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Hour 1  Crisis creates opportunity?...China the boogeyman...nationalizing the mobile network…oh, good, makes it easier for the NSA to listen in ...The ghosts from State of the Union past...George Washington...When Glenn's president? ...Grammys = Racist? ...Why is everything so offensiveto millennials? ... ‘We only emphasize our differences, rather than the things that bring us together’ ...President Woodrow Wilson pisses off Glenn once again? ...water problems in Texas?...1 million gallons of water later = lake, Great Lake Glenn? ...Wiping with moss? ...The war on 'straws’…creating laws based on a 9-year-old’s research   Hour 2  Have you bought your tickets yet?...The People's State of The Union... ‘the people’ are too busy making a living to care…the Hulk bringing back populism? ...Washed up and bloated? ...'crumb' politics ...Drinking with straws while killing trees… can we make a record-breaking long straw? ...Infrastructure Bill  = Roadblock ...California history teacher calls the military the ‘lowest of the low’...the military and prostitution, one and the same ... ‘Just teach the basics and shut up!’…parents want their kids learning MATH in math class ...Robot restaurants    Hour 3 Sexual harassment allegations are bipartisan…Fallout continues over Steve Wynn...the Clintons protected their campaign 'faith' adviser…Wynn’s $7.5 million settlement ...Pissing off California is fun ...Playing with your deodorant choices ...Lonely whales foundation...it's all about personalities and not blow holes? ...There was a mass school shooting last week; does anyone care?...a mom’s heartbreaking realization that her son was the shooter ...Follow the Straw? ...Being more like Europe? ...Can Stu suck more? ...Flashback 1990: Senator Chuck Schumeron Immigration    The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand courage, shrink back, very, is one universal progressive truth, and that is creates is for the crisis creates opportunity. Crisis, create opportunity and if there is in a crisis, create one and there's your opportunity. That's every progressive and big government scheme takes, takes like every time this crisis gotta? Do it got to do something? I can't stand around These people don't want to do anything. The three of a crisis.
But gave us the federal income tax. The threat of an environmental catastrophe gave us the EPA v. Horror of people dying in the streets. Even though people were dying in the streets gave us a care, and now It's the fear of China, it is causing our government to consider. Nationalizing, the country's mobile network, will wait a minute hang on justice wow? Is that a good idea if we could, just if we could just But the phone company out as the middle man, Then we'd have a network could be wide open to the USA. Twenty four seven How great is that private com? these, like eighty and tea and Verizon built the networks that you used to make cell phone calls and surf the internet on your Iphone call clarity. At speeds, I mean. Have you noticed how fast we are advancing from
third generation or three g in toys a ten to four almost immediately after, but now there is, I will raise for five g and the government is scared to death in China is going to beat us no no, leak memo. The plan lays out two options: here's the first one, the you government pays for an bills that were built the network, that's fantastic course there you know They're gonna have access to everything, but they have to they would they rent the airspace to private carriers and what could go wrong? What could possibly go wrong. First of all I mean just structure itself government always does it better. A second. The second option is a private company. You I mean you could build a network what a private companies do right.
How is this a hard decision leaked memo actually states that having private companies build, the network is an even a real option, because it would take too long and wait for it the Chinese, you know the Chinese they could hack into it, but the government, although not gonna hack in anything, we ve Overhead had hacks into anything, you do what are really talk about, something that really locked down ass. Debbie, Waterman, jolts boy, tell you where's, security, on line in the capital. Every time your forced into one option it is. Due to a bogeyman, this time, it's China, we all need. Take a step back and take a deep breath and realize we're being manipulated here This is America. We do
Nationalize private industry, we incentivize and we promote competition, because competition is good. It. The last time we we nationalized industry, we got the tea, I say: do I need a stick, a finger where a finger shouldn't be to really have you understand the tea essays, not working out. Show me almost anything built by the government and I'll show you a private company building and maintaining it better. The communications industry should be going crazy over this now Billy with a significantly heard their business, but it is a huge slap in the face. The government is saying you don't believe you ve got doesn't believe you will. We haven't believe the government- and I dont know how long we don't believe you can get this done. We can get this done. Oh my gosh, if that,
It is not laughable to every America we're in every American were more trouble. Then I thought we were and wearing travel, let's, let's, let's not fear, what's difficult and challenging, but let's not let's not let any one else use our fears to have it. Do things that are positively unamerican. If the gun Does this you might as well call the new five g network, the people's network or the Democratic people of the republics network. As out one was given a good no peoples Peter she Communist kind of homage dusk Some sort of a name where we really understand what it is. Here's a phrase that should be going through everybody's mind quote
He who fights with monsters should be very careful lest he thereby become a monster. We're turning into those things that we have always feared, we do this, where no better than the Chinese the gun, It will have greater power to do exactly what the Chinese, due to their people. Listening and calls tracking at usage model, Oh gps! Imagine all of the applications. Five g, when the g stands for government. Imagine all the applications for if jewel, J G will have on our lives in the next decade. You only need a rumour one thing who we are: who are? We were Americans, we build it. Hath government And as with all progressive power plays, this isn't
Bout, any tangible, a real threat. This about control do not give it to them. Its Monday January, twenty nine, your listening to the Glen Back programme I did this amateur I'd like start a Monday swear. Just once in a while. We're not like you have got to be kidding me this weekend. There were a couple of stories that just jumped off the page where I'm like you have got to be kidding me small, this. This whole thing eyes to her, good. How are you gonna be uttered good to have you here? Thank you while this, the just a fact the state of the union is coming to. Morrow is just
is almost it's made life for me, almost unlivable you're, not a big state of the union fan. Now I don't care who it is Reagan, George, what you living George Washington back from the dead, and he could give the speech, and I really would can you imagine. I think I would hate that even more imagine how long the standing ovation would be for him were first prose at an earlier stage and it would go on and on and on and everything he would say might really weren't would take, and by the way there wasn't one like that back then, oh, not really yeah. That was this is a new really yeah yeah, what was it? It was like a letter. That's what it them. That's, not what it says in the constitute adds eggs Emily. That's it we're supposed to have an update is based. It says in the concierge, just the present just write a letter just as hey here's what's happening here. He is required
to give us an updated is not required for us to have all the pomp and circumstance of the swiss May. If I, if I run I'm not thinking about running, oh, madam, I think I am Thinking about running ah it, basically to me you know some safe zone. If I can ever find one, but if I would ever run this would be for maybe my number one campaign promise whoop cancelling the state of the union. You dont have to watch it now. I don't know that's high on everybody's list, but I kid somewhere on everybody's list. Ike take it, and so this year what the left is decided to do is they're gonna. Have the people's state of the union ah all its appropriate. I mean that it, I think they mean the people. The way now made meant the people so they're gonna have bigger to speak for the people, Hollywood
of your car caught wind of this at all, but you really are not a reflection of the average american person It could be your Hollywood lifestyle. It could be. You know The EU could be the fact that you hate people who make money except you're, one of them. Richer people that any one in the country would know. Europe could be some of those things and also could be yours. Wildly out of step on every single subject: income. Bring food, including their causes. I mean they're cut their the me to movement right. We and then we have the Oscars that are we know awarding movies designed to glorify an older man hooking with a teenage boy right, after having spacey, they may take out a guy from a movie and
in reaching Alvis scenes because he's been touching younger boys and then alike by the way watch this movie about the same thing, except in a much more positive light, and there is he last night- the Grammy's IRAN And they're all bring in their white roses to show that there are in solidarity with me to move years when the music lyrics, don't at all reflect. We talk about what what all hell you are you telling me that their there any song out there I mean in today's world right that is grading to women in relationships. Yellow you're gonna be stunned to hear this one boy salon really wait a minute, because I know because I heard it holiday season about. Oh, my god. Could I mean. Are you kidding me
Have you heard those the lyrics of baby, it's cold out. That's a big Idaho's John now, which is Someone pointed this out a twitter. I wish I could remember who it was, but some commentator pointed out that one of them one of their food things is now. The news stories about how millennials watch things that are old and get offended by them because, like they walk except there is a story this week about how friends millennials are watching friends and are shocked at the way that they're talking to each other than an end, and the undertones of these things have shut up right, like, as others have because of the world they have grown up in everything's offensive. There's nothing left say anything to anyone. But, at the same time, the gray means is not a non. Stop parade of half naked women running across your television screen. Some are. If I remember, I saw a picture of somebody at the Grammy
last night wearing arose in something that looks like? Maybe you would wear in Essen em I mean do you? Ok, she didn't have the red ball in her mouth, but almost everything else, like ok, all right, I'm just trying to my hands around. You know we don't want the degrade women we don't want to sexual eyes, women. We were just try to bear the brunt of rigour enough anyway, at which we make back to that, because the Grammys is so high on everybody's list, I just want to go back to Hollywood is now talking about and there's they're not alone MM, Equal more did his own state of the union for the people and for the people I don't think anybody really even under stands of a people who who is: is there anyone who is actually speaking for the people
zira anybody who lives that lifestyle that event that takes time to go and and at least visit the when's the last time any these Hollywood people ADA Applebee's gag with last time when they were doing a commercial whereat worthy owing to commercial and they were like. We don't have to even instantly. Ok, I'm gonna put in my mouth and I'll chew, but then caught because I've got to spit this out. On a wash my mouth out with all the hour afterwards I know you're, obviously, but I mean you know you look I dont need. Someone to fake me into believing there one of the people, anyone who's that present in the United States in this goes for any party at any time. Or at least back to very, very early when you're talking about people who would leave the White House single farm in their off time.
