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Rachel Maddow falls flat ...The best thing that's happened to Donald Trump in a long time ...Headed toward socialism without knowing? ...Dr. Zuhdi Jasser & moderate Islam ...We shouldn't view Muslims in a monolith ...The many voices of The Blaze ...SERIAL: Truth about Communism (2 of 4) ...Sen. Bernie Sanders is honest if nothing else ...Obamacare causes pain and The Trump/Ryan plan will too ...Why isn't the GOP not just repealing Obamacare plain and simple? The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio Facebook: Glenn BeckTwitter: @glennbeck

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This is the police radio, on demand America working with a Goin back programme living in the Trump era. Yesterday MSNBC thought that they were going to pull off a coup. by releasing Donald Trump taxes from two thousand five. I don't know who they thought they were dealing with, but the master Manipulating the media, the master at winning his Donald Trump. Rachel Matthau thought she had a big school, what she didn't realise, is that Donald Trump was going to say who per about forty five minutes before her big scoop? And it was turn around on Rachel Matthau. We
begin there right now, the fusion of entertainment and didn't lightened- and this is Glenn back so yesterday Samantha MSNBC thought that they had a really big scoop and they should have known because they had the tax records. They were looking at them and they they came out and Rachel. Madame said, you know, I've got a big scoop. I'm I've got the details of of Donald Frumps Tax records.
And everybody in the media was like war waterways tax records. Then she had declare finds a well. It's two thousand fives tax records. Will Donald Trump he's got People Workin Forum, that all they have to do is go back and look at two thousand five and say what are they have? Oh, Well, let's release those and so they release those records to CNN and Fox, so everyone was too king about the two thousand, in five tax records that the White House released. About an hour before Rachel Meadow had her big expos groups Rachel mad I'll then had to go on with what obviously had been prepared to be this big score and it wasn't. A big scoop in fact did backfired on her so not say I have something big and not say what it is such a mistake or
I think she wanted the you know the credit for the tax records. I think her big mistake was two thousand five, because if she said two thousand five then the trump could look for that particular year and see what was in it and prepare for it. she allowed him. The time to prepare for the other problem is, is its a big story. It actually helps the president. If you pay thirty, a million dollars in tax? Yes, and you make a hundred and fifty million dollars salary reasonable to just about anybody. That's twenty five percent and Tom ON and and that's with all of the Munich. Even this billionaire couldn't get out of paying all his tax correct. You still paid an effective tax rate of twenty five percent. As remember what they were saying was that Donald Trump didn't that one here that they release in the night. I heard he didn't pay anything, and he said well. That makes me smart that year, but believe
It's me. I pay taxes and they speculated that that would carry over for the night fifteen year right that he would be being no taxes. So here is in two thousand five paying thirty a million dollars in taxes which takes entire argument that he doesn't pay taxes and throws that out the window plus it throws out the window that he does I very much money, because a hundred and fifty million dollars s That's a lot of money for a lot of money. That's a lot of money that was more than I thought he probably may correct so high, Do you have a little bit of Rachel mad area, but because nobody has had the president's taxes before We didn't know what to expect when we show This two thousand five returned to the White House to ask him if it's real, we sent this over to the White House tonight and the White House responded. basically with yep regional, the White House statement. Not this tonight, Quoth elected president, Mr Trump was one of the most successful business.
And in the world with the responsibility to his company, his family and his employees, to pay no more tax then legally required. That being said, Mister Trump it thirty eight million dollars, even after taking into account large scale depreciation for construction on an income of a hundred and fifty million dollars, as well as paying tens of names of dollars and other taxes, such as sales and excise taxes and employment taxes, and Illegally published return proves just that despite the substantial income figure and tax paid It is totally illegal to steal and publish tax returns. The dishonest media, can continue to make this part of their agenda or the president will focus on his start includes tax reform that will benefit all Americans stop comments. Thoughts she's got nothin, I mean how do you know why she went to air with it evolves, get nothing right. I mean first of all, this disproves, as we were talking about bullet. Let me let me throw at a different theory here for, Take a trump comes out today and says: does anybody
we believe a reporter who nobody ever heard of quote, went to his mail box. End quote and found my tax returns fake news, now, of course, everyone's like all what why he's a fake news that warehouse confirm? They were real he's, not saying that the tax returns are fake. He say The way that was discovered is fake. Well, that's the way that stuff happens in washing right. He saying he doesn't believe it well they'll get, but what right much of a whole lot. Let me throughout this. Let me just throw this out here and I don't know if this is real or not, but there's two competing narratives right tromp is this. You know he's dead, crazy guy link. I know we're lived alone. Is this crazy guy who constantly flopping around never knows? What's going on he's incompetent and the other side of that is he's them Esther media, manipulator anyone's every battle he's in them, of this health care thing, which is not going particularly well, the movie he let's just say: let's just throw this out you're not saying this happened, let's just say
He decided what a great time it would be for, Let's say see this happen, but best year of my last twenty years right, I can pick the year end send it to someone's mail box and leak. It let's just say: someone in his camp leaks this right to MSNBC. So this As we just talked about solves his, I didnt pay taxes problem right. It also changes. The narrow changes, the narrative completely throats everyone off of of of these roads. They ve been going down for several weeks, then he comes out and says I: how could they possibly get? This is illegal again the copy says it's a client copy So all indications are it comes from. It was one of trumps copies that doesn't mean trumps but I mean someone it came from his camp. It wasn't like from the IRS right so Somehow this gets there.
If he is. Let's take the idea that he is the media, the master media manipulator. This is a genius move. You weak the the here that look, you pay the most taxes The model among the most money you're at this great year and it's a random here from twelve years ago, which doesn't necessarily make any sense. Why they have that one and it the only one, it doesn't all the details and has only limited details on the actual returns. I mean it would it be if he did it a great move. I'm not saying you did, but I'm saying it would have been a great move, that it makes very little matter. Look like a moron and it continues. The narrative of we got all these leaks of the White House. Just continues that narrative you be able shut things now, and everybody is against me, even in my own, even in my own house in any art. I'm telling the truth. Serious is the best thing that has happened to Donald Trump in a long time
is an and Rachel MAD look, ask yourself this question. You don't believe if the press, if you're a conservative, you don't believe the press, because the price is always anti trump right can never in on it. When Trump is, is right Peter? has done something decent or whatever that's the way. You view it now, if you're. If you're saying I want the true, I just want the truth. I just want the truth. Can you trust those people who are always against Donald Trump? Can you trust those who are always for Donald Trump, now no interest either so well, are the people that are truly neither that is, very very
very small pool for people, in their arise, Rebecca, so very small pool, A lot of people would say, all sides would say we're in neither we're we're, not those people, because They think were either GEO, p shells or they think that we're never trappers, and there is- I mean there, obviously are a lot of people who do that who try to do this add to varying levels of six right right, but there. Very few. I think people like Jake Tapir tries to do that prize day. Wait a minute. This isn't right, you know I'll hold the president's feet to the fire, but we will always exist at a difficult time. We trump you're about giving gigs four from the last couple weeks, he When, on a lengthy rant on twitter, when there was a big story that came out, that said, a If it was a military member had been deported because he will
there's not a citizen or had some troubles with his with his citizens. Cardy with is a green card. something- and he was, but he was a miller- he was in the military and got deported and speak story and tapir came out and said actually, this is it knew it all was happening through the Obama administration and link after link after link of the exact same thing happening while a person who is not trying to actually journalists doesn't do that person whose just targeting Donald Trump doesn't bother, doesn't know the story existed from the Obama administration, Avraham Burg, what he does it really is really impressive: he's really so, if he's one of the fees, one of truly the few. That's a new sports and not a commentator. I think there are commentators that try, to be fair, but young people I think the name, the news people that John Carl inject upper knows too. I can't think
Anybody else- maybe there are some, I think, Chuck Todd- is trying he's not doing what Jake Tapirs Anderson Cooper. We even those commentators- and I would put I would put Chuck Todd kind of into that category. Two is a commentator. more than a news guy, one is very limited area or group here and it's difficult, Carlin Tapir, the two journalists that I trust you know, and so you see it emits more easy to spot window, but was it because there are people there very few again, but some that withdrawal in Darlin Tapir the two that stand out that would go after him, it's more difficult. for our side to see it when there's a public in an office because yeah generally, making a lot of people to be critical of the president and going after them, because you know that's what happens whoever, but you know it's a lot. It's it's potent pointed out when it actually happens, because You need to have people like that who have access to these things, so I thought of this.
