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Hour 1  Good news for the economy: Record set for holiday spending this year… Shoppers spent $800 billion for the holiday season… This year will be more about the haves and the have-nots… US pays 22% of the UN budget… Nikki Haley announces UN budget cut… We will help with UN efficiency, but we will put America first… NFL cancels its Sunday football game…to kneel or not to kneel… Could the NFL’s lack of authority cause the league to end?     Hour 2  Donald Trump won swing states… People are talking about the assault of the FBI by the president… Part of the issue is an anti-police attitude…Violence is on the rise in these cities… How can places with strict gun laws have the most gun crimes?... It’s the person, not the tool…A bipartisan infrastructure bill … Some questions about this infrastructure bill; for instance, why do we need it? …China to take the US economy in 2030?... We do not have an income problem; we have a spending problem.   Hour 3 There always has to be a villain in politics… How can you come to America illegally and demand the same treatment as those who came here legally?... Was the dossier used in court?... A big question is still ‘who leaked the dossier?’... Trump was not in the country during the allegations… Lisa De Pasquale stops by the show to talk about the book she and Mike wrote together… Racist trees?... Can we just coexist? The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The Blaze radio network on demand. love, courage, tree Glenn back good morning. It's one back programme happy new year from all of this year, my name is: might Burnett Ahmed Phoenix errs on my last day in four Glenn? So let's go two it holiday spending. The numbers are in and record setting spending this holiday season. How did all of this happen? If you remember the president, our former president, said thanks Obama while extolling all the virtues of what's been going on for the last twelve months. Now largely Americans vote with wallets. So how does this play out? the coming election year that will begin January. First, we will be in the mid term election year, if you listen to all the pundits at the chances of Donald Trump becoming President were very, very small. I believed like everybody else, did I was, there was only one person, on our radio show.
We did our election night coverage that thought Donald Trump was going to win everybody, he old thought it was going to be a walk over four Hillary Clinton myself included, you we bought into the hype and people kept saying that were these people that were afraid this they were voting for Donald Trump because of the backlash from the media, and the backlash from a very vocal group of people turned out to be true people with their wallets. That was an agenda set forward by this president He said he wanted to fix this, on me America first, while he was, the nationalist and he's got isolation nice than he was called a Nazi, and this is how it or did things it was all about patriotism and Sweden bear the Hitler since day. One will so was George W Bush those Reagan just kind of the mantra of people. Now the problem for president, in my opinion, is the fight with the media. That's been picked that here really shied away from donors we blame on, but his style is in your face. He drowned
the media with him through the primary process. The vote were real numbers. When you saw the amount of free press that was given to Donald, during the primary law cause, he was such a controversial figure. He said so many things to learn about the media. To one about his opponents on the day S during that you know that what was our thirty seven republican candidates that he was able to get over a billion dollars worth of free coverage because of the way he handled the election cycle. But now is the president and the economy to be responding to his business ideas. Now Erica, largely votes with their wallets, not the partisan politics. To go. one, the primary, but when it comes, for a general election people vote with their wallet and if that's it, the creator of the mid term elections you we keep hearing that the report concern trouble in the house. They have a very good reason to worry the numbers, so this generic ballot show this happening in that happening. What wills
It's going to be a long year holiday spending. U S, department store star jump on holiday spending record Tuesday, Mass the card said shoppers bent over eight hundred billion dollars Door the season more than ever before,. So the economy has been growing at a very slow pace. Over the last eight years we hit rock. bottom, the end of the Bush presidency, the housing bubble that burst peoples or selling and losing their homes? The economy was down the stock market crash into President Obama the stimulus spending that was supposed to fix things by the way he had Jennifer. Then trump moving forward into them, election year Mitch, Mccoy, all saying- and this is something we're going to get into Mitch, Mcconnell saying that the agenda for the Senate can't be to take up the you know that fits and take up. What's going on in Washington, DC and entitlement programmes, because the Senate,
Democrats aren't not gonna go along with that; so they're gonna work on infrastructure. Correct me: if I'm wrong wasn't the stimuli, package about shovel, ready jobs and infrastructure. Didn't we It's the highways and the bridges like eight years ago asking the question, because we spent a trillion dollars in a stimulus package that I thought we were supposed to fix the infrastructure, the United States, all we ever hereafter, that is, the infrastructures broken what happen. Petro trillion dollars, but we know the agenda for the president moving forward. He talks about it. A partisan infrastructure builded bring some of the Democrats on board there going to want to do that is an election year and they want to win back the house. So I they're gonna go along with anything, but how, spending is now a partisan issue nor. The stock market, the doubt as Jack in the Essen Pre, all of them up the DOW. It's going to add five thousand points for the first time ever in a year ever
Good argue about power Dixon Numbers a lot of times, but in the end it Does matter the partisan ray, publicans in the partisan Democrats are going to vote that way that Canada states that are able to talk to that large swathes of people down the middle So here in Arizona where I am, the answer is going to be for people who are trying to win their seat back or people who are trying to take seats from someone else Where do you stand on the economy, in the end that work going to end up where I live, The unemployment rate is down as low, as I think is its ever been. But now only holiday spending at eight hundred billion dollars. Higher we ve ever seen more money than we ve ever spent. That's not a fluke. Now, whether you give Donald Trump all the credit for that concern confidence is very high. We consume we're competence is very high. Incumbents and to win? That's all. It's always been
the few anomalies here and there, but that is the way it usually is you will go with the status quo? Why ruin a good thing? Why fix something that ain't? we can do all the cliches. We want you for the next three hours, but Mastercard, We spent eight hundred billion dollars the stock. It is a non partisan indicator. are seeing business owners now they will begin to invest now. personally in this next year. What's interesting about this, is it we're going to see a huge jump in anything as far as spending and manufacturing. It will be in the next twelve months because business taking advantage of the tax cuts to begin next year, for them being able to takes care take advantage of the right off by purchases that they make. You will see that in the first twelve months of twenty eighteen now how? what carries overnight. Twenty nineteen is another story, but if twenty being being an election year and we watch the stock market continue to climb leasing. Manufacturing numbers go up, please, unemployment numbers go down wage
Is going up for people who people going to vote? Majority based on that. The report's at holiday sales and stores and online between November first in December, twenty fourth rose for point nine percent, the fast first year on year, paste of increase since two, thousand any Levin master art which track spending by buying sales activity, that payment network with estimates of cash and other payment forms excludes autumn. real sales from its figures, so tailors had their stocks. Humble this year that continue to lose sales from ops, two online store, like Amazon. shares and Jason Penny rose. Seven point: six percent on Tuesday calls five points. Percent Macy's five point: one percent Nord Stream to two point: eight percent online sales rose eighteen point: one percent during the holiday season
it's probably only eleven or twelve percent of total retail sales, the Local sales are still very much in stores according to people, and it was true. so. If sales are up if store are beginning to see their stocks go up again and we know, Retailers are in trouble. The brick and mortar stores are in trouble per square foot they pay in rent compared to the people are going when they buy online. But if you not holiday, shopping Christmas shopping, as I did like everybody else, did you know that who stores were busy jury stores backed up, I mean just crowded. and you're seeing people buying gifts and bending more than they had before, is an indicator of a good economy. So with that's the case which now it appears with this spending is the case. If, if the
After wants to say that's all Obama. Ok, they can do that. It's not good work with the average american family, the average, American we'll go with the status quo when things are going well, that's how the voters vote the hard after the hard writer already set in their ways. If Europe into the show chances are. You are someone that has invested and you vote in primaries and you watch candidates for a long time. You don't jump at the last minute. You don't go with somebody that you feel votes like you. You do your homework. But you also not the uncle voter in a joint Election, which is why In primaries, you see people sprint, left and right, depending on their party and sprint to the middle for a general, because there is a huge swathes of people that they have to speak to. It's going to be easier, Republicans next year to speak. Constituents she to speak to potential voters? If your reply
look in it can be a lot easier to go to them and say: look where the economy is going. The Democrats, going gonna have to hit this head on and I'm going to explain to you how they're going to do that. Bernie Sanders speaks Krugman, speaks and its if they are living in a different planet for most of us so I'm not, but seven twenty will tell you how they feel about it and how they are crafting the argument Krugman as America not dead yet, but the way he, Darts, that up at peace would make you think he is living in an alternate universal. All that's coming up next, my name is broom had in this is the Glen Back Programme Glenn back
Glenn back happy new year. Merry Christmas on, the Glenn Back programme enables might permit. I am in Phoenix Arizona I'll be here. The rest of the day in the dock. Thompson comes up to Morrow and out Social Media uses. I'm going to tell you how you can reach out to me again. I want to thank thank everybody for all of the outreach yesterday, but it's a senator Sanders. What Bernie Sanders had to say now this was print. Yesterday,. and it's a CNN story. New tax bill faster for the american people so far, the economy The with you senator and end so the juices that they make or hysterical ten years from now, look what's gonna happen where you can fix it, the Congress conflicts. Any time they want, which is why the door was left open. We should have made those tax cuts permanent for the middle class. Couldn't these senators wouldn't get on board were unable to so they made the business tax, cuts permanent
