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1/18/18 - 'Miracles have happened' (Moshe Vardi joins Glenn)

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Hour 1  ‘Miracles have happened’?...Apple to hire 20,000 Americans?...job creation, tech investments = a better economy... ‘Good Trump’ vs. ‘Bad Trump’…President Trump seems to be getting things done ...Hypocrisy on high: Democrats + DACA = Maddening…flashback to the infamous government shutdown… Glenn has some thoughts on ‘nonessential’ gov’t jobs ...The Eagles ‘Are America’? ...The media is stuck in 1972 ...the bitcoin bounce?...how are the Winklevoss twins involved in this? Stu explains   Hour 2  SCOTUS case is huge for free speech… Free abortions for all?...New California law requires pro-life clinics to promote 'free' abortions...Pro-life nonprofits to the rescue...saving babies from being murdered...things people don't want to think about ...Glenn issues a 'Don Imus Death Watch'?...he’d love to give the Don Imus eulogy ...Do gentlemen exist anymore?...Empowered to Helpless ...Voters say no to Oprah...testing a new campaign slogan?...Joe Biden = Cockroach...he just won't go away    Hour 3  Movies vs. Real Life?...Chinese spying threat grows ...Technology Regulations & Social Responsibility with Professor Moshe Vardi...the ghosts of automation's past?...Has life really changed that much in the last 20 years?...Automation of driving is going to be a very 'big thing,' but at a price. How will we cope? ...Only Democrats can prevent a government shutdown this time around… if only this argument about the budget were actually about the budget The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand. Love courage. Truth, Glenn Beck are in conflict today, an it is conflict that I think every American should be struggling with here it is. Yesterday, announcement from Apple almost hard to believe, but then again, it's hard to believe anything anymore. Yesterday, TIM Cook, CEO of Apple, confirmed that the technology giant is pledge. Spend three hundred and fifty billion dollars in new you, east investments over the next five years. Some, that money- they are just repatriating from overseas holdings and from there you s reserves, an expected income
three hundred and fifty billion dollar investment in the United States over the next five years. New manufacturing are D, new partnerships, new products, new stores, three hundred and fifty billion now let me put that in context. Sitting at twelve eight seven degrees latitude, one hundred and twenty one point: seven degrees, longitude. It's it's a little island. We know it as the nation of the Philippines, It's a lovely nation, it's filled with a hundred million lovely people and last year, their GDP three hundred and thirty billion dollars. So what apple is promised is to spend more. In the entire economy of the Philippines. That.
Is astonishing. It's also Israel at three forty billion dollars. Or than Hong Kong, more than Malaysia, more than Denmark, more than Africa, more than in Colombia in fact, there Only thirty nations on earth who will generate more in total gdp next year than apple is going to invest in the United States of America wow, let put that into context full isn't alone. There really joining a growing chorus of companies who are now planning massive new investments in the United States building new manufacturing plants, new capital, investments, new hires call centers technology TEAMS Service Department's. What does that mean? For us? It means jobs, it means new technology It means a booming economy, it mean
growing communities. Since November of twenty sixteen eighty, major US corporations have announced plans to read, e, create overseas monies back to the United States, something that program has been calling for and say could happen and warns against, because there's so much money overseas, that it could actually cause us inflation. If it comes pouring back fast. But the Obama administration would have nothing to do with it it, pay dividends to investors? It would build fat, Trees by new equipment and hire people across those eighty companies? We are now well over one point: three trillion dollars in new planned investment here in the United States of America, and that doesn't count the 10s of thousands of small business owners, so
if you listen to my show last Friday, I was really upset the whole crap hole fiasco at the White House- and I raged against our president- I expressed great frustration about him. So here's my conflict. Trump pour in on a platform where he claimed to be a deal maker. Uh,. Not in the way that I expected it to happen, but yeah when comes to the economy. It looks like key, is coming through when he said, I've got to be good for Wall Street and main street so far he has proven true. He said he would. As a tax plan, trillions of dollars would come from the USA from offshore tax havens. Yep. He
that companies would hire more build more pay employees bonuses, the minimum wage you wouldn't have to worry about, regulating, because companies would start to raise that themselves. Yep. From days to must cook to diamond we're now learning. All of that is true, it's all happening. So here's what we're left with we have a good drop we have a good trump and we have a not so good trump. We have a bad rap. The good trump talks about getting things done. And he gets things done, he paints a vision of this what's going to happen and we all know through comment sections in it a lot of us. Through common sense. That's how Economy works, and he somehow or another still without without the help of his own party. It's still happening good good.
And then we have the bad trump, the one that gets really frustrated in discussions. He makes verbal attacks he is insensitive, it's unproductive, and it's it's embarrassing. So what do we do?. Well, the man is who he is he's both those things he's. President of the United States and he some things that I really admire and he does some things. I'm really embarrassed by. I guess what we have to do is stop leaving the lie that we have to buy into everything. Anyone on our side does it's. Okay, eight to say I really disagree with him here, but look at this. This way we're supposed to treat our leaders. It's So the way we're supposed to treat one another.
And the evidence is really clear, at least when it comes to the economy. Miracles have happened in the Twelve months, it's Thursday January 18th. This is the Glenn Beck program. Here's here's the problem, The problem is everybody switches sides when you don't have to, we don't have to you. Just you just be consistent, just be consistent for in since I thought it was okay to shut down the government against Obamacare, because we believed in something the Democrats course didn't think that was right. They thought that was going to hurt a lot of people that was going to that people were going to If they were going to lose their houses, they they wouldn't,
to get their medicine. It's it's going will lose all credibility in the world because we're to start defaulting on loans? You remember this and but an evil guy TED Cruz was even though TED Cruz didn't have the ability to it down. It was the house, not the Senate, but he the most evil guy- and it was these reckless insensitive. Uncaring, brutes that just Look at it upon themselves to hold all of America hostage now I see it. That way, I thought it was a smart move and the government does. Actually shut down it. It only shuts down non essential, all services and non essential people. Employees
old. My point of view is: if your not essential, you should never get brought back on. Okay with the exception of the military, because everybody of the sergeants and everybody below that they don't get paid so you pass a bill, so the military continues to still operate. You make sure that you know, if there's anything in Department of Homeland Security, there's anything with medical that that is can care of, but everything else, nope you're not essential, but bye. Oh, my gosh. If I said that- and I did when TED Cruz standing up and saying yeah the government shutdowns, not so bad. It's a pretty the place to be today because, I can be completely consistent now, if you are a Democrat, Oh my. What kind of how exhausting is your life
we went back and we've compiled what the Democrats said then and what they're saying now and when you hear what Chuck Schumer said then, and what Chuck Schumer said now, holy cow meant, gymnastics. This is the gold medal- for mental gymnastics? Listen,
The crowds are saying they will not vote to fund the government at the end of this week, unless Republicans embrace a bipartisan solution for the so called still can't say with any certainty that a government shutdown will be avoided. Senator Cruz may have landed in the record books with that long. I'm not leaving any american behind I'm not available on something that isn't part of this deal when a part of this package, even those who don't like Obamacare, say it would be better for them to deal with this in the normal course, like that's going to give up and agree to a short term continuing resolution, how are you I think I speak for the vast majority of members of the democratic forces aka desert these young? You have a handful of white extremists for trying to one. No, with the election results of a year ago, we are going to do. What we want to do is to accept a spending deal without a fix to protect dreamers. If you have already said their answer, is no shut down is continuing to harm our country, our reputation, it is a needless manufactured self imposed. One is that we had for a government shutdown. What we have got to do, it seems is the past the dreamers legislation. It never occurred to me to bring down the United States government in cause pain for millions of workers all because I can't get my way any bill that funds. The government must also include a fix for doctor. This is playing with fire. We could do the same thing on immigration. We believe strongly in immigration reform. We can say we're shutting down the government we're not going to raise the debt ceiling until you pass immigration reform. It would be governmental k on January nineteenth in order to avert a partial government shutdown.
