed that because of money. Well, wait! Then what good was the affidavit. Why would I have them say? Why would I ever settle so we're gonna, to a couple of things we are going to destroy settlements because
nobody will ever settle, nobody will ever ever settle and then on to it. Is that good for victims? No because you don't have the money that the corporation does So they're not settling, and then on top of it. If they do settle, then what happens- you do settle, they come out and they can say whatever they want. Now the company is screwed, so where's justice. Do it? Does everything now have to go to a court of law and Are we going to decide everything and destroy people's lives based on things? we do not have first hand knowledge on.
This is something we have to decide and I fight myself. Here I will If bill, I Have all the evidence, but I believe him, so what do I do Do I kowtow to the people who say you can have this gonna really hurt you order? I stand and say well when evidence is presented that I believe and I'll make my own personal decision on that? But right now I am not willing to throw somebody to the pack of wolves. There were people at Fox that I do believe we're doing this Roger ales. I do believe I've, Then, with bill o in in many situations, work situations the guy keeps to himself. He is the most buttoned up. Guy I've ever met. Could he be this guy yeah, but I
I have seen no evidence of it. You know Gretchen Karlsson is is now saying you know we she was quoted as saying we have to believe the accusers yadda yadda. No, we have to listen to them, but we don't to believe them, especially in politics or a vast amounts of money is involved. We don't have to believe people we do. After listen to them and not automatically discount them, but when politics are involved, it's important We listen to both sides and we fix reason firmly in her seat. Open up the phones. I'd really like to hear from you I liked what do what do we do
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they jeez rate accusations against him. I dont have the I dont know yet if she spoke on the today show or not, if he, if she I shall not. Now I'm not really. I am ultimately believe Megan Kelly, MEG, is by top shelf. I'm not surprised by the way, I'm not saying that she has she's accusing him of anything. Yet I do we have to actually the week. Should we play how the audio? Yes, you have without her lady now, but it's not ready so gay, so is this on her tv show this morning appears to be on. The today show soap she her if she is not here today right yet now it has depending on where you listening, but they have. I think she came on the today show because specialists we need to talk about this and she's on she. Certainly talking about this today, Juliet Haughty, who I so really, like I dont, know Juliet, but I I like her. I voice always good things about her
but she's on today talking about sexual harassment at Fox I mean Jen accusations are accusations, and you need to take, as you pointed out, them seriously every time there is an accusation and should be taken seriously and this should be looked into So I think this will give I'm sure a bill. Want to respond to this. You known, depending on details, I know he's somewhat restricted legally, but I mean I think it's a he's. Gonna probably want. To address that only very high profile so we will. We will have him on in. Our three will play that, hopefully, will have that pulled by the next break of us about five minutes to pull that will pull that audio and an play? It but I really want to hear from you. Are we still innocent until proven guilty erika- or do we just go
over the cliff with the rest of humanity? Glenn back, this is the Glenda Programme, I find self in a really weird place today, m standing in between two friends, the both of whom, I trust, end a door Megan Kelly. I adore her. I think she is one of the smartest. Women on television. She I think is is is kind and brave, and I support it I'm one of the few on either side that support her. On the On the other hand, Bill O Reilly is also one of the smartest and Miss cast characters.
And one of the only people in television that I think was truly gracious and helpful to me and was always transparent. With me. There's a spat. Going on between the two of them. And I believe, Both of them are right in some regard. Bill. O Reilly is under attack again for sexual harassment. This is not a new suit. This is just the New York Times bringing up old stuff that has already been out and Megan Kelly spoke about it on the today show we're getting that tape and will have it and just a second first, let me go to Chris in California. Chris, I don't know, I don't want to give lip service to sexual harassment.
But I also don't wanna, be a part of anything where we're just were gathering up witches. What do I do This bill, O Reilly situation. I happen to believe him oh you know the scenario and, as I explained in the gentlemen before you know, that's why we have the whole process right. We have evidence and reasonable doubt. We after you have to look at the evidence, but the problem is and and and like we're talking about it as it is guilty job Providence had become, the accusations have been made. Gay characters been tarnished Lhasa job, as happened. Cato emotional things that go on, not only you know, with yourself and with them, but also with the family k and who end up paying for that. Ultimately, he does, even in the long run. If he is innocent, he still gonna be looked at, and a different light and there's gonna be people out there that no matter what are going to say that, while you know they just sure
whatever you know they found in his favour, because he's richer, because these desert, because he's on the other hand, it is a process that really from the beginning, is just slowly. I just doesn't work Chris. Thank you for your call. Frank in Pennsylvania, go ahead, gone gone. I look at a glance, is God Stone, control look. This is ongoing effect for bill not be needed. It as he. Yes, he did. You look at King David in the Bible and the effect it had on him and I still love there and I'm Tryin becomes back stronger and more righteous and ever more powerful man, and he has a lot to bring to the table the night. What time I'm keeping the fate Ok, thanks frank by it has humbled him. It is humbled him. A great deal bill is now the same man that I knew at Fox.
And an idea, I could be wrong. I could be wrong. But I believe him that takes were made, but they're not Harvey wine steam mistakes. And you know people settle for all kinds of reasons. And I know that I have gone kicking and screaming to the settlement table a couple of times, because it was wrong, but you said It is serious and sort of thinly veiled accusation by the New York Times against Liz wheels well, which is based Luckily, there saying this attorney filed a false affidavit eyeing about what actually happened to collect money. If that's true, she should be disbarred, Raven, like a weird thing and like everyone, just kind of assuming, because there sit the reported numbers large that, oh of course she would lie to get that. But I mean she's an attorney falling
legal document, but that's what regardless of the amount of money. That's it that's not something that is new. Only just dismissed. So I think it seems like maybe we can ask bill about this, but I mean I know that's it. That's an odd thing, because lives is saying she has no claims against them and if these things are settled and she would not make these claims, if asked today, as without affidavit, said that she signed so I mean like vote EL system takes that seriously as well right, yes, so in Ohio, something is settled not settled anymore. That's what I was saying in the open as it's just not settled and settled anything anymore, because even the alpha David means nothing now and that's what these settlements are set. People will say: well wait a minute! I I want these things to be prosecuted or whatever there shouldn't be these settlements. It shouldn't be about money. It's not your choice, The victims choice is the victim to a settlement hearing and decide to take the settlement. They are so I would rather have this settlement then go through that procedure
they are saying it. It's there to do that in our legal system. It obviously there's a lot of reasons for that. It takes burden off of the legal system for on it, does a lot of things. But this is your right and you can imagine this earlier- if, if these things just leave now every time there's a settlement. Then no power a person is ever going to settle whatever things and then you're going to wind up with the other. The other side of that, which is the power for people who are guilty, are going to use every that they would have settled with to attack the person whose whose claiming that said bill said to me my biggest mistake is settling. He said I listen two attorneys and I listened to Fox and they said just make it go away settle settle settle, and he said I did it for my children and he said that's my boy, this mistake is I settled and now look at it He said as a citizen snug and is there is no reason to settle, and that's true. So if
It is just. I want you to be aware of the society that were entering in if someone makes a claim you settle, but it will matter, if you'd Don't settling it's one thing to say: well, I would never settle believe me, you will you will when your time, about bankruptcy. Or settling it and just making it go away. You'll settle. And it's your right to settle, but if, if settlement- means nothing any more. Well, then, what have what you have you have to fight? them and it will be. Whoever has the most money, and there's no secrets anymore, believe me: they will they. If somebody has allowed a money, they are going to find out whatever it is. You don't want out there,
