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Day Without A Woman ...The new feminist movement ...The GOP plan to replace Obamacare is worthless now that they have power...Is the CIA inside your phone? Inside your TV? ...Are women staying out of work today? ...Ben Carson's weird immigration analogy and other awkward moments ...SERIAL: Craziest Elections in US history (2 of 4)...Climate change...the ultimate instigator!...Will Texas cave to the transgender bathroom fight? The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio Facebook: Glenn BeckTwitter: @glennbeck

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This- is the police radio on demand good morning, Stu and Geoffrey in four Glenn today, as you may or may not know it, international women's day, so within all over, the country are striking not going to work, not gone to school supposedly and, of course, Glenville. Eighty nine percent woman please taking that they are fully supports, fully supports it fully into it and get these mostly woman. So it makes perfect sense and it's a shame, because we were gonna guns, great stuff, to get to you today. The American Healthcare ACT, controversial pleased to us The CIA is hacking into your cell phones, your televisions supposedly courting Wikileaks.
And we may such on the actual agenda behind is international. Women's day will start there right now, diffusion of entertainment and didn't light- and this is the Glen welcome already halfway through week- goes by without them. International women's day. I guess is kind of like the day without an immigrant trying to. It's a day without a woman to see how much we should appreciate I would hereby already appreciate women women. I have One in my house, whose pretty fond of advice
Therefore, two of them are out on their own and in their own houses now. But I mean that The day without immigrants should be renewed. The day without illegal immigrants cause that's a great day that we we should do that every day, let's let every day being the day without illegal immigrants, and then everything would be as it should be. What a day without immigrants. Nobody wants that. No, we! We now know what the point of that mean every almost everyone, I know literally, every one I know is for legal immigration. So they they leave off the illegal part, but that's what it's really about. The day without emigrant thing and actually the day without an emigrant thing just means less traffic.
The Dallas Fort Worth there. They will say I did not notice any reduction in traffic are doing today. I'd all so I don't know if there's no women that work in texas- or maybe people in Texas, think there's really dumb. My guess nice accusation, I hope body I was. I did not notice, I packed it seem like there's more traffic than usual today, maybe guys like you know what I'm going to go in just because I don't think I hear those women will be there have been as what sexist met manner. At last, I heard you yet I mean it's us, it's sort of a similar idea right, I mean you know again now One is there any. There are people a lot of them, king to ban illegal immigration. I know of no one whose looking to ban women I think there's a zero there's, a zero percent support level for banning element, and we are not a ban. Women still, but there is certainly a war on them. Is there not theirs today, I guess would be a cease fire because there will be around to shoot at today.
The perception is that they make what seventy eight cents or eighty seven cents on the dollar for every man or whatever, and we are all here comes that has to be developed. Even the Washington Post has debunked that now onsets every year since two thousand twelve, when this first started to become such a big issue again an Obama, use the war on women to try to bash Mitt Romney over the head with it, and so You know when you compare apples to apples instead of apples Oranges, men and women make about the same enough in some fields, women make more than men, but I think that's what this, about the perception that they don't make as much that they don't have equal rights. All of those things is it gotta get the sense that it's just trump related. I get the sense that be
as you know, Donald Trump, a set of a couple of offensive things about women and they just are taking that despite the fact that again, he's offered a six hundred and eighty billion dollar maternity leave plan like this is right, but something that Barack Obama did not did not release push hard did to talk about it. I believe a couple times, but There's he's doing a lot of things in that realm. This well I mean his daughter is obviously big on women's rights and and likes these larger programme. So it seems as if at some point so that could be reality if, if women didn't constant, constantly seemingly too when TAT agonized tunnel trump like going again. I understand that we are just on teams now
I think that is just where this comes from their not they don't care what policies he's promoting. They just say well he's evil. I know that the new health care plan does look like it would to fund planned parenthood if passed as consumers, at this point, which you mean a private agency, might have to raise their own funds. Yeah take mine in your money war. What I know it's crazy, it's crazy that, but that's that could be part of it. I guess there see now that it probably you're not gonna, like everything the guy does, but I think it's more about his personality than anything else I mean did but the women's pay thing again. Democrats had remember Macoutes head the house, the poor. Currency and ate a fillip buster
a majority in the Senate and did nothing about this issue right. They did a giant zilch. What are they passed? The lily led better act or something over them. Then they dragged about their right of a thousand years. Ass the lily learned TAT is most really good as urging them solve. Nothing is ok, as so I get head they're going to do that. The standard response to any Republican in the way that we have our politics right now is as to protest anything, but they do not leave less per man. That's very good! I do I'm actually really interested in the air, the new symbol of international feminist protest that I hope you can.
