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Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow ...Why there's real reason for hope in the future ...GOP to pass health care reform...or pass on health care reform???...Andy Andrews, author of the book "The Little Things" in studio ...Joel Rosenberg discusses the state of the world from ISIS to Russia to Turkey and why they matter NOW ...We're making progress on ISIS but... ...Time to get nervous about Russia? The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio Facebook: Glenn BeckTwitter: @glennbeck

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This is the police radio. On demand, Republicans during the last minute deal to save their health care, be up bill. at the same time, they Republicans, are working to get rid of their health care, build who wins we'll find out today. This is a very big deal London, terror attacks as well. We have an update on what happened with Gore Sage, but nothing spit. Bachelor? The guy is going to be our Extra Supreme Court justice. I'm I'm sure some acknowledging news- and a way to look at what happening in the world. New eyes that is is really quite optimistic.
We go. There begin there right now, the fusion of entertainment and didn't lightened- and this is the Glen Wiretapping and the president and the former president in Russia will do that in just a few minutes. I started a book last night written by a guy who's, a historian and and wrote the book sapiens a few years ago, which was a huge best seller he's just put out a new book called homo depots which I believe means guy
he's gay right tat would that be Yeah loosely loosely drought and very recently homo depots brief history of tomorrow with a typical to Stephen hawking in a brief history of time,. I just started to read the first chapter, not oil way through it and the perspective. that it gives you on capitalism, and the world stern way of life is Dunning so, if you're feeling a little down in the mouth, just give you. This at the dawn of the third millennium, humanity wakes up, stretching its limbs and rubbing its eyes, remnants of some awful nightmare still drifting across it's mine. There was something with barbed wire and a huge mushroom cloud well. That was just a bad dream.
Going to the bathroom humanity washes its face, examines its wrinkles in the mere makes a Coffee and opens the diary- let's What's on the agenda today,. For thousands of years, the answer to this question remain unchanged. The same problems preoccupied the people of twentieth century China of Medieval India, an ancient, Egypt, famine play. egg and war were always the top of the list for generation after generation. Humans have prey to every God angel in Saint that and have invented countless tools, institutions and social systems, but they continue. To die in their millions from starvation epidemic and violence. Many thinkers and profits concluded that famine plague in war must be an integral part of God's cosmic plan or of our imperfect nature and nothing short of the end of time would ever free us from them yet
the dawn of the third millennium, humanity wakes up to an amazing realisation mode. People, rarely even think about it, but in ass the last few decades we have managed to rein in famine, plague and war. Of course, the the problems have not been completely solved, but they ve been transformed from in comprehensible and uncontrollable forces of nature into manageable challenges. We don't the pray to God or any saint to rescue us from them any more. We know well what needs to be done in order to prevent famine, plague and war, and usually now we succeed in it. True, there are still notable failures, but when faced with such failures, we no longer shrugged her shoulders and say: well, that's things work and are in perfect world war God's will be done, or God works in mysterious ways. Rather when it comes to famine, plague or war, when they
eight out of control? We feel that somebody must have screwed up. And so we set up a commission of inquiry promise ourselves that next time will do better and it seems to actually be working, calamities, indeed happen less and less often. For the first time in history more p, we'll die today from eating too much, then, too little more p we'll die from old age, then from infectious diseases and more People commit suicide. Today, killed by soldiers, terrorists and criminals combined the early twenty first century, the average human is far more likely from its rare, that you hear a positive spin on suicide.
It is true. We that's amazing, drew up. A lot of people will uses these stats like well. More were higher. Percentage of people are dying because of heart disease than ever to ever before. We need to stop this crisis away, don't say it because he says it. I'm saying in early twenty first century the average human is far more likely to die from binging it Mcdonald's than from drought, Ebola or Al Qaeda and even though presidency egos and general still have their daily schedules full of economic crisis, military conflict in the cosmic scale of history humankind. Scale view of history, humankind can lift its eyes up and start looking towards new horizons. If we indeed bringing famine plague and war under control. What will rip place them at the top of the human agenda. Like fire fighters and a world without fire, so human kind in the twenty first century will need to ask itself an unprecedented question.
What do we do with ourselves in a healthy prosperous and harmonious world wide will demand our attention and ingenuity. This quest, becomes doubtingly urgent, given the immense new powers that biotechnology in information technology or providing us with less start with famine. We, for thousands of years has been humanity's worst enemy. until recently, most humans lived on the very edge of the biological poverty line below which peoples had come to malnutrition and hunger. A small mistake or a bit of bad luck could easily be a death sentence for an entire village or an entire family. If heavy rains destroyed, your wheat crop or robbers carried off your going to hurt you and your loved ones starve to death, Miss Fortunes or stupidity on the collective level result
in mass famines, when severe drought in ancient Egypt or MID medieval India. It was not uncommon that five to set two or ten percent of the population. Poverty pushed open any history book in your likely to come across horrific accounts of famished populations, driven mad by hunger in April, Sixteen ninety four french official in the town of bovine describes the impact of famine and soaring food prices saying the entire district was now filled with an inn. The number of poor souls weak from hunger in wretchedness and die from want, because they had no worker occupation. They the money to buy bread seeking to prolong their lives just a little in somewhat to appease their hunger. These poor folks eat such unclean things is cats in the flesh of horses that have been laid. And thrown into done heaps other,
consumed in the blood that flows when cows, an ox oxen, are slaughtered Equitas here, Jeffreys Tummy rumbling right now. the poor wretches eaten, nettles and weeds or routes and herbs which they simply boiling water? similar scenes took place all over France, bad weather ruin the harvest, blah blah blah Two point: eight million french fifteen percent of the population starve to death between one thousand six hundred and ninety two and one thousand six hundred and ninety four, the following year. Six thousand and ninety five Estonia though the population died. Sixteen ninety six Finland's turn a quarter to a third of the people died Scott. Suffered from severe famine between sixteen ninety five sixty ninety eight districts losing twenty percent of their inhabitants but during the last hundred years, technological economic and political developments created an increasingly robust safety nets sparing humankind from biological poverty lines.
Mass famines still strike some areas from time to time, but they are, exceptional and their almost all ways caused not listen to this, almost always caused by human politics rather than natural catastrophes. The there are no longer natural famines in the world, there are only political famines. If the peace bull in Syria, Sudan or Somalia starve to death its own, because some politician once them to me he goes on for this a lot. He says the Chinese, tens of millions of people died in the great leap forward in nineteen. Seventy four, the first food conference was convened in Rome delicate retreated to an apocalyptic scenario. They were told that there was no way for China to feed its a billion people and the world's balls, populous country was heading towards catastrophe, in fact It was headed the opposite direction for the future.
Time in its recorded history. China is now free from famine. Indeed, most countries today were eating, is a far worse problem than famine in eighteenth century meant much Marie Antoinette allegedly advise the starving masses of they ran at a bread. They should eat cake which is exactly what's happening. The residents of Beverly Hills eat letters, salad and steam toe food with keen, while in the slums in ghettos, the poor gorge themselves on twinkies, Chios, hamburgers and pizza He talks about how better to be poor, apparently that he talks about the plagues that happen. Leave the plague the black flag. Seventy five million in two hundred million people somewhere in between there died mortar, more than a quarter of the population of Eurasia
egos into the black death was not a singular event fifteen. Twenty, the spanish low till it left the island of Cuba on its way to Mexico. Little did they know. One of the soldiers had smallpox this they landed in a mexican shore line of France, disco had the smallpox didn't know it. The virus began to multiply exponentially in his body, eventually bursting out all over his skin fever Francisco, was taken to a bed in the house of a native american family in the town of wherever he infected the family members who infected the neighbours and within ten days the entire town became a graveyard town. Your town succumb to the plague. New waves of terrified refugees carried the disease, Rob Mexico and beyond. Tens of thousands of corpse lay rotting in the streets without anyone daring to even approach them and bury them, Entire families were dead, half the,
Population in some settlements was dead by fifteen twenty. It had the Valley of Mexico than the spanish fleet. Alai arrived It goes the home of twenty two million people by December of that year. Only fourteen million people were still alive. within two years that Population was down to two million people. He goes on to talk about all of these plagues? including the the spanish flu that killed a third of the population. He says with the global transportation network and everything else, appeal alone should kill us all. Big it's a great breeding ground and everybody going to Tokyo were Hong Kong and they all spread. disease within twenty four hours, its in the Congo and right in Manhattan, he said, but
It's not happening in fact Mobile child mortality is at an all time, low. Less than five percent of children die before reaching adulthood. In the divine what world the rate is less than one percent, This is all due to the unprecedented achievements of Twentyth century my medicine, which, provided vaccines. Antibiotics, improved hygiene and and much more every few years were alarmed by the outbreak of some potential new plague such as Sars in two thousand two thousand three bird flu. Two thousand five swine flu in nine ten, boy in twenty fourteen Sars initially raise fears of a new black plague, eventually ended with the death of less than a thousand people worldwide, a bowler break in West Africa seemed a spin out of control on twitter in twenty fourteen the world health organization said it was the most severe public health emergency. Seen in modern times, by the end it had only infected.
