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11/3/17 - "Let them eat empanadas!" (Bill O'Reilly joins Glenn)

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Hour 1* God is indeed great!! ...When will the media ever get it?? ...Michelle Obama says men are 'entitled,' self righteous...current society is too hard on boys?...pushing girls to be perfect ...Empanada! Empanada! ...Raising children can be culturally different...The youngest babies rule...Husband vs. Wife...Tough talk (love) from caller Kevin in Tennessee… was Michelle simply addressing a niche audience?   Hour 2  The DNC is imploding right before our eyes ... ‘Take Your Country Back!’ @ www.billoreilly.com ...Hillary's super delegates bribery...Fusion GPS: Completely bogus and fabricated...getting the truth from the media ‘is impossible’...Massive media group think is under way... ‘dare to be fare’...blinded by our hatred...Kathy Griffin now says she feels 'targeted'...Americans justify everything ...Media's goal: To embarrass President Trump...The Bill O'Reilly, President Obama event that never happened?...Give tax cuts a chance ...Tax cuts purely political move ...Hint, hint, hint, SHUT UP!! Zzz?? ...Selling your soul to help get Trump elected?   Hour 3 ‘Is this the best we've got?’...Will a truly innovative tax plan ever happen? ...Dems would give us ‘innovation’ but is that what we want?...Helping real people in the middle...Corporate tax rate cuts could be huge for American workers ...Liz Warren says Hillary Clinton 'rigged' the DNC primaries? ...The Super Delegate Rule...what's it mean?...Flashback: President Reagan ...Female lawmakers allege harassment by colleges in House...5 new reports ...Wait what!? Someone harassed Sen. Barbara Boxer?? ...Has Glenn been thinking about 'Pat' while in the shower?? ...Since when is 'ogling' bad? ...Culture corrosion ...Airlines to start weighing passengers...Egg McMuffin Madness   The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio.

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Love, courage, tree Glenn back. Well, I, I think there is a. There is a real problem with the press. They don't understand why Och bar is a problem. Fact the New York Times just waited all Alack bar somehow has become stripping inextricably intertwined with terrorism. Somehow It's real meaning is far more innocent, yeah Well, it's real mealy meaning is, God is great and I tend to agree. God is great: it's free is that you said by Muslims everywhere at least five times a day during their daily prayers. I'm sure I will say it. You know when their football team turns game around caught his great or when they see a new born baby. I'll hawk bar got his great. They literally say it all the time and in most cases it's a really nice sentiment,
it's a rates of a phrase that Muslims otters so often that it really is not noteworthy exe when a radical Muslim uses before they blow themselves up or running, to a bunch of children on the street or hack somebody's head off. Remember happened earlier this week, New York Times the I killed eight people in New York City and then he said aloud MAR see the pro. Is this, isn't an isolated attack, an isolated case, the men Who carried out the attack on the french newspaper paper. Charlie have dough in twenty fifteen. Shout that while they were slaughtering people the phrase kind. Cut through the air has a british soldier was run down during the military, are around the military barracks in twenty thirteen and then he was hacked to death remit or that I'll lock bar
Now it is a shame that a handful of terrorist have hijacked such a profound, yet simple, prayer and in addition us to fear those words but dare say if There were many Christians, hacking, people to death and then saying Jesus is by Lord and Savior. You really wouldn't have a problem. You can understand why everybody would rush for the doors. If some We came in bursting into the room, and Jesus is my Lord and Savior, Muslim community has come out and condemned the New York City attack, but they have to make their loud their voice much louder, when they do is in the case with the mom who Warren the mayor of New York City several times hey, I can help you. Maybe you should look over here, because their training terrorists. You on the left need to listen, the God.
Side path, praised God is great, four running over twenty people is not the God that, I believe most Muslims prey to he. Certainly the God that I pray to Allah bar, bs, God, is great. But God doesn't want you to hack the heads off of people or run down children in the street. Any violence done in the name of God is nothing more than a twisted lie each Friday November. Third, you listening to the Glen Back programme. Jesus is my Lord and Xavier see. Nobody runs for anything because people shooting people right after you hear those words. Oh, my gosh, the press just still
doesn't get they never will they never ever will. We have a whole bunch of stuff to go through today, I went all of the audio and video that has come out this week. Just shows me I just I no longer understand the world that we live in member. I had. I remember saying this and I remember thinking a pretty bold statement. I pay area. Now, that's gonna take a lot. And I remember tell you everything You think you can trust gone everything you think you know gone breathing that you count on, will that is solid will be liquid and everything that is liquid will be solid, and you will wake up in a day where you just don't recognize the country that you live in holy cow.
How are we there. Let's see you know what I want. Start with Michelle Obama, monsieur Obama earlier this week said something about men and I'm I'm not meaning. This is a joke. I will give a prize. I will any book that I have ever written island. Describe it to you. If you can explain what the Hell- Michelle Obama is really saying here list to this end. She it's about defending men, the problem in the world today, is we. Will we love arm our boys, and we raise our girls. You know they stop. We up stuff, we love our boys and we raise our girls, ok, we'll see you don't have a son Maybe in your mind
You are missing something, but I raised my son and I love my son- raise my daughters and I love my daughter's. She didn't have a son but she did have a many people who could have been her son zero tolerance, that's true which you're right you're right now, you're right. So We love our sons. I Could she saying here? Is we just don't Do any that we don't raise our sons, we don't we don't raise them. We we re Her daughters, we just love our sun, so we just let them run wild. I think that's what she's implying? but I dont see that as reality with any one next we raise them to be strong, and sometimes we take care not to hurt men and- and I think lab, stop it we raise them to be strong. Yes,
and we take care not to hurt them. Will I take care not to hurt my daughter's too I mean I don't. I don't even understand that euins you did send your daughter too. In turn for Harvey Winston, I think it s a lessening you're right, you're right. I do take care not to hurt them, so I don't let them in turn. For our very good point, ok, you may get a bluff max in and I think we will pay for that a little bit and that's a we think as we raise and you know it you said you weren't, raising the boy here we raise at em when no you're Senora use at yours is raising the girl yeah. You just love your sons. Are I go ahead and its powerful I have strong men, but what does that strength mean? You know? Does it mean respect? Does it mean responsibility? Does it mean passion or we protecting our men too much Sorry, they sang a. So I yes, I have
I have worked harder on my son, then anything in my life. I tried to raise a strong boy, but I I have also tried to raise a respectful, decent honourable man I mean I have worked hard to make sure he understands. Don't you dare treat your sister that way? Don't you ever see to my wife your mother ever like that. And when you finally get married, you will understand how you treat women and if you don't I'm going to come to your house, I meant that I think that's part of the tradition. The definition of a strong man? Tell me: yes, your suppose: it's supposed to be respectful, it's supposed to be, and we what world, what world or you living in wearer, it's really scary, where You your point:
what do you mean you're protecting them like we protect them for how I mean I don't tell them not to behave that way. I'm sure some one in the audience who wants to win assigned book is gonna have a better idea, the gun and, by the way, to be worth more. If I don't sign it, so you can request that operate, but the idea that the problem with our society is that we essentially coddle boys too much and were too hard on girls. Is that a real thing I, and by the way it I think, the problem with society is we're not paying attention to the boys at all and all we're just now, paying attention to them as society there worthless the boys. When's. The last time you heard anyone saying anything like pay. You know what we're having a problem with boys in school and their math and there you know their testing and their graduation rates. There doing real? Well-
why? Because we're focused all on the girls, I love the focus that girls can do anything yadda yadda yadda right. But where is the message that boys you couldn't do anything to you count we ve just dismiss them. And this is a smaller point. But can you imagine someone that wasn't Michelle Obama saying the problem with our society right now? As we love our kids too much I mean that is either. She's saying We love our boys. The fact that you lie Your point is a good thing that there is not a problem with society, and I know raising our girls but you're supposed to do both to both yes most important above them and raise them a journey more left. This sir said feel, one title: Lowell entitled the boys you'll entitled, ok go ahead. Oh, you know
