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This is the blaze radio on demand? okay, so Trump took to Twitter over the weekend and said the evidence is overwhelming. They have wiretapped my phones at Trump Tower. This is during the election. Call me, I was with the F B. I remember the Republicans hated it. Then they love now. I think they're back to heating up again and the Democrats loved him then hated him he's back to being the low, child of the Democrats? He said this is nonsense. The FBI needs to dismiss it and dismiss it quickly. You know the Everybody keeps everybody, keeps switching sides on says to me. He may be the only man in America with any kind of credibility. He calls them as he sees them.
Either that or he's just a fantastic game player and almost a psycho dad. We have the evidence that supposedly is overwhelming. Plus a story that I found that I brought to the boys just a few minutes ago and None of us will ever note sorry Stu. Strangely, will none of us want to ever get into a pool ever again, to begin there right now,
The Glenn Beck program, we're going to get to the news of the day, but I have to start here. Scientists have now confirmed the worst fears about in pool, and I believe that it is worse than your worst fears least mine. One in five Americans say they pee in the pool. Even Michael Phelps says everyone. Does it well Well, that's a! I don't said they didn't yeah, I don't you do now. Don't okay! if you pee in the pool? Oh my gosh, he pees in the pool we have a bathrooms actually now Jeff.
Which has a new venue like he did in the hole before in my life I mean yeah, I remember said they they said about, though red ring that went around you and freaked me out. I've never peed in the pool. I've always thought about that red ring, and I believe that everybody used to say that, and I would just say no: it didn't right. The no you're, not so you might as well have a absolutely no absolutely not okay. Scientists have figured out a way to quantify how much urine is in our pool I warn you, you are not going to like this search team tested, thirty one pools and hot tubs and found evidence in urine in every single one of them on average there were. Eight gallons of urine in at one hundred and ten gallon. One hundred and ten thousand gallon pool an eighteen one slash two gallons of urine in
two hundred and twenty thousand gallon pool now the hot tubs hold on. They found a key, that's just the hot tubs in hotels found to have. He hi the urine level of the worst swimming That makes sense right. It's just that, because it's so much less water right percentage, wise you're, going to have a bad. And you're also relax drinking and relaxing, and things that I don't want to know what happens in hotel hot tubs. Luckily, it's at a very high temperature Well, hopefully it maybe I don't know killing all the bacteria or growing or growing up sure, I'm not sure, but Imagine now putting my head is, not till I've, never done a hot tub at a
hotel, if you guys ever done a hotel locked up tons of time. Yes, yes, I'm afraid, I'm a big hot tub felt like. I can't believe you 'cause, you won't drink out of a regular glass. You have to have a plastic cup. It's really nothing to write and be it's not about germs, So at some other ski thing, hey come on come on, come I don't mind explaining, but it's a it's a real, it's a real. It's it we're getting off the exit here of the show you what I got the The show trip is to my lines. What is the scheme? We don't know how to basically I don't like. I don't like come on like like glasses, for example, if you have a glass and it goes through and gets washed, and sometimes there's food that cake by the inside or little pieces of food. I don't like drinking liquid.
And getting solid. So you can see what that would do it yeah. I had last seen if you can wrap the restaurants. Are you at where there's food caked on the inside of the glass I mean it happens Sometimes it does, but it sometimes when you get with four kids happens, a lot less than people peeing in pools. If you open up your numbers, switching universal, I don't drink, pool water drink it either, but it gets into your mouth it gets in my face. I don't I don't also go up to it I don't go up to a big. For instance, I'm not a cowboy, so I'm going to go up to the the bring the little the the big huge. I don't even know. We call it a big huge tub The cows are, my horses are drinking and just wash my face in it because it's got cal slobber in it.
That's not people, but he I guess it because we all. I think we can all recognize that there's not an actual effect to either of these things like a piece of food in my cup, doesn't do anything having pee in a pool, Millions of people are swimming every day and not dying from the the the pool to heart. It's the thought of it. It's a mental thing that actually, no that's, not that's not what what's killing all of us. Maybe it is. It is all I'm with that's true I mean again, you will see I heard today, here's how this is how I heard this story. I read this story over the weekend and this is how I heard this story eight,
the percent of the water in your pool by the way they didn't use right right, yeah. This is a little bit long used, eighteen gallons to make it sound like holy crap, I've been beating, eighteen gallons of urine and right in an olympic size, pool right. Here's, no, no, no, twenty thousand gallons an olympic size to six hundred, sixty thousand gallons science on the start. So here is the percentage of your in in in the pool that they're telling me you're not percent. This is a scare article. Remember sixty eight percent zero at point: zero. Ten eight
thousands of a present, ok, yeah, eight, thousands of a percent standing by the way. Looking at on this one. Little fact here urine is ninety five percent water, Q. Ok! So there's something that five percent that I don't live with. You is that five percent that makes me never want to be in place like some mall yeah having to drink my or somebody else's your refund? And I get it it's again in your. I think it's more in your head and the reason why the stupid glass thing bothers me in this doesn't is it's detectable right? It's not detectable that there's point is pro zero, but give me that things are getting better. I guess you do Boise Rosie O'Neil, Nude, just swam right then, into like a whole concentration of p.
We didn't know you know it's section of the pool, will never be the same for me, but you wouldn't know it is a positive to me. I don't want to know it. I know that this stuff, like we did, sell hotdogs thing where the hot dogs and certain percentage of speech or whatever the hell are in there like everyone knows that there's bugs and there's rats and everything else in these things. 'cause there's a small percent, ok with it, but it doesn't do anything they have Hebrew National, rabbis gotta, make sure there's no there's no feet in those right now because yeah yes. Now I want to rabbi rabbi with my sausage. It's what I want. We can talk about all the political, or is there, but this is the one that makes the difference. No, this is the one that I'm living all spring and summer. Can I ask SIRI question I have a saline pool, a saltwater pool. Do I have cloud
I don't like the ninety five percent year in right, so put chlorine in it and that's probably why I would say that the chlorine helps kill any of the. Does the salt help. I know that thinks I know you told her symbol of chemicals out and then I'll go back to your is just going to get a giant. You know, although there's no bacteria that grows in it now, and I think it's just because the salt kill like the dead sea right, nothing can grow, and this is a little extra. Psycho example does that This girl is going to be at the diving board all summer, long, just pouring salt. Alright, when we come back, I want to talk to you about the as in came out and tweeted that they're trumping? Are there there tapping my phones at Trump Tower uh, and what to think of this
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This is the Glenn Beck program sign up for the newsletter and get all the info. You need to know what glennbeck dot com blue will welcome to the program go to a. Donald Trump in his tweet first of all, first of all, let me preface it with this. Let's see what shakes out in this there been a lot of accusations of a lot of things. For instance Voter fraud in there would be an investigation, but there is no investigation that is going on and that we've pretty much moved on from. I fear that the and could be engaging in things that are will position him as the little boy who cried Wolf and he needs to be believed, will
be believed, that's one section. Second action. We shouldn't be surprised that they are, wire tapping his phone now I don't know if they are or not. But I believe we are arguing the wrong thing. We all know that power was happening, and this very exact, in thing was happening to journalists under Barack Obama and it will happen under Donald Trump, not because Donald Trump is evil, but because Donald Trump can It happened under Barack Obama because he can. Why can he because of the Patriot ACT, because the FISA Courts, because of the fact that you only need an inkling. You know I've got this feeling your honor
need to have real hard evidence? Otherwise you wouldn't go to a FISA court all you need is an inkling now shouldn't come as a surprise to us, they were listening to the Russians. Now that they're tapping the russian Embassy now. Isn't where we doing that in the 80s. Were we doing that in the 50s we were trying to now? can were listening to Angela Merkel's phone. You don't think we're listening to Vladimir. Putin's phone or the allies around him. Of course we are, and I of FISA is long We can tap there and they're making contact the page Ok tells me, I can now tap their phones to. Let's be consistent, let's not make this about Donald Trump. Let's not make this about Barack Obama, because that's
We did last time and we didn't win because It only becomes about the person, let's not, make it about the person. Let's make it about the idea why tapping of american citizens without evidence is wrong. If they have evidence, and they can go to a regular judge. Then they should. We know that they went to to FISA courts. Well, so Why are we surprised? Why are we surprised by any of this from the guardian, John Mccain, passes dossier alleging secret Trump Russia contacts to the FBI from Mcclaskey hi. Five other agencies probe possible covert Kremlin aide to Trump. These are during the election, intercept