On top of it is it's basically the diagram of a woman's lady parts and then its flipping you off, some of the earlier what he has that is all that is that I have it out with Jeffrey. I would you describe uh, that's great power describing this exact? Yes, who ha ha ha ha and part of the vote. The floppy in tube comes up influx. You just let you off, and so at. First of all its for this there's a guy says very class, is, as I was writing about those assess how Jes about the website unknowingly created an international symbol of feminist protest. The author of the article J Isabel. I'm so vague now said that they created this and its international symbol. But I love this because the way the reason they created it because they wanted women to take a stand. I guess and they discussing how women we're taking a strong feminist stand. By saying a to the CDC,
drinking while pregnant there, will not live under your guidelines about staying away from alcohol, while pregnant darn, you and you know, If you try to squash women's rights by not allowing her to just get plastered and the eight month or the third month or my whatever models drying whatever month, Then you are a monster in a horrible whore violation of women's rights at work rate. Story to launch a movement on our to be able to get slashed, what we gotta get inside, which, by the way there of is most women care about their baby inside the womb and don't yeah, I mean there's no law, then says you get drink when you're pregnant right. That's. Why have the signs everywhere guys, but please we would request that if you're pregnant, you dont have nine shots of tequila this evening in every restaurant, because I gotta go The restaurants, obviously
they do have that all the time. You know the warning for out that one of the main ones that they would post or put on a bottle of alcohol is pregnant. Women should not consume this product because of you know some side effects this is a really good thing for the baby. Now we know that there are obviously parts there's lines to that, but it's still an amazing thing that you'd launch an international symbol of women's protests on the back of an article about how you should be able to say: f you to the city, see for trying to stop you to drink while pregnant ass. I do even recognize our dimension anymore. We ve slipped into a new dimension. It must be one the twenty eight different dimensions that Neil Frank Warren matches. People are second, I don't recognize it. I really don't it's AIDS unbelievable.
In order to do is organise an international day with white men. But every white man isn't a home. Let's get some. Crises in there is. I don't want to hear about your white privilege, nonsense anymore. I don't want to hear any of it. Let's see how you deal with us being gone for a day. How would that work up? I deal with it sleeping a lot of eating so they're, not even at encouraging women not even purchase anything in stores or online to show just how critical arise, either closing swimmingly, so well, goals were do closing, got somebody. People are, according to UNESCO Eighty seven percent of U S elementary school teachers are women, and I mean a pretty much believe that view These are two but where's the quality. Why? I dont men get some of those jobs.
I mean here we are and that we are. I thought we were in the equal society with you, two thousand and seventeen one thousand eight hundred and twenty five. You know what that means. Likely about eighty seven percent of the money that goes to kindergarten teachers or elementary school teachers go to women, right. I mean that is worth the equality to unconscionable unconscionable it's funny, because they said first of all, who is screwing. If who are out of nowhere taking a day off, as is an elementary school teachers at the school has to close down. Yours families and mothers used during other women bright because they have already grappling they were supposedly if they're working, then they ve got a rearrange, your whole schedule or our they have other things planned or who knows what they're doing on that particular day? But what you're doing is making them scratch? Your also screw the kids out of a day of learning, registering a kid yeah day of learning, but am it's funny that the women's protests- wines obscuring women- I don't know why
that would wear why they want to do that somewhat bizarre. The whole thing is bizarre and ridiculous. Then I I do give Glenn some credit sulphur step up and taking a stand on this today gave me more hard core of room. Oki. Civic, look, you know I need to stand with my kind, and then everyone no land every web, mostly woman or all my life, even and I, like he likes musicals Well, I'd show tune. Oh my gosh. Very much longer. You know so little people think you're kidding when we discussed it in the past were now. This is proof that is, if I came into the studio and Glenn was sitting alone, in the in the room before unknown people had walked out everything he was in the just prepping and reading emails and going through stories. While blasting lucky by Brittany Spears,
by himself in a room by himself, a man I mean- that's just embarrassing. I got video of it to make sure that the example of how can you read my vote? I wouldn't repose caused great it's. It was and it was real, and you know this is so he did so. He heard this woman's deepening was coming up just like it. I can't I have to show solidarity cannot go in there today, So it's a brave standby gladdened. I think you'll get some isolated how we allow. Our group believes that we do so big. Eighty eight, seventy seven be easy, gay, more. The Glinda programme coming up with pets doings having just a minute sponsor this half hour. Simply say simply say: these are great. These nuke, because they have it simply say because You know you want your home security system, we ve talked about for a long time. Simply safe is the way to go because its wireless, it doesn't do. You know the drill holes in your house. It's a great but they also also so much less expensive. My gosh,