just gonna, be tit for tat, and this is not good. This adds to chaos. Are we have the Megan Audio we're gonna get to This is, I have not heard this year, but this is Megan Kelly today on the today show and I like and respect Megan, so these coming out with something on Bill O. This is gonna, be problem. Hears Megan Kelly today, Alicia Snare, claiming that no woman and twenty here is ever complained to human resources or legal about him. Maybe that is true. Fox news was not exactly a friendly environment for harassment, victims who wanted to report in my experience. However, o Reilly suggestion that no one ever complained about his behaviour is false. I know because I complained about it was november- twenty. Sixteen the day my memoir was released in it. I include,
the chapter on eels and the sexual harassment scandal at Fox NEWS, something the murder new. I was doing and to their credit, approved Ellie. We happen to be on CBS News that morning they asked him about my book and about ales who, by this time, had been forced out in disgrace. O response I'm not interested in the snow, namely little actual harassment in uninteresting sexual here, I'm not interested in basically litigating, something that is finished. That makes my network look bad. Ok, I'm not interested in making my network look bad at all. That doesn't interests me one bit. I did something that day. I've never done before an email to the co presidents of Fox NEWS, bill Shine and Jack Abernathy, an ear
I have never made public but am sharing now, because I think it speaks volumes about powerful men and the road blocks one can face in taking them on. I wrote in part. Perhaps he didn't realize the kind of message his criticism sends to young women. Cross this country about how men continue to view the issue of speaking out about sexual harassment, for She didn't realize that his exact attitude of shaming women into shutting the hell up about harassment on grounds that it will disgrace. The company is in part how Fox NEWS got into the decade long ills mess to begin with, perhaps its own history of harassment of women, which has, as you no resulted in pay out to more than one woman, including recently that blinded him today, Ali of saying anything other than I am just so sorry for the women of this company, who never should have had to go through that. Bill shine called me in response to my email, promising to deal with O Reilly by April
and that night, O Reilly had apparently been dealt with, and by that I mean he was permitted with managements advance notice, and blessing to go on the air and attack the company's harassment victims. Yet again, if someone is paying you away you all a person or company allegiance like happening in the workplace, go to human resources or Lee. I've done that and then the action you need to take afterward. If you feel agree, there are labour law in this country, but don't run down the concern that supports you by trying to undermine it to stop for a second. This is due. This is different. This is an allegation. You don't like the way he responded to. You and Megan. I happened to agree with you. I didn't like it either the critique of his public speech on top this other yeah. This is not about sexual harassment. This is about what he said about coworkers and
He happened to disagree with him on this I think that it was a brave of the women at Fox NEWS to stand up for Roger Ales was an extraordinarily powerful man. He was Lee Harvey wine steam. I would a light in Cuba. Listen to what Harvey really is, but he was, but he was just as powerful on the right, and nobody wanted to take him on, and it took great courage to take him on and I put Megan we in that in that camp, but We have to remember something else. It was going on at the time a political. Campaign had just been waged and this whole campaign pitted Fox NEWS against Megan Kelly Megan, Kelly was the darling of the company until she stopped started asking questions of Donald Trump that I thought were completely fair and
Roger Ales wanted to teach Megan a lesson and knock her down a notch and I know this because I worked there and knock down a notch and and let the political stem do his dirty work. That's what this was. Bout. There was an internal war going on and it was all of. Politics that separate from the accusations Armenia is separate, and so I think that the the headline here are. The main thing is obviously she felt really strongly about this in and did not like She saw the o Reilly statements publicly, as a microcosm of with the way the company treated these that and I she's not making a specific accusation of harassment. I built a rally, and I will tell you that I happen to agree. I happen to agree. This is this. This is the way Fox NEWS dealt with things they would have approved that
and do you know bills intend may have been different than the leaderships intent. I dont know but I will tell you there is a lot more going on in that particular story at that particular time. Then just standing up and an saying sexual harassment. You know and I have to say, while I disagree with the way he handled it, I I agree with Megan Kelly, I all so dont want to work for a place where there to tell me I have to- or I cannot say something on my own programme if I were working at and they told me not to. I would appreciate it if they told to say something I wouldn't appreciated. I would
read the statement and make it clear that my company wanted me to say these things, but you don't stay silent. You don't to quit a company that you like to make a charge against the company that you like, if you like it, and you think it can be, fixed and you know what is going on is wrong. Any legal. You have a duty to stick it out and stand up world is becoming more and more unpredictable? and that's putting it mildly. None of us have any guarantees on what tomorrow will bring. I mean honestly, I could come to you on the air to Morrow and I'll bet you that a vast the majority of the audience who go. If I said to you
Do you know what the federal government has come out and said that aliens do exist? We had contact with them. You know forty, years ago agenda you ve, been. We ve been talking to them. They're gonna come out later today with the evidence of alien life. I think all of us would go ha wow. Who were ten fifteen years ago. That would have changed the world. Yes, it would still changed the world, but we're not shocked by anything it shows you how unstable things are please ensure that feeding your family never becomes dependent upon the response of the government officials or FEMA having food Storage or emergency situations means that you are. You never have to deal with not being able to eat during a crisis, and my patriot supply gets that they are the solution yet their one hundred and two serving survival food kid now at a special price of less than a dollar per serving. You have to call this
number eight hundred two hundred seventy one sixty three or order online at prepare wit, Glenn, dot com, it's dependable, emergency food storage, and you can trust the people, our seasoned experts at my Patriot supply COM, them right. Now, eight hundred two hundred seventy one sixty three or prepare weak lehne, dot com Glenn back land back. Why do we have to question everything that anyone says, especially in authority we gonna. Tell you the story next hour of what could happen to you or your parents, It is a shocking shock story of how people can just suddenly be deemed irresponsible
and lose everything colluding contact with their own children truly remarkable, a story you must hear from person who went through it in a minute, Glenn back. Love courage, tree gland, back forty eight hours. That is how long the president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, held the position of goodwill ambassador at the? U n the war Health Organisation chose Mugabe because they thought he be an advocate for fighting diseases such as cancer and diabetes in Africa.
Thankfully, someone at the World Health Organization returned to sanity and rescinded the appointment when, two days later, they remembered oh yeah, that's right he's a despot, a tyrant, a killer To think that somebody who help spread a raging cholera epidemic in his own country would fight diseases is insane. This is a man who is killed, thousands of his own people for political dissent. He destroyed Bob Ways, Healthcare programme, he eviscerated the agricultural system. He for seizure of white, owned farms collapse the economy and has led to have poverty and mass starvation all across his country, Robert Mugabe,. He single handedly responsible for reducing the life expectancy in Zimbabwe from sixty two years to thirty six years, that the lowest involved in the entire world.
Believe me when I say this man is incapable of doing anything good. This is a guy who aspired to be like Adolf Hitler. I'm gonna quote Mugabe quote I am still the Hitler of my time Hitler has only one objective: justice for his people: sovereignty for it people, recognition of the independence of his people and their rights over resources. If that's Hitler, then let me be Hitler tenfold. Ten times. That's what we stand for end quote, who in their right. Mind at the World Health Organization could be this stupid by the way The first time, the United Nations honoured Mugabe in twenty twelve, the! U N, endorsed him as a tourism ambassador. Oh.