If I would have, let's say. Let's say this scandal- would have been happening with Barack Obama and Rock Obama's taxes were important How would I have handled this if they showed up in my mailbox? First of all, I would have said. I would have led the show with this showed up in my mailbox and I'm paranoid enough to one or if they came from the other side? because here is what I found I would have presented it with This is all good news. This is all oh good news. She presented. This is a big expos, ay and but these bay, this man a money? Well now some Good NEWS, and I would have presented it if I were on Fox and the audience may or may not have said. I can't believe why would you presented that makes him look good? Well, maybe the question as we should ask: who did they?
from, but by presenting it. in a way of I've got. Is tax returns you're just waiting for the red meat, the and that's just showing who you are, and I I don't want that, She should have got our last night and said I don't know who I got these from, but here what they say and she got burned. Rachel got burned by very stand a very common thing behind the scenes with stories like this, and it's happened to us, where, HU as a journalist and organization- have something that you want to break and like you're, not somehow MSNBC is considered a journalist and organization. So, instead of because you could not just come out your release right, like Wikileaks, just releases them, she goes to get caught from the White House and what that does is it puts you have all in the court of the White House and what they do is try to ruin the story, so the ball, this happens constantly
with the police has a story that we want would break. We gotta get comment from the source they realize it's real and because they, dont want the police to break it. They'll lose to a more friendly organization or to everybody, so it be sickly, ruins our story and they get to control the narrative right so devastating and its role. As a start, they control the story because everybody in the press was waiting for a big bombshell and when it was released even Van Jones Evangeline said this reality, if all we get tonight is that Donald Trump Pay, thirty eight million dollars to America's government that they goodnight predominant. How far there's just really know. Way. I was hoping and praying that it would show Nullity PIG no to act as he actually charged governing got money bad because I can get inside and again go back to our future for every this point, is there a show in America that has a different, a bigger history with Van Jones Thus I mean there can't be right.
We are the show the known for exposing vanish only fired, but but- and I disagree with that analysis, but I gotta get again. I agree. We played multiple cliffs of engines, saying very saying things and being honest and why he gets credit for that even from us. Yes, because he's willing to say occasionally, hey look, I don't think this is right and even admitted that he wanted it to be some actually. That's. All I want is honesty, shows its eyes, but that's good, that's good! It is our. Let me tell you about a response to the sufferers. Mercury, real estate You know it's. It's amazing to me that the move moving someplace is the biggest stress is up there. With losing a family member, losing apparent and getting a divorce. maybe pat, mired dead inside because we ve moved so many times, but I'll tell you this. I've never made a profit on my house ever now mean either here
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state agents, I trust dotcom. Go there now real estate agents. I trust dotcom work. sign up for the newsletter and get all the info. You need to know what glad back dotcom so ledger here, the truth about communism. Our cereal chapter two is today in about an hour. from now. You don't want to miss it. Yesterday we did national socialism. And how its connected to communism yesterday was really interesting in the cereal, and you can hear it ecklund backed outcomes. Last cereals, really fascinating to me, because it national socialist was all about nationalism and populism. and nobody seems to realise that that the train of
it states is on those tracks now and that's not good We are fully almost only on those railroad tracks. If you remember those shows is to do it fox, where I had on the chalkboard, the railroad tracks where the left railroad tracks was communism and the right was national socialism. That's the that's! That's what we're on this truly, what we're on right now and the middle is balancing those two, so you don't go too far, one way or the other that's what Europe is going through right, when is Le Pen's election? We know what has happened in France seated I've been going on for ever, but I'm sure that's what they say about us and where is she standing in the polls because for a while their looks like she might, she might win, if she wins that changes the balance of everything
Turkey is already in a NATO fight. She To get out of NATO and she wants to switch the alliance with the United States in the west to four hence would align themselves now with Russia, which would be quite an interesting. Quite an interesting change, the run. May seven first election April, twenty third friends back in a minute. back programme. Glenn programme known I wanna, talk to you I'll talk to you a little bit about How do we do we trust? How do we trust the news? How do we find the truth? What
change. My life was a quote from Thomas Jefferson and it was written about religion and I took it as religion but later I realise this is right about everything in life and in the nineties. I spent stew met me halfway through the nineties. I was a guy who was in some ways pulling himself apart. I was diametrically opposed to myself at times and when Stew I first met I was. I was trying to figure things out and I would come in one day and I'd be like ok, wait a minute I ok, is a case for abortion and would talk in and I'd come back the next day. Ok, but This is a really strong pro life argument and I I had I jokingly, call the library of a serial killer, because
as I was looking first to the extremes of every issue tell me about, The extreme, point of view over here the extreme point of view on the other side and if their work Any points where they connected, I knew that was true. If there was if they both mentioned a problem that they were both trying to solve, or they were both mentioning a solution then I knew most likely their true because they ate each other and they disagree on everything and then I would move in closer to the centre, and if I would take things like the heart. This thing that I had to deal with was abortion I was pro choice, I started this journey because of this phrase from Thomas Jefferson I pro choice twenty years twenty years ago,
and then I wrestled with it and became pro life will now oh, let me take on the death penalty. How am I pro life here pro death here? and it went on for a long time- and I wasn't settled on that for a long time- settled on that. now: let's look at end of life. Do you have a right to take your own life. I know I always say I don't wanna go out that way. I don't wanna go out dabbling in institution, you know just want to live. That way. Well, what I have a right to suicide is that right? How do I feel about that? Morally and Just those three issues took up the better part of a whole decade. The question that Thomas Jefferson was trying to answer, is how do you? find God and he
this phrase. when it comes to religion. Above all things fix reason. firmly in her seat. Now. Think of that, just that praise, fix reason firmly in her seat what the problem that we have right now We ve lost all reason we ve stall faith, and we lost all reason You can't reason with someone. because of their emotions above all things fix reason. firmly in her seat. And then question with boldness, even the very existence of God, for if there be a god he but surely rather honest questions.
over blindfolded, fear, honest and bold questions, so there are no questions that are off limits. it can be bold. You can question now remember this in the seventeen hundreds question, the very existence of God, blasphemy. Question it. Even God himself, must rather honest questions over blindfolded fear, as long as it's an honest question? You're not trying to prove your point. So, let's take this on. Something has happened with Twitter and it's no big deal, but I want to use this as an example fix reason firmly in her seat I've- read my comp stew fewer Uncommon too much of it, yeah I've read mining camp it I read it for the reason I wanted to know did the german people know they knew?
they knew. It was more well read than the Bible in Germany in the nineteen thirties, it was everywhere and he spells out, that it was an unread best seller, which some people have floated. I mean there's no evidence and no, events. Of that end, it is there. It is Z, to read, and if you read it from the nineteen thirties mindset Germany, you see he's trying to solve the problem of there, untrodden spirit there downtrodden country he's talking about up. the thing things if we can just only get rid of the Jew It's all clear you just didn't want to question how are we gonna? Get rid of the Jew, so I've read my comp to see if the german people were complicit and the answer is yes, they knew thee The other thing that comes out of that is
the other things that he believes, that our de emphasised, for instance, in the very first english translation in nineteen. Thirty. Nine do you happen to have this do during the very first english translation in nineteen? Thirty, nine? It wants to me clear, because they're saying this is the the National Socialist Democratic Party and so in Germany in eighteen, thirty, nine, the translator- wants to make sure one thing is very clear: the cause of the words social democracy pop up throughout this This is the first one it's. Finally, I would point out that the term, so democracy may be misleading in English, as it is not has at it. As it has not a democratic connotation in our sense the name given to the Socialist Party in Germany and that party was purely marxist,
We adopted the name Social Democrat in order to appeal to the democratic sections of german people. It is the same thing can be said about Lenin. He was purely communist and he the adopted Social Democrat. to hide from the fact that they were communists, So it's the same. So it's the same story, but nobody wants to hear that. Because Marxism is meet you we need to remember what Marxism really is and what it is given birth to now, said earlier this week, Stew and I in some other topic- we were talking about environs, until ISM are of something else, and I said, You know who would have been an environmentalist today. Is Adolf Hitler. And that does not mean now listen six reason firmly in her seat. What did I just say that Hitler would have been all
over the global warming environmentalist movement? He would have because its popular and it would have helped him get his things done here? looking for a vehicle national democracy or or what it. What was called the social social democracy, He was also all about social justice. He would have used this now twitter sphere went crazy accusing me of being crazy or lying no fix, reason in her seat and question with boldness. Why would Glenn back, say that well because Hitler was concerned about several things, one feeding his own people. Let me give you a quote: population will inevitably and completely outstrip whatever small increases in food supplies. We make.
