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11/28/17 - Wondrous Acts of Journalism? (Steve & Jackie Green & Lee Sepanek join Glenn)

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Hour 1 Great news: Keith Olbermann retires ... a ‘severe gut punch’ …Does he know something we don't? ...WaPo turns tables on O'Keefe...acts of journalism...massive 'failed attempt'...Project Veritas....about 'winning' and not 'truth'? ...Stu's favorite TV show has just been 'royally' ruined? …he hasn’t been this triggered since Coke Zero...Fighting for Christmas with Lee Sepanek...30 years of holiday decoration lights going dark? ...Glenn wants a 'Decorated, Bubble-Wrapped Christmas Tree’ ...BIG news from the inventor of Bitcoin?   Hour 2  The mainstream media didn't care...Puerto Rico was supposed to be Trump’s Katrina moment...Media Hypocrisy on a High Horse… WaPo reports on media bias...President Trump's tax cuts to save the day??...'Revenue neutral': What the heck does it mean? ...Where are the spending cuts??...block chaining by next election?...Baby car seat rant! Baby car seat rant!...couldn’t the free market give us a better solution?...Cryptocurrency Bitcoin is all the rage, but when will the government try to stop it? ...Bitcoin, the machine that can't be stopped ...It's time to 'Man Up'   Hour 3 Net neutrality benefits Google and only Google, not you ... ‘This Dangerous Book’ with Steve and Jackie Green...President of Hobby Lobby and wife discuss the reactions to their 'Museum of the Bible' in Washington, DC...Many people of faith are suffering today...MuseumOfTheBible.org ...Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show = Objectifying Women?? ...President Trump Honors (Insults) Native Americans ...Is 'Pocahontas' a racial slur? ...What is 'The Deep State'? Find out tonight on TheBlaze.com/TV ...Flashback to 2014: Glenn defines life with Google's Eric Schmidt  The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand. Love courage, tree Glenn, back teeth, Oberman, as done it keep overrun, has cracked the he is right. The ship he has dealt the Trump Administration Just severe got punch, we can now retire from political commentary for good here he is if you didn't know if you didn't know Keith over actually has a job? He started, something with Jake. You called the resistance and here is a piece of the last episode
so now that I think the outcomes that seven different inevitable outcomes are unavoidable. I'd like to go back and enjoy some of my life again and I'm going to know it snow scandal no firing just I've said what had to say was as obvious. It seem. I give my work, everything I can so it's not like. I can dial it back and I think even is deemed world of american political tv reporting, which is still calculating how to get trumps Idiot supporters to watch their networks and still waiting for trumped a pivot, even it carry this the rest of the way, so I am retiring from political commentary in all media venue hook in the crowd. Jeers apparent the way of a seven to ten minute internet segment for G Q was just too much weight to carry he he couldn't go and with his life and carry that seven minutes for G Q. I have idea how he endured
such a heavy burden for so long, my God, man, it's been Months- how much of a work load can the human body take over and the G Q resistance are apparently declaring victory this was their version of the George W Bush mission accomplished speech, whereas Bush delivered his from an aircraft carrier dressed in a flight suit overrun. Said pretty trendy suit in front of a perfectly colored g q backdrop that I think might have been done, possibly I, the elevators in the building, so what's got resistance so confident that Keith can now retire, listen confident now, even more so than I have been throughout the last year, that this nightmare presidency of Donald John Trump will end prematurely and end soon, and I am thus also confident that this is the correct moment to end this series: oh wow,
now so what's got him so confident about the president? Gonna be impeached? Well? Is it something a new revelation from the Miller instigation sure he he mentions, Flynn and Mobile right off the bat. But then you mention another possible way, Trump could get fired and then another and then another one He goes on the list. Seven hare brained theories, ranging anywhere from Russia to obstruction of justice to Pence in Asia. The twenty fifth amendment. So what the ultimate could agree here. Is it Definitely one of the seven possible is it one of the above or none of the above. I guess The better question here is the real reason for this video. He denies it, but was he asked we fired, maybe he's going back to ESPN, I don't know,
but like they say on sport centre, or so I am told- and I think everyone can you know- I think I can speak for everyone that watch the video pay Oberman come on man get that right it better than I do it's Tuesday November twenty Eightth. This is the Glen that programme. Yes, Pierre Line was written by stupid. You try it It may sound like you know, you're talking about, knew exactly what I was talking about, but we're how kitten or can seven different outcomes be inevitable? you d better, not sure. Is that possible? No, not really, but in Keith World everything is possible without weed I would imagine that there was nothing to watch their you know and the resistance and geek you didn't fire him. It was just like me,
watch it man. I don't think we should do this in a claim that there were in the video claims that there are four he had four hundred million views of of his time in our country and a million euros wow, you should be able to. You should be to prove that I am how do you easily? You know there's a lot of ways. You can look at those numbers. You know. Maybe, if he's out he said he did. I think I'm a hundred and fifty episodes or something like that so hundred fifty. So three million an episode. Is that possible? Like I guess I don't know, I don't know what kind of impact Keith has no doubt, but apparently not that big of an impact, because the president, as far as I know, still the present, Philip present had been impeached. Yet now, there's a there's, a from Carly fee arena on Ben Medium that I really want to get too next hour that She says it's time to man up and
yes. Yes, it is but the way she puts it, I'm I'm I'm probably just I guess I'm the most ignorant man on the planet, because I I am not aware of the things that she says that all men no and I don't I'm not a job while your they mean that would assume you're a man. Was that it was at easy enough, for him was at an easy enough. Lay out. I mean I You are one of seven different possibilities, but none of them are abandoned. Lemme give you will you do that from the Washington Post, a woman approach, the washing imposed with a dramatic and false tale about Roy more. She appears to be part of an undercover sting operation, reporter was Stephanie Mc Crumb of the Washington Post, a woman who
So he claimed the washing machine imposed that Roy more the Republican. U S and a candidate in Alabama impregnated her as a teenager appears to work with an organization that uses deceptive tactics to secretly record conversations in an effort, embarrass its targets in a series of interviews over two weeks, the woman shared dramatic story about age, sexual relationship with more in ninety ninety two that led to an abortion when she was fifteen During the interviews she repeatedly press post reporters to give their opinions on the effect that claims would have on more candidacy if she went public the post published. An article based on her unsubstantiated account to impose reporters confronted her within consistency in our story and an internet posting that raise doubts about our motivations genes
did she was not working with any organization the targets journalists but Monday morning, Post reporter saw her walking into the New York offices of Project Vera toss, an organization that targets, mainstream news, media and left leaning groups face palm I mean how stupid d have to be. Where do you have to be? First of all, she paused did something in her past. You can't get away from your past. She pulled did something in her past. That said, hey I'm going to New York and I'm I'm gonna go go to work for an organisation that exposes the mainstream media and their liberal by yes and we're going. The words out well, then, why should impose round that news like wait? A minute You said you worked like a mortgage company and by the way we call the mortgage company in the east. You dont work. There
well, I'm gonna be a mortgage company. That's exposing liberal media by saying that no one could be out about that. Do we have the audio Sarah, this this is. The washing imposed they did their only. They ran video themselves. Of the the take down
but you are interested in doing this job. Can you talk about not a little bit me with daily. The daily collar is a reason why the day was relocating in Europe, where we would be able to work it out, and what was your interest in working for the daily collar August? I like like their stories. I thought that I would be doing reason to space on my MAC pictured. The background of mortgage goes right, a journalist right, fair right. They cease to export. You got its eye, one step from amortization schedule right to racial video by officers, save jobs right there. I thought it would be good investigator. You know, because of my board chicks polish. Did you
combating the lies in the state of the liberal Emerson? You still have an interest in and working in, the conservative media movement to combat the wise and to see that the liberal Emerson is now. Is that still your interest yeah? I know you're not working mortgage company where you work, I work for one of the and what's the franchise you set a friend maverick and where is that it was not a minute and a half, and so it s a story
Where are you working now? Well, the mortgage gibbet. Do we called and you're not working at the well? I was working at a branch branch, a branch, where, where was located, Well, it was out of it Lana but TAT they. Let us work from all. I need I'd like to give the Washington Post credit for you doing their homework, but I don't think it was that hard on this one I mean, yes, I think, what's the point of this right, but take the project very tough thing. What is it where they trying to do? Well, their object to right true thrive era. Tosses, truth, yes, so the idea being am I. This is something that many of us would believe right that the middle of this frenzy, if some
comes to the Washington Post, with a story about Roy, more they're going to pretty much, except that without asking questions we ve seen that happen at, for example, rolling stone. Yes right, rolling stone did almost exactly this think they had. This person come up with a relatively believable story and they printed yes. So the fact that the Washington Post could do this is thing that you could see as possible on the other side of this. They didn't do it well. This should be something that we should, as conservatives celebrate, and the idea that they had an opportunity to take this be a story and run with it and didn't. They Julia looked into it did their job. They did what they say. They do right. If you watch this whole video, she goes. Into what we did this in this as soon as we met with the wheat, we started looking into you and you. Things fall apart here, in I mean great. Is that how great
good neither does it a lot to me. The watch post is clear. It means that this rapporteur does her job and that's good If I were they head of project very toss, I wouldn't have put do you know a fundraising letter out last night saying we got another one and they're gonna make it even harder for us? No, you didn't know you the project v. Or a toss. Truth, you didn't what you call Was the Washington Post doing their job and not get fooled by you, that's good! Is it not isn't that what we should be wanting? No. Stead what we want is we want to catch them doing it? Well, we just caught them not doing it. Why isn't that a win Why is it that, because the private it isn't about truth. Apparently, the profit It is about winning true
