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12/8/17 - "Who's Watching the Watchers?" (Adam Rich & Bill O'Reilly join Glenn)

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Hour 1  Jacob Marley!??... the ghost of another government shutdown...President Trump gifts us with an Awesome Tweet ...President Trump fulfills huge promise...moving US Embassy to Jerusalem...Joe Scarborough makes an ass out of himself...again!...Chris Matthews blames evangelicals and their ‘mystical’ beliefs...Flashback to 2003: Glenn Beck, Chris Matthews and Jesus? ...List of 17 of potential GOP presidential candidates ...Bitcoin futures with Adam Rich: A zero-sum game...no stability...all settled in cash?...very scary going forward?...The CBOE and the CME are racing each other to market ...Glenn will never work for another presidential campaign ‘ever, ever, ever, again!’…although the donuts were good   Hour 2  Let's take a ride on the Al Franken time machine...A former favorite resigns ...Meanwhile, Democrats bunker in on the 'moral high ground' ...Bill O'Reilly Friday: Bill talks about his old best buddy Al Franken (Not!) ... ‘I hate him because he's a hater’??...Roy Moore says Americans perpetuate evil with gay marriage...similar to Vladimir Putin?..If Putin ran against a Democrat in Alabama?...Senator Bill O'Reilly??...Where Bill was right and Glenn was wrong about President Trump...Trump's huge message to the world...Give the gift of Bill O'Reilly all season long @ BillOReilly.com ...Have you read Glenn's Christmas novel 'The Immortal Nicholas' yet? ...To drink or not to drink at your company's Christmas party    Hour 3 It's been a very interesting week for the FBI...senior officials were just demoted?? ...Why does the FBI treat Donald Trump differently than Hillary Clinton? ...Millennials and their droid lovers? ...How 'not' to sexually harass people?... ‘Hi! May I use your body?’ ...Hypotheticals matching up to reality? ...The debate Glenn needs to see? ...Pat Gray's Tips To Avoid Sexual Harassment Claims ...Both parties brace for more sex scandals...maybe top 40?...Who's going down next?...Stu can’t look directly at Bannon ...Latest development in the allegations against Roy Moore ... The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand. Love courage, tree gland bag, Jacob Marley today, just like the ghost of Christmas. Yet to come a work, phantom a warning of misery and gave us an chain that will never be able to release keep kicking down our door, frightened by the after the Senate pass the funding bill last night, saving off the ghost of what s the government could be shut down for weeks. No, I don't know houses. But imagine for a second that we actually let the government shut down.
Y know, terrifying right did, average American there like down way. We couldn't survive without those clouds and Washington. What would happen as, of course wide spare a widespread despair and pandemonium or we could all wake up snug and our beds like Scrooge on Christmas morning and open the shutters boy you down there. What day is it on a day like everything else out Wednesday? truth? Is the government really doesn't shut down during a government shut down its kind likes? A patriot act really is, and pay three artic up. It's great we're going to shut the government down, but not really million some government workers just keep on going to work and as agents are going to continue to snoop on you. Ts agents will still patch
down and put a finger where a finger doesn't belong. Traffic trawlers will still try to stay alert with red ball. The post office will still deliver your package's border patrol. Federal prison guards, FBI agents, doctors and nurses at the v and me of our military service. Men and women will still show up to work when I say most those who actually have to use their gun. We still be using their gun, so security and Medicare checks will still be mailed. Food stamps Wilson they'll be distributed and all of it will still go to our national debt. There will of Let us be some agencies and institutions that will to close for a little while they work die this tree where they closed down the national organic programme. For do we
were the penguins gonna do with the United States? The Argo programme is closed. These Macedonia in we'll, be closed. The National Museum of natural history. Kids are all gonna be periods. The kids are pretty much idiots now and It is really terrifying to know this, but I'm here to deliver you the news. If they shut the government down Woodrow Wilson International Centre for scholars will be closed. Now call me crazy about. I think we could close those things permanently. Keep in mind that not all employees will play told to go home from these agencies and institutions. Just my favorite string of words only non essential employees. None
essential employees. Now, let's take this out to the real world, let's say you're in a company that is struggling for money and they have to temporarily lay off a few people just because they can get budget right and It is they say. Oh you know like guys, you guys have to stay your jobs because we cannot live without you. You are a non essential, employ ye. Wouldn't you start to look for a job. Because I don't think not essential employees should be employees in the first place, Herman shut down, is not scary, in fact, a government- shut down is a dream world. The dreamers of dreams. What
truly is terrifying. Is realising how bloated we have let the government become if a government shuts down. Before Christmas, it might just be the ass present of all, and maybe we could finally address the most chilling ghost of them all the ghost of Christmas present for debt ceiling. It's Friday December aid, you listening to the Glen Back Programme over the stern stir register. What's but what's Bitcoin up too quick? Are we all still in areas yet? Seventy billion is now have at least jelly and whale evaluating billion. I asked now it's actually one billion down to only fifteen thousand six on my dwells. Oh my gosh, her supper, we're never gonna make it
shut down. The society really government is closing. Bitcoin is down to fifteen thousand. What to do. Our you, actually explain why some of this run up maybe happening. We have a good friend who actually years work the Chicago Exchange and is going explain futures and what this means for Bitcoin, on Sunday. We have him coming up in in just a SEC. Thereby avoiding owes dollars. Couple of things that I would like to start with. I think the most effective and best tweet, the president has ever tweeted. Is arrived just in time, Christmas This is a tweet that between about Jerusalem, and it is a string of all the President's saying I'm going to, and yet they didn't listen
Jerusalem is still the capital of Israel and must remain an undivided city, uniting issue design take office. I will begin the process of moving the United States ambassador to the city. Israel can continue to serve at Jerusalem, will be the capital of Israel, and I have said Before- and I will say it again: Giroflee Romania in the capital of Israel must remain on the market. We will move the american Embassy to the capital of Europe. Therefore, I am determined that it is time we officially recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, while previous presidencies have made this a major campaign problems they failed to deliver. Today I am delivering.
Hulu VAT is ineffective. Tweet it up. That's a good tween, no sad! No pathetic! No failing! That's a group tweet, that's how you use twitter. Mr President, however, There is a lot of naysayers now on, of course, on Jerusalem being the capital there's a there's, a whole string of them that are just good, eaten for Affright, hey, but also some real praise. I mean from from world leaders, have a net Yahoo. You heard his comments, Algeria use cut, I mean it did kind of felt like wow, wait you're doing it this time by IQ loses his speech from Mr De Roo profoundly grateful. For the present courageous and just decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to prepare for the open. Of the U S embassy here, this decision we fly
the president's commitment to an ancient but enduring truth to fold when these promises and to advancing peace. The president's decision is an important step towards peace. For them. No peace that doesn't closure, Jerusalem as the capital. The state of Israel. I call on all countries that seek peace, join the United States. Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital and to move Their embassies here I'll sure, present trumps commitment to advance peace between Israel and all of our neighbours, including the Palestinians, This has been our goal from Israel first day and we will continue to work with the president and his team to make that dream of peace come true fantastic. I also want to make clear no change whatsoever to the state. Square with the holy sites. Israel, always ensure freedom of worship for Jews,
Christians and Muslims gazed up alive. This is aiming it nobody. Nobody else has done that you, if you're a jewish Christian, you were not going to the holy sites prior to Israel. Having control of Jerusalem. I mean If I've wanted to go on to the Temple Mount a million times, I'm not welcome on the Temple Mount It would cause a scene. I was told and so I am not welcome on the Temple Mount you couldn't. Even you couldn't do that before now, because Israel has control of all of the holy sites they protect them. They guard them and they keep them open for everybody, which, I think is tremendous. Ok, How can we go to Joe Scarborough levies? we're just gonna recap the weak on on this here's Jos, our on MSNBC, in his view of what the
It did with Jerusalem. If you look at the warning from the state Department any talk to any diplomat, it makes everything we do in the Middle EAST or that more difficult and live in a world that Ok, the problem with this is Joe Scarborough. He was always a congressmen, not nineteen. Five the year was all really out and vote on. The milk now is gonna move the capital to Jersey id. He did you didn't we. It had nothing to do with moving the embassy, of course, dear really when he pulled it against that. Obviously, you could hear we voted for it. That's the only problem years. You were so excited about it. Yet it's it's! It's all run of the mill MSNBC commentary on this issue right. It's not what you do. You went crazy there. He saying what every democratic saying about this move. You can't do this move because, going to inflame things in the Middle EAST and all
Terrorists will get oh so upset about us out at us, because right now, there's just so docile, but they may be accurate. Urinate did moving there. That's why the Democrats are not saying they should move against the NEO Nazis anybody else in our society that might be angered, by some of their moves. You know now Nazis they're leaving alone course, you know the tea party. They're like hey, hey, hey, hey, let's respect their lot right. Let's, let's respect them, there's no! there's no Democrat. That is saying I don't care what they say. Just jam it down their throats. No, no longer cover that good. Now, there's one more and Stu. I want you refresh my memory while you're listen into this, try to remember a a segment on this programme we
