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Hour 1- Ben Shapiro fills in for Glenn Beck... Everybody is still alive despite new tax bill... Why is the Vice President praising President Trump?... Chuck Schumer rips into AT&T while AT&T is handing out Christmas bonuses to all of the employees, ooops!... Ben explains the benefits of the new tax plan... Ben Shapiro twitters Rosie O'Donnell to the ground...   Hour 2- Nancy Pelosi finds the "first victim" of the new tax plan bill... Trump needs to take the higher road... A history lesson on Jerusalem... The U.N. is a moral hell hole... Susan Rice has more to say, anybody listening?... Hour 3- When it comes to collusion- who's administration is guilty?... Lebanon is not a vacation destination... Uranium One, where are the facts?... Nikki Haley putting the U.N. on notice... Who is defining sexual harassment?... It isn't rude to say, "NO"... The progression of love, wait- I think I mean regression...  The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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Love, courage, trip Glenn, back, hey, hey! This is Ben Shapiro in for Glenn back here on the Glenn Beck program, It is an honor to sit behind the microphone, often imitated, never duplicated, back program, the column line, eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven back. Eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven back and I wake up this morning and I think to myself where everybody go. I really where is everybody, because I was reliably in form that everyone would be dead because of the republican tax cut. The Democrats have been saying for awhile here that every when would I now I have to admit I take the warning all that seriously I mean they'd said: we're all going to die because President Obama pulled out of the Paris accords. We've been informed that we going to die because net neutrality repeal and then they said we're all going to die because of the tax reform. I thought that must be crazy. There's just
no way I mean come on really going to put some more money back in my pocket and we're all going to die because of that that seems a little extreme and then I woke up and the was empty. There's no one on the roads, everyone it was dead, actually, no there's just like five hundred and thirty la time everybody's alive, every fight. Nobody is dead, but the Democrats are protesting, none and what's really fascinating as to the ideological break down with regard to these protests, because the Democrats are having a tough time coming up with the rationale for why they are so all fired. Angry at this particular tax cut. I the angry because of the deficits, because that's a new one, the folks on left angry, because the deficits after President Obama double the deficit, double the national debt, rather that that seems Little bit weird to me: are they angry because they think is going to screw the middle class? We keep hearing that is going to hurt the middle class. Well, if that's the case, if that's the case, then
it's going hurt the middle class have to explain why it is that pretty much everybody in the middle class gets a tax cut. And why a series of companies came out yesterday and announced that they were going to give their employees pretty significant Christmas bonuses because of the tax cut. What does it really all come down to? Well TED Liu the Democratic Congress person tweeted something out this morning- that I think is really quite telling really explains what it is that is driving. So many of these of these talking points from Democrats a tweeted out, and it shows that there is a moral conflict in under everything here. It yeah GOP underestimates how people feel when they know Others got a better deal, they sell it it's kind of three hundred and eighty dollars, but others get to a thousand dollars. She will be upset
and wait until Joe finds out he's getting a tax increase for residing in California. That's why tax bill is so unpopular, human nature, it's kind of a deep to it when you think about it, not because TED Lewis saying anything that we didn't know, but because you didn't that what actually drives democratic policy is a for violation of the ten commandments right. There is a commandment not to covet thy neighbors property, but what makes you a good person is not looking at your neighbors stuff and saying God, that's my stuff, how dare he have stuff non jewish Lyman, Orthodox Jew in jewish law? Your labs look at your neighbors stuff and say I really wish I had a car like that, maybe if I work really hard one day, I will have a car like that. What you're not out to do under jewish law is look at your neighbor stuff and say that's my stuff does have stuff, and I don't have stuff that should be my stuff. That's a violation of the ten commandments.
And yet the Democrats use that motivation to drive policy people on the left use that motivation drive policy there right that human nature is rooted in jealousy. The founders knew that too. The difference is that the founding father said you know what, when we have this set of checks and balances, we actually stop each other from allowing our jealousy to run roughshod over each other. Why don't we just prevent that? Inst. Democrats? In more of that, we need more jealousy. We need to oppose tax cuts because You understand the rich guy getting more of his money back then, the poor guy, none percentage terms, but in absolute terms that means that the poor guy is going to be gel you see if the rich guy paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes and gets back. Ten thousand bucks and the poor guy pays one hundred dollars in taxes and gets back twenty dollars. Of course, the poor guy is going to be jealous Now the rational response, the moral response as well, if you don't make as much money you're not going to get as much of a tax cut, and you have a right to somebody else's money just because you're jealous well
is expressing. Is this view that the rich don't serve to have the money to you have to go from point a to point B point a is people are jealous of one another and what but that will agree with that people are jealous of one another. There's no question: we all covered our neighbors property again the idea in in biblical more in traditional morality is that God commands you to do things because you don't want to do them. My god, command you to wake up this morning and breathe because you're going to do that, God doesn't command you to eat because he knows you're going to do that, God does command you to cover other people's property, because he knows that you will do that. He know that you're going to wake up in the morning and covered other peoples property, and so he says, don't do. That makes you a bad person avoid, but Democrats and people on the left they go from point a which is, you are jealous too might be, which is your jealousy deserves to be acted upon. You're jealous deserve some sort of government redress, so now we're not just violating one of the ten commandments, the jealousy it
for violating at least two others, one we're turning government into God. We're suggesting that government is some sort of create centralizing power that we should go to for redress of all personal grievances justified or not. So returning government into our idol and we're actually legalizing thievery right, it is theft, If you ran into my house in middle of the night, because you are jealous that I have a thicker wallet, then you and you broke into my sock drawer, and you just grab the cash right out of my wallet. This would make you a thief if you vote for people to do that,. Doesn't make you any less of a thief. But TED lieu thinks that this is a good justification. At least he's honest I'll. Give him points for honesty, because it's it's so funny to watch. The Democrats tried spin away from the reality of what TED Lieu says, what who says here is true and it is profound a Democrats shy away from it, because it's a little too on It lets us a little bit too much into the heads of the damn. Credit policies and ugly yucky in there
We have democrats tweeting out. Really, you know for a middle class family for a poor family is eighty bucks a month really mean anything and people tweeting back at them. Saying yeah mean something it means I get to take my kids to dinner once a week. It means I can take my kids to a movie and hell. Would I like more money back sure, it's better than nothing. In Democrats been trying to shy away from the implications of TED, lose jealousy argument, basically arguing that Republicans are trying to hurt the poor in favor of the rich or that Thing is rigged for business and that businesses won't spend the money, though instead take the money and invest in stock buybacks. That, by the way, is a weird argument coming from Democrats again the idea that businesses should not have as much money because they'll invest in stock by that's, where they think drove up the stock market during the Obama years. If you look at corporate profit lines, corporate profit margins, a bomb was bragging about his healthy recovery has been. The recovery was driving that recovery was corporation, taking their money and instead of investing it in new
analogies in new workers. Instead, they were taking indian plowing it back into buying back their own stock. If that was Google, so drove up the stock prices, and then Obama would go out on the campaign trail and talk about how the stock market was doing great. So it's weird to hear Democrats complain about corporations using the money to prop up their own stock price when that was largely democratic argument for Hillary Clinton in twenty sixteen. In the end, it comes down to a basic group. Belief is your prob your own, or is your property someone else's? The only way the Democrats can get from point a I'll see to point Bi can take your money is if they believe it's not really your money. In the first place, of course, they don't believe, like the founding fathers did. You don't believe, like John Locke did that what makes property yours that you mix you labor with the land, you mix your labor with the property. You are the one who came up with a way to make the money. You are the one who participated in that lawful legal injection you're, the one who made somebody's life better and in return
made your life better in a market exchange at the left doesn't believe that I believe the government was instituted to protect your right to do that. They believe that every dollar in your pocket is there through the grace of government. They believe his Hobbs didn't leviathan. They believe that absent any sort of government that life would be nasty, brutish and short, and the property rights really don't even exist. They believe in They called positive law. The idea that government is what institutes right, not that writes Preexist, government and government, is instituted to protect those rights, not the have inherent value as a human being and that your labor therefore homes to you, Your labor really belongs to the government, and the government is kind enough to let you keep some of it and if the government some people keep more than others. Even if you pay more in that means, the government is being unfair. This is what undergirds the entire logic the Democrats were using for years with regard to the
Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama notion he didn't build that in their belief, government built all of it government built that road, and there or government owns your store that is built next to the road sure you built the store sure he. Who built your store anywhere else, and if there were no road, maybe it will work with neighbors to build one stands between you and the wolves. You wouldn't have any rights at all. That underlying perspective allows jealousy to creep in the back door and then take over the mansion, and that's what Democrats are pushing here and it ain't pretty. As we continue here on the Glenn Beck program, Chuck Schumer made a very, very big boo boo and was immediately called out. By reality on it, it's it's really really funny. I've got the audio for you I'll play it. Ben Shapiro in for Glenn Beck, Glenn Beck,
Glenn Beck is Ben Shapiro Glenn Beck when is off for the holidays. Earning e well earned vacation for the Glen, it is a pleasure and an honor to sit behind the microphone for the Glenn Beck program. Ok, so President Trump was celebrating the passage of the republican tax reform package. There's another, oh by the way that, on the way, that's going to fill in the gap with regard to the children's health insurance program, Democrats been saying: Republicans: tax is just that they couldn't pay for children's health insurance. That program was created by Republican in nineteen. Ninety five and Republicans are going to continue funding it. So that's not true, but the President Trump gets his day in the sun. This is the only major legislative achievement of his first year. And a lot of other achievements in a little bit later in the program. I want to talk about some of those achievements. I want to give him a great. I want go through and
he's done this year. That's good! What he's done this year, that's bad, how we can have a better year next year, but press from gets his moment in the sun and he deserves it. So where is President Trump yesterday explaining that he is now liberated economy from overreach? Would liberated the american economy from Washington over each cutting twenty two regulations for everyone, new regulation, the most in history? By far, we've got hundreds and hundreds of regulations allowing people to have their businesses, work their businesses and hire people, and we still have plenty of regulation. No worry we have plenty of regulation. Regulation is not the worst thing Shin is was stifling in our country. He couldn't do anything and then you talk about how to find a way. In which, of course, we know that President Trump is very big on the winning and winning in the winning. So here he is talking about winning Paul, Ryan and Mitch. She was a little team. We just got together and we would work very, Oh, I didn't wait. Huh
It seems like it was a lot of fun. It's always a lot of fun when you win, if lose that's not acceptable. So, Trump is big into the winning, and that this is always the way that people who stump for Trump thought there was work is that Trump is basically going to sit in the White House and Congress. Chip legislation and then send it to him and he'd sign it, and he would know what was in it, but he would be happy and there's some truth to that right. There some That's basically how this tax cut worked. The truth is it didn't really have to to do with President Trump as much as it had to do with minimal, not doing the hard work in the Senate. He's the one with the to vote majority in the Senate president from gets credit 'cause he's the president, when this happens, This was mainly a slog by Congress. What was odd watching yesterday was there is a press conference and they went around the table with President Trump, and everyone feels this week. Necessity to just praise the President of the skies you know, vice President Pence Man, who I like a he spent an awful
not that I'm saying really sick of antic things to President Trump, which is under the personal quality in the president that he needs to be praised by those around him every time. Something goes right, things go wrong. It does provide a hindrance from time to time it didn't yesterday, and maybe this just the way that conservatives have to play. It may be the way the conservatives have to play with. President Trump is the understand how the man takes press, trump is driven by praise and criticism and you praise him when he does the right thing, then maybe he'll do more of the right things if that case in a little bit praise in the end of the world. Okay, so I promise that I had evidence Chuck Schumer is a is adult. This came in full fledged form yesterday, so Jim was going a ripping the tax plan. Of course, you send a minority leader from New York N. Try to Att into you. Att is his example of a company that certainly would not hire more people past profits down to the lower Evelyn employee att. He said I just socked away its corporate
profits. In years past they had not expanded, they've, not benefited. Employees here is Chuck Schumer ripping into eighteen t. Well, if you believe trickle down economics he's right, the trouble is that no one in America, not the american pub know what not. The economists believe that trickle down works operations are flush with cash right now. The stock markets, booming creation isn't look at all companies that have already said they're going to use their tax break for stock buybacks for dividends that don't affect average Americans, and I love the example of a t. Over the ten years, Att has paid an average tax rate of eight percent a year they have. Eighty I was in fewer employees today than they had then tax breaks don't lead to job creation. They leave the big ceo salaries and more
and for the very, very wealthy, but he's a literally as Chuck Schumer was saying this like in the moment. Chuck Schumer was saying this eighty and he was making an announcement. It's literally this I'm like going a split screen. Att announced they announced once President Trump sign the bill into law. They would quote, invest in additional one billion dollars in the United States in twenty eighteen and passed by a one thousand dollars bonus, two more two hundred thousand at and T Us employees, that's a lot of money and all of it was given out as Christmas bonuses. So you have love the irony of checks. Get at and T evil company socking away corporate profits, Knoll will ever see a dollar I took the ceos at meanwhile see eighteen he's going yeah, everybody gets a thousand bucks. Everybody just amazing, just amazing, also worth noting just to debunk. This idiotic talk the reason that Att did not increase employment and paid eight percent tax rate is, as they were, experiencing a major growth curve.