the inner looked self righteous sometimes, but on us hang on to the second, the boy he's feel self righteous. At times, help me out on this. I really I am not this not a bit. I really don't know the world that she is living in. I heard this the other day and I thought I don't even I dont even understand it. And everybody around there's gonna be a reality is really obvious thing. That is why I and I have no idea what she's even talking about it, may very well just be a cultural difference, and I know what the audience she was speaking. No, I knew it may be. I have no idea, but if, if that is happening in the black community? That's a real problem, and maybe it is maybe as I know that you know it's a matriarchal society, and that is one of the problems I mean. If you will I talked to the black community about problems Bill Cosby was
now bill cause me is around and a few others, these raw some reality. They re the certain medication and yet, as top of the list. What, if you remember right before any of that came forward, there were a lot of people on the left that were mad bill cause because he was saying we ve got a re, strong men and we have what where this actually having as it could be single moms, it could be mean there. Could there hot a hundred different groups, it could be, and maybe that debate was the issue there. I don't know I mean that's an interesting way of looking at it. I don't. I would think that if anything, They the typical way the differences between boys and girls, in there and the weather raised, has been talked about at least that IFOR over my entire life? Is that you're too you're too late? hard in, like you're, tougher, not boy that type of like talking to your son you're, saying Like you? Don't cry don't mean? Oh, don't dont, show emotion in power,
through. That sort of attitude is what I have always heard was the issue with raising boys. You, you tend to put too much on them too to orally and the idea that words you're coddling them is the opposite of what I thought I would only on the basis of ethnicity under complaint today. Can I tell you something problem is we coddle our children? We coddle our children. We never want them to feel pain, and I understand that, but did they but no pain. No gain too you agree with with with Michel that that we coddle our boys know you think we coddle all of our children's all of em all of them, because I would, I think we I think, when it comes to as a society when it comes to boys We ignore them or tell them the the opposite of what has always raised strong men, you know, look you
You are the man of of the house. You are the man, you are the protector. You are built differently, you are, you are stronger physically when there is problem. You need to step up. You need to know the protector of the opposite, coddling yeah! I'm! U that s as usual. We don't even teach that, though we don't teach that I mean. I think a lot of people do while I agree with you, but not society near, maybe not not society, that's very teaching their teaching women- You know you're, a stronger Europe, this Europe that you can do everything I get it right. I guess that's wonderful, but then they don't teach. That two boys they tell me boys, hey, hey, hey, be more. Like a girl. Like you said don't ever say, toughen up, come on stand back up only the biggest problem, all of us, including Michelle Obama, is that she has some gender normative standard that
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I'm gonna give you some. I know you some audio and video that they like either did they eel say. I can't believe I've. I don't even understand it, and then I'm gonna give you a couple pieces of audio that will take you back. HU, a time where you're like oh my gosh, I understand this world things have been said by by being a big people on the planet. Sweet totally made sense and made me go. How can such me and we get to those in the sector, but first I want to take you to Venezuela, where the p Le Venezuela because of socialism are literally eating their dogs and their cats literally. There is there's nothing left of Venezuela Yester, the guy who wanted to be president because he was a bus driver. He was just like you, now he's a multimillionaire. How did that happen? Besides, stealing money from the people,
Maduro. The venezuelan president was giving assent. Each go ahead and role this. He was given the speech to the people. And right in the middle of it personally looks like stolen He tells us king reaches down He takes a bite of an M Panada in the middle of his presidential speech riots. Playing you hear him talking throughout its it he's playing some other audio lucky prices, a button. They fire off. Another speech. He thinks he's not on tv anymore, so his Irving Nation is watching him and then he goes did behind the desk and pulls out a delicious meal. Can you imagine and so now everybody you saying let him eat on bananas is able in credible? How consistent is this with everything that was on the chalkboard serious this week? I wish we had it yeah I mean we had it replaced outcomes. Stevie
if you want to watch it. There's four episodes is weak. All on socialism. Venezuela has featured and in one of them, but it goes through how but it was interesting to see its anything like a Maduro but like that six months ago, people would have said or a year ago we people to set all he's a nice guy and its failing before he started being becoming President Oh my god. It's a nice guy, he's a nice guy and that's been out the case throughout the year. These turn into dictators once they get power yet eternity do Hitler, they turn into Stalin. They turn into Chavez. They turn into Maduro, but they don't start that they all the time, even in cases where the people's turned off with a best, of intentions and and we're good people by all accounts. This failed as miserably as it fails it. That's. Why that's why you know is this the series that we did at the blaze tv and you can watch it now and demand the series it we did all this week. That's why we said it was. It was the biggest lie
Socialism is nothing but a huge lie. It doesn't work, it's never worked, but it all He starts with the best intentions and the ones who get hurt are usually the ones who are on the street fighting for it. They are the first to get hurt because the the poor, decimated by it. In the end as your seeing now they are eating cat and literally eating cats and dogs, while the people up at the time there have in their panada. Glenn back. That problem the problem in the world today is we will we love arm our boys, and we raise our girls. You know
We re then, will be strong and sometimes we take care not to hurt men you don't understand. I think we we pay for that a little bit and that's a wee thing cause we raise and you know, and its power well to have strong men. But what does that strength mean? You know mean respect, does it mean responsibility? Does it mean compassion or we protecting our men too much so they feel entitled, You know the it'll look self righteous sometimes, but that's cause us to, as is is, is women and others. Yeah, you know, as we nurture men and push girls to be perfect, talk, I literally do I understand what she sang and I'm offering a
you know the copy of liars or you know that we're hindering the holiday season. You know the snow angel or or the immortal Nicholas I'll sign it. If you can explain it to me, and it makes it, I asked because I was just testing that, because I think part of this in the charm of that club is just when people are long. Are you saying so thing, like eight makes it so much more powerful it just as adds a little importance. That's on us the importance of joy. Could I law and when and and towards grab toilets and work on other acts like what you're saying you just have somebody. Next, you gotten all of a sudden. You is the listener alike. Is it just me I don't want to know how their even talking about it
you gotta. Let me go to wane in Indiana, Halloween, hello, Glenn They explain away my call you back well, here's here's my circumstances, recently retired school teacher and for the last several years I taught in the district that had a great ethnic mixing of fifty fifty black and white, and I worked and fifty six, it's so we're talking about eleven and twelve year old boys and I would find in my teaching that occurs. Some of the african american boys were completely. You know, bouncing off the furniture. Things getting attention, and I would I would talk to other teachers and say what is going on with this young man. You what's the problem and they said well, one of them. Things, we realise that in Africa, family if you have four or five children, the youngest,
male child is the the the perfect angels that a blameless holy creature and if they pull the cat's tail, isn't that cute, if they throw a baseball through the tv sets What you're gonna be a big league pitcher so when they come to school and they asked the same way there truly my experience, They simply don't understand why you are expecting a different set of behaviour from them when there used to be in that way, they received no discipline. Ok, so a kind of can relate in some regard very little it because the Tanya is from a real italian family. I mean a talk, your hands real attack from ITALY, Italian, family and the boy, is, and the relationship with their mothers is remarkable just remarkable: they can do no wrong.
