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11/9/18 - 'Timeout Florida'?

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Hour 1 Florida has done it again?...72-hours later...they're still counting votes using common-core math? ...Tucker Carlson responds to mob threats...feeling the love as well? ...Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg hospitalized...the Left is losing it...fearing another conservative SCJ ...'Read Aloud West Virginia'...Glenn's 'A Christmas Sweater' the alternative to 5-year-old gift requests? ...Caller, Demtrie from Broward County = Laughing Stock?    Hour 2 Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg hospitalized and Left are losing it...fearing the worst?...here we go again ...Bill O'Reilly Friday...Recount in FL...Good by Jeff Sessions = weak...Tucker Carlson and family mobbed at home...Bill explains how he can relate?...'someone needs to be punished'...'no regrets leaving Fox News'?...Warren and Sanders not threats in 2020...'Acosta Standards' for press corps?...All theses shootings have one thing in common = isolated Internet users? ..."Hang Together or All Hang Separately"    Hour 3 America Lacking?...Empathy...there's a little truth from every side...we must find ways to come together...moral foundations from both the Left and Right...they only have 3 in common? ...Louis Farrakhan killed Malcolm X?...the fear of being peed on? ...'Addicted To Outrage'...why Samantha Bee, chapter? ...No one at CNN is going to tell Acosta to stop ...Fighting fairly going forward?...Respect and true kindness...we can learn a lot about how we treat dogs?

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this thing down. I was in Florida when I told Florida. If this happens again work. For ya, who's in Florida when Florida, almost the whole world on fire. I was in Texas Watch Florida and on Monday, saying to Florida, I'm cool went down with shovels and saw and we're gonna, dig and Howard. I saw Florida off from the United States and just let it, float into the middle of the ocean. Florida has done it again does anyone know what's going on in Brower County. it's been seventy two hours. And there are still counting votes. In fact,
Brower County. They came out and said right away how many p bull came and voted The next day they came out and said: oh there's about ten thousand more votes here, wait a minute. What. Brower county is probably the most technologically advanced and economically developed areas in Florida, but for some reason I just thought of it. They're, probably using common core math, where the answer really doesn't matter boy, I'd like to see how they got there, the our county election supervisor claims that she doesn't even know how many ballots are left to be counted
Could I ask the Brower County election supervisor, how that's even possible? Isn't that you're one job you work really one night one. It's your one job now I dont know of Brown, county election supervisor knows this literally every other county in the nation reported the results pretty much minute by minute So a brown county, Florida large, dumb, of voting. Results are being pushed out at late night hours and, curiously, they always seem to benefit? The Democrats might look like just found some more democratic ballots. to say something is rotten in
County of Brown bird is being kind. yesterday morning of. Video was released on Twitter show bags of ballots being transported in private vehicles and then loaded onto rental trucks. Now, Is that your standard procedure, If it is, oh thank, you should have the job I do think this is legal. I'd like to ask where were the quote: supervisors Who is maintaining the chain of custody? what was the rental truck for. who's to say that ballots, work just take it out and burned and replaced with fakes. There is no one to say this: no one because
no one was supervising this isn't legal. This is the reason why vote results are delayed and coming in late at night, because you just had put it in the back of your porch and then take now to some guys in the back of a truck. I don't know. kinds of seems a little shady part Hayley. This justify the means. If we can just get a demo, Braddock Socialist in their I'm sure, he'll fix it. Probably shouldn't use the word fix when we're talk, about voting in Florida. Yesterday afternoon, over one hundred ballots were rejected in Miami. After finding out, people that voted head, vaulted, multiple times republican,
send it candidate Rick's. God has had enough these just file the lawsuit late last night, accusing Florida election officials, hiding information. The law suit even suggests that the election supervisor in Palm Beach County illegally used her own judgement, beats God I live in Florida in two thousand Palm Beach County. I'm not a guy who's for in Otis Higgledy. Piggledy executions, but I have to tell you: what the hell is wrong with you. So they are apparently their election supervisor upon herself just to determine voter intent when reviewing both damaged in incorrectly filled out, ballads, so bad, sickly she took the ballot and said
I don't know it looks like they were trying to vote for the Democrat. This is, in saying you are the only group of people they could take the hanging Chad's and make it worse. This appears like legitimate election tampering and fraud regulations Florida You just showed that no better are they in countries like Russia To steal a little bed from me great sage, forests, Gump Corrupt, is as what does it's Friday night? You are listening to the claim that programme I think, it could have handled it from any other state. Good. I haven't snapped. It was happening here in Texas. I haven't step there looking into
I just got a letter and email in this morning. I have to read to you because it's happened in other states haven't snapped but Florida. Florida, the people who brought us selected, not elected armoured cars, you need A time out everybody In Florida you need a time out Let me read this too here with us. We want. I want you know the state of Iowa yesterday sister and daughter and son in law, who is a? U S, citizen, but from Argentina, and speaks with a heavy acts and went in to vote ahead of his wife they Did him my nephew of voting ballot that was inside a plastic sheet? He went to the bring tabled before the before the machines and when he looked at it. He saw that the ballot was already filled out with all of the democratic candidates he got
angry and went back to them and said? What are you doing? Gimme a ballot, that's blanked blank they seemed a little flustered as if were hiding something my ex ended. Family believes the volunteers expected that he was an illegal who didn't know better by his thick accent in dark skin, which would be racist. Of course, It seems that they had a separate container with these pre marked democratic ballots. I furious. My entire family is furious, my sisters, crux of illegals are taken to work in the town for Thyssen, There are many of those who are beginning. These democratic marked ballots at the voting station, owned drivers licence is required, devote their. They attend, still them just to push it through the machine, clear, voter fraud. This is in Iowa we don't need Russia to do it? our own people doing it.
You're stuck assailing did areas, I am happy to say you are in a ranten. I do want to cut you off. If you do believe there was a mass voter Rawdon in California in Florida me does Obviously I design or anything. I think that there is the possibility, I think we're Just gonna go through what we went through in two thousand, where Nothing is really really super clear. Its muddied waters and just helps us be a little more. I don't know nineteen sixty eight in our spirit for the country with me, because they have their supposed recounted, not necessarily bad rotative. Every cliff reverie cleared every election legally has a recounts, so is not necessarily a bad thing. Yes it just the idea that they're supposed to and Brower Counties was to be able to say, hey. We have this, The ballots left to count there is ambiguous, defining them a nurse
The story of this person working at a school who found a box that you said the provisional ballots and she's afraid to open it because she was afraid to tamper with evidence when they opened. It was just a bunch of like me now signs and and pencils, and am there weren't any ballots inside, but this is the sort of thing you're talking about these. Are you know, there's local schools there finding bought ballots of, we know boxes, they think they have ballots in them in a large numbers of votes. Popping up kind of out of nowhere is really kind of interesting. You should be able to count when you come in every state. I've ever voted in a cloning Florida who come in and you have to sign, fine, your name, the assign and they get a ballot use would be able to count that and say here the number of people that voted I'll come Florida. Brower county can't tell us how many people voted and then there like you know why? Oh my gosh, I just I had this. It's a mine.