This is a much different world that were in right now, they're, not that I dont need someone who's going to understand every struggle of the people. I need someone who can accomplish good, solid policies and enforce it enforce them correctly and to I don't know we handle themselves like the present United State, your juicy, whose ears that's all here's the thing, here's the thing here I am, may I do. May I do state of the union to Morrow forth People are going back. We isolate again, because I am so right in the pocket, with VIP blog anarchy. Drive by Applebee's. Ok yeah I mean why have somebody drive by your exact and they tell me, don't look out the don't look to the land You know I hears here's. What I really. I really think. Her so much? We agree on this We agree on
but we have only emphasised our differences. Let's that's celebrate our divert. How bout we start. Celebrating the things that bring us gather, for instance, you d think the government should be able to tell people what to think what to say where to live. What to do? What to think you want, the government, those on the left. You want the government, you want the Donald Trump Governed, telling you what you can say and think and do the answer is no. How do I know that, because before you wanted to break away California wanted to too bright from the? U s now, Republicans conservatives do what Barack Obama or Van Jones. In those guys, do you want them? Telling you what to think what to say the answer is no
the don't. How do I know because when that was happening text He wanted to break away. So why don't we started this this? This really big one. Neither of us want the government to tell us what to do what to think none of us so are we celebrate them just the start there. Let's celebrate that, we as that in common, no you're, not going to you're gonna, have to kill a bunch of people to have them all into line with some socialist utopia and conservatives, you would to kill a lot of people to get them to fall into line with everything that you want? So what do you say? We all just decide what we want in our own house and our own town. Where do you think we just returned the power closest to you and
They even throw bone in still still will have enough government make sure that our food is safe, and our air is generally clean. Our water is generally clean, will reduce the size of the budget of the league, the government, but not to the point. Where we just don't have any idea. What's going on here, just reduce but enough. So our own EPA won't poison, our rivers. I think We can make real progress here, but we have to stop- Listening to the politicians And if only more people could here that we should get the government to build a fire gene
all right, I'm sure the state could come up with something to make sure that they have a camera in your house if we can get the government to build a? security system for everybody's house. And that way they would know if the doors opened or close, and windows. They would know who was in the house you not. I mean they wouldn't have to call they are the police. Wouldn't it be great if we could have the government build a security system Well until that fantastic utopia happens, I'm sticking with simply safe a private company that I have seen grow from ten employees to now serving two million homes. Nationwide. I've seen it in businesses, I've seen it at homes. I have it at home, simply safe. Now they just these their brand new homes, security system, the all new, simply safe,
please be rebuilt redesign. They ve added new safeguards to protect against power, outages down wifi, cut, landmines, bats hammers, all of it. New, simply safe. It's practically invisible with powerful sensor, so small you'll hardly notice him, but the intruders will especially the siren and we value police. This is Its truly remarkable is its the same price. I want you to go to Simplisafe back dot com right now. It monthly protection is one thousand four hundred and ninety nine a month. You own the system. You won't believe how inexpensive this system is you own it. No contract you're in control simply safe. Dotcom, protect your home, the smart way now simply safe back dot com
Glenn back mercury gland back, let's go history in a minute. How long have we been doing the the the insane ritual of state of the yeah. So it start Garda call to section through the constitution does not say that you should have stated agreeing in every year. It actually says from time to time, which I love the Congress that you should give information to the state of the state of the union. So when it started out with Washington, who did give it orally, but it was very short, like ten minutes later, a pre, it was an actual report, an update to Congress, its Louis is in his lips, what it is any more isolated. Thomas Jefferson decided that the President lecturing Congress was too kingly reminiscing The british speech from the throne any started doing annual written messages to Congress and whom seems to make a lot more sense the written tradition held until
until would in no way a rule that the aid that there was poor with Woodrow Wilson S, first important. Nineteen thirteen was the first time it changed. What a shocker, Glenn back. Mercury here. Listening to the glad that programme driving, my stress may be coming from every thing it could beat, it just could be, I'm I'm not really sure, but I I started the weekend of Friday going home to find on our Bonner farm. In the corner of the farm which you know. Yet we really never enough, really see,
ah there's a new wake. And I have a new wake and I'm like I'm in Texas. Ever knew lake but I didn't have three weeks ago You should look in that part of the property. More often how that happen, what must have been rainy? No, it has really been raining a lot. So so new waterfront part property. I urgently lot of water for proper. I lived in Seattle. I grew up in Seattle, I've never had this much problem with water. In my life for alone, if you're a long time listener. You know that my a time here in Texas has been spent a digging. My yard, because my wife accidentally fly Your wedding ring down the down the toilet member that so we ve dogma, or pipes. Ok, We found the wedding ring. It was a happy joyous day, don't shoot
my wife's wedding hand. I'm just saying I know That thing is ever get unclean. Anyway, then we have, Had a strange water bill show up at our house had said we used a million gallons of water, a million a million there's no leak. There was none thing there is. There is no way you used a million gallons of water, but yet yes, you did not know we didn't. Yes, you did mysterious. Firstly, the very next billing we using a million gallons of water, nor have we so super thirst that must so super super super thirsty. You know from like forty thousand gallons to a million. We were very thirsty. Then we had problem with the cross base under our house has started having three feet of water. Ok, we should three feet of water here: hey the water table here now. It's definitely not the law. Her table out. It is yours,
rain. Pipes are all clogged. I drink pipes, rural plug me sure. It's not the water table drain pipes. We dig up all of the dream pipes, then he put in some french drain. I could have told you the frame strange events, french, of course it Gonna work spend No, I don't even know how much money I literally asked just said it right to the bank. Send the bill to the bank I don't even want to see it just tell them take what you need We have yet controlling Conniston either. I guess I guarantee so three months we were digging things up. Nothing, you know what it was The water table just gonna, just gonna home Depot get yourself some soft. Every day,. I got a new wake. A new lay: are you awake,
nice little running stream through the woods seems to be bubbling up from nowhere. Oh, I remember the Beverly hillbillies that bubbling crude that that sent them. Maybe this is a punishment to Hollywood me. This is gonna. Send me a precedent. The bottom up I'm I'm about to lose it about, go postal. Somehow or another on January. Third- and I know the exact date because I went to the website to The water bill a pipe. I think I think burst on January. Third, we were from sixty three thousand gallons a month. Two seven hundred and seventy six thousand gallons in the last three we over each week for three weeks
seven hundred and seventy. Yes, it's a beautiful, beautiful thing, So I hear that rumour, two million galliard about three and a half million gallons of this. We have like this this this natural, like that, it's like the another geese or in their crap and all over everything and so there is an natural place that when it does rain, it becomes like this. The lake, usually it's just a barren mud pit, but is late. I find that lake now is another, two and a half million gallons lake. So I spent, I spent my weekend in a mud. Whole. Try! to find where the pipes are buried? All that was flattened. That was fun. I have pictures of adult share them, so her four feet: deep in mud holes. This weekend That might have affected my
My mood adjusted little bed today, but it so could be there s worse, if might utter over the weekend, My son in law looks to me, like you, God help me. And I said so what's up and she said well: kind of weird at the house, and I said, How do you hurry? You mean. Well, I'm I've been reading this new book dad now daughter is like me when you think there's a problem: you gotta do everything you can and we're we're we're. Friggin alcoholics man, it's all or nothing. Okay, so she's, like I'm I am concerned about the amount of trash that we the family produce ends. Sustainable and Oliver goals are really good. As none of this global warming, bull crap, it's all just like look. Let's do our part to keep their belts. That's great! That's great! That's great!