Russian communications, part of inquiry into Trump Associates New York Times NSA, gets more latitude to share intercepted communications. New York Times Flynn is said to have talked to Russians about sanctions before Trump took Office New York Times, Obama is asian rush to preserve evidence of russian election hacking New York Times inquiry on Trump Aides includes intercepted russian data from the Boston Globe. Of course they were listening. At a news story? I mean the question and obviously the way Trump put it was they hacked my phone's right likely would have in is they were monitoring Russians that were out coming in contact with people in his campaign,
It went further than that. We'll see evidence of it. We already know that part of it right like this, as you just point out this twenty five thousand he's out there about that. We know that, and you know I I think Ruby honestly had the best take on this, which is you know, look what we can see the evidence if, if Trump has evidential presented, and if it's really bad will go after it, there is it's not even we won't. There is no reason for us to be arguing about this. None none whatsoever, the guy who made. The accusation is the president of the United States of America, the President of the United States of America, the most powerful man in the world cannot get access to his own agencies, which his own people head up now, and hey. I want to see the evidence of what you guys were doing if he can't get Then we're lost anyway. I might as well shut the whole damn government down. I think what you can expect is the best possible case, the most unbelievable information you could ever have to see it to prove. If this is true or not? Yes,
he has access to everything, he's the press now it's it's, so he will make a great case, I'm sure, if you as the information or if he doesn't- and you know people are saying well he's just trying to distract from his issues. Well then, we will get nothing out of it right but I mean what just we sit here and obsess about every twist and turn over these things. You know because the President We did something, must we sit here and and and for every app minute of this show to trying to parse. Every single claim from either side this is it. This is real. We're going to get a huge investigation is going to be a massive story, will get all the information eventually but as we sit here in obsess about every twist and turn over I'm much more interested in the pee in the pool. Well, I am more interested in making the case that the patriot and these FISA Courts should never be three point. So it's again, it's a principle. Instead of every day to twist and turn I mean, let's not talk about, let's not talk about Trump, let's accept Trump added.
Word right, because we know that it was happening with. Rock Obama's administration, journalists and journalists, and they didn't seem to care Fox NEWS Journal Sprite and they don't care this time. Only Fox cares this time it didn't seem to care everybody just kind of moved on when it was just the journalist, Now. The only reason why they care is because the right media is protecting the president and the left media is trying to bring down the president. So they made a huge issue into an issue about people in. Of the idea that we should not be wiretapping in secret courts pier again, regardless of whether it was it happened with Barack Obama, let's just say
I mean first of all, we don't know. If it did, we don't have all the information, but let's say it did happen with Barack Obama or it didn't the bottom line is, it could happen with with whatever president, if you're a Democrat right now, you're saying absolutely not. This is a crazy accusation. You should instead attack the principle, so Donald Trump doesn't do it to you in two years. Yes, he's side with the idea that you should have privacy as an individual, and these power shouldn't be solely in the hands of the president to do whatever you want, with someone's going to want to attack with it eventually get rid of it now, while you're Pist off. If it wasn't the last president, an it's not this president, it may be the next president. Somebody nefarious is going to say. Well, I have this tool. Let's just use this back in a minute.
Beck program. So let me let me explain, let me go back to the idea with Z, The FISA courts possibly saying yes, you can monitor the people Paul Manafort in the Trump campaign and then that spreading. This is something that we talked about For a very long time, we've About it for the last eight years, you don't want that kind of power of the it act in the hands of any president when when we talk to the people who were in the intelligence community that had
tried to blow the whistle to the american people under George W Bush, and then were found themselves to be hunted literally hunted as outcasts and possible, lawbreakers for alerting the american people. No, the tension under George W Bush, then we paid it under Barack Obama, and I ask those guys why how do we end this and they all said you remember the episode all of them said we never will we'll. Never will never end it, because, whoever is in they'll say well, I need this power. I have to have this power I believe we're seeing that with the people, which is worse than the president, we're seeing with the people. We should not be arguing about Donald, Trump being wiretapped instead,
the right should be saying these laws exist. To allow this to happen. They need to be changed. Whether it happened or not. These laws need to be changed, but we don't because now we like to have that power for our president, we just don't like it used by another president. Let me give you an example. This is from CNN easy. Instructed the Department of Homeland Security to reinterpret the laws on immigration and start building the border wall, the State Department to reinterpret visas and refugees, the h as to reinterpret aspects of Obamacare the EPA could be next and president What is done it all without any real input from Congress which, despite Publican majorities in both houses must still move methodically and therefore is stagnant. That's nothing! particular New in Washington to the Victor
who presidential election go the spoils of controlling the executive branch, which decides how exam need to execute the nation's laws, but the impact of Trump's actions. Cold. Could the threat of immigration and immigrants, woven into the fabric of american society? Yes, Trump could change the fabric of the United States without changing any of its laws? Your I'm sorry what we're going to fundamentally transform what that was not a problem for him, not a problem, and he directly said it correct. It still wasn't and they're, not even making the case here that they need to restrict the power of the presidency they're, just saying our guy, he is out. We have to stop this guy from doing it in think of how Miss used the Patriot ACT has been. We've, we've never used it for terrorism up until
the last time I saw the statistic a couple years ago it was like the The court had been used like eighty five percent, of the time for drugs. It's used to stop drug dealing. And now apparently monitor people in presidential campaigns. Not being used for terrorism and that's what it was set up for it will never not even being used only get worse yeah. At least you know that, but President Trump said this is Nixon. Now it's not no! It's not it's much. First the next, at all, yeah and and Mr Trump I urge you, then instead of just making this into a political about between Obama I urge you then, to lead the way and say I'm removing I'm doing everything I can. Congress must act to remove these laws. So no president, no in Congress. No one would have the power to go.
A secret court with a hunch right. Can we to look at this from the perspective of the Democrats? Love this because they think it makes Look like this unhinged guy, who makes accusations with no evidence, and so They love this part. The establishment Republicans love this, because look, we can talk about this. Instead of talking about doing crap put them there to do it rid of Obamacare. It's the same game we played under Obama, lower the taxes talked about health care since Friday, since this diet, Roque, and so here we are- and I'm concerned that you could, because this is true, obviously trump likes. This back and forth, it's where he's great, you know he's He he loves getting in the middle this. These messes, he is great its story line yeah, and so the story look like you know: don't we The story line to be Obamacare
taxes- yes things like that so we get is this- is this going to set us off on this long? Because I mean yes: can they do multiple things sure? But if the focus of government is on trying to prove a president was hacking. Another as in in an election by the way, the second President one it's like he lost because of this he actually won. Is it in if you did it absolutely and it should be investigated, but the folks should be on things that need to get done now, because if we sit, and go through six months of investigation to try to prove the X Y Z did X Y Z, any for next year were campaigning for next year. Every Republican so say look. I can't vote on this now, because it's too close to the elections we gotta get these. Things done in every piece of news seems to Tell me the media isn't playing. This game seems to just practice from these goals of getting these actual giant programs. Into some sort of order. Every single thing is about some personality thing: it's about the media conflict. All of it does zilch for the
actual american people and if we don't These things done now it's going to go the other way in river, run out of time not too long to do doesn't do anything for, but it does a lot to the american people. Who was the person that came out this weekend, hang on. If I have it, It said you know we, you know it's time to march in you know, in the past, there's been blood and death in the streets, Loretta Lynch yeah right, alright, a lint low, rather Lynch listen to this and it's kind of concern for people who see our rights being assailed being trampled on an even being rolled back and which rights are those they have been assailed, trampled on a roll back. Would you say that pad? Why would you say that? Because that's exactly what they said in the very beginning of the Bush administration know that no, no that's what they said.
