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11/30/17 - Chipping away our freedoms (Ajit Pai, Adam Foss & Sen. Mike Lee join Glenn)

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Hour 1  Details of Lauer’s inappropriate behavior...had a 'secret door button'...Locked and trapped in...does that make Lauer guilty?...Security to guard against sexual assault allegations?? ...GB radio producer who once worked for Matt Lauer shares her experience being around him…is sexual misconduct everywhere?...yes ...Has Rep John Conyers been fired yet?...the 5th Franken accuser comes forward... ‘intention doesn't matter’… progressives painting themselves into a corner...Flashback to 1994: Garrison Keillor’s odd view on 'sexual harassment'    Hour 2 Satire or serious?...Would Jesus approve of pricey MAGA Christmas hats? ...FCC Chairman Ajit Pai joins to discuss 'repealing' net neutrality...reacts to the outrageous threats that have been made to him and his family...concerned with the rise of 'some' corporations... ‘let the market decide and not the government’...regulation kills...learning from the FCC's past ...Help Glenn raise $25 million to help free people from slavery...TheNazareneFund.org ...Middle-class tax cuts with Sen. Mike Lee...He calls into the show to discuss his newest tax cut 'proposal' before the Senate’s big vote.... ‘it's gonna pass because it has to pass’...here comes the John McCain road block?...this is Lee’s nightmare   Hour 3  Data Entry Failure...The US Air Force dropping in the ball on enforcing 'current' gun laws… negligence allowed church shooter to buy a gun... Chipping away all of our constitutional freedoms ...'Race, Justice, and Legitimacy in America' with Adam Foss...a fierce advocate for criminal justice reform ...We have the best system in the world, but it still sucks...accounting for accountability?...Mass incarceration is a problem ...Guys! Quit sexting pics of your 'junk' to women...they don't like it!  The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand. Love, courage, true Glenn back well, the Matt Lauer fallout continues in a statement just released a couple of hours ago, Matt Lauer said, and I quote, there are no words to express my sorrow and regret for the pain I have caused by Words and actions the the people that I have hurt. I'm truly sorry as I'm writing this. I realized the depth of the damage in disappointment that I've left behind at home and at NBC. Some of what is being said about me is untrue or mischaracterized, but there is enough truth in these stories to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed. The details now are beginning to emerge on Lauer's behavior variety published a story yesterday disclosed to years of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior. There were
Dozens of people that came forward to corroborate lawyer Lauer's actions, it's kind. I like the way Hollywood knew about Harvey Weinstein and was complicit in the reign of terror. Can we not now say the same thing about the brass at NBC, Andy back the chairman of NBC stated Monday night that this was the first time you'd ever heard about Lauer's behavior. But host of a show that makes three slash four of a billion dollars are we seriously expected to leave that. According to variety, Matt Lauer had multiple consensual relationships with women that he held power over. He sent a sex toy to a female colleague, exposed himself to employees and reprimanded a subordinate for not engaging in a sexual act with him in his office.
Like Weinstein in Hollywood, this wasn't a secret in an NBC, it sounds nearly all of the thirty Rockefeller Plaza employees had heard this was going on. There is an all this epidemic of perverts in our society, or is there. Is it just the people that we watch? MTV is this. What all of our society is like? I'm not sure- but it's time we hold accountable those who have engaged in the Skype of behavior evil. I, when good people do nothing, if you're an executive you're a manager? and you know something is going on- you need to do something If you knew and turn the blind eye, I believe,
You Kerry the same guilt right as long side. People like Matt Lauer, it's Tuesday November thirtieth. This is the Glenn Beck program for those of you who are placing bets on how long my voice will last I would I would I'd bet on about an hour, so I could try to get everything out like it and I can possibly say today welcome and excuse me for the sound of my sound of my voice, but I just wanted to come in today. 'cause there's so much too talk about and let's first get through some of the sensational news on Matt Lauer and then John Conyers is
accusers actually spoke out on the today show today and it's pretty much the same thing that Matt Lauer is accused of, although Matt Lauer is accused of having a having a door lock button on his desk that law doors. So if he wanted to have a door locked and he was in a meeting with you- he could just push a button and that way he could trap victims. Is that the way you heard it is that the way you said the way it's everyone has heard it? Basically, Matt Lauer had a button in his room that he get women in there and then he'd press the button to lock them in, and they are people I mean, let's say, reading social media, as this news was coming out 'cause. I believe it was in the variety report that came out yesterday was the first place that talked about it and that people were calling it the rape button and people
or doctoring pictures of Montgomery Burns who in Simpsons episodes apparently has like a button. That does a similar thing. I mean he. This was like the the on de gras, showing he was a pervert weirdo that went to lock in all of his interns, and it was. Absolute consensus on the internet, How often do you see in consensus on something I've almost never ever, and then there was this one voice in the wilderness standing out there take giving an alternative opinion, and you realize oh crappy works for us actually true, it's true Jason Buttrill, who is a writer for us and researcher as well as a former big time, so pretty guy yeah he was. He was
my protectors from Gavin De Becker and associates and Gavin De Becker. Is they uh rather have Gavin De Becker than the secret service? Protecting me they are one of the largest, if not the largest protector of celebrities and people that don't have access to stay security in the world, and he was with me for how long two years, three years, three years, three years and with me round the clock- and you did this with other people now when I saw this button with Matt Lauer first thought was wow he's got a rape button get it feels that way, and then I realized wait a minute. I have automatic locking doors on my office because security told me and Jason we'll take it a step. Further s
as I was reading this, and I gotta say I wasn't a twitter groove yesterday is N Korea ICBM's flying off and stuff. Now I'm tweet and getting like one thousand and twenty retweets, and then I saw this report and I was like hey yeah, actually guys. This is a very standard fare for ceos executives, an any public figure especially on Matt Lauer's level, to have an advice like this, so I tweeted that bad boy, crickets like I, nobody wanted to hear it. No one explain why. Why would Matt Lauer have a button that locks as doors from the inside specially marked rate button yeah yeah, my actually market rate, so so this is standard fare for many executive ceos companies. Actually, the the chief of security, the security will actually mandate that these are in in in a lot of these offices and the reason being is, if there's an active shooter situation or for many of these guys- and I bet lauer- is one of them had a very long pursuer list, which is basically
fancy way of saying. There's a lot of people that wanted to hurt him or they were weirdos, so they mark them down the list. So anytime, someone on that list would show up, they would say: hey we don't there's a sky here activate you know your protocols. He would hit the button. They know he secure than they can find the individual I've protected, many fortune, five hundred ceos, public figure, tons of them and any of them had this device as well. It's not nothing to Fereos, it's purely for security purposes. Now he may have used it in some nefarious way with no but like the indication was just because he had this button. Prove these things against, because ridiculous, you thought who does that right? who does? How would install that? But then, when you put a little bit of thought into it like what The accusation, because the door would unlock from the inside. So if you had a button that locked the door, the woman would able to either escape or scream right issues being assaulted. If, if it, the accusation is well they're
just having consensual sex, you don't need a button to lock the door. You can just lock the door yeah right like there's. No reason why a button that, just simply lock the door from your desk, would do anything to advance your rape, rape ability unless it locked the door from the inside, and then you escape right, but still even in the near doctor evil. Even in that situation, though, you're talking about a public office where someone could scream right. Like I mean it, this is not a good strategy. If your. If your idea is to rape, a bunch of people in your office, it ridiculous and the fact that other people actually have it and it's fairly common. It's because- and I think this is important to get out there because allow people out of the speculation on twitter by others was oh, I wonder how many other people have these like? It was like indication if you have one of those you're guilty of the types of things, there's we're talking to Jason, there's
probably dozens and dozens and dozens and hundreds of people who have this type of thing for the security yeah, there's, there's multiple multiple and it's a good security. It's a good security policy, but that's something that's kind of ridiculous. About some of these allegations are very very bad and they are very, very nefarious, but some of these allegations ridiculous and p. Well pioline and others throw stuff out there. That's like you know like what This will work in that lead, leads that in miles it and it just gets more and more insane. So what can a person? Do I mean Jason? You and I talked this morning. I said I'm you know I'm even starting to get paranoid. I was sending stuff out this morning. Out these allegations in what Matt Lauer was doing, and you know the peep, Are women they're the ones who are assembling all the stuff? The women on our staff were doing it this morning and I I thought for a second jisha type show, but something I'm just sending this for the you know hey this,
includes offensive material, I mean Even- and I am really careful- I mean it's newer with me for how three years and you're with me all the time I mean he's a close. You know I have my people are close body people and so there with me, usually in the room all the time lucky them yeah. I know I know he went to hang themselves so there with me all the time, and even with that, I don't know if, if you have somebody who's with you all the time. If somebody made an accusation- and I could say hey yes, I was at hotel. I was there at that time, but here's in security detail. I've got three guys that were with me on the security detail. One was with me the whole time I don't more, people would even believe that now, probably not
