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John Ziegler visits ....List of federal agencies that President Trump wants to cut from the budget ...Do you believe in the 'deep state'?? ...John Ziegler makes his case in defense of Jerry Sandusky ...What was happening in the shower with Jerry Sandusky in Penn State? ...SERIAL: Truth about Communism (3 of 4) ..."Are you sexually attracted to young boys?" ...The new American dream ...Why isn't Jerry Sandusky screaming his innocence ...The inconsistencies of the Jerry Sandusky accusers and witnesses The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio Facebook: Glenn BeckTwitter: @glennbeck

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This is the police radio on demand Welcome to the programme. We got it. It show for you at the list of federal agencies that will be eliminated under the Trump budget. Also for draws comparisons to himself during a visit to Andrew Jackson. Grave he's using that name. I don't think it means what do you think it means also. He said some very interesting items in the wire tapping claims coming, right now leads from a mythical race, forty seven to forty, and which one was it where the humpback whales were telling. The star trek prove that there is trouble coming They may remember and start report. Even you thank you. I think my star Trek, but the the humpback whales have started to
gatherings? What's called super groups and scientists? Don't why? But of course there suspecting problem, I believe the whales applauding against us. We get into that and so much more beginning right now, the fusion of entertainment and didn't lightened and these things, Glenn Back Programme under the programme joining us today is John Ziegler he's in studio with us. He is a fantastic talk. Show host that kind of law. There is talk. Talk, show gig, because he, because of why we have him on today
something that is made him known in some circles. As a conspiracy theorist, I'm not sure what this I'm not sure how this story plays out, but he has a fascinating theory on very big news item that was, ground shaking when it happened in what was it two thousand ten thousand two thousand eleven makin. The news this week in Rio Back in the news again this week, we wanted to have him here because I think I'm fascinated by his theory It may or may not be right. I don't know, but in the age of fake news this what we need to do is start to have a serious conversation about what I've heard the Russians let's they serious conversation without any politics in it.
So we're gonna, he's gonna, be joining us now and we're gonna get into this hearing. Just a second, A list of some of the federal agencies that are going to be eliminated under Trump, I can't imagine this happening, but here the the agencies for his proposed budget. This is NATO, has gone down. Any Reno, yeah Converse hasn't even looked at this yet the African Development Foundation, but why are we developing Africa? We should be developing while the Foreign AIDS yeah. Does it hurt the appellation regional commission. What is this commission do, in Appalachia the that Chemical safety Board. That's the only one with the name that I thought. Maybe we should look at that won the corporation for national and community service above by the preparation for public broadcasting Bob A
there should be. No doubt Sesame Street makes more money right. Anybody than any other showed bird is big business and he always has always has been all every kid has Sesame street toys. There's no reason why we're paying self fund and now in the world where NPR is the number one podcast? their number one. In many many cities, on radio there certainly dot via there, their television shows are now being sold all around the world. Amazon. Hulu Netflix carrying all of these shows, and there partnering with the BBC and everything else. There is no real. They make enough money there. Is no reason why we funding them still, none whatsoever the Knowledge Commission, which I'm sure people in Alaska are happy about that Delta regional authority. The instant
of museum and library services. Again. The library thing we probably might one. I mean, there's not a lot of money in the library thing, I'd hate to see life very skull, but I dont know what they do: the inner american foundation. We haven't. We actually if this thing called the internet now, which is pretty amazing. You can actually see all this material. Nano is little boxes. I owe my life history ones. The I'd like to see what the library foundation does like, for instance, I am I'm totally cool with the Library of Congress Nippewa. Yes, the only Google webmaster the. U S, trade and development agency, the legal service's corporation. The now I endowment for the art, yes, I about what about that's, not paid nobody's giving away I'm paying, but you ever think it think of how beautiful your paint
could be. If you receive you have familiar last met as they could, then what is it a better about? It would be a better senator you that's what I would be. Maybe I should apply the national endowment for the arts, the national endowment for the humanities roof. The neighbourhood reinvestment Corporation, the northern border, regional Commission, overseas private investment corporation at any an overseas in the name? What the hell is this, the United States Institute of Peace, But I states, Inter Agency Council on homelessness and my favorite. The Woodrow Wilson International Centre for scholars. What does concern on internal Johns my?
clearly, that was a about reach. Do you glad? I think it was as that was that that was the olive branch I'll take that I am so proud trump right now now, you're not to the eye can take that back quickly. Because yesterday he may, the point of going to the grave side, grave site and the childhood home. Andrew Jackson bound, and I ve now you ve lost Glenn. After all reach with the Woodrow Wilson and carries name the two presidents that were worse than Andrew, Jackson and Woodrow Wilson. We, gone from a New Woodrow Wilson Obama to a new. Who Andrew Jackson said I think this was one of the more intense interesting things does understand where tromp was coming from He sees himself as the new Andrew Jackson, yes, and I think that
the greatest window into his real philosophy. I agree, but I don't think it's him. I think he's Van and its. I don't think I think the conversation- and I dont mean this- is Islam. Most people are like this you're gonna, be the next Andrew Jackson, who the guy on the twenty dollar bill. Oh oh, he must be. What did he do I'll? Let you that I think this is all Bannon and I with yeah, but I want one of the things I thought about was. Can you imagine if Trump actually lived in the era of Andrew Jackson and instead a twitter feuds? We had pistol duels I wouldn't be around anymore. Maybe you mean Andrew Jackson was in a hundred pistol dolls in his life and survived. Including one while we was present in the United States now, we do not know if, instead of twitter, there was crystal ball arches. We to if somebody's they have view, insulted somebody's honor
today's world, if they could grab a pistol and say Grandma Pistol, buddy. Instead of twitter. We do a lot better, whom action that we do not use in about a criticism of social media. This is a good change, not going to say I have seen no mean I would have been dead by the ends of probably Dan rather than when he was young. So he gave this this nice speech about Andrew Jackson. America you'll have to excuse me, but if you remember in two thousand and seven. I said: if you want to understand the left. You have to your stand. Woodrow, Wilson, Woodrow Wilson and I remember all the calls. Would you stop about Woodrow Wilson talk about what's happening in today's world. Right right. I am just listen to Woodrow Wilson and you will see the parallels, I'm sorry but I'm going to do it again. To
her stand. The right, you're, gonna to understand. Andrew Jackson, Andrew Jackson, it is my theory. I've never seen this written about anywhere else, but it is my theory that the republic, our founders, knew it ended with Andrew Jackson. We went from the device Providence to manifest destiny. We from being friends with the end of the Indians to making the Indians, archenemy arch enemies and violating every treaty violating our word. We and from a an office of honor with the president to an office, where he was gobbling up the land telling friends, here the gobble up this land. You might want to go out there see how much you think it's worth so you can buy it. He in destitute and left a modern day billionaire he was the first one to do it and and a bad guy
Pretty recently said what I I think they like about Jackson. Is he essentially created a different way like he was like a new deal? you know he needed better. Populous direction was something, but I mean it was also pollute please something new and it was not like for example, in today's world. It's not conservatism its national populism right like they there. There are not even the gene apparently Jackson was a popular. He was our first class, you that's what they're saying, but I mean banners outwardly set right plot and any Jackson was that one of the first to say that the system was rigged against him in his case it was, but I Trump really relates to that because he felt like this was reality and stand anyone, and there is also something there's something about the way he me. The way he deals with the public Jackson, went in and went into the White House and just open the doors now opened Oh really Lincoln. You could make
appointment you just go. I think it was I whose days or wednesdays, and you just wait an on line and you'd have five minutes with president the bats after we started shooting them, but you know you can just go and make a boy. Anyone could get an important with the president, Andrew Jackson, I'm said, I'm gonna open up the White House to everybody and on his inauguration he opened up White House, and it became so bad there were breaking chairs, I mean it was a ruckus partner was hammered rent right. You know how we got everybody out of the White House, he got everybody out of my head and the White House staff like it, but clock. In the morning we have said we gotta get these people find rings for everybody out on the lawn free rein, everybody laughed and there are no free drinks, they locked the door of my wandered out, and he escaped like the back window. That scenario didn't he like didn't need legal or illegal window. There actually was no boozing front yard. You know those rights may be
I was alive. I lied. I was a lie. Trump also yesterday said: there's some very interesting items related to wiretapping that are going to come out. The next couple of weeks- oh good, now, He has said that What he didn't mean, wiretapping, wiretapping, they are buying and I remind all over, but I do believe that too I mean I mean I mean he obviously does not have evidence of this right rybody what he does that the idea that they're holding him to a standard like nineteen forties wiretap, like what they meant as a wire tackled. This specific like, if its surveillance of his computers, I mean We still have a case. He doesn't seem to have any evidence to support that case white. The opera, yeah, I mean you, he has the jail p. Yesterday came out and was like there's nothing there. Yes, if they can't, I mean this defence he put wiretapping in quotes, yes heat and its twitter. You get a hundred forty character, but you know I mean I I I agree that he did
