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11/6/18 - Best of The Program - Ep #218 - Reality Show Instincts are Working? - The Future of the Democrat Party Is Here? - Code Pink to Moderate? - Starbucks All In for Beto? - Predict It Dot Org (w/ Flip Pidot)  - Here Come The Aliens? 

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The blaze radio network on demand. Welcome to the podcast. We are so glad you're here by the way election coverage on the blaze. Dot com begins tonight. Six p m, let's Tuesday night six p m, all of them skin in a way that is a little more entertaining can commiserate if things go horribly, I am the designated driver tonight. That's at six o clock The place dot com slash tv on today's Odd cast we're talking a little bit about the predictions. What the Democrats are going to learn from a loss or of win which is kind of important. Halfway through the show today, we found out NBC was reporting to Harvard scientists said, There is an alien. What could be an alien spaceship that has just come around the corner of the sun.
Two minor development in our world of geared thing that yet without that going on- and we talk about really going to depth on of these races where to these top ups go which, where they leaning, what do we expect out of tonight and one of the possibilities and we make it really is a pretty overnight. It's not one of US nights when you feel like you're going in and it's gonna be over early on. I feel like this is because you're not a questionnaire on the house's close we're not going to go tonight because of all these late. California, race is what it is all those details as well. This is today's package, the only thing came, the date of its Tuesday, don't ever since this is the ultimate day to do a commercial for brick house nutrition, actually because they have not only failed of Green
It's what I take. I've never taken the others tat he had done the dusk. That's it's that today's adopted us day. For me, there is no question about it. I will definitely be having daunted us today, because early on are probably tell a man Eight. I, when I M just, doesn't sixty anything we're until two, a m gotta have some energy we gotta get through this. We have to be able to speak coherently late into the night. Donna Dusk is at energy supplement that really helps you get through those like late afternoon times when you, when you drag and a little bit and feel the greens is more of a long term thing. Are you going to have real agreements where again, my yet as where I don't have to have a salad and I'll, have tat, broadly even habit and feel green at its Great just try it out at brick, house, Glenn, DOT, com, brick House, Glenn, Dotcom. You get fifteen percent off your first order. Recounts Glenda come promo code, Jelly and well here we are. It is election day. Today is a day we choose, and it's not really about Donald Trump, it
And I mean it is for the left, but it shouldn't be. For us this is not about Donald Trump. This is, did decide whether we're gonna capitalist nation or not? really is to me that clear gonna give you I want to give you a quick recap. If I will of the top three things, I believe the left does not want anyone talking about as we had to the poles today. We know what they want us to focus on, and that is all of the post, modernists kind of claims class war? Race WAR, gender WAR it, sir, a kind of you know made up social issue and that's what what they want us to be divided and eat ourselves over this division, that is the new left's playbook, and that is why I really truly believe that we, are looking at whether we're gonna be a capitalist country and a free country or not. This is the playbook but they had been using since a bunch of college professors came from
France, it about nineteen sixty eight minutes, in an earlier than that, with the Frankfurt school closing in Germany when the Nazis were there in moving to Colombia in the nineteen thirty's. What this is. This is a plan that has been lost in the making, but enough of that three lessons here: are the top three things they do not want us talking about number one: the economy, the EC let me the economy, the economy, it's the economy, stupid if that is true then the Democrats are gonna, have a very bad night. It's the economy, its oh secret, that I have my worries over the long term over the state, our economy, but right now. Wow wow. You are dropping your kids off to school right now, you're slipping into appalling both before heading into work and the economy is strong. The country
added two hundred and fifty thousand jobs. Last month, Smashing all expectations: you remember that during Brok Obama's period? He had to tell you how many jobs they were. What was it creates ignore member whose elated are saved. We create the doors housing with that. Was it because at no numbers to show that we were doing well. Gross domestic product to gross domestic product is up by three point. Five per and wages and salaries are finally rising over three percent customer comfort: it is now up the highest. It is Ben and nearly two decades knew it from from the FED showed that seventy four percent of the country reform reported that they are now living comfortably. That is ten saint higher than it was during Obama's second term there has, to ban the October surprise in the stock market, it is the economy, stupid number two.