And you know mom will fix it all with people and you know they make the meal, or the sons. Make. Maybe that's kind of this same thing, maybe culturally mitya. Maybe it's not just one culture by that that was my experience was at the undismayed child. Pretty much, it's the rule, the roost. Ok, that's it you're! So hang on. Why do you want a book I have also read your books, and love is one to which one you want The one you tie my wires liars, ok, good, hang onto phone will get will get we'll get it done for me. So under this constructive I hate that word I now, but I'm em it's. I think it see their appropriate use, for it has under this fund direct, essentially she's. Delivering tough talk to the african American
audience, maybe and where we don't know how gills, if that, unless we identified that, why are you I d defying as an african American today touches day? No, it's Friday, no ok, so Casey Gate, and I want to give you but to be identified that way. That's ok by me, Emmi! that might encourage utterly view. It might be a cultural difference that is not necessarily part of our cultural background and she's actually doing something similar to what Bill Cosby did right what were caused me. Try do same thing where he tried to identify things that he saw in the aggregate american unity and delivering tough, tough talk. Shell is doing the exact same thing and hunters and amend its Mannion Macaroni and Jean with pepper jungle and delicious sweets, and because then you just keep saying any writing again. It sounds credible. Sunscreens is that where is that what he was saying? I think so that's an interesting thing. I mean
if that is a real, I understood. I do understand that a little bit because of the universe experience little my experience with seeing you know how Italians deal with moms and sons, it is raising my mom was italian and I was of course the perfect child and she did not need to brush off any of my indiscretions? I didn't have any look. He got Kevin near where cuts for Meda. Does it? Have you go ahead? a dog you you're, not gonna, make it do you I'm talking to you that this is by means of the whole thing I was raised in born well with my mother, young african american guy, by outline
moved around Italians in there with the modalities and lily. Basically, they hated to the father. The powder ran the whole thing and we used to go over there and you could be Milton everything I'll get back to your thing. You listen to what Michel said what he said was it. She said we had women. That's where the point is she about with at the beginning, because when the woman is raising the sign- and I come from a mom who taught me raise me as a single parent, and all I knew where does about my mom told me that I looked at women. That's why I think I've never had a woman in my dreams because, as I always look at women, I like I'm purify, that's like. If she chooses me, I say: okay, if he chooses me, I say: ok, I don't come
at the shop boom. We were waiting Christopher, which is my steps are now he he's been heap and privilege, and now you ve got down to the world and the world where the hell with you. You need to earn this to earn that. You need to do this and now Christopher he called at the world and you look at it, as is his diamond and the welfare not more diamond cycles. That Daphne forget this, can guide. I need some help and we like do you thirty now, when I happen you anymore, while the answer, because now because Mamma, if nothing else I'm not raising you anymore. I'm not doing it. I can't do it because currently been telling me you- and you know what you're saying you stay with me. You're not to put your son went to live with me, but before then I was listening to the mother and I let her do it like you said when you said you, you said I raise a like this, I do it like that, because European, a man and lifted the african
american male doesn't have a strong mail id Europe, yes, we'll get be got five. A member has strongly figure you'd, be raised by your mother and I'm not gonna, be african american mother. Black backlash from this, but I'm saying in general, I met with a star every page made his gun. We think it like a woman timely real. I do that on my God, I'm a man- oh my god, I have each oh, my god. They matter to Mc Givney thing he's done I think that happy them a better perspective. The interesting those guys gave you ok, you got the post, I propose guys perspective was you know, there's five of them and use the baby? Well, guess what this one I'm talking about! He was the baby right at an end. Guess what he was not going? Things do television that we never told him. He was cute when you get there and you just tell me a glance at the suspected. Could you said you said when you
to your son and when I did this to my son and I'm sure, do I've had a part to play in it, but when I send it does, when it's like with african american males when their mothers gettin Bob we caught up- and I look into which he said that I love. I let my wife and she said we're gonna. Do it this way when I do this way of critics up here. What you ll be all right, but now needs a grown man. It's like honey. I don't know what to do. We're gonna, like I told you ten years ago. What to do? I told you what to do, and now it's like, I guess, you're right, you can't tell you ve been spending that you did it. You have to respect that. You did when you said Why do my funny little mother about where you just got away told his mother? The other day you weren't, my mother, I wet blanket baby boy, and we looked at him and let you know she says I together Then I'm gonna die of a demon Adam. He has no game and you re assumed that physicists
while our that's tough talk Kevin had been interesting to be a fly on the wall and your house. If your wife is listening to decide when it just a thing right now, she's actually at work, I won't say where she works, because the ata wanna get no national area and we work. If we look at the same place limits on right now, I guarantee one hundred percent. She would agree because tell me last night. He said what are we? and they do now- and I said, don't start out with me: We have to tell you, given that I have to tell you that there is a difference between what your wife said you last night and you ve got a national broadcasting today, what's wrong with you man, you gave me the way. I know I took my opportunity Kevin you want to book. The latter is, but you are liars book. Ok, hang on we'll get it autograph foreign will send it out, hang on just segregated. Thank you so much. You know I did not one a land here, but I mean this.
Is both pieces of evidence, and I think I'm kind of connecting that. I think it's true in that. Like I just to whom it was Michelle, Obama, bashing, men or Michelle Obama. I have to give it whenever the down here. I think she's delivering tough talk to her audience and that's not easy did it may be, b. I mean I didn't understand it yeah, but I leave if these two guys are right or somewhere near the neighbourhood and my do understand it and I salute her for that excess is it to do most people that there's a lot of people who don't those sorts of things. I will tell you this: what Kevin just said You know I've had three girls, so I have be daughters, and one son raising daughters and sons entirely different and its
Phasing because my daughter's will be going through something and they'll be talking, and I have absolutely no idea what the hell are even talking about no idea Abdul at every time. I get involved I'll try to give a piece of advice, and my wife will just turn her head at me like what the hell is wrong with you and I'll just shut up, and then you know The daughter will leave the room and she ll say please, thinking, I'm like I don't know, I just thought that would fix it and she's like no. You know talk to me. First, ok, I have no idea how to raise a daughter, none, my son, oh I I see him or miles away in I'm honored and my wife doesn't understand it, and Jill suit, and I will look at her. She was she'll, be like Rafe bottle just look at her. Like dont know, don't don't you're undoing everything? No, don't don't don't do that. It takes a father,
and a mother to raise a child and she's teaching my son some things that are really important and I'm teaching him things that are really important and vice versa. If you don't have both parties, I dont know how you do it. The breakdown of the family. While I hope America is hearing your gender normative standards at work. Yes, I said to you, I I hope I agree. I hope a marrow guys hearing Actually, there is another good idea here for Marianne. She says she understands Michelle Obama thing she's in a high who has malfunctioned
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Glenn back Mr Bill, O Reilly, it's coming up. Next, we are going to talk to about the terror. Terror in New York City also, there's more out on the republican tax plan, including a hidden forties Six percent tax bracket, all that. Well, that's good Yes, we're going have to pass the bill to find out what's in the bill bill, Reilly coming up? Next, Glenn Back love courage. Tree Glenn Back civil war has finally come to America.
Civil war. It is happening it's this happening in the Democratic Party and no one is paying any attention form interim Dnc, Chair John of Brazil, drop the bombshell yesterday when she revealed that the Clinton campaign, through internal corruption and unethical finances wielded near complete control over the DMZ. Oh God I'm completely shocked. What vote point things were were handed in dirty. She went to describe how the Obama campaign had left the party Bankrupt, and in shambles. Oh, my god, you would have seen that coming. I'm sorry, I just have so much to say here the Hitler campaign stepped in and began to pay off the millions in debt, but for a price, Brazil pledges that Hilary had quote the right of refusal of who would be the party communications director who would make the final decisions on all the other staff, the Dnc
so required to consult with the campaign about all other staffing budgeting data analytics and mailings. End quote: well, you ask gold rules, the world. Keep in mind Hilary and her campaign where wielding this power over the and c before she got the nomination. Brazil is saying that both Trump and Bernie Sanders were right. This Some was rigged inhalers favour. No, let's forget the fact that frequently beat Sanders by nearly four million votes at fifty five percent of the vote with twelve percent point gap, if they will be You know if that were to happen in the general election, we'd be calling it a landslide, but forget all about for a second here. Donna Brazil who tried to rig, a debate for- Hilary, our saying Hilary rigged, the primary against Bernie nodded,
did she blast Hilary. She also made critical remarks regarding Obama, claiming this campaign basically destroyed the party. What occurred the Democrats doing. The new Yorker, read an article the day before all this came out saying that there was a big divide within the party and how to move forward. There, are new leaders stepping forward amongst the Democrats and their beginning to push back against the establishment her Brazil's remarks, part of an opening salvo aimed at overturning the current leadership. There is, new democratic base growing and this information is going to severely piss them off. The new base is listening to people Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and Harris This is a socialist based. They want free healthcare Free college and high minimum wage, their sick, of the middle and they want a hard turn to the far left are.
