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1/11/18 - 'A right to be believed'?

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Hour 1  More Hollywood uproar on sexist 'pay gap'? … ‘All the Money in the World’ sparks controversy again...Celebrities vs. regular people ...Wait, what?! Glenn and Stu were high this morning? … ‘flying’...The greatest sexual harassment story of all time? ...Hairy back guy at Gitmo? ...Feeling sexually harassed lately? ...here’s how quickly tech changes… ‘just three Christmases’…Bitcoin mania just made Kodak millions ...Breaking down the cryptocurrency credentials? ...what’s going on with Fusion GPS?   Hour 2 China is done with the United States?....how U.S. treasuries work...will stop buy our debt...not good ...The Big 'Melt-Up' in the stock market is coming...find out why at TheBlaze.com...The most important things we can teach our kids? ...Be your own cable company? ...Take 2 of these and call the robot in the morning...A.I. doctors and nurses coming ...Teaching A.I. fake compassion...Cancer cure coming in 10 years?  ... ‘what the hell was I talking about?’…hamsters? mice?...Cutting off your arm for a new one…should we allow it?      Hour 3  Freedom of Speech: What it is? and what is it for? ...Teacher arrested for asking about superintendent’s 'pay raise' at a public meeting…isn’t that what public comment is all about?...Fearing our local school boards ... ‘alternative facts' don't work ... separating the unsafe and uncomfortable ...Time to invest in some 'Ripple'? ...modern conveniences that undo consequences…Eating Red Vines every single day? ...He just wants to be liked? ... The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand. Courage shrink back point, zero point, seven percent when the world learned that actress Michel Williams, earned zero point Euro seven per cent of what my Wolberg me, for the re shoots in the film all the money in the world. The outrage was least at my house. How are your? still is crazy in my house it we were so mad. Nobody even talked about it, but it was that bad it's a headline that looks bad, but before you cry for the eradication of the male species, maybe look at the whole story here in an effort to reach
Use controversy and to be an Oscar contender, the door, Victor Ridley, Scott decided that he needed to re shoot all of the now disgraced actor Kevin spacey scenes. All the money in the world why was he doing that? Still standing up for Reno women in people here- I mean spit. You knows it was and is part of the ME to movement re out area while of Kevin spacey alot of people. He was harassing apparently were also men, yes, but not all, and just to make sure that that harassment is taken seriously right right, right, right and so supporting actors, Mark Wahlberg and Michel Williams again to do the real issues Wahlberg in his agent ass. For one point, five million dollars to seems well, Michel and her age and negotiated for and basically nothing. In fact, she said she would do it for free, but they pay a thousand dollars to do the day to do the airy so
our CAN Michel are both represented by the same talent agency. And marks agent pushed for a million dollar pay out. So why didn't Michel do that? Because she's on wreck UR did agree, to do it for free, she said I'll, be wherever they need me to be. Whenever they need me he could have my salary. They could have my holiday whatever they want, because I appreciate so much that there making this massive effort. End quote. Now now you're bringing this up it. I didn't get bade anything now Wahlberg me, he didn't say those things, the opportunity that this will be presents for Michel is worth a lot more to her, then her salary, all the money in the world, could very well be the most important role of her career and make us.
Oh Michel Williams, Michel Williams, do I know Michel Williams. I mark Wahlberg, I know who mark Wolberg is its possum. But she may win an Oscar for her performance, if it does, then everyone will go out Michel. What you do you know her from all the money in the world members. You run that Oscar yeah, That's why she was so willing to re shoot without negotiating for more money and, if I may add Oh she didn't do the research for free. She was paid a thousand dollars, even though she volunteered to do the job for nothing so Michel Williams you got a bonus for re shoots very real chance of winning an Oscar If she wins. She'll have something that mark Wahlberg and all the money in the world can now by one of those
dupe with gold statues that you all covered so much it's. There is day January eleven this the glad that programme, it's amazing too, because the money is not at all the money in the world is a movie essentially saying you shouldn't be greedy that's kind of the message of the movie and yet the complaint is that someone didn't get paid enough to do it just kind of funny. For small stew still, if If, though, we had a golden reissued, something we were in a movie and end, you know Do you think that they would the animal mean this not just me it's because of the industry. Do you think that would pay you as much money for the region as you would me, no doubt where they would want it, that's what happens and do you think that they would believe you will, if you say,
I just can't do it. I don't have it in my schedule, I'm already on other projects. I can't go in shift gears and go back there and do that. Would you believe. They would believe that of you as much as they would believe. That of me proper we're, not again frightening army. Bulgaria has lately job. Like I mean ass, others can be on something but she's she was willing to do it. Profit I like he was like I've got other stuff corner right. They me right and also, if kind of, goes to a kind of goes to him and his a bill the two debates. It's called the free market, his ability to demand you have to ask for it to get it right and situations are asking you to do something that, above and beyond that, what you agree to contractually you have to say: hey the I'll, do it, but
I'm not going to do it. Unless you pay me X Y know, I'm not going to do it for free, which is the opposite of what she said what she said. She would do it for free energy. Unlike what what are you? What are these people have to gain here? Mark Wahlberg is good in that movie it's a good movie by the way, if you haven't seen it all the money in the world he's good he's. Does a good job in it, but Mark Wolberg outside it Honey really gets nothing out of that role. I mean he's a good supporting actor in a movie he's already of mega star it, really matter all that, much to him Michel Williams is also really good in that movie, and she may very well when an Oscar Quizzes is she them actually play the mafia she's the mom case, so I dont even know I would not recognizer if she was it. She was in the line of the grocery store x. To me I would know who she was, I mean so point there is that she's actually got a lot more to gain from this mean had well now there the question is: is this an Oscar thing for her? I mean, No, not the movie. I mean is this, and is this
of her bringing up sink. Oh, my gosh look at this. Look at what they're doing to me. A woman too, get the people in Hollywood too. Even though oh my gosh look at her, she such a warrior she's our Ex Merrill Streep. But that's what she wants out of this right. I mean like I'm looking at her. I am DV page and as a lot of stuff that she's been in, but not a lot of big. You know, mega hits, This is an opportunity for her to make her huge name for herself and all sorts of amazing roles and she's willing to Try to make that happen for free shootin after she could Think of what would happen if she went into what I want one point: five million dollars to do this: what are they gonna do reassured her parts to cause she's like every seem so you have nothing. You can really do with with Michel Williams, you'd have to pay her, and you know what they would have, but its if Europe,
If an employee comes you and say hey, I want to work for Christmas, and I also don't want to make any money. Are you are you going? Ok, I guess so look. If this was reversed and ARC Wall Burg said you know what I I am so Scots by Kevin Spacey that I'll Rashid, whatever you need. Just say you don't even have to pay me I'll work over the holidays. I just this is really important to me. Do you think they would have paid him. One point: five million dollars now, nor are they wouldn't have done if she said the organ. Have to pay me one point: five million dollars they either would have paid her one point four or they would have found a way to shoot around her and not paid but most likely they would have paid it she would have stood up and said. I may one point: five million dollars and Mark Wahlberg then said MIKE I can't believe she may what I always paid a thousand dollars
I would say the same thing mark. You said you would do it for free exactly. You said it was really important. You'll do it for free. I don't love! You understand how to negotiate its does it mean this is an important part of this, given other example to the movie Wolf of Wall Street Wall Street so Leonardo Caprio is the big star that movie Jonah Hill is and it is well. Jonah. Hill plays a very large role that maybe he's a pretty big star did you know who Jonah delays? Jokes, don't stop with you. What is really meetings that are is a very large star and a big are all day, but he is right. He's someone, unlike Michel Williams, if he walked up next to you in light of the garage used, our you'd know who he was right away and he did that role, he thought it would raise. He really want to do the movie. He thought it would this profile. It thought it would give him a serious actor chops as opposed to comedic after to act or drunk, so he did that movie for scale, which I want to say.