you start making your own deodorant. Until you are making your brushing your teeth with like bamboo, I mean it's like a skin weird, it's gettin, weird pressure reared too little bamboo little bamboo little toothbrush. The kids because kids staying over the house, you know because they live on the farm next door and so they're staying with house water, so they everybody lived in the house which is life and They saw that's all. Last night there were there, the bamboo toothbrushes, Richard Delightful and wonderful and sustainable their sustainable. As I don't love you know this do, but every toothbrush you ve ever had still it still around someplace in landfill. Every single one design very well Yoda was its for that and its ill at it's still there. So I I'm in this place where I salute her passion I salute, but she
literally achieve. She showed me the book she's. What I said. I might add that I recognise I'd like I'd like to read that book, that you're reading and she said- oh I'm gonna give you so she went and she got it and and at one point I do have to Tipp my hat to the author She didn't think it was too far vat. She was growing her own MOSS, to use a toilet paper, not about you, but when you get, to the MOSS part. Of you, no sustainability right. That's what I feel myself. It's the moss, you're concerned about not to do it yourself, toilet paper, no, its lead. It's the toilet. She actually says in the book. You knows in some cultures they use their hands. Well, I'm not I'm not in that culture. I dont want to be. In that case, some cultures are superior to other. No, these are you. Are you America's number volunteer to love?
dear you save here, number walk me ass. We don't use our hand that this is our number one, yes and and and when we don't have any number one or number two on us, so really good, while I'm in I think she might be onto something here has did you know that we use five hundred million straws a year in this country? You know five hundred million straws here clear. That's amazing, five hundred million! That's amazing that every one in the country Avenue baby using to my ear, almost two strong per person person data on the type, a guy that might down twelve, so but as a day, yeah, ok, give or take about twelve. So does a day, and I know I use one straw per day right because I mean I guess when you get when you got you a fast was arranged. I use my three hundred strongly urge your baby,
these three hundred right, but I'm a high user rights straw soda also end up. We would think of straws right at me. I guess you gotTa Mcdonald's, you might get a straw you're on cereal strike strife right, but oh you're, not using straws, typically you're, not always using them when you're at a restaurant, only really more, it's more of a fast food Theodora quickly, but somebody could read the use that as well, but it seems like a high number to me sure, fire. Don't we get a? Where did we get the number I mean? Let's go, let's look into the number before you see what California is doing, let's get to the real risk, as you say that that's a lot of straws bright though the evidence is clear, because the number came from that's interesting. You'd asked that because no one had ever asked before no at
Oh boy? No, I know and say where the hell did. We get the idea that we're using five hundred milligrams hold on hold your horses. I know I've seen this on CNN. I've seen this in the washing impose New York Times: fifteen ASEAN in Washington, Post, Reuters, writer people, people Tine, I'm Al Jazeera of Casual Geographic, guardian, independent right at a weekly San Francisco Chronicle Odd Ackerman shall be, while LOS Angeles Times the canadian broadcasting corporate. While you have also heard it from lovely or environmental organizations like the lonely whale found, not a lonely whale did we not say we only saved one. We should have sealant languages ages of Nicosia. Those whales not saved the way. Oh just save the Holly Whale has particular foundation. The plan kill him. Do you
on a go around, and I only one of your species. Now, I'm I'm I'm gonna start a new organization, kill the way killed a lonely whale lonely here. Let me in a sad day. Yes, the plastic pollution coalition ha the Sierra Club. Okay. So, but you didn't answer the question, I did it come for a while the National Park Service worse that park service. Well, that's! What's it's usually attributed to is then awry Hark serve. Ok, that's not the point that quite national Park service, its featured by the national, carries all right. Ok right we're getting closer still I was saying here we have struck why now we have got it later. We got a landowner words like where's it coming from Kenya. Can you hit that? so reason decided to ask: where did this step act Julie, come yes, the nest! park service got it from didn't, come up with it. They got it from
Recycling company eco cycle egos? agonizing rocket. That's credible eco cycle, Rochelle right away, you're like they have a website. Certainly they have. Yes, they do ok than theirs credit. Certainly they have no incentive to make it look like we're using more straws than we all rice. Certainly not got it. But if you just came from eco cycle, you might just dismiss it as a typical less going. Environmentalist clay, that's just being mindlessly merited by all these organisms. You're saying that it didn't actually come from eco cycle now came from the research of Milo Crass O Milo crass. How is Milo Cress ISA? What the EPA administrator, who is my little try to remember, is a lot of people. You might think here the executive of a US can you go recycle our egos like right, maybe no, no, no! No, he did have a campaign called bees.
Straw free, be strong free. I was his that was his here. There are others that it. What a word life like you have answered your eyes: gold be straw, free, that's what we're like. I go to college to get a job and these straw free ride. Your three went to college nowhere. You know why, because when he started Beast referee in depth, research funded the Riis heeded the regional Gemini loaded there. We have it down its. We know again. Rising crime is by low class when he did that research, Milo Cress, if you I ask that question he's going to respond to you and because he is probably text or snapchat bright, because my local, is sixteen years old, so he the recent years as a sixteen year old. Now No you did. I see this research is seven years old, meaning when by low crest, did the research to get this number nine wow. A nine year old allows hauled
draw manufacturers? I swear. This is a real. This is a real thoroughly. My low cress my nine year old, it like a school project, grey. He called letter on manufacturers and does eleven an estimated or to the people. That is that we use five hundred million years year. Yes, that is the piece of evidence. Now I all those organizations again or how to as I see It- and Washington postal Operators people time Al Jazeera, the National Geographic all of these- and it is actually in the text of the of the Hawaii bill that would ban the distribution of plastic straws. It is in that it has been used by assemblymen encounter Don T use it to craft this,
which finds a thousand dollars for waiters, offering unsolicited practice the average Hawaii. So nobody cares and inform you all in California to now they re they're going to hold up the finds out, which I don't know. If this is this going to the death penalty, I don't know how they dry out rather than getting rid of the fine. So here's how things do I gotta cut? This short, but I have to tell you I've by went out this weekend because I needed something to blow up steam, so I bought as many straws as I possibly could. You did yes, plastic all plastic and we brought the and because I'd like to see how many straws we can actually use in one cup and and I believe we should make the the longest straw today, Simon eighty thousand square foot I think we could start here and go off, aren't you need somebody for your business in. You need great talent, but you short on time, you're short on staff. That's why you need somebody, you don't have to
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How much are tickets go in for now being scalped known the soup, but the people state of the union Superbowl who's talking about that I'm talking, I am talking about the most self important political rally of our times. The people's state of the union now done sound communist, all, nothing to fear their president Trump is angel to deliver his state of the union address tomorrow. So tonight several brave american patriots and I'll be brave. I mean it Do brave there, almost no one in their industry that disagrees with them. No one, so everything they say, never gets question. Whenever guess all right, they say we're using five hundred millions, drowsy or no one ever said, o er thou disguised, I'm no one's gonna question. No, it's gonna push back now. Ok, our brave they are going. Standing in a room full of people that all agree with them: the press will cover them and take them
at their word and make them in the heroes. That's how brave they are. So these brain If Americans they can, learned about everyday Americans more than you and I could ever dream of being and their banding together for for a pre emptive war late to protest. What the president says in his state of the union speech, sure sure you might wait until you hear what he says. Why why why, if you wait, then you have to haggle haggle over the details. Then you have to actually know the facts. Gay no time to listen and critically evaluate what a Republican says when there's so much hash tagging and outraging to be done now you say Glenn, who are these people that are organizing the people state of the union, because I am a people- I don't I'm people too, Their SAM from whose the boss, he's gonna, be there Sam is the sheer.