The reason you can pay a lower tax rate as a corporation when the Corp tax rate in the United States prior to this bill was thirty. Five percent highest in the industrialized world is is a TNT was not running a massive profit. Eight. He was having some problems. That's why they had a bunch of tax write off from years past. You don't complain about people paying low taxes when the they're paying low taxes because they were not grow at the rate they wanted to grow. We check has the polarity exactly backwards here. They don't pay eight percent tax rate so that they can either ceos lots of money to pay the eight percent tax rate, specifically does the work earning as much as they wanted to earn they're, making more money they would have been subject to a higher tax rate. Doesn't mean people don't game the system. Of course they gain the system. Now tax write offs in this country? It's extraordinarily high. But that doesn't mean that in was somehow screwing its employees for years by the way, she's at and t that's doing
a lot of businesses doing something that I think is quite smart, announcing and make clear their employees. The good tax policy is good for their business. A good tax policy helps the bottom line for their employees. This something ever business owners to for a long time make clear to your employees that now policies have an effect on their business, I'm a in which they work, because otherwise of this massive disconnect between employees and employers or employer, don't sound off about politics and employees. Think well play must be doing fine, he's not saying anything, so maybe Higher tax rate on my employer won't do anything. Maybe he's just talking all that money away for the second swimming pool. I think it's actually really important that corporate owners go out and say listen. This bill is bad for me as with Obama, care or listen. This bill is good for me, now. Here's what I object to, what I would object to is a bunch of business is coming in doing this for essentially being bribed by the government, so
not in favor of, for example, the carrier deal during the transition period present. Trump announced that he was going to push some sort of tax incentive in the state of Indiana. Vice President Pence was at the time, still governor of Indiana it because you're not been inaugurated yet, and so he and Trump work together to give some giveaways to care and carrier. Thank them and Trump said I just saved a bunch of jobs at carrier, and I thought this is not good right. This is This is crony capitalism. This is corporatism. I don't believe in the term. In capitalism, because crony capitalism is not in Capitalism is corporatism. I said I don't like that. It's a special giveaway, it's kind of a boondoggle on behalf of one company, but when you have a policy that effects a broad swath of Americans, it is perfectly fair for people to say this policy is good for me, or this policy is not good for me, and in this case a lot of companies are coming out and saying it's good for them. It's not just a TNT Boeing announced in me. Commitment to investing three hundred million dollars in corporate, giving more forced development and investment in workplace,
the future facilities and infrastructure enhancement. My fifth Third Bancorp Bank headquarter in Ohio once they raised the minimum wage for their employees to fifteen dollars. On the tax reform bill, so already positive fallout from the tax reform bill and I'll display But in this thing, when we were And Ben Shapiro in for Glenn Beck Glenn Beck. You're listening to the Glenn Beck program and Shapiro here in Portland back here on the program we have a wonderful morning, it is a good morning thanks to the tax reform package that will put a little bit more money back in your pocket. It begins in January, and it does mean that the app american families, going to take home about two thousand dollars, which is you know great. That's that's a terrific thing if you're up the higher end of the income spectre
then you'll take home a little bit more money California, California, out here in California. That means that I now have to pay those state and local tax deductions, basically Disip for me, so I may pay actually an additional tax if you're high income earner in the state of california- but I am Perfect- going to do that if it means that everybody else gets a tax cut, because I think that's better policy and a lot of rations are coming out and Demi, getting to the world that when you free them up to spend their money. It's not that they're all tourists is not there just around waiting to spend the money in ways that benefit other humans is that they understand that in order to be competitive in a competitive market. Put a little more money in their pocket, allows them to make their workers happier more productive, invest in better services, invest in better products. That's the idea here! That's the reason. My fifth Third Bancorp is a bank.
And quartered in Ohio, and they announced that they would raise the minimum hourly wage for all employees to fifteen bucks following the tax reform bill and we but one time bonus of one thousand dollars to more than thirteen thousand five hundred of their employees. I do love that they're raising the minimum wage to fifteen dollars. 'cause you've heard this from the left for awhile I said you a show in Seattle and when I was in, Seattle, there was a big push by a socialist councilwoman named Shamus want she was the originate are of the fight or one thousand five hundred and fifteen dollar minimum wage, and they should pulled the fifth teen dollar minimum wage statistic directly from a colon I mean it was. It was not as though I not sure this directly, I said, is fifteen dollars minimum wage tethered to anything. Is there a reason for fifty dollars as opposed to say one thousand dollars in your socialist. So why not go all the way? and didn't really have an answer and the truth? always been that when you push minimum wage regulations, what you end up doing is decreasing employment. You're, forcing employers to air people at a wage. They wouldn't normally pay. But when employers are growing, it's not
no problem getting them to pay more than fifteen dollars. It's why virtually everyone in the United States is being paid more than minimum wage right current federal minimum wage not close to fifteen dollars very small, Center of Americans actually make minimum wage really a tiny number of Americans and that's because the market, DR salaries up, could just hire you as slave labor, presumably they would do so. They can't in a competitive, free and open market wells. Fargo also has a now it will increase their minimum hourly pay rate to fifteen dollars and they will aim for One hundred million dollars in philanthropic donations next year, thanks to the newly past GOP tax bill, It's good that businesses are making clear to everybody that a good tax bill helps them, because the problem is. This government makes a habit of telling people how they help people element, programs, people who are in favor of government programs. They spend an awful lot of time saying. Well, you know, Medicaid helps you welfare, helps you
food stamps help you and here's the evidence. The evidence is you have an ebt card now in your wallet. The evidence is the. A little bit more in the check you get from the welfare office this month. The government is very good at making clear to people upon whom those people rely. Government. When it comes to corporations that they really don't they don't do the job of this, they don't make clear to people that you are at reliance on capitalism, you're actually reliance on people going out and bill Businesses in earning- I guess what your reliance on if people knew that it might be a little more warm toward policies that help businesses, whether big or small, I've never understood. Frankly, the distinction in big business and small business outside of the realm of lobbying your business is business big business is very successful. A small business is somewhat successful, but in the end, business is comprised of investors and people who are working and. The size, the business. I've never understood this idea. That big just means bad bad means bad right. We have it
for about it's called bad. You don't need another word. That means that this big big think not a Being bad Comcast is also announced, they're going to thousand dollars. Bonus is silver one one thousand eligible frontline and nonexecutive employees and invest fifty billion over five years in infrastructure, based on the passage of the tax reform, FED x is announced that they were going to ramp up hiring right. The Washington Post reports executives at the package delivery company, say the passage of the bill which promises massive cuts to the corporate tax rate. What prompt the company to increase spending on new hiring, as well as new equipment and technology. The company also checks. The changes amount to a one point: three billion dollar increase in annual profits, according to calculations by Bloomberg. Frederick Smith is chairman of that act. He said what this legislation offers pro growth pro business tax reform solutions will power the economy so, and these are not the only one. Cvs actually announced back in October that if the corporate tax rate dropped, it would create three thousand permanent new jobs.
Talk about what exactly is in the bill, because in a lot of in a broad talk about what's in the bill, I only get a little bit more specific about what is in the bill an why it's a win. Why should we care that the corporate tax rates went down? Yes, the individual tax rates went down, but the heart of this bill is the corporate tax rates. Dropping that's really. What lies at the heart of it- and so here is here- is in the bill. First of all, virtually but tax cut, the average household received a tax cut about one thousand six hundred dollars one hundred ten dollars in two thousand eighteen average house, old earning one million or more sees a tax decrease of approximately seventy grand eight Seventy bucks for households making between fifty thousand and seventy five thousand now before you get jealous and before you say, that's terrible understand that tax. Quintile in the United States pays all net taxes in the United States. That's all taxes paid to the federal government minus all of the benefits that receive from the federal The individual tax increases do sunset in twenty twenty five, but that's because they were playing some magic tricks with that with the statistics.