The titles kind of ironic, because Mugabe has been banned from travelling to most parts of the world because of his atrocious human rights violations, not demand there is nothing to or in his country x devastation. Poverty, disease and modern cemeteries, far, Inter Governmental Organisation, insists on a point Mugabe to something it should be to did to appoint him as the ambassador to the deepest darkest recesses of hell. That isn't it. It is an appointment I can get behind, and That would be the only reason I would send another dime to the, U N Monday active or twenty. Third. This is the Glen that programme. We are going to tell you a story that is truly
hard to believe and it could happen to you. It could have to your parents. One introduce you to Julian Bell? She she he is a woman whose parents, Rudy and Rennie North were legally kidnapped. This happened in the state of nevada- and this is not the only case it- It ain't! It all stems from these guardians strange. This can become the guardian of your parents, It doesn't matter if you're there they can go to worked and become a guardian for your parent. And when that happens, there This disappear. Duly welcome to the programme thinking for having me this, I'm reading this story,
from the new Yorker and it is hard to believe at first? This sounds: like something that would have happened, and Nazi Germany were That's pretty much! What I've comparative too, because I don't know anything about guardianship and when I started looking on the computer and finding the first video came a cost, was Dorothy Wilson, Diane Wilson was going in and interviewing her mother and assisted living, Saudi and her mom was devastated. She I get me out of here, I'm not going to eat, I'm not going to read. I want to go home and I didn't know what I stepped into. And the more I started investing in the computer. The social media helped me tremendously I knew I had to do something for my parents, because their competent there was nothing wrong with them. They need a little bit upheld, but they lived on the golf course. They had summoned
come in and help them and take care of them. I assisted them my mom had suffered for years and years from a t, allow Damn but we had at all under control and the many anybody finds out that you have any outside money stocks. Mom, that you're worth value you no longer our human being. Once the guardian takes you, you are now a ward and you have less rights than a prisoner This is this is truly shocking and I I want to set this up right, so people can really understand it. This you're, a your folks, lived in LAS Vegas, so people understand you would go over to see your mom and dad they lived on this golf course go over your mom and dad. But once a day you would stop in stop in correct. I would
stop end once a day and then the last couple of months before they got cake in, we would call each other My husband and I have a business though I was pretty busy, have begun boys and that I would talk to them every day There are four times today make sure they were ok, see them once a week at first, I was take helping them for despite Aaron, take them to the doktor right, I'm, but stop I it's not a year. If your folks were confused, your father was reading Try to remember here he was three was reading Freud. He was reading Plato Nietzsche, your Mama jacket, Marian dolls at man you're very, very articulate right, MRS collusion. It doesn't. This doesn't stop with this, the guardian. Ok, that's the guardian in that now we
A fine got indicted, though, carrying on with her way way way before you go into this. I have to explain to people what what happened. So your folks, your folks are living on the golf course they have. They ve lived a good life. They ve put their money away, they ve saved for their retirement. Your mom is getting ill, but your dad is taking care of her she's fine, he's fine boy. Mentally there. Your in the area. So if there's any problems its knowledge, these people were just left alone and day somebody to the door and claims to be their guardian. Is I right? I'm? U The chopper. Why would happen? Was it was on a moral day of two thousand and thirteen, and I had plans, you go see my parents on that Friday, I'm and an walks hospice care worker. The owners actual
If we want this care, my parents were drinking coffee and humming breakfast M, pretty much condensed. I'm there was another knock on the door about twenty minutes later it was April park, the private profits smok guardian I too calm the private for profit, guardian put all their in it for and she walked in on presented herself, my parents had six people in their home, tell them, they had three choices. One they could go to go with them willingly and golden assisted living facility to call the fire department and the police they had a chance to get I d jail are: they could be taken out of the home in a Bernie or three. They could go to a sideboard.
Your parents chose option number one because they were confused and neighbour came out and said what's going on and they said I would give we're just take a look at this like a vacation nothing to worry about, they laughed knock, that's not crap. More at how what really happened. Boys all of these them April part first ball presented herself as an officer of the court, which is not an dab One of her coworkers told my mom and dad just look at this as a many creation as a respite real becoming back home and my mom was crying and crying and said this is my home get out of my home leave us alone. We were told the pack a suitcase and pray. Much whatever they put in the suit case- is all but was left in the end. A few items back, but this guardian then took them across
so the state up way up north If I'm not mistaken, she whilst reject them. I'm I like red, which, from our health, is about forty five when Roger had under it close to the Border Arizona. Oh, yes, I'm sorry. I was thinking that this was some. City Arizona. This is actually in Nevada. Wasn't it her out? and so they take her. There You take them there. This is a retirement community when you finally in touch with your parents. How many days gone by four days? and no one will know is no sign nothing the door until the fourth gay, till after the memorial day weekend until she got temporary guardianship of them and she was now, they're temporary guardianship because it was deemed emergency situation. If something is such an emergency, she was handed the papers two weeks prior
Then why didn't you go and get them there and its a law that fear pair? Are your loved wine is going to be taken by law? The court is supposed you notify you so that you can step in and say what going on and you can file the proper paperwork. That the law here is just incredible. We could probably spent an hour just on that, but what what about the moment when you go, could you just went to visit them your normal visit and they just were gone, his Friday. What is this? What were you panic? What what? What? What what you go through, as that happened, mortified, I mean the newspaper was in the fry, the windows, are in their kitchen, are usually open a little bit the blinds open a certain way. The house was just close down. I just knew right there and then something was terribly wrong. I went you, the Sun City, oriented the country Club House there where they were going.
Of coffee and I looked around for them and then I put myself Heather and I drove palm until my husband, my parents have been kidnapped. That was just my got reaction. Something is terribly wrong here, You called police, you now eyesight, always swaying twenty. I called hospitals first, and my the emotions that run with this are so high and low. The gamut of emotions died I think, was. I wanted to get an attorney. I wanted to know. What's going on how people can walk in your home and take you and not The fire relative that lives fifteen minutes away from you, so you parents, you see them and your dad is in the final position on the couch your mom is crying and
How long does it take you to fight to get your parents out? Well, let me put it this way impact two years. And then only came after speaking out publicly to the commissioners to speaking out publicly and getting to new legislative was passed here. I am one is that if you have a loved one that you an you live out a state. You can now begin their Barney and before that was not legal, and the other one is that if you are going to be a private guardian, you have to be licensed insured and bonded, and you can only have so many words. This woman that took my parents with spiralling out of control is not enough. Them to be greedy about it, but they are sociopath, hurt people they isolate. They trust
the family away from their loved ones on purpose, because they're getting bedsores, bruises, broken limbs, they're getting inserted feeding tubes, it's cheaper tat, you know if they Save money that way there they're accelerating the death in my opinion of the elderly, because they want therefore state So when they become a guardian, its is somebody is this. Is this is save a business really in in Nevada our then nation they making billions of dollars right now the suggested say they have one point: five million people under guardianship, I'm no matter how per Your family, as are your state documents, were prepared. Anyone can be involuntary place into guardianship. This happens. All the time exists in wide, ok undertake a break, and then, when you come back, I want it. I want you to explain.