Listen, ok, she's gonna, be there too? That's how important she is well, I think it's Hand SAM, that you don't know about from moves their own lives. Gas, ok cause. I was gonna things on earth to. We, don't necessarily yeah need to define a list. Gender for them. Thank you. That is something that veto would decide. Yes, and why are you being so gender specific anyway? I did. We also have the hulk from the adventures and Michael or from Flint I mean that's the point Bull. If I've ever seen the people tell me you, don't you don't we akin to you, know the apple bees or you're sitting there. You know in the cinema mark and you turn around and you're like a lot. You know. You look. You guys? Look just like everybody else, and it happens to be Michael, more and mark rough below and SAM, I dont know which one
the event is in Manhattan, which is the center of the universe. Wait a minute hang on. Yet is the center of the universe. I just I just wanted to remember because there was somebody there was locked in a tower for saying that the world does not revolve around Manhattan. Right is still in the tower anyway, this is. You know you think Manhattan. You think this, that's that's the people, the common man ticket. For forty seven dollars quote in essence better reflection of our state of the union, based on a more populous point of view. Oh, my gosh populism was so great. The nineteen thirty's it certainly great today. Because populism is based on the peoples. Point of you said the hulk We want to celebrate this moment that, wherein and and its people now, one of the most influential and powerful, and really beautiful movements to come into play in the: U S sense: the civil rights Movement while Hulk
You said a mouthful, just point out that the people now. A rally to your cause because Europe, really reflective of of the people, the People are actually smart enough to know that President Trump does dumb things. He says dumb things. He also signs at tax bill that helps go to the grocery store. Where you have, I dont know Maria go to for you, I'm not sure Your hardly in the same universe, and certainly not in the same universe. The injustices of the civil rights era, the real people state of the union- is that they're not gonna. Spend that time this week, listening to you or were really worrying about Thou trumps latest tweet or your phone exercise and outrage now, and it's not because Americans don't care about Amerika Its leadership is because
there too busy trying to make a living there too. Trying to raise their children there, trying to figure out how they can watch it you show on television without you using the F word over and over and over again Zan, I'm just saying that The real people are really kind work and on right now Next time you might want to get to know some of the actual everyday people, before you claim to represent them in your anti too. Bradley cause. That's really all this is oh news, flash. Maybe it's gotta cover this another anti Trump rally its Monday January, twenty. Ninth, your listening to the Glen that programmes still
I'm having one of those days, I notice that yes, sort of those I feel bloated. You know you look bloated to those sank near shag. Vision feel bad about that yeah I wish was a kind of bloating that happened when you just wash up on a beach in your dad ships that never really yeah today, I kind of do he's I'll do seem to have that praying for death air of you yet is it unusual? I mean you know people say: oh my gosh, you suicidal now. No, I mean now I would just like it as a weird. They know I wanted it. You know. I think there is a difference between. Are you suicidal? Oh, my gosh, I just can't live anymore now it's not bad issues. There are times in the very nor lived that You should be in there today. I'm not gonna, be that upset not have not big complaint. No, not a big complain that will I shoot myself and that now not you and I won't know I won't but if somebody happens, that put a gun to my head any a boom,
Madam president, much right now, if you happen to be crossing a street and an international aid right, let's say rolls over you right kind of cardio. Dr again, I want to say it's gotta, not ties that that happens like her if it happens to occur, but I'm not a thing. You get a complaint about what you're saying and its and it's not even you know. Christians will say you know well well it's because you know where you're going. No, I'm not really sure on that. Snow it'll be different than this is owed, I'm willing to take different, I mainly in others. There are their people that believe that others are there's a chance, we're living in the matrix right now, there's a its we're living in Hell bears its as that we're living in hell and we don't realize until we you know people Ah you know, and you know that is reincarnation. No, no! That's hell the tell at the end of this life were born again.
Same plagues, saying that sell place. That's hell! That's hell! That's that's what so there's a chance were already in hell I'll give you my official ruling on that until after the Superbowl arrive where, if the angles lose, I will agree your however, in doing that, we should review the fears putting you in this I want to be hit by an escalate mood today does not necessarily until I find the mistake of your car. Let's leave slow down, ok on Emerg any you can see you're, not whether you're not live in this right. If you were really living this, I wanna be hit by a car today type of vines. I would add that suicide. I do not want to be what difference with as much as we do in killing yourself wishing that you got hit by a car now, just as an item, not no one, not even wishing issues like you wouldn't mind, it was so minded so much. You know Did you ever get to that point where here, just like? I wouldn't
Not so bad, again, talk to me and Super bowl Monday wrangle, Island Mozart. We build up our I'll go. So we have the meat to movement here that had the white roses to the grandmother was to hear: people being discussed actual to women and women dressed up in no clothing. Nea had their no are you had a? I think that you know. I think that people that do you know look like they came out of the bondage room you know to perform and- and you know to show up on the red carpet when they were talking about- let's not centralize women. I was listening You know I thought they made a very good point, very good. They remove the ball from their mouth. I thought I thought that was a really. That was a very good idea. You have a new lake Niagara than are you really be up a new waterfront property? By did I didn't? I didn't Bambi Nature
by new proper. No, it came with a broken city, water pipe that I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to pay for the two and a half million gallons of that New Lake, which may really like- and this is the reason- is your negative outlook. Oh, you know, I'm photo adding another one. I love local government. You know I keep saying thus reduce the size of government. Let me tell you about my town I town has raised my taxes because we don't have income tax here, win Texas, where's, that property tax and what go wrong with that! Ok! So my town has property tax and they raise. The tax like, like eyeball, bleed hundreds of per cent. Hundreds of present in twenty sixteen, but I mean that crazy deadline? Okay, there like a three week period in the year where they'll listen to you, ok, so I have nice of em. I missed it in twenty. Sixteen so that I wrote them a letter because they did it again in twenty seventeen there, like you, know what his
but he has gone through the roof and in fact I've got four acre and they said you know on foreigners you could build for houses. More than four parties it up. There were no, not in my neighbour I mean it's not Riffraff Renault, and so you could build a house on an acre of land, and so they they ve theyve. They ve classify. My house as worth for houses this year was great. So anyway, I knew the window this time. And so I wrote a letter to them and said I like that argue about the taxes. Could you screwed me and twenty sixteen? So I like to sit down and talk to you about this time, but you know what you know what this is good We ve. We ve gone to two meetings. Now we ve been rejected for them to even hear our plea, because the not sure what I meant in that letter
because I reference twenty sixteen, and so they said that time is up and I said not look at the window. It I said he bad in twenty. Sixteen, you ve done it again. I want to talk, no use it week. Mr back, this quote: we I cannot tell for sure that that was the intent of that letter. I'm the guy who wrote the letter, the guy, the letter, your trouble, you're, trusting what a piece of paper more than the guy who standing in front of you got really. This is what I meant.
Just a little part of it is the server of your world rising sea assistance in all its good? It's all good! So far, it's all good so far, and then we get the state of the union tomorrow, but not only that we get. These Hollywood creeps, giving us a people's state of the union. Oh my gosh, I went to listen and be lectured by them. No, I ever and they will tell you yeah, that new used to many straws. Five hundred million straws on use every hang onto this first of all country. First of all, they may tell us that, but ice currently live in Texas in for the next. Minutes, at least now, this finding you like, they are in California and away they ve come up with a new law based on bogus statistics. We use all these draws, and so California has taken it upon itself to fine Fine, the servers of how ten dollars which, by the way,
it wasn't showed says, is really nothing I mean when you got that in your tax. I advise nothing as a crumb, it's a crime that's a quote from Nancy Pelosi, rum. So it's are they really don't care about the environment, because their only tat their only gonna find you a crumb too great, they should go a lot higher with a thank you to make it really count. So they are saying now that if you bring in an unasked force straw, they will fight in that server a thousand dollars So I'm gonna ask for straws, but I want. I want a real accounting, I'm. That is, if we next time it go to California, I'm gonna ask for a specific number of straws, I dont know how many straws I can Put in my mouth, but do have because as environmentally friendly the Getty and if its not set up, I think it's ok, but.
You know, usually I dont use a straw, but if I wanted a straw, could I but I use ten and with that- could easier because you you get more liquid and say it's coming hard. None of you can get the suction with the ten. I am in Glenn now trying to drink with ten straws, yeah yeah, that's it that's button Armenia in this box hundred straws in that box, so ostrea strife, strength, think that my mouth I mean You're is not all we're going to do by the way. We are also going to build the world's longest straw and send it to California measure the final. Nothing what what's a fine up to in your cup right now, Germany, a year cassettes, if there's hundred frozen about going to ask for these, so they won't be fine, I'm an asked them. I need to know the number I need to ask for.