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conservatives in Congress are Arnold. And down with this the Trump care thing, in fact, ran Paul is calling it Obamacare light. It's beyond Trump Kerensky is essentially Obamacare. Light as he said, he had just a marsh called it. I think to point now: you know it's and that's what it is? I mean it's when we broke down yesterday, all the details. Gonna, go back and listen to the shell, but it's a we summarize it as if our cares enough. Maybe this is a deeply us. Maybe it's in there are some things that are better than Obamacare in there and the thing is done. We strive for at least above average, I mean at least to be it. We ve got the executive office, the Senate and the house there, reason to settle for this nurse I mean anything, think about it. It's like, if there fifty one fifty two Democrats of the senate- and we know trying to get a gang of eight bill past this is it. A thing you might accept. That scenario
you might say you know what I mean. Look. The Democrats have control the presidency. They have control the house, they have control of the Senate. No, but with a small majority they can't get the filibuster through. So maybe what we do here is work with them and get some of this stuff start where we are that's not where we are you can do whatever you want. Why not shoot for something you actually want? If you have to negotiate from that point an relinquish, a couple of good things, you know, probably can the rest, will we not plugged there doesn't go along with it. If you don't believe us listened around Paul. This is Obama. Careless it will not pass concerns, aren't gonna. Take it premium prices will continue to spiral out of control. They do nothing to help the consumer join associations to bring prices down like the president's. Statement of its up for negotiation, and I think those have begun. I spoke with president yesterday and I thank you, open minded on this. He wants Obamacare repeal like all conservatives do, but he real As is the conservatives have a lot of objections. I mean that's
somewhat. He sounds somewhat hopeful there that you know, maybe maybe we can make it through the negotiation instead of worse through to negotiate but you usually don't start with really bad like it. If you to make a hundred thousand dollars a year you dont go to their employer and say I demand twenty thousand dollars That's my starting point. You say: ok, I'll, give you twenty what is interesting? We might say I'll, give you ten and we'll meet fifteen new start, five hundred thousand and then work your way back where you don't start at this crappy point yeah, it's interesting, because that I mean, when I heard Cuz Trump, when he first tweeted his support for this bill, said it was a rubber. He mentioned negotiation in their might my mind as regards republican President thought he's thinking. This is the well, I will negotiate, and hopefully you know, there's gonna be cynical.
Would left right, but maybe he's thinking negotiating with the right, maybe maybe he's entering this in saying. I also want to negotiate with ran, pause and TED Cruises, and it's gonna move more conservative. I see that problem is treated this morning. We reporting other Donald Trump tweets every day, but I feel sure that my friend at random. Ball will come along with the new and great health care programme because he knows Obamacare is a disaster Yan in this. This is too so this won't help as ran said stenographer don't costs which we were promised. And ever since Obamacare came out in the prices, went up in instead of saying well you're right the prices, didn't go down by twenty five hundred per family, they say now is while they didn't go up, is as much as they would have. Let wasn't your promise in the beginning, and also you don't know it and you have to know what would we have no idea
No you don't get it now say well what we meant was it wasn't a million dollars more pro family as just go in the unemployment rate, was temporary, it's now say: well what we met was it wasn't a million dollars more pro family, as just like when the unemployment rate was ten percent above his line was why links is not fifteen or twenty. That's oh yeah you're right, but it could be maybe better than ten yeah. Maybe it's not possible Just you know when you go through this line by line you see way way too much of Obamacare still in it and You know that the technical way there doing this is the repealing the whole thing and then is adding back all the parts of our care that they like in calling it a full repeal. That's not a full repeal you have the same things in their that your dear you're, the repealing half of it and they're putting in some things that are good. Some things, not so good to replace it and they're gonna have
have all sorts of problems, and if that it's gonna be there a problem, it's gonna be the Republicans problem. After this, and in some ways, I think the Democrats really like this, because obviously you don't care about anyone's healthcare. We let us establish so you know they like the fact that now Republicans will take the blame for their crap that they ve built up over the past ten years, really that situation. The Glen Back programmes. Glenn Back programme, stipulates avenues of back, that's doing jiffy, invert glinted it. This Obamacare repeal. Is is, but so far has been pretty disappointing. First of all, they haven't repealed it they're they're, not really.