mean wiretapping. I dont think this. He back petals on a lie, he's not back peddling on this. I agree, but I don't think I mean this is leading to a very dangerous place. This deep state stuff we I have to get into and we have to look at it and seriously look at it see if there's any truth to it or not debunk it. If it is, it is fake. Expose it if it is real, I don't to believe it, but we have to, take it seriously, because this is gonna divide us, I'm telling you in two years it will people will either believe the government is nothing but a shadow organization. And there is no reason for anything. The whole thing ass to be burned down, because a shadow organization or they're gonna believe those people are absolutely insane and they need to be silenced and stopped. I mean we're headed for trouble on this on the other side of his tweet, though he did refer no Obama as sick news, we
it really backtrack. On that I have no problem backtracking on wired, having, but he clear they did. Accuse Obama. And there's no evidence of that, and not at all, yes and that's important to point out the US. What do you think, John about the about deep state Have you looked into it at all? Well, I'm not an expert on it, but the people who are making the claim. I don't find very credible. As we know, some of the names we ve talked previously- that are former conservative stalwarts in my view on this, is they need a bogeyman? Did down drop, Meathes a viable bogeyman other than the media and Obama makes a perfect bogey man for the conservative right, especially in the conservative media industrial complex. We are now having been in the business, we're not that good defence we're good at all fence we're bass than in its very difficult for us, we're we're all in power. We are alleged republican President Republican Hauser Public Incentive, who do we attack
Burma. Is the ready made bogeyman and if we can portray not, we I am talking in general, the conservative media industrial complex, and we can betray Obama is still being in power in some strange way. That's a great bogeyman because it's ready made the base already hates him, and basically mixing stir but creating at your creating a situation where there is no exit from it. If you can't, if you don't prove it new, don't of friends You know you can't believe the ceo okay well Are you going to change the sea most? likely! No, you know I can't believe the job numbers will now. You believe the job numbers he didn't change anything. So if, if You actually believe in deep state, then you need to present the evidence and unique to investigate and uncover otherwise
is truly just a conspiracy theory for power, but gland this isn't about facts and logic. This is always and about emotion in politics, and in fact I just can't feel they have no place in this. I know acts and logic, but they need when they need to play a role in our everyday life and that's one reason why we want to do you want to agree totally, but I don't think that's the world we live in and especially not what's rump okay. So let, let's oh into where we're going to take a quick break, and then I'm gonna tell you why John is here he's of really compelling case whether its true or not. I don't know he says he can back everything up. And he's lost his job because he's taking a stand because he says it's a moral stand, I'm willing to lose everything on this. That's quite a statement. In just a second first, let me take on moroccan financing. If you're buying a homo refinancing your mortgage now is the time to see what happened with the various today. They re
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the Glen programming, the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment, the Glen Back Programme. Mercury listening to the Glen Back programme. A cloud dot com there's a the world. According to zig, we have John Ziegler again studio today there has been a couple developments in the recent weeks regarding Jerry sent Sandusky the Penn State University coach. It was transferred from me. Maximum to medium security. President and his son Jeffrey, has just been charged with child sex sex abuse this is This is really controversial. John Ziegler law lost his radio gig because he would not let go of this
because he says it's a moral issue. He says. One hundred percent Jerry Sandusky, is innocent the cue is are not truthful in their testimony b. And a little controversial I love you remember this gland, but eight years ago we met for the first time and I was defending Sarah Palin. Yes ma just change the world sends them by new, and somehow I figured you now once once you ve defended Sarah Palin. It's pretty easy to move on. To jettison does look, I I fully realise the two people the vast majority of people who have only file the story of the last five and a half years. The I've lines. The sounds crazy, but it's not ok. We're going In this case, I want you to listen carefully to this, making it so I dont know I have not heard the case. Stu have sake. It's fascinating
this could turn your whole world upside down. Let's listen to it and say we impose holes in it next, you'll be listening to the Glen background. The Glen Bag Programme a writer for media eyed and an hosted upon cats world according to zig on sound club dot com. John Ziegler, is in studio with us. Jerry. And dusky is back in the news right now, If you don't remember the name, give me the the less than a minute recap on Penn State in November, two thousand Levin Jerry's and asking for defensive coordinator for Penn State, a very fine famous code. But I've been retired for many years, was arrested on
now molestation charges. Joe paternal was fine the legendary football coach, Penn state Sarah three days three four days later, along with the President and stay gram: Spaniard Sandusky was convicted. Penn state paid almost a hundred million dollars in settlements this week. Two Penn state administrators plead guilty to a misdemeanor after the conspiracy are just under five and a half years were dropped. Next week, Gram Spaniard, the former President Ben State, will stand trial on these very same charges. He is innocent him. He will not plead guilty unless something real bizarre happens and an innocent man's life is on the line, but me Glenda stories is much bigger than Penn State, much bigger than Graham Spanier is freedom or Joe paternalism legacy. I have no connection depend state at all. I stupidly more than this five and a half years ago, because the story to use it a phrase we now are all very familiar with sound and immediately to me like fake news
and, as you guys know, we'd Bunsen stories together before I'm pretty good nose for this kind of thing, and I have coached Highschool football. On several different states: I've covered college football profitable. I understand the culture have no connection depends day, in fact, actually have disdain for Penn State now, after after five and a half years of this and but I also understand the way the news media works and I got in this just for trying to find out what the heck the truth was, presuming that Jerry's and asking was guilty is I'll. That was my presumption at the beginning of this, but that the gene maternal angle Miss never made any sense, because there was this idea that there was a cover up that he had been told by an assistant coach might mccleery the gear, It had had abuse the boy sexually paternal did nothing and Penn state. This decided to pretend that never happy and made no sense four hundred million reasons, but one of which was Sandusky was retired,
he wasn't even part of the programme at that point and not dimension, it didn't fit with the culture of Penn State nor foot college football. As I know it was a good deal deeper into it. And I interviewed Sandusky israeli insurance didn't fit with the character of Jupiter. Exactly internal was ACE power comes a logical on and off the field, little most winning coach in history, that of of college football, but also ran stellar programme, no hint of scandal and a guy who was a squeaky clean, You know, nineteen fifty he's kind of conservative republic, it violated friends of the Bush family. We what we oftentimes see people that are right, that living a double life ran year like what they can't be. It was always the quiet one on the street and ended up having the heads the refrigerator. Well, I understand it and in that's partners, so many elements of the perfect storm here, one which is that this story breaks in Pennsylvania. Not long
After the whole catholic church scandal, right and because that it sets a prism through which everybody, especially in the news media. They see this stacy, but Turner was the Pope, see the administrators is the cardinals. They see Sandusky all he's the pedophile priest and they see the and stay football fans These are the catholic parishioners who loved their football so much their religion of football that their willing to look the other way and pretended Father didn't really exist that The narrative that fit then a narrative is is real in many cases. People don't want to look at this stuff. I understand that, but in but that's what set this is up for a massive injustice, so I got involved more and more, and I was just looking for the truth. I interviewed Sandusky not once but twice and brazen burst six hours plus,
when on the today show not once but twice the second time that Lauer very nicely declared my career to be dead years ago this week. But I figured ok, you know if you're gonna die on a hill. This is a pretty good diet. Hilda die on and trust me. I've taken enough bullet, to understand the reality of that What I realized was that only way to make this case make any sense at all. Is it shockingly the pie the case that no one took a look at no one bother to do. The math on the Jerry Sandusky element is a mess that Ask is, in fact the innocent and it's not even close that's, what's so amazing about this, but we start a domino effect that the oh paternal firing and people who are not from Pennsylvania hint fully understand the site, logical impacted. The firing of Joe paternalism was this was a nuclear explosion over entire case. It was like peoples
entire lives, have been turned upside down everything they thought they knew. This was worse than the trouble, action for liberal, something that everything is upside down and in reality into account. In this case. Volley you have to understand them paternal firing off the incentives in this case get flipped upside down, everybody's incentives or now perverse all the white had turned black cats in the black cats. Turning the white hats and and from that moment on we have adopted, the fact of injury, this. I like to use the metaphor that this whole. This is a painting that, if one looks goes, this makes no damn sense. And I came along and said Here is why I flipped it upside and people go. Oh, my gosh, no flip it upside down. Here's what happens. The real story of this is a classic case of when people think