Two, and they said it to us during the blurry in the by yes, we would say is why would you why are whites, what rights, the specific? What rights? Right and frankly, I we were hard pressed to name the specifics, because we knew There are violations. We knew that they were misusing their power, but it was really hard to point to anyone thing and say: well, look they've they've made it, so we can't talk. We can't go to church, IRS Ira Cyrus Great One, and we have the example for yeah freedom of press right, the wire tapping of the press. We know Secu shins of the journalists under Obama, which, right more than all other presidents, combined how about the the I want your church to deliver all
of sermons about homosexuality? Oh in Houston, I mean right right. There are three big ones huge chart, all three of those in the first amendment, so we just got to the first men. And certainly there's no violations a second. Taking away taking away every person. Who is a social security uh that had what was it that that had somebody else, picking up their check. If you didn't go and pick up your check in person or cash, your check in person, you lost your right to guns now. They just overturn. That was one of the last things he did and they, Just he just took that in through executive order and took out great good for that. Yeah yeah But there's more that this is difficult, but I remind you that this has never been easy. Always had to work to move this country forward to achieve the great ideals of our founding fathers and it has been people
play one more line: individuals who have banded together ordinary people who simply saw what needed to be done. They came together and supported those ideals. Is it isn't that exactly what the Yes, yes, yes it just simple and condemn them as violent racist, racist crazy week already. This is not going to be easy. We have no, we have no heritage, doing this, but it this time for good people to stand up, and say no. This is not who we are and stand peacefully. And that was deemed we were anti government. It was less thing in the world. Any of us wanted to do so. We don't do that. We don't do it. We all have jobs, unlike the left, So first first she says she says our rights are being trampled and it would be very easy for us to say what rights yeah,
it's like they did like they did. But that's not helpful, then but it is fun. It is fun I will send to say. Then she says it's just ordinary people and we could say: oh, like us, yeah probably shouldn't say that, but it is fun and then the third one. What made the difference they marched they bled. Yes, some of them have died. This every The thing is we have done, before we can do this again, she's saying that said, you might have to believe IRAN and die on the streets for it. Are you a chic calling for violence? It right is that too much of a stretch I'll. Tell you that's a lot less of a stretch, the target targeting this district. Yes, oh lot, that's for sure yeah I mean I have they have they have the and left
has the heritage of doing that it was the weather underground. That was the left. It was Malcolm X. That was the left. I mean it was the black panthers that were the left, so help us out as with half these people are marching in Chega Vera T shirts, yes, which was of the left right, I mean it's. It's so very clear and again we could spend time talking about that. And it feels good does, does it's not helpful pattern. I had an argument about something this morning at like six hundred o'clock. We both get in and we had a. We had a heated argument about something and what and the argument was What are we doing? What we doing right now at the time there is the most important of our or anyone's life time in our particular Ace Pat and I believe that in
lifetime. Jesus might come back if you believe that what are we doing, What are we doing arguing about little things for instance, I had this session with somebody over the last week, uh about the Bible. And they were talking about? Well? Are you really bible, believing I'm like? Oh my god, I don't know I don't know 'cause, I don't know how you define if I'm bible, believing but ok and this individual- who I really really like really like She said you're a better person than I am because you you have found a way to love people who are in error
now: okay, alright, I got it. I got it now, let's, let's look at what the point of the Bible is, is the point of the Bible that we're all supposed to go in church on Sunday. No is the think of the Bible that we're all supposed to receive sacrament in certain way. No is the point of the Bible, what the point of Bible. Is you find it in John? I think fifteen where it talks about God, loves you and God loved his son and his. Sun came down, I'm wildly paraphrasing his some sun came down and he loved us just like the father loved him and now we're supposed to do it. Well, planning and that is the whole point of the new testament correct. You're supposed to love, like God, love this son
He loved us we're supposed to love whom those in error the whole. Point of the Bible that were bashing each other effect beyond those in error, our enemies will still love everybody. So any that we're not doing any time that we are creating, especially at this time real tension- and I don't mean that you don't correct error. You do correct error, but you don't you don't. Do it gleefully, you don't Do it with a sense of vengeance. We're supposed to love each other and Unfortunately, I don't hear that message anywhere. I think we owe it to the audience at the back story of the argument. There was one donut left.
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The Glenn Beck program. I want to take Roger from Nebraska, Roger go ahead: buddy, hey thanks! Lynn for all you do is racking up back in the bed. Ozzy days, does anybody remember a CBS reporter named Cheryl Atkins? yep who had who had a mission impossible. Most battle scenario in her apartment worth coming
set up a wireless wifi, you're, exactly Roger. You are exactly right. Thanks for your call. This is why we have to make sure the argument is about the Patriot ACT and spying, no old wireless. What they are, I mean wire tapping from FISA courts. We got to stop it. This is thank thank you. This is the blaze radio on demand, I'm reading something that I that we have shared before on the air. But I wanted to share the
call foundations theory in a in a different way. It is, it is always frustrating to, for instance, last week during the state of the union, when the president said you know, we want you to come in here, merit based and we set at the time. Why? Why do the Democrats? Why do they boo or hiss or why do they not clap for merit? How can you be against merit, explain this and I think it's an important distinction also. I think we need to have a. I think we are approaching the time of the Will Clinton blue dress, If we're not careful, Monica Lewinsky story in a different way. I believe maybe playing out right now it's
and for all of us to be on record, and we begin there right now, fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the paralyzed and I had a pretty serious argument this morning so most serious argument we've had in a long time? Is it well, yeah yeah and I'm happy to say twenty minutes done even that ten minutes after Pat walked in an we continue to argue- and I told him I forgive him, but
walked in and we both at the same time, looked at each other and said I love you and I respect you an I'm sorry and but that's something that comes from a friendship that is- then tried and true since one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine yeah it illustrates how difficult our task is between right and left 'cause, we don't have that relationship with most people on the left, certainly not see seas of the world. And so it's really tough to get beyond that right, and so we were not having a conversation between about right and left. Today we were having something a little more and I do you mind if we, parrot later on. Who won the argument? Why did it that I'm going to let him say that don't wait now, you're, no, no because you know he needs that to feel we'll talk about it here in in in in a little while is it is it plays in
to a couple of things? First, let's start with Donald Trump and the wiretapping. We were talking at last hour- and I want to I want to share something that I think is really important, because major game players with you know we are pawns in a massive political game. We think that we are in charge? We think that we are, you know up to speed on everything and that we've we matter, I'm not can, instead. We really do all that much until act in a way that they don't understand that Washington isn't expecting. For instance, the t that wasn't that was conservatives acting in a way they have never acted ever before and they didn't know what to do with it, right now the left is reaching out and he'll
Clinton says disruption. Disruption is what we do best March is what we do best so you're being used by the or your at least or at least playing into what the Democratic Party wants you to do. If your marching, it may be the right thing to do, it may not be that's up to you to decide, but you're in playing the game with them you're on the inside the team became that in the few years that it was kind of co, op, by the GOP evidence, and this is the way the staffers on the hill treating ranks previous remember, writes. Priebus was a worthless piece of skin. Remember anybody remember that it's priebus to tea, partiers was horrible.