This law is ok and what this host told me about religion, here's Chris Matthews bout, Jerusalem and blame on the Christians right away, that's your coming now, because you can just bed in the next few weeks. We have held a pay for this totally erratic decision. By this president, every party had to wait. Has since forty eight has Nice just be careful over there I live there will be a right of the basque escape, a picture was- and I tell you everything is intricate over their drooped Bethlehem as intricate with the armenian church and the catholic church. Everything is intricate. The guys would be the altar religious people
community and the arab cold of prayer, it's all intermingled in intricately, combined in the mess that up now makes no sense for anybody. Did it's not an american interests, don't think this is related to our bam and next week it is related because is decreasing evangelicals down there with their crazy ideas about Israel, which is a mythical they dont understand the situation over there now tricky. It is naturally in tribal, they don't care religious belief, trumps planet this week in just a second. So it is the Christians that did this because, Their quote, Mr Kohl believe around Jerusalem, so dismissive of religion is their iris. Math yoga hang on just a second, so Is there any? But surely the Arabs don't have a mystical belief around Jerusalem no, no, no, faster, no face C, o Jews dull. Now, like a invisible God talk to Abraham on that particular space or or
Mohammed was writing his horse in his horse leaped off the rock in Heaven, there's no mythical believe they're right, it's just the Evangel, Christians in Alabama. That made this happened. I think the eternal capital of Jerusalem is all about. The special election in Alabama has been yes, forty eight has those. At the beginning of time. All bill came out of the hole, Roy, moral Asian, it's totally erratic. You know, having the president have to sign a wait. Wait, wait. I've gotta go to the bathroom order, every six months to stop the law for Being enacted and moving the embassy, it's totally erratic their him now totally erratic of a president to wait twenty two years after a law is passed to do it to actually go through with the laws are now. I want to ask you to try to recall Rous Matthews because he's like those Christians with their mythical beliefs, miss it
People are mystical whatever realistic, mystical, yeah political, but we very dismissive of european identity and faith that this is a clip from What was by every time this has happened several tonnes from two thousand three thousand through Hell, it's been awhile, not as long as you go of action. The passing of the bill about Israel so did I backed in eighteen. Eighty five, just back to two some three very young. Glenn back on the air. With MR heard this Christmas Listen. I just want to know what the turning point in your life. What brought you to Jesus Arnold, what changed you when you have to make fun of thy transition? because it's a fact in my life and probably yours to absolutely it may plenary chamber. May I mean I don't I don't like that, but I just didn't like it, but I think you're right about the main point. You are making a bit sorry something which is you have to hit violent. I truly believe, for I, gotta decided this isn't working before you try something better, any we'll be right back this guy's, a great guy claimed back
I really like. I was living I coming into work and I came back from Workin out of Philadelphia the author, the real american okay. So did you hear what I said don't make fun of? Jesus, you said like a guy who's come and even come to Jesus moment, ready ass, rounded Jesus in our country. What what is it? What's his moment up this in turn of diseases, that big moment you're, like that, turned your life around praise that many people use Chris Matthews, so offended. That bring it up flip he said. The interview to criticise you for real for instance, Jesus like that. I don't think you need to say that sarcastically like that, that that means translating means a lot to meet a guy. Now, it's my God, damned credulous, not our business operators, aright
I have told you this this year has been an incredible year for me and my family. This is the year that my son's voice changed and he started to become a man. So weird I mean I have three daughters and you don't have that moment where you like they're gone, overnight night his voice changed and is like pay dad a warrior bizarre added made me think of time, and you know it thing that we have missed and didn't do, and I don't want any more regrets adult now. It is really hard to talk to your kids, and I don't know if I'm a freak. I've worked. My whole life. I've been working at my dad's bakery when I was eight, so I don't know how to play. I'm not good at play. I'm a drag parties, as you can imagine, anyway, the game say anything. There is no stress, no time or no rush. It's a game
that's really real lacks. It takes thirty minutes to play which my wife likes, because she's got monopoly phobia, but thirty minutes you're gonna you're gonna talk to your kids and are gonna just share the how they think. A really disarming way. I mean it's, it's just a game and it's not it. I mean it's not like a trick designed by some Reno psychiatry to get you to talk to your kids, it's just a stupid game, but it were It's amazing you ll sit at the table. You be like really you ha. You have no idea how your kids think till you play this game. It's also good because it's a game, that's not gonna cause a bunch of arguments, and so, if you want it for Christmas, if you have, though people coming to your table near like we don't know how to talk any more. Play say anything it's over, well now I think it targets you can get it at target and toys are us the name. The game grabbed for Christmas say anything
Glenn Back Glenn back. Let's just go. Look at the candidates, the seventeen candidates that were running for President Ahmed done, they republican side, all of them said that they would move. The embassy to Jerusalem and I really believed one, maybe maybe to cover the name's George Protocol, no one Instagram, Norway, Bobby Gentle, no Scott Walker, no Rick parried. No! I, like Rick like Bobby Gentle Lot journalism in our think of potential and maybe but I still think he's a maybe Rick Santorum lately, although I still probably lean no Jim Gilmore, no Carly, fearing Love Carly, but probably not. Maybe I would put no, maybe my she said it she's a I mean I do not see anybody who is chest is what she says she again. There's there's people believe it should
but there's always that pragmatic prejudice little as you don't do it and it always standing in a room full of people. You know from the State Department like that she's gonna be the end of a world MIKE Huckabee, I mean like all its he's. Eighty maybe it outside parliament invites think. Generally no Chris see no ran Paul. Definitely not JEB Bush, no Ben Carson. No ECHO Rubio. I don't think so outside possibility. Maybe John! Definitely not. Cause. I say yes because he was that there was the first thing in his plan and I said no on Donald Trump, I said no Donald Trump and you gotta get alot of. Currently I give him all the current all that, Glenn back. The Glen Back Programme, hey. I want to go on record here just because I made a promise during the campaign, and I did this with gorse edge, and you know I've been you know. I've said
to stuff similar all week with the Jerusalem thing, but I just want to make sure that I fulfil feel a promise that I made during the campaign It comes to Jerusalem. I said that he would never ever do that. There was no way- and I said, If you were voting for him on that, you are a fool and I just want to apologize to you- two Donald Trump, he meant what he said. He did it. I was wrong You were right, so I just to make sure that I fulfil that promise that you know that I am going to call it. As I see it, and I will make sure you understand. I was wrong When I was because I would never. I mean, obviously no way he's going to do this so anyway,
take her that I want to talk a little bit about Bitcoin, because Bitcoin is has been going through the roof if We have put a thousand dollars into it. This put five thousand dollars into it in June you're up to seventy five thousand dollars. Now this it looks like a bubble. By did there, you can make an argument that it's not, let's discuss about. What's gonna happen come Sunday, because Sunday is a big day and it may be part of the reason of this big run up there are future trading and a future is being traded as of Sunday and all institutional investors can be involved so to break it down for dummies, institutional investors- and I mean dummies like me that me instead of funds, like the California teachers fund they, say. You know what let's throw half a percent or one per cent of our investments into Bitcoin. Let's roll the die with that. If that
happens that can drive the price through the roof, but there's something else, and this is usually a moderating thing, but it's it's. It's usually very pessimistic futures, so people bat, on what it's going to be in Vienna thirty days six months is a gonna go up or down, and that can change things psychologically. Really understand futures. But I have a good friend that does. His name is Adam, rich and he was a trader on the Chicago market, and so he understands futures cause you been doing like hob, Bela's and stuff. Like that, I hear you're on that of our yet I need one good yeah, so so yeah I'd, be down on the twin coercion, tried, shouted in eighty five members about the news and then I'm gonna quarter, students, teachers palm are you sure,
so what I thought just call you give up to today I hope you just work and make a distinction. Between difference between price discovery models, neutral futures, market price, discovering mechanisms and opposed to work, before making markets which are Malta to join a couple pollination market. So I'm gonna tell you what I did. I did with slogans you can subsidies to leave a bell: Bitcoin, ok, ok! So. Future all these transports sofa your former in a bar yeah and I due to train ten dollars,
yeah yeah one boy, so we interviewed walking a price for seven percent of Union Club, Yeah, it's the deeds by war, then you're lucky, you happy. You procured enough. Resources will be the next season right about higher young you're. Happy there too. Now what happened? Ah, ah to happen. If somebody attitude big ambiguous, it means the bicycle beings to purchase alive. Food and please go higher. People like me, come in and relationship between, so indeed so be it. Just like you might be relationship between one of em.