It was low six figures for the entire movie, so like we shall waves, who got paid a normal. Salary for for all the money in the world and then just and get paid for her receipts Jonah barely got paid in tollywood terms, for the entire movie Wolf of Wall Street and- did it because he wanted to do it. I will take scale. I want to do this because this movie is important to me as important you. What I my careers enemy and, I didn't mean, with a movie that with a movie maker supposed to go to him and say hey, you know what I know you need to make ten times that actually LEO's making twenty are you for this? Are we gonna make sure we pay you twenty might even it out, because your two men and men we treat equally unlike women. No big like. Ok, we'll take you for a hundred thousand dollars, sure that's, ok, Great deal worked out really well that this is by the way, I don't know, I haven't seen this, but it doesn't seem like I've heard, Michel Williams actually cup complaining about this. You know You know it's incredible is, is it means
Something to you the ear he would you'd think that if we look at the no, this means something to me: when when did that become dishonourable, this means something to me and I, oh I dont want. I don't want to get paid for it and this important that we re shoot this. And somehow or another, that's coming that that really, if you really want to talk about it in in fairness terms, how come Mark wall. Burg of this is not about money. How come this is about how come this isn't about me. Wahlberg this didn't we so much to you, you you you, I mean you could come, easily twist this. In also you didn't care about Kevin Spacey argued in care about all the family was going on. That would also be completely completely wrong, but it would make more sense as amiss than this. This is look at this shooting it paid. I thought this was an important thing to do people,
reading that Michel Williams was charity in the grid, showman, which I know you saw, they girls in that and that particular verity. She that that was the opera singer no the wife, she was great. Really great and someone saying that she wanted Oscar for Brokeback Mountain a million years ago, a hidden, that's what I didn't. I didn't see that either that's obviously because we're haters the reader s case, you dont know we don't like movies with mountains in them. We will not see that I have a very large doors, as even the horses on screen so, but I mean I ate this is a smart move for her. If it's something she cares about this is agreed, thing for her to do. It makes her easy to work We then you know what it's the other part of this is The reason why they needed to do Richards is because we're taking powerful men who abuse their power to seriously right. That's the reason the reaches exist in the first place, the What movie is about greed. She is
and we're all my colleagues. How are you don't ever see the irony of what they do? They never ever do these great storytellers, would have a sense friar, nay they just a movie after movie words like showing the evil government out of control, and then they leave the studio. The bell rings, and the like you know We need bigger governing our. You dont on your goals. So far, did you make any goals? Did you may goals for twenty eighteen and just to be less fat, Macedonia them well? Mine was to be more healthy you're about health is one of Europe's fat There could be an faddle attack. You still in your forties
oh yeah, he asked her. He all the sudden needle change from Iraq to healthy. Yes, it will. When is a change about change for me about fifty, ok yeah, then you are like I'm not just like I'm amazed. I would have cared less about fat and more about health. We should both report that both of us are separate now yeah above so we still lying unlike well. Yes, I am completely in this is that this is a show. The red do high and we may viral fall asleep in the middle of modelling. If that happens, we appreciate you calling for borders pot up your call, you can just talk, it fill a space yeah, you know, that's that we're trying to figure out which guest spoke, the most learned, steer that we call up and just go. So how are you and let them just monologue and let the Moscow Mechanism Miller conversation will start the commercials her. I had em look back on a stone. We talk of the internet of things we ve met with our I'd anyway. I wanna talk to you Your goals in and if you have one of your goals, is to feel better
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calm, slash back terms and conditions do apply. Glenn bank mercury, land back I have the greatest past yeah me too, story of all time Who, who touched you glad who touch no who'd, who nobody can find somebody? Ok, so court on Tuesday. This person said that They were sexually harassed. And they have been touched in their group- in the area several times in us,
actual manner that right terrible, obviously yeah, charge now he doesn't have access to twitter, unfortunately, otherwise he would have hashtag me to immediately Is a colleague shade Mohammed, these oh arrest the hurry back idea, yeah he's been sexually harassed at gizmo among us herbal yeah, yes, awful him too. I helped him to He said they changes to get more policy lead guards to manually manually searches, growing area. And that's a little different our essay manually searching a terrorist growing areas slightly different than sexual harassment. Can I tell you something if there's a lawsuit to be had here? It's not that somebody touch
is groin. It's that we made somebody touch his height. Would counters. Are you kidding me like? I want on shaman the groin area. Have you seen the man? I will say this yeah? He has a right to be believed. He did he die as a not to be heard not to be taken seriously. He has a right to be believed, so I immediately have jumped to the fact that he was actually sexually harassed and I think, whatever, whenever soldier, whatever We know person did this be- should be removed from their position and never never work again. So I would like to know. Do you yet to join me to club. If the ever gone to the airport and underage Exchange Mohammed's, yes, you does drugged Evan. I think you do, but you know what Pat says that he feels like he was sexually violated.
He's for ease very he's. Very up he's always been very sensitive on the tea. Estonia mean but you'd shake pats hand and he's like I feel on very and not for the sake of at least a little did. I love you feely guy, not a hugger. Now he's not a hugger now so you know somebody saying it grabbing him by his arm is kind like what what what? What are you touching me for? But he does say that he feels like he was sexually harassed at airport. That, and I will say one of the things we ve learned as you ve gone through. The me to movement yeah right here is that it's not important work. The motivation of the person doing the touching is for Ample of someone touches, you ah on your back or gives you a kiss on the cheek and they're doing it because they do to everybody, and it is not hang up to them. A sexual thing in all its own the important what the person receiving that count vehicles
if they not even at that time, if they six months six years, sixty years later field? interaction. Was negative one for them. Then We believe the person who has touched and we destroy the person who did the touching whether it has to do with a negative sense, rule intent more of it. It's just passing well I'll turn in our current philosophy and the matter I want. I want to be able to bring this up, that there is a sexual charge coming out against me really yeah. My mother said that apparently I use to us. You know suckle on her when I went out like one now, and I am pleased that he was very uncomfortable and mercury. Here, listening to the Glenda programmes.
What little programme coming up we're going to go into some of the predictions. I think it today is tech. Predictions knowledge you and it's weird, because a lot of these tech things are already happening yesterday we told you about quota I am Kodak COIN, the first time to be excited, if you, if you have anything to do with Kodak Ok, they learn their lesson, the story about how they went out of business. How fast Haven't you don't know this this fascinating, so Kodak made film. Finally, they were the film dealer for everybody. They were state of the art, film and film processing, and they had. Billion employees in Rochester New York. And They see the digital camera. And they said. Whilst I can really take off,
and so they decided to not will at other people, do the digital thing we'll just stay in film. One could Miss went by It was the first Christmas that digital cameras started to take off, they met again and they were like ours. We are a film company, three, christmases later. They were almost the business. It happened that fast they from while the Titan two three years later, nothing and then they were, like. Maybe do the digital thing. It was too late. So the first thing that I think Kodak has done. That is really smart. Is they have just come out? They announced today Monday Tuesday, a oh Jack COIN, and it's like Bitcoin. But here's the end. This is in one of my predictions at some company is going to do this and they're gonna use, blockchain and coin to do it and ice ice in the predicted that it would be Facebook or apple or some. Somebody like that Kodak,
is the one that comes out and does it and what they have done. Is the EU know how you have here? stock photo thing: what is it not Reuters, but you always see it's you go there for stock photos rife of news. Things. I don't know if you've ever seen it but yeah. There's a few companies that there's a company that you know that the big one takes you sell your or you post your photo of you know. I've got the president picking his nose and they put it on on a service and that service goes and Everybody has it if you want to use it for television or radio newspaper, something that you just it from them and that that company pays you getting images. Guinea images, that's what it is: okay, so cool! jack has decided they're going to do. It Oh, what they do is in your camera. You will take pictures and it will automatically go into Och, Jane and be held by you and
who can immediately poster? I mean you, take it and it posts for sale. From Kodak and then There's no middle man, they're not negotiating anything, it's just posted! They want to buy it, they buy it through Kodak COIN, you, paid immediately and it's it simple, and there is no middle man. That's Oh. That coin. That's great! That's really brilliant! It's interesting to work as they're having a bigger renaissance because they tied themselves to this blockchain idea and that's happening to a lot of companies, and it's a lot of them are like very strange stories like this. This shit the clear holdings you ve been out with big fan of them, now chanticleer yard, they are they own, several hooters, restaurants, nine hundred straw, gay and they own some of the stock of Hooters of America trying to figure out the connection to blockchain right. That's a lot of people are right. Ok, so they say
gives you a couple weeks ago that they would use blockchain related technology for its customer rewards programme. As such. It is me a press release about blockchain and their stock, one up Fifty percent that happen. I saw that not that story. I just saw that happened last year. There was another company that, just as nothing they didn't even announced that they were putting blockchain nothing. They just put blockchain in their name yet glens, Blockchain and it went up and the company has nothing to do with blockchain. They just like allowance to make some money off those blockchain thing, there's really smart they're getting here is work really. Well I mean it's like you know, that's why or in buffets, in gold. Invest, if you don't know how it works in a most
who can he don't even understand what blockchain is let alone Glens blockchain that just somebody other go I'll know what but the money in their blog Jane buying right there thinking, ok, here's a new company are accompanied by changing its goals and notably working blockchain getting now at an early. So whoever owns, that companies gig increases their cash by fifty percent or whatever it is, then they can sell in and make a bunch of money and then, when it turns out that there are actually doing it eventually, stock will surely come down. That's a good idea. So yesterday, two days ago I had about a two hour meeting with a guy from Silicon Valley whose real mover in shaker, in whose spin Stir mental in some of the biggest companies around now the new tech companies, and they had a fascinating conversation. Yesterday, do- and I had a conversation with a blockchain and crypto currency, guy and man. I hope he's right.
