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12/14/17 - Danger Ahead? (Jon McNaughton joins Glenn)

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Hour 1  ‘This is happening’… America, wake up!...FBI corruption continues...We need ‘special counsels of Americans to investigate the entire government’...The days of believing your own eyes and ears are coming to an end ...Stop playing politics and save the republic ...What is happening with our willingness to blindly believe any accusations...the danger ahead in the destruction of human beings ...A brave new world is coming ... ‘Me Too Movement' poses threat to women: Find out why @ GlennBeck.com ...Kentucky congressman kills himself after denying sexual allegations, says he’s had PTSD since 9/11... Meanwhile, PBS's Tavis Smiley takes to Facebook to deny all sexual allegations accusations against him ...PBS can't walk this back ...Controversial artist Jon McNaughton joins Glenn to discuss his newest painting, ‘The Underground Railroad’ for 'OUR-Operation Underground Railroad'...buy one of Jon's paintings at OURPainting.org      Hour 2  Rotten Apples ...a new website helps movie & TV fans keep track of Hollywood's 'rotten apples'? ...'F Trump': 10,000 texts being investigated between ex-Mueller team members ...'secret phone' by text?...what insurance policy?...how can we trust anyone to investigate this? ...Stu's wife and her famous name? ...InfoWars is missing this big story…We must have credibility in our lives, reset our lives for what's to come ...Glenn explains what 'the uncanny valley' is? ...Accuse, believe, it's over?...technology that makes horses look like zebras to our eyes...superimposing faces on anything...groundbreaking audio and editing tools coming...artificial scenes and sounds are being created...that will fool anyone ...is it real or AI?...'forensics' will be irrelevant     Hour 3   ‘I will kill you. Don't think I can't’...Actress Salma Hayek vs. producer Harvey Weinstein ...Finally! A tax deal has been reached!...will it pass as expected?...Breaking down the numbers...tax plan results could be substantial for most Americans ...The stock market 'melt up'??...Bitcoin's wild ride continues ...Who stole a submarine and hey, ‘don't screw with my eyes’?? ...10 questions you should ask on a first date (says the feminist humanist alliance)? ... ‘I am part of the problem’: 'Super Size Me' director Morgan Spurlock admits to sexual misconduct...new definition(s) of rape The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand. Love courage, tree gland, back, I I have unique credibility on this, because I have been calling for an investigation on. Donald Trump on the White House for the Russia thing, but I have also been calling for one on Hillary Clinton because as I have laid out over the months, both sides are involved in this, but I have also been saying there is something wrong at the FBI and the d o J, and it has. Nothing to do with Donald Trump. This has darted long ago, law ago with uranium one they were,
Vesta gating they stifled witnesses. They did not report to Congress. Something is wrong in the OJ and in FBI I am not somebody who just comes out and and skews is Donald Trump for his behavior. I am clear on invest gate and turn over every stone, but I We'll tell you now this This attitude must be taken by the other side on the FBI and the D J and the clinic? Obama administration. Thing is very wrong. She The shady meetings in high level offices have gone on off them. Burner, phones to hide communications, and whispers of what seems to be a coup.
This sounds like it's something that is ripped out of you know Ryan Back Ryan novels. You expect you. Like this to be a movie this is happening inside the hallowed halls of the FBI. It was, or did last week that the former second in command of counter intelligence of the FBI had been relieved from the lowering the investigation due to a series of Anti Trump text messages. To be honest, it see, kind of worthy of an eye role. I mean who has incentive Anti trump text message in you know in the office, there's probably a ton of people that you old friends that have done that. Even if you're in the president's corner.
I know most of us have said or cheese. Why is he tweeting and that is exactly what I expected to see. On Tuesday night, three hundred and seventy five of the ten thousand text messages were released. To the press. Many of, as expected, we're just stupid theirs. You're disdain for trump and admiration for Hillary Clinton. But there's a big differ. Between having a political opinion. Verses shy, We bias in an investigation and that The vibe, the deputy attorney General ROD, Rosen Stein, was giving to Congress yesterday and they primarily how the mainstream media is reporting it. So that's that well no. No! It's not. If you read and scan past the meaningless text, you come across three veteran
wait? Disturbing? Here's one, it says, quote look. You say we have two texts on the phone, because when we talk about Hilary it can't be traced. End quote. That sounds pretty bad. What could they? Possibly? be discussing about Hilary that requires them to hide their person conversations maybe the fact that FBI. Agent was the one who doctored Commies Clinton statement helper in void, avoid an indictment I'm guessing here, but let's read on there is the air, trump, yadda, yadda, yadda Congress that's on a woman nominated for President ok expected that But then there's this quote: We want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy's office that there's no way trump gets elected, but I
Afraid we can't take that risk is I can insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before your forty end quote. What is that. Because that sounds an awful lot like these second in command of counter intelligence? Who was working on both the Clinton investigation and the two Russia Investigation, making plans with a colleague to undermine Donald Trump, oh yeah and the office, references in the text. Andy's was likely. Deputy director and room caves. I am sorry, but this is not a case of little harmless political preference. This is bias with intent to conspire against a then presidential candidate. How far to plot, go what work.
They talking about in Andy's office, It was the quote: insurance plan This point: we need a special council and we, we need a special council of Republicans weed need a special council made up of Democrats. We need a special council made up of Americans. To investigate the entire government. Why the hell is going on in there December fourteen. This is the glad that programme Maybe it's because I only make dire sections that I feel This way But I hate when my
predictions come true. I hate it. There is no credibility left anywhere. I said to you a long long time ago: you're not gonna be able to believe anybody. Everything that you thought you can count on. You can count on anymore. I want you to listen carefully to me. You will not in the future, and I mean the near future even be, able to believe your eyes or ears. Anyone who dismisses or connection yours, the ritual connection, to connect to the truth. Anyone who undermines that is doing HU a disservice. If you're, not exercising your spiritual muscles right now to be.
Bull have discernment if free about play, a paying praying for your country. You need to pray for discernment. Please Lord, give me the gift of discernment, because we are lost. And, as you will hear by the end of today, show. You are not going to believe your eyes or your ears in or to order. We have changed so much. Just in the last two months, we have gone from a country that understands due process. That we were set apart because of our due process. Nobody could just scheme you up off the streets, throw you wouldn't jail. No,
you could destroy your life without being having the halving the ability to defend yourself disdain. Against your accuser. We have always had a justice system that portions of the population, didn't trust and quite Lastly, my apologies to Africa Africans for dismissing the justice system and the cries against the justice system for so long. I don't believe in this white privilege, bull, crap, and up knowledge, Isaac and feeling bad for everything. However, I do believe If that we all should take a stand when we discover something that we have not seen before or weed believe before. People have been railroaded by this justice system clear leave for a long time, because I for one
skin whether there is justice in the courts of our country anymore. I question how many people have been put away by false evidence. Because somebody joy, wanted either to have a good record to be able? put them away to be, well to just fi their bias- I dont know, but we used to be a country that we to say. I would rather let people go free it would rather let a guilty men go free, then put a Isn't man behind bars? That's why it is hard to find justice. Because we are supposed to. Err on the side of doubt.
Reasonable doubt. We dont anymore And I'm sorry throwing people in prison but were destroying lives. How is it we're supposed to have as it were? posted judge. Anything when we can't quest in the system. We can't question the accuser kind of completing two things here, cause I'm concerned about two different things. So let me be clear: don't trust the FBI or the justice system anymore. I trust the good people of the FBI. I think there are good people in the FBI, but I think up at the top the system.
Is beginning to look to me like it is rotten to the core. And I want you to know. I'm not a b no this, but for anybody who might be a first time listener I am now. A blind trumps supporter. I believe there is something to be found with Russia, but leave their something to be found with Russia and Hillary Clinton, and Russia and Obama. And the only reason why I say that is because Obama was silencing somebody who real information from the FBI and the hit from Congress. Why? Why. I believe we have so politicized ourselves. That now the the deep Eight, as we have outlined it on the television show in are in our choice, bored lessons which, by the way, confined
the series on deep state- and you should watch it- we have it deep state that is not like the turkish deep state, the turkish deep state. Is the one where their star chambers? ones where there are. There is a legitimate government that oh all, of the strings and it is coordinated. That's not the kind deep state we have. We have. It each state of career quote servants. These people go on and on and on, and they they know better than the american people and in Z example is the State Department, but I believe we have chance that this is now happening in our FBI. Again.
