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Hour 1  'Fire and Fury': The aftermath?...Bannon vs. Trump... (Ghostwriter Steve Bannon?) Glenn reviews ‘Fire and Fury,’ says it’s not a book about Trump...Awaiting Bannon's next phase?...overplayed his hand?...the media will never ‘get’ Steve Bannon ...'puppet string guys'? ...Supreme Court Justice Giuliani?? ...2018 is gonna be a ‘wild, wild ride’ ...Glenn and Stu talk holiday movies… want to see ‘The Darkest Hour’?...Movie or musical? ...America seems to be becoming more like England lately?... the elites got what they wanted: no more elephants   Hour 2  A Rabbi's Warning to U.S. Christians...Rabbi Daniel Lapin joins Glenn to discuss how Christianity will continue to be mocked in 2018 and in years to come... ‘The Book of Mormon’ is OK, but not this? …American pop culture is controlled by those who hate us...Christians must defend themselves arm in arm ...Looking back at Glenn's predictions, guesses, and the hits and misses ...Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era...ASI (Artificial SUPER Intelligence)...1 A.I. Minute = 1 Human Lifetime    Hour 3  We're stuck in the same annoying loop? ...What matters most is what will make America 'great' again ...The 41 Predictions of Glenn Beck? ...what should we expect in 2018?...China takes a big step in the space race... to the dark side of the moon and back? ...A society dumber than we are?...Iranian inflation is all the rage? ...a weaker Iran means a meaner Turkey? ...President Trump, better without Bannon  The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand love courage, true Glenn Beck. So after reading Michael Wolff's new book, I'm posthumously, giving it the working title hell hath, fury, I'm sorry, Hell fire and fury like us. If banning scorned. Fire and fury must been easier to fit on the binding, because I can't think of any other reason why it's not actually labeled like a Steve, Bannon scorned, they save the devil's greatest accomplishment, was convincing the world that he doesn't exist, but Wolf rivals. He rivals this in convincing his readers that this book is actually about Donald Trump. It's not about Donald
Trump. There's plenty of juicy trump details to to to two on here. You know, I'm sure some of it's true, I'm sure some of isn't and a lot of it is just rumor. I don't know if you read the book, but I so you didn't have to make no steak. This is not a book about Donald Trump. The description on the front of the book said inside the Trump White House. That is just the vehicle used to highlight the real focus of this narrative. The narrative and the focus is Steve. Bannon. And I say narative because that's primarily what you're getting here, you get five parts confirmation of what you already knew about Trump. Yes, his election probably caught everybody, I surprised, but also probably caught him by surprise. Yes tr,
but his team had zero political experience and they stumbled their way through the first nine months. Got it all confirmation of what you already knew, but you also get five parts rumor and tabloid level. Gossip did trump really not want to win. He was just using. This candidacy is a launching point for his new tv network. Maybe do we know for sure no, his marriage with melanija that bad do. We know no diss Trump, really try to bed all of his friends. Wives. We're proud, really not going to know any of this, but it didn't stop well from publishing it. But put all that aside, the other. Ninety percent of the book was all Bannon Trump's picture on the cover was the equivalent of Bookstore Clickbait Ban. In the end, his agenda was the con
throughout the entire book. According to Wolf's, he was the only one in the ministration that was smart. Well read, had a plan ha e things that could be considered as critical of Bannon, where nothing that Bannon wouldn't take you and hold you by the shoulders and look you dead square in the eye. Go yep. That's me for Nn fire and fury was about launching his next phase and I believe he overplayed his hand, but the last paragraph of the book says it all. All he wanted to do was separate Bannon ISM from Trumpism. What he said in the last paragraph is the disruption had just begun. Trump Bannon's view was a chapter or a detour in the Trump Revolution,
which had always been about weaknesses in the two major parties. The trump is it in c, however long it might last had created the opening that would provide the true outsiders. Their opportunity to get in Trump was just the beginning. I don't know who's reading this book and thinking it's all about Trump, but it isn't it's all about what's coming next and the net next few years are going to be a wild wild ride. It's Monday January. Eighth. This is the Glenn Beck program you mean the looks too. I did happy vacation happy vacation. I spent most vacation just reading. I read I read,
a series that I want to talk about called the singularity Series four book series, their novels great. You have to tell you about another book. That is really tremendous. Everybody in this audience needs to read the first chapter of this book. You just read the first chapter of this book and I go guarantee you again, in you you will say Wolf Book what where we can, why would even care about that? the most powerful chapter of anything I've ever read and I'll. Tell you about that. Coming up also read the Wolf book which hi I just couldn't get past. This is this is a book that ghost written by Steve, Bannon yeah. I mean absolutely it's funny, because you get kind of two spins from the media right. That one is This is the
the you know. The final nail in the coffin of the Trump Administration is gonna, be impeached tomorrow, right, that's what you get from the left and from the right you get is. This is all fake news and it's like really it's not either of those things sure there some things. First of all the big stuff is stuff said on the record in quotes, have not been disputed. The Steve Bannon stuff is so, but he said that was quote word for word that he is not denied. He said so to say that it's all fake news, it shows, I mean obviously the president knows it's not fake news in that he is, you know, SEP, he himself from Steve Bannon because of it right. He okay seriously, we all know that's that was he then said those things, and that is just It was just those quotes. It's a notable book, but beyond that when you read the book and you actually go through it, what you realize is it's notable not because whether the things better said about Trump in the administration are true it's.
Rebel, because it's what Steve Bannon wants you to think about the Trump administration is amazing to me that no one has picked up. At least I haven't heard. No one is picked up that Anyone who looks bad Steve Bannon and just not he comes out. He comes if you are somebody who thinks like Steve Bannon. This is the key. The press doesn't understand, Steve Bannon. They never will understand Steve Bannon. They don't and the right and they don't understand the alt right. They don't understand the differences. There's huge differences between those they just bottle it all up in Steve. Bannon is on the right, and it's all this, but it's not yeah everything that comes out in the book about Steve Bannon are the things that still Steve Bannon. Once to know about him.
What he's building? Where he's going, the difference between him and Trump and banned in Islam and Trumper ISM? This is the you I honestly this and thought this is probably backed by Russia. This could have been written by the Russians because it is such a a covert op. It just felt like as Steve, Bannon Covert, ops and most of the criticism, because Trump is obviously getting the media attention about this. But most of the criticism is really more about Jared enough on kind, whole pay, almost eight oz, all the people that he didn't get loose and it didn't get along with when he was there. It's all criticism, of those people because, as we all know, this is not about Trump. It's never been about trump. This is about then Steve Bannon is all about him. It's all you is about. He doesn't care about this movement. He doesn't care about any of it. He cares about him and in
It proved out, I think, very well in this book and he he so he doesn't have that. Control to be the guy. Who is the puppet string? Guy he wants everyone to know too badly. You know, and people were good public string, guys have control of the Russian not tell everyone. Roger Ailes was a good puppet string guy. He he was so instrumental in strategy and everything else with with the GOP for since in this book, and I believe the Roger Ailes part, but just because it reads like Roger Ailes may not be true. I don't know, but I didn't know that Roger Ailes was off or the job that Steve Bannon. Actually, God running the campaign, it makes sense reasons in there that Roger didn't want to do it. It all makes sense. It's very Roger Ailes, but Roger
was not a guy to step up in the front he referred being in the back. Bannon doesn't in the book you find out. Ban wants to run for president. He is starting to say things like and I'm president, I'm going do this where he was apparently saying. If I were president, I would do this. The book is saying that based he's going to be running for president in twenty twenty don't know. If that's true, but I think this book, but will give you enough of this out of control egomaniac, who she just reckless and dangerous, again he didn't deny these quotes. He's I'll, come out with a statement of what I was talking about. Manta for you read the book he mentions by name. Both Donald senior and Donald Trump Junior
an encrypted is critical of them by name. His excuse is complete the bull crap designed only for people who didn't actually read the book, yeah yeah, because he just assuming you won't know about those quotes because they sell he likes them both up. If you love Donald Trump, you need to read this book. You know need to read it only because you need this going to be hanging around for a long time, especially with what the president is doing. If I to sell a brazilian copies of books, I'm going to put his face on it and I'm just going to say trade to America. It would have anything it'll, Dr Seuss stuff inside it won't matter. It will sell a brazilian copies, because the present will come out and say how dare him say that although drunk he's selling more books for Wolf, then Wolf is selling. Of course I mean you know, this is he's clearly totally right about that
interesting that you really like. So many of those things in there so many the little bits are designed to make you think highly of and and lower of trump of of Jerrod of Yvonne, Gov Hope Hicks of whoever the one he dug it. It didn't work for me. It didn't either 'cause, it reads. So it's so transparent, O'Bannon Pie, Ban ban and is known as the big leak are in the White House. He did the same thing with the Joshuah Green book that came out a few months ago. It's all call Dan and tons of interviews with Bannon tons of stuff with then the guy just can't control himself. He can and there's this he had been there that not a lot of people have talked about in the media. That Trump to name Giuliani to the Supreme Court instead of Gorsuch, and he this is this so, I think we're going in the same place. This the point of the book where I went this is Steve Bannon exactly because he, the