Yeah. I was a optimistic yeah. What did he say that he thought Bitcoin go up to He said with several hunt five hundred dollar five hundred thousand Oda. The time buried on that? Did he know anything so yeah and he's been right about a lot of these things he's been wrong about a lot of these as well, but he's been right about a lot of these new. He was like yeah. You know a lot to learn like a fury em. He taught us about a theory, I'm a little bit yesterday. I realize that was like an operating system yet as it were, but they were a lot of these, like of secondary, even below that coins are built on. I think that's like the operating system, for these new means bitcoin types. I'm trying to explain this in a way that music noses understands it, but it's a base. You I give you to create, and the new Bitcoin Rape, Kodak, going comes. That's probably built on a theory is seriously so the operating system for it. How
is I mean I was reading some stuff from Milton Friedman. We put it in a monologue on tv last night. If you missed it, you should watch it, but Milton Friedman I talked about- the internet the internet is gonna, be gigantic and it will really changed things. It will change government and everything else. Once you come up with a did, you currency. And here we are with digital currency. I gotta he had just me. Just wonder how is how the governments of the world and when put Comes to shove there so far behind that they do I remember having conversation with somebody in Congress who's who sits on a committee for this kind of stuff. I was talking to them about you know technology, this coming me an under me I have rudimentary at best understanding of and they just
looking at him blinking and they were in a room with few people and their like ha. We I have to look into that mean. Maybe we should we should look. It is a regulation that would we should be looking into and I went pregnant time you guys even figure this out, it's totally out there and they just they have no concept of what's coming here. People. Talk about this in it's a matter of whether crypto currencies fail because the governments try to stop them. It's the idea where their governments will fail because of corporate crypto currencies, Correct So it's interesting, and I think, like these things, you ve been in the news a lot. I think, there's different levels of interest rate like that, the top to your people, who real investors and really know the stuff sees me, there's a secondary terrorism more and I hope I don T go over more. The secondary tier of people who know a decent amount about. It may be invested it right. Then, there's people just follow the news and are interested in things like a money supply that the guy
we can't inflate. I get a lot of people in our audience are interested in that aspect of it. The idea that could solve a thing? We in complaining about four decades forever, forever and it's it's not centralized through government, its there's no trusted source, it's all done automatically, and it takes nonsense out of the process. I think there's a level of interests there. The bottom of it is just who I like hearing stories about people get make a rich off of things. I love. The stories were like someone, invest a dollar, If somebody who wrote and yesterday to one of our stories on Facebook and said I got an argument We have with their wife in two thousand thirteen about buying fight hundred Bitcoin Omaguas now, two thousand and thirteen. How much was that when we look at the Bitcoin charger rockwork, I didn't realize it was five hundred bitcoins five. I somebody in our audience. We have to talk to you. Yes, we are you that you have to call in
I guess so imagine how much was it so looking. So he had an argument with his wife and Anne. She said we're not gonna put money in Bitcoin and he at honey right now. It will cost us how much looking at we should. We should invest five hundred bitcoin Can you imagine, can you We want to learn that had to be increased to twenty thirteen whereat had beef, two hundred yeah a bit twenty thirteen arranged that was the year that it had its first. What they were. At the time a bubble were peaked at a thousand dollars. Ok, but then it ran down and it was in it. Between but he said twenty twelve or twelve thirteen, twenty thirteen It was for most of the year about a hundred dollars at the beginning of twenty thirteen, it was thirteen dollars. So, oh What's taking visas to say fifty dollars If you are so that we have twenty five, that would have been twenty five thousand dollars right. Fifty fifty two
Five hundred is twenty five thousand dollars, so that's let me tell you they got on I'll do five hundred times but say fifteen thousand fifteen thousand. We'll get you a better return of seven point: five million dollars all my cache and he said I how those ill together I taught us incurs, asked that it all together. We have to fight track that, Mr De yes, he said we had the argument. I lost the argument and I'm still poor was he described fibre bitcoins. He was at somebody right at me. The lowest it would have been five thousand or eight thousand dollars. But seven point five It is better than a thousand. Money every that's my right in here sure is a common core, math tat little autonomously. You show your work on that, but that's nothing compared to the guys who founded ripple now. Is another crypto currencies. You have get bitcoin diphtheria, light coin. Paul is seems pretty shady
only because they announced their ripple was gonna, go onto coin base and goin. They didn't announced that that was a rumour theirs. I was a rumour that wasn't. That is that there is no reason to believe that that's happening at this point. I know I know that, but I thought it came from them, not thanks. Ok out by dont. Well, somebody in it. Then it may and it looked pretty- they looked pretty solid and it went from like a dollar. Fifty two three, fifty three ninety acting like that has fallen down a little its it in the high one dollars right now by a it, was also a point zero. Six point point six cents In two thousand seventeen, Six sense is what it was. I've bought these things. Four point: six cents, another way that its different, then let's say Bitcoin Bitcoin US talking about like it's not centralized right and it is
there's a limited amount of because it will ever be created. So there's no inflationary risk here, most of them. Coins, eighty seven percent of them are already out, so you know, there's not theirs. Inflation their ripple. They created one hundred billion These things are upon inception. Ok, created a hundred billion of them and they did the way they gave them. A white was like they give. They did giveaways. They did also something but they only released a third of them, so sixties. Its billion of these ripple coins are held by the company, which is like three guys who created them day. Sixty six billion there currently about two dollars per coin, so! That's a lot of money, the way there's breaks down. Forbes looked at it, the at it's actually insane the coffee. And C o Chris Larsen, who stepped down in November, two thousand. Sixteen. He now as the executive chairman of ripple. He has far
five point, one: nine billion ripple tokens in his personal hole. Eggs and a seventeen percent stake in the company he's caught fire build my dollars himself. Now is that more than that his net? currently- and this was the price was slightly higher than it is right now, but when this was written network per hour personally, thirty seven point three billion dollars that would make him the fifteenth richest America gonna. Twenty seventeen Forbes four hundred list this this time they willing to leave bomber. This stuff is going to change the world. Think of the power shift, Here's a guy who had nothing you and now he's got. Thirty. Seven billion dollar sought me in here who you know He did in the wrong hands we with hooters,
Is going to be where hunger is? I mean these really are already meeting there. It is without the wind, but where the whether they have this format, it is late in released one billion new tokens every month, so every month they can just bringing in cash to three billion dollars to fund this operation is to try to make it a big that is going on in this game in a way because you can print them. That's why Bitcoin is so good. It just can't print them. He had taken Taking this way, you don't really flood the market, but it's an inch. It's really interesting project. I want to talk a little bit about liberty, safe the the museum I just bought it. Liberty safe, as I keep a lot of the of the stuff for mercury, one safe, it's kind of my job. Take some of the really really really rare, stuff and put it in safety. We just got a new
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your paperwork keep the things that mean something safe in a liberty safe there also professionally installed by the authorized. Dealers and the dealers are really really great. It's liberties, if dotcom go there, don't let these deal slip by you. It's liberty, safe dot, com, Gran, mercury. The store you following. Are you following the release of the gps transcripts? Yellow there may know were Diane Feinstein apologised to gradually Yahoo we're not letting him no. To just see the apology said, I'm sorry I was just pressured to do it,
pressure do by whom exactly and when Chuck said by whom she said. Oh, I didn't know, I didn't mean that I mean I just. I sorry What was is happening. The fusion GPS thing more and this and look into what's, gonna happen this year, technology wise next Glenn Back mercury. Courage shrink back yards, truly amazing, the you national debt is over twenty trillion dollars and rising. Did you hear anybody? the day when it had twenty trillion who is the count, the number of dead in the war? member when people used to actually say when George Bush, when thinking this when George Bush, was in office,
while two turned six trillion dollars it at its twenty trillion. Now also. The government is owned by you or the gun, meant, but there's six point three trillion dollars in Treasury bills. Those are notes in bonds that are held by foreign countries and companies and China is the grand daddy of all of them. Holding you s, treasuries totalling one point: two trillion dollars now: that's money we don't have it's been good for China helping them keep their currency weaker than the dollar, which is what they want to do. It keeps their experts. Its competitive and has been good for US concern. Prices for goods remain low and the government gets to spend more money and spend themselves until their silly. People try to make everything sound really hard when it comes to government financing, but it isn't. It's actually really easy. If
think of the United States as a giant corporation countries like China that purchase our debt in the form of treasuries are like investors or banks You know you buy a ten year treasury. We get cash, but we have to pay it back with interest in ten years, so it's always really kind of like a bank yesterday something interesting happened. The dollar treasuries, the stock index features all declined because there was a rumour that came out from China, and the rumour was that senior government officials in Beijing had recommended recommended slowing or even stopping the purchase so U S treasuries. Now the consequence for this, for you is huge China is our biggest investor. There are biggest bank so now. Why would they do this? Now? I dont nobody is talking about the danger in
the chinese economy, because they did chinese economy, is in trouble right now. The law few years for them have been the worst in thirty years like the rest of the world. They never really recovered from two thousand aid in the financial crisis. Less p, or buying their stuff, while at the same time their laser labour costs, are rising because we, in China or like wait a minute. They have all this stuff. I gonna want some of that stuff. They ve racket. A huge debt with underperforming loans and nearly half a billion people live below the poverty line. Can you imagine what their poverty line is like. So if your family invest in the stock market, but then dad loses his job and starts to miss mortgage payments. Do does the bank calling that loan. The bank, my call, What's going on now, if it was like a Jimmy, Stuart Bank, they would say: ok what are you doing come on? Let's look at what you're doing
and if your saving, your money and you are preparing for the hard times and you're doing everything, it can get a second job. Jimmy Stuart Bank is going to say, ok, I believe in you It will extend the long, we're, not gonna call the mortgage but if you're, just spending like crazy, then why they see trouble. The truth is that we have, they had been quietly selling debt calling in loans since twenty six team, Japan briefly overtook China as the largest dead holder before they began calling in loans this leaves us with a couple of choices The reason why they're not saying these things out loud and they're, just rumors, Quite honestly, I think to prepare you'd anybody who smart.