Now on the hill, writes Priebus is being treated as if he is the president of the United States. They are actually treating him on the hill they're, not even going to Trump. They're going to rights. Ain't is gone from the This guy ever to really in some ways the acting president. Nobody said anything. How did that happen by pitting people against each other by a carefully crap did narrative. Those things can change and be of loyalty. Now Let me bring you to Monica Lewinsky what happened at the beginning of the Monica Lewinsky story. Matt Drudge broke a story, and those of us who saw bill clip,
in this character in ninety two an were bothered by it, but forgave him and said you know what, if his wife. Has forgiven him, then? Who are we to say but we all knew at least Pat, and I talked about it on the air at the time that okay, this? Guy is he's a dirt bag, but but he makes mistakes and makes a mistake, and if he's made, I don't care how many mistakes is made in the past if he is solved it with his wife and with God. It's none of our business until the next time- so when Monica Lewinsky happened. We felt it's clearly true and what happened The right said it was true, and the left said: no, it's not and we argued for eight months- happened. No, it didn't. Yes, it did. No, it didn't. Yes, it did. No, it didn't. Yes, it did. Yes, it did
wow, yes, it did, but it doesn't matter. Yes, it does. No, it doesn't. Yes, it does. No, it doesn't, and it was over. I told you that Trump was playing a game with the intelligence community And the intelligence community was going to teach him a lesson right that and when he started picking on the intelligence community, it was again and he was going to lose well he's just change the seating at the table. I explained to you. If you pick a fight with the Intel regions community, a you better, be right, and you also better know that, because Is of prism and everything else they have all of the information they need a spell only if it's outside of the country they're watching
get all of the phone calls they need anywhere in the world. So when Trump said, my people aren't doing this, and this is just the intel this community. I said at the time it's true, will come out with some evidence. Well, what did they do? They came out with some evidence and said: here's The intelligence community believes is true. And somebody else came out with a bunch of stuff that wasn't true. He said if he doesn't, if he does And stop swinging at them, they're going to come out with the transcript or they're going to come out with the tapes. Do you notice this weekend? He didn't swing at the intelligence community. He swung it Barack Obama,
Why why has he been building this case, that this is an out of control, intelligence, community now, all of a sudden. He say it was an out of control. President. Who was using the intelligence community. Because he knows he cannot in against the intelligence community, but you don't have to win against Rock Obama, you're feeding your own people, red meat. And by feeding your own people red meat? By the way happened to believe that they spying on Donald Trump and the only reason I have to believe that is all of the press. Accounts during the election said there were investigations going on. So why wouldn't they be listening to the Russians and
the Russians were calling trump tower? Yes, they would be having that too. It's called the Patriot ACT, It's called the FISA Courts two Times FISA Courts ruled it can do this? of course, they're doing this. It's why we said no to FISA courts. We should not renew, In fact, we should repeal the Patriot ACT. Why else would I believe that the president would do that? Well, because he did that to reporters. And nobody seemed to care, then so I happen to believe that what Trump said is true, that they, spying on him, but not the intelligence community. This time the targets move to Obama, So now we've supercharged the argument: we've gotten away from principles and gotten away from something that the american people-
generally on both sides, trust the intelligence community. Now we've polarized it and made it about two people, Obama or Trump. And so now, the intelligence community, would come out And if somebody would leak an audio tape, it's my contention that in in the next few let's say a month, goes by or God forbid, eight months go by and they have the tapes of Paul, Manafort and others you will have the right saying it doesn't matter, because it will have been fought by the troops. Us versus them. It will be fought by the troops as left or right, Obama or Trump, which one do you believe, which one you for and so no matter which side proved. Let's say we prove that Obama
spying. It won't matter to the people on the left. Let's say that, improve that. Yes, he was spying, but Donald Trump's people were saying bad things to the Russians or any into the Russians won't matter to the right. No, he didn't yes, he did. No, he didn't. Yes, he did. Oh, yes, he did doesn't matter, yes, it does. No, it doesn't get it does. No, it doesn't except this time, we'll both be playing. It doesn't matter. And it will only it will discredit. What really happened, and the argument, the original argument was here is the most powerful man in the World Bill Clinton thing on a nineteen year old Intern
having sex and doing awful things in the oval office. That was the original premise. But after eight months it became well it's a personal issue between him and his wife. Let's remember the original premise and there's two should any president, have the power to able to wiretap anybody's phone through a FISA court. If you have a hunch, you bring it to a FISA court, If you have evidence you get to a real court. Fisa court should be abolished, along with the Patriot ACT. That's premise: number one should a president, be able to have access to the or anyone access
A secret court where you don't have to prevent present evidence just a hunch answer: no, to should any president and or his surrogates, be speaking, to the Russians during an election and I build Mean Jeff sessions speaking to an ambassador unless those conversations veered into something as and he became a Trump surrogate, then that's wrong. Should they have con? stations with Russians. And take information or quite honestly, even encourage the Russians to go. Look for more The answer is no it's time for all of us to go on to record right now on
Those two issues should a presidential candidate, colluding with the Russians, nope. Should the United States government be able to go to a secret court on a hunch and wiretap? your phones and spy on you, nope. Those are the ideas, though, The things that large minds will talk about small minds will make it about Trump versus Obama The same thing goes to Democrats about Obama. If the, if the evidence comes out that he did tap these phones, will it matter? Will it matter it should should and that's why I say those two things: it won't matter to the left and it won't matter to the right and what so, then? What happens you just ratcheted up that were both enemies. We're not talking about principles. Small minds talk about people. Average minds talk about events.
RG minds, take and talk about ideas, The idea two fold, should a candidate be talking to a foreign government that is hostile to us during an election. No, Oh should we have secret courts where you don't really have to present real evidence that wouldn't be accepted in a regular court for wiretaps that can spray. Ed to other people. Answer no sponsor this half hour is my my patriot supply. I don't know if you've seen the stock market lately, breaking new records right um I had a friend that said, you know and I think we're headed for a melt up have you ever heard of a melt up? It's an actual economic term. No no melt happen, right before a meltdown. It's when
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Period. The Glenn Beck program, welcome to the program So glad that you are so glad you're here you know the uh, the. Everything that we say now is taken and run with even though it may not be the way we feel what we just what I just said a few minutes ago is going to be interpreted five different ways and uh. Some people who listen to program will say Glenn's anti Trump, some people who heard that same exact monologue will say there. He goes excusing drum uh,
It doesn't matter anymore, because emotions are in charge. And so no one can actually speak to you because of emotions hard it's really hard Pat and I were talking today and we were talking about religion Ann I I have a real problem. My spirituality is really good. My connection with God, in my testimony is rock solid. But my problem with religion is deep right now and here. We are two best friends of the same of the same religion, and we were. At each other's throats at each others throats, and I mean a bad or really bad way. He walked out of the room and I thought Are we going to do today? Show love actually because we're good friends, we solved it, and
we're fine with each other, but I take you through that exercise not about that topic next then back program. Thank you. This is the Glenn Beck program. Did you see the lady from Ford the the van that a self driving that makes almost instant deliveries, the Van and Lynn launches drones from the van also it's phenomenal. It's a giant truck I'll show you the video, it's a giant van, a Ford Van, all self driving, so it's just A crate with wheels- and you can
follow the grocery store and say I want these groceries, so the grocery store will have one of those vans they pay to order together, put it in the van the Van drives around town to deliver itself drive you don't have to be home, it a shelf pops out. It's your box of groceries. A drone is launched from the top of the van, it picks the box up. Flies it to your door or way and if you it showed in the future, if you live in an apartment complex that It will either drop it on your porch or there will be a shelf for deliveries for such a wind outside your window, I saw this as a reason for the the ups trucks of I don't know that I saw the Ford will, but it's really cool how the big, how the roof opens up yeah, where the drones? That's yeah. You know that the package is flat.
