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11/15/17 - Priorities Off Kilter? (Steve Dease and Johnnie Moore join Glenn)

2017-11-15 | 🔗
Hour 1  The individual mandate is unconstitutional...'Repeal' is coming?...right direction ...6.5 million paid the penalty ...Our priorities are off kilter ...CNN is finally reporting on human slavery ...Glenn addresses the Sean Hannity boycott: ‘It's the same thing they did to me’...Dangerous media pressure has us heading for disaster...should people accused not be allowed to respond?...we better stick with 'innocent until proven guilty' ...Americans wanted bully politics ...We must stop the silencing ...'My Roy Moore Endorsement' with author Steve Deace...joins to the show to 'thoughtfully' analyze the Roy Moore allegations ...Roy Moore’s 'life resume' is outstanding...'either he's the greatest liar' or 'a legalistic moral guy'    Hour 2  ‘How many hits?’…RNC cuts off Moore...but he's not dropping out ...Author of 'Martyr's Oath' Johnnie Moore joins the show...saving persecuted Christians in the Middle East...defending families from ISIS terrorists...Early American faith, Bibles in every home ...Hey Stu shut up about your iPhone ...well, that sums up America…Big exciting news from Glenn... future in broadcasting...teaching about the future ...'Happy Face' Netflix special with Ryan Hamilton… ‘My crops are fine’…   Hour 3  This is not a military takeover... As Zimbabwe military takes over country ...navigating through a world with no 'due process'...Slam poet Theo E.J. Wilson (Lucifury) joins the show to find some 'common' ground...Men or Man responsibility? ...not all men are the same...be very cautious of 'witch hunts' ...Glenn couldn't agree more with this sports analyst?...truth speak ...Still time to get your tickets to the ball,  MercuryOne.org/M1Ball ...Just in time for Ramadan, it's 'Hijab Barbie' ...Comfort Pigs on a Plane? ...WARNING: Human memory brain implants coming soon   The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand, love courage, tree Glenn Back Susan had a decision to make its decision in that millions of Americans are making she could, by health care. For her and her husband or not, it was a day gold decision, because both options would hurt them financially. She calculus did she would have to spend more than twelve thousand dollars, including premiums of nearly five hundred dollars a month and six thousand eight hundred and fifty dollar deductible to get anything beyond preventive benefits. From the cheapest exchange plan available through the quote: affordable CARE act, it wasn't affordable for her.
That was a great deal more than paying the fifteen hundred dollar tax penalty. So Susan decided to take her chance and not by healthcare. Instead, she would pay for families, doctors visits out of pocket and if something catastrophic were to happen, She said I feel like it's just better to die. Welcome to the beautiful Health care designed by our government may a little dramatic, but Susan situation is not unique in twenty. Sixteen six point: five million of us here in this country in or- to comply with the individual mandating. Obamacare decided just to pay penalty. Instead of buying healthcare. That's craziness Lee Individual mandate has been unconstitutional, it's a nightmare since it was signed into law.
Today there is hope that we can forget this whole mandate. Fever dream for good, the Senate, linking have added the repeal of the individual mandate to their tax reform plan? We is a step in the right direction with will lead. HU, and will it will everybody vote for it in the Senate Here's a one rule of thumb. They really need to know stopping Unconstitutional laws and Starting new unconstitutional laws, pretty good rule of law, for this administration. It's Wednesday November fifteen year, lessening the glad back programme bladder here river. Really unbelievable programme for you but Johnny Morey is gonna. Be here talking about.
Martyrs oath, how or how people how people Look at their faith differently over him from Middle EAST and they have a much different view of what it means to be a Christian. Then, I think, We do here in Amerika also, We want to welcome, see an end to the bandwagon who is finally looking into finally look in two: slavery. The Middle EAST that is ongoing today, they have been, they just started. Pour it on what their finding in Libya that the slave trade is still going on. He s ass. It is and it's not just Libya's assist, does CNN butt but We appreciate the fact that you are on board some that we have been talking about for a while with the Nazareth Fund, but it Lee. Some one is
reporting on the slave trade, it's kind of it's amazing When you see this story from CNN, can we can we actually play this they play play just the art. En bloc part this is a video from CNN. A man addressing an unseen crowd, big strong voice for farm. Why he said. Four hundred, Seven hundred seven hundred eight hundred numbers role in these men are sold at one thousand two hundred living pounds. Four hundred dollars a piece you are watching an option of human beings and other man claiming to be
I am of cameras, someone out what happened to the ones from the jam soda he's told CNN was sent this. Was it my contact after months of working, we were able to verify the authenticity of what you see here. We decided to travel Libya to try and see for ourselves so least someone is bring, attention to this. But this is not, though this is not even the worst slave trade, that's going on in the Middle EAST, but we look at this and then you look at what american television is claim, is news today and you cannot think yeah now by women, might have our priorities a little screwed up we might have them just or a laugh kilter. One of these things is really bad.
And the rest of them cannot just annoyances. You think yeah yeah. I woke up this morning to see that my Iphone ten disposed to arrive today, though, really yeah it's supposed to today, and I was, I got really frustrating when I clicked on the track. Your shipment lay all know it wasn't working. I wasn't hell from. How did you do pay you p, I surprised to even shown for work is in fact almost burn I'll, stout and proto forget about those slave. Let don't you know what I was talking about you I mean you know you can watch the video of that slave block in Crystal clear. Video on the Iphone ten and it really. I relish the real Eileen reality here that Ray I'm glad to hear that you don't drop it because it's very breakable whole things, made out a glass glad. She got me that case on their right away. I got so Let me take another story that is, that is really huge. In its consequence,
but nobody really seems to be addressing it in the proper way The Sean Hannity boycott. No of Euro listener of this program. You hold that shot, and I am a hot and cold relationship and that's fine we're supposed to disagree with stuff we're. Not. You know we're not in lock step on everything. That's fine, however, support his point of view. I support his right to have his point of view. Nobody should be shutting people's points of view down. Nobody should be shutting Michael more down. You Have a right to your point of view now: can you get paid to listen to utter watch, it that's up to the free market
That's never been good enough for media matters, and media matters has a very well documented. Now, thanks to Cheryl Atkinson hit Squad, Where they go out and they ll spend millions of dollars and they will destroy people and its what they tried to do to me. Now, they're doing it too Sean Hannity- and this is like the fifth bite at the Sean Hannity Apple. But here is why this one is in radically dangerous now they are saying that Sean Hannity is supporting a pedophile. And he is giving airtime to pedophiles and he shouldn't do that and we should shut that down immediately.
So they are asking for a boycott of Sean Hannity because he supporting pedophile What is that exactly? That is. Fact that he had Roy more on his show Friday to and sir the charge of youth, sex with a fourteen year old? and was widely Admired for this. For this interview, credit bull journalists. On the left said they couldn't believe it that he held this week to the fire. This wasn't a typical Sean Hannity, blah blah blah blah blah. He d his job he asked tough questions and didn't let him squirm out of it.
