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1/31/18 - 'One of the Best Ever'? (Jordan Peterson joins Glenn)

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Hour 1  State of Humanity... ‘powerful’ speech from President Trump...Great night for the country, bad night for the Democrats...as they sat and scowled ...Nancy Pelosi almost ‘broke her face’...Political racket exposed = The Democrat Party ... ‘one of the best speeches ever’...the 'America first' vibe is working ...all the bad from Bannon is gone?...so was he sitting in an empty bar watching or what? ...SOTU = ‘who we are’?   Hour 2  Escaping the 'Psycho Alt-Right fringe'…protip: don’t make this kind of list… this ‘former darling’ of Bannon, Breitbart doesn’t represent real conservatives ...'12 Rules For Life' with Dr. Jordan Peterson...Being respectively aware of our own flaws...treat yourself like a person you’re responsible for helping...smartphone suicide rate?...conditions of every one's life are unique ...make 'incremental' changes...letting go of resentment and bitterness ...spark of divinity from God...The left’s corruption of the humanities?...Important and vital message to young men? ...Set your house in order before you criticize the world...extinguish anger in our own hearts first...making peace makes paths   Hour 3  White, Wealthy and Privileged = A Kennedy...how out of touch can you be?...Democrats continue to embarrass themselves...does nobody remember what Ted Kennedy did???...the end of political dynasties? ...Jeffy panders to the Dreamers?...a little Chapstick on your face? ...The Left’s war against Middle America Democrats ...Keys to the Oval Office?...Minority unemployment is the lowest in recorded history   The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand. Courage, three back! Americans are dreamers too,. this was one of the best speeches, I have heard a president give in a long long time a man, Europeans are dreamers to one of the good. aid lines ran great moments from last night's state of the union speech. I believe this is best and most powerful night of president trumps political career last night Is the president that p we have been waiting for and it was
is a bipartisan speech. It's not a region that a political event can move you to tears, and I absolutely hate- and you know what we have little so among your function, not there and she did this and a lot night had powerful moment after powerful moment after powerful moment through times last night. Rather than going to Hell fire and brimstone, you know and following the path of Steve Bannon,. the President Bush is to manatee into our police. core issues through three powerful stories, a fan that, had lost two daughters to the MS thirteen gang violence. They still while the president was telling their story and you could feel their pain. The parents of Otto Warm Beer, the the guy that was taken in North Korea and brutally brutally beaten those
and stood sobbing. While the end our building erupted in applause and a north korean d, after stood in triumphantly raised his crutches. The emotion swelled last night was powerful. Maybe the most effective thing to happen for Republicans and he didn't have anything to do with what the President said was what the Democrats did. The Democrats This was not just a good night for the president and, I believe, a good night for the country. This was a really bad night for the Democrats. Did they not? Oh the entire country was watching them as they they sat and refuse to applaud. Even the entrance of Maloney a Trump and applaud the thing that ninety nine percent of the country can rally behind not now. See policy I dont know if she swallowed a tooth or what was going on, but my
Ah, she was unhappy the scout all was so intense I was Fraid she was gonna sprain your face. I really did I a wow. They frowned they said, on their hands for things did I just don't understand How do you not stand for bonuses and rising wages, for the first time for middle and lower class bonuses for employees. They sat and scowled, as everyone else stood for in God. We trust the national anthem, Jerusalem, higher wages they sat. It's unbelievable. the congressional black caucus remain seated when it was announced that the african american Unemployment, low unemployment number is at its lowest in history, and
and these people sat. and did nothing seems like a big deal seems like something you'd be happy about Many american Democrats care deeply about immigration issues. Trump did something that no republican or no conservative could ever survive, heal act himself into the death chamber straw, please himself, to a conservative electric chair and turned on the juice he. Third amnesty for one point: eight million illegal aliens he Stated in the speech that triples what Obama was offering, so what happened? The Democrats sat on their hands, This wasn't a big win. This wasn't a big outreach.
Nancy Pelosi, I was now afraid, wasn't gonna be sprain it. She was gonna break her face. at one point: Louise goody Erez stood up and stormed out of the room. I think it's because people were chanting, USA, USA and that offended him a congressmen is ended by USA, USA. No if they had to have special classes for the yard, the Democrats, some sort of some sort of if we know hold me tank because they fly who was behind the president the whole time they seemed? Not really, you know they they need, they need to be coddled a little bit. Here's a truth, The Democrats aren't happy with trumps amnesty because there the ones delivering it, they don't care or about these people. They care about the votes. They care about the
vice if of the issue, and I'm not just making this about grants theres many Republicans that do exactly the same thing They need this to be a political football. Their concerned mainly about protecting their political racket. Boats do this, but last night I saw, I couldn't believe it there was ever an opportunity to at least appear to be by partisan last night willingly, wittingly or not, the Democrats showed the country. who they really are, and is going to hurt them in the heartland, so Democrats by all means, keep sitting down it's Wednesday January thirty. First, this is the Glen that program. I've tell you
I do not like the state of the union, I hate them. I find them a colossal waste of time? I cannot remember the last one that I watched all the way through that I wasn't paid to sit there and watch. I dont even know. I think the last one we did on television. I think I may have left early- and I was being paid to sit there. I just I just can't take them I hate all of the trappings. I hate all of it, and this when it had all of the trappings that I hate. You know the long you know the do you know about the the the long applause lines, mistress rigour, the browser states, five minutes of applause than this. you're stands up. I'm proud to announce president eyes days, five minutes applause. I got it with a. I talk I hate long speeches
really really have our time. With speeches read on a teleprompter by somebody who can't read on a teleprompter with all of that being said, that was The best speeches I have seen a president given a long time. It though he was the best I've ever seen. Him he actually connected much of what he was talking. Bout emotionally, which I don't think I've ever seen before it was one of the best written speeches I have seen in a long time- and it was true. It was true, it was. It was true to the american values. And I say that with with with, with with a who bid of blindness today from staring directly into the. How much did he recommend we spend about
it almost directly at two point: seven trillion yeah my little bending to point seven trillion an amnesty amnesty, the city, chapter which is further than that. This is this: beyond the doktor debate, now read Amnesty where it amnesty and path, citizenship and the Democrats, dinners No, they didn't respond, they did respond now. They ve some make it if you're getting more than they have ever had from anyone, including on a cane and gram and JEB Bush in all of those people, and I'm gonna, I'm gonna take on the big pharmaceutical companies and make drugs to cheaper in the United States. Not anything, that's conservative, nothing! Now that occur more than ever the end, that's horse livable part of the the ridiculous of the event as as a whole. But again you can't imagine that going better more Donald Trump than it did. I have to you you know them we're times that this is
The first time that I have seen- anger outrage on a massive scale. with Obama. There were a lot of people that were really you know. You lie There were people who were really upset, but not like this not like this I have not. When did you you ever heard of him congressmen walking out of the speech. I know I don't think I never. I mean that I dont know what I dont know what happened. To the congressional black caucus, but how we call it did it mean they're, real, Action was all, looks like you were sitting with. You know the black panthers. I mean they work hissed, they were yes, and it didn't matter, how do you not stand for? I don't care who did it? I don't even give the other
entirety of this economy at this point, Donald Trump do not base your success on the stock market. Please do not base your success is no president can could try, know that and when it goes bad, if you have spent your whole first be a year and a half saying what on stock market live stock market when it collapses you're in trouble, Don't do that by anyway right there's a lot of things that he did that have created jobs and it's not bogus jobs. It's not like we're gonna, build a bridge. Will that's not a real job? That's a job for right now, until the bridges done once the government money dries up, it's over a real job is a a third party that is actually a business building and making something of value that will go on for a long time. That's a real job. The other is like a part time job, it's it's temporary job, this guy,
created jobs. The unemployment rate, if we're African Americans is now at its lowest point in recorded history, you got a club for that. Do you I mean I don't care who, like, I think you can build and many The organisations have made these points that that this recovery started before trial. was Presidente blah blah, blah blah you can. You can use if you want, you can make it so it's your guy more than the other guy. But how do you not clap for the fact that this has happened? and it's a wonderful thing- it's Therefore, they no matter who is responsible for you, wanna even go on tv, and you can make your arguments about how this is. Actually a bomb is doing if you want, but how do you not say in the end that the result is a positive? It's a positive, it's the best ever been and you're sitting on your hand, because you don't like the President etc. I met a bad look. The rebellion look really
really bad saw me in. I think I think it they looked like exe we met last night, they really did Trump. I didn't please, Mr President, please dont tweet for a few days. Please yeah loses the phone. Somebody turn the electricity, often the White House, don't charges phone, please don't tweet. This was so good last night. Please leave it alone, and this is a very uniting people get so sensitive. Whenever there is a word of criticism of Donald Trump and I've, just don't you know, that's not how I he doesn't need you took it. Isn't it an eel is ready, he is coming, they used to call Drawn rigging the Teflon resident, yet he did to everyone's. He doesn't need your help to secure for defending, say it's. Ok, he he can needs a big boy, he's a big boy absolutely, but
