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11/2/18 - Best of The Program - Ep #216 - Big, Beautiful, Golden Door? - Glenn Sour's Don's Lemon? - Beto Busted, Again? -True-isms from Pat Gray?

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The blaze radio network on demand. Hey it's Friday, we're on the road for our plan back comedy and state stato tour. We would love to see tonight in in Hershey Pennsylvania and on Saturday we are going to be in Pittsburgh that benefit show all the monies gonna go to the police department and the jewish me in Pittsburgh then on Sunday in Cleveland and then we're gonna be coupled with a week or so out in Orlando and also tamper, so grab your tickets, now glinda dot com, slash tour on today's podcast. We are going to talk about the funding of the caravans you. I know the media says no. This is just grass roots. Is nothing really because Project Veritable
this, come out with something pretty darn interesting about the meadow campaign actually funding. Some of the bus tickets summit, the aeroplanes and also food caravan. This is against the law to use your campaign funds to do that, thereon tape and it is really quite astonishing. Also, my answer to Don Laminate Don, I dont believe, is a racist but Don you're, acting like one right now that your comments about white people being the most dangerous terrorists in America is just flat out wrong I will show you the stats using the stats he pulled from I'll, show you how it was cherry pick to make it look that way. It's not true
and Don you should be ashamed of yourself for doing also Pat joins us, because Stew was just to sleep and will wrap up the podcast with patent. I talking about the economy, gas prices and some other crazy stories that are in the news, Poland, today's podcast, Listening to the data is Friday November. Second, as late last night, President Trump gave a speech at White House addressing the migrant caravan that is slowly approaching the american border, the same caravan that everybody on tv says don't worry about it. It's no problem. It's no big deal, it's not even gonna make it. It's not even happening in George Soros, he's a lovely old gentleman
HU. We just think as Marvel. Isn't he has nothing to do with it trumps speech Probably I didn't see it. I was on stage last night, so I didn't see it, but I read about it and here's my first impression just reading about it in the news. It must and tremendous because They all sat. There was nothing but hate in it. Nothing Nero wayward doped waste shut nerve, even carried it. Ok, so it had the great Lenny. Let me give me the big. Take away from the speech and that in in my personal opinion, This was a speech given as an affirmation to the people who voted for em, just San yep. I got under control, who ok good lot to take away from the speech one moment,
then in capsules did. I think the entire speech is probably when a reporter ass President Trump, whether or not the troops will fire on migrants in the caravan migrants. Listen it's the military. I hope there will be, but I will tell you this anybody throwing stones rocks like they did to Mexico in the Mexican Military Mexico place where they badly hurt police and soldiers of Mexico. We will consider that a firearm, because there's not much difference where you get hit in the face with a rock which, as you know, there was very violent a few days ago, very very violent that break it. It was a break in a country they broke into Mexico and you look at what is happening in Guatemala, just to mention Guatemala, along with our salvadoran Honduras, its disgraceful that those countries are unable to stop this cause.
To be able to stop it before it starts, and the United States pays them a fortune and we're looking at that doing that anymore, because why should we be doing that when they do nothing for us? Why is that John Wayne. Clint Eastwood moment evolve. First time. I've ever heard himself at it. Did you notice that he self edited on the spot I've never seen him do this. He said you know getting hit with a rock and faces. Well, you know. What the same is getting hit with a bullet in the face he recognized. Oh I'm in trouble, unbelievable This is a message for the people in Honduras: the people in Guatemala, the people in MECCA
So it is also a message for anybody who is funding all of this. Perhaps Venezuela there are. There are reports. We have not verified them, but there are reports that leftists here in Amerika are also helping the funding now on the buses, etc, etc. So this is our president and if you don't like it. I don't know what to say, because there's a lot of people who have been waiting for a president you say you know what America is not of you know is: is not cheap and worthless. The statue of liberty in the poem by Emma Lazarus said I hold my lamp beside the golden door. It's a golden door. There is a door and its especial door. I hate to sound like vomit
I'm a Lazarus might have been Donald Trump, it's big beautiful door, it's a special, it's a golden daughter, my gosh he the older than we think we have a system of laws and the president is right. When they broke in to Mexico, they tore down the gates they were, they were not come
in peacefully. Let's say that America has a unique spirit and a unique place and its worth defending the president, of course, of faces a barrage of hate every day, and sometimes he deserves it got honestly. Sometimes he says things like you. We would finish that sentence. It would be like, while your fault, but most times it seems he does not. They cannot take him. As John Stewart said, they are just it's their ego, it's their ego, They can't believe they can't destroy this guy. Anybody who says he knocked out, let me put it this way. I wrote about this in the book. I look at people when they talk about Donald Trump.