with these simple majority and they can make the other Tax cuts permanent when you get sixty votes on the senators. This is not the last time this is going to happen, and this is why the democratic deficit we want to take back the House of Representatives, because if the Republicans can you to control the House and the Senate if they gain, seats in the Senate, which the suspicion is against all the other media attention, your hearing, twenty five dammit, That's right for re election in this in cycle. Do you think that all House Democrats. Are going to retain their seats, I don't so the Republicans actually add seats in the United States Senate. Now the the one, There are a couple of things that are throwing. you wrench into all of this one, and both of them are in the state of Arizona, Jeff Flake. Who is it what's earlier this year, that he would. seek reelection, which means there is no incumbent in one of the and its seat in Arizona that's up programmes, so Jeff Lake Seat is up for good,
which means it could be anyone's she. He has got a very formidable opponent on the democrat side. Her name is, Kristen Cinema, she is house member. She was in the state legislature here for a long time. She is really done. A great job of crafting a reputation of being kind of a moderate Democrat, because she's in a very moderate district in the house here in Arizona, but her track record when she was in the state legislature is very, very liberal, bordering on communism, which I'm that's not an insult by the weights and observation, she is a single payer supporter, I believe, and she's gonna answer a lot of those questions, but she's going a very tough person to beat in a state that has been a red date for a very long time, because the but people coming for there is a a veteran enemies marked Mc Sally. She is a house member. She may be giving proceed to run against Kirsten Cinema. We others doktor, Kelly Ward is already in the race
Kelli Ward is a man isn't Adam, a Trump supporter former state legislator, she's been in the race she's been the only Republican in the race for the long top for a long time, polling numbers shoulder beating, Jeff Flake very soundly in a primary part of the reason why I believe Senator flake stepped away and that's a monkey wrench there, but what about the? John Mccain in Mccain in the Senate, and now I am a friend of of Senator Mccain. I respect Senator Mccain Alot of people very upset with me that that are far right. I will tell you, I don't agree with Senator Mccain on things politically many times, but he has, greeted me with respect? He has been, be kind to me. He is a friend, and I think the word personally of Job John Mccain, I'm never going back away from that. I know I personally and as a man as a human being, he has been very a very good to me. So I wishing anything ill on him, I'm not wishing that he would retire leave office, but if he can provide
whose job, if he decides he asked to leave. That would be two seats open depending on when that happens, if you were to keep his seat the end of may then the governor, after the end of May. If it happened jeweller later that John Mccain decided, he could no longer continue and I'm not predicting any of this is going to happen. Then, or governor would appoint a replacement for that. eight, which would be another Republican, would be appointed to that seat until then that's general election, which wouldn't be this November, will be too soon it would. two years later, there would be an election held, then so somebody would sit in that seat for two years they would have to run. Another two years, because John Mccain seat is not up for four years hope that makes sense. All of you John Mccain for some reason we're to resign his seat before the end of may then there, We too Senate seats up for grabs on the state of Arizona. Both seats would be available this November or John became finishes out his term. Those are kind of
the options and the monkey mentioned there, but nobody believes- or at least I dont believe did the democratic, gonna win. All twenty five of the seats that they have up for grabs just doesn't make sense that they are so The march from the left is going to be. This is horrible. You It be seeing results in your paycheck right now, but I'm telling you it's common The sooner is common in view few we don't get the devil rats in power to fix the impending soon army you're in big trouble Bernie Sanders. Look at all the p. you're going to lose health insurance, know they're, not because of the end of the mandate, which means are not forced to buy it people, choose to not by it Whose their insurance they opt out- so many people that have an opportunity to buy health insurance through their employer when you're young when you're ten he told him bullet proof as a twenty three twenty four twenty five year old single actually man, no kids, not married your ten feet
Alan Bulletproof, I'm not spending money on health insurance. What I need health insurance for that, what it offered through your employer does that mean you don't have health insurance? Yes, it does. So Bernie Sanders takes those numbers of people that are not going to buy Obamacare through the exchanges when they are not forced to with the mandate and says they're losing their health insurance dollar part of the monster. To tell you how bad it's gonna be because can no longer tell you how bad it is because it's not stop mark setting record your forum, one k, climbing at an alarming rate, how prices up over six percent the first year of the presidency. Now whether he could all the credit for that are not the american people vote the status quo. Went there You're going well so Bernie Anders says Is a disaster for the american people were told that the Wolf Blitzer, I think, republicans. Will rue the day he said this, It was passed, they may
he celebrating today, but I have a feeling that next November, they won't be celebrating quite as much aren't. We, see if that happens, so Paul Krugman with What I believe is a view: it's like he's living on another planet, Paul Krugman, Most of us came into twenty seventeen expecting the worst and in many ways the worst is what we got did we ok Donald. has been every bit as horrible, as one might have expected. He continued. I have today to prove himself utterly unfit for office. Morally intellectually, and the report can party, including so called moderate turn if anything to be even worse than one might have expected at this point its evidently composed entirely of cynical Willing to sell out every principle.
And every shred of their own dignity. As long as they're donors get big tax cuts, there, you have it it's all about the rich versus poor, class warfare? It's us verses them, the Democrats with us versus them its white verses. Man, verses women, wrecked rich versus poor, gave straight it's always said did society they have. They have gay voters. They have the black voters, they have the women voters, they have the poor voters, they have everybody, segmented in society and now how they divide and conquer. That's been their plan forever. While this There is going to be more of the haves and the have nots than ever before. They will point out you big corporate tax cuts I would point out to you salaries and the rich, getting richer, they'll point out the stock market and the get richer well. The fact of the matter is you do too, I array
but one k looking to retire someday help. You help you a lot coming up. Just after the bottom of the hour, we will talk about the? U n me as the president said, you do want to vote with us when it comes Israel, that's fine! How much We actually pay of the union's budget, the United States. What do we pay of the union's budget and what Nicky Hayley do with the budget cuts it's a great story. Seven, thirty, five that we talk about the room Glenn back here, listening to the glad Back programme or in fact, Jerk the former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka said that the Eu S pays over twenty percent of the? U N budget, when factories
the military side, we pay up almost a third at twenty eight percent. The verdict on the fact check Abso loosely true The? U S must pay twenty two percent of the union's budget for twenty. Sixteen to twenty eight teen, they Give an even higher share with some of the agencies within the EU when why is this Orton, well, we all understand why it's important we are Stand that the EU, when and how some of the work of the: U N, r You're idiocy: do you want certain determines the required contribution levels, each state, its based on a bunch of factors like National. income and debt, the? U S paid Twenty two percent of the union's five point: four billion dollar budget for twenty six and twenty seven, twenty. Sixteen and twenty seventeen. They allocated one point two billion toward the budget during these years. It's the MAC one contribution allowed. U S, funding
he went. Operations is under scrutiny. After a one hundred and twenty eight member states voted to condemn the decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, by the way, let's talk about that decision, I'm sure been mentioned on this network before, but if not, let's clear something up the democratic outraged about something that they agree with. Let's be very clear about this: the last for democratic platforms all set you did that Jerusalem must be recognized as the capital of Israel. It's an every Artie Platform for the last four platforms, every single one of them so go back and look at sixteen years. go back and look. The Democrats have been pounding this drum the largest
I partisan political action committee or pack in the entire country is a the mare the american Israeli Political Action committee. It is truly a a partisan organization, the Arizona apec- I've been to a number of times and you see Cross section of some very, very prominent republicans. Democrats enthusiastically there supporting Israel this not a partisan issue, all of a sudden Donald Trump decides to read. nice Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Officially by moving our embassy. There were he's not do Anything that hasn't been proclaimed by the Republicans and the Democrats for the better part of two decades. And all of a sudden now the Democrats say he's start world war, three, the violence in the streets, the uprising even New York Times, had to admit that didn't happen. As a matter of fact,
now about ten nations are considering doing the exact same thing. Guatemala says it's going to now: what I was not exactly a superpower but You are seeing other nation saying exactly the same thing that Jerusalem should be capital of Israel and, incidentally, if you talk to the people that go to Israel on a regular basis that no nation, when anybody went when the Palestinians come into Jerusalem, they shop their wealth, their safe when it is goes the Gaza not so much. go to my ear, so my favorite quotes from go to my ear and a couple of them I should tell you the mindset of the Israelis. Verse The mindset of the Palestinian. That would fight go to my ear, said of of the Palestinians that we as the pillow specific
Billy, but what side of the Palestinians weaken? Forgive you killing our grandchildren. We cannot forgive you for forcing us to kill yours. Also quoted as saying. If the Palestinians would put down their weapons, there would be peace If the Israelis would put down their weapons, there would be no Israel. A lot of truth in both of those statements. the! U S has been and continues to be, strongest allied Israel. They continue our strongest ally in the region. The president. United States has decided to do what both parties are put in their path, Forms now four years and make it official So when you say something would have worked words without deeds right, without deeds are dead.