Yesterday. He said you know, some things are not adding up here, judge and you ve gotta answer this in the next twenty four hours or I'm done that's not good enough! Now, let's take Sean Hannity out. Let's take let's take left and right out stake Fox news. All of it just take it out why? But media matters is suggesting is that someone can be accused of something. And the media should not put them on the air. So they have the opportunity to quite honestly, explain themselves or hang themselves always found you. Let people talk, they usually hang themselves media matters and what some now in the media are cheering because they just want Sean Hannity to go away. What
Their cheering is ACE system to wear I cannot answer a charge. Think of the world- you are cheering for that some we can charge you with something not even legally just just throw how to charge an accusation. And you're not allowed on the media to be bull, to make your case this, is the most dangerous thing I have ever seen I've seen a lot of really bad stuff with the media. And I have seen some really bad trends and we are headed Ford, Zack Master. But if the media doesn't wake up and put their personal views aside and say, Look I don't like Sean Hannity. I dont like Fox NEWS, whatever it is, but
This has got to stop if they don't say this: now: first, they can for the trade unions? But I wasn't a member of the trade unions, so I said nothing. That's how I'd poems starts. First they came for the trade unions. First, they came for Fox NEWS. First, they came for Sean Hannity first, they came for. Somebody who was just trying to clear their name in the press, whether you believe Roy more or not doesn't matter. The man has a right to be heard. You? Don't particularly believe him. I think that I mean I wouldn't have voted for him and I dont believe him. However,
He has a right to state his case and he has a right to do it. The most credible news network and the most credible news organisations. Why Should he be? Why should he be relegated only two Fox news and Why should he be? Why should he be relegated but say reverse that say where we would is one real Fox news cassettes? Always you know, so slanted? Excuse me Have you ever seen the way people who believe in conservative things are treated by the left and the media there to be some balance here. You have to be able to make your case in full of an msnbc and in front of a fox. I don't. With the president and I didn't agree with the last president, where
the last president would only go to you. Tubers have somebody who, as you know, we in in a bathtub interviewing him. I want real journalist, and I want somebody from CNN and I want somebody from Fox to interview the president. What happened to John F. Kennedy in a speech he gave in the nineteen sixties,. Where he was, he was eviscerating the press, don't just Tell me what you think: don't don't feed the public, what you think they unto here, don't Ask me the easy questions asked me. The hard questions you need. Keep all of us accountable. New imagine a president saying that today actually meaning it. Then actually meaning it, I want you to hold me accountable.
And can you imagine a press that had enough, honor in them they would and they would. Take that as an invitation to grind the racks. We either believe in a few simple truths that used to be self evident, and I fear they are no longer. We believe that at some but he is innocent until proven guilty, or we don't we either believe that there is freedom of the press and freedom of speech. Or we believe in mob justice. Mob rule. Loudest voice biggest bully wins A news for you: if you I think that we are already at biggest bully wins. Explain the last election.
I did Donald Trump when two reasons Hillary Clinton sucked Second reason Donald try is a bully. And the american people wanted somebody to say, shut up and sit down. That's why. Now. Do you want to continue the bully you want to continue with the press who going to then get stronger and stronger because is of special interests and they hotel and cheered by the left. There it will tell somebody else on the other side shut up and sit down. New Soria. The reason why I had a real problem with the bully politics of Donald Trump is a it's not who we are but be as I said with Barack Obama. You know
on a do these things guys because you don't know who's coming next year know what the next president will be like to. Beat Donald Trump you going to need a bigger bully. When do we, when do we surrender. When do we say this is insane. Where do we go? You're talking common sense to one another when or people going to start standing up for principle, and I, May I mean this on the left and the right. This monologue is really about the left. When are you going to stop cheering media matters because you know if somebody was doing it to you on the other side you be able to handle it. You would be asking for government protection, you would be
who would be calling them the worst names ever and they would deserve it. These tactics or fascistic and they are leading to a fascistic world and efficient the media. A man has a right to have his voice heard. And the left and the right have their right to be able to be heard themselves. Stop silencing people, wrong It will lead. I don't even know and you know where it always leads.
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We're looking at this all wrong, and I I want to hear his opinion here amount so will talk to him coming up in just the same ass. He struggling with the two, but our he's sees holding with more at the moment and explain that come up just mention the individual and we talked about that a little bit and right now, because that's gonna be in this tax plan, the media's kind of bashing it and sang of war. The big headlines about is thirteen million p will lose their insurance as a million things wrong without stat, including obviously its decisions. A twenty twenty seven number when sentiment, your term number. Obviously I think, on its face. It's ridiculous. The thirteen People would drop their insurance because this patent penalty went away, but even if you take it all into out and take it all serious. In a serious manner. New look The actual report there talking about from the sea be of this is in the report If eliminating the mandate was accompanied by changes to tax rates or premium tax credits, then the changes would have different effects. It's part of it
ex reform planted specifically addressed in the report Glenn back. This is the Glenn Beck programme Steve Steve Days, is a friend of mine and one of the very few I mean if I'm in a battle- and I- and I eat somebody to watch my back. And I need to know where they stand and there never gonna change its and Shapiro and Steve days. In the end. And probably mark live in what you say, Johnny Gilbert, I feel it is naturally homer. So so it's it's a small hole, very small band of rebels, but
it's me, I know where they stand still. If I have a lot of respect for because he is not, he doesn't jump on bandwagon. And when he says wait a minute I need do. I need to think this out with you. I think we should listen. Now. I am. I am not a supporter of Roy, more and Steve came out with a really good editorial yesterday and said, wait a minute, and I wanted him to come on an talk to us about it, Steve how area? I'm not going. Are you very good? So I think you are in the same position that I am in with Bill O Reilly. You, I know Bill O Reilly. I have talked to him about these things. Personally, and I have a long x. I have long experience with bill and I I just I happen to believe him and it puts me
very uncomfortable and unpopular situation is this where you are with Roy more? I think that a good analogy in knowing the depth of your relationship with bill, but obviously you guys former peers and coworkers and when Look at you know: I've gotten emails from people, I'm sure you have your wise days defending more. I get emails from people. Why back. Have you no bill arriving on? Unlike our no glass glad, I'm sure you gotta get answer when he is not going back ass going back over, but I think when you look the situation with a wily whether people agree with, what you're doing or not. You have a bigger platform, and he does don't need him to come on and grow your audience. Similarly mode people did know who, in the Sand Hill Roy hit boy more was until about a month and a half ago show
I don't need one more to grow my platform or anything of that nature. I have no vested interest in this other then I just want to make sure That we're not breaking the commandment of bearing false witness and therefore not and justice, must be done. It will break my heart that essentially- elevated, these allegations are proved a true, a socio back. That's really what we're describing glimmer, really saying that this guy Guide admitted to West Point, which is one percent of the one percent, graduated, which is one percent of the one percent of the one percent want to Vietnam, became a war. Hero came back the immediate aftermath of that, while giving a worthwhile getting to be the day of Gatt Meadow Accounting, was a sociopath child. Predator. Did this, for this period of time got married and then for the last thirty three years, he didn't even removed a match for stags Oftenest office box banks that that's the narrative and an effective. If the allegations prove true that he's. Essentially, you know
a sociopath I will buy into that an end. I will break my and I will apologize profusely to everyone in Amerika. I recommend that you believe me and all accept all the consequences to what that will do to me. Our credibility, but since its possible, it's true which, therefore, Her means that I I have clearly questionable judgment here. It is It is an elevated him then I think maybe it's prudent for me to pause before I dropped the keen as well, because there are some things about this that just don't add up. It doesn't add up that at the time he's being investigated by the state bar. No one comes forward to say: hey, that's the creeper dude from the local. Oh no, not that's, Matthew, Mokanna, hey from dazed and confused. Nobody did that and then a few years later when he runs for circuit judge, he's a first republican to win.
In that county since, before the civil war- and he gets a super majority of the vote two months ago, he won that county by fourteen points in a primary. You know if you go back to the original ten come in Fight Richard lay a J secular. These were men at work dispatched by the Bush administration, to go down Alabama and organise the churches they're not to come out and defend Roy more and to get rid of them Bush administration view them as a distraction? They want this fight, don't you think it they had this kill shot they would he used it. You also want me to Mitch, Mcconnell spent thirty million dollars to go after it to win this primary All we had to do was walked to the gaps in county mall and just start interviewing. You know that court workers and the floodgates open- maybe that's all true. Maybe it is, but I just think before we take a man's life and destroy it before we take his family and destroy, I just think we ought to make sure that it is
so Steve. This is exactly where I Matt. I mean I find myself in the most uncomfortable position. Because with when it comes to bill, I feel the same way you do with with Roy look. I don't know no, but he knows what really happened in somebody's personal life. I have no idea I can do. Tell you what I Do know and what I do feel, but if it If it turns out that its you know the opposite, I'm gonna feel horrible. I mean I question myself on this. All. But time and is its uncomfortable. At the same time, we're on the year every day with all of these allegations, and I have yet to call for somebody to be fired or to be he destroyed because
I don't know I mean I can tell you that it Harvey wine steam looks really get when you have three hundred people that looks really bad, but can't tell you for sure I can tell you that I wouldn't want my kids around him. I wouldn't want to do business with him. But the rest of that needs to have Minos sums. Some some some some system, like our judicial system, to prove that their guilty and and we're sitting here on the year to judge judging people and telling people what to believe. I don't know what to believe. That's unpardonable. The eruption, by learning, I'm glad you bought a party Harvey Wednesday because again we're not talking even about a predator or we're not even talking about a woman eyes or you know like not Damon and George. Could he came out What will we do? He was a womanizer well frankly, if not a bit
from Womanizer unhardy work to a guy that uses his power leverage to do more. Womanizer amounts justice. Adding our credit gets an extra predicate to a suttons. When you diagram here, you're telling me you, I mean a guy that married a single moment. A bible study adopted her daughter has been married to him thirty three years and and has no other evidence. There's no other mischief, there's no other crimes. Joey liquid Bill Clinton had systemic immorality. Jet that you could see was the sexual predator asked and it went on for decades well into his presidency. How many People go under a smart man. Your manner reason how many people act. This way. Have these sorts of urges that are most uncontrollable and so wicked and destructive. They act on them for a brief period of I am totally we go away and then they never ever come up again and they marry and they have the same wife and sank it for thirty three years.
