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2/9/18 - 'Shut it Down or Take it All'? (Bill O'Reilly joins Glenn)

2018-02-09 | 🔗
Hour 1  Bravo to Rand Paul and Mike Lee... ‘the process matters’...Dictators Mitch and Chuck?...Entertaining TV = C-SPAN ...'Natural' gas station disaster in Afghanistan ...What's going on with the Libertarian Party?...Millennials more likely to identify as libertarian...missing opportunities ...Happy Birthday, Stu!.. ‘you’re welcome’ ...Kind and Gentle coffee...AmericanPrideRoasters.com ...A brand-new political Party of Principles is greatly needed ...The Jared Fogle Party?    Hour 2  Olympic coin toss and the stock market...lucky bet either way ...Mental yoga with Bill O'Reilly...Bill's 'tip of the day’?...Budget dictatorships ...Collusion! Collusion!...more indictments coming from every which way...FBI had it out for Donald Trump?...Rob Porter and unrighteous dominion?...a man must know his limitations ...Trump’s wall is coming...Walls do work...look at Israel...fearing the media 'cartel' ...America is not losing jobs to China...even China is turning to automation…here comes FoxConn?    Hour 3  Sour grapes to sore loser...US Olympian plays race card after coin toss...In Honor and Memory of Jon Huntsman Sr...'honorable father figure'...secondhand cakes?... ‘a genre of cake’…who says ‘you’re welcome’ instead of ‘happy birthday’?…so much paisley...Nancy Pelosi and her grandson's (racist?) birthday wish?...why is this OK but not the opposite scenario?....she's body-shaming at best? ...No honor in honesty ...Happy Birthday Glenn!  The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand Courage shrink back right. We ve got a lot to say about the budget last night it had to be one of the weirdest and ridiculous knights of government that I have maybe ever seen if you watch seas. Rephrase this cuz. This is a phrase. It is or uttered before hey, did you watch these paralyzed I'd know but if you would have watch c span you might have actually been entertained if it, didn't mean slavery to our children. Last night's theatre,
if it had a musical score, it would have been somewhere between circus, music and Benny Hill theme I expect, that three wheel car to come in and just Tipp over send it agreed two days ago, on a long term by partisan budget deal that is equivalent of a massive raging dumpster fire. Now here's the thing this didn't actually a budget. This is continuing resolution. This is vote for everything. The government does no exceptions. No changes accepted chain in increasing the spending or shut down. The government. This set the tone for last night when ran Paul, stood up in front of Senate Republicans and called out their hypocrisy. Paulding, pull a punches. He straight up called them all hypocrites and warned that I quote day of reckoning is coming, is coming Thank you ran Paul for being,
A voice of reason? Thank you actually warning the country on what's coming. If they don't pay attention. There blood and the blood of their children are on their hands. You did your job same MIKE Lee. Ran Paul is right and ever Republican in that room that lead that did agree with him back two thousand and eleven they all fought. The Democrats to install budget caps, she's out of control spending? this new budget obliterates all those debt caps and sets the precedent for this to get even worse in the years to come, while the Republican they suddenly have become enlightened. They ve had a change of heart. They don't want children to starve to death anymore.
Not trying to kill all of the people that just can't get hospital care. Oh my gosh. Or do they actually not ever really believe in fiscal responsibility to begin with or where they just playing partisan politics boiler alert. It's the last part, the true is vague, just wanted to win in two thousand eleven, and so they knew if we impose death camps. Where are we will convince the american people that, if you vote for us things, you're gonna be different. Well, they are different to the two, of two trillion dollars of more debt in the next two years. That's great! So Bravo Turann Paul MIKE Lee anyone else that stood up and actually said out loud what some of us that floor might have been thinking and feeling if they were still thinking and feeling people.
Kept his criticism going long enough to delay the vote, which actually cause the government to shut down just for a little just a couple of minutes. In the end it was valiant, but a losing effort. This it voted seventy one to twenty eight to pass. The deal. Democrats voted Hence the deal, but not because of the budget. It didn't do enough for Those who are here illegally. It shot over to the house for a quick vote to try to The shutdown extending into Friday over there Nancy policy urged her colleagues not to show their hand until they knew how many ribaut lagoons would vote yes and as the press. Finally mounted she declared that she wouldn't vote because of Dhaka. Of course,. But she wouldn't hold anybody else back from voting for it. One by one Democrats voted. Yes, they started to flood in. I don't
of Nancy Policy is just full fledged, I not in their right. Mind, origin, he auditioning for enacting gig. Because neither of neither her through the theatrical last night nor her eight plus, Beyond pure theatre last night, if you watch C span which new Buddy If you watch C span which new Buddy did, it was kind entertaining if you're, so recital If you were board nerdy an really rooting for the destruction of Amerika. You loved it. What else Beyond a good movie or bad, ineffective government can deliver laughs and tears.
In one episode, it's Friday February nine year, listening to the Glen Back Program, if you are disgusted, as I am by this happening in Congress. I want to place thing for MIKE Lee any splain because the american people are like: why can they just all get into a room and work? he explains this- he says The reason why we were in the room we're in the room right now. We're all together, but they're not asking us to work it out, because the is a continuing resolution and this is not the way you govern anything because It leaves the american people out the american People, what happens is Mitch Mcconnell and Chuck decision, get together behind closed doors and they
every spending decision. Then they bring it to the floor and they say to the Senate and the House vote for them all of it. No changes or got the government down. EL gang? What is that It's not our republic, that's not the way it works. The you we been concerned with we're concerned under Obama that there might be a dictatorship. The left is now concern that under Donald Trump there might be a dictatorship, there might be a dictatorship. There already is a dictatorship and its happening in the house in the Senate. The dictators or shucks humor and Miss Mcconnell, they are dictating you vote for this or I'll, throw you to the wolves. You vote. Any of the things that chuckie- and I have just worked out in
putting things that go. Why ugly against everything that your voters may have voted for. The things that you supporters went into the voting. Both said very we're going to do this. You don't even have a voice You shut it down or you take it all. Here's how MIKE Lee explain is to try to explain this to America, but America wasn't listening. Listen to his listen to his explanation, the grocery store I've thought about this on many occasions and have there are very few circumstances in our day to day lives that are like the way Congress spends money
occurred to me- that if you moved into a new area very remote area- and you had access to only one grocery store for many many miles for many many hours and you on your way home from work. Your spouse called you and said: stop at the store pick up red milk and eggs are so you go to the store and you get your perfect cart. You go to the bread island, you put a loaf of bread in your card and a carton bill and a dozen eggs, and you you get to the check out, can renew put out your bread and your milk in your eggs in the cashier rings, those things up I'm sorry, you may not purchase bread, milk and eggs unless you also purchase a half ton of iron ore and a bucket of nails and a book cowboy poetry and bury Manilow Album. In fact, this is a special kind of store where you have to All of those things. In fact, you have to buy one of every item in this entire store in order to buy any of it
things, including the bread, the milk and the eggs without would start to approximate what it feels like to spend money in Congress. We're we're told you can't find any part of government unless you're willing to fund all of government subject to such changes as the few people who write that can you in resolution might insert an you by the way, having been duly elected by the citizens of your state. We left out of the process of a than the exercise the binary choice of yes or no, and so, Mr President, we have seen that this is how we get to be twenty trillion dollars and that soon to be twenty two trillion dollars in debt, we don't get to be putting trillion dollars soon to be twenty two trillion dollars and that without a whole lot of agreement on part of a whole lot of people to do that is by partisan exercise to be sure by partisanship is net
sorry, but the fact that its bipartisan doesn't always make it holding you don't get to be twenty trillion dollars and debt without a whole lot of Republicans agreeing with a whole lot of Democrats that we're going to do precisely that, it might in nor to the benefit of a few people who stand to benefit every time the government gets bigger or more expensive every time? We do things this way, but it hurts everyone else. The process matters The fact is, we will not always come to an agreement as to how much we ought to spend. We will not always come to an agreement as to those things on which we will be spending the requisite amount of money, but I think we should be able to agree. The american people deserve a process, one that allows them to be heard through the people's own elected representatives.