You're going to hear anyone, call these guys radicals or extremists. No, you won't a recent poll found that nearly half of millennials in the country now prefer to live in a socialist state over a capitalist state. This quiet civil war, just went public and they winners mate, The word fundamental transformation to whole new level It's Friday November. Third, here listening to glance that programme, Mr Miller Riley, let's start right there from bill orally dot com would tell me, tell me what you think of the democratic civil war Can I be unfair. To worry
No, I'm not. I know, and I think I think everybody should email you back and say you there. I have very little Kay our guy. How am I met? How am I, how may not being fair to her because your basically saying that she bought the demo. Craig domination. She bought it. I buy taking over the finances of the Democratic National Committee. Right that's what you're saying round night no sheep. She bought the DNA C and she bottle the power that goes with it, but she still one in a landslide over Bernie well, but that that's not really germane to what's happening here. Didn't really matter if she won because I as a purse cautiously perspicacious, said on national television, sheep. Dollar super delegates before the thing even started. Yes do any of the yes right. Yes, he had
All this number delegates, have you remember how you delegates are people who show up at the convention in nominating convention, and they don't have to deny bound by any voting, it is also ever they want to this. Is there an israeli? This is by the way. The super delegate thing is the way socialist actually always work. What what the sooner elegant oil renew it was all a big. Every new and Bernie New Bird, and I learned about oil birdie, eight new who's, gonna win. He had no shod how many votes he got, because elegant we're gonna motoring we cannot now is it. That is, the fix was in before the process even started. That's how bad it That's why I'm saying are being fair deal very good because
worse than you know what I'm sorry I'll try to be fair, I'll, try to be even fairer. Next time, am I a wig. I love that she goes on the daily show Trevor whoever he is, I don't know who he is. Nobody watches to not that's Oliver's on HBO is no Oliver is Kevin or this is now forever no right. You re familiar with these things and nobody watches them. So anyway, he's sitting there. Her book, by the way, is now showing hers and and and then she says, Oh yeah! Well, we might have funneled some money, diffusion, GPS more than a million box. Ok yeah. I didn't know that, of course, but
if I had what's wrong with that its use, opposition research- you just to figure out what the charges and then we would get them. Of course we would now. This is the quite true, that when Donald Trump Junior said daddy it was a more I shouldn't lawyer, whose idiot he adored artillery Clayton, Three weeks of panic on CNN, it was like where's the news? ok Donald Trump. You you, the guy with the hair Ok, we wanted to hang him required exact thing by ten, ok, I'll, hang on, hang on, hang on, hang on hang on stuff. This is by the way. Starbucks must be doing really well in your neighbor fired up now, as a genuine out ratio. Is so here's the thing I have been saying all week. We have been talking about it all week. I
and I mean this sincerely when your watching CNN they. Are trying to say that the fusion GPS is nothing and what happened in Trump Tower is the worst crime of all, and I cannot see a difference other than one tried and failed V sir, exceeded paved lots of money for it and then tried to shop around and then gave it to the FBI and they used it queen was all about you. So we have to continue to point that all of these things- and I took all dossier- were fabricated, crap, but look ok, we saw you gland. I can me below Riley. We see the absurdity and I'm sure you're listeners due to an open, and everything else where we are in this country that the the regular person can I get the true
from the national media. Can it's impossible because they are basically in business- to promote a secular, progressive, gender and change the country. Would you agree with that? Yes, I would go get so that what The people running on way way way way: im not sure that it's in fact, I dont believe it's a coordinated effort. I do believe they We must all really truly believe the bowl crap that they are shovelling. While oh, What do I know you're, making a big mistake and stew? I want you to you now stay close to back on the asset in you say it's not a coordinated effort in the sense that it get up every morning and call each other. Yes, that's true! Yes, to do that more than a Democrat, its massive group think they all have the same teachers. They all have the same universities now more than at the back more than that it.
It's shaming its shaming, I on CNN I don't even know who they are analogies, go door tap or, I think, he's over their right or wrong by one of those guys if they were, if they were to dare go against the orthodoxy that in play with the secular, progressive movement, if they were to dare question is dead. To be fair oil? That slogan dare to be fair? Ok, there would be shunned. Ok, John ok, I do say it arise. They couldn't go out of the House Pang on shore and hang on the pressure. I believe that Jake. Tapir was doing all of those things during the Obama administration in the mainstream media. He was the only one where I should say that Garrett was also very good. There were a cup
that were really good at actually holding the feet to the fire at the White House, during the Obama administration and on CNN, the only one was Jake Tapir and I he's getting a raw deal now, because I like people who are hated by both parties. I, like that, I disagree with you. I think his hatred of Donald Trump is put him into a category where you're never gonna get a fair shake that shit. The equation, one style Tromp was elected, the Washington doorway people. We saw appalled and angry that all activity went out the window Well the answer that tax saying here like it or not, is worth a try for the for the working people of american worth a try to see. If this, would you not the account you're, never gonna, get that analysis from the left ever because, if they, if it passes it, helps so no matter what they throw. The people overboard, and
their ideology, their anti tromp ideology or hatred, dominate Jason, Would you say to me fair that, Does that going on on the right with the media, for instance, Jake Tapir this week said something our awkward and it's you know it can be a beautiful just stupid right was do but wait a minute wait a minute that came Originally that story came from info wars. Then it went too far. It was a stupid and complete neatly wrong thing, but people spread, it read with it and it's because of an unreasonable hatred of the meeting. But you don T the bigger picture here. There is a lot of hatred now on of on the right. Yes, hatred, really really hatred. Yes, are these people, who now have turn news organisations into propaganda mills so if they get anything any traction
they ran down their throats the way way way way way way way way that makes us that makes us exactly the same, it states hatred browser nude or do that do you know? No, I'm saying if, if we agree with that and tolerate it, it does I mean hatred is the problem. We can't have be blinded by our hate for the media to just lump, everybody into it, and they can't lump everything that dog drunk does because they eight him near budget. You do what moral equivalency here and it's not even close, so I would use? I would boy you about, if you have a national media? That is it, is dominated by people who want to destroy the presidency, that that pails, that pals ok to people react,
against it right, but it has nothing to do with our behaviour. Our bee, However, we must take the responsibility for our behaviour while holding up is accountable as well. We must ourselves it would with that, but the big, the big crisis its country, and it is a crisis, is that the press is now corrupt. Now I would disagree- argue that the big crisis in this country is that we have no moral underpinnings, as a society, far right and I, I agree with that, but that that's a huge big tent issue and is talking about trying to information to the folk yeah, can't even get information to the folks anymore. I can't do it well
we had a little. You are a person who tries to be fair and I think you do- and I certainly I do still I'm not so sure. But if you are a person it tries to be fair. You're gonna get your throat ripped out yeah yeah, ok by both sides, paying out just summarily from the far left. I want to pick it up. I want to pick it up there with something, if I'm stunning this week, a piece of audio I'd love to get your comments when we come back bill. Reilly from Billow Riley dot com, the furious about selling book out now, toots really yeah. None of that strengthens the killing England. I heard it out selling Hillary Clinton. Yes, I heard it from whenever one book in the country, killing England from below rightly and deliberately, dotcom you You are you're home sold on time and for the most money without all sorts of excuses. If you
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so giving away a gm, see. Canyon, pickup, truck twenty seventeen the M C tickets are a hundred dollars. Billow right how many tickets, I'm gonna put you down for uniting and I'm wearing my crew, the whole lever tone argue that, are you get here on time here? Yeah, you do. You do actually know this year, it's a cowboy theme, so you don't have to wear after wearing the other. We have a lot of cowboys among. I will. I know I know anyway. I one question before we launch into the serious you get a lot of new age, stuff, gonna, lotta, dinging and then little chime music and all that, an outrage running to wouldn't know it's just really something we we burn insincere. And there were worshipping that God with an elephant head and like human arms. So I don't even know what I mean is motif go, and so we have to. We have gone. So bill. I want you to hear something because
anybody who has been in the right knows that we are constantly under attack and they list are sponsors and people who have never sponsored the show and they track whose dropping, etc, etc. Listen to Cathy Griffin about DMZ. Listen to this. When the trunk mass came out like a chimpanzee needs report, every single one of my shows that was cancelled in real time by what was the point of that Here, if I show cancelled at the camp, is reviewed, Rebecca Jersey, it feels targeted or can, now that we know that Harleigh Stalker, targeted feels targeted bill. You know, I'm in this woman must live in Bangladesh. That's where her permanent residence must be. This has been done for how long back this Media matters our start by the cloud ends in two thousand. I believe this has been on our energy just check this out now that it hid her.