Gasoline or petroleum getting exactly so then people, but you coming in offering Phelan S, offer that supply and then they buy the products which could be backing? why you have to ask himself what is the economic delicate happens? It continues: Ah, what is derivatives? You mean what is Bitcoin effect gonna like soybeans make soybean oil and the letters anti viruses, veggie, burgers, Aurette, ok, collect salts, also the concept you'd better, get a leader, these occurrences. Well, what's your multinational companies Are you it's on the new common indulge mark, yeah you're not to make money
Could you trade? Actually it's a tropical coal sobered him. They have a gas but men to their current. You watch me shoot the earnings. Look for you, a court dealership. Just a few months ago it took more than fifteen thousand becoming the purchase one car now like all right. There's no stability to the country. What are you gonna do its part? Only you could you not investing in the corn purchase these features? the wall settled into beat. When I purchased somebody purchases face, leaving aside these issues
I think we need to build any type of currency. You can keep moving backwards in such a small market ever so much volatility. I just scares me somewhat with Adam. What what's the effect of this new thing is? Is it something they were just moderates? Some of that fluctuates following what what's gonna happen? What does this mean for Sunday? Ok, so what's up on Google dissipated. What's what are you gonna be returned bastard? Ah, let's go Let's see you requirement Ogilvy, Moorish, meaning you can't walk. You can borrow money to buy the futures you gotta, you're gonna have to come in with the actual money, because it so volatile that you, then it can be a huge crash. So what
look you want Bitcoin, What are you shoot? One bitcoin are you sure. The next day I'll, tell you something there's? No reason why you couldn't wait a hundred thousand dollars. Let me tell you, I just told you later: the actual Gaddafi and correct water energy. Oil. Ah there's no linkage currently pistol deutsche mark. The young to any other currency. So I just told you that the report by having therapist, margin opens up your short one bitcoin, two thousand dollars you come up with a thousand dollars the margins this amount of money. Now, let's take the treaty they're gonna come out your father, peaches, understanding and change
and they have price limits reproach below the twenty percent. I gotta get up or down now a trade dispute on pregnant the cornerstone, five thousand dollars in short one because it to a hundred thousand dollars? You up do the math. Are you ate one contract because each contracted betrayed me I want a little the scale that might mean that people wouldn't want to necessarily take that risk on because of the volatility. Well, it's gonna put it gonna, keep a lot of speculators out of the market, that's good, so so the queen's traded one thousand dollars now, one percent- that's two thousand dollars so the software so Adam. So what are you
I think this is going to do on it. Do you think this gonna make any effect in the price over the next week? You quite difficult engage because you see what really sure what I'm trying to explain that in the future market is lacking, yeah. If you shoot, you can't get out you. Finally, the future global still much too much once thought the spot price, the Bitcoin thousand dollars and the teachers trading, twenty thousand dollars economic war point prestige, getting anything should you not call should be here out. Well, that's actually girth that's actually good. Will people to Adam also go into the actual decoy markets to hedge, what they're doing in the futures can raise conversation around
completely did the next logical question would be. I doubt if I can do for me I'll go that's the one minute and I'll be there to help. It doesn't work that way, because there is no margin and what tat means is TAT, each other, changes to recognise each other. They belong might be short contracts on me only a more complex on the three year we used to have to come up it margin on both platform, so Adam yet go ahead. No I'd finishes, ends so so so barrier to enter the treaties for the little people you want to watch. It's not gonna happen so when he had begun to change and exchanges.
By approving guiding they had to make markets, but I'll tell you straight up: I've been there. They try by agreement, That will make the limit bondage idea about coming up with windows. Private preservation, exuberant, ok, Adam! Thank you. So much for explaining a little bit of the futures markets is why I'm not on the trading floor from Redman Rich and Papas Adam Rich, What's gonna happen on Sunday, the futures market an end. What does it mean for Bitcoin? I think
can safely say. I have no frickin knowing when those on those governing arms- like you don't know, I'm not prepared for this first sentence was like ok, there's others to things like I dont know what either one of those things are. So I'm not gonna yeah, ok getting sleep easier said than done, especially if you hear a noise downstairs. Nothing about that. What do you do in this situation? You can turn out the lights and you can keep watch you know you didn't beat nudge by your wife. Did you hear that? Did you hear that again, I'm telling you or you'd have simply safe, protect your A your house was simply safe. Simply safe is a complete arsenal and you ordered online in minutes. You can have it on your doorstep by this week and you can open up ex plug it in and you are protected with perfect,
I'm security knows no tools, there's no hard wiring, literally you plug this thing in, and it tells you exactly what to do in Europe, like ok, embryo around new thy ad we simply safe, no contracts or hidden fees. Twenty four seven professionally monitored your home in your family, safe for fourteen ninety nine a month so go to simply Baghdad Commune Especial ten percent discount when you order today that simply safe back dotcom get ten percent up, simply save back dot com, Glenn back. Glenn bag so from the New York Daily NEWS, and I have not heard this anywhere and I wouldn't reported. If it wasn't no Daily news. Reputable I mean it's reputable. Is anybody gets now the day?
for the present in his slurred his way through part of a speech, the White House announced that he is going to undergo a physical exam at Walter Reed National Military Medical center early next week and the results will be made public according to the press, victory Sarah Huckabee! she or they that there was at the end of the speech. Can we get the end of the the Jerusalem speech please? So we can hear this it's right at me. God bless United States of America. They are saying now that he has you know kind of trailed off? Here? It is, listen, God bless Israel, God. The Palestinians and God bless United Church. Thank you very much wow.
One word thou. I mean I so he had to say one word guy. She would get me at the casino- and I too so mad at the casino align by me. Save I would again God bless Israel, God bless the Palestinians and God bless United Church. Thank you very much One already made a long speech: she begged, if that's ok. So what they're saying is this is ridiculous. He's fine! He was just his throat was dry and Nothing more than that. Ok, So they're gonna get they're are going have a baby we examined Walter Reed, I mean better safe than sorry right emanating that's the category! That's one thing. I've always been amazed about trumpet. We said this during the campaign. Is that he's energy levels are. I am, I dont know how the hell, the sky in the seventies, but no I mean.
The campaign schedule. He kept up the constant flying the constant speeches. He does not stop. That is one thing about Trump that I have said from the beginning. As that's an impressive thing, we did, he did one one weekend I did. You did multiple one weaken wid. When we went on, we covered the TED Curse thing and and and followed his primary. Campaign run Iowa and it was like I don't- I don't know how any human being does not for the length of time and are doing this for eighteen months now we're here I am in four. Why is seated on a white beach under speech? Why you'd want to do this? Is it's the most gruelling awful? Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever and hold me too
this please America be involved in Asia and in of in a campaign again it was just awful. It was gruelling, it was awful. It was gagging worse to the word. You know you can't you don't never have time to stop and eat anything like right, like that's what I was there, but it is true. It's like you want to grab and staff there's doughnuts around each feel. Like crap, I mean it's just I don't know how these guys do and especially your say was day was the doughnuts that made me. That's really stuck out to me with a doughnuts, an ivy, listen at ordinances, Us Adams, Glenn back. Love, courage, truth, gland back Let's go back in the time machine back to ninety. Ninety nine Al Franklin wrote a book called Why not me? The ins inside story of the making an unmaking of the franc and presidency.
Yesterday in the relay version of the story, senator I'll frank and resigned well, sort of kind of not really is about open, came every drew the short straw and had to be tossed under the me to boss by his Fellow Democrats in the Senate, me stop them. Finally, pressured Franklin to resign after a sixth woman accused him of being two hands on with our obvious two hands Alexander below the mud- it was actually the most non resignation. Resignation speech: you will ever hear Frankie. That he would resign in the coming weeks. And he didn't apologize for anything in fact, E bay he said I didn't do any of that stuff, but they came after me? First I taken one for the team. Will wait, wait, wait in your wildest dreams. Do you ever leave office If you didn't do something,
If you are wrongly accused- and this is What's gonna be on your Wikipedia page forever, you don't tell matters can have it. Finally contested taken off it heroic thing to do to take one for the team, but it's also super ironic that an Standing virtuous senator like AL break, it is being taken down because of those republican dirt bags were away worse. Ah, and that's the most important thing. I hope you remember from Alfred's remarks today. Until now, the liberals, favorite senator from Minnesota the was having a great year. He won rave reviews for his performance, pretending to care about education, while he grilled Betsy divorce. During her confirmation hearing, then his best selling book out in May Cold, ALF, Rincon giant of the Senate. Democrats said, Frank was well like serious policy maker, the raven rumours of him running for president in toys.