But this is going to come down to is Daca on the issue of immigration. At least Democrats are saying that they are united in their opposition. They have problems with that bill. We will be happy to sit down and talk to them about a reasonable approach to do it, but we're not going to do it with a gun to their heads of the american people fail to include it in the continuing resolution. There are many of us who will be troubled by that will take appropriate response. For goodness sakes, this is irresponsible, and it's reckless why'd, as this senator or the tea party Republicans think they can pick and choose the priorities of the american government wow and the russian judge gives them a ten. It's incomprehensible, how those are the same people I mean I'm sure she'll bring me one yeah. He said we. We could do this with with immigration, but we wouldn't it would be reckless uh chuck
right now he actually gave the hypothetical of what his his future behavior would be and called it ridiculous, and then he would never do it and then here he is doing it. That's uh Durbin. What is really good as well. In there I mean that old woman's. All of them are good. The party sanders hi. How are you know how these people can just hi, Jack and and and what they're trying to do is trying to reverse the election from a year ago, hello yeah, that's amazing. It really is and we'll have that posted at the the blaze dot com and will tweeted out. We just finished it a few minutes ago and and I'll get to the place right away. So you can see it because it's great you gotta get You have to send that everywhere because when you look at it you know what Bui can we can. We have just add one thing, then now then
Wow, so the people who aren't really paying attention? No, this was then this is now I mean look these words. Don't mean anything when they come out of these people's mouths. Don't mean anything. They don't it's seems so tiring said an argument there don't believe either side of it. You know I mean I is like look at what cruise back in two thousand and thirteen he wanted to defund uh Obama care. There was a bunch of things that we're going down that when he was doing that. He believed he had leverage because of the government shutdown because of the debt ceiling and try to get something done that he believed was important right. That was what he was doing in twenty thirteen, what the Democrats are doing now. Does that mean that is understandable by both sides in both situations. You are a minority party. You have power to get these things done on your own, so you
lose what little power you have, which is leverage right as a big. Deadline that everyone needs knows, needs to get done, and you say give me a couple of things and then I'll vote for you doc. The thing that he went for either going for here a big law in term goal of Democrats. This is not a republican priority. This is a big long term goal of Democrats they're trying to get done at the very end here, because The only way they have a chance of getting anything done when the Republicans control the other side. It's the same thing that cruise was do with the exception of at least Obama CARE, had something to do with the budget. Yes like this is just completely unconstitutional yeah exactly so. We thought at the time before jive still believe I still too, but but the point is at least it was related in some ways to the blood was about spending money. This is they just aggressive. What this for a long time and remember, they didn't even get it until the second term of
Barack Obama that even get at the beginning of Brock Obama. When they had it, he wanted bring it in an unconstitutional way, as I believe, and here they are dim sending Republicans pass something that every Republican, including the president has argued, is under, it usually should not happen. And they're holding that over the heads of uh of the Republicans on a government shutdown issue. It's worse. Cruise was doing in many ways, and I have to tell you if we give on this were worthless, we're absolutely worthless rip. Likins do not blink. I are we for small government or not what part of non essential services? Don't we understand seriously non essential. Services you think, These people are both both the left and the right. All we couldn't cut all my gosh. Give me the budget for two weeks. Give it to me
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then back mercury. Glenn Beck now in the media wonders, The media wonders why it has no credibility. Well, did you hear the cuts He played a few minutes ago. Have you seen those anyplace else because they have video available to them. If we did- he certainly do in their archives and they don't find it important as a is a credible source to say You know Senator Schumer here you are laying out this very scenario that you're doing now
a few years ago, and you said it would be ridiculous to do that, what Your well. How do you respond to that now, Sir right, and what did you he'd find? Some distinction between the two situations are, of course, there are several. I mean, there's several minor distinctions between the issues, but it the point is that he didn't mean it then, and it doesn't mean it now, so the the the the thing is with the media is into it there. There are two kinds of sins: there's the sin of commission when I was in although I did it and then there's the sin of omission and many times the media is guilty of the second, and why Why would they be guilty of this? You could make many arguments. They don't like Donald Trump. They don't like Republicans, there's a million arguments to make. I honestly think the situation is to them. They didn't want Obama care to go away and they do want Daca.
They don't understand why anyone would make these things into peril. Yes, because that's the thing that they want is happening this time. I think they did what was happening last and they believe that there's a difference there so arrogant that they believe that anybody who believes differently than them is just on any that we need to educate them, because this is the way it should be. That's the problem with the media. In a nutshell, back, mercury. You're listening to the Glenn Beck program, I want to continue on this with the press, because it for all of us to look at. Why does the press not have credibility why, for half of the country, do we not have any credibility? Is it
because we're playing musical chairs? Is it because we fail to recognize the duplicity in ourselves and this started with the audio that we we played a few minutes ago, and it's going to be available at the blaze. If we put together You know Schumer and Durban. An all of the people on the left saying this is outrageous that the Republicans would shut down the government for some special interest tea party crackpot idea. They were just trying to overthrow the election. That happened a year ago. And then them today saying that they have to cut that close down the government because of Daca it's it's phenomenal phenomena. And- and you know this is the type of time that you're supposed to look and and reflected understand that too we have a country here, and we know what we are patriots right, where the people who are working,
to make this experiment into something? That's real and important, and I think I have this- you have this look on your face. We've known, other too long, yeah! Well, I don't know where you're going here. I thought we were partners on on going about the press and we'll get to. I mean a lot of the stuff today, but I think that there is an important piece of audio that we've not played yet probably the most important piece of audio Anyone in a stuck in here today is when it's either about Alex Jones or me so I don't know what you're talking about America, long time ago there was another young scrappy team in Philadelphia that was an underdog by killing turf
Track team came to be known as the United States of America and the colonials heard the same noise. Their defenses are too strong there. Ground assault is too powerful. Let them come. Let them learn that one man defending his home is more powerful than ten men invading it. Let the Vikings ride this wave of being the countries new sweetheart. I've heard it this week. Without the vikings there be known for America to root for without the city Philadelphia, there would be no America, but the Vikings have Grandma Millie she's. Ninety nine years old, the Eagles have Uncle SAM he's two hundred and forty two, this city in these eagles know the two greatest chips on the american shoulder are taxation without representation and no respect. Despite domination, Washington, Hamilton, Peterson Roseman, these colors don't run, and on Sunday against that eagles. Deep. Neither will the vikings don't tread on me and don't ever disrespect the womb of democracy
leave? God is against the? What are you talking about odds against the eagles? That's that's all there is to it. That is not true. It is true they've. They threw an ice ball at Santa. That's gods. They know that is not gods. Aaron. I first there's a lot to say there. Okay yeah that stands out was who was was what was done and ice balls to the head. We get several yeah, but also was not really Santa he's showed up he'd just throw it was not. That was not actually Santa Claus. Kids, that was just some guy said. His last words were forgive for they know not what they do and that they are suffering that penalty yeah. I'm telling you. I hope that your aching correct, but just remember this this weekend when you think hey, I got a hero's all findings that sounds pretty american. No it doesn't. I have I have sold. I couldn't care, I'm going to be watching and rooting for the vikings this week, if I may begin a fast for the Vikings yes,
You know that would be something you would do. Yes is one win away from the super bowl. He has one wind, one win and- and one would actually be to- I mean you play in the Superbowl, but there's difference between playing in and winning. I said one win to get there yeah and then, when they're playing, the patriots are going to reverse my american argument right, but that's a whole other story for another week. Alright. So, but thank you that side for that side: route. Okay, so could we could we go to, for instance, the back to the of the of the press. They think that they are living in nineteen. Seventy two do who have you the the host. Yes, you now I have you been talking about it. You need to see the post I really want to, and- and you said it was, it was good- I mean I, I would assume it was it's nothing, but a praise, the media for being amazing type of movie, but now it's actually I mean if you really watch it it. Actually, I'm x
three eights the media, but I don't think anybody in the movie or Hollywood or in the media will ever notice and really yeah. I mean. Is that the you know the Pentagon papers are about the scandal that really started under Truman then went to Eisenhower than Jack Kennedy and then Johnson and it was exposed under Nixon and it it All of these presidents into a massive coverup and at one point in the post, be Bradley's character he, They can't even bring themselves to say Jack Kennedy. You know they're, like it's and and Eisenhower, and and they all kind of get quiet. You know I'm in the John F Kennedy and Wheeler ALERT yeah. They come back time to time where there acting on their relationship, they're, very cozy relationship with John F Kennedy and at some They say you know what I have Kennedy was using us.