the interesting in that like one of the criticisms of Trump, is that ok he's got policies. Some of them are really good and some of them conservatives really like- and I think America once too, like Donald Trump, there's something about it that America once to like, in that he's a business man he kind of such speaks of a little bit more in it in a way this. But people are familiar with talking to their friends like there's something about that that they like, but and the fact that they want to like him, because you know look at what's happened to the economy. Look what's up, there's ISIS there's a lot of there's lots of things that have happened and Americans dont want to dislike their president. They don't, I think, that's true. So the issue is if is the fact that president last night doesn't a thirty seven percent approval rating. president that president again with this in policies the same person, but he acts like that
all the time that that guy has a fifty five percent of rural rating he may in a year from now. If things would continue to be to grow and be good like it is now, he could have a sixty percent. seventy brand approval river again I get so this They are to be positive about and I'd be. I made this point before. I think it's important if we stop the tweeting zero percent of its base would go away. The only thing you have is upside of people who don't you like that separate? I use tweeting as a more generalities No no problem we have actually using twitter is just a matter of sub. She outliers right, like the things that he gets there that create the controversies is all Thirty eight percent there are staying. If you stop They all like him for other for all these, for a million reasons and he's done, a relatively job with the economy with ISIS for sure. There's a lot of things you can praise it. Just You wonder why he doesn't learn because every time you does this,
and he did it last year to get a good speech in these data union slot last year to Two days later was over and you know I think if he keeps this vied, going The two thousand eighteen election to doesn't want he's. Gonna be is easy. the matter of maize. Feigning, it's been consistent. I know I don't want you to do that if he has the discipline to do what he did last night and last night it huge for. He has the image you see the polling on it now. Seventy four! Five percent of people who watched the speech approved of it, including forty three percent of Democrats. It was there is look. and I like this about people I dont- want to agree with somebody I listen to or I don't. I don't think- that's reasonable theirs something wrong. If I am agreeing with somebody all the time on everything- and they never surprise me oh wow. I never looked at it that way. you're right or you're wrong, but
That's really an interesting, take and consistent with you. I like that guy. I like the fact that we the precedent that could make me feel good, the other side feel good, and I mean the marxist side Pineau, just the live they the average. My feel good, I mean why that right, we ever got that from Obama Obama. Never through us a bone ever it was all about getting the back. deep, you been drive and we're not gonna. Let you drive rocket. you have much to say you been saying stuff for a while, and you got us in the ditch there was. It was abusive, the this president treated or the way the last president treated the half of the country. It was abusive. Last night, this present did something I've never seen before he he should have now because he's the amazing Donald Trump,
that doesn't ever seem to bits anybody off honest and his own side. He offered things to the Democrats, no conservative would forever offer amazing, amazing and he beat, As he's Donald Trump, you could actually the conservatives to go along with it and the Democrats. They want to do it God, they still component, and I back because that that's the best, dates for him to sing Ellie holy cow. Remarkable remarkable today is a day for those of you who keep track. I want to say ever thought. This president could do what he did last night. He did it and it was great, are simply safe, I'm security company that when I started with their Menachem two years ago, they only had ten employees and it was this idea. They could change the way security was done now they are the FAO
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you need me last night. It was. It was everything that the Steve banning speech, You know, but wasn't it have any of the creepy you no kind of stuff that Steve Bannon was pushing for in all of the speeches, and this is what happens when you don't try to go to the all right. What happened when you just when you just say look these are principles we These things, here's how they worked out and now, let's be uniting holy cow. That was definitely not ban in that part we'll get to that next. Glenn back Mercury here the same to the Glen that programme so in the bar of my mind and believe me, there's always a bar in my mind,
the bar room of my mind last night. There only to customers sitting on opposite ends of the bar one end of the bar was Steve Van and the watching this unbelievable performance of the present. I got a bad somebody. I was there what happen the he's? a half drunk bottle of whisky in front of him. and he's just replaying every moment of the last year in his head. The friend of the bar on the other end- is another man with a half drunk bottle of Zuma. And its Barack Obama Goin. Why am I You want a. Rules of engagement. Are you bleed, clearer hers? All these things I saw for sure and executive order? who's, the law, if need be, president forever yeah.
now. If you look at many of us his great accomplishments, we're all through executive order. They been reversed and their airports around greater. accomplishments Laelia. But let me just say this Republicans, president. Mr President, please learn this lesson you can rule through edict the next spring then it comes in is used no rivers, your stuff, it's got to be passed. It's got to go through Congress. Because then you don't change it. and that is the tax reform That's that's not an edict, but Just a lot of the things that he has done have been. You know presidential edicts those change it he's been, but his the best part of his presidency has been as executive policy, which is great, except for the fact that the nice guy can reverse it. I went silk and an Ex Congress can reverse a lot too. However, much more difficult to accomplish
please also appointed more local army, no federal judges and district judges than any other president, history right and I see that's lasting his about many of his opponents. I mean it's funny because we know over there over the time where he was from a candidate to to president there's been obviously different aspects that I've had a problem with of his presidency and is run but lot. I was to see Van and now I'm in a way that the ban and elements of this presidency have always been very disturbing to me. He's gone when's gone a lot of these guys that we were talking about thinking. There were worst appointments were gone. I love Scott, prove it of Mc Mulvaney Flower, a love magnet make I'm. How is make mulvaney dealing with a one point. Seven brilliant dollar stimulus package yeah, and that was so that an that's part of the spending a mean again. I think you go through that. The first part of this is looking at that speech saying
Was it you look at it as as it as it was a moment in time. How was it- and I don't think you could possibly expect that to go better than it did The eminent is no, it was. It was now it was. That's because you watched it, I listen to it, and as someone who just listen to- and it didn't see the visuals Nixon one but now I live here, but I I thought it was really well done. He seemingly property. That Trump, I think, is the is the better. It's a little bit bore youtube. We did about this over the last night. It is like saying that the wild things it's not necessarily is fun, but it is it's a little bit more. boring presidential, but that's good, I think, he's better. No, I was conflicted all night you ask inflicted on. I do like I should at the very beginning of the speech when he first started in everything he was on. Teleprompter you no kind of, That clearly is almost like delivering it at the beginning, like Clint Eastwood, whether with squinting die like what is happening here but
You know when he's on teleprompter and the speeches, you know just a usual speech. It's it's boy You want him off the teleprompter cuz at least entertaining. However, this speech was so well written. I as did the entire speech. I watched every word of the speech. I can remember the last time I did that, but if you're gonna break it the speech into three types of content right, there's one trump, essentially taking credit for the good things he's done right every president. Does this? U brag about the stuff you ve done every the present does it every time. That's part one part to. Let me show you. Let me give you the color of it right here. Is this person who had this happened to them? Here's this person who escaped North Korea here's this person, whose child tragically murdered two years this person, who got a new job and is now a welder all those things kind of that the color of the event here is yours
an illustration of the things I believe are important and then the third would be new policy proposals, one of the things he wants to do in the future, which is the part of this by the way that is required by the constitution right. The state of the union says from time to time will give updates on things that they believe are going to be priorities. What is the state of we're doing and what? What should we do in the future? So you break that had been into the three parts. The first two parts were home runs him talking about the things that he has done. I thought he great on that and didn't do the typical real over exaggeration of it. There are a couple claims that you could have problems with, but generally speaking, like biggest tax cut in history was innovative was actually they believe it. That's the twelfth biggest tat was still with tax got. Why do that? I and the biggest crowd ever? Don't stop it. It's fine! Everything was fine right. This was really good. You didn't do much of that, though. a lot of stuff was like you know, people were saying: well, we ve had great job creation and they
I've had greater precision and people will point out. Well, they mean, in the last five years of Obama, had higher numbers, which is true technically, but in each job to add to the economy is closer to employment is more difficult. So I think there is a real arguments we made that you know he made. This is what we need is a key economic, I wish we had been really good. The text that the this the stock market being high, while it's good to risky to stake your entire claim on that which I dont think I did, but I mean it mean that can be problematic long. But I mean it's true: it is at the highest. It's been right, so him taking credit for stuff. dad. I thought worked out really well his illustration, where he's taking people the crowd in pointing out what they ve done. Usually I hate those things always cause. There's there very pandering and stuff, I thought you did it Rachel, but has probably one of the best I ever see you need to listen to it. You need to watch those Siena, they were so powerful they were. So our real job with the people
Warm beers family, the even the guy from North Korea when he stood up with the crutches, and the the two families that lost their their daughters to Emma thirteen. The pain on their faces was, it was heart wrenching. It was just ass, it was it was a masterpiece of emotion, really was, and that's important. It's one of those two things are the reason why I believe he had seventy five percent of her. The speech I think, was ninety seven percent along Republicans and forty three percent of Democrats, which is insanely. I especially for a guy who who is, as generally speaking as divisive as Trump is. I mean you know if you Can you love him and if you dont like them, you really don't like him. So Democrats, don't usually cheer anything that he's done.