And the president decides we're going to do it and the world is furious. Ok, let them be so. In response. Nicky Hayley called the resolution disrespectful because the? U S pays more than any other country. We may generous, to to the eu- and we also have a legitimate expectation that our goodwill is recognised and respected. Nicky Hayley as announced a two hundred and eighty five million dollar cut to the union budget and the crown goes wild. So there you have it The United Nations has agreed on a twenty eight. In twenty nineteen budget that include steep reductions in spending the up. biennial, you and budget will drop by two hundred and eighty five million or about five percent from the twenty six in twenty seventeen level. Hayley says it's a big step. In the right direction. The Unifil
The universe pending the United Nations are well known. We will no longer let the generosity of the american people be taken advantage of or remain on, checked feels good. Doesn't it does to me. I'm in the United Nations didn't they put a ran on their human rights Committee. I really let me let's, let's be honest about some of them the United Nations. That thing you thought the entire organization overboard there's a lot of arrogantly get us out of the? U, but I'm not even saying that. but we are seeing now how some of these things are changing a lot. People are not fans of how the president does things and comes across as a bull in a China shop. A lot of times by you say about NATO, we're out we're getting out of NATO will take A lot more smoothly. Nafta did not after nobody's, going to take it out, an can be terrible get so somebody set
Isn't it down? You know there are a bunch of things and in the North American Free trade agreement that can be fixed and if we sit, how to talk about them instead of getting out of NAFTA and the present that let's talk in both the Canadian, and the mexican leaders said let's sit down and talk. let's talk about a NAFTA, that's good for all three nations that makes all three nations work together when they do things like tariffs and when they do things so the we're not fighting amongst ourselves in this terror tariff war that a unified North America is a great trading partner. So, on that everything the president's touching is turning the gold. I'm saying there are some there's some method to the madness. Sometimes. If the? U N is gone, to pass a resolution. Words denounced by so many nations where some, a friend sided with us, and some are friends. Just abstained from voting.
and then America is ok. That's fine, then we're going but back the generosity is not going to be there. They have a right. vote the way they want to vote absolutely without a doubt, and the Americans have a right to take there too. Listen, go home and There is something to be said for that. Now a lot of people think it's horrible. I dont at all, they should do some things with the budgets. The United States budgets for the different departments of our government when their partners together, because the same print we'll applies the tendency in the waste in the american budget and all the federal agencies that are tied to it. We could work About ten percent of just about every department of the government's budget and just get redundancy in ways to not change one out of service provided by any one of them. If there was, some strict oversight to Nikki
making this announcement. so we will remember when it? This is what the presidency will remember it when we are called upon to once again make the world's largest contribution to the United Nations. Will Hayley said this on behalf of the presidency and we re Amber it when so many countries come calling on us as they so often do, even more to use our influence, or for their benefit. The final budget cuts seeds are to million dollar reduction target for the budget. Hey he says the: U S will look for other areas which can make additional cuts. While we are pleased with three out of this year's budget negotiations. You can be sure we will continue look at ways to increase euins efficiency while protecting our interests once again, America? First, what you think of that coming up The NFL cancels their Sunday night game doesn't sound like a big deal, but let's talk about what's happening with the National Football League. Is this really a by product of,
the fans are saying, is that It is a slap in the face with the kneeling for the national anthem, or is it just tribulation, because people don't want sports used for a political platform, all that come on up close out this our again, if your social media user here. I am at broom ahead. Show in my last name is spelled just like it sounds so at broom heads. On Twitter, the MIKE Broom had shown fan pages available on Facebook and, u turn Instagram user, I post a lotta blurry pictures. It is just broom had all one word? No underscores! No dots, no dashes! That's Finally, on social media love, the interaction I'll be back to talk, and I felt this- is the bun back programme Glenn back. Glenn back
thanks for being here this morning at the blend back programme, my MIKE Brunette Phoenix Arizona in this morning. The final day this year info Glenn Back programme. So thank you for spending part of your day with me. The NFL is to their final Sunday night football game for a number of reasons. Part of it because its new year's eve, one of the lowest. the days of the year, but there is no doubt that NFL numbers are down, so the real for this is up in the air for a lot of people, and it's not for me now. I side with the people that say kneeling is disrespectful and sends the wrong message. I also believe burning the flag sends the wrong message, but I will say this is a first men right to express yourself. The first amendment is there to protect controversial speech. I don't like I hate it, I think, is a wrong thing to do many many times but I'll, I believe that you have a right to do these things, unless, of course, you're an employee your bosses say you represent us, there is a long precedent set that employers,
the people. There was a woman in the deep. The area that was on her bicycle and presidents, motorcade drove by and you decided the best way to salute the president was too given the finger will then she took that that picture. She posted it made her of Facebook profile picture private picture. The employer? Was a defence contractor bad for business you're out long precedent? My company, you know I have a public profile on Facebook, Broom had show whenever private, but I can't do things my private page. That would make my employer, look bad they'll, get rid of me and it has as the ability to step in and stop this, for whatever reason they decided not to which is- There is a bit of a backlash that coupled along with a great college football season. That's going on right now, now I am honest,
Admittedly, a Miami Hurricanes fan have been my entire life growing up in South West Florida in Miami that college football is more interesting. When the EU is back the turn, we're chain and all the other stuff that goes with it. So there is now an option for people to go back and watch really good quality Football Jura Football fan and excite in games with some of the best teams in the country, but mean you look at the top. teams right now and how they are playing in what they're doing and the teams there have to be there in the club. that Alabama Georgia Oklahoma? This is gonna, be again Play off, so there's a number of reasons why the numb numbers could be down for the NFL. There is no doubt that the political stance taken by players is hurt. Them people talk about unemployment, consequences, all the time If I say something that insult somebody that Not a bit my intent, but I know I've insulted that person. Political correctness dictates that I,
Sir, my behaviour, because the unintended consequence of my actions on my words offended somebody's feelings. Why I believe these nfl players when they took me many of them meant to insult the police officers in the stadiums that protecting them, or the men and women who have defended the country's veterans that show up at Fell games where the jersey of the team, they love and a hat the branch of the service they served, I don't think they met, hurt those people's feelings but for any of em. They did and instead of saying we ve got a message we want to get out and a this is helping get our message out and be. We never meant to offend people instead, many of them. Go and strong not can alter it. Will people are walking away for me it's about the controversy, I do this for a and I love it, I ll
of what I do, but sport as an escape for me. better at the high school level. Will my my brother and his buddies played Highschool football, and I was involved in the coaching staff at a very small way. My coach pop Warner football. It was the development of young men it was about learning to wear with grace and lose with dignity about getting kicked in the stomach with Disappointing loss Having your tears on the sidelines and day to get over it. but years later, realize some bad really happened. It was a high school football game and then sway. Sports is for people, it's an escape. Well, I don't want to go to my escape and be faced with politics. I want to argue with somebody else in the stands. Next to me whether or not nfl players should or should kneel. I don't want to talk
police brutality. I don't want to talk about hands up, don't shoot. We watch football. There's a backlash the NFL we used to print money. It had so much of it. Now there seemed a bit of a backlash NBA ratings up over Christmas NFL ratings down. Now then, the final son in Football game at a year indicator: neighbours! their act in the off season. I just think They need to do once again the holiday spending exactly how much of it was there. How good was U S economy. What does it say going in the election year that and we'll talk about the increase in homicide rates in America Glenn back. love courage, tree Glenn, back our enemies might permitted.
Glenn today, thanks for joining the show being a part of it, my name is: might brunette again from Phoenix Arizona wishing you, merry Christmas, happy new year, probably got big plans. Hope it's been a great holiday season. The holiday spending numbers are in coupled with growth we ve seen over the last year. Things are: good in the momentum of the economy going into twenty eighteen, but question this is what is so funny about. This is the question now politically is: who does it benefit. And it's so funny that we look at what the world that way We have seen sluggish growth for the last eight years. The policies are just different and it's ok to live I think they were wrong for America. There are many people that disagreed with me, because Barack Obama was elected twice. But the economic growth wasn't there in a lot of it has to do with expertise in focus. Brow
Obama said he was going to fundamentally transform America and I believe, that's what his agenda was to do and that's exactly what he tried to do economically. It would did not work. The way they had hoped They were warned about Obamacare and how bad it was going to be for America. They were warned that it would not worked away. They wanted to do it and it didn't. It was an abysmal failure. and and there's no way around those numbers. The even talk about me. Will it have health insurance that didn't and than those numbers may be accurate, not worth the expense theirs better way of doing things, there always is instead of listening, they just wit full steam ahead, emigre, the border policies, the Obama administration, against what a lot of Americans believed, but he was elected to is he was my president. I never said he wasn't.