He invited us in and he made his his friends now because he was frenzy. Was a politician? he was using us, he knew if we were friends, he wouldn't we wouldn't expose him on. Xy and Z so that Jackson is in there Is anybody? You know anybody in the media going to get that new, but It would least it was in there, it was it was quite shocking that it was in there. But if you To look at it, and you see the post at one point. The New York Times is shut down from releasing the Pentagon papers, and- and that they have a decision to make at the Washington Post. Are we going to publish well we publish, we could go to jail, publish them all right. And their friends are involved public. Them anyway, it's the right thing to do. The government is out of control, so they publish them, but
we'll see in this. There is the cation was so different I believe the press still thinks that one thousand nine hundred and seventy two that If it's not in the New York Times, it didn't happen. It's not a wash oppose post, didn't happen, it's mainstream media didn't happen. There stock in one thousand nine hundred and seventy two when the times is shut down on this there's nowhere there's nowhere. They can publish these unless a paper puts them out. Now you have the internet yeah I mean I think I think yesterday was the twenty year anniversary of drudge posting, the Holewinski link, I think twenty years ago? That was one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight January 17th Drudge Report first broke the news of President Bill Clinton. Sexual changed every Monday Lewinski, and that was if you remember Newsweek That was sitting on that and now it's basically not even an entity anymore. I mean a sold One dollar and is now just doing trash
line? Basically it's another tabloid, but at that time Newsweek had this story. They killed it and many other news it is also had the story, an killed it because very reasons, but I mean a big part of it was you know friendly this yeah Is it yeah? It was friendly, yeah and look. You know. The drudge report did that change, the way that news comes out with gone through twenty years of this in the media still acts as if they can hold the sea. So here's the biggest thing that we can do is we can take the audio from the people in the media and On the media that Telling you things that are not true for since we just did that with the government shutdown. This is something from the Washington Free Beacon that they did on trickled economics. When I was when I was up with uh with Ronald Reagan,.
You know you heard all the bashing of trickle down economics and you never really had anything to point to other than everybody had jobs, that it worked well, we sure have that. Now the media is not going to embarrass, People who say trickle down economics doesn't work because it they need that theory to be discredited, but you need to know the truth, and so now you have the ability to see these videos and them everywhere, then viral, because it's proof they were wrong. For instance- here's. The evidence on trickle down economics it feel
Thank you were relying on this tax cut of the corporations and the wealthy to trickle down, doubtless american airlines, both thousand dollars bonuses to employees following the tax overhaul. Don't file tax cuts like this are the world's largest retailer, giving us employees a bonus, a wage increase and expanded maternity and parental leave, so you're creating a huge tax cut right and you might not get wage growth right capital, one financial, which just confirm the CNBC that they will raise the minimum wage for all us based employees, a capital one to fifteen dollars per hour, and anybody who thinks that this corporate tax cut is going to trickle down to lift wages, has a staggering ignorance of how public companies function. Wells Fargo said would raise its minimum wage to fifteen dollars per hour, but the day we cut the corporate tax rate. You know wages are going to suddenly jump up winners, absolutely no historical evidence whatsoever that this will happen. Boeing announced three hundred million dollars in investments for corporate giving in the workplace and prevents are you living in a fantasy world? Eighteen C announced it will invest a billion dollars in the US and twenty eighteen also for two hundred thousand workers. It will provide them a one thousand dollar bonus. That is how I say this nicely absolute nonsense. There are no examples anywhere of companies distributing their tax savings to their workers, Sinclair Broadcasting and Kansas City Southern or, among others, committing the bonuses. Generally speaking, when companies get tax cuts, they keep them for themselves and distribute them to the shareholders. Bb Anti pledging to give out bonuses of twelve hundred dollars for almost seventy five percent of its workforce in it who says that giving our money? It's also raising its minimum wage from twelve to fifteen dollars an hour. Will they actually increased wages? Will employees actually see the benefits of a corporate tax cut? None of them were raising him because, that's simply not true Bank of America says it's funny to shell out of thousand dollar bonuses to nearly one hundred and fifty thousand of its employees is a clear cut for the top and it's all open a wish for anyone else. It's c e o announced the company would award special one thousand dollar. Bonus is more than a hundred thousand eligible frontline and non executive employees. The crumbs
they are giving to work kind of to it's so pathetic, by the way, I like to add the announcement yesterday of a three hundred and fifty billion dollar investment hiring, new employees, building new stores, building new campuses from Apple map seems like trickle down, economics might actually seems like there might actually be, much more than a shred of evidence that tax cuts work. It's up to us now. To be the guardians of that truth and reddit you'll find at on my twitter page and also Facebook, Glenn dot com and the blaze. Alright the study that security systems deter burglars every eight so
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While it is now word in dead in notes all is destroyed and most sadly, I read an article the other day that the Winkle Foster twins are now Ex billionaires, not the Winkle Voss the week of August, winds were billionaires and down their x billionaires hi. I didn't. Even I wasn't alerted to the the the Winkle Voss for jn well, you know they had a lot of money for, of course, they sued Zuckerberg for Facebook right. Those are the guys that had hired Zuckerberg to code face, but after code, something just like Facebook and then he just did his own thing at that time, which is very strange move by Zuckerberg, but anyway he got a bunch of they got much money a lot of it, went into Bitcoin. They became billionaires and now their ex billionaires, but I think they might be back to the billionaire category today, because it's back up to almost twelve thousand but it didn't give me that give me the chart, because here's the thing that people don't understand about Bitcoin I mean it is a wild white knuckle ride. It has been in it code. Is I mean, as we said from the beginning, might go to zero, don't think so, but
I put my money in for a long term. So yes, sir, it is so we've starting late. Twenty it started with a thirty seven percent drop in twenty fifteen. Then one hundred and thirty six percent rise. Then a thirty four percent drop in a seventy six percent rise. Then a twenty nine percent drop. Then a two hundred and nineteen percent rise then the eight percent drop that one hundred and sixty six percent rise, then a forty percent drop, then this most recent five hundred, fifty six percent rise and now a forty three percent drop. So I mean first of all, you'll. Take that pattern. I'll take that bet goes every time he goes up and then it goes down. But these drops are not what normal investors are used to. You don't get. Forty percent drops very off, but you also don't get five hundred percent increase at this tradeoff. It is a good one. So far so far will see. Glenn Beck,
Mercury. Courage, Glenn Beck who standing up for free speech? Is anyone doing it because on trial again in the Supreme Court and this time it's related, Abortion and the stakes couldn't be higher. The key Is the National Institute of Family, an life advocates versus Macara Bacara? Is the California attorney general. It's about a new law in California that requires pro life: pregnancy, centers to post signs in prominent places to inform women that before Nya offers low cost or in some cases, free abortions The signs must include a phone number for abortion clinics. Okay,
Disagree more because I believe abortion is murder, but to be fair. It does this law require, the v in clinics to talk about the pro life clinics and provide phone numbers. California, can do all of the abortion clinic advertising it wants, but it It's forcing those who are firmly against abortion to promote the abortion industry. Not is California, clearly violating free speech. It aggressively endorsing the murder of unborn children over efforts to check them. Have we become. It's like a marriage counselor for to post advertisements for hitman? You know that way. You know the client should know that there is cheaper way out then divorce. If,
you crack open this legal door. Imagine all of the other insane positions that the governments could force us to endorsing should churches, forced to post things in the church. That say there is no God yes make no mistake is the fairness doctrine. In your life, a mandatory signs inside your church for boating atheism, except the gatherings would not be required to promote your religion. Two hundred and twenty six years after the passage of the first amendment, you'd think our understanding of free speech would be secure, but it is not the freedom of each part still is not clear to most people I contend on both sides of the aisle, but Certainly, not in California, in the Ninth Circuit Court of appeals there only in
Did in protecting speech that they approve and not only the are protecting it they're, forcing people who disagree with their position to in Dorset. This is tyranny the? this is telling people who are trying to save Jews in world war, two that they have to post anti jewish propaganda they're saving lives. They don't believe, The Jews are in human. The people who run these nonprofit pro life. Pregnancy centers are humble, loving, caring, genuine hard. Working and believe its life. Their mission is to help women and save lives there. The unsung heroes on the frontline of an american holocaust, the twenty For centuries, Oscar Schindler say Bing people from being murdered.
Early. These pro life pregnancy centers, are a little too but it's saving lives because the guy and is going out of its way to persecute there, though people and an imp, who's. There crazy notion that the baby, growing. Inside of you is actual human life with inherent value that deserves protection. This ninth circuit. Court of appeals is already, of course, California, yeah. That's right. They got to do that. The decision should be a brainer for the Supreme Court. But unfortunately I can't count on anything being sane pray that the Supreme Court goes the right way on this.
