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12/20/17 - The Christmas Episode (Luis Elizondo & Bill O'Reilly join Glenn)

2017-12-20 | 🔗
Hour 1  Bill O'Reilly's 3 Most Important Stories of 2017?...CNN hypes gay Santa Claus book...The left are mocking our Christmas values..."they despise us"...A civil war Christmas? ...Former Pentagon UFO Official, Luis Elizondo joins the show..."We may not be alone"..."not a threat, but could be?"   Hour 2  Glenn brought the band back...Stu, Pat, Jeff ... Best of 2017?...Statues, Ben Shaprio, Al Franken, Elon Musk ...The 'real' reason Millennials like Bernie Sanders? ...The Biggest story no one is talking about? ...Banana vs. Apple ...Compiling a list and checking it twice?...Glenn's Christmas Gift Wish List? ...PC Holiday Music   Hour 3 'The Immortal Nicolas' ...Glenn and Stu's movie binge list?..From Netflix to Amazon Prime...Mind Hunter Jim and Andy just to name a few ...Movies you have to see during the Christmas season... The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand going back, although and merry Christmas. It is the last broadcast of the year for us, and Christmas special and when you think Christmas, you think Charlie Brown, you
you think rode off the Red nose reindeer. You think I see the snow man, you think Bill o, ok, maybe Don't, but you should think Bill O Reilly right now. Hello bell! Welcome to the programme. Glenn Back Christmas, special everyone- I andy- Andy Williams, Maria Osman gear, its correct and dear. He's, gonna be buying just a little while excellent. So so build merry Christmas to you. Do you I want to add, you might want to talk to you about a couple of things. Actually I don't want you to leave before we talk about the story. The broken the hill, because we haven't had a chance to talk about that, but first that trying to bar our theme going here of of Christmas in the end of the year. Tell me what you think: The three most important stories of the year were ok. I think the most important story is the attack on
tromp by the media. The number one most important story. Yes, ok, because it's changed, The way news report high issue word of the minute we're The danger is his expedited in this country. So that's number one- I too would be the rise of the american economy, and number three would be the defeat. Devices in Syria and whack. How this should be the top three star he's back. You know what you know. It's amazing about you know. It's amazing about those three things is, none of them are correct. None None of them are right. Now, by what yardstick are you making their determination by? You know everything that is good in decent and wholly and everything. That is that, as you know, It's a common sense. I too, for top three stories. Are my
three stories I did this yesterday and I'm trend of marrying whose lives stories are not what s going on, what the firs weathers, because they were so important. Ok, here that Syria is, I got out, I got I gotta. I gotta move my memory ready number one corset. That's gonna make a lasting impression and a lasting leave. A lasting mark one way or another, I'm hoping in a good way on America. Ok? I'm not going? Are you with me? I don't think it is important as my three, but it certainly and in the ball park, where two that's what Bill Riley would say. Number two is the the charge of fake news and the american people's inability to recognize truth. Being able to see it, and also the press, now being able to see it. You know the right says this is fake news. The left says this is fake news. There
truth out there. Then without someone being trustworthy enough to say no guys guys this truth I Don't know how we survive. Well, you are your number to pick coincide, it would number one, but mine was all it all. Fine was missus, really kind of stated Palais. You know a little better, be Alex have. You hadn t envy The third pick was because I think it has eternal and lasting ramifications It's more than just talk, and that is the calling Jerusalem the of the capital of Israel well that that's spiritual thing you getting into now. I would not put that in the top stories because of the direct affected as on people's lives. Now, if you're in Israeli of course, but is an american we're. Looking
it is on the outside. I I you know. I wish my three stories were basically how they affect the folks Is it in my? My thing is looking out for the folks packages, or is it amazing that neither one of us put an end think it's. This is a. This is more of a question of how much has happened that is huge. This year the Harvey Wine steam the fact. And what has happened in the last year and where were headed in the next year. I mean this is this is a remarkably huge story It is a big story, but it is in watching the lives of the folks, it's more sensationalist stick piece of culture at most people are kind of just looking at going wow. But does it
the way they live their lives, the way they go to work, the way they raise your children. Now it's salacious sensationalist take. It is hysterical at this point in some precincts, but I just don't think it as a lasting effect, on regular working people, certainly gonna have an effect on politicians, because now you're gonna get Muckle all day long, and we have effect the media people anybody's ever done anything wrong in the last fifty years. Sooner or later, It's gonna come down and get you right between the eyes a man in the country, a famous man, a country that safe all accusations are destructive. Its trial headline that is a very, very troubling thing, but in poor,
in the long run the people's lives. I don't think it makes a tough break, ok speaking of culture and how it has gone off the rails, love your thought. This is CNN, talk about a new Christmas book. Listen- and I'd like to hear your comments here comes in oh you don't she doesn't have it. We will come back to we'll come back that Santa is very busy these Do you have any economy? What have you to tell me what it is? I can comment on known and I want you to. I want you to hear that you want to hear it. I want you to hear from seeing an ok. So then, let me set out this Christmas. Take the things I've fancies wedding we need. Santa's has been delivered. What inspired Santa's husband well where was heart of inspired by the annual tradition we have in this country of pretending that there's a giant war on Christmas and that tradition
Christmas is under attack, so among are things we were reading all of the news about them all of America, hiring a black Santa Claus last year and me and my now wife made a joke on Twitter. That's if we a child? They would only know about Black Santa Claus and if they saw a white Santa Claus at the mall, we would just explain what that's his husband is. Like any married couple. They have their disagreements, but they always manage to kiss and make up usually over a plate of milk and cookies up bill. Yeah. Can you want do Don lemon right? That's done lemon doing that story. Area are able look here are my initial thoughts on it It is beyond shameful that CNN and others. Feel that they have a licence to dinner.
All of our traditions. And that's what they're doing there there's? No doubt their marking the tradition of Santa Claus, which is Saint Nicholas. Generosity. Please children, magical time, mocking it. Injecting in social justice to the Christmas season. Shameful, but predictable from these people who have disdain not only for America, but Fort additional Americans who love Christmas. So I despise us ok. I said earlier this week kind of a controversial statement I, and there was no war on Christmas. The war Christmas has been lost and we won the war Christmas when you were working at Fox. I was there and that's when I launched
because you reminded me so much of Santa Carla Little Hey, I didn't, have a beard, but I dont know if you're a generous, very, very you're, ALERT Vienna. Her aside, like that part of me, I could see you in your genome, making stuff you drinking on chocolate right. So what I saw you, I said you know what I'm getting tired and the like my department stores threatening their employees with yes firing. If they say Mary, Chris vs We had a lifted him and we put the list on the screen and then America, So you know we're not really going to shop in these places anymore, which the policy of fire people for saying Merry Christmas stopped abruptly. Yes, all right, so we want What I think? Here's here's, what I here's? What I mean by that that I think we did win on people to earn afraid to say merry Christmas, which is very nice. However,
when you look- and I I I gave the you know- songs there are just on the playlists for Christmas from Itunes there's not a religious reference in in the fifty of them that I saw We are not. We are a secular increasing secular society. That's why I send my kids to private school. Because I don't want my children to be on the defensive when it. To their religious beliefs and that's what we ve done in this country. You Barack Obama. Thank you Bill Clinton. Thank you far left knots. Basically of Europe, man or woman of faith. Now you have to be cautious. About it. You can send anyone by saying anything about it. That's fascism, that's cuban stuff!
And I don't want my children be part of it. So therefore I choose to send them the private school, where they don't have that up Russian, but you're absolutely right. This is a secular, in that regard, the far left kooks of one Let me let me ask you this, because you said that I reminded you of Santa Anna was very kind of you. I I was wondering what the four tradition for you. What was What were the traditions when you were growing up for Christmas around the civil war You know that it's were outside lined up. Those voices were whinnying. No seriously what what what is it? What is something they don't want to know about the civil? What is this, what is the Christmas tradition that you either carry on or you miss that be used to happen here? It is back. Get your pen takes him, no student. Then I got my first
memory on being on the planet is sitting on the stairs of my left town house around three brings one bad little box house at about five in the morning I got up before everybody else. I must have been three, maybe two and a half and I in the tree was lit and all the presidents were under the tree and- and I would just say, there for about an hour to scaring at it. Ok, that's first memory on the planet so that I try to duplicate that We have a tree in the living room we put gives under the tree. Let me out you know, we're we we go to church and I usually go in until appraisal up not too long.