Heard. This rumour knows that in twenty sixteen they did stop buying some of our loans. They did start liquidating some of them since to us the civilians of the world, the ones who are really going to be crushed by this- that we need to tell the government caught the spending, but they won't. They will print money. One thing is clear: the globe global economy is is primed for something really big. If we, print money, and we don't curb our spending. We are going to poorer. Gasoline and kerosene and night oh glycerine, on
very shaky bonfire it's Thursday January eleven, the glad that did you did we go over yesterday about the melt up on radio, I dont know if we did, we did on telling us this works out at the boys dot com such tv. Please watch last night's episode on the blaze. I talked to type I put out some charts to show you what a melt up is a melt down in the stock market. You know giant crash, but if you look at The bubble that is coming. I think it's gonna have, I think, your health headed for a melt up and I think we're already in it and they last anywhere from twelve to thirty six months. Three
half years I think, is the longest. Think we're already in it and I don't know when it started, but You think it started a while ago, and everybody is saying: the stock market is going out. The stock market is going up and is going up because things are getting better. I think there's something else going on and it's the beginning of a melt up, and if you look at any big crashes in the world. The stock market we'll all of a sudden just her bow up and I mean like arts, twenty announced twenty five. I mean it's twenty five and its be forty and a huge global Qatar Turkey has as in the past, always begin and just like that that the the the stock market will become an Feel society will feel about the stock market.
A little like they felt about Bitcoin in November, where every one was talking about it. Everyone is saying I do. I gotta hot stock Tipp, you gotta. You. Gotta get into this stock as the stock is really high. The stock is just go take off with everyone is behaving on the stock market like they were behaving in. Ovenbird about Bitcoin Thou That's when you need to run, but why the predictions that I have made an in four twenty eighteen- is that we are going to enter and begin to see this melt up if the stock market will be at thirty thousand by the end of the year, I think it's everybody says can't go to thirty thousand. I think he could go to forty thousand in the next twenty four months. Or fifty thousand and then, when that happens, it crashes heart.
And the whole world is in a shambles- so that's one of the things that we ve talked about. I urge you to go. Look at the and they're, not, actions in order to make this really clear? This is more forecasting. You know when I, when I talked about Our fate and end the housing crisis I knew in my God before They did any research, I did research to verify it. I just I just knew it. I could see it and that is more of a prediction, and thus- not necessarily what these are. These are me sitting down and were in reading aloud and studying aloud and looking at the world in a different way. In saying, I think this is what's coming. So this is more forecasting so anybody who believes in the things that I have talked about, I just want a separate that I think it's important that you you look at these things as forecasting and not as one of those minnow caliphate things that are
I knew with everything in me. However. They they all have a trend line, that you will be able to test and that is what I do know, sir, yesterday for affairs, We posted these Glenn backed out com, and yesterday we posted foreign affairs and went over them and and we ask you to vote, which ones do you think are most likely to happen and least likely to happen. And in foreign affairs he will continue to turn towards religious fascism and will continue to pay. Our terms towards Sharia law that twenty percent of of the listener saying yet they thought that was that they thought I was gonna happen. Culture
Clashes between immigrants and natives will cause backlash from the public across Western Europe that will continue. Nineteen percent persecution of Christians, homosexuals, non muslim, religious minorities in those Muslims, not dean Muslim enough will reach new lows for humanity in the Middle EAST. I see a massive massive problem coming beyond anything that we have seen yet Another socialist country will see its currency collapse. The least likely is the one I think is most likely to happen. Strangely, China will land Rover on the dark side of the moon and it, serious consequences for us: militarily and I I I I be shocked, doesn't happen by the end of the year, but we'll see you wanna start with today's Stew, Yemen, the video star, there's legally, as this is tat in a high and there is
there's a lot of these? I am, I ve been studying for really hard for about eight months. In reading as much as I could on technology and future is stuff. And and I ve been doing that because the world is about to profoundly change in, Ex ten years and ten years from now, you will not recognise it, and I know I've said before you recognize world and I've been right on that that in two thousand seven there's an come a time soon, where you're gonna wake up, and you will not recognise your country rethink of what happened since then the smartphone Jeff. Since two thousand seven. I think it's a year the Iphone Kayo think of how What's your life has changed just from that just from that, but I meant that you're not going to be able to see it with its values and you won't. You will recognise your country, and everything will be upside down. Everything that you thought you could trust. You're not gonna, be able to trust all of that. Believe has happened. I feel
as strongly about that as I do about saying this in ten years. You will not recognise your life anymore. Everything is about to change so Go into it with that understanding. Where do we start unease about this? I think this is definitely possible, I'm curious as to why you think it can happen this year and a I generated image, or your file will be used to hoax. The public, so I I dont think we're gonna find out about this one. I think I put this in here because I think we are so close, the two this that it is possible that this comes out because of the mid term election It's not gonna happen here. It will happen by twenty twenty. We are so in the highest levels. You can have almost anything now you can make any one look like it. Like they're doing something they shouldn't be doing
the very highest levels and its real and you it once once this is just a little farther ahead. You'll be a to destroy your your adversary, by releasing an audio tape or a video of I'm doing or saying something that they swore they would never do and by the time you figure out about the dead, the figure it out. The damage will be done like us like yes, Sexty were of corruption like, for example, there was lit. Let's say this: I do not believe the russian thing on Donald Trump in the golden shower thing. Do I believe it is for this for one reason alone. He's too if a German decided to seriously he's too much of a german job. He would not do that but if they release to tape, and you three, it was Donald Trump. You would say, oh my god
I guess he did do it and they would never that imprint would never go away. Even You found out later six months later. That was totally bogus. We not go were entering a time is one of the others. Is the general population will begin to realize that you can no longer trust. What you here see taste or touch. The test of something being authentic. I remember how do you judge life at that point, will remember that we changed in the dark ages this why this is so important. Word nonsense. Was, and it was a public uprising Kay that came from the churches saying I know I know I'd tells me, and so you after do those things, while the people was up eventually and they were like. You know what I'm not. No, no. The he's just born, and he says I know, and the church. Acts him up, no
So the word nonsense was don't believe. Nonsense, don't believe the thing Then you can see here- touch smell or taste I believe it that's non sense. We are about to go into a place to where you're going to have to say nonsense. The only thing that I can trust. We have to the most important things that you can teach our children right now, one teacher children to think out of the box. I am I am this close. Two saying publicly, and in my own life MIKE its will never go to college. I do not. Want them going to college and I reason why is because they will be day, will be taught what to think
they will go into a box and the world is not in that box anymore, so I think the most important thing you can teach your kids is how to find information and stay? Nimble mentally? Don't get lost, down into anything, because life is going to change so many times so fast in their life. They have. To be nimble a education. The way education is being done right now, will not help them. It will. Harm them down. Lee harm them in the future. I believe the other thing that you can teach your kids is. How do I How do I know? That's true? How do I not not just. How can I search for the truth, but what I feel about that. Are there are
gifts or their tools that you have internally, that can help you'd die cipher the truth a way for you to be able to go. That's not right! There's some wrong there owes to skills, will put your Childer way ahead. Everything else will be secondary to those two skills More on the year on the rest of the high tech coming up and just a second, so you can go to Glinda, come right now and see the predictions all of them before our technology that want to go through some of them here today, as well as you can look at the predictions for foreign affairs for politics.
And then to Morrow there's a kind of a crypto currency, one that goes out. You can get that early if you sign up for the newsletter at glad backed up. Ok, you heard me talk for years about gold line and gold line is the place that I by gold, and the only place that I would recommend? I know these people had been with him for ten years. I are. They treat people, and I know what gold is worth now. I by gold, as an insurance policy against insanity. By it as an investment, how I've been reading a lot lately about people saying that gold is about to it new highs this year, I I don't read that stuff about gold because I don't buy it for that. I buy it, although its a lot of money zero, since I first bought it. I I buy it because. The world always comes back here. When food, please go nuts, it always always comes back to gold.