Where they think they know better. We have to trust the american people, but we have to if them all of the information, so the fur concern. I have is political. I dont trust this any more and somebody better stop playing politics and save the republic and the second. Is what's happening with our. With our willingness. To blindly believe any accusations. At the peril at it with with not even wrecking easing
danger ahead and the destruction of human beings. You don't get past charges of rape allegations if its rape, then let's have a trial. You don't get past These allegations that are coming out and some of them are meaningless but your career is destroyed. You'll, never work again. How is that not the prison sentence? You can't work again. There are two stories that have come out overnight, along with. Stories of technology no one paying attention to that. I'm gonna, ty together for you today,.
Twenty seventeen is a pivot point. Twenty seventeen is going to be remembered. I believe, as maybe the last year, where he recognized our country at all. Weird a word a threshold, and we are to enter a brave new world and we damn well better talk out it before we walk through this door, continue in a minute? all right, no matter who you're shopping for this holiday season, Sherry's berries as the perfect gift for everybody. On your list, this holiday, you can get fresh and delicious sherry's berries, dipped in white milk and dark chocolate. Goodness I mean it is so good, starting it.
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b e r r. I e S, dotcom promo code, Glenn, Glenn back we have public I think really important article at Glenn backed up? today that I want you to read a journal highlights not so obvious threat to the hashtag me to movement, and what is the threat that it? poses to women I want you to read this. This is this a woman who says: look, I am not an apologist You know she said. I am convinced that Roy more is sexual predator, but I believe that Bill Clinton is well neither by certainty or anyone else's, however, shouldn't be allowed to displace the law? I may be convinced, but I also may be mistaken. These
ever reservations aside. I am grateful at least that we agree that a rapist or a serial roper, of where a random women's genitals should be high, and bars she goes on and she says: This revolution risks going the way. Revolutions often do the cons, Quences will not just be awful for men, they will be awful for women caught up in. Hysteria of taking down any man accused of sexual harassment. She points that we may be missing the big picture? The real city of our newly formed society may not be enlightened, safe place? Where that we all have imagined where we could stand its power, possible. She warns the fight equality could come full circle and create a divide in the workplace, given the events of recent weeks. We can be certain of this. From now on. Men with any instinct for self preservation will cease to speak of anything personal anything said,
Well, in our presence, they will make no bob jokes. When we are listening, they will adopt in our in our presence, great deference to our squeeze it sensitivity and frailty many Women seem positively joyful at this prospect The revolution has at last been achieved. Is this the world we want. Isn't it the world we escaped? Read it now: it Glenn back dot com. It's a must, read Glenn back this is the glad that programme, This couple stories that you need to hear today why Representative Dan Johnson He is a state rap out of the state of Kentucky he.
Found on a bridge over the SALT River in Greenwell. For DR. He was investigated for alleged sexual molestation, he die they say of probable suicide What county sheriff Donnie Tunnel said Johnson drove to the bridge over the SALT River on Greenville Road in mouthwash in part in them. Or side of it and shot himself in front of his car. Body was found on the bank of the river just pass the bridge just before I p M Johnson Post the following message on his facebook page. The accusations from NPR are false, God and only God knows the truth. Nothing, Is the way they make it out to be Erica will not survive this type of judge and jury fake news Conservatives must take a stand. I love I love my wife she's.
Best wife in the world, my love forever. My mom and dad my family and all of my five kids, nine grandchildren to in Tommy's and many more to come, each of you or a total gift from God. Please stay strong, Rebecca need you nine eleven two thousand one New York City, W Tc Ptsd, twenty four, seven sixteen years is a sickness that will take my life the can't handle it any longer. He had his one this life, but Heaven is my home: please Listen closely the early three things. I ask you to do. If you love me one blame no person sake is the accuser, so blamed the devil. Himself too. Forgive and love everyone, especially yourself and three. Most importantly, love God. P S, I love my friends, you are my family, God loves all people, no matter what,
The allegation was me- it from a woman who said it. She was seventeen at the time she was staying. An area of the heart of fire City Church were Johnson was passed. Her he had been breaking a lot. She said approached her kissed her and fall fondled her under her clothes. He said that was absolutely not true. He killed himself now this story came out yesterday. Pbs will no longer distribute the Tavern Smiley programme following what spokesmen called multiple, credible allegations of sexual misconduct, uncut by a recent investigation in the late night shows hosts behaviour news. Suspension of Smiley, show produced the by TS, media and independent production company was first reported by variety. This investigation included interviews with witnesses as well as with Mr Smiley. That's important. This is from PBS as well as with Mr Smiley, the
inquiry uncovered multiple, credible allegations of contact that is inconsistent with the values and standards, PBS and the totality of this information led to today's decision for ending man, so I want to play just a little bit of Tavis, but I want to pull. I want to read the important parts of this. Here's Tavis came out last night on Facebook. Listen this higher taxes I was shocked. If you were to hear PBS a sudden announcement regarding my television programme, let me say at the outset, have the utmost respect for all women, and I we celebrate the courage of those women who come forth of late to share their own truth. Let me also assure you that I have never groped inappropriately exposed myself or cursed any colleague in the workplace ever in my thirty year career. He says: never ever ever now. Listen to this he says PBS,
on the so called investigation of me without even informing me. I learn the investigation, when former staffers started, contacting me to share the uncomfortable experience of receiving a phone call from a stranger asking whether I had ever done anything to them been made them feel uncomfortable and if could provide other names of people to call now. What is that sound, like satellites do? Does that sound familiar in our history? Can you tell me, have you done this or, as is happening you, and can you provide me some names and numbers? Have you or are you now have you ever been a member of the Communist Party and we demand that you give us names and, after Fourteen seasons, that's how I learned of this inquiry from the street only after threatened with a lawsuit, did PBS investigators reluctantly agreed interview me for three hours. If consensual relationship with a colleague years ago is the stuff that law
To this kind of public humiliation, by the way, its bill, O Reilly and power subtle destruction. Heaven help us Pbs investigators refused to review any of my personal documentation. They refuse to provide me the names of any accusers. They refuse speak to my current staff and refuse to provide It me any semblance of due process to defend myself against AL stations from unknown sources. Their mind was made up immediately following the meeting, this story broken variety as an exclusive deed. I learned more about these allegations. Reading the variety story than the people. ES investigator shared with me, the accused in our three our face to face meeting attorneys were sent a formal letter. Invoking contractual provisions do not distribute my programming, and that was it simply put
Pbs overreacted and conducted a biased and sloppy investigation, which led to a rush to judgment. A tramp now my reputation, which I have spent an entire lifetime, trying to establish this his gun. Unto far and I for one in ten to fight back. That's what he posted last night. I've met Tavis Miley once I have my have. No of course, in this game at all, but I dont know him to vat for him. Friends who would vouch for him. I have plenty of people in the audience who wouldn't like him, I'm sure Here's what's being said now on twitter, PBS has to walk this back. It's gonna be problematic, because this will be the edge case that everyone will point to. Pbs can't walk this back above this one
Some innocent men may be caught in the crossfire of undoing, the abuse of history, those men will be an extremely small minority and while unfortunate it's a price, we have to be hey paying it pal. The women should continue to be doubted for the sake of a couple of powerful men. No, that should not be our standard. Our standard should be trying to find the truth, and when there is reasonable doubt you I have to say there is doubt. How do you feel if it comes to your nor in you Your wrongly accused. This is wrong. We're drawing lives. And as I will show you next hour, we haven't. Faced anything gotta, show you what's coming beginning. Very soon and it's gonna change apps
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thieves will sell your information on the dark Weber, get an online payday loan in your name and then it spiral out of control and once it's out it's out, you needed Guy being a sentinel at the gate, life locked away, a wide range of identity theft, and if there is a problem of U S based identity, restoration specialists is gonna work to fix it We can prevent identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses, but lifelong can hope you see more threats to your identity, so go to lifelong dot, com or call one. Eight hundred lifelike use the promo code back, that's promo code bag ten percent of your life membership lifelong, Calm, save ten percent right now, Glenn back plan back I have to tell you, I'm I'm, I'm I'm on
First of all, with this Dexter with his next day interview in some ways- and I think you'll understand once you- you hear what it is but John MC not is a is an artist, he is has been Controversial over the last few years, but IE he paints cease, Maison paintings the tell stories hell stories of where we are as people and he ties history. He and current events together. You'll recognises paintings minute, you see them he's just done a painting that that, oh, you are or did not request. If it wasn't a commission, because it's me to hold us. We were really flattered, but also really uncomfortable, he's made this painting and he has made and donated it to raise funds.