the connecting with the emotion, giving a positive picture of America, absolute home runs the the policy prescriptions are important. And we can, I think, lose sight of the fact that he may a lot of proposals last night, some of them are good, but I mean lemme give you for quick things from that speech last night, one one point: five trillion dollars and imprisoned. you spend increase. Now remember this is now literally double what Obama wanted for infrastructures, and I got an God And we complain about like crazy. This is now doubled it, and he said by the way we should point out. Not one point five trillion, but at least was is cool least one point five trillion dollars in infrastructure spending. That is big freaking deal and we can't ignored as conservatives as you pointed out. I don't know how big gets through it having to pay for that proposal, because was one of the biggest voices against that sort of thing
under a. I know. What look he's he's? Not the president he's got a support. The policies boss, and I understand that. But that's gotta be difficult for him because he's a real budget hawk. So that's what what? point five trillion dollars the family leave act? again wants to bring free it. Family leave too he's he's with their several proposals here, but its target, about people, maternity leave and then leave for sickness, and all these other things they out there all feel really good field. That policies cost a fortune. The estimates are up to seven hundred billion dollars for these programmes again. stimulus with seven hundred and eighty seven billion. So this is another. This could be they. It depends on what part of that he attacks, but the cost is usually between one hundred billion and seven hundred billion dollars. So we all know the exact cost of that because he could write middle we're up to two. trillion dollar yet may be a the to two point to be given give or take
and another five hundred billion dollars of ending sequester, which he made a big point of that gets you to about two, point seven trillion dollars and that gives you know economic impact whatsoever, I'm not factoring in because that all too giving citizenship to two million illegal immigrants at so I'm saying no cost to that at all and we're at well over two trillion dollars, maybe his highest two point, seven, and that is with him, giving you low estimate because he said at least one point: five trillion and infrastructure, so it could be even more than that. We ve heard estimates at least as high as one point seven trillion for that. So you know you have to step back from liked the speech. I thought it was great. It was as good as as I could possibly ever imagine a Donald Trump speech, my going even imagine it was over willingly well received by the american people our job, as I think, concern
this is to say to Donald Trump. Hey look. You know about this parts great this parts great this parts spreading over three trillion? Ours is not an ideal path for beyond not an ideal, but I don't think it's a sustainable. It's interesting. You said the these threes Lee three areas of his speech were what were bragging, which, by the way, I think you that is hundred percent. That's not a trump thing. That is every president takes time to say this is what we ve accomplished in the last year. It has to be part of that speech so that I call it again. Both part one brighter gonna part to the color. The emotional way of illustrating the stories would bring out people from North Korea etc. And then third policy prescriptions where we don't go for so here's what I've I thought it was in three parts to and I, them down. When you said yours, I wrote my three per I thought we were going agree and that we didn't part one who we are.
He didn't really brag about all of his. He he wasn't saying I was making Amerika great. He said the american people had been unleashed and they made Amerika great Here are some of the stories that have happened. Okay, so the first part. I think was the color and and who would just who we are. This is who we are ass. It was a statement we believe in God we believe in the flat hag we, you know we have these principles, who we are. I put that in the colleague the color K. I know I'm combining yells and and making that who we are second one is the look, what I mean And they give you to the democratic surprise because he kept looking over. You didn't see, there's been kept looking on To the Democrats and like what Not what? How are you not applauding on that? How It was an amazing and it was genuine. He was genuinely shocked what I'm ghip purse we're subject drugs year.
Sitting on your hands, so surprised is here's what I'm willing to give you his part too, and the third part that we haven't about and we're gonna spend some time on tonight is war. I dont know if anybody else felt this, and it may just be because I remember the cold war and I remember the EU, Empire speech. I remember what it felt like the build up to a war like that war, I said to my said to my daughter yesterday, which she was sitting there, and I said oh good god this. This feels like we're going to war, and she said dad we're all ready at war, and I said not like that this war is different and we're going to explain that tonight, but there was a definite The tow there that I'm hoping is all posturing, but it did it was concerning last night and we're gonna talk a little bit about that and I
ago, zero in on to those stories that he told last night that were Where is that every American should here, they were so powerful, the two girls we're lost by Emma's thirteen. A research team has been looking into that and finding that story and all the details gonna tell all of that. We're gonna tell a couple, those stories that he told, lest I that are really powerful, for some reason: the Democratic, leadership did not connect with an unfortunately, for them, almost fifty percent of their base did connect with it. and that's gonna be bad for them, because you had a real the good Trump last night and a really good here. So we are message we gonna come. Well that tonight, at five o clock only on the blaze dot com, slash tv, if you're, not a subscriber make sure you join us now can be great show tonight.
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also for life. There are simple rules for life. He says: there's twelve of them he's got a new book out. Well, rules for life, an antidote to chaos. Maybe I like him so much because we think so much alike. you, if you don't know who he is? You're gonna love him. If you do you know who he is our within Europe Petersen next Glenn back Mercury courage shrink I gotta quick, general tip for life, giving its unity. don't make a list of jewish enemies
or any other list of enemies based on. You know ethnic background, this bad. I never really works out. Well. Yesterday, for our congressional candidate Paul nail in the guy who law overwhelmingly to Paul Ryan and twenty sixteen Wisconsin Republican primary blamed Jews for- taking his America. First positions. Use twitter to pay The spreadsheet of the names, including you know whether the person is a Jew or hot, really very those classy. He claims to have received eighty one personal attacks on twitter in the last month. How old eighty one I've been blow. of those eighty one twitter attackers. He said he said seventy four or jewish, which can only me One thing you know of course say with me, is fast: jewish conspiracy right to ruin the popularity that nailing thinks he as it could also be that nail in just hates juice,
by the way his research pretty much suck it turns out. Several people are useless, weren't, actually, jewish, which we would have done it. You know, maybe maybe, Mr Nail, it hasn't gotten calipers out measured people's heads, so that could be He also posted charts with photos of people who work at CNN Nbc New York Times, NPR Fox NEWS complete stars of David on their photo to point out the Jews. He said that, to put it made him delete those photos he's trying to portray himself as a victim of censorship and oppression, look I believe in their freedom of speech. You could say what you want. Even this kind of speech is abhorrent. There's always and people like an Nay linen there always will be. The difference now is have this megaphone of social media, so the question is: why engage with a guy like this? spewing, hate people- you know just can't take it- may want to fight back, but you never win, the are united to change his mind point
He sounds. He sounds kind of like nineteen thirty's, Nazi isn't gonna sudden. Make an agency. While you know what I kind of do. like an odyssey, I didn't even know about their rights. Should re evaluate my believer Jos, this as a flame out he's a flame up politician, he is grasping for anything to help him keep afloat as he aims for Ryan's how seat again this year, you have to keep an eye on people like this. Especially when organizations like Bright Bart, gave him his own column for awhile Don of him trend on Twitter he's a former Doc king of Steve, Bannon and bright part B is part of the whole psycho, all right, white nationalist fringe that guy's like band I've been trying to bring under the wing of the Republican Party. These guys are crackpots their dangerous left. Would love America to think that those crack parts crack paused parts are part of mainstream conservative thought they're not
Conservatives and Republicans: you can't run fast enough from people like Paul NAIL in and the all right, It's Wednesday January thirty. First, this is the Glen Back Programme, even listening to this programme but indeed think, maybe two thousand five. Two thousand six. I started doing my research on the twelfth mom, which is this crazy. end of times. Theology of of some people who live in the Middle EAST is specifically ran and it's it's scary. There very dangerous, as I did research on it. The goal to hasten the return of the promised one is to wash the world in blood and create chaos, and, I said,
two thousand and six and I've been saying it ever since run from chaos. Put order in your life, the World is going to start moving towards chaos. This is what Russia and Alexander. Dugan is also pushing is his chaos. Theory chaos is the work of darkness. For I don't know how long people have been say. You ve got to get Jordan Petersen on he's the greatest guy in lieu history of the world were thinking. Ok, we'll get till we get to look at him, then. Finally, He sat down and we watched him and we, her stand why everybody was saying you ve got to have him on he's just written new book. The twelve rules of life, an antidote to chaos, well to the programme. Jordan Petersen how're, you, Sir good. How are you doing? Ah, I'm good I'm if I may describe your book this way. Tell me if I'm wrong people right now,
feel this chaos and they feel their overwhelmed and they feel like everything they do or have done, doesn't make any difference in so starting to unplug and their started into grow up their hands and get frustrated and angry You are saying that no no forget about the big picture. Do these twelve? little pretty simple things and you'll. change the world. It least change your life. There will be a good thing, start and you'll do any harm either. So you know first, do no harm right. The positions habit. So I'm first of all, let me just give the or have you give your credentials you are a clinical psychologists and a professor of psychology- and you have really been found and kind of a worldwide sensation on on Youtube. and you're really go ahead that so far
sorry for you, ve gotta, right yeah. I've been practising clinical psychologists for about twenty years. I spent tens of thousands of hours talking to people about their deepest problems, and I worked as a business consultant in and I've helped entrepreneurs, but help companies find entrepreneurs to help run on them. I've done all sorts of things I want to go through, I'm gonna go through the book and we have some time with you today. So I want to go through the book. I we can't go through all twelve, but I'm just gonna give you the the advice. And then you tell me exactly what it means and how to apply it. Rule number two treaties self. Like someone you're responsible for helping here well, people are harder on themselves everybody's aware of their own flaws and faults in and out.
