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Vladimir Lenin, Saul Alinsky and the president's chief advisor Steve Bannon  ...Professor Jonathan Haidt discusses what separates us and how we can disagree more ...Be loyal to your principles, not the parties

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This is the blaze radio on demand, hello, America. Welcome to the program boy, I don't know. Should we start with the the sucky bus, the intergalactical succubus. Is there another story today? I don't think there is. I really I think we need to start with the demons that are writing the flicker rate. Thank you right into your home. Some sort of an intergalactic succubus,
we begin there right now, just an hour and a half away our culture. I look at my job. I have made my choice. We will not diffusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glenn Beck program, probably killer. I mean I don't even know where to begin on this let's: let's take it help you want to avoid the real story. That's why I know I know the audience wants the truth and you won't give it to me. I know I know so. Start here, so you can understand how and why we got to the succubus I want to with the White House and Steve Bannon.
I know there's a lot of people that don't want to hear this and I know there's a lot of people that don't want to even think about this, but we have to Steve Bannon, as I've said many times, is the most dangerous man in the government. Today he is. And you know removing him from the government office. It just puts him back into the media and I don't think that lessens his effects. But the reason why I say this is because his his moral bases ethical base is skewed. He is the ends, justify the means kind of guy and we but his ends are I'm not quite sure, because I don't believe that he believes in The fourth pulled
cool theory, and we can talk about that some other time, but that is that where it would appear. He is headed a fourth political theory. Which is not fascism, not communism, not capitalism. It is quote taking the best of those. I can't find the best of communism and fascism taking the best of those combining them, and that is the fourth political way. This theory, he was started by a guy named Alexander Dugan, I have been saying for a while that Steve Bannon in his own words admits that he is a leninist, meaning that he believes in Marxism. In his own words, he believes that Lenin is somebody that we should study and somebody that he likes to pattern himself after, because Lennon burned the entire system down and game gained his own kingdom. It's
it sounds very Sala Lynskey, you know, lest we go any further without a tip of the hat to the work first Rebel Satan, who least, rebelled enough to gain his own kingdom. Now we on the right have been against Saul Ulinski. For a long time we have a guy who is living and breathing the Saul ulinski life, who calls himself self a Leninist because he wants to burn the entire system down, and this is the closest Kaiser to the president. Why is this important. I need to find a way to wake the press and have them find a responsible way because of the press starts to say this. So many on the right arg into it will fall on deaf ears. They will just say: oh my gosh look they're just doing anything they can they cover
up for all the radicals. You know the bill Ayers around. You know effecting the Democrats for so long now we got one guy that so I'm afraid that they will just think this is a trumped up charge, no pun intended. But everybody needs to know who Alexander Dugan is, and his connections to Steve Bannon Alexander Dugan is the author of the fourth political theory. He is an advisor to Putin, he's the guy who convinced Putin to go into Crimea. He is a guy who is Buddy Buddy with LE. We, if you think it's Jobbik's in the former Soviet Union, the new, not NEO Nazi Party, he was there an instrumental with the new NEO Nazi Party in Greece. He is, he is still
bring trouble up with the far right all across Europe, not because he believes in that, but because he wants to set the world and the west on fire. He is uh, so clearly said that he has agents he or an connections here in America that are doing the same thing and he's churning things here in America. If you could Steve Bannon's language, much of it is the same language as Dugan. We know. Oh, he knows who Dugan is. This is from twenty thirteen. This is a not a speech more of a conference talk. This is eve. Banning the audio is a little rough talking about how he sees the future of the world
a lot of those come from what I call urination is you know it's got an advisor that Harkins back to choose abla in different writers in the early 20th century, never really traditionalist movement, which really kind of eventually metastasizes italian fascism. A lot of people that the traditional is far attracted. Other reasons is that they believe that these putnis standing up from traditional institutions and he's trying to do it in a you can just stop there, because this is what and I not saying that Trump is doing this knowingly Bannon is, but I don't Think Trump is aware of this at all. Bannon is frightening because in some way well in in many ways he's exactly right on what's
happening in the world, but I believe he wants to use that knowledge for for ill. As a was too good, he wants to burn things down as opposed to heal them. He is a a fan of the book, the fourth political turning. What was that was that was called sue, can't remember the name of their learning yeah, the fourth dimensions and the speech he is he gets. He is on all of the things this show has been on, but we've been trying to show you be aware of these things. Be wary of these look. The cycles of politics know where we are look at the pendulum and where it's swinging, he is riding that pendulum and, in fact, pushing that pendulum, as is Alexander Dugan,. To burn the entire system down. We know he knows who he is
will say it's a conspiracy theory. We have told you three years for years have to know what you know you have to do your own homework, no it to the core. We is there going to be people of remember during the tea party, I used to say all the time yeah gotta know who you're standing next to because, while you're in this group it they seem like. You agree on a lot of stuff, but you don't, if you don't know who you're in the group with that to be a problem down the road, the that's really. What has happened? One people that we warned you against was, and we should have done it stronger. We just thought he was a joke. Was the we were just talking about him, the guy, the the Succubus guy Alex Jones, the joke,
yeah. I know I know I know on the succubus any minute. I know it's not a joke. Here's What happened last week on the Alex Jones Show now remember tried make sense of this. Here's a guy who sees the conspiracy theory in everything and any he's having Alexander do on last week, has to get on remember what did Steve Bannon just say: Dugan was good at. He was good at helping Putin free, build the framework for the people who say your fight for my heritage, your fight for my lifestyle, your fight for my country, nationalism, traditionalism. It's the same thing that's happening, and it's why people like Alex Jones are updating to the message of Bannon through Trump
N Dugan. Here Dugan and Alex Jones last week, can you speak them knowing put obviously and sing the forces of the press? I Vladimir Putin so popular in Russia and around the world and what he really stands for Sure my introduction was important Becaus. I would like to stress that I am simply relished as well as you Alex as well as Trump and mister. First of all, reality realism doesn't mean nationalism, realistic doesn't doesn't mean some ideology, realism considering this over of the people of the nation, the crisis. This call we look at the globalist exactly because Trump Trump's unknown realist, you're, saying Trump Surrealist Uriel's, I'm a realist. We should
We can celebrate sovereignty and nationalism and and work together and not try to conquer each other. What you're saying is just common sense That's right! We're is juice, cabbage schurch and he is. He is listen to what he just said: hey I'm a realist, but he also just said we should leave each other alone and not conquer each other. If you read the fourth political turning, if you read Alexander Dugan, it is the war between the people of the land and the people of the sea, the people of the sweet as the NATO alliance. If you, if, if wooden Dugan, actually believe that, then why would you take the Crimea? These might seem like strange, strange, bedfellows or not, but they're, not and especially, because Alex Jones sees governmental conspiracy in everything.
So not until the same thing in America that we that we are behind everything that we I I I think do It is a nine eleven truther there as well, and so I don't know if they're pretty well, I don't know if Dugan believes in that he believes in sowing the seeds of discord. So he will believe it or he will say it because anything he can do to sow the seeds of, did, scored and break us apart, remember in in the in the late 90s is Dugan. That said, it's going to break up into five different countries and you, states going to break up going to go into civil war. This is in the 90s. What what that's? That's crazy talk and they talked at the time he and other leaders in the former Soviet Union talk of how they had operatives here. I remember reading that and laughing go to comma and that's crazy. Look at where we've gone.