Who help out the the stop of slavery around the world- and it is the the modern day, abolitionist side by side with the original abolitionists in a very powerful painting. And welcome to the programme. John MC, not an. How are you, sir? I glenarm good here. I hope you don't take my. I don't know how even explain my egg my shyness on this as it is an insult. I I'm I'm on that you would paint this and you wouldn't even think about including me in this, but it's really Awkward, because as I know, your team Ballard call me that you feel that way better. Said that one hundred percent you had to be in the painting here- yeah, oh you don't have a spotlight on you but you're in there. Yes, so Tony Robins is in there Tomlin from the Steelers is their Montel Williams me a love.
Asked Ashton Culture is their Alber pools is their Eric Metaxas. I mean it's it's the great really great people of our day, an Glenn may as well a revolution as well yeah. I know so how the gray people plus glad yes and I'm on. Ed. So you can kind of airbrush me out of this, and so what was your inspiration and and and tell me about why you did it s, well, someone who is friends, The TIM Ballard was talking with me one day about the organization and I'd never heard of it before and, as he explained to me, I had this image in my mind, come where I saw this rescuer or liner rescuers. Carrying children walking down the tracks, the underground rail road and then on both sides of the tracks. You at the different abolitionist is their lamps, your guide him away and- and I was just
we taken by the idea- and I thought you know this- could actually be a project that could help the cause to safety. Children and you know I always try to do paintings and I think you're gonna make a difference, but this one I mean to save a child, it was overwhelming well, and so I just retaining it? And after I got so far, my friend, who knew timbered contact, And then, from their TIM gave me the suggestions of who should be on the painting, so we have just partnered with TIM Ballard in case you're. Listening, you don't know who TIM Ballard? Is we just partners With a Nazareth fun, we ve been a partner. We raise the image original money to open up. You know, opera, if an underground rail road rescue our children, say a worldwide effort to stop slavery, and he is now the CEO of Nazareth Fund as well, and we are going to start going. And in a big way next year,
skewing slaves in the Middle EAST, these Christians that have just been left to die by the rest of the world, is their life in slavery. We're going to really? Double down and start rescuing them next year, its It's quite an amazing thing: that's going on when you were picking when we're picking the the people The modern day are thus r d, the earlier the original abolitionists. How are you did you decide who is in there. Where are we just look at the history of abolitionists in the past and But they had had interesting stories and you're talking with him. He said you got to have this person, you got to have this person and some of the names I recognize a lot of them. I didn't you know people like William will force. I remember seeing the movie amazing grace your story, aunt right air, but then there is people like
there's this woman named Harriet Jacobs, but I never heard of it had this remarkable story that TIM told me about And the only, I think, the only learned about her in the last six seven years ago, in so she's in the picture. The industry, with a lot of different, or is it that I just didn't know about They have a e book that comes with the painting where people can learn all details about each person in the picture wider there. It's pretty amazing so that you can, you can buy it. Our painting, dot org, our painting, dot org. How many of these, are you Selinger or how much are they. They started twenty nine dollars and then go up, you can get a nice framed one and one hundred percent of all the prophets. Everything is going to rescue children and Kim told me: it takes about two thousand dollars to rescue a child and help rehabilitate and go to that process.
So we're hoping that we can just So a lot of these prints enter to the rescue of thousands of children. If we can, Quelite. I know that you left Tony Robbins in disguise is he goes on operations in disguise and he thanks you. I wish you would have paid it a beard or something on me to disguise me about that as well. It's it's an honor to to, been thought of as part of that, and I told him all the time and he hates when I say this, I do believe that they're gonna build staff. Is of him some day because of the work he's done he is, he is changing the he is. The modern day abolitionist for sure, and I sure appreciate your help. Thank you so much. He agenda. We really appreciate the nunneley your efforts to help stop slavery in the world, but also your efforts to make Glenn feel uncomfortable
I do. Might I do my daddy. I will help you, you didn't get turned Madonna. Thank you so much I appreciate it. You can see the painting and purchase the painting would be a good Christmas gift. You might want a frame it in a little bit, some the shady characters, outside of it, but our painting, dot, org our painting, dot, Org the proceeds, go to help rescue slaves all around the world, including the Middle EAST and the Nazareth Fund, Glenn back. Love, courage, true Glenn back, have you heard the New movie review website called rotten apples, not rotten tomatoes? This one is rotten apples
run tomatoes, the one you know we convince each other, see a movie honeys got. Ninety two percent around tomatoes must be really good. I M Noirtier right now Pulls is not like that run nap. Was boils things down for the movie or tv show consumer you type, any title in gives you an instant rating, either fresh apples or rotten apples. It's a website to address. Our current needs its very of the moment. You might say it's even hashtag me too, Because that's what inspired it rotten apple, is a brand new website that tells you if anyone involved in a movie or show has been accused of sexual misconduct, so you can not watch it anymore notice. I said cues dove it's not a criminal database. Oh, I am not making this up type. In a movie you just type in the movie title, and you know no one's been accused of
anything the pay of page just reads fresh apples: this will we. No affiliation with anyone with allegations of sexual misconduct against them. I been a show like house of cards. However, then it says rotten apples followed by The name of the person accused if you click on them, it. Links to an article from another media source about the ILO Asians against that person. Are you now have you ever been a member of the Communist Party? The team for two males to females who created the site, say it's not meant to incite boycotts or movies on movies, shows or anything like that. But to help people make ethical me Consumption decisions that what it is this I just launched on Tuesday, I don't know what to think about it. It so new. I dont even know to think so. For example of you know the union At keeping an industry honest, like tat,
Restaurant review site were helping keep predators at bay. Or is this a website of a one way ticket to libel town, since is all based on accusations. Regardless of what we finally decide. This is. It's kind of dispensable game type in your movies, your favorite chose cross. Your fingers hope your childhood is ruined by figuring you're, hero is a total creep. The result surprising or not. Let me just Warn you in advance but your head to blow off, don't type in home alone, too or an under any circumstances, type in the little rascals. Trust me just don't type the men
Thursday December fourteen. This is the Glen Beck programme. So, how do you feel about the FBI texts, the ones that were released yesterday? How did you feel before you actually read all of the texts. Well, I mean it. I think, there's a part of this that we can't overstate. The idea that there is some one in the FBI that is not a fan of Donald Trump, just means just like every other organisation there's somebody in every organisation that is not a fan of Donald Trump. Again, if your texting, you know this guy's a buffoon or you know. Whatever I mean you have people in your office, I was cordial exists. Peer people are people, and it would also be by the way, completely wrong to launch an investigation on someone with only supporters right leg. I mean You just don't want someone who is crucial. The activist level opposition
put on one goes into it with an agenda. You dont want somebody who says I'm going to be the hero of the world and save the world from the sky. Now you have to trust the american people. The american people have spoken now this guy is truly dangerous. If he's doing something that needs to the exposed? Yes, but if you just don't like him what you dont plot against the president. That's a coup right you certainly hold onto that. So I I am. Me you know what I am hearing about their people in the F B. I don't like him. Cautious, because I know you have Clinton support, as I just don't trust the d o j? I think we have. We politicized the g o J and the FBI to the point I know there are people that Looking the other way when you find the guy. Who is writing texts who hates Donald Trump and loves Hillary Clinton is the guy who changed it from
gross negligence to really sloppy or whatever you changed it to, and you know that is changing it to from a legal term, and distinction strongly careless of India to extremely careless, which means nothing legally, that's a problem, and any gotta eat. The texts are had enough that you have to figure out what how they were trying to do them, what they say they did when they found these texts. They did remove these people from an association with the inverted legal right away, or rather we don't know exactly when they were so they did three hundred and seventy five tax. They release to the press. There, ten thousand texts, The overwhelming majority apparently have nothing to do with trumpet these are. These are the Trump related yeah changes and sellers couple of them that are Billy disturbing that I think we must Have an independent gals alone, one so look
say we text on that phone. When we talk about Hilary because it can't be traced, wait what What why why it also just a general thing like if you are in the middle of plotting real the shady stuff. When it comes to politics, you can't text, someone that you I'm going to be entrees, hey a lesson that we re- civil, hey, hey, listen! If we're gonna talk about murder, call me on the secret fallen metric, Sally God. I'd like a dozen more is supposed to say, then, is that on a secret phone right? That's why you Abidjan follow exactly right. Exactly right! Ok, so loud sounds bad. Why are they using texts that that you know a may, an app that will be unbreakable? Why are they encrypting their texts when they're talking about Hillary Clinton right, it indicates that they didn't think it was gonna, be a problem right
Yes, I guess right added value. It could be that there's everybody mean your ear and the FBI, I mean you know, people look at text. Messages are stupid, people everywhere and apparently there's a push back from from but inside the FBI that are like wait. A minute. We're people here, yonder and we have to be able to have political opinions, were human. Being. That's why I totally. I wrote my eyes when they started because they're, like other people, that they didn't like Donald try. What area of about air honestly? Who cares about that? That's, of course that's gonna happen to have- is that every organisation of the same thing goes where Hillary Clinton, you never be they have an investigation of Hillary Clinton either. If you eliminated every body. Who didn't like you cannot have mother, wouldn t anybody left, you cannot have an investigation of all supporters. Are all haters not any both any both?