I mean again, there's nothing. You can do nothing and a lot of these people shouldn't have anything they can do because they're awful people- and they probably did these things- but that's why you have some sort of due process like we don't just assume everyone is guilty from the moment of accusation. We've got into a point to where it's a lot. Some people actually have security threats and like public figures, you know politicians, people like that and they need security. For those reasons now, we've got into point to where, literally, if, if you're a male person, the media Hollywood, you need you need twenty four slash: seven security, just for liability for sexual assault allegations like someone, you all the time to believe the person who's going to. That person. What do we? I mean? I was gonna, say what you gonna hire a priest, no trust that I mean what are you going to hire? Who did hire who's in who's, going to believe somebody? You know It's. Ok. Well, there's two against one well yeah, but you been paying him
he's just covering for you yeah. I mean it's crazy, it's cameras everywhere, right or you know it's it's I mean I they've gone, there's a story they that came out. I think, a week or two ago that talked about the rock is in large corporations of sexual harassment, insurance in which they just are like look we're going to get a certain amount of claims. We don't know that's true or not, but we just have insurance, that's going to pay them off, so we don't have to deal with it, but you can do that now I mean the you pay. If you say I know that, but if you pay now, if you settle and you no, we were just in a settlement. I had to settle his lawsuit, in an attorney not about sexual out about sexual harassment, about freedom of speech had to settle, had to settle the insurance companies were like settling well, okay, why do you want to settle it now? What so? What happens? So, what have if you're in a sexual harassment, lawsuit and your company says saddle to go away. Well, then, what, then, why
right and that's has values of times to people who absolutely would maintain their innocence to this moment and but they're like all right well, just make it go away, go away, and that was okay at the time, because these non disclosure agreements and PETE, you know it was on stood as sad as it is that these things do happen, and women at times would choose to. Instead of going through the process of of this public spectacle, they would choose to take a settlement, and that would mean a good, a good ending to a bad thing right. That was the that was the best possible ending. We can have to this terrible thing that occurred right. That was the way women and lot his attorneys attorneys to deal with these cases were looking at these things. Now, the those things don't apply anymore, because we're going after everybody publicly and the people who had those agreements are now breaking them. After they've had the money they collect the money and then they break them down the road, which means if your neck,
if in the future, why on earth would you ever go into one of the things you should never do that and what that's going to lead to? Is lawyers figuring out how to attack real victims who actually do deserve to be, is not acceptable. This is not a good is, is not a good thing. This is not a good thing for victims. At the very least, there are good things that will come out of this. I think, but there are a bad consequences that associated. I thought the Matt Lauer thing was really good. Yesterday I thought, but for the first time I thought okay, the actually serious about this. I thought that was that's a guy who's. I mean who makes more money today show for NBC, not nobody, and he is the main star- twenty million dollars for two thousand six hundred and twenty six million dollars a year. For a reason, that's a three a quarter of a billion dollar business, in and you know the ratings. Are they fight for every tenth of a point I mean that's a really dog eat dog world to take Matt Lauer out of there
cost them. Hundreds of millions of dollars would really destroy that franchise. To me that said, NBC is serious. Now I think they had do this because you know quiet on Harvey Weinstein they, Pharaoh, they said, go, publish that someplace else to me. That shows the reason why they said go public at someplace else. Is they didn't want to be the ones exposing it because they knew they had liability in their own building you know what am I going to do? I'm sitting here with Matt Lauer you're going to your expose this and we're going to be all high and mighty on it and we're sitting here with Matt Lauer. I don't think so. Go take that to somebody else that cross my mind because it only took what twelve hours to Fire Matt Lauer. You don't make something that affects three quarters of a billion dollars of business in a twelve our period. You, don't that's you better, be sure of
they were sure of it to me. It tells you they knew so it is a it's good thing. That this is actually being taken seriously. However, not being taken seriously in one place, and that is Capitol Hill thanks to JI structure for coming in and being the only pro rate, but guys we could find a to represent that point of view. Jason. Thank you very much. He's he's proud, wait! What people follow you on Twitter? What is your? I don't know people don't want to follow him
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the dot consumer access, Org, Glenn Beck Glenn Back producers and she's a book on our, RAM and she actually worked for NBC for awhile, and we were just talking off the air and and asked her if she had ever. She had ever heard this about Matt Lauer or she had ever had an experience with Matt Lauer like this, and you said everybody yesterday, all the all your friends at NBC were in shock. You gotta turn your microphone there. It is go ahead. Thus right, yeah. I was a NBC page and I did an assignment at weekend today. You know I would drop off scripts for Matt Lauer in his office and even Lester Holt would use that office when I was a page,
I reach my friends yesterday, and everyone was just in shock. I mean Matt. Lauer is really loved by the staff and missive in a really difficult day for everyone, I had heard that no one thought he was harassing anyone, but that he knew he was a there's, a reputation of him kind of with a bunch of women. Does did heard that that he was kind of an unfaithful dog, I mean I was at the bottom of the totem pole, but we didn't get that impression of when he was really well like and I also worked for Meredith Vieira, who is really close with him. So I really saw Matt Lauer through her lens, and you know they were just like practical jokes and you know he just seemed like a fun. Loving guy have you ever experienced. I mean as guys we're trying. Is to That seems like a plague in America. Is it just this group of people or is this? Have you had this experience elsewhere?
I mean I've, never had it at the office, but I've done only experienced debt in college parties. Things like that, but never in the workspace. Do your friends say that they have in this kind of experience all the time. Do you hear from friends that it's this bad? Yes, really then you know most of My friends when I lived in New York worked in finance and there's not many people that work on Wall Street that are female and the stories that they come back. Comments were or just shocking, like I don't know how they went into work everyday day. Kitty. Thank you very much appreciate it. I think we should have that conversation. I know leafy arena is going to be on with US tomorrow. She wrote it great editorial in medium and she's gonna be on with this tomorrow, but I would really like to talk to the female side of our audience, because I'm clueless to the
is this really? What it's like, or is it just this collection of dirtbags. This is the Glenn Beck program so glad that you have tuned in today. You know I'm concerned that that there is a disconnect between reality Television and politics, gay since a television, maybe media that would include internet there's reality and I think that's where most of us live in reality, and then the stuff that happens in Washington is completely disconnected from reality. The step between is the internet, where some of it is just insane and others you're like ok at least there's a little bit of sanity or someplace, but there connected from reality
and what we're seeing in the media now is this response purge themselves of all of these cereal sexual harassers, which I think is good thing. It's real. You know I, you know our system has always been. We don't want but one innocent man behind bars, we'd rather led a guilty. Man go then put an innocent man behind bars that the opposite of what we're doing now we're just it's stop. I saw shoot what's the space show on Fox now the Oracle Orville Orville? That's right! That's all that Orville! First, season like episode. Six, we are watching the other night and it was they went to a planet where everything was thumbs up or thumbs down, and it was just the popular vote on who is guilty and who wasn't- and I boy this I mean this is today. This is what we're doing now, except
there is one place. There is even further from reality, and that is Washington. Here's all of these people. How many did you have up on the Chalk Board yesterday and there was Thirty, seven in the since Weinstein thirty seven cents, Weinstein got a few more to add to that 'cause. I saw you your you were missing. No, no you've gotten! You you've got this guy, this guy, this guy. So there's more than thirty seven since Weinstein. How, however, those guys are all swept out. Because why they're afraid company is going to look bad and get bad publicity, etc, etc, and so they get rid of am you'll notice. That's not happening in politics. You have Roy Moore and you have Al Franken, you have Conyers, you have Donald Trump and you know there's a lot more in Washington than just those guys a lot more.
Yet we're not hearing about him and when you do hear about him, they don't go away this morning with John Conyers they had his accuser on the today show she was saying the same thought stuff about John Conyers that got Matt Lauer fired. Probably worse right, I mean it was yeah a lot of unwanted a lot of unwanted stuff. So how what's going to make John Connie? What do you have to do in Washington to be fired? Do you have to do? I heard the interview with Al Frankin yet yet this is a pretty amazing interview. Actually he was on with a station in Minnesota and the journalists. Him pretty hard on a lot of these things and would not let him off 'cause. You know, I can try to do. The same thing he's been doing, which is these kind of like non generality as in yeah, so it these sort of focus group yeah
you know answers. Let's start with Al Frankin on disrespect, if you uh told me two weeks ago that a woman was going to come forward and say I disrespected her, I would have said no, I don't think any of them are using. That word. I think. That's your word. I think more done anything I mean like this Leeann Tweeden said he forcibly. I understand what you said and I you know I think they're not using the word dis respect. I think some people are looking at that word, saying no no Lee I'm Lindsay Menz said it molested her on Facebook right afterwards I think these women feel this goes way beyond disrespect. I understand that I a different recollection, then Leanne. This is the same thing every day here is out because it's amazing this is the same. He is the same group, the phrases he goes back to if he was innocent. What
he's trying to not dismiss them. By saying I have a different recollection of that. That way he's not peeing all over them. You know because if he said that's, not true suppliers you're calling her a liar so he's trying to be. You know careful it with with you, which is the only thing you can do, but by doing that, you just sound. I mean that's ridiculous, ridiculous right to kill so he's trying to you know manage the wording, ask it is well it's possible to not try out new abusers by the way, there's a fifth one today that said that he was fifth, I thank the edge. He was groping her during a photo shoot on the. U S, tour in two thousand three, so who has I mean I eat their jollies out of that? I just don't yeah, they don't get it. I don't understand but call Frank and does apparently Al Franken on credibility.