Look at where we've gone they made crazy they may be. You know I said I wanted to ban the word evil from from the program and not call people evil in uh, they call him evil. That's really hard not to do because he's a guy who said that his where the problem with Hitler is, he didn't go far enough. The philosophy and what he stands for is evil and we have to find a way for people get out of the box of politics and start using reason and looking at who around the president and who is advising him because chaos is is a good thing to Steve Bannon. I'll. So you know, because There are people in the country that think that Alex Jones does
is a realist. Yes, I can't believe the number of people that that act I mean there's one, I give me one in my life who believes Alex Jones and I would say to you: I can't believe the number of people that believe Alex Jones just so you know here's how much of a realist he he is this. It's from the same time period of the last seven days I like some type of inter dimensional, polite or Q Bush. If I can catch itself to the ticket to people and it's like either their demon possessed, or they aren't tv start out to and that's what it is I've talked a lot of top psychologist lot of top Ph Ds or even atheist. They said listen and you know we had talked to every every stop sign. So now he's talking about how people are watching tv and they're, getting sucked in and they're becoming possessed
to study in a few look enough. You get into situations enough you'll run into people that are clearly possessed and who even know information about you. You've never told them they're, not just in something else, is coming through and told jacks. What did they shut? The analysis is happening there. I did pick this up the first time, but is he saying atheist? yeah even easier situation that will, even in the ACS items in demon, possession right well, but even atheist, so atheist, edit some of the best atheist start. If you talk to people enough, if you get into situations enough, that's standard of proof here. If you get it Asian, pretty good standard. Would you think about it to pieces? Sure the media makes fun of me. I don't care what it is or whatever I'm telling you folks at both of those. I look out of the crowd to see the people they are possessed by something I don't know what it is you most the planet believes in in in in the demons and possession for a reason for every culture to us big It's not them something's, coming in
things been overlaid and it's the sickness and it's spreading, and the television is the vector it's how they're getting through at people right it's a mind trick. They put them into a subconscious hypnosis. There that's with the television Flickr rates and the lights all of it, and then they superimposed freewheels there. Great there that the flicker rate and then let the lights, all of it, which I believe is the frame rate, the flicker rate lights in the lights create a wave that hypnotize you and succubus rides that wave will they admit that they admit that solid,
admit that they threw the Flickr rated the lights. All of it. You'll know it. Surely you obviously all know that they admitted between the crappy atheists, who believe in the demons, and we have the crappy demons, who need a television for some reason to possess people? They can't do it any other way to do it. Any other way is through the flicker rate of your television. Everyone knows it and Flickr eight you just throw them out of this is good stuff. Now, this thirteen seconds, that's the amount of time between home burglaries in the US every thirteen seconds. So what are you doing to protect your home? What are you doing? protect your family safety. You spent an awful lot of money and have the guys come out in the little teeny booties, so they don't get anything on your carpet. You first have to you'll, have a sales person come into your house and you'll chew your arm off. You will sign anything to get home security guy out of your out of your home,
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simplysafebeck dot com, you'll, get exclusive. Ten percent discount simplysafebeck dot com for your home security system, open box, set it up and you're safe, Simplysafebeck back dot com mercury, the play it back program, you know. I really think that there is a there's something happening in the country. We are succulents are coming through the television yeah through the Flickr. I see the crowd. I see the crowds You know, I love the fact that he says he sees the crowds and he can Well, there possessed by something the crowds you're looking at. Now it's maybe maybe you should think what is wrong with these people
Well, they invented it with the Flickr right right anyway, there's something happening. The I think is good. In America, and that is the normal people. Starting to come together from both sides the people who say I don't want to go into an authoritarian style rule. I don't like that. I don't want the government, telling me to believe how to behave. I don't want that authoritarian rule left or right, though those are the people that we need to start showcasing, because there, every gland back in middle grab, mercury. The Glenn Beck program would stake. All makes sense. Welcome to the program over the program. There's a couple of things. Let me let me give you this story from the New York Times.
We go back to the basic flaw in liberal Bryant brains, again and again, conservative belief, not it abuse mind you is, incredibly inclusive and tolerant tent. This is be as conservatives believe that liberals are simply wrong, not evil. Most of them at least. Therefore, true, conservatives are tolerant of liberals, LGBT and all racial identities. Liberals, on the other hand, believe the conservatives are bad people and must not be tolerated. Therefore, regardless of skin color, sexual orientation, religion, national identity. If you or to bake that cake, big it boat you're at a minimum, defective if you're, white and christian and mail your evil liberals can't separate dual streams of ideals, an advocacy I used to leave that to until this last election, and then you know that went out the window. However, I think people are people yeah. I don't think it goes left her
it's interesting. When you get to do that, do it, how did you miss Depeche mode? let me let you review here that again, I think people are people so why Could it be? Thank you ok, so long, so awfully rights either even worked in this particular case. Yes, so what you're reading is a conservative talking about the New York time times article when you get to the New York Times article about how they can't understand how any buddy, who is transgendered or less lesbian, bisexual trans. What eh okay. So here's from the article l g B, T conservatives argue that they are not one issue: voters that, while the rights of Queer Americans are important, they are not the only factor. They are
there are a lot of issues that constitute political identity and, as it turns out, some voters feel that their own rights are not most urgent? I admit I really don't get it so in that spirit of listening I called Caitlin again, she was drive, her car in one thousand nine hundred and sixty Austin Healey Bug Eyed sprite to the shop. If we don't have a can, free? Then we don't have LGBT issues, I wasn't quite for which he meant. So she went on it's important that we have a thriving country. I want every trans person to get a job. I want a thriving in comedy. I don't want to massive government on top of everything that we do. As I listened, I wondered whether LGBT Rights really ought to not be the most conservative of causes, above all else. We want to be left alone without interference to live our lives with truth and grace. What could be for conservative than that amen and then it was gone yet. The model, Republican Party seems to have no problem interfering with people's privacy when it comes to sexuality and gender identity from abortion. Rights
two opposition, a marriage, equality that Republicans have advocated more government intrusion in our lives, not less. She goes on to say that how you could be transgendered, and not anti christian- is beyond her and, of course, Caitlyn Jenner is not anti christian right. Not at all. Now I happened to agree that the Republicans uh and this is why this- why the Republicans are good the wrong point on gay marriage? The point on gay marriage is not whether a man or a woman should be married. Show the government be involved in that at all. The answer is no. She's right when she, you know this should be conservative. She's right concert should be classic liberal and what class liberal means is you
leave me alone? I leave you alone. We don't steal each other stuff, but that stealing of each other stuff star it's with the progressive income tax it starts with. Well, I can give the government the right to take your stuff. Well, if you don't have the right personally, you can't appoint someone else and give them the right to take. Somebody else is stuff, and so that's where it started was just well I'm going to tell you how to live your life, I'm going to tell you what is the quote: Theater Roosevelt, I don't mind if you earn a great deal of money. I just want to make sure it's well spent. That's not your business n is starting there. It starts to creep in into everyone's philosophy, and so we're doing is we're arguing about two groups of people that want to control your life. The group of people that want to teach your children things,
you might disagree with. Tell you how to run your life and tax people they feel should be taxed. The other side wants to tell people how to live their life. What they need think teach the children what they believe is right and who to tax they feel deserve the tax. That's all we're arguing over two giants: states. That's not! America and it's Europe it and that's why the principle is that you want less intrusion from government, smaller government- I mean we talked about this before in that you know Abraham Lincoln, didn't have a marriage license. George Washington didn't have a very license. Marriage license is not a present from the government to celebrate your love. That's not what it is. It's a way for the to be involved in your. You know what you know, what out of my heterosexual in manner but wait first, the
government did it to make sure blacks and whites don't get with another big focus right then, after that, it was eugenics, get the blood test. We make sure that for eugenic purposes, that we're, not we're, not breeding defective. They charts how how what is if you look at your grandparents, what percentage are you of a particular race? Therefore, we can figure out if you're allowed to get married to another, race, that's by the way in America in America I mean it sounds like you're hearing it from from Europe. It's not it's. It was an american thing we talked and not to the primary can progressives, taught the a lot of a lot of what they did- and it's not obviously use for those things now now it's is used for all sorts of distribution, of wealth, of tax credits, of tax penalties, of all sorts of different things that that make the they will tell you. You can't do these things, because you're just too intertwined we've heard that from Gary Johnson, a libertarian candidate was
saying we can't get the government out of marriage because it's too intertwined in our laws which to me I think I don't understand that ninety five percent of libertarian thought right follow that logic, but I mean this is something that we should all work for and if the principal is well, I, like certain things, big government, because- and I don't like others and I'm going to root for the ones they like. Well, that is that's, not that's a practice practical, its policy correct! It's it's just whatever at that. When I feel like I like and is why you see so many people have switch. So dramatically in such a short period of time, because none of it was based out of both sides in and the Abyssal is wrong when they said this was racism, but they were right if they would have phrased it it's about cuz the color was not black or white. The color was red or blue it, his team colors. That's all. It was because of so
the people on the left are now discovering federalism and saying you know. Maybe we should have very small, limited government in California. Maybe we should secede where, when their team was in control and tax started, saying that and not I don't think is seriously is even California is saying it. The Texas, He says that that's one thing yet they're still saying it they've said it's since the eighteen hundreds. When they were mocking Texas and saying secede, how dare you that's outrageous now they're saying that you know now it makes sense. If their team gets in they'll, say it doesn't make sense again. We have to stop playing this. Name we were against executive orders, we, Where is the right now on executive orders? If you were against the way, I was against the way, Morocco.