What I found these in my secure suit pocket but here are some more Is that possible. I mean some states have rules where mail ballots can come in after election day, for example, California. I think today's the deadline a forty or if you, even if you mail, a ballot that is mailed and postmarked by election day, and it gets thereby Friday. The vote can still count and that's why Lotteries California House raises are out there and still undecided and maybe won't be decided firms who God knows along, but I've been that's not facing here. They better. I dont think we're making me musing better out or know about you, but I don't remember all these problems growing up. I don't remember them,
and maybe they were all corrupt back then, but I don't remember, I do remember some dead people in Chicago. You remember that Chicago in Florida, it's not you! Anybody who lived in Florida their whole life. I don't think it's you. I think it's the corrupt Democrats that are moving out of New York. Don't let them New York your Florida, don't do it because now there Californian my Texas, and I don't like it, don't let them new. your Florida telling you right now maybe a little later on. I bandwagon we're really really later astronomers and by the way. I fully agree with you, as a person born in New York. Currently living in Texas completely agree with you. Oh, I said that I said when we move down here. Rick Perry was the governor and I walked in, and I said we have to take care of this border and he said,
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not the death bed message, I was hoping for equipment. Thank you for that I, for one, am kind of I dont believe in the rapture, but I'm willing, I'm willing- I mean I don't If I have to be in a Nike called. If that's what gets me taken and I'd like the next six months? What do you think the committee some cool, eight, if your interested? Well? No, I don't wanna go no, I don't go that way, unlike the Lord, to do not want to go up. Heavens chimney it's a good way to go and now have in Germany- is not not exactly what I'm looking for. But thank you thank you for the offers. Do I appreciate that and the F b I will be notified. I do have first, while the Tucker Karlsson thing is is despicable. and when Tucker said yesterday that he thanks. He knows who it is. It's fast,
donating that this came out last night that he thinks he knows who it is any. He thinks he knows that it was a guest on his show. I two sources reach out to me last night, and so they watch the video and they know who the guy is. And they said he's a guy. who was on Tucker, show and Tucker humiliated him. You know just by law can speak and an eye said? Are you willing to go on the record that acknowledge guys really dangerous new? No, so I I didn't even ask the name. the guy, because I don't want to know it. If I can't get anybody to go on record, but I got those phone calls last night and then what happened Tucker comes out and says I think I know the guy is, I think, the Guy just recently, on my show is a bad guy. If that's who it is this a bad guy and others
out of love. For this idea, there's been some leftists who have come out and said, a man who cares if Tucker Karlsson get terrified he's terrifying people every day with his hatred and blob of law has been allowed. people, though, who relay this is over. The line. This is This is, however, even left why we need to have why we to be a different end, as I was saying unto her a peculiar people. We need stand out as well, peaceful and not part of that, because I've been saying this for the last few years, the only thing that has happened to repeat the sixties, is assassinations. Now we ve had assassination attempts. Body was on the right, so they didn't care ok, so the guy was just trying to kill all the congressmen that are Republicans. Oh well let's brush that underneath. If this happens to a journalist
I mean you know why hasn't happened? Could you This is something I sit on Fox you journalist, Don't have any idea and you are causing up to these people and I have no idea and when the King I'm really hit the fan. They will come and they will drag you out of your chair from your comfy studio and beach. It a death in the streets and I polluted myself in that. So you don't know what we're playing with and who were dealing with here. I think we are there. I think we are getting That point, but we have ever had, They know this is a little bit unrelated, but we had that incident of a few months ago, when I went into a newspaper and shot up than is yes, I can. everyone should be on their knees, praying for Ruth Bade. Her Ginsburg right now praying the either if she would die now right now,
Vat is, can you imagine I mean What did they do? The only thing they didn't do during Cavanaugh was firebomb and kill people Everything else you can't go further than they did before further without violence right. You can't even make a big who's, the guy gang rape, rice or on a high. You go further family and they had people in the streets and they were you know they were on the edge, but there was no violence, ok, But they were unhinged on the streets, the only thing to ask ill escalate. This is to go to violence if you don't think that would happen with Ruth bade her Ginsburg York, you're crazy for socially. Better. She back of God, and so this is enough, but it does make it made people think about the bad as a possibility. obviously, you pray for repair, Ginsberg also display
he's a person who did began she just because he's completely wrong on the constitution. Every single time do not mean you don't pray for you, as a friend of Scully is sure to be a pretty decent woman, mean egg, I don't care about politics, she's, She seems like a really fun. decent woman he was very well. I buy a lot of the conservatives on the court, correct GINO. That doesn't mean I want her on the court. I'd rather have I like, have her retire and be replaced by someone who cares about the constitution of the United States rather than South Africa as a whole, four situation, though, and you're right, I mean, there are so worked up on the left over, you know I don't like losing. I don't know I don't like it. They don't like the idea that you know that conservative is on the court. You don't like the fact that, if someone work because people are tackled as well, if I get Ginsburg does retire, they replace it with a wet with a moderate; no, they should not their play. Some under the constitutional, especially replace her with a are an original,
a constitution was that's what the job is supposed to be for real. Do this because you feel like oh, we should play to the other side. Do you that's the constitution. You replace with constitutional is not a republican, not a Democrat. A con. the two journalists mercury So here we go peccary from pack re on least is joining us now, and you took a little upset about the the situation in Florida turn a screw up the country. Why the inner everything seems fine yesterday. So ok, we but equally dodge a bullet in the governorship for Florida. in the Senate seat in Florida? Looking pretty good, in Arizona. Everything should be ok. Yes, they got that house control backbone other than that everything we really well well now it's completely changed, maybe, while Cinema in Arizona is like she's a.
and others are recount in both races in Florida for sent an end for the governorship and the one concerned about I mean I haven't. Have you those heard anything about I'll play in Arizona Thy have not? I hate Rick Scott is kind of concern about in Florida. Obviously, right I know we were talking about Florida and I wanna get Marco Rubio undertake as he is on fire about that should be here, but I haven't heard anything about foul play in Arizona. So if that's, if it's all up and up than that's what it is in Florida, is there not saying how many more ballots they have to count? Why not? How do you not know sorrow their legal responsibility, yeah to be able to its black humour with the name of the act, but they are legally responsibility to report on these things and tell them how many balance they have left all a bunch of details there is neither required has allowed when and if any one I ll show you. The feds should be involved in this now
anyone is caught? hampering with these ballots. They should go to prison, not jail. They should go prison, for very long time we lose control of the ballot and lose faith in our election system. We ve got nothing left and What's really interesting is it was well he's not my president. He was selected not elected because they all declared Al Gore, the winner and then Bush. Well, I guess you could say that about your governor and about you could say that now about your senator. If they end up winning rose like did not elected, how'd you do you hear about Browed, county worthy elections, professor was just I bawling and and making the call where the ballots weren't clear under there but it for she was just looking at him. I am that looks like that's a democratic one. Why oh yeah, but
other big news other big. So is that how they went from fifty four thousand ahead with Rick Scott campaign? Don't set on eight thousand ahead. Dont know, don't know so other big news I appalled based on twitter. This morning, when I found out I don't know you guys have heard yet, but if so, I'd like to open the floor for Europe's ology is well my apology to the Trump Administration for Joy believing that The White House had put an additive tape out and they heads bad up Jim Costas arm. Have you heard the recent news on it I mean I watched the analysis of it a minute it. I don't have it it intentionally, but it does seem like they did speeded up because of it.