We demand that project verities would come out and say we tried. All this over and we were bad at it, but tried to pull this over the Washington post? They cause us because they actually engaged the story. Wasn't more. Important then the truth to them congratulations to this reporter great job, and it doesn't mean you have to get the liberal media- does it get in? There are off for everything they ve ever done now that doesn't mean that everyone washing posters now cried on doing something right question in them when you think something's wrong the same. What you would before, but you, Try to do something we present. You gave them a soft ball of not In a prevention is quickly, but not only, her sexual accusation, but Roy more paying and driving this woman to get an abortion right. That was, it was a huge this. It is not an issue about upgrading frenzy radio and they stopped and they looked into it and they found it wasn't true, and of course, after that,
a her project, virtues offices, with an followed her from the interview We all have a little their object guys here just you're not you're, not as good as you think you are arrogance and arrogance will be all of our undoing, so last summer. He told you I was freaked out by my my son. I, I came home and I discovered that my son's voice, it changed and let's stories not that stories that new we blink your eyes and all of a sudden, your kids are dry, in the car and your kids are grown up and what happened? What happened, I want to urge you to pick up a game called
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her parents and kids, anyone can play its a great game for all ages is a few weeks, for Christmas. If you want family to start talking together, start laughing together, start playing together, say anything you can get it at target in toys. Are us say Anything available now, Glenn back. Land back. So there's you know ISIS targeting New York City for Christmas. There is no financial crisis. There is the story of the ex bill going in front of Congress. The president's talked Congress today and I say to stew. So what is it what's on top of your list that you think we need it? today and he says Megan Marco
can I say that the what the prototype the thing s Harrier, whatever his name yet royal story? Who cares about the stupid prince the stupid and send a dumb monarchies screwing up my television. Is she, this one of the stars of suits on USA, which is one of my favorite shows, and as soon as this happen, I that this stupid prince but are not screw up. My previous show what happened She's retired from acting she's like twenty, and she's retired from acting because she has to go live as a friggin princess. Country that we ve how many times that we build them out. First of all, we drag them into civilization by us, leaving them in the first place. Second, I mean what would have happened to that that what you wouldn't even be an island if it wasn't for us and now they're, stealing r r. Incredibly talented, actresses from the one of the best shows on television and now they're gonna. Have
come up with some stupid thing like she's gonna, take a job in another firm or she's gonna become a waitress, are go, do charity or where we are going to do it right or out of a stupid show and and at what because you have a monarchy in twenty. Seventeen deem screwing up my Wednesday night because What a monarchy in twenty seventeen infuriating! I haven't seen you this passionate about anything in Tell it since colleagues era was marked in silence the last our lab weird trigger boy. It's really do the. I will say the observation of the year may go to Gregg Polaroids, who I think we had on the show before, but he's gonna with smart guy, but here its prey, Terry's kids will be Americans. If one goes up to be president and is in line for the thrown at the same time bridge, start playing the long ball here. It's a smart move. They want America back, and this is how they'll do so.
And she would have duels the child would have dual citizenship. She could be, he could he or she could be king or and by King Queen with all the gender self, when I'm allowed to do here, but King Slash Queen Slash president fear. Critically. At the same time, probably there come up with a way to block that. I would think they, my dear how about this prince you got a lot of money by an apartment in the city in the city, where, in the United States or in Canada, has issued a lot of a show in Toronto and you can just boldly there you live in America or the UK. You can. This compromise and moved to Toronto, and she can still do the stupid show. How about that? I can't believe that she's, an actress and the queen is gonna. Let an actress in let an act Oh my gosh have you watched we are giving. You may call me for students and then you're about to reveal what you watch. You watch the ground now. It's really good sure it is really really good, but what and the crown you
multinationals feel so horrible for these people of the life they live, and then you also hate their gods because they're just whiny brat, but it's it's amazing how their love life is just dictated really by by parliament and the Prime Minister Glenn Back and I have an enormously chalkboard series this week at five o clock on the Glinda programme this week were taking on the deep state. What is that Each state, its five bar for port serious started last night, but you can join it and joy. Get out and in and watched yesterday's episode before before tonight, but it is explaining the deep state, because everybody says all we ve got problems. A deep state is the deep state taking about it's a deep state. What is that each state there
There are two kinds of deep states and we have one kind and not the other kind does that mean? How does it work? What do you do to fight against it? this week. Only on the Glen Back Programme on the blaze, TV, Reddit story a couple weeks ago about a guy who has put Christmas lights up on his home for thirty years. These decorated his home in Arizona, and he spends like three months decorating and getting everything at getting everything right, noble as ever complained in his neighborhood somebody moved and then a new family moved in and they complained to the city and said that you know the traffic he's just horrible, and so this Then he came in and said You have to stop this because he was violating code because he was selling chocolate
try to pay. For you know the Lee work of putting the lights up its Edward, he said, I'll give it away. They say You can't even do that, so he stopped. The decorating for the first time in thirty years, his name is leave us to panic. And leaves with us now hello. How are you good, you goin, so so tell me what the reaction has been in your neighborhood ordered a neighbour. Once they found out what was going on is totally upset. I still have cars I mean by just to see the dark house, but of course we turn the tables on a city a little bit is we took all my life and we decorated ten homes on my street wow wow now and then other neighbours have joined in some
Oh my street, which is about fifteen houses that are now decorated, It is only about three that are not and were one of those three, the one that complain do you know who complained? Yes, I know you did they talk to you about it or and because I have to be honest with ITALY. I lived in Connecticut and there was house on my street- and there was only one there's only one way to get to my house: it was on the street and the guy. Ben, I loved it, loved it and became friends with them and everything else he would spend reform, four put him up and taking them down And he loved it and people would come from all over. I, on the other hand, is a neighbour that we should try to get home. The traffic, but I live with it. Can you understand why somebody would be like I mean this is ridiculous on my street. Well, I understood
Completely- and I have always said for years and I have lived in his home on this street since nineteen- seventy three show Basically, what has happened is about lived the neighbours because the people there living. Here. When I moved in have passed away Some of them have moved away. So the unwanted keep moved in not even a year ago I looked up the tax records in them, in February two thousand and sixteen so the first Christmas day experience what I've got going on here, cause them to complain to the city, but I since learned from their immediate neighbours that there the type to complain but everything I yet they actually went. So was ass, one of their neighbors, you cut down a tree on their property, some of their leaves blowing into their yard. I will go
The time we're talking about the ideally I've, I've had those kinds of neighbours, and you know it which would solve that is, if you just mysteriously find bamboo planted somewhere her. Then their yard in anyway. That's a different story: You know I offer to if it matter of block dry ways. I offered to have signs printed state pleased in a bar destroy me, I was gonna, go put them at the leading edge of everyone's driveway up and down my street, and this to the official from streets in traffic said no. I couldn't do that. It's a right away and I was like, but there's no sidewalks, so what were mine impeding the people's national floor. It doesnt side So what are you gonna do? Not really I mean I'm just looking if you're watching the blaze tv you're seeing this is I mean? What are you pay in your power bill? bill Remy about fifteen hundred a year
we did see, it's quite the show, so what are you gonna? Do you're not going to do it this year, but you say you are going to do next year: the web gaping obray? Now the city has backed off on the because being offered for donation, so they ve backed off and that due to bear pushed back from the neighborhood from legal. Basically, I guy representation, because I have an individual it's been coming here for years and his children a little and when he found out. I was going to do This anymore, he got all up in arms and contact and a whole bunch of people that he knew. They came to my two. My support and I have been great about it in our own district- six Council as soon as you heard about this, he went to the cities working on my behalf, to get this overturn
there isn't much right now it looks pretty good we probably do it again next year, so you're, you also started to go fuck me page and you started that, because you were you were taking, the profits of the hot cocoa, and that allows you to do this and put the lights up and by new stuff, etc, etc, and the sick- I won't. Let you do that cause. You don't have a license, so now you're trying to raise the money through. Go. Find me, that's correct. So what what are you should get it right make their army our soil, copper, cocoa for dollar? Okay, so it probably cost me fifty cents with the cop, the lid, the link, The powder show how much money could I possibly be making like a main alone? I didn't they The show no never made a profit. Ok, but it help take. The sting out of the costs
the live, seeing the video there's a looks like almost like- oh I don't know, fair or something. Yet, as one of my decorated windows, I have six of them. That's the reason why people stop get either cars and come to a mean my windows, rival, Macy's, I mean there this all animated. Did you really this, because I'm I'm I'm looking at it am I I can't I mean it looks like a legitimate, fair it so so do eat. Did you make all of that now? over the I've, been collecting stuff for over forty years. And yet I think the window you have there, the combination, as should the train and yeah attack she, my kitchen window.