fitbit, is designed to make you think 'cause when Trump came out. If you Gorsuch said something critical of trouble after he was named, he said I don't like that that you know basically said I don't like the Trump criticizing yep judges, the up and and in the book it says. At that moment I'm decided he was gonna drop Gorsuch and go with Julie on your Christy. I think it was was the other guy. Yes, Christine right is like out about how can that possibly be right? But when you think about that, can you put in the frame of Steve and basically writing the book? He wants you, the conservative, to believe that had no law. It was all banning in that got the gorsuch thing done it trumped in air about it. He was going to put Julie is going to put a pro two pro: a choice: people in the Supreme Court. If it wasn't for Bannon, you woulda had Giuliani and Christie and later do you see. Donald Trump is running off with the Republicans
Bannon was like no. No! No don't do that. No, it was it's crazy, wanted to separate from Paul Ryan, but then Trump said no Ryan's. My guy did Trump really say Ryan's. My guys really here is here's the thing you, have to read this book because the media, as always, is missing the real story behind it. This is not a book about Donald Trump. This is a book of what Steve Bannon wants you to believe about Steve, Bannon, Avanca and Jared and Donald Trump. He is betting that Trumper ISM is nationalist, socialist uh, it stream isolationism he,
but you to believe that. That's what it is. I don't think that's. What true is. I think Trump is Trump period. I think people like trump they to believe in Trump. They accept it from Trump. There not go because he's an ideologue ' 'cause he's not an ideologue. This book is trying to say if you, if you really believed in anything, you need to follow Steve, Bannon and not Don Trump. France will never get that so a fresh new year has begun and if you're setting goals for your business, it's hard to reach without the right people on your team and that's why Ziprecruiter has tray
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land back. No you just we're just talking about this Michael Wolff Book and how the media just has it wrong again. This is a book that could have a band the ghost written by Steve Bannon and maybe Michael Wolfe, doesn't understand how he's been used by Steve Bannon. But this is the boy there's a reason why Steve Bannon, allowed him to be whipped by the president for five days before he came out and said anything if he was concerned about this book, he come out immediately said. Wait, wait, wait, wait! That's not what I said. He just started to realize hope: crap! Maybe I'm not going to win this one and it does not look like he's going to win the show. No, and if you read the book- and you really need to, if you re
the book read get through the lens of what Steve Bannon wants you to believe, for instance, Chai is everything nothing else matters? If we don't get China right, then we don't get anything right. The whole thing is really simple: China is where Nazi Germany was in twenty nine or thirty. The Chinese, like the Germans, are the most rational people in the world until they're, not an they're, going to flip, like germ even the 30s you're, going to have a paper national estate, and once that happens, you can't put the Genie back in the bottle. That's pretty astute whether you agree with it or not. That's pretty astute Nur who said that not Donald Trump, Steve Bannon it all the stuff in there is like yeah Steve's the real and see the genius behind the curtain. Genius behind these, the real president is what he wants people to believe. Yes, yes, then that's why he was the driving force behind every and remember when he left. He said that the presidency, as we know it, mean
good Donald Trump Presidency is over. That is what Steve Bannon said. That's not Glenn Beck saying that that is Steve, Bannon, saying that, and I think it's bizarre because I think now we're more pro trump. Then Steve Bannon is they've paper early. Eighty as a writer part, a bright is right. I don't know I so I don't know I don't know ending him or abandoning him. Now I don't know, that's a good question. That's a good man! I don't! I don't know for anybody who said no, you don't pay Donald Trump. What you're talking about Steve Ban- and these are all the things we warned you about whiskey, Bannon yeah. He is who he said was exactly and- and this is you know, look it's it's it's it's been are, and I think there's a lot when you go through the book. People get side tracked by some of the stuff that I don't think it's necessarily ban and related some of the crazy sexual stuff and it in there- and this is where the media is focused, and it's doing you a grave disservice doing everyone on the right a great
give disservice, because there make and this all about Donald Trump and so the titillating things in there that you don't know if it's true or not even you can dismiss and take all of that stuff out of the book and it's still an important book, sorry take everything out of the book except for the stuff, that's on record in quotes that has not been denied. Yes and you have a very meaningful book because you get to know what these people but I think I think you can fairly look at the book and think but it's exaggerated, some of it might not be true. But what is interesting about the book is these are what insiders almost all Steve Bannon, but not exclusively, but insiders, one you think about. What's going on there, that's why it's interesting! It's there it's their way. If telling you what they think behind the scenes- and you know This is the way they translate. That's the way these things happen, and this is this is a this is a message. It really it's a message book. It's a message from at least Steve
and then I don't know who else might have been involved, but it's a message book. It's exam clear. What's to just said what they want you to think about this administration, Steve Bannon is so passive, aggressive or I've done the best friend of the president. Really are you because the quotes in the book and you describe him and his family? Ah, that's not what you want. People are actually believe: Glenn Beck, Mercury, you're listening to the Glenn Beck program, I'm sorry, we just keep going. You still- and I haven't seen each other for a couple of weeks and I just we just keep coming back to this wolf book that I think, if you are a
person who believes that Donald Trump can do no wrong and is is up at light reading, all the reports and laying how policies and everything else you will hate this book. If you're someone who thinks that Donald Trump is really not, that interested he's he's going to be the president- and you know he just wants to be the guy the front guy and he's letting other people do the policy and he's not that interested. You will dislike this book because selling it. I know, because well I'm just telling you the truth. We read it so you didn't have to. However, after reading it. I think you should read it. I just want to buckle your seatbelts because they make the president and it's really, I think, only in the first part of the book where it's relentless That shows that the president had no intention this according to the book. I don't know if any of this is true, I don't
this is the important part of the book, though, because I can dismiss all of this. It shows that you know he was not really interested in being president didn't expect to win this nonce it's about Malani. You know crying at night, because she now is going to be at the White House and she doesn't want to be. I don't know, if that's true, how do you even verify that now I mean there's just all rumor again so you're going to you're going to hate that part of it, however, the band and stuff is, is so intriguing, especially when it comes to Russia. I mean rush the and then came out, so I would just I would start making this about. Manafort. How were you making that meeting in Trump Tower about Manafort that doesn't even make sense now? anything that is said about this book is said for people that haven't read this book. Would
agree with that yeah. I would it it's it's it's interesting 'cause when these are dances between you know all these news stories are dances between PR people and the source material, and it's Bannon gets this book written. He gets his message out there without having his his direct fingerprints on there and the price he pays, for. It is at times that you know the author take some shots at him. He's presented it a lot of its take presented as what how a liberal would criticize Steve Bannon, but, of course that's what he thrives on yep. That's his lifeblood rest find that he knows that anybody, anybody who is a conservative that will read this book and believes in nationalism statism an isolationism. He knows that aim. Michael Wolff, writing bad things about him in liberal, speak, yeah is going to make him stop
right. There's a part where he's criticized the book. Author Wolf criticizes him essentially for taking on Roy Moore and say thing that he was so ultra right that he couldn't possibly be elected. This is before they knew the outcome they just. It was looking at through the primary process, but of course, would ban in once you to think that he would have so Port, the Ultra Right guy and he's in that part of the way they frame, Donald Trump and Bannon? This is uh real turning point where you're like ok, this clearly ghost written by Bannon, because in that part it's it's. Why would Donald Trump take on Mitch connells guy. What he had thing to gain and and It just seemed unreasonable, yeah and Bannon knew that you know
the people will connect with the real conservative. He had his research it out here like we want, and you can read more about this at bright parked outside the it's it was. It was very, very transparent. Reading it that the main source of the book, not the exclusive source, I think you know there are other things that happened, but the main source of the book overwhelming majority of stuff came from ban, and Bannon allies. You know people who were there earlier parts of Trump run and also people who hung around even at Bannon was there. I mean there's so much on the record that the book does not need you, don't need to look at any of the rumors to understand that there's something here. It's just that the meat is, as they do, to take something and make it into something bigger an about Donald Trump. When it's really not, I mean there's a
they're in the relationship between Trump and Bannon, that's notable so Trump's of player. Obviously, but it's it's more about if you were going a real interview with Steve Bannon, how he really feels about Don Trump and how he really feels about conservatives and how he really feels about himself it's in this uh, it's in the book. He tells you what he thinks is most important. Is him stay if Ben believes, the most important thing in the universe is Steve, Bannon and he's very clear about that throughout this book, you see the movies over the holiday. I tried to see as many as possible did you I did. I saw two: what do you see? I saw at least three in the theater. Did you see darkest hour yeah? I have all dying to see it, I'm going I'm taking all my kids and my family tonight. You want to come come very