Compare the conversion file of the file right, but that is not what anyone was saying yesterday out they were yesterday. They were saying all they just took an Alex Jones found that we did not report that, but we did report that they played a dot tape that was sped up and we said, That was wrong if they were doing that. That is not what they did and you know who reported this. You know the investigation on it? Buzz leave New here by Sweden, is found that if you take just the the raw video and then you taken, you did converted, to give her give fragile guess, yeah yeah, not Jeff. That's there's, there's a long term debate about earlier. It is, I can ever remember which one yes, the winning when anyway if, as the peanut butter, that's how you remember, I guess that's what it does. Is it it
its frames out, and so you lose like fifteen frames, and so it looks like you spend it up, but you didn't you just caught frames out automatically when you converted it cuts frames out. So I mean, whereas CNN where's CNN, if they apologized yet did they accuse he's out? Did they accuse the? at the house everywhere I don't watch CNN, I just assume cause. I read that everywhere yesterday morning that they were using a doctored tape and spit it up. and any new assumed that they meant that the there were just the alleged Jones yet version and direct and posted that correct yeah you can, you can convert multiple ways and sir, I mean we don't know if there's any intent to whoever did it originally. I know that the Alps Jones Circle was sharing it widely. We don't know exactly how to do it. Now. You can convert into multiple ways certain ways make it look worse for
for a cost us than the other way. When you look at the raw table, when you look at the actual of entities, he didn't do anything wrong during our please. Thank you did wrong was end the rude and and ridiculous right and left yesterday on the view was saying that she accosted, Come on come on, it's ridiculous, but you haven't believe all women now is now a sound. Now she's like this, she was nearly twenty three year old woman is really beating the crap out of this. You know beyond national borders on National tv, so ridiculous. Try to get the MIKE has President directed her to do that. Go get that make so so I've been saying this for a while, and I'm always wrong on timing. Action, I'm usually pretty close to being right but I'm always run on timing. I've been saying for awhile nineteenth the aid is coming v? sure feels like the beginning of nineteen sixty eight
Everyone is charging encounter charging than your setting up Sup for violence Euro, Get someone killed. Assassinations already are a part of our life. They just haven't been successful yet, but there already part of our lives and God only knows what's coming, but you kill a journalist. Somebody shoots Sean Hannity or somebody shoots you knows on CNN, I don't even by Cuomo you got yourself a serious issue, a serious issue that the country burns down not only. I don't even think it takes that kind of event. I think or teetering on the others, election day Andrew Eden asked
so our because we're both watching a noose feed together in Asia. So we have rights over this. Unlike its it, and then I stopped. I thought I was gonna. Its America but is it is it now is Still: America, the America that transfers power peacefully and does have banks in an molotov cocktails and So all other manner of weaponry in the streets after an election, its So far we have still, America, we're not gonna, have riots and we're not gonna violence, but I dont know the idea. You're not sure knows not sure it is so there's the the The real problem is, I think, is that think they're sixty percent of this country, It is still America and Don't want any of this. I think such aid don't know enough about the right percentage, which is frightening right and the and the left
has become. This is a religion now for them. It is. It is a religion. The left is a religion and when you have religious zealots, its trouble whenever a zealots says I'm right and everyone else is wrong. There's your trouble and and we are also teaching absolutely everything that is encouraging this. Let me let me read this risk. This comes from the west, didn't you gazette male, my right it's a story visiting classrooms for read aloud in West Virginia its we judging by a nine year old, you look old you're. Forty eight aren't you kid in the front row- the class trolls start young, that's pretty good. We gotta get you a job at a carnival. I said I thought of asking of her try my weight, but I do want to hear that number spoken allowed among strangers and I do press my luck so
story. Is this really nice? It talks about how these parents are going into schools and their starting to read the kids. Okay and they are nine year olds now about I dunno forty paragraphs and they start talking about how the books that their reading you know I don't have any problems with the books. You know their reading, the stinky cheese man and you know blah blah blah blah blah the real aloud West Virginia had a list of reading suggestions that work with the librarians and the teachers, but no religion and no politics said the librarian. If it's an obviously political or religious book or written by a provocative public figure than you'd better just skip it. Third grey Bruce, don't need to be read the Communist Manifesto and if parent
want to read Glenn Beck's Christmas sweater book to their kids. That's up to them. We also you're the same categories that is manifest up, so I had, I honestly had no problem with that. I'm like yeah, you know I'm a polarizing figure, blah blah blah, but there's nothing wrong with it, but it is overly christian in the end but then at cedar. Grove staff made me feel welcome, told me how nice it was that I got there, and I went to my first classroom for graters, gave me a bit of a hard time at first I'd interrupted the nature lesson that involved a video about monkeys, but I read this: binkie, cheese man and a few more stories. Couplet kids try to get in a joker too, but overall, it went pretty well on my way out. The teacher thanked me one of the kids heckled. A couple of times and shouted by Mister Bell, I say ok I'll see you next week. He look surprised he was asking what the kids would like to see before I left the class. I asked
If they had any requests, hand shot up now. This is in a group of five year olds. The first five year old, I called on said five nights. It Freddy's why? but I'm honored five nights at Freddy's at the video game series about a security guard trying to stay alive while being hunted by gerrish audio animatronic killers inside of chuck e cheese. Children's restaurant. This is of popular video there's a line of toys and a film based on the games and the work. No, teacher of a five year olds said. Apparently the subject could come up before so it called on a little girl seated in a chair. Next to the front, she said I'd like you to read a story about penny wise, ivy, that one. Maybe not Stephen King
any wise. Is the evil shaped shifting clown in it? A third boy suggested Jason. As in Jason Voorhees my gosh, that also declined How well I don't know about you, see. If you have five year olds asking for Jane. In a girl,
asking for penny wise the Christmas, whether it might not be a bad idea to throwing what's happening to our children, and I wanted for our Christmas letter in, of course, is a religious zealot. You'd be say: man come of gorgeous she's, ok path. Thank you very much for us to have a modern day think very hard work on the path gray Joe, which is called Pat Grain, unleashed its podcast. You can listen to your Lee way. Patent more attributed errant most they can. We get the final swore dunno trap. You had It was a little controversial to dacres, we got to the end and the trend is Jim. the fourth quarter didn't worked. So we have to read that revert to the third quarter, so New Orleans over Cincinnati Bath. What's here, what's your record this year? Seventy two suddenly he's advertising moratorium is just a name. I don't really know otherwise. It just is that it's amazing. Ok, thanks so much pan
They recap a moron trivia on Monday from patent sobering that in and if you want to hear it, you can hear it on his body cast Pat Gray, leeched but a sponsor filter by you don't feel Darius. Still yes, we have filter by because that means that the detailed will actually be changed. Dont do filter by completely. On its be honest, Will I ever? Can you think of any time you ve actually change the filter? Oh no. I don't nothing? I don't understand, it will be changed. Oh my gosh least I do at once. It arrives no, You do an idea, we did nothing. I did to you, do nothing for yourself and there's no way you do this. I did it you're making me feel terrible about my saw, you do it and I don't did it. I did it well, my wife with me what we did it as a couple Sunday night. You are a catch, I dont know if we did together, but I actually did it. If I didn't have filter by
but never do it. I have to burn down to make it say whose it was a filter. It was so clogged with twenty years of crap in if you like, while they should have mailed it to me there is now a filter by dot com. You don't have to go and you don't even have to remember they just ship it to your door. Six hundred, for in size as they have the size. That's right for you. There made right here in Amerika. This is the best thing. An eighty five percent discount, if you just go, don t you know auto send so it finds out where you're supposed to change the filter and then it sends a tunisian go and take it from the front door and pop it, and it's really easy filter by filter, be why dotcom filter be why filter by dotcom. Bill rallies coming up in just a few minutes. We have a lot to talk to him about. We have Dmitri in Florida who voted in Empowered County, hello, Matriarch you, I don't Mostly.
yes I well I wish, was on, have our circumstances. What the hell is wrong with Florida now manage drivers. Not down here were always the laughing stock when it comes to voting and not dimension, is a third recount not just for dollar Senate and now, for it our agriculture. Commissioner, unreal. Ok, I wouldn't worry about you when he announced here the Democrats. What is the word? What is what's happening locally? people voted for a start for Senate and when I know pretty much, reform by the Levy Republic in a democratic, because they all believe that don't know, This is a seat at this point. In this way Now I live, Two miles away from Portland or actual storm storm palaces,
when he came down in doing it. I didn't do it impact so pretty much. Everyone is and I feel Nelson everyone likes most people like works got because what he's done with from a Douglas and pushing staff as well as they believe, you're getting a black bad rapture The Democrats will stop that environment and what about the into an quickly examining at about ten fifteen? Second chirruped here? What about the governor governor? it must be well didn't want jargon. Is too radical for us? Ok, there's corruption happening with Stripes. Of course, there is always a husband or thanks. Dmitri appreciated
its land, and I want to tell you about something that you should either end your day with bore start your morning, and that is the news and why it matters like this show you're gonna love the news and why it matters it's a bunch of us. They all get together at the end of the day and just talk about the stories that matter to you and your life. The news why it matters put forward now we're ever you download your ass back. The left admires coolness over policy, take better go better roberto admirers could actually tell you about his policy. Same thing goes with Bernie Sanders, probably more than anyone else on earth is the ultimate cool guy, Barack Obama, many on the left are far more likely to remember his change poster. You know the one that is doubly che, then is craftiness withdrawal style strikes or is an aptitude for keeping campaign promises automobile
lately there's been a push to achieve this with Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Vader Ginsburg, who leads the court's liberal wing, the poster work alone for Ginsburg the recent film about her. It's a brand poster you're gonna, find in Brooklyn. There's the book notorious r b e g, the life in times of Ruth, better Ginsburg with us. Look rendering of r b g made to look like the economy photo of fun notorious Biagi on the cover beneath all the graphic design in the farming, though Ginsburg is not doing well. Her health is really becoming an unavoidable reality. The left is, it's best to keep her. You know up right, but yesterday brought another reminder that she is not as well as the left is blindly believing, and This poses a danger, I think, to the country, because the left,
is the has their hair on fire and if something happens to Ruth bade her Ginsburg, it could be. The fuse that just pushes us over the edge so May I say this with all sincerity. I know that Chris Mathieu said yesterday that this phrase should be literally outlawed, but please keep Ginsburg in your hopes and prayers. The country needs to catch its breath, Ginsburg. She was eighty five she fell while she was in her office, the supreme police rushed to her rest or to the Georgetown University Hospital. She has three broken ribs on her left side. I've only had been whose ribs and I have to tell you that hurts, and I even imagine what a broken feels like she's, the courts this justice, the fall is the latest in a series of health issues. She's had broken ribs and fallen.