I look at them the same way, I would look at somebody who says: Mcdonald's is horrible. Everything at Mcdonald's is horrible, really what other french fries? If they don't say, ok, they're french fries are frickin fantastic, probably not the best health for you, but their fantastic, but the rest of the stuff is horrible. If people wouldn't say okay, I give you the french fries, put them shakes, not even milk. I get it. I get it. You are not a Abe, an honest broker of information. If you can't say okay, this president has done some things in our horrible, some things that are good. If you and say that as a member of the press, you have zero credibility, zero and don't talk to me about hero, worship
or selling out, or anything like that, MR I've gotta, real and a chill running up my leg. The minute Barack Obama was on the scene. Everyone had a crush on the cool guy. The media and academia have gone insane, but you know what the media and academia went insane in the other direction for Barack Obama. Now. This is toxic nonsense, toxic nonsense, we're living in historic times. We really are, and it's it's exciting- to live in these times. If we don't kill each other.
This is a time where we all get to figure out who we really are. What we really believe in how great we actually can be historic times are often turn Violent times the greatest generation, those people were fantastic. That was in turbulent times at the best of the best program we got rotten Robin in Virginia. I Robin There are laughing, I was greatly greater. That's really wonderful! I laughed hysterically and I was the one you handed the bucket of people.
When you walked out see you know you, it's not that I don't keep given you know. I fed the audience last night. So well, that's great everybody yeah Robin! Thank you! So much coming glad you were there much. You bet. We are guaranteed Virginia CARE Guy had a current go. I'm fine, I reckon I can tell you that I, like you, I believe, all the time as they are remain. You feel he'll come a little leader come back here and he'll come back out. Looking back and get the Glen know that he looked by colonel. I wonder if not how battle this is not helpful. Parent. Thank you for coming last. I inversion Albania tonight and tomorrow in Pittsburgh and Sunday, Cleveland Glenn backed outcome. Slash, tour
listening to the best of the Glenda program like sending to this path cast if you're not a subscriber, become one now and I, but while you're their due favour and rate the shell. So in my book I talk about Don Lemon and I talk about how Don Lemon said that no doubt about it. Donald Trump is a racist and I tried to explain to him what he was feeling and how see how you see it that way, but here's actually what you're this interpreting Don lemon and no one in the media is actually interested in hearing a different opinion. They are convince their right and anyone else is either a liar or part of the problem or just benzene
and anyone else is either a liar or part of the problem or just been zombie fight for Donald Trump. None of those things are true. Some people have been zombie five most people, Not the people who are true zombies are the ones that can't listen to their their rhetoric and notice, something not quite right. Don lemon got away ah here this week, for something that he said. I I mean it is the most contradictory. But as the statement I have, I've ever heard anyone ache in history. Here's what he said. So we have to stop demonizing people and realise the biggest terror threat in this country is white men most of em radicalized right up to the right, and you have to start doing something about them: they're. Ok,
we have to stop demonizing people and realise that the biggest terror threat is white men wow one of the craziest and most racist thing I have ever heard, but screw the white people. So the backlash began to pile up and Don lemon. You would think in a reasonable world would go. Ok, I I wasn't thinking or whatever, but that's not what he did. Now the media doesn't understand why Donald Trump says you're fake news and you're, an enemy of the people. They don't understand it will. Let me explain it with things like this,
it shows. You are an enemy to the people, to a large number of people in America, because you are wrong and then, when you are caught in that you don't apologize, you actually double down. Here's the next day Don Lemon tight. I also want to talk about some uncomfortable through the truth about who really carries out domestic terror attacks in this country. Over this week. I made some comments about about that. In a conversation with Chris, I said that the biggest terror threat in this country comes from radicals on the far right, primarily white men that angered some people below.