Mass crime, violence to on the rise, if you listen to the left sounds like it. But the facts don't lie the new FBI Data shows that crime in this country is down across the board. In fact, this is the first time that crime has dropped in this matter since two, since Obama bomber took the oval office in two thousand, eight, the murder rate has now drop by two percent. Violent crime went down by one percent. Now, if you could just get the Democrats, condemned the violent laughed the groups like add, I think the crime rate, I go down even further, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Chip number three. Either they do not want you talking about the left, his called everybody on the right of fascist race, Vader. They keep talking about dialogue, whistles. This is contrary to american values and principles. I dont think:
they have any ground to stand on when they fail to condemn people like ETA and Louis Farrakhan, but in many cases they actually support these people. In the case of Farrakhan, the leaders of the biggest resistance, ash resistance, the social justice organizers, the women's March have time, He's too Louis Verhagen Obama now being caught talking care, taking candid photos with him, representatives Keith Ellis Andrei Carson in Indiana, Gregory Meeks in New York and our Green and Texas. They all- sin in Indiana Gregory Meeks in New York in our Green and Texas. They all have ties to Louis Eric on this issue not a guy that preaches peace. This is not a guy that says: hey, let's get together with the Jews, the is an anti semite. He is a
aging racist and a raging anti semite. He advocates violence. He was Astina ran on Sunday leading death to America, chance and many p both in the Democratic Party, standing with him recently at speeches I don't mean the the funeral a wreath of Franklin where they made all kinds of excuses why they would stand next to this man. I'm talking about is act. Tool anti semitic speeches. The left actually has ball to say anyone at all is inferior to them when it comes to american ideals. Really, there's a lot more, I could add to this list, but these three alone in a more rational time would be enough to guarantee or practically guarantee
an election day landslide, I'm not saying that these facts are comfortable for a friends on the left, but they are indisputable at the best of the best that programme today's at a you, ve got to go out and vote and let me give you a little encouragement from Lindsey Gram. They obtained what the unexpected hero in the hurricane like nightmare that have spent the last six months. Today he was on Fox and friends, and here he is with a rallying cry to guide through the storm, What's your message senator going forward. Here's what is occurring people what happened to bread, Cavanaugh that the Democrats will do anything to when they do not accept the fact. The present from one talk the caravan and growing economy and get
Our vote out I've never seen Republicans more united than I do now. I think we're gonna. But in the Senate and the house is took too close to call and the today's days has been a nightmare for Trump State democratic power. Words and worse words worth remembering. Did you see, that guy came out. And said hey by the way. I think I was the guy that Blasi Lord was talking about you see this. He just came out said was consensual, at least I thought it was. He said, But she was wearing a swimsuit, we were how's that she kind of described within walking distance its a actually the same at her friend jumped on me. And I thought we were all joking, but apparently not I mean soundings actually like it. That was in the Senate report, yet an interesting
Nobody really seems to care, and if you don't think they'll do anything to win. You got Have your head examined. The chaos of the media's prediction and outrage to forget. We forget that there the proper way to respond to this a democratic way and today Is that day, the left she made a show of their feelings, their unbridled outrage, their willing to take to the streets with fire I'm on the extreme left we have to. Remember that the democratic response, the only truly meaningful way to responds to respond, is by voting and her gang of provocateurs can interrupt a hundred more Supreme Court nomination Freedom, but they never accomplish as much as one person who votes. I am not against freedom of speech
I'm not in fact, I'm for freedom of speech. I've for your right to peacefully assemble. But what we ve seen over the past two years since the exact moment the Donald Trump was elected. Is a sorry excuse for freedom of speech is often driven by desire to do away with free speech, as we know it what's happening on. Our campuses should frightened Every single person in America left and right, I'm sorry, democratic and republican to the core. Laughed left, that's what they were. We should not equate words with violence, violence, deserves. Sometimes it's the only way that you can curb it and stop it is of violence of violent response, but then. The police, the police's job, if they ll do it anymore, hello, Portland,
This is our moment. If you want to see the world go, the way of Portland stayed home today, Don vote. Many times before, we let the democratic process run its course and the results speak for themselves? At the moment when the last threads of the game and Or if the hail Mary is going to land, I dont know what's about to happen. But whatever the result to night. Tomorrow is different. Tomorrow. The course has changed one direction or the other which ever action. That is, we need, move forward with class peace and dignity.