Twenty boy missed out on that one, but every and began to unravel for frank and last month with a photo of him. Leering Liane Tweeden chest ass. If she were about to grow per as if he were about to grope her while she was sleeping on the flight America is better off without AL I get in the Senate if he actually resigns. You think you will. He's asleep guy whose views a lot accrued hate towards conservatives, but can't lose sight of the Democrats, larger strategy here, Al Frank in his number may then up first, but he certainly not going to be the last on either side of the Isle, but by sacrificing fur Lincoln Democrats can now bunker in and the moral high ground and love their bombs about Republic its women in electing? privileged perverts. It's coming. They position themselves to appear more ethical than the Republicans just days before the Alabama people will
oh and probably elect Roy more to the Senate, In the never ending political chess match the Democrats that's just made a bold move report look ends. Wake up. It's Friday December is nearly needs. The glad that programme Mr Bill O Reilly, welcome the programme, Sir, from billow rally dot com with his new book killing England? What did you say think about the resignation or non resignation, resignation of L, Frank, Frank and yesterday. Well, the guy. I know here? I am and already died. Come I told my audience that I could not really cover again fairly because you hear Lightless, I just If I could,
punch hymning get away with it. I would, but I am I wait, wait wait. I'm like Y know file. Why do you feel that way? as you may, you may remember, remember hawks moved so pray, given that ran around, he wrote a book about why a liar that I was not brought up and leverage our more now, which stun my mother lived there sixty years and she said to me Where did we grow up? No, you don't so it's really exist and it's a nice fight because of your home town yeah and other things. I mean he he a brutal brutal guy? You know is a man was elected to the Senate, for we had no qualification other than being stored, smaller and What I like Minnesota, but when I go there, I just unshaken my head why why? Then he gets it
any vote. A hundred percent for whatever Obama wants not one deviation. Ok So here is an ideological zombie, but he's a Haider. That's what I really really resent so I told my audience: I don't know what he did with didn't do he did go and help the troops. That's true So I am not going to really get into it, but you hate him because he's a failure, you hated because each we weren't, gonna wanna get used to it and I do I do to get nobody sniffle snow. I know tat. I want to talk down to me. Not to undermine the ok, he his eye because the hater is a little bit too. Cliche right sure I despise him because he is dishonest deserve better.
Yes now that it's not good for a t shirt, but it works so bill. Here's here's and it really kind of builds offer what you said last week, you said Donald Trump is gonna, be in trouble with the sexual harassment during next year. Okay, so tat the letter- Just let me just play this game. I think this is what happened to the Republicans of the nineteen sixties. They were the ones that were marching with king. They were the ones that dead for four hundred years. Saying: hey, let's stop all this stuff, then and push comes to shove, thee Democrats, Canada switch real, quick and they get all the credit for the civil rights movement and they pin it all on the Republicans. Here we have a group of Republicans and I'm not talking about the clouds and wash it have talked about the voters that that we have been saying character, matters, character, matters, character, matters and they ve been trying to hold these lines. And finally, because it looks like
nothing else matters and to many people throw up their hands in their dislike. Whatever I just wish. To play their game, we're gonna play their game and now it looks like the demo. After making this move to make themselves. Look like the moral leaders. About a year long about why more. And then present it dropped is rightly pointed out, so frightened had to go so there the Democratic Party could position itself is a party of women say if you look at it, you get the platform. There are the poor, the African Americans. Third, the Party of Hispanic Americans there, the party, women there they party of illegal immigrants, there are the poor. Pretty of algae he people at a party. Everybody except white, guys we hate them. Ok, so
Therefore, given the numbers, because, where the party of all these other people- but we hate the White Guy, It's a white guys can overcome are majority in the appalling place. That's the strategy, the adults, it there's no other strategy, so whatever We have to do, and I mean whatever. If we have to burn out Frank and we're gonna like the match, if we have to be, dishonest and say that the George Washington was a white supremacist because he- Slaves. We're gonna, do that if we have to take Thomas Jefferson name off the high school, is he held sway? we're gonna do that goes there Y got. You would not like white guys, white guys or the enemy but everybody else there, therefore, as and where for them so bill is industry bill? Would you mean I can ask you this, as you ve already done this so tell me the thinking on this issue
marching, L, Frank and yesterday he says I didn't do it here- that I didn't any right, ok, bye, I'm gonna, resigned because you know whatever you didn't you who are like. I didn't do that and I'm not apologizing for things I didn't do and I'm U one of the only ones that are still opposing it didn't happen. I it it's a lie: I'm not taking it yeah I mean look, we can we can pretty much proved that down the line, and you know life is very very cool Frankly, in his mind, the end again, I don't know what you do too didn't do. I just don't know and a market where you're on any that I don't want to be part of that kind of Asia situation. But in his mind he didn't do anything she's a narcissist and that's what it comes down to
Many many of these people- you didn't, do anything! fun and games, or among affectionate Donna guy around this room that again, nobody did didn't do. What do you mean? his mind, he is absolutely convinced that he, How do you know what was the deal? What does that? It wait? Wait back the anomalies totally innocent there, but he's never in its entire life done anything wrong. That's what a nurse! And the reason he had to go with chopped human being, minority leader in this? From New York, state show basically picked up the phone should look out. We're gonna, destroy you. If you don't do, if you don't go we're gonna, destroy european parties gonna, boy. You because you need to get out of there can attack the president, why more and other people cats why he went? That's me
reason he went. Humor is the top this guy on the block. Why do you think no Democrats, every vote for tax reform or anything else in summer? Two thousand, if you go outside what we tell you to do, we're going to challenge you in a primary and we're gonna cut off all your money to good people run an effective campaign. This What Schuman, dots and that's what he did the frightened. Let me switch gears to Roy more. There is eight they really troubling piece of video that has just been released. We have the audio Sarah. Can we play this Roy more in an interview he Russia was the focus of evil in the modern world, could say that very well by America, Couldn T think well we promote a lot of bad things like same sex, marriage,
That's the very argument of lot in Maputo makes. Well, then maybe Putin is right, maybe more kinda, maiden Uno waning. You know look than are you surprised by that? Now you know what I mean that more is easy, very, very brief range politician. All right. He has made it clear throughout his career that he doesn't want any kind of gay stuff. He thinks that and in what he's talking about abortion, their business Roy Moors, going away next week's abortion D. Alabama is the most probably life stayed in the union and the opponent. The Democrat is a
Abortion on demand at any time ten minutes spoke for no reason, guy stance I that's why they're like and what is more, the voting against his opponent, more is, is you don't fringe you can get an that's what's happening. Downer, although, I voted for him in the primary against two candidates that we're not fringe. I mean my group's in sound before any any of the stuff came out or position himself as the christian crusader. So he was decree king crusader and there are no Evangel a golden Alabama primary situation to get you elected on their platform, about three or four years ago. We warned about Vladimir Putin and what he was doing with the christian Movement and he was becoming the champion I mean in Russia in parts of the former Soviet Union, I mean they rounding gazed up, it's it's bad
and he is doing it not because he believes in it. Because he is trying to appeal to the Buber strong Christian community, her and like I top right ear, absolutely right, like I told president trumpet my shook her beauty, she couldn't killer Who is a killer I'd, so you copy to him he's a killer? I'll, do anything. Wouldn't got in the race in Alabama, but I think it pulled ran against the democratic went. Bill, O Reilly Makin, just as I might, I wanna talk to you about line. There is a huge difference between Bitcoin and guidelines.
Do I have a little bit of money and gold mine, I mean in in Bitcoin, and I have ten percent of what I own in gold, and I do that As I look at gold as a hedge against insanity, I dont look at it as a as something I'm gonna make a brazilian dollars on I just want to have something left when the world has gone completely insane. It is a hedge against inflation is a hedge against insanity. I look at. It is an insurance policy and you know that people they look at it. As you know, trying to get rich. The ices have something something. So we can rebuild the world in the end, because the world always goes back to gold. Now Does Goldmine just was purchased by a mark? That's one of the largest publicly traded, precious metal wholesalers they can now.