Can you really continue to claim kind of a moral high ground on some of these issues, including the Trump Russia investigation? When a lot people feel you been less than transparent. These particular allegations. Well, I think I'm good question and I think that the questions that I asking don't go to migrate ability, they go to the credibility of the witness they go. The credibility of your credibility been undermined. I would say yes, an. I have a long way back. I have a long way back to win back the trust of the people Minnesota. Not that long
and then they don't really trust you that much before, but it was in time I'm really regretting doing this interview with Wcco right now, yeah, I don't. I thought Wcco was in my camper. I don't know why I'm sitting here with you. They pushed very hard but she's she's a great job, it's interesting because he kept bringing this back. She bring up like you were questioning, sesh, zero, questioning Tom Price and saying hey. How could you possibly expect anyone to believe that you didn't? No, you were buying stocks that that that connections to the bills you were trying to pass. How could anyone believe that- and she said, how could anyone believe you that you didn't know you grabbed a woman's butt, did. Anyone know that you didn't know that that was that we're kind of line of questioning. I thought this is interesting, though, because you talk about stop bringing up this issue of intent, and here is, as you kind of point out, he's in a tough spot,
Easy's g's fighting for his life here guilty or innocent. You got nowhere. He's got nowhere to go, and so he is trying look. Do the progressive thing right he's here going to give so much ground? So he looks so progressive and so in line with women, he understands women so well that you can't possibly be mad at him for school and they can pinch in a couple bucks right. How can you the guy, the guy. Is he really really likes the women look at the bills. He passes right right, so he is. This is this is the same sort of thing that Louise Hey did several others have done a opting this new standard of intent, listen to how he describes is really dangerous, yeah, listen to how he describes how into and should be thought about. In these situations I mean thousands, as you know, people in Minnesota, and I take thousands of pictures
and I'm a warm person, I hug people, and in some these encounters, here's or meetings elders wrong word to use some women somewhere and any you know is too many have hope that I have crossed a line and I am really sorry about that they feel that in these interactions I've done something to disrespect them, and that's not my intention, but what I know is that the intention doesn't matter what matters is. We listened to women's experience. Stop for second law. Your intention doesn't matter what I now or is that my intention? this is the standard that progressives have built for themselves. The
intention doesn't matter it in many ways. All that matters now If a woman has an experience that she doesn't like an intention, is you know you could argue from her perspective? Look you know I mean I you know, I didn't like it right. Like the the George Duke George Hw Bush, this was brought up right. His intention was to try to loosen up the situation he's in a wheelchair, and, yes, abs, leave backward the intention. If that were the intention, but again like you could argue it yeah. She should still be offended, but it would be a big point on how we would judge Bush right. It's a big how we would judge Franklin right. So do you have that intention doesn't matter? Well, it matters. It's the most important thing when judging someone in middle of these situations. If you run over a person because you don't like them on the side of the road and that
intention is important. If your intention is to drive down the road and swerve out of the way of a cat that ran into the road and you hit someone, it's a tear people terrible mistake is a terrible thing. You don't want to happen, but your intention tells story there right intention is always if shoot someone in in the middle of the street. Oh my god you can't shoot someone in the Middle ST well, if your intention was to protect the woman who he was raping well, you know what all the sudden intentions of big part of that story. Did you did you did you or did you not stick a knife into his chest which result said in his death heart surgeon, what I do know is arm that by intention didn't matter does not matter. The fact is, I did slice,
open? The person's chest cut open an artery apologize, apologies, not good enough electric chair, for you I wanna talk to you a little bit about my patriot supply. By the way we have, if my voice makes it. We have the chairman of the FCC on with us in about fifteen minutes of the FCC. Is she one of one of the mid? I love him he's one of my favorite appointments in the administration he's great and he's getting. Rid of net neutrality and people were boycott at his house and terrorizing his kids on Thanksgiving weekend. It was awful, what's been happening to him, but he'd like to say record straight on net neutrality, and but it really is doing, and we have him coming up in about fifteen minutes
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word into serving food kit is only ninety nine dollars. That means breakfast lunch and dinner. One hundred and two servings for low less than a dollar per serving call eight two hundred and seventy one sixty three or order the kid online at prepare with Glenn dot com, prepare Glenn, dot com, eight, how for two hundred and seventy one sixty three prepare with Glenn dot COM, Glenn Beck, Glenn Beck, so Garrison Keillor has also been fired from Minnesota, public radio, four sexual harassment and listen to what Garrison Keillor said on sexual assault in nineteen. Ninety four: this is important. We should be careful, though, not to make the world so fine and good that you
I can't enjoy living in it. A world in which there is no sexual harassment at all is a world in which there will not be any flirtation hang on. Do you believe that. I mean that's how you flirt, I guess it depends on how you learn. I mean error flirting with somebody and it's on wanted. You know if, if you're notified this this is not wanted, then they that's sexual harassment, but is only fun when you're flirting back in, for you know what I mean. So I don't understand what he's saying but listen to what he says right after that a world without sleeves at all will not have entrepreneur. Will not have entrepreneurs, as if entrepreneurs are thieves. This just shows how out of touch first of all
a world without sexual harassment means a world without flirting. No, not really, but I see if we, if we say me ski you out on a date for me, and you know saying you look nice or I, like your dress or whatever twenty five percent money I'll see anyone who isn't there partner and ask them out for a drink. Have they been sexually harassed right? So there is all that is that's true, then, on that point, but without without thieves, there won't wouldn't be entrepreneurs yeah, just an anti capitalist are yeah, without even there wouldn't be government and that is an anti government, probably wouldn't be the IRS exactly it's funny, because the only thing that I think connects is to say, if you were in check like if you're single right now right, Glenn Beck Single, you run the company, obviously so you're really high level here, but I mean if you were,
a mid level, executive or manager. Would you even consider dating some who worked at the company- and this is a reminder of us me our spouses at work? I did yeah. I did too. I mean you know both time that's all, I know more about marriage because I've been making to what he couldn't double the nightly job, but yeah I mean that that is a very common thing right. I mean that that you know especially if you're in a position of power at all. You can't you can't date, it does feel like that's probably the answer, and so in a way is because he killers, obviously being a hammer because he was just fired for sexual harassment. The day is fired for sexual harassment. In the morning he had written a Washington Post defense of Al Franken that he shouldn't step down and it came out the morning by the end of the day he was fired, now they're going back in there all these clips- and this is there's a somewhat unfair process. We do there or be cold.