Thursday January 18th. This is the Glenn Beck program. For life is happening this weekend, isn't it Yeah that's happening this weekend. Can you check it out? Is it this weekend or next weekend? I think it's this weekend. You know I've never, I've never been my took my family to the first first local, march for this I've never been that guy, but I'm going to call my maybe maybe go up to this this weekend, it's tomorrow, tomorrow at one time I don't know where I'm going to look that up as we are as we're talking. Yeah- I just I I mean I just family, you know that the kids have to be involved in these things in order so
about sheltering our kids, no they, they have to know somebody asked the other day. What's the best You can teach your kids what's the what's the most important thing. How to listen to the Spirit. I think that's it Everything else going we'll find on Youtube, they're going to be able Google will be able to access through the internet. You'll you you don't need the knowledge you know. There's this the idea of a jeopardy champion. How you This is that compare to what it used to be like to be around that guy 'cause he's a walking encyclopedia. Oh, I want my pocket. You know what I mean so there everything that you can everything that you, you could be taught or need to know you can find it on your own, What we don't have is
we we we haven't, strengthened the the ethics of what it means to be human? We can't decide hide what it means to be alive. We We are not, strengthening that internal compass that that that idea, here of right and wrong. That's really the only thing you should be worried about with your kids, because they going to be able to access everything else. They have to have an internal compass of what is right and wrong. They have to be able to have that sense of listening. Out to the spirit or listening to themselves to where, where they and say you know what this doesn't feel right, I'm not the it's not going in the right direction. I don't know, I can't define it. That's good, that's good! and we are dismissing that and we are replacing it with. You know,
degrees and and knowledge from schools. I think schools are going to end up mark my so in ten years. You will. It will be. In less you're going to be a doctor or something like that it is if schools like we have them now are going to be disabling. They're going to be something that that really smart companies say I should have done that Because it's going to make you think in the box You don't want to think in the box anymore. So when is it starts tomorrow yet tomorrow Take one hundred pm is about the time it begins. And it's been going on since one thousand nine hundred and seventy four in two thousand thirteen, the six hundred forty four thousand people
Excuse me: yes, over six hundred, fifty thousand people were believed to attend. I'm just looking at some of the the numbers in there should be obviously Which is become the first year, I think, was twenty thousand, and now it's over six hundred as of a couple years ago and president speaking first time. It, president speaking, I mean it looks like Reagan, and Bush had spoken like remotely through vital on the phone yeah and then it looks like Trump is gonna be a first, I guess by video. That's going to be doing it, but it's a certainly a positive to give more attention to this event, really important, and you know I mean again- we've said this before, but it's like you could really go every other issue that we talked to talk about on the show you can argue. In comparison that, if, if the conservative movement but only one thing, and it's in time your existence and it was getting rid of this process. This making abortion legal and these hundreds of thousands and millions of children that are not here. That should be here. If that's the only thing,
never accomplishes its incredible movement, even if, every. If tax rates go to eighty yeah, it's still worth it because it because it you know of concerned. I am on tech. This solves much of that problem. I I'm worried about the growing intrusion of government, this else. That problem because If you see the individual baby as an individual with rights. That must be protected? No one has a right to take away its life. No one has a right to do that. It is an individual use how to say: wait. Okay, hang on just a second uh well, I take away your rights elsewhere? Why can I force you here here and here What is life do, we have a right to snuff out life. Do we have a right to pry?
ties know you're. Your life is no longer worth living. No, we don't we don't. You know humanity. Many many times has made a decision to. Get some group of What everyone knows is a person and make argue, denying that it is a person. And over and over and over and over again The only one we don't look back, at horror, with horror at yet yet, and it will happen at some point we'll all there will be so There will be a society in the future that looks back and says: oh, my god. They they made. What argument that you could kill all these kids. That's insanity, just like we look at slavery in that Age is like we look back at in Nazi Germany in that way that people actually made arguments and things were legal and well that went on, and that will at some point in
the glorious future that I really really hope, occurs and believe will occur. We will look back at that it in that way. Fine but right now we are, you know the people, people don't even think about it. I mean it's legal, it's become this cultural war issue. It's become this thing that people, don't it just popped out it's red team versus blue team, I get out of that dynamic and Technologies helped a lot a long way. I think you know with things like the ultrasound and the three d ultrasound and at you know at some point the denial that this is a person become so insanely ridiculous. Hopefully, people stop doing I don't know when that happens. You know, it seems. You know, are rational people, a lot of people who are make a lot of sense on a lot of different issues, the people that I like a lot of people who I can hang out with and have dinner with and have great conversations with. Get that issue in a way that I can't fat. A human being. Would so here's the problem that I have with with most of those people, because law?
most people will say: look I don't want the government to the ones. I respect, I don't want the government. Regulating what I can and cannot do to my somebody looking kind of a libertarian approach. Yes, yes, because they're the only ones away, we should point out what it's the minority of people who actually make the argument it's the only logical one that it even has any ground with me. It does because I have to everyone's right and so you're now making decisions for two. You know eating for two. Your your caring, you are the protector of a child now inside of you, and if you call B. I have to be So that's the only one, but I will tell you. The ones who are you know that make this about. You know there's too many children and others not now, there's no there's, not no. No there's not look at the weight for children.
If you want to adopt look for it. Look at the wait. There's not too many children. There's nobody will take care of him. Yes, yes, there are yes, there are uh, the second. The second argument always is about. Well, it's the woman's. It's the woman's right to choose and they'll never go and look at the baby. They have to try to make that into something else. Well, it's not really a baby. Yes, it Yes, it is yes is I mean it's not an octopus, it's not a cancer growth. It's a baby! It's one of those things! We all know and two participate in the other side of that argument, you have to deny something that you absolutely know is true and the most. To be honest, most people don't go to that place. You go to the place that you were in many many years ago, when you were pro choice, which is number one.
I kind of want the option if something goes wrong right now two. I don't want to think about it. It's really uncomfortable and I don't want to deal with it and I don't think about it. It's legal! You know what it's it's one of those issues, let's just not talk about it. That's where a lot of people are, but you know what, if we were honest with each other, for those people who say it's not a baby uh it does have significant ramifications. All around and if you wanted to say: okay, it's legal, we we would not be talking about posting Haiti, have your baby and give it away. We will we will. Wouldn't have to post those things. What we would be posting, if we were honest, is the pictures of the baby, the pictures of abortion. He wants to look at that now. We post doing. Do we not, or is it Canada that posts on cigarettes? It's Canada, they post?
black lung, they post the Pictures of the disease, nobody is having a problem looking at that because they know it's just an organ and it's bloody and it's ugly and oh yeah. That's the result of that white post, those pictures because they know it stops people from smoking, that's an organ. Well, This is just a lump of tissue. Why are you not allowed to see it because, It's not it's a baby! It's a Baby- and they know it is the scary thing is just the the amount of The amount of delusion that you have to accept and live in to be Strongly Hey cut a up, get him out. Let's sell the. Sell the baby parts you're a monster- you
you really are a monster. If you thought about it, I think a lot of people do what you just said. They don't I think about it, and so they just blindly go along, a lot of people that we're writing to me and you still do commercials for even though it's gone down about what forty five percent. I still am that's a bad. That's a wager that's going into the casino like maybe this could happen
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Glenn Beck, Mercury. Glenn Beck! no, I was on. I miss this morning in New York and so I think we have to put him on death watch because was incredibly nice. I even tried to pick a fight with him and he just kept going back to Oh, I think you are one of you've done more good than than most people and and you very, very smart and I'm like oh my gosh. He is yeah, I think, news about the flat line this afternoon so first, a Don Imus Deathwatch and it's this will be funny until dies, he dies and then it'll be true. However, that is the time he
find it most funny most funny, so I mean I would love, I barely know Don, but I would love to give the eulogy at Don's funeral and if they don't let yeah my mom. We might just have a Don Imus funeral on the air, because he's got to go out in the way that he lived his life yeah with us is is which will be uncomfortable well at the time. But that's, I think, that's what we have to do long term, legendary short term uncomfortable and that's the way he lived. His life Glenn back mercury, This is the Glenn Beck program, No, yesterday we had a guest on who talk about that. We are at a weird to place then I don't I don't that people don't talk about, but they
you'll. We all know that we're at this were it's something: something happened, Thing is going on, something is coming I remember Condoleezza Rice talking about it when I was at headline NEWS and I found it fascinating that she would use this language and she said these are the birth pangs of the things to come, and you know that sounds. Biblical, and even if it's not biblical, you look at that language and say well, pangs of the things to come. That means you're going to have pain. And then we'll go away for awhile, and then you have pain, it'll, go away for awhile and then it'll get faster and faster and more intense and in the end, you're. Given it's just something. An I have. I have wondered since then. What is it we're giving birth to? I'm not sure anybody has asked that question. I think we are so focused. On the game of politics
game of life then I don't I don't I don't. I don't put the average Eric and in this matter, maybe I don't know I don't know you know I don't know a lot anymore. And I actually think that's a good thing, but. I think the average American feels it and they don't know what it is. And for anybody who is thinking uh they're puzzled by what's going on, because we we see, we are completely disconnecting from common sense, we're disconnecting from everything that is. That is real. I mean What does it mean to be a man anymore? A gentleman Gentlemen exists. At a thing, if we decided that gentleman don't exist anymore, now, there's a really great club gentlemen's club right all the time. The seriously do they exist. More still and I'm not.