Thirty thousand people, and only eleven thousand people died worldwide he goes on to say the spider all of this week still think that this is only a temporary victory. He said the however, with the in twenty fifteen doctors announced the discovery of a completely new type of antibiotic. I didn't even know as the Jew tax it by act in which bacteria has no resistance, as yet some scholars believe text by acting may prove to be a game changer in the fight against highly resistant germs, scientists are also developing revolutionary new treatments that work in radical different ways to end, previous medicine, for example, some research labs already home to Nano robots which one day may navigate through our bloodstream identify illnesses and kill the pathogens and cancer cells
micro organisms may have four billion years of cumulative experience of fighting organic enemies They have zero experience, fighting bionic, predators and therefore would find it doubtless difficult to evolve. Effective defence. Then he goes in a war which is just is amazing: The whole premise of this book is. so now what I mean I I go from this really pessimistic and it really is up to us whether we destroy ourselves at this point if we don't destroy ourselves at this point, the whole world is going to change. Cancer will be a thing of the past. You know that The number one killer now is what cancer and heart attack heart attacks didn't happen in the past, they want the number one killer, because people didn't live long enough for their heart to give out cancer,
as big of a problem, because people didn't live that long, I've games there is weird as it is, these things rising and prominences positive right. It's it's longevity and also choice. what a great world it would be if we all had to choose to die, sounds bizarre, but I mean that's not how it's been throughout human history. You just had just happens to you and yet no friggin control over it. Now at least we have some control. Would he doesn't mentioned there is we seem to have replaced the actual concerns of war, famine and pest? with the fake concerns of on women war on women, safe spaces trigger words, feeling uncomfortable this. Anyone come inequality sell that non. This is what he is saying here is, so what are we going to pick as are, as are goals- and I think what we're doing is where a still attaching to old goals still trying to make people afraid of form a bogeyman.
meanwhile, we are now he's not making this point, but I will, Meanwhile, we are also taking up art the very medical system that cured US brought us here. We all complain that american health insurance is so expensive and it is in its out of control and the reason why is because we ve taken it out of the free market and we ve tried to do this hybrid, the hybrid is it doesn't work. and it hasn't worked for the last fifty years. And so it needs to be taken out of a hybrid. But because of that, hybrid its allowed enough oxygen for good it needs to be made and if we Kill if we snuff the life out of medical research. We're going to go backwards. We have to be careful and not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Now this outside. Multiple sites now
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Liberty minded Republicans are standing against. Is the White House is pushing hard for it more on that and also wired sadly in troubles with Russia. When we come back that programme. programme. Do the Republicans hold the line or do pass now trump care. I mean If you read the reports that came out last night talking about how the freedom cock was out. There all add enough. No votes now they're trying to get one or two things to to flip and from being the art of the deal. Guys, like I mean I don't think Trump care
whether the anxieties in this bill? He just wants to get the bill Basque. Yes, so he is saying basically their support Finally, the Freedom caucus EM they print cockers are the best. We have but our in their when negotiating with Trump saying, like get rid of this regulation. This regulation in this regulation, and maybe we'll come over and vote for it oh that that would mean largely that this stuff that did the bill Past Bailey. We only had to sway a few of them the issue in question, is whether they can sway the freedom caucus with losing some moderates, and that is acquainted for every Democrat you get you'll lose two were we'll get you lose two Republicans and for every Republican you get used to democratic, and that might be the case. However, the things that they're talking about taking out pretty and refer republican to oppose them there's some of it is like a pre existing conditions. They want an apparently Trump administration is absolutely not we're not taking out pre existing conditions. That's not happening
but the other side of it as they want to get rid of the requirement to cover maternity care. Obviously, you know that's a weird thing for a lot of people who would have no use for that. People who are our can't give birth, because there you know men or can't give birth. because they may be passed the age in which they would be considering giving birth and so like that. The thing being taken out, I dont think, is the type of thing would take a moderate and say you know what absolutely not that somebody, a Democrat would say, but whether a moderate Republican opposes this bill based. the fact that you no longer have to cover maternity care for people who are Ben is I don't know that that's a deal breaker. there's something in there that they might want to keep. But again, it seems to be this negotiation was completely bizarre about this. Is that complaints about the original Obamacare bill were things like hey you're, doing soon, the cover of night. We don't know. What's going on b, you came with this bill and on british rushing through. So we
done. All of those things are happening with all the same. All the same things and if you notice that the press is only focusing on the Trump supporters that one universal health care. There's always a lose a lot of his is the word in the bureau in Red States, because errors, Bob who voted because he wanted for universal coverage. Bikers kiss Trump said, he's gonna get everybody covered in the government is going to pay for it, and I think most people didn't take them seriously. On that, I think these people were alike and now he's saying it because she's making a big promise in helping people come up. I dont think most trumps supporters, who are gonna bail on him because he's not giving you the universal health care he promised. I dont think the question is: will most GEO P supporters bail on the GEO p if they do ass, this watered down They don't do what they said. Repeal it what's funny because
I've been seeing all these people on the left and in the media in particular in particular, saying all, now look at what they're doing this is. there are cutting some of the taxes that we're in Obamacare, but their promising less covers the promising worse insurance, their promising all these blotted they go through the whole gamut of all. These things that make things worse than myself, It depends on when you measure it from if you want to say, because, let's believe all the Scipio Crap and I mean there's a lot of questions with that, but let's say: they're gonna lose coverage for second lose covered from what from yes incredibly liberal president that past the thing Everyone named after him, yes, it might be a little bit less the government healthcare than that, however, If you would have gone back before Obama, let's say Mccain, one or Romney one Everybody in this audience will be like I'm not passing that that's way too liberal you're paying for
how many millions of people who healthcare out of nowhere at a whole cloth your gear increase taxes by hundreds of billions of dollars Creasy regulation like crazy. You requiring do this. Is a binary world either have it. you don't get it felt for, but I mean this is a win for progressives either way Yes, the fact is that either move that ten steps to the left in two thousand it or they moved it. I've steps to the left There is no there's, no more conservative option coming out here. There's nothing like that. They they have in in the overturn window Progressive ISM everything we ve talked about all this time. They have actually you d, get another incredible magic trick say that now Republicans, the Freedom caucus, maybe might be voting for this plan- that no one on the right would accept out of Brok Obama, two thousand eight, nobody everyone would it said it was raising they
in order for it to the death and now here they are saying you know what will be a great option if we can back off Obama care by fifteen percent crazy, truly crazy. Now, there's a couple of other things that are going on in this. This Russia thing and. People are complaining to. upward story lines, and we need to separate them this morning I got up and I watched the testimony of call me with trade Gouty who is by the way. Just tremendous is just tremendous, is very good prosecutor is that's what he was born to do. This is what is at its best get is it is so he go and after call me- and he was too came to call me because there is a statute. In the law that come this was so concerned about giving the gun in power of through these Pfizer Courts to going
and listen to foreign officials. On foreign soil. and have it recalling somebody here in the United States? What happens. If you know somebody who is involved in something nefarious, they call Pat but they're. Not talking to pat about anything nefarious pats. Yes, that is in bystander what happens. If That's released with passion name. You destroy him, New caused him to look like he's part of some criminal organization or terrorist organisation known or no Congress made a deal with and I say, with Department of Homeland Security, justice to our everybody was involved in any other stuff and they came up with it. Yielded said we're going to mask those names, and there's gonna be maybe a hundred people in the entire country that can ask a name and that person
to be at the collection point. So, in other words, if the USA. has this, you know indeed starvation, going on somebody and give that information masked to the FBI, the FBI can't say. Let me look under the cover and see who that name is you actually have go back to the original collection point and say, Here's why I need this name, because I think it's a guy that we're looking into. Can you verify this guy? They unmasked and say? Yes, that's him or no it's not! Ok! That's why Works and if it works any other way, it is ten years mandatory prison sentence. we'll somebody unmask the names of the transcripts and it most likely in a bomb political appointee, and there the ten year prison sentence. That
ass to be solved, and somebody has to go to prison unless it's like Hillary Clinton and we don't really care anymore what she could do a prison she's Hilary right. I know maybe somebody else like clapper and we don't really care about them. Either gazettes, James Clapper, so there's gotta, be some special exceptions, I'm sure for some of these hundred people pray. Gouty is saying that person needs to go to prison because we can't trust that you're gonna keep innocent names of Americans out. Then we can't trust this system at all. because it will become politicized he's absolutely right! Now, is separate, and that story line is good for Trump. does it looks like somebody was politically after Donald Trump and was was using this system. The waves gospels be used. two different than wiretapping- and everything else that There's two on mass the names ten
a prison sentence. Somebody needs to go to jail for that separate that now. from the story line of was there collusion now they're, saying collusion with the Russians, and the Donald Trump Camp, There has been some absolute bomb shells this week had been released, that the right doesn't want to talk about, and there can flaming the two. somebody in the Obama administration needs to go to jail for releasing names. However, the where's the story about the financial ties to Russia, with a man a fort and Flynn Manner What was getting ten million dollars a year. from Russia and laundering this money. now, we ve known this before I was elected, but we
They have verification we now have verification and the documents to prove it from ukrainian lawmaker and the reason why these ukrainians want to do this. Is they don't like Vladimir Putin? They don't like Russia. Metaphor was working basically for Putin and his puppet in Ukraine, and that ukrainian Russian Friendly Party was the one writing. These checks to poor man afford to get is job was to get a positive spin on Russia, It's your american saw Russia as friendly allies and a foe. Well, I would say: mission accomplished there. It was worth this ten million dollars now, my god under area underhand dramatically area and that was not disclosed anywhere Paul Matter,