Look at all the old clips, but there's something to people may fear wanting Glenn Beck. Love courage. True Glenn back one of my favorite quotes game yesterday, quote to the Son of God himself, wouldn't improve end quote, though It's from a writer of Newsweek: barely she the phone she talked to Jesus about his opinion on Trump's new Christmas themed make America great again. Hats, she's convinced that eases would not approve of holiday merchandise. Well, I'm not! I don't know, I really don't know, I know the hats cost. Forty five bucks, that's nearly will the price of the traditional trump hat, but it's a special hat. You know what would Jesus do about Pres,
Donald Trump's, overpriced Christmas, hats. I don't know, I don't have the bracelet, that's what she's asking then she goes on to cite several verses from scripture, scripture, denouncing greed and first Indians. You know I that you shouldn't cover your head while praying okay. Alright, the article was supposed to be satire. It should to be funny, but I think it was serious. So Newsweek help me out on this one. Would Jesus approve of your promoting your membership options, the the following that article, because on that article, you know just like trump you Christmas to sell your products news, like literally had an ad that says, give the perfect Christmas gift a magazine subscription makes a fantastic gift that lasted entire year with cheese. Is a proof of that come on how search for the cheapest subscription to Newsweek all
one dollar and eighty nine cents a week which comes out to ninety nine dollars a year more than twice the price of the trump at which I can wear for five years. If I wanted. Hayes, maybe should have looked up Matthew. Seventy five, while she was reading scripture room, move the beam from our own eye before writing this nonsense, but the bottom line is selling it's whether it's a subscription to Newsweek or a trump at the consumer, so they can give their loved ones. A present on Christmas is a good thing. It's a good thing. Christmas is not about the presents, but you know at the root if purchasing in giving gifts. It is a symbolic gesture of love and I think with the adjuster that I I would believe that Jesus be okay with it's Thursday November 30th, this
the Glenn Beck program broadcast for forty seven years, and I think this is the only time I've ever liked. The FCC chairman Jeep Pie, welcome to the program, the gene. How are you pretty good thanks for having me an end for the kind words it we didn't have a high bar. He uh. I do not like regulation at all and and that's what the FCC has has done and and and they have gotten stronger and stronger, and I worry about the internet and then you come in and you are now having a real problem because you're going to you're going to repeal net neutrality and people are coming out and sorry for what your family went through picketing your house on Thanksgiving Weekend It is outrageous and you to somebody online threats have been even more outrageous and I think for anybody in public office in any publicly
this position, you should not be threatened. Your family should not be threatened with violence or the like, simply because of the busy Can you hold- and you know just simply steals my resolve- to keep doing what I think is the right thing to do and to to keep my family safe. So the first of all, I'm sorry for this, but this is what's happening all over the country to anybody. When people disagree with somebody, we. We do we just all of a sudden. We think it's okay to harass them or terrorize them or or offered. Threats or whatever online does the FCC have any place in regulating that kind of speech online or anywhere else We don't. I mean, obviously if it threatens violence or the like. Here we can refer me to work with law enforcement authorities, but me by and large we have a hands off rule. We don't regulate the content that goes over the internet. What I will say, though, is that you know I I do have
play to speak out about the fact that we need to have a more civil fact focus discourse in this. Country it's one thing to disagree on policy, but if you go out there misinformation like democracy is threatened, the internet is about to be broken and here's the guy who's doing it. Here's this phone number where he lives here is his family, you shouldn't, be surprised when people get alarmed and start to take outrageous actions, and so I would hope that we try to focus on the x as passionate as people are about this issue, so they are claiming that this is the end of democracy on the internet, because you are going to repeal something that Obama put in net neutrality. And that's the great irony about this. All we are proposing to do is to go back to President Clinton's light touch market based framework that was in place from nineteen. Ninety six to twenty fifteen. It's it's a regulatory system that is have been proven to work. That's why we have the internet economy, that's the end of the world, and so all of these depaquit-
predictions are simply ridiculous, given the fact that we lived under these exact same rules for two decades and the world didn't end to the contrary. It thrived especially for conservatives who have historically been more civilized when it comes to having the ability to express themselves that they would think that the era of nineteen ninety six to twenty fifteen was a bad one for the internet. I mean it changed. Our world completely It's incredibly all these people suggesting that we were living in some digital dystopia before two thousand and fifteen, and that's why the government had to seize control of the internet or complete. He mister Crane, misinterpreting history and, I think, are oblivious to the fact that these regulate do you have costs and going forward. We want to make sure that we have rules that have accurately reflect the market and promote free speech, an expression online as well. So I I talk to Ray Kurzweil who's, the head of the singularity University and and consultant for Google and and everybody else, and we talked about the at one point: it kind of half jokingly about you know if Google
can monitor all of the stuff and and see what people are searching for. If, if somebody is searching for a better way to make a better Google, why would Google ever allow them to do that? Are you concerned at all about the rise of these gigantic corporations that are that are bigger than some countries in their power? Like Google, I mean Google pretty much wrote the the net neutrality bill. This is a growing concern. I think in some halls in Washington and around the country, and the part of the argument I made earlier this week is that you should practice what you pray. If you come to the FCC saying we need these heavy handed regulations to be applied to one,
of the internet economy, but, though, don't regulate main. You should be consistent in how you operate your business and that's part of the reason why I said that we need to have a level playing field. Everyone should play by the same rules and the government certainly shouldn't be picking winners and losers and dispensing regulatory favors to those companies or parts of the industry that it favors at any given point in time. So how does the neutrality benefit? A company like Google and hurt the small guy? Well, I think the primary ways. It's essentially saying that uh, if you're in online content provider, you get rules of the road that are going to favor you that you essentially have the ability to perceive your business model without regulation, but the companies that run the networks that have to invest in those networks aren't free to
to simply build other networks and manage them appropriately, and so that's pretty useful to companies that are Senegal and receiving a lot of traffic on the internet. And- and my simple point is: let's go: let the market decide how this works instead of having the government micromanages and pick winners and losers as you, we were talking as he pie from the FCC And- and I know that a lot of even some conservatives that I talked to see net neutrality is something that's positive because they they look at the way they use the internet. They stream, Netflix and Netflix is awesome. Everybody loves, Netflix is great programming, and I don't want some company telling me that I can't get the speeds I need. So I get buffering and everything else. We need to stop that. What do you tell those people? I told him two things. First of all, I understand where they're coming from I love Netflix as well and stream, a video that I'm the problem is too fold number one.
The companies are building, the networks, have to be able to have a wide enough road, so to speak, to carry all this band within that road, expanding it maintaining it costs a lot of money, and so the question is: should we allow commercial arrangements where you, the companies that are occupying a lot of space on the roads, the rubble share in the cost of maintaining that road, and that's one of the things that the the mark this traditionally been able to sort out. My point is simply: we shouldn't: have the government dictating up front that look yet we're going to set the rules of the road and you prefer one part of the industry over another? Can you explain because people say that by repealing this, it's going to make it harder for poor Americans to afford the the internet, which is usually the opposite of what happens when government you know does and to get involved when government doesn't get involved, the prices go down because there's
petition when the government parts regulating the prices usually go up? Can you to help solve this absolute? and this is one of the classic bits of misinformation out there- these regulations, these heavy, handed regulations on some of these network operators have He led them to reduce their investments in building these high speed networks, especially in rural and low income. Urban areas in building these networks is hard. It costs a lot of money takes a lot of time and what I've heard all from my cell read first hand when I've gone to places like Spencer. I weigh in Parsons Kansas in Reno Nevada. Is that some of the smaller come if the very companies that are necessary to prevent more competition and to- each rule and low income consumers they're the ones who suffering under these regulations. They've told us on the record that they're hold back on investment, or they can't even raise capital in the first place, because companies-
there's not going to be return on the investment because of these rules, and so the argument I've made is that poorer consumers in particular are worse off, because these regulations are standing in the way of them getting internet access or getting more competition. I think, as the a strong ideological argument to me that there's no human right, there's no constitutional right to Netflix. That is not not with the government, should be involved in when it comes to Ucommerce, but people they obviously like it. They don't want these things to happen and have a situation where a company could, in theory, strangle a particular sites. Bandwidth people get panicked. However, is it a real world thing at my understanding? Is it basically never happens and if it does the result, afterwards is actually a positive one,
exactly- and this is part of the reason why going back to your earlier question about Netflix, and this is exactly the reason why we should let the Federal Trade Commission, not the FCC figure, but whether or not there any of these arrangements that are any competitive. That kind of phenomena you're just describing doesn't happen in the marketplace today and if it did, you one could imagine that it could be pro competitive or it could be anticompetitive. My point is simply the FCC shouldn't preemptive say for all of the four thousand. Some internet service provider and for the rest of time we know what the market is going to be and we're going to forbid this or that a business practice. Let's let the antique headed authorities of the competition sorties at the Federal Trade Commission figure out what could be any competitive on a case by case basis. That's a much better way of singling out the bad apples. I think talking to the chairman of the FCC Ajete pie about net neutrality, a jeep do you look it all to the regulations of of FDR, and see how the big
the big three automakers put on makers like you know, Auburn out of business when they started regulating. I mean the lot of this stuff as we are growing into a new area and technology alot. Stuff, we can learn from the past. Are you examining any of that Absolutely in fact, the net neutrality regulations, that of the previous FCC adopted in twenty fifteen, were directly modeled on the rules developed in the Roosevelt administration to handle Ma Bell the telephone monopoly and the argument I've made is it says how counter intuitive to a lot of people, but I think you, my appreciate it, which is that these heavy handed rules from the 1930s that were does and for monopolies actually benefit some of the bigger companies. There are the ones who have the lawyers and they counted from the lobbyists to play with these regulations? The smaller companies don't, and so, ironically enough? These heavy handed
also were designed for monopoly, will end up leading the market place toward a monopoly, and that's the last thing we want to see. We want to see more competition, more smaller providers entering the market place and the heavy handed rules are not the way to get us. There see that you are the chairman of the FCC and so much of freedom of speech in some ways falls under your purview. You concerned about the direction that you know are colleges or universities are even our media and our politicians see want to be moving in where there doesn't seem to be any tolerance for different kinds of opinions. Absolutely not just gave a speech about this yesterday, in fact, where I said that there seems to be less of a tolerance for other points of view and that social media, ironically enough