Now he was concerned about the farms he was concerned about being able to keep up with action of food for the german people by the way that quote, did not, from him backward came from invite. mental legend, Paul Ehrlich, is. He was in the nineteen seventy saying that maybe we should put sterilised in drinking water. Does That sounds like something Hitler would have done now. Paul's as well. That was just an academic thought. That's not real! Do you mind? pull during an earlier now you're right children. That was his there, but I mean yes, I'm whole Dron was the one who said it and he said it for the same reason: ok, we should but sterile answer the drinking water wheel. Hitler would have done that. doesn't mean that hold rain or Erlich are Nazi snow doesn't mean that, because hidden
was into the environmental movement in mind, Comp the new right, we'll have to conquer with the german sword, the soil that the German, plough, but with a jerk plough until until it in order to provide for people their daily bread and secure adequate food supplies for the job. When people living space. Hitler's too. Important goals d action of the Jews and the conquest of the living space, quoting in the east, He had a growing concern about the allegedly negative effects of industrial innovation and urbanization. There was belief in the virtues of the farming society he is concerned with Germany's limited resources of food and raw materials. according to the BBC by the way, but you can read this The reason why bring this up is
It has nothing to do with you as an environmentalist. Nothing why? Why are people so quick to you to defence. When they have not put reason in her seat and haven't questioned. I not attacking environmentalists. If I Would I have things that I could actually talk to you about. I could talk to you about things that I disagree with. I was not talking about environmentalism, and I'm talking about is Adolf Hitler he would have done these things. He would have loved these things. That's not a job. went on those things or those people the currently believe those things about him. If we can't talk about history, if we can't
talk about facts that are clearly there. we can't have any kind of dialogue. We will We can never have a reconciliation we I have to be able to admit facts and if they heard our own side period, On this front I mean one of the reasons you talked about him being of a environmentalist was his vegetarianism in favour of animals. more than people more loved animals more than people. I don't share that come in with him. However, I do share vegetarianism, incompetent with Adolf Hitler right and I, like all of you, will not see no, and nor did I take it that way, because I assume good intent right right eye a conversation with you knowing that you're not calling me a Nazi, because I you know, I e to many rich veggie burgers, but No, what I don't
Think anybody is coming into any conversation anymore with good intent. We dont The news with good intent. We don't watch, We don't talk to some of our friends assuming good intent. We don't consume anything believing- and this was one of the things that I was really afraid of when George W Bush said. What we have to do is We have to spy on our neighbours, see something say something you see, something that your neighbors doing call us and then then, and I was against it then and then before thing that Obama did when he came in his. He wanted to make the White House DOT Gov. If you remember right, the leading source of tips. If you see your neighbor saying things that were untrue, I think he was using that about healthcare. Wasn't he If you see them thinking doing things that were untrue, conch act, us and let us know no that's bad! and the reason why I was against it. Both times is the war
thing America is always had. Is we trust our neighbours? We trust each we're losing that we have to fix reason in her seat still feel feel free to ask bold questions, but they need to be honest, question and we need to approach all come. our citizens are say conversations assuming the best of that person who you think is slamming you on Facebook, maybe they're, not assume the best in your response to them and see what happens. our sponsored this half hours, blinds dot com Tony and I were looking to make an upgrade to our home. We went to blinds dot com and the team did a face. I'm session with us. We took pictures of the house with they superimposed the pictures the two, the curtains that we wanted. and the rest is history. If you,
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and now there in their twenties- and I took my my eldest daughter to a two way- concert on Saturday and I'm going to Madame Butterfly tonight and I kind of forget until I get right up on it, The axiom that opera is just never good, no, because I can try to think ok. Well, maybe this one's got a good story. Let us know what does I don't think that's gonna matter on rising neck and neck with I'm gonna see a chinese woman playing a japanese woman singing in Italian, and I speak English. That programme.
This is the police radio on demand. What communism and doctors, Zuni gesture is a guy who's been on this programme. For ever, is he led grand move d of the stealth g? We begin their right now. You should of entertainment and didn't lighten. It says
Glenn back suddenly came to my attention yesterday and I wanted to get zombie gesture on right away. Zuni gesture has been a friend of mine for I don't even know fifteen years, maybe He is, I believe, one of the bravest Muslims in America today, one who still practices is faith. There are many oh, who used to be Muslim, who live? their faith, He is a guy who still practises his faith and is a reformer. Is somebody like Martin Luther who says We have to reform this there is a difference between Islam and Islamists if you are a Muslim. that's, not necessarily a problem, if you an Islamist. Always a problem Zuni gesture, seems to understand this but apparent,
on his radio show on the blaze this last weekend. He went off on a few people here in Amerika, Give you the. Let me give you just a headline: an end and a little bit of the story. The grand mufti of Stealth, Jihads Zuni Jasper, says: there's no greater threat than PAMELA Geller and her colleagues from PAMELA Geller in one fell swoop, moderate Muslim, in quotation marks, Zuni Jasper, has dropped a MOAB on the most effective counter jihadist in the West, the grand move d of the stealth jihad has devoted in entire episode of his show on the blaze network reform. This disappearing me and many of my colleagues, including Robert Spencer, Andrew Boston, cod. Lopez, John Gwan Doll, low and others as alt jihadists. He says there are no greater jihadist than the old jihadists when it comes to living in the land of freedom, because
they seem to want to kill us and knock us off at the knees. who even knew he had a show on the blaze. Why? Glenn bag, giving this vicious saboteur platform wow issues. Abigail arouse Impress Frank, Daphne immediately wrote to a group of us whom job search, Jasper, targeted, telling us to hold off in the interests of peace. Making it was. Writing how quickly Gath jumped to gestures defence. I've never seen him jump to my defence, like that. What us I've been fetch it boy, Daphne is for Jasper, epitomizes. How much people who recognise the jihad threat has been fooled into thinking that they to have a moderate Muslim on border. Their efforts will be criticised by the left is, Lama phobic, so she is making the point that frank gas in the area, that is afraid of being called Islamophobia, Frank Avenue, simply as a lot of fear about being called things. If I were you
that is defined in character. Let me welcome to the programme the grand Mufti stealth g Hod Right, Judy's ass, her or is it because you just want to be Zuni, how area great liner. Thank you for a mere boy. You know those responses. Don't make me feel like I did the right thing by calling me about. can I get it we're online already movement I get there. We were under dogs. but the issue and the reason why finally needed to speak out, as you know, with him over the last few months from sleep Men Kirby posting on Spencer's website, others there's two characteristics: they need explanation of the all jihad number one: leave you Islam as monolithic a one entity, hopefully no other ideas within it and to be verified, mothers having no hope as wires. They constantly call me a liar above my scripture that I interpret and reinterpret indifferent
are you from the original Arabic? So fine, I'm not finally take away their free speech. I know There are caught their anti jihadi, but How do they indifferent for differ from the lady is on the left, who I'm tired sincerely Islam is one it's beautiful. There's nothing wrong with the mythology in Saudi Arabia is farm is pure peaceful powder. Monopoly on his farm being positive. How is their Yang nothing to the thing farmers are one and the mafia of Islam is it and duties are just the aberrations I mean there actually doing the same thing by taking the oxygen ouch. what we are trying to do and reform, and there is no support for our work. We have to call it so Judy. I have to I am sorry! I haven't been following this this this trial that you're going through right now until this till last night. I tried to figure out what this is about an apparently
you sent out a declaration of principles to all the mosques or many of the mosques and who asked them to sign on, as, as CO signed, its end many of them did in fact, I think only what was it forty did and what they are trying to say, is see, is law is a sham and There is nobody behind you when If I have this right eye look at it in a different way that you are. Martin Luther, whose job nailed. The demands upon the church door and their expecting Martin Luther to have all of the priest how many of the priests decided to join Martin Luther well very many, especially at first, it would call Martin Luther of failure. in my reading this right, the offer
closer. I mean I think our models rode out what I do, our John Locke, Thomas Pain, Jefferson or trying to create the space. Martin luther- I realized- I don't have a degree of jury, but the reform at rest. Nation in Europe gave space to the enlightened scholars to have room to do their work when we said that their oration out, guy. Lower writing at the Spencer was publishing corbies work that we were in their arrival. We were hopeless and weak. We may all those declarations of knowing that the establishment, the Islamic us down, I would definitely rejected, but we proved our point. They were motorists signed on and actually we Islam assemble left would have proven, I was wrong by saying older people will know to arise that Islam is also promises and, as Geller says, they're not things but she's, not fighting. The now see them of Islamism. Shootings. Islam is whole.