You're not even accused of a bench warrant for not paying a parking ticket. Okay, so is how many times, if that happens so is so. Here is the only thing that keeps coming. To my mind is, I do know people who a very religious who are legally mystic, huh We will look at the letter of the law, it's why, when he says I never bought her anyone drink under eighteen he's crystal clear on that. I never did this with somebody who was you know, fourteen or fifteen six steam. Why are you I mean it? He is the letter of the law, so I dont have a. I dont have a hard time, believing that he stating sixteen seventeen and eighteen year olds, which I find distasteful but not illegal, I do have a hard time believing thee the Ray or the fourteen year old. I it doesn't. It is.
I could be swayed offer that easily. I have no idea, but I think It's because he's a legally stick more guy he has made his sharp black lines, and leave it at that. I think it's possible. I think that I think I think right now, a lot of things the possible. My think, there's only real to outcomes here either. The sky is the greatest liar, Mgwana Bennet. If you ve been a servant of activists in the Republican Party for an hour you been lie to buy the best Ok for probably about an hour in ten minutes, let alone level, on ten years away. I've had men, your audience NOS one knows household names, look me in the eye in my own home and wider make okay, so I'm in disguise better than any of them an end. That is just,
something I don't even want to contemplate and onawandah contemplate the alternative either, which is frankly, you know this is this: is a demonic take down man, unlike anything I've ever seen in politics it that's why so many people are sick and buy it because there isn't, a middle. We love our middle grounds. We love default. We let it again. The night before starts, wait Academy, reprogram, echo Bianchi Maroon. You know like no end scenarios bit by bit. This one is disguise one of the worst social, pass in modern american politics where this is one of the most damaging take downs of a man with ever witnessed before an end. That's not a good conclusion, no matter which, when it turns out to be harnessed Five days- and I think, if you listen to this- you get the sense, I think important that this is now a partisan, bright, Bart level, defence of Roy more. This is a, I think, a nuance, thoughtful defence of of more and I think it's important to hear that side of it Steve. I I you,
a lot of really good points on a sort of circumstantial sit, circumstantial case and but been other people that have dark things in their history. These things are passed. Were you satisfied by the defence he has presented including the shot, Hannity Interview, his public statements, since I think some of those things have cause cause me pause that if I were a defender, I don't know that I would be happy with the way he's talked about it. Since the accusations came out. I have not monitored things on a regular basis and the reason why is because I know him so I know that he is not a great communicator here. He has an odd per he's. Has I persona in that normally the man that is, that the person, the the staunch lie in person that Glenn just described normally is as a powerful or writer and power personality is actually not that not that at all.
You go back and watch the one on one debating had would lose submit their strange. Pretty homespun great off the cuff. He wouldn't be a talk, show how to afford. The reason why memorize the constitution, the declaration, any independence as because that way, have to recall it. So I think for people who are sitting there first get him on a personality basis. I would caution them just Someone has been around him alive in reply that setting not to he too much in about yea or nay, because that's just not Woody's good out he's, never get it. If you gotta, like that, never dazzled, you beat oppressor standing that nature. Have you talked to him personally sent out? yeah, I wrote in my piece. I did not go after him for a react. And because I wanted to examine things without being tainted by a personal relations. I didn't write this, but I'll tell you guys this. I frankly wanted to see if he would come to me- and he did you didn't call me a few days ago and in its again, if he's, why
It's the greatest lie wire I've ever encountered, but I was actually more more impressed with the wife one of the things I ve seen him in my career is, I always tell people wouldn't when I'm betting candidates are, you are always check the spouse. May I now all your spouse Dana even when their knickers or down figuratively and literally, and if the wife and kids are not involved. If their silent, ok, are particularly when there man or woman is in battle that always about. I can't think of a time in my career. That has not been a bad sign and she is enforced, wrote to me why that fire of the stand by your man as defiant as you can possibly yet, oh said, was Hilary her question. What what what why but here's the difference I got that's. Why go to look at this period of time? The had decades of things where's the white water Gwen worst arose law firm. Where is with this so you're telling me your tongue?
me. He essentially what he was a sexual predator, a sociopath from making seventy five July nineteen, eighty two and then just shut it down and went on with the rest of his life. So so Steve. Will you give me? Will you give me this that it is its feasible? but he grew up in Alabama, which was different and it was legal to data. Sixteen seventeen and eighteen year old, he was a gentleman with the lady. And you know the under the chill two children- I think, but legal and he didn't anything wrong with that, he always ass the mom and he was always a gentleman when they wanted to go home. They went home and the charge of the fourteen year old and the rape or wrong, but the sixteen
seventeen and eighteen year old is correct. I think I have tried not to get up with alternative theories evil. In fact that has the people with them three size, but do I think in the south, the ticket? a time period, women wind there their daughters up with a man that just out of the West point as early as possible, but I think that's possible now. I think it's possible Steve days. Thank you. Much appreciated a host of the yes Eve days. Show it at on see our tv and and you should read him, follow it Steve days, dot com, Ass were has outdone themselves again tawny, and I were one of the first to have the new wave mattress from Casper. They collected three years of data feedback, foam research and sleep science in creating the wave. It is patent pending support system, but that mirrors your bodies, natural curvature, so it allows you to sleep deeper, that's import,
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Glenn back climb back the martyrs oaths we are living at a time of great martyrs and the world Listen even taking note CNN. Investigation on slavery in the Middle EAST and they were shocked and horrified to find this, I've been going on for a long, long, long, long, long time and its rights. Really bad with ISIS. Johnny more has met these people first hand share that next Glenn back.