And everyone is done differently. I dont think I even sent you the one. I could send you the one. Is this real fear like the tea cup? Does the lives of the tea cup thing was right was right up I can't even bring myself to go to the gym for fifteen minutes, you're spending nine to ten hours a day for three. So this begins in what August? Amber September your week we went to storage, got the lights out the third week of September virtue. To go to the lights and fix them and get him ready to go, and we start beginning. In fact I had like here we had been working on for two weeks when I met with the city and I had a star- decorate yeah, so them after meeting with them, I decided there were just making a two day. They can do frankly told me, I cannot put up my light, but if you take him, maybe
difficult all the way around and every other aspect you discourage people from doing so. That's what they tried to do so how old man are you Lee? I'm sixty six years old, you sixty six and when you say we put the lights up who's the wee wee. I have our gentleman who volunteers his time and helped and my wife so the three of us does your wife ever said? Ok Lee IN didn't enough. Oh yeah, arena that every year put the understand a week Every night from thanks Two new year's great people serve up. Cookies are cocoa Only night we are not out, there is pouring down rain, it turned the lights on anyway, because it's not safe. Why do you do Why do you do it Lee? It should something I've been doing since I was ten years old living annoying. When I'm from Massachusetts originally
started doing it. When I was a kid living, my parents and move to Phoenix and seventy three Do it for a number of years to my youngest was born, and we go around looking other people's lights in the valley and he started shame we don't have any in our house. Why can't we do it at our house, so we started doing it started out small and has grown into it is today, as I am fascinated by this so September October November, is set up then, through November and December, two January, you're doing you're out their working at every day with the lights and then there's a tear down process. How long does the tear down take you a month. Every three months Arbour saw its a month to month, and I have to take it downplay. The way I mean that is legitimately half of your year. Yes,
an incredible amount of dedication. I mean I like Christmas, but sidling had ever take em down Lee. I think easily from I'd be excited to put him up, and then I look at it afterwards and, unlike I, don't care what I kind of hate down one or two hundred and fifteen agrees. You drive around Phoenix, you see icicle like hang it up and not a good look at not having had. I would just not be motivated to spend a mother. I think it is dark. The whole house is put a guitar over the top of it and then you just move somewhere else, camouflage netting over those. That would be great. Your problem is a lot of this stuff is made out a plastic in our sun, ruins that you're to leave this stuff up by the negative. Perhaps it would be no good anyway hurry Lee best luck to you. Did you have the address before the study
happy to have that the Gulf up on me. I do yes go for me. Dot com, if he says help relight Christmas House is, is where you can go to find it and that we agree that the great goal I it's gonna put it back to work, though Lee. I hope, your prepared for that in death ok. I'm you know I I forward to it every year, people don't realize it's a year round thing for me, because, if I'm not doing putting it opportune, down and planning. God bless your wife unless you know God bless you. Thank you so much we support? It gives the is worth the guy is due in the Christmas this display in Phoenix and go for me. Dot com, slash, help relight Christmas house. I had one string of red lights that I had to hang on the back porch of our house, and I put it up. Unlike October of August twenty fifteen, and came down last summer, so I was just
I kept it dry all year, given that it lasted until they just started deteriorating so much that I had to dig them downright physically. Didn't work in your class act. Although that's me so I went. I got a new treaty, we ve done fake trees forever. We went out, we cut our trees down and this year and brought it into the house, and so we had to go get lights. Yesterday, Tawny comes home from hobby lobby then she's. We want the big Christmas bulbs. You know like, like my grandparents used, have the big Christmas Balboa lovers and so she came, and they were halogen and and we put him up and he was like look now- are right. That's not right. They haven't nailed. Now, though, like fifties through Eightys was ice, they have they ve just re made them, and I said how these are the right lights and she said, but the other ones get so hot and we're too about it. Probably the wrong move, but.
Kind of willing to have the tree light on fire and just have a have some sort of a fire extinguisher around the tree in case it does for them beauty of the lights for the for the memories. How did we not all burned to death? then you know Peter, or like I gotta have an unnatural tree. Forget it. I did it I did it for many many years and then I got an artificial train. You know what never have to worry about it. We Keith, that thing of all year round to dare to tell you that no you'd better, not that now I do it because I can we kept taking the tree down, and then you put it in the box or whatever they get gets all folded up and many have to come out and fluff all the branch it back up and again, we have garage. Why don't we just put the thing up, as is in the garage I don't have probably so now. It's just up there all the time all year round in the girl, in the garage, not a problem with that
rising in a drawer of using the huge tree in the lobby, their huge. I guess we have likewise. I don't even know if that is a twenty four tree. All decorated. Everything is riddle hobby TIM, the other day who decorated training. Like I don't. It was decorated. Like four years ago, we just wrap it up in bubbly, rapid and put it in the bag, and, unlike why by doing that at all, that's brilliant do exactly what should be done you just need some sort of a place, but you're too, he needs to be on wheels tree needs to be on wheels and pray. Probably shouldn't be one that, but that easily catches on fire anyway, Casper Casper? Has the new wave mattress and it is incredible, Casper cool? three years of data feedback, foam research and sleep science, and they they went, and they looked at all of this data. They said we
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If seventy five dollars on your purchase, that's Casper Dotcom, Promo Code Back minimum purchase, required seaside for details, terms and conditions do apply, Glenn back. Back at a friend write me last night after we did a segment bitcoin and in what it is and how it works, and we were talking about a Toshiba knock em. What he said is his name Commoter Naga Motto: we don't even know who the guy is just picked up, he's. The inventor of Bitcoin has a million himself there's, a rumour that he is actually Glenn back I'll tell you text
love courage. True Glenn back, who do you trust anymore? Present? trumped: doesn't care about Porter Rico, right that I mean that What the media would have had us believe, Donald Trump does not care about Porter Rico. We know that from the average during Hurricane Maria, the big pie, of the media's narrative was present in tromp was too slow to send aid board Rico. He didn't send enough aid too long to visit Porter Rico that he cared more about. You know that Hurricane hits in Houston and Florida than the squabble between him and the Mary was a nightmare of this all This is a debate apple unless unless you got your news from the media
the media seemed poised to make Porter Rico into trumps Katrina, disregarding the unique circumstances of Maria falling so soon after Harvey and Irma, and you know that accurate Rico is a thousand miles off the coast of Florida. It turns out when the media couldn't get any traction on the Trump hates, Porter Rico storyline. They act. You didn't care about Porter Rico's hurricane struggles. Either it this does not as much as they cared about Hurricanes Harvey in Irma now It's off to the Washington Post, who just published a story now washing impulse does not like Donald Trump, but they public the story yesterday with the headline the main stream media didn't care about Porter Rico until it became a trump story. Research at the MIT Media lab found that mainstream media didn't
cover Maria nearly as extensively as they covered Harvey in Irma. Their report found that guy Bridge did not increase until Trump had a feud with the the mayor of San Juan AM, I T found out that over eleven hundred news outlets produced stories about Harvey and Irma and Five hundred carried stories about Maria during the week period before and after each hurricane it online media ran six thousand five hundred and ninety one stories about Maria, the problem is Harvey, had now eighteen thousand two hundred and fourteen stories and Irma had seventeen thousand three hundred and thirty eight mit even did a language analysis of all the hurricane coverage from the mainstream media guess what they found the Maria stories featured far more political language words like Congress, Senate Democrats, Republicans, debt or tax. While the cover it
of Harvey Richard far more words like victim and family. The bottom line. Is the mainstream media claims? President Trump doesn't care about Border Rico, but it's really clear? The media didn't care that much either this. Park foresee and moral high horse mentality from both sides has got to stop who do we trust well, I will tell two points for the Washington Post a not carrying the the lie about Roy more and actually doing their homework in finding but they were being set up, there's a point, and this printing the story yesterday that, it's on the media itself, and the media need to stop obsessing over each other and then focus on doing