This isn't failures to live up to even their own ideas and were also painfully aware that we do things purposefully wrong from time to time to start of spiten and a desire to produce misery, and because of that, we don't feel as positively predisposed towards ourselves as we might So we don't take care of ourselves very well in its deeper than that. Even we return of have contempt for ourselves, because we're fragile and mortal and and and and subject to the tragic conditions of life and we're not exactly sure I would say that we deserve the best or that we deserve to be taken care of properly. People will often treat their animals better than they treat themselves and that's not good. It's not good. You have to do catch yourself from yourself a little bit and understand that you deserve to be cared for like at ETA.
of basic decency, just like any other. So if we can reach your let's say it didn't want the best for yourself. I ve always been fascinated by the human race, because we are we really are self hating ego maniacs. We we build herself up into these all powerful, but as individuals we also have this self loathing. How do I so it so it doesn't tell about people have a hard time of it. You know I mean we're the only creatures that herself conscious and were aware of the fragility of
and on our own slots and so began about its very difficult for us to regard ourselves properly in and so chapter to rule, to treat yourself a six year. Someone you should take care of is is a description of why it is deep description of white is that people have doubts about their own being and then also what you should do in the face of that mean. The fact that we are faced with our own mortality constantly and with the human proclivity for evil means that we have a very large burden to bear, but are also capable of doing that, and you should regard yourself positively as someone who is able to face the tragedy in malevolence of existence and still moved forward, and-
sometimes move forward with great nobility and grace. I mean people can operate under horrendous conditions and do so well admirably and and that something really remarkable and so chapter to rule two is about asking people to treat themselves with some respect and see what might happen aren't you going to do you think that I just read a study this morning that shows depression. Rates of teenagers are up, for. I think forty Eight per cent suicide is up twenty four percent since two thousand ten and the study showed that it coincided with the use of a smartphone. you know and all of the social media Dick do you think this is helping us, because we're we're one of your other rules may suit one it is the rule for compare yourself too, who you were yesterday and not whose someone else's today do you think so
this is coming from we're not good enough, because we don't We don't have the life that we think everybody else has based on their bogus facebook page. Well, I think, there's a couple of things going on there. It we're undergoing quenching technological revolutions and it's not easy to keep up, and so I think we don't know what to do with all the magical technology devices that are being thrown our way. It's a very, very steep learning curve and sold media all the major social media outlets, Twitter and Youtube and Instagram and so forth. I'll, have the advantages and their pitfalls there quite addictive and they do throw you out into a mass of Rome and allow you to tear yourself to be well to the Facebook version of everyone else, and that definitely is rough in you. Don't you pointed out rule for computers
after who, you were yesterday not to someone else's today that that's a good maxim to live by, because no one else is really like you in any in a deep sense we obviously people have their similarities, but the conditions of your life truly are unique and what the weight you too, you need an ideal to pursue their myself to other people to establish that ideal, but You don't really you have to figure out who you are and then try to be better than now and not something you can always do too and one of the things I tried to do it now: rule is outlined. Why that's good enough, but you can make incremental changes over you are right now and those increment.
Changes. Will compound and transform you across time. It's really really powerful way of looking at the world and it stop you from being bitter unresentful in part of the problem is when you look at someone who you think is doing better than you mean look. Perhaps they are wouldn't want to be naive about it. You don't know everything about their life. You know if you're an admiring a celebrity, and you think, I'd love to have a life like that. You, you see the celebrity other very low resolution hero, you don't know the details of their life. You have no right yeah how they're doing across ten or eleven dimensions of comparison, that beekeeping dimensions that are important, it's better to pay about who you are now to take stock of your flaws in your virtues and to move forward from that foundation. It's a that way you can have an ideal, I'm going to be better than I am, and you don't have to be bitter and unresentful, because you're not who you think someone else's,
So, professor, I those social media feeds that you don't. I may me too year recovering alcoholic and I discussed Something about myself that I wonder if it isn't true about most people when I first started my journey, figuring out, really who I was late in life and my thirty's I I stopped, and I really didn't it wasn't real confidence, a conscious, sir, up in some ways and I was motivated to continue to look deep inside of me and I Eliza at that time. The reason why I think it I was afraid none of this trend transfers to other people, but I was because I was afraid there was nothing really a value in sight of me right That in various peoples, deepest fears that there's that really nothing. There. Do you go about tonight
And truly believe that is deeply deeply wrong by one of the things I tried to do in twelve rules for life is to take a very stark appraisal of human existence, like I do believe, our lives. Are fundamentally tragic, you know we we grow old, we get sick, we die, we lose the people, we love. All of that were finite creatures, you know, and There is real malevolence and evil in the world, and not only in the hearts of other people, but definitely in our own hearts, and so the conditions of existence are very dire in some sense tragedy and evil, but I do believe that there are ways of living in the world that enable us to transcend out and that the old idea that we each have a light inside of Us you have turned on will eliminate the world. I believe that to be true, I think that the EU is more powerful than death of evil and that, if you live a truthful,
and if you live a life, that's is oriented towards the highest good that you can withstand the burden of being an discover within yourself something that, while bits tat spark of divinity that unites you with God back more from Jordan, Peters here, just a moment he's at Jordan. He Petersen on Twitter. The book is called twelve rules for life, an antidote to chaos. We may a little esoteric here. If you don't know Jordan Petersen is he is so right in where people live right now, I'm too, I think, I'm doing him a disservice. He is he's controversial right now because he sang the things that we all know are true, but have not been for a long time what it takes to be a man, many of his followers on Youtube.