I mean it's- it's amazing, what's happening will talk about this coming up in just a second I want to. I want to talk What about our arguments- and you know Pat, was you know he came close to Calling me you know. Name and I came close to sharing wall. No, he did your name and I came very close to forgiving him an wishing him blessings throughout his life, no matter what his perspective that's the way. I remember I used to like the better person here glad I know it comes off that way. I don't mean it to ok. So basically, we were having a conversation where, if I may Pat and feel free to correct me, the the the summary is that we were. I was trying to talk about language and
Was trying to talk about a substance if you will and we got to the very end of the conversation- and he said Pat, I I don't disagree with you on any of the substance. I'm not talking to you about substance, I'm talking to you about language but was such an emotional top. Is that right yeah? So it was such an emotional conversation for the two of us that I was protect in myself and my point of view on something and I alt under attack and I think Pat protecting his views and and protecting what he holds dear, and he felt under attack. And so neither one of us were going to make Nem Road at all. At all. And here we are best friends who do you believe:
path that we believe the same things. Yes, yes o so Here we are two people who believe the same thing, but approaching it in a different way and we can't emotions got so hot. We we almost lesser frame would have walked away and said you know what I'm done with him or simply acquaintances acquaintances. You would've been done. I hate this guy yeah. I hate this guy. It took real control for both of us to watch our language on what we said. To each other 'cause our relationship was important and then to come back together in both of us apologize to exactly the same time. That's what happening in real life with people you just know right, and it's certainly not happening on the at where this stuff really gets heated- and really causes bad feelings. The internet, when you
not looking somebody in the face. You can say all kinds of things to him and it has no effect on you at the time 'cause. You can't see their reaction correct. So this brings me to the which is mind a book that I'm reading the righteous mind white good, people are divided by politics and religion, and I want you to read I want you to read this book. It's really good it to me, it is one of the only things that provide with. A way to undo some the stuff that I'm talking about. And some of the stuff that is causing such great confusion with people, because I refuse play. The game anymore, because the game. The only way to win is to not play the game. The game will end up the same way over and over and over again with us fighting for
or a personality, and we gotta stop that but our language is so different and this is actually what our argument was about. This was language of religion, not the principles the language of the religion- and I was talking to pad about how, in our faith we talk about the atonement and how, in the let's say, Baptist faith, they will talk about being washed clean in the blood of Jesus. Now my face finds that language weird and and a little off putting atonement two Baptist and I hate to speak for Baptist, but seems a little cold and distant, and is that mean the same thing as being washed clean? Yet It means exactly the same thing, but we
we've separated. This is a small example. We separate into groups the more things like that in politics and religion where you just who's different language itself. Great see you and you I think, you're, not you think you're against each other, oh you're, not against each other. Saying the same thing you just don't realize it. I'm going to read this from this book. Moral foundations theory can now explain one of the great puzzles that is preoccupied Democrats in recent years. Why do rural and working class Americans generally vote Republican when it is the Democratic party that wants to redistribute more money more evenly now Democrats can't figure out. Why is The coal miners and everybody else, they'll, say you're voting against your own interest. We, going to redistribute the wealth, we're going to take it from the rich and give it b.
As they see that as ferness and justice. Well, here's the problem, From the perspective of the moral foundation, theory, rural and working class voters were in fact voting for their moral interest. They don't want to eat at the true test test test restaurant. They don't want carnation to devote itself primarily to the care of victims in the pursuit of social justice. So now let me explain this and I'm going to use extremes, so I'm I'm going to use absolutes, but I understand these aren't absolutes. The left sees the victim very clearly and it does necessarily matter to them how the victim got there? It's just that. It's a victim, And they see the victim and they on their care, part of them their kindness. Their empathy that focuses them on the victim.
Gross generalization another what's generalization. The right sees the problem. And they see some the same person, they'll say well, but that's a welfare mom who has eight kids, and it's just getting, it checks from the government and it doesn't want to work gross generalization, the right, according to studies the right He sees the victim as well, but it is less of that. Okay, it's more of the welfare mom with mixed in victimhood, the left, generally only sees the victim and then sees people who say things like that, as as oppressors, you're only victimizing them again and
so sets it apart. They're not able to separate the victim from some of the causes, because Adam Hood drives them and they feel, like I'm, going to help the oppressor I'm going to help the victim by hurting the uh sir, and taking money from the oppressor and giving it to the victim what MRS Fairness is not equated the same way, the left doesn't see fairness, the way we see ferness. I don't even like the word ferness generally, because it seems to imply something else to the left. Anet does fairness. This implies redistribution of wealth, but what The rest of the country, what fairness means is, let me say this way: first,
to the rest of the country. Fairness means merit. You gotta work an honest day for an honest dollar. If you want to make it you've got put it all in. Through your merit, you'll succeed. Now we all know that that's not universally true. That leads the left to dismiss the idea of merit because it Not universally true, an atlas is to victims of the oppressor, etc, etc. We want fair, as the way to make it fair is to take the money from, but the to the country had something else in they don't like people who are cheaters, they like to be cheated. They don't like to be ripped off and so the right also focuses on merit,
I don't want anybody to rip you off. So, if you're getting something you don't deserve, I On it to go to the people who deserve it, the people who work hard, hard work language for the left. They don't like that, because that says: sir victimhood again, so we have to change our language to be able to reach out to more people. We don't say, merit we don't. Say hard work, we say karma. No, I don't say karma because I don't believe in karma I believe in marriage and hard work. I believe justice happens at the end of life, but the left
generally believes in karma. You get what you deserve, but they have never tide that to victimhood and two into justice and fair Nis of victims, and so that's the piece that they're missing and if we can, if we can change our language. To be able to say, I understand what you're saying by fairness. And you're right, we not everybody, not everybody can make it and the. That small number, Those are the ones that we can help out. We have to also look at karma. And see that yeah there's a lot of people that get what they deserve. Both guys and the little guys you want to be the karma for everyone else,
you want to be the punish, I'll punish the rich because they deserve it and I will reward the victim, but that's not worked out by us. Because that's not the way the regular people see it at this point. It is It is a very fascinating theory, and he is not interpreting it- that the writer is not interpreting it the same way. I am he's left no way out no way out, because Just did the study to figure out why we're not talking to each other, but I'm convinced. That once we know why we're not talking to each other, we can find our way back to each other. Because we're really not saying that much different
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directions to apply starting tomorrow in an exclusive cereal in the Glenn Beck program. You'll learn about the craziest elections in american history. Listen live or online at Glenn Beck COM, cereals. This is the Glenn Beck program, mercury. Glenn Beck program, changing language for the left to try to bring them along for this ride, and you you, words like Karma hot How do we do that when, like I don't relate to that, you say things like merit? We say things like Eridan, hard work or if you're. I said where you're from the left, you might look at that. More is karma. You get what you deserve and then go on you.