Broken her ribs, I think, to other times she has survived both call colon cancer and pancreatic cancer. I mean She is a machine in twenty. fourteen she had a stand placed right in IRC, right, coronary artery and policy aside we sincerely wish misogyny begins burden, a speedy recovery and a speedy return to work. We, like President tromp, we'll keep Michigan burg in our prayers, the pollen six of the situation are far less clear. I don't want to remind you what happened last time. President trumped now nominated a Supreme Court justice by the name of Bread Cavanaugh, but the left deny maintain their their coup. oh attitude so good, Burg. Health is a serious issue, think about what they did to Cavanaugh.
how could you possibly escalate what they did to Cavenaugh without violence. I don't think, there's away and it will be an escalation from what they did Cavenaugh for the next Supreme Court justice if they have to replace roof better Ginsburg it is, We are in a precarious situation. America, and we should be a unique and peculiar people we on the right should be a people of peace and thoughtfully? and kindness, because the other is coming in some He's gonna need a direction to run it's Friday November. Ninth, you are listening to the Glen Back Programme, bill, O Reilly, drum
bill orally dot com and a friend of the programme bill I want to ask you quickly, you are thought to be ever met Ruth Ginsburg, now, but I knew and ten Scully a little bit need like dirt electoral lists which who's gonna Relaxing the me, because you know Justice Ginsburg made no united a phoney army should basically said. Look I'm ruling on my political leaves in the car. We should be damned and that's what I'm gonna do. Yes, she said at one point she was using. We are, though, one going, but it didn't the one point she said she was using the south african constitution to make decisions, but I enjoyed their friendship. It showed that two people that opposed to each other can still be friends, and I thought that I should it's a good example, but what you didn't report is it while Justice Ginsburg said she's going to use the south African the Tunisian, she was also listening to the Paul Simon,
Let me again according to marry, you can call me out so bill start with Brower, county and palming yours may I gave a we allow it and the air is it is it is. Let's talk about voter voter fraud? It do you believe outer fraud is happening. How does to play out what what should A government do complicated issue because you know Brower County is a problem, always has been historically very, very locked up, Democrat and, and beside Morgana, torn abodes, What county is His pointed out about ten minutes ago. In a little while stop it before. God got playing to go to Paris, He got Arizona too in all these ballots, her coming and going in what we have said.
what the commission, we are. The FBI, and can you gotta hand over all washed up to it and let the federal oversight kick in well, fortunately, you know they ve done a number on the FBI, so we don't really have the FBI. That is. You know that a lot of confidence with their competent in doing things like tat, I mean to real fast catching the bomb. Aren't I If there's any whip, then The FBI has gotta, go down, take away from this day, people right away, you have them, except you have doktor Brennus snipes, who is the the election commissioners? It's her job to do this in twenty steam. She got into trouble for throwing away ballots the judge said she violated federal and state laws on the ballots Brown county didn't do anything about it. I mean how, because it should Vietnam, I don't really know that area nor pretty well and it's just lock tight
why it is so. I know I'm a crash top the bottom. It is the county, the with the stolen Douglas in it, and we know that they didn't do anything for the people on the school board. Who were obviously you know head. in key things going on with the shooting but the ship. Scott. Israel he's still the sheriff today. How can you expect anything not to be corrupt. I mean if I'm working in the of about and I tend to be a corrupt person, an ice who had just happen and nobody doing to Scott Israel. Nobody really did anything except blame the right. What makes you think didn't anybody's us anything about you. If you fix the ballot mob, look Speculation is not really useful here, I think, We have a new attorney general acting attorney general tromp mentioned before God is plain today and I believe,
The FBI will be done very quickly, saw account. If Lord tell me about the new attorney general, because that also now is something that the Democrats are saying. You know we don't accept him he's. This is this is probably unimpeachable of fans. Yadda, yadda yadda tell me about him and what you think about Jeff sessions leaving I gotta tell you, I just don't even bother with the partisan boorish anymore. I really don't I'm so is he would with really important stories and trying to accumulate facts that when these people say that stupid stuff, look Whittaker is a guy who was entrenched in the Justice Department under sessions. He knows what's happening, so he would be the last. people died at anybody, would appoint correct. Yes, tell you, you didn't you apparatus India's Burma continues to rule because you.
The guy and who knows what's happening and then a few months from now you nominated who you believe the new attorney general, so it makes perfect sense now. Why is on record as saying that he didn't believe the Hillary Clinton investigation was conducted properly. I believe that, be proven beyond reasonable doubt by the general's report. Just gonna come out soon he's, also Ino sceptical about power even to Robert Mahler and other special prosecutors, as anybody should be, or I taught us the problem at hand. Number one worrying I dislike way. We remember that Joe Mansion who you know, is supposed to be this guy. Who is going to be ok? go. You know he he was come from us, but you know both sides he's the guy who came out yesterday was talking about impeachment or the president because of what's, but because of this gap. Somebody
a more in a Trump administration at all personal Somebody did something so mansion is really now that one scorched earth yell sessions, look befuddled in the job from day one. I said many on many different issues: where's the attorney general wise and taking a more aggressive posture. I e sanctuary cities, all daddy. I e just you know, Senator or our Congressperson Party your job, and sometimes all of your job is being diplomatic and trying to raise money and trying to be back. and move around and all it did that's not what Elliot now should be doing you now. He was a kid. doors down and get bad guys. I've kind of it in general, I would like any speculation. Bobby Kennedy is an attorney general. No Prince
Norton Ass, great, he was growing, after you suggest sessions. We do you know, I don't know. Maybe so who do you think it might be? Chris Christie speculation that Lady Grand, as soon as I said at everybody, said it- I can't I'm bill rallied icon on Wednesday, is gonna, be Chris Christie and encouraged. Everybody said it because Christie is owed. Tromp owes him and Trump even said today in ITALY. I'm to press conference, so that that's it play sad, that that's how you play she bowed and how you feel about that. I don't know you know Christine tough guy. I know you know
Guy now you know yeah. I dont really state in a jury, you'd well, yeah, yeah, guess, department, big big thing. I dont like I don't Ike, I feel the same way about ready Giuliani and I like Rudy Giuliani, but you and I don't want a guy who you're like hey bills. Not in this meeting to ask a question. do you ever initiated a real job, we're doin Fortune in New York City that keep Denham? I know I don't think he's gonna in play. No, I don't think he's gonna get it now by boy. Oh boy, did he clean up New York city? I you go to I've got so much talk to you about we're. Gonna, take a break I'm to talk to you about Tucker, Karlsson, Acosta, the shooting at a thousand oaks and and
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Few use the promo code back here also going to get a free foot rest as well. It's ex chair back dot com, Welcome back to the programme, it is Friday in Bill, O Reilly from Bill. O Reilly. Dotcom joins us. Let me when we take, due to what happened in front of Tucker Carlson's house. Can we play the audio please. This is We believe to be an the surrounding his his house at night. scaring the life out of his head of his wife hero Are you sleep at night do you know what are you Reilly who has had his share of of threats as well. Nothing like this that I know of bill
how respond to this intrusions. I didn't make them public because of children and I had the actual on guard sleep inside my house. that too is there. Anything were on your family than having tale of I mean had armed guards, sleeping at the doors of our bedroom. you. One of the reasons that I don't regret, leaving Fox NEWS is because I don't have to deal with that anymore and I had to deal with it every day of my life for sixteen years we once we became number one for when we were coming up, I didn't have to do with it that much will wonder he came successful. Then the threats Kay every direction, young every direction. Every day You know I recommend it on my website, dead, dead, Tucker, Carson filed charges and
still sue civilly. I'm an appealing ways: gonna stop! I found it. I found it in resting that anti far that has been accused of being the group here. Antiphon their twitter beat was suspended their not permit. We banned, they were suspended, twitter, Whoever did it deserves to be punished. I didn't hear anybody condone it. Even afford left loans, eyeing condoning it, I will tell you that this is exactly what happened. The late nineteenth twenties nineteen thirty use in Germany exactly there's no The French also happened in the also happened in the in nineteen nineteen here in Amerika and in the MID Thirty's here in Amerika as well, but not to the extent
here, the fear, never the urine, paralyzed donation back if these people on punished. then this is gonna, escalate to where, as you said, somebody you killed or badly hurry. Added to nineteen sixty eight. Let me play that audio again. Just real the beginning of that audio, please, stop that individual Tucker Karlsson said was on his show recently, and he said he recognized the voice. I had two people tell me last night that They also recognise the voice. This before Tucker said anything and they this guy was just on Tucker's show you can, Take that audio and they can be
these print that we will find out? Who that guy was, if he's in the public eye, and it could do say, police investigated what, where everybody's wash in our countries, watching. And Mr Karlsson himself. His eye would file a absolutely file. A lawsuit against these people for putting my family in danger. We talk about this earlier this week in a kind of goes here. What we saw in the in the original vote. I don't know what's gonna turn out now? Was that the american people turn down the real strident right. in in Romney counties and They turned down. Leave the crazy laughed all across the country which old me that we have a big.