The young men their starving, to hear Is it mean to be a man more in a second Everyone talks about Valentine's day. This is my least favorite holiday of of the mall, because just it's like, it's like New Year's eve is the pressure is on and they he people's forward. You mean the pressures on just like gotta pressure, tat up, the precursor is on. We balance Wednesday? I mean this really comfortable space with my wife, where it has real meaning, and I can get my wife, nothing. God forbid- that get her car and I was I was get her flowers and I never really like to send flowers before because they die so fast. Especially roses. Not talking about our news, Sir one eight hundred flowers dot com, if you are look for really beautiful bouquets right now you can get a but twelve multi colored roses falling now
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Glenn back. We covered the presidential speech last out. and we will continue here in about thirty four minutes some more analysis on what happened in Washington last night. It was, it was absolutely amazing. Join now by Jordan. Petersen he's got a new book that is out today. It's called twelve rules for life, an antidote to chaos, join Ivan I've been watching you now for a few months, and I saw you know something that just did on the BBC, where the peace enter was was after you from the beginning. There wasn't an honest question. I didn't feel of it from the get go. She was trying. It was almost like every question was like come on fight with me. What Is it that you are saying that is making so many people just angry, because I don't see it. Well, I'm calling out the identity politics types on the left and in a really really
way. You know so they're, not very happy about that, but you're doing it, but you're doing it with facts. You're doing it with with ease gentleness and kindness word. I worked, you know what this the radical leftists have to paint everybody opposes point is some kind of super, because if they dont, if the person who oppose it, isn't unreasonable. Then there are real and that means that reasonable people can critique the radical left and I am a reasonable person, and that makes me me
a threatening rather than less- and I mean I believed that the radical left is a pretty much destroyed the humanities and that's a terrible thing because they are at the core of the university, and I also believe in an article in the Boston global Justice last week, making exactly the same case that the corruption of the humanities is now spreading out into the broader public into corporations and so forth, all in through the back door of human resources and on pointing all this out. The pathological lettuce, in passing cabin ample, requiring compelled speech that radio dinner inquisition about teaching assistant that Wilfred Gloria University and yeah and people are very I'll be with you as a consequence, because I am describing what's going on and also why it's wrong. It's really wrong for us to degenerate back into.
Is it so I want I want. I want to go into that. We have to take a quick bring on. I want to go into that. Why it's wrong. We are in several tribes. And we're all really doing it. Why is it wrong and how do we have to change that and our own life Glenn Back mercury. This is the guy. that programme, whether he knows it or not, there is a movement, a global movement that is building underneath Doktor Jordan Peterson. he's a Canadian. He is now sweeping the world on Youtube. A lot of young people are a really listening to him and following him and he is. He is our tick. leading universal principles that haven't been articulated this way in a long time and is now twelve rules for life, he says things like this- confront the chaos of being take aim against this t of troubles, specify your destination in charge? Your course admit. What do you want?
Tell those around you who you are narrow, and gaze attentively and move forward forthrightly. We are talking about before the break, something Susie, I gotta, go reminded me of a recent article about it up a sort of an outright conspiracy gathering in New York City and a bunch of reporters went to it and they started asking trying to fish around for what their ideology was in the end, and one of them said this. We're not ideal ideological were tribal. We don't care about the politics as much as we care about pissing people, often trolling and shaking things up the doktor. But we want to the break you mentioned- are the way we, starting to degenerate into tribalism. I think people now are starting to look tribalism as a positive, why isn't it well paid? they lose their unifying. It degenerate The trouble is you saw that happening, for example in Yugoslavia, Linley Winner, also in the soviet empire collapsed people degenerate back.
into the tribal groups. Doubt look When you move from being a child to being an adult, you have to pass through appear, if time where your primary affiliation is to the group. That's what happened you're a teenager, and then the young adult you have to Please come socialized! You take your place as a member of the group, but where you're development should end. You should then transcend the group. can become an individual and then you're part of the force that publishers and renews the group, as well as just being part of the group and its that transcendent ended as an individual that enables different groups to live together on the same territory peacefully, because I can come out of my group as a forthright and honest individual, and you can come out of your group the same way and weaken to me
Kate and negotiate, and we can figure out how to cooperate and to beat peacefully into trade and all of that without degenerating into tribal murderous, now what's happening, our culture is that the radical left attempting to establish a narrative and you're nervous newsy this globally? You not just time of the United States, yes No! No! No! This is happening all over the world, but particularly in the west. In its everywhere, then the radical left narrative is. There is no super coordinate narrative, there's nothing that really unites us World is a landscape of competing power interests and those power interests we lost, hang on those power interest. Are you there there may be. I can hear you now we just lost. You said those our interest are their bit. Race or gender. These essential elements
but no one can change and that the entire world is just a battleground power between those countries in groups and that some of the more press, the others made which looks at the radical right, just Ok, it's if the world is nothing but a battleground between our group's then I'm going to pick my power group whatever used to be and I'm gonna win, and so they, both in a pet planning this x, ordinary dangerous group, identity, game and there's nothing at the end of that except catastrophe. Some sort of some kind- Ask you this question and I ask you: this is a Canadian, because that way, you're we're not getting into politics as an outsider we don't? We ve lost our national identity. And we don't know we are anymore, outsider looking in what is that?
identity that all Americans could should unite around. Who are we the old american Dream that America, as a place where people shot on the confidence to campaigning Carter. I don't love you will just I don't of you. moved into another room or something but we're losing you and we could barely. Will you barely understand you? Oh so, let's try this is that I don't know what's wrong with the connection is now that's no now you're gone again in here now. Do you have If I can, I can hear you, ok well, are exogamy had notoriously Billy drunk I day so well, the United because a beacon to the world as far as I'm concerned, why? The call of the US
we're gonna have to which we have to stop, and since we can get a new connection with you, weren't a call you right back and saving get a new connection. We can take a quick break out some for an come back with the Doktor Jordan Petersen, Canadian he had lain. The Canadians typical Glenn, Jordan Petersen, is the author of twelve rules for life. Haven't back in just a second, it's an antidote to chaos, which are clear. Cellphone connection is also an little helpful. Are your need grey talent for your business. Your short on time, you don't get lost in a huge stack of reservations or emails to redefine the perfect person you're busy? but you want an antidote to chaos. Don't you do you have one it has a destiny. My ideas, ass, crippling, yes, please write! You need small the tools we need zip recruiter with zipper could or you can post your job to over a hundred of the world's leading job boards with a single click and then zip recruiter actively
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Jordan Petersen from Canada. He is a new favorite of mine and really let me just so clear in his. thinking. He has a huge global following that has been building for a while and a lot of them are young males and he is not spoon feeding them stuff. You know. The average of the average person in the media- or you know in in universities, would say in all that's what they want to hear in the EU that are coddle them. He doesn't coddled may tell them, grow up, be a man. What does it mean Jordan to do? when you're talking to these guys, what is it there starving for We are striving for the idea that their life has purpose a recognition of the idea that the life has purpose. So I tell the mothers things to do out there in the world than others, chaos to confront and nurse order to establish a review I am therefore suffer
to ameliorate Anders evil to constrain and that the what is the lesser place if you don't take your place in it and the consequences the battered dire you haven't, you have an important destiny know given that there are made in the image of God like the old story free and that they have something beneficial God ever come and talk about it. Breaks me up. but there s something beneficial, that they have to bring into the world its rapid stops the world from degenerating into hell and that there be a truly port and for you to get out of bed in the morning and you and face the world honestly and to set your family straight and to work for your community?
but something great in the world. This is a vital without that everyone, everyone suffers stupidly miserably, and why bother with that? But you can't just hide in the basement and ensure cure. responsibilities it makes you miserable and bitter and even murderous. It's not a pathway to take its too good to stand up and take on the burden of the world. To pick up your damn car walk up the hill. You need to do that. Its importance, it truly is important and the people aren't one dot and one speck amongst seven billion were all network together, we're all in this together and we could do something remarkable together if we aim to high and spoke the truth. Tat was the right way to live. Some of you. Prescriptions are pretty tough for this, though, and looking at you no rules, is one that pops out to me because
this is something I have. I found over and over again that people absolutely despise doing themselves, which is set your house in perfect order before you criticise the world, that is something met. A people don't want to do is very difficult to do. Can you? How do you make them do it? Well, I think what you do is what I tried to do it now chapter is that chapters about kid to shut up the Columbine High School and about a mass murderer in Karl pans round. I try to describe in detail. The motivation for doing such bathing. People who do such things are very powerful motivations doing them. a very angry about the conditions of existence. The tragedy that constitutes existence, and they give
ridden resentful and then they want revenge and are willing to take it while their willing to take revenge on the most innocent. But that's what the guy you shut up their school in Connecticut, the anyone short kids like while what how the hell do you get into a situation like that you brood on the horrors of existence and you and you get resentful per year. Your part in the tragedy- and there is no excuse for that life- is very, very difficult. There's no doubt about that An unfair things happen, but to retreat into become resentful in bitter is only to multiply the problem until chapter six is an injunction anti activist injunction. I would say to some degree like for the last fifty years we encourage young people to go out there and stop the people who are doing bad.