But now we are seeing after those eight years, the president, the former president, giving speech making a statement Of the economy and talked about the growth in what was happening and then said, and Obama as if he put the wheels in motion and got this thing. Spinning and Donald Trump is reaping. The benefits of Brok Obama's work, people, laughter, gonna, try to say it, people on the left are gonna, try to believe it, but the amount people are not going to buy it. Donald Trump is. business man loving or hate him, that's what he is an he said the way to fuel the economy- is to give people back more of their own money. Don't for a minute think: was the white nationalist in the Nazis, that elected Donald Trump, that's unto elected Donald Trump, Donald Trump. One swing states by small margins, but Dates of people that he had no business and no possibility of winning how here
into those swing states and he said to those people, those working class families. Many of them Democrats. Two hundred and six counties. He's a we're, gonna, lower the taxes and the regulation on your bosses, so whose manufacturing jobs that pay between twenty and thirty dollars an hour. are going to remain here. You're bosses repatriate dollars. They won't take your manufacturing up other countries Bell expire. And the existing manufacturing outfits that they have here and we're gonna keep people you working in your jobs. In the meantime, Hitler Clinton was told don't come no West Virginia! Why? Because she told the american people we're gonna, put the coal industry out of business, then gotta, combined with government programmes and we're going to retrain the coal minors that have worked for generations of those coal mines to doing different jobs? No one! forget about you. West Virginia work
turn your lives upside down. We're gonna, get rid of the coal industry, but then gotta come in and train you for another job. She was told, don't even bother coming the West Virginia. So the american people believed Donald Trump, two hundred six counties that twice voted for Brok. Obama voted for trumps all the sudden, a racist. They voted for mama twice now they're racist, so don't believe that for a moment, so the end, Our first year was all disappointments. Can't get healthcare done Cancun. Healthcare reformed on Cancun, health insurance or form done well. That's because Republic We're dumb enough to put deadlines on themselves, then they got tax bill past. How they spending has set a record according to Mastercard, the american people between
refers to December. Twenty fourth spent eight hundred billion dollars, eight hundred billion dollars the highest spending in history Top four point: nine percent: every year, the biggest since twenty, eleven so you look at those increases. You look at the stock market. Five thousand points up in one year. For the first time ever in you ask yourself, how, in this day and age,. When you go into an election year. Is them mental, not on the side of the Republicans and I'll, tell you how, because We watch or listen to the traditional media. They will too but you either? This is a flash in the pan. This is an anomaly or this is something that is going to get the rich richer and it's gonna cry Down upon the middle class any day, that's launch or from the left.
Bernie Sanders says this is the worst thing ever for the american people, because Ten years from now, this is What's gonna happen with taxes ten year Some now. It's five sessions of Congress. You mean the two year term of a member of the house. of representatives. They are unable to fix. Whatever the impending doom, you say as possible. Will that's why the Republicans have yeah, that's what we have to have Democrats in charge is going to. The mantra. What they are going to do is they are going to pull the wizard of OZ trick on you, pay, no one gentlemen. Man behind the curtain pay now attention to what your wallet is doing. Dont, look at your feet. One I know right now: you're Fora Won T is up, oh by the way. If you own, a home area Tom prices or up over six percent first year for this, tromp presidency, I'm not.
This person, I'm not saying down because the saviour of the world I have mentioned yesterday. I have become a true. defender, because, traditional media won't give him credit for anything, and CNN what the headlines tax playing. path. Many Americans still sceptical Donald Trump gets too groups of ice cream, honest for dessert. Everybody else only gets one. These are actual CNN headlines and I'm gonna. A list of even more the MILAN it Trump, if you don't see that Newsweek said Millennia tromp orders. Two hundred year old tree cut down at the White House What really happened there The tree that is being completely supported by outside means. This tree is dead, standing it's a danger and it's a hazard, said the armrests
and taking care of it and propping up falsely for years, and it finally aids to come down before it just crumbled down and hurt somebody, but Newsweek reports, are you Trump old orders, two hundred year old tree to be ok? What's next Donald Trump kicked a baby. Today it is never know so I become a defender, but numbers speak for themselves and the America People will respond accordingly, I'm not calling it a walk over four Republicans. The region Look are known for snatching feet out of the jaws of victory over and over again the Republicans times can't get out of their own way. There is a tax planning that is going to save real people, real money and they didn't sell it to the american people, republican power It could lose money owning a bar in Vegas, I mean, is it just to hide their they can and they can
get out of their own way. Sometimes their pr depart. doesn't defend anything because they won't defend anything. They were Dare defend wealthy people in America, they won't dare defend the business owners by now or say you know, you're right, those wealthy business owners are getting a big tax cut. We are cutting TAT, on businesses. You know why so in pay, you more traveled around the valley. Here in Phoenix errs on, I travelled with the vice president in our governor one day and watch them talk with, While business owners about what would happen, if Tax plan were to pass this was months ago and free, small business owner had a different story. One was a dentist. He said, I'm not expand my business, but I'm gonna pay employees more he's a because in all the Sharon's companies dictate reimbursements and the costs go up so the wind, of what I can pay employs continues to shrink. So this
tax cuts will allow me to pay my employs what they deserve another Couple owned a garage and they had twelve mechanics, of Base will they did car repairs. He's we can I tools and equipment his It said we used to provide health insurance coverage for employees, but because of the cost of Obamacare in the increased costs and health insurance. We were unable to anymore this tax cuts will help us with that benefit. I could for our employees of further refurbishment companies, a husband and wife, one employee, said we turn work away, because we don't the employees to do the work. If we had this tax cuts, we can expand the size of our building were already looking at a piece of property and we can stop having just one overworked employee We can hire more people, then we can grow and do more work. They all had a different story. there was another insurance agent and wonder bunch a restaurant same story, reinvest in that business. Hey my employees more show them appreciate them major. corporations that America may
dating now, a fifteen dollars our minimum wage for their own company. Now falsely inflated nonsense, onus is going out to employees can be harmful, Democrats to stem the tide of what's gonna, look good for people next year. That's all I'm saying is what your hearing from the media is, that the democratic and I'm gonna walk over and take over the house. This is not the easy walk over. They had hoped for a special between now and June, when people see their tax go down their wallets, get fat or people spending jobs, increase, and pay coming up, eight and twenty. switch gear is just a little bit there. an increase in the homicide rate in America? One of that increase one neighborhood in Chicago. So we'll talk about that. We'll talk the differences in laws gun laws and otherwise and how it affects
the entire nation that comes up at eight twenty again. My name is might Broom had in this, of course, is the Glenn Back programme. Glenn Back Glenn back right cause and effect. Sometimes a numbers don't tell the whole story. Sometimes they tell you more than you wanna know Chicago Illinois, the United States, a nine percent injuries, roughly nine percent increase in homicides in twenty sixteen more one third of that increase came from the it in Chicago we're just one of residents live Chicago involved, I have seen violence rise. Who or near nineteen nine. These levels in the past two years, where other cities have seen a drop less annual dramatic drop in violence areas with thirty
none of the metropolis population responsible for one quarter of the thirteen percent drop in the nations murder rate the nation Capital has seen a decrease of murders. The war three journal analysis show that there have been taking place in sections of cargo, Baltimore we're poverty has worsened as well as areas with less police presence than in the past George Mason University Criminologist Research cited that the Wall Street Author showed that about one percent of the city streets produce twenty five percent of the crime. Five percent of the street produce half of the crime, couple things going on here: number one people are talking about the assault on the FBI by our president. While I don't on the entire agency, but we know that at least one person at the FBI was so biased, couldn't keep his mouth shut during the mother investigation into. In an investigating Hillary Clinton
to go down that road, but the media is saying that it is a horrible thing, the Donald Trump would say such things. President Obama Rick holder the I police sentiment that seem to permeate that administration? You look lack of respect for police officers that has permeated our society over the last few years, every cop, a good cop. Nobody thinks that as a vote, patient, it's in honourable calling them there is no higher calling, I believe, than those that would protect their community and I have got. I am unashamedly pro enforcement. I will call out about. Carpet a moment's notice. We ve seen the video evidence of a police officer shooting a suspect in the back and then moving evidence so that he could How to get himself out of what he had just done in murdering another human being, while wearing a badge that cop should be punished too.
Greater extent because of the power That badge and most kind would tell you that, but there no doubt. What we saw Michael Brow, hands up, don't shoot. Ferguson, Missouri was a lie: hands up She was a lie. It's a shame that Michael Brown lost his life. I mean that sincerely. Eighteen years old, I want you to think but what you weren't eighteen I know what I was eighteen I was different. The eight thirty eight and forty eight four only for me. I had those years too turn things around and be different. Michael Brown made a horrible choice in attacking a police officer not once but twice, and he lost his life because of it Eric holder went to Ferguson Missouri himself, and he met with protests.
and he said, I know how you feel. I've been re Billy profiled I've been pulled over my brother and I were stopped running for a movie in Washington DC and I was already an attorney, but because we Black and run down the street, the police stopped us, don't ever mind being known as an activist attorney general. Those are words from Eric Holder the part of the issue as an anti police sentiment, a disrespect for authority number one number two is a complete lack of respect for human life. Now I live in a state with a gun. Laws are as lenient as possible State of Arizona, if you legally Oana Hand Gun you Conseil it without a permanent. I maintain a concealed carry permit alike the reciprocity. I like the level of of our commitment it Extra hold that permit Efficiency.