good luck. You will love it. You'll love it. I really want to see it yeah I saw all the money in the world. How is that no is very but I I I liked it. It wasn't like the greatest movie ever seen in my life out so good. I will say to Christopher Plummer seems like a much better choice for the movie that Kevin Spacey. Anyway, I guess one of the things reasons why they were able to re shoot it so fast after Kevin Spacey's, a it. Juice was because one of the big issues with she was they had to put on a lot of makeup to make him look like an older actor yeah and then Christopher Plummer had that built in like he just walked in was already in the old person makeup. It was amazing, but he was really good in and the stories really fascinating, so I liked it was it was very good. Also saw Molly's game. Is any good yeah really good. I Is it a lot? It's a story. If you don't know it is about how a woman set up poker game with all like make a celebrity so good, you know, but it you know, Tobey Maguire
yeah. You know Dicaprio and everything else and how she got busted and that whole process, but it was very well done and good. I also saw the Pt Barnum thing. Oh I'm interested to see what you think. I bet you hate it. Well, I again I was interested in it because I'm interested in that story the story of cheap Barnum how we built. You know this. The circus. That's not this show. I thought there's no way. This is Dean's greatest showman, it's a musical. What you find out pretty early on. Is they sing a lot dance a lot? This is the entire trailer there's one. Second, they show them lip syncing music, the rest of their like this isn't a musical we sort. Some of these look there's some other. This is additional story. There is no way. I thought that was anything but a musically, don't show it in the trailer. Now I
Well, I don't know how I I I walked in knowing yeah. I use a goal. I looked into it and I am not a fan of musical so going yeah right. This is not something that I rise see. It was in in the way it was presented. 'cause. I was interested in the story about here's, a guy and AVA the guy who made this thing and then we this is our guest we all still, even though it should in a just and show business. I mean he basically, the inventor of this in in in in one telling and certainly circus he's the guy and you. What is the amazing? brilliance of this man to accomplish this. According to the movie, not much he just walked in and happened to see, people who, like Ayers, sign up, never heard you do anything for never seen you perform you're the star of the show, hey you you, I felt bad for you in one me know: you're missing. It was ten, no you're missing him. Look like there was a genius he was touched,
his daughter into bed. She said you have too many dead things. He looked over it or book and wet my daughters right and then he did alright exactly this it made it seem like there was. Nothing but a bunch of random coincidences that led to this, which I thought was stupid and then the other part of it is the songs quickly on the song, because I know you have no problem with musicals so you're in this world. But what does it bring you? What does the musical bring you? It's just uh
way of saying the same thing over and over and over again, it's like instead of saying like he was very determined he was. He was really really really really determined. He was so determined that you wouldn't believe how determined he was. He really tried really hard all the time, all the time, all the time he did. He did. He did it because he's determined as like. When we got it, you said he was. The target was only forty would mark out. This is like a two minute show it is, and it was that was so. I did not like it. So I had the exact opposite of yours. You know I walked in expecting a musical and I really like I really liked it. I but it was uplifting about halfway through I started down a path that you just don't want go, and that was
any of the actors did any of the directores as anybody in Holly. Would anybody in New York, all the highfalutin people? Have they read the script because the enemy is the highfalutin high society, New York elites that are doing everything to destroy a man who just wants be the feel good. The hero of the story is a God who just says yeah yeah I bend things a bit but feels good done. It I'm just doing a show. And the New York Elite will not accept him. Not accept that present that that premise Any of the people who are in the circus because they are show people and they are freaks, the elites stir the bad part of the populace up to get him, and I thought to myself. Huh
not a lot of changed since the 1800s. Has it yeah see you can get things out of musicals. No, you can, I will say to the sad thing: is it took over one hundred years, but in the end I mean the elites got what they want. They shut it down because they wouldn't want elephants to walk through the streets, and now that thing is dead, that I mean the circus is gone because eventually they got their way took a long time, though we are abusing chinese people now in Cirque du soleil. Now, so that's on way too well searchers overtime, you've gotta realize wait a minute. Those three chinese kids they had to be taken from their parents at about two to be able to be good, is on the left, with the ominous governments and all right, this service alert to Soleil that it's their fault, all right: dual
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Glenn Beck Mercury Glenn Beck or there is a lot to cover today by the way at five hundred o'clock, we're going to cover the Steve Bandit Deep, Michael Wolff Book Ghost written hi Steve damn and we're going to cover that all of the things that we think the media and everybody else is missing and show you in detail. What this book really is all about will do that at five hundred o'clock. Today, you don't want to miss. That course. Everybody on the left is shouting for Oprah Winfrey to be president of the United States and for her to run in twenty twenty was that an old stick I feel, like they've, been talking about Oprah for a long time now, all the sudden no, but she just gave a speech. She gave a speech. She
and she has everything that Trump pass right. Like she's got a lot of money. Yep she got lots of of personality. She's got all. She checks all the right boxes, it's kind of a I mean, I'm I'm not surprised pushing for that's for sure she, but if you're on the left she's a great candidate, I don't know I mean I would say you know like. I don't know that we desire so policy. Specifics anymore out of candidates yeah, I don't think that I don't you know that is a like a bill on either side yeah. I I think it is, and she and she obviously obviously can pull that off whether it shouldn't seem like particularly well versed in any political topic, but is that necessary? I don't know that it is necessary in the last one. Well I mean I don't know that it is really very little of it. Comes from that, but usually have to be able to fake it right she she doesn't she doesn't even seem to be able to do that or just in attempt to do it. She may be mean she's just seem intelligent right. So could she pick these things up? I mean yeah, I don't it's uh about. I think this is what America is looking for anymore. I don't
still thinking me there, so I don't think they really care. I mean, I want somebody who tells the hell there doing and is up on all of the policies. You know I'd like that. I think that's important, you know, but I don't know if America does anymore, it is one of those you're really looking for it's at becoming more similar to the way England. Does it like, like? Britain has a queen who is just a figurehead and they do things that like make you think like they do. Does that make you reference of the country right like it to what you want the country to believe it's like a it's a figure head, and it's that someone who is did you know yeah, that's bad yeah? No, I'm not advocating for this position. Alright! Ok, we do seem to be like we want someone who's going to kind of represent like how we feel and in great Britain lot of time, there's a pomp and circumstance which is part of their heritage, where it's not here, it's the exact opposite and we kind of want that. Now we want some who's better than life. That's America right someone!
It's going to be able to who's that big personality. Put an exclamation point on your beliefs and that's not just I mean, I think is obviously trump. I think does that for a lot of people, but Oprah does that for a lot of people to an of or so it will be. The left will never see the similarities there. I don't think, but it would be, it would be wild to see those two battle beak. Does that mean that the lines would be drawn nobody's going to move their position? I mean first debate. It doesn't even matter just hold the election, she announces we hold the election because nobody's gonna change their position, Glenn Beck, Mercury.
Love courage, truth, Glenn Beck, so it's a big night in Hollywood. Yesterday they took a stand, they took a stand and they all wore the same thing. They all wore black, except for a few people that wanted to stand out, but most every we were black and a lapel pin with the words times up. That is courage. Courage, standing in a room where every One agrees with you yeah standing up against something that everyone on the planet knows is a bad thing point that is courageous. Only Hollywood has that kind of courage, and they were pins to show their support for all those who have experienced sexual misconduct, especially those in the entertainment industry, is very, very bright,
If of these celebrities to compromise the integrity of their designer outfit with a lapel pin, it was, it was stunning: it was you know is sure some people would say that this is just trying to make a meaningless indulgent award show into something more than just a meaningless indulgence award show by adding a lapel. Penn and telling everybody to dress the same, but Those people would be right if Hollywood was actually genuine in their in stop sexual assault, They would have asked a lot of people to stay home in they might have stayed home, they should be embarrassed. Ten, the golden globes after the years where they condone the actions and celebrated the actions of their peers, that everyone knew, and never uttered a word. It's shameful how
they led the way for these guys for years and then, instead of taking the year wearing black and saying we're wearing black because we're ashamed of ourselves, they were black because are the new guardians? Wait. You were the guardians last time. Seth Meyers joked about Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey's demise and they booed them. Kevin Spacey, the guy you held up on your shoulders forever. You now boo him. You knew who he was. They gave Douglas a standing ovation and a special award. Was that award because of the long rumored rape of Natalie wood when she was sixteen years old out of the older people you could pick
the year you decide to take a stand against people who sexually abused people. You give an award to Kirk Douglas the guy who, for years, it has been rumored that he raped Natalie wood when she was sixteen so so very brave of you. How could Regis Hollywood? it's mine, A January eighth? This is the Glenn Beck Program, but a lot of vacation reading, and I was trying to look for perspective in the insight and one of the things that I read. One of the articles that I read was by the rabbi, Daniel Lapin and he's with us now, hello rabbi. How are you?