Given the name seems to be accentuating that problem and I'm very disturbed about the future of free speech and expression in this country. If I think the harbinger is certainly on college campuses, where you see people not only not wanting to listen to other points of view, they actively want to shut down the expression of other points of view, and this is the generation. These are the people who are going to have to carry the torch for this core constitutional freedom the years to come, and I've long said that the first time and is great, it's nice to have that on the parchment of the constitution. But it also requires a sure that is willing to defend this prince all that we are a pluralistic nation that other points of view, even if we're into you should be allowed to be expressed, and I do sorry, that our culture is becoming less and less tolerant. Of other points of view, and eventually that's going to have a serious impact if it's not corrected pie. Thank you so much. I appreciate it and appreciate your time. Chairman
bet, chairman of the FCC, you know, there's something happening up in Canada, with a teacher that wanted to share the other side with her with her university class and what she's going through is remarkable and we'll talk about that. Coming up, uber has disclosed a breach of fifty seven million passengers and drivers, records, hackers, access to personal information like names and driver's license numbers in the and the name, an email addresses and phone numbers of the passengers. Although the breach just recently announced it actually happened a year ago so. If you haven't had somebody monitoring your credit, your identity may
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on November 18th week ago, last Saturday, I was about to take the stage at the and Mercury, one gala and the director of operations of the Nazarene Fund re did that we had just captured our hundreds slave and set them free. There. Three is the sisters that were fourteen slash, eight years old and three years old, and they had been kid apt in Syria and and we're were enslaved in Syria and worked as sex slaves we autumn out of Syria and return them to their family through one of our rescue partners, and we I want to thank you for making this possible. That's one hundred
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in the world with our new partner operation, underground railroad, you can donate at the Nazarene fun DOT, Org become abolitionist and donate now at the Nazarene fund, DOT Org the Nazarene fund, DOT org. I saw this. I just got this in. This is a painting that has been done now. I can't remember his name shoot it's not here either the I can remember. The Mcnaughton, I think, is the artist name, and there is a a painting now of all of the abolitionist from the past and a painting to the new ones. You said you see Abraham, Lincoln and all those people on one side, yeah, I was shocked to see. Look at my we face is
play towards the front. I'm looking for Glass that you know yeah there, wild yeah, you look like what happens when someone takes the last cupcake out of them like? Oh, no look at it go that these are the modern day. People who are freeing slaves- it is a great great, painting of the people of history and the people who are making a difference. Now, like Tony Robbins and TIM Ballard and MIKE Tomlin and me alone, Ashton, Kutcher you can now find that at our painting, dot org our dot org back
this land that program, hopefully we'll have MIKE Lee on with us for a second he's, got a tax proposal that he's working on tools to talk to him about it. There's some ridiculous things going on arguments against the tax bill and and their arguments against it, good ones in that it's not as, but it should be, it's not as bold as it should be. Mike Lee is trying to do some things to it to that may help, depending on your perspective, but some of the arguments against it are also unfair. National review has has four of them that they featured today p. Calling it a middle class tax hike. This is interesting thing, because what they're trying to do with this is play with the numbers and tax policy center analysis on the Senate bill Ray close at three slash. Four of all families. We get a tax cut, what percent would see a tax increase and they are concentrated among the rich? Now to me, that's a no being because no one should be getting any increase, but the id
that it's a middle class tax cut you're, seeing that on Facebook, you're seeing that all mainstream media, the ad middle income family would receive a tax cut, approximately eight hundred and fifty dollars through two thousand and twenty five. Now and what they're doing is they're. Looking at year, twenty twenty seven and they're seeing lots of tax increases in that year. The Senate structured, because that to make these middle class tax cuts expire in two thousand and twenty five. They do this for a dumb budgeting gimmick the id It is in two thousand and twenty five. No one's going to well, we should raise taxes on the middle class and I'm going to take that position so I'll keep the tax cuts, that's risk, I don't like it, but and if you say that they don't extend them what you have- is a seven thousand dollars tax cut in the early years, followed by a one hundred dollars annual tax in? Greece later I'll, take it it's too
big cut over the time they're, just focusing on that was going to do it at that time anyway. Mike Lee is with Senator MIKE Lee. How are you, sir, at doing Greg Lynn's going to be with you Can you help us make sense in heads or tails of of the tax plan and tell us what's going to happen, and I don't want to talk about you and Rubio have together and you are a you're asking exactly what we're asking to make the child tax credit more, meaningful to everyone who works everyone who pays taxes. What we want is a tax credit. People can take advantage of up to fifteen point three percent of their earnings, and this is attacks. The payroll tax is something that almost every american worker pays and our tax system fails to take into account what we call the parent tax penalty. Our child tax credit proposal would
dress that now but I've been I've been accused. Justifiably in the past of being really bored on your show. Talking about this proposal, subjects me to that app ization, so we're not we're going to. Let you go. I mean it's just that you get turned on by numbers and clauses in the constitution that most people don't know we don't, but what I appreciate that in a senator. Well, thank you again and I received it. Yet it talk about you. It really is important. Look America's working, moms and dads contribute to our senior entitlement programs source in Medicare twice once in the pay, their taxes and the second segment in Kerr, the truck because of child rearing, because the pay is your old nature of social Security and Medicare are working. Parents are contributing to source korean mature twice by increasing the child tax credit and making it refundable up. Fifteen point three percent of earnings.
What we're doing is we're making sure that we provide necessary tax relief to offset this parent tax penalty MIKE is going to pass it yes and we're going to make sure look it's going to pass because it has to pass and I'm not sure exactly what form the tax bill will take. But it's going to pass and uh. I end my republican colleagues in the Senate or going to make sure MIKE they were talking out, potentially as an offset to an increased child tax credit of having to increase the the proposed corporate tax, so the twenty percent they're talking about two thousand one hundred and twenty two percent. Is that going to be necessary to do the changes you're talking about? This is one way to pay for we're, not necessarily wedded to that method of paying for it or open to other suggestions. I'd love to leave the corporate rate at twenty percent, rather than twenty two but as of right now, we gotta keep in mind that has president trump him. So
explain to us at lunch, the other day, seventy percent of the tax, If this bill is for corporations leaving thirty percent of the total for individuals, this is one way of shifting more of that release to individuals as actually to America's most important entrepreneurial class of investors? That is America's parents do you believe that America's corporations field comfort rible enough in investing that money in in capital, the x pictures or investment in employees or they just going to roll those roll those tax savings into the market? No, I think, they're going to invest in a lot is that will create jobs and that's why I'm pleased to offer tax relief as the corporate tax is itself a kind of a tedious thing, because it disguises some of the cost of government people think taxes on corporations
that don't cost workers any money to do. In fact, according to split on the list, it may well be that that that half or so of corporate taxes and up coming right out of workers' wages in We know that we tax corporations would chill economic activity in the facts on everyone, including America's middle class taxpayers. Is Mccain. Going to stick with you guys. I saw story yesterday afternoon looks like Mccain's at it. Again I think was the headline is Mckay. I I saw that story to it. It gives me nightmares nightmares ever since that fateful night in July, when he left his his thumb hanging and suspended animation, leaving us in turned to thumb down I want to so that doesn't happen again. I look, I think, you'll vote with us at the end of the day. Even if he doesn't we, we can lose him and still pass the thing without my gay. I know you I'm glad you're talking about the payroll tax, because I think it's something that conservatives don't get fired up enough about a here's, a two
max that is a regressive tax, meaning that people on the poor end of the scale pay more than people on the high end of the income scale, which is something I can't believe any progressive ever defense, but they seem to defend it and not all it locks us into this idea and a lot of conservatives I think, fall for it, which is these long term a in programs that are supposedly funded through this when in reality it kind of all goes into a big pot anyway. These these big up programs ode to us because of this separate tax. We don't get any other giant program. The way we look at these entitlement programs- and It's a real problem. Is there? Is there any hope of attacking this payroll tax even more boldly? Well, I think you made the point well, and this leads to about that we have been meeting to use in my messaging with this- which is the best way to understand there will be only a member- is basically provides a a a tax cut with respect to pay roll.
Axis and for some of the reasons that you identify with a focus on this more than we do and just, as importantly, a related point is that the people who would benefit most acutely from there will be a Lee proposal would be those workers who are perhaps most at risk of falling out of the workforce in choosing instead to go on welfare. You know parents with young children right at that and at the edge economically Aug, whether or not they're going to decide it makes sense to continue working in is that stop and take welfare benefits. We want to keep them in the work force. We want to give them plenty of opportunity to stay in the workforce so that they can benefit themselves and their families, so they can get promotions and continue to make more and be contributing members. This would help incentivize them to do that. Remove some of the and stuff for them to just go on well
overstep my going to switch gears with, and then let you go. You know Matt Lauer was just let go garrison. Keeler was just let go and it's a it's a little disturbing to me a that. We're letting people go without any kind of real due process. It did seem like this could get out of hand quickly. If we're not really careful, I mean I'm glad bad guys are going away, and I want this to be solved, but it it concerns me that there's no due process here, however, the only ones that don't seem really affected by it are those in politics you know one on the republican side, Roy Moore and Donald Trump? On the on the liberal side, it's John Conyers and and Al Franken I'm going anywhere. Does
that concern you MIKE yeah in politics. Some things operate differently, quite tragically, reminding us of the meaning of the word. Politics break it down to a great road, so which means many and tics which are blood, sucking parasites. A lot of what happens here. Look at your first about due process. Case of Matt Lauer, for instance, like you get it, he was fired by a private for profit. Duration. I assume he was an at will employee or if he wasn't an at will employee that he had some kind of provision in his contract, allowing his employer take this act. He did this, I so speaking literally in constitutional terms. So that means there. Isn't it due process issue due process in the lower case sense of the word. I assume that NBC being well represented by capable
make sure that they dont either I do cross the tease and that they made sure that the facts were adequately substantiated before taking this step. Firing. Someone who hold public office is a little bit different normally in most circumstances to fire them you to wait until the next election, but I suspect that they're going to be a people getting fired by their voters, as these things continue to You believe that there's more to come out MIKE, you been there for awhile, It I come to suspect that there are I've, been saddened, answer eyes by some of the horrible things that have been happening and it seemed to arise in circumstances where men will do really bad things in circumstances where they think they can get away with it. There aren't enough reasons that they see not to do it and it's tragic. It should not
that way, but which makes which which actual news, entertainment, entertainment and government and politics, and it makes that it makes me a little nervous that, if the peep don't vote those people out if they decide that it doesn't matter We're going to end up with is some of the worst people in the world even worse than we have now in Washington, showing up, because you'll literally be able to get away with anything yeah. I think that's right, and that would be an absolutely unacceptable outcome. Fortunately Glenn, I don't think it will happen for two independent reasons. First, I think a lot of people are going to take themselves out of contention most or all those people who were in government right now who are subjective these accusations, they were going to decide it's time to hang up. Secondly, I really Don't think their voters are going to put up with it. This is unacceptable. They shouldn't elect. People will do awful things like this.