But here in Arizona you can conceal a weapon if you legally own it and then many of those that thought when the law was changed, that that there be blood in the greece- and I'm here to tell you MRS safe place to live, we have our issues like any other city does but it is a safe place to live. Chicago has some of the most strict gun laws in the country so does Dc Baltimore as well. I believe. and yet some of the highest gun crime rates. Once again, it's not Tool they use the lack of character and the violent nature of the person wielding the weapon with behind the wheel of a car with a if a sword in their hand, a blow torch or a rifle or a twenty two pistol. it is the character of the person wielding the weapon.
But if Chicago Illinois is adding a third of the increase in homicides out of a couple of neighborhoods in Chicago whose fault here, while poverties at fault? No, it's not. I grew up in those neighborhoods I've. criminal element. I grew up in those neighborhoods. my mother, never let us equate poverty with bad poor with dirty. Randal Apartments, my mom always clean the place. Vacuumed spotless. And the fact of the matter is that it's a lie: no respect for any human life whatsoever. Those numbers are staggering: they should break our hearts that there a generation. The young men and women there are gonna, be lost in Chicago, maybe not all dead, but definitely lost
when standing behind a gun is the answer to a problem, it's a shame. People have children their past those morals or lack of them under their children. I want you to think about that number one third of the increase in the number of homicides and twenty sixteen of third can be attributed some Chicago neighborhoods. In all the end, is not an easy solution, but if someone wants to look at the guns as the problem you can disarm alot of people and you're not going to change what they do in Chicago. If this is the mindset of the people in those neighborhoods, I think something to me to really consider Mcconnell and his agenda, what he says, the agenda- the United States Senate will be next year, law
No, what Paul Ryan said a lot different than Paul Ryan is Mcconnell setting himself up for failure in the United States Senate and if so, Wilson but he get to him and Jane his mind. That's coming up before we get out of here, we'll talk about ISIS and just how far they fallen as well Glenn back this is the line that programme and you know that Mitch Mcconnell his kind of broken off Paul Ryan, saying that entitlement reform is going to be next on the agenda in the House of representatives they're going to work on the entitlement programs, one of the things that's happened with this new attacks reform bill, as we haven't seen a lot about tax cuts. Red maintain I continue to maintain, will continue to maintain for ever and ever and ever that we do not have an income problem in the United States Treasury. We have set
almost every single year. The Obama presidency four dollars into the United States Treasury not make those numbers up we have spent at over a trillion dollars and deficits every single year of that present, deposits continue no doubt about they are still deficit. Spending right now can't lay that at the feet of any Republicans control at all. Why do we start seeing spending cuts woman Mcconnell says that in the Senate the Democrats are gonna go along with entitlement reform which is not going to happen so they're gonna look at infrastructure. The president wants a bipartisan infrastructure bill. Why have a couple of questions about infrastructure. I thought we fix that with the stimulus package the shovel ready programmes that drove me out of my mind and here's the difference. If we ever, if you remember
President Bush and corporations that were too big to fail and a lot of people said let em fail when you meet too big to fail. Let em fail somewhat fill the gap. Not only can do that if proper bring those businesses up with billions and billions of people trillion dollars of your tax money was the way to go and those Businesses. You that money. in the wrong way. The american P, would be outraged and should be I'll. Give you an example of the difference between the two. Would the stimulus package with President Obama and the idea of fixing infrastructure in the United States highways expanding and then road signs up. That said, hey, listen! This is your stimulus dollars at work or expanding. This freeway we're doing this. That is not a permanent solution. That is a temporary job. So what you ve done is you fix him infrastructure and I'm getting to the point of the infrastructure in just a moment. The difference would be
is something that is a continuing revenue generator so for a private business that was propped up. By the stimulus package of George, W Bush for them that money in remodelled, corporate bathrooms and say: hey. Listen we hire. You know why, a contractor. We hired a bunch of sub contractors- and you know we spent sixty five radie thousand dollars, remodeling the the bathrooms, which is a ridiculously low number for an executive restroom, but we spend a few thousand dollars, remodeling the restrooms of the stimulus money. So we employ. it, probably ten people throughout that process to get thing done. Maybe a dozen people power over six months fixing up those core, Restrooms, but at the end of that six months, the money he's gone, saw those jobs as opposed to using that money to make sure that whatever it is that they do at that place, there doing better, and hiring more people in permanent jobs, so that
Money is an investment that continues to grow, as opposed to just a nice bathroom for people to visit a few times a day, with a shovel ready projects of a stimulus package did exactly the same under Barack Obama, we're gonna fix the road gonna. Do this we're gonna put some things in? How did they create jobs that carried on they didn't. But what we did according to the stimulus package from what I saw was infrastructure. It was going kill two birds with one stone. That's why had to go into so much debt. If you remember, we ve got a fix this George, W Bush economy, we gotta get Americans working again. So, instead of putting people on the public. Dull, we're gonna, kill two birds with one stone: we're to hire people to fix the infrastructure, as we know, the infrastructures crumbling in America? That's why we were told. Now we need another infrastructure bill, so I'm a little. To begin with,.
I am also a little sceptical Mitch. Ms reasoning here he said at an event. Last week. he would not expect to see the Senate entitlement reform next year. He said, I think that Democrats will not be accepted entitlement reform, so I would not expect to see on the agenda, he's worried about the demo, rats, killing these bills, Now, there's gonna be some that can and there's going to be some they can't, but As the leader in the United States Senate you're supposed to be able to set the agenda and then rally people around the agenda, can you get full refund support. You should be able to You get some Democrats, the support you should be able to, and some of us It's that are moderate. Some of those swing states and moderate states absolutely should be able to.
But what we ve done is created a system where no one is told no in Amerika. It used to be that the Republicans in that the cracks. Whoever had power got to set the committee chair? The boy and of the agenda, but in the and there was a negotiation process where they realize we had a small amount of money between us and what we're going to do is fight for the deal breakers and we're gonna hope that if we're in the minority that we are well to get some of. What we want is more What we want is we can, and we created as a society where no one is told. No, the budget's continue continuing resolutions. No, Oversight of the money, the agents, these are fully funded and then some and then they spend their budget so that we get more next year and we see huge waste, talk yesterday, on a clown school in Argentina,. And it wasn't a joke, so What are we doing turanian spending
yes, of course, you're someone who doesn't believe that we, have an into. You know that we don't have an income problem, the exam I've used many times on my show in Phoenix it I'll use it again. Now is a superstar, Elton John, and this isn T make fun of Elton John. This is a simple fact: Elton John went bankrupt, so it Michael Jackson, anybody think. Either one of those two people had an income problem course they didn't John still makes a huge income, his music still cells, millions and millions of copies it still played on radio stations across. Country, crossed a world. He still cells out, concert, arenas and gets page large sums of money to perform. What John did is what the american government does. He spent beyond hissing, credible income. He even admitted to that we know thousand and ninety hundred thousand our barbecues on the weekend at his house last
this parties all the time all over the world properties everywhere. One. they will do as reign in the spending. live reasonably with This means, which for most of us, would be a dream anyway, and the income kept coming because he is a talented, wealthy individual. we'll America is a talented, wealthy nation entrepreneurs. Highly qualified people forward thinking leading the world. Now there. by twenty thirty two I saw story. That's a China's overtake the american economy. Well, that's true or not. We don't know, but just giving idea. What idea we! You know what house much smaller are we then the billions of people that are in China or a third of the size of the chinese population and yet our economy leads the world and
I believe, will continue to lead the world. We are talented, highly, no other the country has got a very huge income. What we ve done it is decided, we are not going to tell anybody know when we're gonna spend outside of our means. The Republicans have controller terrified to bodies about entitlement reform there, go, balancing the budget again on the backs of the poor know we're balancing the budget where You gave tax cuts to the rich and now you're gonna be what's that off by cutting entitlement to the poor. Are right That's the way you want to see it that way, should see it? Look at yours, phone bill. Everyone should look at their cell phone bill once in awhile and take a look at the taxes fees that are attached to your phone bills. In it it has to do with the self free cell phones for people and programmes. In that way, and into I railed
The estate tax, the other day, I think it's ghoulish- I don't care if it's only on the mega wealthy in this country, where stealing from the dead, we have gone to such lengths, because we cannot keep up with the amount of money. We allow our government to spend a marrow It does not have a spending problem or an income problem. It has a spending problem and Mitch says: he's not going to take up entitlement reform, because the Democrats won't want to I think MRS Mckenna learns out of needs to learn how to fight. I think, Mcconnell should be up at the podium saying the Democrats want to talk about entitlement reform. While we continue to spend it billions and billions of trillions of dollars in deficit. Still, they don't want to. about getting rid of the abuse and the efficiency that goes within these systems? The Democrats want to keep bending a deficit low. Instead of fighting that way,
Macao out of the Democrats are going to want to do it, so we're going have to go to something else. I dont think It's the right way to be in leadership. Don't omits. Mcconnell never met him. personal axe to grind, not call the guy Satan Incarnate I'm just saying he doesn't sound like he's much of an effective leader right now, We he's already saying we're. Not gonna do this next year, because the Democrats don't want to you the leader of the United States Senate. It's your job to rally your people right. the year carcass. and whatever you have to do to drag some of the others with you, you need to do it. Some good NEWS, If you remember that, while as President Obama said the jail Squad called ISIS. they ran roughshod over the top of the Iraqis and took over a bit chunk of that country. They control the syrian border, the entire border between Syria and Iraq, while there's news about ISIS and what they ve asked John,
from the rules of engagement, changes that were made when President Trump took off so that comes up here in just a few moments. we'll talk more about holiday spending and, of course we can't go through this day. Without talk, about the Trump dossier and see an end to all that. Still coming up on the show I might broom this is the Glenn Back programme. Glenn back glad back no politics and the military clash a lot of times as well. Ask Vietnam veteran about that, and what I mean by that is I've always leave that in leadership. One of the best things to do is surround yourself with people that are great at what they do and then let them do with their great at Ronald Reagan was terrific. At this, I heard of all from all. People are gonna, be honest with you. Senator John Mccain was talking to me very early in the trumpet
didn't see and said that this is the best cabin you seen assembled in years and years and years and that the Anne and women, that the president had surrounded himself with were excellent people and you look at the foreign policy and I thought foreign policy was going to be a very weak point for press tromp at a time when the country he did somebody that was strong and international policy and foreign policy because of them That was made during the Obama presidency, and you know I'm not mean I register Republican, but I'm not a Haider. I don't I don't Democrats, I'm not just looking to bash Democrats at every turn, the foreign, policy of the Obama administration was abysmal. The fact that Carry was our secretary of state should make all hang our head in shame or laugh. Hysterically may be both. If you remember in response, I believe it was the Charlie Abdo Merle, that happened in Paris
if you remember it, was a week and a half before the Americans responded and the free our oldest ally in response. I remember like it was yesterday. I was doing my show my morning show and we, out at a home show here. So we were out in the middle of a home show an producer said to me: have you seen this video said. No, and I watched it, and I thought it was a Saturday night LIVE skit. I thought it was apparent that cannot be real, so it's real. The american official response to that project murders in Paris was on carry our son broteri of state took a Jew and Taylor to Paris. To sing you ve got a friend to the french people.