Four emotion aside and look at the cold, hard facts. The evidence is overwhelming. A recent report from the government accountability office shows that, even though more people died and attacks connected to islamic extremists, the vast majority of deadly attacks in this country from two thousand wanted two thousand. Sixteen were carried out by far right, violent extremists. Cape does this fantastic. This is fantastic. How do you argue that, it's actually quite easy, because those overwhelming cold hard facts are not flawed. They are flawed, the way you are presenting them because you're not presenting the entire picture. Corey Booker basically said the same thing and the media is treating them is absolutely right. Well, we're not going to do that if they were right, I would say: I'm sorry, America Data drew these right
but he is not right. There quote from the government Accountability office report on countering violent extremism. So Lemon alluded to cold hard facts, but he didn't give any context context matters so we'll do it because the Media won't during his sorry not really sorry, may a couple refusal lemon a GEO report finding that September, twelve, two thousand one. Until the end of twenty. Sixteen there have been I'm giving you the actual facts he just alluded to them. There have been eighty five I've extremist attacks, and any three per cent of those documented attacks were committed by right wing or people case closed right? Seventy three percent: are you kidding me eighty five
Eighty five attacks and seventy three percent are documented right. Wingers willows, its overwhelming those are the facts, know they're, not because what you have to actually look What they're talking about? If you look at the listed attacks, you'll see a few things that are kind of peculiar now. It's very obvious from lemons rant that he was talking about domestic terror right they are. The white man is the is the most responsible for domestic error, but the jail report lists cases that don't have anything to do with domestic terrorism. The gene oh counted every single case, where he occurred and the attacker then affiliation with right wing or white supremacy? affiliation. Well, here's what that lists includes that
list includes prison murders again. Does anybody have a doubt that there is right wing white nationalists in prison, When they kill each other, that's all lest that's murder Gang violence where race, religion or sexual orientation we're not the motive uncasing out of the eighty four one a member of a White Supremacist Street gang and killed his own father. That's murder, that's not terror, that's murder and it's a white supremacy, he's in a white supremacist gang. He killed his dad. That's murder, not terror, so the reports of Corey Booker by the way it's about to get much
The report that Corey Booker and Don Lemon are using to show that white men are them. Dangerous terror threat includes prince. An gang crime where many times razor bigotry wasn't even the motive. So does that say their skewing this? they're, not really telling you the truth. Absolutely. If or case is built around this report and you I too label and entire race of people as dangerous terrorists? That's that insanely dishonest, that is racist, Don you're, saying that white men. There were eighty five, eighty five incidents that you say, our domestic terror. Okay, now here's where it really gets interesting don
I must point out that there were more fatalities from islamic extremists versus right wing. Extremist right, wingers killed a hundred and six people as documented in the G o wingers killed one hundred ex jihadi he's killed. One hundred and nineteen now also found even more interesting fact here. The GEO report did not include any attack, unless it included a fate quality. Now how much and remember I don't ever ask a question that I don't know the answer to how many modes all attacks, happen from islamic extremists that don't show up because they didn't kill anyone or they forged by the FBI, not in this report. Now, if you're gonna
All white people terrorist. You might want to have the information to back it up more than a flawed study. That includes prison and gang violence? So we went the Department of Homeland Security from two thousand one to two thousand thirteen. There were fifty three: islamic terrorist attacks here in Amerika that were foiled by law enforcement from twenty fourteen to twenty sixteen with ice this alone there. Where one hundred in one foiled attacks so in span of the GEO study that done lemon is quoting from. There were one hundred and fifty four. Foiled attacks from islamic extremists adds a lot more than that entire eighty four, if you ve keeping track at home or eighty five so you combine that you can buy
in the right wing attacks and the islamic terrorist attacks include the prison and gang violence, and there are still only eighty five incidences really. Because a g Hobbes try kill us on our own soil, one hundred and fifty four times so which one is more dangerous and if I said they tried to kill us honour and fifty four times nearly all muslim men are the problem. Here Muslim men are that the biggest danger in Amerika for terrorism today Dandy think I could get away with that. Or do you think you who and your network would deem me a racist, remember, Don't ask any questions that I don't already know the answer to unlike Booker and lemon. I want you. No, I am not stating the facts of the one hundred and fifty four to demonize, because I am not saying
Muslim men are our biggest terror threat I will say, is law mists and I don't care what race they are? is lobbyists are our biggest terror threat that could be a woman, That could be a man that can be a white guy could be an arab guy? We don't know, but is lobbyists are our biggest terror threat, not all Muslim, Nuttall era, men? How, dare you Don lemon become the racist. But you have always said we should never become or be, how dare you become mister, YT one nineteen. Fifty six. But even more responsible than Don Lemon is CNN Cnn. This is why the president says you're an enemy of the people.