Portion of America that is just not interested in this kind of fight. They agree with that I think that here these people these kinds of Rio zealots who will stop at nothing to advance the political agenda there feared by independent Americans who say this is in our countries is all we want and an article today in the Wall Street Journal that visited wines finished. I believe that, be true. I dont think the democratic but he can go with Bernie Sanders or any of these far far away people are gonna go moderate. So let's talk about that, I also want to talk to you about a Costa and the shooting in thousand oaks. California- and I can like to tie that two again, Germany in your book, killing the S s when we come back
you're! Listening to the Glen Back programme. Where would bill O Reilly? I've got three topics I need to cover in the next ten minutes, so we want to move quickly but bill. First of all, let me ask you: Elizabeth Warren. You said you thought she was done because she was too far left. Would you include people current spartacus, in that in various Anders Angela Brandon and the Senator Khumalo Harris from California that whole crew That's trying to sell socialize medicine, hi corporate taxation, high personal taxation, then you just can't win. What do you think? What do you think about Michelle Obama start to move in just doing a lot of things. That just seem President attract. You know why she's doing out, you want to displace killing the S S book undesirable comes on its way.
I know that you think. What do you think she's? Do you think she's up the ability of a candidate. Now, ok, Let me go to the hard for that. Let me go to Jim Costa. Let's start at the beginning, your thoughts I wrote a calm and overwhelming dot com which gets into it, and I don't have time I may deck programme is far more important. Guess the me to really to them, I go of it, but if you are now billow rallied outcome as a column of cost, whose job back as you know, is to get in. Nation to the people that watch CNN. So on a presidential press conference. His job is to ask questions, nobody doubts he making statements and then he tries to provoke a response, not get a response. be helpful to CNN viewers, and it would appear information flow. No, he basically says yeah. You
while the caravan and invasion. We know. That's not true, you know. That's not true, I mean, and you look out going all right, so you just attacked as in the United States in insinuated he's a liar, For that reason, competent, doesn't Oda invasion. Is that's not but a reporter dots. Now they won't see- and I want to give a costly primetime opinions, show good their ratings us all. Oh, he couldn't do much worse, but he's a White House correspondent. So tat a line and then went to prison. The United States and I've been reviewed. Five of them says sit down, sit down down so there's it's because the only thing that happens after that is chaos. I me: what is the president do what they want correct, that's what exactly what they want. Here's the problem with the rest of the west of the rest, the rest of the press corps
vase supported on its back, we're gonna erect. I know they supported him and an CNN is the worst defender of this. They should have suspended him. or you know, apologize ordered him to do. I know they're not going to do that so, but they ordered him to do. I I I agree with you. Gotta make their money corrective watch. Tromp was president years ago once he you want, then we achieved is basically sat down and said: o K, we're embarrassed. We try they destroy em, he won't anyway. Let's Money out of it, so am I we see under the Comcast banner CNN under Time Warner basically told. people get em a report on em get him and then the fox in people in Russia, On that basis, We send out a message: we're gonna support trump.
All the Trump supporters watch Fox and all the trumpeters divide themselves between the two and cable news, I understand that what I want to ask you is what I do not The president, picking and choosing who's gonna be in the press corps, but I cannot think of anything because he's already tried not to call on caught her ass to be stander right. So what is the president to do other than what he did? Not the president, but at the White House. Communications office is to issue standards that, when the president sit down and at the end of the questioning you sit down and got up. That's the wool and any day. Issue that so everybody knows what the rules are it'll be allied easier to enforce the rules. That's what I would do.
do you think CNN is going to abide by those it doesn't matter, because if they don't then they're outlandish. Ok, Let me move two thousand oaks: the California they ve got a double whammy happening now. They ve got another wildfire in California and they had this. This killer go on rampage, and it first will before I get into the aftermath any thoughts on on that. I my analysis on the shooting in the bar is the same as it was in the synagogue, shooting the turret CAN Charleston and high school in valid county Florida. The men that have done this however one thing in common. Isolated from society, they are loners, they live on the internet. They are
emotionally disturbed individuals who, in the nineteen fifty six these? When you and I grew up what I've been isolated, I society people if seen their behaviour outside now. you don't have to go outside. Ok, you can lose On his machine and talk to other people, grew up as you are Finally, when you look around and see your life means nothing I believe in anything you have no relationships with anybody. say I want ended, but I'm gonna take people with me. I and that's what happens it same scenario over and over and over there is a really powerful video that is out of this mother, whose son was not killed in Vegas, but was their survived and then was killed here, and you can your stand. What she saying, because you know her son- was just killed. She sang. I want gun control. Now we
You know it's not appropriate to talk to them about this at this point, but California has the strictest gun control in the nation, what they're really saying is we want ban. gun ban, not gun control. Is good. Control is already established legally authority there. They want bantam guns occasion. Anybody possessing a gun, you have to give it up or we arrest you that's what the left wants. Ok. They want to disarm the entire population they would have guns in any case things like that. That's why you're going with this, so uncontrolled impossible criminals will always get guns. They do not abide by the law. Anyway, then, a girl I wanted a complete total ban that he had at that's what they talk and re end there. Then the ban will work out even worse, because the lowly people defence- yes,
you're in a rural apply them America, meaning but you have a rifle They wouldn't take wife hunting rifles away, but if you want it it yourself with a hand on any danger, neighborhood. They would absolutely take your right away if they could let me go to two pieces of audio hero on your comments. First is quick Chris Cuomo last night and then its followed by Chris Matthews. Listen, the only consensus there is, is in a canoe hard, and here it is first. I would like to offer my thoughts and prayers because, that's what you do when you offer thoughts and prayers you mark, those who lost loved ones, because if you gave it any thought at all, you would never walk away from any of these without figuring out a better way to deal with the case of rare. Let me
talk about Mark now, let me play Chris Matthews and when I hear what we just somebody's and neither this guy not has got a gun with a nod and not with a gun whenever it is somebody with an attitude of bad life experience whatever it is, the EU what do you get a semi automatic glock, which has just been b, b, B, B b, but doesn't agony, intelligence or skill or town the one of these guys did just kill people in their release and their due. now with some rapidity in this country, so you're, right the moments of silence or about all that Congress has the guts to do. and it's not good enough, in origin; prayers. Yes, I'm sorry, as that should be outlawed. I know it's well intended in some cases, as a throwaway line by staffer who not sought script. Some billow Riley mocking, thoughts and prayers and then calling for it to be out laud, work
Como and Matthews play to accrue right? That's me Only people who watched them, but you don't get, discretionary dealing with Chris Cuomo and Chris Matthews the crew is largely secular. Does really believe in religion to any meaningful? done and I'm generalizing out here right. So prayers and thoughts did I crew that that's? Why a waste of time and then the overall message that they send, is what I just told you both of these, The visuals want gun bans. They won't say that, because that comes in extreme position. They can get a lot of trouble. So they'll never but ill code. It they. They speak in code the queen.