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I'm passing the savings onto you, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line or goldline dot com. Glenn Beck Glenn Beck When did the day, for those of you who had Glenn's voice would be gone by the first hour you're about to lose. Even if you said the second hour, I I don't know if it will last three but will give it a shot nice work so far, yeah nice work. Thank you So I'm just reading it now Vanity Fair, has just come out with something on Matt Lauer, and this NBC apparently was had done a two month- investigation yeah This is what makes you believe that NBC I mean they didn't act, this fat
with Mark Halperin. They didn't act. This fast, certainly with with Harvey, sixteen when they had that story in their own company and they gave it to the New York. For whatever reason they didn't act, they took their time on a lot of that stuff. Here, I mean it was instant what they say. I mean if it's a two month instigation it's hard to imagine that NBC didn't have wind of it before Monday night. So here's what they said varieties reporters said that they didn't have to do specific interviews that loud allow his behavior was an open secret among the employees and the management and the management went out of its way to ignore his sexual impropriety. I mean it It's not good yeah variety is claiming that there they knew an NBC had complaints and they fell on deaf ears at NBC from their employees. Nbc is saying we, he found out about it yesterday.
We swear and it just the fact that how quickly they moved in a guy, they were paying twenty six million dollars a year. The today show in advertising brings in five hundred and eight million dollars a year in revenue, I'm telling you you do not get a call at you know on a Sunday afternoon and say hey somebody just filed a sexual harassment suit on Matt Lauer. Ah, and by Monday morning you have decided ok, because that one sexual harassment suit we're going to we're going to put the at risk five hundred million dollars there's no way, especially here responsible for the shareholders to do that. Yeah, send, and it would be it's a ball just as a human, like you shouldn't these things that when they come in and we've heard various, very levels of this right, the New York Times reporter who made passes at
apple of women at bars. They are refuted him if you know they rejected him and he didn't do anything to to go after them and it was at different job in its previous. A previous employer, like doesn't see, I mean look is this: is this is much further? This is Matt, apparently, with several women dropping his pants and showing them his job, which what women don't like. They don't know what guy thinks this is good, but they don't like it guys. They don't like it. Glenn Beck. Love courage. True Glen battle Us Air Force does a lot of things well, but data entry, apparently is not one of them. Tuesday the AIR Force said that it found dozens of cases in which it failed to enter service men who had been victim of a crime into the National Criminal Information Center database. Why is this important? Well, you
recall that the gunman who killed twenty six people in Sutherland Springs earlier this month was a former air force servicemen who is, and a year in military prison for assaulting his wife and through going to kill his step son the Perforce admitted that his conviction had not been entered into the national background check database if his name had been in the database. It may have prevented him from being able to purchase a gun. Instead, passed all of his background checks and bought guns over the past two years. Now the air for is doing an internal review of sixty thousand cases that reach back to two thousand and two, and they say they are correcting several- dozen records that show could have been reported to the national database. Full review is going to take several months. The perforce negligence here is really truly staggering. The idea
they found a late here, another case dozens where they failed to register convicted servicemen? And that's they found so far and what they're telling us about, and that's just one branch of the military. What about all the other branches? What about all state and federal agencies? Much more negligence is out there enforcing the laws we already have is imperative, but if he can't even depend on the air force for due diligence in this area, then we have a serious problem. Can he come together on something we can agree on, read doubling our efforts across the board to enforce the gun laws that are in place. Now we have to be better than this every time that we're not we chip away at all of our constitutional freedoms,
Thursday November 30th. This the Glenn Beck program, Adam Foss, is the founder and executive director of prosecutor impact. A guy who'd, never thought he is going to be a prosecutor. You love this you're, so honest you got into law, you went to law school for money, my money love that and then you started to seeing how the system really worked, and you thought this is broken. This is really bad, don't explain, yeah first, thank you for for getting into this conversation is important, one that we need to be. Having should be something that we're talking about more often than we already do when I walk when I walked into a courthouse for the first time and his city, and saw a literal and figurative divide between the people who are constantly impacted by the criminal justice system and those
people who were enforcing it prosecuting or prosecuting her defending her. Judging the probating divide and sort of tone deafness in the patriarch you, those folks, you can see the impact, the negative impact happening in the moment. I We would tell ourselves that this is a great system. This is working, people teaching them lessons it. Creating for communities was a falsity, and so that's drove me into the criminal justice system and work that I continue to do today, so that you're a prosecutor now and you a guy. I think Christopher his name right, yeah, that that came in front of you as a prosecutor, and you had a choice. Tell me about this. Christopher was a young person who made it
series a really bad judgments and stole a bunch of laptops from his part time job and sold them for a for a lot of money, and he was going to use that money to apply for college, and it's something that we don't talk enough about is how people some top times, can crime out of necessity or receive necessity. He came in a young black man who, charged with thirty counts of felony larceny, and just the v of those things on his criminal record would have doomed him for play for young black man from my neighborhood being charged with thirty counts of theft. I can employed anywhere, and so at that point in time where had to decide what to do with the case, because that the da does I mean the d decides, the charges are how you're going to handle it. I mean you're
guy, so one bad. I can make a whole bunch of bad decisions. One good guy can make a lot of good yeah so you're in the urine that you're looking at him and you're like what are we going to do, and how did you balance, justice and mercy. Yeah justice to me in for for people who are in our justice system needs to he accounting for everything about that person and not just what those the law in what happened and will happen to them if we go down this road? Is that? Is it just that this young, because he made this decision based on his own calculation, should never get a job again and what is due to us is going to make us a safer society. If this kid is now twenty five I'm unemployed and right. So you have when considering what justice is. You need to be thinking about all these things in context. For me, the contacts was, we still have the ability to teach this kid, a lesson which was ultimately what the justice system is built for,
but we don't need to do so in a way that is purely punitive and hopefully, we'll have a better outcome than sending him to jail. So it did. This particular case did have a better outcome. Explain the outcome he so we together and he worked with to based organizations to get himself into school You community service he repaid what he stone from the store. He got back laptops that he had stolen because he be tracked on the people on the internet, but he sold into and then I lost track of him, which is actually a good thing to come with us system. A good thing, never see people again. Until you know, six or seven years later, I'm in a professional men's event, men of color in the city of Austin, and he this kid approaches me and it's the young man from I hadn't. I didn't recognize me as it was a grown man at this point and he had a very well paying job in Boston. He owned a home. He had a child. That is,
going to not live in poverty, I'm so all these things, who are the result of decisions that eyes are as one prosecutor and with the help of, colleagues made, and we have the ability to do that every single day, people people who could be doing it right now, so Here's here. I think anybody would disagree with the intent yeah I mean what the justice system is for to correct behavior and if behavior can't be corrected, then just take them off the street right. However,. We're living at a time now, where am I I've I've really lost face faith in the justice system I mean I can I will. I believe that justice was you know, but if pretty much worked out I don't believe that anymore and I think it has been kind of a lie that I've lived my whole life. It may
be the best system in the world, but it still sucks yeah, but you don't but we're also living at a time where people there held accountable for anything. So how you balance that so Accountability is a funny word that we use in the criminal justice system prosecutors. We use it all the time I'm holding this person accountable and for the suggestion that, if I do something on December first, two thousand and sixteen and we litigate them responsibility for that thing for the course of a year or eighteen months, and then at the end of that thing, we either try the case or you plead out to that which actually meeting it's your responsibility in action. We called we call that accountability. And we only call that accountability because hundreds of hundreds of years ago, some white guys sitting around a table like this, is how we're going to do it we didn't measure it and say yes, this actually brings about accountability. We just said published:
it building. We just done that forever and so where the criminal justice systems fails is by, changing punishment for actual accountability and with Christopher Christopher is one example of thousands and thousands of people that that I had the privilege to work with when I was a prosecutor, Christopher Accountability wasn't about getting record and go to jail and, being pride of his future accountability was about everyday, I'm doing something that reminded him of the harm that cost. Chris, are you going to write essays about what you did, and I know that sounds sort of theory, lunch right, but no some people would work with some people would work. It works you'd, be amazed at how many people that works with two actually, talk about harm and Let that person talk about why they created that harm and understanding the gravity in depth of that harm and then work to repair that harm? That's accountability,
it doesn't seem, though I mean 'cause. I think the argument would be. Isn't everybody who steals a bunch of laptops now going to come up in front of you and say hey, I needed him for college and I'm going to turn things around and eventually, if you let me, go I'm going to be a high paid person in Boston and it's all going to workout. Well, how can you balance that you have to judge each specific case and just try to figure it out. Does everyone get the same amount of chances? The law obviously supposed to treat everyone the same way? How do you? How do you? How do you navigate that? Well, first of like a fun mental prince? Will the while supposed to treat everybody. The same way we know is, does false. We want to work towards that right. We do, but in the time that we do, the people suffer the most from that fallacy are our most marginalized people and- so when you would put marginalized in anybody who can't afford it right Conaf. And it doesn't matter, don't matter skin color, it's It really is all about money, it is it's about, it's about socioeconomic status, about your capital and how much you are worth to the one. And basically
Your question sure lots of. We might say: hey, you know I should get a break too and as a society, we need to start asking ourselves like if young, poor, black kids coming up to me saying I still laptops, because I was poor, then maybe each case should get an individual look and say I hear you and we have some responsibility for creating that situation. So as a society, we need to be prepared to say yeah we're going Give you a bunch of chances, 'cause, guess what everybody sitting at this table got a million everybody is in Washington or in the media right now that that suddenly are losing their jobs. That was, after hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of infractions that we just looked inside the place, there's the most amount of sexual violence, the most of physical violence in most amount of drug use them, out of cheating and stealing is not in you know the impoverished neighborhoods of Detroit and Chicago and Boston. It's on college campuses and as a society. We are ok with that, because we know that at some point this young person will grow up.