I never said that and the same thing happened with with Flynn. He was being. a tens of thousands of dollars and he never disclosed it, but TAT Just one story, the sex a story that came out yesterday now the FBI is admitting that they are looking into collusion with the Russians Are you after Hillary Clinton and Beyond I mean I thought it was collusion myself. I thought it was wrong when, when done from the day. I hope you have a more either I was bad There are now saying that they have evidence of meetings of documents. Of recordings, where the pump administration, or the Trump people were actually they colluding with the Russians on releasing more in for some one in Frumps campaign, some money crumbs campaign, the more than one it appears
and again I would say that that is a early level story. I wouldn't say it's confirmed that we know there collusion by any stretch, yet no so eminently heavily anodyne. I we have one, I guess one source, early FBI and they're looking into it right. This is apparently what we call me was referring to any other looking into this is others. Details? Are those that are important another one from the the site of tramp and leaks, which I think you are completely right. This should not eat you on mass these things. This is one of the issues with us what we said from the beginning by the way, because, yes I think, it's very plausible and actually understandable that a campaign person who is talking to a russian ambassador right would get swept up in to come. Communications that we are monitoring the question: that is, it can be abused and it may be. A case here were was abused, which is something.
worth looking into the other part we should point out. Is this seemingly happened to the morning so far after the election, so Trump had already one, and then What they, while that does not mean that the pursue ever did it gets out of their trouble. It's to know that, I think from me, no perspective of understanding what the motivation was here. There are a lot of stories that happened after Trump one remember they Obama people did not think troubles, gonna win did. I mean I released, because if he did it ever you're saying I knew he was anyone well, you should have freaking gone to a sports book and made ten times more money on election day. Then you should have done that, but I mean They did not think it was going to win, so After this, there were many stories that the Obama insiders we're trying to preserve evidence of these things happening Thinking in their mind that troubles come in and get rid of it in and make sure that no one ever knew about it, so they that is a
an interesting little thing that they may have thought themselves will work. And thinking to themselves. What were the right in the right here and that he's gonna that evidence so we're gonna make sure we get it and that should end in tenured jail terms but that activity, whether they think it was justified or not, should end in ten year jail terms, but not if it did not have an effect on the election and the left is dismissing the first part the right dismissing the second part. Both are valid any fair minded justice, I did individual will address both of them, and separate them from one another and now this week, about the fastest growing crime in America is identity theft. Here's some evidence, hackers use forge cookies to breach another thirty, two million email accounts. This is on top of the one point: five billion. public health slave already breached
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matter of fact, I know this guy who's, the has already machines and they had a way. I google feelings, Wonderingly, buddy and Human guy greatest mines alive today, and one of the guys they'd Stephen Hawking is like warning: you don't just exactly said yeah. This document biological bodies anymore. We re way that far back programme fantine stuff, pork chops, chicken, seared salmon, spinach and fresh mozzarella pizza. Even yes, please
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this is the police radio on demand. Erica America welcome to the Glinda programme have a good friend in that. I think you need to hear Andy Andrews's the New York Times best selling off the written a new book, the little things everybody says you should know. but the small stuff he says no, actually actually shouldst the small stuff. We begin there right now, the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is
Glenn Back baby and reserved for under the Programme New York Times best selling author of the notice, sir, and the travelers guest in what was a great book. You did about the Holocaust study, a kill, eleven million people yeah, really great, really great book. and they're. All things you can read quickly, he has a new without called the little things and honestly Andy. I don't know why we have you on, because I got enough to worry about and all around the little things that it generates complainant Robbie dear and the Brown. I know I just don't want to worry about that is well actually, is the greatest pathway to results. You'll ever find you nobody even veto in first play second place their place. They all compete the same way and they all increase and decrease the same way, and It can do that. You can do it everybody soon, but if you really want to double
in Tripoli result, it won't be how everybody else is doing it, because these anybody Dublin same age Evelyn. It won't be how they're doing ok, and so you always have to look the other way. And in a world where everybody is talking about the big picture, We want our somewhere the big picture. We want to be led by someone who really has the big picture dont big picture people forget there's intricate details, I have to be taken care of the big picture ever takes place again. Imagine those God, people mangi those people. I live yeah yeah, and so so the idea in reality. This is not just so low argument. You you think about wind eventually created the Mona. He did it with the smallest paintbrush available time and our peoples why are you doing with the brush? Like that? That's ridiculous. He said because on creating a masterpiece, When you go to the live today, can look at the moment,
through a magnifying glass and you can't see individual brushed, wrote it is a masterpiece and so whatever you're doing with your life or your business or your family, your creating something and at the end of it all whether you ve created a masterpiece or a disaster, it will have been done. One tiny Joyce at a time. One decision one moment: one tiny brushstrokes anytime soon Everybody is overwhelmed by everything that is going on world. Everything is so big at does is help us to get yes, Yes, because see again, will you let me give you an example: geysers their only so many decisions that you can make, and I think I think air but he can relate to this. you get home your wife or your husband will say we want to go to movie, want to go out to dinner and guys will always say I don't care yeah sure, and I mean it. I don't care Steve
always wore the same outfit every day, because he said doubts the small things just I've where this, because this doesn't matter- and that way, I'm saving all my decision power for the big things really sweating the small things he made a tiny decision. That allowed him to focus on bigger things. So this is. This is good news that we should what this monster until you why everybody thinks that tab? changes in their life. They gotta make big changes, but it why one time I was down out in the Gulf of Mexico with a friend we're gonna, tunafish or you're a hundred miles and don't even by that on the shelves. I dont know why small giant the eyes about a thousand dollars worth we're out, and we set
autopilot going out of the basque and seventy eight I'm two miles. I really really looked behind. Everything seems fine, but We ve got out there. We couldn't even find the spot. We were miles away from the spot. It was pretty scary, but we later we had the autopilot surveyed in. It was two degrees off two degrees. Now you think about Is a compass? Has three hundred sixty degrees like going sixteenth of an inch on this compass? and for a little while you make that change. It looks like nothing, but you get out there. You go down the road can be miles away from where you intended. Now, if you can do that negative point, you can under fan that a little Betty shift right now can take you different places down the road. So what are the things that we don't sweat that we should hear here is here? Is particular thing that we should sweat
and that is what the why, instead of how you were looking at Princeton, Why are there so many people who understand how a principle works? They can harness that this principle to run their business to run their family. They know how it works there's very few people who take the time because What's it works the got something that works. They no search anymore. They then examined anymore, but you beyond the. How and you figure out why that principle works as it does. You can begin to Why that principle in different areas of your life that seem to have no relation, but in different contexts in this. Why you need an example of a guy. I dont think people even are looking at. Why suppose I don't think they're even looking for they aren't that's the point
I'm going to set up because here's the early intake, how many you see a football coaches. Are there actually have my hand, those kind of an odd thing to say, but I have my hand in the last nine College Football national championships in a row- that's really kind of what Specialise in his is urging the coaches rare. I do nl with businesses say I'm I'm, I'm not a celebrity I can't go anywhere in command great money, because I have a super bowl ring. I don't have a go metal. I wanna hear of some national disaster husband, I'm a dead end. I'm a nobody! I act We have to have results with my client right. I can't just show up, and somebody take a picture of me. It s worth. Fifty thousand hours outweigh the negative results in so I I can't have normal results. I gotta help these people. These businesses double in triple. Well, the work of coaches years. Here's a great example of that This is why, in our view,
the majority of the interior coaches in full they know how to do they gotta clinics. They know how to do it. They know how to change it and and they can They have a winning record. They can keep their jobs. I would argue with you. You have to spend some time with urban Meyer and excitement urban next, even know why, these things work as they do they can refine them and they can. They know why that worked in recruiting and so now it can expand that to use that indifferent, why most people stop at how because when they get there because yet this is a kind of a curious thing. Do you know things can be true and yet not be the truth. Example, you aren't you the blind person. Ok, I know you ve never seen this animal before never heard of it, we call an elephant and will give you a few minutes where they feel around and come back
tell me what an elephant is like and how it could be used. How how would you a harness? This? Is enough Adverse every few minutes might come back and say: ok, is flat its tall its wide. It can be used. as a barrier again Many elements can be used as a wall, look at a stroke, not the truth, whose guarantee. It is true that the truth, The bottom line I did that about an elephant. You'd never have a complete picture and you would never be able to harness all the things available that an elephant is ok but but mostly Oh they get an answer at work. It can be used as a gay did could be used as well. It's true! Ok, I got the answered, less use it and they start but what is true when they know how. And so there is more see the truth:
can only be really one thing can be different categories, but the truth is like the best right the best is only an end in the here's. I'm curious nation we're we're so divided island. Sometimes I think, ok Christians and in Asia is totally different thing there. They do. Christians want the best for their children yeah. They did Do I just want the best for their children they do the best. We can The best is only really one thing there can be different kettle, there's one thing and one curious is you can know the truth and not accomplish the best that you can not accomplished the best known the truth.