This is MIKE Lee last night, explaining. We can get angry about the spending if you're on the left, You can be angry about Dhaka. That's not the problem here. The problem is. There is no debate Problem is the continuing resolution. The problem is, we haven't, had a government pass a budget since Bush was in office? That's the problem. The continuing resolutions mean that you are cut out of the process, because your elected senator, your elected representative, has no voice, no way to stand up and say wait a minute. This part: the spending shouldn't be happening. This way cut back and still on the rest of the government this a dictatorship and the
Dictators are not in the oval, the dictators are in the Senate, dictators or in the house, and there called publican and democratic leadership, they come all of the shots they are taking every single dollar and they're telling all of the other representatives get in line, or I throw you to the wolves, Do you want to talk about spending lights, The gas station audio from Rand Paul, the department defence last year, we found this out spent forty five million dollars on a nap. Ro gas gas station in Afghanistan Forty five million dollars it was projected to cause five.
Hundred thousand dollars. Eighty, six, some odd overruns, you know of cost overruns, forty five million dollars, so you watching your head. You say natural gas gas station. What is that? We don't have one in my town. We don't have my down either didn't have any enough gas and you know what they decide. That they needed to reduce their carbon footprint of Afghanistan. Odor go right, there Do the carbon footprint of S Gaza. I thought the Miller his job was to kill the enemy so Voters job now reduce their carbon footprint, so they bought forty five million dollar gas station reserves of natural gas and guess what they discover they kept whitens. There's a guy sit next to it you can imagine him sitting on a stool and his way for customers, no one ever game, and then something, oh, my goodness, then cars are run on natural gas without for me, the same if you came to my town in Kentucky almost nobody's got a car in America. This they live in
but a state in Afghanistan, and you are expecting them to have natural gas cars, so they say Oh gosh, we already built, is Forty five million dollar gas station. Maybe we should bomb some car Mozilla Bottom, some cars with your money. They pay for that A station. Will your money now they bottom some cars with your money, but then the people still wouldn't come in They say we don't have any money and they Ok, we'll got the gas station. We got your cars, you need a credit card, so we gave him credit cards. So they have a. U S credit card that you pay for to take their natural gas car that you paid for to go to a natural gas gas station because we are reducing the carbon footprint in Afghanistan. That's all on. Congratulations! Republicans. We have the house, we have the Senate and we have the White House. When we have all three things are going to change.
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You know I would love libertarians- are missing the opportunity of a lifetime. Libertarians could actually make all that if people are looking for an end of this nonsense, but listen to this millennials wanted different party they would drop. The current party that therein at at a rate of seventy one percent. If they had one. Reason reported on Wednesday that Larry Sharp one of the more serious libertarian candidates who came in second for the race. Twenty sixteen for VP, recently resign from his post as an alternate representative for region, the Libertarian National Committee and for good reason, sharp, couldn't don't make. The vice chair of the Libertarian National Committee are full horror
who recently posted on Facebook, that an adult having sex with a fourteen year old is not the states business and those that are engaged in military service should be seen as immoral killers. I didn't want more horror, kicked out of the party for these views it's easy is more than welcome. You can have those point of use, because we're not in the business of thought police but he wanted him taken out of his position. So someone with a little more sense could help lead the party for the future and the Libertarian Party voted no. What the hell is wrong with you people seriously. What is wrong with you? Remember you, people, people be pedophile, that we who you're going after now, it's lovely longer yeah. I am I. What is wrong? Look, I am
stand having different points of view. I understand having a big party I understand, but if, if You are your leadership. Your leadership thinks that an adult you have sex with a fourteen year old. You should not be in a leadership role. What what is wrong with you unless its neighbour like a landline, can be in the lead in the end, they leadership role there. Yes, that's it. That's a good place right like he's an anarchist, so he believes he also said in the statement that he believes there should be no government now good, I think I understand that or people who out there who believe it, but why you in a political party in leadership of p of a party is trying to get elected if there's no car, there should be no government alone. Pendule at good friend of mine. He believed,
he's a he says, I'm really more of an anarchist and anarchy. Capital is usually okay, so he believes in almost no government, if no government at all, but he has also said you and I are not going to have an argument for thirty years. I just want to make the government smaller. We'll get down to what is really necessary and thirty year, it'll take us thirty years to get there, I no problem with that, because you're you're, not saying hey, bought aware yeah, you know vote gotta, be any laws you ought to have sex with eight year old, who doesn't am right? Glenn back Mercury, can't start a diet on the weekend, its impact, That's why Monday's the perfect day to start a diet, the user, off the weekend or maybe addle ability must eight lava too much to drink, and you need to take
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hello and welcome to the programme. I am so glad that you're here billow really is joining us in just a few minutes. I want to take your phone calls. I have a couple of things that we really really have yet to today that some of mirth however more fun I mean it is Friday and it is to use birthday. Doc. Thomson is here from the importing glaze happy birthday. Like you, so my drive, you a keg now did now doc. I just have to ask a question, and I just the yet. This cake is from the cake boss. That's what we hear. We mean. That's what you said that's the rumour of the office. Either no, are, you know, there's a dispute, but I think it is gay. May I ask how many birthday cake, cakes, the zero happy birthday stew, how many birthday cake say: you're welcome on top many. Nobody is so a hustle where there was brought in you. Guy said the more blade yes is gone.
This for use. Do yes, but it doesn't everywhere, It still says: you're welcome right, you're. Welcome that we you this cake record? I know begin thanks for the birthday gave way to your well, I think the time we're all about the economy, your word economy, let's get it out of their rights in the water out of the way go right. Let's get somebody at present that just as your well, by the way now it's time to move that cake over neglect deserve birthdays covered up tomorrow. You are welcome idle. Gotta be welcome, your ads are stuck in a cage and here's. The second is a thirty day because its second hand k for its do. That's that can cause not decide Virginia Jeff Mozart, Germany was welcome, do no language, Effie saw that does it has not that didn't even have oh, my gosh, it does look on this. I do have a finger. It, like maybe learning and for you and for them for you, but nevertheless ok you're, welcome. Thank you very much I every year
Is it with you guys with food, because you have you have who'd from really good people here all the time. Yet we have our own Jeff, Patrick Moser, to have our own shall yeah yeah, we ve He comes it accords forest five times on the show with us at food, Biz Barroso. We interview him because you know because Lahti, so it stay are, of course, the reason why I got issues veiling to do that. In writing. Letters about business in food and I met some. You have honestly, you have some of the greatest listeners and I met a couple that make their own coffee, It is the greatest story. I've heard it. I love these people their yeah. It's our listeners. Our great, I think part of the reason is too because they hold this accountable that you know we ve kind of created that holders cannibal transparency and get all they get it, and then I tweet with his regular. But this is Adam and his wife there from DES Moines, and they were looking
some change in their life, their entrepreneurial spirit. What can we do and every year they take a trip, the Yellowstone and they do about the Yellowstone and on the way back their car breaks down. And they don't have the money and they can't get it fixed their stock in their like. This is our side. We ve gotta do something different, so he goes back and he was there given that passionate about coffee but had an interest in it and started hosting beans in hot air poppers, to try to teach himself on how to do it and develop. The system eventually got aroused her and now have their line of coffees called american Pride American pride Roasters Dotcom, the coffee sensational. They a great job and all of the communists are named after sounding founding phobia. Whore there's some others like he's names of others, levity ones like there's a bacon blasted. He named after me at bay.