I think that they are doing the right moral thing. Stopping failure and just against injustice against children, and they become invested in but in a myth. Ah, you this audience will fully understand that the parallel to global warming. Okay, this is man made global warming, because a consensus of science allegedly and because we doing the right thing for humanity, you or I bet add person. If you disagree of you even question it. You are a bad person Well, that's what happened in this case, I'm the bad person, I'm the bad person and that you're you viewed not is sure, that's a lot of information I did when I saw you tweeting about this, which was check to see if your graduated from hence they might be,
had a file get away exactly which Israel the plan, which is why it is so. Why is it that I'm the guy? Because I'm sure that's a lot of the first thing? I did what I saw you tweeting about this, which was check to see if your graduated from heads like it. I, like George Gagnon aversion. Ok, that's number one number two. I have zero financial motive at all. My website, framing paternal dotcom takes no ads. I've got a hundred the videos on Youtube no ads. I purposely lost money on this case. Career as Lauer predicted, has been crap. Because of this, and might you know my wife is, is I don't know She stuck with me, throw it all. But I know I'm right and it's not close. I can go through detail by detail as to why this happened? The way that it did, but mostly it happened because the focused shifted at the beginning of the case. A way through this case is a mathematical equation of complex mathematical equation? We won times number number times another number. Everyone thought that
number was something other than zero. Why did the math and I wait a minute- the first number- zero, which means that the whole the creation and zero times anything is still going to be see a role and the thing about this. And which is really incredibly frustrating for me. I'm not the only guy. That knows this. Everybody on the inside of this story knows including the three administrators who were they. Trial, two of whom were guilty to a misdemeanor this week their brand spanner face trial next week and of people on the bench, more trustees know this, but everyone is a raid to talk about it. There's never been a case where fear, cowardice and stupid they more supreme than this one, whose everyone's afraid of the news media and they They are now like tat to tell the news baby. The truth about this case is like trying to convince a five year. Old Santa Claus doesn't exist. They are completely in totally
investor you're saying that the number would the reason why that number is zero is because the victim victim number one. Yes is lying and that's an inn: born point out that a great way to raise it? but the number one is governed aim of Erin Fisher. He wrote a book I presume for my first two years of this investigation. He must be telling the truth, because I was told China be Victims never lie and Miami heat he made himself known publicly. The only trial accused of the did so he did an interview with Chris Cuomo on twenty slash, twenty, which, if you look at now and Youtube can tell is not telling the truth, because he has an act like a sex abuse victim at all and so some very suspicious things, but I I spent two years, not even Bert, worrying about him. I now have twelve people on the wreck on audio aren't released, all of them have framing Bernard. I come up most of them. Twelve people in credit we close to him on talking ants very close by
these from the time period, the allegation parents of the bodies under the allegation, girlfriends people who sponsored a rally on his behalf, one is book came out. Twelve people against their own self interest to have all said their past, he's lying positive, in his mom his mom, who the if you believe in story. This story is preposterous and it's a born of one out he's the only accuser in this case for two have years he's the only one the grand jury investigation, his mom story goes, this is her watch goes to jury's nevsky as a twelve to fourteen year old, one of the things misperceptions, others cases somehow Four six, seven, eight year old boys, not things were all twelve thirteen for you're all boys, which Jerry is a coach. This is when kids become ACT believes. This is why I took an interest in at age, kid he's a very naive, I think, stupid and allow ways guy very religious and
never dreamed, and anybody was gonna think that was somehow nefarious. He devoted his life to kids, the mom, who, under his per why'd, she gets abused by his trial. Does the money a hundred times, Four times as a thirteen fourteen year old by weight, while these dating girls and having sex with them according to his bodies, she, because now driving a Mercedes, a a Jaguar catalogue. Fiscal and living in a giant house now how in the world any mother could pass simply have the lack of guilt to drive those cars when its money- that was God you, because you were such a bad mom. You kept feeding your son to a horrendous got a file is beyond me, but that's one very tiny, Tipp of this entire EU mongers iceberg. What the reason that It is so important. Is it he's lying, and I know that he is here
what they used to build the rest of the case. This became whisper down the lane this becomes the lock ness monster. Nobody thought there was a lock ness monster until people started saying there was a lack ness monster now, of everyone's trying to get the Loch Ness monster. While there is Loch Ness monster in real life and there's no Loch Ness monster in this story and there's no where there should be OJ. Simpson, like evidence, clan. That will not work. I'm gonna have years into this thing. Multiple investigations into alleged cover up the disintegrates and yet there. Nothing less other than testimony, people were bade millions of dollars, the sun The process was a sham I've, a fake accuser, who went to the number one lawyer in this case in a sting operation. We have incredibly damning audio. I want to go. I want to go there at the top the hour. I want to take you to the sting operation because You ve heard the audio tapes of the sting on and weak
play them yet because I guess legal migration, while didn't wanna, go to jail form, and rightly so, but Stu has heard the audio tape, and if it is as described. I have not heard it it's pretty remarkable. I think it's important to because you mention accuser, one technically. I think people think in their head. Accuser, one is the guy is the kid in the shower that might Mccleery saw he's, as he saw this happen broke in he can he testified to actually visually seeing the assault go out. Right and that's the one I think- sticks in because there's what ten total? Let's talk about, let's talk about. That's the big one, though, that links about that. Absolutely ok, we'll do that coming up next now this successful company is built by assembling quality teams and each of the tea are built individual individual by individual making the perfect tyre is essential and,
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John Ziegler, who says Sandusky the this whole thing is a lie. We have Mccleery trusted guy, says, survive. I saw him in the shower with a young man the time to hear a reported. Something at the tie. Us right accepted when becomes an issue. Ten years later, legally required gets the date wrong. He gets the month wrong. He gets the year wrong of this her thick, not forgettable event, which is immediately suspicious. But more importantly, that we know who the boy in the shower actually saw was that boy didn't know that we didn't. We didn't know that at the time which is incredibly important, had we known then we know now. I think this whole story changes because the boy whose publicly town in public records is Alan Myers, the guy who Penn State three million dollars are being that boy. Never testifies
Try the media's show How can we uninterested in the fact that the victim of the, most famous case of job molestation in the history of this country never testify Why didn't you testify? Because here multiple statements, including in letters to the editor local newspapers bending Jerry Sandusky after the original story of this broken the local newspaper and he has a but long history. After this event, it's the dusky, which is impossible for someone but been abuse. Them our and has made numerous statements saying Jerry's You never abuse me. Might MC queries not telling the truth during the this thing that ever happened to me, but then, after the crew since the ban and the world changes and Joe Paternal was fired and the pull switch he gets paid for billion dollars by Penn State and that percent of the cases closed off, except for people like me stupid enough to look into wild. I
I want to hear about this thing for the boy. Are you ve done it you're still in the midst of a sting operation and America? You need to hear this not sure how I feel about this lots of questions. I'm sure you have them to John Ziegler joins us again. Next. This is back programme. This is the police radio on demand, the paternal Dusky Penn state scandal maybe maybe maybe perhaps we should take another look at this
John Ziegler is joining us. Now. He's been working on this case for about five years and he says positively absolutely we have this case law and an injustice that he's lost his career over and then you know struggles as a family, because, Happily is doing it because he says this is a true injustice that has to be said straight whether or not it is I'm not sure, but making a compelling case. We go into his is sting operation. More evidence. That Sandusky is innocent and this whole case is wrong
right now, the fusion of entertainment and didn't this. Is the Glen dear your opinion on this? It is seventy seven easy gay, probably next hour the bottom of the hour part three of our poor from four part series on communism, and John will be with us here for the next half hour, then we'll take your phone calls on this at the top of next hour and maybe a general hang around in an answer some of the questions and get some of the push back, but let's let's
You say that this entire case is bogus and it is hidden based on what point honestly, what I'm feeling when I'm listening to you, I because child abuse is very near and dear to my heart sure- and it is one of those things that, even if you don't have experiences, are you're not involved in some of the things I am that still is near dear dear heart because nobody wants to see a child abuse or go free, coarse and, as I'm listening to you, I'm I'm thinking to myself. Well, yes, but that's what you know a child abuse victim. Would or could behave in this car, deny it try to carry on in a different way,