Love courage tree Glenn back. So how would you her head skin Roy more absorb before he drops out of the Senate race last night. The Irish Sea withdrew its financial support of Morris campaign. Also, yesterday, Paul Ryan called for more to withdraw from the race and Mitch. Mcconnell said if he was elected more we face an immediate ethics committee, investigation now. I was surprised that the Senate still had one of those, but apparently they do more to You did that the quote fight has just begun and quota, and that May Connell's days were were numbered. He. The catchy hashtag ditch Mitch MM its wife case law has been using Facebook to try to defend her man. She shared her story yesterday, claiming the old Hickory restaurant, where one of the
age sexual assaults by Roy took place. Didn't you exist of human? of research and an old fashioned establishment called the town library, however, confirmed that the restaurant in fact did exist. Mrs more also shared a letter signed by fifty three pastors urging people to voice vote to vote for Roy the. Their praises more for things like his immovable convictions for biblical principles. That's good right not so much. The letter was written in August and MRS Moors Repost left out. The date imply that the endorsement is current, so far Ray pastors have said. Could you please remove my name from that list, despite circus. More still leads his democratic opponent, Doug Jones. By six point, the fact: that more is still ahead? Tells us what's wrong with our politics and its
That more is guilty yet still in the race is because we No, that he's guilty for a fact. We believe these women stories, but we don't know for certain that he did. These things are problem is a total lack of consistency on the left and the right listen what Tapir said about this on CNN, the accused there's a bill Clinton back in the nineties? we're never given the credence and treated with the same respect These women are being treated, and I think that there is this to be said about how society has evolved since then, but in addition, hard not to look back at tat period and, thank you know the media treated those port, those women poorly tentative, it would do I slip through a worm hole the parallel universe, or did I just hear a journalist? Actually
it's the truth, not a surprise, its Jake Tapir. Was it that hard for some one on the left to admit this apparently so well, everybody else in eighteen nineties, Bill Clinton, accusers described events that had happened within the previous ten to twenty years. Roy Moors accusers are talking about things that happen forty years ago. Why and have the more allegations received nearly an instant acceptance, even though the allegations are twice as old again I find the more accusers believable and I don't think the Facebook. Post from his wife is helping, but we Have to be consistent on both sides of the ILO. As I said yesterday, the me the left, decides you know what Bill Clinton is a predator. And they say it out loud and they distance themselves from the Clinton's leave their serious, but if we
Don't become consistent, you were lying. We're lie! into ourselves were lying to each other and no one will have any credibility. It's Wednesday November fifteen year, less needs the Glen back for them. Johnny more good friend of the programme author of the book, the Martyrs oath, joins us now. He is, he is the guy who provided the inspiration to start the Nazareth Fun and we well to the programme high Johnny, how area hey glad. I'm gonna get to hear your voice so I don't have you saw this on CNN yesterday, but see an end is starting a series. Now they ve been doing an investigation for a year and they found out that Sir
aids- are still being sold in the Middle EAST. They didn't, they didn't touch on the christian slaves. They just touched on the of the slaves in Libya, but I'm hoping that they will find the the the enormity of the problem soon that it's not just happening in Libya? I know that the situation has changed, but it has an improved ISIS taught these terrorist all around the world in different places, new brutality, new techniques and in it, and it persist it's not it's. It's It's not what we were seeing. Yoda beheading of Christians on live television. Now it's back in the shadows, but in Nigeria alone, Boca Hurrah which pledge its allegiance eyes its I mean they kill more Christians last year than assisted in Syria. I mean this is still a very, very intense and tense situation, not to mention
Community still need to be rebuilt in and when I got to tell you I mean I was thinking really really small. Until I got on your radio programme because of the Nazareth confined in your vision and your voice. I mean a lot of people were helped what we can't let up now there's a lot of work that needs to be done so Johnny. You went over in this kind of what your book is about. You went over with kind of a comfortable christian attitude anymore. Reckon christian attitude and you met these people who are we are living, we are seeing. First century kind of persecution of Christians. They are now the most persecuted people on earth and nobody is he nobody's even talking about it. And you saw at first hand, and it kind of shook you to your court- did not A change me I mean I, I totally changed my lifestyle. I change my job. I change how I was
wasting my time. I could not not have a good answer to this question in a what was I doing when this was happening in history and with his with his latest book, the martyr south in a way around thirty different countries, that research teams everywhere to document the first hand accounts of persecution, and I was even surprised at what was happening in countries. I barely know anything about it and I am glad we have allies like Turkey and Turkey if a country where last year directed and religious affairs appointed in a mom to the obvious Sophia. The obvious Sophia was four thousand years, the most important church in Christianity. There has been a museum since the fall of the Ottoman Empire, but last year Turkey, under the nose of the whole world appointed in a mom to supervise one of you histories, most famous christian churches. They also confiscated fifty that Christian wholly sides. It was not
just about the imprisonment and bedding and the torture, and all these things you have. The thousands of people are affected by that countries like North Korea were. Seventy thousand Christians are in prison, but also the sun discrimination and prioritization and supremacy of Islam. That's that's erupting you know all around the world and we have to keep pressure on people. We have to keep telling they stories and we gotta help him to tell me tell me these stories that view that you found in near research. Why one that I can't get out of my head, and I met a family that had fled Syria. Now they represent a neighbouring country. They were sitting across the table for me they had converted to Christianity and because their jihadist. Relatives and Syria were threatening their light. They sent them a letter and the letter that letter literally said. We know where you are we're. Gonna come find you and we're going to crucify you like your Jesus and my
I was on the floor ready, but then they they told me what they did. They said we, broke him back. They wrote that the cod is relative back in the letter they said said: please, please come find it what we're ready to die for it for our Jesus, but please don't cry. The fires, what we're not worthy to die at the same death- and am I just couldn't I just didn't know face like too I mean I see it in the Bible right, but I don't see it not real world and you know, I found that as much as we ve helped these people. You know this more than anyone Glenarm in this audience saved the lives of thousand thousands thousands of Christians, but is much as we try to help these people. I find that they they help us. They show us which really important time in other, they show a live because of their willingness to die. So What causes that are? What have we? What have we lost Johnny
to where I I can't imagine. I dont know a single christian that I think Who would sit down with the family and say, let's write them back and say: please just don't cry so fires like our Lord, just using crucify upside down, but We are willing to do that, but just don't don't put us in his category, I Don't know a single person here in the United States that You could sit down with a family and really say that what happened, what happened to us. Look what we're where's the disconnect you know. I don't know that I could say it and a causes me to look inside of my own heart. I mean that in our view, in mice, in my region The Bible, I mean you see a lot of that's right. I'm in the new testament is all about persecuted people there either being persecuted or the Those who are being being executed, and I'm just convinced that we cannot have a real face life unless were close to
people whose face cost them something, and this is the most subtle thing because it gets at our character and we don't even know it's getting at us in our budget. Changes us and changes us in profound ways we care about truth anymore Custrut. Does it cost us anything? We don't. Give our enemies will forgive our political opponents, much less our enemies, because we we don't have to, and yet the coptic church here, which has endured terrible persecution in the last six months, multiple suicide bombings, buses, children massacred and yet the coptic pastor, All across Egypt publicly said that they forgive the terrorists that killed them now, I'm eminence, like crazy until you read the Bible and then it's like ever present, you know, there's a role for government in order to keep nation secure and there's a role for the church and for people of faith, and that is by our compassion by our service by our testimony. We we cause less price
comes in the world for governments to solve. In a week we work on hearts. They work on security in our persecuted brothers and sisters- I mean they just have a they have a face. We need to learn from your book a when, after this mom that we interviewed and they were trying to get ahead her after they beheaded her husband and children and demanding that she say a lawful OC bar. There were trying to convert her on the spot, probably to make her one of their wives and you don't you Yet, when she she said to us with a rat, we voice because she nearly died. She said every time. They demanded that I say a lawful off bar. I look back over my shoulder at them and I screamed Jesus sure sphere, yeah. She has a real faith and I think a lot of a sort of we have. We have a fake faith, sometimes While I will say no, my Iphone tenants nothin delivered yet it's has been delayed, have very upset about it talking about it all day. So so Johnny. You know
I can't even get to the beheading part in and then see that kind of faith. I am I am struggling now with wood, faith. I not my faith but with with religion. And religionists that we don't believe in it, Jesus enough to turn other cheek. We don't believe in the message of the gospel it is which is Gandhi and bond offer, and Martin Luther king lived we are escalating the the troubled by not being messengers of peace and it it's. Breaks me that we don't really believe it?
