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12/7/17 - Moral High Ground & Principals (James Q. Whitman joins Glenn)

2017-12-07 | 🔗
Hour 1  Dec 7, 2017... another day that will go down in infamy... The left is owning the moral high ground; that's what happens when you abandon principles...it's not 1965 anymore? ...Is the media trying to be more 'credible' and more fact-driven? ...getting back to principles ...'Al Franken Democrats' are changing the party...6th accuser comes forward ...Update: Bitcoin just hit 15K...new futures market coming for Bitcoin...Glenn will explain...Flashback to 2016: 'Family Guy' episode predicted Bitcoin ...Throwing the Clintons 'under the bus' will soon be a sporting event for the Democrat Party??...Character will matter again...their 'Tea Party' is rising to crush the old establishment ...Glenn's Future Markets of Dirt Bags?...Grandpa Joe leads the pack?    Hour 2 Glenn was wrong about this one?...President Trump hits it out of the park...high praise for US Embassy move ...Book: ‘Hitler's American Model’ with author James Q. Whitman...the making of the Nazi Race Law and the United States...new exposure to the Nuremberg Laws?...The days of George Bernard Shaw...We must learn our history ...Guess who's having a really good day today? ...Heads are spinning over Bitcoin... remember 'pigs get fed, hogs get slaughtered' ...Bitcoin is larger than Home Depot??...Don't dump 'a lot' of money in it ...   Hour 3 More tech for the kids...Facebook releases a Messenger app for kids as young as 6...what the heck do 6-year-olds need to message each other about??...hooking them for the long term...algorithms and your children..,Warning: YouTube Kids app is under fire...beware of disturbing content disguised as your kid’s favorite show…Television has become sort of a 'safe space'...kids are not watching TV anymore ...It's the 1960's all over again? ...Al Franken officially resigns ...Piña coladas and safe sex??   The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand. Love courage, tree Glenn back December seventh but day at will, in infamy jam he's bombed Pearl Harbor in nineteen forty one and today December, seventh, thousand Seventeen Alfred It will show the world what it looks like to be thrown under the bus now to be clear, I'll frank and deserves every bit of what he's getting care. Dear matters, Frank and clearly doesn't deserve the title of the United States. Senator call me old fashion, but I don't think groping in fondling women against their will is Sir conduct befit senator or even a man
in a moral man will suddenly become moral. Just because you know his secret has been ousted. They can't just in front of a mere and say need all. Look, I'm good enough. I'm smart enough in gosh darn it people like me and wait for the six Committee declare no harm. No foul. However frank, is clearly the frank, is clearly the sacrificial lamb here. Do I do. I doubt the suddenly. We know a newly found scruple, of the Democrats yeah. I do I do there is a change going on, but when it comes the people in Washington d- I don't- I don't, buy it at all, Frankenstein announcement was conveniently chosen a full day after a whole. Slew of Democrats called for his retirement, the intent. Clearly to allow a good portion of the party to be able to say, hey this guy is really pad. We do so to do the right thing for women and America,
Sorry, but if you're really sincere, you cared about the safety of women, you would have done this after the first woman came forward, the second to the third. Fourth, fifth, you would have done. Swift Bill Clinton we're now the six women. I don't think this is for safety of women or for morality at all. With this may What this was made for is. To drive a stake. And say we're the party of while the Republicans our driving a stake into their own hearts. What made this even more convenient? Is it all comes just a couple of days after Republicans and Mass decided to start endorsing Roy more? What are you doing, The motive for this announcement today is clear. Frank, is thrown under the bosses, sacrificial lamb to regain the moral high ground. That
have been losing cept since September moral high ground that they haven't, Since Clinton was in office, but the way there Theo p is handling things though, I not only on the moral high ground, they'll be entrenched and fortified with concrete bunkers, and we we're going to be the bad guys. This is what happens when you abandon principles, its actual we justified to have Frank and step down, but it's also, Stu viable to call the left out for their motivation here, regardless the Democrats intention if the GEO P does not begin to focus on character. They continue to handle things like Roy more the same, they can kiss the moral high ground, good, bye character, actually matters.
And those in the g o p. You better start remembering that. Otherwise December seventh twenty seventeen will be known as your new day of infamy it's Thursday December settle this is the Glen Back programme. I really want it. I really want to talk about this, because there is something that is partially, sincere, that is, happening with the with the left. I think the close We get to Washington the lessons here. It becomes I think there is something to be said, you know. It's amazing. Really amazing.
Is in some ways what happened in the nineteen sixties, where The Republicans were the ones who were, they were always the one standing up for civil rights always always always. And somehow or another they switched sigh it's always on what happened. Because the the Dixie Craps became Republicans. That's the story. So these guys, who were word the Dixie crap they go over to the republic inside and the rip Lincoln's after being for hundred in some years after Being the ones they were all ways for equal, eight. They were always for you, no, no! No to water fountains. This is insanity. All of a sudden they lost, and they look like the bad guys.
What's happening to us right now right now. Why. Did have you read what I'll frank and has said Alice, you can has said I am sorry the people who are accusing him said that he has actually said the words I'm, I'm famous If this is just so, you know some of the perks of being famous. That sounds familiar those, and I heard that I thought, while that sounds, I dont know exactly like AL frankness. When we saw him at the airport in two thousand for exactly right. I thought two things one: the airport I've heard that from him before we standing in the airport, and we do it. There was a huge line. Is everything was b to delay the two thousand, for I will call Casus yep and everybody was trying to get out, and I mean I'm standing therewith Vienna of.
NBC News and everybody else. Everybody, along with people who are just trying to get out of of Iowa that day, the entire airport is swamped and everybody's mixed together celebrities and non celebrities. They left regulars near the elaborate who was crazy and L, Frank and is in the line in front of me, and he actually leans across the table. Any says: look, there's to be some sort of correct me. If I'm wrong, surely surely there must be some system mechanism mechanism? Yes, for surely there must be some mechanism for people like me. The if the person behind the counter said. What do you mean no, methods of overbooking, airports and air security like everybody ass theirs. And what are you talking about? No there's not so we ve seen that before he has
placed himself outside of the general population. We see that but we also have heard that on a bus with Billy Bush, so I thought of two things: Ah, I remember Al Frank in saying that But I also remember the President of the United States saying something like that. So how are you did you give me your? Why is it so similar Why is it so similar because L, Frank in said it's one of the perks. I can grab me wherever I want and Donald Trump said: hey is just one of the perks I can grab them wherever advance its yeah. It's interesting, I mean, I think you know, rob was more of a say: I'm a celebrity, so women will want.
And they're, not gonna, say no. I mom the man the letter you do whatever you want. But you do what everyone not necessarily mean that you know you could our obviously means that he's going go grab everybody and no one has ever saw him, but it struck me as more like I'm, the man Women are always going to say yes to me because I'm so great like it was a bracket dose yes, sort of way of talking about how you could go up to any celebrity and then all be in doing right where break. It is more saying that, like it's, I get it. I am exe. Used for my behavior, because I am a celebrity not that bad you're be into it it s. You can't do anything because I'm up important I did see that a little bit of a shade of timber may there, but it may be still still than one hears. I think as they both admitted, whether its true or not, one side is rejecting it and one societies embracing it once I'd tolerated, but now, with Roy more
meaning you know it's it's it's not! Twenty fifteen anymore and it certainly not, nineteen sixty five Now, with Roy more I'm, I'm telling you, I am really concerned, as I looked at it yesterday, I more did he thought what does it mean to be a conservative? What does it mean to be republican and I've decided I'm not a republican, but I'm I'm telling you the vis, is changing everything living. Let me explain: Lenny gloomy switch gears and I want to come back to the sexual harassment thing with, because John Conyers stories unbelievably seeing what came out of John Gunners I've seen wage much of John Conyers in the bow. In my brain them has three weeks. It's unbelievable! What's coming out about him, so. Let's come back to what the Democrats are doing with the perception of their all four women, Gay Andrews wisdom, it specifically with Bill Clinton at a view-
below cost at a very low, and so, let's let Look at the media. Remember when this first happen, I said: don't make the mistakes laughed, don't make the mistakes that we made. And one of them was you won't? You push so hard your neck. I'm going to get people to listen to you, okay, few, just if you become a birth or in your own way, you will, you will separate yourself and there will be no coming back from it. What has happened to us? According to this new study, the right has become much more willing to go down conspiratorial lanes, and in the last year they are becoming more and more pushed to the edge.