Anna monopolies and Muslims are lying that are trying to reform firmly. Then so you were trying to do so so so let me give it. Let me give a clear example. She says that she's fighting nazi fascism, but action What she's fighting is all Germans and If anyone who says I M not a Nazi I was fighting against the Nazis are automatically lying, because all Germans are nazis, so Anybody who says that they are trying to reform I may be, he's full Muslim, even though your proving the the sunshine and lollipops left wrong. And saying: look! No! These! These guys are not who the left is saying they are. The This is part of the Nazi Party, but there are these:
is Germans here that are fighting but their joy? There, many germans inside of those those mosques? If you will then are only there because they're afraid there going to be killed by The storm troopers. Am I right on that? Exactly I mean this while verbiage her messaging is examined, what comes out of the Supreme Council of IRAN, the Saudi were Hobbes. They tell us how universities, the establishment at that route and flags muslim like myself. the country or we can do this work there. In our view, how movement that is basically the bidding of those governments placing on the market. I feel of Islam. Is it there are no reformers. There is no reform possible, so do for you, We ignore the fact that we are contrite. I admit,
This law has a major problem within it were frustrated has cancer. We are in the fifteenth century, but we need at least the little house again give us some breathing grown to say you know, maybe there's reform possible, but when they say its terminal when John DOE imposed on his side intervention Gorka, because he said that Reforms need to be supported, is unfit for duty until the judges of the world are utter nonsense and called it a fantasy Islam. How does actually then give us room to operate an American see a solution? I mean I'm a doctor when I think patients can't you see all cars to see later, not everybody needs help. our movement is about how we admit where minority but give us some hope. Krajina lotta during your party, all jihad, and I see now why you're calling it the alt key hod, because it is part of the all right movement this this this all or nothing, not see kind.
Of? integrity of the all right needs all Muslims to be bad. An ending. I didn't call right because I think it sort of exists throughout the left and the right in America that we the two groups on each extreme that view Muslims in a monolith. From the peaceful, no problem psyche after her criminal or on the other side, there is either terrorist or terrorist and waiting and an that's, not the Islam. I teach my kids, granted, they can say I'm a liar about the narrative of the prophet Mohammed. But do you think that the Islam I teach my kids demonizing says the prophet Mohammed is irredeemable. That's how you re ever how you reform Islam. We have that how would you call it what you want with it? with narratives probably mohammed- that our twenty first century narrative
call that reform and renewal, the branding of Islam to american type of Islam is compatible with our constitution, and if we can make this distinction Americans are gonna, get views that does A solution accept this category the battle against twenty five percent of the world's population and matches absurd You tell me a one last thing all it is our job as a big go. Vic I dont know how to say: you'd friend were huge fan. Do you know the name were by the way? what should it? Yes, yet his bag of achieving a lesson in my pocket. I thought too many scholars that affected me and his bag of which was the President Bosnia. He was imprisoned fifteen years. He talked about humanism in Islam. You know what Islam last year he was he felt so I'm not in Islam, is but those books there. Hu. I am Martin, there was an anti semite Jackson had slave there are
many people were affected, who we are that had things in their lives, so Spencer than publishes that I used an eighth islamic supremacist as early as a source of reform that sir authors in total we can some of their messages. I mean if those on the right to tell you is a reformer. We would use him and they must follow him, but now we have to create or invent the muscle Reform movement that has thirty forty scholars that we used to inform? What we're doing is better. Legible and Islam between EAST and West has a defensive, secular, human, the idea of humanism, being central to part of islamic ideas. I dont by his declaration. I reject it, almost the former when rejected, but what they want to do. A cherry pick things I stay the same: through that, I must tell you. How does it therefore forget the last hundred M of articles in books and then speeches I've, given this proves that gesture Ashley lying, I mean that not american.
It city, I have known you what it was was the first national hosts to bring you to the forefront absolutely back in two thousand and say something in it: ok? So two thousand six I've known you since two thousand six, I've heard you passionate about many things. I sent some indifferent, in your voice this time a real sense of did not despair but but but overwhelming frustration here from people who you would hope that would be reasonable am? I am, I am, I sense, something hearers it just hogwash. You're right I mean I'm. I was blessed to have parents, they came to the free, his country in the world and I'm getting squeeze from both sides of the political spectrum and and for that. I wish me with a common enemy. I don't care,
they believe farm is evil or whatever other faith, but at least Rome I really don't see the same things about me that the crisis european year also give us a little bit her room and say well, ok, fine, a little benefit of the doubt, and maybe there are regions where minority and in this when I hear this discourse between these two extremes. Nor are we spoke Operate, it is frustrating city gesture, I admire you, sir, and if PAMELA gathered doesn't know why Glenn Back gives air time to this voice Maybe the rest of the country can understand it in just the last ten minutes, I think you have an important voice that has been silenced. By what was the left for most, of the last ten years and now, apparently being silenced by the right or wanting to silence the all right
and it's it's- It is wrong and I stand with you sooty and anything I can do to help expose you two more people I will do anything. I can help we'll do. I think you have an important voice and I sure appreciate your willingness to continue to stand. Oh God bless you. Thank you glad appreciate it. You bet you I'll pop passes on the Please dotcom slash radiation. Listen to it. I don't think he were throughout a lot and aims in a lot of whom you might not be familiar with. One that he did mention that said, hey We need to give Zinni gesture room for manoeuvre to move and and and show them that this can be reformed. I will submit shouldn't Gorka, that is, that is a top adviser to Donald Trump, but he's talking about there is so that when you talk about where this battle is happening, it's not it's not on the right. It's not on the Donald Trump level. It way out in the in the wilderness of Richard Spencer and PAMELA Geller, and all these other people out there, but it's important
in the Trump administration there. Looking at D. Just as someone who is a real hope to solve this problem, and I would add for that year. I think you're right is to sense that despair in him, but that that's encouraging right. Oh it's very encouraging this. The guy I've been since two thousand six I've been saying Blue She needed to listen to Obama needed to listen to the world, needs to listen to. He gets it huh really gets it, and if you just want to hate Islam, he's not your guy. but if you believe I mean I was just in a land where people are worshipping a half elephant for armed lady. I mean I don't even I mean you know. What the hell is. That is what I, was thinking. Ok, what one of the people live? If I'm going over, my job is to destroy all those people that have the elephant idle. Well, good.
with that. I don't wanna, join you if you, like to help people get clear Sir, and closer to the truth and out of error than then. Let's have a conversation I dont but to display the destroyer of anything. Unless you're trying to destroy everybody else and that's what is lobbyists. Do that's not What Zuni Jasper millions of good Muslims do. There's a sponsor this half hour. It is upside. We been telling me about upside dot. Com stew went to upside and saved a lot of money. How much money did you get back for Are you giving those do your wife or a purse? I know it goes into. This is due account but yeah or is it something like? I think, the initial court I got was over nine hundred dollars, the thing I tried to book on upside gave me. I think seven twenty two and then a game
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dotcom, that's upside dotcom, minimum purchase applies, see the site for all the details upside dotcom, the Glad Back Programme, mercury. I grant. You know it's amazing to me the term the right says how dear but why would he ever give voice to well give voice to city Jasper, because I happen to agree with him, but that not everyone who just gets a voice, the people that I agree with you on the blaze, which I do not run. one of the other. Voices is Tommy Laren and she had one of the, this guy's. A duty was talking about on her show what on Monday
I was unaware that, but she had somebody on basically tearing sooty apart and saying don't listen to these people So there you go How about you as a person like listen to both sides fix reason firmly in her seat and question. With boldness. There be must surely rather honest, questioning over blindfolded fear next communism? What communism history of communism, to next back programmes Glenn Back programme in the last episode, we all learn about how socialist and communist worked with the Nazis in order.