The idea here was that you somehow have to game of the Cbo the Congressional Budget Office into stating that this bill will be done. Is it neutral the bill of 'em that will not be deficit neutral? This is the drawback of the bill. That's my defis boxer, not happy with it. The drawback is that we're going be spending a lot of money and not paying for that spending, but that seems to me a problem of the government spending that is the problem of the government, giving you back more of your own money tax increases are supposed to decreases, are supposed to two thousand twenty twenty five go away in twenty twenty five. In reality, they will likely continue. The big part of this bill is that corporate tax rate decrease hey before the bill. U Dot had the highest. Our tax rate in the industrialized world is thirty: five percent, the average european corporate tax rate and left all is to follow Europe or the Europeans. Their governance is so great. First of all, they should look at Europe's restrictions on abortion. Europe has significant restrictions on abortion, particularly eastern. You
but in any case the average european tax rate. Corporate tax rate is eighteen percent. Before this bill, the corporate tax rate in the United States was thirty five percent. We cut it's twenty one percent. Why is that good? Because every time countries massively cut their corporate x rated. You see a rather market increase in GDP samples, Ireland, Ireland, in nineteen. Ninety five had a forty and corporate tax rate right even higher than ours in that year they cut the corporate tax rate from forty percent to twelve point five percent, since the they twenty three percent GDP growth, that's as compared with, seven point two percent GDP growth from nineteen sixty to one. Ninety five major boost there is a big increase in the child tax credit, so child tax credit goes up to two thousand bucks per child. I got a sort of split on the child tax credit as a guy with two kids, I'm excited that Lee. I would receive money back if I were not sort of band by income, but in any case.
There a lot of people have kids who need extra money. It will certainly come in handy On the other hand, I'm not a big fan of government picking and choosing which people to benefit with with tax cuts and tax credit. Itemization has basic, we've made a thing of the past for a lot of folks, because the standard deduction was doubled. That means that, if you are station is less than the standard deduction, you just take the standard deduction. Instead of the items ation, you can fill out your taxes on the back of a postcard, which is a major tax reform. It's a very good thank. Perhaps the second biggest move after the reduction in the corporate tax rate is not the individual tax rate reduction. It is the it's the death, the individual mandate. Now the death of the end. Your mandate is an interesting thing. It's interesting because President Trump declared yesterday that- Now that the individual mandate is gone, Obamacare has been repealed. And here is Trump saying that yesterday said, Obama CARE has now been repealed because the individual mandate is gone. Do you have that clip these an n
cerebral palsy? I does example OC in his dentures moving around view clips later was saying that Obama Kerr is to has been repealed. The individual mandate is being repealed when the individual mandate is being repealed. That means Obamacare is being revealed because they get their money from and individual so visual mandating. Stop right there. That's not President Trump is saying there is not true individual is it being repealed is a very good thing. It means you are not going to be forced to buy health insurance. If you don't want to buy health insurance, however, it is now repeal Obama CARE and in Amanda, it just means that you won't be forced to purchase health insurance now. The reason that the the Republican stuck this in the bill is because again this was little bit of of deficit game playing, individual mandate, getting rid of the individual mandate lowers the deficit because a lot of people, no that can be fined by the government go and sign up for Medicaid fewer people are
sign up for Medicaid, and that means that the deficit goes down on the federal level. But the individual mandate disappearing doesn't disappear. Obamacare insurance companies are still required to cover pre existing conditions all the regulations on pricing still exist for the insurance companies, when in fact it the cost on the insurance companies just went up. Does the individual mandate forced young healthy, but like me to subsidize older sicker people by paying into the insurance programs so the individual mandate going does not mean Obamacare is dead, so that is not true. A president Trump is saying, as a bad indicator? If he thinks that's all we're doing on Obama care, it's going be a serious problem. It is because you're going to see prices jump in the individual insurance market and Republicans will pay a price for that unless they do what they're talking about doing, which is back, fill that hole by directly federally funding people who are sick and needy, in the states in the individual market, which basically means entitlement programs. You got rid of the individual mandate, but you're
shooting a new entitlement program that is not getting rid of Obamacare getting rid of Obama. Care means you actually have to get rid of the regulations. It's disappear sing. The president Trump is not stumping. For that now, as we continue here on the Glenn Beck Show but in a bit of a Glenn Beck program, I got in a bit of a fight with with Rosie o on twitter yesterday, the fight I mean that it was really in and I will tell you all about my fi with Rosie O'Donnell as we continue. Thank you for going back, Glenn Beck, Glenn, Beck Ben Shapiro here for Glenn Beck here, world famous Glenn Beck program all right, so this was
rather hysterical yesterday. So the left lost it's mind over tax bill and, as I've mentioned, there's a lot to like about the tax bill. There's a lot there. That's good there's some things in there they're not good there, few deductions that went away and her specific groups of people there are deductions that huh people, particularly in high tax blue states. That would be the biggest one there's a decree in the mortgage interest deduction which hurts people in there is that have high real estate prices, which coincidentally also happens to be play like California and New York and Massachusetts, but some people just lost their minds. What was left of those rose Donald is a highly unpleasant person. She just a very unpleasant human being. I think one of the reasons that President Trump is president is because he was one of the first to recognize that Rosie O'Donnell is deeply unpleasant human, so Rosie O'Donnell tweet it out. She wanted to bribe a bunch of senators and as the thing was being passed, she tweeted out how about this I promise to give two million dollars to Senator Susan Collins and two
into Senator Jeff Flake if they vote no, no. Will not kill Americans for the Super rich dm me, Susan, Dme, Jeff, no bleep, two million cash. Each well That was a problem because that's actually a violation of the law, all right that that's a federal felony under eighteen code, section two hundred and one b in which a base says that if you try to bribe a Congress person for a vote, then you have to pay up to three times the amount of the bribe to the federal government should be twelve million dollars in this case or spend fifteen years in prison or both now would Rosie ever be convicted. Is probably not 'cause. You say a lot of things on Twitter and she just say I was joking. I wasn't really serious, except that she kept saying over and over on twitter. She was serious, so I joke deleted out yesterday that President Trump told that attorney general sessions to initiate execution of ivory yeah. I don't know if he told him to begin an investigation into Rosie. O'donnell, then immediate They would begin the carving of President Trump's face on Rushmore
get out of them like that she got mad, and so she tweeted back at me, suck my bleep bed. Which is weird for a variety of reasons, and it's it's really odd, and so I treated you already a felon Rosie don't be a homophone sexual harasser as well. Hashtag me too. So, yes, I was sexually harassed on twitter by Rosie O'Donnell, which is just a horrifying proposition, and I feel deep down in the cockles of my tiny heart that I've been to on the basis of my sex by Rosie O'Donnell, and I don't like her homophobic leg that she's using there either all not sure why she so transphobic to suggest that she has set of male genitalia when clearly she does not. But he supposedly she does not. I mean I don't know. Maybe she does and she's just been hiding it from everybody. For years I don't know she's the one who's saying to do this. I'm not But this is the level of and silly that we have reached from some folks,
Rosie O'Donnell, passing me on twitter yeah this year has been kinda weird kinda, weird now, speaking of Weird Nancy Polo see drop that I thought was the weirdest reference in modern memory. I mean I want discuss that in a little while actually first play Bernie Sanders down revenge, so Bernie Sanders speaking from the marxist grave and and as a member of the socialist undead, he says that he will have revenge. There will be revenge as well as pudding cups. I would like pudding cups in many flavors and shapes and varieties, and also revenge, but the failures of this government Bernie Sander speaking, go he. It is based on the fraudulent theory of trickle and economics, and that is to give huge tax breaks to large corporations and the wealthy. Somehow the middle class and working families benefit problem is
theory has never worked. It didn't work on the Reagan. It didn't work on the George W Bush. They didn't work recently in the state of Kansas Kansas. This is a payback for wealthy campaign contributors and I think the Republicans will rue the day they may be celebrating today. Glenn Beck, love, courage, true Glenn, back Ben hero here in for Glenn Beck on the Glenn Beck program, always an honor to sit in for the great man himself, so one of the things that's been really hilarious is watching his Democrats try to come up with a victim on the tax reform bill. I mean really like laugh out loud funny, they've been looking around the United States trying to find someone, who's been hurt and we were told beforehand, as I said earlier, that everyone is going to die, every single person in the United States will die because of tax reform. People will die
Erica millions of Americans will just it'll be it'll, be like the book of revelation, no Mitch Mcconnell riding on a pale horse and everyone will speed. Every Applebee's app to Heaven or hell, that's how this is going to go. Instead, it turns out that noble been damaged, allowed people getting a little more money in their paycheck and that's great, so demo I have been searching and what they came within their search is something curious. Nancy Poulos E has found the first victim of the Trump tax reform bill. The first victim it turns out is a fictional british character first released in London in eighteen, forty three by Charles Dickens. Of course, we tiny TIM, here's, Nancy Pelosi, dentures and moving former speak and the House current minority leader in the house. Here's what he had to say about the republican tax bill and whom it would hurt. Simon has a rare disease and and cereal palsy. His mother spoke
how their family watch is the Muppet version of a Christmas Carol and how Simon sees himself in tiny, TIM, another kind boy with braces on his legs. Unfortunately, this story, as of today, does not have the same kind of happy n as a Christmas Carol, but the story is not over and like tiny M Simon, his family now find their future in danger because of the greed of those with power. Now the bill, going to kill tiny TIM, so she came up with somebody who's, like tiny TIM, not sure why he's like tiny TIM Mean tiny TIM was in danger of being sent to the work house and pretty sure Simon is not in that serious attained being sent to the work house. She's, not only person who is invoking tiny, TIM, Jackie Spier, Democrat from California. She is that this is the most shameful history day in the history of Congress, really in the history of Congress, because she
fugitives. Do you even fugitive slave act? Bro? Do you even do you even? japanese internment camp Bro, I mean Is there a lot of bad laws in congressional history like a lot of real? He really bad laws in the history of Congress, but Jackie Spier, as this was the most shameful day in the history of Congress, and then she too invokes beat tiny TIM is going to die like a tiny TIM, he might died. From the overload of metaphor from the Democrats, they piled so much metaphor on top of them. That is frail body couldn't handle it anymore in tiny TIM killed over, but Jackie Spier trotting out the corpse of tiny TIM anyway. You know this is the ultimate bad Christmas tell story. This may be the most shameful day and the history of conference today in the house we're going to shake down hard working Americans
for a one point, three or two point three, depending on how you counted trillion dollar tax cut and, at the same time, we're going to put nine million kids in this country Everest. And these nine million kids aren't eligible for Medicaid The families can't Ford the afford Iraq because they have to pay a certain amount and the subsidized amount doesn't cover the cost, so they are truly out in the cold and then she said, tiny TIM's crotch is being taken away and tiny TIM's crush going to fall over port tiny TIM just going to kill over there in the street in fictional London. In eighteen, forty three and just a quick note on any time Democrat. If Nancy Democrats had their way. Remember tiny TIM was the son of the crash. It's in the story: if Nancy Pelow see and
and had their weight, I need him. Never would've been born and presumably aborted, so that the crash crackheads move to Paris and indulged in a little body painting. Also worth noting in the actual store a Christmas Carol, the government not come in and take Scrooge's money and give it to tiny TIM. The whole story is how religious observance and it here it's and believe in God, and the value of Christ. These are the things that drove Scrooge to give money to the cratchit and that that it was it was Scrooge is a private citizen which I then, but again this is sort of like when Barack Obama was talking about. Trayvon Martin was his fictional son. If you have to resort to fiction, characters in order to make up victims for your narrative, you're, not doing a good job politically, just not doing real smart job politically. Meanwhile, the press, and in doing their best to tear down this tax reform.