What was treating the press? I said repeatedly on deaf ears, I'm the first guy to have five White House coordinated boycotts, I'm the first guy to have people can dean to the White House and in the White House, operate boycott what's to silence of voice. None of the press wanted to hear it. I good for them when they were being snooped on threatened the under Obama administration. They did seem to care. Now they care I, still here saying I'll stand with you, though, that's where we need to be principal, it's what the first amendment is the first amendment whether you like what they're saying or not. They have the right to say it and gosh we need a first amendment to
tell the government, they can't touch the press. If that was written, because we knew the press going to say, lovely things about the government, they knew the got, they were going to say awful things about the government in the rulers. Well, I mean look at look at leaks right now I mean right now: leaks are the every person on the on in the Republican Party release of the worst thing in the world. We can't believe that this is happening during the campaign. When Bush was president, they were the worst thing in the world, but the thing that a lot, no one. The media seems to point out at least that that often is that the left was on the exact opposite side of those issues, every single time they all were king back and forth- it's not to trump thing. It's a it's. A It's a situation that, if you don't have a foundation of things that you believe then the whatever in front of your eyes at any given moment. That seems to benefit view for the next thirty seconds is the thing you do it's hard for a society to
rive when that is the truth, which is why the best thing that can happen is for the White House Press correspondents dinner just to go away. Just to burn down in flames. You know, I don't. I don't think the press recognizes the the the putrid. It is event that that is, but it is despicable and disgusting, and it's it's just everyone getting into bed with the government. It's it started. For that reason, how can we, the press on our side make them part of the family, He should be at odds to each other people with you know. People are complaining that you know where the opposition party, the presses the opposition party. They should wear that as a badge of honor yeah,
damn right where the opposition party, it's just, be the opposition to every for every president. That's the problem for the president for every party. You should be the opposition party and and parties tough, because it parties signifies in a way you defend your side, no matter what you don't want, someone who's constantly criticizing the president, even when they're not doing something wrong, but you want press corps with natural skepticism to the brain we were talking about when we were talking yesterday about the leaks coming from the intelligence, and we both said to Jason, who was former military intelligence, and we both were. Insert all of us were concerned. How do you slice this? I don't want. The intelligence community, thinking They can just leak things the president, if they don't like where he's going. This is a different particular case. This this is something with foreign powers and foreign entanglements. That's different and
Jason said was no the intelligence department does not take an oath to the president. They take an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the states and the american people. That's what the press, maybe that's what we should be doing we're taking an oath to the party. Why we're taking an oath who the president we, found that abhorrent. Remember the large to the president, my we found that a when the left did, that on Barack Obama we haven't made the video on the right it is, but there are many people who have taken the pledge to support the president, no matter what it's wrong it's wrong. When they did it's wrong, when we did it, we have to take a pledge to the constitution and the principles around the constant.
Nobody seems to know many seems to understand. You know even on our side, the constitutionalist. We think we have to protect the constitution. Honestly, I keep looking at this. As the constitution is just an electric fence, it's not the sure. It's the best built electric fence that man is come up with. The treasure is the idea of America. We don't even know what the idea is anymore who's. We defend the cons, that's not the idea that steel, that's the safe, the electric fence around the idea. That's why this year, I've I'm saying we don't want to talk about, and we've done a poor job this hour. We don't want to talk about people we
to talk about events we want to but ideas great minds, talk about ideas. What is the idea of America and next hour? How do we talk to each other about these? I he we found a political full the fee or a really it's a it's a it's a system being able to understand each other that we want to share with you next hour. That is really fascinating. That's coming up! Now, you don't need any extra stress in your life and that's what you get when you sell a house selling a house up there with divorce with a death in the family. I mean that's awful, get the real estate agent, somebody who will help, sell your house on time and for the most money being able
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Best when he said she didn't win 'cause, she can't sing. Thank you. Carlos Santana Dell is talented, that's why she want, and it's not like being He is never won a Grammy award she's one twenty two. She is the second most awarded woman of all time, forgotten that the yeah, even though Z is so what the name of her album is lemonade. You don't name your Oscar or a Grammy winning album ladder at kids during. Thank you bye on every corner, twenty five cents. You could yeah, you know. Yeah! May I just say all I all. I said was. I can't believe I'm sitting in a room with adult men who are fighting over Beyonc and and look what happened there. It is program, mercury.
This is the blaze radio on demand, hello, Erica, welcome to the Glenn Beck program. It's not everyday that I say we have a professor of ethical leadership on from New York University from Nyu and tell you I am excited and you should read. We pay attention to the next twenty minutes or so or as long as we can convince him to stay. Jonathan Height is a a guy who's authored a couple of books? The latest book is the righteous mind. Why good p People are divided by politics and religion. Listen to this man's theories, listen to what he's found out through research and how we can start to bridge the gap, build bridges toward one another. How
for simple things on how we approach each other can change everything we start with Doctor Jonathan Height right now I looked in my trunk. I have made my choice. We will this rain diffusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glenn Beck I kind of made it my goal this year. To anything, I do to try to remember small lines. Talk about people average mine, talk about events and great minds, talk about ideas and problem with America is we've small minded all of us have talked. We were just talking about people, let's get to
a higher level and start talking about ideas. I wanted to doctor Jonathan height. He is the author of the righteous mind why good people are divided by politics and religion, his research is done a ton of it and it is shown why we are so divided on politics and there's an pretty easy way to come together at least the way I see it. I want to hear his take on this doctor height welcome. How are you, sir, very well Glenn soap to be here? I have to tell you that when I started working on the book when I set out to try to understand conservative conservative, news and I was on the left back then yours is one of the first shows I started listening to. So I'm I'm just really pleased to be here. Talking with you, I was a guinea pig. What do you what what did you. What did you feel at the time, or what did you come away with fascinated by this? So
I was always on the left, like most people in my sort of social environment, and I just couldn't stand at the Democrats in two thousand and two thousand and four seems to have no clue how to talk about morality, no clue how to connect with american values. So I set out to do research that would help them understand. I thought well. First, I have to understand. I have to start listening to what conservatives have to say, and so I started to subscribing to national review. I started to your show and hand it in a few others, and I expected to be angry expected to to feel negative emotions, but my dominant feeling, especially when listening to you in addition to the fact that it was funny was, was oh gosh. I never looked at it that way. Oh that's interesting! I never saw that side of the questions that was actually fascination wow. Well, I have to tell you because of your book I mean your book is, is really impact, I'd love to bring you down sometime and talk to you. Your book is impacting
everything that I do right now, because I read your book and thought ha wow. I've never looked at it. That way. I've didn't realize these are the the real differences between us and a lot of it, and I kind of learned this in distinctively. Just by going to different churches, I'm I'm a very open guy, I'm a strong member in my own faith, but I I love going to churches. I love learning about other people's religions and their face, and their traditions and and found over the years is we're saying most of the same thing, probably nine thousand and ninety five percent of the same thing. We are saying it in different ways and we stick to those language patterns and we think, if you don't it that way? Well, then, you mean something else entirely and
get bogged down most times in language differences. That's right! I think the thing we have to add to that is that Hume, nature is fundamentally tribal. So, even though we all have the same human nature, part of that nature is that we just love to form teams, and then we give our team the benefit of the doubt and we're always looking at what's wrong with the other team and under regular circumstances. We also you know we like to trade we like to meet other people, but when we get into battle mode, where very good humans evolved for intergroup conflict, basically for war, and so as soon as we have the sense that they have done something to us or there's a shortage of where fighting them for some scarce resource. We instantly go into tribal mode and then those little differences that you're talking about they just loom so large, we make a big deal out of them and we we we missed the big picture, which is that we actually are all morally motivated. We all are trying to make the world a better place right, and I will tell you to other than that. I've
I mean this is one of the regrets of of me. You know my past in in broadcast is I fell into that tribal mode and I still believe everything that I have always believed. I haven't changed my principles, but I have changed the way I see other people and the way I phrase things or believe they should be phrase. For instance, I'm trying to banish the word evil from my lexecon, because are you I over use it and we? We have begun to see each other on both sides as good versus evil and we're not we're. Not our sides, not really. You know all. Good and the other sides not evil. It's we have. We uh so both of us in it are both of those things in in in all of us, and we see the humanity in each other.
Maybe we can start to come together. That's right. We we we do tend towards Manichaeism Manic. Medic he's was second century Persian. I forget exactly what, but we we we fall into the trap of thinking that the that the the divided between the forces of darkness and the forces of light, and we on our side we're entirely the the forces of light and they're entirely evil, but two to uh. I guess not defiled offend you or to exonerate you a bit. The game has to change. What I mean is that there's a time for playing politics, hard, Anri giving it all. You got to try to defeat the other side and that's okay. When the game rules are in place and the game is structurally sound and but we have in the last few years. I think we've crossed over into a into a dangerous zone in which the gate the game is, is falling apart and what I mean is
the you know a lot, you know everyone on the left thinks that Trump is Hitler and he's going to destroy the country and people in the right thought the same about about Hillary. But what I'm worried about is that the forces pulling us heart are now so much stronger than they were even ten years ago that that the country is in danger and we've got a change the way we play the game. I'm not saying anyone needs to say, okay, you know my side was wrong, but we've got to stop demonizing of this side and we've got. I mean the fact that many people simply on the left now are saying violence is morally justified. I mean this is just terrifying. To me, this is a red lights. Are flashing? Is it because I really believe Jonathan I've. You know, I talked to a lot of people and I go around the country and and I have this sense that there is a is a.