To achieve their ideals society, despite how violent, the road was to get there. There is no doubt that the atrocities of Hitler are rightfully recognised as beyond abhorrent, but we have to continue to be vigilant to make sure they never happen again. We must never forget in this episode, another story of genocide that, for some reason, history has erased. Growing deep within the reach of socialism. Is a brutal and dismissive view of human life. Jonah Albert author, liberals, fascism, the cigarette history of the American left for Mussolini to the politics of meaning explains the essence of marks is simply that the universe is run by these cold material. personal force in that, Over time we are going to see, has moved from the feudal through that capitalist to the socialists, to the communist stage along the way,
I think we're gonna get, kill and marks was completely find with this today forgotten the scale of the soviet atrocities, particularly what He had been there most terrific began long before Hitler's horror was revealed pop. Or uprisen had become a problem in the Ukraine, their spirit of individualism, the grand design of Moscow stolen decided to take steps and correct the problem. Stolen forced peasants to give up their farms under the banner of collectivization stolen, took everything very independence, their livelihoods, and even Their food plunging the Ukraine into famine and while the people were starving- it wasn't because the food was in growing grain production, skyrocketing. Instead, giving the grain to starving people the Soviets exported it too
their centrally planned industrialization EL the Soviets dealt with the hunger in human before famine that resulted was so horrific situation so desperate that there were, widespread reports of cannibalism, rockers Firstly, professor terrorist hunches recalls- I was once with a group of people going to one part of Ukraine, and I Is there some old lady Tell me something about what happened? What the, when I told him next, he would never forget oh, my god. I really don't like to talk about that. She says you see that is this house under top of the hill and mother, her daughter she was already insane because people- usually it is- is the level of insanity and then she
committed suicide. How did the same its deal with this. They printed posters but said too your own children is about berry enact this fear it is known as the holiday more. roughly translated as murder by hunger? these intentional policies result in murder as efficient, as has bourbon seen in human history most now, the horrors of the Holocaust resulted in the deaths of approximately six million Jews, but what many? Don't know, is it The government design starvation in the Ukraine caused the deaths. Of between seven and ten million in just one year? None this is meant to diminish the horrors of the Holocaust, the pure evil
What inspired it is above question and must be remembered vividly and at all costs, though, in addition, the other comes of vicious governments who have treated human life is nothing but a speed bump to their grand design must all I'll, be remembered, one of the most disgusting. Things about the way we talk about communism is, you have people talk about it as if it was well intentioned social experiment, but even at the left, First principles of this sort of planning session. It was planned and premeditated man, smarter massive scale. Vanunu four times now acknowledges their role in the propping up of Stalin's regime. By their order. Walter Durante, he called the forced famine and the Ukraine, mostly bunk and viciously justified the millions dead by saying you can't make an omelette with,
breaking eggs you reported no There is no famine in Ukraine, but there is widespread mortality Due to diseases of malnutrition, yet still the times wrote In a book review the despite the fact that Friedrich angles, one of the founders of communism, was an advocate of ethnic cleansing He would have been a fine man to drink with It is surely true that angle larger critique of capitalism resonate down the ages each year you could the UN's gather to remember the hollow do more. By lighting twenty five thousand candles. Why? five thousand, because During this intentional famine, they Twenty five thousand people every single day.
Allowing this to happen. One more time would be unforgivable totality system established. by Stalin most of it. Sponsible for murdering millions of innocent people, in the most horrendous way but he was interested in knowing about it. The question is: what kind of people are we next episode will learn about another genocidal dictator who the left a vote. Its bringing negative attention to. In fact it's one of their heroes equal baron. Tomorrow on the glint Beg programme in chapter three of the truth about communism, you'll learn a liberal hero and pop culture, icon, tortured the people of Cuba, listen,
I've or online glinda com. Slash, cereals, they're all free, please spread these. Please with people do not know the history of communism, and that Particular today, cereal is really important for a couple of reasons. One the new York Times? Walter Andy was the guy who would would skews anything because he wanted the dream of communism to be true, and so whatever one whatever it was. You know, I'm gonna dismiss this because Why we want this to be true, so he would dismiss things We cannot be those people no matter. If we want our side to win or not, it has to be true. So reason number one today is important number two that happen Ukraine?
What is Russia fighting for right now? What is where's the tension happening wire, the people of the Ukraine standing up to Vladimir Putin because was Stalin and the former Soviet Union to remember that clear. They remember that remember, killed. Ten million of their parents are grandparents, they remember and they do not want to get in that situation again, which side, are we on he's pass this on to everybody that term so that you can you can find them. Glenn backed outcome. Slash cereal now this bad habit of yours might put aid and increase real risk of hacks and identity theft on to you do you use the same password for multiple web accounts this? it is a better before you leave, I'm not gonna, steal, identity
They have to America's fastest growing crime, but you can protect yourself, lifelong skin, hundreds of millions of transactions every second. If they did check your information being used. They're gonna. Send you an alert if you have a problem, somebody here in the? U S is gonna work to fix it. Nobody can prevent identity theft or monitor all transactions and businesses, but life is the best identity that protection available membership start at ninety nine a month plus the sales tax just is it lifelong dotcom, slash back or one eight hundred lifelong use. The promo back lifelong dotcom, slash back lifelong dot com, ten percent off now lifelike calm slashed back that driver drivel eight. Seventy seven back here the claim that me. I have some big news. I have some big news: if you're a animal must Zeus now
I don't know how many animal misuses there are in our listening audience. We are well we're not with a number three biggest talk, radio show, but we're number two among animal. Mrs early. Yes, I would like to Talk to an animal pursues a licensed animal misuse only a licence, animal mrs can be members of the national associations and animal diseases. if a animal must Zeus auctioneer boxing and out, sir. A fishing guide, A landscape, architect, MA purist or horse floater, sounds dirty now, be honest, that's what
I know what that is generally probably does like a fluffy for horizontal. I know what it sounds like doesn't mean, depending on which side you go to your right now, what is animal? What's a horse bloated reality did discover this on patents. Do yesterday is it appears to be something equivalent to a horse, dentists, called or slaughter cause the the float. The file that they file the horses teeth downwards and why not call float. No one knows we don't know if that's ok, so here's the thing Washington is deciding now that in the washing didn't house of representatives of this is Washington state. they have to. People applying for licence. They dont need to have everybody apply for a licence, so those somebody occupations targeted for DE licensing now, whatever dickie, less premise world we live in that
An animal must Zeus up until this thing suppose it has like needed to have allies oral or landscape architect. I give the you'd rather work, nothing. I just a second, maybe a landslide landscape architect, because maybe on here projects? They could cause mudslides or thing is like that, if they don't know what they're doing with the land it could, all those of you who already if they don't know what they're right but lacks thanks. That's your property by depending on the scale of things, but an animal pursues come on. I need licence to be an animal Zeus. What was that you're gonna, give a massage is adding to the animals or walk in buying go, and I don't know that looks like a shady massage. If only one way to do it, if you have, if you ve gone to school for horse was then they make you go back to become a veterinarian. You actually have a licence to be able to massage the horses to sail, you have in us to my grandfather was a jack, I'm all trades. He did a little of everything
voting he probably did here is your horse. He was a vat, but he wasn't a vat. He was auctioneer, but he was, I mean I use, I remember him doing the big cattle auctions and- and he could do the whole Vienna lab. I do all that you didn't have a license for that He was a sheriff. He worked. He was a machine as somebody boiling I'm a writer I go with. You, do need a licence to be a sheriff. That's not what I'm sailed now, but I'm a share of the work that offers the above. You dont, you don't even have a license. You need a bad. You need a Benito back just about, but here's the thing. Why would you need a licence to be an animal misis? Are you a good added or not right
First of all, I don't know who's gonna answer the horse, but that's the one that we need to know. I don't know how they only now. If your goodwill, the owner, I mean honest, lively owner. No, I must tell you that I will sit in them. Is I'll sit in the stalls, smoking, cigarettes and watch Amazon and somebody will knock on the door. He almost that yet, by almost like, I know, you're not to ease eleven another crazy one on there that we have mentioned is boxing announcer be alive. You can announce football or baseball without a license, but for boxing you're gonna have a license. That's really important. Will you know if it's the right hand or the like tat, and you gotta tell take the tests, then let us now and when that is ridiculous in my in my when I first got into an power to and you haven't you Jabez we to have what was called our third phone licence or glass, your third class risings, and it was a radio telephone licence, and so I was called your third phone for
phone meant that you could fix the the transmitter? but you had to have certain basic understanding of how the transmitter worked too, be able to be on the radio right which has a bad practice which ended you know, if this station was in compliance with its effective radiated power at around after act, I forgot that formula a good long time ago, but did they they eliminated that too long ago, Now you don't need to have a license but I will tell you I talked to TED couple and he said, maybe we should have a license for journalists Maybe you should be able to post things. Online mission must be able to start a blog. That's that without a license, or rather the progressive mindset outright, and it is the mindset. Is it it's only legitimate if there's a licence the government at gives it its legitimacy. And that's where clearly split and here's the problem I was talking to a friend of mine. He said you neglect
You know, I know you know I know if you know you're into liberty in freedom, but there are some things that we all have to agree on. For instance, you, no schooling, schooling. I mean you know. You say that you want freedom of choice to be able to go into whatever school you want, but by clan most people are not smart enough to figure out what school their kids need and I said, wow progressive, reminding us that an awful frame of mind where the first of all most people, mostly absolutely are smart enough? There's no need for them to even think about it because of my job Is this to put you up at the bus stop, so I stopped thinking about it. Who do they know what's right for the kids yeah when their responsibility is given back to them and you're responsible for raising that kid yeah, they are smart enough to figure that out, and I don't even I said to that person. So
happens if I was in charge- and I thought you were putting Europe kid in the wrong school. Should I ll be able to say that you're not smart. Well, no, I mean cause I'm smart enough to figure that out and that's the thing conservativism contact conservatives of that thing. Yeah pessimism breaks down when you say when you think you can make that choice, because the point is to allow the person who actually is stupid, Acres stoop rejoice that ok, it's their freaking life and, if that's what they want to do with their life, they wanna make continual stupid choices. As I pointed Jeffrey, that is Ok, you have to be able to let go and let that happen sometimes back prattle,
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dot com slash, do blueprint, dot, com slashed stew, it's a better way to cook This is the police radio on demand. Bernie Sanders back in the news people are gonna die if we, follow I don't care what it that problem apparently he's not a scare tactic either unable are millions of people are gonna die. Apparently too, many in America, the sea. He owes that's, not a problem. apparently a lot bridge portion of it especially see us in Silicon Valley are psychopaths. Ok, really,
apparently so according to speaker at the south by Southwest Festival. We begin there right now the fusion of entertainment and didn't lightened- and this is the gleam pray. welcome to the programme. Glad you're here, Bernie Sanders is at least honest? This is why I do like Bernie Sanders he's it. please don't listen to this tweet never lose sight of the fact that our ultimate goal is not just playing defence. goal, is medical care for all a single payer system.