As well? There are a couple instances on cable news yesterday that were truly insane Katy TUR over at MSNBC, actually questioned Dave Brat, I think, is a brat from Virginia. At one point, she asked him how much money he made the suggestion, of course, being the only reason the Dave BR would support. A tax cut is because Dave Brat was make a lot of money and Brad immediately said Katie. How much money do you make, because Katy must a lot more money than Dave, Brad Dave, brat makes hundred and fifty Grand a year Katy TUR has got to be making for five hundred thousand dollars a year minimum? But then ocean from the media has been throughout this design sort of giant boondoggle give to the region. Only rich people support tax cuts. This I find deeply insulting. I supported tax cuts. When I was not rich, I support tax cuts. Now that make a lot of money I supported cuts throughout my entire career. I supported tax cuts when I was making no money, and I was in law school and I was racking up that and the support for a particular economic program very little to do with where you are on the on a scale and has a lot
to do with. Do you think this is going to be affective? Do you think it's good policy? Do you think that it re enshrines rights or that and invades right, but for the left, the only You could possibly be in favor of tax cut is because you're selfish and greedy, no, it's a Is that the same left then say it's not selfish or greedy for you to oppose attack Scott in one. Redistribution is program if you're poor, if you're poor, I somebody else's money, your low income, and you think that the government should take someone's money and give it to you. That's not greedy, that's altruism, you're rich person, who wants to keep more of your own money, then that is just sheer greed. It's just sheer absolutely. And this is one of the reasons why the american people have this very bizarre view of the tax bill. So there's been a couple of holes out and show the tax bill is not wildly popular. Yet, that number seems to be moving a little bit as well. It should fifty percent of Americans in a recent poll said that they thought their taxes were going to increase under this bill. Fifty percent- and that is factually untrue. It is factually untrue. It is just not correct.
Eighty percent of Americans will see a tax decrease. Only five percent of Americans will see any form of tax increase under this bill, but As- The media have been pumping out headline after headline trying to make it sound, so this bill is specifically directed at helping the rich and a damaging the poor. If you go over to CNN and you look at our headlines, then you it is obvious which side they are taking. I mean this right, so I discussed earlier the fact that a bunch of companies have come out and said they're going to spend new dollars. They're going to give bonuses, listen to CNN's headline right, quote: tax cut prosper. This is a bonuses sub headline thanks and Boeing among those pledging to spend more on workers, but there is debate whether other as well, but there's the it over other other other like what. Can you imagine that headline about me too? accuse men of sexual harassment, prominent women accused prominent men of sexual harassment and abuse, but there's about whether others will, why
are others. What was that part of the story? Why is part of the headline Oj Sims allegedly murders ex wife, but there is doubt, others have murdered their ex wives it? What what? What in is that the only silly headline I the AARP doesn't like the tax bill is what it says you already eight of like tax, because the democratic lobbying program, eighty eight, our- is a giant democratic donor base. I with so much in the media are so over the top with this stuff. It's absolutely, then. If you go over to Nbcnews dot com, you get well, I'm looking this up in real time. So I'm it's not like. Have pre screen these headlines yeah. I can seriously just pick any of these sites and find, and find a bunch of headlines that are that are not even true a bunch of headlines about the tax that are not actually reality right. If look at the the NBC News Right, the problem
did this actual headline. The problems of the GOP tax plan began as a nineteen. Seventy four bar napkin doodle. It is what it is that the opinion he's got the laffer curve. Presumably they have a headline says with chip funds running out. There are no good options. Officials as well, I have the option of funding it, which is what Congress is about to do. I guess that happen, right now, but it's just a it's incredible, so the media have been while Lee Untruthful over this particular bill. Very very untruthful over this particular bill. Trump is right when you here's the thing: when trumpets the media, I've always thought it's a good idea to hit the media when they. Why my proud, with President Trump typically on the media, has been that he says that the media fake news when they're not actually reporting. Thank me not meeting the media say is fake news a lot of what they he is trueness, but he's not wrong when he says their coverage of this bill is fake news here. President
yesterday saying the media are obviously working to make the unpopular, talking about the media working to make a bill on popular. You can stay if you because you need the prayer more than I do. I think you may be the only ones maybe a good, solid prayer and they'll be honest, so yeah the. I think that he's he's writing says that that the press needs our prayers, then he'd at this point, but you can see the media's higher to Jim Acosta, one of the worst reporters over at CNN. You can hear the higher dripping. Is when he says this is the happiest Republicans have been all year. I just listen to his voice. He's with us or senior White House five, and what what was it like to be? You were you were there in the mix Look at all these different speeches. What was that? What was your impression? Well, I think this is the because Republican Party is been visibly all year long. I mean we saw that here on the south lawn of the White House. You saw every major
okay leader come up and take the microphone and praise this president you're, the House speaker, Paul Ryan of call the exquisite leadership of didn't trump, you, so you just how they, how dare they? This kind of coverage has been blanket on the networks no shock there. But you know what I think is american see more money in their pocket, hopefully, and as as corporations, come out and say that the bills helping them and if President Trump can stay off twitter and not get in a fight with Lavar Ball, then good things can happen here and as we continue here, I want to talk about whether it others. What what whether in the end, President Trump popularity ratings matter really because, right now we have this real disconnect good policy, bad poll numbers. How do we? How do change? That was because that, in just a minute, I'm Ben Shapiro in for Glenn Beck, Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck. So this has been a very good month for President Trump in terms of policy. These guys that's a form plan complete with the repeal of Obamacare individual mandate. He announced earlier this month in what I thought was a brave got move if you to be there to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. We'll talk a little bit more about that in a few minutes, because Trump is making some statements that I he made some even I who did not vote at the top of the ticket I of what he's doing on Jerusalem. I just I love it, but he is appointed twelves, a court judges so far, which is more than any other president. Ever in the first year of administration, he continues to do well. Isis seems to be in itself resin very good month for for President Trump and yet there's a big disconnect between the policies that is pushing in the popularity they're up and his reading. Some right now, according to Realclearpolitics, clear politics, approval rating is thirty, eight percent Congress job approval rating is fourteen percent Democrats having.
Seven point advantage on the generic congressional ballot, the latest from CNN. Has them with an eighteen point advantage that is wiped territory for the Republicans and your Eric Russia ballot and when I say wipe out, I don't just mean they lose their house, I mean they lose the Senate if those numbers hold so we or is this disconnect coming from is coming from policy, because the policy hasn't really changed, particularly much from normal republican conservative policy. Now what the left would like to do is a tribute. The unpopularity to Trump's the policy, but the what's going on here really going on is that Trump himself is personally unpopular, unlike Barako, for his policies were unpopular, but he was popular, we got there versus Trump's policies are relatively popular, but he himself is unpopular now there. Folks on our side of the aisle on my side of the other conservative side of the aisle who believe that which basically ignore what Trump says and just focus on what he does and we have uh wait. How he's doing we should just ignore the stuff that comes out of his face, or that comes down a sweater feet, and instead we should
It is exclusively on the actions that he takes and those actions largely been very good, and I would not argue with with the value of the actions What I would argue, however, is that politics is about a little bit more than the stuff that you do, particularly the presidency when we think about presidents in the past presidents, great presidents of the past, how much of that greatness is wrapped up in their rhetoric and not just president's political figures. The reason Winston Churchill is cancer. Such a heroic political figure is not just because of his policies. Name, his economic policy, quick in anybody. The real reason that Winston Churchill is considered a heroic figure is because of his unique capacity for rhetorical mode. Vacation in the midst of war right there. So that's really why Winston Churchill is Walmart. The same Ronald Reagan love Reagan's tax cuts, but those are some universal on the left. It is the Reagan's feel of optimism, his belief that what was a shining city on a hill
standing that America had to win the cold war led to the collapse, the Soviet Union, my bill, one is going to be remembered for only a couple of things very having to do with policy. One time is going to be the era of feelings, the I feel your pain Bill Clinton and the other going to be all the rhetoric and hubbub surrounding peach mint in his sexual proclivities, Joe Hw Bush only going to be remembered for a couple of things by history, the war in Iraq and response to nine hundred and eleven and those are connected. That's that's really all he's going to be remembered for in history, because mystery. You get boiled down to your essence and in voting the truth is you sorta get boiled down to your essence. Two people don't look at policy as much as they look at the character of the person that they are voting for and right now, people don't like Trump, even if they like his policies, and that does make a difference it's, We deeply important for conservatives even now more important than it was before Trump was implementing conservative policies that Trump bring up his approval but he contained himself that he not get involved in foolish fights on twitter that he not get.