Do you remember me right now you're embarrassed as an american and laughing because you probably had forgotten about that that was foreign policy. the arrangements at every turn, shouted death to America throughout the process of the nuclear deal. The Ayatollah Speaking in public and the crowd, and the chant death to America in Farsi. He responded Yes, of course, death to America, one of Military leader is one of the generals from the these. Are the iranian Army it doesn't matter. What deal is ever struck? The Americans will always be our enemy Leave there are two hundred members of the iranian Parliament were voting. And during the vote members, our parliament, were shouting death to America just anti american build past one hundred and ninety nine to one, and I
agenda one vote for in our favour that guy probably was never seen again. So what every law of all of the iranian government. They shouted have to America while job carry and the present in the United States Nego behind the scenes to make sure that Hezbollah could sell. drugs in America and work punished for it. We now know that's true as well: Also, the president, the call ISIS the gravy squad, if you remember the Jamie why, then, that took over the entire searing iraqi border, major portions of the nation of Iraq, ices has lost ninety eight percent of the territory at once held with half of that too groups, so called Caliphate having been recaptured since President Trump took office, less then, a year ago, the massive AIDS come after years of erroneous rules. the onerous rules
the micro management by the Obama administration, the rules of engagement in rural Bob administrations, we're onerous, I mean what we're doing have individual targets terminations being conducted by the White House surround yourself with good people and then let them do with their good at that's what they ve done and they unleash the american military and we're winning, but about how it spending the Trump dossier. All that come up, next hour, stick around. Glenn back. love courage, tree gland back happy new year, Merry Christmas and the Glen Back Programme- and I might broom had I'm in Phoenix Arizona last day in four Glenn adopt Thompson will be an I believe, the next couple of days. So let's talk about first of all political mode
patient because we're gonna get into the holiday spending numbers, which should be good news for everybody in America, but it's bad news for some people. And I'm surprised at this, Is there always room for improvement there? Always it's one of the great things about our country is that is great, as we ve been, we find new ways to improve and take inventories better fact. Let me start there. We have our conversations in this country about things that are issues that should always be discussed here. I have a great power village, where I live to speak to high school students across this part of Arizona, and I go few times a year and speaking to social studies, departments, government classes, that kind of thing- and I dont give- speech. I would rather get questions from high school students and as much as we talk about education and there's a problem in our schools and and the dumping out of Amerika. I will tell you that the this
mushrooms that I go into actual there more assemblies that I go into your kids the same questions. We ask their concern about the same things we are concerned about and there are some real issues that are out there to be Thus, there is always room for improvement in your issue. Your problem is a real. Problem for you, whatever. That is. We talk about agent equality. We talk about civil rights, we talk about race relations, we talk about the algae BT community. All of these things happen in America and their vat, conversations, but I think, maybe for just a mole. and at this time of year before we talk about the money side of things right now, let's take some inventory. We to lead the world. Do you realize that we argue in this country about wage inequality, and we should? I have two girls that I. love with all my heart and I but those two young women to realise that if they want to accomplish something they
feel like their able to that. Their journey there should not impede their success as long as they are physically, intellectually able to do that. Job. And it's kind of an american principle the great time I think to be a woman in Amerika, I mean the We once Dean Al Frank and stuff aside, but mirror that with the rest of the world you know ones, Saudi Arabia? What the big changes are this past year and twenty seventeen The salaries of allow women to drive cars. I want you to think about Joanna just realized country now obviously Sitting under religious law in a lot of things that happen there, but think of the differences there on the conversations and how many decades behind right. They are when just now women are able to draw There are still many countries that we would do business with that women.
Or property than they are individuals. Look how far You ve come in leading the world in that regard, Saying we don't have a long way to go. I'm not saying that there are real issues that should be discussed, but for a moment at least recognise where we are and who we are the former president of IRAN Mock mood outlined in his job was at a u and assembly and decided to go and speak to you? firstly in New York City, while he was here and during the speech. He told these university students that there are no gay people and ran to which student body laughed out loud at him. and he was indignant. Instead, there aren't. The truth of the matter is there so we are, but therein hiding or they are put to death.
Does that mean we have? We don't have a ways to go or improvements can be made in the relations between the gay and straight communities in the way people treat, other in this country. No, it doesn't mean that at all times for a moment. Why not inventory and how we lead the world. in many ways: poverty. The poor in America, real problem real issue, I talked with a man- from I believe he was from Ethiopia. crossed into another country and was homeless there for seven years waiting for his He said to come through too come to America and get on a pathway to citizenship was homeless for seven years left his family behind.
And he must have said God bless America fifteen times in the short cabaret, from hotel in Vegas to the airport and talk about american politics. He laughed said. You know you guys argument college other names. We should each other in my country and be an almost there, it's not like being homeless here, days, lotta meal there, no shelter. The way we are in America leads the world in many ways we should always be king to improve, but why not least acknowledge a little bit of what you do and how we do it here. Because now looking for a moment at what happened. Or the holidays, Mastercard said: Eric spend about eight hundred billion dollars for the holidays record spending
four point: nine percent growth you're over year biggest jump. since twenty eleven consumer. Confidence is very high stock market. Setting record your formal one k, my for hey, I raise going up getting stronger, american business is getting stronger because he's can have more of their money back and yet. the Bernie Sanders of the world, the Paul Krugman of the world. The Nancy policies of the world are all saying this is deaf to America. This is doom and gloom. This is gonna, be horrible. Why politics. There's always gotta be a villain in politics. Right! There's Let me somebody that has to be that the government has to defend you against its the old argument of setting up the straw, man and then they're gonna knock it down. I talked with immigration, and then the man I met, who left his son when it was two years old. didn't see his son again until he was seventeen years old now
he's a citizen is children are citizen, he had a daughter was born here. The into home outside, LAS Vegas told me all this. The cab right God bless America, legal, immigrant,. immigration. This country is illegal immigration. Remember we are where we are deporting people in separating families, legal immigration separates families, I didn't see his son for fifteen years, nor his wife, and he just talked about what agree wife. He had that for all those years would raise his son and take care of his children until he bring her here and she did and after and went through the process of becoming a citizen of this country was able to bring his family here now they are all citizens and he has an American born daughter, any just kept saying over and over again God bless America. So. When the immigration argument, what you tell them illegal immigrants. What do you tell a man that spent seven years homeless, waiting for a visa and
Fifteen years, without seeing his family that now we're to take people that have stuck across the border and we're gonna make them in the same, give them the same. standing. He has. What do you say to the cuban they got on fishing boats and got on shrimp boats that crime in went into freedom, town and spent weeks. They are going to the screening process, become citizens of this country, the right way to do things the legal way. What are you those immigrants. When you tell and then a family that seeks across the border now is demanding in state tuition. all standing as american citizens. What do you say to them to the people that bear the expense. What do you say to the people that bore the expensive? All of that. But we have the argument and it's always us against them and in this case, all the dreamers in this country are good upstanding people that no
out of their own that I feel for them. I think the dreamer, deserve protection under american laws, but there is a price to be paid and there is a price to be paid because people who did it legally paid a price. It's always been my dream to bring my family to America, so I did it illegally, but I did it and now I want free. I want the same standing as the people that did it the right way. That's not fair. We are a nation that supposed to be fair, And yet the Democratic Party now is setting up the strongman. We gotta protected dreamers. We have to protect the dreamers on the Republicans from the report cancer shrugging their shoulders right now, and there saying we ve been work, with the White House and to President said you have. Six months to fix Dhaka. just blatantly the way it should have been done in the first place, instead of by executive order, I'm repealing executive order they have until March, and every
Public, the Congress is shrugged her shoulders and said you're talking about women working on this with the White House, we're working on it, not at all, protect dreamers. Why, election year, next year during the election cycle when something for the dreamers Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pollution called a victory for Democrats, because without them the dreamers would have added Text and the Republicans would have done to them what they did. The poor people by giving a rich tax cuts american power Six can be dirty and it's a shame. It happens on both sides of the Isle, but it's a shame. I'm I'm blown away, by the way where food by the sound bites of people in american politics. Have a long memory, its helpful. the anti trumps sentiment that permeate our society has gone to some very big length, very, very
You know its from the two groups of ice cream to other things, I ain't twenty. The obsession that CNN has with the Trump dossier And there is still one CNN reporter reporting that the Republicans aid for the dossier it is erroneous. Rony is its its harmful when we talk about some of this millennium trump being maligned for having a tree cut down at the White House, I mean it sounds silly just one more level of how their demonizing the sitting President The first lady, the United States, so all that come up- nine twenty low, but later on, I want you to author of a book. The soul Justice Warriors Handbook, which is a tongue in cheek, look at the politically correct in our world will do that before we get out of here as well. My name is MIKE Broom had in this is the blend back programme Glenn back.