So give me some a real life things that we should be focused on. Ok, here's, a eras areas, something maybe the most helpful thing that I could lay out for people- and this is in his work and his detailed, but very quickly worked something in your life and work, and you weren't you workin interest here, get results. We were given the result. She thought you haven't seen formed a committee here Our two consulted on aviation is worked hard, maybe I'll come in early and any Kip. Finally, you just said this is not not going but then you found out a year later or six months later, while another trees. They lied to me or I misunderstood, or If we don't know that because we could work
to Jesus comes, and nobody would we were never made this happen on? Why am I here is it is? It is another thing. everywhere have gone for the past number of years, working with companies deemed every everybody here when I say okay, so what are you? Are you? Are we or do we have that now? their period of change. Well, you know we're starting to initiate a change well because of other governments done. We got some changes. Well, things are have every was telling about change, and it occurred to me that we must be very good at this and yet every part of your life, let it boil that's an essence as a little Adam start in everything everything Gonna get married great world. Things are going to change your married things changed it. Ok, your browser, your marriage, things change! You! You wanna be good again! Well, he's got a change of whatever ear. You John doesn't behave like you. Do
he's gonna change. Oh you want him to behave even when these away from you things really have to change everything. This change and yet were global at it and the reason we were over time. You a thing. The three thanks. Everybody believes about change our three Boys society has about change the things that we employ with every change. What I urge all three would be wrong, but all through him wrong number one people's Viva. They here. You guys have turned to change. It takes time to change, not done change Abidjan Army, it may take time to prepare to change it may take, time to get sick of it long enough to teaching, but when a change occurs, it happens in Harvey number two peoples out. Well, they gotta change. They don't want. It is probably a deep desire to change. Now, that's wrong to you. can spend some time together. We come up with many different licences in our lives where we are Fine, we're boffin long merrily happily and
a mere every measure, game anywhere and we took we did a one. Eighty you still wanted. You still made the choice to it CEPT, the new information, but there was not this long period, I know a bit, but I shall Jason her. The third thing very quickly is that this rock bottom thing feeling well, without his rock bottom, but who, on a robot. You really gave his right arm for less, not true either, because how age, as we heard side, we do so. Have a nice hardness county. I read this book. conversation I want reported all them saying. Never never had it really all the money we spend on revenue- and you heard some guys say- somethin we're really so here's the crazy thing. There are two things: They cannot find good luck, free research, this or I can't find any incidents of a nation changing a people change at a culture, a fan
an individual accompany a team I can't find any is, so true and lasting change, they didn't have these two things number one. What's in it for me, about a greedy tying understand that ok, we you we ve been doing That is why you wanna. Do it this way incentives. some incentive for them to carry out an analysis of actors? And the second thing is proof: reasonable doubt not a mathematical per but the kind of proof for people here's my hand her before here and away they had heard and they go let myself No we're thank you again and here is a deal in when proof beyond reasonable doubt collides with for them. They will change and obeyed. and they will never look back over their shoulders, and so this True of you and me, this is true behaviour in jail. We look at our childhood. We always do When my dad, he said to me, because I said Sir
well there's, a reason that didn't work long term is that what does that have been there? For me, another minute as long as you're in miles, and then all this gives taken is ok I was going you're out. Ok, We want long term change and so on That's why we're the smartest thing I ever did with my kids is to make sure that they knew about eleven twelve thirteen. I went by and weaker when the term sixteen, whatever money you have when you turn suggest Are you gonna get, so they had figure out. Do they do just save money from grandma? Do they get in minimum wage job or to start their own business? You start your business. however car you want, but you start business baby. It comes with some some some challenges here right away, I never had to say to Austin don't wear that. Don't wear that. That way, you don't need to talk that way, because
all I had to say to him was raised but that might soon a little disrespectful. Not thereby you know what your wherein there. It is not right or wrong he's not realise no sin with third party thirty forty percent of people out there that they don't like that. Look, and if you you know What you're doing our money it requires that people accept your cars that day Do you guys know they would work with you and if you go out into the world curtain out thirty. Forty percent of your opportunity filtering where, whatever you want, but really is whatever car you on draft Eddie is gonna, be with us this afternoon on the show five o clock flowers and be teaching this, and I have a lot of questions. How this relates to the country, The little things is the name of the book. Why you really should sweat the small things by Andy Andrews, the
in all things and we'll see you tonight at five o clock and lilies tv. Now this done prompt verses, JANET yellin. The clash is getting closer to happening. The markets have been looking for some progress from, promises on tax reform and regulatory role backs the the uncertain fate of the health care vote, has thrown into question the ability to get the rest of its agenda implemented in a timely fashion. Did you see what's happening the stock markets in the last couple of the last couple of days, the stock markets bait Breathing in and now there are starting to lose faith that this stuff is going to happen and now, there is starting to say, while maybe this is overinflated, where four weeks ago it was fine. The markets have shrugged off the rate increase from the FED on March, fifteenth but it is not going to shrug off the next one. May I
this suggests that you call gold line now. Do your own homework ask him about their free cashless society. Risk report ask him about why golden silver might be right for you and do your own homework red. the tales read the risk information and then- your own decision things our changing it doesn't have to be bad, but this I'd be one of those little things. That term could prove too be a huge and good change for you and your family down the road call gold line now at eight hundred and sixty six gold line, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line, eight hundred and sixty six four hundred and sixty five, three thousand five hundred and forty six or Goldline dot com at that time triple eight. Seventy seven back Harry. I agree,
new research shows the increasing mortality rate among White Americans. most acute among the less educated black, are plummeting his son. Annex are going down the wall. Eight with high school education or less is going through the roof and its In contrast, elsewhere: France, Germany, UK, Canada, Us Australian, Sweden. All of It is going down. U S! Whites going up is at that, I did. The opium situation is a really big deal. I don't know you don't have an answer, yet They say it is doing in part by increases in deaths or what they called deaths of despair. All drugs and suicide, so maybe that is applied
big role, but that's through the roof, but I mean our drug addiction in America we are off the charts and drug addiction You know, I don't think again. I think we are focused on all of the wrong things missing the little things that could change our lives back programmes. The programme
such was the popular refrain from singer Helen ready among others, in the sixtys and Seventys I am woman was the biggest heads in eighteen. Seventy one For thousands of years the roles of men and women, it seemed to be pretty well defined and, for the most part, accepted generally speaking, men were the Hunter gatherers and women were the nurturers. But society changed and it took some time to adapt to that change, Its transitions can get this one was occasionally rocky. Was it time in between when popular culture. It seemed the most important task of woman had just to make a good cup of coffee for her man you're. Welcome how can such a pretty? Why may such bad coffee, I heard,
What do you want from Frank crowd about my coffee? A damn coffee problem, sure? Yes, I can't make good coffee could. Probably no problem is a coffee with better, please, just coffee for the love of winning. Are you do told let the little lady DR depending on how you drive and your cars condition you can get incredible mileage from a good, your custom, widespread public. Last time I've got thirty two thousand miles of my birth. I've got body, one thousand love, em up pilot glass, but Polly ass means more than mileage when your wife DR alone when a woman's at the wheel polyglot means more than mileage in the midst of all the social upheaval over the roles of men and women ads in attitudes like these just ignited the spark of social change that lead
to the feminist movement of the Sixtys and Seventys one of the most famous protest during the movement took place in Atlantic City. It happened during the Miss America pageant nineteen sixty eight to the feminists, the annual television beauty pageant, seemed a gross offence, buying a thing, inside one set of young women accepted the chauvinist Bobby's outside
others carried on with more consciousness. Raising women were everywhere, burning their brows and demanding equal rights. We through browsing, girdles and stockings high yield shoes and cosmetics into them, the press love, and we learned very early on that the press like crazy things. So, let's is the press as legendary end worldwide, as the broad burning of hit was, It is interesting that the actual bra burning never really happen. We didn't bring any Bryce, they would have happened if they had allowed us to have a fire stance, but the coverage they wanted, but at some risk their reputation for those who think women's liberation movement is a joke. Vaguely connect