Drag down into the motor drag himself down in the mud, to fight with Colin Capper Nick about kneeling in the NFL at the Is it into the United States? Not start some sort of silly twitter firefight The reason things have been good for the last couple of weeks is 'cause Trump has not been active on twitter he's not created distract the media conglom on to to have the character. And instead of the policy discussion. If Trump went on vacation, the next two weeks, this is what you should. Do you just go on vacation Mister President, you've earned vacation at the end of the year. Go tomorrow, Lago Golf a lot stay off. Have yourself a Shabbos right as it is a orthodox. You have yourself a shabbos and turn off the phone turn off the tv don't watch the morning shows let your bring you the Good NEWS. If there's anything really bad, I promise you there. People watching, I know a lot folks in the White House in there. On top of it- and they know when something bad is happening, they will bring it to your attention, but the way for Trump to actually win now
just went in terms of policy, but when is for him to make himself more popular that does matter those poles do matter, because if Trump loses the Congress in twenty eighteen, if he loses the in the Senate. The Democrats will to impeach him in the house. His popularity will will drop because you won't be able to get anything done and then, in the couple of years after that, if there's anything bad that happens politically, it's going to and the price for that and Republicans will pay the price for that too. And then a lot of the gay is that Trump is made, as president will be reversed. Remember the only major legislative gain really is tax reform there, only a couple of personal things, that Trump is done and they're great right, justice Gorsuch, the appellate court judges tax reform right those are relatively irrevocable, but all executive actions he's taking virtual all of those are are changeable at a moments notice by a democratic president. So if you like what Trump is doing in to preserve those accomplishments, it's time to urge President Trump to really cosyn on how we can make himself more popular. You know I I've
given more by President Trump on policy than I was led to expect you would provide in the LA election cycle. He pain is a sort of independent, non conservative guy he's governed very much TED Cruz or Marco Rubio. Would he really has when it comes to his rhetoric? It's not been quite as grand, and that does matter. So, let's make sure that we don't throw the baby the bathwater here in just suggest that, because everything has been doing much better in terms of policy that heals all the wall, heals all the words that heals all the problems it doesn't. President of the United States needs to needs to on a public relations campaign on his own behalf, not even on behalf of his policies on his own behalf. He needs to the american people that he cares about them, he needs to talk in pie. Positive terms about unifying the country and he needs to avoid the big blunders. If he can do that Then he's ending the year on and on an up note no question We continue here on the Glenn Beck program. I want to talk about russian collusion,
as we've been hearing for a year now that it's collusion, this inclusion that right it's Trump colluding with Russia. I have a couple of stories throw some severe doubt. On this narrative and one part killer story, it says that Trump may not in the president, who is colluding with the Russians, be right. Back Ben Shapiro, Glenn Beck program in Glenn Beck. This is the Glenn Beck program, Now the Un General Assembly that curvy battalion of galactic rogues, it's the most Eisley of of global politics
they're, getting together the Un General Assembly today to vote on a resolution condemning the United States for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital and in I left is going toward. Doesn't this show that the world is angry WU, so angry? Oh everyone's, going to die, oh well, bonfire Arabs, free drop yeah since Trump announced a couple of weeks ago that the United States would move its embassy to Jerusalem, the and, as far as I'm aware, there's been one death. One okay was a rioter palestinian writer attacking Israeli. So if you haven't seen by the way the amount of Gar it's that israeli soldiers take it's just insane. There is a video that was going around couple of days ago, palestinian children put up to this by their loving parents and picking up to israeli soldiers and slapping them face, and the israeli soldiers just standing there and taking it because they have Holden trained not to respond to this sort of thing, because what Al Simmons want is the headline that the Israelis are abusing children. That's that's what they're looking for and they're will
sacrificed, their own children to that effect, the Palestinian Authority, which is a terrorist government and has been working with uh, the terrorist organizations like Hamas and Islamic Jihad. This is I they have been pushing this line, that the end of the world is not now. Here's the funny thing about the Jerusalem announcement, the end of the world. I lopunnite thing is really happened. They really nothing. One of the for that is because all of the countries that used to be deeply allied with the Palestinian Authority, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi arabia- I don't care the reason they don't care is because there is an existential threat at their doorstep in the form of RON that existential that was created by the Obama administration, which we'll talk about in a little while, but all those countries have decided, but they need is Ralph Lauren ally in this fight against IRAN, they're all going to pose a unified front, and so they we told the Palestinians sit down and shut up and in Trump, is done. The right thing by saying to this newfangled alliance, guys in order for this
and to have any sort of legs. You have to acknowledge a basic reality: Jerusalem is jewish territory and, by the way, historically, morally, legally Jerusalem is due territory. The only reason anyone on earth cares about Jerusalem is because the Jews cared about it. First. The only reason Chris care about Jerusalem is because Jesus was a Jew. The only reason Muslims care about Jerusalem is beak. Jerusalem was the holy spot. It was the holy site for Jews in Chris before Islam existed. Jerusalem was the dream of the jewish people for one thousand hundred years minimum before the Temple stood a thousand five years before Islam ever came into the brain of Muhammad. So this this It notion that it's not to Ashara Tori, it's just a historical, it's insipid when Muslims have controlled areas of Jerusalem. Those areas have basically I'm off limits to Jews, Islamic Whop controls the Temple Mount
the holiest site in Judaism. Contrary to popular opinion, the western wall is not the holiest site in Judaism. The Temple Mount is the holiest site in Judaism, because it was the amount on which the Temple stood. The Islamic walked controls the Temple Mount thanks to israeli stupidity and they've bar who's from going up there. If you go up there as a jew- and you start mouthing words from psalms, if you start mouthing David's words, King David David's words on the Temple Mount, you will be arrested. The israeli government will arrest you. I know people to whom this has happened is anyway. The Un General Assembly is very mad that President Trump wrecking as his reality on the ground that Israel is not giving up Jerusalem, nor should it so the Un General Assembly has declared that they are going to pass a resolution. Oh, you bet Cha Asstr only what letter in the media buying into this whole, I think a showdown is expected on the floor of the U, on Thursday, according to Foxnews dot com, as countries prepare to vote and resolution condemning President Trump's decision to wreck is Jerusalem. Israel's capital Trump's dist,
in which an ounce this month, during a speech ordering the state Department to begin moving the US embassy from TEL Aviv to Jerusalem, rankled men in the global community. Critics worry the president's word will inflamed tensions who turkish president receptor. Everyone at that islamist dictator, said on Thursday. He hopes the US will be taught a lesson during a UN vote on the issue and accused trump of seeking countries whose decisions can be bought with dollars. He said, Mr Trump, you can. Turkey's democratic will with your dollars. Everyones want to talk about the dental. Well, he's literally arrested. Hundreds of thousands of people are drawn is a dictator. He used to be in israeli ally, they'd, significant military cooperation between Turkey in Israel, particularly against IRAN, that is died because islamist turtle on basically turned the place into an islamist dictatorship and purge the military, but he's talk about democratic, well, Hunnish Rally, the palestinian spokeswoman. No, she came out, she said United States is engaging in. They are engaging in blackmail right. There were engaging in mail because we
and that we're not gonna give foreign aid to countries that oppose us on this one and the President Trump said that you gotta love the stones on this guy when he says stuff like this, I mean really. This is this. This takes a pair president Trump saying. Listen. If they pose, is the one good will just cut their funding they take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars, and then they vote against us. What we're watching those votes? Let him vote against us will save a lot. We don't care. Love, love, love, love, love! Thank you, mister! This is what american leadership looks like. We are right on this, and the world is wrong. The world is wrong on this matter in the world is wrong because there's a lot of anti Semitism that still exist in Europe by the Holocaust Europe. If somehow, you can shift the on to the Israelis and suggest that the Jews are the new Nazis, that sort of alleviates past history, the of course hates Israel for religious reasons, your prime
turn into Yahoo. He says Jerusalem as Israel's capital, regardless of the outcome of Thursday's vote, because it is Ians wanted a general assembly vote because the US a veto resolution supported by fourteen other Un Security Council members that would have required from to rescind his declaration, what what do they have to say about where we put our embassy screw them? Who cares there is she is being cosponsored by Turkey, which is Chair Organization of Islamic cooperation? Okay, so let me talk now About the one and why the? U N is a moral hell hole if you and has done nothing about Syria, nothing, zero, this is the ones on about the slaughter of five hundred thousand Muslims in Syria. The owner is, nothing about the rohingya in Malaysia. Nothing, you understand now. About Sudan, which has been a cesspool of human islands in corruption for decades the? U is a toothless feckless, morally corrupt organization. You know why, cuz, when you granting equal vote to country tyrannical dictatorships, espouse an anti western values, you shouldn't be
rise when they felt that way MIKE trees, don't even allow their own citizens to vote be voting on how we conduct our Paula is beyond me. Supreme Court case called Kilo versus New London, in which the Supreme Court found that the federal government, state governments can remove land from one private actor and give it to another private after the name of them into me. As one of the worst decisions in Supreme Court history, I am willing to make an exception if the FED Government uses eminent domain to hand over the UN building to the Trump Corporation and president from bulldozes that place and build the trump tower on top of it. I am perfectly willing to do that in fact, I think we can do one better than that, and we should temp. The UN building completely pay for the cost of all this. By finally making all those diplomats pay their parking tickets and pay for their crimes, If you turn that Un Assembly Building, which in turned that GA into into a housing space for refuge,
is from those countries, so you can, is that are voting on whether Jerusalem should be Israel's capital. The only the country in that area. They're, voting on whether Jerusalem to be Israel's capital, whether to be handed over to the terrorist Palestinian Authority. They have the gall to do that, but this is no shock. Okay, this is no shock. The, U N has always been wildly anti Israel since Israel's inception. Let me give you some statistics. You About how many times the the UN has condemned evil countries, for goodness sake, they've, trees, like yum, in that it their Human Rights Council. A couple years ago, Sudan on Human Rights Council, just ridiculous. Let me explain how this basically just become an anti american Anti Israel tool. That's all! That's all the UN is at this point that doesn't do anything new beyond useless, counterproductive organization is just gross here, some stats from June two thousand and six through June, two thousand and sixteen the Uhm The Un Human Rights Council adopted on
and thirty five resolutions criticizing countries now is the Un Human Rights Council. You assume that they would focus in on. You know human rights abuses, let's say the process, fusion of gay people, the forcing of women into sackcloth, the beating of women for sexual activity and the the condemnation of Christians who converted from Islam, are you in the? U Human Rights Council might do something about that? No, not so much from its creation. In June, two thousand six through June two thousand and sixteen Un Human Rights Council adopted thirty five resolutions, sixty eight or against Israel. Only democracy in the Middle EAST. About your general assembly, the most eyes Lee, as I say, of of of the political world in two thousand Of the two thousand and fifteen, the Un Ga adopted the seven resolutions criticizing countries. Eighty
three of the ninety seven or against Israel. You think maybe Israel's just an easy target for an organization that is one hundred and ninety three member countries and fifty seven of them are members Organization of islamic cooperation. Fifty seven over quarter of all countries in the UN are muslim countries that hate Israel's guts and then got the european countries. Unesco. I did see the UN educational, scientific and cultural organization adopts ten resolutions a year. Okay they've criticize Israel they've, never zero. These were used by Hamas during the Gaza war. In order to provide lunch points for rockets against Jews. Did you end it? Did you not go adopt a single resolution against their facilities being used as terror site, of course, not, of course not about the World Health Organization.