don't really believe that it works when push comes to shove. No, it's the sword. It's not! The knee yeah, and it says something about us. Deep in profound a profound place- and the only way I know how to change is to meet those p- you don't have what we have. They don't have our religious freedom, they don't have our wealth and our prosperity. They don't have our security and our any of these other things, but what they do have as their face and there It is all that they need, and this is why your for two thousand years, we ve told these stories you an early America, every american Home had a Bible, a copy of pilgrims progress and they had fought this book martyrs and isn't no. There is no surprise that it was something unique about the Judeo Christian Foundation of this country because it was and we were closed. People whose faith meant something to them it they expected. They would have to sacrifice,
lives their money, their reputation, something they would lose something if they were faithful and that is what this book is the martyrs oath. It is a new version of foxes, book of martyrs, and Johnny more is its author. Thank you. Johnny God bless you. Thank you. Thank you bet. that word, if I am mentioned in there for my Iphone delivery issue, but I think you look is the markers oath Johnny more at Johnny AM twitter and martyrs oath dot. Com is the book that isn't it. I mean you just feel so pathetic you do if I can personalize it and be selfish and Diana make it about myself, you feel so pathetic hearing stories. Do you realize how little you sacrificed? How, when want to take a stand on twitter you're, like I don't know, if I should pose this, I don't know for sure post this message about faith, because someone might might
We might have hammered only my troll me. I was it. I was a doctor's office yesterday and the doktor had christian music on and we started to talk, and I and I said, and I didn't even noticed the music and, I said, because I wanted to talk to him up, we're corinthian someday, I found it Corinthians. I said you Christian Ray, you religious, any said, yeah yeah yeah. So anyway, we talking- and he said you would not believe the number of people that that doctors that have come into my office and said you. Turn off this music. This is gonna. Offend people He said I just don't wanna live that way. I mean, if you really offended, go find yourself. Another doktor, it's not like I'm preaching I'm in this office all day, It's what I want to listen to if you
Offended by a you know, egg, a christian message, then I mean I don't know if I want to work on you anyway. It happens occasionally down here and in Texas in that you go into restaurants and will be the B The music will be like christian music or not uprising in it. It s as someone grew up in the northeast and whose lives in them these most my life, it is surprising you notice, riff Russia, that's exactly how I feel about it. It's refresh yeah. You know I'm the one. If I go into a middle eastern restaurant and they're playing islamic music, I'm not gonna be shocked about a right, but somebody it's we are so sensitive and so worried about offending everybody. Stop it and the last. This is the last place. You should be worried about yes, When emergencies happen, our thoughts and prayers go to those affected, but do we take action to make sure that we do not find ourselves in a similar situation when we and for emergencies we are in control of the effect. The more
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trying to listen about Christian MA. Martyrs and I will say she did not. She actually spelled out. The F word in her attempt to get closer to Christianity, AIDS trusting approach. I grant you, perhaps not America, that its of migrant- how it has generated, is what's happening to us right now to have that guy and get him to shut, trying to get close to the law. Can you imagine, go the thought process you go through in your hearing this here's story about these people who were doing amazing things that people who are like, I got a letter from a terrorist and look, the diner right it saw, I'm gonna, responded, ended, say: hey come on old whenever you want. If you need to kill us, this is our drafting. I know you know it because you said this this this male, but we're gonna, make sure you know we're here right as isn't an empty house come on. I want our the union Diana Mallory. Then you get
three second reprieve from all these people being murdered in the Middle EAST. From a dumb Iphone joke and your response. If you go to such anger, about you're alone artist, jangling our dream, the effort at a stranger we are, we have our economy ahead, saw the edge have you seen Ryan Hamilton, his special Netflix now I would, if find it, we have to play a piece of it because, he's from Idaho and he's living in New York. I think I have seen for myself and he's in Idaho. He lives in New York and just doesn't look at things. The same with the aim of backing is exactly that exactly that back in his second,
Glenn back This is the Glen vast programme, though America so glad you're. Here could we just spend a few minutes personally on them on something? Just a personal note,. As you, if you are a long time fan of mine, you may you may know they? Let you watch watched me over the last year. I think I've had a lot of people say You're you're not happy now. No, I'm I'm, I'm really not. I'm really, not
or multiple reasons and has been a really long, tough, five years for me for a myriad of reasons, and some things have happened in my personal life that have made- gettin up every morning, and do this really difficult and and my perspective has changed and I have been struggling, I'm not a business man and I have been struggling for a very long time with trying To- who have a vision of something and then having other people executed. And me doing you know four hours of broadcasts today doesn't leave you a lot of time to run a company, and so I have tried not to
and about eight months ago I decided in others there's. This is stuck in a to unless it's my vision, all the time and I'm in charge and so about eight months ago I started really kind of learning my own business in figuring out where everything is in the August S. But our CFO him. I said. Ok, Somebody's embezzling because there's no I'm looking at these numbers and there's no way we're making this crap for that amount of money, and I trust It all down every diamond, unlike while no you, George, is really bad at it and so the around August, we made some changes in the programming, and I made changes here and then ran into some headway.
With me, and I went on vacation when was it September, and I spent a week with my Emily up in the woods- and we just we just talked and what's important, and what are we gonna do and I had some people they wanted to buy everything and and I didn't, and my contract was coming to an end for radio. My contract ends in on January. First and I didn't I hadn't renewed my contract and I sat back and made a list of all the things that I wanted to do and didn't want to do.
And what was important to me and then I flew in a couple of good friends of mine you mean a billionaire businessmen and said it just doesn't it it? It says it all. You can't be this hard and here's what my God says and and they said what your your gear your guts right, so so I had to decide that week whether I was going to retiring go to the woods or, if I was going to really make changes in my life and in a myriad of of various. Today I can, I can I A press release was just was just sent out, premier radio networks in them and mercury. Already arts Glenn
ex multimedia production company has announced today a renewed and extended agreement disintegrate the Glen Back programme. Is that the premier celebrates the fifteen Anna fifteenth anniversary of the Glen Back programming nationals indication this year. Its audience of millions continues to grow across radio, digital and podcasting platforms, thee, M has experienced euro per year, audience gains in markets, including LOS Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, Denver, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Columbus, Norfolk, then Memphis in key demographics. I have just signed another five year contract to do. This your programme and I made a commitment to myself. In September, that I was only gonna do the things that I am good at and that my company is
Are we going to do the things that we are good at and we're not good at an awful lot. But we are going, to make some changes. We note that doesn't mean employees or anything else it. It means Everything that I have already told the employees it we're doing we're making changes and it is a new era for me in January twenty eighteen. I have spent Lot of time. This fall thinking about what matters most. And what matters most is my family. My children. I dont know how to teach my children, I dont know how to teach my children? I dont know how to be.
The man that I want to be in this society. I dont know how to teach my son how to be The man he wants to be in the society- I am, I am doing my best but there is no outpost for honor and integrity and And mend being Men. There is no place. That is an outpost that is trying to teach the things that I dont even know. I don't know the most valuable thing I could teach my children right now is to the open minded and to nought. To be intellectually humble to x, act, that change is going to be the biggest concept constant in their entire life.
No anyone who is teaching about the future and the things that we have common Our way, I want to thank you For the last fifteen years, they have been remarkable and is still to me earlier. I can't believe we ve lasted this law. You could have never guessed, it would have never guessed it. We are the least likely to be successful and were only successful because of you. And I mean that sincerely I and thank you enough for putting up with me, and putting up with my own personal journey. Everybody else seems to have their crap together, I'm I'm I'm not one of them. I have times when my
crap is together and I have just experienced a five year period. Where, for the life of me, I have not been all to get a handle on on life. I thank God that I have a good wife by my side And children who I am closer to than ever before now, let's go get to work. so business insider was quoting Jim Rogers. He is a he's, a huge investor and everybody listen to his advice, and he said everybody should have coins physical coins as an insurance policy as an urgency if nothing else. This is the
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call them now they're going to send you a flag, lapel pin just for calling cuz. They know who you are gold line called one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line or goldline dot com Glenn back Glenn back so still got a tweet. We were talking to Johnny more about Lisbon. The martyrs of restocking about these amazing Christians, who are saying no to the terrorist, go ahead, and we had me, I won't say, allowed bar These just does the heroes, and now what tweets him and says- She says I am pointing back up energy shut the fuck up about the Iphone ten trying to listen about Christian martyrs rife funky, because he button
It's a joke about the Iphone ten. You know his big concern and I decided I learn that that this, by side of screaming on Twitter. The F word fully spelled out right to a stranger wild asking, for deeper coverage of the the perils of Christianity in the least there's a little drains side right now is a strange side by side. So I saw a comedy special and Netflix that you have to out with your family is hysterical, especially if you ve ever even been to New York. It's called Ryan Hamilton and it's it's happy face and he's a stand of comedian. You remind you a lot of Seinfeld that is very best, but is a guy who grew up in a town of about four hundred people in Idaho. And he he moved to Hell's kitchen. So he's a little of a fish out of water a little bit
and he has this Idaho mentality in New York City and he talks about, you know how he just doesn't understand. The culture of New York City, for instance, like when he ran into a drug dealer and saw a drug dealer across the street. I never get off drugs, I know I have that look about me, but I was standing on the street corner. There's this guy on the other side of the street, and I guess we one of these had not gonna run from that means, crop grown and friendly guy. So I gave one back. I said Cops are fine. Anyway, Germany flesh me this handlers, little white pills, nay, said: hey man, you want some of the good stuff. I don't know say kind of caught me off guard right. Here's what Idaho boy was thinking dont be
food doesn't want you money, don't be rude to a drug dealer. A bit like I was turning down dessert after grandma. Make me a big pie. You know. Oh no thanks. I just had a big batch ecstasy for lunch. I'm fine Ryan Hamilton Happy face special. You have to see on Netflix. He is, I think, he's my new favorite comedian. My new variant severely punished actually hurriedly in good chunks of that is very cash. It's funny start to finish, so I was interested in in this Roy more thing with the. Legal letter they sent. Oh. Is this the one that looks like whose almost them mad lip yak, like I dont know, if somebody redlined it and they were blind or what abbe I would it does it doesn't?