Right, you know it's a horrible disgraceful, Paul the american landscape, that corporate sponsors give in to this. The blackmail of you'll do we say and we're crazy, so solid were fair. Then we will try to get your business. I mean the best example of this. That everybody knows is a vodka trop, Nord Stream. Yes, that was so outrageous, yes, so outrageous that they threaten noised room if they didn't drop a bank of trumps clothing line. For what reason vodka troubles? Yes, what she doing helping her father and Nord Shrimps gave into it. I mean that was the end. So Kathy Griffin. You know I mean I think the woman is well forget it you just do just why just I'm sure you'll. You can think all kinds of things are so owner down me and I, like that, writing down. I just found it. I just found it so
unbelievably I don't. I don't even know if maybe self inflicted naivety where she is thinking that people aren't targeted in America. Are you kidding no look at looking like this? They evolved a trump thing or they really thank you did it to make and they did it to you that did it to me. They did it to shun Hannity. They ve done it to rush Limbaugh humming, give it a rest back in a minute. Glenn back. This is the glad that programme art bill o Reilly. You know you said earlier that you know there's an attack back on our way of life. I don't love. You saw this, but Cosmo
is now pushing incest. There's an art, All this is what it's like to fall in love with your brother, and it affects Neatly shows these this this men and women, who are brother and sister who fell love with each other, even though they were both married decided after a guy, ass of wine does sleep together. They did and he a divorce and she just now lives in an open relationship and there's no There's not a word of condemnation in the entire article bill where, where we headed and I think that's an obscure- publication. I wouldn't cause written in I mean it's magazines that were once some Oh to Americans have really almost disappeared. It's free
kind of thing now they're circulation way down, but I think the larger quite This is a theme you hit. All the time is bad. Basically were a country now, this turned in word and that what We want as individuals we can justify no matter who gets hurt, no matter what the condom. Is no matter what the repercussions for society are. We can justify everything So if we want to be a heroine attic well, we can justify that and if the family destroyed and the children get abused because I'm Andrew or alcohol. I can justify that because my a bad upbringing whenever and if I, Do something ruthless to advance my self in the marketplace: and and betray you all. I can do that because
It's me, and whatever is good for me, is good for the universe that would happen and the internet of course goes hand in hand with that, because you could always find people there. That will sympathise with you, it goes on. Member nobler than the yes Triboulet, yes through. Well, they were Marginalized extend that that they couldn't even leave their basements. These people to be stoned to death. Now on the internet. They, like clubs all over the world in a day of meat. Ups, yet at the same will happen and at the same time, look at what Kevin's but see a dropped. Kevin Spacey. Yesterday, like a hot potato, because he looks like a pedophile, and the abuses crazy, so at the same time we are really weird diametrically opposed to ourselves
It seems like nineteen, seventy four, when this happened, what was actually this week, the George, but doubtless and Paul metaphor to and engage thing that beg when I'm with the President, the Papa Dapple thing I had to get your take on how the media is reacting to the sky, who I had never heard his name until this week it didn't seem like anybody ever heard his name- and this is the key that the media is trying to make a big deal about from the president. Were he called Papadopoulos an excellent I was George have examples in oil and energy consumption. Excellent, that's their evidence that ain't never heard this guy's name wrinkles everybody in actual guy I mean and then install yes boy, but is a thirty year old guy who was any person in the campaign he want.
To be more than mad. He tried to get some kind of access to Russia and in he lied to the FBI. So that's the story now down drug deal with him, no I mean he was one of five, so called advice but I am doesn't it at that level. Another story. That means nothing that seized upon to embarrass the president, because that's that's me. You know where people down where the country down every day have something else. That's the guy is there anything to the idea that he could have been wearing a wire the past few months? And maybe no idea, and I don't do speculation. You guys know that. I don't know I don't. I don't know if I can ask you this question: if you don't do speculation, what is Obama and the Obama Foundation going to be doing they just
Foundation, they just launched the new Obama Foundation and the mission is not clear, I really do think really good things, so they can be doing ray. I did I tell you, I just sing story and I'll keep it brief, because I know you guys are tension. Spans are very short, very short black fish. I had access to Barack Obama because The brothers keepers programme, which I thought was a magnificent program that when corporate people men tor inner city youth, mostly young black men so corporations divide young black bandwidth guidance and access and and all kinds of things like a big brothers, but it's it's. It's targeted toward advancing. Young black men in and getting them motivated nuclear. I thought that was a terrific programme really fabulous programme
The president eyebrows Obama talked about it on a number of occasions. I put together a concert that would have raised probably It's a million dollars for this programme. Not gotta, go into detail, but it was really a sophisticated deal with very big names appearing to raise. You gotta brothers, keeper, the Obama Mister Wouldn't do it because I was involved- and I said I don't even want- I don't even want any. You don't even have to tell anybody that on the producer- and I put this to get I put to get a corporate sponsors, I had the venue, the White House and people to New York and meet with me. I had it was an amazing array of money that could have been rage, and I wouldn't do it because who is behind it, and you know that that said a lot to me about about block Obama.
Now we are attention spent a run on upside Cyrus. Ok, I was looking over. The top of the railways is highlighted even european food at the top of the water. Here. Tell me about tell me about tell me about taxes. What your thoughts are on the way up here? why give it a shot at all? it's not gonna, be perfect, no matter what it is nobody's not going to like thing and lobbyists are gonna, but it saying at the corporate tax cod can reinvigorate the economy. Everybody will prosper, every They will benefit. Everybody is working. I'll, give it a shot, but but you make it better, some part of its working than you go back in and make it right,
but stop with the whining- and I want this that I want that. I'm gonna wind like crazy on this one, but I did you write a twenty percent. The corporate tax rate is a great who is a great move and I totally support that any. Why cuts anything at such taxes we're in on so no that going here so how right when they realise that you say you're going to live in and taxes, so I made already stated. I know I now should move here, it's growing, but nobody complain about that. I write complain about how the republic, with control of everything, our creating a new forty six percent income tax bracket. How is that possible there? have control of everything in their starting negotiating position, is a brand new. Forty six percent tax breaks out that Bulgaria on people who are making millions of dollars they have to pay the top wade. They're not gonna, get caught in India, the bomb attacks on to it and
the things when you get it up there very, very high and is purely a political move in the US air, such air for people who are a success. Will the pay half their money to the government? It's that fair, but it's a political because there are so few of those people, but the only further for the for the wealthy people there again, how's, ok, but most Wealthy people have investments. I most more wealthy people upstart portfolios. And if this thing goes through, those that portfolios will go up, they will make money as well. But, yes, is it fair that somebody who worked hard and succeeds I don't even think that money. I don't you think, that's the point. The point is how I mean if these are defenders, if the so the ones and they come out and they start there. I mean you know, Basically we're we're, starting with you know, Joe Liebermann, that was
democratic position. This used to be the democratic position. We don't have anybody who actually believes in small government, low taxes and low low spending. Now I would say, that's right, I mean transfer of small government guy and he knows that his re election hinges. Upon working people, not wealthy people saw you you don't give all of the cuts to the working people and and and that's the way he's going to play it. So it's a purely political move. They hope the peel off a few democrats to vote for, but are we not gonna happen with shimmering, and you know that Big ACT, the cut off your head, but look I don't want it this is politics our rights bill. Thank you so much me plans had I'm gettin blue you're hitting you're getting a bullet. I you know I want to swim over near the castle with did not whatever data by Bill O Reilly. Dotcom premium membership are new model back. Do you know what the new motto is?