Offer you much more efficient ways to buy precious metals and they are slashing their prices on the most popular products and the prices have never been offered before so cold. Old line now, one eight six six gold line take advantage of the unprecedented special if you have just gold or silver. In the past you look at the price. Of gold. Now it with gold line, one eight, six, six gold line, one eight Dg Xix for six five, thirty, five, forty six rather important risk information, fun out of gold or silver is right for you, one, eight six, it gold line or gold line, dot com, Glenn back. Glad that programme, Mr Bill O Reilly Bill, explain. Explain to America did just hear you say: YO, YO, rock
Ok, rocky obey our aid at it's ok so explained to America Lee FBI agent, that hates Donald Trump, and why that matters? Ok, this waste in really helps the president number one there's no matter what color comes up with now, it'll be tainted so that they headlong number one number two! If you have a high ranking FBI together, and he was the number two and the Hillary Clinton e mail situation. This guy I struck we explain what explain what he did way way explain, explain who he is. First died, those o Peter Iraq is a erecting FBI. Guy was assigned to the Clinton email case,
who convinced a director call me to be less inflammatory and his description of what Hillary Clinton did. I assemble one and after that he was trained. De Molly's office to look into the russian collusion investigation. Ok, why he was there. He apparently road emails and tax do his mistress, also working The FBI despair urging Donald Trump Bali was investigating. He was also disparaging em on email, the FBI I thought about it and they removed him from the case and obvious, but the end. Telling the american people would happen. The FBI, didn't tell anybody what happened then and that they could get away with not killing. They had a high ranking investigator staff trashing trump behind the scenes. That is really bad right, that this merges the FBI and, more so now
I've been and transfer to forego North Dakota wherever out, but the actual investigators or say will see the email and the texts. And if you don't let em over we're going to charge you just. Let me broad roses: Stein will receive smaller, with contempt the Congress and so the FBI direct justified yesterday. Ok, re Christopher RE, who came off is removed, wrought with all due respect to Mr Re, he was ass. Clayton known he knew he was gonna be asked. How many goes? Why look into it? I really don't know been called out. He was called out all right. If I had been a senator I'm sorry I congressmen on that committee. I would ve been outraged moment. You're gonna be asked and you came in here ill prepared, you're wasting our time. That's an outrage, then, what a pie item back your pie. Yet I never I never any break out. That's why I never thought of this before until just now,
fun senator of you ever thought of that black I really would be less about twenty five zero. Before media matters may have murdering somebody in nineteen fifty seven and definitely not in whatever that town is the love it down. But you grew up figures pick you up at the thought disparaging oh, so the f, don't you know is, is tainted it, which is why I believe the FBI itself needs to who be investigated because they were tainted for the Clinton they may be tainted against tromp, but all though I dont believe them on Russia, I mean they have done to many weird things with Russia and kind of kicking, or to over the tracks on other topics with Russia. We loved
thing is unravelling. Yeah I'd watch those emails and tax come out to the public, the FBI's gonna. You're right, you're gonna, be a big index. Glenn back.
I think that the rules alone is still the capital of Israel and must remain an undivided city accessible to design take office. I will begin the process of moving the United States Embassadors city. Israel can continue to say that Jerusalem will be the capital of Israel, and I have said Before- and I will say it again: Giroflee Romania in the capital of every must remain on the body. We will move the american Embassy to the capital of Europe. Therefore, I am determined that it is time to officially recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, while previous presidencies have made this a major campaign problems they failed to deliver. Today, I am delivering
I never thought he would do that. I, we apologise to the fans of Donald Trump today and told them. I was wrong. You were right on this issue. He still as to move it. Otherwise it's it's kind of like Obama's barriers. Monument if he moves the if he actually moves the embassy. This a really big deal bill. I think so most Americans, I turned into this. I don't really understand the history of it, It's a respect to Israel and a day tells a world that we are sympathetic to the we state and of course said sets the Arabs in the Muslim world off because they ate the Jews. They hate us too. They mean they may now agreed, not that not every nation like a rock. Oh, they don't hang in sports, but all the real hard core.
Muslim Arabs fanatics of course, but they know tat yeah, so What is this mean bill?. It doesnt mean much other, then tromp, even if you dont like in his I who does respect his promises I mean almost everything that he said is either down or under way and the economy is not likely. Somebody's gotta room shot, stops nonsense, but waiting in it huge of IE stops all that you got a real shotgun reelected in charge a fee. If he's smart about Tell you one thing I don't know if I have mentioned is on your programme, but I predicted, We discussed last week that there's gonna be a trimming. This assault on President Trump coming agree, probably come in January because he did get the tax reform path
and the Democrats now say. While we gotta disquiet because he may get reelect, there is a tape, deck and audiotape all the Anti trust person offering two hundred thousand dollars to a woman to accuse Donald Trump of untoward became so you know you have talked to me about their. You ve talked about this tape. You ve talked to me about a privately. It is as well it with with additional information. Is this tape gonna be released, or I may have to? I may have to go to elicit earning myself. I don't want to have to do that and inject myself into the story, but her I had my lawyer. Listen to the check my attorney right, he's! Listen to it, at least three crimes on the tape. So I say citizen I may happen
I will tell you that I do you know. This was the first thing that you said you say: well, I'm trying to get it I'm trying to get it. You know so it could be released. It needs to be released and you weren't talking about getting it for you to release it, but it's it had to be out there and I think, first, I said to you: I mean if they don't you, gotta bring it to the: U S attorney I listen. Jen It's in the hands of someone who knows seriousness of the situation. All right. What is their hesitancy? You know. It really get into that at this point, but I and tell you that Donald Trump knows about that. The president knows- and for the life of me sitting here, going why on earth Are you allowing a movement, you try to smear you when you have powerful and I mean- is powerful piece of evidence that shows this is an industry that there
or false charges and money changing hands. Okay, so if so, first waiting? But I wanted you- are you listening to know it's there? It's it's! amazing, and it will change the whole discussion if it ever So when do you, when do you decide? I had no idea, you know it's a big legal thing and I watched it, but I'm not gonna. Let it go I'm not all you know me, I'm not gonna. Let it go. I can't give you any any deadlines or anything like that, but I'm a meeting this market aloud three to be deceived, I'm just not not to say that Trump didn't do stuff. You mean you did but are not. I know there is an industry that pays people to smear other people. You gotta be exposed edit, but that doesn't mean that some of the other accusers but aid it is just go at the idea
does show that because I really believe- and it's not just gonna- be from the left- it'll be laughed right, I'll be everybody. There will be people. If you can just continue to destroy people just by making an accusation- There will be people that will do it for money and boy. What I like to say a few things on that right now, but I'm not going to with MR already, you know. You know it's true and soda. Why and so does every power of a person in the country. I wanted to tell you before you kicked me off the air, then I got your Christmas card. Very nice blend actions great Christmas lights, but I wanted to ask you didn't: have you made your Christmas gift, less pew gifts that you are going to give people well. Did you get the? Did you get the five bitcoins at Christmas card that I because I know I put an get anything from you. I never do now. I play I put him in the envelope there. No yeah go check them and you didn't throw that envelope. Allusion, none,
There is a nice little picture of you and everybody. You ve known in your hot tire, lived my found a core. Everybody so I have never received. I have never received anything from Billow Riley, nothing for Christmas outcome. I said you three sign killing. Anyone- and you know it's big- they use their profit stole it. Didn't you, But that's what I'm doing it. If you got a bill rally, dotcom back, as I know you do ever, did you want to get the best news analysis for free selling books or anyway, other books, free or again give them away with little bit coins or what elsewhere doing. I have no idea what so. In other words, I could give the gift of bill o all season law still desperately needs to read. Books we'll have someone read them to him? That's easy and really it for free books. If you buy three gift certificates the bill O Reilly at seven gets back, can hire. Can
I can I buy a bill, o sweater or anything now you don't know bill O. Where is what we do? have we say merry Christmas maps. Now was outside your door signal to the world that you say Merry Christmas, oh you mean a now dear. Yeah Murmansk, yeah- and we have all kinds of great stuff like that. It's a benign lifting website below wily. That causes me and I want to get the idea that I care deeply noise. Where'd, you get the Uyghurs. I've been using format for a long time. So where did you get the idea that a doormat we say that Christmas storm each a, but is it last item that you have to have But if you say merry Christmas, you're saying basically you're not really, if even a fulfilled filled person, if you don't have one now,
but you know, I'm gonna have a mad next year that says we hate Christmas. Don't even mention it. So I will be with a second people to our Red Riley figure about from billow rally. Dot comedies network is killing England and good. We can build empty We all know that a great night sleep makes for an even better day and that's why Casper has worked tirelessly taking years of data and testing and sleep science and they created their new innovative new mattress called the wave to help you get. The bed sleep yet and if you're not sleeping on a casper- then you're missing out, I'm sleeping on a casper now have the best night sleep. I have had features a patent pending support system that mirrors your bodies, natural curvature, for a deeper, more restorative, sleep, Casper,
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I am two have been talk about reading the immortal Nicholas with my family and my son and starting Monday live it'll, be only for subscribers to the blaze, Dotcom, Slash TV, I will not be on the tv network or anything else. As is only on four subscribers of the place to be kind of a Christian. Sir, he added with a kind of feature I would love to read the immortal Nicholas with your family. So rape and I are gonna red. We read in bed, usually every night or we try to and so we're gonna reed the immortal Nicholas and it'll be every night up until Christmas Eve. And we'll get through it together costs. No, it's great Christmas story, it's the story of Santa! I wrote it couple of years ago and its leaves.