Do you know who your audience is first, but then expanded, and use the language of the left, so they understand. Oh, I see what you're talking about Glenn Beck Mercury. This is the blaze radio on demand. Some areas of the country were down to sixty percent in teenagers, thinking that they need to get a driver's license. It's changing. The sands are shifting right underneath our feet and we don't even notice because we're all talking about politics,
We have to stop the train on the on the politics track today me to this morning on MSNBC says she is lost. All hope she had an open mind but in mind is now closed. This is a failed president. Anna failed presidency. It's been a month, I know, and That's not reasonable. No I'd say no call me crazy, but we started warning. Remember the tea party took off in about March what So yeah it was, is end of march, so never mind yeah, I mean it was the same. It was the same thing there following the same path because they were already threatening health care, uh,
we overhaul of our health care, so yeah they had already would be a disaster and it hasn't yet they would argue that we are threatening their little healthcare accomplishments. The same way yeah true, but look I mean you have to see what he does. He has to be based on that and that well that's what they said to us, but again, but again she Apparently was crying on the air today, and she said just this is really bad. It's not funny. Just for the record were all really nervous, so people feel nervous too. We do too. We don't think this is funny where the low point of american History- and I don't know how anyone can defend this president, even if it's their job, wow. I want to play something for you. That sounds very reminiscent right now
fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This the Glenn Beck program are so neat that comes out and she was crying today. She said this isn't funny. What's going on is very, very serious and all of us are nervous here and, if you're nervous as well You know, then you know what we're feeling you're, not alone, as I that those words I thought to myself wow. So three months in. She is having a meltdown where she is crying on the air, because it's serious
now let me show you when this happened to someone else and the only audio I could find of it, is the mocking behind it that you will hear but see. If you recognize this, I'm sorry in my country there coming to take me away before coming to take me away. Ha ha. He ha ha funny Farm where life is anybody, remember, remember it well was my nine hundred and twelve broadcast or nine yeah, nine hundred and twelve worried for the country, and I you got emotional. I started and I said, look I'm just worried for my country and they still play that today. They still play that today oh yeah, and then that clip is Glenn Beck is unhinged. Ok, then it's been seen a few times on on Youtube back in here is so it wouldn't there's lots of other clips that that one is along with, but
it's amazing! Isn't it amazing? It's brutal, ok, so brutal! Now am I going to treat Micah the way Micah treated me. Yeah or not, but I mean Jeff well, it's definitely are so what so wait. So what happens? What happened? besides us feeling really good, what happens would have We make a really good point they're really good point? You guys are hypocrites right right and then I just bask in that all day. Right and I think We nailed it and how does that change anything? It doesn't 'cause, that's what they were doing they were. If you didn't care about oh beauty and care about Medicare, scription drugs, except we did some
stay no. Not all of us did some of us did, but they could make that case again. We're about to do all kinds of wonderful things to Obama, care and just slap our name on it and be fine with it thanks to Paul Ryan. So you know they. Look at us and say you were hypocrites back then and they did and they do take us seriously that we were instead, they mocked us and ridiculed and wow happens if you short circuit the system, and you reach out to Micah and say Micah I under Dan, I understand stand exactly how you feel I've been there? Remember it guys mock me right and I don't want to mock you. I want to say, that's exactly. How many of us felt and the reason why we're in the situation we're in is:
Because we were mocked and ridiculed, I'd want to mock and ridicule you because I don't want to make the situation worse can you see the error of what Who did. Because I can see the errors of the things I did, can you see the error of what you did and now? Is there a way, come together, we may not agree on the president. We may not agree on policies, but uh wait to ratchet this down and stand on principles the principles that you're afraid of I'm guessing when it comes to health care. I can't help you on that. But she had this rent because she's afraid of the alt right. Well, so am I She's afraid of afraid of some of Steve Bannon's, tendency tenancy solai,
she is afraid of the wiretapping. So am I. She's, afraid of people just saying things that aren't true. So, who am I welcome to that party by the way? So am I. Now: where can we connect to try to diffuse? Because if we don't is it if we do to them what they in to us We put them in the position for or eight years later, where there so mad they'll find someone else who can put us in our place, because honestly that's what I heard from a lot of people he's, that's going to make this stop he's, not afraid of the press. They won't beat him well that was our problem with Barack Obama. Nobody could beat him. Nobody could hold his feet to the fire. Well
we know that Donald Hum has done some things that no other politician could have ever survived does seem like anyone can hold his feet to the fire they will find someone that will do that. So the pendulum swings back the other way. I would like it swing back softer. Quite honestly, I'd like for when they come in charge, it's not so vitriolic. What do you say and it will be up to us to do it. As the Meeker stuff yeah. Here's the here's the clip this morning. This is not funny, this is really bad. Just for the record oh really nervous. So if people out there still nervous, we do too. We don't think this is funny studies that is phenomenal.
That is so ironic, it is, there is almost not words to express' the irony there, the hypocrisy there. Hi wow are you live? Think to yourself no self awareness either. No self awareness wow. It is so far Because I see this ice, this totally different, and maybe because it happened to me. Everybody else you watched that play out on yeah, I'm the one that played out on you know what I mean different places. I have a different perspective. I'm unique on all of those jokes and all of the tearing down of me because it was me I have such compassion for Micah, because I know what people are. Going to say. And when you say I don't
they will I mean if anybody's going to do it, it's a lot. Well, if you think the the left will align our stars are not the left. The right the right will make right, will the right left me alone but we're going to start, and then there will be some that will attempt to make you not so new, unique after today but it is. Yes blindness to themselves yeah, but I think get opportunity to show the blindness. I think opportunity that it. If it's done the right way. You say thank goodness because you're here now you understand why we said you can't give the president this much power
You're here why we said you have got to abide by the constitution and maybe were afraid, just like you are- and you may dismiss my My fears, Ann I could dismiss your fears, but let's it's not dismiss each others feelings and the way to solve those feelings. Those those are real. Your fears I could look M and say: well, that's not going to happen. That's not going to happen. That's not going to happen just like put in mine. Is that that's not going to happen the logic of it. Let's talk about the feelings of it, because that's what the left likes to talk about. Let's talk about the feelings of it. The only thing that will make those feelings go away is uh. Earn to the constitutional principles. That's it that's it! You have. MIKE pence in You impeach this guy. You got MIKE Pence I guarantee you're, going to have a problem MIKE Pence to my
it would be the same fears but you're not going to like him all that much. You dislike him a lot more in policy. I bet you would. I bet you would so the say to make those fears go away, is to return to the constitution. That's a nice, in case, to make instead of him ocracy, no self awareness which we all know. If so you don't have to say you imagine if somebody would have done that on the right. I did well this, and this is the thing we constantly look back at these moments of hypocrisy is happened all the time. And say, do you believe the left? They were on this side of it last time and they are on the opposite side, this time That's a legitimate observation to make and it's obviously part of talk radio's job to make it. However, what's typically ignored out of that equation is well. The right was on one side of it back then, and now on the opposite side of it too. Now the
is, if you have principle and it's what you're, what you're saying here, you have a chance to be on the right side of it. Both yeah now I don't know. If, because is the kind of person that wants to be on the constitutionally principled side? she mentioned the constitution for the one of the few times. I can ever remember hearing her mention it in the context of this discussion. She actually mention the constitution will because the constitution she got there, the concept, but you know what. How many times are you hearing the constitution used by the right? Now it was our mantra yeah, but Susan constitution, it's not constitution constitution! Now! No! No, it's not a done. This is not, but the- and this is the important part. I think your point you're making On multiple different issues today, it locking a win on the argument is meaningless because later on
both sides are going to switch again and everyone is going to violate what they said earlier. It happens all the time. It's not it's something to notice, but not to focus on. If you can, if you had principle people who can say hey know what left. We agree that the government is too powerful that the federal that the executive branch, two powerful, you have a pants to lock that in with their Essentia Lee Bs Agreement with you, that is brand new and is not about principle but a chance, if you have enough people who say you know what, next time I want this. I want to lock this this lack of power and you have a chance to shrink these things now when they hate Donald Trump. It now legitimate at all. Their concerns about Donald Trump, all agree as conservatives that we want the federal government to be less powerful, no matter who is president
economy to the now the progressives in the Republican Party right do not. I agree and that's why our our argument with Congress should remain the same. You have Rand Paul MIKE Lee TED Cruz. All saying you got, a scrap, Obama care and start from the beginning. Now that's what we all agreed to that's what we are all agree with test in the House and the Senate passed in the House and the Senate couldn't Passed under bro couldn't be signed by Barack Obama when they knew I couldn't do it, I couldn't do it, they passed it and now, have a chance to do it. They all having, and I think incorrect what's the what's the problem with you? What's the problem here is always the same: it's always the same game, but it's the same game. Obviously, with the Democrats 'cause look at where they are, they should be for many of the things Barack Obama is are being Donald. Trump is doing oh yeah, they should be for you kidding me
you should go in and help him pass health care because it's going to include daycare and everything else or the infrastructure spending I mean a trillion dollars is more than Obama could get through dream for them, and I'm rise, Chrysler not seeing that I'm glad they're not seeing. That shows it. So I am too, but it shows that it's about tribes. It's about teams, an with the Yankees aren't going to root for the red Sox Red Sox lead. It could be wrong, maybe giving him too much credit. I think they actually do see that, but they don't think that they can make. They want to make more money for election time and being for Donald Trump and these things they can have somebody else's team score because I think their fans, you understand, yeah score of another team. I think it's the same or they see the teams as the as the as the lecture your card, and I thought that's all so, what brings and, like I want to win elections to do things. I don't want
collections just to say. I want elections who the hell cares about that. I do because one would mean? There's an r and the other one would be a d, and I like are better, ok, well, let's look at. Why is it that you guys have not been considered a par is way better than the way better? It's way further down in the alphabet. It's more mature! I mean it's just a bigger letter really, then D got more to it. Well, d, it's more fun to say, what's better, let's say r or d, D sounds nasty. N D sounds bad because you got those bad grades in school. They were DIS thing right, okay ever happen are on. I never had a car. No, that would be really nice to feel better if you are a new user now, this simply save has one of the most talked about innovations to keep your home and family safe. It's their new security camera we can mark connects to sensors in your alarm system, which is fantastic.