After all, you can do it, but I really like sucks the water into your lungs, so it's giving lectures and then Comes out all over my computer, yet adjusted yes, so I think this is about its about not half of them. So it's about forty straws of a hundred. It is fifty. Well, no, I know quite half ochre, so I think it's about forty strongly straws yeah, so that define would be you're talking forty thousand dollars if they brought you forty stars with out of you asked me if I was sitting there and they just dropped forty straws off, they define right but I'm gonna, ask form next, I'm in California. Now it's not just number of straws that we can use. California, because we live in place that we like to refer to is Texas, which has quaint little idea called freedom. And we we. I think that if we could just bill, a straw
that is long enough. This might be a real winner as well, because we could let me, look curing cancer, LA blah blah blah blah, but God key whatever rebuilding straws that could possibly change our world, because this is the thing if, if Forty passes this law and they say afterwards. They say you know what this is work. We ve gotta straw, consumption by ten percent, then they'll decide they should pass another law in this will never end. So we need to do is use enough straws to offset the amount of straw that may be saved in the entire state of California. So we have a box of three thousand straws and I'm just
if we get it all away to the commissary, which is the other side of this eighty thousand square foot studios. I will say this to go. You might be excited that each of the straw that I have here are individually raft. Also, we ve killed a three hour. We cannot this well. At any rate, we increase the waste and these things that are really not against sustainability or anything like that. I'm just I'm just really against the government of California. I lost it. I want to state for the record. Over commercial, I am against. Sustainability is one I am against you are again. I am opposed to sustainable you, you don't care. Now. I've really legitimately do not go see. Now. This is now I've got a straw. They will almost reach two stews water. So if, say they dont coming give give me water or he's got a coke or a jack and co I don't have one. I could reach over, drink, his water? This is perfect for a restaurant This is the size. You needed a restaurants about three feet. Long now can
get it to the canteen. Ah, oh you bet we can count on. You know why, because we're Americans like a knitting projects during the shouts keepin, making this thing longer and longer and by the end we should have no problem helping California out of the livestock is the best at what they do instead of meat, You have outlined a com which I've done for a very long time. Let me tell you about what Mark said. Mark wrote in he's from Arizona. He said I heard about Einstein com on your radio programme had faith in your suggestion clinic amazing service delivery and installation was a breeze. The blinds look fantastic. I ordered more two weeks later, I feel exactly the same until my friends it is. That is how can I says?
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Glenn Back Mercury, This is the Glen Back Programme, so the government is talking about making a five g network in the government will build at which will be great. I mean it says it's an information super I will write to the inner and I think, that's great. Who could one more well? We you have it to their also talking about it point seven trillion dollar stimulus package, which I think is again what could go wrong? Their total collapse- I can't imagine I can't imagine so it's all good. Today we have you, know the law. Protesting, the priest, the President's steadily union address today either
Eve, even though it happens tomorrow, they're gonna, protested today or beginning today. I hope at last week it's fantastic We have California couple stories in California, one we ve been telling you about the of fine for waiters who, bring you in on requested straw view I requested a strong ages, bring you a straw, they're gonna charge that Earth Haider a thousand dollars an hour. Talking about neither reducing the fine or getting rid of the fine, and I don't know if you just go right to prison or the electric chair now. Could Elon Musk make a green electric chair? Could we get him Electric Jaeger, solar powered electorate. You know not solar power, no something that we would still plug in to the to the wall, but we would all think that it was great
because we plugged in uniting Gonna want an electric chair on. Like you know, combustion engine. I want Then we just plug radiant, so it's the electric chair, but who now whose, where that that court goes to, I would plug it into the walk, is the magic fairies make that and in the environment? Now, that's not what that was nothing through so anyway, we're making the just for California, and it may be our gift to California. Making a we're making straw that can go all the way from the studio which is at one end, this eighty thousand square for building to the container the commissary which is at the UN. Opposite end. That way. We will never have to go to the council to get anything to drink, we can just Samara there so kind alike, you're saying. Basically we would just have someone go down there, put the straw in a drink and then just trust to suck whatever liquid, they decided to put it in all the way to the sea the US and we have to move, seem very
I will say special way. People feel about you I it just does not seem to hold it just say I don't know what that, even if it does not seem like a good idea really looking for you, ok when you know, maybe not for you baby. It might not. Have you already said today that I might get hit by an escalate as well, and I know you bought a new car and I know you ve got a loner like it A loner gets in an ivy. Did you up the insurance before you gotta use like this. This is cover everything and gay somebody. Is it binary better, safe than sorry I now so I will ask our rush into those today and then and then also in California, just because it just because throbbing in your head. Why? go away, could relieve it, but we thought you know what let's kick he lets people in the head and see what happens
a little bit about the the the teacher in California. Who has death Opinions on our military saw this when yesterday in blood started, shoot out of my eyes. Some play the audio we had. We had added a lot because, as you know, high school Teachers they are there. There there lectures are riddled with profanity. Has you would? I am quite obviously want and encourage so here's the But it did version you can find the full thing on the blaze. Listen to this. About how we really do around the Louie, where there is an intellectual knows that, while not morally Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop.
He's talking about our military and he said there, the lowest of low or no Mamma gosh. Not morally. I dont want more right. Ok he's just calling M stupid. It's your dumb uncle Lewis. Let's go! over there they're stupid, but you might I did think I know a lot of military v1, not exactly stupid, but you haven't heard his reasoning. Listen this military presence. We know how it is, in fact to love. You stop stop secondary did so. There is evidence that the scientists in and we have a dumb military and not the best military right society with the actual steps. Show exactly
the opposite, but but let's go get. It also seems to show that we ve been the dominant super power of the first century yeah at least here. So I would think our military isn't the worst military and when you go dumb idea. Obviously that's ridiculous, but also standard live thought reminiscences. Stephen kick Stephen King made this idea that be who go to Iraq. Neither dummies dummies. If, if you can't get a good education became reed, I go to the military forces were dumb peep, wind up in the end. You know where the Studies are from generally speaking, Middle America yeah yeah praise humbly some stupid state, where the don't fain that find their waitresses aurora. Given the egg rascally right, morons allows kinds of stay. People who will allow wages is air waiters to bring us draw without you asking for states that still think math makes a difference when in other doing their budgets you know out there.
Those kinds of people hate us. So he goes on. Lives up, push south arts of these workers when you get up? Firstly, whether he was aware when you cannot just say so? Is he talking about liberal politicians that tell you what to do in order to re already talking about the military as we ve covered? They don't trust you with the amount of straws you want yet exactly right, but they're gonna tell you what to do where to go, what to eat? Well, the beer, that's your exactly right! You're talking about a progressive politician, your exam. Right, that's what they do unfortunately, what you're talking about is the military. And I got news the military has to do that because a group that
is going on a mission together and they there's one sir, that's kind of part of it He goes on to say that you know the that the military, if we just haven't, want anything. In fact, we didn't win world war to the Russians, did no you listen. When you can call home when you can go home to create, why would anyone ever sign up for that and I'm going to pay for my education? Are you awake Why would anybody do that? Why would anybody sign up for that? They're gonna tell you when you can go home, they're going to tell you when you can call what you can do. Who would sign up for that. Well, I'll tell you because they say: they're gonna, give you a free education. Allow Bernie Sanders. Voters Oh Bernie Sanders voters. This guy is not talking just about the military here, he's really describing progress.
If policies where were you when you get home? Why would anyone every one of my men? Are you aware that you have a gps euro? One zero, your eyes, look what measures they all said. Do you turn out? Well, so this comparing the military to problems, arise. Prostitution and that's that's inviting also, I would say, two pretty insulting to How many have we had come through here? Glenville military people Yes, there is a benefit to being in the military, sometimes with education and other things. That is not the reason. These guys we're going
when they say what's. Why would you ever do that all are to pay for my education? That is like ninety seventh, in line with these guys do that. That is the reason that people who live in in very closed progressive communities. That's the only reason they can understand will they must be doing it for free education because they don't understand the deep meaning that people get from the middle. They market they market, and so they don't understand it until they they come up. Well, it just has to be education, no and tat something of the leave the many feels that I know of that left the Miller. Very to become doctors. Brain surgeons. Ok, I mean there's a lot of them that we're in the military came back became Something really really useful and
would love to put this guy on the on honour jeopardy, a fair jeopardy with members of our military, because I bet you he'd get his ass kicked. He has absolutely no idea what he's talking about. His name by the way is, but Papa Gregg South South Veto. It's a high school class. He, does not salute the flag. He does not participate in prayer during any of the council meetings, He was teaching at El Ranch High school. He's a teacher in Pico, Riviera City, He said our military is not talented. We have night vision goggles, and yet we can't control the people wearing robes. I think you know what I think. That's beautifully put two very inclusive.