Makes sense in the language risks being now very often hear somebody with french Poor had some excerpts from it your client as an entity has also oh carelessly, and perhaps allowed general slander and liable to the reputation of my clients, vice king out and or reporting from those who did it visuals, who falsely portray the reputation of Roy more Northeast Alabama Does a juggler good, ok, clog, just beyond clunky goes on your clients organization is. This is from more amours attorneys to media organisations. Your clients organization has made and or supported, defaming statements. This is Do the careless and or intentionally refused to advance It's the truth Regarding our client wait, wait. While this is due to the careless and intentionally refused to admit? it's the truth. Regarding our clients, I get sick
they wrote two sentences and then corrected them. It is lying along tat. Blind man was red lining the the the lawsuit right. You know you get redline stuff back. When from your turning their like, I red line that I want to change a things. Like somebody just arbitrarily. Just when I'm gonna redline list it is, it is, and there's like different tenses yeah throughout We also believe that your client, by and through its agents, have damaged our clients by being careless in how they handle headlines and report. The contextual of the allegations like that context, maybe they merged to document yeah, it kind of yours. I what This is another one meaning your client has terms in reports, maliciously or carelessly, which has lastly, portraying our clients. Now which has falsely portrayed our clients brain which is falsely.
Betraying our clients It goes on and on and on it's just it's very strange, coming from an attorney to make all these, mistakes are made. Maybe they rushed at your coming from outside yea coming from a d, his firm is representing him. That way, it's it's as if it is a little. A little surprising. Yes Royce involved. I guess it's just very the payment of change firms, Glenn back what eight years now we ve been talking about liberty, safe, said the best placed on the market. You know that, probably by now, what a great time to get one is this either is the holiday season? Is a cool gift that you would necessarily think about buying somebody else. A different and cool and also it benefits you if it's near home they have a tall.
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Love courage, true Glenn, back yesterday on the radio people heard this, this is not a military takeover. I repeat, this is not a military. Take over that's what This involves defence forces announced yesterday when their military vehicles and more than a hundred troops crowded the capital and at least three explosions were set off right, from a garbage army explained that they were only targeting criminals around Mugabe, who are committing crimes that are causing social and economic suffering in the country and there just trying to bring justice probably a military takeover? the turmoil within Mugabe's army comes after the ninety three year old dictator, who I thought was dead long ago. Many people If she were fired his deputy and long time ally. This happened last week that guy
add the military support the deputy was next in line to run the country in the event, and it's never gonna happen of Mugabe. Death. When he was swiftly dismissed. Mugabe appointed his wife too. Roll instead. Now I do usually is a big. No, no, you know within unstable dictatorships, his colleague dictatorship, one or one. You dont Willy nilly, appoint your wife to the next highest position at the last minute and screw your friends over and don't expect some tanks to be rolling. Your way, for thirty seven years, Mugabe has ruled Supreme without a whisper of a military coup, but it looks like that how to change? Finally, Maybe maybe this will be a good thing. I have Imagine anyone overthrowing Robert Mugabe, could do a better job for his Zimbabwe, but I could be wrong there's always a bigger monster hustler
When, for the Zimbabwe, defence forces announced that as soon as we accomplish our mission, we expect the situation returned, normalcy,. The problem is the people of Zimbabwe have never known normalcy whatever there imbibe way. Defence forces idea of normally is most, Equally, it is nowhere close to the normal that we know. It's Wednesday November fifteenth year, listening to the good back programme. We are talking TED talk. I don't know about a month ago, that was a black mangoes under cover in the old right and his name is Theo Ajay Wilson and We had him on a couple of weeks ago and one
to continue the conversation because it was. It was an uncomfortable conversation not that it was unpleasant. It was just not an easy conversation because we're a million miles away from each other in some areas, but We need to start listening to each other and learning from each other and bill, bridges towards each other, and I really firmly believe if you haven't been out of your comfort zone in the last seven days, you're not growing, You have to be put into uncomfortable situations, look for them, so we wanted to have Theo back and and continue our conversation Hallo, sir. How are you. How you doin a burglar good, so I wanted this. I wanted to start here. I wanted to see if we could spend Justino ten minutes and just try to find any common ground on some things that are happening today, for instance, the this new,
thing which I think is a good thing over all of outing these sexual predators, It is a little frightening because it could easily get out of control because we are not asking really for evidence Only an accuser stand up. There are reported in the press and in the case of the Amazon, had fired, no questions hast and it's happening to both the left and the right and know how we are going to navigate in a world where there is no due process it's a simple situation where there has we are looking at a backlash over some culture or should I say, under current in regular culture.
Where we urge contemplate how actions as men and the poor or games are. We play have affected women for such a long time. We have in the words on their necks silently, and this has been status quo. Then we hold, as men tends to be a power that we do not question until something like this it was all. I believe that there will have to be like a due process at some point in time, because that's how we set about because it's like there's no way around this blood, know what to make of it. At this point I was talking to a friend yesterday and I will say you know this is something that is seem like it's a manifest.
Business owner has been brewing in and storing for quite some time- Yes, where is it? I don't know. I just know That way, I didn't realize, that kind of fear that we put into women because of how operating. You know anybody who worked at a domestic violence shouted will tell you the number one threat to a woman. I was a man. So this into a wager yeah have women which hunted for quite some time here. So is their justice in this. That remains to be seen now that that fully remains to be seen? This is this: a new territory met so zeal, the dewy. Are we a collective or are we individuals? Because, You know. I will agree with you that you know we, Don't necessarily see this this plight going on. We don't see thee thee,
the struggle. I guess that some women are having but also I will tell you that I own life you do everything I can to be gracious in kind, and I sure I make mistakes and everything else, but I M a hire. Me big advocate for women and you know if we give up as a family have done a lot for uh. You know battered women, shelters and everything else on a personal basis, because I grew up in a home of abuse, so We collective, though I mean do do men. Are our men responsible for this or are or is man I'm sorry our men responsible or is man responsible for this? Would I about this. Often you know I am your hair.