Ok, you brought the ten minutes would remain in right up sure. Yet people fainting reacted screaming. You know that council, do you give your kids up and force them to sit on the stairs at five o clock in the morning or no? No, I don't. I don't force, I suggest. Ok, ok, good is so a bill all that will. Let me let me go back here to something that we didn't talk about last week. Which is the story that came out on the on the hill and in the inhale, which, as you know, as a lot of credibility to it, LISA bloom? The attorney that orchestrated your departure at at Fox was shown to have been offering women money too. Tell a story about Donald Trump.
She was. She was accused and she admitted to offer up to seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars just to hell these poor women out because they were afraid they lose everything They came out against Donald Trump I told you last Friday, the big story is gonna break in the it broke about an hour after Europe, program ended What the real disgrace to disgraceful. I said everybody when I left fox. This was a job it was orchestrated her job. We Neither was big money in play on all different levels. Not just were nay but trump in a lot of other people, and this is a fact now. They have the memos. They had the emails from bloom. They have all of this, so they lay it out on the hill dot com. If your audience has not seen it go there, you can read the report, but the real. Really shocking and makes me furious, is that the new Yorker
I'm so early times wash and impose the network news, CNN all ignored the story. Didn't cover the story. Every sleazy allegation that comes down they cover. They can't wait to cover it all right there want to cover Franklin and now they're back. Track and well maybe he would resign you're that kind of stuff. But if it's a conservative or republican they they couldn't care less, which true they? U slap it up, but when This comes in and absolutely one hundred percent- true, they won't cover that is correct, can be on redemption. Ok Remember what I said corrupt. Beyond redemption. We do not have a free press. Any more in this country are itself all, I'm gonna. Ask your audiences. Do. Is to read the story and then take it to the next the level which the next level will be shown that this is now in Industry of destruction, found a way to destroy people. It is involved, money in politics, not in every case.
There are women who have been heard, women who have been heard and it is justice, but in many cases, LISA bloom in her cod re should be put in prison in my appeal, bill. I only have a minute thank you or sharing time with US disorder, you for being on on the programme and is it going a better year tough on I you know, I gotta tell everybody that you know you were very generous to me and ninety next I mean next year is going to be a better. Only known, I don't know, what's gonna happen, they hurry. I know I just can't, but I want every year or listen to know that you really are a fair man and a man who doesn't want to hurt people and wants to good on this earth, and that's the Christmas spirit. Thank you.
But all the go to Bill O Reilly. It's all right out. More importantly, like Bill God, let's have a great holiday to you in the new year in a new year bubbling man, I never make spending over Christmas with bill, o Reilly I'll, say no easy and is no o Reilly. Dotcom bitterly dotcom, bilali dot com and the book killing. England is the wonder: he's he's bitching aright. Christmas special continues with more ignored and more here in a minute, if you're thinking about selling your home next year or worse, You ve been trying to sell your home. All this year, start fresh start. Without all the excuses, do you know if you haven't started yet start in the right place, real
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by the way. This from the Christmas, I believe again, which is a great rate, seedy gravity Christmas, available on Amazon everything else, one of the things that has been really remarkable to me this, is our fascination on space from Elon Musk and what he is doing. Who go to Mars, and last till I was at last Friday We ve sent something up for the international space Station and we use de La Musk space Ex Ante. That thing? Launch an within mining? Ten minutes. You know that
to rocket was back landing on the law, such bad. It was absolutely phenomenal. There's something else it's going on, and that is what the new four times released this last week, we, it was are we alone the money that the government has spent. Looking at, ufos and why the guys who is a career intelligence officer he were the: U S: Army, the Department of Defense, the National Counter intelligence, the director of the national intelligence. He was a special agent in charge, blah blah blah. The here has been around this now he is with the Stars Academy and the director of global Security Louise Elizondo, hello, Luis. How are you, Sir said? Mister Bell Oh, very good. So
Who would tell you to call me Glenn, but I fear of career military man, so I have a feeling. It's gonna remain, Mr Back, Louise to old attitude. I know I know. Thank you for your service by the way. Tell me tell me what Do we believe that there are that there is life that is visiting us or is this hype Well, when you say we, let me clarify we shift from my perspective because I surely cannot speak on behalf of every american extra attention and as far as speaking for the department it's been about two months now, since I've been out of a department of defense, I assure me can speak on behalf of the department. I can do is speak on behalf of myself and I think we have to my colleagues that that work. This share this particular portfolio and I think me
the evidence at this point? It is quite overwhelming I think as we are entering this this, as you said just now on this new era of space, I think we're we're we're. We are where the evidence its idea, the woman you we saw the we saw, the video that they released and I would imagine that there's, maybe even more compelling stuff than that, but tell the video- and we know the the the airman talking about. Look look at this attacks. Has no wings. I've heard you talk about. You know seeing things in having mean of documented footage of without of repulsion unit knows you know no wings, no surface you know that we would recognise, as as anything they would keep something afloat
is this the most compelling thing they Have is this video or is there more than you ever seen yet others there's their significantly more Two videos that are out in the public domain are simply gesture a very small sample of the collective under amount of information that we have some you're so Luis zero was. There was a conversation in the the agency, you Know- or in this mean a group of we need to tell the american people this. This is information that the government should hoard. This is really kind of important stuff. Well, I think that that and tat. Your observation in my perspective that maybe maybe a little more more selfish, and I was I needed to me tell the most senior level the only leadership. Please keep in mind that
as a former shouldering employees deity. My loyalty is first and foremost to the american people. Second is too the Department of Defense and third to the secretary defence. In this particular case. I think We are in a situation where this country has never had a better secretary defined in my opinion, and yes, I'm a little biased, but I think I can say that, because I shared with the man and seen him in combat situation, so my loyalty to the boss is about and when you are in an organization department silos antidote might restrict the ability to give the top vander the information he or she may need to make critical decisions regardless resources. We have an obligation to make sure that we have that ability so one world one What kind of decision would they would
who had somebody in the defence apartment, need to know this information. I mean have you seen, I think stability or or or what well I'll I'll get to that decision. Jack, and an answer and shortage, and we have seen any over hostility but keep in mind indeed we are National Security Organisation and so I don't want to stay. We get paid to be paranoid, but we don T yet paid to make sure things aren't a threat yet so, if you're not sure it's not threat than we had to presume it could be a threat not heard it is, but it could be, and so we need to understand how these things work in and, from my perspective, our secretary It is a guy who would like more information, not less, and I think The issue really being the stigma within the department Secretary Mattis inherited a wonderful I admit, but a department loan
set over seven years has developed some silos and installed pipes and the things the agreed as very well obviously looking at at defined threats such as terrorism and potential nuclear weapons and chemical. The liberation of Europe should ensure the one thing that it's not very comfortable with. Are those things are very hard to define? They did to be a bit nebulous things that we shall look. We don't know what it is. We you know how it works and were not surely can do anything to stop it. So most amazing. Let go ahead. No, no, please gonna dont worry what was the most amazing thing that you, you know it's one thing to say: while we don't know if it's a plane or something, what is the most amazing thing that you saw that you would be comfortable sharing with us sure, and thank you for They never will. I will carry out that I still have a security clearance
yes, Sir now and I am obligated to protect any and all passed by information, so whenever I sure, of course, has to be a large by, but what I would like to share with you. Is it Just the overwhelming amount of data, and we Porsche we have we had received from tee You are keeping my leisure people with with the highest levels of security clearance. People who are trained observers. Eighty five multi million dollar weapon platforms for there on a daily basis, and they are the most trustworthy trustworthy, and on top of that, these folks I understand what you are looking at Bay, if not the fact that they just happened to be astute observers, there actually trained observers and on top of that we know, have equipment that can very quickly after tame what we're looking at. If it's an aircraft, if it's a missile, if it's a drone to the point
we actually know what kind of drug addiction and unfortunately, can again be children that body with that said the most everything I've ever seen, I think, is it? Is it a bunch of things is not just one thing. I think when you one thing is too to look at object in a radar return or on a screen, and if you don't know what you're looking at its easy to say, just a fuzzy dot and the camera pans offscreen, yet, in reality that knowledge happening when in reality, what you're looking out, if you understand what returning tell you in infrared, hot and cold, etc, is an object that we can't get close to. It is taking evasion Here's to avoid getting closer member, we do get close. It takes all at incredible velocities that