fanned the defenceless if you will and and then when all is said and done, break and say: ok all right, I just have to face it and get out and so it feel it is though it's on wrong right, because I want to believe. I do not want to child abusers loose right, and I don't want to re victimized, kids right and Glenn just put your finger as you often do, then why are you on the root of the problem? Right that was the foundation for war I this injustice was allowed. The Han from in the sixties believing kids right, believing the adults too now believing to apply to where there no actual. Testimony in. In the k original case, there were no victims that testify
it, including the one, the number one big well they're here or there was was testimony of people ended up making millions of dollars. But there was no evidence right. I mean in that way there should be massive amounts of evidence in other cases that are similar theirs actual evidence other than workers in various deplore. The most startling thing is not shred of pornography. Please someone out, there find me another case of a spiritual pedophile in this day and age, a guy who I personally is technologically a dunce able to scrub every ounce of pornography off of their computers emails. Ironically, there was pornography found in this case there wasn't I'm Jerry's a dusky. It was the emails of the prosecutors and the investigators will operate in quite a bit of controversy and a scandal in Pennsylvania, not on Sandusky there there's one of these accusers who says in his first version of the story, anything close to
accusation, they all deny it all there. Actions indicate that they denied none of them want to be public, accept that number one there is no logic to this case. There's no evidence to it. It's all emotion and it's all about Joe Paternal, so that one thing- and it seems to have happened- is that something weird occurred in the shower round with Sandusky and this in this fourteen year old boy. I agree with that. Yes, there they were rough housing in the shower, alright towel slapping right, but which we all think is really we gave way and that I get it. I get that it's weird, but he didn't molested. Positive of adults, have to do is ask the kid there look at the kitten get ask him now go to get paid for a million dollars, but if you look at his prior statements, including on the day Joe Paternal was fired, he made it
here I have photographs. I've shown all you guys of the Dove Jerry's a dusky and this guy Alan Myers, together many years later, including at Alan Myers wedding in his marine uniform digging, a photograph of Jerry said thus key afforded it was released as part of charity. That's ease resignation, letter from his charity, which, by the way, if he's a criminal mastermind, is the dumbest thing in the history of the world, continue to have a relationship throughout much of his life, not just a relationship. They were Father Sun, which is part of why people understand that you know because what was really weird and shower in Jerry's mind he's mine Allen was his son, our journey how many biological children he had five adopted modern or six eggs. The children, many foster children in his mind this guy particular Guy Allen Myers was assigned. However,
for those of us with sons we don't carry on in the shower with well the whole on a second, you know the old on. I remember. These acts occur before the catholic church scandal. That's incredibly important. They occur but for the catholic church scatter, but they come out publicly after absolute towels at each other? If you're, both football in Europe, everybody showering together, like I'd shower. What my son I wouldn't shower, but in a lot of you know me locker room you to do is to allow any snappy. Tanzania are snapping towels at each other, that is father and son kind of behaviour. This is a different era. Two thousand one in state college, Pencil Dania, is a different place. Two thousand seventeen, and I get why people are weird. By it I'm not defending it. I'm just Tony what happened? No gay and I'm tellin you there there's no evidence and just from our Myers himself, it's impossible, so guy that I, like many of us mccleery so make me query
says he reports this and then when it is comes out in the news that there was something that was going on that he was raping. He writes to the prosecution. And, yes, you My were none of this. That's not what I said. Well, he said quote you too, did my words and you would think that's that, email came out. In Might MC queries own civil trial, which occurred a few months ago. We were worried, get paid Several million dollars is ill in the double digit, a million dollars now, which is completely absurd because at best at best We're is telling the truth. Now. Here's microbrewery dead he's a coward who levelled checks are asking to be young boy, you're, doing nothing, not identifying the boy, not stopping the situation. He just leaves in a panic and then communicates depends state very poorly. What happens? That's the best case scenario from acquiring, but you would think that EU email, my
If someone in the media to go well, that's when we created a whole firestorm based upon what this grand jury presentment sent in November two thousand eleven and the guy whose words worth the centre of its say. They were twisted g. If we should revisit that until now, and not the media can only about this, tell me about the lawyers that are involved here, doing you're doing a sting operation on whether there there's the lawyers, your key, the law- this. This whole case has been the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of Pennsylvania, from the taxpayers to lawyers and local sports car dealerships, because All of the accusers have multiple fancy sports cars which people can decide for themselves what the meaning of that is. But as far as the lawyers are concerned, there was there is a very few number of lawyers who had at you The number of accusers one in particular. Was key to this case and a fake purposely fake acute
Their person who knew Jerry Sandusky for his whole life attended. The trial knew the Jerry was innocent. I decided go to this particular lawyer and see what would happen if he told a fake story, wired recorded. It do, I will be using doll, drums definition in some way or another. It was related, they were recorded and stew was heard some of the recordings and they are fascinating and there's this guy came and and gay the story. He change this worry several times. The lawyer changed for him. So much to the doctor the accuser, he told what story was and it was not a story and the reason why was changes, because the original story I had nothing to do with. I purposely we wanted the organic, and I didn't want to go to jail in case. Something weird happened.
Well, I was just someone who was a bystander on this, and was given the tapes after it happened, but the original story was not conducive depends day, paying a settlement and just think Lena? Interestingly enough, the story is how this story is conducive. To that. No doubt yes, it is certainly very conducive to thou, and this is a hundred million dollars. We're talking about depends, stayed gave away and this is There are numerous stories within the settlements that are clearly and too utterly bogus and when members of the crew Penn State Board trustees, know this. They this as firmly as I know, the whole gazes bogus we invite. I know you put a hundred million dollars in front of poor people in Central Pennsylvania and look out and executive positions. There was there was no vetting in this. All you need to do to get a sentiment was to be a man
The second mild charity clay. That had happened on Penn State Property or been stated some knowledge of it and the under the age of thirty years old, which is the statue limitations of Pennsylvania. If was three things occurred, Bam You got a settlement now it's. This is the reason why this is important, and I told this do you guys in our last interview, is last year there was a huge amount of publicity surrounding these nineteen. Seventy one and seventy six act accusations against Joe Paternal or why did oh to accuse or seventy one and seventy six accuse job because the media went back crap crazy, with its very understandable. If you use your noggin night Jerry, and ask your charity starts in nineteen. Seventy seven, if you're your accusing as a teenager and seventy one, seventy six, your way outside a statue limitations you now have to. Eggs against you, thirty strike better bring it and the only bring it with regard to pay states element? Is you told Joe Paternal, so
not a coincidence, that the only to that claim that they are preserving the Joe Paternal happened to be the two guys who were, though, the old and the ones who are not eligible for a settlement because of their age and because of the fact that it happened before the second mild charity ever existed. That's not a coincidence. It just like it's. What going back and try to remember this case, you know things that sends out to me was the interview that Sandusky did right. Fastest, and that I mean I remember, is that we had at intervals surrenders around us and you know what it was born out of. It was born out of the fire. But they were so confident that they had. I Myers the kitten Mccleery episode on on their side, having given a statement saying nothing ever happened, german doll, the attorney delusional thought well, Bob this seems, like he's gonna, be fair. Do this by the way of the men mainstream media types who follow my work carefully. Bob ass. This is at the top of the list. I communicate
Bob on a fairly regular basis and Bobby. Speak for Bob Bob. Was that did the interview and Bob is still exceedingly interest did? Is we re? What really? I remember playing the interview back in the eleven art. Of whenever that was we do. We were convinced That's it does. Of course you worthy. I wouldn't it was such a bad answer, because it would he he was asked if he was attracted to young boy right any said such track attracted, I mean I like young people right We need a ride home. You could have made it isn't. It was such a bad answer. The worst you're innocent actually think about it, though, if because think about what was being alleged here. If I mass that question like, of course, you are good colleague, no, of course, not a record. Of course that is, but if you have what's being what years did and dusky was pedophile for thirty or forty years uninvolved in a mass of cover up of this. You don't think that person. Has that answer ready.
Ago, that is completely, can system with you. I ve now learn Jerry Sandusky is, though, a dope, China completely shocked than anybody could even possibly believe this, whose a terrible talker and, by the way, that's the way he talks Ask him: what time is it Jerry may go? What time is it? I don't know let me just two or three watches and I'll get back to me. That's the way is, if we listen to my intervention on you too, there's numerous episodes that drives as wife died. Crazy. This is who he is Eriksson Dusky was a naive. Dulled has his wife's stuck with it. A hundred percent you twice she drives until recently went to transfer prison. She drives seven hours back and forth each week. Them in prison and she is not she is.