is dog whistles. You know that ridiculous praise, but if you will look and stepped back and see, Really drives this: as murder how we are living in America it's how we are living but free society, and there is no solution to that. So you can leave the way you want to live unless you break the law, and happens. Is these people they, it's so isolated, so desperate so hopeless, they decide on leaving the planet and I'm taking people with me and that's it and you're not going to stop that. No matter what you do, I'm sorry, but it's impossible to stop it play, thoughts on you know, you just finished all your research with the S s. We are silencing voices. We are big in talking about banning guns were talking about banning speech in two, the
you have anti far on the street which, as you know, our american version now of the brown shirts, any Benny, still leave us with. Well, What happened in Nazi Germany can happen here. We have too much structure to prevent that. I do believe that we are heading the United States into a period of time or hatred. is overwhelming. The public discourse on that did happen In Germany and ITALY to power being distributed to the she's who then use the power exterminate people. That was the S. S was the arm of that. Ok, that's not! may happen here, but the hatred is gonna to cause to be harmed. It is
and and we after we commentators, you me and the other seen. People with radio and television exposure have to keep pointing out a lot. We gotTa Tampa hatred down and we ve got a recognised evil and all those have the collectively fight evil to the theme of killing yourself and That is our responsibility to do that, not ridiculous leaf. Way by hatred, which is what you see now and much of the media bill orally I have a great weekend will talk to next week. My friend, thank you so much. I appreciate that you buy bill around, from Bill orally Dotcom. I will tell you, I said this earlier this week: the the right Is beginning to work together and everything this audience is always said and I've I've strife work for so long
In some ways, contracts didn't allow and others. You know they just want to make their own path, and I understand that and we all are making our own path now. But we are starting to work together, which I think is really good were not looking each other as competitors. We are looking at each other, as you know, Treats it or in the fight together- and we may disagree with each other, but we're in the fight together, and I think that is really important, especially as voices are to be squelched and, as things get tougher and tougher, we need this as Flynn said, hang together or we will all hang separately closet they have our assembly save simple save as a to keep your family safe at home at night? It's a way to make sure that nobody is opening up windows or doors. Nobody is,
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You will not believe how expensive it is. It is simply safe, back dotcom, get ten points. A few simply safe system right now go to simply safe back dotcom. That's employees safe back dot com glancing back, so Chris Cuomo was mocking people with their thoughts and prayers and sad enough is enough cause you're you're. Only mocking people and you're not doing anything about it, the red the coronation missed at the only thing you people do after these shootings is hopes and prayers or keep you in my thoughts every time and wonder why these things keep happening. That wasn't was that was quick risk woman. A little differently. Chris Cuomo I mean the exact same point. The workings of tat different, he said hopes and prayers, were I thought to criminals at thoughts and prayers right at the differences that the court I just read, came from the California shooter moments before the attack on Facebook. This was the
every left. Us you see on Twitter on television on Facebook today that saying this whole mocking thoughts and prayers thing is expressing the exact thing that the a four new shooter expressed on Facebook immediately before the shooting and that he wanted it to be his it's. His manifesto- and here is message me think about this: the Unabomber manifesto they had the f B. I had to basically force news organisations to print when people have met ass, if they dont, want them on the air every One of these left us is going on television and reading his s manifesto, just rewarding it and giving it their own endorsement. Over and over and over again all over the media today. Unbeknown, to them because they probably haven't even looked at what he wrote. But thank you this Cuomo and Chris Matthews for making the killers manifesto your own back? I want to talk
a little bit about our shared fate. Here in Amerika were divided right now, but we, be careful of throwing more logs on the fire, because. We share the same fate. what happens to the left will happen to the right. What happens to the right will happen to the left, because we are one nation whether we like it or not. We are one nation. When we see pain in someone It is human nature, it is one of them. As things about humans is to see the pain MR feel, empathy. We are beginning to lack empathy.
And I'm seeing it yet everywhere? Thank goodness I didn't see it was. I wasn't looking for it, but I didn't see it yesterday about Ruth Gate: Baker Ginsburg You know the president came out said nice things you know everybody I know said no things about Ruth Bade, her Ginsburg, we, you know, we don't wish ill on people and we don't wish pain on people but were beginning to the head. A file of vice, came out and said. No, I don't have any sympathy for Tucker COM. Since family or his wife. How is it possible. Americans have always believed in taking care of the least fortunate and
The country believes that's just a scam. Now for the other half in one had the other half thanks said nobody even cares about people. I just walk over dead bodies in the street. we don't want to harm to come to one another. We do want to care for one another. We don't want people who cheat cut at the front of the line have special favors. We do want basic fairness, basic fairness. nobody should have unequal shot. We shouldn't be hoping for chaos in the streets, because we have a shared fate, but we're not talking to each other anymore. You're not listening to each other and were expecting the worst from the other.
I want share something that I wrote in addicted outrage, thence about Don Lemon, then people or you know that Like Don lemon and end you have raised a you know. Appointed or angry with him, especially recently, but when I wrote this, he had just called the president, racist last night, I I read something you would think it was from the Washington post. The first paragraph was about me and how bad of a human being. I was because I dared question the president on race. He said Glenn Beck once Once said that the president was a racist yeah, they It is true, I once said and I immediately corrected in said now: that's not quite right. He just has a deep problem with white culture.