He's at least the only one who, as the balls to say, we're we're, not Looking for a fix on this week, Looking for a single payer system, which is why he's out now saying what he saying that again, not a scare tactic, affordable care act of a home care is repealed. We are looking at hundreds of thousands of people and we have recently with genetic material goods please get Larry David, audio of him doing Bernie Sanders, because I d think you can tell the difference between Bernie Sanders and Larry David answers, Lord David talking normally astonishing doing right now? Let's, just here, fucking the way you normally talks, they sound exactly alike extension losing that
How many of those folks will die? How many of those folks will lose the opium Lloyd treatment that they now have it? If a lot Exactly one million whole lost billions, millions billions could be trillions, I mean there could be trillions of dead. People is laying all over all over the place, Pile of dead bodies, everywhere, COL sweeping through every land on this planet. Doll the cat sleeping together it it's gonna, be bedlam. It's gotta, be chaos suggest I'd. If, if you air touch that bill every dies. Everyone well the way there talking about touching it, I think there is a lot of suffering that is coming I mean we had we, we warned about a dick, kind of suffering, everybody was worried about. You know these the what was it Thirteen million to twenty six million that needed healthcare coverage,
and we said, then why don't we develop a package for those thirteen million or twenty six million and leave everyone yachting and everybody else who likes their insurance right? Why do that? But they wanted a single payer system for everyone. They wanted socialized medicine, and so we didn't go and we warned if who do this? You might get a few people down at the bottom on health care, but you were going to disrupt and destroy their health care system in America and we are already seeing it happen and low? how many families are insignificant, pain right now, because if Obamacare now from comes along with Ryan he's not gonna make it better It's only going to make it worse, you can't you can't, fix it's broken. It was there intended on working. You can't fix this. You ve
to pull it up by the roots and then let's look at the third Eighteen or twenty six million that need health care at such a great a study, however, in the way Progressive ISM works and why it so successful, because look at this Republicans have control of it everything and they can't even bring themselves to repeal something. That's brand new. This is an entire. That existed for the last what six years. This is brand new thing forget about Medicare Medicaid Social Security in reforming knows this is a brand new thing that is an entirely unpopular since it began, and these ok repeal it, no, so that they can they won't. I mean I'm here, I'm saying with I've seen politically they can. they can. Why are you not to do it? I think they can I will, of course they can. What I'm saying is there not do it? I guess you're right theoretically be, could do it, but that's what I'm saying is one
title is started these. People are so spineless, they won't even move again something that Britain know. What I'm saying, though, is I don't think it's spineless. You think they just want it. I think they want it. Why then they did they oppose it initially, because got to oppose what the other side is doing. Why did the other side go along with all of the Vive the signing documents from the president, what why would they go? Go along with him just you know, having executive order after executive order and being fine, because it was their side now there suddenly again Adam, I mean you're, probably right, and we were against them now worth suddenly, for, though I see what you're saying and any, I think you're, probably right on that It's interesting, because if you went back in history in two thousand eight, and none of this ever happened under of the Obamacare ever happen, and it was never even proposed and what Barack Obama came to the plate and said
here's my plan and handed us instead of the Asia, the age see a the new GEO p replacement and hated that bill nobody would have accepted it. No one would have voted for it would have been a massive expansion of government power. Extreme from what we were thin considering at the time right now because of six years, but that other Lama care that's the overturning the overdue window and the Overton Window, what the Overton Window is. Is you take something that is completely unreasonable now and you just shift that window way down to truly insane. Then when you come back. The compromise, you settle on a place that was totally unreasonable. It's just not in saying that so there the progressives use the Overton Window, they four insane. They settle for ridiculous.
and then not so ridiculous S, not so ridiculous. As soon as is ridiculous, then priests we get to the insane because they, keep moving that window, but the problem is, we think there are honest brokers on each side there not on. Brokers on each side. How many, how many? Democrats. Now Argo in my gosh I mean yeah. I dont like Donald Trump at all, but we heck is the representation of me. On my side I dont want, Universal Medicare medical care, that's not good I dont want the right the country to be swept into the vague hospital It's not a good system. What what's have thing is instead of talking about the compassionate parts, Roy Paul, I think, was a one. It was saying it you can't repeal it.
have to go. You have to start first with what are we going to do for the twins six million people. Let's make sure that those twenty six million people whatever is on the edge. that we have something taken care of first. We lead with that as all anybody is talking about, is how many people are going to suffer. There are going to be some suffering people, and there are some suffering people now. Let's do the number of suffered. There will always be suffering people in arrogantly perfect law. its reduce the number of suffering people now and you know what a lot of people that didn't have health care to begin with, show not to have healthcare. It wasn't that they couldn't where they didn't access to it, they did me of them, if not most chose not to could be an end in here's. The reason because I remember when I was thirty twenty five you're, not worried about healthcare. You not worried about
you don't care, and if you get sick, you go to the doktor, you just pay for it. So here is my he. Unless your kind of perfectly right. So here here is the problem. Here in this a great example. they use the youth. You by you in your twenties buying healthcare you we're paying for the health care now of the old people. That's why we need you into the pool it A charitable things, a massive wealth transfer, it is fry on taking my money and helping the old, and then when I'm old somebody down at the bottom will be giving their money to me. It's from Donald Berwick, one of the architects and in any health care funding plan that is just equitable. Civilised Humane must mast redistribute wealth
from the richer among us to the poor and the less fortunate, and there was its marxism. That's all it is its. Just a massive marxist programme to transfer wealth. Is that what we wanted in America? Who was clamouring for that? No one x, for these progressives. I think this is actually if it brings up a pretty interesting sort of progressive roar, shack test. Think about this. For a moment, the Serbian, let us assume everything the scipio said about this healthcare bill is true. For a second say, it's true, the main complaint is a millions of people are going to lose our drop off insurance. millions of people that are ensured today are gonna drop off. Let's not question that for a moment. What's that question the scipios analysis that millions of people going to drop off because they were a fur. this fine and they did they did they were Didn'T- want to pay the fine, so they decided to pay for insurance. Anyway, let's say that True for a moment, is that a good thing or a bad thing.