All the things that build A gentleman are kind of looked down on by society now right. What are those things that a gentleman does, because we're all that men are just worthless. We're told that men are all creeps. We're now in the in the strangest turn of events. This me too, movement Turn from empowering women quickly to I, helpless. I am I'm a little to China Doll. I don't have any power to say no, I don't even know my own mind. I I I it be engaging in something but late. I can feel bad and you should have stopped me watt. What so the tool you know empower to chart your own course and then once you get right to that point. The
then becomes but you're really not in charge your but you don't you're not capable of it. I don't even understand it such a weird turn of events, because you're right, it's a czar, it's it's the agency away from women for their rights to be able to do the things they should be. They should. Able to say you know and this is not even to the level of Harvey Weinstein Obviously, everyone knows that, but even at full of Aziz, Ansari or anybody else if at any moment, during an encounter you Express the idea that no, I would not like to continue. It should end right. There yep That is absolutely part of this and should be one hundred percent acknowledged by everybody, but the id Is that you? have to read the mind of the other person when they are sending a cig, is that they do want to continue for much of the time you have to be
but they have to be able to say no, you have to be able to say it. I think Ben Shapiro had a piece of audio they had today. Let's play, let's play Ben Shapiro on this There are some nonverbal cues that are given, including getting completely naked in his apartment and performing sex acts multiple times on him that that, if I were Aziz Ansari, I would be thinking. That's a pretty solid nonverbal cue that you might be into things like just just yeah. I mean I. I have a hard time believing that she really it's facts Aziz, Ansari that anyone from me to expect men to be mind readers is it the job of men to now decide when women are capable of consent. I thought the entire purpose of the feminist movement was say that women supposed to be the mistresses of their own consent that it's not up to Amanda, say listen. I don't think it's possible for you to give consent right now. I don't think this is in your best interest and I don't think that we ought to be doing this. That would be Mansplaining to the woman. Presumably that was the whole point. Of the sexual liberation right that women could control this destiny and should control their own destiny and make their own decisions on these matters and now but the point where we now
I want guys to make the decisions for the women, so the Can you know Louis to detect them Louis C K had the same, I see a similar situation, as you know again, there's some details that are always a little bit in doubt on these things, but his his point was that he basically would pull his stuff out and do all sorts of stuff to himself in front of women, but ask first and if they said yes, he would do it now. The push back on that is. Because he was a powerful comedian. He should have known and they were comedians and they were comedians. He should have known that they couldn't say no, because they admired him for his stand up comedy, so he shouldn't have done those things not because it's gross, which of course it is Beyond that. He should have done those things because he should have known they were incapable. Women weren't capable of saying no to sex acts, because he was so funny and that's the
feminist argument. This, so Ashleigh Banfield went on HLN and she said you know this is for let's see he, he power over you, you left, the apartment and then came back and did it again so but your date didn't workout the way you wanted it to you. Had the power you already left is she's getting pushback from this babe dot net reporter Listen to this! uh uh the way your colleague Ashleigh Banfield, someone, I'm certain. No one under the age of forty five is ever heard of by the way, by the way I'm a forty one and I have heard of her so that is unfortunately, not true. Ripped into my source directly was one of the lowest most despicable things. I've ever seen in my entire life. Shame on her shame on
headline NEWS Ashley should have talked to me. She could have talk to me or my editor of my publication, but instead He targeted a twenty three year old woman in one of the most vulnerable moments of her life. Someone she is never even met before for a little attention well, I hope the ratings were worth it. I hope Five hundred retweets on the single news right up made that burgundy, lipstick bad highlights. Second wave feminist has banned really feel relevant for a little while she disgust me when she has more distance from the moment she has enough conscience left to feel remotely ashamed. I doubt it, but still must be nice to pay, back off the fact that another woman was brave enough to speak. Up and add another dimension to the societal conversation about sexual assault. She was not assaulted.
No and that's the new fall back position of the people who are of from the me too movement because they're saying what we never said. We wanted this season. Sorry, fire we're just saying that we don't like the way that went down all but of course good. For some reason, we crazily got the idea that this is I'm getting every person in one of these stories fired because you know, The history of it is every person who gets mentioned when these stories gets fired. So so we magically converted this into a story where you seem to be trying to get a season's ARI and his career ruined some. Well, that's our fault! Now, that's our fault! This is a new fat now that half the people who watch this story have said, wait a minute is ridiculous. It's going over the line, even people who are complete supporters of this movement now that that is this story- is going on the line there like what you're you talking about, ever said we wanted this man fired? Did where did you get? That idea, for only some are the real revolutionaries are still pushing it. Yeah
still pushing the silencing of people like Ashleigh, Banfield, and anybody who who stands up The real story here is that there is a revolution going on a real revolution, but it is like the french revolution it it will purge itself All of those that were we have always thought of themselves as revolutionaries, I'm on your side, you're now going far enough. And you'll be burned at the stake too? It's what happens is what happened prince. What happened in France is now happening here and it happening with the left. And if you on the left, don't understand either going to come for you, they're coming for you I do love you. We have to the end of this, though 'cause the end of this email to ash, to Ashleigh, Banfield ART Headline NEWS at CNN.
I would never go on your network. I would never even watch your network, no woman, my age would ever watch your network. I will remember this for the rest of my career, I'm twenty two and so far, not too shabby, and I will left the day you fold you me too, not too shabby look, I don't mean to question your opinion of yourself, which is incredibly high, but you're, twenty, two and with the one thing that anyone has ever heard, that you've done is an article in a pub cation that no one had ever heard of before last week, That has been roundly mocked by the supporters of the movement. You are trying to influence not to can, I mildly, certain that dot net will will fold before CNN. Does I'm
out of a limb on that one yeah. I think that's way and here's the thing she's twenty two right now she works for website that nobody's ever even heard of one if you type dot com, you get a porn site right, yeah that one okay it without looking to tell me her name, first name last name anything about her Cyril hi. If it. If I have no cadence, I have no idea. So yeah shabby shack Tad. Shabby that look. I need a shabby, chic. Ok, she could be forgiven to think that this would have worked right. I mean she could be,
in that world, and every single accusation is resulting in some big career explosion for the person who wrote going to happen for you, but I mean I don't think it is because I mean you look at this. This is not just right. Wingers were pushing back up. Ashley Banfield is not a conservative. No! No. Neither is the author, of handmaidens Tale she's an icon, a feminist but again yeah, but that's the thing right still work to do to get your goals for two thousand and eighteen. One of my goals is to to get into better shape and to feel better and to continue have a good night sleep. Last year that was one of my goals to have a good night sleep Mattress has made that one really easy to do super has a unique combination of homes that provide the right pressure, relief and comfort. So you feel perfectly balanced. It's made Breathable material, so you're guaranteed to sleep cool plus the.