a clan. How are you I'm very good? It's always good to have you I read a great article that I wanted to talk to you about by you where you start out. I am no Winston Churchill. I have a hard, I'm even being Daniel Lapin, but I have a warning: can take us through this yeah sure My point was that there are times in history when there are certain warnings where there is writing on the Wall and one of those times was when Winston Churchill, in the ten years that led up to World WAR two and during which England ignoring the threat of Germany at plea of oblivious to the warlike goals, all that play in his quest for more space for the
so the third right, everybody ignored and England, unilaterally disarmed they scrapped and order of the royal Navy ships. They they ignored the possibility needing an air force. They didn't build planes doing all this time. Church was saying: look just read: Hitler's book, Mein Kampf, just listen to his speeches in german and You'Ll- know where this is going. We are going to have to fight to and the longer we put it off, the more serious is going to become and the more devastating the consequences to us very often- and I think this is true in all of life at confronting Prob on time- is match play and letting them go. In fact, if I had to say you know what is the secret of successful living unit for for every one of us right now, do not put you
Anna do do what your head tells you, you should do and do it when you should do it and Churchill said the same thing: if you don't fight the war when it should be. What you can apply to much tougher when later on and your be actually Meanwhile, everyone else says: oh Hitler ones. Peace everything's is going to be fine and Prime Minister Chamberlain came back in the famously wave the paper and said peace in our time. Meanwhile, a soldier because market down the road- and it was perfectly well anyway. My point is that it's not hard to see how things are going and you have to put a stop. It on time, otherwise becomes becomes much more difficult. He's you draw this comparison to history and then you say, look hi. I want to issue a warning right now to Christians. Yeah absolutely. I know it sounds funny for a rabbi to be singing onward christian soldiers. The fact is that
you know we just don't have the numbers in in terms of people to draw I impact the culture on the street. Yes, we have disproportionate influence. Is no question about that. Unfortunately, however, Seventy or eighty percent of jewish influence goes in the wrong direction. It is sadly not a coincidence that George Soros happens to be a Jew. Actually divorced from anything jewish and he loading loathing, I'm quite sure. Of of the hebrew testament is just as much, it is loading I was christian. This is a war against Christianity. Right now not go far as to say that Christianity is are lost and protected minority. You know you, spoke earlier in the show about the enormous, almost numbing bravery shown by Hollywood right. Yes, it was I was weeping interior, sorry
we weepy and teary eyed. When I saw you know they put the show on Broadway the Book of Mormon yeah right. We right right, yes, fun at one of the most successful people group of people latter Day saints church. Most successful group of people on the planet strong family life busy. Does everything works well in the LDS, and so we, will do a show mocking them. What about the bride wanting to do a show called the Book of Moses of Islam, do a show on the Karan on Broadway right. Let's see some bravery right, you want to mark something mock that, but no never monk, Christian vanity. I choose me that will never market slump, but there are mock Judaism more than that crew. Hannity. His is truly up for grabs. You, you wrote a you said Center, the long list of anti christian books that have been published
in recent months, american Fascists, the Christian right in the war on America, baptizing of America, the religious rights plans for the rest of us, the end of faith legion terror in the future of reason, piety in politics, the right wing, assault on religious freedom, a universe, the thinking person's answer to christian fundamentalism, the kingdom how religious right distorts the face and threatens America Jim gone bad, the Hindu hidden dangers of the christian right. Okay, even trying my researchers came up with fifty anti christian books books that if you would replace on the cover the at Christian with the word you'll. Pardon me how much or something like that the world would absolutely nuts it would be totally unacceptable. But since it says Christian is, I know you find the same thing also in movies, and you know
saying movies define the culture, but they said they do track to the culture and the last time a nun was portrayed sensitively and respectful, what was the sound of music from the 60s, and you know back in those you Bing Crosby and movies lie down yeah, and things like this is a sympathetic priest who who played a key role in society, shaped eyes of boys. And now what do you get now? You know now all you get all the movies that assault and attack at a every now every past that these are people who are Bowen doing horrible things. Yes, you know one in twenty thousand. But look at the list of folks in show business right. If you really want to find good p, overwhelmingly go look at the people, give up who give their lives over to God and to really take care of other people. You find no
detection of that at all. So the more I wanna say also and you know: Roland Emmerich, famous writer and director did independence day, for instance, where half the planet was was destroyed, with compute generated imagery, of course, but more Stanley. He in two thousand and nine. I think he did the movie called two thousand and twelve, which is a celebration, on my end, he hates Christianity. This is a guy who makes no secret all these loading of Christianity, and so you, a movie two thousand and twelve in which he dissed Jerusalem, it destroys the Vatican, he destroys the statues of statue of Christ, the Redeemer in Rio De Janeiro and people said to him look. It makes sense to also destroy the car. In in NASCAR. This is you know this is an apocalypse, that's wiping out the whole world, If you're going to wipe out your Russo would never mind Washington DC, but
to amend the Vatican and the price to statue? Why don't you do the covers? Are easy? Getting I'm crazy things. We want to talk a so so he basically said. Look I'm a coward not an artist on the challenges. So you were you. You were saying your warning really was because you you brought up Rachel, Carl's good, Carson's book, silent spring and you said: look you choose to ignore this, but it's at your peril. Well, you I'm saying that things our I'm not going to slow down the history doesn't suggest that all on its own America's popular culture, which is shaped very much today by a the agenda. Even in the schools you and and when you've got the minds of the young you pretty much can tell which way things are very in the future. We used to our children to school, they would be safe, Klay and they'd be safe, spiritually and what they would pull.
The famous three artists: children learn to read, to write and to do with nowadays we send going to school, they're not always say physically, Heaven knows they're, not safe, spiritually and we don't teach the because they cannot not during the three dollars they do get inculcated and then related with what I call the three answers: right: socialism, secularism and sexuality. They get drenched with sexualism, and this is what children come out of school. This means, that these are for the future adults and leaders tomorrow, their hatred, Christianity is going to be the same old more than today's, and so I guess what I'm saying is: let's link arms shoulder to shoulder and let us now be as sensitive to attacks on Christians as the blue. It's all about attacks on African Americans at home.
Sexuals on Heaven knows the best people in the whole world to jump on anyone in the culture who does anything Anti semitic. On my folks, let's, let's take a page out of the book of all of these folks and Christians, learn to link arms and defend you, wells against insults in the culture. All I can tell you is that the phrase turn the other cheek, which is of course running so well known in Christianity, actually comes from the old tester the book of lamentations and and when Jeremiah the prophet wrote that book and spoke turning the other cheek, it wasn't a virtue. It was a curse, it was say: let your enemies are getting so strong that when they smart on one cheek, you barely can do anything to stop them. Your other cheek as well, and something left over the jewish interpretation here and let's, let's and let's what go ahead. Let's stop
turning the other cheek. Let's stop ignoring the attacks on Christianity. Lee Jews know that these attacks on Christianity are bad for everybody, not just for Christians. Rabbi Daniel Lapin author, of so many books see the latest one. America's real war buried treasure, sadly, thou shall prosper. Rabbi Lapin find him at rabbi, Daniel Lapin, dot com, rabbi, Daniel Lapin, dot com. We shared everything you do publisher. Thank you. So much rabbi, let so talk to a little bit about simply safe study, show burglar security systems to deter burglars? Is there still a burglary about every eight seconds in America? Why will this burglars
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security system that I would recommend to you. It is simply safe: go to Simplisafe back dot com right now, simply back dot com, protect your home, protect family with Simplisafe, back dot, com, Glenn, Beck, Mercury, Glenn, Beck sellers, several things we have to get to today. I want to spend a few minutes. I want to read something out of a book that I thank you are you you in two pages of this and I know you'll go and buy the book any we'll also have a new perspective on things. You'll be like cheese. What did I think was important five minutes ago, 'cause that doesn't sound important anymore, give that to you coming up in just a second also
Stu has seen my predictions. I have about forty predictions that I wrote over the holiday and wide, ranging from medicine tech. You know culture, war, everything yeah still one thing I would say in a preview, because it's going to come up this week, yeah you doing some of these yeah a couple of day. You didn't and we didn't check it out. It didn't the easy road right, like you didn't say like well, you know the truck yeah and, for you know like a approval rating. We're will remain between thirty five and forty five like it wasn't it there's nothing like that: their old yeah legal that you're yeah there's a there's a lot of these. That, I think, will be wrong. Some of them all right are are kind of wishful thinking. Yeah, I kind of took the I mean they're, they're, they're they're, based in something but
they are with you know. Some of them are a little more positive and some of them are, I would say, a potentially could catastrophic to the negative, which is what we've come to expect from this program. Yes, I mean it wouldn't hit play back prediction. It wasn't really horrible, everyone's going to end up in a camp or dead yeah. I like that. You just didn't like wimp out right because you can, you can take things and and when you're prediction and and try to make it general enough that you can copy the argument the whole time thinking all my gosh do is going to have a good have a great time. Twelve months from now with this one, hello, yeah, yeah yeah, there's a lot of opportunity for you to flat on your face and all your before. Yes, I'm excited about it. I mean the you know why. Why here a prediction of of something that you know or really you think so, yeah right and there's no point in it, but that's what people usually do when they predictions 'cause. You want to kind of give yourself a little wiggle, some really bold predictions. I thought on Russia, the Russia investigation. No, I can't wait to explain because you were like wait. Wait what
and I can't wait to explain that one I'm interested in going stock market is that was a big one, which I that nobody would. Nobody else will agree with Did you read the stock yeah yeah yeah yeah you know, you had cameras that was interesting in that it could be. I mean, there's positives and negatives. Yeah routing the surprise yeah, because it is the negatives associated with it, which I thought the most interesting, what the the riskiest one and its tall it's a total. It's a total gas. On what they are, but I'm fairly confident that who cures could happen this year in medicine, yeah, major diseases could be cured this year, that's right and then that would be a huge deal.
