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Hour 1 Pat Gray and Jeff Fisher sit in for Glenn Beck once again... Has America always won the wars they've been in?... North Korea- what's the next step?... How does one define a loss?... We all need a button on our desk... President Trump is doing what the people who elected him to do... Jerusalem IS the capitol of Isreal... Hour 2 Looks like the TODAY SHOW is saving a ton of money... President Trump knows how to get under your skin in an entertaining way... What's the deal with Steve Bannon?... Is war like a football game?... Pat Gray explains his reservations about Trump becoming POTUS... If it's cold, it's due to global warming... Did we loose in Panama?... Hour 3 There seems to be some confusion on how America won so many wars... Will Mitt Romney run again?... How does America see America?... No evidence of sexual harrassment- you're fired!... President Trump is planning his own awards show... South Korea has the ability to defend it's borders... Look out Oregon!!!... The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand. Love, courage, tree Glenn back to our great Jeffrey for gluttonously, Tripoli. Seventy seven back, president of the United States, causing cod for she again with his tweeting habits. If ever he just didn't tweet I right now. What would you have to complain about with Donald Trump I'll. Take that re anything with the reviews that you there wouldn't There would not be a new cycle, it would start. He sets the tone with that right. He, yes, yes, he, what he tweets. Is generally gonna, be that days or the next days headlines all over american and maybe the world he tweeted exactly what
we said on the air yesterday morning on this broad front of research when Kim Jong OWN tweeted oh. I've got the button on my desk at yeah. Ok d understand that the United States has a a button. The Donald trumps got a button and It will fire off a lot more fire power than you are capable of destroying stupid old country, a thousand times over its essentially exactly what he tweeted I don't mean those listening at the time and thought to good. I've got avoid nominate, tweet out I believe it is. Talk show host he's press member of the United States is all now heard, Talk shows say that maybe the pie shouldn't shouldn't I am- is possible. The other thing is, if you
tweet something does it make it so, no, not necessarily, but the the new cycle except that wage or does the mainstream media takes it? That way, you know Well, he was he was in Florida is listening to it. We were on doubtless rubber. Absolutely no good at heads had been a good point, Pat a minute, Mona tweet that our right now and it'll thumb started started. Emotion There then waited ok, so you waited yet did that to each other two hours ago, so I waited ten hours only anybody to listen to the podcast, it's possible yeah ordinary broadcasts somewhere or maybe we weren't live in the solar draped in Zimbabwe. It was residing in Florida. That's also pass a very plausible, united,
or an on on the tweet itself. I am torn on whether or not that, because he's taken kind of a hard line on his more than kind of he's taken a very hard liners, see those on his rhetoric with North Korea and seemingly somethin's, working because John ON has definitely softened his rhetoric and his stance is specially tour. South Korea, now. They're they're reopening that hot line between between north and south. The reason watching that today they tested it earlier said, The phone line is open and it works bat, and that was something that was discontinued away I will go and it didn't look like there was any possibility. That back and now it is, he also made overtures to to the south. Ryan Winner Games, the Olympic that are coming up. What did they start next month? I think in February and
essentially guarantee their safety. You said you know we were, peace and believe Al Gore off without a hitch. But he's been concerned about whether or not he would do some sort of striking imperil the ass of the World and he seemed his kind of reassure people that that's the guards I dont know if the It may be a good thing that trumpets take. Such a hard line with this guy? That's what these dick! haters understand. We ve said it for many years about allow the dictator's around the world that they, you know us coming in being nice, nice only excess look weaken their eyes so exactly right. I hope that I hope that that is true. I do want to, but for forward the part of the media. They go out of their mind when trumped up this kind of stuff,
Corbett Hall. Tweeted out in hindsight, we should have all predicted the big and powerful button position from this administration plump. Yet so is it and then Kemal None Johnny, tweets out. Is it right next to the diet, coke button? Please be careful I mean I just stupid as ridiculous, either that social behaviour there. Four Bishop Delbert Swan Trump is a reprehensible failure as a protest. This fool just nuclear war over Twitter, his car members should invoke the twenty fifth amendment. I down calm down downloaded from hundred Schwartz Teddy Roosevelt speak softly and carry a big stick Donald Trump tweet loudly and boast about the size of your nuclear button. Ok, what he's doing so yeah you don't have to tell them about
Well, we know nothing. It's been pretty clear its work so far it honestly it's hard to argue. I, though, it hasn't were because the situation with North Korea is to me a lot better. I mean felt like we are on the brink for awhile but now it doesn't it that way at all and with you no down. First of all, president drop is not one that we ve learned to be able to take a perceived slam and not say anything back, so wouldn't you Jung said hey. If you attack us first We ve got a new ready to go to, and I've got the button right on my doubts. That was his way of saying we're not going to attack first, but he was right Are you able to save face or his people, and say that, hey where big bad too, and we can fight, will fight back nobody's going to attack us. Don't you worry about it, but it was also said a word.
Going to attack right right have so button to Trump. That's a perceived. We, my miss out my desk. Here we can still adapt United States. He takes that is all the world That's right! You're not going to attack us yesterday that just don't draw it is it is It's just you know it's his style and when everyone, when, when they voted for have so everybody, no two percent, so is actually doing what people put him in office to do, as he is age, It's a little revenues and I kept thinking all day after the tweet of the deer members can oration commercial, my daughter, bigger than your dog. My dog
bigger than yours may not be in any doubt that one group suggested my buttons bigger than your button, not because it beats cooperation, but because we're the United States of America and you're, not so I don't know it's just its fascinating, because This was one of the things that we weren't excited about with the possibility of Trump, and yet it's one of the things that is sort of working it is hard policy wise. It seems the effort absolutely those their steps that could be taken in the future that will help and that I am sure that there are that's what we have a state department for Mass. That's what that's what tellers and was, therefore, so let him let Rex do his job, but as far as you know that
of of drop hampering that I don't think so. I think this just this just helps us be able to walk in and say you know we had a big stick to bow yeah yeah. It's hard to believe that the he didn't really Is that or is it because, based on the four that he says and does it seems he doesn't understand that tough and so trumped just reminded does it I'd like that comes with him being he's a we know the leader of this country is pretty sheltered and he's pretty being that dictator. Not a lot of people. Tell him now ass how to put on a shelf Warez Bb S eyes it so difficult to live up to deity. And that's what they presented themselves Della paper. I also like
you know I mean there's been, he has done some great foreign policy. Maneuvers, obviously, Knowledge in Jerusalem, as the capital Israel was one this. Didn't I of two hundred eighty five million dollars to the. U N is another two good start threatening to cut off aid to Palestine, Palestinians, I think, is brill. Absolutely. At about time. You acknowledged his pushed to broker peace. In in the Middle EAST, Installed a little bit, maybe because yesterday he appeared threatened to cut off you as aid money to the Palestinian Authority, asking why the? U S should make quote in if these massive future payments unquote and tobacco Do it when the Palestinians are no longer willing to talk peace and Pakistanis, those well in Pakistan, because there harbouring terrorists in it we ve known at all times, and we continue to just funnel hundreds of millions billions of dollars to Pakistan,
and the palestinians- and I I think this is the right way to go at a pair of tweets. He said the thus pays the Palestinians hundred hundreds of millions of dollars a year and they get no appreciation. Respect exactly right and I think. There's a lot of Americans have been frustrated about that for a long time. Now, again, none of the things they got Trump downright elected president first place. So don't we method is doing what you want. What you earlier least why you got elected what those people who elected them wanted him to do an that's exactly what is done. I mean, there's an argument that we made, that of pulling the plug some of that cash to those terrorist peep entities would going to bring more terrorism, but I would argue, that certainly has stopped at anyway correct it has a certain be nice. So without the money go find the money somewhere else right. Good luck, Annie,
foreign policy by by tweet is probably not the way to go either, but again, we knew this was gonna sit. I, as today's World AAA seven seven be easy, gay, Glenn back. Grand bag. The grange every four gland lay back for universal attitude in right. After the show on the blaze radio tv network for background leashed drivel eight, seventy seven back. We were speaking about the decision to tangibly withhold funds from the El Estonians because, as president, said yesterday: there they're not invoke they're, not interested in peace anyway. Why would we
bundling funneling hundreds of millions of dollars to marry or doesn't do any good Meanwhile, in La Jerusalem had just passed a new law, the Connecticut. Just made it nearly impossible to ever allow a divided Jerusalem title. I don't blame him, bit the article that that I read on? This was incredibly sponge very, very negative, towards Israel, as if this ends all hope of peace will ease somebody was demanding. Canada was demanding that we divide, in Washington DC in in half. And they get part of Washington DC and we keep the other part. Would we wouldn't three dead. Kindly when we agreed that ok, that's what it's gonna take for peace all go if ISIS look, we want. We want half of Washington DC and you can keep the other half and then we'll stop lost
bombing your malls and more will stop doing these suicide. The tax we told The go pound sand that would never work. Nobody would or agreed. Is such a thing. Why do we expected of Israel lawmakers upon the bill. In the early hours of yesterday, the required especial two thirds majority vote in the canaries, it to relinquish any part you're of Jerusalem to the Palestinians under any future peace accord, though they ve, essentially because that's not Thirdly, finesse: it is never going to agree to that which they shouldn't it's it's the capital of Israel, it ways has been. It's never been palace, we in territory. Austrian is it's a made up name, it's it's! What the boy It's called the area, Palestine.