Loud it? That's not your name. No doctor, Hudson's Bacon, Blount, ok, I've little names bacon there. Let's all around back your welcome yeah you're, what exactly my parents? They appear to have been a port belly, but because they tell little stories the founding fathers there's some lessons unfounded fathers and order. One to make here is that of Philip. Did I tell you they were here last week and they were just Bruin Coffee, weak and it is it smelled so good. They do a really good job with the flavoured stuff, because the favoured coffee that they make it like an overwhelming, like syrupy, whatever flavour, just kind of the hint of at whatever cost or coffee flavour and die. As I told the brute sensational, but the really good people. So you go to american pride roasters dot com. You can check it out. A citizen of this and I'm pretty good with the founding father. We did founding Father Fridays for how long Philip amiss Massey my link, chocolate bar Scotty, coffee lesser known, a founder but very important to american history. Phil
Massey was an italian physician and the close personal friend of Thomas Jefferson during the can Revolution Massey operated as a secret agent purchasing and shipping weapons to the colonial army after the war, we travel throughout Europe, promoting republican ideals and even wrote the history of the American Revolution, Philip Mass is full city rose, bland coated with chocolate, Bas gaudy flavour is an awesome cough. Oh, my gosh, I get that, can I open it absolutely validates you'll love it so He does a lot of different. I don't wanna Mormon, really there's your actual, lose it out on this matter and for it is. This is the time that you're like this is good for whatever my faith or my coffee, I go for costs We, my wife- and I will you a couple of ago and named our sought after George with
the signs from Virginia Vienna and there's a with Bill Virginia with county or whatever. Of course, you do like the name, the pronunciation of his way it on him. Why are they would otherwise as our our sun? So I need to get him to make a with brand, yet I can give them rising, ok, good while you're I'll, come about your sank, you don't you very much has happened. I can take ordered that. What is the name of the wrote? What is the american pride Roasters dotcom american pride roost? I wish you could meet these people. You know I wish you could meet them because they are so sincere and soak. I all gentle, my old ones, that are just for charity, that they give a portion of charity. They ve helped them. You know I'm not lying like the big, no charities like individual people, that they have met. That they're, like let's name this percentage, goes after I'm really amazing people great people, american pride Roasters dotcom. Thank you very much dogma appreciably aid by the way Monday. Let's have Let's have Sarah and Pat and dock with us for an hour, there's a new show, starting on the blaze.
There is a round table, it's called the news and why it matters. So we all talk about the one story that we think is the big story of the day. It rightly and part of that, and why did he tell you what the prize. You are. Oh, that's all! That's that's so anyway. So that starts Monday, at five thirty central right by thorough eastern five, thirty eastern, and you dont visited a lot of fun. Padre is gonna, be editor and how we can it in on it one leg began, I'm curious about the ceding arrangement, but other that I'm in your next to him. Also that's gonna be trouble. Yeah Mack drank thanks a lot doc. I appreciate and thanks for the you're, welcome your welcome never had a you're welcome to take. Before I mean, what's bullets really trying to figure this out, what the hell? What do you think that was? or who, who sends a. I need a you're, welcome, gig.
I mean, I'm really think its inefficiency situation. You know the person's gonna say you're welcome when you give em, the cakes was just on the cake in your eyes are bother with it. I don't think that's. So glad I revealed that Beyond the point of usual american laziness. Laziness. We're gonna be We didn't, we come up with a the assembly line given out of any should see this, as I have to pay lazy, does look it's a birthday cake. I knew you were going to say. Thank you so Europe, right that way? I don't have to say it now progress, but the problem is: is now if, on the other, the recipient, isn't lazy, veil, Call you and say Hell is a? U your welcome k and then it takes a long time to explain right and nobody believes you and you didn't save any time. So I've seriously wondering who that
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or bigger government. They were for you, for instance, they were fort. Tell people, religious people. Exactly what to do will have. I dont want religious people telling what to do- and I dont want nonreligious people telling what religious people should do leave each other alone leave each other alone, but there is something to be said for natures loss. I believe if natures God, but if you're an atheist, just natures laws, there are a set of principles and they are outlined in our. Coloration of independence and they are outlined in our constitution. Now, if you or so far over the edge that you think the constitution? Is it who is worthless. Well, then, what are you what are you doing, what you do because you know it's like and then said in revolution. You know
reviewer hold ups. I can remember the exact line, but if you're holding up signs with now, the change your head This is its for fighting a losing battle. The american people are not there, the American, People are starving for common sense theirs. Darling for poor lad- committed government that makes sense their stock. Are for the libertarian principles and The raturans have to decide em a am I a science experiment? Am I just em I just day book that makes people think deeply and think different thoughts, or do you actually want to help? Do you actually want to apply reasonable principles and leave it Country out of darkness.
When you say well we're libertarian so Vienna, where anything goes, anybody wants to speak and you allow somebody to come up and strip on stage you are no longer talking about apply to. Politics is a party your mineral makes a fun. We get it's a fun. We cannot have another convention by the correct. If you know this, this latest is you, ve got a guy on the committee that is, is the EU. No adults should have been able to have sex with a fourteen year old. Well, you know you can have that debate at your parties, but not going to get the american people to go there, and are you really seriously willing to stand up when the king tree when we're about to lose. All of it and you're going to stand by a guy who says I should have sex with a child. You Have that debate all you want, but it has no place in today's politics. The
This is on fire. What do you say? You grab a hose. I'm just so frustrated because. People want a change If there was a principled party, that said look where they take atheists and we're gonna take Chris and we're gonna take Muslims and we're gonna take Jews, but the one that all agree. That government has no role what's whoever in establishing which one are you guys is right. People would go there. Flock. If you had a government that if you had a party that said Hey spending is out of control and we have to start reeling it back in and it is going to mean cuts, but we're not going to do all of it at once. We're just gonna reverse thrusters for awhile and take it peace,
peace? Somebody who is say would say, look I'm against the drug war. I am against. I am against drug laws because they don't work. It's like prohibition, I for the legal position of almost every drug, if not every drug but today, you cannot reverse this and just pull these laws out, when you have a nation that has been trained to have their hands out as trained. That daddy will always take care of you. You have to slowly reverse it and teach people. How to stand on their own two feet, but by having stupid arguments about hookers heroin and fourteen year olds having sex with adults. You have no place in american politics right now. You don't become the
Fogel Party, that's not good position, I hate all for a political party, its it shall be frustrating. Can they have it? I mean they don't have it though they don't. I love. You know why the libertarian principles, I'm with you and they put the party does not have it in that way. They did the inner here's, a guy who is seemingly a serious candidate that decides whose align himself, which is a risk with with the libertarian party. At this point, and he made this controversy happens. Someone saying that, basically, there should be. No laws. Government have no role in sex whatsoever. It was, as was the summary of his position. We keep saying the fourteen year old, that was high, hypothetical but his his summary was no gun has no role in sex whatsoever, so you know, like think it goes further than that and what happens the candidates with credibility, has to leave and the guy who's I guy, as sex with fourteen year olds, in below he stays
I never gonna win in and then to call our military killers right I mean that is that's not where the american people are, we don't, what we want an end to these wars, we want our people to come home. We want a welcome home parade that the people pay for if they wanted, not the government mercury. Courage. True back. Let me let me talk to you about the stock market. Yesterday, stock market was pretty ugly.