So is, he is in trouble. Now you know what not really not really he's cuz. He has freedom of speech. When is enough enough? When is enough enough This, the the real people's state of the union in other real people, are tired of this stuff. There, tired of trying to raise their kids the best know how. Then they sent him to school. And their worried that some one of their friends is gonna, take em off the marking and you know, move em down a path to him whatever it is name. The problem today that you get at school. That they're going to lose the sense of who they are. We work
oh hard to try to mould our kids and- and were worried about them: We used to be able to trust the school and the teacher. We can trust the school or the teacher anymore We can't say anything because they're all like that. They look at us like we're crazy. The real people they were just just teach math teach reading teach Arithmetic, what the hell is this all about. You're free. Our schools are failing, as on everything, just teach the basics, and shut up on everything else. I don't need somebody to preach that the military is great and I dont need somebody to preach that the military is horrible. Teach man, an reading hobbled that one? That's what the
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Bank mercury glad back where you here. Let me take market. Our real quick mark welcomes economic programme good Morning pay Ursa. First and foremost, I want to thank you, for being personnel responsible for allowing God back in my life and my wife's life and its eventually lead to the adoption of our two girls? How my congratulations? Ah, he was a huge battle to foster care staff butter. You yeah, there was a fire program you had with David lap on about the tower of Babel, which kind of the fire and there's just been amazing. So thank you so much for that. Thank you. A second of all its cut of an insidious thing. You might need the chalk boards for and I dont know if it's a blessing orfis, possibly the first start over a taking over, everything, but this this
I'm in California, has draws its first. This, I think, is the first step in a taking over the blood. It started, California, and if you, if you track how actors get their start, usually they are starving. Rivers- oh my god, I think, you'd think I recognize. You may our economy may be somethin, something mark you maybe onto something the Glen back. Mercury? courage shrink back, because I had learned to read music spigots night
its political, no, twenty, eight eighteen sexual assault. What does it mean? What is sexual assault? We because sexual assault allegations are, you know happening what hourly own is at least a daily occurrence. This is our new reality right now, so over the weekend, We learn about allegations against both. Republican and Democrat First one casino mogul Steve when he resigned as the national Finance chairman of the Republican National Committee, because he had dozens of traumas misconduct, I accusations and that was published by the Wall Street Journal, the worst of these claims that in pressure to married manicurist into sex and then Pater seven point five million dollars and a settlement? Why that's a saga
Now we is denied the allegations citing the allegations are all the result of his Ex wife who is trying to resettle the terms of their divorce could be. I don't know. Then there's burn strider, he d and deny the claims against him. Strider was the Clinton campaign, faith adviser the Clinton campaign, Faith advisor, female colleagues have complained about him going back to two thousand seven, and yet he wasn't replaced he's accused of kissing female peers on the nose or on the forehead k that doesn't sound, like sexual abuse. That just seems weird gay. He so tried to plan commuting times with the ladys and the scent late night emails that express loneliness and poor judgment.
Never any x, rated material feel bad. His In a way I mean he sounded something a cry for help now others accusations, don't even begin to approach accusations of Steve Win, but nevertheless same thing right same thing People are angry that Hillary Clinton did immediately fire him and that he can is to work in democratic politics will maybe he should be fired, but maybe he shouldn't. I dont know. Whether your Steve win or burn strider in the eye of the new Amerika. You are guilty. The very second anyone claims your guilty, your immediately, a sexual predator, no matter how insignificant or outrageous the accusation may be. Everyone deserves to be believed. No, everybody deserves to be heard.
Everyone deserves to make their case Common sense needs to take hold burn strike. I don't know he might be a sexual predator, I dont know kiss people on the forehead or the nose we're. Trying to arrange, arrange a ride for them is is not what Steve Win did that is, of course, if the allegations against Steve Win or even its mandate January, twenty nine, your listening to the Glen Back Programme continue to Kentucky into the shooting that happen to a school. Last week the maze story will share with eager and a second, but I have to get an update on the straw situation case you just joined us.
We are building what we believe will be the world's largest a straw. How big is the largest of the world's biggest raw eleven thousand metres, which I think is about forty feet about forty so we're gonna, wait. We ve got where this from here The other end, the buildings do is longer than forty we re, not exactly right, so we are dry. To get a straw to come from our studio chair to the commissary on the other side of the building yeah, we couple, interesting choices and the reason we're doing this by the way is because California has decided they want to fine waiters and waitresses thousand dollars. If they bring you a straw that you did not request So we're in the middle of talking about that an end. We made a choice: ear to piss off California in any way possible, though so we're making the the longest straw to just have a drink, more there's no reason for this other than I'm just thirsty,
right so we're making them lazy. I'd have to put the lazy already s. Who was a little isn't, because now I don't have to get up to control racked I can just during from across the room the we did make it choice in- getting straws that are all individually raft, so we can kill many trees is possible. That's not exactly difficult. Gabrielle that's it. I'm gonna, you know, maybe my daughter is regional, getting into the sustainable lifestyle thing and end, but so far she's Fairly, rational you said she, I cheeses, bamboo toothpick toothbrushes that she made herself. So now, I'm not gonna. Give you that one or two to make him resolve you by those. I was so she bought a bamboo. Yeah yeah, yeah yeah there they were there, something that will let you know you can throw in the compost heap. Eventually, in the you know, then they and they break down the thousand years from now and- and I don't know bro
I dont know what but big day they Rynason disintegrate, yells night care If they didn't get it up, not analogous the Mai. Well, I actually I you know I am I'm late for me. You know I have they probably a more green friendly home. Then Al Gore, I like that, exactly difficult got well. Is it a mansion with, like sickly. No, I mean remember at that and there, like he's thinking in the feed Sure he's got into retrofit his house with solar panels right. What is so I'll just thinking about this now right amused crazy, I'm starving, new care. I mean you know I want to be, as I wanna be a steward of the planet, again, and I am I exaggerate slightly when I say I dont care at all. It's not that I dont want to use good sort of the planet. Is I've seen what environmentalism does to the planet seem capitalism dose of Ireland on choosing the capitalism side. I think it's actually better,
you know what I look to see what communism does the planet. The echoes China is, with all its great their way ahead of us look civilization. Looking people's life expectancy look look at the way we ve been feeding people. We mustn't environmentalist would never be able to feed people like we do know. Well, I think we're I you know this we're going. We could go off on this. I died. I happened to agree and disagree with you. Yes, feeding a lot of people, but yes, we're all oh kind of making some choices. I hate to say this to because you know gmos- and do you know you don't know- you don't have a problem with- I think you know when we screwing with genetics, you not the little. That is what it is like. What has the? U n ever done that you went that's pretty good idea. Gimme won me one one, those bridges moths, clearing smallpox for the World Health Organization,
ok I'll, give you that we give it one yeah, that's a big deal. I give that Jonathan SALT I eat. I agree with you not a fan of the: U N O Nokia deserve not necessarily there their origin. Patients, like in the U N that approve of this technology, as do by the way, every day, every scientific get out of my way back, but they did you know what hey, let's take some of the heirloom seeds from underneath the ice. That's a pretty good idea, Wait, Sir Nigel address them now contrast them at all, but I do think I do think that for the world to come together, hang on the world to come together and say: hey we should take every seed we could possibly find. We should probably bury it in some sort of a Noah's Ark under the ice, where it won't be affected by all this genetic mutations thing that we're gonna do because it good go wrong. I mean, I think, they good safety dip thee the reason why point this out is in
as the world effort definitely didn't like that. When is the way as the world ever said. What we might why all life. Maybe we should save some in the jar. There are things called insurance policies you ever that our small governments never do that. But let me they ve got nuclear shelters. They ve got they ve thereon. Was doomsday plans we covered many of them. I mean you should always guard in the worst case scenario, there's no evidence that there ever going to be needed. I hope not. Of course. Mr look, I think as a as a as evil rich person, who builds new lakes out his property all the time, because he just loves waste and watered with Mister green over here who, by the way, I told you, the last three weeks, he's use two million gallons of water? I did not know even better, I didn't use it
accepted city of a one in a sitting on the avenue. We don't doesn't necessarily agree on that, but I think we can agree the idea that capitalism has made the world a better and, by the way, cleaner place. Let me say something cleaner, the minute there tat. The solar panels are reasonable. They work they don't kill the environment in China to make. I'll I'll, have them on my on my own, and that will also be the moment that that environmentalists virulently abilities yes because they say there horrible anyway, you had nothing to do with that. We all know that. But me again, like you look at this, this is a societies that can't feed themselves care all that much about the environment? They know they? Don't I have many green programmes with its weight when you are rich a wealthy country is when you see caring about those aesthetic knees are caring about the environment and so