What the Romans called the area, but there's no actual Palestine, people who I'm sure non positive, there never has been in there, just as it did so made up thing and workers posted we're supposed to. Bow down to it and if you think. If they would agree to at least recognise Israel as a state, a sovereign nation, but you ve. Gotta yeah, the ruling class in the palace, the new territory in the Gaza Strip not even willing to do that, so how to out even start on that situation. It's it's an appeal, The situation in Israel just ass to look out for themselves triple AIDS, do seven back bill in, Virginia you're on the Glinda programme high. I thank your take me. Yeah, I have this problem when I hear these cameras on a radio tv in it were their threatening,
american young young guy net, that he has comply with selective service law or he'll were lose, lose anything right to a go alone or driver's license, Sir yeah, there they're saying more you're breaking the law. Why do we have commercials honour radio tv Tony's illegals did their breaking. The law. They can't get this. You will so now the country mad they threaten the american people. The same will happen ex law. They find the american people. We can take it your half and racist up, but they were there failing to these illegal door? That would be insensitive bill, I would be insensitive right now for some reason, and we can break up families to we. Can we can rightly kid Americans jail, but you can't separate illegal ale, families you can't put- in jail immortal deport them. You can't let them decide or you'll. Take your family with you're. Not you can't do any of that it's a week. To such a ridiculous point that you're right it's fine to threaten. American citizens, but not those here
illegally strange situation. Insurers, It's really call appreciated Julie, Texas you're on the glint back programme I go, then you guys we're talking earlier about Donald Trump and his tweets. I really and truly think that what are you doing moved by passing the media? modern day, similar way to reckon they just bypass media and go straight to the people. Yes, exactly what he's doing and its is to be pretty effective, dry, some media out of their mind, but it's a pretty effectively. Make eggs Julian and with the fact that the media hates him so tensely a you know it I mean there's something to be said for doing it. Even though a lotta, nay, I wish you wouldn't. Is there as we look?
He sets the tone and he says the agenda everyday minutes whose whose whose wagon the tale about I know Jim in Washington welcomed oh hi guy, and how I want to make that don't doing good. But it's not Glenn is off this week, but that's right. A glance at an airport automatic and where this is path, tat, great Jeffrey. I just had a lover Glenn, either side does it seem bombed out about it now fine with it actually, but I just wanted to break it to u gently. No problem? Okay? Well, I was just impressed island, the sound pressed. I was with it how Donald Trump the hard line stance of these taken on North Korea. A lot of these democrats want to take a soft stance on it. You know Adam Friedland, out of New York know he wants to take us, stance on meanwhile he's a bag? Meanwhile,
he's a bug yeah. It is about time This, I am Friedman, is a bug no Adam free blunders, a bug out. Ok, I have no idea what you're talking about, but I presume the call thanks Jim what. Do you know miss if they have. I miss something I got back ass. You did that yesterday and you missed. It is well worth right, Bible, yet
I only know idea early at every level is not a bug, but he is about ok, Morgan in Utah welcomed to the glint back programme. I actually take my call. I bet I was listening to you guys talk about, can talk about how you gotta put on his desk. How he's attack first, but I was thinking to Myself- you know, can if you really understood the history of the United States and how much we have gone to war. We had never walks and if you, You got the stones at us with that, but you better be prepared, because not only are we backed backwood what chance, but we're of the Korean WAR, the Vietnam WAR, in an effort to all who were still continuing with what's going on and the mentally pressure thanks, Morgan
that says it a little more eloquently than he did, but I think that's generally the point Glenn back here listening to the Glen Back Programme during the break, there were just got of assessing our last colors statement, da. We are undefeated in war. In the United its of America now there are those who would maybe dispute that Vietnam, for instance, maybe even Korea. But I was just gotta via taking stock. America at war and trying to figure out what a record surely is- and maybe you just tweet Dat out to Kim Jong Gun rather revolutionary war, you gotta figure definite win right. Worthy into a win them.
Got the the next american war. Big win Then you ve got the spanish American war. I guess you goods, since the war with the native Americans of victory. Then you got where war one World war, two. Korea, I would say, is definitely a win. There are those would say that was in Taiwan. Nowhere, but I say it's a wind because there was not too Take over North Korea was to keep them above the thirty zero with it which we did now you could. You could save. Vietnam was next after Korea and in many people call that, alas, I don't because we lose that we just left Yet how it's gotta so I'll give you that was a tie in time We did what we set out to do enough to keep the south the south when we left now at your thing, ok and they lost quickly they lost. We weren't there at the time wrote a minute Simon
doubtless dwelt. I hear ties the worst that you can give the yes, yes, I think so So then, after Vietnam, then you ve got. I guess the first Iraq war, which was a victory. I think you could consider the present. Iraq war, since we got rid of sought, Saddam Hussein of victory seems like it is Anna! We get rid of the Taliban victory. See Panama You can call that a war, but we kicked the rather unstable spheres of admiration. Urgent fury at the spicy invasion ogre. They all that's right. That was what eighty three eighty four like all the borders of hell. I do three paddle Reagan up, could really a guy. You know was tough time including the island of spice and end the Panama but kicking we gave them that thirteen o one one hundred thirteen,
Thirdly, no wonder that giving a guy wouldn't hurt to remind Kim now that, though it would that so for my money he's. Collar was was correct. In that we ve never lost cheerfully. We haven't you, so I dropped the truth about ten hours from now after elicits. Let's have you, as president trade between what you said yesterday was all you know, exists to adjust We gave a little idea their President Europe and do you know you have made? yours. If you want it's all yours, North Carolina, you're on the glimpse programme, back, this way another Mr Beckett Bear this week, which are usually pretty much three bees. The bottom line on issues is that MR bags position is banned, that he does not support any kind of military conflict with Korea, they got older warheads. Now, what's the solution
seems to me that you guys who cannot be solved. Democrats because there's another warheads. What do we do if he's not gonna stop until somebody stops, you know what is the solution is not a military one, because you don't care of his people star about it. I'm terrible anything except his own preservation, and he believed that proliferation of nuclear weapons that he possesses is he has waited. Do that you wish to him, or do we just chain you to do this job bombing, the thousand work Please, please! Welfare did work any peace, private, some old fire what's the year. What solution for the bullet out of another got artillery all the poor. That's real, close, the soul require a real surgical procedure, to get the message to hand the artillery Yandah get lost the solution, because I keep hearing very difficult. Mister Peck talk about
oh a military option it an option. Then what is the option? I've never said it's not an option, die it's not the desired option. For me I mean I would like to avoid that and so far we have. We done a pretty good job, avoiding that nothing from hard line is helping keep him at bay. That's my personal, you point, but are you advocating that we we do? military strike right now is that is that your position, no one else. The guy will understand. I mean the thing s, so you are you talking about a pre emptive strike. Then. Well he's already brought nuclear war against the United States. Have these also for a nuclear war. Against our asian allies and others under Saito Noon, attack all names, Jack Owners radar, and some vessels under the Sea or Japan already a threat and world. Clearly who'd we're gonna steal a bunch room cloud in San Francisco were Tokyo or in Seoul Korea. What you seek on it
because I have already said he's gonna union, so you. Do a pre emptive nuclear strike on North Korea, necessarily if they think that crews vessels they have a killer drowned. Yet Russia, all the artillery in the end, the white, whether Demilitarize, only has to keep him from destroying soul. Do you know how many over thirty million people you gotta take those out you'd have to take out. The silos would have to be looked into five, but your shirt they would now silos open with the killer grounds. I about that can smile thank twenty four seven, it's a much better thing. If you got fifteen wipe out, that's a lot easier than a hundred yeah. I It's a dangerous. It's dangerous proposition anyway. You look at it. Taking military action could really escalate into a war with China aid kid could,
escalate into world war. I mean so whatever do it could have real serious ramifications. I think you'd begun acknowledged that right all there. There is no doubt about that, but that what the chinese response I made a Chinese smiling at us telling us what they're doing what they need to do with North Korea nano. But it's one thing to go across the river and attack us on a conventional military base, despite our Chinese. What but there's any more than I know. You're done, that's true, that at cold war by half a more korean, but the problem We shall be, as is there. We ve been pussyfooting around
How would the US, with his father now here with ran fathers father now ill at ease, only got stronger, militarily, weaker and every other aspect, but there's gotta be something done, that this gap or he's really gonna, become a threat and if he could start hidden american Citys to these economic Tech Malagigi better. Now then later yeah, I you know I understand your point of view. I think the port. The point of view of most Americans is that we ve got peace right now and is a precarious peace? Yes, but it's still war with North Korea and it's not or with China and has developed into a nuclear situation. So I think most people would probably advocate not taking military action at this point and we're not we're, not normally a first strike, pre emptive strike kind of country well,
as has already been there, and you know when babbled trembling call these in our time their peace at that time, but did last for very long. Yeah. All you gotta do is look at what the guy is doing. What, building up to be believed There's only preservation is the ability to destroy other countries and his technologies get better and went to get much better. We ve got a much bigger problem than ever been stopped at Munich. Get up a lot better than is waiting on and do what he did group brochure thanks mark its difficult scenario, and I don't think I've ever said there never be military intervention in North Korea of my point is at this time I don't think that's the best solution.