How did it, who are these people? How did they become a guardian? and and and and how does this happen, come back. you go to a Ecklund back our outward assuming a tweet, this story from the new Yorker, its lengthy, but it goes through all of it. It is one of the most insane stories of you will not believe it's happening. You just one. Leave it I know I tell you about a gym Rogers he look out. He recently about gold and he said everything A person needs to have coins physical coins as an insurance policy as an amount. And see. If nothing else hope you never need them, but if you have to start by owning gold coins because they are recognised over the entire world, now here's the thing- you can invest in in things like Bitcoin in you might make a lot of money. You could lose a lot of money. You we invest in gold. Whatever
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Bill o joins us in about forty forty forty five minutes to answer the you know thirty two million dollar question. You don't want to miss that we you have to be able to have something we believe in. We have to know what the truth is. Otherwise things That happened to our guests now Jewel Julie, Bell she and her parents will. Open to you or your parents There is a guardian system, it's happening all around the country and heard Sperience, was happening in Nevada. She says that it happens all over the country who, who are These guardians that can all of a sudden claim lakes to your to your parents or to you
these guardians are people had done enough to have any formal education they can take. A court that, I believe, is just maybe a week long, I'm in the become a guardian neutral, I trained by the masterminds behind us, like I said before this is collusion we have them. Somebody here that the masterminds nameless Jarrett Schaefer key, is on the head of it. They take them under their wings. They train them how to go in an open. All the drawer then take everything and deem these people is elderly people disabled, I, however, they want incompetent is the concept here. Looking from in a theoretical, perspective. Are they basically saying the pit the the elderly people can't take care of themselves?
so in a go in where I take their stuff, where use that stuff to pay for their care because their being neglected is essentially what they're trying to say, they're doing tat their strength. Say they're doing, but they are failing. They keep saying it's in the best interests of the ward, nothing than the best interests of award mean about private guardian. We ve gone from. Having Several private guardians dense I've gotten into this four years ago can now there's only two private guardians I believe, and the public guardian, though we ve essentially gone full circle and given the power back to the government which they love. So it's and full circle to so? What happens? Is these will come in and with your parents they had a house on the golf course they had a new car, they they and their money and in a two year period, This woman came in claimed to be their guardian because he just went to court
and claimed to be the guardian, and then she liquidated all those assets within two years. Your parents had nothing crack in the coming years So easy for the private guardians, it was so easy, but now I believe in my opinion, that they ve reverted back to doing it again on the family courts for they're all working. Together, ok, so guardians I wanted, I want to go there when we come back. I want to go there and I want to talk about the court, because the it seemed to be- I thought, from the way the story reads at least, knowingly colluding, but that's quite charged to make and I'd like to get your opinion on that, and see where the court stood at least in Nevada,
Glenn back this is the Glenn Beck programme. Julie Bell she her parents, Rudy and Rennie North were legally. Kidnapped. Were put into the care of a court appointed guardian, who is a total stranger Julie, live just fifteen minutes away, saw her parents regularly when they, the kidnap, she did go to police police said that errors there's nothing they can do. This is not a police matter. This is a this. Is a court situation and she went by. After four days she found her parents. They were moved to a rest home. If you will And they
over the two years that they were there. They were prescribed all kinds of drugs volume, prozac sedatives, oxy code, own faint! No, you don't give vent nautilus, that's an end of life, drug and her parents started to slip she fine, he was all to see her parents. She was up stu. Can you help me out on this part Julie, you're supposed to go in and see your parents. I think at one point and you got there at nine o clock. They were supposed to move some place. You got there at nine o clock and these guardians had moved several people, some of them screaming, as they were thrown into a van in the middle of the night. Get out get out on that and when I had brought light to this, with the help of Vegas Voice, which is small,
senior paper. Here I had to go to places because nobody would open the door for me if somebody had opened the door for me Glenn. I wouldn't be talking to you today. Ok, I have. Of alcohol and what happened was once this came out and I was going to Court Koper. They are representing my parents. I'm April part session, guardian, started moving people out of the assisted living facility, I'm taking their animals and what we ve heard rumor has. It is putting them to sleep. This is the only thing these people had. I knew the majority of them and The majority of them are no longer with us There were moved error screaming. They were told they were take em when lady there taking her to the beauty salon, they put a ban screaming and yelling another one was a chiropractor picture. Doktor, firm, Carmel, California,
dont know, if he's alive or dead, they can't get the information and Don T use taking them in he was threatening the direct, you're there that if shooting go along with it, she's gonna lose her job q? Could she can have arrested yet understand either? people that are walking ran on earth. I think they are these God here, sociopath a key money is not enough, but then they have to hurt. You the family? Along with this is a family affair. So this is in reading this article. At least. It appears as though this judge was either in competent or was turning a blind eye to what was going on or or part of it. In some way I mean the way, this is the way I understand it. Is you, Can go and get the financial statements of people and find out who has money who doesn't
then is she would go to correct me if I'm wrong, she would go to doctors. And she would target people and say, look sign this because they are not paying or they're gonna cost you a lot of money or whatever and I'll, take care of this, and the doctors pretty much would sign anything to move on from a patient. Is that true trap that crack its vision of collating and his Rica. This is human trafficking. Okay, this is, if you do. This article. The new Yorker is great, but it is touched on the tip of the iceberg, which is what we are doing today. It goes so much deeper and so much more in depth that it really makes you set your stomach. I mean I've been hospitalized times. I have surgery and my stomach is who gets under your skin? It really does I feel like a modern day holocaust and you believe what you're reading your like white,
parents now they are afraid to tell the doctors anything because they're afraid the doktor is going to put them back into as some sort of a guardianship now, a great doktor now am. I just think that after you, ve gone through a trauma, as our whole family, a house that it comes with leaving you with post traumatic, stress syndrome, so you are looking into required. Scared, children, time Ellen down one time my dad woke up in the middle of the night, and he said I've got to get my stuff ready. My stuff ready and I said dad. What are you doing and he said she's coming she's coming and unlike who's coming and it April parks- and I said no she's, not but I really want to mention that what this talk for me to get in the public eye was so tremendous. Aiming it started off with the biggest
but again Robert and run a good man. There are small paper here that they have a senior Jimmy Engi paper, and then and went and did seminars and then I go ABC. Finally, invest of producer, Keen Bellman their Darcy Spears, Oscar Palermo. And then Al Jazeera came out. She limit the cur houses, even Martin, yes, American, Al Jazeera there get a documentary fortune. A half year that will be coming out this year. Right now. We just submitted it to the Sunday festival. Billy men with the direct Your Jamie Sugar produced her with the work. Not for two and a half years Should the review journal, I'm now, working with case from Cares Foundation, inquiry case them in right bound. I'm we ve teamed up with triple Ap G wrecked black contempt sugar I do now I'm a guardian reform advocate and them a grief support cancer. So I get the calls from people that are so trauma.