Both have to be reasonable and professional investigations by all supporters happen from like, like flat him, your prudent when he gets investigated me, so he almost everyone everyone to investigate what report is a big times. A border never fired at a thing, ass, a weird and those who disagree suddenly find themselves dad. It's we're. Ok, so that's kind of what I'm trying to avoid year. Yes, so they mean others text. Congratulations on a woman being nominated for President weathers texts of me saying congratulations. America nominated and elected a black president. I mean, as a mean any that doesn't mean and not one, but they gets worse here, the one that really bothers me quote Want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy's office that there's no way trump gets elected, but I afraid we can't take that risk. Is I can insurance policy in the UN
likely event yet die before your forty end quote. I mean why don't you just also say now is the time to go to our secret phone Nathan. I mean that is what is that knots What the hell is that of that, and then that is the probably the most day meaning by doing really damages seeker phones pretty bad, to send in save a secret for guided it. Oh yeah yeah yeah you're right, you're, right you're right now, but I think that this one, It's an insurance policy in the unlikely event. You'd die before you the year. Forty. What was insurance programme, but will what was that Platt policy right? But what were you working on? And that needs to be basically part of this investigation. Sure does I mean you know, I don't trust anyone. In Washington to investigate. I really don't really don't bother. You do thou then
if you don't trust anybody to do anything, then what do you do? We mean just just? Let it let it all slide here. You can't trust ages, want Irene random selection of a hundred people in America and let oversee the whole thing. What he had done, like a jury system, vs announce a crazy idea. Somebody was just not connected to any of this. Not- You put me on that. I think we look. You have people who have been serving the FBI and emitted high levels investigating for a long period of time. It's it's not odd that they would be involved in Investigation like this when you find out maybe they have passions that your you don't feel comfortable with politically an equal em off the investigation, I mean let's see what happens with this investigation. First, what's the information that comes out, I mean you know no one can be making appoints against these people if they find that Donald Trump didn't do anything with Russia right? It's that
Why have the other side saying why? Why did they kick that person to tell you? Certainly there need to be three investigations need to be investigations on the Clinton Obama years in instigations on Trump and all doing with Russia, and there There needs to be investigations on the d o J and the FBI beneath me. Three of them they should be going on that same time, what, if every organisation invest it's every other organisation simultaneously or we could reduce the size of the government, so intense such little power they couldn't affect our lives, that's, probably a terrible it now today. We have one personal point here related to this FBI story, guess it's really weird for me personally, because
the female lawyer in this story that was involved in all these anti trump texts, her name LISA Page, I noticed that, well, let me Q stupor gear yes, is your real name, no Steve. It is We have, you have missed seriously ban away from things like when they were suicide, vests in Jerusalem, that wasn't mysterious at all. I was home, seem to know about it in advance and didn't a ten, so you would have been the only one on the show that wasn't killed, No one was killed on the show and also I watch the news. So I was aware there were suicide vests in its review. Strangely, don't remember where you were on nine ten. You can't give me I was with you one nine ten for part of the day, yeah, Exactly I noticed you can't tell me what you were doing, your name who you were with or anything else on. Nine and ten.
Go on you also, strangely, are not from. Canada. Yet you love canadian teams, we No one is odd. I wouldn't I will. We know that you have been a spy for a long time now, LISA Page because LISA Page, the attorney in this case with the ETA Trump tax is the the same name as my wife's, my wives, air name she's, radio hostess while, but her name is LISA Page LISA, every time? I turn on the news. There's he's stories developing about how LISA Page is an under investigation by the FBI. Two pages having all of these issues is very aware of this, but That's not a real name saying about its name is spelled the same way It is so freaking weird to turn on every news channel and hear your wife name in the middle of a major new story. Constantly it's a very strange phenomenon, and I am surprised by the way and disappointed by the info wars of the world who have not
tied the show to the FBI, because I mean here we are we're doing a show. We weren't, we have that life is LISA Page and my wife is low. The page that just happens happily the same name as internally in the story Is that by me in this is this is easy material for the internet to take advantage of, and I'm surprised so far they have. Now. How surprised is she that she hears her name it is very good for her because she doesn't really care about politics at all, yet no other than a passing interest where the big stories happen. So all the sudden people are texting earn me, like I heard your name are you in,
What's going on, are you working in the? What is going on to some people? Just think you realize right awaits is just now. I was wondering how weird it was for her. She I'm sure she always thought it would be your name, then nobody LISA Total aid. Among the time you get it investigated, and I want to tell you what is coming our way in the future will do that next And how it relates to they would scandal Washington scandal we're in Bring a timely you're not going to be able to believe your eyes and ears. So then what do you count on wheels? although the great night sleep makes for a better day. That's why Casper has worked tirelessly taking years of data testing and sleep signs and created their own innovative, new mattress, it's the wave mattress and you get the best night sleep
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We are entering a time perhaps in the next year. I think I think we're at the threshold of this and it's gonna change everything I've. They have said to you. You have to have credit, daddy. Please do nothing get everything out of your life. That is wrong and though the mistakes we have made own up to them clean out your own life and be a person of honor, be a person above reproach that is really really really hard to do, but it is absolutely vital because we are entering a time that thing is going to change
You will not be able to trust anything tat. We already don't trust the government, we don't trust the parties, we don't touch us politicians were starting to trust the police. We don't trust the judges, we don't trust the press, we don't. We dont trust. Anything. So what do you have left. Will you have your eyes your ears? I can trust my eyes. I can trust my here. My bring. You know, I know what I'm what I'm here I heard it. I know I heard it No, I saw it you're about to lose that in a spectacular way First, let me start with: have you ever heard of the uncanny valley. This is really important, narrative body in anybody whose working with a sigh or robotics knows what the uncanny values Uncanny valley- is this this weird valley
in a wave charred, if you will that people like robots and have an immediate, immediate affinity to robots that don't look like anything like people, for instance, you like our two de too much more than see three p o and it's not just the personality gay cause ones more humanoid, and so, when its humanoid, you don't like it is much Kay but the less humanoid it is the more the automatic like ability, goes up. The moon it tries to be like a human though there's this valley. The wave all of a sudden starts to plummet down and you will know this- it's it's- you see this in animation, you see, see gee. I you see this in robotics. Your watch
robot and they're talking is, and they ve got the facial expressions or whatever, but it's is not right and the uncanny valley does it goes from like ability to revulsion and do you have this it. This fee. Link of uneasiness Emma closer. It gets too. Being humanoid and still has those flaws, the more you're like I that's. I don't like that. That's weird cape until It crosses over and becomes totally realistic one Becomes really realistic, the number, Let's go back up gay and you start to like it again. That Uncanny Valley has stopped us. Because there's something innate in us that says we can look at something in say: that's not right and you dont, like
there's something that really pushes you sing. I dont like that. That's not right, something's wrong with that. We are about to cross the uncanny Valley him what it means to the next. Europe needs the Glenn Beck Programme, I want to show you what's coming, then why you must work on. Repairing any flaws. Your credibility. And do not, to play games with politics or anything else, then I'll I to you where we're headed. We already or in a place where we don't trust anything right. We dont trust. If somebody comes out and it's about a politician. We tend to do so it because there is a lot of power behind that and you know it. A lot of reasons why people would make accusations.
People are saying now we had, we ve gotta, believe the accusers. Now we have to listen to the accusers, and we have to listen to the other side, and then we have to make a decision. Right now we're not doing that. Somebody comes out and accuses, we believe it and it's over. It's really dangerous, who do you believe? Well if there was videotape well, if there is audio. We give you a story from Wired magazine. Turning a horse into a zebra is a nice stunt. That's not all! It is It's a sign of the growing power of machine learning, algorithms to rewrite reality. Now Zebra vacation was a really big deal. Taking a horse there's a of the video you can find it a horse in a field in its walking by offence, They run.