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local Democrat who wanted to show the National Democrats your way out of step. You got to stop you really have to be really have to see this It shows that the elites in Washington, the demo after going through their own tea party movement right now, they're they're done with it and they don't. Then then nobody's listening to them and they don't have any place to go because We look so extreme on the right, so there stuck, it's fascinating, there's another pull out Oprah, two thousand and twenty remember how everybody on the left side, all that's, got she's gotta run she got to run no, Apparently not the pull out, shows that she's only within two points of beating Donald,
no well. She you is beating they'll drop by to put yeah yeah. He was the only way to the white margin, two points that can be changed quickly. I mean he pulled the taken. This early could change, but that one is a lot tighter than you'd expect. It should be yeah if she's the dream candidate. It should be. Yes, you should be a one twenty right, but the, but the polling shows that middle american Democrats are and now you know no, I like her but she's, not the president, and I think The left loves her because it's another Obama term you know it's just it would be, it would be, they would be the same stuff from Obama If you remember Oprah, used to be a lot more Popular but the minute she talking about politics, she she went to Jeremiah Wright's church for years to now she got out, but she to Jeremiah's rights
she has a a very different philosophy on religion. Okay, that's cool, totally cool. But not necessarily in step with Democrats in the enter of the country? Did they Oprah's new slogan but she's testing for their campaign, no, no you do know what our slogan is right now I was so it's not that that, and that was a weird. So it's not going to fall into that again. My v Jj's put. I just thought that was yeah. No, I mean You know it's amazing, the poll shows who's, more popular. This is what Democrats, who do they want more than Oprah Winfrey. Number one Biden. Are they love, Chilton jobs? Do that I just? I don't understand that one I mean I could understand a lot of candidates that I don't agree with Chill Biton
don't understand it. You're, like oh man, if Joe would come out and he's my guy Glenn Beck mercury. Love, courage, truth, remember the scene where Cruise is kind of hanging over. You know in that White Room and he's kind of catch that one bead of sweat before it falls down and the sweat fall. He catches it and it's really really loud. What was the after He was, after the knock list right line in almost every spy movie. They knock list is out, the good guys have to catch the bad guy before the names and locations of the undercover operatives of the CIA and all the good guys are killed
in the movies. We always get the doc back. I mean it's, not problem the good guys always win except that's the movies. This is real life and I wonder why we're not really focused on this A former CIA officer was arrested on Monday and charged with unlawfully possessing the national defense information than uh list he was caught. Red handed with two notebooks containing the names of CIA assets in the locations of covert facilities in China. And what was he doing is caring the knock list, but he was back suspected of much much worse, the times reported last year, there was a real problem in the CIA. They were losing agents in China at an alarming rate. It's two thousand and ten the chinese government has all but completely destroyed, are spying operation in the mainland the CIA had a mole? They knew it
all the evidence pointed directly to the man that was arrested this week, the damage done to the CIA in China is catastrophic But even worse, the amount of lives that were lost all in all he's responsible for the deaths or imprisonment of twenty american agents. What you want about Snowden and I'm not a fan of Snowden he's. The trader enjoying the protection of Vladimir Putin. But no, we got killed, because, as anybody else noticed that, if you went back, if Let's just say doc: Brown and Marty Mcfly were real. We could travel back to the year nineteen. Eighty five and we can look at the news headlines us we'd see a world that really hasn't changed. All that much I mean granted the The music's a lot worse in the clothes are a lot better, but
they probably assume the cold war is still raging. Spite Cyndi, Lauper and neon shorts. The Hold of nineteen eighty five, a scary place: Aldrich Ames was the CIA agent selling secrets to the Soviets because of him. Multiple, multiple CIA add agents were killed. Korean Airlines flight zero, zero seven had been shot, on two years. Prior nuclear tensions were at their highest. Both sides. Look. We are willing to press the button. Has anything really changed I've been thirty three years, and we learn nothing decades and life is just as cheap. Now, if not cheaper than it was, then the prince between then and today is that with our technology we betray, kill and threaten each other, a lot faster, the bad guy.
In this case, eventually caught, but the human toll he inflicted makes his story. Ultimately, a tragedy like Why is the redundant cycle that we are in in, to always be an should, tell something about ourselves. How do we break it? as individuals and as a nation, we can you navigate navigate the ship. Anywhere? We want to go, but can't navigate the ship following pure sell for national interest every time principal and values have to be our true north and if we don't it could course correction. I I have a feeling that. Without looking at what technology is going to bring upon our heads. If you take that out
We definitely are in for another three decades of nothing but the same. It's Thursday January 18th. This is the Glenn Beck program. This week we have really kind of featured Allergy, awful lot, and it is something that I'm very interested in and I'm I'm I'm concerned that we really need to wake up to what on the horizon, and I mean the near future, life is going to change, and that- it's going to change the way you do your job, it's going to change the way we interact with each other. It's going to So when you send your kids to school
Where do you send them to school? What what education should they should they have for the future and an r are there going to be the jobs? that we have now and and quite honestly, concerned that? Because no politicians, they never take responsibility for anything there. Paul talking about we're, going to bring the jobs back, we're going to bring these jobs back, we're going to be in the high paying jobs back, don't need a really you're, actually, not because those high paying jobs. You know they're not going to exist because of robotics and eventually ai so what happens when we have very high unemployment rolls because of robotics all around the world. I don't, the politicians are going to say. Well, that's just the way it is so we have to find new things, they're going to point to Silicon Valley and any bud making robots and say it's them when p
figure this out and there's no lack of there's a there's, a lack of leadership and an absence of real knowledge and and forethought. We could be in real trouble, and Actually, those in Silicon Valley I wanted to bring on he's a professor at Rice, University, Moshe, Vardi, Ann, the he is a George Distinguished Service, professor in computational engineering he's also the Vector of the KEN Kennedy Institute for information technology at Rice University in Houston, at author of more than five hundred different papers as well as two books, and he made a prediction about the coming year that I read right after the the first of January, where he said this is the year of Comeuppance for Silicon Valley. Welcome to the program. Mostly. How are you I'm very well, it's good to be with you good
To tell me what you meant a year of comeuppance for Silicon Valley? When I mean, if you think of image of Silicon Valley in the in the past. Let's say you know two thousand five hundred and thirty years it will. Is just the font of innovation. Economic goes an now. Suddenly things are changing suddenly now we are feeling that Silicon Valley is producing new technology, which is proof impact on our lives and the goal there is just basically What is Silicon Valley about is about innovation and profits, but what how impact our lives, and we have seen now we're heading in now. For example, about Facebook and fake news, we are seeing greater and greater impact on our lives and we will the political World Lexicon Valley just keep doing what it's doing without some kind of rethinking that works with the game. We're seeing a shift just between last year and this year
I mean we're hearing. The apple investors are concerned about the apple Iphone, how they're affecting children and teenagers I think there is. There is a change that I'm sensing in just in the sensibility between viewing Silicon Valley, is just a sort of innovation and economic goals and technology that may have adverse impact on our lives. You know it's interesting moshi that there's a lot of people in Silicon Valley, the majority, but there's a lot of people in Silicon Valley that are starting to become disenfranchised with it themselves, they're starting to move- families out of there and because they too, or beginning to see a disturbing trend of nobody? asking. Should we do it just we can do it. So, let's! it's bothering them. Well we've hearing somebody gets on some of the founders of Facebook and expressing regret. But what have we? What what have we wrought? What have we We who is in charge of this technology? So
What is help me You know when people think of robots, You know they might immediately go back to you, know old style robots when you think of a I going out of control you think of the terminator, but that that stuff while it may or may not come we're going to have. Robotics are going to be a big part of our life by two thousand and thirty there, from the numbers I've seen a thousand robots that includes Roomba four the person on the planet by twenty thirty, two thousand and thirty five and a great dis law. Of jobs, because robots will be able to do it better. What how do the bridge that gap, how do we start navigating towards me in our life. Well,
One is up to the civil you put together several questions that I'm going to try to unbundle a little bit. One is that produce. The future is actually very difficult, and we, We don't know what the world will be like in in twenty years, just as, if you go back but twenty years, the internet much of about twenty twenty years old right. Who could who could predicted a in you know in in nineteen. Ninety eight what the world would be like to date just twenty years into the future, but the best way to to look at to predict the future is to look at the and we look at automation that had been one sector of the economy. It only has undergone major automation and is a manufacturing. So there is. This means that money in the? U S, as in just going down the drain because of because of trade deals. But when you look at the facts manufacture in terms of output, how much are we produce an all time high. Factoring giant. Only China is bigger than the os is manufacturing.