I didn't know what to do. They can't see their loved ones. I've been trust path and a case who cares what we're doing as were passing visitation, build from state to state? so they dont children are allowed to see their love one ok. So what I would like to do is first of all, your twitter handle is at Julie, Bell. She be L s h e one Lee Bell. She won. I'm new to try our. What is the one thing after you, ve gone through all of this, what is the one thing that if you were worried It's going to happen to you or to your parents that you can do to make sure that it doesn't okay well and what you can do is. In January, we ve come up with a garden
chip nomination form. Ok, it's going to be in the statutory state walk box, so he went to the house that all of opposed then I'm giving you to a guarding and now you can, askew you why, as the inferior family or a friend to come and that your guardian, what I can tell you is that to stay out of the port, stay out of trouble court. It make sure no one ever gets close enough to your loved ones. Are you to drag you into their clutches? and tat the elderly attorneys? They have three priorities and make money. They build a network to help them make money, they find clients to pay their bills. Satisfying customers of in the priority, satisfying judges and fellow elder law, attorneys is their network in their state bar farm, formalised that no elder law attorney ever benefits from challenges?
judge you go along to get along, it ensures their careers security opaque. May you have to take care of your family stay close to them. Call your family members, the will the estate all the power of attorney get those all taken care of, immediately and talk to your legislative, your politicians and bring these subjects up and go to the meetings and find out. What's going on, I'm not doing this just for the elderly and the words I have children. I don't want this to happen. To my children, I mean I don't want this to happen to anybody. Only reason, I'm out about them. Julie Bell. She, Thank you so much the guardian reform Advocate whose parents after two years of being kidnapped. Finally, come home,
Well, do you get over the story to its out? The elderly lose their rights from the New York Rambo. She says, she's pointed out, she's got a documentary coming out, she's got you only need attention on this, just more believe and fundamentally for us as we talk about these things. This is a government issue right like this, that's something that should be the path. The government should have a power to work with any private that organization to take away your rights as a citizen without even for me, the family, I as you, talked about. She wished for a normal visit to find to go visit, her parents, they were gone and there are days to find them and this pearl and they were dead by the way this person is in jail now Lou pursue did this is in jail now but it's it's phenomena because it's not least in Nevada. It wasn't now it is, but it's
regulated in many states. You can just sign up even go someplace in just sign up to be a guardian and the reason why it was so bad in Nevada, up I'll bet you it's bad enough in Arizona as well all retirement communities, so these bad people, come from all over the country like I'm gonna, be a guardian and they just find out who has money? Who has family that is not living in state and can come in and just get guardianship without you even knowing it they just Go to court and say this person is having these troubles and I need to be the guardian and the court appoints them the guardian and then they just they have control of everything. It's insane will have story of a Glenn, backed out common. All the information that you need to make sure it doesn't happen to you or to a love one. We all You know, there's somebody who's excited, some would say I donno obsessed with
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Glenn back. Climb back so bill, O Reilly, is joining us here in a few minutes. I am I I talk. The bill over the weekend and had a good conversation with them, and I, I believe Bill and you know I've. I've the dealt with this now with people I mean Roger Ales, was a hero of mine. Until I started figure out who produce really was an I've? I've come out against rod, trails, I have no problem in. I have loyalty only to the truth, and I am also a
somebody who grew up with abuse, and I'm getting into all the details, so but in my own family against abuse, and I have paid a high price, for standing in my family against abuse, I am now afraid of standing up against abusers and I think it is, important and I think it is important that we, listen to the accusers. But no one has a right to be believed. You have right to make a case, and we have a responsibility to listen. Bill O Reilly is his head. The New York Times come out. Do an article with things that I think we already knew all this. Did we not still the big thing,
I guess it's just the number on the settlement, which is probably the biggest part of that accusation. They're saying he paid for in the way the time stories written, it seems like bilges like pulled out thirty, two million from his wallet and handed it to lease wheel in this house, some ensued and I'm an eye, and I think it was Gretchen Karlsson who wrote no but he pays thirty, two million dollars to dismiss a false accusation, and that is, I would say, the overwhelming complaint right now about bill like everyone thing like tat, you might be, it meets with he'd, be theoretically innocent, but he would never pay that much money views, and that is what they're saying and I think the big question that he's gonna I wonder how much really can answer. Of course I mean the way you could also take it. The way through is that it was multiple people that she had accused the Fox NEWS Channel now the Fox NEWS Channel settles for it would still be
its number innocent. Until it s Hawks news channel is settling man. They want this to go away. It makes sense that the Fox NEWS Channel with would settle for a huge number and if it was multiple people in all of these other things, so I don't know I mean I think, that's a really important question it and it's it's canister, I guess is all we're saying is because I think everyone would save. It was thirty, two thousand dollars. People would say well, it could have happened, but I can understand he won t. Let me go away, was thirty two thousand dollars. It was three three hundred twenty thousand dollars, probably the same thing, probably same thing at his pay level of three million million dollars. You know I don't like it's a lot, but ok, you know these things do delete all sorts of cellular donors, twenty million dollars a year three million dollars. Now Thirty two million dollars is just so much money. I think people are saying. Well, it's so much money. He must be guilty, which is another part of why settling supposed to come out like this. These things aren't supposed to come out now. The way the time stories written is
we have this number based on people who, been briefed. So that's not people who had documents in front of them. There are people who are briefed on the documents telling the times or seems pretend, The third hand, yes, fourth hand information, so I in a who knows- and I know how much you can say about this- and one of bills, complaints in the store- and I'm sure he'll outlined this they know. I can't fight it because the. He is legally bound not to talk about so here's, the so here's the problem. He can't About it, because he's legally bound Juliet honey was on today, she was on Megan Kelly. She was talking about something and she's not allowed to talk about of settlement that she made and yet she kind of without talking about anything. Specifically, she did talk about and any you kind of winter will wait if Europe paid
for a settlement. Good time to talk was before the settlement. If you the settlement and the non disclosure woollen What is that worth? I mean why, Do I believe you when you took the money and so ok, I'm into sign this piece of paper or now that you sign that paper and you have the money and you say, oh- and I also I want my cake. I'll eat it too. I mean what happens to us and business and the Courts Glenn back Love courage, true, Glenn back! There is no safe space from partisan politics anymore, not even a cub scout den eleven year old CUB scout aims, Mayfield from Broom filled Colorado been kicked out of his dead. Now, according to his mother lorry, he was
as to move to another Dan because of the questions that he asked a state, Senator Republican who is speaking to his den aims, ass, the Republican Vicki Marble why she won't quote support common sense, gun laws. There is something wrong in our country, where republicans believe it's a right to own a gun but a privilege to have health care and quote now. Know about you, but that sounds like every eleven year old boy I've ever been around. They all speak just like that Ames read his questions and had lots of stats for the state senator from a staple documents. He read for two and a half minutes before the senator was able to respond. Naturally, Aims. Mom captured the whole thing on video. Now, if this, what you the teacher kid and that's fine and you know whatever, but we we know this is coming from mom and dad.
And then she went and she posted it on social media now. None of us are perfect parents, but perhaps miss Mayfield could have thought had a little bit that power. Seeing these videos online, might stir up controversy and get the local media involved and the other kids in the scout troop: don't want to be alone of a political nightmare, maybe she could have predicted that this whole thing might rub. Some cub scout leaders the wrong way. Unless all of this attention is precisely what you hoped for. For young aims in apps herself after all, People might be more inclined to lead a child finish their ridiculously long essay on a pro gun, control question and a pro government health care than they would inclined to listen to a middle aged mom with an axe to grind. But I As MRS Mayfield this.