whose from doing them- and I just think that the counter productive way of living in the world- it's like you- should stop the bad things but you're doing and you should straighten up your life and then you should straighten up your family's life and then your communities, life, and then everything will be straight and proper and and that's all to the good, then maybe we won't degenerate back into their brutal. Try. listen that characterize the twenty first century and wipe our selves out. So I am I I'm I'm I'm sitting here I do I have found, these things myself over the last few years and to be true and people will say: will you surrender in retreat in, and you just let it go by nearly no I'm not letting go by, I'm not surrendering I'm just not playing. At game because it gets us nowhere and I can make an impact own home in my own life and and that changes things. It's not true,
real either. Like you know, it's not that easy to set your family in order and if you do, that, you'll learn something deep. You know if you can make peace with your brothers and sisters and if you can make peace with your parents and your path, and you can make your own house peaceful unproductive. Then you ve learned some deep take a logical and practical truth and then, when you go out into the world an attempt to do things you're going to be first on a very solid footing, because you'll have lots of support and you won't be tortured by your by never ending stream of domestic hell. Uneasy at sea and you'll be ready to do things in the world, but are there are proper get em improper practice. You you do like setting your house in order as trivial. It's very difficult, you admit There is evil in the world and it is profound- and I think that's one of the most self evident things about I've never been in
people here this and because I've heard this from people clan theirs, evil and it has to be stopped. Yes, it does an end use your dear. You know just sister a retreat from evil cassettes. Just not gonna stop exude. Can you connect the dots too the the chaos in our own life. then the the level. Where does our earth look to yourself? First, that's the thing is that the best placed to begin process of constraining evil within your own heart. Like you know, I've studied totalitarian brutality for thirty years, and one of the things that I taught my students loves him night since the early. Ninety nine cases that If they were, if each of them was placed in Nazi Germany in the nineteen thirty's, there's an overwhelming probability that they would be not face, like everybody thanks, no I'd be Schindler rescuing the Jews, I'd be the dutch family,
here then sprite like no, you wouldn't know. That's not true you'd be on the side of the majority, like you, are now in all probability, and if the temptation was put in front of you to do the terrible things that were offered to the people who did the terrible things the Nazis in the communist. Yet then, it's really probable that you would do those, and it also really probable that you're doing such things already on a smaller scale, you're you're, torturing, the people that you love, your betraying your friends, you're you're, you're, not working up to your potential at work, is all sorts of things that you are doing in your life that our small examples of the things they get out of control and tyrannical societies.
Lots of people are tyrant in their own little domain. I wonder tyrants to themselves. I am sure that you that needs to be stopped. I am sure that you have read the book ordinary men on how men yeah in Poland were. They did with compassion. at first it and they turned into monsters it's a slow, gradual thing. but you just see that's a terrible, but that's it that's a great and terrible book ordinary met, yet one of the ones reading lived on my website. Then that's one of the books that's on reading it, because that is a great example of how you move to perdition. One step at a time and I'll perfectly ordinary people can be trained, even against all will, in some sense against war veterans.
If you can walk emitters of atrocity, we have a young. I read history. I don't read it out an innocent bystanders. I read history as a perpetrator and not the right way to read history We we have a list of books to read as well, and it's quite long but move this to the top of your list Twelve rules for life, an antidote to chaos. move this up on your list of things to do or watch Jordan Petersen on Youtube. He is us oh well spoken, so well thought out and a voice of common sense that you just don't hear very often anymore, Dutch Petersen. Thank you. So much appreciated we'll talk again. God bless thanks very much for that application. It was good talking with you to talk to you. Jordan Petersen. Again, the name of the book, twelve,
rules for life are right. We go back the capital and the president's speech last night next, Glenn back Mercury, courage, true back white, wealthy and privileged I think that run last night. like rats chose. buddy to deliver the democratic response that really
shows how out of touch they really are. If you going after white wealthy and privileged, you don't pick a Kennedy to delay. The message. Democrats can can you to claim that they are the party of diversity in the poor, but last night Ah, grandson of Robert Kennedy, was handpicked, of course, by Chuck tumor and people to white, wealthy and privileged people desperately clinging to the girl, Three days of the Democratic Party, so blinded, their perception of the past that they refuse to treads the Kennedy, family history, which just I'd like to point out, does include a history of deception, infidelity, sexual misconduct and murder, leaving a comment on the floor board of a car. You know to die, because you didn't want to get caught, having sex with her and hysteria in me to hashtag me to Evans. How do you put a canopy
on the pedestal during the ME to movement It is not remember this Does anyone remember he left her to die to cover it all up? That's what happened and his family helped him cover it up. Mary joke about me was the former secretary of Joke Kennedys grandfather levies again this. Secretary of the guy last night that they picked the secretary the grandfather absorbing Joe this disease get this right, Mary joke it, was the secretary of the grandfather. But they had on last night. That's knots and it's not like after that, the Kennedys like with oh, you know what boy we're we in a bad family. Maybe we should clean up correct. Thank you think. Continue. Demagogue that's. If I'd had quote,
Nancy Pelosi, you better check yourself before wreck yourself. It was so much cooler when she said it If trumps election didn't send a clear message that the american people are done with political dynasties, I dont know what will Nancy Chuck, There's so much here to learn from, but one is stop digging up the Kennedys it's Wednesday January thirty. First, this is the Glen that programme, so I just like we assign this out. We signed this out. We assign the disclosure to watch Joe Kennedy last Did you notice you like some wrong with is? Maybe this is the way the lights run, I don't know anyway so Joe Kennedy last night.
delivered the address and it you know it did I don't think anybody was watching by that time and here to talk about it and we assigned is Jeff Fisher, hello Jaffee. How are you I'm fine You and I know, hey this country from textiles to robots as a place. That knows how to make great things are mainly told us that In a way, we believe that each of its members to have his someone actually watch the the is the watch this and not have to actually deal with. viewing it myself, because I did not. I did not want to hear any of the content of it by, and I know I gotta figure would be like our textiles. I'm kind of disappointed because of you know, because it was the Kennedy in It was the least any good at it Jeffrey. I look. It would be z to dismiss the past years. Chaos Glenn a partisan politics, but for them yeah dignity, isn't something you're born with, but something you measure
you're not worth your celebrity your headlines, your crowd size, because the Democrats of never played any identity politics when it comes to celebrity. They didn't have first celebrity president or anything, that's not how they promoted Brok Obama with his giant rallies or anything like that This is all knew. This is only a only Donald Trump, a brand new thing for republic eyes. So what else? Elsie talk about look they're, turning american life into a zero sum game Glenn, where win another. lose where we can. errand to America's safety if we slashed our safety net, glow minors or single market? Can I just ask a question? Is it like Jeffrey, even watch this, or is he just quoting everything it does sort of feel like TAT, actually jaffee He certainly is. Definitely if you divide the keys, I can say this, he definitely saw, the video of it. I'm sensing from
as a doctor I am I getting indefinitely Zionism video is well. I mean I mean we're going then economy, strong enough to boast records prices and brave enough to admit the top see those making three hundred times the average worker has not ripe Glenn right. You know that right, I'd, just like to say and all the dreamers. Let me be clear: the camera when you say that we just like this it offers this camera. This parameter suggested all the dreamers. What's this non partisan but that's what I thought of all you do not, of course, want to know you did not know he did now. You want to talk about non during. He did the he did not actually went to so you're saying he at this is amazing. He actually went broke into the Spanish to pander even more to the dreamers which again we already found out and the Trump part of his speech that say, the Americans can be. Dreamers too, was incredibly offensive, and now, apparently so offensive that they had to pen
double pander to the air, the hispanic audience by actually breaking into an ice. Don't why it's I do have. I do have two point. I do have to point out that last night I mean I just saw a little bit of this morning. I didn't watch all think, but It was like it was like John Kennedy at a chap. Stick accident If it did, you notice that Jeffrey do they people title to go about but he heard the words that he said about proudly March, together a thousand. deep in the streets of Vegas, Philadelphia, Nashville Rough, they all her that they paid looks you not that is why didn't I would people of cool Joe Kennedys words. They tend to have them and I have a little bit of. It I don't know if I would call it an accident.