For one week? Every year the one World Health assembly meets the formula. Global health policy may drop the resolutions to address global health issues. There's one exception. One annual resolution entitled health conditions in the occupied palestinian territory, including EAST Jerusalem, singling Israel for condemnation, no other country on planet earth is condemned by the World Health organization. So is the that's right to stand with Israel against the UN? Yes, my only my only qualm that we shouldn't be signing a single dollar of aid to the. U, we should cut that back ostracized organization off at the knees look for organization of countries that actually give a crap about human rights. The needs to go President Trump fulfills his word, I'm hoping that all the countries, except for the United States vote against Israel on this Un Ga resolution and that the United States then cuts off all their foreign aid, starting with the Palestinian Authority to whom we get four hundred million dollars. Much which is immediately designated and earmarked for terrorism.
As we continue here on the Glenn Beck program. Wanna talk one of the more insane pieces in recent history, from a woman who has no business ripping american foreign policy, Susan Rice. She says that Trump has undermined american foreign policy. Yes, Susan Rice take some every bit of intestinal fortitude to try that one will talk about a Ben Shapiro in for Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck, Glenn Beck Truly, there is nothing that I love better than hearing a woman responsible for the worst syrian policy on planet earth aluminum once before, lying repeatedly to the american people about it's in Benghazi, a woman responsible for a foreign policy that elevated ran at the expense of american allies, Jace
we're on about how President Trump is undermining american values in terms of his foreign policy, Susan Rices, back, yes, it is a May. Ben Rhodes, who is just an execrable human being Ben Rowland, the former National Security advisor, whose vast foreign policy x parties before joining the administration resided entirely in right, fiction stories from an apartment in Brooklyn, hey that guy was tweeting out about how the Republicans Their obituary should have a picture of them standing next to President Trump. His trump is so terrible. Well, there, their obituary should have a picture if Ben it has an obituary. You know you should live long when his jury is finally written. There should just be a picture of iranian missile on it, because the fact is that the uh hum administration, not only emboldened IRAN but made a row a regional power. It's using rice was part of that. Now she is a piece in the New York Times on their op ed page. Which is the centralizing point for
at least seventy two point, three percent of all human stupidity, Susan Rice, as this piece here, is what she writes. Ok, that is titled, I'm not joking. When America no longer is a global force for good. You know ignoring the whole part where the Obama administration back to Ronan Back the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and back to the Palestinian Authority against the Jews and did nothing about the slaughter in Sudan and did nothing about the slaughter of Christians across the Middle EAST. Yeah they're, the ones were going to lecture us about when american foreign policy is not a force for the Susan Rice says. President Trump's national dirty strategy marks a dramatic departure from the plans of his public and in democratic predecessors, painting a dark, almost dystopian portrait of an extraordinarily dangerous world, characterized by hostile states and lurking threats. That's not dystopian! That's reality, and there are a lot of hostile states and a lot of work and threats. She says there is scant mention of America, Zoner,
political, military, technological and economical strength or the opportunities to and prosperity freedom and security through principled leadership. I would just like to note at this point I think it's worthwhile, noting President Obama is the one who insisted that we cut literally trillions of dollars from the defense budget in or so that we wouldn't raise taxes. That was the sequestration deal. That was President Obamas deal trying out Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes. As the moral leaders, the Obama administration demonstrates how hollow everything was. And this may be the area in which Trump has been the strongest He Isis has basically been to it's. Territorial holdings are down to nothing. Ice is only grew because of the cowardice of the Obama administration. The only group because Obama decided to pull out of Iraq and Susan Rice was there for all of this stuff. She's lecturing the Trump administration she's lecturing Republicans concert on how foreign policy should be conducted absurd, also AL absurd in just a second, as it gets even more absurd than that really
Ben Shapiro in for Glenn Beck, Glenn Beck. Love courage, true Glenn Beck. Well, Nikki Haley doing serious damage over the Un General Assembly right now that wretched hive of scum and villainy Ben Shapiro in for Glenn back here on the Glenn Beck program. Right now, as we speak, Nikki Haley speaking to the Un General Assembly, which is considering whether to vote on resolution condemning the United States for moving it see to Jerusalem in Israel and condemning Israel for existing, of course- and she just said quote: the decision does nothing to harm peace efforts, rather the
since decision, reflects the will of the american people in our right as a nation to choose location of our embassy. There's no need to describe it further. Thank you, Nikki Haley. She is just she's awesome, she's, awesome and one of the best movies of the President make Nikki. Has you on ambassador? She has been stalwart to say the least. Now on foreign policy, what we've been hearing for a year and a half is that the Russia connection is eventually going to amount to collusion right that eventually we're going to find out that the Trump campaign colluded with Vladimir Putin came up with a strategy in EVA various plot to win Trump, the presidency- and we know that Putin was I'm for Trump. We know the trump was warm toward button. They like each other. That is not a great thing, because glad. Amere Putin is one of the worst people on planet earth, but there's been wildly blown out of proportion to suggest that Trump is somehow in Putin's pocket that from some finagle it to that Putin would skew the election toward him. Somehow that convinced Hillary Clinton never to visit Wisconsin or Michigan, and this has been the
mechanic lien for well over a year at this point. But when it comes to collusion, it's there's a lot more evidence that the Obama administration colluded with Russia than that Trump Administration's in, like a lot more evidence, it's a first some contrary evidence to the idea that Trump is cluding with Russia. So yesterday this piece of news breaks the Trump Miss Tration on Wednesday, approved the sale of leaf alarms. Do Ukraine's government as the free battles pro russian separatists in its eastern provinces, as reported Wednesday, the ministry to approve the sale of mod well M107A1 sniper systems and associated into the country at a value of four one point: five million dollars. Administration has not moved to approve heavier arms requested by Ukraine's government, but the move from the The house is a departure from the uh on my administration, which free only condemns russian aggression in the Ukraine, but refused to approve Salem arms, western aligned government. So that
is a weird question: why why did the oboe some administration, not do what Trump just did and allow sales of weapons lethal weapons to the Ukrainians. If from tool the Russians. Why did you do that? Tool, the Russians, why is he basically oppose them? in many ways in Syria, if from such a tool of the Russians,. Then? Why is he doing? What he's doing right now against IRAN? in fact the evidence seems to be pretty substantial that if anyone was colluding with Russia, it was President Obama Back in two thousand and twelve, you will recall, was caught on a hot mic phone saying directly to the then president of Russia to me Medvedev and he inform glad that to to back before the election, because after the election Obama would have flexibility, talking story that is received almost zero mainstream media attention. The story in politico, but if this about Trump
there any doubt that this would have been leading the newspapers for weeks not for days for weeks, maybe months here is the story. According to political Europe, this is political Europe. Basically it all the secrets by Josh Meyer, it's the secret back story of how Obama let husband law off the hook. Now, Ben Rhodes, we say the execrable for National Security Advisor for the Obama administration, a guy who made his name writing bad fiction from an apartment in Brooklyn, and that guy says that political has an institutional bias against the Obama administration, to which I say ha ha ha ha ha ha really gives me an lsd to believe that in case here's. What the article says quote its determination to secure a nuclear deal with IRAN, the Obama ministration derailed in ambitious law enforcement campaign. Targeting drug trafficking by the iranian backed terrorist group has even it was, as it was fun cocaine into the United States according to a political investigation that campaign the project, Cassandra
launched in two thousand and eight the DEA, amassed evidence that Hezbollah had, transformed itself from Middle EAST focus, military and political organization into an international crime syndicate that some invest it is believed, was collecting one billion dollars a year from drug weapons. Trafficking, money wondering and other criminal activities for the next eight years, agents working out of a top secret DA facility in Chantily Virginia used wiretaps, undercover opps, informants map well as illicit networks with the help of thirty us and foreign security agencies. If I cocaine shipments from Latin America to West Africa and on open the Middle EAST, others through is Waylon Mexico to the United States. They tracked the river of dirty cash, but as per Check Cassandra reached higher into the hierarchy of the conspiracy. Obama ministration officials through an increasingly insurmountable series of road in its way, according to interviews dozens of participants who in many cases, spoke for the first, I'm about events shrouded in secrecy. When,
because Sandra leaders sought approval for some significant investigation, prosecutions at financial sanctions, officials at Justice and the Treasury Department delayed, hindered or rejected their request. The Justice Department declined request by Project Cassandra and other authorities to file criminal charges against major players, such as as well as high profile envoy, to run a lebanese bank allegedly laundered billions in alleged drug profits and a central player in us based cell of Indian paramilitary codes force in the State Department rejected requests the lower high value targets to countries where they could be arrested, in other words, as David Asher says, the guy who helped a stab lish. This Prob Cassandra as a Defense department, finance analyst quote, was a policy decision. It was systematic decision. They seriously ripped apart this entire effort. That was very well supported resource and it was done from the top down. Why? Because Obama wanted his IRAN deal, he wanted that deal and suppose
we stop the Iranian Nuclear program, but did no such thing and merely green. Let the Iranian Nuclear program a decade from inception ensure that IRAN would become a regional power through conventional weaponry and terrorism. Hey then, and not only that they colluded with the Russians to make this happen, they colluded with the Russians to make this happen. It is amazing stuff in practice. This again political is not me. Political, a left wing source in practice in Freshens willingness to envision a new role for Hezbollah in the Middle EAST, combined with husband as terrorist group, by the way, as well as an evil terrorist group, the fires missiles into northern Israel on a routine basis and has turned what was once a flat of the Middle EAST, Lebanon and Beirut, has turned it to an absolute hell hole. Lebanon is not a place. You want to be hanging out or visiting practice. The administration's willingness to envision a new role for has blond at least combined with its desire,
for negotiated settlement to IRAN's nuclear program. Translated into a reluctance to move aggressively against top because we'll operatives and is the collusion with Russia. Already here we go lebanese arms dealer. I Li Fi Odd, a suspected top Hezbollah operative who agents it's reported to russian President Vladimir Putin as a key supplier of weapons to Syria and Iraq was arrested in Prague in the spring of twenty fourteen good news arrested right. They can know extradite him, but for nearly two years by was in custody top Obama, a haitian officials declined to apply serious pressure on the czech government to extradite him to the United States, even as Putin was law being aggressively against it. Yeah I'd been inside in the US on counts of charges, planning the murders of government employees, as murderer attempting to provide material apart to terrorist organization, attempting to acquire, transfer use anti aircraft missiles was ultimately sent back to Lebanon. He is now
leave by US officials to be back in business, helping to our well it in Syria and elsewhere with russian heavy weapons. It sounds a lot like collusion sounds a lot trump at, like the Obama administration working with the Russians on behalf a terrorist group Hezbollah. All the trump said so that Obama rather could pursue his despicable around deal all she told we down that to his benefit. Politically, that's collusion! Folks, that's collusion, not the nonsense! That's being thrown up there as collusion again, all of the charges that I've seen so far in the Mueller investigation have been about people lying to the FBI. You shouldn't lie to the FBI. Lying to the FBI is bad in case you missed it. There's been no evidence whatsoever of active collusion yet between the Trump inspiration. And the russian government about the election and if that MIKE Flynn
and has now been indicted, as he's pled guilty, lying to the FBI, what he lied to the FBI about supposedly I to the FBI according to the urges themselves, he lied to the FBI about a call I made to the Russians during the transition period in which he asked them to back off of a resolution that was against Israel at this something like russian collusion to me. Russia, by the way, did not back off. That's not I, like russian collusion to me, so maybe there's further Maybe it'll come out, maybe we'll all come out in the wash, maybe all of the rumors we'll end up being true. It won't just be smoke, it'll be fire, but one thing is eminently true and obviously true, there was actual evidence of serious criminal collusion between the Obama administration and the Russians, because it is criminal to back state department. Stated: terrorist groups, because you want to IRAN deal
the terrorist government, which is exactly what is happening here and that's exactly what was happening here just astonishing and speaking of Calu. Attorney. General Jeff sessions is now question more information on the uranium one deal, so things may be about to get very hot for the old Obama officials will give you all the updates Ben Shapiro in for Glenn Beck, Glenn Beck Glenn back. So this is breaking news attorney General Jeff sessions, apparently his ordered investigators at the Justice Department to ask F agents to explain all of Penn state found in uranium one investigation. This is a report from Tom Winter, PETE Williams and Kendall, and at NBC News.