land back. You know the the obsession with a Trump dossier in what's happened from the left. It's a great question. We ve talked about this investigation and independent on where you are politically again. We are picking sides and, to be honest with you this is one area where I haven't picked sides in what I mean by that is I've maintained from the very beginning, because was not all in as a team supporter. Now, if you listen to the show the last couple of days, it We sounds like I've been wearing, no make America great again, hat today one not the truth. Trump was not my first choice in the primary, not by a long shot, not at all he's the press. but now I want to be successful. I've been turned into a trump defender in the interest of Ruth, and what I mean by that is we hear nothing of truth from CNN or MSNBC or largely any of the publication. publications out there, the edge jaded its
and tied Trump and it's it's actually kind of silly and a little bit insulting to anybody who can see, but I, maintained from the beginning that if the president campaign on any level colluded with the Russians to change our election. The american people have a right to know if the laws were broken. Someone should pay Even if laws were broken, the voters have a right to know and the next election cycle. If the president colluded with or in government to change that the election. From the beginning. I was in favour of an investigation, clear, the air, let's hear what they have to say, but it look what this investigation is turned into its pretty clear that it has been slanted because The lead investigator, one of them Peter Peter struck is his name was anti trump of person, as you could have chosen for anything and everybody An opinion lol,
Horsemen officers have opinions you I have to be able to maintain. some kind of neutrality. Your decision making a detective will tell you Things are most important about being a detective. Number one is go where the evidence takes, you don't take evidence where you wanted to go, go where evidence takes you and secondly, it's not what you know it's what you can prove frustrating to a police officer detective on any level lots of things, do you like. They know it's what they can prove. Peter struck, sending messages with a colleague, Tom king about what a horrible person trump is this while It was investigating Hillary Clinton for the email scandal now
at the risk of insulting someone who knows better, I'm gonna explain something to you. Hillary Clinton broke the law, There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton broke the law. There is a room in every secure building. Top secret documents are kept there room is called the skiff anybody. That's ever been with a security clearance. Knows that there's a room while the skiff Topsecret top left documents confidential documents are kept in that room. If there are documents, room for you to read? They will send you an email that says you have documents in the skiff you, leave all of your electronic recording devices, your cell phone everything else, these outside of that room. You sign into that room. You read the documents that are assigned to you, you don't remove those. You mean you don't take photographs leave the room you sign out. You go away. If you remove the document from that room. It doesn't matter where you go with it doesn't matter. If you put in your pocket rip up flush it down the toilet, doesn't matter what happens removed.
document from that room is against the law. So world. We live in I'm fifty years old, the world we ve all grown up in that it makes perfect sense if here, Clinton had gone into the skiff taken a document? in that room and walked you're dead, can set it on her desk. Put it in a drawer, put it in your purse, didn't matter against the law. She did that digitally. She took documents on a private server that she owned and set up and transmitted and receive those documents amongst the people close to her. She broke the law. but in correspondence is guy. Peter stock is talking with this girl that says to him. Maybe you are where you are to stop or to protect. America from this menace, meaning Donald Trump and the possibility of them being elected President hearing spy there are many ways that he can protect his nation and hoping doesn't know if it would help.
This is when he was supposed to have an unbiased investigation into the Hillary Clinton scandal in the emails. He was also the guy us do interviewing Michael Flynn. Somebody tell me this is an unbiased investigation in the eyes of anybody. That's reasonable. So the obsession with the dossier they got. This all started. One scene reporter claims that this is in a story that just yesterday, Evan Perez told them Or viewers on Tuesday yesterday that the anti Republicans first funded the infamous Trump dossier. Not true not true. They had the organization that was hired. The getting the dossier done with information. Opposition research will once Became the nominee
no need for any Republicans to need. information. So this company went to the Democrats, Instead, we ve got it. Do you wanted the dna, He said yes, the Clinton campaign said yes, so they too, that information, the law, firm, represented both Dnc and the didn't campaign. They commissioned the dust, gate to be done that I see I was then created and now real questions are. Was that dossier used as evidence in a I support to get a fighter order. A veil, the Trump campaign, because a dossier has been debunked. There are accusations in that dossier against Donald Trump, that his lawyer produced evidence he wasn't even in the country when the accusations were made so if the door,
she's been debunked and CNN is still trotting out there as factual and be and went on their network claims that the Republicans paid for the dossier Utah me how the american people are getting an unbiased view of the news and the information they need to know, so they can cipher for themselves again, the babylonian Trump story makes me laugh of what they ve done to Maloney Trump as dumb as it sounds put out, it saying that Maloney Trump ordered a tree to be removed. That's too, four years old and the White House grounds and they report back as with no the treatment Going down four years it's being completely held up by actual means it being supported in its falling part, and it's a hazard just silly. What should meet an author my name is least today per these social. Justice Warriors Handbook: stick around
Glenn back this back programme actually being here with us. My name is MIKE permitted for Glenn for just a little while longer thanks in a part of the show Social, if you are social media user on Instagram, I am like broom at all. One word: I am the king, no blurry picture. So you follow me. Instagram MIKE Broom had is my handle there. I'm at Bay had show on Twitter, dont tweet might Broom had that some guy in great Britain is furious about getting my tweets, so I'm at Bay, had show on Twitter or the might brunette. Your fan page on Facebook is how you can reach me. You know can only give you my perspective on things that you'll know I've ever been able to do any of this. I come from working class family, my uncle's were Teamsters. I was born in Northeast Ohio, but grew up in Florida. So I say I'm from floor to settle, remember much about Ohio, but I still am cousins all over the MID West and
We saw there is a work ethic there. My uncle's were teamster. They were working class Democrats when I was a little kid. I've got no ill will towards the Democratic Party or people I believe in the ideology of the Democratic Party, where I have a problem is the people on the far left that believe that, because could be an example, because I am a second amendment, advocate that some Oh, I don't care about dead. Kids at Sandy Hook elementary. And I will I will tell you this just in regard to that one story, I was, the afternoons at kfyi and I do morning drive carefully I which station in Phoenix Arizona now I was doing afternoon, drive then I was in our newsroom doing, show prep. And the story of the sandy hook, shooting first came out and that there were I'm fatalities and another? entry school and, as the day prone, rest, we learned and saw that number go up and then we found out,
Then it was an entire classroom full of first graters that have been gunned down, and I for the first time I wish in my life, but definitely my career was speechless. I was so sick to my stomach that one of the people I reached out to was Glenn back And I said: how do you make sense of this? I have a three hour show. How do I go on the air for three hours and talk reasonably. About a young man who murders as mother at point blank range and then guns down an entire classroom full of first graters. so for anyone categorize me as someone who doesn't care about dead children, because I'm a second amendment advocate is probably the most
salting thing. That's ever been said to her about me. I can there's something in in in religion and in ministry that anybody that's gone through. A seminary will tell you is called apologetically. Apologetically is being able to defend your faith, it's not just of being able to tell somebody what you believe, but describe why you believe it and its import for anybody. If you were attended church, her churches doctrine to explain why you believe what you believe, but it's that way with anything so have a defence of my second amendment stance. I may defend why? I believe what I believe in a way I dont think making it more difficult for me we get a firearm makes us a less safe, excess, more safe countries met. Fact it's the other way around. And how I can maintain my strong stance on. Duck in amendment in my right to keep and bear arms and have it
they'll be consistent with wanting to end the mass shootings all over this Country, and yet for the people on the far left the fact I am pro second amendment means I dont care about dead children. That's where my problem lies that, because I am in favour of tax cuts for the rich the middle class, the working class. Whenever you want to call any by our, I am in favour of anybody getting more of their money back that somehow I don't care about the working poor in America, most of my Why was the working poor in America? So what feeding that political argument, this defeat If you are what I say, you are mentality that has driven me and makes me really happy to do this for a living I was asked less than a year ago to write a book which