That's a man! I deal with women's day. Women I'm never violated woman, never taken following a rate. That is not a part of me. I of my make up. Have you ever been to have you ever been? Have you You know, like somebody just said the other day in they tried to dismiss it. Well I mean I, you know I will. I will. You know be a little more aggressive if they're nervous will now. Oh, I know as a badly ok, that's where I know. I know Oh it's all yours users, a thing. I have to hey the cost in my dating life or what other men have done. This culture licence data. You know we're all individuals, but in fact, What is a human being you human legally, as you can't tell the power of the human beings until you see us together, you we are collected, certain degree man. I wouldn't they the use of language. We have context we have
I think that we are also ready to called culture. This is what we we are raised and we are raising a million of circumstances that give us our what view and as well as a reason as agenda, you name it. So I though I've never step to follow the woman. In that way, I have to realise that women are stepped on all the time correct and saw to it to a certain extent. If I want to deal with women, I must deal what women go through. A man more who is committed to good man did around her how'd. You do my part of remedies situation, but I can't ask the beaches immediately separate, from the group that I belong to, just because I haven't done anything wrong right. But here, but here's hears of look at this I know this to be true in my own life, because when I search first started dating my now wife, she had David, some real dirt bags and the damage that had been done to her
just remarkable and I know, ice. I said to her one point: I'm not those ice. I'm not that guy and she said I know that I know that, but took her a long time and I had a really go out of my way to prove I'm not that kind of guy. You know, and so I saw I understand that, but aren't we also creating a culture where we are lumping all has I dont believe Theo that most men are like this. I think there's a lot of men, but I know think most men or like that and and shouldn't we be extolling v, the good guy It's too, should we be saying: hey, there's a lot of really good guys out there, and this is how the good guys behave. I think that you want a risk and that point B, because at the moment that somebody comes he wounded and broken. If you start Deal extolling virtues
in saying that we're not all like that in a way you just MR pay, you have to be careful it out you know, and one of the things that I'm just in basic likes fulfilled Patient training, You know when I underwent mine eyes like you, have to make immediate space for somebody's wounds at the moment that they than them you just have to do that You wanted maintain any sense of stability and compassion, You have to make sure that their heard when they're hurting right, so I'm not I'm not suggesting that you would say that to somebody who is coming to you, etc. I'm I'm talking about You know, for instance, in my position every day, I'm fine somebody else that is being out it as an abuser. I haven't called for anybody's resignation, I dont want to defend any one cause. I don't know I just
do want to say that not all men or like that some are and we have to. We have to stop it, but at this in time we have to be caught. Just of witch hunts. Because it can get out of control to where, once you set the precedent that somebody can accuse you of something and your career is over and over yeah, it's dangerous area I think that there will be a time for that. I think. There will be a time for us like there has to be a time for that. I'm not sure this is a time bomb. It will be a time for that to say. Listen. Man due process is a thing because there I also feel predators like there are women who will take advantage of being in drunken situations and see oh specially of your somebody, you know like like many guys who are a famous enrich, are seen as pray items by one. Who
are in search of the next meal ticket so and there will then be manipulations of condoms. There have been manipulations that all you name, Things have on active I've heard from certain star at leading them will be stopped so there there is a conversation. I'm not sure right. Now is the time for it do we run the risk of a witch hunt? Yes, not sure that the biggest in the front of his time right now and again swallowed by you, my life, I always have to reaches crest and it has to receive and Death seems like is going on right now, but I think there I do not think that we have to worry that way. Never going to have to process and were never going to have the defence you shouldn't men again. I don't think that's where we're in those waters So let me see if I can find any common ground here. I so far. I think we have common ground on this. Yet let me let me move this politically. Here
Roy more is has been accused of stuff, and I could see it. You know I could see it both ways. I don't happen to I happen to believe the accusers. I don't happen to believe believe him same thing happen with Bill Clinton. Believed the accusers, I didn't believe him thee I'm I'm consistent said the same thing that a man can't be. They can't compete. Mental. I something that is really of flawed fly in his character and then Believe me, I know not flawed elsewhere in his life that trade is a pretty big, important character. Traits, I will believe the left is serious about this when they say. Okay, yes Roy more, but you know what we need to re examine and that guy's
what the heck eyes a predator too, and we didn't say that, but we should now You mean going yes well Our people call Bill Clinton attracted a lesson for us that is kind of a known fact. At this point who predatory behaviour has has to be a history decades long. And this kind of public knowledge. Now I think said it. You look at the left, Why did they win after hobby? One stating that, like the waiter they lead hobby wasting? Hang for his crimes is kind of food. To me that this was not a partisan, debating this will bring about a certain level even seen in thy, come right after the hardware store we broke where and and I really am not good at telling named right now, who wrote this article, but they do their honey. Wise Danes fall in Hollywood. Left is by the way I was neither to the left, not
being willing to just be a hypocrite. That will, you see predation on any time. We have to go forward, including Mr White him about awaits. You know I want evidence toward what happened with Harvey nearly up a little bit, but they are only just as much of a partisan issue now as it is the year when I was a little of that once really overwhelming, like language area, like Google waivers rate regret- and I looked over the body blow to unify, really make any movies have even have tied to the east and its only did so see I've, I've gotta run and I'm sorry. I guess I enjoy our conversations, but I think we can find the common ground here that no matter which side it is We have to be consistent and say this is more important than politics. Would you agree with that doing so? this, was human issue. Thank you very much appreciate
the EU, Egypt Wilson, did you get the OECD, Wilson's stuff at a Theo, easier Wilson, dot com and ceased a TED talk check it out of him seated. It's a black man goes under cover in the right man. Eaters agree with anything I mean we just. I don't think we have a lot in common bobby. Just did the angry I share your. There is either really want to talk to about ongoing slavery. Next time he saw and and and pick his brain on that shopping online has plus, but it also comes with risks and if you are planning on doing any holiday shopping, I want you to make sure that you have done a couple of things. First of all, make sure you're on a secure internet connection, dont use a hot spot, that's easy way to lose all of your information. Sure, the site that IRAN, as a payment method, that is secure credit cards gift cards, create a strong password.
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back, and you get ten percent off your life lock membership. Its critical that you do this before you do all the holiday shopping. Please lifelike dot com promo code back- can save ten percent right now Glenn back Glenn that friend of mine sent me an audio clip yesterday from calling coward I've gotta get this guy on he's a sports host and this is what he had to say about calling capper Nick and may being the man of the year in injector citizen of the year has them. His industry doing well. Ok, so that's established, so let me ask you are people of year, which weighs Stephen called barely laugh carbonic Le Durrant Don't loudly love The fellow Loya jirga, Kalganov
one woman a year S left far less so what's the magazine industry doing in America is talking to country? That's why the industry is dying This was a political award. By the way, I'm Obama voter Clinton voter Dragon voter. Better myself, a social, liberal, a fiscal conservative but, This is why the magazine industry is out of business. Why which illustrated which I grew up. That was the magazine more than my local newspaper, it's dead, why? have a country now that speaks to half the people, the publishing business, the newspaper industry. By the way you want to know why the Fox NEWS Channel does ok and makes a billion noisier, because it's the one. Place, consumers feel speaks for them. That's why liberal Charles Slice and ice the audience and the conservatives go to one channel in this to me. The political statement, literally true, totally right on that
absolutely true and spoke in just calmly and rationally, and they still don't get it. The people in New York still don't get it. In fact, I think They have the opportunity to to get it. I think that Donald Trump instead of opening their eyes. The more hardened her freely believe in Glenn Back here. Listening to the clan Back Programme, CNN issued a report yesterday that I thought was remarkable their covering actual news, but they approach, this story, oddly as if they just they found this hard to believe that there is slavery happening in the Middle EAST, listen climax,
are one to two of these options every month and that there is one happening in the next few hours, so we're gonna head out of town and see if we can get have access to it. The safety of our contacts. We have agreed not to divulge the location of this option, but the town where driving too isn't there were ushered into one of two options happening on this same night, crouched at the back of the eyes, a floodlight of skewing much of the scene, one by one, men up or south, as the bidding begins four hundred to five hundred five. Fifty. Six hundred! U dont being interested! This is CNN and their showing the men in Libya that are, being auction and off? and they are amazed by this CNN
we can make your life really easy. We can Have you interview now in seven people that were used as ISIS slaves the Our teams went in and rescued. In fact, we judge two more and we are looking for another seventeen right now. This slave trade is alive and well- and they're, just their showing the the auction of human beings and and and and thing is, though, this is really rare. Now we can It's for you know the people like see an end to expose it, and then and then we can have a hashtag campaign or you can help. Us were actually rescue people- through the Nazareth fund. We a announcement coming this Saturday at our gala event. And end we are.