It's Tuesday November six. This is the government programme includes. What's amazing to me? Is the term I mean an energy Pelosi said you know, we're ready to throw a punch, we're ready oh a punch. I mean that I just think the world is is not ready for what the Democrats and when I say this, I want to make sure that people understand when I see the day the threats, I mean the Democrats in Washington that helps hold their soul to the upper left. When you have Lindisfarne sore and Keith Alison worked for Louis Farrakhan, when you have them running the Dnc and the women's March and their accepted by the mainstream media and by the main stream democratic party you have problems when we play
Louis Farrakhan just this weekend in ran. Listen. Is it not true that you have called Amerika the great facon? Well, if you believe what you say, they would not Satan be deeply involved in trying to destroy a nation that is set up on the belief Practice of submission to the will of God, so we should not be surprised to know tat you at what Satan does too ill effect. The righteous all that your elders have sacrificed will mean nothing if you do not pick up the revolution and carry it forward.
America is making it very hard for IRAN to successfully carry out its mission. But if you have the strength to persevere under these hard drive, the victory will be yours. This is on believable, and the media today is talking about Donald Trump rhetoric. This is so what you I think this is what people miss. When Donald Trump said last night he wants to He wishes. He could tone it down play that cut please and within BC. Is anything as you were back in your first almost two years, they regret that you wish on you, then you can just take back and redo. I would say tone I would
I do have a much after tone. I feel certain extent. I have no choice but may do and maybe I could have been softer from that standpoint, but I want to get things done. He said that he doesn't feel he has a choice and a lot of people don't, feel like. They have a choice. We all do, of course, but since this is the one thing that I would like Democrats to here, and I would like Republicans to hear it as well Donald Trump is a response to what the left and the media has been shovelling for the last. I don't even know twenty years at least the last ten twenty thirty years just been shovelling it and shovelling it and stoking the fight, or in stoking the vibrant, throw more coal on the fire. Here's a log they ve just been
stoking this fire and Donald Trump One, because people felt the there's! No one fighting for me now you say: well he's a demagogue he's a well that's what since this is what I warned the laughed of during the Obama administration. Don't do this, Don't you see what you're doing. Don't you see that you are decent franchising, so many people why? I do want the Republicans to hear this, because it's going to turn around as well. What do you think they're going to do now? It's easier for them to do it again since, coming from a conservative perspective,.
But I feel it is far easier for them to do it, because the left historically is the trouble in Amerika. The left, Store, ITALY has always been the ones Riots the ones that bomb, but one that kill in maim historic at least in the last hundred and fifty years, that's whose com as most of the big problems. You're, seeing it on the streets with Anna far. And that's just gonna get worse and worse and worse, because the media, fails to recognise it. You start letting some of these democratic socialists and this dates I mean I'd. I hope that I would like to talk to people from Florida. What the hell is it gone with Florida. What are you doing gingham? What are you doing?
we want to see. You want to see the effects of a dynamic Attic socialist in office will, all you have to do is look at Portland. That's what had looks like. I dont want to live in Portland and I don't know any Democrats that want to live in Portland importance, a great city, but it's no, it's I'm in your torn apart right now to contrive antiphon other groups, and you know it Florida to it, since it had some good run. Things are going so well, you have not. You're gonna, bring in a democratic socialist to be governor, the guy, who is good, nor through all the success is running in the Senate, is a slight underdog right now we have would happen. Happened to Florida. What it is going through, it doesn't make any sense what what is happening in Florida. Will you take? are the calls here will take a few of the calls at eighty, eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven b e c k by the way our coverage begins tonight on the blaze television radio network at six p dot m everybody's going to be in. We have all kinds of guess that you're
They see and hear their opinion bill. Riley's gonna be joining us sever, several p, also join us John West Virginia hello, John, I am I looked pretty close the Pittsburgh most a country No we're West Virginia is now. I think they know about less Virginias may be called doom, an in depth review Mount years! That's why I didn't come to see you in Pittsburgh because they were playing When we have somebody on the national states like Mansion were bird, it seems like people in a state will keep them in power because it empowers us throughout rather the contrary. They do come here, for I trump promptly feeling much Virginia, and there is a huge crowd, there is like a dozen protesters. There are huge for tromp, but their local fur like yeah.