Everyone will tell you that a bad thing, millions of people lost their insurance. Millions of people are not ensured, however, if they were insured because the government was going to find them and they we're taking very hard earned dollars and spending them on something against their will. If they lose their insurance and make that decision for themselves. That is a good thing. That is a good thing. It's that their money, their lives, they get to choose what to do them and the fact that sleep. If I were a progressive and you think that's a terrible thing, but they're making bad decisions, you or controlling their lives? They get too big, here's the problem, because it's it's, it's fake compassion, if you want to be able to say everybody ass, to make their own decisions and you choose not, you can afford it, and most people is big not with about half.
The people who were uninsured could afford it right and they just choose not to If you really want that system to work, then when it time and they a problem, you, to be willing to say sorry, I'm sorry and we as a society or not Renault Limited, do it. I had to do that. What we knew that, as in this republican plan, are pre existing conditions existing all the all those those little catches that were in Obama care more controversial when Obama was past are all in the GEO play because we're not willing and that's a good, thing we're not willing to see are our fellow man. they'll be turned out of a hospital if they have cancer thats a good thing, but they but how you were either They were before. So how do you? How do you do? question is how do we solve? a a math problem. Whilst
who having compassion because insurance. If I, if I fight If I can buy in after I been diagnosed with cancer thats, not insurance it's not something else it insured is a bat, and so the only way the insurance companies can work if they are betting, that this group a thousand people are going to be healthy, more healthy. The knot, as soon as that turns out to be different. They have to raise the rates nowadays in a bad insurance is not just a bet. It's a losing bet, most all the time. Yes, it is a it's a bet that insurance companies are in business because they know their side of the bed. Is the good side that's being used, postal loser, insurance, bets, so, when you can just come in and say well, I know for a fact: I have x y see that's going to cost a hundred million dollars to fix
and I M gonna pay? I would like to pay the normal insurance rate. That's just that's just a government programme giving you things. That's not. that's. Not. Insurance I know of insurance. So how do we solve this with compassion and still use the free market system that demands that sometimes there are losers. How do you do it it is a hybrid doesn't work unless You take things like Medicare and you say: ok for this small group of people. We are going to take that small, more people and we are going to pay for that because of compassion, but. not force every one else into that right and that's the thing you gotta be honest about it, it's a programme, there's a story. Today we have an prep here from from Texas. From Kevin Williamson over a national review hardest
This is an example of Texas insurance companies and attacks legislatures trying to force Texas insurance companies to to provide hearing. for children but to make sure that they they force it does that to happen now the number of kids that hat it's about zero point. Two percent are kids, are our bore. without with hearing loss in one or both ears, Texas about four hundred thousand births ear, assuming that all of the children born with hearing problems required five thousand our hearing AIDS that none of their families, none of their families, had the means to pay for them. That would imply an you'll outlay of four million dollars. If you take a more rational approach to that, not every kid is now could it be able have parents, I can't afford it, then it's about thirty percent, but say one point: two million dollars: that's the program, if you just want to give every kid that could not afford hearing AIDS hearing AIDS point two million dollars instead, they want enforce. They would, of course, everybody everybody's insurance policy to cover these hearing aids because
then they are not responsible for this. Legislature doesn't have to come up with a way to pay for it. It's just. Well, the insurance companies are now forced to do so now all of us get stuck paying for it and whether think it's a good idea or not. We all want deaf children have hearing aids, if, if, if its needed, just about it. And sell the price that the programme as it is instead there trying to hide it through mandates, and wrong in taxes, as is wrong in Washington. Here's a response to this have our it is gold line in Australia. Atm use has now hit a fifteen year low as the Ashley society begins together. Remember Citibank! was putting in their first cashless banks. How long ago was it too much the first cashless banks in we're going into Australia. Where you can, go in and get cash, your first cash This ATM eighty
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receipt. There is that this is this theory. Already being implemented, as fact, and it will happen, but that means you. Have everything trapped in a bank, all your wealth. Everything is controlled because digits are air. You can't pull out, you can get your count and say I'm pulling out. If something goes wrong, you can't withdraw where put those digits under your bed May I suggest that you have some reserve. Ten percent of, old and silver- I have gone. I believe in gold I buy. It is an insurance policy I buy. It began I think the world's going insane- and I used to go over the cliff with everybody else and be standing in line waiting for my digits. I want you to call, eight six gold line, eight six
four hundred and sixty five three thousand five hundred and forty six at eight hundred and sixty six four hundred and sixty five three thousand five hundred and forty six. important risk information find out a buying gold or silver is right, for you call them today get that Bree casual society risk report, one eight, six, six gold, liner gold line, dot com this is the Glen Back program. You sign up for the newsletter and get all the info. You need to know what Goin back Dotcom mercury. The life programme is eighty seven to look over the best way to explain as the best way to explain what's happening to our insurance companies. As this would anyone think it's fair to say aid to an auto insurance company. I not going to buy The auto insurance, unless I mean a wreck when the police comes up and your car has been total than the other guy is being taken to the hospital. Now you call all states they have. I need a policy, I need a policy, ok and then
return you down for the wreck. You ve just tat s exactly what's happening, executive, the medical, how does all states survive if everyone gets to do that? If you don't have a law that mandates, everyone use all state one we have to have on Russia, as though I do have two about four: that's what it is that the left says the You act, have auditors personal, it's actor in every state, but still The bottom line is you're right. It makes no sense if you can get it after the fact. While you have incredible credible compassion for people most positions, you have to find a different way to handle it and deal with that issue rather than enforcing it on everybody back in just decided back programmes. So the US, this diversity, basketball culture with high and in dying. I will in our view,
Thirteen more red, white and blue during the game and Apparently, the other side has a diverse student population, so that was offensive of Edward Bloom and I quite understand that, but ok in case of the assistant, varsity, varsity bus or coach was quoted and though he was quoted in his own words, what the Hell king in the news report. What were they thinking? I don't know they love the country. So what We're thinking. Maybe you know that's accurate- that they love the gutter. Another circa inaccurate coat quote? Will you came round, is vague centres on you. I thought I would say yes what I'm working on it and I thought it was out there in the way that it could be out of context. I guess as if he was talking about something else, but he was ripe. Well, We thought we were we reached out and we want them to commodities that I appreciate the offer, but I have to decline. The story is overblown. I dont think is an my interview taken completely out of context. So maybe it was what were they thinking,
I've side with the guys wearing red, white and blue Camel. Why does they come out and say that the no he says to many people believe everything they read blindly and I'm turning getting hate messages on Facebook from folks they don't even know the whole story. Snarls all stories, Sir sorry am passing on the interview get policy. I don't think I wanna go on in his study. Do an interview with the two of you sitting here I mean why listen you well, maybe we'd. Let him told his side, but we certainly express our side. What are you oh you're, just a few just you can't believe help me and you know it in the end, how aggressive Jeffrey and Pat are and on the story. That's interesting.
Why is that it does anybody know? What do you think you're, the one where the breaking courage and give the go do read the that this may create. Believe me why? Why would I really wonder whether you feel what did I say what I had to Pat was radiant. I appreciate the offer, no, you don't douche bag even to me, so I, without washing in Spain, and to ride willing to take him at his word there ago, not just like saw his word come out of the words come out of this faint lucky man, I agree with you pay. I agree that he is he is now backtracking, because yeah the he realised what what what a stupid thing to say, I think what rare is slow and serve as a good. I think the real truth of what happened with that story and is that he too, the wrong way,
Realize it was something they did all the tires and believed they were targeting his head excitedly. I noticed that slack. I don't care if they need all the coast is there. I don't I don't care. If that is the first time they ever did it there's nothing wrong with wearing american relay your cutlery, talking about in one region or non saying we're Americans in your not they're, just dressing that we take the other team could have dress the same way. Nobody would have said a word. I think I didn't find the differences. The action rather versus the I'm gonna look. Some young appear, I'm gonna look something up here Look you I'm really I'm reading Billy Hallways book fault line and says how to be able to solve this one, you have to be informed were informed on this story of science. Ok then don't tell me what you believe: live. What you believe, what are your values and beliefs aware what other Edward Blue flag? We believe in America amen, got to make sure that your living it right. So
the people that were wearing the red, white and blue. they were living, what they believe it wasn't about that it was. It was team spirit for their school Why is it that somebody else is Why is there a problem here most likely because people on the other side. Offence that was coming from them from the other side. They took it and do it because they weren't informed on the subject they didn't know. These guys did this all the time and not living there. Their principles of I a refugee from a very oppressed place. Coming to the United States for sure,
turn on the United States has taken me, and so I should enjoy saying this money myself with an iron ring. I am grateful that I live in a place with diversity yeah. How about the fact that I'm at a basketball game, looking at other students wearing red white and blue, rather than I'm lookin out the window at an ice spider slicing head off of somebody now I just wanna. Be sorry, are you ok? I got it. Let me can I get brick, get Billy Allah well on Billy. All well. Has a new book called fault line? How seismic shift in culture is threatening free speech and ship shaping the next generation? This is really important to pay attention to because the facts and figures in this book are accurate and they are going to fundamentally transformers Billy. Welcome to the programme makes rapidly so Let's go to you talk about in the book.