What do you call an organization that backs up the use of a twisted? Flawed study or report on that study and says that what is it forty percent of the country, white men, thirty percent of the country, his white men, that thirty percent of the country needs to be dealt with. Will who too, who doesn't think that's racist. I'm not doing I'm not labeling all mum Muslims as terrorist, because that would be irresponsible and flat out wrong, but more, irresponsible is going on national cable tv on a supposed news network and tailoring facts, but you, U absolute. We had to cherry pick and ignore while at the same time demonizing an entire race of people while
At the same time saying we shouldn't demonize people, false narratives propaganda, they are only successful when question being stops and you're not doing your own homework This is why the progressive and now postmodern movement is not teaching our children how to think their teaching our children. What to think it's why you are shouted down and you are put behind. And a a digital ghetto wall, where you can say what I really want ask any questions you want. But No one will hear you because of the algorithms they are trying to teach America, as they taught Megan Kelly. Don't you dear ask a single question, because once you cannot ask a question flawed thinking, flawed facts, and I'm sorry Don lemon. But the shoe fits.
Today racists like Don Lemon, get away with, and this is the best browser back to better here and the tape the project very toss has come out and what they have are two staffers that are free staffers. One is a field manager and the other one is a field coordinator for better. You're in in Texas, and the media is not paying attention to this at all. They should. These guys are admitting to federal crimes and they're talking about, King money from the campaign and buying bus tickets buying. I think they did say: airline tickets and food and blankets and helping p.
Bull from Honduras, get to the united, and there is also another field manager, Andrea Reyes, a field Did your for the better campaign and she's talking about how she's got proof that she shared this with the campaign manager? Here's what she said, I miss you. Prevention, civil wars, Cecil like earlier. Yes, who may have been managed in there that can indirectly here yeah. She says I can understand. The thing is as long as we're not advertising it. I mean
I don't really know they said it was fine, sir, oh and then she continues. About to join the campaign manager. I mean, I don't know. Okay, I told you about it. I have the text messages to prove it saw so, could she saying? Is she informed journey to campaign manager for battle that they were sending these funds Two, I guess the Honduran Caravan people and they were, and she told the campaign manager about it. They were fine with it and she had a text messages to prove it. I can't I mean I just don't understand how Texas how this guy is even close. While he is a democratic socialist I mean he is, he is, left as they come out of line with Texas He is the Alps.
Modernist kind of guy out align with taxes now taking campaign funds and even if they were low staffers. This is out since yesterday, there's been no move to get rid of these staffers no move of him having to come out and say we would never do that and we know these guys did they did it on their own. We, you know, we fired them cause. We won't take. None of that. How is Texas voting for this guy? I don't think he's gonna win, but I dont even understand how he has twenty percent. Not only there are neither sheet, you know the project, vertex person posing as a journalist says so you you actually told you. He asked Sir Point blank Finally told Johnny yeah, I told Jody, and I told my director: well, ok, that's a problem
and crime etc. Haim, it's a federal crime. You know for project very toss, and I remember I talk to James. What's his looking, yet it aims at eve. You know I talked to James when he was first starting out, and I thought he was a really. I thought it was a really nice guy and he had the right intent and you know he may still and and I'm not throwing him under the bus or anything, but I was concerned about how sloppy they were at times and that he would sometimes I felt I felt creatively edit things and, for instance, when the New York Times caught the o Keefe reporter Review. Remember that one where they were trying to get inside of ay into the New York Times
the New York Times reporter figured it out and just really just embarrassed that person. It was just sloppy and- and he should know if we should have done that now. I think he's clean that up and he's gotten smarter, because the stuff that he's coming out with now is really really important, really important and if he is as buttoned up as I think he is right now this is stuff. We have to pay attention to and we got to bring it to our friends who are Democrats.
The other side of the street at the other side of the iron cause, the aisle implies a politician they're not gonna care, other side of the street, the people who are near neighbourhood that that may not have woken up and don't take this stuff to them and say anything other than have you seen this. Would you think of this, while James O Keefe? What what do you know about him? Because I agree? Maybe you do maybe don't I don't know, but you know I could have very good conversation with people saying I know, they're he's done some things that I don't think her gray, but he's also expose some things and he's been right on the money. What do you think about this? I mean: do you Rowan Pharaoh do take Rowan Pharaoh is a credible source.