we define our our understanding of logic, really what we're talking about object and go from a drop from eighty thousand feet down to fifty feet, Meda hover and it Isn t sleep jumped back to eighty thousand When I say eighty thousand feet, it's actually higher, that's as high as we can see it with that with a particular system. Of course you have. Other systems are but a better than that too, but in this particular In other cases, we are seeing things that will interfere with with equipment, and our ability to further study informational. Methinks I ain't that right I only have there thirty seconds. Are we gonna be seeing more of this, or are they still do not keep tight lipped, as is pretty much what we're gonna find out? Why I thank you. I think I hope that in We do more as a nation to insist that we see more. I think We need to make sure that the
engage her. We need to engage our leaders in Chile. A look is worth investing. I hate to shape we two million dollars. That's not enough. I know he's getting wrapped around the actual about the money. Then really bigger story here. Folks, we then look at the sky for a while and is real and information we need you decided to the national security. Apparently former Pentagon, UFO official, Luis Elizondo, fascinating If you ve, been thinking about homes, security, a kind of understand and I mean this- is when our homes have a lot of stuff in its sitting. Writer neath the tree can't miss it. It's all lit up and people are desperate and there are people at once. Out of your house. Will you been hearing me sing the praises of simply safe home security for a long time? Now? It is because it's the best protection period. I mean we're, not gonna. Believe how these security systems and these
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rain. They write their burdens down on a sheet of paper, male unto the cross. Our hope is that they feel That burden taken away we were just in a season of restless is, I would say, and really started. Praying that guide the praise. I pray that God would open doors widely, are shut them loudly and that Well, would just be so evident for us and so actually the morning he lost his job. I called to him and said: what would you think if you quit your job, and we just did this full time, because I just I could he is he was making the cross is just this passion building at him. Afternoon whenever I got laid off, I'm gonna get the biggest Graham, face is always a need, just everything made. Since all the experience had at that point, we're leaning on to something that you know it was. But in a moment he gave me a quick glimpse of hey here's, what I in store for them
too. Many stars and alignment is not to be what God intended. It was. The pressure that I had played, God would make things very clear anomaly. It couldn't be more clear than this. It had to be really hard when you're like no notice. This is it made no sense to anyone, but we had to put our faith in what this was gonna, be we just, What is new and our hearts video. You give me a good story, a really great story, people they say they trust and they say they want things, but they dont really you trust and they don't they don't. Necessarily wanted the way. God gives it to you that what we have found, too, is it's. The perseverance said the hard part, because it the beagle, unique everybody's standing behind you and we still have tons of support. But there's just you know, there's months that are really hard and we think How are we gonna pay bills, this man and yet every single month? Something
happened to surrender is to let go. Give yourself to allow someone else something else. In our case, Christ take the reins. The biggest thing is to let it go. Yours health so heart just let it go. It's just mom. Bye mom. I see it honour. I MIKE I wrote it see it on there and you can't help but not look at across and think that's what we're supposed That's what we're supposed to do. I mean Jesus died, so we would be forgot arson not anymore. It's not worth it go. Let their idea, Laredo, Girls, Aragon! As he's got. This is so you ever that he's. He said. Yes, you do your job. Let me do mine after we see I'm using our cross. We said: okay, this is gonna, be the way that we are going to recognise how faithful God is. This is now our family business. We wanted to do our best to get our kids involved with that after Rick Finish, is creating the cross. Is we
the kids right down different virtues. For we give the cross assembly, we will choose one of those virtues and we pray over them. So we blindly choose one before we give somebody would also random anymore family and even if not random, because we ve had too many stories of people that have come back and said that word it was. It was divine. The reason why I got that word people that it was health and literally After that, you pray over literally every crossing. We do what do people go to find out get one. So we have a website rad dash joy, dotcom. Thank you so much. Thank you so much and It's really hard to start your own business run business really hard to keep faith. It is your exactly right perseverance, because get into it and your so convinced
about half way through your like this is the dumbest there every day. I do not believe we thought this was divinely inspired. This may have come directly from L A, but each day you can choose joy. He has yet to choice. Red dash, joy, put em do it where they belong, put your burdens where they belong Glenn back.
Going back, then all American, it's a classic Christmas programme, for you were so glad that you are here today to our Christmas special we're gonna be tiny little Christmas can talk little NEWS a little year in review as well we're doing specials on television all this week about the band back soon,
in patent Jeffrey on television at five o clock and we're talking about all, the things that have happened in twenty seventeen last night was the world everything that has happened in the world of politics was on Monday, Anna if tonight is culture- and there has been a lot that has happened in culture, and I want to play just some of some the things that I have elected as These are probably going to be in the history book had some boy depending on who is writing them? These are really pretty important in some of them. You may not have even noticed this one I'm pretty sure you did cut one of our life, and was a slave owner, and we need to call slaveowners out for what they are, whether we think they were protecting them.
Freedom or not. He wasn't protecting my freedom. I wasn't someone who's, my ancestors one deemed human beings to him and said to me: I don't care if it's a George Washington Statue or Thomas Jefferson Statue or Robert E Lee statue. They all needs to come down just moments after they were saying, ah just should take take Robert. He later no one's gonna ask for joy of law. Herds are conspiracy. Leo was literally the next day. It was literally the next day We have gone through and you don't stop this nonsense or at least put it on pause. Hurricane Harvey she's it was the hurricane was red or on the Thai ass everybody was so Ghent, Gung HO and Poland down all the statues Hurricane Harvey hit and we haven't got back there, thank God. Better omits, yeah These are fun trade offs. Oh, not saying that. I'm just saying that we are a country of squirrel, yet we really are.
That's all we are already talking. I was. I had rural rebel, absolutely no idea, one guy who I think is really coming into his own and, I think, is the is the leading voice for the millennials for conservatives that's Ben Shapiro. In case you missed this very important audio cut this year, listen Ben Shapiro as he speaks to a pro
bullshit student at any time to dry anyone other than the inception of the child. You end of trying to also be invited evil words, so either human life has intrinsic value. I think we both agree that adults have unlimited internet to restart. Remember I've sent give something more about verily, certainly be when you are so when you're sleeping and went on your home from which may awaiting my boy. How interesting potential sensing sensual potential for good, so good, and so he said, dangerous to the left, and I and I really think
millennials. You know I was I was. I was talking to my elder daughters. The other day, and they were talk, some of their friends who are very, very you know, New York Centric, and they're just done with with so many of the politicians. Al Gore came up and in the global warming thing then no time for Al Gore Oh glad, to hear this, and I said how come and my daughter said: he's not a vague and dad. If you ask, really care, you're, a vision, and I dear friends. No, then she said oh yeah, and I thank them is this I think there's this moment coming they were already seeing it in politics, where the reason why the millennials like Bernie Sanders is he is who he says he is that's it MRS him he's completely authentic the issue he says he is. I am
socialist near MILAN people like TAT, but that's what I am now be raised. Your taxes of course her how he does say things like that does just set them last. We know who we're talking about. You know the decks gut yeah. Well it under me. It would have to go up. Yes, a goodwill your lease knew at least have some credibility and I think, there's me a time where somebody like Ben Shapiro, who just politely, says the truth and that's what it is is gonna. Be me dearly loved and you will have your chance to love him. The next couple days, as he feels in here for the radio show on Thursday and Friday of this week, point one or whose run that mean that's fantastic. A key goal. We Evans, Graham he's great. He is great cut through A sign of the times may be our goal. Stake and that there was ground, because that way,
You're saying I am not saying that I am member these. As I said, I take thousands of ours. I don't remember these with all due respect, I think people are going to look at this and find it hard to believe that someone such as yourself wouldn't know that they will grabbing somebody's bud I can understand how people, who feel that way. You place a hearing on some humans, but I and say that that has not happened. Thousands and thousands of this is crazy. We sometimes and crowding carried out for ever any other situation. This would have banned the clip of the year. Of the year but it just shows how crazy this year has been. That's terrible around here is by the way. Yes, us he is going to resign next year. Yes or no.