Is this worth, what you ve done his deny your child. His experience at cub scouts is that was that worth it? is he better off for being your political mouthpiece? Now, I'm no expert. But I know eleven year old, kids and I am pretty sure, they'd rather be with their friends at scouts. Then memorizing liberal talking points with you Monday October. Twenty third, this is the Glen Back programme. Friend of the programme and a friend of Mine bill O Reilly, welcome, sir? How are you they're gonna meeting, still standing so bill, you and I spoke over the weekend, and I said that I wanted to ask you some honest questions and
and just personal for me, because I you know I Don't know in anybody can lie to anybody, but you we'd, be I mean you would be one of the greatest liars ever because of the consistency of love. Your lies. If you were lying to me and the consumer C of your behavior me and my staff, which we have to work together I have have seen you on Friday nights. I have seen you in hotels. I my staff has, and I have women they work for me and we ve never had any problem whatsoever or an inkling, but you. Be one of those guys why wasn't I have been in the brain. As business for forty three years. Twelve different companies Never one time was there. Any complaint filed against me with
human resources or anybody's legal team in nothing, zero, Megan Kelly, I think the track record speaks for itself and I think the people When they look at the statement that we oppose good, I'm billow, Riley dot com when they look at the evidence of it, and now the three letters that I sent you did you get the letters from Gretchen I'll? Did I tell you I wanted to know if that, if I were was allowed to publish them? Oh yeah, sure so what I'm trying to get across a by coming up with you today I had to number one. I want this going to go away because it's brutalizing, my family, the two. I can run and hide because I didn't anything wrong, and I the evidence that we put forward this very strong, very compelling that the New York Times, wants to take me out of the marketplace. This is the second time they attacked me.
The article on Sunday regurgitating the first article I was like seventy five. Son of it they had a run it twice in case you didn't get it last April. And they know that I'm gonna disadvantage, because I can't comment specifically on any case that has been resolved, that one of the one of the stipulates legal legal, telling. Things that, when you resolve something it is all he's dying in nobody says anything, and you know who knows that best, the New York Times, because Dave settled a number of harassment, complaints in a confidential way. Yet, in their article on page, one today
dreaming about? Well, we shouldn't have this kind of provision They don't mention that don't mention a lot of it so I think There have also been idea. I want to ask you a couple of questions that the biggest question that, on his on everybody's mind, is. Ok, you can settle buddy of thirty two million dollars coming out of your own pocket. Nobody does that right. So what do you want me to say? I'm not! Did you and I could make on that issue without getting thing? back into a legal arena, would be the first article of the New York Times wrote quoted figures in added them up and it was wildly wrong, but I can't
farmer deny anything, because once I do that, then it goes back into the legal arena which you dont want, and they know that so they could say Ever they want to say they know, that they know where we're hamstrung. My attorneys investigative team was the weekend. Was this settlement by you alone or was Fox in my back, as I told you the camera! No you, after after questions a question is a clear common. Any specific case at all. If I could I would, but I cannot, Can you tell me about the relationship that you had with lease will light I have now? I cannot but we had what we have posted- is an affidavit from this we'll torn up
hey that's bullshit. Until a really dug up at it. That way we could post, we did there. It is again. I can't speak to anything other than that I know it's frustrating! You know it's really really frustrating because is very frustrating from me. You can imagine me sitting here, I be use of everything under the sun and and the end game is let's legal Riley with Harvey Wine Steel, which make him that that's what we want to do so take him out of the marketplace forever. He never get to give his opinion on issues again. We take them out as we hate him and the New York Times. Obviously hates me is dishonest and extreme. And its frustrating for me, but unless I want another, seven or eight years of constant litigation that puts my
children in a kills on. Ah, I have maintain my discipline. Okay, so reason I can tell you this back in twenty years, plus the Fox NEWS How long did you worked there by the way forward, there are three years. Ok, I would twenty year in ten minutes. I don't remember twenty years six months, I resolved three things that's all I resolved in twenty years and six months are resolved three thing: and the only reason I did resolve them was to keep my children safe. So I can tell you that. Ok, so let me let me go want one more place on another that that smaller than reported number bill. Are you saying imported number is inaccurate, and now I'm telling you the truth, twenty years six months. Fox news shall I resolved three things. That is the truth,
and build on the other the wheel affidavit, in New York Times fails to reckon dies here that this is a legal document and she is a member of the bar and if she signed something that was not true, she should be disbarred. She's, not worry it's worse than that. I'm not in tune in your saying anything, I'm talking in a general sense, now, she's not saying this, but but the New York Times. I was split way or her if any american citizen signs in Africa David that note arise, I it's under the perjury law, so you can be prosecuted if what you're saying is not true, which is why the affidavit becomes so vitally important and here's the here's, the kicker we gave that to the New York they had that they did not printed
then their weasel reporter that most dishonest man on the face of the earth tweets O Reilly says we didn't. Attention? The affidavit and we did I didn't say you didn't mention it. I said you didn't printed and you should a printed up top because that's the story, but they didn't want that to be out because that wrecked their story, which they already had written no matter what I said, I gave them We gave them an unbelievable, my stuff from day one of my tenure with Fox NEWS, they know, but they don't care because it was a hit job to get me out of the market. And then you have the left go you're paranoid, oh yeah, ok, get back! There are fifty different way Media matters involved, CNN is involved, I mean it and it's beyond any doubt So again I will tell everybody we ve got our statement.