Well? Of course, I do. Ok. Well he's been wrong on a couple of things. There I mean Cavanaugh. He was wrong on so you know people can be wrong. The question is: how do you use this because there's no way to take what they said out of context unless what they said right before was gay I mean if I were doing this stuff and you know I wanted us to look bad. What I would say is rolling tape right, which you don't happen, yeah right, and for them to have these guys on tape. So- saying this and then better, not coming out and saying immediately? Ok, guys, I looked into this. Those guys are wrong and that is illegal and will pay the FAO in or whatever, but I've put out this paper. We are not doing that. We are not putting money toward
the hondurans we are not. We did. Apparently, these people took some of those funds, but I've corrected that we will never do that if they are not doing that. How do you trust with anything- and I would say exactly the same thing of a Republican we're doing what we're doing it. And those who listen to me. No, I would- and can you owe me if this were TED crews, we're we're talking about with this being on so be on every broadcaster. This would lead every story. This would lead every whose cast it beyond New York Times being the Washington Post, it be every and they be demanding his head. They D so, let's river, let's reverse this. If, if staffers were caught on tape by media matters, and they were caught on tape. And they were saying yeah well, don't say, This would allow people to know, but we have taken some of TED's campaign cash and we're act,
Lee paying Patriots- come down and live on the border and have their guns and make sure these hondurans are not getting coming across. Do you think he's, every single operation in Amerika would be on those tapes, even if they said media matters, they have got it and none of them would but medium Europe has an axe to grind media matters is not a credible source, but here's The person saying it we reached out the campaign to get an answer? That's that
very least that should be done there. Never gonna. Do there, never gonna, do it and and Pat don't you think this is why people feel people feel that Donald Trump is justified in some way to say the press is an enemy of yes, yes, it's it's part of the recently got elected and its part of the reason they feel justified when he says those kinds of things and bright. What and when Does it now, you know, I think couple of years
go, I might have been irritated by it. Now I tend to think well, yeah. They that's how they act they act. Like is only my other people. I am still I'm still bothered by it because it just is it's not helpful. It is helpful right that is its and it doesn't it's not gonna change anyone's heart. You know it's not gonna get anybody on the left to go now wait a minute. Does he have a point is because it's too big of a broad brush, you know it's. It's like Don Lemon Don lemon making that statement. He could have said You know white men and and and people who are in these white extreme as they are a real problem that we should address, and he bade me cause I like that at all hidden qualify. He said, white males are the biggest terror threat, who's gonna, listen to him, you he could he didn't, but he could
have a valid point and no one on the other side will listen to it. Because that's the approach we could. We can't approach it like that, because we are the ones we are the ones that have to change people's hearts the other side of the extreme left. They'll just kill people leave. You don't agree, they'll, either. Shame you and run you out of society or kill you and because of their words, and I'm not time. Democrats, I'm talking about the extreme left, that's what they do. We have to change people's hearts cuz. I don't want to round anybody up and I don't want to kill anybody. So we've got to change people's hearts and we have to start doing that now before this gets EVA worse.
You're listening to the best of the Glinda programme. oh pad is sitting in for us do and I don't know why you have to pick it up where he left off. I just don't. I don't belong eyes and building its obvious truisms, mass to be revealed here. I just want people to understand what they come into into the auditorium. Hershey not to be you know, flabbergasted to the boy. Were they flee the stadium die. I dont want that to happen.
Ok shut off. So I got some questions from the audience last night and I didn't have a chance to address them. So let me address some of them. Who will be the democratic candidate for twenty? Twenty? Two good question. I think it's too early to say I don't think it's gonna be Elizabeth Warren. I got some possibilities. One of them is better one of an ideal. I think that's absolutely true, I think better is going to be That stage he's a good man you he might actually be the guy he's a good makes between a politician and a rock star, and you know you, so you don't have to go to up. Let's say Tom Hanks, who really mean nobody knows anything about his policies where he stands on issues how he would run, but this I has all of this momentum behind him now and he said, is not going to win. He's not going away. I know he's not an
did say that you would eat your underwear if he went all in all. We doing. Live coverage on the blaze Dv Tuesday night. It's the oddity, quite the contrary, junior. Imagine my guest, we're bringing in a lot of friends, and we got a lot of voices. Lotta faces, you recognize and it's gonna, be. A lot of fun are covered. Jewels begin at six p m on too this day, and so you know I'm bringing a chef in to prepare, aware in case many to just in case in many different. You know there be some you know Asian Pacific underpants, and that you can, you can try. So we don't lining their underwear recipes lots of yeah yeah yeah classical train to so he can just make some french sauce not only with no imminent, renewed underpants in before you. What Grissom, unfair
well, that's a barber! That's where we're gonna be barbecuing! Some underpants worry about. You know we we, if you'd like we could have him make fruit. The loom saw his say it now I can knives. It's duck all arose of fruit loophole mirage like I can't see it without the dock in it at all right, so I think you're right. I think it's gonna be better nother question What do you think will happen when the Honduras Caravan reaches the? U S border, my hope is that it doesn't reach the U S border. If it does, I think we are. We are going to see the coverage on CNN and MSNBC and the BBC and everything else. You will see the coverage that you see on the israeli border with Palestine Palestinians.