I'm feeling like I want to say no but I'll go with yes. Yes, I want to go with now, and I'm gonna go would know so will dispel hedge, the bat and for we should be very careful about artificial intelligence to guess at what our biggest exe central threat is, he's, probably that so we need to be very careful with artificial intelligence. Inclined to think that there should be some regulatory oversight at the answer. The national and international level I just make sure that We don't do something very foolish. With artificial intelligence. We're summoning the demon, this is the one you know. Those stories where is the guy with the program and holy water is like a sure you can control it. Even then, work up don't even know how nine thousand willing to Mars. How
thousand would be easy It's way more complex than here in nine thousand shame. That's Elon Musk, and I will tell you that I think this is I put this cut in. There is one of the most important because I think We are going to be asked by our children and grandchildren reed Facebook attention at all. There are no way we're jargon and Euro Sargon about. You know how Hillary Clinton socked in and then how did Donald Trump Zactly nice people were near, like I'm, a failed in his is day now out and his hair is ridiculous, and then they were. There were people that, were you know dating each other and then five years later they decided that wasn't a date that might have been rape. Meanwhile, vis is going on the biggest story that nobody is talking about, and I think the if I had to pick up
of audio? That was the oh child! for who we are today. I dont mean just this organization- I mean all of us. We are all vis, clueless that we We stand most of us stand and say the same kind of stuff and everybody around us like. I don't think they know what they're talking about cut fine. This is an apple. Some people might try to tell you that it's a banana, they might scream banana banana banana over and over and over again they might put banana in all caps. You might even start to believe that this is a, but it's, This is an apple CNN. Fines
truly fines. Nothing ironic there it's a great spot if it wasn't for them yet You know why. You know why this this add campaign didn't work. The only reason why this add campaign was seen by anybody's, because people mocking it. The only reason why this didn't work is because the promise versus performance it doesn't True with at least half of the country when I see an end, does it coming up next Christmas special, the story for our times. Well. Here we are in the holidays. Are you excited? We knew the if you're like me, you think, there's a fan. I can't wait. Till family gets here and then taking down the family comes near like now.
No I'm suddenly not as excited. I remember now why we only see you people once a year anyway, if you want, do something that is easy and will bring your family together, and you can laugh. There's a great Artie game, it is called, say anything say anything get it as a gift, get it for yourself, get it for your sanity. No stress, there's no time, there's no rush. It takes about thirty minutes to play. You gathered round the table and you start talking. You say anything: it's a great conversation starter that doesn't involve politics. Thirty play your kids can play grandma can play everyone and you're gonna learn a lot about your kids and your family's gonna laugh alot. What else could I say say anything valuable at tat? right now say anything pick it up for Christmas at target.
Glenn Back Glenn Back Darwin. Now, one dollar eighty seven cents that was all and most of it was in pennies pennies say one or two at a time one dollar and eighty seven cents and the next day would be Christmas, there was clearly nothing to do, but for down, on the shabby little couch in cry, so Della did after she finished her cry. Dela stood by the window and looked out Dolly had a great cat, walking a grey fence in a grey backyard. Tomorrow would be Chris stay in. She only had a dollar eighty seven to which to buy her husband, Jim a present
Expenses had been greater than she calculated. They always are only a dollar eighty seven to buy a present for M heard Jim. She fell sized about buying something nice for him, something fine, something rare something Sterling something worthy of the honour of being married to Jim, no, they didn't have a lot. There were two possessions in which the young couple took great pride. One was Emma gold watch, the other was Del hair, dollars beautiful hair, fell about her rippling and shining like a cascade of brown waters, each blower knees and around her like a garment, she nervous Lee pulled her long hair up into a bun faltering for a second, while a tier, two splash down on the worn red carpet on what old brown jacket when her old brown hat
with a world of her skirt. She raised at the door and down the stairs into the street and made her way to Madame his hair goods of all kinds, Delaware, The flight of stairs to the shop Will you try my hair ass Adela by hair, said. Madame take your hand and let's have a site to the looks of it down: rippled the brown cascade. Twenty dollars said: Madame lifting the mast with practised hand, give it to me quick, said and within the next two hours della ransacking stores for Jim's present she found it last. It surely had been made for Jim and no one else. There was another like it in any of the stores and she in turn, all of them inside out it was a platinum.
I'm simple and chased and design properly proclaiming its value by substance alone is all good thing: should do. It was even worthy of gems watch ass soon ass, she saw it, she knew it must be gems. It was like him quietness and value the description applied too. Twenty one dollars. They took from her Hurried home with the remaining eighty seven cents with that. And on his watch. Jim might be anxious about the time in any company. Grand as his gold watch? Was he sometimes looked at it on the sly, because of the old leather strap that had been used in place of a chain Mandela reached home. Finally got other curling irons and went to work report the ravages made by generosity in love with
Forty minutes, her head was covered with tiny, close lying curls. That made her look. Unfortunately, like a schoolboy, she looked at the reflection, The mere long carefully him critically hoped shipment has killed me. She said to herself at seven o clock. The coffee was made. The frying pan was on the back of a hot stove and ready to cook the pork chops, Jim, was never late Della doubled Bob Jane in her hand and sat at the corner of the table near the door where he always entered. Then she heard his step and she turned white for just a moment. She had the habit of saying a silent little prayer about the simplest of everyday things, and now she whispered, please God, please, God make him think I'm still pretty the door opened Jim stepped in enclosed it. He looked thin and very serious
poor fellow. He was only twenty. Two and burden for the family, Jim stopped inside the door. His eyes were fixed upon Della and there is expression in him. The could not read it terrified her it wasn't angers, surprise or disapproval, or any of the sentiments that she had been prepared for he simply stared at her with that point. Dual expression on his face, delicate off the table and went from Jim Tarling. She cried don't look at me that way. I cut my they are often and I sold it because I could have lived through another Christmas without giving you a present of growing again you mind, really you mind will you I just had to do it, here grows awfully fast, say Merry Christmas, Jim say Merry Christmas and lets you happy you don't know what a nice big,
before nice gift. I got for you, you cut off your hair, ass, Jim cut it off and sold. It said Della Don't you like me just as well anyhow mean I'm Oh me. Without my hair hunter, Looked around the room curiously,. Say your hair is gone. He said almost with an air of idiocy dont look for it said tell her. It's sold I'll, tell you sold and gone too. Maybe the hairs on my head were numbered. She went on with a sudden serious sweetness, but nobody could recount my love for you, Jim, shall I put the pork chops on Jim Jim quickly snapped out of his trance. He unfolded his he then drew a package from his overcoat pocket and threw it upon the table. Don't make any mistake, though he said, I dont think any hair cut her. Any shampoo could ever make me like
girl any less. But if you'll unwrap that package, you may see why you have you going for a while. It first Della tore the string and the paper and came in scream of joy there on the table lay the Combs the set of Combs, the Della headlong. For in a Broadway store window, beautiful combs, pure turquoise, shell, with jeweled rims. They were dense combs. She knew her heart it simply crave. Didn't yearn them over the many years without any hope of possession. Now here they were hers, but the tresses. Should have adorned. The comes now were gone. He picked up the coms and hugged a gift and looked with deal eyes and smiled and said I,
my hair grows so fast. Jim Jim had not seen his beautiful present. She held it out to him. He girly the dull, precious metal, seem to flash with a reflection of her bright. Urban spirit. Should it be hopeful Jim. I hunted all over talent find it. You'll have to look the time a hundred times a day now giving Europe, such Jim, I want to see how it looks on it instead of obeying Jim tumbled down on the couch and put his hands under the back of his head and smiled Del. He said: let's put our Christmas, presents away, keep em awhile, I think just there just to nice to use right now you see daylight. I sold the watch to get the money to buy your combs. What do you say you put? The pork chops on the magic
as you know, were wise men wonderfully wise brought gifts to the babe in the major they, vented the art of giving Christmas presents and here I've related to you and uneventful chronicle of two foolish kids, who unwisely sacrifice the greatest treasures in their home for one another but in a last word the wise. Let it be said all who give and receive gifts. They are the wisest they are the match: Glenn back.