Bill, a rally guy. Can we ve got the affidavit posted? We ve got letter from Gretchen, Carlson and Megan Kelly to me, posted everything is there? Okay, if you still want to think I'm a bad guy, go ahead. Ok, hang on earth is the truth, my right hand. I have to take a break, and then I want to come back and talk to you about what Megan said today: because this is a very a separate issue, but I think you address that is well coming up the same Nothing is more essential than protecting your home, but traditional homes, security can be punishing and really expensive, and there is a better way. Protect your home was simply safe, SK. Anybody who has been locked into a long term security contract- and you know, you're on the hook for three years, plus the installation alone- can cost you a fortune not to mention the hard wired system tearing up the walls. So simply safe,
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today's broadcast the militia smear claiming that no one twenty years ever complained to human resources or legal about him. Maybe that is true. Fox news was not exactly a friendly environment for harassment, victims who wanted to report in my experience however, o suggestion that no one ever complained about his behaviour is false. I know because I complained it was November of twenty sixteen the day my memoir was released in it. I include the chapter on nails and the sexual harassment scandal at Fox NEWS, something the murder, I knew I was doing and to their credit, approved around It happened to be on CBS News that morning they asked him about my book and about ales who, by this time, had been forced out in disgrace. Riley's response, I'm not interested in this. No knowing what mean its actual harassment in an sexual, her, I'm not interested in basically
litigating something that is finished, that makes my network look bad I'm not interested in making my network look bad at all. That doesn't interests me one bit so her complaint bill that she filed was that you, made it tough for people to come out against. The network because of statements like that, number one. She didn't file a complaint. Not that I know of brought to our attention that Megan Kelly did anything right. I'd like to see it because I humbly believe: that's true it all number two What she does not say is that there is an anonymous hotline and it had been four year said Fox NEWS: were anybody could have called up and said so and so is doing something to me and you better stop it. That's anonymous does mention it
the three I'd like you to read. The note that I gave you to your audience for Megan Kelly to meet the personal notes. Do but I have them in front of you cause my ipod just went down. Valiant, hang on so Megan Kelly wrote Oh dear bill, what a class! act. You are. Some, to my baby. Please come to my baby. Shower nano When a class coming to my thank you for coming to light a late hour, I was truly I know how busy you are especially that time of the day, it meant a lot to me. And Dory, and thank you for the darling body suits and snugly its kind no, it's hard to believe Soon have a little human being in our lives to fit in those eye because you ve
my dear friend, no matter what they say, and I am grateful to have you in my life Megan Kelly, just Let our number one letter number to lever number to thank you for the summit non Dorias bone engine. Thank you. Thank you for the mansion on Dubbs book dies or her dogs block. Ok, I realize you didn't have to do that, especially after mentioning it already. I appreciate how supportive you have been to me over the years here Fox NEWS, you're, a true friend mentor and I want to give one more letter. This is the one and these are gonna, be published up at the blazing glimpse outcome. This. Is from Gretchen Karlsson Bill. Thank you. Being the com in the sea. Thank you so much for supporting me. Thank you for being my friend. It means the world to me. Gc look. I think that anybody any fair minded person- and I really appreciate you- are reading those terror listeners. I think
They can now start to formulate a picture here, because the behaviour that you pointed out at the beginning of the Eleven o clock, our each time, this on the record forty three years, no complaints, twelve different com. And then you went back no me now for what ten years, twelve Yes, I'm you ve been with me on the road. You know where I am you know what I do and now, with the statement we provided on below rallied, I come with the affidavit, the sworn affidavit and with these Three letters to I Megan Kelly, one by Gretchen Caution picture should start to emerge for any fair minded person and that's all I can hope for that. The american people will see that this is a attack on american citizen me for political purposes, and you know why it's done
enormous damage to me and to my family, and it is horror and should never happen in our. Bill. What happens if what happens? If companies settle. Law suits and then the aphid David's and the non disclosures don't mean anything Well, it's over now, Anybody who would be settling anything now is insane because That is the case. All a confidentiality stuff was, violated? You told us, you told me about a year ago. The biggest mistake you made was settling. So as this is the only this is a thing or not Now I do it all over again. I never would have done it but Stan how much pain is brings children and I thought I could spare. The children that I do anything for my children, anything to protect that might give up my life for my children,
and that's, why did it? But we actually thought that people would uphold their oath and what they agreed to and they but look when we get back to Megan Kelly for a moment. I never any problem with making Kelly, in fact, which he's getting hammered early this year, I wrote a column sticking up for her. You know I dont know why Megan Kelly is doing what she's doing I dont know why I've helped her to adequately in her career, I gave her the name of her show the Kelly while she actually get a charity event. For me I mean it is just in comprehensible, bill O Reilly from billow. Rarely dotcom, we'll talk to again will try to have a better neighing. God bless back in.
Glenn back. Listening to the club that programme I am so torn on this welcome to Pat Gray, who does the programme following my radio broadcasts on the blaze radio network. I really torn here, because I do not want to enable a bad guy, I I I respect. Megan Kelly, I respect Gretchen Karlsson. I do stand with Roger Ales, who you know Pat, was a hero of mine for a while, I mean I thought this guy was one of the greatest Geiss and sliced bread yeah. He was a a con man and it was really a smart business man and he knew he knew broadcasting inside yeah- and I once I felt once the con was revealed, owes like. Oh my gosh pull my guy.
Disguised as I have put it before the most disappointing human. In my life of an evil genius yeah he was, so and I am glad to see that it is now being shown that there are women involved in this cover. Up at Fox The some really bad names at Fox have come to light. Today, end end, and I agree with exposing those people? Building bill is one of those big. Neither do I based on everything we know of him and have seen of him. Retorted them. How many times we must have done for five different tours with him. An animal the countries all over the country in Hawaii Elles never once saw any indication of unkindly their none. None like the most polite old school, gentlemen, like doesn't huh, People like
Like I'm the guy, everybody comes up and hugs and I hung back and he just looked at me like what are you doing? I mean doesn't exist. Not he is the old school kind of guy yeah. Very much so, and I and help, but believe him. No. I because because what we know of him and he's the ultimate and he's got some good evidence back at him up like what he just read from Megan. Now, if you sell it sexually harass somebody or aided somebody else and harassing somebody They don't usually right to use. I wanna good friend you and making is not alleging that by the way she sat saying that she was harassed by bill at all times kind of saying, Roger Rails, and there she did say she was harassed by Roger Ales. She said that after her memoirs came out there bill, made it harder for people, come out and defend because, while he was, you know, saying: hey, don't trash the company yeah, why you're, doing and
I kind of sea. I well. I don't agree with him. I can see it from his point of view because Fox, always under attack, and so you never knew what's real. What's not, you have to be really careful link, Sometimes the attack is real. Sometimes the attack is not, but it's almost always politically motivated right. There is no proof that nothing. He never did anything wrong into it. I mean it proves that they had a decent relationship at one point a seemingly, but you know who knows what that stuff cause, I'm sure they're their complaint on that would be well well, we believe, is powerful and these ideas Athos Riley's too, like talking loudly nano but but Gretchen. Here's that here's, the key the ones that are making the rounds today grudging Karlsson in making Kelly they're, not accusing him of anything. Nor have I ever accused him of anything. Yes through. You know, she's saying what Gretchen is saying now, who I mean. Let me read: this let me read this letter again and this. I think this is an exclusive
Now you can find up on the blaze of its not there. Yet it will be soon, see her hang on a second is she rode Gretchen wrote bill. Thank you for me the com in the sea. Thank you so much for supporting me. Thank you for being. My friend, it means the to me. Now, how do you go from that to now on television, say, well, you know what if he was settling this case, then you know You you gotta be doing something wrong. That's not the standard company settled cases all the time. And sometimes they settle them and their guilty. Sometimes they settle them and their absolutely not guilty
Oh, I don't know the ins and outs of this case. Bill can't tell you. The ins and outs of this case because otherwise bill is is, is violating confidentiality, so Sis and the confidentiality returned the money. But so, Then the confidentiality or let him suspend the confidentiality and you the money I mean it its wrong, the guy can't answer for, for anything, He can't save what he knows to defend himself. That- rose, the entire court system out it throws everything out the window yeah? We know that are good at leaking information there they're good it s getting stuff out. There that they want to have out there and ends Bill claiming innocence of fox but that all the time or they do and that with least we'll. Now I don't know well, I will tell you that I think that the the