They pull it's not overwhelming. But it's just beneath the surface- People are locked into their positions, but they have this sense of I'm not sure if this is right or good, and there is this pull underneath surface on both the left on the right to file and another way and defined reason and to find a connection to each other. I think we have a window of opportunity here. I'm afraid it can close quickly at is the war machine gears up, because I do believe there's a few people on the fringes of both sides that want us to war with each other and we leterrius apart, but I don't think the average person does it. Is that accurate and is it too late to come back together? I don't
no, I mean I'm not picking that up, but then again I'm in the academic world and nobody will admit to having voted for Trump, it's quite dangerous to do so. The left is obviously much more upset. Now I mean we talked about comma derangement syndrome on the right. When Obama was president now we've got Trump derangement syndrome on the left. So I'm not picking that up, I'm had to hear that you are I'm expecting things to get a lot worse, I'm expecting there to be violence, and at that point, when there is more widespread violence, I'm hopeful that Americans were mostly pretty moderate, reasonable people. I'm hopeful that the the the large moderate middle, whether it's center right center left libertarians, I'm hoping at that point. There will be more of a public outpouring of the sentiment that you just expressed, but I don't see it yet. But do you see anybody moving in that direction to see any I've been looking? Martin Luther king, I've been looking for I've been looking
somebody and you know the base of I've been going on the medium begging, for yeah. Please somebody, you see anything, you see any belt it out. I think what it what it's going to take it. I think it's gonna, take pairs of people. I mean the your two essays in the New York Times were just wonderful and if you can find a partner- If you can find someone on the left, who is willing to go on a speaking tour with you, someone who, I think that's what we most need is to model personal relationships. This is what I mean by the game. Is now broken back with the you know, if you could have somebody on that right now, Serena left disagreeing, but showing some respect for each other. Some friendship, some decency that I I think is so inspiring to people in so that, I think, is, is how to be most effective. I hope you can find somebody who's solidly on the left. Maybe you of a mirror image of you. Do you know anyone? Any left left wing comment,
there is the you you've. You know you've even argue to debate with you might go on a speaking tour with you, yeah hi. I am what I'm working in that direction. Yeah I am, I will hey. I didn't expect to talk about this. The conversation has been you know, a speaking tour tours are expensive. And you know I've even said- I don't want to even make any money how the hell do we pay for it, because I'm not sure anybody would come. I'm not sure that of the left would pay for a ticket to come, see me we speak and I'm not sure my audience would come and see pay money to see the other person speak. I just don't know I don't know. If there's I mean we didn't do it for free, but you we've demonized sponsorship. So much that nobody wants to sponsor something like that. How do you how you get that done and if there's
a barrier of a ticket price? I think that might even be too much let alone just the barrier of you actually have to get up and go and listen to somebody. You disagree with right now. I think be right about that, in which case, I think, just fine someone to write with writing that jointly sponsored essays. The way MIKE Bloomberg in Charles Coke did. There are a few examples to to laying the groundwork. I'm hopeful that you, you can lay the groundwork, I'm doing what I can to provide the sort of intellectual arguments for why we need to ultimately have more compassion for each other. I think we need to begin laying the groundwork that when things, if things I should say if, if things do get really nasty, if things get much much worse and there is then some sentiment for a for a return to sanity indecency and enough is enough- I'm hopeful that you'll be one of the
years in involved in in in coming back to sanity, as in the sea. Are you optimistic in all your research? Are you optimistic that we as an ice it's, not as America, just as the west that we, whether the storm that is coming, I am not optimistic. Actually, I am fairly pessimistic and my main reason is social media. Many people point out. We've been here before one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight was much more violent. The civil war, the 1820s we've had times of turbulence like this, but I'm very worried that social media is so effective. Finding every possible outrage committed anywhere in a high school in America in any little corner anywhere, and you know, and then you it selects the most emotionally
angering portrayals of it and feeds it to us. So I think the media landscape has changed in ways that play up our tribal nature, our worst side. Religion, is weekend. Religion used to be much more of a counterforce for moral humility for giving the benefit of the doubt for not focusing on the spec neighbors. I so I think the centrifugal forces blowing us apart are much stronger now than the centripetal force. Just that are pulling us in. So I am not optimistic in the near term. Now, in the long run, it's always been a mistake to bet against America. Something is going to happen. There are going to be changes, so I don't know what will happen in fifty years, but I'm not optimistic about the next five or ten. We are a little beam of sunshine, yeah yeah, it's just the way, I'm feeling these days, I know I know imagine living in my head all right. So Jonathan, let's, let's talk a little about the things that we have in common and
are you you talk about these these five core pillars? I don't know if we have time that, let you know, let's not get there first, do I? How long do I have you do I have you for very long yeah. Ten. Fifteen minutes be great. I'm very I'm. I'm very happy to be talking to you. Okay. So if you just hang on, let me take a quick break, we'll come back and try to hold you as long as as we can. While you were in the break, why don't you think about where the best way to make the pitch to to show people how we can come together and how they can play a role in coming together? The name of the the name of the book is the righteous mind why good people are divided by politics and religion. The he is really really. He has very, very important things to say, also he's written. Why can't we all disagree more constructively from the righteous mind now this tax season has become criminals favorite time of the year last year,
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you're listening to the Glenn Beck program. This is the Glenn so honored to have John Jonathan, eight, on with us as in you, and if you can I I think we booked you for you, so you can come back tomorrow. At the same time talk about in death, the moral foundations theory, but the moral, often asian theory, when when I, when I read this it just, open my mind so much to go. Oh my gosh it we can talk to each other. This can work and I have seen it work I've I'm flying it, I'm seeing it work. Miracles, explain a little bit and then we can go into depth tomorrow, sure yeah, absolutely so! First, you know. Let me give give your
listeners, the secret to human relationships, the most important conflict resolution technique there is which is when you're interacting with someone and there, because it is any kind of conflict start with that knowledge, mint start by speaking to them in a way that acknowledges what they might be right about, what you think they are right about when you do that, when you speak to them the end, you you, you are you're announcing that you're not on the attack. You're, not just plain lawyer, trying to convict them okay. So what? What are the? What are the buttons? You can press one of the ways you can appeal. Well it in my research looking it began by looking at cultures around the world and look
what are the foundations of human morality? What are the taste buds of of morality? I guess we'll get into them specifically tomorrow, but the shortlist is issues of care and fairness are the ones that the left mostly builds on. The right has those they care about those things, but the the right to social conservatives. I'm also really value loyalty already and sank, they're more patriotic, they're, more religious. The left is more universalist, icq and concern about human rights there they are often suspicious of nations or or patriotism. So, if you're talking to, if a if a the progressive is talking to someone on the the rate, you know they start off by. I actually praising America's role in the world in all that America has stood for and anything that speak to conservative values, and then you can put in some see you. Then you can make your argument, but it's so important to start by by speaking the other's language by by getting them off of battle stations. That's the main!
and that goes to that goes when you have an argument with your spouse as well, you into this tomorrow, but you you said that the right has all five of these, but the left doesn't That's right! This is where we get lost. Yes, so It is more meta relative matter. What we, what I mean by that is everyone, has an, one knows what it means to be part of the group and issues of loyalty, but you know: there's a there's a there's, an old skin them. It is a Monty Python movie, the life of Brian. And there are. You know what I hate to do this about ten, kids, left and they'd all day? I hate to cut you off. We will have you will begin there tomorrow You need to hear this Jonathan hate Thank you so much for HT. Thank you so much for being with us the Glenn Beck program. I like your hair.