But they seem to have an avenue, weird exaggerating when they quotas were. And what have you did you did you did you see? Any of that? I did not. I mean look politics. Politicians give each year for the promises they make. You will be judged by the promises. We ok are Jeffrey. Thank you. So much has been done. We will build a wall wilted aisles, that I wouldn't normally recommend people, view Jeffrey. Secondly, instead of just listening, This is that I ever take over the up. Did I do welcome are happy to do any good public, a joke. You think you may have missed some of that. We just gave you the the information will be fulfilled our obligations, but there might have been a little mocking going on visually rabbi, potter visually a little bit of marking and we look very definite. You look great so seriously the chap stake thing. What have
It just started in spreading over his face the times we live in Sydney actually worth did I thought is eat like drooling is its spittle when it nowhere word. He said now old million tire country just back there. That is what that is what happens when something, because this happened wants to TED Cruiser. Remember this during one of the debates we had a little bit of spittle go on his lip and he was having a great debate the time in little white spittle- and that was it remember, what was his name? Giovanni, Jane, DOE, Bobby, you know he had a drink. I'm lonely arctic warrior and I was Marco Ruby regularly stumbling ol man yeah, that's right! That was not. There are five minimize the buck, peach implicitly baggage every. I appreciated by what you think of this. Need you watch this mightily. Would you think I thought
pretty darn good beer, you know he pulled it off. He stayed strong focus through to slow down a little bit that without W S speech, I've ever heard him veto. One person called last night. We were broadcasting in ablaze radio network and their reminded us that it was a pretty humble for trial me, I wasn't a lotta eyes, it was all about the canary, it was all about us, I mean it was pretty sure he hit Zactly the right tone, if you're out there look if you're for java being the african caucus, though the african amount Magog is gave him no credit. They online, like radical, damaged. The other Democrats of the other Cox's gave him nothing. It was terrible, I'm nothing, I'm having a difficult time taking I've seen you seriously right now, but there's a little small part of minutes having I'll have a horse. You know like this. I never take give zero now. Yes, I James thinks every appreciated
sorry it goes on and on that stuff men, if he's the man, we, six inches of vaseline very similar to Kennedy. Orioles prices are going from becoming a vast, you have you met it when we got it put that phasing out or to stop illegal you'll need to seek out, and we also have a bunch of audio. We need to get to at some point from the actual b, but go through some of it now tonight, at five o clock, we're gonna go go through a few things, one where you. Did you my alone? In the way I felt I mean don't get me wrong. I loved this speech. I was.
I was blown away by it. I thought it was the best speeches ever given. I think it's one of the best speeches politically Ivan heard in a long time. He he hit Barack Obama. I think burrow Burma will feel like he hit him in the face for forty five minutes, but I don't do that wasn't is necessary is intent. It was just the opposite of Iraq. Obama is so much more effective than we know, calling Barack Obama a name or say. I know it is as if nothing of it, which is not just a repudiation of emulated of everything he did, and it was. It was amazingly satisfying he got. It spending which, as you know, over two trillion dollars of spending, which I am absolutely not for, however, What was amazing to me, what was the Democrats they were given? Everything they say they want to be. The only thing he didn't say was, and you know what for universal education.
in it when they wouldn't clap for that and they went to clap it made them. Look so radical, I think, to the average person forty six percent of Democrats thought this the really good speech approved of it. Yet forty, forty three ably the boys- that's incredibly high for them in this effort. Finally, oh my god, ninety seven percent of Republicans, but the overall with seventy five percent approval for a speech they readily high. That's big for this guy! That's Hugh! It's really big cranny body! That, yes, I mean, even even the highly praised by the media brok. Obama speeches didn't have seventy five percent approval ratings typical. So I really like the speech all the way through. I like the way he handled it, and I can. I can praise him not for the policies but for what he, He was trying to do and reaching out to the left, but they want to no part of it. It was it was a remarkable Am I the only one I haven't heard anybody else say this today. I was really freaked out by the,
or thing get you. You brought that over ninety ring if over this today- and I p m- really dissecting it, because it's kind of like new WAR and classic war, you dont want classic, were, come on no nuclear, classic Coke yeah yeah, Let's stay with the new war and I'm gonna come Eric as this is not the same. This is not what people my age have lived through If we go to war with North Korea, it'll probably be much more like world war. To doubt why I do and it's really concerning you didn't pick up that vibe I was not surprised to see him hit. North Korea obviously has been a big topic. He and it was right after the ISIS sexual section, so it felt like there was a natural flow to it. I mean, if you think about it, I didn't get pick it up at that. as you laid out the case, and in order to do that again and five tonight on the blaze, and not only did he focus on it. He used very, I think, precise language
ties, and then he illustrated emotionally with multiple guests to show you how bad North Korea really I mean it's one thing to to to do the the guy on the crutches, because that was emotional and it was really powerful and if you're, my age, It reminds you of the Cold war, and he was sending a message to the people who live through the cold war. This hasn't stopped. This evil is still here and then with the the family of the war, your family whose son went over was was around stood on a stupid charge of taking something off of a bulletin board that he wanted to keep as a silver near they charge him as an enemy of the state. They tortured him for year dumped this body over here in the United States, and he died a few days later that one. Quite honestly, that's that's! That is act of wars.
and the way it was presented last night was look: here's the evil and here's what they did to us. It was I'm hoping that article posturing for North Korea, Buddy is also historically Speaking that field like laying the foundation of we're going for these guys we're going for war we felt it was a cat like an axis of evil type of case these laying out not even axis of evil eye. This was this was this: is an evil empire, it was Reagan's, evil empire speech, which I support, and I said or what Donald Trump did You know I've always said I want a precedent with twitchy. I. Which means I want somebody that they leave the they foes dont know this guy could do it, the problem,
Mr Holm Tromp has like two twitchy eyes and like a twitchy leg, I think he has wrestles legs in Rome to sew, and nobody knows exactly what he's going to do. So it makes me a little nervous if he's gone. Doing this to scare North Korea, which is the case. I'm gonna, lay out tonight that that's good and he's He does that really well, but there is also a chance that we are preparing for war, and I'm also lay out the case tonight that is in, and that is An entirely different thing than the wars We have seen in the last thirty or forty years we talk about simply safe. Simply safe is a just an amazing company that now build these rate. Wireless security systems for your home They protect over two million homes right now. I've seen them
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south online and see how much money you will save its remarkable, simply safe back dotcom. Go there now simply safe back dotcom that simply safe back dot com Glenn Back Mercury gland back Have you read anywhere about the congressmen that walked out on a speech? Last I mean, do you remember the hoopla? around Joe Wilson when he said you lie and as it turns out couple years later, it's true he did lie.