The Congress now is so. If you know what my statement was earlier, that it is that there is this blue heritage there, Finally, with the unions in coal, and everything else is that act. Where did all anymore? No, it's not when Hilary in Obama was trying to kill call, it really had ended at all for ended up in it. Lingered at all. No it s not you're too good our ancient. You have mentioned before very likely, guy very person, and then you have Morrissey Command, looks like that. I, those very Dale boy. No thanks don't worry about it. I read out, although went away needed to turn ugly only because going anywhere see Joe play the rope dope and just let more see put out his ad and then it
night. Our he came out with his ad com. More see a carpetbagger, and that he was a lobbyist for opium. Eight, which is a huge problem in the state, and I think it fascinating, because I know family members that are a diver tempest. We're going to vote for more see another switching back. There Ben John! Thank you. So much for your phone call from West Virginia I'd like to hear from Missouri I'd like to hear from Arizona oh, is make Sally mixed Sally is, is, is its dialogues? Cinema cinema is left for a smaller deem. It should remind you of how what in the movies Cinema is damn near insane, while here, she the thing she said about Arizona, but also easy? I wouldn't bother me last, I mean she's trying to may be trying to be funny or whatever I can deal with that but I couldn't deal with is her being the about it. We know aunt. Do
show the nine eleven truth. Her and you know, being essentially code pink level activist, Now it is now a matter of course that was in her known. You know this is the best that the Glen Back Programme and we really want to thank you for listening a home title lock. This is the company that Stu, I think, found now a few months back and an end. You know it and then you know, when called the number and in and in signed up for the service came in and said you have to hear this, they became sponsors of his, and they did this, They want me, you can lose your house overnight and you can't believe, how easy it is for someone
steal your your home title. I know I just as they did it to us. They getting his showed us these documents here the documents we would need to do to take your title and we could do it right now. We want to obvious you think they're not a permanent, they do know how easy it is and they can protect you from just for many a day its home title locked our common place to go now. If you have it property or elderly relative the owner home dismay of art, happened to you, you want to make sure that that is not the case on Twitter. De Comic one hundred dollars scan free. Do this for your family. Do this for Europe, your parents, if they still have a home title locked dot com? Do it now projected people there Arizona only for a second about cinema, this woman who is is running? Who is a hard core leftist? I mean she is a code pink leftist. It's it's incredible to me that people are listening to her now.
It's it's working for her because she sang out Lena what I yes, I used to be rack, but I'm not anymore. I'm not. I think immigration is our biggest problem and we ve got to stop these. Excuse me what A hard core leftist, a code pink activist she's moderating to be able to get in same thing. The democratic party is doing hey. We have a big tent if your pro she'll, easier pro life. That's fine, you're! Welcome, no you're, not no you're, not you're! Welcome to day by as soon as the elections over you're not welcome. Now Let me let me show you the difference between her and and I'll drum, Donald Trump, I problem with Donald Trump at the beginning on his policies was, I didn't believe he would do any of this stuff I You know he was a New York, Liberal and ITALY. His life the whole time here. No, no I've changed. I didn't
If he had changed, I changed well. He has obviously changed and he's do almost everything as a conservative, with an exception of, is that he has a long record of, and he said he was going to do anyway, which was the tariffs but everything else he starting to release de starting to be The present very came in office being the president. He said he would be. I thought when he said a few years ago, you know at the Republicans or stupid I'll, just run as a democrat But I gonna run as it as a Republican because it just stupid. He said something like that He didn't say that now has been passed around for a while Bulgaria. He certainly get bounced back and forth between the party right Ray. I so, but might my thought on this is his problem was not with the republican people his from was alive
party and the party is all over the map and stupid and. He is connected with the people, the conservative american way of the people that I think perhaps always been him and the people when he said last night. You know I didn't do this. We did this together. This is both of us. I believe that from him cinema is, is John, moderating her her position to become elected. You you know go from a code pink activist to a moderate don't, and if so I want to hear that story and if so, how come put code pink is not out against her parents, an interesting point diamond you know That more is so overtly terrible. She is just so overtly against in o the typical,
Wade Think of Arizona mirrors and has been a red state for a while. You know it is its maverick elements, as is generally known, just like to point out about himself, but it was a situation where this should not be here. I think you're gonna do very well with a hard left candidate. Get a good example of this is the governor race, which is the same situation and very hard right. Candidate hard left candidate has no chance of winning just exactly Three should look so I want to show you what I think the Democrat excuse me, but what the Democrats are going to learn skimming what there to learn from tonight's election, because let me probably is going to win and theirs he is called people like very, very close he's got his fate used. The favourite right right, Baddow is going to do better than anyone in Texas should have done, and I'll tell you what this is going to teach the Democrats
and you should be wary of it, but you should definitely be aware. This is the best of Limburg Programme let me go. Do Tracy, who just left a Starbucks here in Texas, Tracy, the morning Glenn Unhappy Election day. Thank you. I was born and raised in Mount Vernon, scattered counties. I just wanted to add and ensure that current and see draw bully high twenty ways I'd let them access now. Thirty years, I'm a former ice agent and I was in my local Starbucks and Grand prairie.