Apparently, the interviews with FBI agents are part of the Justice Department's effort to fulfill a promise to an assistant attorney general made to Congress last month to examine when special counsel was warranted. To look into has become known as the uranium one deal remember: details surrounding uranium, one at issue, two thousand and ten transaction, in which the Obama ministration allowed allow the sale of the US you think about mining facility to Russian Atomic Energy Company Secretary of state was one of the nine agencies that agreed to approve the deal. Yes, law enforcement official based on the initial FBI, investigation, told NBC News. There are allegations of corruption surrounding the process under which US government approved the sale, no charge. These were file, but as the New York is reported in April, two thousand and fifteen summer, people associated with the deal contributed millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton. Was
it half a million dollars for one speech in Moscow by a russian investment banks with links to the trans? Hillary says she had nothing to do with it. Of course that is somewhat doubtful. That is somewhat doubtful and there are a lot of people few weeks back we're trying to undermine the suspicions about the uranium one deal, and I did a bit of a summary over at my website daily wire talking about what exactly happened in the uranium one story. So here what was true about the uranium one deal and this guy Frank Giustra. Thank you, sir. I was the original owner of uranium. One. And people said: ok, well, he divested by the time of the sale of uranium one and it to ask it's too rather time the Russian Atomic Energy but here's what is a company called Eurasia that Gold Uranium one. He divested his personal stake in the company, but his show, folder still own, sixty percent of the company and there's no way to confirm the truth of this
in two thousand and nine and two thousand and ten raw that uh which is Russia's Atomic Energy Agency, was put to buy a majority of the company. They were barred by law, I'm exporting american uranium abroad, so it wasn't that Russia was going to buy the uranium, send it back to Russia and then is it to make bombs who murder, Americans or something that was not really the concern. The real can turn here was that Russia bought uranium one because they actually didn't want the american assets. They bought uranium one because uranium one had assets and other countries that they could use to make nukes. In two thousand and thirteen Russia bought press of uranium, one with the approval of the committee on investment in the United States, as well as the Us Nuclear Regulatory Commission in Utah agencies. The Tfius includes the state Hartman Hillary said she had nothing to do with the green lighting to how much money actually flowed from uranium one beneficiaries to the Clinton foundation. Well, we don't include Giustra, then four million dollars. If you include just right, it's one hundred and forty five million, but this is all a little too simplistic. So, in today,
in fifteen years, with the New York Times reported uranium, one acquisition actually began in two thousand and five Gee Giostra still owned. The company Bill Clinton Bill Clinton, flew with Giostra, two Kazakhstan or where the two of them died with the authoritarian president of north. Does not buy up Clinton and enter the castle president a propaganda coup. This is the New York Times, not me when he expressed support from so those are by his bid to head an international elections, monitoring group undercutting America, foreign policy and criticism of Kazakhstan's poor human rights record by among other people. Hillary Clinton. Within days of the visit just fledgling company Eurasia sign up a deal getting. It sticks in three uranium mines controlled by because out the problem, which is the cassock stand. Official energy agency Asia, then in two thousand and seven merged with uranium one south African come assets in Africa and Australia in a three point: five billion dollar transaction, then you open e kept the uranium one name, it was can
or by air investors, including Intel for who a Canadian who became chairman just rest says at that point he sold his stake. Soon, uranium one begin to snap up companies with assets in the United States in April. One thousand and seven announced that it was good purchase. Uranium mill in Utah. The questions about rather control of uranium isn't really about the Russians crafting nukes. As I say, At shortages of uranium in the United States and us being there on foreign sources for that material again about rows, purchasing nuclear mature. Well in Kazakhstan, and the Clintons were still involved at this time. They were involved past the sale. This is the point it didn't end with just for selling Rossiter I mean this selling uranium one, the new head Intel for he gave between one point, three million and five point: six million in contributions to the Clinton Foundation from a consolation, people with ties to uranium one or Eurasia. Without the assets the catholic mind, the Russians would have had no interest in the deal. Amid the influx of
anyone connected money, Clinton was invited to speak Moscow in June two thousand and ten the same month, Ross truck it seal from already stake in uranium one so, the same month, the roster side by uranium, one Clinton spent I'm in Morris got five hundred grand for it. It not at all unclear that the Clintons were unrelated to uranium one. So again, just more evidence that Democrats are really willing to work with the Russians when they saw a way to benefit from it. Pretty amazing, pretty amazing. Meanwhile, the pope is now spoken out. And just before Christmas, in a way that I think is actually valuable? The Pope, Francis I gave a homily any talk about fruitfulness He commented on how, in these days, sterility is considered a virtue. He says act and she was considered a shame when the birth of a child was seen as a grace and a gift from God. In the Bible. There. Many sterile women who desire a child, fruitfulness Bible is a blessing, and then he pointed his. This is the countries that have quote chosen the
at of sterility and suffer from that disease that it is a that is a demographic winter. They do not have children. He said the material and spiritual from this means giving life. Is it a purse? may choose not to marry like priests, consecrated persons, but must live by giving Others will tell us if we're not fruitful, with good works and the point further. He said that willful infertility is an instrument of Satan. He says he does not want us to give life, be it physical or spiritual to others. He lives for himself produces selfishness. Pride entity greasing the soul that living for others, the devil, is the one who grows. From the weeds of, and stops us from being fruitful. Many actually pointed an empty cradle. He said there an empty You know we can look at it. It can be seen as a symbol of hope because the child will come or it can be seen as an object from museum empty of life. Our heart is like the cradle. Is it empty or is it a to continuously receive and give life come. Lord fill the cradle fill my heart help me to give life to be fruitful and nice Christmas message from the Pope and so
thing to keep in mind in a society where we value section of completely disconnected it from childbearing childrearing and commitment? In a few minutes, this exactly what I talk about because This bizarre notion that have sprung up in the wake of the of the me too movement that a sex- completely divorced from meaning a sex completely disconnected from commitment and somehow this is a net positive, but by the same token, we are going to target men if women feel uncomfortable about those standards this bizarre vague standard has been set up and it doesn't work, and I want to talk about because now they're actual column is coming out on the left, saying that this doesn't even mean yes, sometimes yes, means now and sometimes no means yet so what exactly- are men and women supposed to do in this society,
I'll tell you in just a second Ben Shapiro in for Glenn Beck. I'm Glenn Beck. This is the Glenn Beck program, Nikki Lily, just wrecking peep over the UN, and it is glorious Ben Shapiro in for Glenn Beck. She just told the UN But the US will remember this day in which it was singled out for attacking the General Assembly for the very act of exercising our right as a sovereign nation. Will member. When so many countries come calling on us as they so often do to pay even more.
He Haley doing Yeoman's work at the, and it's always been bizarre to me that will take the UN seriously? Is immoral institution name, five? All things the on has ever done five. It is it's really not that difficult to name five moral things, any other institution that's worthwhile have ever done, but but you can't really do it with you as it turns out when you have a lot of crappy countries voting for crappie resolutions. Free things happen now. In other news, I want to talk a little bit about the progression of the me too moment and why exactly confusion seems to be setting in because at the- and it seemed like me too, was going to be a very, very clear movement right, very clear and obvious movement with real repercussion. The basically, the me too moment was going to be about the idea that men were not allowed to sexually abuse women or, if you sexually abused women you're in trouble, and this makes sense, if you have a definition of sexual abuse, if you have a definition of sexual harassment but very quickly, it
seem like a lot of folks started to conflate sexual abuse and sexual harassment. They started to conflate Harvey Weinstein, with with some guy saying something: Lou did a bar, it's uh say this is all the same thing and Matt Damon, who fan, Damon, Matt Damon basically was correct when he said. Listen other stuff is bad, but some bad is worse than other bad. And clearly that is true, but we, I said we can't do that. We have to treat all bad is the same, and then we got down into some really dicey area, because it turns out that while the left as that no means no and yes means yes, there now beginning to realize that even consent a little bit of a murky concept right when does yes mean yes, when does no mean no, not me asking the question is now the left asking this question? Oh, oh, the weekend woman, Jessica Bennett, who is the gender editor of the New York Times? That is an actual job and it's a job that presumably someone trained for and pays for it editor of the New York Times Great RD apiece
quote when saying yes is easier than saying. No, so basic in this pc argues that sometimes women say yes, because it's too much all they know, but they're not really into it. It says in many cases women say yes to sex, but they actually don't want. The section sometimes yes means no simply because it is easier to go through with it then play in our way. Out of the situation. Sometimes no means yes, because you actually do want to do it, but you know you're not supposed to let your not supposed to lest you be labeled a and, if you're a man that no that means just try hard. Because you know persuasion is part of the game yeah. I there's actually some truth to what Bennett is, but the problem is that if you made your only value consent, then you can't start muddying the lines. You can't start taking those lines and playing with them, because some is going to end up losing his career or going to jail over your money. Definition of consent, Bennett says, consensus, actually societally defined quote our idea. What we want of our own desire is linked to what we think we're supposed to want.