You say you know that one of the biggest faults we have in- and I don't wanna misquote you but based see that it is the line between being tolerant and being relative and We have slid into moral relativism where We need to be tolerant, but it has been used against us. How do we first Gimme, the fax or the stats on this and tell me how to fix that got over half of the countries saying that it's up to cultures, to figure out what they think is moral rights. Others is that this baseline of morality is completely gone. I mean the majority, so saying. Oh you just kept it decide for yourself. What you believe is true and that specifically through with millennials fifty one percent of millennium- believe that truth is relative. So you have a big problem there into that sort of the starting point. How do we fix
well. You ve got to acknowledge your problem first, which is that the Hollywood content we ve seen media universities. All three of those have really reshape culture. We allow that to happen and we believe that to happen, because so many of us have disengage so you're my big solution, it isn't. This is from a thirty thousand foot level in fault line. Is that we ve gotta get engaged. We have to make good Hollywood content? We have to make you get involved in media, we ve gotta, be professors. We have to be out there, people who are Christians. Conservative people were complaining, it's great to complain, but what're you gonna do to fix this. Yeah we gotta. We have to make an impact in in in the culture. It's it's interesting that you note in the boat Billy that thirty five percent of millennials have no faith whatsoever there, atheist agnostics. Is it thirty five?
sent so that number in fact it it's crazy, because every two years you a new study, will come out. He was twenty fifth keen that few first came out thing. It was about thirty, four thirty, five percent. Now we ve got a out thing: it's about thirty nine percent, neither people are in here started the hope, their atheists agnostic or just on affiliated in the biggest chump or on affiliated, but those are the people who were gonna, lose right. If we don't go out there and bring the message to them, we're gonna totally lose them, but the hope is hey they're, not agnostic, they're, not atheists. They believe in something, but because of this You pay out tat we ve created in culture and that we have allowed there just not sure what that is. We ve got it that message only nobody. I mean, I think the churches are approaching. Most of the church. Has many of the churches are approaching these things all wrong there, Sir coming at it? Lee with tee with the same style of message. The message has to remain true.
The same style of message and if, if if it not the same style. It's just the. The same kind of almost judgmental message, except now it has you know, fog machines and and and rock bands behind it. People are, millennials are not interested in talk, they're interested in shy, me. The results. Do it absolutely? so we ve got, we got a lot of christian actors which has great re alot of christian journalist, which is wonderful, but we need actors who are christian directors who are Christians. I mean look at Hacksaw Ridge. Look at some of these films that tell really good stuff worries- and I think christian moviemaking his great god- that that all that is fine, if you want to preach the choir- that's great, but that is not going to solve this problem we have got. I know you
I talked about this a lot over the years we ve gotta get engaged, and I think the whole point here it with this book is to show the problem right. These numbers, you mentioned the statistics lot of us. Don't know, we cannot have a feeling that Hollywood is off the media's. Our universities are up, we cities, anecdotal examples, but we don't really have the dead, and I wanted to really put that data out there and sort of show that their this triangular dominance in and sort of what I call this progressive privilege that has existed in these areas. for too long? And yes, we ve gotta, complain about that, like I said, but we have to figure out how to tell the stories and do it in a way that reaches people and shows them. Just tell them the message. There's a video that came out of a viral Billy, the kid after the M after the election that lie saw, love people posting and it would be a lot of the left was kind of coming on saying. How could this happen Donald Trump, Here's a guy who I said, you know he was gonna, grab women in ways and look how crass he is. How is this
Archer allow this culture is getting so much more crass and this, and pointed out hey wait a minute if he doesn't What's that every piece of our culture forget the president, every piece of her culture has become more and more crass over a very long period of time, and it's been cheered on by the left and you can you really go through that in the book in that the development from we know web as we go through on television and in movies, as has become much more advanced to that. In the end, hi faith, sort of side and many people haven't even noticed it one. That's why you How I look at the numbers from like two thousand and seven two thousand and two thousand and two to twenty fourteen twenty. Sixteen, when you look at what gallop has met in others have measured. I mean moral acceptability, and so many issues even having eaten, polygamy. You go down the line. It's insane because of the relativism. People are now willing to accept. We ve got is sixty. Seven percent of
country saying that having a baby, a marriage is morally acceptable. Seventy two percent thing divorce is morally acceptable and these numbers have changed dramatically even within the last decade decade and a half and we have pushing, we have allowed this to be pushed out. We haven't been effective in our messaging and I thank you for wine really kind of leaves people convicted a little better, and I hope you have. Thinking. How can we do this? Not all of us can be directors actors, you know professors, but you know we have. figure out how we can at least encourage people good people who have their values and check the enter into these arenas. I have to tell you, though, Billy the answer really is living at ourself around. Here. Here's look, Donald Trump, you, the beauty, blamed Donald Trump on a lotta things. If you want to talk just about him to the left, you know they they try to plant, Are you take responsibility for him? You know who Donald Trump is Donald Europe is the first Howard stern President. That's what he is. He
the guest on Howard Stern that loved Howard Stern played hard and we all laughed, and we all thought it was great and some stood against and said. No. This is immoral. This is wrong in those people were driven out of society because they have sticks up there, but but this big aim the main stream culture and look that just how guys talk. Yes, they do talk that way on Howard Stern, and and now we seem to have a problem. The left does, because they don't they don't like that. Well Oak, but you you were fine with it you're totally fine with it in Hollywood. If any, dare says, like clean films or clean reflex or whenever that is where they want to edit and make things less crass. How, dear, you don't touch my art. Even if we hated this environment, they have. He hated this very environment which is so fascinating to me. Everything Donald Trump has
represented and everything that both candidates represented in the general is basically what they have created and any other kind of relishing and then trying to figure out, why and we get here well turn primetime tv and you'll figure we got here. You can't even there's nothing. You can watch with your kids outside of the middle and maybe a couple of other shows where we tried to say that this is why character matters in the nineties, when the women's organisations were defending Bill Clinton as Mr Rogue. No, it's like saying what Donald Trump said. Well, that's all the way. Men no if that is the way men behave, men shouldn't behave that way. Those are boys that behave that men do not behave that way, but it requires us to be consistent in, and I like this about your book, you, you know you talk about how most people can and tell you what they believe. Ninety five percent of Christians according to Billy in his book. Can
Tell you what they believe. Well, that's a real problem. The first thing we need to do is figure out what we believe and then leave it. absolutely living it out. That's example: we sat right, and so we ve gotta. We ve got to do that. We have encourage other people, particularly millennials, because that's a generation this most image, I felt I'm sure the generation behind them will be hit. Even higher by this we ve got to figure out how to have that present, but doing it by living at first, I think, is the most important and that's why I encourage in fall leinen. You won't get more information at hollow fault line, book, dot, com, a Billy Hallowell. The name of the book again is fault line. Billy wrote for the blaze for a long time and himself, proud of you and end and proud of your success and see where you're going. Thank you for everything. You're doing the hollow well prepared to do there The name of the book again is fault line. Now this North Korea, testing missiles,
their testing missiles in the same way that IRAN is there exploiting the missiles adjust the altitude where you would want an MP to explode em Is there a long time people were sent out? Look I've done, they are cut back. That's another failed dressed right. Now, that's what they were turned rose. What they're trying to do and now we're sitting here and the Pentagon says that is the number one threat against the United States and PETE. Why one million. I'm sorry Ninety five percent of Amerika. Ninety five percent of our population will die in the first year of an MP. Don't exist during the report only say ninety only ninety percent, if there is an additional five percent of the population, will be a lie like this. Guy is, while it is the hair I want you to get your food storage ready. Not for any MP I mean any
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twenty five. This is the glad that programme carry back railway things down tomorrow, we ve got to get to the feud between the black guy and get out against Samuel Jackson. That food is ridiculous. That's going on also the Al Gore statements, allergies? We gotta get back to work tomorrow, domicile this ass, the deck programme.
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