their actual job, it's Tuesday November twenty eight. This is the Glen that programme I go back to who do you trust the President is going back up to capital. Hilda data have lunch and he's trying to get the tax bill past by Friday, will If that happens or not, to see me. Oh just came out with a stunning report now. Listen to this. The scipio is basically claiming that they claiming odd They claim that we would be saving two thousand dollars per family with healthcare right and you go back to their what their claiming the individual mandate we ve covered at length on the show is complete. Legally ridiculous. Yeah. It's completely ridiculous and they're not telling the truth about in their latest
accusation here on the tax bill? Is that everyone paying under thirty thousand dollars will get a tax increase and everyone over that will get attacks cut. Now, Now how I mean you look at the bridge downs of it and it doesn't seem to make sense on its surface the near times that I think, are much more thorough analysis and again we don't certainly, we can be in this latest bill because it's not fully hammered out, yet they keep changing it. But basically, within your times, is saying is if you the standard deduction and we will get into any more nerdy tax talk than this. But if you take the standard deduction euro, most definitely gonna to get a text you eat and you're in the middle class you have a chance, could be fifty fifty, whether you get a tax cutter attacks increase, said this many times on the air you ve got throw the Senate. You ve got controlled the house, you
controlled the presidency? There is no reason for any one. Anyone to get a tax increase any situation there You should have these taxes. Should be so deep. They should take your breath away, but we have here in after the spending cuts and spending cuts should be there too. Yes, I dont think after arriving at the same time, be a saint, I'm fine with that they should be part of it and you should be shrinking government and cutting the burden on the american people for everyone, that doesn't mean raise it on the rich people, because their evil and redistribute the wealth that in Cardiff for everyone and that it should be an easy goal for a party that so their first small government and has control of everything to accomplish. That's, not difficult, we're not almost shooting this not high barter clear it. His apparently for the Republican Party, which can't seem to even do that and the way this is,
now look. I think a lot of this is the fault of the C b L. I think they're scoring this, definitely seem to have her a problem with my approval? Yes, and I think a seeming permanent, it means to be it used to be that the scipio was just always wrong they, always just that they would these, underestimate the cost of something They were whatever they get all we're gonna save x number of dollars. No, it end up costing you money. Now, They are just so wrong and it seems to have a political bend to it. It does I mean it bends to the side of increasing government and again, just the point out what you just said the new year. Times did a better. Job at evaluating this, then the c b o I think so it certainly more detailed and in over their analysis, is you know, look
class. We all agree here. I think we all agree if, if you're a person who, like smaller government, who once tax cuts, we believe the tax cuts should be for everyone. And the difference between us and Democrats. I mean, of course they want many of them. They all what it raised on wealthy people, the one race that everybody there's a general agreement that if we can cut taxes for people who are in class and who are at lower income levels. That's a really good thing, like there's a pretty broad agreement across the aisle on that when you think so I mean, I don't know how you can. I have a system that raises taxes on any one. I think a lot of it has to do with this idea that they have to be revenue neutral? They keep the Republicans bought into this idea that one we're going to do is going to change things around, but don't worry, we'll still bring in the same amount of money are pretty close to it and
That is a than the wrong instinct. To start with you, you should it. I would revenue neutral means, or does it mean that we are not going to we're not gonna put on more debt talk a bit. Theoretically, because it the way this is scored in the way that the the reconciliation propriety it has put together, as they can add up to one point: five trillion dollars of debt over ten years now That is the ito again. That's because here as you point out, there's no spending cuts built into this. Really this I mean there's the inner there, certain things that act as sort of us, cuts and revenue offsets, but in reality when it comes down to it is they bought into idea that they have to go. Please people like this. He say. The exact same around make come becomes in we're, not cutting govern. We promise you're supposed to I'm just the opposite, yeah you're supposed to say: hey, we are cutting government. You know what this is good. There's gonna be a lot less revenue coming in and what we're gonna do as appropriate and dignity.
Sophisticated adults is also spending or new, both of those things it should be the goal and it is not. It is why the best president of the twentieth century was not run away and, in my opinion, was not was not. J F K certainly wasn't after it was Coolidge because the fur thing that Coolidge did was he caught the size of government by fifty percent and then the next year. He cut it, I believe, by another fifty percent, the main he cut everything to the bone. Then then he gave The tax cuts not the other way round and that's what's bird, the economy on. That's what got everything going then it was the greed of Wall Street and the you know that just greed it just greed, but that dumb bought us down in the nineteen thirties, and it was
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Car shielded, dotcom, promo code Back car shield, dot com deductible may apply Glenn back Glenn back, you know we're talking about tax cuts in spending cuts where spending cuts. I saw this from the New York Times, diplomat sound the alarm as they are pushed out in droves secretary of state. Rex tillers in at the White House on Monday he made? No, secret of his belief that the State Department is a bloated bureaucracy. Talk about how all of these people worked in the state Department or just very, very nervous about our country, blah blah blah, because they're all being fired, MR tellers and last week the New York Times reports democratic members of the house, Foreign Relations Committee, citing what they
it was an exodus of more than a hundred senior foreign service of officers from the State Department since January IX. Concern about what appears to be the internal hollowing out of our senior diplomatic ranks. MR tellers and a former chief executive of x on mobile has made no secretive is believed that the state Department is a bloated bureaucracy and that Iraq It's much of the day to day diplomacy that lower level officials conduct is unproductive. Even for Mister Television was confirmed, his staff fired six of the state Mormons top career diplomats in the following months. Mr tellers and launched a reorganization that he said will be the most important thing he will do and that he is hired to consulting companies to lead the effort, since he decided for even arriving at the State Department to slash its budget by thirty one percent. Many in the department have always seen the reorganization as a smokescreen for track pony cuts. Your television is frozen.
Most of the higher hiring and recently offered twenty five thousand dollar a buy out in hopes of pushing to thank and career diplomats and civil civil servants out by twenty eighteen, he goes on to say that you know that the Dutch They fired all of these people. They ve gone from thirty one to nineteen three star generals Three hundred and sixty nine, a remaining now out of the. Four hundred and thirty one minister and councillors fourteen have indicated their going leave soon. That's an eighteen percent drop. I think this is good, but getting cuts like these
were impossible and one of the things you talk about this week on the deep state, yeah MILAN people, because deep state has been this term that has been thrown around is just the sort of generic defence of Trump every time something the letter it goes into conspiracy, land quickly. Yet, and so will you know we we were looking at that an increase their there are there have been in history. There are around the world real, legitimate, deep state situations that are similar to what is a key. Turkey is your right now, but go into what kind of means here in the United States and Europe It's a progressive utopia yeah! It's not really it's not a conspiracy. It's not! It's! Not necessarily people like trying to thwart Republicans its long standing group of people who have been in the same jobs for a million years, and this goes back to your meeting with George W Bush on me. Thinking about Trump, it goes back to them at will you,
about with George W Bush. When you met him and he was still in the oval office- and he told you basically like there's that really but no matter who wins the next election. The lot of stuff is going to change because the same people in the same positions. There is really no choice. You're not give no choice to change direction as much you'd think and that's why a lot of time You have people who were elected bushes, one of them who you cut thought. Maybe he'll change things and you don't really get there changing. So the fact that the State Department might be got. It in measure is out in the fifties. You know that mean every one of these people who were leaving or bad people or anything like that. But you need change. You need things. To be moving. You can't have people going to seem bureaucratic jobs for decades and expect things to improve the same way. John Conyers, having fifty five seven years in Congress is not a good idea. It's not it doesn't help the look.