Now I'd rather avoided. If we can, in so far, Tromp has a weave avoided, active hot or with North Korea amen to that plus about a thick Rita. Would you say that you don't look he's already a threat? Yes, but I don't think enough of a threat that we could sell that to the world of us, striking fees of low hard yeah, and he and he he's an immature idiot, and I I don't know that that the belief is that he would actually rise threat as another. We, obviously we we care very little about the, U N and some of the other countries, but we do have some allies that we do care about and with selling it to them as hence our careers. What are his allies, which there and if we had hit them with a pre emptive strike they are going to launch against and with oral reports of how much damage North Korea could do to soul with
what they have already in place, yet so to hit them and not I've got all of their capabilities of hurting South Korea is a big problem, a really big problem. Many you couldn't, you could say well we take the guy I'll. Do we assassinate him? You know less risky business. Because who replaces it there's gotta be a written. Aviation after that, even if we are not the one who killed Kim Jong on. If that were to happen, they blame us oh yeah. Dumplings matters now right, which is actually kind of. If you or inside North Korea and thinking about taking over now would be the time. I'm glad I'm not Megan by decision, because it's an possible decision to make these little literally and about me. There's somebody ramifications to any action and that's why we ve Can you the inaction right for so long, and now we ve got we ve gotten to this point where anything we do could just destroy
precarious balance. We have right now taking action will change the course of history and even again doing nothing. Changes, the gorse abilities, it's amazing, the devil. Impossible that ITALY is, I mean he was challenging us to do or are we saying we shouldn't do Milly? I don't know, I don't know what to do. I am again I'm glad I dont make that ultimate disease, and I am glad that you know look if, if, if you look at it like do, we think that trouble looks at America. I'm surprised that he has a blow them off the map or right away the seriously because born rightly he as migrants. In that I understand the right good, for but I wanted to have more of that. Thank you. That's why, with leg he gets to be president, but you can't just Go in and wipe about right, you can't write with four because,
thinking of what's happened so far. Is that a threat not really We ve been doing. It is a threat, but it isn't he and his father before him. There, and I mean the threats, go back slightly. Ok, I mean it's it of any guide our industry. The victims that I'm gonna call a gobs goes back. The other element is I'm not even sure they have the capability he claims to have. I dont know that missiles. Can reach mainland amerika- I don't I don't know I mean North Korea is backward technologically speaking if China provided them with what they need in order to reach the? U S, may land I don't know, maybe but I'd they. I know everybody is claiming that they do, but I'm not like it would only convince like it would be an awful huge leap, Yo Room where Thereafterward overall to having an underground capability of being able to shoot a missile. Thousands of dont, know that again and and maybe they can do you take the chance and then do a pre emptive strike.
I don't know, that's not us. We don't do that right. Eight hundred and eighty eight seven thousand two hundred and seventy eight Glenn back, Glenn back that great Jovi TAT greatly should up right after the show plays radio and television, chicken with timid North Dakota ate him? You're now, the programme. I thank you yeah, you talkin about Vietnam, with a tie, but really I don't. I don't believe so we don't have a military presence like we do in South Korea and we without a military presence there to do have won the war well yeah, but
what I got called now: it's ok men city! You have that wasn't because that was after we left here, but I mean we pulled out left here I spent my team and a half months over there thanks for users, well, you bet, but it's just that I felt bad about leaving we get invested so much I know I know everything in there and then leave them like that in this. Just feel that we lost that in, and it was here I love the vietnamese people where there was no yeah anyhow, I just feel less regard with what we do with him. This to in North Korea. Now in all, the be another half full in the american people. How many our lives. You know I can write a bully. We ve gotta protect our in all our interests things, but I've got it
I'm not gonna. Do thanks to him and that's why I'm Oh hesitant, that's one of the reasons up so hesitant to art. Saying yeah military intervention is appropriate here, because we don't do military intervention. The way we used to do it, though we, though we going halfway every time and half way is not going to be good enough now, if you're absolutely committed to Crushing the enemy and then get out that's a different matter, but when was the last time we did that I'd say: world WAR, two, probably world war, two you you do what you have to do to win you dont, let political correctness enter into your prosecution of a war. And then you come home. Does it look like we were going to do that, Iraq, war already knows when we were promised, as when we put shock at all, and then we pulled up
an inward, and that's happened every time since world war to deregulate seventy seven back pack rage heavy for Glenn. All this week Glenn back. Love courage, tree gland, back button. Paper Glenn, Turble, eight, seventy seven back, they ve quickly replace, Matt Lauer. The today show which, like photocopy, already started and there's some contracts see on the holder, cod blown out how to copy is making a pulse, seven million dollars or why God I'm sick? I am sick about it that's eighteen million dollars less than that lower was making. In fact you add up,
salaries of the two? The co anchors now about recent Alexandria, it only adds up to fourteen million dollar salary which is eleven million less than Allow me I would walk absolute. I will, and I I will I'll do it for even less than all given but two million dollar disk out I've known for five million dollars. All your, come. Nbc Jamaica later let me add, unleashed I I love the card be situation because I I'm pretty familiar with their you. I glanced at the tv is we're on the error in that, but I've never seen the Kathleen. A show or whatever it is Oh I'm really not that familiar with her, except for the just a notion: strange name. That's about what I know about her. I was reading at article yesterday. They called her very funny and highly popular, yeah. They love lover. Now you never heard any by his honor but yoke. Ok,
I have studied there only that I know you and I spent a lot of time. Talking television hosts the ebb, for some strange reason. How does come up and hot, not once until the very last day yesterday, but. See you, I guess they they fell level. There will do you no was sharing her battle with breast cancer, our yeah, and it also the Jews, covered a lot of stuff or London on what a few big stories issues in our struggle with it after a child and saw him good, that's, but they're gonna make it discrimination thing out of this cause, all making so much less iron was that's while ours like genuine television star and has been for a couple of decades agenda, tv star. Yet you're gonna pay him. He was your main guide NBC, especially if broke, I was gone, Nobody has the recognition that met Lauer does, and so that came with a price
yet he was able to do work. That now is how to as valuable as Matt Lauer. It doesn't have anything to do with their gender. I just don't think she's them. The two of us where allow or was it you, don't look so you're, not gonna pay. If hotbeds of anarchy lay out some numbers than are serious, get to keep the viewers yeah, maybe an elaborate and say? Oh god, I want illegally Amy eighteen million dollars more a year. We both of my or they more Largo essay. Look, you know, will we know we, we Oh right now, you can't you know you're, not gonna pay, as twenty five million each. So you know get was twelve and a half point five each, whereby does Matt, got all twenty five million to himself and then they paid survey. Seven million on top of it plus. Then you got Al Roca. I do what else Megan But I wonder what Elizabetta hours about Ellsberg, what ten
it's gotta, be more than holder ends in an Savannah right. I have been there for a long time. He is the man. In stay in all policy areas and of course the guy who were my book, the guy who book disbanded and that's gotta, be worth something right. Ethiopian your pay. I, like my colleagues I put my pants, it happened to be at the White House when he cooking your pay, my bookmarks now how much is poohpooh pads, make it the same aim So it is more like. Maybe that's a good. He does the weather having talks to the audience once a wide area does the parade and the poor, that's a good I'll. Do all that for half of what our may of course, four million for four eight million it may go on tv and say copying your pay. I put my I'll do that for one million and was only just face