After nine years of market growth. The the smooth sailing is finally getting a little choppy but Today, the DOW Jones Industrial Average dropped another. One thousand thirty, two points second day this week that the DOW his lost over a thousand points Monday's loss. What the largest single day drop on record Kay, while the stock market is really super high yesterday was second largest thee. Next? Two biggest single day, point drops in record happened in two thousand eight. So The DOW has now dropped into what is called correction territory, which means it's down. Ten percent from the high the point of over twenty six thousand on January, twenty six, the doubt Ben in a correction since February of twenty sixteen corrections happen. I'd love to have you no correction, not the dramatic you know I love, to actually be rooted in something reasonable
but we haven't had that for a few years they would have to drop another ten percent now to be considered a bare market when the mark using correction. Usually indicates that investors are turning pessimistic about the markets. However, a correction does mean that the market is unravelling. Nineteen? Ninety eight there have been ten corrections, including yesterday's only two of those corrections continued into decline into a bare market. Now everybody, is scrambling for an explanation of this week. Shaky market. No one knows whether this volatility will last days weeks months. Are we headed for the great depression? Maybe maybe not doubtful? I don't think so investors seem to be nervous about inflation. Vats logical they are nervous at the Federal Reserve is going to raise interest rates faster than originally thought, I believe, a true to it, to be true fear about inflation is driven by good things increase in wages
but are now rising at the fastest rate, since two thousand nine, so all the our kid is acting weird. This week it seem to be, you know more out of place than usual, but that's because good things actually happening the weak free is moving forward. The tax cuts have truly made hiring possible and higher wages and all but the DOW has risen to unprecedented levels in the last year. So we're not used a volatile volatility any shaking it seems. Oh, my gosh what's happening a deserted nabob under Obama, yet because it was all bogus many, analysts think this volatility is long overdue. Sir, why nothing more than a healthy correction if nothing else week, has been an interesting test in the cycle the g of investors them? It has been doing so well for so long that when they
is a normal correction: everybody annex relax, we're ok it's Friday, eight February night here listening to their land back programme, a bizarre as if to hear the monologue from me say: man about stock market and the economy. I just don't I think this is this is the big one? I think you know we added trillion dollars in debt just last night. Two trillion dollars to put that into perspective. If I take every single dollar and pound in an yak yeah. From every country on earth every bit of currency, and I take it all. That's only fifty trillion dollars were half way to all of the money in the world in debt that is going to cost us one of these days very soon. Just
They gets today welcome the bill, O Reilly from Billow Riley dot com, hello bill. How are you lose jobs? Are you doing? Did a very good any comment on this loafers? Why automata relax? I'm very rely. Our I could get good, I'm doing little yoga areas and are you wearing the yogurt? Are you wearing the yoga outfit the obvious rob a you know you does not just in your suit- yeah, my shoe that you'd ideas why How did you know that? Why wasn't good male ivy, we know get mood, we do get male. Do you sleep in your suit because I think those you know I do. I have just
like a suit, a kick out good. Alright, I paced the bride on shore of King Arthur. I write so any comment on that bill before we move on, and they were the only comment because the stock market is gambling a minute is yes, let's face it. Let's be honest, and I say in my timid the day which I give every day on my tweet back. Below Riley. May I may I guess, may I guess what it was you can afford it took twenty percent in restaurants used to be retained by back, come on brother at a ring, lateral anyway, I said, the older you got the less stock. You should have a whole so I'm down in my portfolio. Twenty five percent in stock because it's not worth the risk it. When you can get. You know, bonds that will pay you. That's the cat
returns, but steady and they're not gonna, go out of business. You write, the debt is gonna, come back to haunt us at some point so you don't want to be the biggest, person when you're seventy years old to say so: conservative investing is is my advice to Americans over the age of fifty. If you're kidding you gotta good job, you can go into the mutual, funds and all out because it probably will pay off. Let me ask you this bill. Are you concern at all? One of the things are not talking about this is we had another auction of bonds, which means we were out selling the debt of the government trying to raise money, and it was and the the yield went through the roof, because demand was very low. Everybody's, like you, don't think. I'm gonna bet on those I'm not interested Y gotta pay more it yeah. Does that not a good thing for investors? Certainly,
I have a bad thing for the United States of America, but its work either look at it. This way it might be a better. Thanks for the USA in February but in May the whole picture could be turned around. So I think that the most stable economy on the face of the earth may be. Switzerland would would out plank us there, but it certainly one of the top three and you know the Chinese, for example, of this in the China Stock market. I mean at Gary's he and in those people over there. The Chinese who have money there, pointing in here and see that changing I mean what you gonna go to the euro. Are you gonna go into Angela Merkel territory going gonna, give you money the Russians now. So I think that the united It will stay as the These were worldwide, investment is mostly made, could be,
could be wrong, but I think the facts are on my side aright. So let's go. Let's shift gears to what happened in the Senate yesterday at the the continuing resolutions, that's not a budget process and there and really we are in a dictatorship. We ve been worried about, you know: Obama, being a dictator or tramping a dictator. Now the real dictatorship here is Doc Schuman and Mitch, Mcconnell, saying here's the budget, everybody every p, I every one of the people's representatives. You either vote for all of it or you who are responsible for shutting the government down- that's not right! I don't even cover this on below Riley Dotcom. I don't even cover it because it sure sure way. In the end, the conclusion is war I'm back the ain't right. These pin heads on about you, don't care about the gap and just want to keep the circus on the road and
they're gonna pass these bending bills, trumped big thing is: military, so you pumping more billions of dollars there and that's not gonna change. Asia until there is a catastrophe and there will be, but I think that catastrophe is down the road of peace. Let me let me move to the the FBI and the text I'm really angry about it back two things at once: aren't you today about the border wall and the FBI go. You said you wanted to cancel out. So I should side obey. Let's. Let's talk about two things: the border war, but that star with the baby. I got an idea. I love each clear. There are four people that may be.
Indicted. Our eye James call me the former head his deputy. Can you explain it? Can you explain, can you explain from your point of view when you name these guys, explain, fro for your point of view, what you think they're going to be indicted for what they did. Ok so call me went in to a judge, a federal judge who is on the fire a court, choose the court that issue wines for capping seat protect all Americans from terrorism. Yet white accord exists, ok, fine threats, and call me when in and he put his name on documents. It said you got to give us this warrant, so we can spy on Carter Page whose associated with the tramp campaign, because Carter Pages Stooge for potent we need a firearm around. We need to see
all his internet staff and listen to him on the phone, and it s give me some efforts- here's, the dossier that we somehow have acquired the FBI dossiers, phony rebutting noses phone call me new was for me, call me submitted a phoney dossier to the judge to get the tap to crime tank next. But next graduates, who else is gonna, be indicted in Y Y Mackay did the same thing so much my age com Emma cable thing right today. Those two guys went to a federal judge under false pretences, to get a tap on an american surgeon. I liked it damn it down the temple jelly than I can understand right. The other two this struck and LISA page Peter struck was deleted. The gator on Hillary Clinton, email thing and then Mauler Robert Model, a special council hired him to look into the russian collusion thing
his girlfriend and the FBI was LISA Page, both we're married, there have been a little thing going on right. Fifty thousand tax between the two of them in the body of the text are all kinds of stuff. Attacking Donald Trump and a lot of other people, and then there are little furtive things like potest rather than in the United States, Barack Obama. At the time he wants to be a problem. Is of everything we're doing, even though Obama said he was saying completely out of it will get there I would add, but the big thing about struck in page is, it from their correspondence. It looks like more in conducting I mean struck was knocking down. An honest investigation, at least until the Hillary Clinton email thing and We find out that Mackay I knew that they wieners computer, contain class
right information. They came from Hillary Clinton a month before you don't Congress for weeks and veto I was just before the election took place couple days before if he had said that a month before Hillary Clinton would have been damaged. Almost but you might even have the leave the race accessories. That was so. It looks like circumstantial, but certainly worth investigating that Mackay beheld, that information for a month to help Hillary Clinton are when we come back. I want a toy to about a few of these things and and and double little bitten deeper into them, in just a minute with Bill O Reilly from Billow, Riley, dot, com, aright IRA, our sponsor this. Half hour is zip recruiter if you are hiring, you need great people.
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We can help you in your business now been used by businesses and fortune. One hundred companies to companies the size of yours or mine right now, you Try zip recruiter for free post, your jobs, zip recruiter for free by going to sip, recruiter, dot com slashed back. That's zip, recruiter, dot com slow back Glenn, mercury gland back where, with Bill Riley from Billow Riley dot com is laid. His book is killing England and its available everywhere. Bill I have a fundamental question about the F B. I think- and I can't get past it we know there are a lot of things that were be shady with some of these agents, some of the people that did not like Donald Trump and your right completely worth investigating and we should look into it, but it's like the way that at least the conservative me or the Trump defending media is talking about this issue. It is as if,
the FBI, had it out from four trump from the beginning. They wanted to be a did not want it to be president, and they don't want him to be resident now and to do everything they can in this sort of deep state, to undermine his presidency. Irony The premise Anderson storyline, but when designing a plan to take down, tromp at all, costs should You leave out. The port where you release a letter, saying opponents is under FBI investigation. Ten days before the election This does not work for me because everyone, These things, in a all come the fact that it would- That letter Likely Donald Trump would be that as it may, I think Mahler handed the election to Donald Trump come our colleague had yeah, we'll get. What you guys are misery is where we just talked about before the break com had to because
The information about wieners computer or before that they make be quiet as long as they could would call me saying: oh my: to himself if I don't put this out before the election, and then found that we had it. I'm gonna get indicted on the spot, so he had surviving right. I'm gonna see what would you like a late as long as they could write, but you but the delay, and then they came for the case is. Everybody else, didn't do I mean they were covering for her. They were they, delaying theyve theyve. They ve covered all of this evidence and yet on this one thing, one call me said I have to release this year because it was so big, When you have, but it turned out to be nothing, I know it did, but it day it was Anthony winner.