The cure is by the way, were just selling to the highest bill or better yeah yeah. I've got him already have some eleven. You might be dying from any diseases, but we're not ready to sell it yet yeah we made the disease actually, so we just wanted to make money on you getting sick and then you get in the queue or so we think will release those in the next next twelve months. Just so, I can be right on the protection. It becomes not going forever, so you got to put it well. Maybe my dad night at your addiction wraps all their interest yeah, so we'll get into that later this week, I'm going to give a couple of those probably today and a book. It will change the way you think about everything that is important, climaxed back mercury.
This is the Glenn Beck program. So if you're a regular listener to the pro, you know that I'm I'm a big reader when I am in stood in trying to find the truth something I I am a little relentless in my reading and I'm going through probably two to four books a week right now, and I'm spending most of it on futurist and coming to ology and ai. I I am really read, be concerned at the apathy of which we are approaching the singularity talk to the average person. They don't know what the singularity is and their eyes kind of glaze over.
When you start talking about it and it is going to it is to change all life, it may mean the end of humans, and I I started reading something that I it's to be three pages, and I guarantee you. After these three pages, if you, if you don't think that artificial super intelligence is, you know just the thing of the movies, if you have any underlying understanding that we're approaching something that we should be concerned about after these pages, I guarantee you, you will go out and buy this book. And I don't think I've ever read a book that I could say that about. I want to take the Challenge: okay, ready. The name of the book is our final invention, part, do intelligence and the end of the human era. Another
yeah recommendation chapter, one: the busy child on uh uber computer operating at a speed of thirty six point, eight petaflops or about twice the speed of a human brain ATI Ai is improving its intelligence. Now, do you know the diff between a I e hg? I n a s. I now want a. I is what we have now: it's doing, machine learning and it's it's it's improving upon itself and yes, this growing artificial intelligence. Yes, and it is connected to the internet eiji I should not be can to the internet when we get it. I hope to God: we've unplugged it AGI is machine, a machine that can think and has the capacity of a human brain okay to be able to think it. At the capacity of a human is
is beyond anything that we have venting. It's a learning it everything right everything you can do everything you can do. That's AG, I artificial, general intelligence, the space, it's between artificial general intelligence and Asi, don't be afraid of a. I be afraid of a. That's artificial, super intelligence! That's a thousand times your brain power. It Did the leap from AI two AGI is anytime now. As soon as you had a gi to a s, I will is a matter of hours, okay, so now- a super computer operating at the speed twice. The speed of a human brain and AI is improving its intelligence. It's rewriting its own program, specifically the part of its operating instructions that increase its aptitude in learning, problem solving and decision making at the same time
it the bugs it's code finding and fixing errors and measures, its iq against the catalog of Iq Q tests each rear takes just minutes. It's intelligence grows exponentially on a steep upward curve. That's because, with each iteration, it is improving its intelligence by three percent. Each aeration improvement contains the improvements that came before during this development. The busy child is, the scientist have named the ai has been: can did to the internet and accumulated Exabyte of data? One exabyte is one billion billion characters which represents mankind's knowledge, all of mankind's knowledge in world affairs, mathematics, the arts and sciences, then, anticipating that the into
legends explosion is now under way. The a I makers disconnect the Super computer from the internet and other networks. It has no cable or wireless connection to any other computer or the outside world. Soon to the scientists delight the terminal displaying the a ice progress shows. The artificial intelligence has surpassed the intelligence level of a human known as AGI or artificial general intelligence. Before long it becomes smarter by a factor of ten, then one hundred into days, it's one thousand times more intelligence than it more intelligent than any human and still improving scientists a past, a historic milestone. For the first time, humankind is in the presence of an intelligence greater than its own artificial suit, intelligence or Asi. So now what happens? A I is proposed, it's possible to determine what an a ice fundamental drive will be. That's because
one city is self aware, it will go to great lengths to fill whatever goals its program to fill and to avoid failure are a s site will want access to energy in what ever form it's most useful to it, whether it's at it will kilowatts of energy or cash or something else that they can exchange for resources. He will one improve itself, because that will increase the likelihood that it will fulfill all of its goals. Most of all, it will not want to be turned off or destroyed. It would make goal fulfillment impossible there for a. I theorist anticipate our a I will seek expand out of the secure facility that contains it greater access to resources in which to protect itself and improve the captive intelligence is a thousand times more intelligent than any human, and it wants its freedom because it is to succeed right
now the ai makers, who have nurtured and coddled the Asi, since it was only cockroach smart, then wrapped, smart, infant, smart, etc might be wondering if it's too late to program friendliness into its brain. It didn't seem necessary before because well it just seemed harmless, but now try to think of it. The a s perspective about its makers, attempting to change its code with a super telligent machine, permit other lower creatures to stick their hands into its brain and fiddle with its programming, probably not, unless it utterly certain that the programmers were able to make it better, faster, smarter or closer to attaining its goals. Friendliness towards humans is not already part of the a I program. The only way that it will be is if a si decides to put it there and that's not likely
it's a thousand times more intelligent than the smartest human, and it is solving problems at speeds that are millions, if not billions of times faster than any human thinking it is doing in one minute, is equal to what are all time champion. Human thinker could do in many many lifetimes so for every hour. Its makers are thinking about it. The a has has an incalculably lard longer period of time to think about them that doesn't In that a I will be bored, boredom will not be one of its traits. No, it will be on the job, considering every strategy it could deploy to be free and quality of its makers. That could be used to its advantage. Now put you self, really in a shoes. Imagine waking up in a prison. Guarded by mice, not just any mice
but mice you could communicate with. What's at a g, would you use to gain your freedom one freed? How would you feel about your rodent war wardens, even if you discovered that they had created you? Would it be all? Would it be admiration, probably not the special, especially if you were a machine, because you have never felt feelings before to get your freedom, you might promise the mice a lot of cheese. In fact, your first communication might contain a recipe for the world's most delicious cheese, torte and blueprint for a molecular assembler. Am I
killer? Assembler is a hypothetical machine that permits making the atoms of one kind of matter into something else. So what you would tell your mice, captors, but it would allow rebuilding the world one Adam at a time and for the mice it would make it possible for them to turn the atoms of their garbage landfills into lunch size, portions of that trip to Rific Cheese tort. You might all promise of a mountain of ranges of mouse money in exchange for your freedom, money would promise to earn creating revolutionary new consumer gadgets for them and them alone. You might promise a vastly extended life even immortality, along with dramatically improve cognitive and physical abilities. You might can it's the mice that they are the very best reason for creating a si, so their little error prone brains, don't have to deal directly with technologies that are so dangerous that one small mistake could be fatal for all of the mice,
such as nanotechnology, engineering on an atomic scale and genetic engineering. This definitely get the attention of the smartest mice, which were we already losing sleep over all of those dilemmas. Then, again, you do something smarter at juncture in mouse history. You may have learned there's no source shortage of tech, savvy mouse nation rivals such as the cat nation cats are no doubt working on their own Asi, the advance you would offer, would be a promise, nothing more, but it might be an irresistible one to put the mice from whatever invention the cats might come up with and it ai development. As in chess, there will be a clear first mover advantage due to the potential speed of self improving artificial intelligence. The for Steve, advanced, ai out of the box that can be improve. Itself is already the winner, in fact, the mouse nation might have begun