It's a great gig, either way. Absolutely I am not you're too many people are going to set a tear for, but that's it. The principle of the thing is, is what will be arguing for a while? I'm sure absolute will make a big deal out of this turbulence. I want to seven be easy k we were talking last week because of the present tweet foreign policy situation, he tweets our forests, we'll see almost every day- and Yesterday it was my buttons bigger than your button. Let us discussing a military options for North Korea or not We had a collar claim that the United States has never lost, and we should probably point out two Kim Jong on. There are people Do you believe, and we ve heard from him there he lost the Vietnam WAR, and I just I dont subscribe to that. But we were there when they lost. We mean what we say we didn't had. We stayed they never would have taken over
in in cell Vietnam and then merge those two countries under a commune regime? It just wouldn't happen. Everybody knows that he had to leave to enable them to you to South Korea and and be victorious. We were there at the our loss, South Korea's loss- right I mean that's swell voice, summed it up not that history. Books are paying attention to the way. I've always summed it up, got a timid South Carolina. Dear my you're on the Glen Back Programme, lawyer that the famous pat brain he had, maybe more was famous for more Miss Jerry I'm calling from Accra but a club in a booming. This opt proper, some Luke us after an aura of fifty thousand people in just a few, less had a cattle my three year. Medical retard naval aviator leave offer and I just wanted a man gadget. You don't realize it They say that it's our honor, it really is our honor took me. We served at the pleasure of the president, which means we should be present at the pleasure of the people. So it's
Do I tell you I got down you This is what your show supported, because you through these people to have people dont anybody disputes, we lost, doesn't know history. They pop. We are young, they probably have been covered in an interest reclassify in like a while other things paid out now and they just need to re. Read, retreat agreed, regret, don't watch, you can watch documentaries, that's ok, but reach and read everything read what you dont like politically lick will reach water like politically and you'll get the truth. Your sift out the troop of the truth, it refers to the north vietnamese army and the other that the vehicle stop functioning as a fighter force one we laughed, they had just better bearers after the other guys, this Anti Mitch, because we left right that simple. Why did we I dont know I would
Is there a lan born sixty three, so I want to say too timid and North Dakota three things I say to Vietnam: cuz, I'm post! Thank you for your service argue. Thank you for doing what you did and you pave the way for guys like me to serve guys guys like me to serve. This is why your show is so critically important, you're out your telling the truth, your! you're spreading the truth, Yorker, making sure that history is shown to be the woozy. There is a writer screwing around history and we see a lot of the wine industry, so you gotta keep up a fantastic work and their funding inertia called national show, but I'm glad I did call the show he taught them. Listen you guys it's just after you know after you started in own, and all I can say is that you make me laugh of war and Youtube. You dare speak the truth and I am proud. Say that you guys are in our market and are we appreciate everything that you do and I am done and all your call sphere, excellent, a hard working person
Let us not go up here, thanks to appreciate that says very nice Tripoli, seventy seven back I wholeheartedly agree with the fact that we did not lie. Vietnam, air? The perception really began with Walter Cronkite. That we were losing in Vietnam, where Walter Chrome, in nineteen. Sixty eight during the Tete offensive actually claimed. Virtually claimed that America was being overrun, nor that the United States troops were being overrun. The absolute opposite. True we won the TED offensive. Now thousands. Tens of thousands of northern Elam troops amassed and and poured into a self Vietnam. And at the same time, chinese troops helped, and we
staved off that entire and invasion and for some reason: Walter Cronkite spun that as a loss and let them Vietnam WAR was going poorly and it because he was so important to Americans daily lives, the most trusted man in America and all that people just bought into it from eighteen sixty eight on the perception pretty much was with Americans we're losing we're getting our ass. That wasn't the case. Just not the case and history the history books kind of went along with that theory, but we kept them Bay, in the end again like as in Korea, the point was not to go. North Vietnam, and take the fight to them. It was to keep him out of cell Vietnam we're trying to stop the spy of communism. Well, You did that, while we were, there is not a victory.
If you want to see whether you really early fine, let's call it a tie, but we did not lose that war. We did not lose that war Darling North Carolina you're on the Glen Back Programme high hello, the obscure wiping my tears quotas that right right, the idle anyway layer playing we locate, tromp a certain negotiator and a successful. I don't, I think, as he knows, how to get down to the level of goodies negotiating oil. I think that's exactly what he soon with Camp are getting down to his language, his reaction and knows how to use it against him. Absolutely Absolutely thanks, darling, eyes, bees, effective he's a master at it. He knows that he knows how to get under the skin of the media, and I think he enjoys that
oh yeah, no question he enjoys and he's got some big award thing he's giving out next week. Right he's our early, though in media. The now worse coverage and end the most fake news and in its it's a negative, a warrior either negative next day till they were next week that Charles going to begin these words. I mean you know this aid, so amazing for the President of the United States is so unprecedented scholar it's hard to get used to, but certainly entertaining sir, is never a dull moment in the Trump Administration Larry in Oakland welcome to the Olympic programme. Jappy honour will honour pleasure talking gas this morning. You're really on top of the news. Unsure infer heard Donald Trump talk about their requiring drugs. For unemployment, Jackson and, of course, the one
he's gone crazy, salient dehumanizing and insulting unbelievable. I hope it's not too early for a little common sense and logic. So, let's Lasorda that, from my perspective, before a person can get around climate check. They first have to have employment to get a czech correct. Yes, they can get that employment they require to pass. Drug test with some companies most companies anyway, People can today requires that. So I dont see this as something dehumanizing disgraceful. I say it is a consistent policy if you have to pass a drug tat to get unemployment jack. You should the cloud paragraph just to get an unemployment check, mayberry, just destiny, logic and common sense. I agree I think this was nothing more than them another step from them.
Members of the movement to resist travel advice that all this is can anybody tries to make more about the man is final moment pressure thanks Larry, Blake. Seventy seven be easy, Kay tell you about our sponsor this half hour, which is lifelike doing a lot of post holiday shopping from your mobile device. Retailers expect fifty four percent of holiday shoppers to visit their sites from a mobile. Of some kind scammers see? This is a really good opportunity to steal your. Credit card information and other so the information by distributing phone. Retail apps, so be careful and only download apps from reputable ab stores. Read them. Reviews and and complaints about malware. Now what More people have experienced identity theft and
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Didn't sign in a group of Russians during the twenty sixteen election campaign, as quote treasonous and unpatriotic? Unquote, according to a new explosive book balance. Seeking to author Michael Wolf, warned that the instigation into alleged collusion with the Kremlin, will focus on money laundering and predicted they're going to crack Don Junior like an egg on national tv. I look for a time about these. That's not gonna steal Bannon shortly you're alive, it's gonna go we're good with the present, MRS, that this is the big banner headlines right now, a drudge which, obviously the president reads continue and when he sees the huge banning banner. Headline in red, is not we happy wow.