Glenn that reach. I was shocked yesterday when the house actually something It was remarkable we'll talk about the Senate and tax bill. A little later on in the programme. Welcome to it, it is our Christmas specialist last day before Christmas, so we have a lot of different things going on at Glenn, backed outcome. We if we compare the few list and we ve checked them twice. One of them. I gave you yesterday, it's all of the books that I've read the last six months that I you would enjoy and that you could mean last somebody for, or you know, or if you're going on you know a trip or something grab or grab for a friend. They run the whole spectrum from history to science to novels there is
something. Therefore, everybody also we're gonna. Tell you about something else, next hour that we have as a list this one I've made a list of a few things that I really love than they they go for, ten dollars to fifteen hundred dollars. Actually, I'm sorry something that just has for K. In the title, is think four thousand dollars oil price here. I was so price, you that's what that's one, if you really somebody in your life really loves you and this cash, but there's a couple of them that I found one that I really. I think this is the coolest thing ever it they copy. If you go to Glenn, backed our come. Look for my we're things a copy of the old albums that we sent into space on Voyager They come at once to look at it now, avoid your golden record three Lp Box set
this is? U do you remember Voyager, I mean yes here. This is the NASA situation, manassa situation, as you have just seventy six. Seventy eight summer that we sent we sent a spacecraft up and its first top was Jupiter. I think it was maybe seventy six and it got to Jupiter and seventy nine, maybe, and then it was supposed to just travel outside of our solar system, and I think just did it us left our solar system, one of the things they had Carl Sagan over the these gold albums that they made and on the album you'll see there's a little there's a little etching on how to listen to them,
and you know how to make a stylus. We included a stylus antlike hope you have a turntable, but we included a stylus on the ship. They had to be made for goal, but out of gold, so they wouldn t decay in space and extreme heat and extreme cold. And they they run half of thirty three and a half, so there there half again as slow and I think it's an hour and a half on each side and so on is just one side. Just music of the entire world South from the entire world. Greetings in every language- I've never heard them but for ninety eight box. That is a cool gift to call for someone who really loves space right. If you really love the stuff via its yes. Very I mean if you like. It is a one lesson
you probably but it's what is currently have. I think you have, as you know, the gold records. I mean, that's really cool, to see the next one is then I dont know why and its ACE again. I don't know why I want one of these, but I want one of these. You see it Astro reality, lunar pro yours, they speak. What is that? I am well look, asked a reality. Lunar prose a one: twenty eight million nine hundred sixty nine thousand scale model of the moon that you can hold in your hands its exact its Super heavy and it's all hand on how much is it has not had done its precisely three d printed yet but its hand painted anchor the resolution of zero point: zero, zero, six millimetres per pixel and features and unparalleled, augmented reality. Experience of the moon, so you're like holding the moon in your hand, and it's an exact copy of the moon. While
that's really weird and you can go I this really cool you can show like. If you put your phone up to the moon and look at it, it will pop up details. What happened at that spot like projects where land and everything else, it's real hand, repainted layers, and that is that critical, less critical? How much is it don't poorer order. Now, let's see if I click on the order now I might get that probably really cheap, yeah maybe one ninety nine that right, shockingly inexpensive, I thought it was about a hundred bucks to utter about. It looks very pretty amazing made critical Have you ever heard of Vivian Mire she's the next on the list. Vivian Mire. None not hitting you with any of these things. Semi so far no, I will say it like. These are cool things, but they're, not things that I would necessarily dive into myself. Yet these are just things that error, like you know their justly cool like while it
you know, said non your desk. You know an exact copy of the moon is just gonna go yet none of these give so far have case so on them. So we are not connected. I don't care, are it? Ok? So this one is Vivian Meyer and you have to watch the documentary. I think it's up on Netflix, maybe the Sky went in, he was a college student and he just what he was writing a thesis on something any needed: a bunch of old photographer old photographs. So, goes to this local auction and it somebody you know, selling off. You know like they sell off the storage units, so All of this photography and there's all these pictures and they're all black and white and is from the era that he needs for his thesis and so he buys it and he doesn't realise it is box in boxes in boxes of film, some of it undeveloped no idea who this woman is he
starts looking at the pictures and they are so beautiful and so artistic and so odd starts taking them to. You know. People who know about photography and art houses and the the art houses are saying. This is so, and so, a very famous. Now it's not as well. This is this one is so, and so no, it's not This was a woman who was just a what you call em up a nanny in Chicago and she would go out every day and she would just shoot pictures in the nineteen sixty of the people on the streets in Chicago and the photographer. Is amazing, amazing She was an unknown. He bought the whole thing for like a hundred bucks. It's now worth hundreds of thousands of dollars,
because she be she's become famous. I do remember you talking about the documentary really is an amazing story. Is a great story and inefficient. Look, I'm ok! So you'll all get you on this one go to the boring company, go to the wall. The boring k next the boring company, ok up twenty bucks, you got Have a boring up at of this is this: is the company Boring under logic was, is logged. In my sorry, this is hobby company that is boring under the company employing under the string. To allay I mean he is so poor honey He really like he lighted little courteously, like you did with the test. Lower has plaid speed, yes, which is beyond ludicrous speed, which is the like all of the speed of his my life billion dollar Company Arbs baseball's references love it how'd you like working again. If I'm a billionaire, that's how I m yeah, I mean I have all the dumb memories. I have always is stupid. Little references that I laugh about with my friends. That's the name of all. Like my cool crap go to the next one cause you gotta, get you
this one known, I'm not not standards manual, but the next one. I want one of these. So bad is the star Wars thing. Yes, yes, okay here a BBC fully Interactive droid okay, so I know somebody who has won- and I think I know who this his eye it and it works, and it fell- They will follow you around and it actually like It responds to near her. I haven't seen it worked so hard to believe, because I mean, even when you even just how it would move like it. Moves would be hard to put together and Non Galaxy far far away type of situations. By Apparently it actually will follow you around the house. Which is It's like a hundred and one hundred ninety a box cutter forty nine dollars hundred forty nine dollars. You get that in the moon. You I mean you got everything the end, the boring had again, like
look at how much of that. The only thing is the photography book that wasn't space related. Basically Elon Musk is us. Is you pick the one he's going under the earth, but all the other businesses go above it? Well, I'm sorry, I skipping some stuff. I am skipping, you know stuff, that's on in, and I'm in everything on my list is working. I mean it's not like. You know everything on my list is Corky. Go to the other Amazon One, just because it's cool thou, and just because school aren't clicking on just because it's cool in which one the end is scope. Care saw this. I do not know, I dont know what this is made for, but it doesn't seem like it's made for anything good. However,
I think this is great. You can plug it into your computer and it comes like what is it eight feet? Sixteen feet sixteen feet, so it's a little teeny camera that will run sixteen feet in a bundle scope. Now gotta believe that this is being used for something that you shouldn't be using cameras for a jiffy get on your computer somehow has favoured. I know what I want that four and I dont know what I would use it for, but there's gotta, something that you're like you know what, if I could just see sixteen feet in that little teeny crack Well, I know they have. They use this for, like these types of cameras for surgery, not blaming it surgery dollars. Now they do it for like. If you try to fix your car, somebody can or like the plumbing situation. As you can go down, they have those I dont mean. Obviously there are some shady or uses those shady or uses did come to mind me and made me with an almost not put it on the list. Twenty is only twenty five dollars
it's a little teeming camera, at least on Amazon. They have a common idea and save an extra twenty percent. I mean I just wanna go in places in my house. It I've never been to this goal legal, go out just wanna. Looking through the ducks- and I mean this credible anyway? Are they gonna buy that one first happy that I mean it's what I do. I yes like with the coop on its eighteen dollars, and I know what I mean therefore either but has conical. So I this on this one on my list- and I don't know anybody, can I dont know if anybody can relate to this is just a personal list. I walked, HU store the other day and I was walking with Tanya we're doing some Christmas shopping and I walked in the store, and I mean I wasn't five feet in the store, and I said oh my gosh, I feel, like I'm home, and I didn't know why am I kept walking around and I was like. I am thinking of my grandfather and my uncle and my choice. Build hood like crazy, and I thought