Of the fringe gay. So are becoming more radical. If you're on the right. This is Doo You know, according to a new study, it's happening on the left on the left, the trumpet Mr has made the media, more credible. More. People who consider themselves Democrats believe the media than they did before. And I noticed yesterday when we were talking about, It was the Washington Post last week that did a couple of things and then who was o ABC News? remember when the news director in Washington DC just right then the riot act. It went into the newsroom and there is a type of it somebody recorded and he was just Ike. You ve done me Damage by you
Are you going on television and having what's his neighbor, I'm Ross Ryan Ross say this Cuban done more damage to a b c and you have done more damage to the news. Industry, then, Donald Trump could ever do. I have to to you about this over and over again. What are we doing? Your job destroying us. You ve got to be right, you don't have to be first, you have to be right and he really read them the rider, and I read that and I thought, okay for the wrong motivation. You know their motivation of being accurate is just because they want to stop Donald Trump, but it Lee they are now trying to toe the line in a land as soon as their guy gets in, but they're trying to toe the line because they know their credibility is at stake. Well, that is making an impression with liberals, and so now liberals are being driven right. Into the arms of the media
while the media is trying to be more credible at the same time, granted. You know it. You could say with their only goal of trying to get rid of Donald Trump. They are true to be fact driven, because they know they ve gotta have their case buttoned up, because the world is watching guy we're getting further and further apart and we're getting further and further apart on reality, all the world. In Amerika is changed. America has changed over the last six six months ended. It has everything to do with men being abusive, and are we truly as a group of people, conservatives who are the ones who stood up and said? Oh, this is wrong. What is happening. We always been the one standing up and saying: no, the national organization only is representing political point of use.
What about listening to the women here, We are now going to lose that why. We're gonna lose that because we think it more important to hold the power when we, MAC. I want to share with you what people are saying on capital, heal the Democrats or saying Capitol Hill about Al Franklin, the demo- that's are now saying the only A win is to actually two principles: the Democrats, that's are saying that. When we hear about to have a bloodbath, for a very long period of time and you're about to lose every body. If we don't. Go back to principles
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Happened at a media matters party during Obama's first inauguration and she said she had been married for two years at the time I saw ALF Rankin, I bug, celebrities for pictures when it'll make my foster mom happy. She loves, again so as to get a picture with him, we post for the shot. He immediately put his hand on my way grabbing a handful of flesh I froze than he squeeze at least twice I dont let my husband touch me like that in public, because I believe it diminishes me as a professional woman Alfred familiarity is inappropriate and unwanted was also quick. He knew exactly what he was doing. It shrunk me. Like I was no longer a person or only an ornament, no matter you'd, you don't matter, and I do he wanted to copper, feel any dead demonstrated that he didn't need my permission now She comes out and she didn't want to come out because she thought you know he would just me
resign when others did and so now, she's added her voice. To this I I want you to hear what she writes about what happening in the Democratic Party today it is the same thing. That way, happening under Bill Clinton watching Post headline, I'm a feminist, I study, rape, culture and I dont want ALF Rincon to resign in it. It was the argue. That Steinem road twenty years ago? These are our guys. We have to protect them because there is a risk one of em already be replaced by a Republican if we set precedent in the interest of demonstrating our party solidarity with harassed and abuse. Women were only the drain, the swamp of people who are flawed, still regularly vote to protect women's rights in women's freedoms. Now it's easy. It's easy for us to say that's crazy.
How did she get somebody who's, not abusing women but This is the same argument and not not even on women, but on other issues that the and the right have been making the parties have been making to the american people for a long time she's to go in to Bill Clinton, and what's coming for, Bill Clinton and I think she's right more. Second. Glenn Back this- is the Glen that programme welcome to the programme, there's another thing that we have to talk about today and who and that is bitcoin-
put some money and Bitcoin I'm sure you're watching it, but it just flip to six eighteen thousand per coin life by fear, twitter feeds and Facebook fees are filled with people who are like many people who said hey, I was listening to you guys when it hit seven thousand I was, I thought it was too late, but I put some money in and now I have more than doubled it stuff like that in a lot of you black hair. Remember you talking about it when it was alive hundred and its now. Sixteen thousand in the last year I could have made sixteen times my money. If I pulled it out today. And you can go back to people who ve hurt us talking about it. It doesn't fourteen into doesn't fit out. I mean they hate those people when it when we were saying you know why four hundred dollars but money in that an end of some people not doing it ass. You saw it's I got in, and eleven hundred and you know I was telling you to put money into it. You know
and a hundred serves stupid it made by with its growing. It's making me very uncomfortable right now, but we explain why but a minute, there's, there's a new futures market that is opening up on Sunday and tell you all about that coming up. In a little while and we're going to do, a lot on it for television were going to explain the futures market and Beth going and what's happening and your choice If you read it, will give it tonight. At five o clock. Don't have an answer for you, I can explain it I don't know what to do. It's a complicated world right. We talk about world, crazy cannot issues world strife, sexual harassment, you don't I do sometimes, but when I go home this last night. I liked it sometimes just slip on the tv right before bed and watched, something
honey and mindless rain, something just that takes my mind off of everything. Yes many times that turns out to be for me, family guy I like to do that. Just take my might offer completely. However, I am now starting to believe that I should be considering that time as research time may, I might need to close Why would I want one in my guy? We watch now at least you family guy situations in which they predicted specific sexual harassers. Yes, Kevin Spacey and harm you. Insignia Sinclair, listened This clip from January, two thousand sixteen from family guy, play, Mama savings get smaller and smaller. We really got to figure out a better way to budget his family's, giving shy wow, we were when others are currently. Finances are in a bad situation. We need to find a way to plan for this family bitcoin. What was the price for
four hundred and forty dollars a coin when he says you know it's weird about this is their story today. That is out that I will share it later. The story out today that I think a lot of this is being fuel by people who are like. You know what I never gonna get ahead. Never we're gonna get ahead. I'm just gonna, I'm just gonna. Throw some money into this thing when Was two hundred thousand two thousand five thousand Andrews gonna put somethin in and there watching their money grow. And that's why this is really is really. Taking off there's something else that you need to know that unless you're an investor Armenia, unless you somebody's really paying attention, you probably don't know big a big happen in happened in this weekend and will The about coming up in just a minute our rights, reading this woman, who just accused Frank and who Franklin immediately out your mind resign today. Little bit because he initially promising he's gonna result.
And then his official Twitter account certain responding to reports saying he is, family right now no decision has been made written retract, your report- it does Let me they're thinks like what who is one in these situations? Are you can make this argument legitimately? Who is one who will be the people who have? Are I mean certainly Donald Trump Right, Donald Trump was accused by bunch people. Now I think, there's it was a political campaign. It's hard to really decipher what whose real therein who isn't of the UK's users, but he said, nope never did anything that anybody any one now Can a sort of admitted parts of this need people who come out and say? Well, I did do some things. I'm uncomfortable with the news I can t about my motivation, but it only matters how they feel in the situation. In all the weird things he said, turning to excuse himself, those people wind up, getting fired people have turned on him and have said,
No hate leaf, but remember you and your talking about this with the with the way the Republicans have reacted to this another embracing Roy, more Roy, or an Donald Trump. When these accusations sort of coming out, Republicans did call for them to resign. They did call for them to down, but neither one of them actually listened. That was the only difference. Yeah and then Republicans. Obviously, none of it was principle was all because at the time they fought thought Trump was gonna lose, so they want to be on the right side of that when they thought well, maybe he s chance. They came back to him remorse. In theory. They thought he was gonna lose navigators. And stick up to and their coming back to your own political calculations or to have them in ok, so now. I want to say this with an understanding that the Democrats have nothing to lose hearing everything again gay throwing- Clinton's under the bus custom, nothing now, in fact, I think it would make, might even in cause them some glee,
oh they're mad at Hillary Clinton for losing their mad, that they put up with all that crap for so long and what they have at the end of it. Nothing, and so I think it's actually. I think people on the left would like to pound the Clinton's a little bit, so it doesn't cost them anything. So I want to recognize that first, but I want to show you the game that is being played in Washington. I think their people, in America that vote Democrat, that our sincere about this the Atlantic. Listen to this. If Democrats demonstrate our party solidarity with harassment, abuse and abused women, something bad will happen. A women's rights. Are you kidding me, Is that why there's a slush fund on Capital Hilda settle sack sexual harassment claims with tax payer dollars because of feminism? I've heard this. In private to and it's about protecting power and asking them- to understand the larger goal of, maybe maybe protecting them sometime soon
well. I have a radical idea, maybe MC can replace politicians who harassed and abuse women with someone other than an abuser thereon. A good men in the world. I married one. I work with many more do we really believe our talent pool will dry up and our caucus will be non existence once we kick out all the creepers, I don't what, if texting men who harassed and abuse women isn't actually good for women I'm no longer going to defend bill clinton- and I am ashamed I ever did- but I'm condemning or admonishing Hilary. I think we all make choices that seem right at the time. I don't feel like pummeling. Her will be with my privilege of hindsight, but there is a wrought in the Democratic Party and its not just it's not just bad men and exhausted women is it. Chose Bill Clinton over the women,
original regional sin lost us. The election of what we all assumed would be the first female president of the United States. So true, if Clinton would have walked away. She would have had. She would have had credibility, If she would have just said, look, I'm not gonna ever deal with this in public, but she out of the White House on the day that she you know who found than she had been lied to us all. He said from that. I remember you saying at nineteen ninety nine serves or whatever that was whenever they glitter Was it really, I guess you're right it was. The initial when ever the blue dress came out. Ninety eight or nine, and he had to go talk to her. Remember that guy I at the very next morning, she's blown it. She thinks she's playing a game for president and she think he's gonna win, but this will actually be the moment that decide that she won't when and how Why
if she would have walked out and done a press conference on the other side of the gates of the White House, with the White House looming in the back. And she says want women to hear me. No woman, no wife should ever ever have to go through what I just went through. Now. I want you to know what happened Between me and Mr Bill Clinton is one thing and whether we get back together or we break up with be decided by us in us alone, I won't be addressing this any more. However, Are we ve got a long road back to recovery and I need a break I need some time away. So I am leaving the White House today. I dont know how long I'll be away, but I am work on our marriage, but I dont know that means today, I want to send you a message one. He said
My president he's my president. My husband is a different story I want you to know you need, separate those two things in your life you need to understand. No person should ever be treated this way, that's the last word all have on this ship, could have been gone for a month. She would have been an icon. She would have been an icon but she chose the easy way and everybody just embraced it. She said this woman goes on in my soul, searching I did feel the need the Knesset city of this moment in history, as a Democrat and as a woman to tweet Monica Lewinsky. Sorry, she clicked like.