it's burning rise in getting in the men. Only bars will disappear You have that notion. It is about equal pay and equal opportunity in the job, market protesters, tossed their underwear into a large trash, can labelled but freedom. a scam, but without permits locally was never burns There are real rebels, the movement definitely still making news in America, they started to burn their brows, and a women's movement had already begun. We thought if they can, do it again, we have to do it on your enable out good, but the cat
bridge. Wasn't always popular years ago. Today, the Nineteenth amendment of the? U S, constitution, gave women the right to vote on this anniversary. They monitor minority, a woman's liberation. It was on the streets across the country turned out there really worth a lot of would be liberated women willing to stop their work for the date in New York. Early demonstrations tended to be small, and the onlookers were by no means always epithet. It seems almost no one was opposed to women having equal opportunities for employment and compensation under equal circumstances, but with abortion on demand throne, and on top of it, along with many questions of equal access to all public bathroom facilities and the EU, more, concerning prospect of women being drafted into the military service and placed on the front lines of battlefields the oral amendment became much much tougher to sell to the american people will
luckily discuss some of these issues. With the array opponent Phyllis flatly they state of Connecticut ratify the so called equal rights. Amendment for a constitutional amendment, passed overwhelmingly by the side of the house, knows that quotas, equality of it's under the law, shall not be denied or bridge by the United States or any state on account of sex and doesn't sound particularly subversive, and I would therefore like to begin by asking MRS lastly, this data principal objection to the well, it's a very innocuous wording of the amendment. That is the reason why many people didn't realize in the beginning what unfortunate consequences it would have what for Thirdly, the amending process calls for a full blown debate and the state legislatures around the country, and this is where we find out some of the things that were not a rigid they realised by many people who voted for it. We find, as we look into the matter, that
e r. I won't give women anything which they haven't already God or have a way of getting but on the other hand, it will take away from women some of the most important rights and benefits and exemptions. We now have four would be reserved well a great glaring example on which there is full agreement between both the proponents and the opponents of the matter. The draft women, are exempt from the draft selective service, as only young men of age eighteen have to register, but the equal rights of memory. Positively make women subject to the draft and on an equal basis with man Could you have a system whereby the women we get all the nice easy desk jobs? Is the man get all fighting jobs? It would have to be equal across the board, combat on warships and all up and down the line German and Scott. There is no question that, if people rather than this path that wasn't would become subject to the draft, however
I think that we have a situation where the draft is going by the board and, furthermore, I think the question is not one of the rights of women here, but it is a question of the draft. Clearly, no sir in parent would want to see either child rather asunder and daughter, subject to the draft, but if women are to be citizens and citizens, are to be subject to the draft, and women should take the responsibilities as well as the rights of citizenship does not the question of being subject to the draft. It is also a question of denial of opportunity. There are many situations in which women could benefit from the graph. They already are endless services who have become the Boolooroo. Why not No matter how enlightened society was or wasn't during the nineteen Seventys, the idea of America's daughter, is being drafted in the military service and placed on the front lines of a combat situation. Just didn't Well for most Americans, despite some impressive in person,
the unlikely supporter over the years, include the republican president of the United States, nineteen, seventy five women's liberation is truly the liberation of all people lead. Nineteen. Seventy five international women's year be the year that our aid is ratified obviously nineteen seventy five was not that year when we have Gerald Ford endorsement, nor was any other year without the passage job, a constitutional amendment did women his rights falter and die. are women more or press than they ever have been born they have more rights and freedoms than at any other time in the history of all mankind. We explore whose questions in the next, episode
tomorrow on the Glen Back Programme in chapter four of the war on women. You learn how the left distorts facts to gain the female voting block. Listen live for online, Glinda, Doc, arms last cereals. Again, not an excuse to not look at the atrocities, if you will today or the things that we can improve on today, but When you look at where women were, a hundred years ago. To where they are today mean to think that women? they ve got their own cigarette now baby there for a long long way come a long way behind the nobility. Isn't it. You know. Two hundred years ago, women all over the world were treated. Pretty similarly to the way women were treated in Afghanistan today or in IRAN today, They
have come a long way and things are pretty balance denied a just war stem mad man, an episode of mad man. A couple of weeks ago. I never see before I love, to see the way women were treated, fifties holy cow the judge right out of it at all my face. I really I was watching. I thought what Would it be like to be able to go into a time machine and go back act. That era that showed did it yeah minutes yeah really really straight any would just be shocking. I think he would I think it several times a day. You would be like what what what what Oh just shocking. How far we have come it's nice once in a while, just to recognise that and see Molly that's some room to go, but while we ve made a lot of- and it is this
country that has made the progress for the most part It has been this country, and this is a system of freedom and constitutional freedom, that provided a road map for the rest of the world let me our limited about responsiveness afterwards. My patriot supply. Our brothers and sisters across the Atlantic at a scary day yesterday after another dead the attack on parliament, I saw what was it, how did they described this person at first, an older The first reports were like an older gentlemen and, unlike an older gentlemen what else is there anything else? An old gentleman drove his car seventy miles an hour across the bridge and then got out, ran down a police officer and stabbed him to death and older gentlemen. Did that? Well,
turns out much of a gentleman at all. Thank you, it turns out it's a muslim terrorist again but he was not old, was mainly. We certainly wasn't like US citizens. Now he wasn't when you saw it least, laying in the stretcher. You thought: how did anyone describe them as an older gentlemen yeah my Patriot supply can bring some sanity to your world. The world is unpredictable and Items can be catastrophic, and it is the smart thing to do. Whether that catastrophe is large or small, global, local or adjusting your house today. My Adrian supply is giving away or one week food supply for nineteen. Ninety five there's one week breakfast, once in dinner, food supply for nineteen. Ninety five these are limited so thing of the price for one week of food that will last you up to twenty five years.
Everybody in your family needs. One of these supplies, are extraordinarily limited. One eager food for now eighteen, ninety five call eight hundred eighty five. Sixty two thousand three hundred and twenty five order: online and preparewithglenn dot com, eight hundred eight hundred and fifty six, two thousand three hundred and twenty five. Glenn dot com. One eight hundred eight five, six, twenty three twenty five act now prepare Glenn dot com. This is the glad that programme carry Glenn Back Programme signed up for the newsletter and get all the info. You need to know what glad that dotcom, we we have something we absolutely have to have to play. gotta go to Alex Jones. Does yes don't get? This is the thing you guys are on. The right is the most important voice in Amerika, and I know what is this now. This is what this is
telling you that he's he's not he's not area it. I mean, I don't want you, thanks Adam, he doesn't want our like that and he never Zadig was sometimes it appears that we measured view time and is not bragging interested. I didn't leave at Santa Claus Tune. Have nobody had to tell me about brazilian here, but not about his family found a Texas begin. I'm not bragging, descended things. I've coin become if you are poor laws, are not brag about our those big packs, not bragging. Jeff bridges. Calls by New Vladimir Putin listened on a routine basis start bragging about bragging. I really have read thousands of books. I know talking about I'm, not some pseudo intellectual here about bragging about braggin. I'm in here fact from gigantic fifty level, ok we're branded a minstrel cool. The only reason I have always bear the coolest guy around when I was well, I'm not ready. This is a normal behavior. I was going after women are not braggin, but I was fourteen Dayton College shit
You can help it. I start saying here: you're sick, you dollar bills, what everyone! This is big, big, big, mojo. Ok, I mean I'm not bragging about. What do you mean the news? Last year I am personally popularize the term false flagged. There's Karim a scammer bragging Lombardo better like that, but I mean I'm crazy. I mean it. I got drunk a thousand times more vicious. The problem is, I don't want to release the stuff on the earth and I'm not brag. I'm like a gorilla bragging about it's like a war machine ragged bragging gobenheim, not braggin, but I would literally have just absolutely devastated all those people, I'm sorry if I was to hit some twenty times, are probably die. I'm not just an average guy, but I got inside, should high school punch me. I pledge you back and then a slimy ahead, the concrete I'm a bragging, but I'm not brag about come from super tax yield mailer, you name it basically killers. I'm very brief!