The illusion why players on the debate show within an hour long interviewed Matt Lauer with her. She- and I don't even like each other, because she hangs up on me when I curse this. Is the church lady we're talkin about and get she's the one who is accused of allowing boys to be rate dinner base been twenty feet from orgies being cookies. It, since I remember that no, she was mover of those rules upstairs to take. I gotta take a break, but there is a trump connection to this. Tragic trump is seems to like the isa and the latest. This case and John believes that this case actually is we played a role in his tactics during election now, this transforming the look of your home is simpler than you think. You'll be amazed at what you do when you start with your windows and that's. Why? the team at Blinds Dotcom, they will completely transform your home. Their customers are This is the best if you,
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we're going to ask John came to stay for the third, our as well. If you don't mind will take your phone calls, people are already lined up call us now. It ain't seventy seven visa Kate. We want to take your phone calls. I a tear this open, because if this is true, I languishing in prison who shouldn't right. It's not true good. I want him in prison, vs hideaway, it's important for my credibility. I came. Conclusion against my own self interest and try to prove myself wrong, and to this day I will money, please leave me wrong. Please could I want. This off my back. This is why I love you. You ve lost your joy, and this has been the worst thing that ever happened in my life and I got a radio. I've got a lot of bad, so please, please take this burden away, but I've Glenn I've offered number one victim this case, ten thousand dollars delighted sector does does mom agreed and then suddenly, the next day he backed out I
of numerous wanting to charity to numerous people that debate beyond this? No one will do it please pro I would have a. I would have party tonight if someone could probably wrong. I know this feeling. I know this feeling and end That's why this is why this interests me because those against everything. I want to believe of course, and it interests me because I know you, I know I've seen this feeling before energy raises, leading in me on on things. No reason for you to be passionate about it. Who will step in front of the train and say something in the answer is no one because there's too much to lose its a lot unpopular? Is it it's a lot like from wanting the republican nomination, Sir same dynamics, same fear and cowardice. No one wants to get in front of that run away. Freight train and energy already alluded to. I met Trump about this story very briefly: backstage today show and trumpet the tweet
couple times favourably to Joe Paternal, which had raised eyebrows, and so I go the Trump and I say no, I just want to thank you for your support. Job return. I know you would think that a normal human being when they learn that idea, but today shown, I know everything about the case. A normal human being would go well. Tell me about CASE Law- It's not a normal human being. All he talk to me about was home pennsylvanians love him because of this, and I'm thinking that really. I will finish with agenda two. I now I'm positive that in retrospect he was already think about running for president. He was thinking about the presidential, primary and Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Cores ends up winning in the presidency and his,
engine is during the campaign is support for Joe Paternal, intense lobbying, and he is not a coincidence, but it told me a lot about Donald Trump and you got one of this. The famous trump signed pieces of paper. Yes, you will see the framing paternal doc guys I talk to my twitter feed. Yes, thanks thanks to keep up the good work for just a good fight for justice, Thou Gerardo topside, let's go with that, helps or hurt you. I am not against piracy, not Donald. Like you are not heard to have the president on your site well, we have taken a break, we're gonna. Do our cereal part, three, the truth about communism? What is it that's next June? don't. Take your phone calls. After that, eighty is thousand seven hundred seven.
No one has ever so. We learned that Stalin's horrific, intentional starvation of the ukrainian people called the holiday more the mass starvation, luge planed between seven and ten million people in just one year. Its amazed, such an atrocity is largely hidden from our textbooks and absent from historical conversations. Unlike Stalin's hideous cleansing, the carnage of other mass murderer lie within our periphery. At all times, pop culture has embrace this genocidal dictator so much so that you actually the Jaguar various vase everywhere, as the or in chief of reason, dot. Com Nicholas explains: There is the famous t shirt. It is so famous in fact that you can buy tee shirts that have images. Of the two short on it chase image it
beer and sells lighters itself felt buckles. It sells baby one zis buddies at who CHE really was one of these things that is fascinating about the cult of Chucky? Is that it affects? please rise in the absence of any kind of historical understanding. For example, looking and at an anti war rally, and you probably T J tray was a Euro myself Todd Revolutionary who was instrumental in Castro's take over of Cuba. He became known as the butcher of luck upon your prison in Revolutionary Cuba, where he personally oversaw the execution of anywhere from a hundred and seventy five to several hundred people he's implicated thousands of deaths that come after that are there. Both in the real Jake Vera, Umberto fun, Tilda explains swore team thousand men and boys were executed in Cuba. During the night and sixtys each said that his dream was to become a killing machine. He said
to his revolutionary comrades if they weren't sheriff someone's loyalty. If in doubt, killed him these, the reality is that we need to understand about shape. You could probably column clinically sadist when you read his diaries, he doesn't. Particular detail about when he himself shoes, people but it goes beyond war. Go to a rock concert and your short sea j. This is a man who tried to ban free expression. Porter. Early musical expression such as rock music and jazz music, because he thought it was imperialist. He was the caribbean equivalent of the Taliban in they single moralistic viewpoint, and if you didn't agree with them, you would be one of my favorite is Carlo Santana at the two thousand. Five Oscars naturally
cycle diaries want. An Austrian, Carlo Santana went there to play the theme song. He would wear a gang of our teacher CALL Santana, showing all the emblem of a regime that made a criminal offence to listen to music, but surely CHE was a progressive and uniting force on race right. He says the negro lazy and indolent then all of his money on for and boots, whereas european is intelligent. Forward looking. This is from his own diaries. Yet we ve got Jesse Jackson down there. The true. We ve got J Z with a song, the lyrics just like Jaguar up with, going on laying down like maybe he is complex either there or this guy
doesn't know that this guy would have thought that this guy was nothing but a frivolous lazy, drunk just as of the color of his skin. So What's wrong with wearing the T. Shirt of a war mongering blood thirsty racist well, what if he was also a terrorist too to his home. Places of work to square of what we asian we will attack the enemy were ever he lives. Folks. This is written in nineteen sixty six key preempted Al Qaeda by thirty forty years. Let's if you can tell the difference which it is from CHE and which were is from Osama Bin Laden who said that, if he had nuclear weapons, he would use them again. The very heart of America, including New York City, and whose at the? U S, is a great enemy of mankind again
those hyenas. There is no option but extermination, kind of unfair. It was a trick question. Both of those quotes are from CHE luck. These attempts at killing Americans on our soil, we're about as effective as his attempts to ignite revolution around the world. We look, fifty years into the future and there are only two unapologetic communist regimes: North Korean Cuba, if they had enough nutrition ordered to run out of North Korea. They would do that. There are starving there in Cuba. We see time and again people who are so desperate to get off that island hellhole. They will swim through shark infested waters. Che was the vanguard of the revolution. It was gonna bring communism everywhere in the world. In this sense, CHE was an absolute abject failure and it's a damn good thing that he was.
This is barber angels grandfather, Colonel Cornelia Rojas. He was freedom, fighter, wavy format he's taking into power. He was descendant of pay chance. Father was a general and his grandfather was also a general brigadier that fought for the cure was warm independence against Spain. One day her grandfather was just gone. Fidel Castro Enchilada arrived in, have on I was January. Fifty nine and that's precise they won my grandfather disappeared. My family had no idea where he was Certain my family was in the living room watching television and I they see my grandfather walking. There were extremely happy to see him and then do they realized tat. He was walking towards the wall.
Screaming, and my grandmother collapsed. They realise that he's going to be executed when they asked him. If he wanted to be blindfolded and he said no and he sat down there, you have the revolution, take care of it. He asked if he could give the fiery orders and he says a fire. He die like a hero and he was executed by cowards. There wasn't a trial whatsoever Shangri LA did not allow a trial. He was taken prisoner, the beginning of January and executed January seven. That is something that I will never forget. There is not one day in my life. Tat I could think of this is the real legacy of CHE its murder, destruction and broken families So what can we do to correct the lies?
We have time to make the truth of it more fashionable in the next episode we learned. The truth of one most prolific communist killers in history, the chairman, I'll say done tomorrow in the glint back programme in chapter four. The truth about communism, you'll, learn about the great helmsman and why he was, read it all: listen or online Glinda got coms. Last cereals. To me. This is why what we are going through is so frightening, because Nobody knows what communism is. Nobody knows what Marxism is we're not talking about we're. Not they were not teaching our kids there, There is more in these cereals than your kids will learn in K through twelve about commune.
I think there is any doubt about that. There is no doubt that they think they can always we presented there. They think changes some cultural phenomenon, the Yankees cool, Lillian's agrarian flying machine, readable hider. Yes, he is. He is new. The brutality of that dialogue and killed holdings of homosexuals, ailed yeah, he's a danger for black Sea had how does this happen? They? It happens because our kids, are ignorant because we took our eye off the ball and progressive educational system. Why? it's too a race communism in May communism into something good. It is absolutely evil, we'll never made it actually hip, and I have I have banned the word evil from my lexicon when I am talking about people or events, but I can clearly say: communism is evil. Marxism is evil.
It has led to millions and millions of dead, just a hundred million in the last century. That's it, It is the end. It is every time it's repackaged and it's warm and fuzzy it never is. Please air this. These cereals or free gotta, Glenda, calm, slash, cereals share this with every one. You know please tweet them, please Facebook post them, please email them to your friends. Do whatever you can the truth communism before part series tomorrow is the last of the four part we're not even for the ratings, you can tell your friends to listen to the morrow. We're not ask for money, we're not asking for anything. We're asking you to share this with a friend Glenn back dot com, slash. Cereals you'll find, all their among other many other topic and to be clear, Jeffrey, is asking you for money, but that's unrelated.