I think they are going to turn on the Clinton's and they have nothing to do. Remember this. Is a party that's tearing itself apart and what is happening in the Democratic Party is a teapot. Melvin Movement in a day. Sort of way it is a movement of people who de the party in disarray see that it's just nothing, but an a group of all the guys that are doing whatever they want and are not listening to the people. The our generation is like. No, I mean these things, I'm sorry, Gloria Steinem. I actually mean these things are not playing that game anymore. Cause it doesn't work They are going to clean out the party cuz. It has there's no cost to it. At this point gonna clean this party out and they are going to become the champion of women and Republicans good luck! Good luck
all of the hard work that you have done where you have stood it will be it will he taught in school, then we're the abusive party we're the bad guys, that's what's gonna be taught to our children and our grandchildren. And if it will never be just like it's never taught that it was the g o p that pushing the civil rights movement it will Ruby taught that Republicans stood up against Bill Clinton I firmly believe we are here in this space today, because of what the country decided to do with Bill Clinton to say character, doesn't matter it does It just hasn't in the last twenty years, but it's it's all new, again wow character matters just at the time that the rip
Lincoln's, the same old group of doubt, the old white guys that held onto their power during the tea party. They crushed the tea party. I think the Democrats are having their own little revolution and their tea. Party, if you will- is crushing the old establishment, the is the moment that they're going to crush that old establishment and there come out renewed. We, instead reset the old. Frosty white people. And instead of being a new party, we became the Democrats like party so my patriot supply
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route. Two hundred seventy one sixty three eight hundred two hundred seventy one sixty three or order online at prepare at preparewithglenn, dotcom, dependable emergency food storage aid. Two hundred seventy one, sixty three prepare with Glenn dot com. Glenn back. Climb back The real question is when, if I had a bad if I was opening a futures market on which do Bag in Washington is gonna, be next Top of my list is Joe Biden I mean let we creepy Joe, has been creepin people for a long time and we we used to make jokes about it. All the time
look at this creepy. This is one of the ways of these accusations. Work, too, is that when someone comes out makes it accusation, people just go back to look at all the things they said and all things they ve done and they find it, few moments that warrant related to this and some of its happened with even now frank it. They were better funding, comedy sketches where he did things that were shady and and the people where women were not. I was part of the bit had nothing to do with it being shed even look so bad with Joe is soon as somebody who accuse us of something they have so many things on tape or he's I've hugging people to close it in their face and people in their laps. If, if this, you know were Bitcoin, would be putting all my money on a rise in the price of Joe Biden being Ape poster child in Washington, Glenn back off
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a calm slash. Do it's a better way to cook. Love, courage, tree Glenn, back to work. I can't believe I'm saying them today, Donald Trump delivered this is why I can't believe I'm saying this. You know I've three words technically to want to make that. No, yes, are true, delivered sorry and a good if, with math the reason I say I believe it is You know I've said I'm gonna call em out when he's wrong, I'm gonna column. As I see him, praise him when he was right, there's no way in Hell. I I think I on record, saying there's no way in Hell. He's gonna do any of this with Israel. He did it formally recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and vowed to move the. U S embassy to the holy city of Jerusalem through all of these years. President's representing the United States have declined
to officially recognised Jerusalem as Israel's capital. In fact, we declined to acknowledge any israeli cap at all today, we finally acknowledge the obvious that Jerusalem is Israel capital This is nothing more or less than a recognition of Rio. It is also. The right thing to do is something that has to be done: All that's that's. Is it's gonna end the same way as the Ronald Reagan thing did either in horrific, flee the fire or really good. Things were Ronald Reagan. Step the plane said this: evil empire needs to be destroyed, that was a pretty brave and bold statement to make and very controversial. This is the same kind of statement. Very brave move, one that
Gonna be praised for and vilified for, I'm glad he did it now dash of sky this ism. It really means nothing more than the bare ears memorial. Obama set up here he doesn't actually move the embassy he's. Got to move the embassy, because otherwise the next president can come into go yet how we do away with it was crazy, so a move. The embassy gotta move it before he's out of office, which could know knows it could be another six years it could be tomorrow. We don't know so. He's got to move the embassy, but as of yesterday. I stay and corrected and I'm happy to have been wrong on this one It's Thursday December seven. This is the Glenda Programme
so stew to in a book that he was reading and said here, and all of this Hitler's american model as Hitler and got the Nazis. Of course, I'm gonna love. This the United States and the making of Nazi race law. This is a really important book for four several reasons, none of which because of the person who authored it, a professor at Yale LAW, James Wit, It is a very thoughtful book, a scholarly book and one that I think he's he's, probably not over cautious I've, just reckless ii the point over and over and over and over again, this does I mean the Americans were Nazis or anything else. It just is documenting how much the Nazis loved are racist laws, the Jim Crow days and the progressive era not good?
Women is with us now, author of Hitler's american model. I hold not James yes, I'm sure you ve read how you hold up pretty well for now, the book is, keep me hey I I bet it is I would imagine that there's many people on the right that are saying this is nothing but an America bashing book and those on the left. That may be are denial that they don't want to see, you expose you know after you are for You know his. You know that the outdated thinking of that era. It is true that the book is created some discomfort on the left in no doubt about that. In know logo what there people on the far left have been quite excited about what I have to say in the book it's it's true enough, though, that that when the Nazis were looking at the, U S and the early, You can read my book it only by the only nineteen thirty it was in an era of substantial Nazi
interest in the New Deal administration and an occasional admiration for Franklin. Roosevelt, that's absolutely true and a little bit hard to swallow? Obviously, fur Latin Americans now to Stew read that this is just unprintable six read the thing you run into the page six. You tie the we ve now long known. These strange fact that the Nazis, frequently priest, Franklin, Roosevelt and the new deal government in their early nineteenth thirties after receive distinctly favourable treatment in the Nazi press until at least nineteen thirty, six thirty seven lottery. The man who had seized dictatorial, powers and embarked on bold experience in this experiments in the spirit of the fear. Some Things were said more broadly about what was sometimes labelled in the nineteen theories. The fascist new deal the gloves Berlin. Illustrated magazine, seized from a jewish pop publisher and converted to a kind of Nazi Life magazine, ran heroic photos. For its own Roosevelt, while nazi rags like will empower the newsletter of the Hitler. You too,
I am as a revolutionary who might fail only because he lacked a discipline party army like our fewer, so turned to end Roosevelt and in some regard this was the new kind of thought, the dead. You know from Germany in the eighteen hundred to America? This idea of of straw, state and fascism was had not been discredited. Yet, if you will like it was under Hitler. So, he wants to really recognize. That, though James do speak for anybody else, but the fact that they are, I mean that important to say that the Nazis were wrong about whether if the Euro is a fascist, ITALY were wrong about a lot of other things correctly. You know they ended autumn Britain to say that that that Germany, like the? U S was facing the great depression in some ways is not surprising that they came up with some similar programmes.