So a list of just some of the thirty six countries on earth have better healthcare than the United States of America. Now this is according to the World Health organization Rica, Dominica, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Cypress, Colombia, Iceland, Greece, Oman, Malta, San Marino and Andorra. I don't even know where Andorra was. I thought that was the mother in law on bewitched and she has better health care than we do. I want
How many of the world leaders if they had a serious life threatening health crisis, would choose to go to Costa Rica or Columbia or Andorra? Well, I mean maybe indoor 'cause she could pop that cancer away, or would they go to the United States of America or would they choose France or even England, for the US. It seems to me that they all park their planes around a mayo or Cleveland Clinic. The Whl report, of course, is crazy and it's based upon totally unrelated factors like literacy and life expectancy. I don't know if I've ever seen. Anybody go into the hospital to cure them of not being able to read responsiveness and equality
and fair financial contribution. It reads like a list of socialist Stalin. His activist demands, France is supposedly the country with the best healthcare in the world. Rated number one by the W H show, but on with the countdown because the government pays for virtually everything involving hell care for the french people from the tv channel, France, twenty four their english broadcast. So if people effectively don't have to pay for health, or at least very little who's? Actually paying for it well, the system is financed by taxation and participation by employers and employees. Uh. Let's take an example, for instance, if you have a one hundred euro salary well on average, employers will contribute an extra twelve point. Eight euros towards healthcare, an employees you can see here will contribute zero dollars and seventy five cents from their salary, so essentially employers and employees Papa Lot into the system, but they also get a lot back from the system in D
but in recent years the system has been struggling to stay afloat, that's right. Rising unemployment and an aging population means that that less money is being pumped into the system and also finding is very high. In France, France spends a lot on on health care. As they pointed out on that very upbeat report. Out of one hundred euros, employers paid one thousand two hundred and eighty employees, seventy five cents, the rest comes through the government through payroll, an income taxes, in other words the french people, pay crushing taxes to fund their health care system. The government's now paying for it. You are oh, the French in January, two thousand, and sixteen things had gotten so bad with Frances socialist policies that the government declared a state of economic emergency, clear back in twenty twelve conditions. There were such that France raised their top tax rate to seventy five percent that created,
so much outcry and prompted so many prominent citizens to leave that the revenue of the state decline and what is surprise, the debt skyrocketed. Oh my gosh, I thought raising taxes always meant the government had more money. So less than two years later, France quickly lower the top rate back to fifty and fifty, five percent. Thank you. I'd like more, please, Greece, who also is listed far above the. U S on the W H, O healthcare list is experiencing similar problems because the workers of how the March Athens show their anger at the country's failing health system. This is a tough austerity budget cuts and limited human resource resources that is, are taking a heavy toll on greek citizens. Health workers also expressed a concern about upcoming tax and pension reforms. So, even if the services provided by single payer universal health care were far superior to what is provided in America, which they aren't
What good are those services if they collapse your economy and your country? You may remember Michael Morris Documentary Sicko, which I thought was personal autobiography, but it turned out. It was about healthcare. It claimed that even Cuba's healthcare system was so. Superior to ours. John Stossel challenged him on twenty slash, twenty, they believe in preventive medicine. And it seems like there's a doctor on every block. When Moore's group arrived, they were taken to a special section of this showcase hospital I asked him to give us the same exact care they give their fellow cuban citizens no more, no less and that's what they did. He really think that's what they do
I know that's what they did every time I mean they have. Yes, they have a clinic in every neighborhood in Cuba. This is just me saying this. You know all the World Health Organization's or whatever, if confirmed, that, if there's one thing, they do right in Cuba, it's healthcare and- and there's very little debate about that. There's plenty of debate these films that try to portray the health care in Cuba as being superior. They are lacking in providing truth. Cuban born human rights advocate Dr Jose Caro, says Moore's movie tells lock, and there are plenty of pictures like these smuggled out of Cuba. The Tele deferent store a story of dilapidated hospitals with Billy groups, were patients have to hang clothes to dry in the windows, filthy conditions floors covered with bugs patients who are neglected. Some star George, would set to write the Anti Castro website. The real Cuba dot com is more. It is,
group were taken to part of this hospital. This reserved for the privileged elites he says, get special treatment. They don't go to the hospital for regular Cuban. They go to hospital for the elite. Britain is often touted by the American left as a model to which we should all aspire as well. As an aside, It is fascinating how the left seems to yearn for all of the systems, all of the laws and cultures of the nation. We specifically split from and fought two wars with to gain our own independence. For all the very same reasons, but I digress the NHS the National Health CARE Services in Britain is also under incredible pressure, as reported by England,
daily national newspaper. The guardian problems within the NHS are only going to get worse. The patients association is warned after a steady, showed that 10s of thousands of people are being forced to wait more than eighteen weeks for routine surgery report entitled feeling the weight found that hospital trust across England each cancelled an average of seven hundred and fifty three operations on the day in twenty fifteen equipment shortages or lack of beds and scheduling errors. With the main reasons given to patients in such cases, the office said, the total number of procedures cancelled by individual trusts ranged from eight to three thousand two hundred and sixty nine. They further reported the number of patients waiting more than eighteen weeks for elective surgery such as hip or knee operations, was ninety two thousand seven hundred and thirty nine
in twenty fifteen compared with fifty one thousand three hundred and eighty eight in twenty fourteen arise of about eighty percent european Parliament, member and renowned british citizen, Daniel Hannan talked about Britons, socialized Medison, the reality is, it hasn't worked, it is made people ill. Are we spend a lot of money and we get very bad results? You look at survival rates for cancer or heart disease. We are well down on all the leagues. We have very few doctors. We disincentivize people from practicing medicine in this country. A lot of our best and brightest doctors immigrate a lot of them. Go to North America, be cause. There's no market, there's nothing. That helps them and, of course, if the government for a long time would always say well, we can just make this work a little bit more. If we, if we spend more so the the current government, has he almost increased by about eighty percent spending on healthcare
But of course, as long as you have a socialist system, no amount of extra spending is going to rescue it, and so there was an absolutely neat example of the unplanned consequences of socialism. The government decreed centrally that all general practitioners were going to get a big pay rise, but doctors are human beings, they understandably started working shorter hours. So
The effect of this massive injection of government cash. Well, it wasn't just to be useless. It actually made it worse. So what about Canada? Canada's system is really super great right. I mean Canadians love their health care system from Canada's city journal. Just a few years ago, mountain bike, Enthusiest Suzanne a coin, had to fight more than her stage. Four colon cancer, her doctor suggested a proven cancer drug that targets cancer cells exclusively unlike conventional chemotherapies, that crudely kill all fast growing cells in the body. A coin went to a clinic to begin treatment, but if this drug offered hope a coins insurance
didn't she received one inscrutable form letter after another, rejecting her claim for reimbursement just yet another example of the calloused hand of managed care, depriving someone of needed medical help right guess again. This drug is standard treatment. Covered by insurance companies in the United States. A coin lives in Ontario Canada when a coin appealed to an official humbug. Open, the Ontario government claimed that her treatment was unproven and she had gone to an uncredited clinic, but the FDA in the US had approved this drug and her clinic was a cancer center affiliated with a prominent cap
click hospital in Buffalo in January, two thousand and sixteen the ombudsman ruled in a coin's favor, awarding her the cost of treatment. This represents a dramatic new trend in canadian health care advocacy, finding a treatment you need in another country and then fighting the canadian bureaucrats and often suing to get them to pick up the tab. Canadian doctor Adam greats. Are he wrote a book called the cure and here's what he says about the canadian system. People line up for care, some of them die. That's what happens and more time I spend the canadian system. The more I came across people waiting for radiation therapy waiting for the new replacements, so they could finally walk up to the second floor of their house. You want to see your neurologist because of your stress headache, no problem. You just have to wait six months so here the fact the United States is unsurpassed in quality of healthcare. America,
doctors rank number one in the world in most global surveys or where they're not ranked number one they're, definitely two an only to Germany Eleven of the top twelve ranking. Hospitals in the world are here in the United States. Eleven of them now is medical care. Expensive, yeah, prescription, drugs, expensive yeah, but keep in mind. The vast majority of research and development of new drugs is done here in twenty fourteen. Fifty seven per
all of the new drugs developed in the world came from the american pharmaceutical companies. The next closest country was Switzerland. With thirteen percent have there been issues with medical insurance that have made it difficult for some Americans to get or keep their health care insurance yeah, but the number and frequency of problems were grossly exaggerated by the left, during the Obama CARE debate and, quite honestly, you're pushing for socialized medicine. Do you make it easier for the healthcare companies to screw the citizens, or do you actually make it harder? Remember? Your goal is to demonize them and get government controlled healthcare progressives make it sound, as though people were dying in the streets every day that there were piles of bodies of people right outside of the hospitals that were refused medical care, but that just isn't the case, and it never has been the case in fact,