As if somebody move somebody opens a window glass break. Something the camera turns on You were you the one that read all about this Stewart at the lens cap. It has that lens cap on it, which is kind of cool like it, you know it's. A lot of people worry about having cameras in their house on all the time who can hack into them or whatever. Obviously they have a lot of security to stop that anyway, but they also have a physical shield over the camera. So Unless it's motion activated, it's not going to be hearing your home. Then the ocean activated, like you, walked in but glass breaker, DORA glass was broken or a window, the other things open. It gives you less footage to have to go through. If something does go wrong and you have to watch the footage which I love is 'cause, I've had through hours and hours and hours and hours of footage wondering what happened and when
this is this happen in your life. I didn't know if you have some a break in your house. Well, we thought we thought so and so we've we all that's right, that's right, but a year ago, yeah yeah and you were wrong, like you were this morning anyway, I don't think he really better. You know, simply say brilliant technology that will protect your home. It automatically records sends the video to your phone sends it to the police, so they know exactly who they are looking for. You can get a Ten percent discount right now at simply safe Beck com that Simplysafebeck dot com go there now the Glenn Beck program around the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment the Glenn Beck program mercury.
You're listening to the Glenn Beck program, hello you sick, twisted freak. You guys are obsessed with Alex Jones, I mean he's. Probably the funniest thing in our society: I mean that's the thing about that. Is statement. It's a major one he's the That probably makes me laugh harder than anything in our society. Calling him an advisor to the President, he's not right I mean according to him he's he talks to him. Often. I mean we know for a fact. They've talked we just don't know how often they talk a curtain Jones. They talk all the time so officially, no he's not he's, certainly not an official advisor right. Although the look for examples, Roger Stone who was an adviser for Trump for a long time and every everyone obviously knows that they still have a close relationship. My understanding, the fill in host for Alex Jones number
Kurt him do the show. But I read that in an article recently he's the Phil and he's like that's how close they are designed to show all the time and is it a fill in host for Alex Jones and he's obviously a close advisor to the president? They may really no secret about that. An official distance, that's allow wow wow, so anyway? He I guess it was vice that notice, something something interesting. That's a good yeah me laugh by vice notice to an interesting pattern with Alex Jones and OK and still have been frothing at the mouth since the beginning of the show to be able to play it back so we'll go there next, you're. Listening to the Glenn Beck program, mercury.
You can't program text. John singer. Second, the you can't cut spending now, because we've stopped We've turned off the spigot set the Federal Reserve, so the FED reserves not making cheap money, so you have to replace it with something. If you quantitative easing. Then you have to spend that's why the president is going to spend on the stimulus package and everything else. This is a deal that is born in in economics with the Federal Reserve. You have to have uh stimulus you don't. Quantitative. Easing good, then spend it elsewhere, but you have to spend the money. Are you talking about replacing it with something? Also on the Obamacare front mill they any? Who is it one of Trump's best appointments? I mean it's a it's a it's an excellent appointment.
He was on today on Hugh Hewitt's radio show talking about whether they were going to vote to repeal Obamacare and much explicitly said the reason They will not just repeal it. The president does not want it repealed. He wants it repealed and replaced only so they will not. On repealing it, at least not now you never that. Could she said, I mean, This is consistent with what he said. Yeah I he was out front with us yeah. No, no, no, no, nothing, nothing against Donald Trump! Anybody who is disappointed by that I mean he told you what he was going to do. People just didn't believe in, but he said that's what he was and he was. He was up front about the the the health care stuff and I think you know- and that's not the it's not necessarily bad. Obviously the replacement is a big improvement over. I don't care Obama care or does something much better and it helps people. That's fine! The question is: can you get that done in time as we get closer and closer to next year?
it's gonna be a lot of excuses out there. This can be hard to get done. I'd rather get repealed and then have the pressure being on the road. You know. Approving parts of these things are not part of Obamacare necessarily but things that are positive for healthcare, get those done and it will be an accomplishment to tout during the actual reelection campaign for all these guys, Instead, they want to make it get a guarantee of a good deal out of the way now they're going to say that it's going to be too close to the election, to do anything it's coming. That's coming soon and in Missouri you're, on the Glenn Beck program, hey we're going Glenn. How are you good? How are you wonderful, hey, odd? I love you. I love you show when I usually agree with you, but I think you're actually missing a point of you'd talk of if we meet up with the left explain, shared values and principles to hang on just a second hang on just a second make sure that you understand, I'm not talking about the extremes of left or right, I'm talking about
common sense Democrats and I'm not even talking about the people in Washington DC can we find reasonable people on the left and the right. Are there any reasonable people left? Do you consider yourself reasonable. I do except you would probably probably view me as a as a very r right. So why would you say that? Because I am actually based in principles of fixation and and and and freedom where the left are Zay aren't looking at how you reach a goal they're looking at. How you get to the goal, no matter what and where, and I we we
You look at how we reach a goal. Ethically yeah. They look at how you reach a goal, so I don't think I doubt that I don't know all of your policies, but if, if that was your bling statement of why disagree with you, I don't disagree with you at all. I am all freedom, I am all for the laws and the constitution I am we were just having. Conversation off air that if if I were, president of the United States I would go on television. My first cast I'd say you must limit my power. You must limit my power and you must limit the power of the Supreme Court and the power of the constitution period, power of the conscious. Show me a power of the Congress Congress. And the power of the Supreme Court and the presidency get us out of your lives, get us out of your life, and you have the opportunity right now put that bill on my desk and I will sign it.