From Moses, too, who you know Bretton Woods right after World war, two when things have to be reset it reset on gold, it is something that I hope I never have to. You know lay my hands on in use. I hope to pass it on to my children, so they can lay it on their hands if the world ever goes truly, not right. A gold mine is having a sale. It's it's a sale, they had last year. I can believe it gold sale, but it is because they ve just been purchased by one of the largest gold wholesalers in in the world. I think it is the largest in the United States, and so with the new ownership they have, they can buy it in bulk and they buy it at lower cost. So they can pass that savings on to you. So I want you to find out why going on now a gold line and prepare yourself gold line, one eight six EC scold line, one
six six gold line or gold lying dot com. Gran mercury Glenn back there. So many of these forecasts here for twenty eighteen, that I've made on technology, that I then I want you to go to Glenn backed our common gonna race through a couple of them here. Cord cutting will continue. Got paces, Amazon and others begin to serve a linear need. So, in other words, Amazon you're gonna start settling down on Amazon or Netflix, and there start introducing like linear channels, and you're gonna be able to be basically a cable company yourself. Yours I Glenn back and I want them. The bureau and I won't see our tv and there these called skinny bundles in those start, you'll be your own cable company. That's about to happen!
no assistance such as Alexa, SIRI and Google Home are gonna begin to penetrate the market are creeping us is going to go away and we're gonna start really start to like those thing. That's it. Islands already happening relating to a real to level bigger level and you'll see why later a battery performance could double in this year and quantum Computers were, for the first time, compute something that could not be done by traditional glares back mercury, this is the Glen Back programme. Try to do a forecast of the things that I think are gonna happen, some of our fun sum of money, for you know not so much fun things that you need to be aware of, and and I have no idea these there's forty of them and They cover all topics, and you know
steer with this time will be going through them and probably making funnel definitely market for everyone you get wrong, ignoring, although I should get right. Yes, of course, there's? No? No, no prob So let's go through some of these you. These are tech today as tech technology, and this is an interesting thing because you ve been reading. So many textbooks really dozens. Over the past, like six months, you and I- want to read all those. So this. What I know you like is like you, ve read them all, and then you can create lies what you think. All these things are kind of coming together. That's what this list, as you can see the clinic dot, com and vote for the ones you think that will come true. The next year concern Marie. I artificial intention that attempts to gauge our emotions will be introduced. It just happened. Yesterday at sea, he s just happen. Really there is a story. It will have to find it, and maybe we can show some pictures of evidence tv tonight, there is a story about a ping pong
playing robot at sea ass and it's not about that that it can play ping pong with you. It has cameras up above the table all directed at you and Evaluating your emotions, motion your emotions. Are youth? straight it are you comp there you confident how are you playing and its legal? It's it's trying to get engage and the sea, your emotions and the reason why this is important- and this is not just of a fun thing- is this. This is to do a couple of things and in fact, let me look here. Deep learning robots. Can we come back to the emotion things? You're, ok, cause there's three of these that are kind of tied together. Deep learning robots will become more important in medicine
What I found this out, I couldn't believe it. There is a you know. It big blue is IBM big Blue yeah. Does that a chess player cedar here? Ok, so the as playing the thing is called narrow, a I it's not it's, not thinking is you just put in every possible chess move. Two big blue, and so it's just looking at all of the chest. Moves that have ever been done and how they went, and then it sees Gary move a peace, and it's like ok he's, probably do this or I'm gonna. Do this just move guy, that's called narrow way. I, and the only thing that big blue can do is poor. A chess There is another one and out my road is called IBM, then put a jeopardy computer on and it gave it. All the information in all its doing is Looking at all that information and try, to get to the answer faster than the human Kay still narrow way. I
there is narrow way. I vat. I can remember the name of the hospital now shoot, not column, it's up in its up a new. Our general hospital, yes, General Hospital right with Luke Aroma, their rioting guy raises some friggin medical's right, so the I think it Sloan Catering that is doing this. They got the other with IBM and they said IBM said you know what I wonder. If we could do this for cancer, I wonder if we could put all of the cancer results, we have ever had all the diagnosis, all the treatments or eight from all of records of anybody who has come into Sloan, Catering and and said. I think I have cancer put off. That information in an Let's see if the computer can die egg knows cancer. Better. But then humans, the best Sloan Catering doctors having the best cancer D,
there are about fifty to fifty five percent on catching cancer. Early. Big blue or this IBM computer. That is the net. Hu I on cancer is now in the nineties Kay so you think that you want a doctor that is a human. This is only doing Sloan Catering. There is enough their company that has just come out and I'll, give you the name, maybe to me or something I could tell you just don't have enough top of my head. That saw this and went well. This is stupid Are they just doing? It was slung catering? Let's gather all all cancer stuff, let's gather every single case from around the world. Let's put the annex h in it, was put everything for the United States in it, because the more information. It has the more accurate it becomes and so they are starting to gather all of this data whose, go to a doctor. Who's gonna go to a human,
when you have a forty percent of EU aid of a forty forty percent, better chance, of getting your cancer diagnosed. Then you do with a human brain, you want the best outcome possible. Yet how do you get your computer? Yet you want. I want to know you we're on this computer, so Our computers are gonna, that's the first step, they're gonna say diagnosing and start doing surgery. So they're gonna play bigger role in in medicine, with deep learning robots the next thing is nurses and doctors imagine you're sitting with an egg and they have to tell you: have cancer gay, and you're really upset if it's the cold. You have. Cancer you ve got a dream on cancer right? It will it, nobody will want it, there's a you'd shortage of nurses already in America by twenty twenty.
Remember the number it's it's an astounding number, of nurses that we're gonna be short of already. Think its forty percent of all nurses come from the Philippines coming in from the United States we are we are not we don't producing nurses and we're gonna need a lot more nurses than we have now but death. In ITALY in five and ten years from now is a population gets older. So, what do we do so there, looking into the possibility of a nursing but That's where emotions arc ridicule, so the pie. Pong playing tennis guy. That's not It is not a game there. Using it as a game, but what that is, as they need to be able to make commute computers wreck. Nice, your emotion and and then reflect that emotion in appropriate ways because in ten years from now you go.
A place to check in two oh tell or whatever and average hotel, not a really nice once they probably will have people it's just. The computer there and its goal it's gonna relate to you, it'll be a sigh and it now. Needs to be able to relate to relate to people emotionally. So they can lacked whatever the among you're in a restaurant, in your being served by a I. It's yours? It's your anniversary It needs to be able to pick up on that and reflect it you know you're really mad mad, because you had a bad meal. It needs to understand that that's a creepy world, though, there's a lot of creeping us in that until we get used to it. So it's a creepy world because of this right now. We are teaching it. How we feel and then were teaching it. How to fake those feelings. We know right now it can't feel so it can. To genuinely reflect those feelings back. It doesn't
have genuine compassion, we're teaching at how to fake compassion so my problem with this is for the future. When do: have a S eye fiscal super intelligence, which ill claim to be alive? I dont worry. To have spent ten fifteen twenty years teaching it how to lie in Romania to recognise what we're feeling and and be able to play off of those feelings. Yeah, I'm its interests. It gives a lot of times we talk about these topics and their position in the negative and in there's a lot of creeping this kind of surrounding what you're talking about, but we are also talking about way massive improve. Events in healthcare man improvements in diagnosis, disease in treating your diseases. We could wine absolutely no, Lincoln tripling our our lifetimes. So let I give you. Let me give you this one
making. This is way out on a limb. But two major illnesses, we'll be cool. Word by new advances in medicine this year. This is way out, and I think this has a very low chance of happening, but it Good through Jean splicing were now starting to go in and Jean Splicing and we're getting we're we're making real progress? things like hemophilia and sickle cell anemia those could go away soon and its because of the deep learning robots, the deep learning, artificial intelligence, and things like Jean splicing, worse, we're we're entering territory that I think we will keep cancer, in the next ten years, maybe while the in and when we start to have artificial general intelligence, a step down from the spooky intelligence when we have
Official General intelligence when we have deep learning robots they have all of the information on cancer. All of sudden, that's gonna turbo when you feed, Ray bit of information into that computer, it's already twice as good diagnosis today, when we feel all of the information in cancer, it's it's gonna, be able to look at you way in advance and go cancer, get it Those outcomes are gonna, be so positive that the downside of losing our privacy and giving up all of our information and all of those things are gonna seem so inconsequential. And in reality, there's gonna be big debates that are important. I will tell you that, we cannot go into if if we have time You heard my theory yesterday of one of the questions that I asked about. You know we were too about. You know the future and I too about bionic arms? We have questions that have to be answered today, because in five
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Glenn back wished. Where does stews were live on Facebook? Now, because we had to ask the Facebook audience, we are so well of a little high unequal today heavily Drought MIA, so I good at this anyway, but I cannot remember what we, because I think I see right before you into the brake and I'll tell you about that. We come back, but still absolutely no idea of what we were talking about cause he's kept up on night quill. Dare I do you. Global warming now know that global warming. It was something to do with. Hamsters was no wasn't hamsters. Now I will say you're not helpful. Now there are others. Now there did is suggesting strange thing: I'll bionic arms, those Diana Carbs. That's what it was. Thank you so bionic our David, so think about this.