Say this is the original. Then they took this. This came out a few years ago, They came and they made it a zebra, and this this algorithm could take that horse and make it look like zebra, and they were little glitches here and there, but it was pretty clothes and you you're, like oh, my gosh Lydia, the zebra. If you weren't look, before you may not spot it. Gang zebra vacation. Tinkerers? Have you see verification tool to turn shots of black bears into believable photos of pandas apples? the oranges, cats and dogs a wretcheder editor as used a different machine learning algorithm to edit earn videos defeats, The faces of celebrities now this has just come out last couple of days, So now you can take a porn video edge. Just regular person can take a paw video and now soup impose the faces of celebrities in those videos. Now it's still
pretty crude, but that's just on the market. You could do this theirs. You start up called liar burden, machine learning. Experts are synthesizing convincing audio from one minute samples of a person's voice. Now do you remember about a year ago They were working on this and it may have been liar bird and they had people working and they took audio of Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and it was pretty good, it had the tone down, but you, He'll tell it was a computer and these this A team of scientists had put this together and put it out and it was a story and we reported on this. Not the same story. This is now you can go to the website and do As to your own voice guy-
just put in some lines into this and Their crunching it now it takes a while to cruncher an end. Synthesize my voice when it's been synthesized will show it to you play it for you and show you just with a minute of my voice, how close they can get. I haven't heard it myself, but I but what it sounded like a year ago, when a team of scientists did it oh, you can do it on an app the nearest developing Adobe's, artificial intelligence platform caught called sense, I are infusing machine learning into a variety of ground. Breaking video photo and audit. Editing tools, these projects are wildly different in origin and intent. Yet they have one thing in common, they are produced. Artificial scenes and sounds that looks stunningly close to actual footage of the physical world. Unlike early
experiments with a sigh generated media. These look and sound real couple days ago. I sent something just due to watch. It was a. It was two versions of a street One was in the summer and one was in the winter. Look like a dashboard camp they, but the front window. What would it look like when you're driving down the street and if I didn't attached the information to its do than I The two you tell me about these two now picture what would you have said? You wouldn't say that he hears it looks like the same road, but their driving down, one is driving down in the winter of one is driving down in the summer, and one was driving down at night and one was driving down during the day If you really, if I really pushed you and said what what what's is, something wrong with this video. I Don't think I would have noticed anything. You would have noticed this. You would have noticed you would have said, if I really notice, I didn't even notice at first but it seems to be the same car brought you
there is then that the traffic pattern is exactly the same like the cars, the driving in front of them are pulling out at the same time, you notice that event, but you would not have noticed that the snow is fake, the the the trees being bear are fake, that, The entire winter seen and the entire night scene was fake. It just legitimately completely looks as if its night, if it's in the winter savings. Three end by the vote. By the way, the advancement here is not only savagely star wars is coming out tonight right there there is not really a death star. I want to blow the movie. I know, but but this is not. This is not like hundreds of millions of dollars of of products budget in post. This is real time by some in this easily Balog real time. This boom we'll have a dark side. Some
I generated content will be used to deceive kicking fears of an avalanche of algorithmic, fake news, Debates about whether an image was doctored will give away new ones about the pedigree all kinds of content, including text you'll, find you dove wondering if you haven't yet what did humans play if any, in the creation of that album of that tv series of that click bait article you for me, this point there is enough video of me for the best of a I I am told to make a video of me doing and saying anything, and they will have the mannerisms down pat you will be- to falsify video? Now this is, at the you know, an essay style level of Google top of the food chain level that their able
Do those things now we're talking about unable to create them for pennies on the dollar in apps in real time I won't be able to trust your eyes or your ears, Firstly, the article goes on there too to produce audio and video that resembles the real world first is whose cameras in microphones to record a moment in time such as the original moon landing. The second is leverage, human talent, often a grating, thence to commission a facsimile? The moon, descent add to be was a hoax, a skilled team would have had carefully stage. Neil armstrongs Lunar landing however machine learning algorithms now offer a third option by anyone by letting anyone with a modicum of technical knowledge Algal, rhythmically, remakes, existing content to regenerate new material
now, here's why this is a problem. Is there any evidence that that happen? While I have this picture right now, they're doing this I'll drop? He says I never met her well here, she is at Marla. Go right now, to him and his wife with a bunch of other people. Ok, so what the excuses well, that just the line, I dont remember all the people that I mean take pictures of ok. I grew angry that, however, if you could take that photo, and you couldn't make it so you see him with his hand, down going behind her on her, but if you could take that photo show it from the other side will now you have something right And I mean look at a photo looking at the photo. It's right there, that's fake, oh yeah right is fake known. Leave it. No one would believe it now. You would say they'll be able to tell no, they won't Russia,
I told you this story about a year ago. Rush came out with with a doctored photos of the moon landing. You remember this, Showed the astronaut in front of the APOLLO button on on the APOLLO eleven it had a russian flag, the APOLLO eleven. It had a russian name on the suit a russian flag on his shoulder and he planting the russian flag on the moon. Now any We could follow shop that, however, once you start to go in, you can do forensics on that and say: ok. This has been photoshopped rush, offered. A million dollars to anyone that could prove that that was a doctored photo. They have gotten the algorithms down so well that you can now not tell even with forensics that that is
real or fake. Think of the room applications of this year, will not be able to believe your ears. You will not be to believe your eyes. We are going to have to have it ordinary discipline for ordinary patients extraordinary discernment. We are going to need to listen. To the small still voice to say this is right, This is wrong. Go here. Go there thing about it. Now, if you were to lose access to your credit card or you wanted to change, get get a new credit card sent to a different address because you're on vacation or you lost a password, and you had to call up and interact with someone Just the technology when mastered that you're talking about here would be able to create a world
in which you Glenn Back calls up his credit card company and gives his social security number and gives all of his information and gets that court card said to wherever it needs to be, and it now some other person, fooling them. It's you A voice KG nasal voice telling them that they should have access to your council next thing that you would say as well. We have to see your face well, have you do have the new I found him yeah heavy used thee, have you use the the? the idea, digitization of the of the face app of Yet the little there is in the area of the law I have not personally is that one, but I know it I am so, but has the fits all we know tied into her face idea. In that case I d it measures and, moreover, it is like you know three some points on the fate of those. Thirty thousand thirty thousand points on your face, and so it automatically
makes you it's like up up up a puppet. That's a virtual puppet! and its watching your face and expression so view of your eyebrows. It moves its eyebrows it sinks If your voice now think of that not as a cute funny little bare, but as a picture of some one else. You now have Donald trumps face. As an app You now can speak and it will digitize his face to move like your face. That that's where we're at guys were using it as a bare now. But very soon you'll be able to digitize any face and make it say thing that it didn't say. You're not going to know the truth, we are going to lose all Instinctive, I don't even know
it sets of Abu ALA, how we make decisions, how we recognise its the instinctive stuff, our eyes and our ears. I saw it myself, we're losing that and I think we're going to lose it in the next eighteen to twenty four months when that happens we better now What's true inside of ourselves, we'd better know who are spouses are we better know who the people are that we're with, and they better? No you because the world's about to change, think how fast careers will be over. That's true really to tape or somebody because people, especially at the beginning of the right people, but this is what happens when the internet with social networks for started coming out, but were immediately these companies get complaints from thirty people?