If anybody shows up at an emergency room seeking treatment, I don't care if it's Osama Bin Laden I've just been shot, they have to be given proper meadow full care by law. But again that isn't really the picture that was painted by all of those who are trying to transform America's health care system. I'm going to look to those in the next episode, Glenn back so frustrating and AL. The GOP is arguing whether or not an now they'll have no credibility. They are not. I mean you want to talk about worthless, they have the house, they have the Senate, they have the White House right and they have the plan they. They presented the bill in what was a twenty fifteen on repealing Obamacare yeah. They have it's there, you have it there Your plans they're not doing
it's the same old story. We see every single time the Republicans have the majority. They do nothing with it. You can't waste, and I will tell you it's on this particular case It is not entirely the Republicans fault, Donald Trump part of the problem on this one, because he wants everyone covered. Well, that's not the repeal of Obamacare care. Then you know yeah well a Republican, so he would fall into the yeah yeah. I know I know I know I mean. I think that it's it's it's an important issue in two thousand eighteen, it see so far away. It will come fast when it comes to politics. If you don't get this done, when you've got all these majorities, you could easily get. This doesn't mean you don't get this done in the first and second gear: don't get done, it's not going to get the longer it takes to get this done, the less likely it is that it ever will be so there
I think they are already starting to get into trouble here. With this thing, the way they've structured, this pairing it with tax cuts in multiple budget resolutions within one year, is very complicated and can fall apart easily. They need to get this done now. You can't wait for F from this stuff, and this is why you know the delay and fight it. Push this out as long as possible thing talk to you about upside dot com. It's the new way to buy travel book, Travail, pull and save a butt load of money. Stew is all over this anytime. I can save a butt load of money. I will do that buy it by a trip that will you be excited if you could only see it happen but low now, full! Could you let me do this please? Yes, every time you buy a trip on upside, to give you an Amazon gift card Worth a hundred two hundred, even three hundred dollars every single time. They bundle your and your hotel together for one low price and bundling pricing. A the business travel saves a ton of money, so ops, it gives you the free Amazon gift cards. If you're a frequent business traveler,
your company will save a ton of money, you'll save a ton of time and you'll thousands of dollars a year for buying your air and hotel together at upside plus, you get all your miles. Go to upside dot com get a two hundred dollars. Amazon gift card for free with your first reviews my name back upside dot com, the Glenn Beck program. Is the Glenn Beck program sign up for the newsletter we get only info. You need to know what going back down. I know I don't understand this 'cause. They keep talking about this Flynn thing and a lot of the people defending Flynn and bashing the media, which I mean the media. May we don't know the details yet, and this would hopefully come out an investigation, but the bottom line is, I don't want him anymore. Donald Trump asked for his resignation, who they love Donald Trump wanted said. He can't trust Michael Flynn anymore. Donald Trump said there were multiple other instances that have
not been disclosed, yet we don't. They are related to Michael Flynn, Donald Trump, so, but not the media. The media didn't ask for resignation. The media can't ask for his resignation, or at least can't get any results from it. Donald Trump asked for it because he couldn't trust him anymore. Isn't that important to to trust your senior to go in intelligent? If it's you, like his stance on ISIS, there's a million guys? Yes, who don't have these other issues that are good on ISIS as well? I I I don't this weird loyalty flip. These are mercury. This is the blaze radio on demand so we're, having conversation here a few minutes ago about Flynn, resigning and how
I people who support Donald Trump- are a really upset and they're upset at the media, but it was. It was Donald Trump's. Decision to ask for the resignation- and have ended last hour with I don't get it. I I think I have a way of looking at it. That will help All of us understand, even if you agree that this was the media that did this to Donald Trump. I think you'll understand, perhaps why you feel that way, and we start
right now, the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the yes, sir. We had a guy on doctor, I was height and it's? Not like I've, read a lot of this guy's work. I've read is moral foundation, theory and it has. It is open my eyes and change the way. I look at things and not it is changed. My principles, I haven't change my foundation, I haven't changed.
What I believe is right and wrong, I believe in the constitution. It's it's. How oh you get there and how you discuss it, and what I know is that he didn't really make an impact on Barack Obama. They got those things past that we didn't think were constitutional and it didn't slow things down and in fact, in some ways it made things worse may have made me a better man, the last eight years, because, as I, it forced me to dig into who am I? What is it? I really believe- and so I I'm a better citizen and a better person today, a because of the last eight years, but it certainly didn't work and it didn't heal America or anything like that. And now I see the left doing the same thing and left is starting their own tea party. If you will- and that's that's not going it's not going to work
and the more you arch the streets, the more you look, like you're, just against Donald Trump to be against Donald Trump is but a the other side why? Why know that, because I watched it happened, the other direction last time. So there's this this moral foundation, theory that I have read and it is, truly impacted by thinking an he's going to come back on with US tomorrow in our twenty two discuss it and be, able to show you how and why it works, but the gist is that there are five things that we share, that we have in common and conservatives have more of some of these things and less of these and the same with the left. One of the things
that we talk about on the conservative side, that isn't understood the same way is loyalty. One of the found, our moral foundations of conservatives is loyalty. Law call t to the country loyalty to the flag, loyalty to the constitution, loyalty into whatever it is. That's why the left pushes back on overt red white and blue patriotism kind of they call it jingoistic stuff. It makes conservatives cry and make liberals roll their eyes speaking in general generalities here, because they We don't see the loyalty to the country the same way. We do there a little suspicious of countries and an flags- and you know all that stuff. So they do.
See it the same way. Will let me not talk about the left here. Let me talk about the loyalty to the right, because loyalty can be misplaced. What is it that you're loyal to. I really like the fact that Donald Trump is loyal to his people. I like the fact that he just doesn't sell them out. I like that about George W Bush George W Bush was generally loyal to people. I think Barack Obama loyal to people. The only person that left his White House in shame was was Van Jones. That was it where we go wrong, both sides is
become loyal to a person. Donald Trump is loyal to the people who are loyal to him right. If you any almost have to set yourself on fire to get his full trust, but if you go out and you're loyal to him and to the detriment of yourself to him,. He's loyal to you now the paste this twos rolling his eyes were talking Corey Lewandowski. If that's what you're thinking? Well, I mean Katrina Pierson, whatever happened, her Corey Lewandoski, there's some type, their governor Christie. The big one. Rudy Giuliani really wanted that Secretary of State GIG
and they did go out there and do those things that I think was in others. Yeah one is not his lawyer. That's a that's a good way to put it okay but yeah. I generally speaking, I don't you're saying that he's known for that right, backed up people who, I think, other presidents, we have abandoned immediately, stuck with them for a long period. Corey Lillian Dusky is a great example. Nobody would love to this long as he did not have run one hundred miles an hour from Corey Lewandoski and didn't so. He was loyal for a very, very long time. Clearly they, even though he eventually pushed him out of the campaign they stayed together. Yeah I mean they were seen together multiple times as they were. He was very loyal on television for him, I yeah I in a ok, you could say he just found a better for him, create more effective, correct. So, generally speaking and and I think it's what people some people like about Donald he's loyal to the people around him, I don't take it because me
personally what I am loyal to and I I am loyal to. Yes, the people who are loyal to me. But if there loyal to me, but not to the principles that I'm loyal to I mean we have loyalty to each other, because we will agree on what we're trying to do and you know if one of you guys were loyal to me, but you were you were working against the other bigger- sivils, I wouldn't be loyal to you and you wouldn't be loyal to me. Would you agree with that? I think personal relationships give you the benefit of the doubt correct right like I at times you know, sometimes you think well that person is not real, doing what I think they should be doing, but given the benefit, because they've done, Xy and z in the past have proved to record, but you're right doesn't overwhelm those things. If you abandon principle, if you've got been in the foundations of what you're trying to do you, it doesn't matter how close your personal relationship as some of the principles for for Donald Trump and in
no judgment just what they are, and we all know that is loyalty to him. What's good for Donnell Trump will be good for everybody, everyone else in his world. Would you agree with that? He is the smartest man in the room. He knows what he's doing he's he's smarter than everybody else. I mean those are his words and so what what Donald you know this is where I see no, we know that he's got the best word. On the best word hand, what he believes is good for him, we'll be good for everybody else, and so don't betray me right. The reason why Flynn is gone is because Flynn betrayed him. He did not tell he did not tell Donald Trump the truth. He lied also to MIKE Pence, lied to trump right and Trump has said. There were a couple of other things that have not
the been disclosed, but the media in the intelligence community didn't leak. That Trump saw. So Flynn was not loyal. To Donald Trump that's why Flynn is gone has nothing to do with the media. It has nothing to do with intelligence intelligence exposed that. I'll tell ya, but if Trump wanted, the guys still intro be and still be there and that's still be there. You know that's one of the things people are speculating with this. I think it was sixteen days were Trump knew about this and did not get rid of flint. Now the White House is argument. Is we wanted to go through a thorough investigation before we made a decision right and when they found out he lied? They made that decision. He was gonna, be willing to accept that, and I think you know whatever. I think that's a good thing. First of all, I am trying to break things God trump people be celebrating if they take Donald Trump at his word, that he
got word of somebody in his administration lying he'd. It a thorough investigation over a few days and then fuck the guy. That's what I not my president to do yeah, which makes the outcry over it. Weird bizarre. It's just. I don't fully understand why why this each fascination with Michael Flynn, who wasn't that good, a nominee in the first place, he was beyond that. It was bad. It was probably his horse is like that. Maybe you could make an argument. Second worker at Democrat. I don't mind I mean I mean, give you the best person in the best support Trump would bind that you would think. And why there's this loyalty to someone like that, I don't understand again I think it's because o'flinn play get into the worst parts, Donald Trump, and that is conspiracy theories. I mean you know he