It was my efforts to bring Santa into the fold and back point, towards Christ and its rate story is my favorite story that I've ever been involved with, or you know, came up with. I love this during obviously be the exception being, of course, the Christmas tree the movie that airs every year now that's a museum, their effort avenue I mean your part- was migrate. Input emulate still was still. It didn't, hurt the movie that much right. So it is that time of your guess. Fails us do, has a movie on the the blaze. At work again just for subscribers, the crew, twist, which is his his salute to lifetime lifetime movies and lifetime Homer whole Martin and they had this is madness, is almost as good and I think it was hallmark, who last year ripped off Vespa I mean, I think it was a tribute, but
Maybe they basically made a serious version of the parity that we did ye about a cookie sailor person says basic the exact same movie and they playing that again this year in every time it errors. I get a bunch of messages, while the stew on Twitter, the reminder that they ripped off our story here they did, but I think that's actually also. So you can watch both of those things. This starts on Monday. The reading of the immortal Nicholas, and I invite you to bring your. Emily and just gotta, you know you can watch it as it. Is unfolding or you can just download at any time and watch it with your family. But My family is kind of sick of hearing my stories, and so I, like you, know If one daughter who wants me to read Edgar Allan POE, which we started years ago when she was young. Every Halloween and everybody else in the family. Psychology stats do that again
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yet here is not able to get a lot of, but on that I am so open on there is nobody wants to do this. I am totally good high. What hoary legal area only because I don't wanna go cause, I'm just so awkward, I'm a drag parties. I never know what to say it. Really weird, and I just stand there in the corner. Like you and errors, I got you stay out of it. I only I remind you are Patty Lang, Atomic, so what I have done for this Christmas party. You know this, I don't We are going to play human bowling and I am going to be the ten pin. Never taking all the managers and in some of the other people we can vote on who's gonna be a pen, but I would imagine that I should be the main other main pen and, and I get into a big bowling p suit Ok, ok and it's only my face outside of the bowling pin suit and and we put all of the managers there and then to people get into a giant falling ball man in the major him here,
They have to move their bodies. They hang on inside of the bowling ball right and there were there. With their enforce human force. They roll the ball and see if they can roll a strike, that's that's my that's my contribution to the Christmas Party that side That may be used up all that, I'm actually hydrogen. That moment have you seen VOX, is doing with their with their Christmas party, and this is happening apparently in a lot of companies. Now They are handing out drink tickets to their employees. To make that a two Raby there concern there might be a little bit towards rape go on at their companies, so they're not letting people drink more than to drink at the Christmas Party, because this is what happens in others a little too much touchy feeling a little too much are you know, maybe not enough people asking the appropriate question. May I use your body everyday
You talk to. Somebody has to get into that before. I believe today that is fed testing. May I use your body, that's apparently at the appropriate question, you're supposed to ask other employees when you come near and the now no up all know says yes to a question like their majesties, your body for a second, no, no, you may not, but their worried apparently, there are left wing staff is gonna start raping each other. Yet I had that concern the hope. I do not have that concern that others. No, there's no special rules or anything. If I get into the bowling ball and and bold pins, not all that long ago, I mean, I'm a little uncomfortable with the way you're touching me with that bowling ball money, Glenn back.
Love, courage, tree Glenn, bad man, an interesting week for the FBI and the Department of Justice, a veteran FBI agent as dismissed from the investigation over his anti trump bias. We live Your found out. The same agent was the one that interviewed MIKE Flynn. Oh and actually signed the initial paperwork that open up the route Trump Russia investigation. We are also found out yesterday that one of the FBI's prosecutors is the former attorney who represented Ben Roads and the Clinton a foundation, she's also donated thousands of money dollars to the Hillary Clinton campaign and to the DMZ, so all this came out just over the past week, It isn't even complete a scene official of the d o J was just demoted for his contacts with Fuegians fusion GPS fusion
gps? Yes, that is the firm that works both for and with the Russians and for and with the Clinton campaign, are the ones responsible for the whole dossier that kick the whole thing off so It might be that the deck has been stacked, cheer ass, the little bed. Astrogation has begun, throwing down indictments right and left. Where was this intensity for justice with Hillary Clinton Flynn was nailed for lying to the FBI, Cheryl Mills and Boom Aberdeen. They weren't. We all knew that Hillary Clinton was guilty at very lease of mishandling, classified information, why wasn't she ever indicted- remember Fbi agent, that was just
We, you know, release the name was released and then he was fired for bias. Yeah. Yeah he he's he's the agent that interviewed both mills and Aberdeen and no charges were filed for lying. Which would have been his decision here. Also the one that change the wording of Comey's statement on where he Clinton from grossly negligent too Streamlining careless. See my mom told me the successes and break you. Both names will never hurt me, but words do matter extremely careless. Oh, I remember you can't put anybody in jail for extreme the careless, but you can, eight them on grossly negligent. Now, maybe it's just me, but
but an investigations seem like they were conducted with the intention of finding exoneration rather than finding justice. So why are they treating her differently than their treating Donald Trump? I want you to oh, I think Hillary Clinton is guilty and I have Making suspicion that trouble guilty on this too, but who do you trust our we ever gonna know everything Its being done now is for politics if FBI and D, O J cat check their bias at the door it's time. To bring in outside investigators, because clearly there is a problem whose watching the watchers.
It's Friday December eight year. Listening to the Glen Back Programme is watching the watchers Patrick out, that's the media's job, but they haven't and then a long time. So how can we only trust them character matters. It matters. Clean, the things out in your own life. So when the- old is more in, saying that it already is, people will be. If you don't play politics, don't stay cons, I didn't know what you believe and do not go over the cliff with the red of humanity hurry welcome to the year of the programme. There's a few things here that we have on our plate. Today. We have Rennie, Wade which I really want to get too. What else do we have You have been saying you want to get to the Randy Quaid issue for a while. I this stories and it is
necessarily determined what the Randy Quaid Ishmael. I know, but I hope you will like it you will. I will like it. Yes, ok, we we do have that we have this pole, STAR wars, star wars, yes, none of your interested in that I have the results of a poll about millennials, Jus, replace your human lover with a droid. Right to give you the results of I'm interested in that one, because I want to know if you have to talk to your droid and ask them the court May I use your body because that is when we gotta get to this one unit Amarillo early. Only let's do went Randy Quaid quickly, If you read the rainy quitting quickly. Ok, can you do the Rennie quickly? Now you can do any of you all of you and in what's gonna happen under the show. We will not do the Randy Quaid thing yet again, MR executive producer, I you have a problem
you you have a real problem. This is when you find out the whole story. You can see his either. Who trumpery antitrust bias coming through, I dont know which one it is but narrowly on it? I'm actually the concerns that are radically will become present United States some service. In order to draw attention story too, Can we do the thing for Mr Data would that because we ve got for this for a while, so Jimmy Kimmel, right, yeah Jimmy him all had a guest on that was trying to teach people how to not sexually harass out, I M not going down. I am not. Going over the cliff with the still humanity. I do not need, a company to as spend an hour or two teaching your how not to harass people. Sorry I just I'm, I'm I'm not gonna do if you don't know what
Sexual harassment is you're, fired Nazi, what I mean, I does anyone know what it is. Now, though, I dont know what to do. No, I'm not I'm not going over the cliff with that. You know he ask me out on a date that sexual rights, no it's not it's him asking you out on a date now, if DAS, you on the date over and over in a really creepy way, and you keep saying no. It's harassment like even it rhodium up to pay. You want to get together and you know, go have dinner, that's not sexual harassment, because there you were you return from lunch. Yes, you walk into your office, and will you go out with me? Is scrawled in blood on your office wall like my as more than just sexual or as little as it is a key aspect of fire you for being spooky, while also they the maintenance issues of cleaning out of the blood? There's all kinds of other things They are so Tracy S Ill Ellis ROS. Now she was on the Jimmy. Kamal show and she was discussing serial killer. I can tell you look. She has three, namely nay, ok,
in a man's were taught, about how a man should properly hug. A woman- and I want you to understand the advice here, because it is very important to me to apply this to your daily lot. Yes, you do with them. When you create me, do not, your whole body against me like there's. No, I do not want to feel you. Ok, you can do not have safe. I gave up its the airlines gap. A frame move the black, the bits away, the other one to do as the sideways huh like this fifth one. That just means your going into the shoulder because no there's no forward pieces connecting forward peace and the other thing is, do not do this. Ok, yeah This is another one, never guess what her I do, what they did was they. Then she said: don't do this and she put her hand on the other persons, but you'll know The that ABC is not even using a mail for this, not using Jimmy Kimmel. For this,
it's some woman, maybe a philosophical, isn't here, it's a woman dressed in a suit with a tie so she's playing the man. So you two women doing this to each other. This is like insane. Apparently, it's ok to grow, oh for another woman for television purposes, you couldn't put this on Jimmy Kimmel Couldna put this on, because if they would have laughed like they did. What don't do this and she's grabbing the, but you can't show that even I mean that your job you're joking office, sexual harassment, is either at work, even if they laugh when yeah. The power structure of this show is that Jimmy Kimmel is the guy and anything that does You are another woman. She has no power to say no to she's. No ability right is to show any displeasure to the situation is simply goes along with it, because she's worried about her her jobs or a prospect correct,
is what apparently aware he's telling us about women today- that they can. Say now they have no power to say no, are you to be asked a certain certain way elicited the rested, his lip please. This is. This is another. When this is a pair of mine. May I use your body for a moment ago: I'm pretty chanting. Ok, you don't you hear that. May I use your body for a moment, but may I have your absolutely right? Ok, so this is the other one, this area in this area. It seems this is a very tender. Area after Ladys its vulnerable, who it's very, very vulnerable, and it's not an area. You necessarily want someone to touch, and it is a vulnerable area. Stop for a small little back all areas of vulnerable area, yes and nay, apparently so rightly so, because as I guess near, is it because it's near the- but I don't know I don't know
Well, it's very vulnerable area, and but you know look there. Are things be given us a real, clear path to success, even when you walk of two women in you were thinking about but giving her hug you don't just do it stop, and you say the woman hey I use your body, she says. She's going to western book is great class or no Israel. Yet you know, and then you get too. I guess do what you do yeah, but the point is once you have to get. You were to agree to let her use to use her body right who asked the question to get high stew how're, you I'm a stranger. We just met. All high may use your body sure sure. That's how that conversation we'll go right in case. You were concerned about it because some people might think in this, and in this is antiquated, it's weird. It's person thought, but some people might think that if you walk up to a stranger and say, may I use your body that might be worse than a hug theirs?