Right now we look at losing an arm or a limb. That's a really bad thing. Ok, and it's a bad thing made because they dont work, is well gay. It's you know. Her strap and something on it's. Not it's not it's it's. It's doesn't. Work Imagine if you could be the six million dollar man, your member, really major South Asia, with six million dollar man better stronger faster it look! like an arm. Nobody knew that it wasn't his legs worked. He could run super fast. All of that we are entering that time, Kay. No we're, also entering a time to wear, Who can say you know what I'm a woman cut it off? and we do happens when you say I'm just making this up. I may I'm a sculptor,
and my arms in my in my hands are not strong enough for me to really scope the way I want to sculpt doktor cut my arms off. I want these arms, because these arms have been designed by me in a team to be the best for sculpting. Then you can essentially three d print. Whatever sculpture, you want and are you three print your arms but their arms will essentially do the work of authority print or else to write ladders design. The perfect thing right, you'll be able to still thinking use, but they will be better stronger, faster you we to end the reason why I thinking this way is because there's a guy who Who was in a mountain climbing accident heat? He live to mountain climb said he'd, never walk again. He lost his legs, so he decided to take his timescale. Feeling sorry for himself. He went to MIT, he desired, and new legs Kay
the new legs he designed feet there really super small. So when he's on the mountain, they can fit into little tiny, crevices, he's now a better mountain climber than anybody else, uneasily This is great. Ok! Well, let's just let's play this out what's good. Stop people from saying there we're already saying I'm a woman cut it off. What, stop people from saying. I have a right to cut off my limbs and replace them with this. Is that right? Is that wrong? Should you should you not? Those are the kind of easy questions coming home with me. Courage, shrink back. So do you really believe in freedom of speech? Do you really believe in the first amendment I do?
and it means that you have to stand up for even the voices that you strongly disagree with. In fact, it may be more important to stand up for those voices that really don't agree with, but people are trying. Shut down first amendment not to be trifled with yet it seems to happen somewhere in the country every day now every day this in Louisiana a female middle school english teacher was arrested for speaking at her school board meeting. Her crime apparent asking why the school districts superintendent was getting a thirty thousand dollar raise when teachers and other support staff haven't received raised in over ten years seems like a pretty fair question pointed out that the district improved test scores. The states rankings due to the efforts of the teachers are rising, and yet they can t. To deal with much lower
your class sizes and no more money. For ten years the sure Data hargraves was was not being done? relative. She stood, speak with permission from the meeting chairman after he had opened the floor for audience comments, but the school board like what she was questioning? Ok, did they feel unsafe? one board member pounded his gavel and told her stop stop right. Now, it's not germane to what's on the agenda. She was there approached by a police officer who told her she had to leave. She walked. Of out of the room. But the officer followed her in the hall people attending the meeting could hear a commotion as she was suddenly handcuffed on the floor led out of building putting into a book patrol car and taken to jail units.
This is a public meeting, the floor was open for public comment hard. It is a citizen exercising her right to speak and dare I he quote Lee declaration of independence and the bill of Rights petition. Her government, what happened her? She was, events in carted off to jail for in ITALY. A local tv station was covering the school board meeting and got it all on camera, and the footage has gone viral, after reviewing the footage, the local city prosecutor decided Earl, you know what a reduction in order that press charges- oh well I think hargraves should this is on Constitutional, this is The definition why the first amendment is in there by the way
the School Board approve the superintendence raise at that meeting. The teachers are gonna, wait for theirs mean while at least they have- and you know an object lesson the importance of the first amendment to take back to their students. This is one time that I hope those teachers are teaching that lesson because America, Just doesn't seem to understand what freedom of speech really is and what its four. it's Thursday January eleven. This is the Glen Back Programme loved him. I'd like to get miss our grave on with us I this amazing, to me. If this isn't
The first amendment is about. I dont know what the first amendment is. Four years private citizen standing up and questioning her government and she has every right to do that and they holler away in handcuffs The first amendment is force for protecting hard core pornography. That is what it was designed to do and now it does year. Does that really well? Does that really well yeah you're right, I mean this is a fundamental thing. Right use must be able to go to the government and say this is my problem. That's that's! The exact a thing that was not available tangley founders overseas? That's exactly what King George did this? Why we broke away you could question you couldn't question and if you questioned your anatomy and they threw you in jail, it is really phenomenal to me Out of control our government is, and local government too, we have taught
all the wrong lessons that they are in charge of us, You should never be afraid of the school board. The school board should fear you, strange ways. The local government and times can be worse than the federal government have the power but the they don't have the eyeballs on them either and a lot of times when they started doing something. Shady are wrong, or someone has an agenda were some. It Northern debtor against an individual citizen really crazy stuff can happen. Course. Think of any of anything like that, like some guy trying to the fence in his own yard and the endless in the town lowing everybody else in town to do it, but not him yeah, but you're awful than I support them in that one ok heard, but not its true. In aiming. We see this with people losing their children, to state agencies has very little or no reason people
We have had their money taken away at a traffic, stop and irreparable to reclaim it. It New Orleans, people to getting their guns taken away their second amendment right Strip right out and from from under them. They never being able to reclaim their property I thought I should have ever been taken in the first place. This happens all over America. We talked about it with them. Elderly people too. A few weeks before we went on vacation of elder, people in homes, have their children visiting them every day or every every a couple days, I didn't homes like mobs in the home, just in our home, like a retired or a retirement, immunity or or whatever assisted living people come and say I, your key approaches are really taken care of. You run a move to another home and take all your belongs to pay for it, and this It is not for years until they get this reverse if bans on and that when you complain the job, and the caretaker the guardian now of your parents, who are getting rich off of your parents, their bleeding them dry.
And then changing their prescriptions. They have a right there, they actually yet our right to go in and talk to the doctors and change their prescriptions. They were killing them, and this this was not an isolated incident. And when you complain that guardian, says you have small children or maybe we should look into you. I mean it's crazy. It's crazy! what's happening. That's why? What am? I might wanna way predictions we talk about yesterday, one of the things that I am looking at forecasting for twenty eighteen was this review evil of a freedom movement, and if the people who are truly consistent on freedom. Can see right now. You know what The rules are not my enemy, they're, not my enemy and if liberal can say: conservatives are not my enemy.
Progressives bar the trouble progressive, they're the ones but don't believe in the constitution being equally applied, start a liberal. I don't You want to believe all kinds of crazy things and you that's fine that's fine. You can do that. I support you I'll stay, For your right to say whatever it is, but don't force me to do those things. Don't force others to do those things. You don't have a right to force me. I don't have a right to force you into my church. I don't ever to force you to go to church. I dont have a right, the force you to believe in God right to do that and you don't have a right to to do. You know tat your part, because I do yeah we were too but this yesterday I mean I should say that you have a right to tear me apart, but you don't have a right to destroy my life and force me not to
We are talking about some tv yesterday with the Google Diversity outlawry James Timor, who always of your member fired, because he's basically said to men and women are kind of different, Niall Andrews. With no hatred at all, I mean how he was making a very good point. Look there. There is a reason You know when you what he's talking about tack- and let me just right of really dumb this down to my level- must talk about tat He said you know guys are more interested in tech Then women are there just there's more. Guys intact, because it just neither the interests at figures, expertise right in events there I mean how many, how many women do you know that? Don't you, politely, listen to their husband as they talk about the new tv sets out the new. Whatever that's out. Oh my gosh. This is the greatest then and generally speaking, women. Like how I got it. I got not as what not likely to be interested in the top a correct. I don't two kids forward, six and in it we didn't stop
an agenda when we got will meet when they were poor black. We need to make sure that we treat this boy so they like sports and he likes nerve guns for it and we have to make sure that she likes frozen and she likes Barbie wouldn't have The plan to do that crap happened though, and it happens, you know all the overwhelming percentage of change of cases, not in every case, but the overwhelming majority that size on age you shouldn't be able to notice right, and you shouldn't you shouldn't. Also, if your kid you know If your boys, not into sports, I wasn't in the sports- might have never fourth me in question me like what why why why Europe has been a sports? I wasn't in the sports, so there's nothing wrong with that either. So it's you force them into those things, but generally speaking, they do that. So what he was saying was look because There are, generally speaking, they don't feel the same about tack as These do when their boys I could have all because
a prioritize things differently, a guy prioritize work. Going in finding value in work, etc, etc, much more than women they I say they're, probably more healthy, but it's a good balance to have They prioritize family, they pray, ties children. They pariah prioritize Zena list simplify our life. We don't need all this stuff, that kind of stuff, NEA and those herb, hasty generalizations, because I know women who are not like that and that's all are too, of course, generalizations are not designed to catch every little case. This generalisation is correct and to bring this full circle to where we started. The show today explain differences. Explain almost every cent of the code on quote pay gap between men and women? Yes, you know, we talked about them all Mark Wylder story earlier today, and You know it's ridiculous ridiculous story. I our one if you, if you want hear that, but it's the
Do you that there's this big pay gap is explained by prioritizing and choices almost Basically, I mean I wind up going away, but I was interested in what you are from last night. You found a quote from a Google engineer. After this whole is this terror? This holds scenario? Doubtless into this listen to this thinking. You know there are certain alternative views, including from political views, which I do not want people to feel safe to share here my taller. Ends at my friends, terror. You can believe that women are minorities, our unqualified all. You want. I can't stop you, but if you say it out loud than you deserve, what's coming to you yet This is silencing. I tend to silence these views. They are violently offensive. Take your false the violence in your face, symmetry and shoved them hard up where the shut son don't shine. I mean you, about intolerant hats, intolerable, he wasn't saying that they're not qualified. You don't say that. He's he's saying your your look.