he sees the world, he saw the world in many of the same ways is Donald Trump. I uh. At dinner last night with a group of men who were really amazing: men, amazing men, one of said to me. Tell me about pizza gate That was my response. I thought he was kidding yeah. I thought he was kidding and he and he was serious. He was like said to tell me about pizza. What about right? He said something about Clinton running this hooker ring out of a pizza shop. He tell me about pizza cake and I laughed thinking that he was kidding and I said there is no pizzagate an he laughed thinking. I was kidding really yeah and I said no, no pizza. There is no pizzagate thing. This is a very intelligent who does not
follow the news. Like everybody else right, you know a very busy very busy guy, not a crazy guy at all. Did you tell him about the flicker rate, though I did not tell about the flickering. Don't don't worry about pizza great? He had like a rate. You need had heard, and he was he had touched me little trust he adds such little trust in our government that he thought that kind stuff could be going on intelligent people. These were pretty children and successful people. You were having dinner with Anne, and for to buy into that without looking at up at all is kind of frightening. It's so it's kind of the thing, though, that's kind of the thing that you do when you're having dinner with somebody like you, though you know, I read something you're like a pad. Tell me is that true, instead of looking it up and just ask you, but that's been along time, it's been what months since that was,
and you still haven't, found out that that's not a thing easiest way to disprove. Pizzagate is the only thing better than sex is pizza. So if, given the choice, most people are going to choose pizza, it makes no sense clearly pizza, Trump's esp. Actually, if we made the choice, especially if the way the left is trying to make us have sex, have you heard the latest political, correct, bullcrap there now teaching young kids boys that tenth graders tenth graders, that not only do they need to have consent, which of course, we all agree. We all agree absolutely they have to have been sent every ten minutes. First of all,
graters art lasting ten minutes. Let's just get that out there. Maybe you wanna sure done. Thank you. You get a yes in ten minutes, it's over! It's long been history for money and they have minutes so or started every ten seconds. If you're going to do this, but it's true, it was because they they say that that mean you have to have a verbal. Yes, with every touch, every look, every kiss every position before during and after sex or it's rape, well come on, I mean, can I tell you something: that's a ridiculous we are going to have. Our youth will have the relationship to other humans that the Japanese have
now yeah Jeffrey. He was just saying yesterday when this story broke. No wonder people are going to turn to virtual reality. Easy. While driving you to it. Why would you bother with this? I mean it's This is a ridiculous standard and without without an understanding that somewhere along the line. Obviously- and I think we all agree with this- if somewhere along the line- she says- no, that's it! You stop you stop. I don't care. If you're in the middle of you, stop you stop and that's it, but yes, at one thousand and fifteen twenty times I mean c'mon c'mon. You have to be obviously anything that you think it is even moderate physical
signal of something that the that is into positive Gee sounds a be bored to tears, which is generally my yeah he's generally she's bored in tears and she, while your whatever looking out the window- and she says all this- is no because it's snowing out of work now we see less news, I'm feeling the ceiling is worn. Laying I think, yeah we're done. You stop. It sounds like no, but it was snow because she's bored, you stop you stop. You stop, of course I've I mean obviously, but the you're trying to put some bizarre process like you need to go into a website and check off boxes, every five minutes to make sure that it's just making everything awful everything I mean you want to talk about. I wanna talk. Government out of my bedroom government out of my bed, Could you is actually
the inches of inside of your uterus us outside of my uterus? They couldn't be any deeper in bed with us every summer, yes, and to the people who say that and make that claim all the time? This is fine, though this this stuff is fine. I mean this. Is this just eliminates the act. I think maybe that's good, with seventh and tenth graders but as a general matter. Does what they learned. I that generation learns that will be the norm for them. Now this, what impact will having less physical currency circulating have well, if you have less physical curry, see circulating, that's actually a pretty good thing. If you'd be you don't have to worry about inflation, but that's not what talking about India has just done the same. Eighty five percent of the currency out
the EU has just enacted a new law that starts in twenty eighteen. That is going to put restrictions. You won't be able to buy anything over. I think it's five hundred euros with cash. This is going to put the central banks in control and your banks, you will not be able to take the money out of your bank because you won't be able to buy anything with that money. You can't have that much cash. That allows them, in my opinion, to fix what they've done, destroy the Kerr MC for no hyperinflation but reset everything and give everybody the haircut that is now in many of your bylaws of your banks. Cashless society is inevitable, not because of some conspiracy theories, because the next generation doesn't use cash. I don't use cash, but when that happens, that puts the bank and the government in control. The center go bank in control of your money.
I don't know what the future will bring, but massive change is coming. It always does don't fear it just be prepared. Do the things that you can do your own research. I want you to call, don't buy anything. I just want you to call and ask for the free Cashless society risk report Do your own homework find What that is find out how to navigate that. Also gold line for their important risk information to find out of buying gold or silver is right, for you don't buy anything. Do your homework first, eight six! fix gold line, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line or goldline dot com, you're. Listening to the Glenn Beck program, the Glenn Beck program, mercury
This is that program. We got a couple of things that we have to do. We gotta tell you an amazing, an amazing story about the claim of rape and how crazy how our off the rails as a society we are- and this goes back to Hillary Clinton in the campaign said. You have the right to be believed: right, wasn't not yes, which is nonsense, which not that's not a number that the justice system you absolutely have a to be taken seriously- absolutely have a into haven't investigated, but it's vitally important that people are when they have a claim that he whole it's up to the standard set by our legal system that increases on the accuser. That is the way our system works is, and it's important. It works that way, it's one of the most important things in our society, so the way the way they're twist. Particularly in college. Right now, is disturbing. It makes human relation almost impossible at times and it is destroying lives,
and I will introduce you to an amazing individual next, This is the Glenn Beck program, Mercury, Glenn Beck program- how to do seated in front of the program that yesterday and I've heard your story before, and I was so excited that you would come in today and and talk to we we, we spoke yesterday about the mighty Oaks program, which is, we have got to together to find a way to save our servicemen men. The suicide is just off the charts and the government's not doing that is about twenty twenty two a day. When is it? Who is in that the statistic leaders, this sick right now yeah the reports, but that's there, an industry yeah if if it was indeed the industry word is twenty two a day will be more than that. Yes,
it's really bad and you were there yes, and can we start with you being a policeman and the day you shot yeah man, yeah, it already did four years in the Marine corps and I shifted from active duty reserves and I was going to go back in a softer. So my college job was a police officer in New Orleans and- and you know why I think in and out I was only police officer for short period time and I was involved in a shooting. I was a I not sure how far you want to go now. Yeah, I was domestic violence call and I got to the house and- It scenario where husband and wife are fighting is a large crowd of people about
three people outside the house, and we had separate the wife and got her in this crowd of people holding her back in the man a barricade himself in the house. With with the gun, I'm a partner went to the window of the room that he was in to make sure that she got the window, and I stayed in the main doorway and I can see category across across the room. He was. The there's a mirror, and so I can see him back it against the wall and you had a chamber the muse mess with the chamber of the gun. So I newest preloading. It or checking make sure was loaded and I was yelling at him and you don't have to come out to put down his gun for us to talk, and he said he was coming out telling us to leave and when he came around the He actually had a gun in a very weird way. He didn't have it like like this. He had it over his shoulder and I think he was maybe taunting me or see how far we can push it. I will
say like if I was asked that morning what I would have done, that scenario made a decision clearly shoot the guy. But you know I mean this guys house. His kids are outside his wife, screaming his toys on the floor for his children and family pictures. I just felt like I can still control the situation so Yelena him put down the gun, I'm going to kill you like it was a looking like a policeman. I'm like I'm gonna, kill you and he's telling me to put down my gun in a motor small guy. He was six three two hundred and sixty pounds and but I felt like I could disarm I'm. So I as I walked towards my grab the barrel, the gun push it away from me and- and I kicked him in the kitchen right in right nuts. And I thought I could pull the gun out his hand and now the first time I hate them. He just held the gun so tight in the second time. I kicked him MIKE going came away and he grabbed my hand so we're fighting
or two guns now and I realize that it really had escalated and I was going to kill him and or shoot him, and so I just broke like his grip and came over and shot and then shot five more times shot six times to do. My part My partner was, he had shot right, even realize motor came behind me, but he shot six times as well right over my shoulder and we had him eleven or twelve times in as we hit me turned around and he fell on his knees and he just he looked back. Like any conversation, when you said you killed me and I just tackled him and pulled out from under him and handcuffed him in I think his wrist must have in front of them because all the shots, its inner mass, but but his wrist was blown out. So I got like blood like was covered in blood. So life was screaming, and so you, you were cleared of any wrongdoing in that. But you went home that night and made