people think that if you were to say that to any female in the universe, you might ensue, we find yourself in the HR department a pervert he was asking? If I could, you can use my body, but also to use it for my leg, like that, what I have a very vulnerable spot and my back or is it Mary is? May I use your body a worthy of a blank cheque? Worse, I feel like its there's, nobody that you could say nobody may I could even say that to my wife, mail, your body for a second No? No, who do you ever married to be, as you would say, no, who would ever say yes to that question and let you ride a bit dominatrix, the dark grey areas, and I gotta ask that and they look. They both looked at the camera like right now it's a legitimate question. That's what you do easy question asked May I use your body? No, no, it's not! That is, and that is absolutely
ends you up at your immediately in HR by the end of that day. If you ask one person that question seriously, if you so after someone seriously and said May I use your body in a business context. You immediately either fired or suspended, I'm gonna. Give you I'm gonna, give you that I'm gonna, give you the robot thing. Ok, ok, cause is this. This fits. If I asked Would you do feel it's normal who form a a friendship with a robot. But what do you say? I would say it is not normal. Ok, Do you think it's normal to have a romantic relationship with robots I would say it is not normal. It's not come on jus replace your human lover fora. Droid an android? I would not. You would not
not choose to do. How many people do you know, do you think, would not counting Jeffrey you say you're taking out Jeffrey taking. I did have one now I have none you have no, for I have no friends now he's variously! Think about that. You have no friends that you, You know you could go vs yeah, they claim they. They might do that. You have no friends and you said Jeffrey is not included Jeffrey, I drew out one think I have any friends who would be interested in such matters as I do not either right. I do not either. I can't know, survey twelve, thousand people mixed ages worldwide he found in the. U K. Men were three times likely to agree that they could ever relationship with a robot in the future compared to women, a Roma Take relationship with robots will be more common than you might think with a report suggesting that they would be taken
by his money as twenty seven percent of eighteen, thirty four year olds, so twenty seven percent of aid. The thirty four year old, say yeah, I would my guide have sex of the robot over, for a person and those ages there, when your partner actually looks good yeah, I don't u Dounia from there and you know something- I think that's the only time walk into a room. And say: may use your body yes that's something you ask an android, not a human yeah right away, I know creepy sort of way. May I use your body now you Don T, ask you when you ask a hopeful uses, acceleration is just, as you pointed out, who is in charge as they will be in charge quickly. Believer
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a car shield, dotcom promo code back deductible may apply Glenn back Clan back very upset, MR nasty rigour. Really? Our executive producer form- well but they Cournand was carried area. Nor yet. By the way. Why are you mad at me? Bitcoin goes up to fifty thousand or a hundred thousand dollars unless you have fifty of them. Ok, do you even call in to work They see it was a lotta hypotheticals that have not matched up to reality and that particular equation but you have fifty Bitcoin goes up to a hundred thousand dollars and
that's what you live million die really does even cash in it. You even colleague, into the office and go. I quit me personally ya, know so you know neither do I ll take their natural, just I'm not here, and I was hazards, where's Glenn, I don't know Bitcoin, I think so anyway, That is why away, why am I getting fired? You didn't you didn't, because you ve chosen correctly, you promised We would have time for the challenge: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump and twenty twenty and now we're not gonna. Have time, though, is tat we ve got to about two here. We can easily easily cover I'm sure that right, but Is this the Randy Quaid story? Yes, it is. Randy Quaid is going to challenge Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump in twenty twenty? Now I'm the guy for Christmas, vacation and independence day. Oh, I did
well that that was a character nigh I was in character. None talking about the insane guy, not not easy guy in the camphor or the is he guy comes to visit our art, the crazy, their bodies holding an amateur resolve. Yes, though, neither he's not that guy, this is the guy who is they gotta can afford a camper. This, this is the guy that move to Canada and Canada just kicked him out. Ok- please play a free to come to the states day in Canada. Please Randy Quaid! You say that you you're staying in Vancouver your stone candidate because you don't want to come to the states because you're afraid of these people who are out to kill some everything's annual. Specifically, why do you have actually here? I am. I was fear that fair because there for the last three years and really the last twenty years there, I ve been racket. Cheered on he's been
a tiered and ragged play they follow us. Please raise awareness, raising, raising Taylor Saint, letting ourselves our computer. We can send an email we may call and right in the middle, the call the whole system oil wrong, shut down whole system. Well yeah, there's It's more he's certify ably insane, but what oh great Randy Quaid, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Debate old answer me. I gotta say this the glad that programme, welcome to the programme, MR gray. How are you pat? I am I'm good. Are you? Are you really good
because I know that Europe, I you know that you're a little worried about the people and in Washington DC. Yes, I am, I mean, there's been three members of Congress that resigns. We Conyers Frank in Trent, dreamt francs; and so I just have a five suggestions for all five I've suggestion. I don't know if that's a long time now, but it's half of the ten commandments right right and ensuring- and these are how many advantages, not just good safety to our eye. Ok, you could say that the ten commandments you could yeah you could, but we don't but and these don't come from God, they just come from me US head, oh to him with the grain of salt. Awry had become well, I'm not as offended if they come from you as opposed to God, I'll get good I first suggestion is that if your internet review, or of Congress. Yes and you're ever asked. So. You're saying that you ve never squeezed a woman's but grant the response.