But you remember how you don't do you don't treat the present in the United States this way out? The first lady did anybody notice that the Democrats sat on their hands for the first lady. I mean it's not like you know, and you shouldn't do this with any one, but I mean Hillary Clinton, you could say became partisan because she got involved in health care and everything else at MILAN. Trump is an innocent bystander here I don't think she wanted, she didn't aspire to be first, lady she's, the first lady. Can you treat her with respect? You can't even applaud her, that's really just despicable, moved the Democrats last night, at least in my view, blew it. If I may quote the President Bigley, Last night, if you were a Democrat,
and you heard the first part of my speech- and I don't mean like a crazy- you know I about the street, marching every? I just mean irregular person. You know you're, just you you don't for for the Republicans, but you know- and you heard that Donald Trump ass night who sounded reasoned and reasonable. You may not have liked the first forty five minutes, because maybe your politics, but when he started in on the ground He train of hey. I've got four pillars on on form for our borders and the first one is Dhaka and a path to citizenship. Not securing the border path. The and beyond doc. I mean that's, remember Doc, is not path, is not a pass. The It's just legal stat arises actually going beyond Doc win win when you heard that when you heard that there was the vague
the lowest unemployment rating for thee, for African Americans and- camera went on the black carcass not they always sitting on their hands. you you realized these Guys are not in touch with me at all there there, but these are radicals people also in church, humor, going. You are worrying. Middle american demographics back Mercury, this is the and then programme five have access to the oval office today I would walk in and say Mr President, you know exactly who I am and how I feel about you. wow that was one of the best speeches. I think a president has given, in a long time, I'd like to work with you on the teleprompter thing, just a little and I really want to kiss the feet of the writer of this. It was really good it connected
Seventy percent of it is something that I've waited here for a long time and it was delivered well for him. Thirty percent- the first pillar, is a path to citizenship, not the norm. Not the border security I want you to hear what he said. Last night, Geisha missed in the first pillar of our framework general really offers a path to sit. Since, for one point, in a million illegal immigrants who were brought here their parents at a young age that covers almost three times more people than the previous administration covered, Our plan, those who meet education and work requirements, and good moral care will be able to. Come full citizens of the United States over a twelve year period? A second pillar folly
secures the border is building a great wall on the southern border, its hiring more heroes like see J to keep. The community's safe. Crucially, our plan closes the terrible a pause exploited by criminals and terrorists to enter our country and it fine. wait the horrible and dangerous practice of catch, and release the third pillar and the visa lottery a program that randomly hands out green cards without any regard for scale merit or the safety of american people, time to begin moving toward a merit based immigration system, one that it myths, people who are scale who want to work who tribute to our society and who will love and respect our The fourth and final pillar protects the nuclear family
by ending Jane migration. Gay so you notice his eyes went right over to the left. When he said citizenship hours, a surprise for the mess should have taken them. They should have stood up. If there principal really was trying to get this past. They should, of stood up and cheered. Because No other Republican would have her suggested that that has the support of the right. No, it can. You imagine imagine if TED Cruiser too, that Marco Rubio mention what talk radio would be saying to day. Imagine that and when I did not know the they did say those things right so now today you have, president, who is still being supported. You have your little gift in exchange,
each for what we want. Nobody ever suggested this before and you sat on your hands. Unbelievable pack raised they sent on their hands, for we need to put America first, they netting clap, didn't get up, didn't do anything, but I want to put America first from one and there like on America, first rag bag. It go long with anything more than thirty third, America, first, no or how we work hard and getting us twenty. Fourth in math, can you not applaud for American first, what is currently downside of that ITALY, really that's actually responsibility right as a representative to treat too I mean in others, there is a little bit of connotation with that phrase. Going back historically lamenting buddy, I'm gonna give them the benefit that I should They don't deserve it. It's not what I think the majority were thinking, but
and to give them the benefit of the doubt on America first, but it falls apart quickly, you're, not gonna, because the look at what they mean you gave him. the path to citizenship would have been yelling about for years and years and years you didn't like that either well. What is it you want? They didn't. Standards of you want lack carcass, did not even clap when he said, lower employment for blacks, that the lowest in recorded history that This quite an accomplishment. I don't care who made it. That's News not to them, Some remarkable principles is a great thing to focus on here, because you're right, if their principal, was to actually help out people who are on Doc. I help out dreamers help out with people who want to become citizens. I mean go back in history, whatever Republican and beaten up on and lost their their potential politically, for
less than this oh yeah, you know I ve been Marco Rubio General Issues, Lindsey Gram, Guiana, Mackay knowledge at em, suggested what Trump suggested Bush would have won the presidency a. It would have been even a weird or parallel universe, but he would have won the presidency? Let me tell you this ban if he gave that part of that speed at the state of the union. Last night it was JEB Bush, oh my gosh, it would be Are there might be riots in the streets with Republicans and this is why it's so clear they don't care about. These immigrants at all the left does not care about them. If they, about them. They could take advantage of. This trump is giving I think a legitimate attempt at saying: look I understand you guys want this done. I want the border wall done. I want a couple of changes to tighten up the immigration system. I will give he saying.
I will give you your sight of this. All just give it to you. You give us our can you give us at least part of what we want and they won't even enjoy, in his ears- what's amazing, the strategic error in that was remarkable. Just remarkable Think of the power they would have had if they would have gone on this speech has a seventy percent approval ratings only five years. many five if they would have got up last night on just the first one is the first one. It you'll have the same for all three pillars. Just the first and then been on today, and so I have a problem with the first, the yet the means, the second third and fourth pillar, but we can get that at the negotiating table. It was green was great of the president to give us this year, and at least have the illusion of fair. And I am willing to work together. You want to talk but I do nothing. Congress.
This is a sit on your hands Congress. This is a I'm not even showing up Congress PET, You ve balance the two As of this speech, which, if you d find it this way, one presentation pause: vision of America allow. legitimate accomplishments. Some real. Success in results and balanced against some policy. captions for the future, including two trillion dollars and mass amnesty and citizenship and enough family. Eve care and infrastructure and emanate, did did. You take this as a positive moment, the presidency, or do you worry about what he's suggesting no I'm worried about what he suggesting this has been the truck the problem with this president. From the beginning, is you know, he's not a true conservative, so During the first year we were actually pleasantly surprised. The most This policy seem to be the things a done were pretty much conservative, but now in
to be starting to show you best of his agenda, which includes all the things you meant and that's what we were afraid of in the beginning, and that's why I wasn't a huge, strong support from the start its, but for democracy not to come along on this, they could have big winds right now. They could have heels when they are so hurting. The key is like minded with them on many issues and for them just discount all that, because of their sheer unadulterated hatred for the man really Politically, I think I have a purpose in theory here on the best way to get there are two things that are the Trump White House. I don't know that in this assembly have proved this out yet, but I think there's a theory here, there's something here which is part one down Tromp suggest something liberal. Get conservative stuff out of the White House part one Donald Trump cards says he wants to do something that liberal part to the Democrats.
the awful human beings that they are in most cases that are in Congress. no matter what he said, even if it's something really liberal that they're supposed to like the host became like he's Hitler and in response from being treated like he was Hitler. He gets so pissed off because the up the direction and get something really conservative done. I could actually happen. I mean it. And why it demanded. I feel like with some of these things where there's been this trial. Balloon of something liberal begins at the react. Like mania and then only besides, I didn't want you not get any that in fact, were going twenty steps, the other direction. Yet there I like me, I thought I was important moment when his eyes shifted his eyes. If did over to the left and or his right and he looked over at the Democrats. He looked on. The word am Two cities yeah piastres citizenship. He they of expected I'll, give you darker and he,
looked over like try this one, Besides I'm giving a path to citizenship and he looked over deserted. That was, I wouldn't. I believe that Donald Trump is the kind of guy who he does not offer candy, Flowers, very often he is Stick guy, not a sugar guy, huh he offered sugar last night and they rejected it, and quite honestly, who acted wildly inappropriate. On the things they should have loved. He usually doesn't go for sugar. A second time usually has first, stick and then honestly Democrats, your blowing it because you could make it These things are no good. You can a get these things and and be Who could look like you're working together you are going to go down as a party that is out of step with about forty percent. of your base
it keeps you out. Trouble. Has thirty percent preserves the poor of the contrary, Mohammed? What the support with with conservatives about seventy no, seventy or eighty coquet, seventy or eighty. So dull drop is out of step with about twenty percent of conservatives for three percent last night said that was a really good speech of Democrats. You are out of step. More of your base there. He is out of step with that's pretty remarkable, you're better wake up, because The democratic in the middle of the country doesn't hate, God doesn't hate the country, You know it is not for all of this. You know ninety three gender crap they're, not there, that is not who they are and they're not going there. And then the Democrats have the nerve to trot out a Kennedy for the rebuttal. fifth handed Hughes, grand Son the grandson of.
The secretary of his group, father was was Mary joke affect me, so As that, we had chap, Stick, acquitted glass, I call the lie like all right away. I didn't know, drown in fact help help him now you bet nobody's going because all please, let me know this the background is coming up, in fact very unleashed on ablaze, radio and tv networks? Please subscribe check it out. and you know so- get it to buy the fog on Itunes and anywhere else. You get the steps taken to press our eye, common knowledge. You go to pay your ear: goat, you're, gonna, pay interest, you grow bank you're, gonna pay interest when you're borrowing money did-
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Where are the worst, the coverage on where's the cover their illness, semi vanity, Ferris gotta, get somebody's gotta get on this quickly, but them There is some bad news today, a GNP retreat was happening. Yeah and all of the representatives got onto a train on all of them, but many of them got onto a train. The train struck a garbage truck, no word on why the garbage truck was there? How that accidents happen. but some people were heard. No official word on injuries. Yet though it seems like there's a several representatives that were on the train that have tweeted there. Ok, you know, but there are some injuries. It does look like the truck did not make out I'm a battle which we have waited a train wreck, truck battle that the train usually wins near. There are some pictures of the truck and there is a lot of garbage all over the place in northern Iraq. He had not a truck is there is any.
clue as to why the garbage struck, as I mean, is a possibility that mean there's something other than just a truck made him a big mistake here. Nothing I've seen suggested yet mind. It doesn't seem like it was anything others, it's obviously we know you something you want to look into whenever any these things happen, but it doesn't seem to be anything so far. At least that would lead you to believe anything other than a bad accident. In their treating, apparently the driver of the truck at he lived, but I dont know me in there you treat I hope that the image of our at some level are you not treating them if their dead. the already. What you're gonna do everything you can raise yet also, I will say it's probably representatives word from a hundred yards away, so they're not gonna, know they found, but still its affairs for everybody age and their fans. Scary, scary, sociable genome last year of the of GNP? That's why I thought of it. I would have thought of that. You know before the shooting last year over the over the summer,
show you d want to MR, like five o clock, only on the blaze, the dot com, Slash Teague Land back. Mercury.
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