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3 Possible Outcomes from the FBI Trump Raid | Guest: Vivek Ramaswamy | 8/11/22

2022-08-11 | 🔗

Former President Donald Trump continues to be one of the most persecuted men in America, as he receives backlash for exercising his rights. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi responded to reports that her son accompanied her on her trip to Taiwan. Strive co-founder Vivek Ramaswamy joins to share the success of Strive's first full day trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Glenn predicts three possible outcomes that could follow the FBI's raid on Trump. Glenn and Stu examine where Republicans stand currently in the upcoming midterms. David Nagel, owner of Black Metal Firearms, joins to explain why he's calling for an investigation into the ATF. Glenn explains why the Biden administration's latest claims on job growth and pay rate are inaccurate.

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