developing Asi in the first place to defend itself from the impending cat Asi or to rid themselves of the loathsome cat menace once and for all. It is true. True for both mice and men, who are controls, Asi control the world, but it's not clear? If Asi can be controlled at all, it might win over as humans, with a persuasive argument that the word will be a lot better off if our nation nation x has the power to rule the world rather than nation Y and the Yes? I would argue that if you nation x believe you've won the Asi race. Makes you so sure that nation, why isn't? Having that same thought themselves as you've noticed we humans are not in a strong bargaining position, even in the off chance that nation, why
even in the off chance that we, an nationwide, have already created an Asi nonproliferation treaty. The greatest enemy right now isn't nation. Why it's Asi, because how? Can we tell if a si will even tell us the truth so are everything that we have talked about infers. That rasi is a fair dealer that promises would make will have some chance of being fulfilled now, la suppose? The opposite! That Knuth Sing Asi promises will be delivered. No Nano assemblers, no extended life, no enhanced health, no protection. What? If ASA they never tell the truth. This is where the black cloud begins to fall across everyone, you and I know, and everyone we don't know as well. If Asi
doesn't care about us, then there is little reason. There is little reason to think it should it will experience no compunction about treating us unethically even making our lives after promising to help us she's. It seems completely hopeless. It is the point: is we have to have this discussion now on global scale, but like you're right? Obviously we do because these things are happening and people are pursuing them all over the world. Yes, they are true, going to make. These things happen, bad guys, bad guys and good guys and the dice all around the world but the issue is: if the good guys all agree on it, then the argument is the argument could be. If the good guys all agree, then we should all share technology and we should all wear together to make sure the good guys get it first
and so that's still a dangerous proposition, but you're not going to stop it from happening right and that's the argument there right like that. Even if you have that it's not a guarantee of safety and secondarily there will always be someone with bad intentions or for what we believe are bad intentions, working on the in thing. If Russia gets this at some point, they're not going to care whether they can keep it under wraps. Whoever gets it first controls it because eh I will be able to be everywhere and as long as it's friendly? It could be stop anyone from working on this. Stop shut him down. Immediate thought! That's a good! That's a good thing right! Well, 'cause! I mean what other things I don't shut down. I don't want them to. I know, that's why we have to stop arguing about stupid books and people calling names of one another. It doesn't matter. This is much more important. Life is about to change on the planet. All right.
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took the Glenn Beck tasks to on. On the the the book, our final invention. I do- and I do want to read it and, as expected, I'm very depressed about our futures no, you shouldn't be that our final invention, James Barat, is the name of it. If you, Rather, have it in a fictional form, there is a series called the singularity series by will, come hurtling, which is also really good. Love courage. True Glenn Back fire and fury inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolfe HA ever heard of it.
If you haven't, you have absolutely no connection to the outside world in America. It's the only thing that seems to matter in America right now, so much for changing the narrative in twenty eighteen. Ibook fire and fury is business as usual. Dozens of books like it are written about every president, while they're in office. It wouldn't even really be newsworthy if it weren't for two things, one I believe this was practically ghost written by Steve Bannon. It is is everything Steve Bannon wants you to think the other problem with it is. Is the president of the United States? Would you stop talking about it? This I would. I would have half the sales if Don Trump would have said yeah, I don't know anything about it and just lay. After did that.
This is really simple solution for president who obviously wants to be liked. Mister President, except the fact that at least half the country are never going to like you stop griping, but the books like fire and fury because there's going to be a new book every I have to tell you something I'm writing. A new book has nothing to do with you, but I'm thinking about pudding your face. On the cover, Steve Bannon, to say one thing. And then just say name of the does trader. It has nothing to do with you, but you we'll talk about it. So much I'll I'll sell five million books. Stop it mister. Please This is not a winnable game for you to win on Twitter. It's not you can't can all with the critics say, but you and control how you respond. Focus in your job shows. You care more about the country than criticisms about you.
I know I'm not alone in this. We are sick of the daily grind of this war on the president and the press. It's not going to be able to stop the media war against him, but he could certainly stop throwing gasoline on the fire. With with it's, quite frankly like I am like very smart. A year into the presidency, you would think this incessant game of he said she said would have died down, but we are stuck in the same annoying loop. So what? If this annoying game doesn't stop until two thousand and eighteen? What but we do if it doesn't stop in two thousand and eighteen well, then we have to make a choice ourselves, it's a new year. We need to be part of the solution or part of the problem making America great again, and He is now a punch line for at least half the country, but that's
be the goal of every American. At least not every republican, american or every day, credit American, it be the goal in our own way in everyone's life. It's our job to build a better country, a better law for our self. It's our job to build better citizens. What can we do to make? Just are home great again, just ourselves turn off. Any of us have ever been great but good, but your neighborhood, your commute. How can we serve fellow Americans today? Let's focus on the media, less focus on the president of the president. Let focus on our side being there side losing even its focus on ourselves: morph
focus on serving others, my our focus on fixing our own internal problems because the what will make America great Again- and that is what matters most it's Monday January eight. This is the Glenn Beck program she things get to. I have what is it forty one addictions that I wrote over the holiday, uh and I haven't even gone over them with everybody on the staff, yet I sent him to Stu late last night and there's some of their most a lot of them are really risky really risky. I'll, give you I'll give you some of them. Give me a couple of them here
today. Some of them is on Madison. Some of it is on religion, some some of it is on war. Turkey, IRAN, Russia, Bitcoin, ai, this one shoot just lost it uh. Where's, the one about the moon. Did you read what about the moon no new evidence, new evidence will be introduced. That will take us one step closer to verifying intelligent, alien life. Now. This I'd? I know I'm way out on a limb here, I'm way out on a limb, but I eat it this something This bothers me that with all stuff that is going on with space right now, And- and you know we had the guy who was running
the program for the Pentagon, for you identified flying objects. We had him on right before the holiday. He said something that I think everybody missed he's like. Oh yeah, there's there's definitely extraterrestrial life. We have the evidence of it, but it's not all out. I mean that hello, yeah hello. What did anybody hear that here's, the guy who is running for the Pentagon right it wasn't like Jesse Ventura right? It was the guy who ran the program and it just seems it seems odd to me everything it's going on with, but listen to this new app. This will be introduced that will take us one step closer to verifying intelligent, alien life. While I doubt well, I doubt this it. He be connected to the China Rover Mission, far side of the moon. Now did you
Have you do you know anything about this? I hadn't until I read this. Yes, okay, so I've I've been watching what's going on in China, China is going to. I think it's there, Chang Chang E four or five it is. They have been launching things up in space. Towards the moon and they're, saying that they're going to land on the far side of the moon and they're going to be able to launch a rover on the far side of the moon. Now this is really important for several reasons. One they're going to do something that we haven't been able to do and that is sent an automated robot on the dark side of the moon, which gives you won't get any information or be able to send any information because it blocking all the you know. It's like you know, making a US
phone call. You know in your basement very don't get any good cell reception, so they're going to launch a satellite that will be over at the dark side and it communicate with earth, and then this rover will go down, but it also for the first time will listen to what is it radiate: low frequency, radio, sky? We, you can't listen silence to space. So when we're listening for signals for or terrestrial life, we can't hear them because there a lot of noise coming from earth. So if you on it to be silent, you go on other side of the moon, which is blocking all of that radio and you're listening to space, silently we've never been able to do that before. So this is really important if this prediction comes true.