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Conditions do apply, Casper Dotcom, promo code back, Glenn Back gland back of who I am constantly. Constantly trying to ever been with somebody where you, where you try to give them hints I'm not interested and you restart. Would like that's interest you so how her and then you just start like you know you just start like
looking at your buttons on your shirt and they never yet it that's. Workin withstood when he starts with a staff of this is why I went on Facebook livelier and we're on Facebook line. Right now see no check it out, and I was going over all the inner workings and details of the tax plan. Would you won't? Let me get you on the air. No guy has go ahead. Good. Some of it is interesting. I'll tell you when I start looking at my buttons: ok, forty six percent tax break. It is I'm looking at my buttons, no not cut so they raise that raise the Republicans have raised the highest. Only ragged bill is wrong on on this. This isn't the Obama thing this is. Actual in addition, doesn't do a new tax bracket. Yes, it goes from thirty nine point, six to forty five point, six on the wealthiest earners now. That, of course, is bill is completely correct when he says it's totally a political move, That's something that Republicans believe I dont think Certainly they have run this ever but they're doing it because,
Now they can he's Avenue, Susan Collins and, and they can deflect Elizabeth WAR and say actually we raise the higher than Obama had. So that is why they're doing it, but it emanates incomprehensible and when you add in some of the other taxes is really about fifty percent. They, so did a lot of these little tricks because they can't stand on their part, balls and say: look. We think the government should have less money, because the left government does too much. So we want strict, how much money they have because they have too much money. Due to many things. They say that Europe, so what they saints, it is well we're gonna make. This is close to revenue neutral as possible for the way they did. That is going to tell about a lot of these advantages, but they're going to not daring to play with inflation on so, for example, of the tax brackets used to adjust with a different, type of inflation adjustment. Now this I can understand you're, looking at your buttons on the point, is I don't even know what he was saying I forgot about my button is so the point but they're going to do. Is they change the inflation calculation so that you will get into
are your tax bracket more quickly, so over time it will, looks ok now, but oh get worse and worse and worse as time goes on the same thing with the property tax deduction at that they did just that for inflation at all. So as attacks is high, over time more and more people will spend more and more of their money same thing, with the inflate the mortgage deduction. They did the exact same thing there and the child tax credit none of its adjusted for inflation, so Time goes on you'll get screwed by those things more and more and more and more in it I mean the forty, five percent. One is the one I'm really frustrated about, because I just can't believe they did it. They lied. To Stephen more about it. That's a big one, even more I mean I Stephen. More sold is sold the devil and we love we my love, I mean I I love him, but he, when you know he came out during the election and said you know, look the people are Peking and they like pop. Elizabeth Nationalism solely and get on board. I thought that was
But I was dangerous for Stephen say that stuff, sold his soul to help get elected. He helped us the tax plan and when they came out said what of this forty six percent tax bracket, he said quote. I was just in a briefing with a white house on this. They didn't mention that seems kind of bizarre to me goes on to say what a terrible idea it is and how wrong it is because it is a bit. It's only they're not going to be honest with people in their own circle, incredible, really bad, really bad back in a minute. Glenn back. Love courage, true Glenn back will we ever see a truly innovative tax plan in Amerika? I know I know no as long as the Republicans are
the Party in Power Nope no ended Democrats want with no actually the Democrats would Thus I truly inventive one for America It will look a lot like the old soviet tax plan. They'll. Take everything so. Yes, you could have that, but Republicans worthless We are now ten months into the Republicans controlling the house, the Senate and the White House Then somebody remind me which levies, legislative goals have been accomplished again. There was confirmation of the Supreme Court Domini Neil Gorse it. That was good. Go ahead, giving giving anything else the Congress has dug go at just let her it. Oh yeah you're right, you're right they botch the overhead overhaul of health care, they never got better than we are there. Really done
is it in in the Republicans in Congress are so desperate for something they can hang their hats on, because the clock is ticking on twenty seventeen and they need the win any with tax reform, quick tax reform, surely that's the ticket they ve been talking fixing our open to overly complicated tax code for years. This is a big chance. In fact, several of the candidates ran on a ten percent tax cut. I mean cutting it. Who ten percent not cutting, Ten present you remember they we're gonna, do that and they were to stop spending yeah. The spending limits are all blown, but they need. Catchy title to pass something you need something like: tax cuts and jobs ACT, wow low score for originality on that one, but it is the substance that counts: don't judge a book by its cover, the subtitle, more jobs, fairer taxes, bigger paychecks, will
well now they ve worked long time on the title and the subtitle, but Are they going to do these things? Well, the high republican Tax plan came out yesterday. It's mostly like everything else, Congress who slept together this year, real the underwhelming your eyes we'll glaze overwhelm. You read the plan and I've that I haven't Jackie to producer, who has been taking me through it all day over and over and over again until you want to hang yourself but wait until you get to the really good stuff. Will you don't ever find that? But what vague sit a really good, stuff and you'll say to yourself that's the best they can come up with and then you find out about the hidden forty six percent tax bracket that they haven't announced. That's in the tax so we are now giving but has drop said. This is the best of this is the biggest and no one has ever done. Anything like this in America, before the actual
It Woodrow Wilson and after our did this, but other at no Republican has that I know of in the press conference announcing the plan Paul Ryan, called it real relief for people in the middle and there maybe some relief? The new family credit expands the tax credit from a thousand dollars to sixteen hundred dollars per child an overall, it looks like most. Americans will pay a little less in taxes with this plan, but it really depends on several factors. So far, the only thing that jumps off the page is a potential game. Changer is reducing the corporate tax rate from thirty five to twenty percent, but That's really all Congress ever cares about ended the corporations care in Washington about you, you don't have any power, they care about the union's cause. They have power, they care about the corporations because they about you, have any real power. In fact, I contend that Republicans despise you the damage,
That's have always despised. You look at how they treat their friends. Look out, look how great they have been. The african American in the inner city right One thing that will help you is: corporate tax rate. If corporation decide to invest that money in you. And be able to invest their money in an actual products, making products better and not investing it in a runaway bogus stock market, which is probably why they will do America. Companies will compete better on the world stage, that's good. It could create more jobs, it might attract more foreign companies to set up shop in the U S but other than at the tax cuts in job ACT is about us, Inspired as the title, it's a slight improvement
nothing, innovative I'll, take it, but this is the best we ve got the only bright side is. Humor Nancy Pelosi, don't like the plan so We can always hope there met there. Maybe there's something in there that can't be all that bad, it's Friday November. Third, here listening to the Glenn Beck, You know I just looking over the news. And I just want to show you a couple in country- a couple things let's us go with a war and on Sanderson Dnc, now here's Elizabeth War- and there is a there- is a a civil war going on.
Nobody in the media is talking about it, but it is the civil war in the day and see and the socialists are taking over and you need here it. Here's Warren on centres is a test for chomp, whereas and either he's gonna succeed. Why? Bernie Sanders an Bernie Sanders representatives into this process and they're gonna say it's fair. It works. We all believe it or he's gonna fail, and I very much hope you sick. I hope for Democrats everywhere. I hope for Bernie I'll supporters are gonna succeed very quickly. Senator. Do you agree with the notion that it was rigged gas, okay, so there's that's a that's a warning shot Elizabeth Sanders saying to the establishment get the hell out of the way Bernice people need to be in. This is gonna. Fundamentally transform the Dnc and the
the media is not making a big deal out of this because they don't want to show any cracks and court Honestly, I think even more insidious if you really want to go in the dark side, if if they don't bring, it's up so many Americans will just think the Dnc is still. The Democrats are still Democrats know their becoming socialists. The socialist wing is taking over vat. Is radical in America not come? Tatoosh lists. Socialists are radical in America, now. Here's Hilary once again blaming someone else for her loss. You need to hear this pillory blame us demanding, I will say, is media guilt, You know, and they now have to face the way they covered this campaign and the fact that they didn't pay,
Attention to policies which you know I thought would be important and spend a lot of time, saying: ok, here's what we're gonna do infrastructure plan or when we do to improve the affordable care act and everything I worked on they were so totally entranced by the reality tv element of it and the entertainment value of it that I'm told and some members of the present, privately said to me: look they missed it. They missed They thought I was gonna win, so they could beat up on me without consequences, and they really stand up against a lot of the ridiculous wise and accusations against me think. Some of that is true, I mean It's not the reason why she lost she lost because she's, eight horrible candidate and hurricanes knew she was corrupt, I mean the burnt. People they knew she was corrupt. They knew it this stuff. With the d and see you know coming out in advance, they hijacked the Dnc. No,
bought it they bought and paid for it and they bought and paid for all of the super delegates and that What do you guys set up the super delegates are set up. They were so because of Ronald Reagan, when they didn't want a somebody, a usurper, to come in and be able to sway and so sway the american people. They don't trust the american people, so put in these super delegates and if you don't have the super delegates, you're not gonna win and the soup delegates are wind and dined by the establishment and they put that rule in because they saw what happened to the Republican Party with Ronald Reagan, wherein outsider, came in and just swept the nation up and there are like it cannot happen in the Dnc. They put that in to stop people like Bernie Sanders, but then they made it worse. She went in and they because Obama did exactly what we said he would do to the Democratic Party he would bankrupted. He took all Edith
He destroyed that house Gee came in and said? Ok, we'll pay for everything, but you're gonna. Do it my way and they re the election? Now it wasn't big in the votes. Put it. It was definitely the Dnc n. You could see it. The Dnc was for Hilary and not for burning and everyone thought pillar is gonna win and everyone thought everyone knows that Bernie was going to lose if he got into the general election. So I understand while that happen. However, these, points, will be more legitimate if she didn't beat him by four million votes. Yes, she beat Bernie Sanders, my four million votes. It was not a close competition. It was who is closer than it should have been by all rights, because Clinton should have been able to be Bernie Sanders and knock em out after a few states and the fact that it I've done for awhile imaginatively interest. Imagine if Hillary Clinton would have beat Donald Trump by four million votes, what they would be saying about Donald Trump supporters who liked its original action. They wouldn't it.