It's something that is natural you're, trying to go against nature, you're trying to force this? Why? Why force it Let everyone have an equal opportunity, but stop trying to force things there are natural reasons why we are in the situation that wherein in and if it's because women aren't given a chance than that one we fix. If that's what it is, then we really concentrate that and fix that, but if it is because there really not interested in the same degree as men. You know, how many women grubbing go. I want to be a football player. Will ok so not very many, There are then good they, start a football league. It probably won't be as successful like the women's basketball League by that's fine, but we do
Look at our football team in say: do we have we act, but you know what we have to have at least fifty whim of fifty percent women on the steam cry? No, no! No! Do the right Think stop judging people by their gender, their color. Look at the content. Of their character, look at their skills period, you notice one things it. He said in this that really stuck out to me read the first couple aligns again. Here there are certain alternative views- include different political view they stop. There is a certain alternative views this coming from the side who has been talking about alternative facts, their argument was there are no alternative, fags gay here, saying there are some alternative facts. He saying there's alternative views. A point a view I believe we have a God ridden work given right to our point of view, but listen, here's a no problem radon
the alternative use, including different political views, which I do not want people to feel safe to share his stop. I do not want people to feel safe to express here There is a difference between feeling uncomfortable look as, though, is a really uncomfortable meeting. Why we, This agreed it was uncomfortable I've never left a meeting and said I really felt unsafe. We must separate, unsafe and uncomfortable. He is saying I don't want them to feel safe here. What does that mean? That means pitch? forks torches, yoga beat up, I mean if this is bully stuff. You want to talk about bullying there. It is, and yet the people at Google cheap,
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Climb back. Let's take a Jim in Ohio, Hallo, Jim we're going to the glimmering programme alone. Are you there Yeah, I'm here you talked about ripple this morning and I got in the river when it was twenty five cents back in November, it's it's now. While exploded, unfortunately, are not rich, that I'd be yet better it is a deflationary currency. So every time there's a ripple transaction, a little bit of ripple disappears right. Oh that's! How different the Bitcoin butter our people and the quick day were proposed feel that the hate it because it is I'm the centralized currency orbit, Finally takes neutralize right right, so how much how it show? How much you ve made you if you don't mind me, asking
That is why I was not a good one, as it is now only made a couple hundred hours, but sending your show for years on yeah. I remember you say and just put in what you can afford to lose on ya know during the November and Christmas I didn't, have much to lose the law but Godfrey. I didn't or into it good for you, thanks to you for your help, and thank you for all you do is still go eagles. The ass fast ass, not is the weak, and the only thing I actually care about is the one thing that finally just mentioned. So this way ruining under this work loaves are they in the play off yandah the number one seed? Thirteen three baby. I was very could happen for you now I mean you know they lost the quarterback, so a minute's people are optimistic and most people. I mean a lot of people, including me a boy, never optimistic that aren't gonna win the Superbowl, but no they ve, never one! There's! No other man. You ve always been like they're gonna, screw you're like Charlie Brown,
a little denials euro in the light of your hair hopeful you're running up to that you're, like I'm gonna, be there and then you know, they're gonna pull the football away at the last moment, Well, that's what happened with the quarterback could give the envy of the League the number one see their thirteen and three Nikobob Games for the season. They will lose. What haven't got Carson whence knee blew up need basically Madame hell yeah, maybe go to, like God put a bit, and let me maybe it's maybe got turns out to be that elephant thing with the twelve arms or whatever it is it's possible loans he's got enough arms and do not take as NEO crises is, He's the leader of that group- that is, I mean the fear not hearing a lot of this, but enough to just be fascinating. How spiritual the eagles have become yeah behind that has become him when he's one of the big big parts of a Glenn back
mercury this is the claimed back. Have an a portion of the programme brought you by gold line? They have something really really cool right now, where you can get a gold legal tender bar carded. Has you know it's? It's the legal there are in it has and what is it the eight pieces of gold that you can go, keeping your pocket? It is it's! It's really really great. And sixty or sixty silver rounds at employ ye cost plus peaches, column right now they have. A free half out of silver just for listening it just for calling so call him today take six gold line, one eight hundred and sixty six four hundred and sixty five three thousand five hundred and forty six just call him and get the round of silver right now, three, eighty
it's line or gold line dotcom welcome the programme, Patrick was dumb good view. Good, I mean there's a couple of things K. I guess not that bad! here, a good might be an overstatement, probably wouldn't really care, then really care with all right, I thought was senses and concern are now acknowledges something you say, nor is that we say there's a couple of things that I want to talk to you about one. I saved this. As you know, I have the year. Have you seen my predictions that have put out for twenty eating? No, not yet their villages did that yesterday, right, yeah, extremely busy. Have you now and then doing to catch up on tv shows we're not an attack concerned about that either to start so you're aware more, not. Why am I here? we don't know we withdraw, took no case he's here. Is wine at she's again minded now? Here's one that
I put in here- and I basically put a herd- is put it in for you in and Stew, ok prediction for twenty, Eating yeah, new foods and flavors of common food items through genetics or natural manipulation we'll be in due to the public. Broadly, ok, ok, listen to this. Have you heard of the new bubble gum grapes no they are generally that cotton can be great. Metallica have indicated their really. There are rarely get so cotton candy grapes and and bubble gum, grapes or out in limb, its supply. What are they do to make that too to make it tastes like bubblegum? I'm not sure I want to ask you. I personally do not care so its nose. You, it is genetic manipulation. Is it I don't know for the bubble gum one at least yeah, that's it This fascinating, I say what you like our production and sale that
more of these things are gonna, come out and they're gonna come out broadly you know you want to get me off. A french fries you wanna, get me off of donuts me and a donut tasting apple right or broccoli. The tastes like steak, then I'd be all over. That would be amazing would want an uneasy, would not be something not sure that we lay down assure this is good chocolate brightly chocolate brush. We'll sprouts guideline That's really! I don't care if you get there, just do it by fully, It's great, I mean you know, obviously have to watch how you do it. There's some poison, the tastes like. Don't you don't stick it in the grapes? but very is overwhelming. Also probably did I was. I probably would I mean you know: capitalism and science working together. I mean that that is what are the tooth. People really want to do. This is a potential that talked about this a long time ago and one of a shows, as it goes Showtime Bs Show and he said that
things that human beings gave instinctively really want to do is eat more than they should and have sex more than they should and the site where between more than they should now, I gotta have sex more than you should. Probably I don't know, I certainly have never how that is the problem of revising and so This point was that science, capitalism, will work hard to take the consequences out of those two actions, so the cuts this is being disease or the consequences being unwanted childbirth. It ought to be punished with a baby obvious its interest in a more than when I'm Goin repent of President Life pointed that out. Birth control, rang like as as No condoms have taken every comes once but lot lots of those physical consequences at least out of our sex virtual reality. Sex is going is, is solving that prompt right on either side. You know are zero Collier calorie sweeteners. You may not like em, but think of that, like that for how many calories people couldn't you know, taken with
that could seriously get one of beings, Europe, and there are now like salad, dressings and sauces, and all sorts of things that are sera calories and solve it tastes. Really. Good Sullivan is good. Some of it is not so it turned out some really bad. So so over the holidays, I was in a store, and because it's the holidays. I was looking at the candy because its holidays, not for me, the kids, but he had nice. I really like red vines. I hate all other licorice, but I love red advice twas luxury. I hate that but related regular ass. I do like red vines to love, resigns. I hate everything else and so There's this like TAN Box of red vines, and it said made with cane sugar and no art she'll colouring everything else. It would, It was delicious, but did something tat. I thought. Oh it's healthy.