Morning, and there was a lady in there that was wearing. She was full of Beto O'Rourke buttons. She was passing out stickers and I guess trying to get people to take him to vote if she had a computer and she practically crampy stickers down my throat, and so I can Starbucks corporate shortly after that about an hour ago and see if they had approved your sanction this and they said that they could even comment that each store manager set their own policies, and so I asked well what, if someone wanted to the coup? Cooks, clan rally? Would they be ok with that any said? Yes, I just don't think they should be endorsing a cat, aid or forcing that on their customers, its carbon of voted early. I voted for crews and I would be saying the same thing if they were in their passing out TED crews bumper sticker. Well, I will tell you this. I will tell you this. I doubt that's what Starbucks would do, of course, because we know that they shut therein our place down when somebody aided by the rules of the local Starbuck. So it's absolutely not true. However,
that's what Starbucks wants to do and say then you but with your feet, go get your coffee someplace else I mean I I wouldn't I wouldn't like it if they were doing it for crews in Trump and everybody else. I dont want politics. I dont want politics with my coffee. I don't I dont want peace, takes in my entire life. Might like it, whereas getting my pilot it's from political. Joe or from a political meeting or at the pool. When I'm going there to actually vote. Not for not not. In every aspect of my life thanks Tracy appreciate it. That's crazy, isn't it We have, I have law had this theory that it s actually not mine, it's DARPA Darpa. Into a lot of trouble right after two thousand one, because they said we should do a predicted market. A predictive market for terror attacks.
And we'll have all of the terrorist organization? Not terrorist organisations are all the anti terrorist organisations around the world actually put money in to a predictive market and say we ve, This is where it's gonna go. This is the next terrorist strike and they thought that was the best way to protect it, and I think they were right because of political correctness, we didn't do it, but I think it was right. Pulling is very, very difficult now the Poles got it pretty correct last time There is certainly some state level errors that national poles were very close. Actually, when you go look back and look at them, and people were full by that, because there looking at the Electoral College, which is something the pole wasn't exactly trying to predict by re. Obviously, Donald Trump won the election, and most people didn't expect that, in fact, I remember you could you could make five over five times, your money, betting, on Donald Trump, on election day. Well, like midday was like em
Two or three o clock, checking that it was at five point five to one you could have made elections I don't either. It was even wrong, then it in, and that was yet and that now that was I come. You know one of these like off shore, like no gambling sites predict it is, it is a website that, different than that, it's it's trying to to get data about and kind of test. Your theory, I think, is what they're doing. The fascinating site and flip Adele was with us he's from predicted dot. Org predicted, DOT, Org and on election day, I'm sure it's one of the busiest days for you flip what he seen so far. Yes, I think so. May it is it's a busy day on the site was to be there higher volume day since Elect They twenty sixteen might even my didn't surpass that well thing here, we ve got nearly two hundred markets up by just tied to today's contests. You can look at the young, the traders are
and invest in outcomes for every Senate raise most of their close house races, the ultimate that number of feed controlled by each party in each chamber and say, can really get it not only option financially driven and therefore one might expect more honest expectation of what's gonna happen. Really looked down at a very, very granular level and even see which, which raises what could be the closest we're. Gonna come down to the wire and and gonna make your own determinations about about what the real new balance of power. Look like tomorrow and then, if you have a strong visa suit, you can even earn some money doing so so flip Are you close enough to these numbers to be able to say that here, though, here are the ones that disagree with the poles. Yes, in a few cases
can an aggravating from producer to cross over centuries? It looks like traders expect the most likely scenario to be Republicans. Picking up one or possibly to net feeds so picking up in Missouri in Indiana, which in other statisticians you're calling slightly in favour of the Democrats. Where's, the traders are saying the see two problems managed to pick up those two others to see them, but is only Nevada which gives them there plus one another, some possibility of picking up a high. Also, that's that's a little bit of data for the reach, but overall the traders and giving let's see about a thirteen percent chance that that the Democrats do manage to capture the the Senate interesting. We they give still well over thirty percent chance, the Republicans
we managed to keep the house was by the fact that the experts prognosticated have been dwindling there, their chances on than that come down to the now single digital or low double digit, so with your real divergence here in terms of what people who are putting the money on the line expect their still calling for the house to go to the Democrats spite by nowhere near the margins that done that the poles and pundits. We are saying, on the other. Those locked up or still does appear to be very much and contention worse than the Senate does appear to be more of the immortal a company for the republic of the holder, even slightly expand, the majority. Will you see in Arizona Arizona were curly traders are given fifty eight percent chance Republicans when there the situation is a noble races like that, because I noticed that in Arizona theirs and there's a couple of others where the the day,