Ok that if it had been anybody else may be, they could have gotten away with it. But somebody that high profile, so they, the CIA, bigger These guys up their professional, see why a people and then put themselves a personal risk, so they if they basically timed it there. A what delay it as much as we can, and then put it out, a memo say: hey, you know there is not in their old nome, You can come and say we try to boot the election, I'm not saying that I'm convicting James call me if anything, I'm saying is more than enough evidence to have a special prosecutor point, because the FBI, can investigate that. I agree with all right. It is also beyond any reasonable doubt that Peter struck a high ranking FBI guy who surely world. The word They call me read about here
Clinton's email in July hated Trump and wanted trumped wooes? There's no doubt of it. From his own email, something that should have more than enough steadily wine and shake this whole thing right. So there's an I dont think, do you think there is enough of a problem on both sides. We're not a point that if there were that were were looking at a situation like we had with. What's his name stuff in the things in his your pants ITALY Burger Sandy Burger. Where both sides are had alike in our lives is sandy, you know Sandy. I couldn't do that. I now beach just too high profile with Congress all over it. You know I mean the generals report is really gonna blow it up so much. I d expect again all justice departments gonna issue a report on how the F b I conducted itself looking at them. Frequent emails and you gotta figure? That's gonna bleed over Russia collusion. Sky,
which his name? Is? Asia, is an honest guy, and I thank you a drop of mega time bomb and the reason I think that is because they feel admit, came ten days ago, they there he left the building retired. Now the day I showed him out because the FBI, The new FBI chiefs, I think upon the inspector general report. It's gotta be damning against Mackay in call me. Are we going to but that's that's where the evidence points remember evidence base got right. So I don't do this speculation thing while the net? That's not helpful to have you radio and really I mean where regulation here you gotta help me out a little bit, but that this is the line. I think it bill is enough. There's enough to say I want to know what actually happened in who did what so
I hear your point. Europe saying there needs there should be an investigation. We should look into that. I think, is a completely fair one. I feel like the weights, talked about a lot in the media. Is this? Is just I did this happen I think we need to be careful with that on both sides back in just a second more with Bill O Reilly, Glenn back mercury, trust is an important thing. It's some We do a lot more as human beings, and I think most people realize renewed drive down the road and there's a little yellow line between a car coming after at you fifty miles an hour in your on your side of the road and they're on the side of the road, and we just trust that they'll stay on their side of the rode. Their self interests will do it whatever it is die most of the time were driving, and this is a positive thing. It's hard, though, to find
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got a real estate agents. I trust dot com, it's real estate agents. I trust Dotcom, give it a shot real estate agents, I trust dot com, death is glad that programme, where, with Bill o reilly- and I wanna talk a little bit about Rob Porter, he works at the White House. He's White House staff Secretary handles all of the papers to the president. There is a way scandal. Now, because, apparently, he was accused by both of his ex wives of physical and mental abuse. He had a straining order on him with his second wife None of this apparently was known when it was found out. The White House didn't move immediate, they did put him on a did. They put him on a list and said: if anybody has these accusations, I've gotta go home, Kelly did not execute that in the two, soon between writing. And doing is that risk
still, he had the heat, the he did not get the pie, an ant security clearance, rivers of several aids, apparently that words whose ruled to not there were not many people get that they have. Temporary security clearance. Apparently, according to reports today, Kelly had said: if a can't get the permanent If you really clearance we're going to let them go. He had not executed that idea. Yet right was, he was going to do it apparently anyway, whether he thought could reverse the decision in some way. We don't know so. Bill. What are your thoughts? What are your thoughts on rub border? I don't have any thoughts, I don't I don't know what happened. I'm not privy to any of it. I don't trust the press report accurately on anything in the Trump administration, but it seems strange to me that the f, again. We go back to the FBI. It's there. Job today. In order to get clear as to work in these jobs, the white ass. You have to go through big FBI check. The letter had joined in and so that they based. The always
Lunchable for saying you know you can bring a guy in because he's got ABC Dna. On his sheet, which we verified So it's it's hard. You know, and I want to walk on Wanna caution That's that's were everybody. All Americans what you hear reported on the news and reading the newspaper right now to fifty he proposition. Half of it is not true of its garbage, so you have to go back to the fundamental system, the eyes. The is the agency, that's overly that oversees all security clearance. And I mean I don't know whether whether the Trumpet administration defied the FBI's advice, I mean you, don't wanna. Probably we don't have that information
Glenn when you, because he enow he came from or hatches office, poorer and he's Mormon would know it. There be? Because this is now being Europe? We know as being part of his bio, now that's being served promoted. Would there be any record of like with the church. Has he been? Has he been excommunicated If somebody was accused of a spousal abuse, the church are churches very different and, does not get involved in you know your life and in those ways, unless a b, whose mental or physical abuse or something like that- and we have a church council if he was a if he was a member in good standing, they would have been the council together, they would have listened to his wife and they would have listened to him on spiritual matter is this happening. Are you using unrighteous dominion? if he was abusing his wife or accused of
There should have been a council called, privately and if he was found guilty of that two times, I can can't imagine if he's a than a good standard in school, standing that it would have been count called? They would have excommunicated him. So the question is: Is he a morbid and good standing? What did it Council was called and if so, was he excommunicated? If those if he was called they did, have hearings on it and he was not excommunicated. I don't know. I would believe that. Maybe that's not the situation, but I dont know I do. Is that public? All that stuff I mean, did I gotta know what I think I know you know. None of the none of the hearing is public its between husband and wife and the council, and that's all secret, but you would know if he was excommunicated that people that I had not come out. I haven't seen it I've seen that. So if you're? If your orange hatch
You heard those things I dont know if or indeed, but if you heard those things, and he went through the live the church. The church, does not take that likely. If you would have gone through that deal and x Indication means you're done. You have to start from Rach and repair this? It's a big deal for a moment. That's a very big deal bill. Let's talk, let's talk a little bit have so many things in front of me here to talk to you about on a wall back. I was innocent on a wall, I want to say let's talk about the war and the border guards death Ok, I don't know anything about the border guards. Death. A man most no limitations, and I do a day the is coming it and then you're the Glen Back Programme out front. This is the next big thing
because job is not. Gonna. Give in to the dreamers unless you get- Turning to the wall, very simple issue, so my question to everybody in America: is there Why would you oppose building a wall on the southern boy and you'll get the usual aware it s sad insult the Mexico, racist does what you get that's the only argument, cities, Do you know that in Mexico, in two thousand seventeen there were more than twenty five thousand homicides and another thirty thousand people unaccounted They vanished, they don't know where they are or whatever I put the number at fifty thousand homes that way? More then, in Afghanistan, or a rack or anywhere else in the world. Ok, that you have
gotta control cartel situation where the drug gangsters are killing people, we should move day at a level it so hard applying but the world care I was when I was when I was at sea and in I had photographic since that they would not allow me to show on air of a of a bowling alley on our border on the mexican side, where the drug cartels, be head in all of the people that were riding on them and trying to stop them. They went into a bowling alley and rolled the heads down the bowling alleys. Towards the pins. I had photographs of it, CNN would not. Let me show them there. You go what you have here. You have a government in Mexico City under President NATO that cannot control country, beyond any reasonable doubt. He kept a bit right. So the drug car
else control much of Mexico so therefore thousands of tonnes of narcotics come into the United States. Does that's how the drug cartels let's make their money. An violence comes into the United States because the drug cartels members, don't you stay in Mexico? They come here as well to oversee their business. So The wall is designed to keep some of that out in addition to the people smuggling We don't. Millions of people have come here illegally through the southern border. Every day if we get reports about criminals who have been deported ten times, yet they come back eleven times so you still oppose the war. Is there in America This new proposal- here's the crusher, in Israel? I put up a wall back. What happened? What happened they put up the walk they bade. The violence went down, not you.