Doubling down will tell you about it on Monday, here on the radio, but we are serious about the slave trade in the Middle east- and we really could use your help Gala is happening on Saturday and we always do something like this to raise money. For our a for uniform keep the lights on. I do a big benefit thing and Chuck Norris, He's coming this weekend, if you want to come to the end one ball, you can tickets, I think, are a hundred dollars or a hundred fifty dollars it played in The proceeds go to help keep the doors open, the insurance paid, keep the lawyers happy and end and then run the phone. So we can then take Free dollar and pour it directly to these skewing these people, so if you could help us out go to mercury, one dot, Org, Slash M one ball,
by a raffle ticket, you could win a brand new truck. If you dont want the truck you can traded in for the cash it's brand new GM seeds, beautiful Annie a pretty good shot, a winning. You don't have to be present when grab raffle ticket. You can bet on whose armadillo is going to win. We're gonna have an armadillo race. Or you could just even come or just donate money if you'd, if you'd, like mercury, one dot, Org, Slash M one ball, Mr Pat Gray from gray unleash with us now I'll open. What's the hashtag I used to stop slavery in me, want to help to ok that is it right, yeah it'll, hashtag out. They can't do it it also, if you have done on the hashtag, please consider having less slaves, ok
That's another one! Another one yap! You ve got to make sure you please please consider have having less slaves. Please consider returning our children, our actual everyone. When was it, I didn't really worth the only way now has a new doll out in it's about time. It's your job. Where are my gosh? I've been waiting for the new job- it's an, I guess. It's in honour of olympic Venture into Hodge Mohammed now hand I love it dogma while who doesn't so is so. This is out perfectly assist out in time progressive just in time for Christmas or I'm not sure, It's in time for Ramadan. Sometimes it is sometimes and sometimes not survive is already happened by now. Sometimes it's coming up right so what is absolutely right that Europeans did time or a little too late, but I'm sure you're
to date on, but I might when it happens, this year's is obviously determine which wanted it you could. You could do not may mean year specifically hours right now I mean you know I'm I dont want insult people who already have the rabbit on plans or celebrated and already use those rabbit exactly yes, exactly right, which Category would you be in I'd, be in the de I've already I'm already Roma stuff. So do you ok, so you gonna get the hijab learning. What yes, except for the fact that there is no Barbie car that comes with it, because I was not allowed to drive yes again drive and You can't leave the bar. We mention without souls. Is there it is there front door on the marble? Imagine no now there's, not yeah, and if you pull can string, he says I divorce
You are divorce, university pair would Malibu Barbie after I, so big Christmas gift right before Ramadan they are always as Robin alarming or has already eyeing or going yeah you one of those in one of the two you just don't know, which of course I know you're. Ok, I just don't want disease open minded, intolerant right, that's right! You don't insult people who had robbed unpleasant, really deserves right. Here's how open minded, I am, I think, that the woman who just got thrown off the plane with her support pig, probably has a case against American Airlines Yes, you know what kind world we live in a world where I live in a woman, broader support, pig on a plane and they said- Ok! Well, it's for my abode! General support is an emotional support pig. Oh
Now wait a minute wait, a minute national support. Wait a minute. Did it have the vest United yes indeed have averted did have a vast did have a vessel if it had a vast and it had the got. Yes, he had to have a pig way. Why cause this is because you ve there's two of Nord other people on the play. So what we are saying is elegies should be considered as well as those you don't want. Any of the pig pigsty decrees can be clean. The pig was running around up and down the isles of that rule. That's that's gotta. It wasn't lengthy journey. They got jazygae at different that differing that's what I thought. Yeah I mean it's running around: that's different divvied sitting on your lap, you know. I mean, if I put a best on her. Of cattle. Can I call them in an emotional support barriers that thing you have to have a vast annual. I know because I have to service dogs and I'll get dog.
Is reasonable. Wizened pig, not because, as long as it has the tag, a pig as long as it has the tag that me instead, it is qualified as a support, an emotional support, and I guess a scam, don't make me by a vast come on now you by the vast. You cannot the mean he eat it. Did there not giving out they d piteously still, then I've got them marries because it's me, but you can't just go, get the tags
the Department of Homeland Security is getting hacked and you think they can manufacture. Fake tags will now you're not valid, and now you ve gone from a problem with a pig to offer. This also say: oh, oh my whole. So what money is broken is is making our own fake pig pang tag. I'm just saying that is a scam that, if you put a rest on the animal, can go anywhere. I guess it's like it. It's like a certificate. You print off the internet, to be a surgeon. Kids, like what you yourself coy vessel, makes this it's not the vast it's the you did the place on it that has a picture of the pig.
The name has the qualifications, it's it's a licence, Mr Libertarian, overhears, all pro life that is no way to where there's no way to its lowest level the design of this right. So what do you suppose that it uses? Are you supposed to handle it wondering why I think it is supposed to have a little without the pig here? That's that's my that's my thing. What have they handle it without the big they brought the pig all the way through security already know. What are we gonna do while they took it offers the pig was running up and down the that's it that's the problem that I tried to lash it to one of the seeds couldn't be just pulled off the damage, and
Finally, the fourth finally had been any gotta support. Big that's just appear that there might be a dog never heard of one, but I mean I don't think driving licence pigs. I can't let you they were out of emotional support kid, a pig give a human being the come on, Bacon more in depth on airplane talk coming on that grey unleashed you're gonna, Pat Europe. Answering all the email from the people who have pigs. I've got a set of do you. You can just email, Pat glared, backed out com. And or pad unleashed on twitter. You can tweet him your emotional pigs support
I'd like to see pictures of all of the the pigs that Saudi its has I'll betcha. There is some ten million people. There's got to be people out. With pics of or set up and running in their house, and their furious right now, you might think is clean. He dozens all the pieces sleeps with me every night and I can put quarters in his back. My more effectually went through a period where she was trying to convince me to get a pig in a poke It was. It was a limited period. Like part belly pay, you actually cat and I guess they're pretty good pets yeah. Oh yes, that does not mean you bring them on planes. Yeah! That's not a good idea. At one time that I wanted to have a lion, as you should do that. It actually go into a language- does review ours is to see what happens if those are my drink, Days, I'm not really sure anyway, you're out
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inserted in your brain. Listen to this I started a company called Colonel a year ago, and I invested a hundred million dollars to create chips. They'll be implanted in the brain to help address. Does he's in dysfunction we're leverage in this emerging technology to also explore how we might extend human potential. The first cochlear implant was it was approved by the FDA thirty years ago there are now three hundred thousand these implants. A deep brain stimulator was approved by the FDA and ninety. Ninety seven hundred twenty five thousand people now have this implanted. Let's take a look at how far this technology has come. All day, so the guy who's, complete control, he's holding up monetary and each turns this thing off he's in complete control and now.
His hands westerners and chinese reaction. Answer, completed, Parkinson's S, incredible that if he s now this is came out. Science alert for the first time ever, Scientists have boosted human memory with a bullet brain implant. University of Southern California has just demonstrated the use of a brain in plan to improve the human memory. A research associate, professor of biomedical engineering at USC, recently presented his findings on a memory prostheses. They ve put a chip in two peoples, brains and it stimulates different parts of the brain They have in. They have increased short term memory by fifteen percent and working memory by twenty five percent. Incredibly, ok I mean we would you have that. It's one of the things we feel like the answer to that should be. No,
I now actually kind of sounds great and I will say the case be he makes there, which is cochlear Implant, whereby a person couldn't hear now. Can people who had Parkinson's are able to control their lives because but these things these are implements right. They are changing the way, the body, the brain works. What's the difference, It's a fairly compelling argument: if you can improve your life, if you can take away diseases, littledale differences, I think in this. This is this is augmenting yourself and end like that. Just stimulating your brain, that's not a ship that is putting a you know that you're uploading stuff into you're, not merging with machines. This is just a machine that is pushing you to the limits. I think that's the difference in my head could be completely bogus, live with the part there
is spooky is v the a I connection tomorrow. We we're gonna get into this inside the first church of artificial intelligence. The new religion of artificial intelligence is called the way of the future and it represents. Unlikely next act for a silicon. Robotics wondered kin at the centre of high stakes, legal battle between Goober and way MO blah blah blah blah blah. He says what we're going to create is going to be effectively a god. We need to face that. It's not a gardener sense that it makes lightning or causes hurricanes, but if there is something that is billion time smarter than the smarter human. What Elsie you gonna call it other than God, warning
Glenn back
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