experts say it's it's a slight favorite for the Democrats and pride. It seems to think there's a slight favorite for the Republicans. Is that is there a pattern to that ours is? There are other more republicans on the site. What do you think There is a moment of a pattern there ever simply more say in Missouri the extra saying your Democrats have a slight advantage or actually were asleep, got that a more like sixty forty against mechanical, and the same thing in Indiana warming up we about closer to a jump ball, but but TAT Braun, slightly favoured over Donnelly which again set out, which is at odds with what the experts are saying. So this might have something to do with the fact that you know if you look at the store, Clearly, the appalling error, in particular on mid terms, does tend to favour Democrats by a couple of points so to the extent that the Pandit tree is informed by the polling. Despite the fact
There is a little bit of a systemic, appalling error. Favouring democrats entwine, sixteen as well knows is yet to be seen whether that that affect still exists trader seem to be suggesting that they believe there is still some measure of a systemic programme. Chronic pulling edge that'll be washed out? on an election, they entered the office slightly better net republican results and, of course, with with closely It has been said here that one or two points of systemic appalling error can make the difference when it comes to who gets the gavel and it is pointing. Are there more republicans on predicted that actually shouldn't be a problem? Should it his people are, are not voting for what they want to. Ben there. There actually their acts we putting their money down on the table for what they think is going to happen. Rights are inferior right the date, presumably ones.
One centre without way there their political bias, but what we ve actually found, interestingly, that dumb, because we looked a while back to see a democratic republicans its do better in terms of their returns on on protected, we found that between Republicans and Democrats may actually perform roughly evenly. So to that extent people camp it up check out political political basis. Even when the money is online, it should at least come on the wash to some extent, work one sides biases outweigh the others. We found, however, that really, interestingly, parents or or on affiliated, did better that both Republicans and Democrats, who does suggest that there is some some unmovable political, biased year, pure trading activity, even even when you should be able to do to separate the two in making decisions that have been affected financially
we did find that those independence were somewhat anecdotally. This is early on and in this I will end this analysis, but but the elites showed that the by and large independence tended to jail perform partisans there was mildly, so fleet. By I'm fascinated with things that I'm a vastly with creative destruction, and I think you have the way of a decision of the creative destruction for poles, as are taken now, as are getting harder and harder to take, and but I'm not sure you can trust people, although there not is wrong, as everybody thinks they are. I was fascinated with with dark, as idea dear dear remember that when they came out run after Natalie copy a pity. I, the total information awareness, programme, and I agree with. I think that the idea is a good one, that if there is, if there's desperate information out their spread across the world, if you consent the size of that information together in a protective market, you gotta get better or at least a different
intelligent signal that, hopefully, you can make a useful decisions based on their concerns, and somewhere about the Optics Albert, I think some were also based on the other room, so the time about various middle eastern, I entities shorting arab airline stocks, and things like that before they were for the events took place. I think there is some concern to that. If there is a mechanism, out there, by which someone could directly I feel it on and make money from terrorism I thought it might actually introduced and then have to take a position and then causally about to happen. So. But you guys you're not doing this. This is that this is not a gambling, so I mean, even though it kind of is, you're, putting your money down the table in your playing the odd, but what you're trying to to do. Who and to learn it
so we're trying to learn as much as possible both about how how productive markets function. What makes them liquid, what makes them correct especially what what factors make such markets more correct, then than the best signals that are currently out. There were then penetrated statisticians in appalling Just trying to understand the the the market dynamics of how crowds aggregate and sent the size their collective wisdom into a single price. Ignore an end to the extent that actually useful and an action whereby those who consume the data so predicted has has research partnerships that, up with dozens of of university, said that active become through in and try and analyze the stated to see if they do you'll get a deal better protection than. If so you have. You can say anything interesting about which kinds of markets tended
better than others that, at the current, using out those hidden, hidden insights that might be scattered and all these, these desperate information sources as because that does that motive right. This that's why it's sort of legal right like it think it would. People would think that this is some light offshore thing. It's not, are you guys, actually get approval from the government to do this. Rent. God is correct to see if they see that that regulates side the other kind of markets generally issued no no action relief to protected and the sponsoring firstly behind it, the so. Basically, if you, if you do this with a predominant, because being on generating that kind of use for scientific research data, and if you can on yourself to be within certain limitations. To do with the other side, the mesh size of position you can have When I get the market or the total number of participants in a given market, that sort a keep it to be a problem, we academic exercise, then they offer them.