Went down almost not existed, so there Terrorists were infiltrating into into Israel. There were killing israeli citizens. Fine raid, Israel built the wall and at stopped. And you're telling me we should never wall on the southern border, see this the you have to make your arguments overwhelming and even the argument that are making I'm a racist Meanwhile, he ran out of you gotta monotones. It was it all railways and now to find these rates. It reaches its such crap and such a fraud. And I am doing- is to defend Donald Trump If I were in the White House, I beat I'd, make the argument. Does a judgment programme to the american people in a press conference and I destroy the opposition, say if it is responsible not to build a wall. If I I'm putting you in danger?
it's linebacker, Steinway? Ok, not everything is presently to protect you. Therefore, I need I mean for the wall? If I get it, then what I do Was I amnesty on these dreamer people so that everybody's happy. I so are you tell. This is illogical. I M so angry, because the press in the United States so corrupt I mean it's almost corrupt is a guy pelts. So I think we have a media I can also your who who wins in this debate, because I really truly believe most. Our are like: stop it stop it. We need security on the border and the people. Who came here as children, because their parents- or they were born here, they're here now we're not going to deport all of them. We have to at the border, make sure its secure and then, also, let's just figure
brow the deal with the dreamers, an emu that you give me this. That's people want HU we and I will show you- I will tell you if our presentation, our conversation right now we're pretty to be american public personally, american public out the back o Reilly and stew stew would actually get some props. Even we haven't said anything right there right. Ok, russia- and I put the number at. So who wins in this fight? I think that's the way because he holds the power, I mean the heel veto, any kind of the dreamer legislation. Listen includes funding for the war, but they won't they want. They dont want the dreamers too. They did. They do not want Donald Trump too, give amnesty and a road to citizenship. Two and a half times more people than Barack Obama was suggesting. They do not want it. We would have the Democratic Party, they don't want it.
Well, let me look there deal is that is those here's the deal maker, but he had to do the work operate on this, but you can hammer that party and they needed when the house in November. By saying I you, kid me. You oppose building a wall and all the facts that you presented by our Control Mexico ways and in our colleagues in the open air to the drug or an you oppose it. We can show you that in Israel at Work- and you still oppose it- Nigger kill a at cause. It's not that complicated. An issue billion insight into Donald Trump that we don't have a man you ve known for decades. So is it consistent with the guy that you ve known all this time? for him to come to run as a real border hawk. But when he's in office to be the kind of guy who's, gonna say we want the security I'll, give you the dock, I'll, give you the amnesty on these people and sort of make
a deal. That is those same as deal maker. But he had to do the wall. Because I was his signature issue and he knows it. That would be like Bush the elder, go and read my lips, no new taxes and then raising taxes so ass. To do Nope job is smart enough to know that there are few core things that he cannot copper, I saw him he asked to do in the walls. One does the Wall Bill, give him a centrally amnesty on all of the other pledges on the border right of em a lot of em, because that was you know he pledged to cut taxes, he's done it, and now you get the wall under construction. You know those the two big ones, and he skate on a lot of the lesser stuff, new, They from bill dot com. Thank you, Sir, have a good we can use.
No, thank you. I mean guys. I enjoy it. Thank you. I case by Bill O Reilly, dot com. You can watch, it shows every day online pillow Riley dot com. Let me tell you about hiring the right people, zip recruiter a better way to hire great people. We want to thank them for sponsoring this hour. Making this our possible zip recruiter, not now post your job online and then pray that the right people see it, but zip recruiter, new, there was a smarter way, so they built a platform that finds the right job candidates for you. This is enough This is the beginning of of a pie, This is the way it's gonna work. I mean we used to have to sort through everything, with phone calls and Reza Maize, then we could pull Star job on line and Reza maize would come in and we didn't have to. You know, make phone calls and take all of the meetings we just
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Glenn Back mercury thanks so much for tuna, and today you see this still, you wanna talk about I'm gonna bring these jobs back from China and why that's a lie in anyone, any politician left or right, whose we're losing jobs to China. I want you to listen to this story fox con. You know what Fox gone is right. The aid there, the big serve manufacture, lot iphones and another Miss for having tough conditions in China is suicide. Yes, who say they re actor ease their factories are, are like slave camps. There, your iphone, I think, you're right, it's being built by us, a slave, and you do. Is you get? It
regulations are out of the rice patty. You can come in to get a job at fox gone, but you have to live where you work in these, horrible conditions. You eat. Where you were, you never leave people they ve had to put fancy. All around the the top of the roof, because people keep throwing themselves off the roof. Minutes horrible, Fox is planning to slash more than ten thousand jobs as apart the companies aggressive efforts to increase the use of automation, when China. This automating getting rid of human laborers, something that is cheap and meaningless to them can guarantee that those kinds of jobs are not coming back to America back and just a second
Glenn Back Mercury. Courage, shrink back? Can a coin be racist? Let me rephrase it. Of course, a coin could be racist let me be more specific Can the game, heads or tails be racist? apparently so too fleets nominated by the United States olympic team to be the flag bearer at the opening ceremony.
Shawnee Davis and african american male five time olympian, an errand Hamblin, a white female for time. Olympian were tied, for the position all received the exact same number of votes from the representatives. So how do you handle a time like this in them Pragmatic and object way possible heads or tails shall we start Games football games. So it's it's. How we make decisions where it's a tie. You no doubt a straw flip a coin. Will Erin Hamlin One and Shani Davis play the race card. He tweeted team, USA, dishonorably tossed a coin to decide it's two thousand and eighteen flag, bearer, no problem. I can wait until two thousand and twenty two black history month. Two thousand and eighteen excuse me. I mean how can you possibly think a coin toss was racially motivated. What's what's the answer here too
the team, given Davis, the position just because he's black? No, of course not they shouldn't get Erin just because she's white and a female no shit start banning coin tosses. Do we have to declare that the game heads entails is now somehow or another racist and bias if the black. Person doesn't win this Ridiculous. Most non, biased and objective way. You pick something day. This is obviously still upset about not being the flag bear, because he skipped The opening ceremony this morning, while is that the Spirit of an american olympian. I'm a sore loser. I'm gonna, take my toys and go home. Will quite frankly, Anybody who behaves that way: white, black, yellow poker, dot plaid it doesn't matter. I'm glad
you dont represent us at the Olympics. Today, back. Attitudes that the are something even for shiny olympic metals. Just can't hide it's Friday February nine year, listening to the Glen Back Programme. I have waited all week. To do the monologue that I am not.
A good enough man to do tomorrow, I'm flying out to attend one of the greatest men. I've ever known, I'm good! To attend his funeral, his name is John Huntsmen senior. He's the guy who is responsible for the first, you know Kay El records presents the best of he's. The first die to put a compilation album together and he did it because he needed to raise money too. A mould, so he make styrofoam boxes.
Because nobody had ever thought of she, I wonder I if it would be better, to have styrofoam and put your big mouth. Can a styrofoam he, to make the moulds, but he didn't have the money. So we can, Up with another idea, what did I do? compilation, album of everybody's favorite songs. I first walked into his office. Here's this Persists: industrialists, with gold records on his wall and I'm like John what the hell is that I was creative thinking your husband, was by my side quietly during some of them, difficult days of my life. He taught me how to fly fish. He taught me how to be a better man. He,
Let me that you can shoot straight. You can tell the truth, you can. Business with a handshake and use bill can succeed. The guy who worked in Washington worked for Nixon. One of the only guys they never questioned. The next item is duration, because everyone knew John Huntsmen wouldn't be a part of any of this, a guy who stood up at that time and said. Excuse me, I want no part of this. He taught me he taught me what a game Washington really. Is he taught me how to pray? He taught me how to give blessings to others.