Right. Ok now this headline phone user in China's Cashless Society Phones, I'm sorry phones, ushering she's. What if Riddick phone Austrian, China's cashless society. How is that possible? What does that mean? We are so oh two being able Amazon is already doing that their growth or phone and you walking and debit card sort of you walk in through the doors of the Amazon Grocery store in in Seattle, and you, is your phone as the debit card. You walk through the door and Let you just take what everyone put it in your car and walk up it
it's all done levels it all up as you're walking out of the store, as also takes the money from your phone is the credit card way. That's awesome! It is already use your phone as issues. I've David, you don't yesterday. I don't know if you guys are the think tank at five o clock did show yesterday had some really good people on other think tank yesterday Martine was talking about a few futuristic stories that are coming and he sees this all is very positive and there are a great positive things. I I in the few negatives we got off the air and everybody in the room went view I need to talk about that more. Oh, my gosh there all of these things. Are going to be sold to us as really good, and they are really good, always for our safe right there, all really good but in case there is a bad guy that gets in charge of governments around the world. In
case. There is this idea that may be there should be one world government from somebody can imagine he ass. He could go horribly. What according to one academic cash, strands actions could be China's primary means of payment in as little as two years, five five years cashless in five year erected jovial. Five seems like a really long was inside is coming. Please do your homework. Kabul line today asked for their updated free, cashless society risk report. You want to know how I can tell you all the reasons why it's good. You want to know why it's really really dangerous as well. Please their updated free casual society, risk report, regal lines, important risk information find out of buying gold or silver is right for you, it for me, in fact, I went in reevaluated my standing with gold here recently and just
just some more and I'm a guy who believes you know no more than ten percent, but you might want to look at what is happening in the I'd call eight x x for six five, thirty, five, forty six one, eight six, six gold liners gold lighted outcome that Thailand drivel eight. Seventy seven back AAA. Seventy seven back be glad Back Programme John Ziegler, with, as he's been talking about the Penn state scandal in a completely different way and Anthony Libretto is on our farmers. He is a board. Member Penn State Anthony here, saying my trusty What what are you? What are you thinking about? your hearing from John Ziegler today, First, I want to acknowledge Johns efforts over the last five years. Had a tough road to home. I I can tell you this
I have said this very publicly: Penn state Our board has approved ninety three million dollars and settlements to thirty three claimants. First, First round of those settlements, sir, we paid sixty million dollars sweating six individuals. I voted for that settlement, but I I learned later that some other representations made, do us for true, and so when will you again on the second round of settlements, side, this time demanded information that hadn't been provided to me regulating and voted against the settlements I have some real concerns, no question about it. I have concerns with respect to the process does little to no vetting these. These claimants and our universe, he's gonna, take exception to that, but after the matter is our own ensure for us. If you look at the documents that are publicly in that litigation. They only renew they just want to settle insurance companies just want to settle while not take their claims were that dead. The amounts
we settled were higher than we should have settled the being when a wire. We hide we heard the gentleman who was involved in the settlement of the World Trade Center, fine Berlin and his partner Rosen, they they came up with a process in our stance of legal, and that process was to pay now not to push back, but lost a great deal of respect for for justice system doesn't seem to be particularly Justin, and you know, because this is such a politically charged topic. As you heard what your gas today yet year parks on you, a curse on you and your family? If you suggest that someone has has not told the truth, and- and I have some real concerns using Anthony that this is it This has the potential of being remembered a little like,
Mccarthy hearings or the red scare that we're gonna look back on this and just see people screaming, you know, molestation and destroying innocent people in their wake I don't know that it would be that extreme stream. I think what were we will look back and remember this period for so truly a rush to judgment and a lack of of real leadership and courage and set of The train John believes John, believes that Sandusky is. It is innocent. Do you I'm not going to make a statement with respect his guilt or innocence, but I will say that I'm pleased that the he says he didn't give him free more hearings under the law in Pennsylvania to prove that he he deserves another trial. I personally think he should get another trial. I do not think that he was adequately prepared for trial the first time you know. The fact is that
tried in jail within six six months, and yet the three administrators only go to trial out when I one of em next week, while I almost Six years later, one Anthony thank you so much. I appreciated Anthony Leubronn O trusty on the Board of Penn State. Back with your phone calls, your thoughts were curious. This is the police radio on demand.
America welcoming the global programme. We have John Ziegler in with us who does a pod cast on sound cloud hold the world according to zero. He also rights for media ideas, friend of the programme and a guy who is truly torture. He is a guy who doesn't want to believe something doesn't want to be the standard bearer of this, but believes that a true injustice has been done to Jerry Sandusky and to the people of Pennsylvania through the Penn state scandal he's been with us for last couple of hours, making a pretty compelling case. We just have one of the board of trustees. Members from pen state thank God for John making this case, because something is wrong. We have a little more information and your phone calls. We start there and covers so much more beginning.
Right now, the fusion of entertainment and didn't this year. The Glen programme. I remember I was not and then didn't followers in the middle of the George Soros stuff. When did the Penn state scandal happen: but I remember- and I am also not a sports fan- and I remember everybody on the team saying this is incredible that no no. No. This can't be this guy's, one of the greatest guys ever Then we saw him or heard him. Do a Bob costs this interview and we, immediately. Thought
not the way. I would answer that and I know how I feel about young men. So I think this guy's de as sin remember, this moment, are you a pedophile are used, actually attracted to young boys to under age boys. Am I sexually attracted h? Boys sexually attracted no not enjoy young young people. I love to be around them I know, I'm not sexually attractive. All about, as are all of us, would have immediately, where no, of course not, I like to be around kids but not sexually in all of us. Immediately went that sounds guilty. John is here he's laid out. A case has a whole case in and you can go back and listen to it. On the podcast weaves, let's spent the last two hours gonna, making it worse any answer that way? It's a great
Russian, ironically, I presume the jury Sandusky was guilty is when the story broke. That was the first moment that I thought maybe he's innocent, even though I knew because it was such a bad answer than a In pedophile, gotten away with us for so long couldn't possibly have given that answer, There is another element this though it's all important, and I am glad that you who played the first part of that. Are you a pedophile Now his mind ask it is through these already put it. As I know you ve met you ve met with him in prison, for six hours is six hours alone well and with his wife. The second time did you try anything, I shall do so, but you are absolutely convinced he is innocent percent and it's not even close, and I realize it sounds in saying this is not a conspiracy theory. I despise conspirators see theories
I think everybody is guilty. I think humanity stinks. After all, I've worked in radio for a long time, so I now first hand how madame- and this is not true- that the new american dream is being able to sue somebody with a lot of money. I e Penn state. That's part, that's that was part of the storm here. There are so many elements to the poor, storm of this case, but this something is you ve already alluded to go and I dont want to believe this. I I didn't want it I don't even like Jerry, Mean Jerry's. A group always a weirdo hee hee ease adult, but he's not a pedophile. When you ask your question of all the times of the day, try to call on the show- and this is one Obvious, if we look at the facts of the case, its body That's the most amazing pilot, loaves rican California has been listening and he has, I think, the number one where I want to hear it go ahead. Rick I geyser Glenn Weapon watching you for a long time. Thank you all you do in, and we appreciate all the
specially each Effie, the where I go and will will let you ask your question of all the times of the day. Try to call on the show in this is when I get through and I'm a form of former that's vainly. Guy grew up there and John, you know. So this is confirmation by John. I want to believe you, but they can do segment when that you just shared almost addresses this, maybe to some degree. But why is Sandusky not jumping up and down If it were me if I were in his shoes- and I don't even know what the heck that means, but if I were in his shoes, I can imagine that I wouldn't be. Curse the person out, who even mention that to me? If I did, and especially if I'm in jail, I would be screaming innocence exactly. I dont understand so
just curious, John, you know what you're thought yet he's week. Maybe he's weird: I babies that weird, but what they don't be. A football coach, pretty piece tat odd, why? Why is he not jumping up and down in and that lesson Glenn just played, I mean, I know it's a great question and I want to address it because this was a big issue for me because in my mind, I'm thinking if this was may, I would go on bananas. I there's a couple things first of all, people don't understand- and you gotta putting yourself in his position, Jerry is so naive, Rick, jerry so naive that a week before The trial starts, he goes to his attorney and says: can It is meet with these guys and correct this misunderstanding. He loved these guys, so an orange defend himself. He would have had to have gone on a search and destroy mission, for eyes that he loved, who did not think it was ass. A ball. We're
owing to betray him to the extent that they were, he thought till the moment of conviction something what's going to happen to fix this and approve this, this Tom. I interviewed him in prison with his wife. There I asked what I thought was the most important question I because ride struggling with this. Why is there not more blow fight back? Why why why That leaves the collars questioning and, I said Jerry When was the first moment first moment you thought this might not work out. Ok, now, here healthy. There are a thousand moments in this story. This was a very long investigation. We for everyone to trial. If you're guild there's a thousand moments, Riga! Well, if we were got if you're, innocent and you're a strict and God guy. Yes, you don't say until the hammer comes down, begging go that's when he said so. If they