Now that you know it and are now regarded, is not very effective, but at the time with the best people could could come up with you know. Is it This is not a story of her of the deep blood. Who'd between between northern or anything like that. The other thing I have emphasised in all of this is that Roosevelt, especially in the early thirties, again depended entirely on the support of the segregation of southern democratic Party. So Here's the thing that you do a really good job, I mean for me, I'm a little reckless. That's why you're Yale Professor, but you make it you- do a good job of all Way through saying this does not mean there's this, nor not comparing the dew, etc, etc. It's very thoughtful book when you get into the Nuremberg laws, I mean not I've. I have you know studied the progressive movement and its entanglement in eugenics for a long long time.
I was not aware of all of the things that you exposed in the Nuremberg laws. I mean they really looked. Our laws to round up Jews yeah, they sure did. I mean, in other words, that it is important to emphasise that in the early thirty four, the Nuremberg close dated nineteen thirty five, the idea mass extermination Holocaust was not in anybody's had yet we noted the Nazis were simply trying to implement. Not even started forms of persecution short of death camp, really have to remember that and what the Nuremberg law wild in particular, was the creation of a new form of second class citizenship for Jews and bans on that's a marriage between Jews and Aryans if the marquise define them and in those we're all kind of interesting things to look at an american law on the period and they did you know I I want to take. I want to take issue with one thing that you set, or maybe you can clarify that
but nobody was thinking about gas chambers. Yet in some ways they were, I mean George Bernard Shaw is shockingly deeply into this in an talks about it. In twill gas chamber, or some way of humanely putting people down there were no longer worth or, the of the support of the mass of people and that that was in England right after the turn of the century, I mean there was this. There were This idea of gets get rid of people You know an element- loot, wind at sea, Roosevelt Zella. We take on a Republican, wrote Ets, point, we're gonna be look. They looked at. Crazy cattle rancher, who would just lead, is best stock breed with the worst stock. We don't blow to happen. Why would we now and others further to extermination?
those are appalling quota? It's not that the Nazis and learned particular might not in principle, have gone along with that sort of thing, but in the only thirty that wasn't a practical possibility for them right, they'd exactly why they eventually turned to the death camps under cover of war really world war. Two up here is is a subject of great debate among historians on the dress that problem in the book, but in the early thirties this just couldn't possibly have been a program they could have. Gone through in Germany and they didn't talk about, the enemy was really one of those things that this is what they believe they can get away with at the time the leadership and what is so disturbing about. That is one of the reasons they thought they could get away with this part of it. The Nuremberg laws was because hey here's, this other country, their advance, their top world country. You know, first, country- and they are doing these things- it was something could bring with justification of the United States in our policy as a back into these were
simple laws, people were doing. This is all over the world. You better, not only people not only another, first real country, but the most our country in the world. Of course, when the naughty try to understand how the? U S had risen to the whatever measurable domination at the time they figured it. Obviously, american racism made the country so successful. What else would not to conclude so there is. There is also a story that you write about that. I had no idea they they actually used a job. In New York, who was an active as judge who very rightly stood up and talked about the the Nazis. When a ship came in. However, you know he beat me kind of over reached his position, but that's cool what set the Nuremberg laws really in? place. Is it not? That sure is If a heck of a story really. This was a jewish judge. Willy Meyer
figure in american law. He was actually a magistrate and the tombs for detention Centre in Manhattan. It was like I'll even like a night court judge right like Georgia. Try what happened! What there had been a riot in which the rioters tore the swastika flag- often nazi of german liner threw it into the Hudson River. The right have been arrested, they came before him and he released them and issued a statement. Announcing Nazi of which he had no business doing what's away, I thought my would my court judges was to be doing right, but this the Nazi seized on this as an insult as justification for making the swastika, at last, the full flag of Germany and as the reason for promulgating these Nuremberg, Lazo. The Nuremberg laws were indeed the nazi response to this now, Many ways admirable but completely legally unjustified opinion delivered by unlike courts. So jeeps did
play in to work whereby we were talking to Yale LAW, Professor James Whitman, author of the book, Hitler's american model did that in play in at all with the the idea that the jewish community should just remain quiet, don't cause. Trouble here in Amerika did did people see that at the time in the jewish community at all of us, wrap, I mean use, you did the wrong but you said the right thing. And look at the trouble. It's a date made things worse now in Germany, not that I know of it. You know, in fact he became something of a hero, not just in Europe, but in France. He he failed to France and was celebrated as a champion of the values of humanity against the threat of of of Nazi, though I dont think people Yet thinking that it was that it was important to keep quiet at that stage, unlike in thirty five
what was the? What was the thing? That is your doing your research, you shake your head. You say I judged it believe how wrong we have history, or I can't believe this happen, and nobody really knows well. That was my reaction. I have to say I didn't expect to find the stuff, but I found, but we did it turn up, but there's a lot of it in particular, darted just playing out of curiosity looking at my comp, in which one finds the phrase There is one country that has made progress towards the creation of a healthy this order and that country was the United States, so Hitler was presently he was already on my comp, when you start to track down the legal records on the early thirties, it's all over the place, including in the we ever stenographic transit transcript of planning meeting for the Nuremberg laws. Begins when the Minister of Justice presents a memorandum on american LAW and they discuss what lessons we can learn from the? U S there, so
James. Why you know this is beginning to make people uncomfortable. I I like books, thinking that makes me uncomfortable it makes me grow, makes me think and makes me quest. Why is this important? that we learn this. First of all, it is just a big part of american and world history. No insignificant thing and it does not help us to somebody- doesn't help us explain why Hitler happened. Burning like that. I mean I think, we haven't regardless yeah, but it, but it does help understand the course of development and to come back to some of you said earlier. It shows that the extent to in the early nineteenth thirties. Creating a re sort of that kind was please. I respectable young animals, which is easy for us to forget. It tells us things about the: U S, too, about about the history merkin racism for the Nazis, work just interested in Jim Crow segregation. It turns out that there was a racist
of all kinds and american immigration law, for example, not all of it directed against blacks. That was with us asked national body the law not just limited to the south and that something we ve forgotten to. That's important to see that you know. I think it also tells us things about where the dangers lie in in that debate and values and american traditions. The things the Nazis, so much in the thirties are still with us in some ways, even though segregation is gone more Jim Crow, Jim, thank you very much, it's a great red in something that everybody I think should have in their home library and not something that year necessarily going to drill down in any place else, and I hope this furthers the conversation about hu. We have been in the mistakes that we ve made and how others, if capitalized on that thing
like so much. I really appreciate the kind words you got it by too much to cover in this. From one interview I seem Stew Morpheus, Hitler's amid american model its by James, Q Whitman the United States and the making of Nazi race LAW, its her fine when you get to the Nuremberg trials, and you see what they're saying you know the quotes that they're talking about scenario like well well, well, well, I'd love to hear his is point on. You know whether this is something we should learn about large government because with Whether obviously Republicans having service have feared this for a while and the power of a large government, but of the if now seize Donald Trump- and I don't like him you ve seen some left come out and say wait a minute. We can give the path. President, all of this power,
again. This is the most extreme example, but that's how you learn by extreme examples and and and as you said that us as he said, I attended, disagree them, but they didn't have it and extermination plan or desire and adverse Zaire, but they didn't think they do. It went right away with a pragmatically at that time they went as far as they could found a way. That's why you treat government like fire fearing control its good. If it's control it'll burn everything down getting it Night, sleep is easier said than done, especially if you hear a noise downstairs, you can check on your kids. You know every hour make sure you sleep with one eye opener, you can sleep easy, knowing that you your family are protected with simply safe each employee, safe system is a complete arsenal and you can order simply safe online. In minutes you can have it on your doorstep, tumor So if you wanted, you open up the box, plug it in and your protected with professional home security, no tools, no hard wiring with simply safe. There, no contracts, no hidden fees, just twenty four seven professional monitoring for
thirteen dollars and ninety nine cents a month so go to simply safe back dot com, it especial ten percent discount. When you order today, sir, please safe back dot com, but simply safe, back dot com. Glenn back Glenn. So I got up this morning and Bitcoin had an alert that it was fourteen nine. When I went to sleep last night it was, Fiddling around twelve nine I get up, and it was forty nine. Then I take a shower on the way to work and get another alert. It's down to thirteen six. Then I get ready to start the show, and it was at fourteen five or fourteen eight. We just now in Bitcoin is at sea
teen, nine, thirty, seven. It has grown by twenty percent in the last twenty four hours, thirty percent in the law. As twenty four hours now. This makes me nervous and there's two ways to look at this one, it's a bubble, it's me it's growing way too fast, however, this is a global thing. I mean you know, South Korea is the here there with me, everybody Azure everybody's, getting into Bitcoin in South Korea, so There is there's a lot of money going in around the world, but it's still a very little amount of money for the market. However, something happens on Sunday that couldn't Make Bitcoin go to.