One day late at night, we were both vacationing and I was about three houses down from his and he was over at the house and he was probably seventy seven At the time- and it was dark- and I said John- let me walk you home so he walked home and we talked, and we had such a great Invitation that when we got to his door he said, let's walk back to your house, so he walked back to my house and then back to his and in one of those trips he just stopped and looked up at the star and he said: can you read the stars.
I said no no and he started to point out all the constellations name, all the stars. He was a navigator in World WAR too, and he said every man needs to be able to read the stars. Every man needs to know the right direction and how to find the right direction. He told me, as I was just beginning the success of my career. He asked me Glenn. How much is enough Here's a guy who had been on the richest man in the world list for decades. I said: what do you mean
He said you have to set a number. You have to set a goal and then live by that he said how much is enough decide or it will never be enough. He taught me what it was like to love and lose a daughter with grace. Passion and dignity taught me how to be a father by watching him with his children how to deal with even. The most challenging things were a d added mom, don't have an answer by watching watching him love his son, Marcie. I learned how to serve in a church calling with everything you have
one day we were out fly fishing and I I asked him for a blessing. I wasn't feeling well- and I said john- do mind, giving me a blessing and he said sure, could you excuse me for just a second said sure he went inside the house and he changed He changed into a suit and put on a white shirt and I said, are you going? What are you doing and he said, I just feel as though, if I'm going to try to speak the words of the Lord, I I just feel I should be dressed appropriately. He gave me a five minute. Blessing walked back in and changed back into. His fly, fishing clothes.
I learned how to be gracious. Even you, don't wanna be from him How to forgive those people that, Really don't want to forgive. He taught me through his own marriage, of how to marry way over your head. I'm not sure I brought anything to the table for him.
And I'm not foolish enough to think that he felt the same way about me, but he was there at the worst time with my father who.
We were estranged at the end. We didn't even have a funeral for my dad and I looked at John as a father figure. I think much to his I've met a lot of great people. In my life, I've met prime ministers and I have met kings President's.
But there is one man who impacted my life for the better. Like no one else, heads and shoulders, I regret not hang back to him.
The first time I met him was at his cancer centre, the huntsmen Cancer Centre in SALT Lake City, a friends had you have to have lunch with a friend of mine said: do you know John Huntsmen senior. I said in a whole who I know he's a billion air and I wondered what it would be like to have lunch with a billionaire, and I quickly found out, as I pulled my car up to the Huntsmen Cancer Institute in and he said, come on, and we went into his cafeteria hospital cafeteria and we had lunch and we talked about how to be charitable. How to give.
In two thousand and two thousand eight after the crash, he actually put it, House in his plane in his car as collateral, not for his company as collateral. For the charitable obligations that he had made. He asked me if I would help them cure cancer. He was convinced that it's just around the corner. And he has convinced me. I remember standing in the hospital at an alibi. Her door- and I said John I'll- make you a deal. I will help you if you Teach me how to be a charitable man.
He shook my hand and said that's a deal or make. The first lesson is can't just care about cancer. You have to care about the entire human condition its. Why he's built homeless, Shell person battered women's shelters, his charitable giving is beyond imagination. John huntsmen senior kept his promise to me, and tomorrow I am going to. His funeral and his burial.
And let him know that my commitment back to him to honour that agreement is being renewed. And I have quite a few years ahead of me to care about the entire human condition, as he would say,. Goodbye, my dear and sweet sweet friend Glenn back. Thank you for putting up with me. I appreciate it.
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at one, eight hundred flowers, dot com, one eight hundred flowers, dotcom, make sure use them. My God back. I have. I have three copies. These herb copies that John Huntsmen gave to me One of the last time I saw him of his book barefoot two billion air, and they are all signed by john- and I would ask if. In only a few If you were an entrepreneur to entrepreneurs, are you really truly believe in the american Dream and and you and you and you will read the book, not just keep it on the shelf,
but you really will read the book eyes by producers to take some calls and am, and they can give out three books. To make it a contest, but you know they can decide who gets the books at eighty, eight. Seventy seven be easy K, seven Beck barefoot to billionaire ridable story of a guy who grew up in a home literally with cardboard walls. On an indian reservation, because his his father was a teacher or a doctor. I think a teacher. On an indian reservation and they grew up dirt poor that really one room and they put cardboard up to one program rooms. Shoes and he lived. His life is one of the
one of the greatest industrialists of our age and truly one of the unsung philanthropists, one of the great philanthropists that, if that have lived in the last fifty years, and nobody really knows- I have of stories that I will write down that I, however, this man- but it's not my place to Tell- but I write them down and some day, hopefully. Will be published after my death on justice stories that I know about him that nobody else knows about it. Just is kindness in graciousness and his commitment to doing the right thing in charity,
It we learned such a world where people who have a lot of me now around a lot of money are vilified and he really disproves that theory completely. Aright back with some things that we need to talk about a news in some laughs. When we come back Glenn back, Mercury Is it the Glen Back programme well to my good friend, Mr Pat Gray, Pat is of course still birthday today oh yeah, happy birth of yeah yeah did you have bring that? Would it you bringing the cake- is on its way through the air came, his Ogden dog gave him a a cake boss cake. And tried to pass. This offers a birthday cake, but you'd tell me this is, in a second hand, cake
the writing on it didn't say, happy birthday, certainly not happy birthday stew. It said, you're welcome your welcome yeah? Ok, so you're welcome a cake and on a general cakes model, I had an iron. When I pointed this out, it wasn't like he had thought this apple. Did you notice that he was like? Well, you know. That's because I knew he was who say. Thank you now making it up they just they just gotta king get us anything. I don't care what it is. Not those who second hand cake that somebody didn't pick up more than Pat did no. I got you little dutiful paperclip. Those were sitting in front of him just a minute ago. I put the people their ethnic. Now, your well that's an add on Airbus. Its imply of do. I believe you are those happy birthday to you tomorrow, well right I believe that you are the owner of the pants I added a shirt the shirt sure
oh my gosh, do not I added a shirt sure. Like four years ago finished What you're talking so back in ninety one path is in. I went to a store and I bought Pat the ugliest. Dolce cabana pants yet another that I read the raft, Lorraine a worthy, I think so, but they could be dull Jacob. I they are the ugliest pants you ever seen in your life, the exemplary Bethink Nother salmon paisley of gang, and I got him these pants and he's never worn them, and so, Next year he gave
back to me in my eyes and as as residents called re, gifting Ryan, it's a tried and true, and we ve been doing this sentence. Nineteen nineteen one given the same pair of pants to each other since nineteen ninety one now, a few years ago, I added a luxurious you're, not necessarily matching, but luxurious. Oh right well, do pray. I mean if you're gonna go by traditional fashion rules, while leering salmon colored basely pal, you really can do capital. So, yes, I expect those tomorrow used are still doing. This is held horse, we're still yeah. Of course we are, we doing everything still do its tradition. We just get a box, we rapid, very somebody wraps and for us and we're like pair happy birthday. I'm not even get to open it this year,
give it to his mind the same wrapping paper next year that some are that the visions that many others right leader, but though we need to put those on display someplace, because people will be jealous they will you ve, never worn them. What what How did I mean? I think that's a straw is it- I never never. On time it is, is a stretch or is it unfurled lies in thirty seconds is threatened, because if one or call him a liar but Europe because we're good friend, we spent a lot of time picking up the perfect given regional every year. Anyway. What's on your mind, it a bad Nancy policy and allow him sorry for that guy. I know it hurts, but, This was such an interesting part of the speech that that not many people have there are things
their arousing here they were now here is the surest there's a share? This is this maybe aboriginal, I don't know, but here's what you dream and rapid So here is this beautiful shirt. Ok, and it has a little bit of salmon color in it a little bit purple. Actually they do caught him, and here is the beautiful bay and they are Ralph Lorens still only tag still with the tat. I do not believe that there are thirty eight they fit you Pat, not new. More. Thank you really. Not anymore. Add is beautiful. That argue path. That is also a meaningful work of. That is a lot of paisley going on here. I saw these in a store is devoted like ninety, ninety or ninety ninety one, and I could not believe that they were ass Chile for sale. Yes right, frightened
I've learned it looks like the entire Ralph Lauren, like factory. They had a big vomit closure of easily that spilled under that one better pans. You know what it is, it's like they at the they had a pair white pants and then people were so sick to their stomach from eating eating avocado. They took pep talk business it didn't work and they blew chunks. Oliver lands as it is what it looks like this is just good. Looking I sure that that's just tasteful there. I think this is anything, but so this is a beautiful beautiful. I want to see it on you on Monday on. You know what I'm going to be invisible on Monday. The area is a boy, that's weird, and then that is eventually for the day that we prepare new show with without, as I will not see you when I come in here Promoting way and I'm wearing these Cloe, that's the only time during the day, you'll ban visible dammit this while ice. They will not. Let me where what I want aware on tv people, kind of own
place now that one of our dad what they want you to believe as they want. You believe, anyway, Nancy Pelosi anyway, diplomacy about a grandson and this is, I think she describes it beautiful here's what she said, I am reminded of them. My own grandson he's done. Irish anguish, whenever an Italian, never whenever this mix, but he looks more like, the other side of the family, so we say she's them, and when he had was a six week, birth, six birthday here. A close friend. His name is Antonios from Guatemala and he has beautiful and skin beautiful brown eyes and the rest and not like such a bad day for me, because when not like a guy who asked the candles on his cake said, did you make a wish?