Then I want to learn that would be. Oh, my god. I don't propose that in term limit, I'm not sure I'm not sure, but I think it be will be a lot of people that would be, and we know term limits is eighty percent type approval rating stuff. That's not just left and right or the one side of the other. It's all everybody. Everybody supports that again, I know there's some people are well insured limits are elections, I got it, I got your arguments, I've heard heard them and consider them. The point is that the talking about just politically it's an overwhelmingly popular thing to say: why do we remember George Washington, so positively many reasons, but one of it is Well, he limited his own power. He had the chance to get more He said you know what I don't want it and we look back at him as an american hero partially because of that and it take a new Washington to be able to do that. Then I thank you very much for your phone call. Uh The second thing to do, as president is to is to mandate that all radio shows must play at least one clip of Alex Jones per day
this one just just one, just one at least well, at least in the line yeah you get more if you want, but it's leave So this is a theory that vice was working on. But he's really not sorry when he says I'm sorry what and they took all of his explosions, which happened quite currently and they found a pattern. Listen, you just get that through your stinking traders heads We apologize. We have long christian affiliates. I am a Christian, but I will stop your head in. If you start a fight with Maine his thoughts come anyways. Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, bunch of cowards Q I'm not control myself right now. She is a demon damned to hell excuse. Since I been trying to control myself trying to be professional office at a certain point. I just I'm just really getting tests. Excuse me we're not going to have pets eat with baby flavoring in it. Fine,
wait. Wait wait till Tuesday between three hundred and I couldn't wipe Miass excuse. Maine. There is more happiness. The babies, labored Pepsi they're not going to have it. He said, I think that goes. I've done that go to the bohemian grove thing that the elites are eating: babies, not sure gold plated babies right I'm not sure yeah. I wasn't there long enough for the gold is leading of the babies. I think you'd want to flavor if you're going to consume a baby when a flavored in another way right like I'm, not sure you want to make. Is that labor I'm looking for I'm? So that's what I'm saying I don't. I guess again it may if it cuts down on the tastes of baby right, like you were you, I could understand Pepsi flavored babies. I can't understand baby flavored Pepsi Pepsi is the better flavor. I am this so my mom never eaten a child, so
well, then maybe you should shut up and I think you may be till you need child or in this case, drink drunk a child right. You don't want to hear it for you. I mean is there any doubt, he's seriously disturbed and needs help? I don't know, is there any more collection? We can prove it and now you know that's a good point. There might be some more of a like a putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin frogs gay, serious crap. Control now, with Dick Ulous, sick, scum filth. It's all about how the global you know, there's, usually a legitimacy. Then there was another one of the examples.
This is what the one of our new favorite like some type of inter dimensional polite or your succubus yeah. If I can catch itself to the to add to people and it's like either their demon possessed- or they are right, obvious and that's what it is, what it is I talked a lot of top psychologist lot of top Ph Ds or even atheists. They said. Listen starting in our view, look enough- you get into situations that I've you'll run into people that are clearly possessed and who even know information about you. You've never told them, they're, not guessing. Something else is coming through him, something something else she's coming through and shut, then I'm not sure what it is, but something is trying to shock you, but I've I've really tried to say what the context of that. How could is no context- know these work. It's so so, even in context. No, the and folks, that's what this is
so here the media makes fun of me. I don't care what they say. We don't care, I'm telling you folks. I look the crowds I see the people they are possessed by something I don't know it is yeah. Why do you guys? lock that? Are you telling me he doesn't look out into his crowd and see? What do you know the actual conspiracy theory that exists, that that speculates that he is actually bill? Hicks, the comedian, the so bill. Hicks is a comedian who was on the opposite side of all these issues and died, thirty two, because of cancer, and the theory is that they look similar like they look like It looks like an older Alex Jones could be Bill Hicks today and the is that Bill Hicks faked his own death? I believe, if I'm understanding the theory right faked, his own death looks like he's coming to mock the world as Alex Jones.
So there's none of this- is real. This is an Andy candy, copper level Could be the greatest bit of all time, but what is it with bill? Hicks sound like I don't know see if you can find a clip of bill. Hicks will come back here in a second weird Hold the digital economy would only be positive for us, some tripwires on that one number one privacy. Cashless transactions would always include some middleman. A third party. If you have a national bank, a true national bank, the Federal Reserve is now the bank. Can they back everything somebody is going to track absolutely everywhere. You go everything you do. Government has increased, access to personal transactions and records certain
some transactions, like gambling, could be barred or frozen by government. This is what we're talking about when we're talking about the cashless, or digital society, and it's coming, I told you today, we're now down in the 60s of number of teenagers that want to drive a car that are going to driver's license. You said: why would I waste all that time learning to drive, I'm not going to need it. You can call uber and and beyond that, Tesla is coming out and all the cards will be. This way that you'll be to rent your car out. I won't need to buy a car. Somebody is going to have a Tesla around me, and I can call for that Tesla when there at work this. This is the new generation thinks differently? They don't like cash, This is bound to happen.
Gold gold line today and ask for their updated free, cashless society risk report, read their important risk information and find out of buying gold or silver is right for you A cold gold line get the report eight thousand six hundred and sixty four. Six. Five hundred and thirty five hundred and forty six thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line. Eight hundred and sixty six gold line or goldline dot com, you're listening to the Glenn Beck program. This is the Glenn Beck program, to feel that the children are feeling great. People to stay at six people- right damn
unreal, now one of the greatest moments in the history of broadcast of any kind internet, radio, oh television, it doesn't matter one of the greatest moments in all of broadcast history. Dad just got a note in from Aaron Watson. I want to share the numbers with the air and watching the country artist. We had was it last week we had him on yep. He said it was. Huge week heard sales over the last two years overall in the industry were down forty four percent for major labels. Our sales are up here today. There are over forty. Eight percent We were the number one selling album in America. Yes, last week, however, the
starts now figure in streaming, oh, no, and because they don't get airplay on streaming. They were. They were number two on the chart. All night number two top country album number ten billboard top two hundred number one independent album all genres that number one, also in sales number one in sales, two digital album wow. Number seven top internet album number three albums by strata. I don't know what that is. An catalog sales. Four, the underdog read cd of theirs up, five hundred and thirty two percent, so he wrote- and he said is tell your listeners how grateful I am for their love and support the hunt. Of kind comments that they left me on. Social media has left me absolutely speechless. Tell them that I love them. Also, please tell that Pat Tell Pat that Vaccaro.
Has an even better chance of charting number one this week. So we is off the hook, yet horses and divorces is going to be recorded and The proceeds will go to charity, that's great, but it's going to be awesome I don't remember ever little charity didn't sign up, I think he's actually working on a song called horses and divorces. I have a feeling that that would be the name of our song horses and divorces. You need to say to him, who are you to tell me to dictate to me he's already right right, wow people to listen to you. He would have been number one on all the charts. There's no question about it! No question It's easy for Aaron Watson with his number one cd's to tell tell you hey we're going to donate it all to charity
but I mean we don't have as pets got, though this is a struggling artist. Right, yeah, first hit with six miles to feet right. Well, none of them are in the house in the house, wanna bet and more coming back and they're coming back with more that's, not right. That is not right! Yeah yeah! So congratulations! Aaron, Watson, yeah! That's really great! That he's I mean that's pretty spectacular for an independent artist who has no record company, but if you don't. First and what the big deal the record It is they're the ones who called call the radio stations and make sure you put the record on there. The one to distribute this to the record store so that the record stores display it and sell it. I mean it's: it's huge It's really important for him to be doing this on his own. So unbelievable is he. Is he unable to MIT Disrupter in music right now?
and I absolutely love it and he's one of the kindest guys he's Michael Buble of country, music, really good, guy, really good guy That arrow is the name of the CD. If you like country, music, you're, going to love this and Pat hates country music, and he likes it, yeah the Carolina charts. Now this is the Glenn Beck, program.
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