was just because the clothing store, and I thought it was just because you know it's kind of view. No, look like them or felt like them. Then I saw the label and its dead Seattle underneath it and its phil- and everybody I know head fulsome stuff when I was a kid and it wasn't like now feels and apparently is a little. I odds Wilson, I didn't know that he was one of those things that if you were going hunting or you are going fishing or something you you had fills in you're out of everybody had a Seattle showed a mole skin Seattle shirt when I was growing up from Milton. I had completely forgotten about the brand. It is the best brand. If you are a hunter Ding shirts are unbelievable. The Vienna behind, invests its just really good stuff? I looked,
I call on the price. Your site for sure looks very high quality and its really really high quality is one of the things that was like normal people bought like a while ago and loudly rum cool. No, it's it's what normal people bought when I was growing up and then they- continued to make it exactly the way they used to make it and now to make it. That way is really expensive. That's what it is symbolic that shocked everything there like no Fortunately, this is what quality costs nowadays ten seconds. Do my list so we're out of tat you ve ballistic Glenn bank dot com. Do it now Glenville Stock on my favorite things, technology. Great, I mean how just technology hell
do this year. With your Christmas shopping in his he'd mine, a breeze you to be December third and twenty fourth, that I would rush out to them all and it would be so crowded and I You'd wooed walk a million miles because you could never get a good barking space now. Just go on line. Fifty four percent of all highly shoppers visit their sites from mobile devices. Now this is great for us however, the other people say aren't days in technology great or the scammers, and the hackers be rich. Be cautious on the absolute you're downloading. If you're gonna buy stuff online breed the reviews for any complaints about malware one in four people, experience, identity, theft and, if you're, only monitoring your credit, your identity can be stolen in ways you can't even detect and that's where lifelike comes in they D, a wide range of identity threats. They look at things
beyond Europe, be just your bank account or just you know that the transactions at businesses, first of all, but he can monitor all identity theft or monitor. Transactions at all businesses, but they they uncover threats that you are most likely going to miss, join right now and get ten percent right off the top. Right. Now, if you use the promo code back go to life, dot com use the promo code back at eight hundred lifelong. Why The eight hundred lifelong or lie, flock dot com, one, eight hundred lifelong use, the promo code back safe, ten percent right now. Glenn back,
it's! The brand new pc holidays, Zuni pre during all of your favorites like Rosty, thus no person a postal representative, is coming to town and winter. That's right, it's all of your favorite winter songs does classics like I'm dreaming of a colorblind gender, neutral, animal, loving, accepting of all cultures holiday and you you lost Angeles, was you'll, get hark, not people over there saying the halls with inoffensive material and
forget that kid's favorite all it's all right here are only nineteen. Ninety five ordered I won't get the pc general birth recreation set, formerly called activity set featuring Josephine Divergent Larry, not very wise people, generally turkish and Herbert Dine and of God the baby Zeus pc holidays, it is a great time of year called out. We do not discriminate against any nation currency or type of credit cards, Glenn back.
Going back. Sometimes, death is a simple thing: slip of the foot the shift in the wind a fall. Argos had face death, often in his thirty three years.
He had been an adventurer a hunter and to tell the truth something of a rogue. He had always expected to die by violence, is blue, spilled in his body, racked with agony, after he married the gentle foreigner named. Why Leah, though he had begun, to consider his ways of life and death for her sake, he had heard but when his time come he would die well as a man, not like a child or pleading for mercy, for years now the boy had been begging to go with his father to the savagely dangerous land of bare sun struck, stone and rocky crags, where they now stood a muscular broad shouldered man with flowing midnight, black air in a long black beard and beside him. Thin limbed lad, if only ten the poor this winter, why Leah had died in a premature childbirth along with five is stillborn younger brother, the law
of his mother, had left the boy pale and and smiling and left EOS feeling that his heart and turn to lead, and so Phylos is coming with him on this trip was not a gift, but a necessity for Argos, had no one to watch over the boy it had hurt, though, that the fee, faint smile but Adios had seen on his sons face in months had flickered. Air. For a moment when Argos it said let's go get the Frankenstein now they stood at the top of the cliffs, where the trees grew. Looking down at the sheer rock face, Argos had already taken the resin from the first small grove of trees they had come to, and now they had reached the true orchard of wealth and you Us pay close attention, argues, told files the I nodded solemnly. You must take care
The reason is more valuable than gold, because it is so are defined and collect we will sell it to traders on their way to Egypt and Greece and Rome, even India, faraway places where people coveted what we collect in one day well. Let us my son live for a whole year. Five, those nodded impatiently I know Father seeing the dangers when you watch me gather the residue, remember how careful I've been and do the same things you understand. Yes, father files eager for the perilous work and argue well understood the intoxication of it. The reason offered rich reward at high risk, of course, his son was captivated. Of course he had How did the days until he could follow in his father's steps? Libanus trees. Hunched in gnarled clung cliff. Like weary climbers, the pit
if new, no wind, stirred their branches, many months earlier, Adios had climbed down to make careful incisions in the flaking bark, so the golden tears would flow and dry and anyone else who discovered this remote ravine with its precious trees might try to investigate, but they would soon hear the history of the snakes twining among its branches or field fatal sting of their fangs Argos had deliberately establish this colony of adders. Now, God of his precious grow, knowing serpents, where their made all the difference together, father and son, through rocks at the snakes, forcing them to lower branches to trees. Further from the edge where audio said, marked by losses first tree because of what lay as death Argos had waited longer than usual to harvest, and the reason was nearly dry and slash marks golden and fragrant that
The frank incense even more valuable argue, knelt beside his son in law, coil of rope around the boys wastes. Listen when you gathered flakes remember their worth more than everything we own. It's a girl responsibility. Yes, father, be careful. Yes, father, Argos, tossed a few more rocks to make sure the snakes and retreated then tugged the rope detested and put his big hand on his sons neck event, this Roughy head in inhaled the warm Woody Centre follows his hair before they had set out argue scattered the dust of his last harvest of rank and since the residue from the bags over calls in their cabins, follows carried the lingering aroma of it like pine limit in earth. Two Argos, Frank, incense, smelled exactly like his son but fight drew back grinning his excitement, palpable he edge
toward the dropped his eagerness saying that this was not the time for affection, but for action, sloop the free end of the rope around his own waste and took it in slack follows a grown up in the high mountains and he didn't falter when he lowered himself over the rocky edge rope. Tight knees bent beat braced on stone amiss sent a shower of stones and gravel tumbling down. The escarpments, follow suggested himself and made it safely to the tree. Adios found his sons wait absurdly easy to bear, but just in pace. He had doubled the rope around his own ways Pylos is life, depended on it, not slipping He leaned back watched his, they find people off the bubbled resin, the small Son brown hands tucking each lump carefully away in the leather pouch. It is waste before moving on to the next pride, tighten Argos, his throat pride
and the sort of love that reminded him that everything else he loved in life, his wife. Fi losses. Brother now lived only in the boy. Argos new follows was taking too long, but this was first time. He didn't the boy to hurry because haste meant mistakes He saw embraces feet and lean into the normal branches reaching deep into the heart of them, then,
follow screen his arm. Flung wide a snake clung to it for half a heartbeat then fell loose, tumbling ride, violences agonized face arch back and he shouted though it did happen in less than a second adios was already hauling on the rope his hands strong, ensure, while his heart beat wildly in his chest, the boy flailed in agony blood from the bite splattering his arm and spaces spasm. These twisting caught the road between the body in the rugged cliff adios, frantic to recovery and didn't realize that did not was abrading until the rope sat with files, not yet at the top of the clear audio screamed as he watched his son for his dark eyes. Locked and the child was everything good that held all the hope that he had left in the world, and he could do nothing. Silos felt straight