day was for some never had anything like that, and then they would panic. More time, maybe that pushes back a little bit, but I mean it. A lot more serious than that two people are reminding us of the documentary twenty four in which sees into we almost went to war, not an over and altered voice, no its present and poverty that we can all right all right, I will tell you this the lodge, the conclusion? Is you know, their believe anything new. Matters anymore. Somebody could be shown on tape. Stabbing somebody to death. And you're, like I don't know if he did it or not, and it doesn't matter anyway, I'm never going to know holy cow In twenty seventeen, we witnessed numerous natural disasters and increasing threat from North Korea, alarming attacks of cyber attacks, financial data hacks, another terror. The attack in New York City. We are headed towards places that, quite honestly, Russia, Rev Putin
just said. Whoever is the first master A, I will control the world, and I think he's right and it will change, everything and its chaos, please, don't worry about any of this to worry about, but worry about a things better down you're going to be okay. If you prepared and your point paired with knowledge and you're prepared with the stuff, your family, going my page It supply is the group that I I depend on. They have helped Americans prepare For emergencies, for about ten years now my patriots, I can help you get started there, one hundred and two serving food kit. It's ninety nine dollars, ship free right to your house called an eight hundred two hundred. Seventy one sixty three or you can order online at prepare, would Glenn Dotcom, noughts, dependable emergency food storage for ninety nine dollars. That's breakfast lunch dinner last up to twenty five years grab a couple of these. I know it's not safe. These Christmas, but this man,
what is going on and you should have this- gets yourself in order- earn prepare so Kay, No matter what chaos comes, your way you can handle it. One aid two hundred. Seventy one sixty three or prepare we Glenn dot com Glenn Back climb back, so they have reached a deal on the final tax bill. And we're gonna go over that coming up in just a minute, and I also have the list from feminists on the ten- questions that you should ask on a first date you asked one of these questions of me and I'm gonna putting the car turning it around and think you might be the goal by be next,
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With free shipping at blue April dotcom slash do a better way to cook. Love courage, tree Glenn back, I will kill you don't think. I can't. Those are the words that Harvey wine steam reportedly said to sell my Hayek. I will kill you and don't think I can't the actresses, the latest and when the most hope high profile women to share her frightening experience with Harvey Weinstein's in a shop. King S, a published by the New York Times higher detailed her hellish encounters with the disgraced producer. She met, Einstein when she approached his company Merrimac to help her finance and distribute her film Frida. He agreed but involvement came with a hefty price. Her. Mental and physical wellbeing. She claims that why
steam repeatedly stalked her and asked her for sexual favours when she decline his advances in private. He made a demand for a SEC scene in the film with CO, STAR Ashley Judd, who had also been harassed by wine steam. Emotionally battered high begrudgingly agreed because the few of the film was at stake Frida went onto in two academy awards, but high EC clearly lost when she partnered with wine steam. After reading her essay, it is clear he made the most important experiences. Career living hell, some a hike. Will not be the last person to Adam to the mountain. Allegations against Weinstein's, but her account is now worthy because it draws the line between Weinstein's and the other man, Accused of sexual misconduct- this isn't sexual misconduct, says rape. These are death, threats,
It is clear that Harvey Wiring Steen is in a league of his own. If there is eighty Sambre fourteen. This is the glad that programme the house in the center Republicans have reached a deal on the final tax bill. Here's what we know the This turning Americans are going to get a lower tax rate. Coke corporations are gonna placed pay slightly more than in previous plans. The deal a house in the center Republicans reached. Details of what is likely to be a one point. Four trillion dollar tax cut over a decade will be released this week if the House and the Senate both pay. Ass, the measure the vote could come. As early as next week. Donald Trump could sign it into law before Christmas and it would go into effect in twenty eighteen here
What we have the agreement would set the top individual tax rate at thirty seven percent. That's lower than the thirty nine point six percent and lower than the top raid in each of the bills that pass the house in the Senate. Yet keep saying that, but I mean I had heard. The in the top rate was thirty five percent of these bills. There was a a cut out for It is a good one of those donut sort of whole access, where there was a higher rate on very high earners, and they talked about that, but I would only apply to a certain amount of martian. Listen, listen, listen the thing, because there's there's some things in here that maybe what dog him up public and say they were considering that change to address concerns from high earning residents in high tech states like California, in New York, who would take a hit because they would lose the ability to fully deduct state and local taxes as part of the overall, rather than further really repeal the deduction is planned. The compromise would cabinet ten thousand dollars. So if you live in
California can write off ten thousand dollars of your state tax, the corporate ray would be twenty one percent, which is higher than the twenty percent Republicans included in the House and Senate tax bills. And the Senate has delayed the ray. Caught. From today's thirty five percent. Until twenty nineteen, this is going to take effect in twenty twenty team, Mr Drop, who said he wanted to fifteen percent corporate rate, then drew the red line at twenty And then he said: ok, well, we could goes ice, twenty two who so they compromised at twenty one percent. The agreement is also expected to eliminate the corporate alternative minimum tax, keeping that is the same. Bill did. It would have undercut the value of many popular business tax breaks, including the research and development tax. Credit should be same
the bill would retain the individual alternative minimum tax, with exemptions for incomes up to five hundred thousand dollars for individuals and a million dollars for married couples, much higher The current law republicans are all so considering a twenty percent income deduction for so called ass through businesses, so this means, if you own, and S Corp Corporation or you have a partnership, you who are currently paying thee the corporate the highest rate, but buzz individual rights are individual rights, but this will give you a twenty per and income deduction for you, which I think that's great then, and that's us that's about small businesses, largely small businesses that have to pay super high taxes, because they cannot get to those deduction levels and in those other corporate levels there and pay the corporate tax law. This will help them the the criticism on it is. They think up. A lot of people who are wealthy will end
Getting a salary just create an S corp and then or Elsie, and then have to be able to take that money this lower rate and there's things built into the bill to try to prevent but I got news for you really really rich people are going to that they pay attorney for they're gonna, try to keep as much money as possible. And reproduce such as really read? Rich people has always everybody radios in say, and if you don't think that you would do that if you had a taxes and somebody in it, and it was worth their while to help. Please Let the lower end of scaled. You no escape all of the taxes they would. Help you save taxes because there would be loopholes all over that as well. They These are loopholes. People have the money for the attorneys, and so they find them in the really rich people like the Kennedys, they live on trusts, but not they're not affected by this
who is affected by this this. Why? I'm glad to see this, this rate for the S corpse full disclosure would in effect me is Everything is coming through. You know my cut The mercury- that's that everything goes into their. I put a out of my money into the company vast majority, my money into the company. I'm paying you know a corpse. Income tax pay, I myself, you know I would really like to be able to save some of my money. I'd like to be able to invest some of my own money and keep some of my own money. Of a right to do it, especially those who had nothing had an idea started. As a entrepreneurs darting to make it go of it and then what you get penalised while the people who are really rich? Who have in the two tional ized money. Now they don't anything! You know it's!
probably true that more in buffet, pays you no less. One hundred thousand dollars a year in taxes, personal income, Because he's now being retained on the income side, how he makes his money right he's getting paid from. You know you know the cat, little games or whatever, which is a fifteen percent tax here, paying and it is not being paid in income and these are being paid in income because found a way around it. So he doesn't pay a thirty nine percent tax, It is interesting to see the process that happens here and it happens every single time what these bills he go back to that the builder Donald Trump propose During the campaign the best of the candidates, I didn't think, but it was a pretty bold plan cut rates quite a bit. No good, you know is good. It wasn't. It wasn't as good as some of the other plans now proposed, but it was good and then the one he proposed as a presidential candidate was war. Urban, as a present president, was worse the why I came through the house was worse than that, the one they
through the Senate was worse than that, and then this one is worse than the last Senate one. So we just keep getting worse and worse and worse again, is it an improvement over our current situation? I believe the answer that is yes, it's it. You know that report side will help These companies higher more people expand take more risks there a legitimate advantage. There I think there is, but going from in point. Six to thirty. Seven is in bearers, singly, low goal for the Republicans. The fact that you can only reduce rates by two point: six percent is pathetic. To me: it's pathetic you know trumps. I think initial plan was twenty five percent. For that rate, in some other way towards those ten during the pain. What we get thirty seven minutes, it's it's embarrassing
However, I'd rather pay. Thirty, seven. Thirty, nine point: six I'd! Rather rich people pay thirty, seven and thirty nine point six I'd rather have that happen because it's their money now we see the same construct built all the time, but the left which, as you know, that look if you are going tax cut to millionaires and billions that me there. Less money for others, there is less money for Why are we cutting taxes for rich people because there's a spy we're taking a piece of pi from poor people were giving it to rich people. So it's always for which has always been ridiculous. It's their money in your taking a little bit less of it. Why does the same logic apply to when you're at a company? And you get Greece, I assume no liberal, has ever received a raise in our economy, because why you take more money instead that money could go to someone at your company, that makes less. Why would you four except arrays, if your liberal
because if you're making more than someone else, that's wrong, there's only Little bit a pie taking some of that pie from some who could have had some hourly worker could have had a little bit of a race and what it meant much more to them, wired even accepting raises if your liberal, because of of this is just a nonsensical political argument. No He believes this stuff you know the idea that people who earn money should be able to keep that money, because they earned. It is a fundamental principle of the United States of America. It's why we ve kicked everybody's asked for the last couple hundred years and in others we can't go on and and keep that principle standard and understood that acting like work burden, other people when people make a decent amount of money get to keep a little bit more of it. Everybody get a tax. Fraud in this plan does cut taxes for everyone,
but it it's a suggest. It you're than this plan. It's it's a larger fundamental principle that we ve lost sight of me. Maybe a little black ring, clap everything you said was true. Everything you said was true, and correct set. Take I take it up one thing, and you any is where you started that you know these companies are gonna, taken, invest this money and grow their company, yeah yeah. I guess I you for all your brow and Amelia said that, because I have, FR in Syria. May I share it? No, you can't you how and transit an option for me. Can I just say no, you couldn't do name, we ve all heard about a market milltown right ever heard of a market knelt up, I don't think so sounds delicious. Now does.