This behavior that will be successful and most of that hopefully will stop. So you are, you have you got into it for the money that you left and you became a Da And now you are true and to educate DA's all around the country to to what exactly one it's not even to it. I guess it to educate them, but not not in the sense that I know more than them. It is is a tragedy. What we deprive lawyers of when they want to go and do in public service in law. School come out of law school prepared to be a prosecutor, making really really important decisions about peoples, lives. ' 'cause! I didn't understand a thing about those people's lives. I didn't know anything about the collateral consequence. Convictions or even a raining person? I didn't know that if you were rained for a drug selling drugs in the city
Boston, just arraigned not convicted that you can lose your public housing and now, as you, but everybody on the lease. So if you are a q, used of selling drugs because you are poor to make money, the response of the justice system is to remove you from your public housing and make it to teach you how's that making us safer. It might make it more likely to go back to that behavior and so proud. It's the it's the classic story of Jean Valjean. Do you have your yellow ticket of leave it? If you don't have your yellow ticket of leave? Well- and you know I got a present it, but if I presented I ain't getting a job right, an and so forth, prosecute. Unfortunately, law schools aren't trying to re in that's sort of the way that they teach people, especially people who want to do this kind of work. We shouldn't be learning about wills and trust in the states. I learned that for a test. I took the test
and I've forgotten it all by now, but my first day of outside of law school, I went your room and I was being asked to decide whether or not somebody should go to jail be ' 'cause. They might not return to court, nothing about crime or behavior or poverty. Or what happens when you go to jail and in fact lots of people that I worked around had never been to a jail or prison on our first day of work? Do you watch the do you watch the show ashes on Netflix it's about Bo Jack? No! No! It's about the FBI when they first started looking into serial killers, and everybody said these guys some mind hunter yeah, my after receiving you should watch it. Okay, they were, they were called. You know crazy and you're, just trying to babysit people like Charlie Manson and there like. No, no, no.
I need to listen to them and understand them, because maybe we can catch them. Maybe we can change this behavior before it happens and it wasn't popular in the 1970s. You kind of feel like that yeah. It's crazy that, for me, weird people aren't employed by DA's office is here. We are these very privileged people that have never been you know, maybe once in a while, we've been the victim of a crime, and that makes us feel like we're in a better position to do these things. But the most I've learned about the kernel justice system came from young, like kids, that I prosecuted this one kid who I asked him what he was thinking when he committed a serious arm robbery. Told me: do you ask I think that I left my house call completing whether or not I would go to prison, because I was going to rob these guys for money to give to my mother and send me one of the most profound things over heard he's like you are in the land of the living, the the criminal laws for the land of the living. We are surviving. Seventeen years old, fifth grade reading level, the most imp
education I ever got in the criminal justice system, wasn't from one hundred fifty thousand dollars education and for those of us again who think that we are better than because we go to college. We go along, so we get these degrees that we should be meeting out just in the deciding what is safe for communities and not including people from those communities in those conversations is asinine. How do people find you Adam. How do people? How do people join you couldn't find out more, but I mean you're you're on your talk, is popular and very, very good. Thank you, but if people wanted to reach out, yeah prosecutorimpact dot. Com is the website about my non profit, and now it's going around and doing trainings around the country prosecutors at John Fox, my social media and everything, and I want to hear from people. I want people engage in this conversation,
'cause, we need to have an even broader conversation. Then you know I enjoy that people bring up Christopher all time. I the Christmas story, because I knew it wouldn't turn people off right away, but if we're being honest with each other about what we're going to do about mass incarceration about the criminal justice system, we need to start talking about file prime. We need to parse out cereal others in serial rapist from young black and brown, men and women who are shooting and killing each other because of intergenerational poverty and trauma. If we really really mean it as a country that we are in ' about this thing that we have to have real conversations about and are not in your you're, not looking just for a bunch of yes people to disagree with you on but kiss you you want to be challenged. Yeah I want to go right. I don't enjoy going to preach to the choir and everybody standing ovation. That's that's great! That's not doing anything for the system and in fact, a lot of the rooms they go to where people are. You know chair in raw raw as soon as
suggestion is well to solve this problem, you're going to have to give up a little bit of yours conversations over so you talk about all the people are like yeah close records, close record close records as soon as the he was put out, the air that, if we close rikers down we'll put five jails in each of the boroughs because of zoning, those gels will have to go for you, where you live. People like uh, not Adam. Thank you very much. You very much Adam Adam Foss thank goodness for the Casper wave. I was in bed almost all day yesterday with a nasty cold, a good night. Sleep is really important and MIKE for wave help me do just that. Casper went back to the drawing board, they collected three years of data and feedback and foam research and sleep science and they created the wave. It feature
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d up in Boston who eat by at Bennett event in he came up to me cycle. I got to get a picture with you, my dad and I are such big fans and I dad had to have a sure of us together. He was really nice guy, really nice guy, and you know you talk about something. Obviously we all know that the criminal justice system isn't perfect and there are a lot of problems and, and some of the need to be seriously addressed. One of the approaches he has that I like is many. Talk about criminal justice reform, talk about it as if the prosecutors are just bad guys like they have. They had this power structure, they want to keep people down, they wanna there they visceral anger against people and they're always trying to to to to personify that. He talks about it in a different way and just says the incentives are out of line. We don't need, it should be about racking up. Wins should be about justice, good conversation, Glenn Beck.