to the lowest tree smashed into it, with the impact that surely ended. His agony and fear His body hung caught their broken and lifeless after his first wail of pain not cried out again, he died a man, it took him adios by day and part of the night to retrieve Pylos is shattered body and take him back home through a sudden rainstorm. In their cabin argue rested before, leaving the warmth of the cool night, the wind soft on the heels of the rain that preceded it. Filled the air with assent, so warm and so rich, so full and ordered that it seemed an affront whispering slyly of living things. Flowers, fresh leaves and green
He held his breath from a lean to shed bind the cabin Argos, took a homemade spade and pick and carried them to the top of a low rise, not far away all around the plateau. That night lay so dark, but Argos had onto his vision. Stars. Suffice for the work he had to do the care. Pale smooth stones marked the grave of files. His mother, still born younger brother near it. Else had begun to dig a second great difference first because of his weariness and because he didn't want to do this for his son, body was trying to refuse the Erin but Argos had no choice. The rain it only slightly soften the soil and had not penetrated very far audio swung the pic ship
solid, moved to the side and did it again grey Lee Chopping, the hard ground into solid chunks, and with that effort he could pry loose and stack on one side of the grave, His shoulder muscles, clenched and tightened and audio began to sweat from the exertion. The rhythm of the pic and burn of his arms was a relief and the pain he could lean into here. In the shallow born of a mountain side. Glenn The soil had accumulated over centuries some wash down on the slopes in the lower forests into the fertile river valleys, but much remained here, it lay rich in dark in spring and summer it yielded fruits and vegetables to supplement the meat that he brought home. Argos was part Hunter part trapper, part farmer, part collector
in all things he did well, but now now, what was he he pushed himself, not pausing to rest. He didn't realize that he had fallen until the rocks began to dig into his knees. He welcome the pain, something sharpened insistent drew a little of the agony from his chest. Couldn't breathe. He couldn't see complaint against the dark knight with the tears that clouded his vision. The mountain cabin was solitary, but obvious was past caring. If anyone could hear is sobs the racking cry of an animal dying of a shattered man, he wanted to die He fell dead already, by the time the sun rose. Argue was an empty husk.
Some blood seeped into the ground beneath his legs and mixed with dirt on his hands, but he didn't know if it was his blood or files The climb down the ravine and back up again with his broken son slung against his back and been a nightmare. No man should endure. Else could still field and slight wait between his shoulders, the file now lay wrapped beneath an olive tree less than who strides away Maggio's glanced at follow. This body, and we to see the slight rise and fall of his son. Slender chest but there was no one doing what had been done The boy lay still is stone and justice cold, morning, burnished the marble skin, a philosopher, arm, wear it fallen out from the folds of the cloak. That audio said wrapped him in it was an outrage.
Colonel joke that sunlight could make even a small portion of the child. Look so beautiful and saw hole YO scrambled offering took the slender arm back into the cloak before with tenderness. Like the taught muscles of his for harm, the stern slant of his dark brows. He lifted the body did not look like a compassionate man, but stepped into the grave himself. He had dug placed his son. The centre is ITALY is a mother laying down her newborn to sleep. I son His mouth form the words but Argos made no sound even though he tried again and again his throat, with grief, still moving his lips still groaning with the weight of all the yearning he couldn't voice. Adios,
the place. Where follows his face was shrouded by the dusty club. Was the kind of blessing he offered in place of the words he could not say away to remember the feel of the boys high cheek bones. Proud knows that he had shared with Argos and the fine mouth that she's mothers, was a father's last goodbye, the grave was small, but Argos bent his knees and back and lay beside follows is cheap, can the grainy dirt in his hand, resting on the body of his son
She could have dug the grave larger so large that he could creep in with his boy and pull the earthy and after him he imagined dirt, filling his nostrils, choking off the air, bringing death bringing peace. But how could he share the grave when he had allowed his own son? Did I know he would leave his bones elsewhere when audio took up the spade and began to shovel the loose earth into the whole is good. Was already finding a new incarnation burned with sorrow. Flight begin to ignite of fury and his belly and anger that grew with each spade full of dirt. He filled it in the grave and longer stones from the bed of a near by stream. With the strength that seemed in human after his loss and his sleepless nights
finished before the sun stood noon audio looked at the fresh grave the old grave and that was no longer a home, and then he dragged his steps back into the cabin ed, embers of a fire still glared at the great ugh. Eels blew them to life, through would on all the firewood. In the end,
and then, when that was gone, the stools that he had sat on the short crooked table that he had made before becoming used to carpentry the olive would bore his own hands id card, but it even to have these things now of the small bed that he had shared with his wife, the pallid, where his son, it laid his head when the fire roared, he rate the burning calls out and scattered them across. The no vagabond would find an empty house in live here with memories of thy leant files and the nameless little baby deserved bees. Adios didn't leave it until it was ablaze that can be seen from miles funeral pyre. The smoke choke the sunbright sky, belching, dark shadow across the mountain that spoke of evil things he left on foot with nothing in his hands. He didn't
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sit around on Christmas, or you know that week just been John it at the blaze dot com slashed Also you can watch the Christmas twist of the face with age, Brian or myself do check it out what you prefer. The sounding lifetime movie done right or wrong by us was but a bag well the media programme, It's our Christmas episode. I'm looking for something to being John because, if I feel I've been shot almost everything you know that that that immediately appeals to me Netflix out of constant, because you're talking about been doing, I thought this drugs alga potentially faultless she'll. Make really want to do it. So I'm just keep people
keep on breath. It does make sense. You know we were talking the other day. If you haven't seen the documentary, Jim and Andy, you really need. Yet german, Andy, the great beyond, is the name of it. Story of Jim carry as he plead Andy TK, men in the movie, the great beyond the came out several. He's got a man in the moon will be out. Man, ammonia. It was too thought. Thousands right, I'm a member that early two, thousands, many Thea, but the story, if you ve never seen that movie its I've always thought it was one of those underrated performances of care. How is brilliant inside you? think it's him. After a while, I think it's Andy Kaufman so he got some credit for it, but it wasn't as praise. I ever thought it should be so this video is actually video that the studios made him hold back. He took a video. All the production grew. Take vis you're, all the behind the scenes he stay in character and he called he was so Andy Kaufman and
Tony Clifton that The studio eventually said We're not who cannot release this video. You they will hate, you get a basically thought that Jim carry would. It would ruin his career if they release this behind the scenes, footage because he was so knots and when I've been in the interim is what we found out. He echoed actually was not so the finale actually think it will help him, which is critical. I don't think I know you give you keep defending among this year, but he's had such a crazy time and its crew has gone downhill end, become such A in India. Think largely interesting person, but in resting in a very strange way absolutely he is either your watch this and you will say to yourself and a wheel, but there will be no grace face
either Jim. Carry is full fledged out of his mind nuts or he's one of the most saying people that you ve you'll ever meet and, I believe, he's I believe, he's operating at a different level. I believe that he is he has found that there is no meaning in stuff and money and fame and everything else, because he had all of it. That he's like This is about meaningful. I just want to have a meaningful conversation and I that's what it is and he's not going to say anything to please anybody anymore. You find when you, when he's talking in the document reserve interviews with him today talking about his experience during the movie. Do we have a couple clip yadda I think you gotta notice that he is almost hard to have a conversation with a because he can't just Take anything at face value. He has two are constantly examine what you're saying and how you're saying in and what you mean it just he either he's been very difficult actually dealing with in real life, but he's
Mary, it's very interesting to wash yes, this is him talking about what kind of his expiring speck doing Andy Kaufman, the questions that people cut of one ask I was just doing things about weird now. I go home and I'd lay on my bed and I think what do they want? What do they want? What do they want? What do they want? that's what I wanted. I knew what I was I to be successful. I want to be famous actor, but what are they? What do they want? They want. What do they want and then one day in the middle of the night, I woke up out of a sound sleep. Like Sir up in bed when. They want to be free from concern and the like Bob went off the very next night I went to the comedy store and