Market melt up is the way markets Paul serious bull bubbles burst. They don't grow like It has over the last eight years a grow and grow and grow for about eight nine years. And then something happens. When, when things unpack a gift from reality? what happens? Is people start to pull their money out of the system? Ok and you heard this you ve read. I know you ve read stories. Real money is starting to put money on the taking cash and putting it on the sidelines. Have cash writin an ice?
that pull some cash out here and have cash the. However, if you look at history, what happens right for a devastating crash crash one twenty nine, the tulip crash on it. What happens? Is Usually there is a build up for me no under ten years and it gets raising and people are saying. It can never go higher there people start to have a run now. Think of this. With Bitcoin, what's happened with Bitcoin point. Had some great growth between you know thirty dollars and A thousand dollars and had some great growth, and then Some people are like you, nice get into Bitcoin. Then it went from a thousand ten thousand in more people like you know, I should get into Bitcoin up to seventeen and eighteen and everybody was like. Ok, this is crazy. I'm at a mortgage, my house, gay money,
starts pouring into it went comes to a stock market. What pens is things will go twenty to twenty five years. Do appoint two: where were you have a melt up and the stock. It will do not the dramatically, but the stock it will do what has happened with Bitcoin. It's gonna go from twenty five to forty five, gonna, be a wild ride, because what's happen, and it's already starting this. Pro banks have so much money, they ve pulled off the side, big institutions and now with a tax break. I believe this will. People will see it and they'll start throwing money. The central thanks are gonna, start investing in the stock market and they're good. Try to get their money so there you know it asked in the stock market all that money, those billion and billions if not trillions, of dollars, gonna start flowing.
Into the stock market which is going to make Go up but who has saved money or has money on the sidelines? Gotta see that negative, say I gotta get in the time is really starts to take off the average person is a say: I'm a mortgage, my house cuz. It's never going to end and that's when it shuts off strong everything I think the next two years, you're going to see a stock market melt up and then the crash could be wrong. I hope I am. Alright homebuyers, if you're, looking to buy a home. Now The time is yellen increasing the the FED rate. Today. Reset tomorrow supposed to go up, Think another quarter point. Today: interest rates are starting to rise. It is in Europe best interest right now as a homebuyers to seek more. Each pre approval and guidance before you make an offer on a home talk to some but he who is in your corner who's, not just trying to get rich themselves but are
for the right things for you and with interest rates. This low, specially if you haven't used your vs benefits in your a veteran now To get a new home or refinance gray way to get it is talking to the salary base mortgage experts at american financing and with american financing. You get a straightforward and effortless mortgage experience, Let me now american financing, eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty eight, nine zero, six, twenty four forty, that's a merit, Financing dot net american foreigners Cooperation and at last one eight do through three for nobody. You w dot, animal, less consumer access, dot, Org Glenn back Glenn back, who, besides a bond villain, steals a submarine the the an argentinian submarine,
has been lost missing since November fifteenth. Apparently, some information has come out now that they had chased the submarine and then it went work again, and they can't find it. I mean a real relay bond villain that is stealing submarines and that's for name who steals one think me eurobond bond villain or bond absolutely. And could be bond Garee doc. I don't panic because it could be bottom and he's a good guy ya think yet That's a very strange story. I haven't lost a submarine in awhile, so I ran right relating allowing time I heard was in a documentary film hunt for Red October. That right there was in. There was a little bit it was. I went there is that what you do river when you'd be able to look when you'd be on a flight? Thank you at American Airlines and need reached to the back of the UN. Pouch, because you were born out of your mind? Yet when will you use any electronics and people
SK, I am all magazine. Yes, indeed, flip through Skype. More magazine in there's always something awesome and sky mobilizing here, but you never buddy thing because it was in sky moment didn't feel like you should by road. They always had come to the personal submarine in there That was always updating it. Yet it was like four thousand dollars for a personal submarine which strikes me as I can. Four thousand dollars is not enough to spend to keep you underwater Alai alive, yeah right heaping. I wonder water could probably done cheaper here, but Kitty underwater ally's, yes, nowadays, probably should be more than four thousand. We have obtained a submarine, I kind of one. Is I guess what else is I want to spend more on you now? We might even have any only cost two thousand for them to make. I want to spend the money on it yeah. I feel like an hour this ideal. You couldn't writ me off a little bit right. It's like Gulf streams no or any airplane. Why are they so expensive. I don't know
care- and I don't know either its days at this one as this one been crashing a lot right now. Good pressed right. If you go to you, know a tag sale and they have that thirty thousand dollar Gulfstream unity is probably not one you and abide by its. Rather, we can always like, if you know, if, if you ever get there, they hovercraft or that you know the you know the flying cars now we can ever get to the point where we have flankers like like, like Uber, says: they're gonna flying taxis He has been a lot of money on that goober, I guess, but what you to spend a lot on that flying gargoyle, it's one of those, because this I will say another example of this phenomenon- is surgery. Like there's a lot of places that her surgery like there's a lot of Lasik places that do this, but we Kay surgery on your eye, twenty nine dollars, and I you wait for me.
It is hard should be packaged, giving both of serbian Amiot Price for all that I'm crazy that both of em done, but I do know, certainly no insult to any company that does this, but it makes me think every time of like I don't know if I want a super deep discount of my eyes, I take your time it. Alright, let's block out a couple of appointments. What like do you take your time at all, paid all pay? Twelve, I you know I just do the two of you should be on the golf course more. I really so let me help you get there, just don't screw up in my eyes Glenn back, there
is the glad that programme Your sectional feminist, Laura Wit. Now I'm gonna, pretend that I dont know what an intersection of feminist is. Feminist who stands and makes their stances inside of an intersection. They stand idle, ok, afore way, road ha pap, explain explain. But an intersection all now Sectional enter sectional feminist is feminist who has entered turn the sexual realm. Feminism. I have no idea. Intersects is not a person with both parliament dollars. They ve nervousness interstellar, regional energy, actual interest
action, a feminist? Okay? So that's a person who lives in the west, but their other feminist, people that they talk to her in the east. Ok, that are a good good user. Sectional stew help us outrageous sectional phemius. There's a USA today story all about it when showers, which gives you everybody the title over as what he went out. There report is intersection of feminism, a look at the term. You may be hearing a lot. Ok, international feminism is much more than the latest. This buzzword, it's a decade old term. Many feminists used to explain how the feminist movement can be more diverse and inclusive decades old term that we ve all, for the first time in the last week. In a minute, ok, so she has come out now as somebody who of war
to make sure that women, you know are are strong women that aren't gonna be no date. Somebody who is a press Miss, having explains this article as well, if, if feminism is advocating for women's rights and equality between the sexes, intersect, Feminism is the understanding of how women's overlapping identities, including race, class, ethnic city, religion and sexual orientation impact the way they experience oppression. And discrimination, so its basic feminism with social justice case. Oh here it is, she says you should b. You should not be dating somebody who is not like you, ok ashes, This quote as a queer femme of color. I keep it Oh, I'm sorry, you say: memories is under articles. Ok, ok, I could identify what no I'm just amassing that's what I was asking as we are firm of color. I keep close relationships with people who go beyond ally ship their true.