And so we are in terms of volume, an all time high, how we doing mother fiction, employment. You go back to generation. Twenty five percent of the workforce was in manufacturing. Now it's about eight percent, just just over the last twenty years we have lost about eight million jobs in manufacture Now the traditional thinking was well not pulled and these people will find other jobs. It turns out that did these kind of dis modification was a bit sweet spot in the economy in the following sense, you got paid, you got a good way Actually, you got paid twenty to thirty dollars an hour and in terms of the education. You need the heist. Education, you can finish high school and work one second flow and started started as an intern and make sense to forfeit, wanted to kill employee in these have disappeared over the past thirty years.
And when we want to see what has been the impact, we can go to small towns that has one factory the effectively it is. Moved away or his automated, and we see you adverse impact on the towns and we want honest. Political would have been an states we cannot ignore. Tip into manufacturing. Today in the in the Midwest. You're now moving into the possibility of holy automating trucking, that's a that'll, be huge impact. So if you hope you mentioned before we talked about but like to Davis, to do it for fifty years ago, and you said it's in much, it actually store. If you look today, you take a walk in downtown any cd, and how is it different than a years ago when this- I just have changed and everybody look like zombie holding some device in their hands, but uh it doesn't look that different. You know you can go to Cuba, where it's going back.
My singing and it yeah. It looks dated, but it doesn't look dramatically different in thirty years, It is be dramatically difference because I was have been checked by the automobile in the automation of Diving going to be the biggest technological revolution that anyone of us have seen in our lifetime. How does this please change would be to see has been developped. I mean look just look at the difference between New York City and I live in Houston Houston is a is an automobile city. It's huge! It's a spoiled! It's enabled by the probably you know we spent just think of help at what part of the real estate is dedicated to cars either driving or parking. Huge part of the of the area is just for automobiles, and so day to automated automated vehicle or people, some publicly driver old, almost the automated retail, change. You know, transportation is such a big thing if you know you, look in history, we
potation revolution, invention of the wheel, the domestic of the holes. The steam locomotive Ford model T each one don't revolution and change the fabric of our life in a dramatic way. The city of today looks very different than the city of one hundred years ago because of the automobile. And so the automation of diving would be a huge shift. A wonderful thing for you money too, because we can one point two: five million people every year and on the plan, which cut cost, is ninety five percent of all, of course, a cut clutches Are caused by human drivers, so we actually terrible drivers, and so this is a fantastic picture, Do you like? If you say I have a technology, will save million people per year? The answer should be bring it on. And I really think this is a wonderful technology, but we but four million taxi and truck driver in United States does United States alone, and if you look at the other job
mostly in the driving, is a major component. Like you know, postal delivery working now we're talking about ten tell me an jobs and if you think of all the industries are just the base. Leaving around this all the motels and in along along the highway, Automation of driving will be a big big, big, F, dot, dot thing. Ok, that would be a huge thing. It will have. Huge benefit to society, but he would come. We elimination of millions of millions of working class jobs and we are not having a serious conversation about. How is our society going to cope with it? uh. I would love to continue this conversation with you in the future Moshe I we have to have it. We have to cut you loose, but I really appreciate it. This is the the This is the problem that I think we must talk about.
And that is this all good stuff? If we think about it in advance and we really plan in Advance Moshi Vardi. Thank you so much computer science, professor of Rice University. So do you have you know you a car or a truck that is out of warranty. I've got a couple of trucks there, the farm trucks and they reach the age where you know things are going to start going wrong. One of them is a two thousand and eight and two thousand and twelve. I think you. You know. I brought him to the shop before had car shield and the Nick said here about to lose this. You might lose this and you know in the next year, or so you might want to is Changing changing. I have car shield. Now car shield is affordable protection.
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Car shield before something goes wrong. One eight hundred cars, six thousand one hundred mentioned the promo code back or visit carshield dot com using promo code back, save ten percent, that's carshield dot com, promo code back deductible may apply Glenn Beck Mercury Glenn Beck. You know part of me. I just can't wait until we're all you know told what to do by computers, because people don't make sense. My wife today is in the city in court right now as they assess my house. I four acres of land, He said. Well, you know people around. You have a house on an acre of land, so could build three other houses on your and you're like no. What now
later they're, saying basically that you could theoretically divide your land charging me the price for taxes. As if I had three other house on my property, you know Glenn. If you go to co, Op City in New York, they build in the thousands of people live, run one tiny piece of what is it? It's crazy mass! It's craziness right, yeah, it's like what I mean the the the the the city. The local city has just gone crazy with taxes I engine you know if we ever have a crash I mean they build these schools and these fire houses that are palaces better than anything in the private sector could build and your like, huh Good on that nice, ah yeah, you paid for it yeah. You did this story last week the week before about
now universities, public universities, public, are building water parks at the colleges with taxpayer dollars. Lazy rivers so that the students can float around, and I think I found that I don't know what they would do. I I have to tell you if I went to a college- and I saw a lazy river and my my because I know Rafe would be like a well I'm going here. No you're, not now, I'm no, your not do not need to encourage college students to be more lazy, yeah and it and it you know if it's Harvard or if it's Columbia, which is a private university. Okay, such or pay for it. All you want yeah, I mean no, these are public universities, incomprehensible, that that a public universe and I couldn't believe the number of them that had it yeah I mean there all over the country. I thought: ok, who's, building everybody is it look. Water parks are awesome, I'm not going to deny that, but I don't think taxpayers should be paying for them ever ever.
I thought I was going out on a limb and unpopular by saying we shouldn't build football stadiums, how 'bout, no water parks at public universities Glenn Beck mercury this is the Glenn Beck program? Are you uh? You were anybody in your family concerned about a governmental shut down over the weekend, because I'm all that concerned about it. Now I mean, unless you're less your military I mean essential services in military and everything else are going to be taking care of, but some people do get You know they're going to get their paycheck they'll, get it in a couple of weeks, but for families are living paycheck to paycheck. That's that's that hard hard certainly concerns both of us right, yeah I'm and ended the the last shutdown we was delayed and, of course they did retroactively in hey effected the bridge right.
I've had pretty much everybody that was out of work, so you got basically two weeks off unpaid then got four weeks of pay on your next paycheck yeah which is kind of I mean It's a weird situation, but I mean they keep saying this. This is every time there's a shut down. Non essential employees will not be showing up. Annina, look and not essential. Employee should not be an employee, but it's actually should never show up you supposed to I mean. Do you know where is central if I were at a company and it was having layoffs or it was struggling and They decided that they were haggling over the budget and they said non essential ploy ease are not coming in and we don't want them to come in but these are the essential employees. I think go find another job yeah, I think I'd be like you know. I don't think this is real stable, but the you know its government. Is you know it's like quantum mechanics it just it just operates with with different laws yeah. It does
I mean I don't know. Usually they come up with some, way of patching this together and doing a short term thing. The calculus, will come from whether you know Democrats believe that they can win this in the press. Will the people believe that it's their fault, the exact, what they believe? The exact opposite argument that they made in two thousand, here's something that we we produced an available at theblaze, dot, com and Glenn Beck Common will tweet it out in Facebook, but you have share this with your friends this is. The left talking about you'll hear each of these people. First they'll talk about, you know, this is you know. This is an outrage. What TED Cruz is doing, then same person, doing what TED, Cruise supposedly did and shut down the government. You hear that they are on both sides of the issue, especially
Chuck Schumer is quite eye. Opening, listen,
Democrats are saying they will not vote to fund the government at the end of this week, unless Republicans embrace a bipartisan solution for the so called the world, still can't say with any certainty that a government shutdown will be avoided, Senator Cruz may have landed in the record books with that long. I'm not leaving any american behind I'm not available on something that isn't part of this deal when a part of this package, even those who don't like Obamacare, say it would be better for them to deal with this in the normal course, that's going to give up and agree to a short term continuing remote resolution. How are you I think I speak for the vast majority of members of the democratic forces went out to the desert these young? You have a handful of white extremists for trying to one no, with the election results of a year ago, we are going to do what we want to do willing to accept a spending deal without a fix to protect dreamers. If you have already said their answer, is no shut down is continuing to harm our country. Our reputation, it is a needless manufactured self imposed. Is that me we had a for a government shutdown. What we have talked to do, it seems is the past the dreamers legislation. It never occurred to me to bring down the United States government in cause pain for millions of workers all because I can't get my way any bill that funds. The government must also include a fix for doctor. This is playing with fire. We could do the same thing on immigration. We could we believe strongly in immigration reform. We can say we're shutting down the government we're not going to raise the debt ceiling until you pass immigration reform. It would be governmental k on January nineteenth in order to avert a partial government shutdown. Really,