What I've seen earlier, mad cow. Really he really is easy. he's at while melt down in Roy Rage just waiting, nap natives. I don't ever watch him. I just here I mean please tell me, paying for you to put those clips together are not people are Miss Van Arouse born again are doing this for us sites that we have mentioned, but it's it's amazing, because now he's, so you know we become a little bit of a problem, culture figure- I guess you now- I'm in and allies funding within play these coasts forever they're just he's that literally the funniest person on earth to me I believe it is essential that we never does. He would be the greatest comedy show if you watching something in full fledged meltdown
we're seeing somebody that you're, like oh my gosh, this guy's dangerously means it you bash your head into the sidewalk until you, after It's his shirt off strangely, for any reason why the text that right back July, the bet you were. This is the police radio on demand, Joe rosenberg- is a- is a trusted adviser when it comes to things like the Middle EAST. a ran turkey, Russia way ahead of things way ahead of the Caliphate way ahead of Turkey. I mean sorry of Russia being an enemy,
marked relentlessly for it now Most ten years later, he looks like a real profit on some of the things that he warned about. He's got a newbie, out it's a novel called without warning any joins us right now the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is The commission welcomes all Rosenberg to the to the programme.
He's got a new book out called without warning. It's a novel and you must go. I know how long novels take two right in and how long their production. When you saw the new Tv Sutherland TV show, you must have gone up come on well yeah. These two countries are in a good job. They survive. It actually This is this are trilogy, and warning is the last in the trilogy about ISIS cap. chemical weapons and Syria, and having a series of genocide of attacks as the syrian folds, it's against Israel and Syria and Jordan, and now, in this book against United State. but I begin researching in writing. Twenty thirteen Glenn at a time. I had not heard of ISIS credit in Iraq, of course, but we're too Flemmer CIA directors, Jim Woolsey Democrat, a Porter gas Republican. What keeps you guys What night? What are you worry about? I need a new, not the threat. From my thrillers gimme some day,
I'm stream, o them separately, said Al Qaeda. Iraq is becoming something different. It's coming more dangers, I'd focus there So I did and of course, as you know, by January fourteen the President, United States. Personal bottle is telling us it's a J B team. It's not a big deal, two years later ice. Ices! so the genocidal, but that's why, started the series. It was a little ahead of where we work An ice go faster than I thought, but it is a monster and Eureka who taught me a lot about the Caliphate year ago. Taught me a lot about the two If the mom DE the connection with Russia. And we haven't seen each other in a very long time. The world has changed well back at that I met you and I were Spain the most time talking about the rise of the healthy. I mean one point back when you,
on CNN we did a week's or the programme yoga ban in. You When you ve got it hit, you got hit worse than I did, but caliphate I mean come on, don't be ridiculous, that seven century nobody talks about this. Look you know if you just read the radicals to say it's the leave them? You will look prophetic repression, but you ve gotta, be we to say it ahead of whatever else things were. That's just not current But now here we are and the fight to take take down. The caliphate is the the boy you. What are you thinking about? What's happening in Turkey? Will Turkey's Owing to the dark side, I mean challenging because there's still a NATO ally and in some ways we do need them, but ere, the one you ve got a guy swinging to a militant Islam missed perspective saying he's going to send people in basically as
population bomb into into Germany well and will keep for for the last years he has allowed a wave of foreign fires to come sweeping through Turkey into Syria that are some of our worst enemies. Now he's he's tab down on that. But this is what you are. Watching is a man who sees himself as a a modern sultan, we're trying to rebuild not just the cow but really the the Ottoman Empire living in a world where you don't you and I What about you mention the twelfth mom we are not dealing with militant Islam is we are and he's one of them, but we're dealing with apocalyptic is in IRAN the leaders is there not just trying to be there? Not just radicals, they are trying to bring about the end of the world as we know it through genocide
Iran has a longer term objective, build nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them will do genocide later when we get those isis same forget that you got us going out a car. You got an m16, you gotTA, Lord. You can start slaughtering. Now, and this is genocide against Christians. Yes, these? She wasn't anybody that disagreed with them, but this is not radical Islam. This is what I call a pack lipstick Islam. Are. We do have a present now at least was willing to say that the radical Islam right then neither of the laughed too prevalent willing to do that. I was on CNN International a couple days ago and they asked me about you know Muslim Ban, and I said I the problem with any muslim ban. I haven't I have a problem with an islamist ban. problem is. Is that George Bush, no one is willing to say There is a difference between a Muslim and an islamist and
yeah, it's hard. Fine and I dont know what to do. The differences and the population of Islam is over in the Middle EAST wildly high, that's right, then you have the divide, though out Poland, The court is lobbyists right and militant Islam, but I would still say that number I think, is knowable you look. It extend support, as I have done with a number of middle EAST experts think the numbers is about seven to ten percent of people who are willing to tell pollsters over the last fifteen years. I support, suicide bombing. I support more recently the islamic state. They they are willing to say. I support violence against innocent to achieve my religious or political objective, The news is not, percent are not willing to use violence to an end I think, you're only talk about- maybe one in four in total who are Islamists, but One in ten of are willing,
support violence. That's in world of one point: six billion people, that's a lot a hundred and sixty million people, if you put them all in there, country, the Islamic Republic of IRAN. article stand. You know for the ninth largest country in the world, half the population of DNA think. That's what without warning does this series for takes into this world, not an Epp ed, not in a Washington speech, but in entertainment, try to connect with the people culture to create a high speed. Adrenaline pumping thriller Clancy ask thriller the takes you into the mindset of people who were. hell bent on not only killing us but bringing about the making any progress against this is, and we are always them we are any, I think, give to separate out into two categories- must recent ices, specifically we're deftly taking
and back in Iraq about sixty percent of the land retaken by. U S coalition forced that's good, we're gonna take back Mosul. That's good. We ve taken down about four hundred thousand plus twitter account. That's good swore tat were making progress, but You ask the american people we just did a exclusive poor to find out Do you think we're winning progress, what a winning in motion I can say now we're not winning I don't think we are because an exit has gone from Al Qaeda in Iraq. it's bad enough to a hundred and twenty trees being recruited into ISIS. They ve killed more than twelve hundred p, Outside of Iraq in existence, they just killed again in London, and I believe they're coming here. In fact, I think that the What without warning does victualling says as you win in Iraq. Dont think that it reduces our threat level at home and actually increases it for the time being, because these
on fire start leaving the field of battle in the Middle EAST and they redeploy and a foreign fighters doesnt work, then with a yemeni or syrian past, they were walking with an EU were American Pass. How do you deal with what the american people Duke is? I think, under the Mr President, with the latter of trust in the press, with the lack of I think we are approaching the the Bubba Effect moment that the the military has been worried about two where, where bubble just had enough. I don't trust the government to keep us safe. I've had enough I'm taking things into my own hands with something like you propose in without warning. You know the decimation of the capital during the state of the union.