I wonder what has happened in the relationship because he was for even after he left these bees, fairly loyal. It seems Rob Camp of not to be right about now, not so much I'll s. Interesting owner would have. But something to ensure of your life doesn't indefinitely avenant triple, Seventy seven back Denison Ohio, you're on the blunted provide that happy new year to it, and they knew you re, like all that I disagree with you special you that openly adopt we'd, never after about all in Vietnam, we only lasted poetic. Within this directive, sixty three sixty seven right. Why so sharp got? And yet they have a here? And now I was on three destroyers.
And we bomb the council just display. I get my went off the map like tat. I just want to show you guys up networks I appreciate your service by the way like his Bridget go hard law. We definitely disagree on that. I mean politically maybe, but you know when you too, in a war. I dont know if you're talkin politics, it is talking about who? Actually you don't like it s like a foot the game, did you win by the score? Well, yes, but the owner. Lost the team afterwards, so he kind of lost anyway Why don't? I know that I agree with that. Ryan in Georgia, you're on that programme- I am glad tat. I was curious. Just I welcome
I shall look carries with you when the present election will go on. You aren't too high on crops that's what elected, yeah! That's an understatement! I will just years you know, a very. I follow your pike S and listen to you and I think now, Are you saying that you are proud of it, go on and saying that I am pleasantly surprised with jobs done an as we said at the very beginning, were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and see what happens so far. It's been pretty good, I mean I still have problems with him in the way he conducts himself and Twitter, but some things you done and we have outlined them and will do so again. I'm sure, very, very good Glenn back
This is the glad that programme, the grey jumping for Glenn Turbinate, some through some value and also catch Pat leashed right after the show. On the blaze. Radio tv network should clear up because our our last color, mentioned our feelings for Fora, Donald Trump during the campaign, NL. We made that pretty clearly suited to our own peril. In fact, what we that's, what we tell the truth, I mean we, we Spress or opinions. That's who does what we do and we were not excited about his candidacy, I didn't think he was the best candidate m. Yes, we may that fairly clear. I he's ease even Donald Trump, would tell you he's not a conservative, so wanted a conservative president and but when he was when the election came and went and Donald one the presidency we stated,
from the very beginning of his presidency that these are he's our browser to use our guy. Now, let's give him the benefited Now, let's see what he does I'm one week, who did sit back and watch to see which also did with Obama by the way, is any disappointed us very quickly like day one, but I forgot, tromp! This president has done some really good things that obviously the Supreme Court nomination the the EPA regulations that he is cut, though, that the pair the he got us out of the tv peep treaty that he pulled out of. Giving state land back to the States states rights move by the executive that I've. I can't. Member of the last time we saw, though we ve also huge gains in the world. His vices, their bent. You know a lot, there's been a lot of
due to be pleased about it, passed a taxicab pale that was kind of but he's going to sign it. You gotta be the one who drove them and it wasn't the best tax cat. I I think we should have done that, with the majority we have- but you know those are all good things why we still of their. I still have some issues with this president, but I think on the whole pleasantly surprised so far when will see if that continues. I hope it does, but we wish him well from the beginning I always, though, is the whole point that we nobody wanted to hear that they wanted to hear us bashing, I'm not treating him with the dough drop war. They re not mad at us, because we didn't jump on his bandwagon immediately that they ignored everything we saw. I don't I don't know why, but, but it is important to realise that look. We would judging amongst merits. That's the point here is the whole deal with dont want to fail, the present United States be silly, not language, many people, I believe against this.
President in today's world and want to see a veil, yet no cash, I believe said so. The media, for example, and the media has been so ridiculous in their criticism of president Trump that it. Also pushes you into fence mode shared on his behalf. Now, you might not be the biggest supporter, their sole out rage, comma in their hatred. Yes, that had just push you to jump in there and say com. You have to come on AAA. Seventy seven back jack, George you're on the Glinda programme, I wondered jack. How am I gonna do that? I think, the difference between unwilling and losing it who's in charge. A word to the generals were left in charge. Mccartin, in the Pacific,
and who is the guy in Europe anyway? differences in as an no, not Eisenhower, Marshall, what a guy who rebuilt Europe our ended and the Marshall plan. Afterwards, here ok, so we remained We were rainbows What was in charge? Ok, I rack we. Militarily Vietnam beat bitter militarily, although we did not go far enough, you have to use force. And as soon as the State Department takes over in the military withdraws, you lose. That's who was true and Iraq the day the war was over, and
They were in Baghdad. The general had changed. Brenda don't show thereby say you with are the tree or long gun, I'm gonna kill you today the Burma Gay men answered. You cannot do that. The wind hearts and minds, while first you have to have the people's attention precarious came along where the surge in retook the country and that's not arguable right. The stable Burma to remain in David away? Yes, but mill, yeah yeah, I figure I appreciate that Jack, where we ve been tat way. Why merited early militarist and that's what that's? What the discussion has been on? Our part is is whether or not we want a militarily, and I believe we did in this house from the collar who said we ve never lost, and I just wanted to clear up, because I knew a lot of people feared. I would ask me so
making sure everybody understood Don't look like a worst case scenario worth it in his tie, horoscopes to Joe and Ohio you're on the Glinda programme. I hear My question is my question is: if you quit, does that considered? Alas, sometimes it is higher there s no generally are politically or whatever we quit accidents. Do you do recording o, alas, not for the military? Again again? Yes, it's did we went militarily. Yes, it was, military loss, it was the politicians who, who got us out of there and the politicians couldn't take the heat from the american people anymore, with such an unpopular audio areas in terms of time, and that's why? I think a lot of these member ends up in that war are Dick
Do you know drugs and alcohol are homeless their downtrodden. I think they thought there, ask the warm, I think, that's part of the problem, the government, let them down, and I think the psychologically affected, in that way, we think so too, yeah. I mean there's no argument their percentage of the again. The argument was that we win militarily and I think yes, who did yes, we did but yet was the perception that we lost. Yes, that's. Why We have been saying that work twelve unwanted worse now, every time somebody brings up Vietnam these days, while we, when we lost in Vietnam, will we didn't Lou right? We lose that the point is military might has never been vanquished never nodded not in our history Bob Alabama you're on the that programme one I'm sure at the dirt.
Calling about? I've been here, I tv a lot lately and empty about our country. What kind of a country do we have? Do we a democracy or do we have a republic, yet we ever public bodies One of my biggest winners will talk, and I know I know it doesn't stop. It has been endless it has been analysed, really said, sir. The begin, maybe before, but for sure just became a noticeable during the Barack Obama presidency, because he's tried to be getting everybody use to the terror we had to democratic socialism, which were the buyers org legs Bob preceded it. That's why I fight that battle over time. That's why it's my pet peeve! I can't stand when people call it a democracy. We are not even our foundered, said democracy still work because they they
back over history and found the fact that they don't work, which is why they didn't set up a democracy. They set up a republic Salmon Wisconsin you're the Glen Back programme. Today, gentlemen, Now I just want to say with all the boys I had seemed like reminds me of an old western world sheriff is crooked, the prosecutors cook Crooked, the judge and the governor. As as it relates to who are we talking about the Justice Department. Yeah the Justice Department, the people on the FBI, right judges, at higher than that yeah? our goals, it. They say you're right about that Republicans and key congressional committees right now or saying they ve been covered. New irregularities and contradictions in the EP eyes: probe of Hillary Clinton, mail, server, investigator say they secured written evident, written evidence that the EP,
I believe there was evidence that some laws were broken when Hilary and are top AIDS transmitted, classified information through her in secure private emails or some while others, others look, there's Did you bring every law? No, no! No no so get off her back in breaker double yolks of cracks Abed zone. That's what I mean! That's what he's talking about here. It's just a theory that the perception that everybody has come because, as there looking into corruption, then corrupt in Asia we're just supposed to look. The other way is: don't you worry about that dont even worry, artillery Ed Celery and Hilary just being Hilary Jerry splain that it was probably not the best decision. She may not do it again. If she had the choice leave her alone, though
This is with bill there back hall, where fine at this point, what difference does it make you, If I get yours just somebody up that way, thank you bottom line. What difference does it make great live at a you know? So of course, we ve got the perception that everybody's corrupt. Yet you have that perception, we're living in a bad western movie. Now, where the shoe if his bad, Deputy sheriff is bad. The mayor, is bad. The governor is bad everybody's in on in there, they're all going after the honest brokers in their community, because what it feels like this or does speaking away Why feel it is still?