You're, listening to the Glenn Beck program, you're, not watching the show on the blaze tv, if you're, not a subscriber, you need to become one every day. Five. We we do a show and we're doing the Chalk Board, doing them in a different way, we're breaking big ideas down and then we'll do a series of for this year. This week it was deep state and the fourth episode is happening tonight at five o'clock, and you don't want to miss it. You can binge on them if you're a subscriber at the is dot com, slash tv, but this one is about the deep state and it's it's fast eating, because we hear you know it's the deep state and you think if you know the star chamber and everything else, We do have a deep state problem here in America, but it is not the star chamber kind of deep state and it's important that you know the diff choose between the two
and you know how to stop it and this one can be stopped, but it takes it. It's all of us, and I would suggest that the take all of us to vote for people that. Don't want to send photos of their junk to other people which is illuminated half the population apparently so this step in this room. I am under no impression at all that women want to see my junk now hey, even if I worried wildly in shape, I don't believe, if that women would want to see the junk. I don't. I don't know why guys keep sending pictures of their junk to people, but that's but apparently happened with Matt Lauer is he say, pictures of himself or parts of him or AC civic part of him to a woman and she kept it and then what you showed Monday night too
NBC management. So that's why it went so fast. That's why that's why they were able to fire himself out now. Are they in a light was? Did they give him an opportunity to have a lineup. Morning? I don't think that's how it works. I don't know I'm having a hard time recognized 'cause. They all look alike. That's what I don't understand is yeah. I've got the most attractive penis on earth. I don't know she's going to love it. When I send this here's a surprise there not attractive. It's not good. To look at all look alike. It's not light should be off yeah. It's just yeah. It's not a good thing. That gets an argument for darkness there. Anatomy is an argument for dark Knight really is interesting. There's nothing! We talk about. That makes me feel older, Then, when you hear these conversations about how will this person to sex a picture of their junk to this woman? Why on earth? Would you think that
yeah that's starting to lauwers older than us I use it? Is it was the sixty yeah sixty sixty two somewhere in there, and I I what I'm earth would possess you? I think it was a good idea as a multi you're, making twenty six million dollars a year. You are the most well known people in America, this a picture of your junk. What is someone in to do? No, no, you thought Martha. Stewart was dumb. Try to save sixty Greg out and yeah. He just wanted to show his junk to some yeah right out stupid. Is that so weird? And I don't I Joan, don't understand and Guys- listen victorious secret, okay, yeah! It's it's! It's really just for the guys, the girls that the women don't necessarily love it. Okay, it's for us and so there's a reason: there's not a victor's secret. They don't want to see it hello. There This theory by with Pat and when you were out yesterday kind of discuss this a little bit. I see
guys do this because they think that's what they want right. Remember, really bad penthouse a letter from back in the day started with the just. The guys would just walk over it. They'd be delivering pizza, they walk over to somebody's house. I never thought the stories were true until it happened to me right and they and they walked in like gee. You know you can to someone's house for a meeting and the unbelievably hot boss walks out in her underwear? Hey guys think that's awesome, but women, don't Think John Conyers walking out of his underwear is awesome. Is it all the guys are just try. Talking to you know Do you think this would be a positive what it is not do you think women would find that awesome with any mail? like if you're me, no bread, bread hit is you're rocking out in your underwear. Well, I could probably I mean we we were just. I was seeing a video online. It was posted of the NBC
apparently at the Olympics in Rio and Pre. Bring out trying out this guy, I think, was a tongue, and he was in the lineup and he came out easy all oiled up and glistening in his body is amazing and they're just the whole interview there just rubbing their hands all over his chest and back during the interview, there's rub to women multiple women walking up to the guy you just rubbing their hands all over his body, now this is the same organization, of course, is firing people left and right for various levels of sexual harassment. Now he doesn't seem to be a po, using it, but isn't there a power structure there? Does the guy from Tonga have the same power as NBC anchors shouldn't they put in this mate The Oracle of society that we society this power structure, our structure, I mean imagine, Tonga, you're, going to you're the guy.
From Tonga and you're, going to say something to the women of NBC and you're, going to turn NBC against Tonga. You can't turn capturing that live there. Two powerful I mean these same arguments can be made in Maine but everybody knows that guys aren't necessarily opposed to that. He didn't see it look like he was supposed to act yeah in the foot I mean, if you're can't assume, though, it does you can assume and again, even if they are. This is the standard set with Louis Ck Lucy. And who's the other one still in trouble, the other the other day, this CEO Al Frankin, in the interview from last night, where he says I intent, doesn't matter it's just a matter of what they feel about. The experience on true Louis C K said they. I never did anything that they didn't agree to, but I should have known because I was admired in a powerful comedian that they could say no to my question as well, and we wanted because they had no power of consent. No, it is interesting because Lauer has one of his accusers is similar. It goes beyond Louis CK did but
September Lauer asked it in. No, that's not that's. The right now is not the right one, so they One or two of the accusers have come forward since all of this broke and one of them claims Matt Lauer summoned her to his office for sex and she told the New York Times. She quote felt helpless. Because she didn't want to lose her job, so you did have sex with him. You're, not helpless weather felt it or not. You don't have to say yes well, hang on just long way way way way way. I'm kind of wait. It's it's really an interesting dynamic in this and we've taken away the agency from women. They are not allowed to say, like we're, not allowed to say no you're not allowed to make those decisions. If the the power structure looks the other way they. I don't really have a choice
if they want to live their job yeah if they want to keep their job if they value their job over old spirit, this experience than they do now, but if case years later. Is it okay to come forward and say he raped me? It was consensual or you at least negotiate. It was consensual, negotiated the price apparently was your job or you just assumed. You negotiated the price, I think a lot of times. That's implied. It's not even spoken. Little spoke in outwardly criminal. Then it is a huge violation, but just assuming you feeling helpless, that's not the thing is being helpless, Think I'm more of a feminist than some of these women are stronger than this we talked about this a little bit yesterday and I love to get your thoughts on this. Not sure I'm not hang on just say: I'm just pondering what what Pat said I'm not!
I do believe that's true. Now, I'm not sure that that was true five years ago, but this is why This is how I kind of we were talking about this little yesterday. If, if Tonya had a job yeah and she worked at a an organization and the most powerful man in the company, you really needed the money couldn't lose that job. The most powerful man in the company came to her and said. Look I have sex right now. Even if anything about the job and she fell starve, she felt he would be dead right and you and you, but when, if she did it you'd be pissed, him for sure, but you would also more pissed at her I'd, be more pissed. Her drive, my wife I'd be more happy like what important better than that. That's not important to me. Your job in the money is not important to me right. So it's interesting because what but the media is implying about. These cases is essentially these women are, are making a cost benefit analysis in which they're putting up there sexual lives at a lower priority, then
basement in their career, and that is a quite an accusation to make against these women. Yes, how eh we're looking at it from the side of hey, I mean pad. If I would have told you two months ago, at forty names and some of the biggest names in the the industry, in Hollywood and in Indian NEWS and entertainment. Forty of the biggest names have been fired because of sexual being sexual predators. Would you believe me know, no no way no way, so not only that we would have never thought that they would have actually gone through with it, but also I am shocked at the number of guys that are doing this. Well, the guys do you think you know Matt Lauer,
I agree with them, but I don't think he's a predator. You know I mean and he's doing this. I know he is find out. He is like Anthony Weiner. We all do yeah that that was going on because we never heard a specific rumor, but just because he was so slimy. Yes, this is too it was a car, yeah, okay, unknown. So weird we're looking at this and not having this experience at all and seeing this stuff now going. This is going on for women, especially in those industries. It been going on for a very long time sure- and you know the casting couch. It's been going on for a very long time and if there's no one up above, you know a match when Roger Ailes was the guy. And you knew that Rupert Murdoch was getting a billion dollars a year because of Roger Ailes. You think he's going to believe you, youth anything is going to matter to you know, take the money and shut up, but
again. I mean there's a level of that argument and I understand- and I agree generally speaking, but there's a level of the argument that is saying you should use you should choose the horrible. No, no, no, it's not it's a net in in in in play it just to make sure you keep your job yeah and if there's one old things than losing your job, that choice should never be presented to a woman ever it shouldn't. Obviously, but I don't know that or ma'am- but we know that it is far too often we shouldn't assume that oh well, I guess you know they didn't, have a choice they had to have sex with him like no, you don't and how many, and we talked about this yesterday, how many people were affected by someone like this? You know especially like the Weinstein stuff, you talked about the time Pat Gray unleashed. I think it was two days ago about the woman, who said I had sex with Harvey Weinstein to get this role right. So hey how many, but because she never reported at the time and never talked about it at the time. How many people,
that happened to afterwards minutes secondarily who's the woman that should have had that role in the movie that didn't get it, because this woman decided to have sex with Harvey Weinstein right Somebody else is affected there that the person that you know like when you have, when you have the celebrity, who wants to try out for the major leagues there's someone who actually deserves to try out that doesn't get the try out, but that's what they think. That's what you thinking when you're. If you are in a place the say Fox NEWS or NBC or Weinstein, where, if the guy at the top wants to have sex with you and you don't old line of women that will then you have to decide who you are and that's that's unfortunate. It's unfortunate. You know you shouldn't decide that, but What I'm concerned with is not the ones who have decided to just put up with it. I I'm,
concerned about the ones who didn't but didn't. You'll comfort, rible that they could say anything they just avoid. They got away from him and then just avoided him, but they couldn't. You know they didn't comfortable, saying anything. And so it was a hostile atmosphere. Imagine somebody do that to you and then you not being able to say anything but he's not editor towards you anymore, but you know what happened last time and you just avoid each other. Imagine the pit, that's in your stomach, the you go to work with every day: yeah, that's not right, and- and that's I mean I think, generally speaking, right over whole thing with the last few months. It's going to be a lot of really good outcomes. I think from this a lot of bad people going away a lot of
good changes in the workplace, a lot of really good things that we maybe didn't notice or understand before that are coming to light that now we can address it. Only men won't take this chance anymore yeah. Hopefully they won't stop texting my job to do this stuff. Every! Let me let me let me live in safety tip, not take a picture of your weiner. Never never! Never do it. Even if a doctor says to you right now, I will take a picture of your leaders say no, no, in fact, if they, even if it's an x, ray or whatever there's something broken down there just won't know I've got cancer in there or something it'll just fall off. Don't worry about it, not a problem, more discussion about what parts of your body should take pictures with coming up on Pat Gray, unleashed on the blaze, radio and tv network,
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