really shocked me because I figured if I ever wrote a book, you would come with a box of crayons and there was a woman named LISA, deeper squalid who was an author? and she's written a book called Social Justice Warriors Handbook and she was tasked with helping me do this. So I want you to meekly subtly sorry there. Yes, Are you guys I'm doing? Well? Let's talk about it. First of all tell me about your book because reading your book is alot of four. There really is a lot in there that really made really did make me Ella. Well, I laughed out loud and a lot of things you ve written, tell me. The preamble to book. Yeah I mean I definitely want listeners to know that it is apparently essential. his warriors? But it's all trail Let me these are. This is the way they think they are really this outraged about. You know little things like this on babies,
old outside, and you know anything that you can. You can think of it and that's because you know once you start to monetize outrage, you can find it under a rock and its one read because you'll see a lot of truth in it, but I think it also like you're talking about before really show is when know the less playbook is, and that's just buy them coming up with ideas. It's just being like perpetually outraged. every family. Has this in its somewhere, whether its one person or the majority or whatever? There is political, argument is gonna happen during the holidays. That's going to involve Probably a little bit of wine at dinner and it's going, deteriorate into a fight, this book is actually away to kind of disarm that in a way, because it's a funny look at the at this social justice warriors yeah, I mean there's so much material there. You know, obviously to laugh at that's my wonder, just presented in a different way, because you don't I
Wanna, be angry all the time. I'm sure you don't want to be angry all the time and I think the best way to disarm that side into I'm gonna get new people. I'm thinking about these issues. They show them like look. This is what they actually, you know, believe it's funny it is funny. categorize in a humorous way. If someone got a sense of humor at least I can be able to see the humor in it, so you were asked and I'm not dealing with, because I asked you if you would write this with me when we were asked to write it, because, obviously I'm not an author, you figured that out very quickly and working with me, but really, but working with you has been a lot of fun on this book in the name of the book is if you're gonna be dumb, you better be tough and perfect title for a book did. I would write what was it tell me about the process of working with me? How did you like the process, it was interesting because you'd, I listen to you
hold your show, and I listened obviously whenever you sign for glenn- and you know you- I would get mad at you when you start to tell stories that are in the book because there's a lot of right, really good stuff in there, It matter you, if you talk about it on the radio or tap on the radio, a story that I didn't put in the book. So was always going to adding, adding, adding because That's where a lot of the really good stories are is not with you know, someone who's famous that you already know everything about, or that already prevents you know some pr version themselves the real stories are in everyday people and that's what what you are? It's it's the sting because I didn't want to write anything autobiographical. I think I've done that's rude. Nobody wants to read. Might that part of the story, but the lessons I've learned from the people that I care about the most and Hope that comes across. I, I think, you've done a very good job of putting the nonsense that we did four hours of talking into it and do it. You know what is a fairly short book, but I
appreciate the hard work that you have done on it, and then I gotta tell you: LISA is about writer she's written more than one book this social justice where's handbook is a really funny book if you want to get a great gift for somebody. You forgot somebody on your Christmas list. Where can they get your book as minds coming out until may get there and they can get the Social Justice Warrior handbook on Amazon they can get. my new novel by just came out in November caught. I wish I might if, if you're, like frustrated with women's magazines and women's media, is a novel and sort out its like that handbook, in that it talks about those issues but like in a more fun way. It's not like a pretty book about women's media is just like a fine romance. that also on Amazon and Despite me on Twitter rightly said, the EPA Lisa deeply twitter she's a great follow. There is well she likes to real people up, so I appreciated coming on for a few minutes. Lisa thanks for having me right thanks,
it's a day, while you can follow on Twitter, LISA D on Twitter. Again, I'm never thought would right, but I wanted to thank the people that are most influential glennis thanked into the book, an entire chapter about plan back in there and how he's helped me in many ways my backgrounds, obviously not enough Can I give you a list of listened over the last couple of days, you'll, probably figure out pretty quickly, I'm not a professional broadcaster, but I have had very good, people with me, my life and my and father was my biggest influence in my life. My grandfather was the male role model to me, and died when I was nine years old, and I can tell you stories that was that was, forty one years ago, I can tell you stories about my gun. and Father like they were yesterday when I was at three Public and national convention was the first time I had been in Cleveland Ohio since now, in seventy nine. I had not been in Ohio, since I was a very young boy, and I had been there since, and I
GPS put it on, though, in the car and I drove to my old neighbourhood area My old address didn't remember. My grandparents house did my best friend across the street. Didn't remember his house. I had to all my mom to get the address to find out where these people lived and driving Do that neighbourhood? I remember, driving down one street and all of a sudden, all came flooding back to me because there were memories of my grandfather and I drove down the street so there is the lake. My grandfather taught me to fish in all the memories were tied to him and now I've got four grand sons. and I see the Future NOS four boys and I wonder, forty years from now will remember stories about me any stories about me. Can I be applied so influence in their lives that they have been in mine. And also all these issues we talk about when I'm four Glen or I'm doing my show in Phoenix. They are
a face. Now you want to talk twenty trillion dollars in debt Elvis grandson is six and a half less than twenty years he's gonna be in the workforce in some capacity or another. What we turning the keys in all over too. and that to me is a big concern. Tucker When did something hysterical, we talked about one hundred races, things of twenty seventeen, so we ve got kind of top ten list and some things before I close it out here again Follow LISA De Pasquale on Twitter. She is LISA D on Twitter, grateful oh, you can find our social justice warriors Handbook as well and dumb talk about my social media coming up here in a few minutes I might broom had this is about back programme. Glenn back.
Glenn back thanks for many years. The Glen Back Programme on Micro headed Phoenix Arizona here for a few more moments. You know too, to have a sense of humor. some of the things out. There are its necessary so much college campuses so much and our high schools, but, to be honest, you I've seen reality. The reality is that kids are pretty bright, that not But our college campuses decide themselves with idiocy, but what's funny about it is it's that small minority that seems to be speaking for everyone else. It makes sense. We have a twenty four hour new cycle right now, we're everything has to be breaking news: they're not gonna puts but in a college campuses on this. As you know, I really do wonder about what's going on our countries. Sometimes I really hope for the best, and I try to vote my conscience now. They're gonna, but the person on with the old fort, Color hair that looks like their face formed in two fell into a tackle box that gets on in
actual bout, social justice and a nonsense so tunnel Charles into a pretty funny, look and a hundred different, This is things of twenty seventeen and they really are hysterical. The the amorous, trees and palm springs. California, if you're a golfer and or like me, someone who thinks there a golfer You realise that when they lie in a fair way with these trees, it's as much about Protecting the houses in the things on the other side of those trees is anything else, because I have The ability to hit the ball really far in the wrong erection so they lie. The fair ways with these trees. Will they come the trees racist, because this is a goal. Course, and we know only white people Gulf and it's a classic blue. neighbourhood and the other side of the trees so to shield the white people from seeing this blight earlier, yea that was one of the big races things of twenty seventeen which it when you look,
How it works is pretty funny they talk about. Ice cream truck song being racist credit scores, our classically racist white people have good credit, non white people, don't and scar insurance crime statistics and the list goes on and on and on, but what it does, what Tucker did in this, and I am he is growing on me more and more by the way, I actually I'm a fan of Tucker Carlsson and. What it's pointing out is once again one more thing, compounded on how we can be against each other Here in Arizona we had asked me ten: seventy, which is probably the only Senate Bill, ever remember the number two ever an aspect seventy was our immigration law change here years ago, largely held up by the Supreme Court parts that were defeated through the federal courts and what the intent of ass be ten. Seventy was to do
was to give law enforcement in Arizona one law in which to go by so that you weren't in sanctuary cities, we're going to happen and that you weren't going to go from one jurisdiction. There, with immigration laws being enforced differently, but what it turned into was. political battle. What if you would listen to people, you would have thought that an error when we had race wars in the street that we were standing on opposite sides. Straighten, throwing rocks at each other, and it's just not the As this is a wonderful place to live in most communities in this country. We have our differences like most people, on this country. We have our differences with others, but we just want people to be able to co exist. You clean up your backyard on clean up. My backyard what they all of you for joining the show. Again, I'm at broom had show on twitter, but might bring add: show fan page on Facebook or might broomhead all one word on Instagram. If you'd like to follow me, it's been a pleasure always to be on glad. I love the audience for Glenn back, for the interaction have a blessed and very.
Be safe new year and happy twenty eighteen. Thanks again, everyone for having me be a party or show God Bless, Glenn back
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