No, I can't say that I haven't is not ideal response on your mind try something else: sub item or yes, oh wait! A bit anxiety about that implies that you should write down the times or at least remember all the time If squeezed women's bottom all the times, all of them now just a just idle say, half half of the time you squeeze woman's, but our I don't to use a number two ever to don't ask several of your female aids if They enjoy being impregnated with your man seed. They're after new carry the baby did term you give the baby back to him. That's not a good
thing to ask Lee Female aid right away. I that's confirmed converter to sing your suggests. Suggestion was confirmed as we did not denying that is Lee. I miss the boat, you don't know the sir. It is raining rancor round, not the man. Seed thing is actually I dont know veal. Civically put it that way, but he may be circuits for his Nan. Then, though, was so weird I was I oh we're I we ve had problems. We need to get surrogates and I'm resigning today, because I talked to staffers about that- that's how we Basically, that's not an agreement and what's her, why would you resign as your time? It makes no sense at all. It's alright speculation is. He was walking around to his young AIDS and saying hey? Can I impregnate you Hey. How about you? Hey you over there right now, how about you, but it's not indicated as soon as I kind of Ikey if he was using that as a way to get lucky
Reilly unease using this now as a cover. It seemed like a super turn on no to me and that's only step to that's because a career they have already asked you much paper honestly. Really. I say that I think is I want. You have already arrived, the third suggestion again it'll just safety tips. You don't have to do, If you dont want to these are for people who want to go, we all want to go to Congress. Okay, so far is suggestion over three is dont funded, sleeping woman, snobs, then giggly someone's knives and follow. If anyone going at a moment since one July out did, I know you're yeah. I know that does one of the tender, so you can find new jobs or giggle during the snapping before I got it, but not both of the same or safety to number four dont grab hold of a woman's but cheek during a photo up or at any other time of the day or night,
four or five things seem reasonable. We you're, saying day or night or night, don't reach down during a photo. Giving you know if you do that, you're not but you're, not saying around a handful of butter. They have just money through Friday, though right. Yes, that the plight of the weaker, ok good, and if you take a lot of photos, I think there's gotta be a limit like if you, if you're doing if they say how do voters a year now we say no but then you're doing thousands. What, if you're in a very crowded room and people are bumping into your mouth, then its chaotic scale is people people, bumper cars, that happens, Tipp number five dont waltz around the office fully nude. And if your eighty eight, because it may limit the terms that you want serving to around thirty I own, I be able to serve flirting herbs wander around your office place naked well
At some point we have that I mean you wanna, be there until Europe that you had. I mean I thought you had some cloud viewers congressmen now they're saying you can't walk around naked in the capital they're getting so picky. Now my guy are getting around or will do the key. Ok, so- some pat we're doing. I I'm thinking about starting a futures market, and you know on the people in Washington that our problem, Lee going to me now, I'm just saying I don't have any evidence reading, but I gotta have you got a gut feeling, logo the show you some faces here- and you tell me. Would you would you put money on yeah they're gonna? Be there be coming up soon, for harassment. So yes, they may be charged with sexual harassment or or know. Now I dont even charged with yeah, pretty sure that something some doubts governor ass. They say now that there is a they're saying forty is the number
Neil king for Austria Journal Debenham Euro Chief tweets that he is hearing the total number of congressmen with sexual harassment skull already may top forty re may top forward. He called man, good good, get them. Ok, you ready, Here's your here's number. One g Why? Yes, what are you talking about as he sees a vice president? Yes, yet theirs, No chance- I don't. I don't believe that he's not a sexual harasser because you could come out with expert after X rays went no, it's absolutely not somebody who's, grabbed women's asses and I will not believe you if you have video of him of every moment of every day and had no footage Evan. I still wouldn't believe it
this stuff that he has done, that is so Curie motorcycle chicks sitting on his lap and that was creepy all by itself, creepy, especially by the way by these new rules right, you're, safe. If any contact whatsoever me he's all over these women on camera, and so imagine what he's doing young european age girl area under age girls? Well, oh this one is these not in politics now so it may. It may make him safe for awhile, Charlie Chris very possible Marian possible male or female the good point, because joy and read the image it may see, host infirmity was that he was gay rights right and geologic and ass. I gazed slurs and such against him there so kind of an eye out on Charlie Chris. I am Joe Biden definite. Definitely, yes, I'm putting money down on him. Chuck, tumor,
ah chuckles- I don't know if he would, I don't know, I don't think so. I will put him in the. I don't think so. Category Ben Garden, I don't even know who you're right either what I've? Only I dont know who category a lot of times a lot of these people who have come out in the last few weeks, we like who's that yards a Congress in Congress! Yadda! That's happening me several times. Recent Anthony Wiener again again risen again. He is right. Next to Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, though I hope so, but Emily within his old comments about women and how they want to be raped? Remember that whole thing only remember that I shall do so happy. Yes, I say yes on Bernie going to say: yes, you you say he go into the Joe Biden, Anthony Wiener or just below it
baloney I, but now I mean he really made outlandish later. He definitely believed at one time some really creepy thinks about what women wanted and he made it very clear in detail to that's gonna. Listen, we gotta! Listen to those less play those Monday I'd like to list some of those TIM came, he's to analyze Anders category, probably that possible, but I put a below sanders sick. I think there's a dad he's got that weird, like I've, hey, I'm hokey sorted dad thing and I put it. I don't think so. Ok, I don't think so above shimmer, but but Oh, the Bernie Sanders MA. No Molly this year. I could see that
because Madam alleyway, you now he thinks he's a good look at guy. They get. You know. Even women love him. A lot of that. You know there was one guy who's tweeted us of him like. If someone is known as a ladies man, that means there a sexual harasser, those accept some journal. Restraining, that seems to be met. Louvres relation and Charlie rose apparently was the same type. A thing like he was now might put him in. I might put him in the Bernie Sanders area unless you're just below, maybe carry reed. Yes, Now you don't have any every ass. I dont have any evidence, but I just think he's a bad I I will say that it is too bad. I think yes While I am absolutely here because I then, until, Since I got, I received a call
my office yesterday Blunder Office was it. Somebody was a than I can say. Who was our? I can give you any details about it all the time they called you right in your office. You might even have your office number he added a day, and they said even as a phone Matthias confirmed, confer Harry recycling radishes every while he's ever been around every ever been around it? We ve there s just over the last twelve years. At the whole time, he was in the house, have using Congress Anachronism birth so out his hairy redo with that now why he's gonna have to disprove? It adds a pragmatic and answer for it out there and they are now after the three men sorrowing. So all of the Mitt Romney pay back aside affair. Where did what should he put him in the Anthony leaner, durable I'd? Probably the Bernie Sanders areas Anders area- I think that's probably fair, Steve Bannon
you know, I'm mad or you have you ever read the stories about the bright bird embassy, known lots of her he's got a house and that's where they do. I think that in Washington that he rents from some given business man, I think so its hands better and better. Like somebody, anyone around our president Blackberry, second, apparently lots of veto. Parties are a little while didn't you know, that's already put him, I don't. I is your game. Are you afraid Let me look him in the eye and tell him he's just a picture here now. I have no idea, but I think he's too- I don't know he's alive. He I was a baby freaks me out a little died by their aims me out, and I definitely the by Maria aright, I mean if any wiener is kind of a cop out cause he's already. I never had that's why I think, there's a specific thing. Your wiener I'm talking about an additional accusation from jail. Surrounding Jericho. Silly selects essentially harassing people while in prison beaches.
Help himself. I leave that I have put it back in the act as I believe that, because you might saying I have a new and around women yeah you I'm sexual harassment from Anthony Wiener in the next two years, while he wilder's in prison as either letters to fifteen year olds, Devout ALS, Donno adamant only happening Donno could be to the wardens daughter he's not do that stoop Joe Biden, I feel I mean like I in a while people say, good. God has allowed a that. We ve gone over for the yes, it has just creepy us how little creep yeah and then the steep Bannon. So those are the words of the once. If we had to put money Hyaena day we're gonna, accusing these people than always using orders, gentler join d- guilty until you prove your innocent? but of way of America's. A big part of Anjou, I will say, is having the right enemies right. If you're not gonna, get accused of here, you know generally speak. You're out of people who were really going after you. It's well save Bernie Sanders cause
he has the he does anybody that he was me no molesting already assuming he's guilty anybody that he was touching their butts on and acting in properly the the people around will be like don't know you don't know. This is too important to cause. Is too important and I think the thing saying the same thing can be said for people sixty banning now, the cause is too important. Don't don't don't for years he's a bad guy bought, but also the on the other side enemies right. There's a lot of people in the Democratic Party who do not like Bernie Sanders, there's a lot. People who do not like Steve Bannon like Peter, Pierre were around the people who were around Steve, Bannon people who are around Bernie Sanders close enough to do that. Their believers in the cause. And these people are just vessels of trying to help the cause and so they're not, like they're gonna go hang out. You know this. He ban in person if, if he was touching somebody's but they're, not
go and say to the Bernie Sanders people. I gotta tell ya What happened? They're gonna tell people that are on the same side and those some of those people will say: hey, don't don't run the boat, don't rock the boat. That's what kept Bill Clinton office and its kept him as an icon for all these years Would you have a breaking out development in the remorse election? There's a big, and what do we say when this happened? First of all there? all these accusers. Many of them are not even accusing him of crimes right there's one really significant accusation from a fourteen year old girl. I believe that I believe I think what we said it will believe. Anything except
The glory all principle that was and then its journey. We all accept that and then the yearbook no one, no man NOME has ever dotted there. I with a heart now resolve this. One was the ie, for there was up, there was a guy bubbling. I said: no, no man has ever written a like that. This audio now just coming out with the accuser, let's listen to it, heavily, he signed during your book. He did sign it and you made some underneath yes on an early days and nights and yes, Sir, not what she said, it was thank you Gloria all ran wow. Look back of mourning are a good night's sleep easier said than done. Especially here annoys downstairs the youth sleep with one eye open or you can rest easy, knowing that you're home and family are protected with simply safe every simply safe system is a complete arsenal orders.
Simply safe online in minutes and you can have it your doorstep in a couple of days, just open the box plug it in and your home is protected within thirty minutes. Functional home security. There's no tools, no hard, wiring, nothing, professional monitoring is fourteen dollars and ninety nine cents a month. There is no. Contract and you own the system, it's the best, simply say back dot com for a special ten percent discount, get it now simply safe back dot com Glenn Back back quickly. I just want to remind you that tomorrow will probably post my facebook page human bowling. Its IRA is our this party and I am always very awkward and I decided to make it even more so with human bowling in our studio. So that's happening tomorrow. Night is watching on Facebook. Also,
Monday the immortal, That's my son and I are gonna be reading from our home and where do that, every night will read with your family, the immortal Nicholas that is starting on Monday only for blaze. Subscribers. It's not gonna be on tv or anything else is just on the blazed outcomes. Lash tv, this one more thing is a big deal. I think, from the perspective of what it is credits is great. I think one of the accusers partially yeah, we all red accuser, and that was one of the only to crimes he was committed of work accused of so it's a big deal and that in that race. That of course, is that elections just next we you'll find more and that at the blaze dotcom have safe, weaken Glenn Back
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