But can't. I can't get my arms round is, is how millennials will embrace big government when everything in their life shows that that system doesn't work. They reject that in everything else. They reject big layers of bureaucracy. They just. Why do that way? Let's just finish it and they I have the capability of doing that. Let me think about what block chain can do for the voting process, Blockchain in, which is what Bitcoin uses is unhappy people. You cannot ask it it's the most secure way to communicate or do transactions we could do. Blockchain voting by the next election We could have that up and running I wouldn't we. Why would we be as people are entrenched in what they do. They don't
but their jobs to change their fine in their comfortable the way it is that's why, we need real innovators and the first thing we have to do is just caught the fat. And the layers upon layers upon layers of fat and this, eat department, quite frankly as it is, I believe, the reason we have had so many problems in the Middle EAST, the full Sophie has been wrong. Since World WAR One and they just go perpetrating that same philosophy over and over and over again, rapid and new paper, and something new and it's not it's the same, and it's why we have no credibility around the world and its work nothing works, and yet you write millennials and many others grace the gun
as the one purer saying the one pure group of people who can get things done? Edwards crazy is that is the exact opposite of what we were founded on. We were founded on the government is a nightmare. The government is fine, Fire is useful as long as you control it, but the minute it becomes in control. It'll burn you to a crisp and we ve forgotten that yeah. You know there's so many examples of it that one of the most animal random ones that I always fight come back to the car seat situation the kid was apparent with to smaller kids. Why, buying. You know hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars of car seats. For my car I stand back. Sitting in the back seat? We know there is theirs issues with the seat belts in the way they think are made for adults right right. So it makes sense that at some point you wanted to change that right. So the way did, that is governments decided to make car seats mandatory. Ok, we
That makes sense. I want my kid in a car Susan's, Emily a better place for him to be in the reason is because those see Peltzer design for adults. Now you're telling me that a car company could not come up with a better solution than an additional see. They have to strap in this weird wait: it's impossible to their! Why don't we right? So? Why? Don't we because governments have locked in laws that car seats are mandatory, so to change that, if evokes, if a car company was to put in an adjustable seatbelt right that we just fit children merely doable solution, it would be much more sense. It would car would come in operational format, you wouldn't have to go to toys or us. Or babies are us and by car seats and replace them with bigger sizes and injustice and put straight those things in which is the bane of parents existence, but they can't. But because they have to overturn fifty state laws to get it done, but lethal believable watch D.
Stay tonight if I've only on the blaze land back. This is the Glen Back Programme the third ran Paul on tax cuts. As the present to get ready to go and pitch the tax cuts, which you listen to. What ran Paul said because it reminded me of something else: I've heard before this high this senator ran Paul with an update from Washington, one of Washington's biggest problem this thinking the money you make belongs to the government Believe it's the other way around The money you aren't belongs to you and government should have to justify. Why should take it from you? That's why I am pleased to see the Senate moving. To pass attacks. So, did you hear that I got a different view? the money belongs to you.
The government has to justify why it's taking it. We flip that around. It's different thinking list This from nineteen twenty four Calvin coolly crash of government are all ass. Ass upon the people, the expansion of the government reach. Everybody got escape from everyone. Redesigning and everyone to work for a certain part of his time by the Goblin ways, The reasons I want a crack down public expand. I want the people of Amerika to be able to work the ash by the government and more. I for one shall I want them to have the reward of their own, in that this is the chief meaning of freedom and we can re, establish a condition and over
the earnings of the people can be kept by the people we are bound to sharper everywhere. I should be here the german liberty, is, must be paid. Are not a voluntary contribution to be made out of sheer pleasure earnings necessity. They come first it is only out of what is my have after that, bad, that English ass it driving and shared, I can be provided and the conference one of the greatest arise that can be bestowed on the american people is economy government amazing amazing. That is the reason we had the roaring twenties. The reason why he had the crash was greed out of Control Greed,
the reason why we had the great depression- it's not called the great depression around the rest of the world. It's just the depression, the reeds, why we had the great depression that last as long as it did is because we had government meddling with everything, the exact opposite of Coolidge was doing after yard. Did Coolidge was an amazing guy. Amazing, guy, an amazing public speaker really MA firearms. I love that I want to do all stories like that Kim Kardashian trumpeted are no line of bright making on products on Monday by posing an apparently nothing but gold Gulliver. There
Graham Pulse, grab more than one million likes, wear them here with me. That's the way they used to south on radio. Two of you that's out of there's something credible about it. Even when you're talking about nude pictures and in English or may come, I feel so you kind of get. Ah, whatever he's saying right now is fairly, Besides, all try try this no aid, as is about that's how he ends them. Try this help me out with this one's. Do you know we ve been talking about? We ve been talking about Bitcoin. A lot going by the way. A rumour I have a pretty at rumour, but it is it's a fun rumour of who thee in you're Bitcoin is it may be. A person may be several people, we don't know but he put away a million bitcoins for himself. That was how many billion five
nine billion dollars, as of yesterday Joanna nine billion, and include the rail networks? It's actually well over ten, when you add everything- and I mean somebody is walk around with ten- billion dollars, and we don't know who it is. We have never accessed. No, let them He's just sitting there can be accessed by the inventor of but corner has never been touched. The key, their speculation that its Elon musk I think its weak speculation, but its funds speculation that its Elon Musk, ok, so yesterday. We talked about this and a friend sent this to me and said: Glenn. Here's! The! U S code, help me out token was or paper you as money. You code, section four. Ninety one parent a whoever we're being eighteen years of age or or over not lawfully authorized, makes issues or passes
any cawing card, token org, vice in metal or its compounds in ten to be used as money or any other currency, not legal tender in the United States, to procure anything of value? for the use or enjoyment of any property or service from any automatic merchandise, vending machine posted step machine turned turnstile, farewell Goin Box, telephone, this- is old parking meter or other lawful receptacles debate the Tories shall fine, under this title or imprisoned for not more than one year or both now. Do you remember? member of the guy in two thousand seven, that did the liberty coin. Member Lou loosely started a liberty coin. He started a coin that was made out of gold and silver and you could buy it and
he said you could use it for trade, He went to prison. He went to prison. How what went when the starts to make a serious dent, look what they're doing to gold gay, They have found ways to keep people out of gold, but they doing dorrimer? What is called them, but the m the reverse treasuries so they started the Rivers Treasury where remember exactly outworks, but they started in the nineteen eighties after gold went through the roof. People start to panic about the currency goal. Goes through the roof, the gun, learn their lesson and they went ok where we got a capture that money for the currency, so we'll make a reverse currency. So if it goes, gold if it was gonna, go to gold. It'll, incentivize people just stay with the treasury and just buy it into this treasury, so they ve done all
of tricks to keep the price of gold suppress. So people don't freak out what what is what is Bitcoin Bitcoin is just a new version of I'm freaking out. I dont know if money is gonna, be worth anything and so I'm gonna, put my trust in this. Well, it's a currency cos in base. How for the government says you're not doing that. Possible, I think you did say in their sawmilling metal and its compounds right now. I'm not your hopefully authorize, makes issues or- passes any coin card token or device in metal or its compounds too so It's any I've got. I mean though I dont know, obviously exactly we know what the reasoning is, but this would also every loyalty card every day
there's a million different things that that without lot outlaw, if you read that Specific loyalty card is a loyalty card. This is a crypto curve singing. This is saying: there's no other currency. The name of it is crypto currency, right, gift card anything that you have that had that has a inability ability to purchase other things, it is covered by that there may be a dead to that you pay gap is going after the elite dollar right bit. Goin could go after the dollar. At what point He has the pain in any one country so high from Bitcoin that they say we cannot and this is one of the arguments that people who would love Bitcoin yeah bring brings up. Has people will say well what, if what, if their government cracks down on it and they will say correctly that there's way to stop it, there's no way to unless you shut the entire internet off. There's no way to stop.