Gone was gonna, save them and their and Jerry Jerry. In chains unable to scratches jig. Tears coming down his face and he's not a crier says It was the moment of the verdicts. When I heard the moment of works, and then I turned to his wife more, our tears. She says exactly the same thing: they God was going to save them and it is, and by the time, would think so too. I mean if I were Jake's it a series of events. No, I wouldn't we deal with my that's. What the there wasn't. Defence and part of the reason he didn't have to buy a trial is that the very it's against the media narrative. It is important to point out there's no cameras in the courtroom, invents vein, so the media as a stranglehold over the narrative. In the real world. The trial went very well for the defense. The meaning I told you that, because that's the story they wanted, but they thought,
this was a normal case and they thought what we don't need to put you on cause. They haven't proven anything. They didn't Rico. We're in war allow land on this one, this body motion and politics. Money- there is no critical thinking anymore- that. The people do not know how to critically think anymore. Let me go, let me go to reckon Maryland. He's a retired, detective hello. Rick go ahead on paper. The I do appreciate all this work, the genes but enables gauge whether, as a retired detective, I want to speak up on behalf of these victims, because a lot of things he was speaking with you about your couldn't make them. You know the cooking upstate
in a way that had been her and the fact that their that occurred? I mean that than to me, you know, is using these and the recantations phenomenon. It is part of the bases of unbelief and inhabited investigated, lots and lots of hundreds of cases and envied thousands of victims, the old grooming process. The sacred these recantations phenomenon, the guilt associated with a young boys here generally there not very trust they become liars and thieves and a phenomenon that occurs that I wanted to take into account. The right in a kind of kind of hit that with you John earlier, but I think Rick expressed Is it much clearer and from a detective point of view there? a lot going on that you gotta give. I can I birth, I get it and I did for a law. On time,
I presume that this premise that the directive is talking about, is universal and in this why resumed and ask to be guilty for the first two years of my investigation, where I was focused on my website is framed, paternal dot com, it had nothing to do with Jerry's and dusky. At the beginning. I thought Joe Paternal clearly gotten a raw deal, but but here's what did it say articulating in much the same way that you did earlier is the foundation on which this injustice was built because everyone is accepted now a series of rules for evaluating these stories, which makes it possible to defend yourself and ones YO paternal was fired seat again. That's the The moment has all thing. It is why we put see. The cost is in our view, the way that we did have a week before the gaff does interview, no, but you fires over the paternal firing you're now
presuming he has to be guilty, and everyone has got the pitchforks in the torches out and with an and when you look at it of these individual stories. I'm not talking about little. Consistency is I'm talking about mass of huge credible what are you grovel give me one There are so many, but a Europe that we mention. He mentioned the the man who seems to have been raised in the basement. While daddy was upstairs begging cookies. Matt Lauer was in that basement Matt flowers like seriously ray we're like from you maybe you Glenn with wood. Installation, and they can suppose they screaming, but here's the biggest problem, to him. He was there. The same weakens for several years as victim number one Erin Fisher, which is first of all, logistically impossible, but they don't know
each other they ve never met. The lid of the dates are possible. Because they're they're, doubling down on the same time period, not dimension comes forward after the paternal firing. Everyone who comes or after the paternal firing knows Fort Knox. Open here is the key. So what because what ten super? Turning your lead? Victim, rye Lenny came up after a trial. This is a great question. Is this gets manipulated very badly by the media? everyone always says ten, none other now at trial, there were people were justified sick? the came forward before paternalism airing of those six only to alleged actual sex acts of any sort. I'm not talking about the point and definitions some time on any definition of sex period. Ok, what did the other four tests? Grooming acts like like were like
you, took a shower with me and rub so blind may, or you know something something like that and so, and by the way for of those six, our friend is an oh by the way the poet the prize winning reporter on this case, Sarah Ganum. Now it CNN had text Did the mom of one of those four saying they're going to close? The case, unless we find more accusers and then ardently king lay three his body show up as accusers so for six are all in the same photograph and Jerry Saint does is book now who puts What's a rap on themselves and for their victims in their book called touched, a baby and so in the wars to do more in the so called victim number. This is this will blow your mind. So gay victim number aid has. This is busy got convicted,
five counts and bombing so called number eight. We doesn't have a date. It doesn't have a victim who testified doesn't have a contemporaneous report does even have a witness. The only way as was a hearsay witness because The original witness allegedly had dementia and couldn't testify, except we want the janitor janitor, except we learned after the trial that the janitor with dementia had been interviewed by the prosecution and times in this interview, said it was not. Jerry Sandusky that he saw the problem is that the prosecution clearly saw that instead guess What sir you have dementia, because you didn't give us a proper answer that the definition of dementia and this case giving the wrong answer for the prosecution that that that alone right there is, it should be people going crazy over overweight amended,
It's an insane even if he was guilty, that's insane conviction the problem is you never know of somebody's guilty or not it's supposed to be beyond reasonable doubt, and don't know how you get to beyond a reasonable doubt, Unless you just allow emotion to dictate and say I after right. This wrong exactly community Glenn, was being accused of enabling a pedophile right. People had pitchforks, tortures out literally outside roared out, it happened seven months after the arrest and, more importantly, not only the Jupiter get fired, he died. So Jerry's. The path of five will not only destroyed pens. They Well, I'm gonna Fiery killed Santa Claus. Road I mean is it this is all
there was not one continuance by the way, which never happens in a case like this, that the whole is a mass of Russia Judgment and now everyone's making up a narrative, the do Ulster more unjust, the second I will tell you were going to be doing a special later in the year on court case that I went through. ET. I've lost all faith in the judicial system. And I settled the case, but I settled under the condition that everything is public that ball records could the open, all testimony everything could be see, I didn't want it sealed I wanted it open for the public to see and we're going to be showing you some of the things that will make you question. Does justice. Does justice, exist in America now about this case but if there is an innocent man and the
taxpayers of Pennsylvania, paying money. The people they shouldn't, be paying money too There is a massive injustice. But you, but want justice to actually stand. I want. I want one time for somebody to listen to the little guy who's screaming out and saying injustice, injustice and not being railroaded by the media and by turn ease and everybody else by political correctness. I don't know if it's this case, but I'm listening to John, because I know he's lost almost everything and he doesn't want this case, and I have felt that burden. I still feel that burden to tell the truth because no one else will now this
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of this original firestorm is the fact that the liberal media love destroying a good two shoes conservative like oh paternal, who had a a full relationship with the media, because he knew what more odds they were. All that enlightens Alot paternal was a lifelong conservative, absolutely good friend with the bushes and they hated him for that I will tell you that is, I've seen it, but throw someone in jail for the rest of their life let us continue that heroes are mercury. Back right. Grandly leads them to seven vizier, taking your phone calls. Now we have a John similar with us for a few more minutes under he's talking about Penn State scandal in a whole different way, basically
everybody think is guilty is innocent and he really believes it and want somebody to prove him wrong, as he would like this burden of an innocent man in prison. Of his offer off of his plate. Please as you who thinks, there's been very odd. Look at this you released recently exclusively YAP is my understanding that a report done by the no government can you get on whether this is amazing in a normal case, this would be big news, All the bats are all. The rules are off on this particular case this week and you can find it to framing paternal that come through Dan Abrams Website LAW News. I released a federal or poor Dunbar, and a federal investigative services special agent by name of John NED who that's the gate of the entire Penn state situation after the story broke in November, two thousand eleven, because Grey the Spaniard was going on trial next week had a topsy
a very top secret security plans with the federal government by no one knows knows why but he's a piece, cheese, the red, independent states, weird, but ok, so the federal government. After that scandal eggs decides. We need to investigate this to see whether not each agape there's topsecret security clearance. Six month investigation, zero reason for him not to have the security clearance renewed, it is renewed. The special agent is, positive? There was no cover up. He believes Sandusky is likely innocent and I released the full report. It's a hundred and ten pages its. If you understand the case, stunning, especially since Louis Free, who did the famous re report, which is credited for proof, so called proving they cover up, even though it doesn't do anything of the sort. Louis the former Viagra. Your director is told about this. Now you would think as an FBI director having the f, I asked-
conclude the grass banner security clearance should be renewed, would really have alarm bells, go off free, ignores it, doesn't even put it in his report. Why does it completely contradicts the conclusions he need to come to? Why did we need to come to them? because he was being paid millions of dollars by people at ten. They'd who made an explanation for why job fraternal had been fired? firing Joe Paternal was essentially like destroy the entire history of a huge portion of the universe depends State University, and there was no explanation for because ironically enough, the number one thing people to understand, but Joe paternal element in this case Joe paternal. Why Jerry should ask you got arrested it without Joe Paternal There is nothing he's playing golf in Florida today, and yet he is the are you gets his legacy destroyed because of the media being a bunch of friction more and we ve talked much about paternal, which obvious is that framing paternal? Is your site right so's? You cut started there,
assuming that Sandusky was access, paternal was innocent. Most people think you have, I think it's because you had a pot was yap appall about forty five. Set of Americans actually believe Joe paternal may have been a child molesters. Yes, I believe That's incredible because he wasn't even accused because history, because of the divine people believe it nodded, he was a trial arrest and because, because of the fire, no, I Paul that Paul. We spent a lot of money on that. It was a legitimate scientific, Paul nationwide, and yet we found that the the huge portion of people fought incorrect Joe joke. I was surprised that our nation, in order to achieve everything- and you know you any might have more unless in Nepal, but I think a lot of people believe Joe Paternal heard about this one.