Ok, I don't want you to go too far in a healthy causes made with real sugar. Yes, why that would be healthier. Sid, food, water and monitoring yeah, we're kind of redefining healthy. Don't I'm going back to the natural ingredients kind. We all finds a healthy. I don T mean to me in the healthy, is really a word without a definition. No, can explain what it actually means. What does it mean? I give you if you are- and I mean I would say absent- of disease- not non sick, not not having to twelve diseases. I personally have right now say that caused by with her shrilly somebody who is really healthy. They can perform the level of their bodies, capabilities ripen. Totally do that with all the things that were talking about that are unhealthy, you can eat red vines all. You want
you know I mean, and at some point will have negative consequences, but it will take a long time if you could ever advise every single day and be their bad people gotta how many people live two hundred and ten years, only big macs every day, all we see those stories all tat, a great aunt who ate gristle Greece should eat meat, she liked the gristle from the meat shot, one hundred and three hundred and three. What is the difference between that and pork right now? ass, the greatest problem, just like a boyfriend yeah, so oh gee hiring three, I'm thinking about taking that that I'm going all gristle yeah beginning today, now that I remembered that I dont think has anything to do you know these people were like about Durban, forty four years old and I've smoked I choose to back. I had a bottle and eighty everyday Joe brush my teeth with whiskey and look at me. I think that might be genetics. I don't think that's your diet. It depends on what you combine it with two or an eminent in. Oh, I think butter right
that a lot I mean that was back in the day. I believe right and they also Ovida than died it about sixty eight years old, but then were told the immediate moored saying that butter, like other people, think Yahoo butter is better right, like butter is but a real sugar, as I hope it is as good as you may. I mean it in an italian may be, but I have a feeling in about forty years. We're gonna find out that meet tee. Think broccoli is not. Is China has broccoli broadly anytime, you modified you're, gonna change, something I didn't you have a chance you have to, but these think I mean that in my point. Wait. Oh my gosh. You just sort of something great. If we genetically change broccoli, meat and it becomes really really popular but bad. For you there we have to stop making this. But maybe we haven't kept
Me heirloom see real moroccan, benign, read the worry promptly, that's something humanity can accomplish. I think we either yes said, of course, something we aspire to engage yeah yeah. Do you ever get those people come you too, there's like you, Europe, IRAN, some diet, however, because you just get past the holidays, and you know what exception of Pat, who did this three months earlier than the knowledge Schreider, one of whom was just you get so disgusted with yourself. That you'd, like I've, just got to do something about this, and I guess, are eating better and all the other stuff there and then, Of course, the one friend whose actually in shape and they see you poking away it terrible, looking salad as they are our duty is: cheesy moderation just cut back a little bit here and there and I don't go crazy.
Stu some exercise and it'll be great? You don't need to do here is to go crazy. Shut up beyond those people usually enabled a fork in their chests right after they send that it's like I. If I could do all of those things I wouldn't need you eat, shut up, you're starting to look tasty met. So what are you government aimed at? What's on your mind? I'm kind of but some of the unintended consequences of the of the Donald Trump still benefit. This is therefore not dead, there's more to consider than just the two of them use it, for instance, who gets custody of Michael Savage. Some of the kids are gonna, be upset the anvil, Welsh one. Do they go away? I will tell you I don't know. I will tell you that what's his name, he added facing us is very sad, Alex Jones. He gets to Trump gets custody of him drunk. I custody of Lopez, yet Guy Alec Alex Jones had a report today that there are people were sending to us on the twitters. Not way
which merits of news. I dont know already. I I love. This is gradually report that apparently, whose, beyond a shadow of a doubt that stuff If ban and was an anti trump agent the whole time, all my now it was aware way is weird approach to like take over a campaign in making president and anti it's like. Can I tell you something? It is like John Roberts and his He is so stealthy on getting rid of Obama. Courier yeah right here that I voted for it right right here. I super stealth riots and that's what banner was doing. Apparently, Korea is these guys are somewhat more smarter than we aren't they got. You know they are like term some of the yesterday day before yesterday, when he seemed like he was back off some of his really hard line: immigration stuff. That was just a trick to trick Congress into doing a bill that can veto brilliant
those calls. You rightly that we desire to those calls on real like I would he veto it? I know how would he be already said? Give me anything also violated thing. You do wonders what I explained to them now is part of the strategy pact. All was part of the strategy, while ok yeah stereos there try this exercise. You still have passed the budget right, we're so looking at the government shut down the article. Slow down, they didn't extension yeah. They did an extension. I think it was your idea. They did an extension. I think that's coming. Can you capital quick. When that's coming, as I think coming soon. What about this this this one I thought a flask dynamic way too many women may be Who is just putting that out there, so the press could cover it and he's like hey, I'm working with the Democrats. I work with everything and then, when the budget doesn't come through ten his emissary ten days? He could play this game for ten days and then he could say dammit
when everybody says it's the Republicans, he could say no I have not been reasonable in the last ten days, I've been trying to work with these guys and they won't get reasonable. I've said put it on my desk. And they won't agree that well in ten days, will know yeah right hand days. That's a possibility that that it's not like I think that's what he's doing, but I'd love it. If that's, what he's doing that would be great now because either After this meeting, when PETE, when conservatism so the things we said yesterday like if you care about the border, sure your voice is heard to trouble for his support. The people who really voted for them and, unlike the guy needs, themselves, very vocal in these periods, when he's flirting with a laugh, because he does tend to be call for those things when he hears from his bay and if he doesn't hear from his face, did you hear yesterday? Can we play the audio pleas of Donald Trump saying talking about the reviews of that meeting. Oh
You have its era, We are talking about very replied e, we're happy with it. How how great it was, how great is performance was, and it was a tremendous meaning. Actually, it was reported as incredibly good. My performance you're, someone call it a performance. I consider it work great reviews by everybody other than to net who were phenomenal for about two hours, then after They were called by their voices, wait a minute and unfortunately, a lot of those anchors sent us letters saying that was one of the greatest when we examine the witnesses wow and they were growing the mail that whilst there were four merit, so what does he say ear he sang look at the left there, love me. They loved me. They thought this was great. He risk
bonds to that kind of stuff. You, if you don't, even if you think he's playing a game. If you don't let him know hey dude you're, not cool with that He'S- not gonna, get that message. He's gonna, think you're cool with it there cool within it Is playing a game you'll be right, everybody really happy. If he's not playing a game. If use shut your mouth and don't let him. No, I ain't goin, with this you're gonna lose says why Tromp deserves the same treatment that everybody else gets, which is what you do something good. You say, think good things about it and I did something bad. We say bad things about it. This idea that we're supposed to make excuses for him every time you definitely we don't like it Nicholas Maceda they owed for Bush. Why we do everything over Bush would into two for a barometer waiting to area that that's a thing, so you have to when he heard these voices about hey, wait a minute. You said you know you might not need a wall. You said you do a clean Dhaka bill. What do you do ten minutes later sweeten about how? Oh, by the way we do need a well? He you can
If he hears your voice and you hold onto the things that he campaigned on, he d tend to go back to those positions he wants to me like he wants to be light. So let him know how to like you Well, it's not a little bit about life lock, fifty, Four percent of holiday shoppers went, to shop and do their holiday shopping on mobile devices and that his put all of your information out in several different places, tunity steal your credit card information, other personal data and it's bad. It's real at one in four people a quarter of an hour, We have already experienced identity theft. There are only monitoring your credit, your identity is its staunchest, your credit, it's your identity, it's your bank account fee.
Can sell your information on the dark web or get your get themselves and Andy Anon on line payday loan in your name, lifelong. They will do Act, a range of identity, threats, a very wide range, and if you have a problem, a, U S, base restoration specialists is gonna work to fix it now can prevent identity theft. Her you know monitor all transactions at all businesses, but lifelong can uncover the threats that everybody else seems to miss. Join at ten percent off with a promo code back call one eight hundred lifelike one, eight hundred lifelong or use life locked out com and the promo code back. That's life, locked outcome, promo code, back safe, ten percent, now lifelike dot com, promo code, back Gran, mercury Glenn
in that light, five o clock. Show you don't want to miss been a week of really great shows at five o clock. You can watch them all and Van now, at the blazed outcomes. Last tv tonight we're gonna cover. A couple of things were going to cover the future twenty eighteen. What were looking at? What we're forecasting to come? Your way in an We talk a little bit about tech in depth tonight and you're here from yet another white man about how gender equality. It is not true and known unknown. It's not a real thing. We should pursue both as a way of remote that I'm the white man right. Yes, of course, you are Whitey Murray. Today, five o clock, all the other blazed gum, slash tv back mercury.
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