These currencies from spreading and being used, not just the if you own, for instance, right now, you own money and you ve put it into a foreign bank, and you haven't declared that money is being at foreign bank. You go to prison here in the United States, so the government can't say it's illegal, all Americans to own it and that's the thing, and you know that does. Is it certainly chases people like me and you out of it I mean like I, while I like the concept of it, if it, if its illegal in the United States are not going to deal with that idea on it's not There are certainly a libertarians who might say, while you know they have no right to enforce these things and will go to other countries and will do we have to do it. The air bridge person is going to bail on this done game. That stuff occurs in places like coin base, which is the biggest exchange of Bitcoin. Crypto currencies in the United States, if they're not allowed, operate right, like maybe they'll, probably go overseas and continue their business and though still get business
It makes it a lot more difficult. It happened with, and this is something that was- is much more questionable legally was online gambling and there will be Companies were doing online, poker and soften. They started in the United States and they want to having to move to other countries, and it was until they you government issued what I believe a ridiculous edict tube, These companies had to stop and knew how to you could? You are now no longer allowed to send the money in and there is a lot of different regulations they put on and it basically kill. The industry for regular people, so they're still people who do it right. I mean, of course, those people who do it people who were drugs are illegal. There still people who do drugs right, but gonna kick out. The average person who does want to deal with legal hassles doesn't want to break the law, does want to be on the wrong side of it and that the threat. I think it would. It would at least the short term, suppress the price, because people The only one of the key question is what what
that I mean Bitcoin now is when we think of this bitcoin is a fully automated company There are no humans working forbid going. It's a machine It's been set up its grandma runs. No one can stop it. Just a machine, you have to shut down the entire internet to be able to shut it down. So it's become one of the largest. If you will corporations in the world, its bigger, is it bigger than apple, yet not that big a hundred and sixty five billion dollar market cap just forbid court but doesn't include all the other ones. I think the total is over three hundred billion dollars, so it's operates becoming a gigantic corporation. We, no employees no see. Oh, nothing, no humans involved. How but how much does that have to be worth before but the government says: ok, ok, ok enough! I may ledges that's the thing that I think,
you have to solve you have to get over. That hurdle the government for still really explode. And really make it you have to see what happens when it really starts to hurt the united. Its treasury. You know if it's a ten thousand, I don't know what that number is twenty. Thirty, fifty thousand. What is it To be before the Treasury says, you know what he's getting out of hand. I am in a good year for Goober. Has it were disclosed a breach of fish these seven million passengers and drivers records. Fifty. Seven million hackers act. As the personal information names driver's license. Lee drivers in the names of the email addresses the phone numbers of passengers, all of it the breach.
Was just announced and the personal information was actually stolen. Over a year ago, Congress looking into it now, if you're only read it monitoring. I mean it used to be that you could monitor credit like this, if, you some! You bought something in Brussels and then twenty in its later You know you bought something in a land. To that would be a flag in somebody would say: hey looks like stolen identity or credit will then, not the ways works. Now I mean some people are just doing that, but that that that that doesn't help you now with with systems like lifelong. They have this proprietary technology, they do things like How long has it taken? You to put in your password all these, four things that they are monitoring, Where did you if you were on one site where you and you got to this site to buy it? Is that for
into the pattern of what sites your normally on. Emmy is crazy stuff. Now that can be done to make sure that it's you and nobody is stealing your identity and if some he does there there too, they have a: U S, based identity, restoration specialists that will work to fix it. Nobody does it, but lifelong gotta life locked outcome, recall. One eight hundred life lackeys a promo code Becky at ten percent off you lifelike membership, its law if lock, dotcom save ten percent now lifelike com or one eight hundred lifelong promo code. Can save ten percent, Glenn Back- Glenn back? articles that I read this morning that I thought were really good. Both came out earlier this week in late last New York Daily NEWS. Panic is not the answer where.
The imminent risk of turning this pass meat. Movement into a frenzied rush to blame old men then, there's another one from media? it's time to man up from Carly fear a hundred years ago, american women were jailed beaten, tortured force fed all because they believe they had the right to vote. A hundred years later weaken factually diamonds read that american women are the most educated, liberated, empowered and powerful women in all of human history, and yet a hundred years later, we wake up daily to new revelations of sexual harassment and abuse visited on women and girls by powerful, successful admired men in all walks of american life. Politicians, executives, coaches athletes, artist moguls And the men of cloth in every case where bravely stepped forward in virtually every case as well. Their stories corroborated and verified. Let's get real No one is shocked,
women are not an men or not. I am I. And maybe I'm just really naive, but I'd like to go into this tomorrow. I'd like to talk to about this owner. Read her whole article to you and maybe we'll see if car Carly can come on tomorrow, to explain it, but Maybe I'm just a dummy but I am shocked by the amount are used to Definitely I mean, as far as how its dominated the new cycle, for several something like so many people mean Charlie, Charlie rose. I mean all of these people, one after another after another. I wouldn't surprise me if it was happy, in in Washington DC, and it doesn't,
prize me that much is happening in Washington DC by millions of your tax dollars have gone to fund rightly settlement right, but is this an epidemic Is this happening all over, country and I wanted specifically asked the women in our audience departed. Debate on two miles programme, Glenn back. Love courage, tree gland back, they will come to know the truth. Dad murder democracy in cold blood that was was written not assign outside. Of the home of the FCC chairman over thanks we can he He should have been home with his family, the chairman of the FCC, enjoying the holiday just enjoying it but instead he was subjected to protesters with apparently nothing better to do than stand outside of his home
harassing signs and send pieces to his door every hour, which actually sounds pretty good. I mean I just I just one point that part out: that's that's kind of a good deal best protest ever really is Who does this on a weaken apparently people who are insanely mad? The chairman of the FCC said in order to terminate most of the net neutrality regulations set in place by the former of Cecy. Commissioner, attacking fucking, a family is not activism this terrorizing a family. I would bet the deep testers didn't even really understand net neutrality in the first place, net neutrality does not guarantee of free and but internet for all the regulations don't benefit the average man. It is always like this, the
regulation was drawn up by Google. They benefit go and that's about it, enforcing net neutrality. Does the the exact opposite of what the proponents claim it result in an internet where a handful of large corporations have access to peering agreements with IE fast lane and the rest of us are subject to far fewer options. So here's some free advice before me. You know You go out and protest. Somebody before harassing a family. You should know some think about the subject but you're protesting. You know, consider staying inside in researching the topic in having an intelligent conversation over Turkey, with your family and friends, but if you ever find yourself in the situation, and you want to send free pizza to a home
You can send it to my house, it's Thursday November twenty Eightth. This is glad that program. You know most families dome. Impact people, overs multiple generations as much as that, family has impacted our world in one and two generations. Even Jackie Green join us, though the founding family of the Museum of the Bible in Washington DC and the author of this dangerous bullock, how the Bible shaped our world and while its white still matters today, Stephen Jackie welcome thank you ask the beer
so I was, just in a hobby lobby over the weekend and we were talking as a family in one of my older children was there and we were talking about the Museum of the Bible, and they said then she said how did this all begin dad how'd it. How did this? How did this happen and I said well, I I know hobby lobby started with the you know. Frames. In a garage and the family just gotta, grew up in it, but see Jackie. How did the Bible part of it start? well. For me, it started at home before hobby lobby ever started. My parents grew up in a christian home. My grandfather was a minister himself, my dad's day and beyond my parents. It took us to church and taught us to love gods word and follow his ways in our lives and in our family, and so
we just that was part of our are life in my wife was the same. She grew up in a christian home as well, and in the Bible has been a part of our life, from when, when we were born so Jackie, You guys have a remark. The whole family and you have seen what money usually does to a family. I just read a book I can remember the name of it, but it was about J, pulled Getty and his family and how the money just destroyed them. What is Keep your family on the track. Well, I think First of all, I would just say in a god, helps us too to realise and remember that thing we have we ve given to him and he gave to us and we just give it back to him.
And the third blessings come from above, but and this great joy in and realizing that in a we, don't really have all the ownership that it really belongs to to God so being a family of phase. Thankfully, we we have a family that everyone has embraced thrown vase. Embraces the teachings of the Bible for themselves. I I think that's all MT and where we are today have you'd? Do you think you could have done you do guys think you could have accomplished just as a fair I don't even mean business just as a family. Do they think you, love accomplished what you have accomplished if you lived in New York City I don't know I mean I think I can do anything anywhere, but it would be. We would have different challenges. Of course, we live in a great the country in the Bible Belt and in its a great place, to raise a family into no work hard and run a business. So we are,
you know. We were talking M there as we were walking the through heavy lobbying and we Talking about the Museum of the Bible and, and my daughter said, the wife they build it where people would want go see it? I mean it's in Washington, D C, the nobody wants the Bible, and I said I think, that's the point. What's that mean What's the reaction that you as I have seen, there we will. We first started looking Russia looking in your your town in Dallas, and then I won't open up is a word of God does one in Dallas and when I look at the top two ten metro servitude, Good at me. Wasn't it city in Washington DC. And we need a survey. The survey showed it would be best attended in D C, which will really make sense, could at the hub of museums in our country for medium goers go, and so we just feel like
God New best that this facility we acquired was a great location, just two blocks from one of the most attend museums in our country. And that was the right place for us to be some kind of China's thinking. YO or intended to impact politics and a court, I'm sinner thinkin wool who isn't in this town impact politics and what would be wrong if that was our motive, but every it was really because this is where the best attend. A lot of visitors here international. It will have an international impact and we just think that are there are legislators, ought to know the foundation of our nation and in its biblical routes and and hopefully they they would come in and if their impact, it was well. Are you surprised, at the number of people in Washington that they had let they really have no clue as to
our real heritage. Yeah. You know. I think that there is a sad commentary, not just here, but in our nation is the lack of understanding of the biblical influence the Bible head on our founders and how did it shaped our nation, our freedoms, our economy, our government, I just had a huge impact and I think probably know less today than ever, partly because we don't teacher the Bible in our schools like we once did, and so the great need to educate America on the bibles impassive, our world? How do you? How do you do that? With a mean either Christopher Religions. Minos was a huge atheist. He said want to understand western culture. You must understand the Bible.