Relieved to say we're not going to three years You're, gambling or or trading unregulated derivatives are or anything like that solicit sets its that approach. That provides those those protections. For the site and for the users and actually do keep it later. This is the best of it went back programme I am sure this is nothing I feel a little like Orson Welles and nineteen twenty nine with a war of the worlds, but this is coming from NBC News and Harvard researchers, so and to say mysterious object may be an alien spacecraft harm Harvard researchers have raised the possibility that this is a probe said, by some alien race scientists have been
puzzling over the old one oh Mamma something ever since the mysterious space object was observed, tumbling pass, the sun in late. Twenty seventeen have even heard of this. This is me and scientists winter, about this? For a while, there is major, like everybody's document. Talking no nobody's been talking about it. We ve been talking about stupid tweets. Given its high speed and it's unusual trajectory the reddish stadium size. Whatever it is, had come really come from outside our solar system, but its flat. Elongated shape and the way it accelerated on its way through the solar system set it apart from ventral, asteroids and comments. It kind of Stu thinks it looks like a stick, I think we're just seeing the side, and it looks to me like the millennial millennium, Falcon
how a pair of Harvard researchers are raising the possibility that it is an alien spacecraft, as they say in a paper published over twelve than the astrophysical journal letters. The object quote to be fully operational. As a probe sent, intentionally to earth vicinity by an alien civilization researchers are not claiming out right. That aliens sent this, but after careful mathematical analysis of the way the interstellar object sped up as it shot pass the sun. They say it could be a space have pushed through space by light falling on its surface or a eight sale of artificial origin. They I've no gas on who might have sent it to us they said this crazy they said. No, should blindly accept this hypothesis,
when there is also a more mundane explanation, namely the comment or an asteroid from afar yeah. I would say that In science, we must ask ourselves: where is the evidence, not, whereas the active evidence. So I can fitted in a hypothesis that I like so those are two arguments that against it, but apparently it's I mean what else accelerates the mean. What else would accelerate? I asked rates, don't I would assume this is why Harvard saying it might be an alien spacecraft, front yeah if no other solution, but it means that is, of course not proof, but it is interesting. I mean you get. Not just some guy saying it? It's not just someone on some can in an Alex Jones saying he thinks it's this is this Harvard saying it? I think it might be an alien, really bizarre. Isn't it
very strange and we don't know we don't know any of these candidates. Positions on the upcoming alien are really no Donald Trump. It's gotta be against it or for it, which ever that left decides. Therefore, he's gotta be others nine, it's wrong in racist, no matter which side it is, it will be wrong and re see didn't like great little green men now, because it is let them coming here now they come with with vaporize guns and he We should probably stop the vaporize it and they would just attack doll draw. We shouldn't be building walls, we should be building bridges, the theatre, shooting our people with waste should be building low, vaporized guns to give into the we ve been so bad This planet we deserve. Be vaporized. I honestly what asked the alien affected return with them all mine. We please just leave here. This isn't working. We tried it. It was now we had IRAN. We had a hundred years. Now man not rule himself. Let's try an alien race, maybe
can maybe they can rule, and I for one, welcome our new alien overlords, yank they're gonna be fantastic and their commitment is I've been saying for years the only thing that could happen. That would make this more crazy, and think anybody would blink if all of a sudden, an alien spacecraft, a beard above earth- and here story of humanity that even say an alien spacecraft, Mehevi above earth it and no one iota. What what's happening: integration district. Twenty one amazing like us, the blaze radio network on demand,
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