Thousand eight thousand could go to a forty or even a thousand. I mean I don't know I don't know. People are saying that you know the time to really make money on. Bitcoin is over I'm not so sure I mean It might be It also might go to a hundred thousand a coin. Because of what happened Sunday and then again a few days later and will explain this. But if you have if you put a hundred dollars into Bitcoin, can we told you a few months ago your hat good day today, Glenn Back here, listening to the Glen the programme, so you put money in bed
goin I had no it. There was a girl why retirement, because they got to deal with the Vienna deal with not for a few days, because here you know she had dealt with it back, we're in two thousand fourteen and fifteen Blabbin on about this anymore. Like altruism turn of the radio we have some People need urgent. It actually makes me feel really good does because these stupid things. I know nobody else, talks about this, and I know it's it's nerd Phil, but it's like people in this audience are making Fourchan fortunes I mean, and that is really exciting. Again we're not financial advisers. We don't know we set a million times to go to Euro tomorrow when we may lose it all, but it like You ve talked to so many regular people we're like you know what I had a thousand dollars to thrown on this, and now I paid off a year worth of college that I would not be able to do in our people who have made in credible amounts of money we from Ino that hurt. Talking about this and have looked into it and it is no solution-
a couple days. We feel oh, here's, a problem, anybody who put money into it. And you look at that now. You go ok. I was willing to walk away from the money that I put her for I like it four thousand dollars in. I was when I walk away from the thousand, and I were really to walk away with from sixteen a lot of money and so you're gonna, like I guess I mean this I'm in this place now, where I'm like. Ok, you know, I said just put it in there and were willing to lose it wow. You know Let's get slaughtered. Pigs gets they didn't. I mean that's all money, of money and so anyway, Here's! What's here's what's happening, I would not have been. I would have left my money and I still have it in there and I probably
the oil by tat I would by would be fine leaving it if the growth had even then as crazy as it had been nevertheless, from January to November, but from Thanksgiving today. It's crazy it's crazy. Let me get you a nice little ostrich. First of all it that market cap has passed some of the biggest companies you ever hear of like home depot simple record is considerably larger now than home depot. Had there been through a hundred billion dollar companies that have gone bankrupt, yes very few of them. You can count them a little onto hands at least facilities and in a company it's not accompany it solutions, your computer. It could be something different once a year, but am it has gone up. So so much so fast and You know you wonder
sustainable and I dont know that it is this. This was I printed this last night. Ok, last night, so you're gonna have to help me because it stops at fourteen thousand from The road to a one thousand Bitcoin took one thousand seven hundred and eighty nine days and from a thousand two thousand and twelve, seventy one from too thousand a three thousand twenty three days from three to four sixty two, forty five sixty one five to six. It took eight days six to seven one thousand three hundred and seventy eight hundred and fourteen eight hundred and twenty nine nine thousand nine hundred and twenty two, two days tend to eleven one day, eleven a m six days, twelve fourteen seventeen hours. I printed this last night like ten o clock, thirteen Fourteen for hours, that's where I left off and sit in that was, since that happened. It's gonna What three thousand dollars, nor is it
right near seventeen thousand, as we speak again It's an incredible things. Not ending it looked. Is this a bubble? I think you probably this part of it. It's not that I mean I have added value. I mean like him. A million make a case for both here's. What could be happening? What could be happening? Is everybody starting to wake up going? I got to get on that bit. Point drain: okay, that's the worst possible thing, because then it's definitely a bubble and it will come down. Okay, The second could be on Sunday there opening up for large investors, so for the first time institutional investors will be able to buy Bitcoin and futures market begins. Now explain this at five o clock today. So you understand, but that's basically going to the crap stable and you're, just betting on the guy rolling, the dice is he gonna raw sex or is he not,
and you're not really rolling the dice. You have nothing in it. You're just betting on. Guys not gonna, continue to win the futures market starts the generally will push the price of things down, especially because I believe a lot of people with a lot of money. Very interested in making sure that Bitcoin is destroyed, so it could in that Sunday, it all. Is all gonna fall apart and its Irrational, exuberance right now, but it all Who could be get in because Sunday is the beginning, the first round of investing in institutional investors, meaning, like you, know I'm just making this one up, the California teachers Union could say: I'm not getting a good. You no good of growth here at all. In those been whatever were invested in but one percent of this in Bitcoin is a good bad well
all of that money from these big institutions. Poor in beginning Sunday, that could mean that, coin on Sunday because of the futures market could go to eight thousand could go to two thousand. It could mean because of the institutional venture investments it could go oh from at this rate it son it'll be a twenty five twenty, five thousand to fifty thousand or a hundred thousand when the entire? institutional investors get in its. Feast or famine He certainly what the we ve had people on before that are big believers in us and they were about one million dollars for per Bitcoin. That sounds ridiculous, wrap it sounded. Riddick has for a long time right now that numbers fifty eight fifty eight bitcoins is a million dollars, so it's not it's you know. What is what like we're getting to the point where I mean it
pretty amazing right, I mean I used to be when we start out this year- was a thousand movies so fast Bitcoin? fifty eight to get a million dollars again they stop. I don't know how long it lasts. I mean But I've never seen never seen anything like it. Never seeing like this in my life I mean I would imagine that the last time something this dramatic inputs, painting twenty at all, but again like that's. It like the internet, bumblebee keep approving up. Ninety twenty ninth another interesting want you're right was that about both of those were not of nineteen twenty nine, a weird one, because there is a lot of different things going on. But if you got it At bubbles, a good example, the internet about- was a bubble. It's also one one thousandth of the internet is today. So if I were betting man and clearly I am because I've got money in Bitcoin. If I were a bedding men, here's what I think I think
the institutional investors and everything else they futures market. Is going to it might drive it up. I don't know, what's gonna to happen when it first goes and irrational exuberance, I've have no idea, but I think it will come out because of the futures market and it will make it more stable. So let's say you know it was down to eight thousand will then it will be. Eight thousand in it- will slowly build to nine and slowly build to ten. If it's real, I think you know it's just like you know what bit goin may be the pets dot. Com of blockchain because what you really invest what's interesting about, Bitcoin is blockchain. This idea of currency, that is digitized
fleetly safe and any sensible use and decentralized, and it's not just currencies all sorts of different right. So that is that's! What's driving it, blockchain. If you will, is the internet question is, is Bitcoin pets, dot com- if you like king at the Then you say this: a dot com bubble, the internet. Go away. Block chains gonna go away. Digital currency won't go away and other bitcoin is the pets dot com. There are thousands of cripple currencies that on any of those that are yet to come. But if you look at this happened with Bitcoin twenty fourteen. It you know, It rose from nothing two over a thousand dollars in about twenty fourteen, and it would be really this is bubbles ridiculous. It wants It went up and irrational exuberance took over for a short period of time, went up to twelve thirteen hundred and it fell back to two hundred and it said
at two hundred for a couple of years years, when Donald Trump coming down. The escalator was five hundred dollars. Now it's seventeen thousand almost or sixteen thousand and change the point being though, just because it has these bubbles. Does that mean it's? It's going away, and it may very well crashed down tomorrow or into two days it had. It could very well supple. It could very well double. It could double too I mean I could almost double today. At the rate it's going. It's hard to even see the bubble from twenty fourteen in the chart anymore. It's comets much, it's really I've a thing in my life. Is everything in your life like this? Now I mean it's funny, because you know and wasted this scene it with some people in the audience in you, your whole life without being part of one of these yeah. One of these things is cut a fun fine. Now, obviously you always look back. It is very easy to look back at the negative people are more. We know every time we too.
But the stuff like. Why didn't I put a lot of money? I sat nine and I looked at it today. Eyes like are you gotta, be aiding, would have been really meaningful ride up, but it still it's it's fun and end whatever amount you put in. You made a lot more than you ve than you ve put in and you still to this day, as we will say over and over again should, but any money you don't mind losing on Glenn, you put it in I sway of like, while you have you do for a nice night or when I speak and out, and you any good skip one of them. It's worth that much money. I think it is still worth that much money They because here there's a chance that this still goes up to hundred thousand, goes up to a million yeah I mean I don't I'll occurs The question is: do you have the guts? you have a number still that you're like if it hits this item. All with public several of those. I know it always happens with these things. I know, as you pointed out, one interesting thing. There's analysis.