no no! I know, but you are telling us for years like each other. They do ask troubles right. What time zone is you, as you lay this out? How did you envision the people's reaction because I'm afraid we're broaching nineteen forty one kind of mentality we could easily be swept up into, but I'm all in camps. Well, yeah? Well, that's it it's ok, so that such challenging question several things first over the last, one thousand five hundred and sixteen years since nine slash eleven. If you chart out that the growth of gun purchases, the United States, it's off, that's not just because of radical and apocalyptic Islam that also because violent crime here in United States, drugs and people like hey the government is He might let me say that the ones that I absolutely wanted to do. So that's one thing, but we did,
this new paw and I'll I'll send you the the link. Maybe you goes one on earth because its fascinating, we asked people, do you you're here to say that we are at war with the religion of Islam, whose word to ask that, because I thought what if we get this effect, where thirty we fifty percent percent, only one in ten were that's bad, but it's not! You know is bad word one in three say: no, no, no, don't mention Islam call it violence. extremism like present Obama, but the plurality over forty percent said, no call, it isn't a forty six percent caught radical Islam, but our leader should be clear. That most Muslims are not our enemy. In other words, you want to mobilise most majorities to help us in this fight not alienate and in the worst case, radicalism, So that pulling tells me that we are not at the stage where people
are going to war with locally with reliable. But I think you look I've. I've had a heart of criticisms of the president. think that you have our and your guy legally Israel now, but I'm until you re a view, listen listen! I wasn't never trumpeted thirty days before they actually concluded by look. It's true he's got all these liabilities, but if Zimmer, You don't want your hand and MIKE Pence is a part, friend any lives. Might now I have to tell you all to vote for the really context, yea he's, still making auto mistake, but in the area of ices and Radical Islam, I give the present lot accredit he's putting in an excellent national security team. He gathered sixty eight countries together yesterday, he's he's calling it out of radical Islam. Now, I'm calling on the president to give me you're dressed and define the term as you, and I are no, what we mean by the american people never heard an american present USA. It and I don't think that the car
whether realises that a term that he observed embraces is not a term that most Americans have heard from a print, a brilliant or, as you say, let and they certainly have inherited it defined by the press exactly right. So you have He has an opportunity to go over their heads the precedents and talk to the american people. What's the threat last year, for example, thirty, Evan people in United States were arrested on ISIS plot charge. Thirty seven, that three month what I just meant, Edward, the ices is drawing from a hundred and twenty different countries. We can lay out facts like that, but then he needs to be clear, but ninety percent of Muslims are not our enemy. We need to work with them. Mobilise them to help us attack them, and to protect them exactly so. So I think that's big challenge, now, and I think that's the opportunity. Okay, so the name of the book is without warning. Jewel Rosenberg, he writes, fan, Stick novels Levy,
which gears here quickly. Well, with a couple minutes, we have left Russia Russia is not a friend and there something going on in America, where we the conservatives are suddenly saying Putin these, that's all bad, Russia's, not so bad! Listen! Well! Here you eve impression and waterways that's my next novel, so we'll talk by that more next year. But here you know it's it's it's an urgent problem. Now, look my family were orthodox Jews on my dad side that escaped from Tsar Nicholas the second when he was encouraging the killing and raping of June in the nineteen hundred? I see Vladimir Putin, not as a soviet era guy, even though, is trained by the KGB, not as a as yours, Hitler he's not a fascist body is bizarre. He wants rebuild the glory of Mother Russia, and that means imperialism. That means taking back ten
for that he believes it is. The guy is got no controls on him. We did a pool again we're trying to do some pointed to check on this check. Where are we? I write about these things, but ok, what are the american people really think In January we found it. Seventy one percent of Americans believe the Putin is a clear impressed this generous last January now what's interesting is this, with a bipartisan. Well, the majority who believe the partners a threat. However Democrats were higher. Liberals were higher at seeing Russia and Putin as a threat than report. Then conservative Republicans something is going on again. My view is to take these concerns and then rather, just right up ads about them to travel outflank and go into the popular culture And use novels to try to take people on it.
An adventure ride where they are not planning to learn, but they are, and Are you more optimistic or less optimistic than you were five years ago? Let's talk because, as a russian jus, I'm a pessimist by nature hasn't even job. I have hope so look. I am, When it comes to radical Islam. I am encouraged by the current Restoration, the people that are in their their seriousness when it comes to sure I'm I'm I'm good? nervous, but I want to believe that matters and pens and like Pompey, owes a friend and then proteins are good serious people. The president is taking out a weird approach towards Russia and
I hope that that's a tactic soda, we all find you know time- will tat sort of all Joel Rosenberg. The name of the book is without warning. You can get it in both stores or amazon dot com where revile your books without warning. Well worth a regional Rosenberg. Thanks, sank in collaboration with you. It's wants this F our assembly safe home. security, you still mean counts, countless installation, appointments and getting locked in the contracts and real, chewing your arm off just to get their guide and leave your house. Your it is worth the tie. your family. Safety is worth the time, but the companies are not worth your time. please safe, makes it really easy for you to protect your family and your home simply save as twenty four seven professionally monitored homes, security that you can
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this is the Glen back Program- you sign up for the newsletter and get all the info. You need to know what Goin back Dotcom mercury. This is glad that programme there is a It story, Glenn backed our common, the five possible outcomes for Judge Gorse it and confirmation process The Democrats roll over of the nuclear option. The two speech rule a Senate rule mandates. The Senate can stay in the same legislative day until filibustering senators, give up on their efforts centrally away to tire out of filibustering exhaust the absurd minority to run out the clock, information, then, would only require them fifty one votes, pun while highly unlikely this would occur, for whatever reason President Trump withdraws the nomination, which I don't see him doing in there.
the fifth option in the Democrats. Actually like corset. He's a reasonable judge, who was confirmed unanimously ten years ago, If Republicans Igor such sway handful of Democrats, pushed through the super majority. I think that's actually real likely, I think, he's just going away. Yeah I mean I'm a suitably nominated. I mean more community yeah he's been neatly, there's nothing. That I have seen that is objectionable about this guy and other don't think Americans are paying attention to it, you don't have anything on this guy. How about the act that he wants people to freeze to death when their trucks breakdown, talk that way. You know what it's really cold and nearer and nearer than your truck breaks down, ok, woody. What would you do in that situation? This is what our frank and asked him the other day. What would you do in that situation? Is he wrote
on a case that it is of the particular situation and then eventually cause he left the truck and went to bed, I guess, go warm up and came back. They want a firing him the company, and Neil Gorse said the companies while the fire people, even when the reasons really dumb. one of the things that people who die these people that you regard such words. People should job. He wanted people to have the charge over their own business, was awake and make decisions back programmes. The claim that programme welcome to the programme. I would like you to call in right now
and just answer this one question: how do you want the Republicans devote today on healthcare? Repeal it or reject it. We which one is that the choice we would repeal what it's more long term bill or travel for it. Yet to take the Trump care and then vote for. What's what gaff? or you know, negotiate until the last minute, but still take this or reject it, if Obamacare was Coke, this colleagues zero right, just it's it's Obamacare without caffeine authorities, while cocksure has no powers, a delicious product love go observers I would know what should I call you? A free market is Coke zero there's exe primarily business had its withheld tabs. Delicious tat does not donations gold where they still make a middle aged. Seventy seven bees engage Effie, seventy seven, these gay.
it is actually a weird. Theirs is there's a coke there's, a product called coke life, have you had it? What does it do? Stevie, ecology, life well, sort of it. There is also it has like. Instead of zero cow, can't Koko's honoured fifty dollars, I can't for example, is zero hours. I can't coke life, I think, is low. seventy year. Ninety calories would be sixty something like that. It's a in between think yourself. Well. I what I might, why are either have the real one or have the one where you're saying: ok, I'm at a sacrifice, maybe a little chased or whatever, and how to zero galleries. Why would go with the one that has like sixty or seventy kept. This is what we are saying about. This stupid male actually got that greatly soda reference centre, and I dont know if we really because we're starting with coke. This is like starting with Mr Pip,
You start with MR appeared at the start. We have this diet, Mr Peer five, zero, because our diet, you actually have to start with a glass of urine, and then work up to white lily urine from the most healthy, partisan, still urine gang relatives attempt to those healthy. Now, Earl Guy is buried. Eight, seventy seven easy gay. Have you heard anyone who is because people who are politicians are saying this is gonna have been expelled. John Spacer yesterday, this bills, happen tomorrow. There is no plan b like that, what they're saying because that's what they have to say, but you have anyone who thinks this is actually a good bill I've heard a lot of dancing around. They know they're doing exactly the one. Even the advocate of the Democrats always urged not a perfect peel. There's no perfect bill, I'm so
sick and tired of that aggrieved. It's not a perfect violating we. What? Why won't you crafts of there's not much better? At least there's was their got everything they wanted now they didn't. They wanted a single pay or not, or no that's not what these? No that's, not what they set out for object, option that was not included in the final about that's not what they said. I said they did on public option. That was a bit late here now. Obama, during the campaign said he didn't want to be what you remember yes laid out in the public. Did he say did want that? He didn't want the mandate. Will she got the mandate, confusing process as we all know of point being those like. It's not. You know. This is something that is if we, but from our old system directly for Obama care for a second if we went from our old system to the GEO P proposal. First of all, the Jew he would never have proposed to know, and secondly, remotely almost like crazy. We all would have said this the glass of urine,
anybody else from Johnny you not indeed put some pure king area still year. I don't I don't want a pure cane sugar urine. I don't want you don't want it. I don't want your young rated from the Stevie or wherever this is actual sugar, but I know that let's go to Leslie Leslie take their did. Take the he'll or reject it rejected did you vote for tat. Did you vote for Trump I did a lot of their party, ok so much Leslie, Tony in Pennsylvania, the deal or rejected they rejected. Ah, I was Donald Trump powder. We're. Quite thanks for your history. Stop I really enjoyed thanks. I listen to it by twenty five year old son. Didn't I
her Donald Trump? Well? Well, good. So so so you're saying reject this deal. Yes! Well, I shall we then don't do anything else. Maybe yeah look down the line. Ok, no! No, I'm just the way way way way way. I'm specifically talking about this bill you're in Congress today. Do you vote for the bill, or you d say no. This is garbage change because it doesn't do enough. The trunk wants it. because using a lot of political capital to get this done is he's is in a trial, make a deal with the Freedom copies Master deal maker too. I mean I'll, be surprised honestly. His weight always happy I'll, be really surprised if it'll pass it because do it, because, even though hearing. They don't have the votes. They always come up with a boats to pass about bill while congregate may never had been heard that there is never a chance good bills, it never happens,
bills. They always find the votes. We have no votes, everybody, it's like they ve all been vaporize. We can't find them the voting begins, they all vote for it and the thing about Trump, which, if you want this bill past is a real positive, is he doesn't have a real ideological tie to anything in this bill. Let's get rid of Obamacare Eddie to fulfil the campaign, probably as yours you get out, but, like you know, the fact for him, like this regulation of this regulation stays or goes, is incredibly important to him. So he's to bend on that stuff to get something done now. That's I dont on that particular, Sorry about that. But if you, if you like troubling you like this bill, I think there's a real argument. But you know hey this. This might happen because of those things that make a german Ohio, hello Jim I do I take, should take my call you back. yeah I would vote for we can do- is losing loosened, we lost you, Jim, are you there.