dogs do not like Bill O Reilly that murder kids. They never have. When they saw him when they saw him this. My my guess when they saw him on on Sean Hannity and made them number one again for the first time since he left. I think he and There's realized holy cow, this guy still has clout, You know what he's number one on the New York Times best seller list for three weeks in a row holy cow. This guy still has clout. No, he didn't go anywhere he's just. Of our front page. And I think that scared alot of people The two things here, I think that our pretty interesting coming out of that one. The dude. The big question everyone has is: why would anybody spend thirty two million dollars to get rid of a false claims? That seems completely ridiculous. Now, Exxon might do it right, like Exxon might, have some chemical Billina oil leak somewhere and they just push
the two million dollars, because they don't they don't care, but a purse would never do that and that's it under stand, a bull, a thing that he is claiming that that some of the numbers in the New York Times articles are incorrect. Not That means that if it's because of the money came from Fox NEWS, who is of huge corporation rain Newscorp and would maybe settle something like that, Or if it was multiple people we oughta or The numbers is completely wrong. I don't know he said he couldn't explain it at some point. We have. Get to the bottom of that and by the way we should point out the New York Times in their story says this according to two people, briefed on the matter. It is not, of course, I'm enough David. It wasn't true you and she sent an affidavit. There said it wasn't true. Now here's the epidemic, I have the epidemic. Here's the F a David, me: oh cheesy, she's, an attorney pat right, she's, an attorney. She should be disbarred right. Yes, if this is If this is a lie,
No, I mean you can't became lie under a really on the region. We'll being duly sworn deposes and state. Under the penalty of perjury, so hot its bigger than just yeah, being disbarred number one. I've known bill o Reilly for over eighteen years, we worked together, we ve socialized, and on occasion I gave him legal advice number two at the end of when he sixteen, I heard council who prepared a draft complaint, asserting claims against Bill Riley we have. Resolved all of our issues. I would no longer make the allegations contained in the draft complaint additionally over the years. While I was acting as Bill Riley's council. He forward to me certain explicit emails that were sent to him and any advice sought or rendered is attorney client privileged confidential. Private. I have no claims against Bill Riley concerning any of those emails or any the allegations in the draft site that goes to you know he sent me gay porn, etc, etc. She was the attorney while he said what do I do with this
right. She he was saying he's getting harassment, I won't tell you and he was forcing it to his attorney. I will tell you I have done that We'll have done that pat you'd and send it to your attorney, but you have sent it or at least you brought it up to me and said I M getting all of this bad stuff. What do I do about gay porn, but it was. The threat is certainly pop. Your India S price and not an porn, remember porn. You were attacked by poor area one year. Old websites are actually how two million two million websites were placed on by my old site. Just the two million milch of the Chilean was the best, and I know you know I can't speak to two minutes so just the ones I went over with a fine tooth correct, so so that, first of all, he saying everyone saying like walk, you can't believe me say thirty, two million dollars, while he say he's saying the numbers were wrong. All we can't be specific, so I don't know what the truth is on that one eye. So that part one part two
is. He said specifically says why a pushed him on this. He said he had settled three cases its entire time, the New York Times who's. The story says it was at least the sixth agreement, so Again like this is a very specific fact that, theoretically they could- I mean, you'd? Think than your terms. We have to have evidence of all of those, and maybe they do I mean nor am, I am concerned about the wording of this in let's just take the best case from the New York Times per second, they think bill. Rallies have terrible, guided totally believe all this claims that their outing heat they say so, The thirty two million dollar agreement with a long time network endless to set to settle new sexual harassment allegations from last year according to two people briefed on the matter. Similarly, the way that information came to them would indicate that the stability. That may be that sort of new once gets erased if its multiple people, if it's from the company instead of just Billow Riley's pocket
They began like that. You are talking about people who have been briefed on their nine people, holding the documents in our hands. Reading your China has not seen it at least the way threaten it doesn't seem like they ve seen it rang. According to two people briefed on the matter minutes. That's a different standard, so even with best intentions than your times might not have that exact thing right, which I would say, the biggest thing in the article, the rest of it we the third these cases had been going on, but We know and settled with them when we had settled, but the thing that really, I think, convincing people of this of bills. Guilt is the fact that he would takes thirty, two million dollars out of his own bank account and handed this one percent, which I don't even think does possible. It's a lot of money going makes a lot of money, but thirty, two million dollars to give to come on. You think Beth. You think Bill O was touring with me because
thirty two million in the banquet Larry's wander hundred early tuna million dollars. No, no, I don't know it's a Ets. That's interesting! That's an interesting part! And again that is a factual. I mean he didn't. He wasn't going out the New York Times. He wasn't saying specifically these people are lying, but this is the sentence. It was at least the sixth agreement and by far the I just made by Mr O Reilly or the companies to settle harassment, allegations against him. So Ghana unless they're lumping other things in so he said we call the New York Times for a comment. Bill O Reilly said unequivocally that he has Lee settled three: in twenty years. And those are the three that we have known about and are those the the thirteen million figure we keep hearing about. I guess I feel it is. I don't know I don't know because two million jack's that up our lot and there's no, I don't think there's any way that came out of bills on account no way.
That is no way but publicly known harassment, settlements involving MR relevant forty, five million dollars total and its thirty two million for us one case contours. Nowhere no way, no way, I just hard to know, because so there so many things that you can't hear you, if your details from the person involved that the new, times, isn't exactly outlining this in a way that seems like they have all the detail either, and yet what? What are we doing? We destroying people's lives, where it were, now we are destroying his life, his child life, weird destroying their life and limb. If she's not a part of this, if she's not doing this, then her is gonna, be racked and apparently she's. Not this pretty compelling proof right here. I think I'm gonna David's, pretty powerful the she would be
Sparred here, if she is involved in this it all she'd, be disbarred, urging you could go to jail right, he could see some associate of hers who had access to the documents, and it goes, we don't know how they got to the New York Times again. We don't know. It's a really it's it's a we're case, and I think all of us would agree that, if bill Ellie is this terrible person. We want his life destroyed I've been. If he is this terrible person, I want him should pay the price. I don't want any one's life distraught and one. I don't. Harvey Weinstein's life destroyed, I want him to pay did those things. If he's a rapist, you know what his life is going to wind up behind bars and it should be united and its longitudinal who pay here. I want him to receive the consequent well, I mean if you're parsing, the difference between life in prison in life being destroyed. I get in here, but yes I mean. Maybe he can what I'm way I'm emphasising, because we seem to be a vigilante society right now I am I'm trying to emphasise. I want the justice system to work. We
It cannot be, I mean I'm sitting here today and you know stupid. Looking at me like relax, relax, I'm like this is really important, and this is really important and between two friends and not that you're trying stop me or you another, but and between two friends Manta having Deja vu like this, having two friends that I'm between right now Megan Kelly, who I love and respect. Bill O Reilly, who I love and respect. One is imaging, the other like a total dirt bag. My If that's true, I dont want to be a part of dirt bag in furthering this. I somebody who have paid a personal high very. I cost for my stance against use in my own life, though last thing I want to do is forward abuse on the radio And in my work
but I dont know what to do and I'm not qualified to do it, because no one can talk to me about what the truth is. So what do we do? thanks but we'll talk to him and while the Equifax breezed breach impacted roughly a hundred and forty three million consumers, and it just got it just got bigger, they ve added, point five million people to that list and if that's not bad enough, Yahoo announced that there are twenty thirteen breach impacted three. Billion user account that's triple the original estimate, You should know your personal information. You should know It's probably been exposed, and once it's been exposed, it doesn't go away, identity, theft You can buy your information on the dark web for months or even years after the breach, and they can use it. Commit crimes in your name- even steal from your for a one case. So now is the time to get protection sign up for lifelong today, life,
Jesus proprietary technology they'll help you detect a wide range of identity, threats and theft, and if there is a problem you spaced identity, restoration specialists is gonna work to fix it. Now nobody can prevent identities after You know, monitor all transactions at all businesses, but lifelong will see the threats better than anybody else. So Oh to lifelong dotcom, call one eight hundred lifelong use, a promo code back you get ten percent off your lifelike membership. One eight hundred lifelong or lifelong dotcom, promo code back. Glenn back. Glenn back.
We will have more on this and so much more, including the latest on the Trump Gold star scandal coming up today, five p m when back television show back on the tonight by, if only on the blaze, tv back grazing land back
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