Accomplices in the fight against white supremacy, queer phobia and massage and if you're not going support the marginalized folks. Then we can be friends, let alone date. The personal is political. So she says there are questions that you need to ass before you get close to someone skip all the pacts. ASCII small talk. She says you need to ask these questions before you go out on a date, so Pat I'm gonna, you're gonna go. Ask me out on a date Glenn. Would you like to go out with me now still rejected. As Y Y, you reject the rules because he had a man. Look at him. When did I say I wanted to date a fifty year old man never plus I'm not intersection. He saw the grass or you ok, so useless. Do you number one. Do you believe that black lives matter. Yes, I believe, all lives matter. What
your thoughts on gender and sexual orientation. How do you onto work to dismantle sexism and massaging in your life. I don't Lucy. What do you say? The word work is not enough. What are your thoughts on sex work. Well, I ll, be work, and but I'm willing to I'm willing to put in an eight hour day with you, I'm just I honestly if you're a date in someone asks you, how do you feel that sex work? I would think that they're saying I'm a prostitute you're going to pay me for tonight to yet how I'd read that? What are your thoughts on sex work? Are you a supporter of the Beady s movement? If I, It was the baby S. Movement was irritated ballast syndrome. It's a it's an element that affect thousands that no its not now this this is the tie you up in gag you and but little Weena Hollow you're. Thinking now has not in your king of bias, M o k saga
media s movement, isn't that that's the deal about the only caught Israel? Cairo, all absolutely not! Yet I'm not your that. What is your understanding of settler colonialism and indigenous rights imagined somebody ask you out for a date, I now and you say, hang on just a second. I just want to know your understanding of settler colonialism and indigenous rights. I am. Really say You know what I might even agree with you on those, but I'm no longer I introduce should allow is gonna, be a lotta work. They are vital in the vast aided by these sex work question here that we have had over the past week into hard core left wing sort of advocates. Tell us to ask questions of people that we come in contact with one if we're on a date. How do you feel but sex work. And then, when you are at work, if you want it, if you want to hug someone, you should first ask: may I use your body but what is happening here this is these are not. These are not
adverse advisable. Questions to ask anyone. Sun seem like a positive trend now number seven. Anything capitalism is exploitive. Can any human being legal? Yes, do you support Muslim Americans and non muslim people from islamic Countries DES does your We do support as Muslim cut muslim people do port, Muslim Americans and non muslim people from islamic countries, sure New York or conservative smile, but that doesn't try to kill us number ten Does your ally ship include disabled folks? While I landed in my answer to that is I'm sorry it just remembered. I I don't date, people who use word ally, ship with the US authorities that allies. I that's until I had satellite it's. You know your inner circle of friends. You know I'm for I'm for gay rights and so I'm an oppressed people. So I need to look for the other marginalized people and I I'm an ally with all marginalized people, but you
pay ally with a white person who's a Christian, and has allowed large, and so they either marginalize on my eyes are not at all right. No law, you can't be inclusive of them know they must be silent. Now I know what you type in the word ally ship into Google. The first thing you get is the definition from the Feminist Humanist alliance. Which is a feminist chauvinist alliance, so those this weird, because I don't believe in God right basically I don't know, I'm a member of the inner sectional feminist humans, humanist alliance, really think the feminist humanist allies is not usually they justice thing related enough either, their allies shipped? I know little go far enough. I just don't know later because and followed the Blake Ferrand Hold represented from Texas Just a downer, yadda plus he's one of the he's. One of the key Fishermen, who use taxpayers money to pay off an accuser. Eighty
Four thousand dollars, so it must have been somewhat serious, he is also accused of. Referring wait, wait! No, it would. Was the price of keeping quiet, killing acquire yeah, and you know that if you were accused of any kind of sexual impropriety, especially in Texas, You are not gonna win an election, so the all we know from that he may be a dirt bag. But all we know from that is it was worth someone here. Job. His credibility was with eighty thousand dollars so settlement as an equal guilt, as we now finally get across natural who certainly true there. There were some pretty in depth report more taxpayers. Money has to be treated differently. I agree with a Yankee: do Agri ah cause, I don't think. Actually, if you're in public office, there should be no tax, write us notion adopting panting nope, not a penny developmental, claiming instead, they ve done a much where we,
all three million millions. Now, here's the problem with that, if you don't give them some sort of protection how's the average person plague, average people now, here's just as there is dances goes The outcome the average person afford to do it well Each person goes to Congress and then uses all loopholes to do. Insider trading becomes a multi millionaire and they made their own settled right that I would have a very many girls, you that's why everybody and its values wretch ends right, but communications director, Michael Recall, says that every time he didn't like something he would call me and F tarred fit for it at the slam. Is this down enrage and exploded anger? He was flying off the handle on every little thing everybody in the office said the same thing so fair and holds response to this was That yeah, I you know. I always call people afterwards by it wasn't in anger, it was for fun,
That is a great answer. I admit to the frequent use of the word F tarred, but you know I always tell your love is at shortened or is it is that's no, he said the actual yeah. Ok, this is the whole thing. Yes, f word plus tarred there's a there's, a lengthy and again. These are all accusations, and you know innocent until proven guilty at all of that, although we admit elegant video, the hardest thing any emitted emitted several other parts of August. They had a look up here for that, like a rug for thirty, two staff adjust our crack, it open beers and it became like happy hour all the time. Like every day I s writings was the description of the articles. That was the last comment. The other enough I'll call the world to keep me in Washington Hannah. Getting they said of some aids when they would go out after work would have to be put on. Redhead duty apparently he had a thing for redheads and so like Whenever there is a redhead, those problem would come by the other eight.
Dr Paisley Shield, the red heads from Hell Mike- and somebody was asked about this. His answer was yet a lot of joke that that I find redheads attractive, but it wasn't. There was no real redhead problem like we acknowledge that this was a thing. Duty was a thing is. I wasn't really strange all these guys dirt bags enough to do this, but they're not turn bags enough to deny it cause. One of these guys review Sonya. That's that's me I need to look inside myself and it didn't happen. So it's going to happen, we're just going to start to accept all this It is just going to accept the sexual harassment, snuff, we're just gonna start accepting cause it's going to be everywhere. Everything it's gonna go so far over the cliff. It's just gonna, eventually, you're not yet been, and then false, accusers gonna come out and it's gonna be mixed up in jumbled up and you're. Just not gonna know it's true anymore, and so people will be like get back by did that as this me and his
is this not Harvey Weinstein's you're, just gonna move on from it you're not now, but in the future. I think I mean how they are already think that is because, the right now it's a year. I guess, I don't think we're at the end of it, so we're not we're. Not did you see What more can spare elected? Yes? Morally, Burbage Spurlock, Sir he's the supersize me guy yeah. I don't know if you use that as a line, but he may I ve said I I'm part of the problem any admits to sexual misconduct. Now there was nobody accusing him of anything. I believe that we know of the that we know of their work there's no, nothing, he said he wasn't asking who will be next to be accused? sexual misconduct he said. When will they come for me? I'm sure, am not alone in this thought, but I can't blindly act as though I didn't somehow play a part in this, and if I'm gonna try,
represent myself as someone who is built a career and finding the truth, and it's time to me to be truthful as well. I M p. The problem a week, the incident in college, where he had one night stand with a classmate classmate wrote about it in a short story accusing of rape. You know did they were never any charges or investigation? That's not what happened. I told her if not, how I remembered it all. In my mind, we'd been drinking and went back to my room. We feel around. She pushed me off. We laid there and we talked without some more began. Fooling around again we took off our clothes shoes she didn't want to have sex. We laid together. We talked we kissed, we laughed and that we start having sex. If you have to keep going with this part of the story, is this is very strange to me light bright. She said what like bright, that kid's too. That's that's all I can see and think about she said and then she started to cry.
I don't know whether maybe he'll diaper issue here going on right now is that the that story told the way it happen that that screams that she had some terrible incident in her past. She said I didn't that's all I could see and think about them. She started to cry. I didn't know what to do. We stop having sex and I rolled beside her. I tried to comfort her to make her feel better. I thought, was doing ok, I thought she was feeling better. She believed she was raped. That's and part of the problem. By again, I like that, you know again as his telling rain, but it's an incident where there there are having sits there. She's willingly having playing around with him rent. It goes to a point where she feels uncomfortable, so they stop and we had, but this several times on patents, do that the definition of rape is completely different than one dollars. You know it's like your forcing yourself
buddy, but for now it's are the two of you drunk. Is she drunk? May then, then? That's right, even if both of you are drug, only the male is as the rapist strain of female is the re. Be yes, it's just a you know, and this has happened and played out in colleges like crazy to the point where in colleges, it's really kind of turned around now. The system that had been built by the almost six simply left wing administrations has turned around and in more due process is coming. I think a little bit on that side, but it's the opposite than in of the rest of the world, and the problem really is here is
at his ally ship doesn't include illegals. That thing capitalism is exploited. Extra said if you were to find that out at the beginning is a day of his daughters, no better and no better climate. All that's left should have been so see how that works out. Tat grand leashed coming up in the police, radio and tv networks were held, described his ally ship in detail today. Hopefully, a programme He has any Ella. Now, if you made me, I mean besides us, thank you. We can stop there. If you ve been thinking about your home security, no better time to get it right now simply safe home security? It is the best protection period since safe, put together a massive security arsenal for your home at special package, handpicked just for you, entry sensors motions there's glass break sensors. Everything you need to stop criminals from ever touching your home, I'm at the age Finally, my wife came to me and said: okay, so I know you know you don't
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Glenn back Glenn back Gimme ten minutes tonight, I'm going to show you why twenty eighteen is going to be the world. We'll, never forget tonight, five, lock only on the blaze tv, the plays dot com, Slash tv see, then Glenn back,
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