Illegal and would be on tv, and I got four million Spain, Ireland, will happen in the end. With the popular vote right, I mean the she won the popular vote in what they say. It's a rigged shit. We feel that big doing it anyway. I mean there's no credibility any website for millions of total. I mean it was. A million, because more than that was giving them a number hearing of it in a minute. But you know and by the way, the These two point: nine million, ok, three million votes near and then they are so rigged elections. Now, of course, and be, we played the clip on the awkward series, or is this just one coming up? I can remember a loss in Oliver Takings, but that the two clip of her talking about how she wants the electoral college dissolved, because she isn't like the fact she likes France, because France says she Joe
somebody over in France. You know she had a jug and they said hey. You know what over at our country, whoever has the most votes winds, unlike you guys, and I want the electoral college to be God, because I won this most recent election. The pot right, we didn't impact electoral college, has saved us time and time and time again and the elect Earl College allows the country to be able to stay together. It is a moderating force. It make sure that these cities don't dominate the rest of the country, that's what it's for its critical its critical, but it remains in place, but anyway so she's going off there I'm I'm! Looking at as with Warren, I'm? Looking at the Democrats going socialist, I'm looking at half population of millennials want to live in a socialist country, they don't even know what it means. All of this
tough, going on with Facebook and Russia and now Donald Trump, and that scandal and everybody in Hollywood seems to be molesting little girls are little boys. Aren't you kidneys, the country anymore. And I heard this you want to feel good. Somebody may King sense, Nicky Hayley on Cuba. When the United States abstained on this resolution. Last year. Its decision was explained by saying quote: we recognize is that the future of the island lies in the hands of the cuban people. There is a casual cruelty to that remark, for which I am profoundly sorry: the american people, have spoken. They have chosen a new president and he has chosen a new ambassador to the United Nations. As long as the cuban
We continue to be deprived of their human rights and funding our freedoms as long as the proceeds from riding with Cuba go to prop up the day. Tutorial regime responsible for denying those rights. The united state, does not fear isolation in this chamber or anywhere else, that feel like the America. You understand. Look you guys, you're bad, guys, Georgia, nine human rights, basic human rights to people. We don't need, to do with you. And we will always oppose you that that is the America I grew up in, and I understand I do not understand country we're living in Now- and I dont understand our priorities at all indicators. Great so far, and you know one thing he could say as if he were really wanted these relations to start. They wanted the trade to continue. They pay but we shouldn't have attacked all
representatives that went over there and we know for sure that's whose who's responsible. We don't know that it was the government, although we believe it's the government, but I mean it. Could it could theoretically see it being someone without wanting to go back to that show a big deal and no one in the media is covering yet really has been under cover of the native. So if you don't know these, you know attacking the hearing, essentially of all of us of our representatives have gone over their up with like lie, Odin Inaudible sounds that have damage their hearing and caused partial or, I dont, think complete deafness, but I mean major problems with hearing for these. People trying to serve their? You know under the american banner, and if you want, We wanted us to do too to treat you better or maybe I don't know not don't attack the people to come over there, maybe that
nothing more is nothing is more essential than protecting your home, but the traditional home security can be expensive, but there is a better way and I want to talk to dumping we have time to day, but I have been thinking a lot with everything that is going on is. Where at a place to where there are no secrets. You know they're no secrets I ate by yes do day as this kind of lichen and scriptures where it says you know everything will be? from the mountain tops the rope. There won't be any secrets. I mean look at what's happening right now. If you have secrets it's gone. If, if you were a come country or a company that has been really kind of abusing your privilege. It's gonna, be over for you and it's over for thee. The home security industry. I really do that. The people who have come over and charged you fifty bucks a month for security and locked you into a long term contract- and you know you
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Glenn Back This story about Kevin Spacey is getting really bad. See a dropped him, that's a talent agency. I mean Hollywood, you dropped by italian agency. That's not good! our own survival mode right now, like they're, just try and they know a scandal. Tuna come to them at some point in their doing everything they can sell. The scandals have begun now in Washington, There are three reports. Five, five five reports, What I want you to, I want you to hear about them, Number one Mary bono, former Rep from California. She said she endured increasingly suggestive comments from a fellow lawmaker but and the congressmen approached her the house floor and told her, he bethink he'd had been thinking about her in the shower she can when the man who said still she said still serves in Congress telling him
His comments were demeaning and wrong. Any backed off is that is that's it I'm not honestly! I don't wanna know well in high school now I wrote a story yesterday in the blaze. High school is now teaching that boys to give consent every ten minutes. So in the middle you saw stop ago. By way, can we could bring? We can proceed, as is still ok with you really been on a high school boys that, whether our during a second ten minutes and that one third of the case you are concerned, bummer boxer described it incident after nineteen eighties in the nineteen eighty, where a male colleagues made us is sexually suggestive, comment that he quote one to associate with the gentle lady, but as the court boxer seven- come it was met with general after she later ass. To be removed from the record
I wish to everyone and not allow teen fatty backpack limit. Now. Excuse me, gentle lady from the California. I would like to a settlement with agenda later. That is to say, I really was offended by that. You feel that had to be somebody like Robert Bird Who says I want to associate with the generally inclusive by that I mean that's, not sexual harassment, identity. There could be more to the worries. Maybe I don't know, but was saying you want to associate with the gentle lady is not if I can overrule, saw creepy old time, civil war torn barely. Even that associate, I mean, is barely even that you have to read into it to get to the you'd be old man thing, No, I just figured creepy because nobody says genital lady. Nobody says I would like to associate myself with the point Linda Sanchez, Democrat California, when I was very new income Congress in the early thirties, there was a married, more senior member who outright
opposition me, She said she would warn other new for female members about the lawmakers in question. He remains in Congress. Again like ok but its creepy. Is it sexual harassment for two is essentially ass, one to to hook up international day to associate to associate I think it s an. How do you ever go on a date right Glenn back. Bryn. You're listening to the glad Back programme? Well
glad you're. Here I would like to associate now with the gentleman whose wearing last rose Jersey. Why do you want to throw me down and have your way with me why? Where does not come from zoo yard? It you're sitting right there on the radio. One heard it it is this is this is amazing, as Pat is joining us now in his Astro Jersey, which is something that he had before. One. Yes, that's correct NEA had is only a bandwagon friend when he moved to a new city, not when they went home I'll stick with the team when they lose, I'm not adopted any of Dallas systems, The true that Austria, the cowboys I mean I like him. Ok, but I've always liked them. Ok, they're, just a favourable for people all of them. I don't that's not true. I don't think that's true, but anyway that's my position has. Finally, we ask other Q S this course you, the other day when this is what this is
You know: burn down. Congress will mention that this is not going to burn down at me, and let me tell you something are living hitting me. Let me think I'd. Let me tell you something You know- and I know there is a nasty stuff going on in Washington DC there is nasty stuff and if it if we avoid involve the binding of people in the basement of the capital and then choking the death with whips, I would not be surprised. K is nasty in Washington from everything I've ever heard. What's worse than that, from from these, these allegations are much worse than we are here in the box. Everyone again, I don't think I want. If you have children, you may want to rush your teeth after you saying over Barbara. Sure described an incident at a hearing in the nineteen eighties. Were a male colleagues. Maybe sexually suggestive comment that he quote just as bad quote.
Wanted to associate with a gentle lady end quote: Why I don't, even though I would have looked at him and said I dont think I even understand with me, and I don't think I understand I don't know. That means that certainly not sexual harassment. If she said no and then he said well, then I'm going to dissociate myself with the gentle late. Then then it's not sexual harassment. Now it's not re ivory. I mean I don't get. I dont know world we live in, I don't know. Maybe the standards are different and you know what we know where we are. A parliament is racist, not only I grant we went through a worm whole long ago. This looks like the universe we grew up in, but it is definitely not so the five that they have from being Congress. A merry bono said she endured ache. Increasing ignore restive comments from a fellow lawmaker, but when the congressmen approached her on the house floor and told her he'd been thinking about her in the shower, she can
granted the man who still she said still certain Congress telling her, the comments were demeaning and wrong and he backed off. Now I mean that's so no eight that it was the worst imposed to happen a rat right. So the right word is the word. Is I endured? if you would have said pay back off. Do that's probably begin first time, it least what we have here as soon as she said, I'm not interested in that he backed off here, if you lead Go somebody it take that is like she gonna likes. This is fine with that. We'll know you. To tell them the first time back off. Do not interested in that. Yeah and and if he backs off, he backed off then it's fine and if it doesn't then he's doing something really them doing something wrong and again, like I don't know it's, the details are important increasingly suggestive, but it does seem like this. Is the worst incident radio that once you see, I lighting where he said
I think that probably is inappropriate right, I'm include are only to a two coworker revive ever sent to you. I thought about you all. Those in the shower to thank you, John did yes, yes, it and that perhaps we haven't untainted, I mean you know, but again, like then there's a story that we have from the l a times about how the idea, is that, MRS written by a woman who sang? Are we going too far in wine? Stealing everybody say Look, you know. As a woman everybody I dated in my entire life, I've met at work to do. I want all contact all floor in all of this gone and I'm not so you know look you should be there are hints that need to be picked up unless there is a difference between. I want to associate with a gentle lady. And I was thinking about you while I was in the shower that creep, there's a difference and there is a difference between air sing it about you in the shower today. Hey do that's creepy back off, ok and
I'm taking the I'm taking the page in my car on the way to work and I'm jamming my hands down his pen like Kevin Spacey, There is a huge difference. Yes, huge for a year and MRS Lisa, this is the World tat. I mean to try to deal with the stuff. Here's a couple of other ones, Linda Sanchez, Democrat California, when I was a new member of Congress and early thirties, there's a married, more senior member who outright proposition me. She said she would warn other new fit female members about the law bickering in question. He remains in Congress again those details he asked he asked her to hook up right. And she said no theirs. The indication of him holding her career or him getting revenge theirs. Occasional fact. There's indication that she You hurt him by spreading this, you know around, and I really don't have a problem with that. Numerous guy is immoral and ease it. He would just hit on me. I don't.