I think he said he was in a vote, for it sure sounded like Marisa, Pennsylvania Hollow Marisa, everybody thank, you were taken. My closer, I would say, tell Paul Ryan the pound salt rejected and junk junk. I dont know how power I mean how we ve been waiting. We ve been waiting. Are so very long to do this republic with talking about it for forever. If you like- and this is what they came up with my eight year old- could have done about job at writing. Never replace do you do you feel betrayed by what the promises were during the election, not particularly because I didn't have too much faith in what Donald Trump when talking about anyway, I am glad that he is able to get in there and catch Obama care at least it at least is coming up and it'll get to his desk. For about I mean for eight years. We couldn't even get that far. So I guess this is progress, but
but I don't have much faith or at a very high expectations, are republicans in general or and Donald Trump, in particular, in terms of being a conservative, Does he not and for the most part, nobody in Congress, none of the Republicans or conservative. I always appreciated, ran Paul and unlikely That proves the way better than Donald Trump, of course, and then either one of those men but of time by far away a better job, I'm getting a better looking bill, but at least Donald Trump. I mean you gotta, give him credit where credit is due he's at least getting something started, but it's only a beginning, its this with a very infancy stage. This cannot be the final, the final replacement thanks, Mirza appreciated, gets interesting. Jestingly pass something much much much better than this couple years ago, when they knew it wouldn't go through. They wouldn't go through a past in much better go ahead. Gary a little bit of several saying,
we're appeal only set back to the states via the moment. and be done with it. I'm good with that so you're, saying today, if you're in Congress you'd say no to this bill blow. This bill sent back to the store, It is a matter that numerous powers under paragraph station and be done thanks a lot logger appreciate it. Let me go to MIKE in Pennsylvania, hello MIKE. Constitutional rejected Molly was I'd like you're, the guy from like the CIA. You know I'm coming to kill you three rejected by massive argument on the evidence. Yesterday, Thomas Massey, from protecting, he said, look there It is supposed to be a negotiation and
The negotiation doesn't really start until one side says no and if conservative saying no there and I have to come back to the table and try to figure out how to make this acceptable to conservatives, which is a big difference from what they have now whether you can get that stuff by the Senate is a whole another issue. But that's not the house's responsibility there, how thousands responsibilities to pass the best bill possible. You can figure The details a later, but instead there trying to maneuver delete all these moderates to vote for it in and try to make it this. This thing that everyone can accept its like well past the right thing: one past third thing and if you have to, if you have to back off right thing later, then, maybe that has to happen to get the votes. However, why not start with the right thing? Why not begin with? I don't know let some three for the stars. I wanna go for this What do you know how this opportunity again should keep your view? on the ground. I wouldn't even resort start regional stars and then flowed off into space to your head pops. That's
that either that or stay here on earth and continue to watch out. What's he ass, he says and recommend a high. Now I live in these times now he did know he died before we got here before we got here, so he was like hearing on the ground. I prefer reach for the stars flowed off into space until your head, pops now zip recruiters response. It is half hour how much time and energy to you spend looking for that perfect tire not a lot if you're using zip recruiter dotcom was, recruiter dot com. You can post to two hundred plus job sites, including social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. All with this thing goes like you can find candidates in any city in the industry nationwide you ones and watch your qualified candidates world. It is a procurators easy to use interface. No juggling the emails are calls to your office. You just quickly ski screen, the candidates rate them and higher the right person fast fight.
today, wiser procurators been used by fortune, one hundred companies and thousands of small and medium sized businesses and right now you imposed you jobs on recruiter, for free by going to zip girder dot com, slash back that zip, recruiter, dotcom, slash back, try. for free small business, just one hundred company doesn't matter zip recruiter. dot com. Slash back! you're were listening to the Glen Back Programme. program in the city of talking about it. If we had to vote One way or another I would vote, I don't care. there, goes on you're gonna screw it over this area. If they have rejected, you know, they're gonna, screw it up later. They
they're gonna screw it all right, even if it turns out to be good, they're gonna, screw it up. So it's just like why care we're so politically dead inside and talents, so don't just so over the last year and a half is either there's nobody good to root for right, Michael we, mostly only guy that is really untarnished in my head now. I know there's other guys, but It's only when the easel war is always comes to mind is the only guy that I'm like. Ok. Well likely. I trust him I think it's a healthy thing, though, honestly the ability to be able to just let the stuff go man and nature life better I don't know it's a minute in a purely selfish way. I don't live and die by by this stuff anymore. I don't know you know I am also able I have no like I will
these bills to be good, and I want our taxes to go down and I want people to have better health care in and they have regulation, but you know no, that's gonna have so worrying any of them to accomplish it, and this is what I read all the stuff I'm supposed to read. I do a lot more. Yes to the end of a nun like whatever I mean, there's this digestible, I just don't air anymore, when it comes to politics. You don't already times have said that this week about two hundred times I just don't care my brother was visiting and he's super into the political stuff right now, and he asked me stuff about it. I don't care, I just don't care,
really bad willingly, especially in our line of work. I just want to point that out, like you, were still doing the work or still knowledge ITALY before him and realer drew in it, but I try analyzer stops. I don't worry about it. I can't I'm just a news. I watch clips. I'm worried vocs news at all and now I can't watch any of my. I read a lot, but I can't any I go home. My father law has all the news. Germany runs through all the news channel, so I get bits and pieces My gear are, gets it down and look at it again, by the way, when you do analysis of these things? The best To do it said I have emotion tied to them oh, you know, or analysis will be much better. We don't. We may talk right now. I am spa. You could say there is already today and they're gonna go to vaporize half
Of car buyers, that's Vanessa Vaporize ACT of Congress like fascinating, pure energy, Europe, certainly I have no emotion over that all be vaporize. Removing the emotion not actually helps your analyses does just because you know you don't guess PETE someone treated me the other day like we're all. Would you guys care about politics if TED crews was president, probably more more? You know what that might not help our analysis. Probably would have a ruling interest, and that would help. Now we talked about is how beaten we ve been by the whole situation in the hall I mean
he had seventeen candidates and they picked number seven, but it don't. You start from their early allowed. Its is the last eight years before that in the last four years of the Globe Data by with more respectable. Let's just go back. Let's just go back to fair, and I know what one we ve been doing this and actually airing
and Michael more fatter than me haven't. We realise that law Florida election this stupid, but that was a joke. The one person who did not laugh at it wasn't your wife that on yeah is actually aromas better than my colleague, Michael Howard. I like these look pretty well what happened to me. I mean I remember, being side by side pictures on the tv and me look bad already happening in interesting, your energy. During these things back programme
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