To protect Penn state, wouldn't robot record it to any one, because you didn't want to see arenas screw the reputation of the university in the football team. It must know Saint Maur doesn't great or his own. He too, however, he did reported it absolutely, You got through that's an urgent beholder. Maybe it's the one who told the athletic director the camp was police. Oh by the way might Mccleery came to tell me something made him him feel uncomfortable. You should talk to weary at and by the way, the query: doesn't get an open job at the time. If there had been a cover up here. What do you do with the only win visited Kosovo you'll, give up my own, but low will grow that actually came out that he did report it and then the response of the union did did it committed, was used in the trial that he also didn't get the job of problem. Glenn is Mccleery got the date them. Then the year wrong, so when it, when the and all this matters no one's connecting. Those dots, because we think
happening in two thousand to when it actually was due thousand one by one who forget something whether it happened J did that by sea, happened before nine eleven or after nine eleven come on It is good to have a big that some sir. What about the case, though, that people will bring up they'll say looked yes, he reported it, but Joe Paternal ran that universe. He was the man. If you want to follow up on these serious allegations he could have. He should have been all over this. He should have an asking for updates daily. Why didn't you do any of it? Well, first of all that we're not sure that's not what happened, but second of all, there was nothing to data on first, while Jerry wasn't his employer ye, not one thing and understand ears were carries. Retired I mean after you leave the blame, but you? U you Jesse as an example, I believe after gently you, he gets accuse the child molestation at white ones.
When backs incentive. Cover that up nine right, but it doesn't exist by the way. But internal does he won't even call Stephen White noise. Anyway, there would be an incentive for me to deliver that up how, because, if a lead if I'm, if I'm in the business of attracting young adults to come or yet you know your heads to come to my studio, but he's not with you anymore? I know but was did did I do not have enough common sense to keep a child molesters our euro, rather, you would rather get accused of covering up for a job. Well done. So then, having an Ex employee turn out to be a job molester. No, I just wanted to go away on a distance. I wanted to go away as I did. They not a problem anymore, just make it go by all its inconsistent with sixty one years of Joe paternal Life sixty one years and an insult important point out that job, before this and have- and this is important for convicts- arose. Conduct is dead, but in general, just before them a query episode happens, there was a quarter
backed by the name of Richard Casey at Penn State who is accused of being a police officer, the media tortured, but there for sticking by jarred Gacy, because they thought all he's too he's asked his way as morals. Are God he's he's taken by those guilty, quarterback a police officer turned out case. Was innocent and got a seven vigour Solomon from the police. In in New Jersey, first story that was made up about him and paternal was right to stand by, and so there are still as reported everywhere. I was helping so then this happens literally right before this so turtle as a history of not throwing people under the bus. If no evidence guilty, and I'm convinced, because I know the job internal son, J paternal. Who was an assistant, which at the time and it doesn't have the that's to say it publicly, but he told me privately. I M p. The that he knows the Jerry is innocent, Fortunately, he doesn't run the show within the family, because the other brother, Scott Paternal, was Jos Laurie at the time and Scott has its head up is but an and has a huge.
Investment in Sandusky Gill, because he got duped that that were that son got duped at the beginning of this worry? And if any of these wrong it's all his fall, because he gave bad advice about how to handle this. That's that's the the germ of how this whole thing starts. They get duped. Thinking it's real people, forget Jerry and been around the programme for ten years, Skype, paternal, didn't know Jerry's, and ask even went back it so in fact, really no use the conservatives are brought new, you lot better New Jersey areas and dusky in so he's going on here, say and thinking. Oh, my god, this is horrible. We need we need to pay. Act ourselves from this get away from it as far as possible with it, what's all nothing, there was nothing you expect to happen now. You ve spent a lot of time a lot of this grand Spaniards on trial next week, which is why I'm one injuries. Why here this week is a very good man
who is on trial, for he is freedom and he's innocent. I'm I'm a ten points and positive, then he's innocent and will see whether or not a jury who the pool jury ball was very polluted in this incredibly polluted. In this case, I believe you is biased. I know the media is a hundred percent biased it'll be an interesting test, judicial system. I suspect he might get invented. What's your emotion, it first spirits, z and child endangerment and their there, no case. There's no evidence, there's no logic to it, but here's why? If the first five and a half years of the story or any indication Glenn, I think we're there's not been won, the thing that happened in this whole situation, except for Joe Paternal, getting is when record back and the sanctions against Penn state being removed sooner than they were planned on being removed, as they were absurd to begin with. I am I missing. To begin with, but I am very pessimistic. I think Jerry's and ask he's gonna die in Britain and in this
Man and I are horrendous. Horrible death and and- and I and I think that is the real story of this case- is going to be lost forever, because the news media- is broken completely personally broken. In this case, shows it in so many different ways, because we don't. Time for this case, who else is going to pay? three hours are, you guys have are almost three hours in this case and that's what it takes to get to the bottom of this impact. We ve only hit the tip of the iceberg. We don't live in a world where context in detail, can matter its emotion, its head. Why this case is all about headlines, deadlines or all the matter now and unfortunately, I don't want to live in a world where only headlines, matters budget when they had learned writers are morons. Rhymes do have an agenda, but that's the world we live in and that's my way.
We got. Donald Trump was president really did there it's all in other activists years. It will also say that the headlines for the sun are wrong in kind of what those just don't ask you: one of the adopted sons was recently charged with crime, it sounds a lot like sure does Jerry was it gives us a levy for far from the truth, only first lines adopted, but, second of all, that's that's not what is accused of. I don't know if these innocent are guilty, but he's a tooth. Something completely different is accused of sending text messages. To the teenage daughters of his long time girlfriend yet The headlines are shared, ski sodden charge with child sex abuse is well what he did. If it's true idle I think it's horrible and I hope he gets convicted. It's completely irrelevant of his gaze. It happened when Jerry wasn't a maximum security prison. So how Harry would be remotely involved in design and all the important part about Jeffson, thus gaining the now is chances
Does anybody that Jerry is innocent? In fact, he asked attitude on his arm after the scandal breaks Jerry, convicted Sandusky forever, because Is a message to his former adopted by their mad, who temporarily aged his name after becoming a jerry, acute, they're from match and ask you to match Davidson until they realize guess what the media doesn't care about. Matt Davidson song on back the mats, and Because I want to be a celebrity sex abuse victim and so he gets tat. He gets tattooed understand Us e forever back to me, is the most important thing you need to know about Jeff Sandusky relevant to this particular case. I will tell you You ve made some Some amazing statements you stay. I mean if you're right, I am, is a. Massive injustice,
and a and it shows how sick out society is being motivated by money and pop entertainment and an how sick our our judicial system really is real. Import. Last point, though, then mean people. A lot of people in a story thought they were doing the right thing. A lot of the accusers thought they were helping, put a monster away and oh by the way, is gonna help me to see once everyone, thinks there's a walk ness monster. Then everyone's gonna get Loch Ness Monster, that's when it will become really dangerous when they now they know what they're doing is corrupt when they must They can link think what they're doing is just and this bathing output of the prosecutors sustaining avenue the media. Everyone thinks there fighting them stop that's why you said when the foot with four that testify
the mother calls. It says this thing is gonna, be this This is gonna, be thrown out if they don't get more Bicknell record right. That's when three others, all friends stand. Because they all believe what they ve been co worst by investigate in fact, there was audio recordings proving this that they thought they were mistaken. They thought in turn. The reporter off played and trial. They thought they had turned recorder off when it was. Going on and the investigators art are blatantly lying to the victim to get him to say what they want blatantly in what way there were telling him things that warrant. True, like the lawyers and hey, can we tell him that we have all these other accusers but didn't exist that time, so we can get to talk, they say, oh sure, we do this all the time. That's all tape they fight if they thought the corner was off meeting appointed like paragraph six and always in this body that they thought the recording was off. That's Craig S pace. Well, ok, thank you very much young prescience. Thank you guys. Now this
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