really called in much of the United States. However good the weather Bob Dylan across the Gaza, we gotta get into this. Ninety percent of the? U S didn't get above freezing on new year's Ninety per cent of the early, including Dallas Texas, which is highly unusual one hundred percent of this room is the reason is Today- is no doubt about that. And then again, when you talk corruption. So what about one of the climate Scientists saying, as because of global warming, of course look cold is because of global warming. So no matter what happens as far as the weather is concerned, as a matter of is global warming and climate change, and then there's the merest believe right that whether was different than climate change, but first it was was climate change was the weather and then when people started doubting that its willow, whether isn't climate change climate,
for whether it doesn't the argument. Is they win because everything means global warming of its work? the normal. Obviously, those global warming horse is What colder than normal global warming The same may that global warming that those that plummeted, it's unbelievable to me and sure enough there, citing this called for, as more evidence of of climate because people say look I'll call, it is the right beaming, global warming, organ record breaking cold everywhere yeah. Well, that that doesn't mean anything that This means that there is global warming. Why We were looking at flurries. Doubtless Central Florida pause flurries than all the way up, these coastal gold all over the country. Back full yeah, it is its frigid in an that's because of global warming. Thank you again.
These relate. Seventy seven back Glenn back. Ran back Jimmy declared their beliefs. Seventy seven be easy Kay the ages. Just talking about the the cold it is gripped by ninety percent of the country. Fact. Ninety percent, on new year's day, ninety percent of the nation didn't get to the freezing level, didn't thirty, two as crazy, sir of and, of course, no means. Global warming to the global warming site is at an australian science. Writer has just she wrote this article and she noticed what I think. Many of us have no for years now she said for them: ECHO Climate crowd, extreme cold is just weather, but all heat waves or climate change is not the truth.
The air, while he waves in extreme weather. Events are routinely pointed to his indications of global warming trends, the coldest whether in over a century that we're having right now, that's the natural very variable You have the weather cycle. Yet exchange, of course, is gonna get cold. Sometimes that's what we tell you about they eat Why do you never say that about a he wave we gotta happens is always happened. We ve always had heat waves twice above the accords we ever from nineteen, thirty, two, the but every single to an enlightened. Like you mentioned, we used to be told all the time dont confuse whether with climate, because it's you can't do so any weather related event like a storm. Maura heatwave, that's just one day or a couple, a day cycle thing, but climate is over a period of time.
Then, all of a sudden, every single heat way that happened nazi size, it's cool at global warming. Every hurricane and happened up soup, debts of warming? There is, then you they, silent during the twelve years of no hurricanes hitting the? U S mainland then, all of a sudden, a few do and, of course, that's global warming. Just unreal. I was gonna Josh in Alabama Josh you're on Olympic programme I gladly always love show. I just wonder: bring up one about the multi lazo. You may have our broader about facts, must lead, but that we are thereby tanagers in Panama, Panama. No, but Our butts got handed to us in Panama, Alex hang on a sergeant, we're we're out of time. I will get back to those on the Glinda programme with that injury,
Glenn back. Love, courage, tree Glenn, back that Grey and Geoffrey for Glenda, sweet, Tripoli. Seventy seven be easy. Gay immediately after the show. You can also check out tat Gray unleashed every day on the blaze. Video tv network where to get back to a Josh and our discussion with sports, controversy here are oh one of our colours fewer, ago now mentioned the fact that the less was unbeaten in it was it had to do with the tweets between two up and Kim Jong earn, and maybe we mentioned that Hey were beaten and war, and I knew the people really say. Well what about Vietnam? and so my perception I believe has always been. We lose Vietnam. We left they lost. Vietnam, what does
actual that discussion in a second here, but in it single problem developed in. Dallas last night are. Are you familiar with the Erika, but do of course your? I mean. Are you asking me Dalia, I mean obviously the Erika. Do you mean you don't famous such songs, while I won't even getting there's no on it, as did it was over. She does so terrific, just of the Erika, but do song. I love us that she does of the over her low The whole look with the log era that, yes, that she got pulled over in Dallas. Last night, and she said I was right, you're calling me over. He smiled and replied on camera, which she was felling because I wanted to say hi so oh, a Dallas police officer, obviously familiar there s absolutely and all the great songs that she does
actually just pulled it recognized her as Ex drive and buyer and then poles or over and apparently that's a problem. Despite the Good NEWS, the intention of the stop. There is a serious legal issue with around to meet in Greek Dopp ITALY, you're supposed to at least have probably cause that a driver is done, something wrong before pulling them over. Stop it Gee issue- I it doesn't look like Erika do- is make it an issue out of it, but other. Legal mines are abuse of power she's got a silly totally unprofessional. Is it? Is it for police officer to say heads want to say hi lookin out for you thank you I had a goodwill gesture jurors its, but it's ok. If the police officer pulls just everybody over and gives them a turkey overland,
it's giving holiday or gives up earth was present over the grid. Without I wish I knew all Medina all around the country. They think it's cute just pull people over and give him presence, but they can't just stop would say I stop actually police you're trying to eat. You know The right perception of them got there. Their helpers there there to serve and protect, but there are also good people and that's why I think it a lotta communities like police. Officers are encouraged to stop and hang out with kids once it has shown. Look where they did learn were not a scary force were here to help I know, as you know, back at the turn of the century, but they did. When I was a kid now. You know do the police officers of the neighborhood right and it's all right. And try to get back to that. I've seen videos of communities that encourage them to stop and and hang out, and you ve seen them because of them play basketball with gives. Well maybe it's a cool thing trouble eight nine hundred dollar, that absolutely terrible thing down
There is nothing that they should be reprimanded. Doesn't it doesn't seem like a thing that needs to be made into up? into a national crisis. No, no, it does not. So let's just move pass that message Josh in Alabama, you are saying that you, but aren't you belief, is that Panama kicked our butts. Well him oh what she has said. No. I bought over course, and I go on the internet and now lies my my national sovereignty. Where did you get that in my head? Vagary, don't call and I was worth a set of their parents have kindly romania you're. Maybe that was it I'll bet, it begs! Judge blood we were able to lay a perceptual was therefore there was Walter Grant grateful that the waiting
reported out? Panama was eighty nine doubt was what was well arise. I though he was a liar. He was alive. I just I don't think you do know you as even knew he was at the sailboat. Panama was a huge victory. We a wee invaded the country in Enough Eighteen. Eighty nine other was December twentieth within four days. We had almost total control of the entire area of others. Look that's what the control, and that's when we removed Noriega brought him to Miami hate. Him stand trial, all that stuff with us, Food only took four days too. Cures advice here. I thought you didn't like too tight, but it just live like units, so I wasn't there is today and it is important to note the gales and Import Jeffrey. Jealousy I you're on the global programme. I could disagree
America has lost the war and see and hear the south. We laugh Lincoln's war fundamentally change the way we sailed back. That was an American, though, that we want a war that was a Confederacy America, one that war The union water, every cell tat were left us with. It wise government were worried, had been a federation of sovereign states and now with russian it are we, the national governments in Europe, the Supreme LAW, the paths we have today. The way. We look at this programme are times in the past This is the fact that we will have this war and change. The way this government. Upright.