is below later in here. Here's what I hears. Here's pierced No, what I say- and so my boy what he said- and I didn't even after actually say this to my rare, because she she Oh, she said, I'm gonna use toilet paper. I don't care how many trees we have to cut down I'm using toilet and ice port. Her in that right. So you know what she was like- I you know, I'm not gonna be crazy and I do want to point out that some might say that there is a flare over crazy area when you start making your own deodorant by the who am I to say so, your ear of authority, no once they turn, I think about fourteen it acknowledges dsl, Now that's a utilitarian under saying, as as as a person, it's a person as a person yeah. I don't mean that those countries that do not well, I did say, that's, never, happening in my house: ok, it's all your authority or you can do whatever you want. Your hat, that's not happening in my house
we're going to use deodorant here. As we like people and like to visit with people from time to time, and then they stopped shown up where they do. You, like our wise nobody, because you stink, ok, because you made, I don't know you made, soap out of grass, and you know, took lavender and put it under your armpits. I don't know how you do it. I don't want to know how you do it we're just not doing it. Ok, that's seems A good idea, I think so too. Changing and playing with your deodorant choices is a is a path to loneliness, the lonely whale that we discussed earlier. The Lonely Whale Foundation, the whale founded all about saving the whales, and, if there's, if we, we are down. To I mean I was for saving the whales, but but more of not just one if it were down to one lowly whale. I think I am for the killing of that Wales, solidarity and my main yeah, that's how you mean letting him blow
letting him choose his end now, it's time I am not an expert on the lonely we'll foundation, but is it possible that there that lots of Wales there's just one: that's lonely and their focus for on saving that one lonely whale that would be a waste of money by judicial get out me, people lots, else. Like my mother used to say- and this is literally true- there's lots- there's lots efficiency, the I mean by it stop pouting, isn't a whale mammal them get out and meet somebody or another man. Like her blowhole. It's it's weird. I don't care. She's got a great speed. She's really sweet. It's all butter personnel all right. If your hiring, I wanna talk to you a little bit about much about using a smart tool, and that is zip recruiter, Zebra
weather dot com back. That's the place that you go if you'd like to try this out for free. Let me tell you what it is. You know if you don't have an hr department or if your small company, in your trying to find the right person, it's really it's really hard. You got to you, got to post to whole bunch of different jobs, and then you have to wait until somebody sees it while zip recruiter will post your job to over a hundred of the webs leading job boards. It's one click, and it's done they give you a dash So you see everything that is coming in, but zip recruiter goes a step further I mean you, can you can in that service, I'm sure elsewhere. But this is what zip recruited as its different. They go out and they search for the qualified candidates and then they invite them to apply so the other hiring sites, your waiting, your waiting and hoping. Somebody's gonna see it or what, if you know, the exact right candidate is some on vacation that week that vote didn't see your posting for some reason. Another zipper quarter will contact them and say: hey everything,
job. This is why eighty percent of employers who post unzip recruited get equality candidate through the site in the first day. It's a smartest wait, a higher its zip recruiter. Dotcom been used by business this of all sizes in industries, to find the most qualified candidates with immediate results. Its zip recruiter dotcom tried for free, zip, recruited, outcome, slash back. That's a unit for free, zip, recruiter, dot, slash back. Glenn, back mercury, gland back, so river last week This horrible I should
be able to get on and just say so, the school shooting and we should all say- oh yeah, last week, I'll betcha, there's a good number of people are really there's a school shooting. Last week there was another deadly school shooting last week and it happened in Kentucky now. Imagine your parent and you're not you're, either a policeman until you hear about it or your rapporteur and you hear about it and you rushed to the school because you're trying to cover it, but also your apparent and you ve got a kid in that school.
So you're trying to do your job and you're freaking out about your kid and is my kid safe is my kid safe is my kid safe? This is this was the problem with the editor of the Marshall County Daily online Tuesday morning, shots are fired first. They think that it was in the shop, but I think it was in the shop class ever they. They heard the shots and thought it was just some banging on some metal. Then they realized, for a few shots that it was actual gunfire, so the word goes out. The police are dispatched. If she's a member of the press, she runs out she's freaking out about her child.
And then she finds out that it is her son that is the shooter. This is such a tragic story. I mean for everybody involved. Fifteen year old gave. Parker is accused of pulling out a handgun and then fatally shooting to classmates wounding fourteen other people is just before the class was moves both to begin everybody who said they knew him said he was a really good kid, an ice cream. He was sophomore plated play the trombone in the school ban that he was shy. He would go fishing with his grandparents. They they said that you know his grandma was his best friend. One of the sophomores with him said I was in the same math class.
With him. It was really good kid, but he was quiet kept to himself. Nobody knew mom standing outside. Nobody knew he had. Issues in school was well light. Everybody thought One of or some of his friends started damn telling one rapporteur that he was in the they said snappy. He was snappy when he came back from Christmas Break and he started talking about violence and how we wanted to
join the mafia. We don't know yet what this kid's story is, but he was definitely trying to shoot. He was deafening, trying to shoot to kill he shot to students right in the head. Is that a shooter game that is desensitized too that or at least made it? So he's really good at that, not blaming it on the game. I dont know what happened. I do know that mom and dad were divorced. Dad apparently had a short views. Restraining order at one point but he's charge now is a juvenile with two counts of murder: twelve councils of assault there.
He's in jail now and this week they are going to try to move that he is tried as an adult tomorrow I want. I want to talk to you a little about this a little more in depth. In a conversation that my son and I had last night- and you know I hated hush what normal is anymore, because I dont know what normal is anymore. I know it normal was for me- is normal anymore. If my kids normal childhood. How? What is a normal childhood, the one that I was raised in or When that my grandparents were raised in one
happening now. We'll talk a little bit about that on tomorrow's broadcast back in a minute Glenn back Mercury is glad that around say hello come to Mr Back RE, relevant local area, flabbergasted what responsibility not to know. We are just trying to show the Californians what freedom is actually lighting, and this is the only planet we have no other several others, there's turns others, but not the only ones are vital. When we were only if we, if we unleashed capitalism about wicked survive. Their problem is always have animals are on the way here
anyway when you're right? There are eight obvious right: go go to another one find it I want. If you need to arrive if IRAN and the whole struggling in the end, we just go to another point right. Ok, this is a little irresponsible for some, for some that arises is science, environmental, ass, though you know man, I mean right, right like look at a moment of international in ally inside I'm screaming and we're out of my lazo in California. They are now finding waiters if they bring you an unsolicited straw, their final, those waiters thousand dollars, or they were they would like to their they're talking about now coming off of that- and maybe it's just you know, electrocution we're not sure six months in prison, six what what's my stands? Not in six months and for six months in jail added value, and a thousand dollar fine, that's the maximum penalty. That's me First straw, six months and you can imagine,
No, what kind what I mean? What are we turning? I dont know not. America, that's for sure and again is based on a research on research done by a nine year old. I ignored that story till you mentioned at the outward credible fascinated. Asia, fantastic nine year old, nine zero. I just made all eyes dismayed phone calls: hey. Draws you make a mistake. Will you use just estimated TAT nine
a thorough sampling of the nation's manufacturers, Zelda Half billion number came from a nine year old from denying it only came from the NY literally language to be fair. He sixteen now when he did the research she was now it's been seven years since it has been. My allotted, there's been no update. All there's no reason to question the nine year old research. Is there a reason again? So I think the idea that Europe is more than one per person per day, including babies, is the person that seems like a crazy stay. So ha so we went out did the environmentally friendly thing and we bought thousand of straws ourselves and stew. Did you did you ask for a paper rap straws is that now seems gratuitous. It does seem a little as it aims to. It is lagging there's almost enough there to have like a really cool confetti parameters. A bet, that's true, ok, so as a war were trying to do, is we're trying to make the world's largest straw the actual work
the largest round. The Guinness World record book is like eleven thousand metres, which we think is about forty feet. Nobody knows now it does version measure metro. Nobody knows it does. Nobody knows in its foreign ism cares than so anyway. So where is longer than forty feet, then I think you get the word worlds. Large largest draw its definite long. I don't know how long it is. This studio is sixteen thousand square feet Yan, where we have the door yet could cadets take their cameramen? Can you just go all the way down to follow the straw that take place a scammer please? So we can see follow the straw? She's gonna walk right, out of the studio where it is air. It is now in the studio floor and follow us Rock and you go all the way down this has to be the world's longest Turkey was strong. If it does, it has day yeah I think it well, it will be now. Can you I don't know how much cable you have. Can you just keep going followed all the way out? If you will and she says I want to show you how far we want to go.