I was reading recently that said, Bitcoin is to take over the world- maybe not probably not right can it become one per cent, however, of financial instruments in I'm, unlike their armies, it's much smaller than gold, for example, which is a much more stable, realistic thing we ve talked about that a million times One per cent, however, of of financial instruments, one per cent the price for Bitcoin is roughly forty thousand, so, That is something that you look at me like. Ok, forty thousand in one percent, two percent three percent are those it completely insane we not right and then you talking about real run ups. I dont think that that's an near term stuff honestly, I, but I certainly do not see the cedars eyes always do if, if, if the electorate the teachers you California, teachers Union decided to
as an institution, invest one per cent of of their holdings in the Bitcoin. At this point one giant institution, could make a huge impact, but not yeah, I mean It also opens up to a run up like this, combined with its like, if a teacher union gets involved and dump a bunch of money in this, and in six months it's half of what it's worth you will see all sorts of calls for regulation. Yeah this. I think this is gonna, be because stuff like this. Always leaves wreckage do not do not put In that you don't have or cannot afford, do not do that. Don't this is This is crazy town if, who have money that you're gonna blow on something else. If you and your wife or like you know- and I let's not do Christmas, you know
you and I we don't need anything anyway. Let us take the money that we were going to spend on us. And let's put that in Bitcoin. Do that don't dump, lot of money into it, because this is that this is unprecedented and you know the tulip thing that happened in the fifteen hundreds people were exchanging money and then somebody like you know I got this nice tulip theirs. I, oh my gosh well out I'll, give you a of farthing for that. Whatever that's worth now all of a sudden. It was worth a million farthings. It happen in a month the up, went up and crashed and wiped people out, and we are still talking about the tulip mania from the fifteen hundreds, don't it swept up into Bitcoin media, be smart. You might know you
and if you figure out what smart is tell I'll have led out said no nice lady predicted to divers rates in it sucks after wait till after December, twenty nine to invested Bitcoin, that's my divorce hearing owing to make sure it's all mine I want. You got something that doesn't have bubbles gold lying gold is there's that there is a huge difference on you know. When you talk about investing in Bitcoin Bit, coin is something that could be worth a lot and could be worth zero so you lose everything, go It is not like that. It makes me nervous when, when number start to go up really really fast especially when you know you look at like I look at gold I have presented,
everything that I have in gold and the reason why is because make sure that I have something in the end that I can Past, my children, if I wanted to if there was some sort of craziness I'd, still have something of lasting value. I look at that. An insurance policy against crime. See things like Bitcoin, now, Goma, and is doing something while that's going skyrocketing, the price of gold at gold line actually going down because they ve just they were just purchased by a mark which is aid to the law. Is dumb precious, a wholesaler in in the country until this this allowed them to be to get the wholesale prices be able to emerge some of the things that they you that mark was already doing so. They could cut their prices but we ve never seen prices like this ready right, after the holidays, called gold line now at eight hundred six gold line take advantage of this
president special that is happening now. It gold line one eight, six gold line, one eighth explore six five. Thirty five, forty six read their important risk information. Fine, buying gold or silver is right for you. It is for me it is a rock solid investment. Eight six, six gold, liner gold, lined outcome. Glenn back. Glenn Beck We need to know tonight at five o clock, we're gonna be covering Al Frankenstein, possible resignation, also Bitcoin, and the futures market. What does that mean exactly? We do that five only on the blaze, tv Glenn Back
Love courage, tree Glenn back: do you want your six year old, using Facebook this week, They spoke launched a new app called messenger kids. It's an app four kids to use their tablets are smartphones, but parents can control it from their facebook account facebooks. As its addressing the need for a messaging app designed specifically for kids, but with a low of controls at parents want. Oh another app who to target my children as young as six. I feel good. Don't worry Facebook says it is spent months talking to parenting groups, behavioral experts and families to develop the app. So it's politely safe and even the healthy for your child. According to Facebook quote this, opens up a whole new world to online communication for families. End quote
it may be so, but they can also opens up a whole new world of worms and the arrogant culture. Are we not do active enough already. We now need our six year olds walking around the playground with her nose and a screen. This act just go tat, kids, more technology in another Emma Jane about mom and dad about mom. I just needed for its like demo. I just needed for a second and right before Chris to thank you. Facebook and other drawback. It doesn't just provide predators, hackers and Vladimir Putin with Do it also now hands your children over to them as well? Another point of attack, that's great. Thank you. Face book. Facebook says there are no ads in the app and your child's information will not be used. They super promise, never to use it for marketing purposes, but remember
I mean really all this is one giant marketing app. It's just marketing, Facebook, its as of recruiting tool, Facebook ones too kids on their social media product for the long term. Now you have to be thirteen to have a regular facebook account, but now magically you can have one at six a m. I want my kids to us to be able to have access to all kinds of strangers at six years old, Vespa does this not automatically convert messenger kids accounts to adult accounts when they turn thirteen, so they could keep that if they want to do until they were thirty. This plan works. They won't need to the kid will already want to be a customer for life of Facebook lesson. They ve got a creepy reason for hiding their age. Pardon me Part of me is saying right: there
especially when something is specifically designed to hook my kids on the. Her hand. I've been reading a lot about technology, and you know, those of us who say I just want them to have a normal childhood. That's normal for us what's nor, all for the next generation is communicating. Electronic Lee. It is sixty six percent of our kids. Now six through twelve have their own smartphone or tablet. Do we our kids to use these kinds of apps. Them to be able to swim with the tide. Is it appropriate. Every new gadget, an app raises new questions, but this technology It is moving so fast that we don't have time to answer the deep questions before the new. Development
it's Thursday December. Settle this. Is the Glen Back programmes or meeting. I am reading a book for sure, so I'm a tray of the name right I am so torn. I hate Kindle And at the same time, I read most of my books on Kindle I like paper and I like you, can produce you don't remember things the same way anyway, augmented by Brett King augmented life, in a smart lane and he's talking about kids, and how do we deal with kids in one chapter, the book? How do we deal? their kids and when what should they learn and schools are not teaching them anything and what are they jobs of the Future sit down with Rafe the other day and I rafe we we need to get you into programming and robotics. Robotics are gonna, be huge in the future. And any other
such a gentle personality is such a good good young man. You know, I said, because he's always wanted to be a vat or something I said of you. What about being a nurse or a nurse practitioner, because an practitioner with robotic experience is a huge area of opportunity for the future. Now made the mistake of talking to my thirteen year old Son, who is home schooled part time because the very next day, my wife, wrote to me. She said why is our sun asking me for what job the future mom do I need diagrams sentences. I just told her. I have. I have no idea but I'm mad and whoever said he and one that is worry about the things that are happening in the future, I'm mad at them so arc
it's that year really torn. We have to have them involved in technology because its it is I'm going to be like this when there are age, not at all His point in this was if you shelter them from technology you are going to be by far the people in the eighties that worthy early adopters on you know like apple to see, and they said The programme and everything else those people took if, in the nineties, in the early two thousands, The ones who were like me who are like, I don't know anything about a computer, and I don't want to learning about a computer, I'm doomed, I'm doomed arc. Its have to know about the electron. Now and really know how not just to use them but to manipulate them and to create them, because that is what everything around them is going to be.