What this is going to come down to is Daca? On the issue of immigration, at least Democrats are saying that they are united in their opposition. They have problems with that bill. We will be happy to sit down and talk to them about a reasonable approach to do it, but we're not going to do it with a gun to their heads of the american people to include it in the continuing resolution. There are many of us who will be troubled by that and will take appropriate response. For goodness sakes, this is irresponsible and it's reckless why'd, as this senator of the Tea Party, Republicans think they can pick and choose the priorities of the american government. Believable believable, and so it's good news You know we say we don't trust the press and we don't trust the because they won't show you stuff like that, and I'm going to hold any of those guys responsible, they're not going to treat exactly the same way they treated the tea party, they won't do it. They called that wreck. Irresponsible Cole
dangerous revolutionary anti government. Remember all of that they will not in the press, use any of those words because now they don't they I agree this time. They think that Daca needs to be passed, so you can, continue to hope and pray that the media is going to change, but until will start doing like this. What we've done- and others have done this so effectively recently and we share them and retweet them and put them everywhere the mean is not going to change. They'll continue to be affect if until you start to show their hypocrisy. This is necessarily about Congress, this is really about the media. The media, the media poured fuel on that fire against the tea party and the media is pouring fuel on the fire against the Republicans, except
they have to take the opposite position to do it both times. Yeah I mean it, can you imagine if what just happened with that. Montage happened to you at your job. If you worked at a restaurant There was video of you saying we must go all vegetarian and then the next two years later saying all we must serve only meet Ann. And you said I we can never serve soda again and then the next it's all about soda and you it wasn't because of market conditions. Now you, if your trying to convince everybody, you we've always been pro meet pro soda pro water and pro vegetarian. It would be completely irresponsible for us to open on saturdays. We must open on saturdays. Can you imagine what issue re think your entire life? If you saw that video- and you were in congress- I mean if you, if you had any care of
your word and your honor. You just sit back and say: oh my god, What am I doing with myself? Why am I do know you wouldn't do that unless there was an outcry against it? So you do. You know we produce this and it goes viral it does. Go to Dick Durbin Durban looks at that and goes uh. It's Glenn Ban on the right, winger another right winger until the media said I don't have a horse in the. I have truth and They are dropping the ball each time. They say you know apple, apples and oranges. Is this an apple? Every is trying to tell you it's an orange. It's a nail. You tell the truth. No, you don't know. Where are you on this? Are you on this 'cause? I can guarantee you, I can go back in, but we should do this. Let's do this today,
go back to CNN and MSNBC an icon get them saying: uh the calling? The Republicans radicals revolutionaries, You know obstructionists. It just what they just want. People fail all that stuff. I can get them saying it well. They held the line last time under Obama an now that they are on the opposite end. I can see them saying that, and you know what no in Congress. Has it has credibility on the right. If you're not saying hey, we did this. You yeah, and this is we did this, and then we think this is an effect if tool. If the people are uninformed, but we stand for this principle. We are not going to be pushed around yeah and in to be clear hi. I think you're. Every time. There's an argument about hypocrisy.
Arguing, the other side is a hypocrite, but we need to do is pause before you make that argument and think out whether you are on the opposite side of both of those issues too, because if you are the one saying that, of course, it's absolutely has to be the right thing to do. To try to. Shut down the government, or or use this as leverage to get something you think is important if you're thinking that in twenty thirteen, you should understand what the Democrats are doing now. That is what I have I I agree with it an I do think this is an effective thing and I do think they have a right to do it. That's fine, however, the day. It's here, Why would be much more full throated last time is, I believed that Universal Healthcare was Unc Tatoosh channel was unconscious right, but I mean they would make the same document about their point. I mean you: could
it's fine? No, there are no. No Dhaka is awful, so unconstitutional right, but they'll say that you know you know: yeah they'll come up with their general they'll, come up with the same thing, and that was you don't care about people yeah? I care both times about the constitution and look. There are differences in these cases. There's minor differences between what happened with you know. Two thousand and thirteen with the government shutdown that's happening now bottom line is if you're a minority party member and you have No power in the government and you want to this deal done your. We're going to use whatever leverage. You have, of course, that we're going to try this now? The Republicans can just do it, but they they have their own problems. Staying united in figuring those things out so don't blame the Democrats for trying this, especially after the the president and many republican politicians have told them that two. Am to Republicans Dachau, which
We all called unconstitutional when the president did. It is a high priority that must get done so with that as a as a baseline. I understand why they think they can try this yeah. It may work. Usually they find a way around these things, but if there's a government shut down for a short time as long the military's taking care of it's not worst thing in the world. Honestly, it's happened many many times in our history. Made these arguments back in twenty thirteen and two thousand and fourteen and same thing applies here. The military, must be taken care of, and there are of the shutdowns that can affect real people in certain ways, but The vast majority of it is a call them nonessential employees doing things that they can get away with not doing for for a few weeks. I just wish these arguments on the budget actually about the budget, and this has nothing to do with it, but I wish it was like we can't come that they want to spend x. We want to spend the
and we disagree and we can't get to a budget. I wish all the budget Showdowns had anything to do with the budget so over the holidays to researchers, had a hunch They went in, they try to hack into computers by hacking into the Pentium chips, An it worked and what they found is with the Intel chips which, in gotta be I mean I don't even know the percentage, ninety percent of every pc server smartphone every tablet ever produced in the last decade there everywhere that there was a for some reason, a back door left on those chips. So hackers could make
use of those. Now they warned everybody and said hey by the way, there's a back door in this. You should be careful. Well, anybody who I know that there was a backdoor. Those chips are still in everybody's computers If somebody wants to get to you, they use that now they know here's the route to do it now, there's some patches that apparently have some, but until all of those chips are replaced, your safe one in four People have experienced identity theft in that number is going to get bigger and bigger and bigger, and it will affect you and thieves can sell your information on the dark web get an online payday loan in your name, Lifelock? text, those things, a wide range of identity theft, and if you have a problem, the, U S based restoration specialist is going to work to fix it. Nobody You know nobody can do everything in and you know, watch all businesses and transactions and save you from from everything, because the threat is huge but they're the best. So
We now get ten percent off with the promo code back called one eight hundred Lifelock, that's one. Eight hundred Lifelock use the promo code, okay, one eight hundred Lifelock or Lifelock dot com save ten percent promo code back Lifelock dot com, Glenn Beck Mercury Glenn Beck you want to talk about here. You want to talk about one of the best appointments by the Trump Administration D e you have to hear what what is the stupid agency called the the consumer Federal protection yeah hero, so this is this: is the you know the Elizabeth Warren? You know, genius idea. Tell me about the budget.
Still while Mick Mulvaney, who are big fans up. He started running this and in a controversial way. If you remember, the old Obama appointee wanted to stay and they tried to sue and it didn't work so well, then, he took over the organization, and he writes in section 107a one of the consumer Financial Protection ACT, it Requ the Board of governors to request a quarterly some determined by the director to be reasonably necessary to carry out the authorities of the bureau? Ok, so yes to hey? I need this much money to do. Do business next three months this letter in for it from Mick Mulvaney. This letter is to inform you that for the second quarter of fiscal year, twenty eighteen, the bureau is requesting zero dollars. May I ask I love you he's awesome. The reason for this is straight forward. I am informed that the projected second quarter expenses are approximately one hundred forty five million. During my review of the financial condition of the bureau, I learned that
as the beginning of the fiscal year, the bureau had a balance of one hundred and seventy seven million dollars just hanging around. Basically, he, He writes. My understanding is that the previous bureau leadership opted to maintain a reserve funds to address possible financial contingencies. Although I know of no specific statutory authority requiring the establish, I said was that was meant or maintenance of such a reserve. Moreover, I see no practical reason for such a large reserve, since I informed that the board has never denied a bureau request. Final as net earnings of the Federal Reserve system or periodically remitted to the treasury. This request, or lack thereof, will to reduce the federal deficit by the amount. That the bureau might have requested under different leadership, while the
oxman the one hundred forty five million dollars may not make much of a dent in the deficit. The men and women of the bureau are proud to do their part to be responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars. Thank you, Mick Mulvaney. Thank you awesome. Thank you. Thank you. That, is the kind of person that we want in Washington DC Ppc Road on Glenn Beck Mercury?
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