How many times as president called a racist and they celebrated now. Let me, let me read what I wrote Now don lemon and other Sated Donald Trump is a racist and there plotted for it by the left and vilified by the state, the red state voters dawn, however, is saying, is, I believe, very much what I tried to express something it's not right here and because not sure what it is I'll use. The most basic word. I have to describe what I'm feeling now the feeling I believe that dawn cannot pinpoint or apps even understand. Is the law us of heritage and national identity. Now the lot. people on the left do not have this this loyalty and I don't mean it do
I mean the way this is gonna sound, I'm using one of the moral principles that job then high to guy from the left says that D the left just doesn't have and they don't understand it and it is loyalty It is the loyalty to the country, the loyalty to our heritage, and it's not a bad. I think we all need each other. We all the people who are way out on the edge and you need the people were the stick in the months because together we actually get it right, so they don't have the same loyalty to the flag or the same understanding to our future. They don't feel the same way on the fourth of July. Vague as mark us for that, and we generally say well ass, because your heartless communist now either of those are true, so the feeling. Don cannot pinpoint, or perhaps even understand, is the loss of heritage and national identity. Many America, I feel that every
good that this country has done is being erased or ignored by the elites, the white culture, or white male Sis. Gender hierarchy really just means too many on the left, the western judeo christian culture. It's been attacked, on every side and those who are comfortable with Sis Gender talk are not come. Credible with judeo christian talk. believe me in many times in many ways we're talking about the same thing. May be. It is races to some, but it deep seated hatred of the white culture seems to fit, and that's what I said about Barack Obama perhaps Don lemon. Who I know- and I like does hate the western world, but I highly doubt it but what we all failed to see is we're talking over each other no one on either side is willing to recognise that our verbiage is doing
as much damage as our belief system. I believe that what Barack Obama and those in the marxist Gender race and equality studies. Minos spoke. About, as Fairness was, and is understood by many Americans as racist and sexist and when on board his supporters speak of the loss of traditional values. The left here, as I hate Mexicans, and them gaze too. both sides. What we hear in some cases may be accurate at some level. but it is the level of those who mean it this way. That makes all the difference, and this quaint is we dont trust each other enough. We have to find what brings us together and we have
find the language that can do it. I go to so many different churches, and I love it. I just love it and I love it? Because I can laugh so many times because I can speak a different language is. You know, I know what people mean when they say you know let the blood of joy. this is wash over? You that's not language. We use in my faith and in my faith that make people uncomfortable people who don't go to urge the talks about the blood of Christ they misunderstand it and they think that, creepy or weird? Now is they're saying the same thing as forgive yourself, forgive others. Let let redemption happen now. There people who don't like the word redemption because redemption, what am I
need to be redeemed, cuz, I'm so it's crazy. What happens with words, but sit in all of these different groups and I listen to people also in pretty much the same thing now there are those who are not here. go to hell Go to in other chow which of satan- I guess he's not saying the same thing go to a meeting with the twelfth mom ease, not saying the same thing and, though people you, we we're never gonna, be able to find the right language. Does areas no right language to bring us gather how many of our differences being caused because we are not. willing to accept anything other than the worst in one another. I mean look, it look
these principles, this is from Japan. I moral foundations. Look at these legalese moral foundations, his point is that there are moral foundations that the left and the right have. The left right only have three in common, because the left only folk, says on three, but there are six of them and the conservatives, have all six, but we generally lean on the three that they don't have so Karen harm that wages, it is to you Karen harm. This foundation is related to a long evolution as mammals with our attachment systems and inability to feel and dislike the pain of others. It underlined the virtues of kindness, gentleness and nurture ants? We all have that. Fairness in cheating, this foundation relate the evolutionary process of reciprocal altruism,
the generates ideas of justice and rights and autonomy, of fairness included, originally equality, which was more strongly endorsed by political liberals. However, as we reformulated theory based on new data, we emphasise proportionality, which is endorsed by every one. A this can we and we live together. Can you take the fruits of your labour and is it not an equal outcome, but is it Did it some way connected to what you do loyalty, betrayal, vis, is the one that they don't have: loyalty and betrayal Foundation is related to a long. History is tribal creatures able to form shifting coalitions it underlines. virtues of patriotism and self sacrifice for the group. It is active any time. People think that it is one for all and all for one
authority in subversion. The foundation was shaped by our long primate history of hierarchical social interactions. It underlines virtues of leadership in follower, ship. It includes deference to legitimate authority and respect for traditions. That left doesn't have this speaking generally in this is Jonathan Height. Who is a liberal. the other one is sanctity degradation. This foundation was shaped by the psychology of disgust and contamination. It underlies religious notions of striving to live in an elevated, less carnal and more noble way. It under it's a widespread idea that the body is a temple. can be designated by immoral activities. Asked one is liberty and oppression, and this one the left does have, except they have oppression, they don't have the liberty side. We have the liberty side. We also oppression, but we, emphasise liberty,
The foundation is about the feelings of reactions and resentments, people you'll towards those who dominate them and restrict their liberty. ok goes on, but here's here's the thing I want to hear something I show you we have. to start concentrating on oppression, Karen HARM and fairness and cheating though the three languages and morals that the left your stands and speaks that's what they're all talking about oppression, You know, fairness and you just don't care. We have to start talking about these and we can talk these, for instance, Karen harm. We need art showing the people that Antiphon is harming show the people that are really truly innocent standing by the side. It's why Martin Luther King, one
because he's a showed the big bad policemen and the racist in the south as harm people who Doing nothing wrong, who were just Looking for peace fairness. When you, I'm looking for fairness and someone is causing harm to you- The left understands that as a bad guy. Well, you have that you have that in anti far you have that in bad people, bad actors, we don't respond, just ask. For fairness in a poem. I too gentle way. Today it didn't. Have the anti thing we didn't have. The fear of the violence under Barack Obama as much as we do right now, things are good to get worse
We also need to show that happening in our school is oppression, but we have to speak at a softer tone not accuse, not throwing accusations, because we're not talking to the people who are actually doing it we're now. We're gonna break ground with antiphon we're, never gonna break ground with you want to indoctrinate our kids and oppress them and tell them to shut up sit down, and just say these words repeat after me. Repeat after me: that's oppression, that's oppression. We need to find ways to show our friends not on the left, but in the Democratic Party that you our standing with people who are causing harm they are not out for basic fairness, and they are
surely creating oppression. It's Friday November night, you are listening to the gleaming. Now, let me just read this from from him this is from Jonathan Height. But the left can recognize this failing. They don't understand conservative values and they don't understand this and they don't recognize their own, failing because they're so convinced of their own rationality, open, mindedness and enlightenment. We need to help citizens develop sympathetic relationships, so they seek to understand each other instead of trying to use reason, because Reason- follows the moral sentiments. Second, we need, create time for contemplation. Research shows two minutes of reflection on a good argument.
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Don Lemon would never call me and say: Glenn. You know thing about calling Barack Obama racist. I don't even understand how you got there and have serious conversation, no Nobody did, nobody would and we could have had a good open conversation and it would have been healing for the country same we're done lemon where he came out and you know and said I think I'll drop as a racist if he would If he would sit down and really listen, but the arrogance is too high If he would sit down and listen even say, look Don, here's what I think you're feeling- and he come out and say, wait a minute. It's nice not necessarily racism, it could be with some people, but it's not what people are afraid of their not afraid of MAX is there not afraid of Its limbs they're, not Zena Forbes
They feel as though the american ideals, principles and history is under attack. and that everyone is saying that it's this culture needs to be destroyed and American never did anything good. If, if Somebody would come out like Don Lemon and say guys. I get it. I guess suddenly get it in your right, and I can see how you feel that way, and we have to stop that its that all of Amerika is bet. There's a lot of good things about America that that the right understands it would de escalate things and you'd be able to have a conversation, because how many people in America would go? Yes, finally, Finally, somebody gets it. We feel like you're peeing on us every day. It's not, of fear of people who are different. It's a
say: fear of losing the things that we really truly feel are good for. All of us. We are a nation that is we're segregating each other. We are in segregation. Self segregation you believe on where you live here. You believe. Another way you live here and segregation is is not good. It is normal to self segregate but we are now segregating ourselves on line too. So all of our opinions we're only comfortable with the ones that we think are on our side, because everything has been made into a war ideas. these are what we should be looking for. We need a challenge, our own belief, now, stop these show that conservatives are actually better at this, then liberals, if you
Go to you know you gotta barbecue, Andy You start talking about it, for the most part in his may be changing at its bad. If it does If you go to a barbecue and there's a bunch of conservatives there- and you start spouting liberal idea but you're decent about it most, likely you'll have a lot of people who will engage you on that and talk to you about, want to know your point of view, its Edward same thing with religion. If you go and you're a jerk, that's different, You go into a cocktail party. on Madison Avenue or on Central Park West, and you start king about. Why don't know I mean? Don't trumpets done some good things. You not going to have a pleasant night. That's a problem That is a problem good at your good. examining other people's ideas, not so good at exam
in their own ideas and there being self reflective and that's what We need to work on, is being more self reflective and and Having these conversations and not necessarily you know, levy, Let me read a bit of what I wrote in the book addicted outrage, which also fits today. What I about Samantha B There is a. There is a a chapter in here: Samantha be annulled. Why I did what I did was Samantha be and how it worked out, and I just want to read: when I read just part of it. Most people outside my audience. Don't know this, but I used to be funny in actually my talk, radio career stations weren't sure they wanted a funny, not all political talk show on before rush limber, I travel
the time, and I would do forty city comedy tours every year than when, went to a rack which I had supported when I saw. But, Later, when I say we really didn't have a plan that would work I soured, but I began understand. The patriot act was anything but patriotic. I saw the republic betray everything that they said. They believed in the economy. perhaps then I saw us, abandon the free market to save the free market, two wanted, hope and change, just not the guy who had been a good friend of Jeremiah right and was an active member of his church. Began to change for me, and I knew we had two but and I knew how to draw a crowd, how to make people laugh. But it was important to me to expose convince the country that many Americans were horribly and dangerously wrong. It became a mission and when that happens. Your world changes. I explained to SAM my journey, my mistakes and my regrets. I think
or perhaps the first time she had a little understanding of me and what I had tried to do, perhaps not if in fact, she didn't explains the path that she took now. This is I'm talking about a I'm too about a private conversation that we had in a in dressing room. I'm only supposing it because I want you to understand. you noticed and how this happens to all of us to all of us and leave the honest will be able to get out of it. see an will not be able to get out of the gym. Accosted spiral death spiral because they are not being honest. They are not honest brokers. In my opinion, I told her that an audience that she would get would cheer and would grow the more she took on the king, whoever that king would be
the more she fed their outrage with her coverage, the more they would cheer, but in the end, even though she said she was not doing it for ratings. Because- and I believed her on this- she honestly had something to say that she thought would help. She would end up doing damage that she didn't recognize at the time. That would divide us even further. Even It wasn't her intent I tried to, explain how I really believed and in some ways, still really believe that I acting as a pressure valve. Briefing steam that my own side needed released. I mean no apologies for that. I believe it would haven't seen, is that making my own side laugh. I was also inflicting deep wounds on the other half those wombs she would also inflict, and she would, as time goes by regret, the more and more because
I believe she was smart and deeply compassionate, who happens to be tasked with making her tribe laugh and, at the same time, being an activist for what she believes in. I saw trouble since new territory for most people, who can do it or paid a great deal of money and are encouraged by those who pay them to keep going don't give up go get them because it will mean eyeballs and ratings. She, ask me. So how do I do it? I'm paraphrasing I too I'm not a comedian but an opinion guy who moonlighted it being funny on the side. But if I do it all over again with a knowledge I have now. I would probably The end up mostly doing the same way. I did the first time, with a few exceptions. I told her. the student of history, I haven't found any examples of anyone in the media, comedy, etc. Who had ever charted a successful course through these waters of weeks later. I called her discuss coming with me to Detroit to do a service project. Together with a cavity.