You won't understand Shakespeare. If you haven't read the Bible, you know it. The cornerstone and he said that it should be taught as as literary in a literary class, but you Not gonna get that now. How do we make this shift where I in he's not the only even Richard Dawkins in his book, the God delusion says something very similar. He said that to be literate to culturally literate, you need to know it in heedless over a hundred examples of phrases. Just in our everyday language? It comes from the Bible, goods, an eye for an eye to Fourtou together for search even they recognised to be educated. It within our world. You need to know this book because its head, such an impact and that's what, This is why we have taken a position in the museum of not espousing our faith, we're just teaching the fact of the book, because we are interest
but in having a curriculum to educate students in order rules about the Bible in a non sectarian way, not espousing Faye, just teaching the facts of this book, because we agree with Christopher Higgins and the dark that it ought to be part of our educational system, who the name of the book, the you guys if just put out, is this dangerous book, and I look. What's happening in the Middle EAST people. You know, won't recognize that of the group of people that are a problem We welcome the rivalling. The first century that are under attack now more than anybody else. Are Christians and it as for that dangerous book, they seem to. I know you guys travel all over the world
people that I have met in the Middle EAST have a very different view of their research disability as a Christian to that and to those words and to their faith than I think most Americans do In our nation it is just easy and I think there s a society starts on a path of persecuting Christians are really separate, those that are serious about their faith and those that are just pretend it is easy to pretend I have faith in attention. From time to time, but there what's more world where life and their situation is. If a person wants to follow the principles of this book and part of why we called it. This danger Look we talk about those in the past. There have given their life because of their love for this book.
And in its no different today I understand, there's probably more people that are suffering for there eight today than ever before, because it a challenging world and their people that love this book in their people that hate it and it shows up, and in our news from time to time, Jackie. You talk a lot in the book about something I think Christians have a difficult I'm with, as I think everybody does, which is typing in giving leaving your money away, and it's not just about being charitable. It's also about leading with the charity giving that money away? First, giving the money to God. First, can you talk about that? Little bit. Well, I'm sure, I think, is a family that we, as I mentioned earlier. We do feel like that. Our blessing come from God and in a way, you can, when you realise that when you know that in your heart it makes it a lot easier to understand that we also we're Talkin
the Bible to give to turn take care, the widow, the orphan, and to help those in need and feed. The hungarian clothing and that sort of thing. I think it when you embrace the principles taught me I bought it becomes much easier to do that, recognising that everything we have, it is from God and we share some of that. We share some of our other personal experiences with the Bible in our book and we get the impact of the Bible and its influence in our world and our culture every day all around us and- and then am you know, we feel like it's important for people I understand and be encouraged to read the Bible and learn more about it, because it's the best selling book of all time consistently. After year you rise at there's more than Harry Potter. That's confirms that listen! This is this in the book. I love this. Let's see dementia Code Cs Louis line, which the wardrobe
estimated about eighty million each Don the eighty one hundred and fifty million catcher in the rye sixty five million black beauty, fifty million Harry Potter- a hundred million with, along with a little princess, a hundred million oaken, Lord of the rings, one hundred and fifty million copies the by is estimated to be five billion copies five we'll just like it deserves a museum as where they really does waiting were end in southern Serbia. Why now, of course, more more time to get the question why hasn't is did been done before? I think we have the best to with any museum here in DC, because this book has impacted our world. Unlike anything else, so. The store needs to be told and that's why we wanted to tell at dinner. State of the art, First class museum and I
the book, the guys who just put out to cause it talks about your personal, I M fascinated by our ground your family is, and you talk about you know you talk about the adoption in your family in and they just a lot of stuff, can really relate to, and I bet I appreciate sharing the personal side as well. Thank you. So much God bless you well then one of those is just that we feel like it was providential. An hour founders in this nation felt the same thing time and time again. I just felt like God was in the middle of it then, and we feel that with his museum in our adoption and and the stories that we share. Thank you guys. God bless you have a good holiday, this dangerous book. The Bible has shaped, or world and white still matters today by Stephen Jackie Greame, another hobby lobby. I'd say I mean
they're doing with everything, animal their remarkable people and what they're doing is highly important. If someone doesn't set these principles and really kind of put them in stone. They really need to be back and basically tablet form of this points and imagined competing against museums in Washington DC. I'm in your gets you're going up against the Smithsonian wow, you better, not rule out a bad museum, and this is they always Dunning museum, and it's it's I mean what they have done. You know just literally from building frames in their garage in the nineteen seven. These two expanding hobby lobby to taking on the government in, and the Supreme Court on we're not offering abortion in our in our healthcare play or will pay the fine every day every
day, it's interesting because you see here is it here's a family. You ve talked to a more than you know that I have just a brief interviews. You talked to him more at length, but its it This is a family that has a location of their store and basically everybody's town and What they're doing now is what they consider their life's work. Oh yeah, I mean you know hobby lobby. They exist They do a great job. You know they ve done a lot of important things, but what they're doing now is really there setting up a long term legacy and I know them and their true. Life work is their family and it is their best work, their children. Amazing apps. Lately amazing read the book this dangerous book by steam. Jackie Green Available everywhere, and I I know it is also available at hobby la because I thought there over the weak ice getting a good night's sleep is easier said than done, especially if you hear noise downstairs what are do in that situation. I know what I do
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That's not objectified women, because you would never look at their breasts. Oh you! Never! give them ever sexual? Now, as we found out yesterday, I think, what's fifty or sixty percent of millennials believe looking at breasts would be sexual harassment and clear that now a curse, cities millennials, who are now the staging no clothing, workers seriously. How is not objectified women. I mean I with it his late because they are doing it on their own right. I guess I guess how they're starting powerful women it's photos, I suppose, to notice that they're beautiful new new, meanwhile AB houses. I warn you bastard how about how dare you Zactly nor eyes? That's exactly right! Glenn back
you're listening to the glad Back programme, gray joins us from Padre unleashed he's telling me that he's gonna be watching the Victoria Secrets, Victoria's secret thing tonight, just for the articles- and I appreciate that I am really good articles. They do really yeah. I haven't even note awful. I never noticed anything else are their commentary on the trade balance with China was readily interesting. That's why I'm watching yeah! That's why I'm watching need that perspective. Right, strong women, strong women, so intelligent intelligent women; theirs they don't die, don't think they talked to them when we, the women who are empowered, He s wish I'd empowered to walk, in luxury lingerie he'll- yes, I mean that's where you have to look for deeper, meaning still owe you have to look for the deeper me.