A problem with that, but he backed off at least according to their use, in a brief details that we have essentially at another one, indifferent male colleague, repeatedly ogled her and at one point touched her inappropriately on the house floor, while trying to make it appear accidental Look. I know where there for the incident in what was thrown into eyes around Weren t touch her, and how did you touch her? It's just appropriately on the house floor. So again I mean that what could be really bad write him if he actually did that I mean that's could be absolutely nothing. It could be right. I mean, if she's wrong body in again and repeatedly ogled her and then touched in a properly in the housework and finally Hilda so lease hang out on the rhetoric and hang a decision that you did it heels matter because I'm right, because he constantly ogled me How many times have you have you
ought somebody was looking at you or whatever and it turns out they weren't. You know I mean I mean that the debt he matter here. It does right in that's a good example of that is. Have you seen the way making Kelly looks at me every day done out every day and on that she's telling you she's not interested, because you should say she's. Looking and former representative Hilda Sillies from California, now LOS Angeles County supervisor quote: recalls repeated unwanted harassing overtures from one lawmaker, though She D, find a name him or go into detail. I mean, I know it's hard to know anything from that really are, but I mean look if No means, no I'm no means no and when you say no, that's when the line is crossed. Couple weeks ago, the Bob wine steam situation came up where he he's the brother of Harvey here he's part RO the company- and there was
production, assistant or or one of the directors of something that he had asked out to dinner and said: no and later on. He asked her to dinner again and she said no. A lot of guys think that they're playing hard to get right. The Ets women do that. That is an enterprise's relations. You know we plate with each other. We don't know guys don't have any idea, I'm telling you women, if you believe men. There are as relevant to a fish with a bicycle yoga get that world soon, because ay. I is coming No guy. Are there not even take the chance you're not gonna, take the chance you're, not going be willing to go out on a limb. You're not you can navigate when look you We look to the culture, look at the culture. Look here, look it through the car dashings?
What message is that sending Look at that look at how culture. Is you know, building up You know strong women and women. You take control, so guy I don't know what to do any more and you don't know a view say yes, but then you can say no afterwards, three days later go, you know what I think I was rate knelt there. I'm not too I'm never going to talk to you again. Talk to women. I mean it's it's insane and in your terms, for a story about how this this is happening to a lot of women in that they are not getting the benefits of mentorship from older male coworkers. Because would you because the old and I look like I m sorry- I came to talk to you. I wouldn't want to be in the same room with you, because we get her get used of something I wouldn't so I would. I would make sure that there is always a secondary person in the room, always
if I was mentoring, a woman, I would not be alone with a woman. I knew should maybe even record. The whole thing was so that you have. The evidence is insane. I mean it's insane than anything. I think that of Roy Price, former head of Amazon Studios River, the story lost his job over a single complaint of proposition, a female executive at a blue silk defended twenty fifteen. There is no suggestion, even that price tried to retaliate for the rejection. And he lost his job while a similar story from a guy on the earlier that it he said He said he he asked the girl to dinner, She said. No, he left her alone. He was called into a jar the next day and fired. Asking a girl out- stop breeze. How many? How many raising how many office romances have happened in this building people have found their spouse in what avail yeah yeah I mean
Are we gonna? I mean summit comes to me and says: hey, they asked me out: ok, of what you say should I be excited, I said no Ok, why are you here? Because I, I you to do something about it. Why see been hassling. You before his, he asked you over and over again, and you keep saying no. How many times is that I mean I'll talk to him, but I fire. Him but a fire him. There's no policy against asking somebody out. This is nuts anyway Pat. What's on your play today over popular, Let us the at what they glad we finally got population bomb Prince William, who is the Duke of Cambridge cheapen Listenin to dad and grandpa sure, as saw my gosh Yeah sure, as is worried that the world population has become perilous, and
It's about destroy, destroy not just people, but wildlife and rain forests as well, and I'm come think about it. The as he's expecting is third child. Hey bill, maybe you might want to stop the House of Windsor. La line for awhile, because you're can, repeating to this and then, of course, all one point: six billion of us, as stews pointed out multiple times could fit on the island of Maui. They could all one point: six billion of us could fit within the city limits of LOS Angeles course the lines that doesn't it would be a little bit longer anything. You know that in and out scenario, all maybe you'd, never get over. There. Think of Disneyworld you'll, be there all by yourself, very true make it to the other side of the? Well? Not only that, but you have to run the rights as well. It's interesting, though, because I always wondered: do you think that God is surprised by the fact that we had children he's the one who told us too?
supply and replenish. The earth only until twenty seventeen, then you know best. I think I haven't planned even further beyond that ceilings more like nineteen, sixty eight you just don't you just scream Allah bar here, Mr Lehne, thanks bent pet gray unleashed government just moment, so you can get the progress by the way, and I tunes and Sun stature and on the sound cloud and all those places as well as at Pat unleashed on Twitter. I want to ask you: is the world becoming more stable or less stable now, I think any reasonable person would say less less stable, okay, so what does that mean is a myth. Eureka more stable or less stable when a mirror, becomes more stable than be good for us because, as the world goes into chaos, people will need a place of refuge and bunnies will need places of refuge,
I end we become well being. Of the nineteen thirties and fortys, but we are becoming more unstable and the hour by hour, he no, I saw a medicine. Stat, the Federal Reserve, that they are now trying to get rid and sell the. I think it's four point. Eight real billion dollars of assets that they have DAS. It's there all the crap that nobody wanted in two thousand eight four four million dollars. Are you kidding me and then what they say there, basing our money on its crap who, as for trillion dollars the FED. It's not, going to last long. It's it's this field, money thing. It doesn't work, never in the history of the world. Has it ever worked so thing?
we're gonna change and when they do, history returns to gold every single time, whilst different this time not well, you got Bitcoin, oh really, you go ahead, bank on that Berlin, orally Bang, that what happens, what happens at the power, goes out, where's you. You're sure, durable, easy to transport money all that is an insurance against calamity gold, Is you know you know not the apocalypse? The apocalypse actually means, but the greek word Apocalypse means. To reveal or uncover. I've been thinking about that. Allow hut because in many ways we are living the apocalypse every is being revealed, there are no see It's there are no lies fee money is a lie. Gold. Intrinsic value. I want you to go. Gold line now and find out of gold or silver is right for you. Do your own homework read them information to find out if it's
right for you and your family. It is as an insurance policy against a world gone mad. It is the best and it's why I have ten percent of everything that I have. I have it in gold. Goldline one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line or goldline dot com Glenn Back climb back on earth ozone hole shrivels to smallest size, since, since nineteen eighty eight driver, those gun. After learning, Mcdonald's was out of Egg Mc Muffins. Oh you ve got me forget your check luggage. The airline now is going to start weighing passengers or Archie
we'll. Just discover mysterious void, deep within the great pyramid of visa. I know you want the pyramid, but I want the ignorant muffin bastard. Ohio police. Looking for a man who drew a gun Wednesday after being told by a Mcdonald's right through worker that store was out of Egg Mc Muffins, the insight it happened at three thirty in the morning police told worker police, the worker told them the driver called her a vulgar name and then the gun on our cursing at her before speeding away, it's kind of it appointing story. Does he really had everything you needed to know just how to lie in the headline driver pulls a gun on Mcdonald's worker. Because they were out of egg make love it's that movie falling down with Michael Douglas. Do remember that yes, not People do not a huge success. However, that moment where he goes in at eleven o one a m and tries to order breakfast at the place and he pulls the God and you see this is terrible guide as a lot of terrible things throughout the movie. But that moment you re they relate to him
yeah many times. I've been wondering at violent after treatment have happened. I was imagining a supplementary, Glenn back.
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