We'll see a very skewed. Look. They are gonna, show all the things that are are bad for the United States and good light for they hondurans, and this will begin our forever border struggle. Like Israel has agree or disagree. I agree one hundred percent- it's gotta be ugly if they make it to the border. The press is gonna, be hoping for incidents for something to go wrong. Yeah, oh yeah! I you ve got a real. You have a real recipe for disaster. You're, not gonna recipes for underpants there's a recipe for disaster like yeah like I just I only want to think about it. Does it Joe could get ugly and here's the thing you need to be saying to your friends right now. What is gonna happen? I mean they're ruin
they're moving troops there would you ever bring your children to that? Would you just ask this question of your liberal friends? I mean you know. I've got compassion for those guys and I can see in, but would you ever bring your children to that? How dangerous is that? Slowly? Not you don't do that, get them to acknowledge now, because if it happens, there are you're going to be children involved in that's who ve the media will focus on, and you have to right now get your friends directly
I see that that is raising an irresponsible to bring any child to this. You don't do it and that's of them. We don't talk about enough. There's it there's absolutely no responsibility, no accountability on the part of the heron involved. Here no end. Some of them are unaccompanied, supposedly I mean I see scant few children to begin with, but the ones who are there, many of them are unaccompanied. So parents said ok, go at these people. That's you know. I understand that conditions are probably not ideal ill in Honduras, but couldn't be a heck of a lot worse. When you turn him over to seven thousand people, you don't know, and then just say, good luck on the two thousand and twenty six hundred mile walk the border and Emily
get there. If the military keep your head down. I don't even understand that I don't get no Glenn. What would you tell the Republican Party? They should do before the midterm, to rally voters, conservatives, independence and even uninformed Democrats I don't know
The border tell them about the forty. What is it forty two trillion dollar plan of the democratic socialist showed the radicals in the Democratic Party and how they are not like them and and show them the debt that we have showed them the truth about everything that is going on and say which you gotta choose, but it's not gonna happen. I mean it's not gonna happen. People are already set in their ways, and this, I think, do you think this is I personally pat to say, because I, oh I've always hated this. This election is the most and
written in your lifetime. The next few elections actually are and not in our lifetime, but in the lifetime of the republic and end the western way of life. These these next few elections could decide whether the West survives or not. Yes, because they're going to determine whether we turn to socialism or not, and not the kind of socialism and this the thing he island. I so once you too, to understand and share with your friends. There is a difference between a Democrat who wants a bigger welfare state. Canada is not a socialist state, they have socialist medicine,
socialized medicine. They do not it's not a socialist state, it is a capitalist state. So there are those who say I just want more me: no government programmes there, not socialists, they just disagree with us on on where we know where the limit is on on government. That's not a socialist that certainly not a communist, a socialist, a democratic socialist. They are go to their own website. Don't take this for me, listen to a cause, Yo Cortez! They do not want capitalism as part of this country. They think capitalism is a failure and it is time for it.
To come to an end. That is that's not the Netherlands. You dont build IKEA in a socialist country, that's a hand, but a list market same with Norway with Nokia, and you know, Finland, with their industries and and Sweden though those are all really they still all- are involved in the free market in some way. So every every country that's pointed out, as successful socialist there, really, not that this socialist countries, you can point out or Cuba Venezuela. China even has a hybrid now of communism and capitalism. That's why they lifted four hundred million people out of poverty.
I mean capitalism has saved billions of people on this planet, so, in the show that we have, I show the stats of what the western world has done in the last twenty years and an pat, I read these stats one by one and they go up on a screen last night, probably seventy percent of them fifty to seventy percent got the audience gasping, really they were like. While I like, you could hear the audience saying how do I know this? How this true this Campi truce is true. How do we now know this? The stance of what the West and Particular America has done, stuff.
Anchoring staggering. I believe it, but nobody's willing nobody's willing to talk about it. It's going to be up to each of us as individuals. By the way, all the stats are in the book addicted outrage, and it shows you cause there's a section. We have two side. Are we good or bad? Is the western way of life worth saving? Well, you need to know here bad things here. The good things the blaze radio network on demand,
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