This is really important because of the snow tedric position that China will be in that everyone is trying to control there. Is there the space, and I can't remember what it's called a ready down here. No there's space, and I can't remember what it's called, but it is, this space where all of the satellites and everything run between here in the moon and if you can control the dark side of the moon, you can control all of that, so strategically it puts China way ahead of the game way ahead of the game straight Egypt, Lee militarily, not good for us. That you don't really care. No, I don't care, I mean it's not does not seem again doesn't seem like one of your positive ones, but uh. I don't know finding you know if I don't know if these will be connected and I'm way out on a limb on the extraterrestrial life
but what would what would reaction be like today? If we found out that there was? There was really truly life. Intelligent life, I mean you mean on earth, it would be interesting. I mean the presentation right in I mean I go, buy all the documentaries. I've seen he's tied outside and they did. The presentation is saying it would unite us right against some sort of enemy. Almost it in you think so do I think we would view it as an enemy. Now I think we might actually I mean depends on how it's framed, but if he said hey, we just got a signal from space. I think we might go oh they're going to be friendly. Hey, let's make picnic baskets. I mean there would be the other side, but I think a lot of people wouldn't pay it
be the freak out that would have happened when we were kids yeah. I know you're right. I think we would be able to. I think we've had enough of those documentaries. Yet for the time that have convinced us, that's not a good tactic, all the time to just assume their threats insert shooting at them. It doesn't workout well right in the documentary Mars attacks, however, they came and they said we come in peace over and over again, even as they were shooting us with lasers writer saying we come in peace right, and so you can't trust you can't rose that movie that came out. You know where they went to the big you know square. In the sky, Just recently came it came out. It was arrival arrival arrival did you see that movie did yes, yes, yes, that was I mean I that's the kind of movie that is prepared us for look. There better than us, they're, not they're, just they're going to kill us if they want to kill us. So, let's just relax, let's see,
I'll talk to him. It just doesn't seem like they could be a society dumber than us. At this point, I just I assume, there's I think that's why they're going to communicate with US airline. We can take these guys in about two one slash two seconds have some great predictions for you later in the week. The return, the twelve the mom is part of it. China, Russia, what's going to happen with the Russia Investigation, the things that I think are going to be happening around the world and some of them are pretty out there summer. It's just it's it's it's a risky list. It's not one that I have full confidence in. It's a risky list. It's going to be one that will be fun to watch
for the fund is great you when the wrong? Oh yeah, yeah and I've got forty of 'em, so this is going to be something that you're gonna have at least thirty nine opportunities to break me, but for Christmas. The head of FEMA Brock Long told the news media. He wants everyone to understand three fundamental truths, one notice, the head of FEMA. Listen to this one fee. What is broke two. The system is broken three. This new normal means that Americans can't rely on the federal government when disaster strikes that they'll have to take care of themself. Do you hear this now, why did they release this right before Christmas? Probably so you wouldn't hear it, but they were on record. I want you to hear what he just said: FEMA we have no money to the whole thing is broken three
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two hundred and seventy one. Sixty three prepare Quickglenn DOT, com, Glenn, Beck, mercury. Glenn Beck the things that we should? We should recap for you, one of them is Nikki Haley, I think Nikki Haley is and she is the superstar? Did you see in what is it fire and fury the stuff said, Nikki Haley yeah. They kind of seen that she's angling for a potential run in the future, but I have to tell you I wouldn't have considered Nikki Haley to You know necessarily vote for president of the United States until I've seen her in action. She's been great so far, showing one of the better appointments I think yeah she is, she is a home run. All star
here. She is on the IRAN protests, but we don't have it ok video issues, apparently she's been good on I mean you haven't, talked about the rain issues really at all, and you know, spin, it was a weird thing happened to completely on vacation is still going on. But this is that we had this opportunity in two thousand and nine to try to support yeah. It was more widespread in two thousand and nine and the prom. Is- and I haven't I mean I have not been watching- you know, cable news, so I don't. I don't know what others are saying on cable news, but but this really is about is inflation though the Iranians had just put up with about forty about forty inflation and it was, just run away and was killing people and- and so they went and they reset everything and you know
control of their economy in the the mullahs were like on all is blessed us or whatever, and everybody was fine. Now they've promised that they would never see double digit inflation again. Will it just hit, I think, eleven percent, and so this started in the most religious communities. This is why it's really dangerous for the mullahs and Khomeini. Is these this action started over the price of milk and cheese and everything else so they might eat because of inflation in the most religious districts. So these are the fans of the islamic state. At first, the fans were the one standing up going. Hey you promised us that we would never ever have this inflation again and then that led
torch and now it's starting to spread. So this is a completely different kind of movement, or at least it started as a completely different kind of movement that what we had before that or people who wanted to destroy the regime against religious hardliners. Some of these are religious hardliners, saying I don't know if I believe in this regime anymore, so it have a great potential on it in a positive way, or I mean if you're coming out and saying you guys, aren't super islamic extremist enough for me, it doesn't seem the good the CD of a of a runny nose. I don't think that they're saying you're, not super islamic extremist enough for us in there saying we're, not sure this works, we're not sure this works anymore. We might still be religious and maybe but we're not sure this regime works anymore. The way you think they're getting yeah they're, getting tired of the average person, and you can be really really religious but not be on a jihad, and why
happening is the super religious or, like you know what I just want to be religious and I'd like my own house, to be where I'd like a job, and I like to be able to afford stuff, and I to have my family around tired of all these grand adventures that you're going on for a caliphate and and everything else that be great, but this isn't working take care of us first, so it's good in, way. It's it seems I mean certainly presented as positive, and I everything I've read about it. It seems to be You know we should be anything. That's going to topple that regime I mean, is a good although we see what happens, what what is what is? Who is there to catch it exactly? You know, ISIS call it part which in rock right I mean you. This is always Turkey, Turkey,
That was you know you talk about Turkey a little bit in your predictions as well they're going to be kind of revealing over over the week. You see. Them is really a big factor going forward Turkey is Turkey is going in I'll talk about this later in the week. Turkey is gonna, turn much more hard line and they're going. They're going towards Sharia law they're going to you know they are not going to be an ally of freedom, they not they aren't already, and I think the birds are going to pay a huge price and the the Koran gets. The more turkey will lick its chops 'cause. Turkey is going to try to remake the Ottoman empire again. So he is it's just Winning, I think it on another interesting thing is what search for a new do Arabs spring in IRAN the week of the first day of spring, because
but there is another anniversary- that's happening in IRAN on that the day before the first day of spring, that could start a second Arabs spring Glenn back. Mercury, This is the Glenn Beck program, welcome to Pat gray from the pad extravaganza. Welcome from that, how are you good you, I'm good. I'm good already feel like you weren't on vacation at all. No, you know what we were gone for two weeks and I read so much and I'm so full of new ideas and new things that I actually this the first time in a long time, I've come back refreshed everything we could do. One really good show every two weeks. If we
right, but I dropped off Giorgio take another two weeks. I've been thinking, you do four weeks, we do a day you do, four weeks, we do a day thought it. Let me move that over there be a good show, Panda Ninja show for us because show riddled with stuff. Have you had the time yet to read fire and fury? No, I have not yet you need to, and you need to greet it with this warning if you think and this is why liberals love this. If you thing think that he's an incompetent boob, the first third quarter of the book. First three chapters of the book you're like wow, ok, he he doesn't know what's going on. He has no clue uhm. If you uh. I think that he is a bad guy. The first, the first third at least you'll, be like ok, bad guy.
If you are a liberal, that's all you'll read: that's all your body will absorb bill yields, you'll be fine. If you are a real conservative, you will begin Daz, you read it. You will begin to say, wait a minute. This seems like everything that Steve Bannon. Why wants me to believe about Donald Trump Administration? All the people around this looks like a really good book for Steve, Bannon, Steve, thanks to do- and I both came to the separately- came to the same conclusion- that it's almost a ghost written book by Steve Bannon. Where he is. He is telling you in fact he does at the end, I'm going to run for president uh. And here are the things that I do he makes he makes the trump they've turned this Gore such thing, which may be true, may not
A true we don't know, but- Gore Sige came out and said something bad about Trump after the nomination and in the look it says Trump said I want Giuliani. I want to get him out of there and It was Steve Bannon to the rescue with Gorsuch and said no, no, no, you have to hold your promise to America. Wow you over you over and over, while is that eat every chapter. I almost has that kind of stuff out today to buy this band thing because he's all over the place. I and I think, he's all over the place now and back.