That we meaning the confederacy lost the war like a guy who, like this, are either you sound like a man who would like the south to rise again Well, then, I guess go back to yield to the two in the states. There has been a federation? Instead, I would be the other way around the local travel. And thunder, and the local control is more important than what happened to Washington, yeah. Well, their stores still a certain amount of that with their having their said. It's not like It was during the confederacy, obviously, but there's still a certain amount of of local sovereignty and local control and state control. The the dates have certain rights. Ah, yes, Federal
ah supersedes that in some cases, although I am not sure that the right word for it, but it in a like four since the the marijuana laws that people are passing in Colorado in California in Oregon there. Federal law against smokey marijuana, buying selling marijuana. Well, though States Clarity, legal and nothing has been done about it right Is that not state sovereignty? Anger install spark of stones, bark of the constitution out there you read I'm a Saint James. The way we view ourselves, we reward, we did suffer. The feed and things like that. Yeah yeah, because people, Is that what you're palms? Isn't that right?
course not reassure well in gaining some really why I and with good reason. In some cases it did in slavery, which, if that change the perception of this so be it because section of the sound was that they were slaves states you, hopefully you wouldn't want to return to that. The clouds, the war that was actually was, but actually might say, with economic and play Vicente Fernandez like right did in the in the british Empire well, it could have been, but it had it didn't figures because it kept going on and because the south in this insisted on slavery to the extent that they withdrew from the union I don't know how else you could have ended slavery, it ended thirty. Years. Prior to that, in Britain wasn't headed in that direction. Here that I know see and see for slavery? We succeeded because we're gonna be invaded.
And if you wouldn't been invaded, have you didn't you wouldn't have been in vain? If it didn't succeed, Virginia North Carolina, Tennessee Arkansas. They wouldn't needed very right on my back home. The legs Jeff, we'll disagreement. There, the civil war, was only about slavery, and don't let around that, though Molly. I learn that, though I have always believed that the glens come around. Ok, that's. Andrew in New York, welcomed glad that programme. Why am I doing purpose doing great. Ah beer Guide, I didn't care. I can't believe everybody methods are the more they didn't. Well, what about it?
We declared war I'm ready because they wouldn't leave our shipping alone and there now we got our but the little better than we should prepare, got our parts one and that we want that war. What are we gonna butts geared to burn? the capital does it when you the war. I wonder what does I didn't want on the war did not despite the fact that they bear the White House to the ground. It did not win them. The war. We have ITALY won the war of eighty twelve. Otherwise we the british colony road. I was very, I thought we were pursued prepared to sell. We would be kind that I feel it is here. I you know that in Britain was not kind enough to do anything force in those days. Thanks a lot enter is wrong. With you, people wages in Amerika, I mean what are they, Chicken school today. Is this where this is coming from but now, but wherever
God damn it there's a lot of people believe we lost virtually, never been bought up. That's why I'm taking back the Tiber Vietnam? We want that too. I did try to see welcome to the Glinda programme. Are you guys doing good I will join the climate change their integrity. We wanted talk about South Korea had spent a year over there and the military in. We are capable of knowing what they're doing what they moving and where it that is spot on, I did happen. I doubt whether there will I dont know what to situate with a little capable he's over there on the Obama remove them. I don't know if they've been put back or not, but we had the capability and knocking their stuff out doing it's pretty quick
now. I know you don't be hard on it. There are very thing they got pointed out. All by Dalia. He would you a pretty good job over their poison, a clean up their duties, Like Hell, it's good here in the end, you served in Korea for a time. Yes, How long were you there I was there, are four months. Did you feel like tat? The p Oh they're appreciated our presence or or my idea. The saharan people are wonderful people. I did what was all that I got a chance to talk to a girl, That was there going. Are you retired going there The point I would stationed at the county
and it's a one hundred and eighty when they took that hill, the North Koreans had crucified women and children up the hill. I told you had to fight up that. A little hand to hand at the last point of the battle, dumping jump in the branches and broader, rather more courage. It brought him down put down, they go for a body bodies be apparent at the top and appears in the north. Korean authorities will just be a brutal perverse. That should not be well yeah and has changed what I was there, the leader at my table, these bad cameos brand, the females, your grandfather,
His father had a more powerful forces and renewing with a net job, and I very much like to hear of it It's a bad situation there right now and stuff, like I said, no personal bomber removed a nuclear capability from South Korea, but I dont know comes Williams, it is not right. Now I don't I was just looking up presenting, although it thanks for your service brain when you said that. Thank you I was thinking. Do we actually get rid of them? I remember talking about the, but a what if those we do get rid of the tactical dukes South Korea, we could still reach North Korea with neurons. We with missile right began. Regarding about some of the sum of the military people from South Korea were saying that it might be time for us to bring back the tactical lutes desultory.
That his bed? This earlier won't do that seventeen last year, but I don't believe I have, however, your right there's plenty of nuclear power. Like you hit the plenum AAA? Seventy seven back Glenn Back land back then gently for Glencore, Blake, seven December, announcement from or enhance yesterday of Utah who's been in office since just after the eight thousand twelve, so he's got some experience. A seasoned senator. I think that this boy
It sees this bed in office for a little over a hundred and ninety years of it. I do he said what is the statement that of it was his own little. Facebook livelier whatever was, but I know he was. You know bragging on how good he's been over the years and how he's got the modem or legislation anyone laws passed and any. I believe his this time I was living with senator and I thought wove, so I know the last one alive since the beginning of the country's span. The entirety of the USA, but I know you know he's look. He said but he convinced improvised. You might have a nice day to get out and I dont know who that was easy. It was his wife. They said it was his wife reports whether his wife was saying this is, if you don't need to run again, be done. I won't work. You know you're done yet, and so you know a bogus difficult to eighty three years older, it's definitely time NEA and he's been terrible
most of his cellular, where illegal about ordinary yeah. We allow the senator from those alright, alright, there's been terrible. I will ever talk about, or has the gathers by the office for forty years ago, who reminds me of our job. Mccain. Perhaps that sort of politician issues It's it's! Your does add that we're just we get comfortable with people and we just allow obviously Serbia's wherever that goes back to the term limits tat we had yesterday when it's the same thing, as is the thing like the term are the voters but again use that's almost kind of what it is really is the complacency of now. Whatever I know is already an hour. All the other guy and I don't want to lose any the power that we wheeled because therefore, so long right, that's what happens. President trumped convince him to stay. He wanted him around for years to come because had been hatch has been a very low border. Proponent of those big
and so he's not of that and instead that's why it's a huge deal to Donald Trump that It Romney might run because Romney's not a fan, though so that's they'll be interesting to watch told to see if Mitt raw backed into I view- I don't you say things like us. Do I doubt that you will have the years old majority said he would consider it strongly if hatch step down at the time like you wasn't going to, but now he has so we'll see. We'll see and our boy who had altogether right he's just Mr Tv Star now the guy that was what was that we're smithereens, Raven, yeah, yeah he's just done right. It ass. We are you hurt his foot, didn't, have a surgery and put the Congress yeah, so I dont know if he would consider getting back into it in and rang for the office skin, maybe my beard, stability for that writing is comfortable. Shuffle the stated and familiar enough name was yeah.