Going down the aisle Carol you are. This was impressive. Thank you. Thank you live cars is this? Is it fate of engineering? You know I'm impressed at this hour generations who, from what I heard you talking about, I don't get it now if no lose interest after the fourth straw, Why did you do not get jirga and if you happen to be listening, the Inter tire time they had to learn the lessons? Are she still walking to the end of the stronger we ve lost the lights now you're that comes out of tune of allowances to giant studio she still walking to be under the straw, still gallery guys: ok, ok! Now I gotta get area already so or where we are within ten feet of the front door. Yes, how can you just go out the front door and things a kink? Ok, now you can go to them door. She can't move anymore this. As far as we went out. No, not not. No, I mean molest the camp of the hammer. Can you walk out the front Melissa just show you an italian or not, you know- and I do not actually know stairs just taking a straw, don't take the strong Natasha or
right there in front there were three feet from the front door: the ep we're almost harvested. Oh you, if you're, ok, so Alice outside our eye, and if your point down toward the commissary we're losing signal that we lost yeah, we're having it would that further without? Yes, I believe we ve only got about five more hours of work on the strong together down to the commissary, where we can actually in then put it into a bottle and then sip on it most productive thing we ve done today is the straw was still early, when we actually have our left to the twenty minutes ago, snot early well so Pat, what's on the what's on the plate for you this weekend, I I I had a hard time with all the stuff in the news today I I am proud of our friends to the north, the candidate
how'd, you get Oklahoma. These are the people who have a socialist in power now, and so you know they're all about equality in equalising in You gave us adoption of equal plans, two plus two equal or even in that they do all that really well really well well, worried that anti immigrant rhetoric and decisions from the Trump administration could drive more people do its border. The canadian government is trying to nip that in the bud. They just send a representative Rodrik Pablo Rodriguez, who is a member of parliament, onto a huge meeting of dozens of immigration, attorneys and immigrants. Rights leaders in california- and he told them to get the facts- make a decision based on the right facts before leaving your jobs and taking your children out of school and going up toward Canada hope to stay there, because if you're, not legal you'll be returned,
and not to the United States, you will have lost your status and you'll be returned to your country of origin. So the equal, miss out in Canada, is so equal that their tell. We don't want you here, engines find that you sneak across the. U S, border, don't dare come across Canada's again. Bach receipt. I have the rest of the world, they just two giant campaign on that. I mean, I hope we have lots that weaken their need. To show I mean the Canadians. I mean she's, ok, I live just a right right across the border for most of my life enough. In that way, he I meant you know good many years at a place called Bellingham which, like forty five minutes in Washington, state from the border and Vienna, where we don't even have up there's no gates, there's no, I mean, can I could could Our whole military together on the border and we'd, be if you know of farmers, would be like. Oh, come on
is like no big deal I mean by. Wouldn't it be nice does to see Canada so to start to actually be what every other country is, but nobody pays attention to. Yes, I mean we are. Member of the days when they said we have to be more like Europe I would celebrate if we could be more like Europe. We are so far beyond Europe now and we are the leaders in the world on almost every progressive nightmare there. If we talked about abortion being a big one and part of that, I mean almost wish I hadn't under a hostile to get an abortion in certain parts of Europe and every european car The most restrictive being hunted there's any real are still. On the right side, the more conservative side then on them now in America and there's no religion over there, you make it here they make it all about, while generals, God people until it to them
moreover, in Europe there not about God, knew their fine. I mean when when can we go back to that mantra that they used to chant all the time we need to be more like Europe, yeah, ok, I'll, go there never hear that anymore. It requires us turning around. You have to have a strong updating is worth spreading, ready to go its own way way way way way. You have a drink at the other end, and I was wondering whether diet Hanks will appear on the other end. Only yes and set of answers they hang on hang on got the music for second stop. This is a big deal. First, in national broadcast history. We have what soon they'll be the world's largest straw in feed. Not some stupid metric thing go ahead. Hanks diet root beer, yes, which is really good by the way my favorite diet might ok, gonna try. Yes,
Hopefully we have hammered out there to see if this is actually working, because our it's very long, it doesn't seem like you're, giving getting any suction out of anything. We need a prime, the pumpkin. We call the FED the coming Is it moving at all the other end? A boy This is hard. Is a giant rapidly, the only time in your life when somebody said you don't suck enough, well. Ok, so blue! So still is not an engineer. Ok, let's just leave it at. That is not an engineer but God will have this thing working by tomorrow's programme. We will be at the moment. I have lungs left. Matamoras tat season is approaching,
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a? U S based restoration specialist works to fix it, not only preventive identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses, but life lock on covers the threats that you might miss so joy. Now Ten percent off by using the promo code back one eight hundred lifelong one, eight hundred lifelong or Odin, lifelong dot com and use the promo code. Becky receive ten percent right now one, eight hundred lifelong or lifelong dot com promo code back. Glenn Back Mercury, Glenn back gray, tweets coming in at world of still some questions you need to. You need to raise the height of the cup. Forbear to a fight higher than what your head is, that we will have gravity helping you. However, once it starts, it will not stop so have a catch bucket ready can. Stu suck more milk, question has more than one reading and tell him that
We have we go ahead if you didn't but you got Airhole so no suction, even if your Jenny, Mccarthy, which, on a wider The relevant I have been you know I have been I've been advocate. I've been a big advocate for the tape, but you have about this. When put, hey at the other end of that Strawn Stew will find a way. Yes, that's true, we found out during the break their Natasha, who is now at the front door of the studio, unbelievable controversy dont downplay this all across the sixteen thousand square foot studio. She is she's at the front door of the studio, we're about a third of the way to the to the actual soft drink dispenser in the commissary or or or a container, and she did not have the straw in the the liquid at all in the drink. Yes, of all time, I was trying to suck through the hundred feet of straw. She just had it. I dont know on the floor. So let's go ahead of butter
I think this about a hundred yards. Go ahead, you know How much the Seuss Stew suck show the other side of the saga guidance it. We could see other liquid fluctuate. There is some liquid does that liquid than it actually like what now I don't see any liquid analysis. No liquid, now, liquid stew You have to go back to the drawing board. Has this is an epoch? you're your part, I won't let first abiding not build every part of this sum it just like Russia. He is highly relevant under regulation. You huh slick raises she's, basically the equivalent of not having the plug in the garage right, so I'm out their filling with each individual light. So you are what you're saying is blame it on the woman yet meet. I've been a victim to is what I'm Samsung hashtag me too. That is what I'm saying. Yes, I'm saying that stand here. Really, ok, cause I mean, look, I'm a mirage.
For equality, but if you can't well we're not all further equality get married may change. The subject go to Nancy Pelosi has for a second toxic mythology. Oh your lungs! Your lot, I can't be healthy when I just I've just done, can the good thing throw this: on top of it, listen to Nancy Pelosi, praying The campaign to make them white again is applied. That says over fifty percent of the current legal immigration will be cut back that many things will be sent out of the country. If you he threw it you're thinking do not understand that immigration has been the case. Reinvigoration of America I don't think you even understand what that means. Nancy. I mean Are we getting to a point.
We're anybody actually believes this. I mean if you're paying attention Enough ninety nine percent of American not paying attention but further on both sides of the I'll. Do you think anyone actually believes what she saying? You know she d Then she knows it's not a campaign to make me like a white again, oh stop. It might. Of course she knows that right. I'm gives up advocates we're all in fibbed with its Chuck Schuman, eighteen. Ninety clip a handy. This here is Chuck humour on immigration. For the first time we're saying it, should not simply be family relationships that determine who comes here. This bill says that if you have a skilled in America needs Workin except you
in the past that was very, very, very difficult. Less than four percent of all immigrants came because our were admitted to this country because we needed their help in the job market, and now that percentage will increase significantly and so, the first time that we really recognised that economic competition, the need for new skills and new ideas that, for whatever reason, aren't being supplied by our own workers, will have So how do we listen to a guy named Chuck humor now, because he was so clearly a racist and held d? Lee racist views. What was he doing there? He was trying to make America white again right by their national policies, definite right. That's what I was trying to that. I would like to hear the transition from race. Then too, understanding compassionate human being. I want that case made by Jacques Humor. I want to hear the twin engine back.
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