in part of the story- and I got to try to condense this as much as I can, but. You said your your wife said to you just use told her I killed someone, you are a wreck yeah and we just rolled over in bed and went back to sleep yeah. I mean at the time at the time I was just like really. Sorry about that. I mean my wife very now keep to that kind of world, and so I think this would equip her my diplomacy, Afghanistan and being a plea well share, because she's, but Nessa policeman did every night with went to work and gun fights, and so she went back to sleep and I was very angry at her for many years I felt like berry. I couldn't talk to about those types of things and eventually in Afghanistan. I just really didn't talk much about you left the police force. You went back, you be special forces and one thing that I've heard you say that there's real dark
penis over there and real bad guys over there and you felt yourself becoming one of the bad guys yeah. You know when you go to a place like Afghanistan, you think you go with some kind of paper extensive duty. I want to go after nine hundred and eleven. Then you realize beyond America what the afghan people indoors from the Taliban people, the the the things that happen, these children and the start to learn about the culture. What happened there lived in the community, and so I really just grab hold of my my my heart: no in a bad way, the where just like filled myself with just anger and rage towards these people in and out so really can make. You feel like you're, going there to defy these evil people, and you can become that as well. You come home, you have all kinds of PTSD, you don't deal with it. You you start to in a way part back to your family. By being a beast
and pushing them away at one point: each your daughter's birthday yeah as I was just my home- became a very like a happy place are unsafe place for my children, I was I mean I was like time bomb like angry and the drop of a hat and what I came home and then from Afghanistan. My my daughter was so excited. I was to be there for her birthday and which is very opinionated and we had a cake and icing was not nice and she wanted- and she said you know she voiced that out and I just got so enraged would lose control and I grabbed her cake in front of all over little friends and threw it against the wall and just destroy my little girls birthday and that behave it was like very common and that I knew was wrong, but I just feel like I had no control over it. This I mean I can imagine you know how this dog piles on you, and you know men know when they're there he does. You know when you're wrong and out of control, and then it just starts,
I'm a bad person in the you just spiraled out of control. How do you gay out of the nose dive? Well? It was. It wasn't until unfortunately remain rock bottom. I, I walked out of our marriage. We sold our home. We live in two separate apartments and I became one of those statistics that we talked about the twenty two a day I decided to take my life and not, because I wanted to escape my pain because I recognized was the problem, and so I thought my family would. Maybe they'll be sad, but they'll be better off, and I had decided to take my life and, during this time of contemplating how how it's going to do it. I want to make it look like an accident. My wife came to said. Closet for every day, trying to convince your two weeks about two weeks and heard a statistic one of three children from a parent I can as soon as I will as well. I don't know where I heard that from, but I kept thinking that my boys, you know I've wrestled in
new more shorts, my whole life. My boys really followed me on that, and so I knew they looked up to me and I don't want to leave the pattern in my family, so I was contemplating how can make it look like an accident and that's what my wife came to my apartment and she asked me that question that reason, I'm sitting here in this chair, you should ask me how it could be. A successful was as athlete as a force, Recon Marine and seeing the training I've done. We had been married for a long time, so you know the work up to go to overseas and knowing the job then she's like how could you do all that when it comes to your family you'll quit and that question for me just it was like that time. My life just radically impacted me and challenged me, and she was right. I quit on the most important things in my life, my role as a husband, my role as a father that seventeen year old kid that raised his hand and said he wants to do something important with his life that put all the things with most important, including my health and animated decision. That day, that I
to turn around and fight with the same work, ethic and tenacity, but most important things in my life, as you were not only police officer special, this is you or MMA fighter. I mean you have been at the top of the game on every. Can you do at eighteen and two professional record, so I did really well and some full time you imagine my wife is in my family is observing me being successful in a professional things which I think many men are when it comes to the most import. Things we don't know them at lower high blown it for most of my life until really the last fifteen years. You know we just don't see it, until sometimes it's too late. So did you save your family? You got it back together. Yes, we Really, I didn't know how to do it. I just knew I was going to, and so I I was able to add a lot of people following Maine, because I was in anime times that, like one thousand students, but I don't have people over holding, hold me accountable to things, a lot of people enabling me. So I was able
align with this guy name, Steve Toth, who became a mentor to me, and he he really men, give me the biblical model of living manhood and at the end of that, I really like I felt like I sound like dying of stage four terminal cancer and found the cure like I had to share it. That's why I do what I do today I mean I had went from having panic attacks still at night anger, anxiety, things that I felt were uncontrollable they'd be coming back in control of my life by the choices every day is really a realization of that that, regardless of what happened to me as well, there was wake or destructive or sad story. Those things didn't put me in a situation that was then the choices I was making was and so when I realize that and realize I had control my life still, I was able to make different choices. Moving forward quickly, tell me about mighty oaks, because I I with the mercury One just give a twenty five thousand dollar donation. Yesterday to my do foundation, I, when I want you to be involved if you care about our about our servicemen and this issue, this
a great way to get involved, jokes, wasn't a idea to start a veteran. I think it was me want to pay for what the challenge my wife gave me a second chance. Guy gave me and the mentorships you gave me like. I felt like I found the so in another obligation to share it, and so today it's grown into. This is very large organization. That runs we running thirty programs a year and those rams are, is a week long intensive to take guys through the same transitional process that I went through and then equip them to pass it on someone else. So it's very it's it's taking a leader who telling his face and raise back up to be a leader again and be a warrior. How much of the twelve step program do you use? view. Have you looked at any of the twelve step that room we have, I would say some components of it all are or in a and put it into our methodology, but Methodology is, as simply contrast in your life to life. We believe you are created to live coming to that two. Accept responsibility that
happen to you responsible for moving forward the choice you make and then coming alongside guys that could hold you accountable to that all of Instructors are combat vets, so it's non clinical, so they're able to share their story of what worked for them an Whether a psychologist is more qualified than one of our structures is irrelevant, because the combat veteran, typically only listen to someone has been there before them. So the testimony. What is the m? What's the website mighty websites, mighty oaks programs, DOT, Org, mighty oaks programs, dot org can't recommend it highly enough. If you care about, making a difference in helping these guys, who so desperately need our help this the way for you to get involved in? U S military, send guys to as an active duty orders, which you know we we find no better and no active military base to come so and it's it is what is it like? Two thousand five hundred dollars a person, so it's it's written because we have so many great, so much great supports one thousand dollars scholarship, one guide,
so you want to change one guys life, it's one thousand dollars. And it really does change lives. Thank you, Jeff thanks. So much I bet you guys. God bless you now this northern California has a new rain storm on the way, a fish, we're confident that the Oroville Dam is going to hold up officials believe the new rainstorm isn't going to be enough to test the integrity of the dam or two damaged spillways, I mean imagine living in California, no rain, then so much rain and it's checking the dams. In the damn light break I mean I saw earthquake seventy seven. I know what it is. It's like when the dam breaks Imagine being somebody where you were called at four hundred o'clock on a Sunday afternoon. You have an hour to get out of your house and get your family out here. First of all, they're all trapped on the roadways. They're thinking the damn could break at anytime? What
grab. Where do you go? What do you eat if you're an average person you can't you just don't have it all? The money in your bank account that you could like, oh well, we'll just eat out for the next week. We're stay at this hotel. What do you do this? For my patriot, supply comes in and that's a pretty graphic thing I I like to look at it is. If I lose my job is my job or I can't make you know the budget at the end of the month. I have to worry about that last trip to the grocery store before payday. I can dig into my food supply if I need it. My page. It's supply right now has a four week serve route: the survival food supply for weeks for one person, it's breakfast lunch dinner, snacks drinks, everything for ninety nine dollars. That's a month's worth of food for an adult for ninety nine dollars. Call right now, one eight hundred two hundred and seventy one sixty three or prepare with Glenn dot com. Eight
two hundred and seventy one. Sixty three go there now could save your life it could it could do something as simple as just saving your peace of mind, prepare with Glenn dot COM, Glenn Beck program, eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven back murky the Glenn Beck program hey. We have a couple of things to talk about we're on the air Pat, but I appreciate it there's a couple of things I want to talk about. I was just I was just talking to. As he was getting ready to leave in, and I said you know how you guys doing any said a word we're doing really. Well, we have three one guys on the waiting list. Wow and I said holy cow. What what
is it? Because you don't have the room? He said? No, we have plenty of room, we just don't have the money to do it and They have great facilities, I mean a guy who owns public storage, gave built them this beautiful ranch in California this this center, where they can all go nice and they're all over the country now they're starting to do things all over the country, but they just need to do it right. They need a thousand dollars for God. Hi I mean what's the website again, how do you get it out? It is a tribute to the mighty oaks programs, dot org, my grams within program S with an s, some mighty oaks programs to dot org, and please, please donate we donated through Mercury one yesterday we gave them too five thousand dollars, but man, let's see if we can raise, set three hundred thousand dollars for them even today. That should be fairly easy for this audience. To do, but
it's a really good service and if you happen to be listening- and you are somebody who is in need- please call them- please go online and contact them, they can help you I've been there brother. I know, but please then give you a second bite at the Apple Mighty Oaks program start or this is the Klan. Graham Mercury,
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