Is no doubt about it. I am, I always assume, there's a deeper we gotta get out. What's that, I know that I of course know that deeper meaning, but I'd like you to explain that I don't want to exalt. I dont want insult the intelligence, nor I think it would be. I wish you well aware of the ever meeting yeah, you know far of veto, women walking in lingerie right in heels right. Is it possible that leader look deeper, meaning is the secret by Korea has a secret, and perhaps the secret is the deeper meaning. I've been clearly. Whenever I held out the underpants empower you could they do I'm? My understanding is the lesson clothing you, where the more empowered you are, there's a ratio. You don't believe in it give add, is a current snails debate here. Watch network television tonight, and they will pointed out for you, but it may be seen as a thing,
Oh, I do not know I've never watched I've, never watched dealership mommy, I mean either guys Wagner as I married. I think I shall be. There are women who watch that show for when a really yes- and I want my wife s- foot plucked at before passing earlier- I think there's a you know that we're beating magazines gets all the time right. What's India, a bunch of women would wearing no clothing, it's not that there are sold the men. Generally speaking I mean Cosmo doesn't go to deeds, I mean it's at a stroke. You know that there is, if a complementarity and more foreign, never ass, my wife, we should call my wife, she call my wife Asker as Wash Etana through which he said if I'd like in software and question. What do you know Well, she watch it with you as a family of antidotes cries of family farming. On my Christmas install it now, I mean it's really good way to do some shopping right now
Ryan, your by RE life and she might enjoy some of the items. Sure they're, not my wife, is asking for this victory, a secret luxury. That's all you really say right away that process, all she's really ever wanted dear, and it's not observer you it's not for me at all. Yet she just- they did so. She does House Hydro strike her who, in the heel in I've, just try to figure out how this works in today's world, but why X Y Y expect any consistency, other shouldn't be any anywhere we had we had kind of an interesting day with Donald Trump and and Oh go home is a really bad day. First of all, the Pocahontas thing I wasn't, it is worried about that as I was holding the event to honour the code talkers in front of us
portrait of Andrew J man had so little boy decision. I met. Let's do it any Andrew Jackson Room not allowing that now. You know what that is. That is that, with that's, a complete goes, Fanny abandons a big that was Bannon who put that painting in the oval office. Can you can't you owe me you gonna really move that when you have, he knows that's like it's like honouring white farmers in Bob in of a mural of Robert Goebbels Mugabe ethicists like yeah, this is guided, took all your farm is, for here have fine, but it is a great day for farmers who sit in Zimbabwe you like it? I ve got a it's just said the middle done. Why were you even though, not think they're, not thinking there are think you're, not thinking, thereupon attention and rejects, and Andrew Jackson, spam painting should not even be anywhere near the oval office
I mean he was such a bad boy. Add the guy. Well, he was nicknamed the indian killer and sharp knife so wait. What do you say is portrait up, so we after that code, attire letting I got out his real sharp knife, as only it was all these shipping, the indian nets, all your right for the land, right, ok, and if Thou wasn't for the country, it was so he could become rich true. You know he was poor when he entered the oval office and was the wealthiest men in the country when he left the office, mainly because he shivered people for their land. So you're saying you as an entrepreneur sorting out now no sharp knife and that not only as a bizarre moment air. It is any had like that that the mental trick that happens in trumps mine, where he standing in front of native american slash. You know, Indians as we used to say, and he thinks I
one thing about Indians, Pocahontas, Elizabeth Warren, like it's like the one thing he knows, I don't know just as the throw it out there so on, and it was so awkward in Ireland because they obviously hear what he was saying or some cuz you just looked at me saw this. They that no recollection of what he was saying You know any use like day we ve got a book on his ear and the guy I dont think I knew there was no idea there, and to be used as a backdrop for something like that proof, with Jackson by them his just Barras means it's. It's a different no to like the Jackson thing he doesn't know, he doesn't know, work care about them. I don't think so, but I dont think you want. It shows that I also don't think he knows that. That's not cool! You know. At the moment has has a lot in common with our grandparents and I've told us before, but it's the best story, my grandfather
in this isn't in know one thousand? Seventy, I donno two or three something like that. He's too, to make sure that you know I don't become racist and you know we're not racist in our family. Good lesson, your lesson, it's how we got the hair he and how he was here the guy who lived through the great depression born in What nineteen o three and he said, no matter what anybody tells you colors are exactly like you for I like, even like aid, I'm thinkin. I don't think it's a good long, but it is rather like that with we're Donald Trump he has I think he knows how offensive just saying, Pocahontas is again, not malicious at all. You know I'm not only so that only the interjected thing is malicious. I don't think the poker hunters thing is militia. Just don't know you, just as an analysis thrown, isn't think that way he's getting through the moment I mean
if you're, never gonna get a statesman out of Donald rule that somebody does that's what people didn't want. I didn't, want a statement that I didn't want to politicians, they didn't want somebody who has experience in the stuff they wanted him. They wanted this the guy who will honour the code, Dockers, the Navajo code, Dockers, in front of a portrait of Andrew Jackson. People want in days Pocahontas a racial ciller. However, I don't think so. No, I don't I think you ass, you call it the marking Elizabeth weren't, because she's hurriedly have Indian an answer. Is you are? If you are saying, if you're saying you know anyone who call themselves. Indian Pocahontas. It is a Rachel wrestler if, if she was native American, which I dont believe she is but if she was native American then saying all your little Pocahontas over you're absolutely racial flee IP use it in that context it when she is trying to say I am a native American and she's not and she's. Not, I don't think that's a racial seller. No, it's!
no it's not that it's a sliver against Elizabeth words. Yes, you're a fraud, yeah yeah! We have you know, me smoke and fraud. Meeting right over the years that which is allowing you wouldn't want to say to the Navajo zebra and run it derives right and make it down to the level of what he could and should. We should all breathe a sigh of relief that he only said: Pocahontas yes and then in them with how it has no one would have any though it would have been bad. I would have been badly evil. Ass me all the time how they say the same thing. The room I've been thinking why jeez imposing a really bad and indian Avenue, because no longer eulogy impotently, you get What we have known it, though Kenya you couldn't you could already in that he doesn't care about. My does not here- and I was the answer
Jackson thing. I think, is a much more interesting observation. Then what the media is going to because, as you know, was once their body no party Nobody in the lighthouse, you know what this is really insensitive the guy, who is old. Indian Kelly produces. Maybe we don't you know, have this up in the background I don't know, yeah the guy who broke every treaty ever made with the Indians, now virtually the vast and took their land at the fact that he made a joke that he made on the campaign trail a million Times about Elizabeth Warren, You know anything about saying in front of code doc line. Look it's not the appropriate venue running again. That is not what you're gonna get out of Donald Trump. That is not what he does. Indeed, it was not at he's add as advertised on that he's. Gonna say what he says: he's gonna make his jokes and you
can't be offended every time. Donald Trump makes oh, no joke. You can't know. The underage active thing is like our eye that you're, probably somebody in the White House, should have no somebody at somebody shrubbery. Somebody southern should accomplish that White House doesn't thing. Andrew Jackson was a problem. I mean you know, member you know hangar poured over favoured president yeah? You hang portraits in the oval that you're trying to emulate and he wants to emulate Andrew Jackson, which wooden work out. Well for any of us, if that were to be those codes, cars are on their way to Oklahoma right now, if he's trying to emulate Andrew Jackson, walking That is another good warmonger, not good. Maybe Pocahontas will help Pat Gray, unleashed on the police, radio and tv network of available anywhere. You get your podcast as well. I tunes teacher sound club
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can prepare online at prepare with Glenn outcome, that's prepare. We Glenn Dotcom last, Twenty five years, less than a buck per serving can't beat at eight hundred two hundred seventy one. Sixty three prepare would Glenn dot com Glenn back. All the same. At five o clock. The blackboard is unpacking the deep state. It's something you I hear a lot of talk about or read about the deep state, but what does it actually mean? What is it two kinds of deep state and we break that down for you. We do have a deep state, but not the kind of deep state that I think most spirits either. Its would like to believe that we have, but we have a very dangerous, deep state will,
splain that all this week, at five o clock were also doing something clings play maximum. My favorite interviews that we done also on the blaze, TB and last night, was. I was Eric Schmidt from Google Eric, had written a book where he was really means talking. Ray Kurzweil. Praising him and re works for Google or did at the time, and seem to disagree with his own book. We worked. We were talking about life, How do you define life now? This is in twenty fourteen. This is This seems ancient to me now. This is close to something we have to discuss right now. Here doesn't twenty fourteen listen, but I think we all understand that life is basically to find his consciousness at all consciousness is the unique thing that humans have. So if you
make a robot conscience, conscious its life may maybe maybe not we'll, have to decide, but consciousness is more than an analytical process. It's more than that the process, something that is not on it has never been understood by philosophers and scientists today cannot explain conscious. If Ray is right, because this is what went on things. Working on. If he's right, you can download somebody, let's say a soldier on the battlefield and he's still He still got it, but he has these lost everything else and you could download his essence. And put it into a working machine. Have you created life or if the life. These are the questions of science fiction. The good news about your question is not signs that election, that what you're describing as many many many years from now twenty thirty, according to the guy who works for you
I will be a little bit more pessimistic twenty forty long long time, and the reason is that, as we understand the parallelism of the brain which Zimbabwe movie, how consciousness it will be many, many years before, we can stimulate what you're describing. I so I agree with him and sodas Elon Musk. So does Stephen parking studies Bill gates, so it is obviously Ray Kurzweil, so disagree with him and it you'll notice, he'll, say well. That is something we're gonna have to decide whose we, because we as a society, are not having this conversation. I tried to have that conversation with you, you say: well, that's many many many years off well per. It's not perhaps it's too and or fifteen years off. So the event that it is ten or fifteen years. Maybe we should decide that right now
we reject the interviews out if you're a subscriber at the blaze dot com will see it tonight, five o clock deep state are too Glenn Back
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