first thing I did was saying good evening, Ladys good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and how we see you this lady, then any ill slaughter suddenly just moored because they knew I didn't care, would hire decided in that moment in my bed was they need to be free from concerning, so I'm gonna be the guy. It's free from concern appear to be the guy free from his eyes This is when he's talking about how he developed the character. He was just crazy anybody's who crazy things. However, later after he has he has made it big he's played Andy Kaufman and everything else played a role in getting him to where he is Listen to him here, we like you watch me like
Kim worth enemy. Seaward Tony Talking about our things like We want to be liked by everyone ease and cover do do you yeah? at that time, it was pre. He was pretty accurate. Actually, you know but there's you know, there's there's truth and then there's truth with cherry I mean any notice. He still talks about them, both of em him. Andy Kaufman Interior has in both of them played by him, and he also was ass to come back to be in the r M music video as Andy Kaufman. He wouldn't do it huh, said no. I had to rediscover who I was again: you didn't know who I was. He lost himself yells character,
care though the career arc of Jim Carry was like. Ok, he's is goofball right, makes all this money who huge box office success, and then everyone, about him joked about him for years that he was doing aid he could to win. An Oscar. Remember that it was, I do know, is all he's doing serious movies and these challenging artistic movies and they what kind of in that phase any realize I want it goes about an Oscar put. You realize how much he actually drove into these roles. The Andy Kaufman It's insane to see him trotted off camera. Doing also two things when no cameras were around is weird: it's weird, it's weird, but it's really really interesting and and and and makes you very makes you think it really makes you think about twenty years, so that about Jim carry, because I thought I'd really like interview in the more I watch- I thought no, I bet he it. I bet he would be a bear. Intervene here, a bare of our view doesn't seem like. He would have any fun with it. So
he put our list together on the things that we have watched on, not Netflix in Amazon that we recommend to you and I've I've rated them by stars. There's a couple of things. I just want to point out Ryan Hamilton happy face now is well perfect for the holidays. You ve got to watch that with your family. It's then of comedy hysterical, hysterical, Ryan Hamilton happy face. If you James Bond Watch Fleming the man who would be bond. It's a four part series, you know about Fleming In fleming- and it is shocking and, while the stuff that he that he really was Have you seen mine hunter? I I've heard really good things about it, but I have not seen it was to see buys really at her. It is real good, really and terrifying, because it's about serial killers ready to minors area truth. This is a true story issue.
Bout, the B I when they first started. Looking into serial killer say at all these serial killers and they were just like pick it, and I remember the time I remember my parents and grandparents saying you know to try to make all these guys and give em excuses. I just kill em they're, all bad guys will that was the idea, but back. Then they had never met real serial killers like this, so they said we should talk to him, and so there, Go back and they talk to these real serial killers. Now this is all redone, it's a drama, but it based on that time period, and it is fascinating. Just fascinating the last one. I mean I've got there's pro the twenty different things you can been John on my list. But the marvelous Miss Mabel is his Darrell and so well done. What is it? What is it about a woman in the nineteen fifties whose husband wants to be a stand up. Comic he's awful in
first in the pilot hee, You know he's shown to be a total fraud. She leave are. He leaves her and he's like goes but live by secretary and she spend this amazing wife Oh, she goes down the comedy club. She just ties went on and she is upper class. Ties went on in the nineteen fifties and she goes down in her bathrobe on stage and she is hysterical because she's hammer, and she's like who doesn't want a piece of this in Germany. And so the cops come in and arrest and she's arrested the same night as Lenny Bruce so hurrying Lenny Bruce become friends, and it's all about how this woman? What
it was like the guy you played monk. What's his name, Tony shall lube? Oh my gosh he's brilliant in this release. Virility is a really good at key. Plays her father, Annie's, brilliant it. If your gun, if you're good, if you like good comedy, laugh out loud comedy but Intel it comedy the marvelous, Miss Mabel, just fantastic, and I think it came from the woman who did poets what would show that just came back in the day. The big reunion show. Last Christmas, You know that girl, Gilmore girls arriving at a producer of the writer of Gilmore girls to this really had me, therefore minute. I now think that out and that's what I like about you couple real quick for honey, I think a smart probably shouldn't be with wash with kids,
couple of them, yet these probably should not none of these. I wish I could watch with documentary now. If you watch document we now they s parity of declaring so to episodes in particular, I love her case episode to of season one and season to both Members have sought to season one season to what is a parody of like a vice documentary and more is the pity hysterical I've seen it is dare amazingly and then there's one that's a parody of like a cooking like it. They go to the middle of the forest for a restaurant, then all you get one of those two things really really good our conventional. I loved american vandal than see it's great yeah. It's very well done a kind of a parity like making of a murderer, but with a stupid crime, again, not safer kids Meyer on Amazon is, is it the very, very vocal girl sports announcer story, but it is really really funny at times and for like, if you like, the true crime types of the fashion, tapes particular episode. What an episode to it.
E g I was glued to it is it is it flicks series, it's about. It's called the confession, takes what they actually have: tapes of people, confessing Grimes gotta, built on that structure, really really good. If you like that, so you ll find our list said Glinda outcome. We wanted to put em they're just in case you know you ve got some family over and you're like. I am going to the bathroom with the Ipad and the high employed close myself it and that it wants oh yeah. Exactly I use hell, it's exactly. The list of things can been John they're rated by stars by us by STAR and also divided up in family, etc, etc. So, whose table are you going to be missing at this holiday season and be at everybody's house in somebody is gonna, be sitting around the table and their thinking of you and your family Andy you or wishing you were there and they were wishing you were there as well? Send someone
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Glenn Back Glenn Beck, twas the night before Christmas. When all through the house, not a crime, there was stirring, not even a mouse, the stockings were here by the chimney with care in hopes that Saint Nicholas would soon be there The children were all nestled of snug in their beds, while visions of sugar plums danced in their heads in Mamma kerchief, and I in my cap it just settle down for a long winters nap when their rose such a there. I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter. What to the window, I flew like a flash tore open the shutters throughout the sash, the moon,
on the breast of the new falling snow gave lustre of midday objects below when what my wondering I should appear miniature sleigh. Tiny reindeer. A little old drivers, so lively, quick, I knew in a moment it must be said. Nick more than eagles, his coursers, they came and he whistled and shouted incurred called them by name now dashed out dancer. Not products are in vixen on comment on Cupid Donner Blitz tub. Imports to the top of the wall now Dashaway does your way, dashaway all right before the wild hurricanes blood when they meet with an obstacle mouth to the sky. So up to the house top the courses they flew with a slow full of toys and Saint Nicholas too then in a twinkling.
I heard and tracing and point each little hoof. Ass, I drew in my head and was turning around down the chimney. Saint Nicholas came with a bound is dressed all infer from his head to his foot Clothes were all tarnished with ashes, insert a bundle of toys. He had flung on his back and he looked like peddler, just opening in sack his eyes healthy, He called his dimples how marry his cheeks were like roses in his nose. Like a cherry his droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow beard on his chin was his white the snow, the sum of a pirate I'll, take in his teeth and smoke get encircled. His head, like a red he added odd, face around little belly that shook witty laughed like a bowl full of German. He chubby plump
you're right jolly Young down and I left. When I saw him in spite of myself, a wink of his eye and twisted his health soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread, spoke not a word but whence to his work. He filled the stockings, then he turned with a jerk lanes finger aside his nose and giving a nod jim- He sprang to a slave to his team, gave a whistling and away they all flew like down on official. But I heard him exclaimed. Ere he drove out of sight, Christmas and to a good night
Glenn back.
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