Then our audiences were not allowed to talk politics. We would and a weak and at some theater and discuss what our audiences learned about the other side working side by side. She said I don't know how I can make that funny. My next year, in a few months later was come with me to Asia or Africa and rescue slave children. She said That's even harder to make funny. I said the funny: is you being locked in a plane with me at forty thousand feet with nothing but ocean underneath for twelve hours. She didn't take me up on the offer, the more more I saw her clips inner stories. The more worried I became for she had chosen a course or perhaps like me, it was the only one she knew or understood how to work, and it was the path the chief of that I felt she would soon regret when she I called a vodka. The seaward I cringed it was her. Obama is a racist moment, but, unlike that moment, for me this was script and she meant it it planned and approved in a comedy room and by producers somehow
feminist, had got into the point of calling another woman, a name that even Donald Trump hadn't used at least in public when he scribe where celebrities could grab women it degrading and an insult when he referred to that is locker room talk, but without justify and yet at all, it is who he is, and you don't change when you're successful, because you have no motive to change everything working what's more, everyone around you at the time is incentivize to boost you up to empower and enable you to go even further. No one I'm Trump or be provided any kind of real push back. They had sir themselves with like minded people who had seen success and provided no help to the talent or the person, because was all part of what made them successful. You're, seeing this now with the Democrats, your seeing this now with CNN. No, let's CNN is going to tell Jim Acosta to stop no one Gonna tell him that because,
They see this. As how he's the I go on. After he's, the guy go and after Trump he's the nemesis of Trump. That makes us the other side, the opposing side, when becomes too when it comes, tromp now seeing that every they accused me of or fox of during the Obama years is exactly what the you're doing now, except to the tenth power. Remember I was called on the carpet by Fox for saying that Bill O Reilly had me in his studio and asked me about that. He didn't. agree with me. They didn't all say you know what Glenn backs right and jump on the bandwagon. None of them did. None of them did This is why this is, what see an end is doing now. They're jumping.
the boat, calling the president racist their jumping into the boat, saying yes, we can treat. This president. Anyway, we want in press conferences, and this is going to be their destruction. They're, not no I've always thought. I'll tell you a story some other time. Part one point: these people are just enemies of mine. And in prayer. I ice strongly felt another. Not how dare you their enemies of freedom and their mind to deal with. Not yours don't deal with them, you do. What you do you do? What is right and. they're, not an enemy of yours. There are met enemy of man's freedom and I
we'll deal of it. Ok,. If there is no humility. And you are so convinced that This person is you, your enemy or the enemy of all mankind and is on your shoulders to do it, and only you can do it only we can do it. If we ban together couldn't head into really dangerous waters quickly. They still they. still pillory me, for the Washington Post today has a story out where their pillory me for conspiracy theories. You mean like the caliphate, you mean like Ben Gauzy really. Because those turned out to be right.
you mean, like an economic collapse, because Europe saying that's coming now: so roman timing. you like when I said it could be. Nineteen sixty eight there would be assassinations. Because we ve already had people shot and we are into even worse things up what what part of the conspiracy are? You still harping on. While at the same time Europe bring all kinds of conspiracies about this president. We we have to stand out and be different because more where people are going to be really angry and cash. It almost doesn't matter what they do, any more real we must as a matter what they do it
matters and on how we react to it. Then there was one thing: my father taught me that really pissed me off. No, I didn't make you Madsen. Yes, you did know, I didn't you're making you mad what your emotions or your choice. Ok, Spock, have a seat. But it is true: life is not what happens to you life is how you deal with it. You are either going to be crippled by it. It's like I'm, a white I dont want to play the woman today from from a thousand oaks. The woman lost her son? He had gone. through the shooting over her in Vegas and survived and then came home and was now shot at thousand oak shooting I mean that it is tragic, and I can understand how she just doesn't want any Sheeta, don't want anyting. Do you want to hear
God Sheeta running about thoughts and prayers. She just wants gun control. She went on all off the streets are not paying, I'm not put, not playing that because of what she said, but it's because of the motion I understand how she feels, but we don't ever make need good decisions when were motivated by anger or deep emotion all right, So there is a few things that term few things that you should be really aware of, especially with TAT. One of them is the five g network. You gotta know what that is. You after no what blockchain is blue, Jane changes everything you also have to know a deep fakes view. None the less stand, those three things I think you're gonna, be your ear on the way to understanding the future and blockchain is really hard core.
a currency, is just it's it's its mind. Bending they took me how We'll take us do couple years to really kind of understand it, and we still really don't know when you first heard about it. If you adolescent, shut on British, you wouldn't be here. Did I talk and International somewhere Bob anyway ticket to our It is one of the best guys to talk about crypto, currency and and teach about it and block Jane in something you need to understand whether you investor not. I want you to take this. Art crypto course, smart, crypto course, dot com. You will see what blockchain. It is and why it's going to affect everything in same with crypto currency, the world, just on the edge of having this explode go smart Crypto course, dot com, smart crypto course dot com and take the course or call eight hundred and seventy seven PDL back Smart Crypto course: dot com, TIM in Idaho, hello TIM. What were the glamour programme? I missed
I'm so glad to talk to you things a great in Oneida County, and now we must thank you. Thank you. You talked about moving forward and I have seen this, go, go on and on and on. We can never ever ever move forward until we start treating our fellow man, man with kindness and love and true to kindness spects. We short with our manners and a positive visual way. We smile, we say: please, We say thank you and mean it. You know my greatest mentors with were up dogs Annie I've learned how to treat my fellow man as their goal the when they come home at night? And I I have that attitude, because I want to be missed while I'm gone, and I know how dearly we animals one day when I got up and up last point now shut up. Fifteen years ago, I started applying manners to my driving habits
Totally changed my attitude about driving, I love driving. I love showing the please and thank you and the positive things with I saw a motorists and I know I'm sorry, I'm avoiding road rage. I know I'm a positively connecting making great I'd call with other motorists in it. What is doing is bringing people to a sense that hate this is important and we are paying the price for this digital market we are losing. The ability to communicate well tonight I agree with you. I agree with you and it may seem like a small thing, but if all of us start to do these things, and stop walking around in our own bubble. That's from our cars like driving around houses were in our own bubble. We have everything at our fingertips and we don't recognize that we're all in this. Together we share of fate. We share a fate Gran back
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