But anything involving kids scares the hell out of me. Yeah, I mean the Facebook messenger thing you you mentioned is kiss very. They said they ve taken as many me now. They ve tried to eliminate These problems they ve, they ve talked about that you have to, I think, approve any one from the parent, Facebook page that you allow on with your kids and which is in our certainly of opening a big fire wall near. But you never know these things are gonna happen. I mean knit Youtube. Cases is an interesting part of this. Have befall the search sort of controversy. That's got on the past few months to know by the way has just said, and on the other, the ito. You might say that Is a firewall and you're protecting your kids, remember They're not using the information, they'll, never sell it or use it for advertising, but they are mapping, who your kid is from six to thirteen and Facebook we'll have your entire childs history. That's signal
if it can't having a six year period where they poured themselves out in Facebook. They have all information to market later anyway, Glenn Strew, you too obviously everybody knows you to visit is great, but what an incredible service youtube is great. It's free video! You can find almost anything and just like anything else with capitalism and the internet is a microcosm of capitalism. There is good and there is bad there right. Like there's incredible information, you can takes classes from. Tea and you can you can It's amazing, more incredible and the upside, yet are overwhelmingly, yes thousand. Does the doubts, downside yummy, but it made, it's also a home of ridiculous conspiracy, theories of homeless people just getting in fights and hurting each other that people watch for entertainment, there's so much, there's a lot of crap on there too. So you tube decided to to form a. U two kids app when the reasons they did. This is because what
happening is mom and dad like hey. I need you to be a need to put the kids down for five minutes and further tv, Oh go watcher go watch. Should this Disney video or whatever out whenever silly videos on there and what would have most the algorithm over time. They could click on other things, maybe something the parent had watched earlier right. So they watch something about the ledge year with swears everything that kids would click on that when their video was done, kids into an adult world which is not what the Italian was, so they create a? U two, kids, basically to keep all, of the adult stuff out, there's only a certain amount of areas that give in to Youtube kids generally like I think, generally speaking, a good idea idea. So what happened was there's a lot of We can weirdos in the worth a lot freaking weirdos in the world and what they were doing is taking the of children's correct, I have seen this and having them do really twisted weird things. People would dress up as princesses and pain
people in the face. They would show you Hey you know, Elsa goes too dentist and should be tortured by the dentist in the dentist chair, a clown turns creepy and throws a kid in a washing machine like and people I mean really crude animation, where it would be for a while, and then turn really weird and twisted and wrong. There's allow a difference it it's a problem with I mean you know, and you dont, there's no Brent. Tell me the brand. You trust tell me that granted that you could put your kids in front of and his walk away. Ass. I mean it. Its harder and harder to find the right right, Disney Channel used to be that way. I don't trust the Disney Jack. I'm trusted the Disney channel. I'm I'm a long time you know advocate of Disney, has, gone off the rails and I dont trust the Disney Channel. I don't
Nickelodeon. I dont trust, certainly MTV or any of its networks. Like Nickelodeon, I mean well, what can you, put your kids in front of just walk away, there's no brand any mortal, and in this thing like, for example, and one of my favorite programmes, I've brought up before pepper pick pepper, Pegasus is little English pig and generous a lot of those twisted pepper pigs to a lot of it. A swift cause, it's very crude animation, so people recreate animation and are able to have pepper pig. Do also of terrible things. Angelo Youtube has billions of videos they're going through their treated with algorithms. They do the. I honestly think they do the best that they can to try to get these things to be right. But what they find is weird things get popular and we're he's good clicked on and the algorithm says: kids like them, and then it became more or popular now, because of this push back Youtube as really now crack down over the past month and try to get rid of these, but
impossible programme. How can you possibly a limit? people knows in Europe the same videos under different names. From hundreds Different users there's no way some of these. Some of these had millions millions of subscribers subsidy I burs thou, and they were just violent videos with kids in them, kids, bodied faces because they would get hit and it was all act. It wasn't me all of these kids, what necessarily actually being hurt, thank God, but what is that an end so near? There have been reports of people who I believe that this is conditioning from weirdo adults. It's it's. It's trying to get them to look at these things because it pleases the adults and you see adults in the comments. Cheering this autumn, making all sorts of creepy comments in it, and this is a kids programme, so it's
You basically can't right, I mean obviously as parents. We would also back and say it's a terrible idea to set your kid in front of us and I pad and had then click around while you're not standing right buying them right. We all know that but we all know the reality of the world. It is sometimes the kitchens On fire, sometimes times is an emergency, sometimes you're on the phone with your insurance company, and you can have your kids yelling at each other while you're doing it of you know it's really hard, and so one of the reasons interesting that dumb people bash tv and putting your kid in front of a tv becoming much more of the sea, space where you throw, and yet you throw on you know even Nick Junior or you might get kind of edgy content there, some stuff, you dont, like you, put your your complaints with the Disney, but you're complacent.
Disney Channel are nothing compared to what these kids can stumbling on known, some random, the eye in Croatia Mega Video, or that is the Disney Channel. I would put on so much faster than just handing them the device in saying I just go. Look on you too, I mean, but they don't watch television. There they lay my son, getting like son to watch television. Show now is just like easy gets bored with things like what he does. They don't watch that way they would heal watch for it's bizarre. Your members know the thing with the kid Where is that that little kids, the people open toys all the unboxing stuff that it is with his that stuff, even though its idle for noted largely creates weird, things in them. I mean, like you, know, one of the videos. Some my kids would watch occasional videos of these little kids that review toys. They get these cool toys, they say they play with
in front of the camera. It's totally innocent, largely but, like The kids get the impression that there are other kids out they're getting tons of toys sent to them every day to play with when new toys, dozens of toys a week that they were, and they are like- will what wait a minute but Ryan those toys in some kid, some from these bees in Greece there's one video inverted Ryan's toys refuses a very famous one which, no no, not gone Ryan if you happen to be listening as a six year old or whatever you, but it's like we Tat Buttoning Ryan's to hate you I mean the family, I think, is a good family. They like their kid their vision. They ve made this culture there's nothing wrong with this, but like they had a video and I swear they- have some deal with Mcdonald's in which Ryan, two seemingly constantly eating tunnels in these videos or whatever,
I have no problem with capitalism like this. You know what, if he is a popular channel, look! Ok! This is a good brand from your house associates up. I love me thousand kit. Whither without commercial is right, but Brian takes his little car. One was about reporting horse. Any his parents play look Mcdonald's with a middle pull up to the window and the widow of their house and put out madam, The whole drive away with it and at one point, in a video about how I was going to drive to Mcdonald's on his own right and a sit when that happened. My kids asking me. When are we going to be able to draw cave to Mcdonald's on our own? The answer is extending years old in that it affected, but its putting weird priorities right icing on Russia is the same grow more clean began. In the same way, we I think, as adults, see other people with their facebook page how wonderful their families and others never any proof. Yes, yes, his see as we do and what you're saying no to me at toys are us. I never seen anyone say no, I toys or us they get it.
You think they want. Why don't I get it? So my son is kind of going through the same thing on one of the things that he for awhile said he wanted to be, and I was like no, it was a gamer but reviewer of Games NAM like now now Oh, no, no, no! No! No! No! No! You want to do that on the site and it becomes huge great, but No, when you're, not dull, twin earn, and don't you couldn't do you can think of that when I did when I am dead, and I worry about new anymore fine, but they were but these rule- and it starts with the kids watching you Know- mean opening up packages and stuff they watch people playing video games and I'd. I understand I play them, yeah, just don't get it
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and he and he was sixteen thousand, and then he was standing there and his use waiting for the commercial break. He said it went up to seventeen He came any said: it's eighteen, six and now it's. What nineteen night in three. Eighty seven forbid This is knots. There is a very large split between justice to you. I know you don't care, but me about this, if you're not into the big one thing, but the sort of name brand exchange that most people are aware of is corn basis, the largest in the United States, and there is a large split between the prices on that exchange in some of the other, let's say more nerdy exchanges right. If you're Nerd IRAN, where these lesser different did, she know how to many members and you can buy it. What cheaper there! Then you can on coin base which, makes me as like. Maybe there's a lot of profound people
the coming in and going to the name brand exchange and that prices a lot higher bottom line. Is this I've never seen anything like this week. When you said you woke up. What was the price when you got me was like thirteen it was. It was like fourteen eight, and then it went down the thirteen six and then by the time we went on the air and rail road. It was fifteen, and now it's now, it's nineteen to their own white six thousand dollars increase in three hours that that that, might be a signal, its a bubble packing. Glenn back this is the Glinda programme extinguished staring at the screen just referred?