And so it will be interesting to see I know that the president and in the entire tromp camp is not excited about that possibility, but they may have to face it anyway could be us. Then too. Romney suit will find out because he's gotta the declared pretty soon you either shouldn't. We wish you a set of November were humbly we'll see I believe that if the good again it's a good idea, but seventy now those who need it only thirteen years younger than hatch I know doesn't he does- is needed because it may be that Need, I don't think figures in. Do you want it? That's the question will see Glenn back
this is the Glen that programme that injury. As we say what you will be about the President Trump tweets, North Korea just reopened their border hotline with South Korea. That doesn't mean Somethin's working, guys seem like it. So does me out but it's been tents over the last six or eight months and and everybody was wondering, was the right thing to do you just really ratcheted up the heap now seems to have cooled off. Things seem to be made even improving somewhat all of a sudden. North Korea is making these gestures to South Korea. There their reopening the border hotline with the south. They just did that today, Airy tested it. It apparently works its open again. They ve also extend. An olive branch to the Olympic Games that are going to be held in South Korea next month,
If one looks next month where yeah yeah, so there was talk by the Nicky Hayley that we might not even go because the technical so high be so dangerous. Ios, that's pretty much done through over we're dead. Going and North Korea has basically promised not to do any, so you ve gotta, believe there had devils There was trouble. Big stick look were bigger. If I stay right, you know I setting its reminiscent of the Mai dogs, bigger than your dog candidates had been gone, a mobile button, bigger than your buttons class buttons bigger than yours. It didn't work, kind of make. It looks like a kind of feels like you did,
Seventy seven, it's one, Tripoli. Seventy seven back, let's go to Elizabeth The eight hundred it'd Hale is with worker Jesse, I'm happy to talk to you. Just wanted to call because it well. First of all, I really have to commend you and heavy on your attitude change about drum. I was never tramper primary and also the general election those twelve times those returns on your life and then I started out just because the media in the people in Washington were so atrocious register. Doubt feeling I had to do and him and let them. But there's one thing: I have to disagree with you on the island. Of the weed I like a kid Christmas waiting for
but there are you, are you deaf without alone, while the Christmas gums every day for you than those tweets or non stop I mean I was concerned. I said this morning. I was working, filleted, reductive and of the morning, so the blaze radio network at present dropped it we'd all boarding I thought he lost his fall. Rather, we have said some supper, help into the White House where boy giant Maudesley vowed to be as of right now. You know, like he's, always pulling people's change. His clerk extensive mischief said coming through thereby Now, don't get me wrong. I pray every single day for Donald Trump, for God, forgive him wisdom, yunkers, sometimes a trip. The tweets cool fire. But but any can you imagine it. I mean if Solomon Tweet You know like. Ok, you brought staff squabbling.
I don't know if you would do that, but I don't know either lambs lotta wisdom there without going so well thought out My president, I never thought I would be and, of course, this also we don't have to sit Bracken fell in love with a man like Heaven, for that gets a lot of points. Yes, because makes Light Elizabeth appreciated by Mr Diving. Do people do love it? again is white. I think it's one of the reasons he was elected as I just liked somebody speed their minds, somebody defending themselves and and the Republican Party in and the values that with it, the right has Taken crap from the miniature both Motors ought to be said, for sure is a is there's a lot to be said for, for that and Ed
how America sees America, Honeysuckle, more today about how many times that we lost their way with guys. We have somebody who's, not apologizing for everything we where we ve got somebody who is set America first I mean we all respond to that kidding suffer the left. They they see. To respond better to America, the in them it'll or air, maybe not a bottle. That's what they were read write a rough as what they want. The plan right I want has brought down to size. Some of the plan was that the well we couldn't bring with. We can't bring up some of the weaker countries rather high as the U S, so we ve got a broom several of you as down now they never admitted that banana. Obviously, the strategy is, David in New York, welcome to the club back programme either nice laughing. I want. I want to point out that you don't want your pet teams is one people say we have a democracy and thorough public and one of my pet,
in those one, people call things wars that aren't actually wars, because we only had about declaration. The boy S That is true St Fared war, about signal on the resolution between twelve mexican american, spanish, american woman right, but it's hard to say the visa. Police action. All the tar Vietnam on The armed conflict is yes, so people short not a little baby. You're right, it's technically not correct Well, you can't. We lose a war of words in a war Hannah. You know you can't know. Those are not assume that matters of fury the island of spice. Grenada legs rearguard near Dear, did Jeff. Why not I was not called a war that was not declared either right, I mean
but such an empty growth hard and surely you know that all those about what we want? What will you have already, as you know, what I'm just it, Ok, I'm admitting that it was four days I fell for it was rotten its evader you're on the Olympic programme. Our guy says I saw you. Do I just like to point out Kim Jong known as a boy and Donald Travers Type, a guy to me wasn't pushed around a kid. I'm you look at a low days, Barack Obama. If he ever got in applying the kids, can I bet he just stood there? Let the boys pushing down Don't touch me in the face of the other way, and now we got a guy who's, not bending down bowing to leaders, and this guy The global boy and prompt you're, not gonna, put up with it yeah yeah, that's all I got to say proceeded
Certainly is the perception of doubts or of the then good good. That's. What out of elected and yes and Americans responding to it, because we ve been pushed around yes, soul, long and the maid, stream media has had free free rein, of saying whatever they want without any retaliation against them. Well, that's not the case. Any heads Gregg don't like they do that they have tell you respond to something we ve said. You get spawned or what we ve said. Well, yes, we can and he does and he's not gonna play that game. Where He allows them to set the tone every day. He sets the tone every day. As he as you did yesterday, with a bit with the big button they ve gotta be love it because he announced the also yes, whether he's gonna have the most dishonest and corrupt media awards next week
Can it be fund Wall Baggage and they're gonna have to be I Apoplexy Nyjord River Wooes there mines. I will be I think the most dishonest and corrupt video hordes of the year on Monday, at five o clock subjects, will come Dishonesty of bad reporting and various categories from the fake news, media statehood, Is he just so is treated as I can A series of tweets as well already has been that yesterday Tony and Arkansas you're you're only deliver olympic programme that I just want to say require that I really do word about North Korea because the outliers can drop automatically warrior it on your head, but right now there in a building stage, and if we don't do something about it, there they're gonna get so massive that he's gonna do a lot of damage. Before we can stop. Does they ve already broke
armistice this year, I don't remember what was an armistice but Aberdeen here they haven't news also broken, but I am not sure on that point, but I also want to save a quick that, as the ban on the marketing of traders, traders Becker that we're not at war with Russia's, so anybody can talk. Russian right now you're, a writer yeah pursue, takes Latorre and there's been no collusion, proven, there's, there's writes a lot of you know that there is a lot of accusations. There's been no proof yet. Also, We have another person who has just been fired for sexual harassment supposedly right. This was in the college football world universe, diverse regions, Rodriguez yeah, who came to fame and they get West Virginia right, and then you
but to Michigan many? What Michigan didn't last lawyer went to Arizona now he's been fired from Arizona Prevail. Nation which they investigated and then basically said yeah, we didn't find in his personal used to work of the hostile workplace claims and she alleged all this stuff What the only thing that she alleged that he admitted to this area. Else was wrong was an affair. I wasn't extramarital fair and here you know, said where's all arranged his wife. She admit that was a consensual relationship, her or not. With her wasn't what the person that was complaining, it was someone else the complaint, say the sheer she had to cover form I'll get. You know part of the hostile work? It's all so the person he was having an affair with. Wasn't that complaint? No
now. The other university out looked into it and they said we rejected aloud and we really could via anything. So we mired in any. I hereby ok what so they do, they couldn't find any evidence of sexual harassment is weird, so why did they fire? The guy? I mean look, the guy's kind of you know, I didn't go to football reasons. Then I mean here are just not happy with the programme. Was you getting at anyway, it's possible the programme had slipped couple of couple. Just although appeared when he showed up it was looking good, but then he had some some injury. Do so. You use as an excuse for a couple years ago and they just lost the big they lost another. The ballgame Scam, another big laws, so just possible that it was time to let him about now. Look before you should many tears? where's Rodriguez,
for sure, is walking away with the six million well as his Bible ass, a nice way to walk. Aware there was another, there was another part of his contract. That was, I wasn't sure, go figure out what it is like and put it in a contract. If I ever get a contract, It was some deal. He had with the university that was gonna, be worth a little over three million if he had kept his job until March? ever since they got rid of before March 15th or something like that MID March. It's only worth twenty five percent of the three million little three point: five million- ok, so he gets a little bit of that too. Would it be like six million, my hundred other? No, it also millionaires somewhere there. You know so help him be able to survive a weak euro get by I, although we get
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means that if you live in a country with the less than forty thousand residents, you now pump euro gas. Oh my gosh How can you do? Is they could be alive? How can anyone be expected? to pump their own gas horrific perverse other gonna survive What, if they're smoking a cigarette and they drop down the gas take while their pumping? I read there were some people come any problem news story that the third about how to pull up gas of sixty two oh and their serious. Tackle Hidell a I don't wanna smell a gasoline oh in Oregon, New Jersey. They have an attendant. Do it died there there's what two places in the world left, like the very pretty used to it, though I I used to get there senator soon, as I get pretty used to, you stole it, where you don't even know how doings Armando Sucker the Norwegian it'll be ok. I promise
Glenn back
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