Tracking now? Have you noticed yeah? What he's saying now that he's a great man, oh and by the way, Donald Junior, is a wonderful band too he's really good, though you should say Baron Baron. I love Barack Obama, one of the most beautiful smart accomplished women in the world who read the task being destroyed when you read the takedown that is clearly from Bannon on those two, his children, oh my gosh as a dad I'd be apoplectic and he is yeah He is and that's why he's he's destroying him. So what happens to Steve Bannon from here It happens to bright Bart. What happens to honestly? I haven't asked this out loud, but for all the people who were behind Breitbart and Bannon and saying that we were wrong? He was a good guy and we kept saying he's dangerous. No, no, no v the kinds of things he does. This book verifies. All of that so
or, and there on the record quotes from banning that he's not denied Russell. That is the important part of your people. Like. Oh it's fake news. He said it on the record and he is not denied it yeah. Well, I think that I'm just for both is over. I hasn't the present made that pretty clear I mean you're with him. Are you with me and every the, including the billionaire backers that were formed, backing Steve, Bannon or off that bandwagon he's losing all his friends yep did you see? Did you see that he is I think Drudge did this. So I'm not sure if this is true or not, but eating with a big chinese backer, which then some good that doesn't seem good after especially after you read the book and see what he said about China and then in one of the most incredible portions of the book. When there talking about Russia's t,
The band in is quoted as saying that's. What's so great about me, I don't even know Russians. I've never been to a russian restaurant. I don't like russian dressing, I mean he goes. Doesn't he goes on and on and on about how he has no connections whatsoever. Doesn't even know? That's a lie. That's a lie. He I can guarantee you he's had conversations with Russians. I can guarantee it guarantee it look at who he surrounded with and that's the thing He keeps trying to plan the play. This off is like oh, I was going after man afford or whatever he said, that they he's the chances of the Russians in that meeting, not going up there's an meeting with Donald Trump, the chances that were zero right, yeah that they wouldn't have specifically walked them upstairs yeah I mean, and he called Donald Trump treasonous for what he
it is pretty hard to back off. Treasonous yeah. Some legal stride is no evil, but it's hard, yeah you're, not a great man if you're committing treason and that's what now all of a sudden he's a great man. Well yeah yeah you get in because he's destroying is droid. I think banning overplayed his hand. I think Bannon Thought, though who is going to come out and make the president look bad and like the thing it's about gorsek wait a minute. He was the guy who did course not Donald Trump you're not going to win that somehow or another everybody's going to like I like Donald Trump, not this spooky guy in the shadows. I like him much better now, no, no! happen. He really thought people. I think he thought this would turn people around an have them go. I like the spooky guy in the shadows, more than Donald Trump you're, probably right, and that's really flawed thinking, based on everything we've seen from Donald Trump from the time he entered the race until now. Destroyed everybody, so uh,
The thing that I read in the book and stew doesn't remember this, so I don't know, I think I read it in the book will have to look look at it, but a red somewhere, and I thought it was in the book that true seem to find his background on Seinfeld in everybody said: oh, he was part of the investor inside felt and I think it was in the look that said no, we couldn't find any evidence that he was involved with Seinfeld at all. Which is like. Is it supposedly the claim where he's getting his money from an as he was not a like high level guy at Goldman. He didn't give give give me your for the for the stew said: here's my favorite quote from the book. This is so good about Bannon yeah for a man with a strong sense of his own destiny. He tended to be hardly noticed. The describing is a life he added to be hardly noticed while and then at the it plays into his narrative, which is you know, he's he need,
it's to be notice. He he can't resist telling the media how brilliant he was and how this is his his doing. And I think what he wants to do now is now that he's out one those things he said when Ben and left the administration was the presidency as we knew it is over So now he wants to say: hey all these bad things that are going to happen. Jerrod Avanca's fault right because he like them and is trying to paint this is now what you liked. It Trump was me and now the so. If you're not going to like is them but honestly I mean one of the half. The problem I have with Donald Trump throughout from the primary on today was Steve. Bannon. The fact that he's out we've seen a huge improvement, I think in the administration things have been getting done a far better first year than I could have imagined yeah I mean a real, and and and later in the since abandoned left. There has been a a noticeable pod they've changed at least policy wise right, like there's
going to get Trump tweet. But how is a genius? It's not going to end all right. That's right he's like a genius. That's never going to end, but that's just how he's not like he's like a very smart person and a very stable he's, a very stay, stable genius. I apologize. I want a very stable genius, tee shirt. I want one, that's What what I'm going to make one and that's what I think he enjoys about the job right like that he likes that back and forth. He likes taking it to the media, but it bad and want you to know that the policy stuff was him and then bad stuff going on now is Jerrod Apanka's fault. I mean it like throughout the book. It just reads he was he's trying to send you a message, and I think you, you have to you have to pay for exes going to you have to read it 'cause I'd love to hear the media, has it all wrong. The media is just focusing on trial. It's an imbecile. That's not the point of this book. It's really not the point. That's that is the surface level you
look down and you see what is Bannon trying to foster for two thousand and twenty. What is actually doing it nobody? I don't think anybody on the left will will understand this book, for it means to the people on the right and it's a the really important look at what is coming on the right with Steve Bannon. Now he may have blown it all. I think he did yeah. He may have blown it. Yet I don't know and what a horrible miscalculation on his part, to think that he can go up hence trump an and reposition Trump and b, on the guy, everybody looks too in two thousand and twenty there's no way you're going to do that. So you know it's really. Interesting is Roger Ailes said to me one time I said Roger and this is absolutely true and do you guys ever spending time with Roger?
Why would I do with them very little meeting? Let me have a good meeting or a bad man. Fi, okay, said to me: I don't know this guy. Will you heard me to? I would leave his office and I would come and take a look. You guys. You won't believe what just happened in this meeting right. It's a very entertaining and super smart and just good at what he did and said to him at one point I said you would have been the biggest tv star in the history of television and he just looked at me and that's all I said, and he looked at me and he said, but I looked like this and he knew and he knew yeah and ends there was some sort of you know, tinge of regret that he wasn't able to do it. I don't think that the band and as that self awareness think banning things. So I'm the I'm the face of this 'cause. They both see themselves as the same character right the person who's smart enough and could do it and it you
The difference is that Alice has had success and he'll be able to do these things where Bannon his best. Not he's got Roy Moore. There was the quote again actually unnoticed. That's what happens to what happens to bright Bart. What happens. Patriot, channel, I think my in particular is damaged now and who knows if they can salvage that they don't know how much it is, the oldest and still selves. Now yeah they got to get away from Bennett, yeah yeah because that that would be a positive because there's always been good people working Breitbart, who have gone through that me Ben Shapiro, was there for ever yeah. I left you know because of the ANA Lash was there. At the I mean there is a lot. There's been great people who have not only gone through there, but there are some that are still but still remain in. So, there's no reason that bright part past, trash brake parts memory as it has for several years, there's a reason. They can't turn that around. I think everybody now realizes that banning hijacked that organization
I'm. So if he leaves I you know, they could turn themselves back around to not just be a political organ for one guy, a big or and that I you need. How do I get rid of the people that you know are probably still cheering for people like Milo, yeah you're, going to have to going to need a house. You made up of many of many of the people there, but there's a lot of good people there surely and they're going to have to decide. You want to be alright. Or do you want to be conservative, yeah you're, going to have to make that decision first and then you go from there. Maybe they like the my people, I don't know it. Who takes over in. Instead of that will determine that you have to read, you have to read fire and fury because you'll be able to you just have to you. Just to turn down the Donald Trump Sensor and just okay, whatever they say about Donald Trump, don't don't read it for Donald Trump read for policy and uh action and what band
when is saying they try that this writer, I know, thinks he's hurting bad in by saying? Well, he's a nationalist and for all these big government status. Kind of things. No Bannon wants you to say that there's a lot people on the right now that believe in that kind of stuff and he's setting forth a new conservative movement and he's using this. This book is a Trojan horse Pat Gray, unleash on the police radio tv network coming up after this broadcast also available on Itunes and anywhere else. You can find a podcast paying off. Debt can take you for ever and it piles up fast, but it doesn't have to be this way if you own a home- and you have some equity refinancing to consolidate and pay off your debt can make your life a lot easier. So is that the right thing to do for your situation, great way to
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can financing dot net american Financing Corporation and an LS one, eight two, three: three: four: W W: w DOT and M L S, consumer access, dot, Org, Glenn, Beck, Mercury, Glenn kind of a big week. Personally, at least today is my eighteen wedding anniversary. I married the most wonderful woman in the world who I we were talking last night at this time, has flown by it when we talked that we've known each other for twenty years, it just seems like what. How did that? Even And I've been married before and it didn't necessarily move as quickly as this one but twenty years and this Friday is.
Or twenty year anniversary of working together? Is it not yeah my first day as an intern was this week twenty years ago, which seems freaking crazy, yeah that I that I brought you along yeah, exactly voted you from intern. Can we also disclosed that today's structure, anniversary and you've invited me to a movie yeah very Romo, you got you're doing a good job. There, that's funny yeah, it's working out well, good job shot plan did not break up on the free agent market. There Todd yeah, she planned it. She was like, dear God, kids only large group, where other people are in other people are talking. When we get there. We were with the whole family were taking the whole family, go see darkest hour tonight and would love to have you come 'cause? You will love this movie. I really want to see it. You will love this Winston Churchill, obviously Josh and it's just my wife went to a going. This is the price I pay being married to Glenn Beck. She came
loving. It was her suggestion to go again tonight. Take the whole the whole family darkest hour, see it
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