up to forty two thousand, yet always a billion dollars right just crossed a billion dollar first threshold, No, I'm just turned for gather somebody, weird corks in it right now that I don't understand why you know, maybe they the investing to investors, but it's weird. It's an amazing thing to watch it, and we can the main point of data that most people are turned follow when they try to figure out. I do ourselves how it has passed Ray bought in yet and is: can we get enough to eat that I have not ok. I'm not your skyrocket, ill. Yours, you still get settled. We assume this will skyrocket until the day Pat puts one penny and deal with them and that its or ass then it's over and we are getting ready for a press conference without Franklin in just a few minutes is expected to be leaving the Democratic Party. I think the Democratic Party, as I said earlier today, if you missed it,
our cleaning house, and they are going to put themselves on shore footing of being the right and righteous party that stands for principles and morals and women got rid of l, Frank and grow per. We got rid of John Conyers, and now you elect Roy, more yeah child abuser. Yeah, that's what's gonna happen, defend the Donald Trump I mean that's that What's gonna happen, and it is, as I said earlier today, it's a nineteen sick, he's an seventies all over again, it's when the devil rats who are fighting against the civil rights movement. The republic hens were the ones who pushed it all through new dynamic that's came in, they sees that those old Democrats switched parties went over to the to the the p and the O P is lost ever since. How did that happen? because of the very at the very last moment they lost their way, yet
You think that thirty Democrats, yesterday, all of a sudden, decided hey that you know what he he is a bad guy and I think you should resign the I think that was so calculated. I think one got together and decided we're gonna start slowly and then it'll build through the day, and it looked like this. Just cod momentum completely right name give a rat's anus about the bill, Clinton, they couldn't have cared less about no, you kind of I do believe. The farther you get away from Washington and gotta gotta be in the centre of the country? Is you can't be too close to Hollywood and you get me do close to Washington? I do believe are our Democrats that are now saying you know what I'm glad I don't have to carry that water anymore. It was wrong, it was wrong and I don't want to do it anymore. I think there are those that are sincere, the coming out in saying you know what we should have listened to one either we have and those are the Nancy policies. Oh, no, no, not at all other there's a window right for real. We in Washington type democrats-
There is an interesting window between the Roy, more election and the before when they need every vote? They can get on the tax bill, stunningly the Ray John L, Frank and came right in between those two events where you could say wow. We got the vote from Frank and that we wanted in case the tax bill was gonna get overturned and they needed every vote. The other side they get is to clean the high ground before the royal more election. Now some cynical people might it might might not you, though? No no? No! No! No. I I believe everything Democrats say, of course, man, Republic Republic, as is their all wonderful, but it seems to me that perhaps this was time per Alps some time ago. People some cynical people might say that there are only getting rid of Bill Clinton at this point and they're gonna turn on him because it cost of anything. Now they they were tired of taken it from the Clinton's their mad at Hilary there's. No,
they're gonna get from them anymore. So now they say we can turn on him now to say the truth goes not gonna cost us anything, but those are only cynical. People? Only cynical blogs that something like that? It's Other frightening part of this is other than the gathering storm for Roy. More and Trump is the law, desolation their they're yelling about that. We need, we need stricter, sexual harassment laws does Anybody have any confidence that these people can. Just like that properly effective local economies in the world that ninety percent of men are gonna, be in prison. After that legislation is correct here either that or just stops all interaction between men and women. Let's ok! because we will have virtual sex with computers there you go, I mean if this, when the person he doesn't get you set up the perfect storm for Europe. If you wanted to write a site, I book The deal was that the global warming people and are not suggesting this is happening at all, but if you're writing a Sci book, the global warm
people say, there's just too many people on the planet. So what they needed to do- was to turn men and women against each other, so they wouldn't want to make so afraid to have sex same time, bring in a sigh and robotics acts and end virtual sex, and that way we can wipe the planet out. It's it's it's almost it's not! being planned that way, but it's almost like looking at plan parenthood and saying no talk about, family planning, even though we really does want to get rid of all the black people and the retarded people that have and what are they really happen? They were using those words, Ryan, worse right criteria. When it comes to black, they were not yet further the mats right, and that was their plan and they cloaked it mean you. Might write a great science fiction book right now on cloaking that who's gonna be gonna put up with a chance
of somebody being. You know that I lose my job because I talk to you now know out of stock to an avatar and no? What women and men will change their names and their appearance as an avatar and you will relate in the virtual world, and you might be sleeping with your secretary, but you may not have any idea that your secretary, I mean it's, it's the euro do you like pearly being kilometers his kind, like I just mean on the beach? You know, you're in a virtual sex room. And she's somebody else and yours, somebody else and you don't know it, but your havin fun, but this is all safe sex,
such a happy ending to that song, to where the two people who are out there trying to cheat Michel, you just want to pay out. You will be the rhythm of happy I what is going on. I, oh gosh, you will you. Why do we say we like greeted kilotons? We bore the idea that was the pioneer forgot cannot combination is something we should discuss more frequent went and our marriage tat. Will you hang out for just a few minutes this lunatic? This live l, Frank and thing. So hang on course, I'm sure you might have some things to say before your broadcasts blaze, radio network goober, disclosed a breach of fifty seven million passengers and drivers wreckers, the hackers access, the personal information, the names and the driver's license of the drivers and the new email, addresses and phone numbers of the passengers, where have you been a number four, in the last year, because they have your information, that's on the dark web now
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land back outbreak, It is late to the microphone, but I mean I wouldn't be rushing to the microphone either by Rail Franklin. He's gonna speak today. Amid calls of resignation, we'll see. Imagine I mean he went from a trash, nothing Stuarts Molly too, You know a joke to two: they senator that people- yes, Joker, Natasha host and then and then is it. Edit or where he kind of had some respect. In you know people even on the left, her saying is on its bad, as I thought he would be and he knew no supposedly behaved himself and didn't make it into a circus and now he's going back to a joke. Nothing in fact work
there are two ways to go here with us right. You can end. The reports are that he is going to resign as them with the latest that has come out vessel people, acts of expect been expecting for a day or so, since he said, he's gonna know something, but they pushed back on that frank and people are denied it. Now he deny that it was happening and he said I have made a final decision. Yet such is to go on this. You can either resign. And say look you know it's important. Focus on these issues and I made some mistakes, though many of much of it is not true begging to resign and work on seven may be in a couple years. This blows over. You get a lot his job for a million dollars. Its veto, hey none life, isn't too bad. The other way to go. Is people Minnesota elected me I'm here do these things, and anger to stay here until either they vote me out. Are you guys kick me out The bottom line is, I didn't, do the things the way their described in, I'm not gonna. Let my my reputation get hammered like this. It's not a press conference by the way. This is him. Speaking on the floor of the Senate,
and he has just entered the Senate chamber, but he's not up the microphone yet You know the all you're. The only reason why you would say you know I'd, I didn't do it, I'm when I'm sticking How is because you would think that the party would support you but this blows over. We ve seen the peat didn't support trump. After the access Hollywood tonight I know they are. I mean if they, if they didn't long term, You know that the Democrats, I believe the Democrats have made a calculated choice to say we're standing. This is gonna, be art. This is our at. This is our spot right here plan our flag, and and they threw Conyers and Frank and under the, but as they were like an you know, they're like you go ahead, taking take your chances, but I have to tell you this is the flag were planting, and I can't tell you that we're not gonna call for your your Senate, your senator of hearing
may not go the way. You think it will. It may not, but I mean again he are you see parties do this many many times, Republicans did it with Roy more as well, they do I'll bet on him a few weeks ago, another all back in the fray. Same thing with the guy who met with a guy who before the election like beat up a reporter. And it was only I take from her that I mean that was my yellow and that yeah and aid completely forgot about play. They ve forgotten about it, like the Republicans Breyer him, I mean I mean you know, sometimes a longer term, and we all areas has an entry. We were finally beginning to listen to women about the ways in which men's actions affect them the moment was long overdue. I was excited for that conversation and hopeful. That it would result in real change, started with maize life better for women all across the country.
And in every part of our society, then the conversation turned to me. He overnight. Few weeks a number of women of I'm forward to talk about how they felt my actions at affected them I was shocked. I was upset but in responding to their claims. I also wanted to be respectful of that broader rotation, Because all women deserve to be heard and experiences. Taken seriously. I think that was the right thing to do thing. It gave some people the false impression that I was admitting to doing things In fact, I haven't pulled how's, he resigned. Some of the allegations against may are simply not true
I remember very differently. I said at the outset The ethics committee was right. Venue for these allegations to be heard faster and evaluated on their merits that I was prepared to cooperate fully. And that I was confident in the outcome, part of the conversation we been having last few months, as man about how men abuse their power and privilege to hurt women. I am proud, during my time in the Senate, I have use my power to be it. Campaign of women. There comes a resume and that- I have learned a reputation as someone who respects The women I work alongside everyday he's, gonna be alone.
I know, there's been a very different picture of me painted over the last few weeks. But I know who I really am turn around here and SAM. But a survey and the United States Senate has been the great honour of my life, I know for their bit collapsing, I have hope it is l, nothing Brought this honour on on this institution, and I am confident that the ethics Committee would agree not, would. Nevertheless, today I am announcing that in the coming weeks. I will be resigning as member of the United States Senate. I have all people, am aware that there is some irony in back then I am leaving
while a man who is bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault, sits in the olive oil, office. This is the hell and a man who is repeatedly brave young girls. Here you go up campaigns for the Senate, all part of the place where the full support of his party wow, but this decision is not about me it's about people Minnesota? become clear that I can't both pursue the ethics committee process and, at the same time take so we got ain't in it. So he is resigning, but I think the deal is you resign will help. You be a champion to be able to be gout and say, take responsibility boys, and so you countless bring down more help us bring down trap YAP Yap Amber has just started right there Mohammed, you up with you'll, be at this
And her for american progress as out O Neill, yeah yeah you're gonna be fine, just go because this is that this is the move of the party, the GEO He has massive solutions in front of them. There never good at those they always choose wrong. They massive decisions in front of them, but they are about to be left into the dustbin of history. The end they are being outmaneuvered right now I mean you what just talk about this just politically this is a very short deposit, really brilliant probabilistic move and again I back to it is the way the Republicans fought the whole time for civil rights and now there are remembered as racist, because The parties moved at the very last minute and no more
what the Republicans had done since the night. Eighteen sixties, it didn't matter anymore, this, is why principles matter Glenn Back
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