yes, I'm interracial over. What is your wife? She said. I wish I had brown skin and brown eyes like Antonia Regard, while a beautiful, so beautiful at all. They were looking for is ashamed of his re studies that horrible so beautiful the beauty is in the mix and at last line margin. Imagine imagine imagine if this was black person. If anyone would say- and you know what my blog son He had green eyes and red hair, a friend who had green eyes in red, hair and very irish. You know that that China Doll skin my gosh- and it was the proudest day of my life when he said well. What I wished for dad was to have White China, dolls, skin green eyes and red hair. If you would describe that as a proud day, all the beauties in the whiteness-
what am I gonna? Is we ve heard that story, but not described as beautiful rights? terribly excited terribly re heritable and it's horrible, and it's not even just raises ashamed of your own right. Yes, it's not only a racist. You want to talk about body, shaming, Thea, here's a woman body shaming grand some, because I know you want to look you want to look. You want to look like you're guatemalan friend, My gosh, its despicable, is in heading five or six year olds, giving that there's something crazy about a kid saying that it's the fact that you're pretty yeah and animal hugging, though, if you want to say that I believe you fine airs all they all sorts of crazy stuff when you're funny it's not like no honey, you you're beautiful. Just as you are that that's not the story. It's yeah. We all wish we're hispanic it might be your taste. It might not be your taste theirs. She would say to hit, but to the kid no
You don't want that you're beautiful the way you are right, like even though it was encouraging him, not only white thing in our current, and I think I believe this I wouldn't get our current climate. If you were to say it's, ok, it's great that you're. Why did you should continue to be white libraries? that's raises because exhort you should being urging him to the opposite and you should be ashamed of being white. We have become so no worship full of diversity and so I loathing that this is held up to as really good story as something and little undesirable. Not and it's not leading the news anywhere. Where effect, probably not on the news and I'm guessing the mainstream media hasn't even yeah. They have any mentioned. I don't care, they don't care they they they that's a beautiful thing. No, it's but it is that's body, shaming, right, that's body, shaming, at best, at a saudi shame, you teaching your grandson that yeah, that's beautiful, that you dont like your own skin.
I can't imagine in any way on that day, when our own skin, where I was told we should we only every time we see a dove commercial, we're supposed to be like all, that's beautiful their comfortable in their own skin. Is that the one with the fat ladies dancing out. That word, no, I mean those areas while now we're I'm serious nice, and I don't want you know why that Albania, if that is beautiful, I then I want you to claim that I am beautiful too, and I'm there is driven down to my under now and I'm going to dance on screen, and I mentioned that every single person says that beyond that gave it might be your taste. It might not be your taste there's nothing wrong with that, but that is not what society has decided is the ultimate the ultimate for a body I don't have the ultimate form of the body I like the fact that my children might be body shamed by
somebody area like needs, evil, lousy and IRAN, comfortable in their skin, but that does not require me to the pronouncement vat is beautiful. I have no problem with the commercial. I have no problem with seeing it I'd. My problem is that we are being forced to swear to see that Caitlin Jenner is the most gorgeous woman. I've ever seen. Yes, she's not she's, not she's, a woman who kind looks, a lot like a dude, not gonna, limping it almost like a limp in and it such as that it's it's such Oprah. Your preference must be that view You like homosexuality, now yeah you're right. Isn't that what we're being forced into we can't like heterosexual activity you, but you have
like almost a well. You should at least try and almost exactly you should at least try. Your brain is, if you don't at least try homosexuality. I didn't think it was a choice: either you're born that way right the accusation, preference, a sort of dead. Now it s gone, you you're not allowed to have a rifles to say all. That's beautiful you! Don't you see on the screen name, you can't say I prefer ex over. Why that means you're, making a decision or something there. Indicates one is better and you can't begin indicate that one is better it's it's. What is liberal fascism and that's the problem. I dont think that the average person who is fat like me, Or, or homosexual, or straight or by or try gendered. I don't think the average person wants anything other than to be just treated like a normal human being is justice. Can you not treat me like I'm a pariah guy, that's what the average
so once I just want to be a part of society. This is who I am and I'm happy there. They do not want to force ever one else to agree with them. It's it's not the way We are we're not built that way. Just accept me, for who I am don't hurt me. Don't you destroy my life because of my choices, and I won't Destroy your life? Can we, I'll just live side by side. That's what the average person wants. That is not a whose ruling country this country or our culture, and we just cannot reduce. Can't be honest anymore. I don't know that song that goes. Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top sake you're, seeing a song with no knowledge of whose hearing it. How do you know that accurate you're here, you're say: if, if that's something you and say then the words don't mean anything because you're saying it to everyone, so that everyone is perfect than perfect. Has no meaning
a wheel is a wheel only because we call it a wheel. I wrote I read this philosopher Sol Creepy. Years ago, and I soon I've been talking about. I seldom and I just remember just being so crazy. About how stupid, although this stuff was, but the point is its. Something because we call it that so you call handicap hand What does that mean that me? That word means nothing, but me that means nothing only means what you attach to so you have tat, to somebody in a wheelchair that needs a ramp. Or something else, because they can navigate in the same way that a fully able body can they are kept in the way that they're in the amount they are handy, Kurth, ok,. If you had a whole nation appeared again, we all know when I was growing up. We all know what a handicapped person or a handicapped zone me
two or handicap ramp, I changing it to handy, capable might if you feel good in a very short period of time, but eventually handy capable means exactly the same thing as handicap is perfect right, because these politically correct terms have expiration date. I mean, if you look back, if you look at the end of a lazy, p We can't even say what the noblest cp stands for bigger, but at that time it was the ok term to use, and now it's not figure out whether this was the change, the name or not, skirt it's it's an early. We're we're living in a mad world. Pat gray unleashed up here in just few minutes on the radio tv network? Listen to watch it or else it will cover your other gotta watch. It now simply safe I love love, love, love the people at simply safe
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Glenn back mercury glanced back break weak, Thank you so much for listening happy birthday and you're. Welcome to Stew and happy birthday, you're welcome to yourself, yes, I'm going to. What are you doing this weekend? The great question and I have a question I get answered approximate the time I leave this office today, really because I never know it answers. I have no idea unwise time. Oh it's you know. Already at my wife was nice weeks, my birthday, we gonna see gender gap again tonight, no geographical area that was safe. We can't go back. Mercury,
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