Again? The problem here is that this lady is not offering any clear solutions. So let's say it's true, Woman sometimes say yes, but me know, and a man had sex with a woman who says yes, because that's what her face says. She says yes like it. Actually, the word yes comes out of her mouth, but she actually means no, and then she feels bad later to demand you something wrong arm supposed to be mind. Readers now and if a woman says no but then introduces her until she says yes, are we supposed to take stock of the original MOE or the final yes like, which one are we like, is baby. It's cold, tighter ap song right. This is one of the things left. It said that babe it's cold outside is Arapey song 'cause. The guy is basically trying to convince the woman to stay the night and she's saying that she totally feels she's torn. She feels like she has to go, but she sort of wants to stay. Is the guy like a rapist or what, unfortunately, the left there's no guidance on these issues. Neither is one named Rebecca. Read me: how crazy is this? Are you ready for crazy here is crazy. She wrote in the Metro UK
once participated in a threesome because she quote didn't want to be rude, but I got to say, like that's weird yeah, I'm. Let me your sex life is your business, but if your practice in three somes- because you don't want to be rude, thank you. I don't think it's rude to say no to that seems pretty odd like. If they did you participate in a cannibalistic ritual, it will be rude to say no but also kind of post to say yes, Read says such experiences aren't uncommon quote. There quotes the reasons why but down the same thing. Were nice girls we've been raised to be nice, note the definition of term. Girls here I mean when I was growing up, I'm not that old. When I was growing up to be a scroll met, a girl who did not have sex before there. A nice girl meant a classy girl and it's grown men to girl who's, not promiscuous. That was typically how mother used it now, nice girl means you have to threesome, because you don't want to offend somebody at a dinner party, weird.
Woman, Rebecca Ricci, says sometimes being four means having sex that you don't want that, feeling dirty and sad and a bit icky. It's not rape, it's not abuse, but it's not sex either. So what exactly is the problem? With doing she says that women are scared into having sex they feel like if they don't have, many men are going to abuse them. So, in the end a woman feeling emotionally torn about sex is the fault of a man who may or b threatening. It is this the story. Today, is a woman who wrote a short story in the pages of the new Yorker. It's a four thousand word story called cat person and describe the old woman, a Margot was thirty four year old man. She sends him all the signals that you want to have sex with him. She bring. He brings her back, his place. She send or signals she says yes, but she doesn't I feel good about it, and then she never calls me again. 'cause it was awkward and here is The piece said she knew that her last chance of enjoying this encounter disappeared, but she would care with it until it was over
and in the end she refuses to text the guy back. You want some sort of emotional connection fuses and then he text that she is a. In this story has become sort of a women's Lib piece for some reason and men who is torn over whether to have sex with a guy and then have sex with a guy but give him no signal that she's not interested in them and then cut them off completely he's the villain in this piece because he's threatening her with violence in some way. That is not really stated right a woman just received a one million dollar book advance the woman who wrote that piece you a one million dollar book advance, because apparently these feelings are so common among women. So I have a few questions about this about these feelings among women, not that women have feelings, but what societal standard has prevailed that this feeling has become more common right, men supposed to do in these scenarios. Now, as a society, beyond suggesting that women are doing anything wrong and can things to non marital sex, and we just
that you want to have whatever sex. You want to have no problem. Morally, not just mentally ram, libertarian governments with the morally there's no problem with you having sex with whoever you want to have sex with at any for any reason anywhere with, however many people and or object and or animals, everyone is free to do what they want right now we're in the midst of a push to punish mail she can't have both ways right. If water down consent to nothingness, if we say the consent, sometimes yes means no, sometimes no means. Yes, how can you ever expect sexual encounter a consensual sexual encounter to occur and how can a man or feel safe, he's not going be prosecuted or his life ruined over an accusation. There's another ass. The traffic is really cheaper one and it's not really bad consent. It's about two expectation. So all three of the articles just mention articulate this complaint that women are having sex because they want to fill male expectations. That men expect women to talk to them to women are doing it either to be nice, as in one article or to avoid awkwardness in another article or because it's
as to just who to avoid it in one third article, but there's a deeper expectation, which is why are we expected to please men sexually without being married to them. In these situations right, that's the shifted to standard shift in societal standard is not really with regard to consent shifted to standard is with regard to the expectation women are supposed to exceed two men's requests prior to commitment being of when you watch tv shows today you I was growing up parents me about sex. What they said is when a man and woman get married and as the standard I held wife and I were virgins until they're married, and I think it's made our marriage that much richer, because only people with ever experience that intimacy with is is each other, which is great. I never read that for one second, solitary second, really. But then we moved to you have sex with the person. You love right now that you're married to the person that you love and love can be
momentary it can be fleeting. But as long as you love them, it's ok, so not in the context of commitment, but in the context of love it became sex is completely disconnected from love. Now you will see the reverse way. Things used to be right. If you watch a movie from the nineteen forties, you'll see a man, a woman want to have sex, so the man romance is her. They fall in love, they are committed. They get married and then fade to black as they enter the bedroom right. That's one thousand nine hundred and forty. Then it turned into men and women know each other like each other say they love each other, have sex, but no marriage. Then it turned into men and woman. Decide to go to bed together, but there's still What about saying? I love you watch any it come today, and this is an actual plot point is something that's in virtually every sitcom. Every cultural totem. Now is this men and women happen this together, but then it's awkward. It was an awkward to get naked with the person and share your most intimate time with the person. It's awkward to talk to them. Afterward.
So the expectation has now been set that women are expected to have sex. They were not expected to have sex without coming by society or by men. Men may have had the hope, but they certainly did not have the expectation that women will have sex with them without any sort of commitment prior to the rise of or wave feminist movement. If you ask person traditional moral standards, whether the woman should have said no in all of the stories I mentioned before, and the answer will be yes but then you're approved according to feminist proved up upholding the patriarchy. Traditional moors ruled out the mail expectation of sex in ninety minutes, but the famine Newman said no, no, no, no! No! No! No men are it's. Okay. If men expect sex right, that's that's the! I can't think that they say it's not okay for men to expected, but once you say that women, are going to have sex without commitment and that they should, because it's enriching men are going to act on that a certain expectation and women are going to respond to that expectation. Thanks mark sent only society in which sexual It is basically become a throwaway, no longer anything connected to commitment and any
and of cherishing intimacy is really laughed at his free Oracle and prudish in backwards. Men have developed an expectation, that may be unjust, but is certainly explicable? it cost to that system is not born by men. The cost to the sea time is borne by women, so systems protected women from the mail expectation of sex has been discarded in favor of a system that does not protect women from those patient and then is surprised when women feel bad about it. That's everything seems so messy nowadays, because it is messy because we have done away with certain societal standard that set expectations and replaced it with a certain Expec mission that has gotten rid of all standards entirely, as we continue here on the Glenn Beck program, Hollywood may actually be doing something right. I just ripped on Hollywood Hollywood, maybe something right shockingly. I will tell you doubt it because it's kind of amazing Ben Shapiro, Glenn Beck,
Glenn Beck Glenn Beck, show beginning in April. A movie will be in theaters that I think that conservatives should go see the movie. I can't believe it's taken them. I mean I can, but I can't believe that it's taken them legitimately half a century to come up with this movie. The movie is Chappaquiddick and they finally made a movie about TED Kennedy, Ascend Lee being guilty of manslaughter for driving a car off a bridge with his girlfriend in the back and then leaving her to die swimming to safety, going to sleep for the night and then coming the next morning, and oh look amazing. When you leave a woman in the back of your car in the middle of water for an entire night, she dies. And well done well done Teddy Kennedy, but it took them.
Years. To make this movie- and this is the amazing thing about Hollywood right- they will make they'll make a movie about Hey is seriously they made a movie about the about the calculus Scooter Libby valve we claim routine, which was a big nothing they made they made an entire movie about that within two years and fifty year. To make a movie about a leading senator in the United States Senate, who is probably going to be president leaving Womans dying back his car right. I think in fifty years to make it, but. The new trailer is out for Chappaquiddick, and it looks as though are actually going to be accurate about how they Kennedy now the media are going to play. This is, though, it's supposedly about Kennedy being the victim people magazine Headline Watch TED Kennedy's life get derailed an exclusive chappaquiddick trailer. It turns out that he was not the victim in Chappaquiddick. The victim in Chappaquiddick was the check he left for dead in the backseat Mary, Jo Kapec, Knee hey, but
Good news variety has actually seen the film and reviewed it and here's what they say. Film says that what happened at Chappaquiddick was even worse. We think companies body was sounds in a position that implied she was struggling to keep her head out of the water and what the film suggests is that once the cartoon tie down, she didn't die. She was away even then drowned after a period of time is the water seeped in this makes Edward any decision not to report the crime, a clear cut, criminal negligent, but in spirit, if legally it renders it something closer to an act of killing. Chappaquiddick is meticulously told chronicle, no more and no less and at times, there's a slight detachment and watching it because it's too tough and smart to milk. The situation by turning Edward Kennedy into a tragic figure in certain ways he may well have been, and there are moments when we see the sad grandeur with which this disaster hangs on his stooped shoulders. But the movie is fundamentally the weasel, a man from the moment, the accident happens takes his premise that he will not suffer the consequences and then what it takes to twist reality so that it can form that scenario. If that's what this movie is. Oh boy, oh, but won't that be nice.
The sad part, of course, is that it only takes Hollywood fifty years to make a movie that tells the truth about something like Chappaquiddick. Can you imagine a Republican drove off a bridge with a girl in the back seat left her for dead? Would it take every ten minutes to Hollywood for Hollywood, a green light that film and Hollywood is already greenlighting tv series based on Trump he still in office and nothing terrible has happened yet. Just shows how Hollywood is disconnected from reality, but it is good to see that after fifty years or so, Hollywood finally deems it safe to talk in yes terms about a guy left woman die. And even though his name was Kennedy, hopefully in another fifty years, we can actually talk about what the Obama administrations in IRAN, because obviously Hollywood ain't gonna tackle that anytime. Soon. Lesbian pressure to join you here on the Glenn Beck program is an honor to fill in for Glenn. I Ben Shapiro sitting in for Glenn Beck,
Glenn Beck,
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