You're, not really travelling there right there. Just trying. It looks to me like they're, just patching Obamacare know what they're doing there just did there they're putting some bandaid on this thing, yeah. I mean there are acting as if their tax credit system is different than the subsidy system that exists. Really. It's not. I mean you know that the old way that you would go to the Obamacare Exchange and you'd get subsidy and up a thousand our policy looks like it cost you a hundred and fifty dollars space you happen again. What are you You mean dumping, a bunch of tax credits and then in such as tax credits, its funds in excess of what you pay in taxes. So if you have for if you pay three thousand hours of taxes a year and the tax creditors, ten thousand dollars they're going to do you a check for seven thousand dollars to go by health insurance. I mean that's just a duchess, no government, that's it has a different set of big government and liberal programme was a hand
yeah it's just acting as if, when you call it tax credits, conserving resources to be like all. Well, that's totally different. So much I'm about that, not in altering Obama Greece is screamed about the fact that what we are working to repeal this thing, we're gonna, put together a bill and we need to pass and they did they passed the bill in the house. The possibility of Senate and Mama Course didn't sign. Eighty veto vetoed them, but I mean look at what that reveals about Republicans. When they knew when they knew there was no chance of getting it through. They passed a clean, Obamacare repeal when they knew the guy within that who has the name before care in Obamacare was president. They had no problem. Passing this because they knew it wouldn't do anything now. The second they have a chance to all they have to do is pass this control of everything and what happens then? I mean something crappy
They they go to have a replacement. That is that that embraces and in large portions of Obamacare, many of the biggest portions that we're problematic now it shows how worthless there. This is why we're not high on the Republican Party is an exact, would the reason we're not congressmen, Jason Chief, it said something those a little controversial in this room. I took this to me in one thing, still takes it to mean another see what you think by the way, Jason Chief, it describes health care. And and young people in their their spending on health care- and you know it- Americans have choices and they ve gotta, make a choice, and so maybe, rather than getting that new Iphone, that they just love and they want to go, spend hundreds of dollars that maybe they should invest in their own healthcare. They got to make those decisions. So, in other words, for lower income, Americans you're, saying that this is going to require some sacrifice on the wall. We gotta be able to actually lower the cost of healthcare, see
to me he seems to be saying: that's why we're allowing the fine from the insurance companies or or the Ekstrom thirty percent from the insurance companies. If they dont choose the right thing that we want them to choose. It's a lot like what Obama was who is saying a few years ago. I guess what I would say is if you looked at that person's budget and you looked at their cable bill, their telephone, their cell phone bill, other things that their spending on it may turn out that it's just they haven't prioritized healthcare because right now, but he's healthy. Nobody actually wants to spend money on health insurance, but we're gonna, we're gonna, make sure they do we're going to force them into it, because we know better cause where the government, where big brother, We know better than you where progress gives we're gonna, be your parent and you're gonna. Do the right thing is at the same message from both Obama entry fits. I think it's exactly observation differently, the little bit. I not, maybe not that much though, because I think it
exact, same observation, so the fact that the chief This comment is controversial today, which it seems to be is another example of hypocrisy where no one thought the Brok Obama thing was was controversial on the left, at least so for chief, its is, I guess, and hot water over that comment, but its exact same observation and look it's plainly. True. We went back it was. There was million millions of millions of people who made over fifty thousand over seventy five thousand dollars a year over a hundred thousand dollars a year who did not have health insurance under the old system, and because Obamacare was going to force people into it, those people theoretically will become covered. That was busy Brok Obama's point. I The observation is exist, At the same time, however, I think what they're doing here, I think, Obama saying people spending money on phones instead of health care, so you need to require them to buy healthcare right. I think she if it is saying people spending money on
Phones instead of health care, and then to prioritize. What they're doing there we're not gonna force them to make that choice, but maybe they didn't choose expensive, electronics, all the time they have money for the health care that they say they want. If that's true, but I get the impression that he is there trying to buy door force them with it there. Thus this is how he's justifying allow the fine or or the extra payment from the insurance companies, if you dont, have health care insurance yet and end that this goes back to that we're clause. It is, it is a weird clause in the republican replacement and the way it works is if let's say you have health care from January to March, and then you get fired, you lose your health care you're all you have no health care April May June you come. I can July and pick up a healthcare again, the this, the GEO people and allows a thirty percent fine or surcharge for everyone. From the insurance companies on to you as you get reinsurance and the real
didn't for that and you lost by the way you lost your insurance rights through no fault of your own running. I dont know how you got fired, but the fact is, once you're unemployed, have, maintaining insurance through that very little is almost impossible for most people, its its costs, prohibitive right. So the issue here. Is you have a couple months off and you come back on your insurance. You get an extra thirty percent on time of your your current of fees and that the it is well. You know we want to keeping me having people keep consisting coverage throughout the year is important for insurance companies. People figure out how much everything costs. So if you go off the insurance, you come back on. They're gonna, give you a fine. This is, in a similar way, as the individual mandate does. If you don't have insurance they will find you and so let me now, you can see how that would be similar shots. Budget was asked about this yesterday. He denied that it was a backdoor mandate, but I mean you can click They clearly say it is, oddly, though,
If you have insurance for a couple months, lose it and come back on, you could find. If you don't have it at all. For any months you dont get fund. So it s a very weird quirky part of this law And in a whether it stays or not, who knows but your say Do you think chief? It's saying this is why we put this in your because we will avoid insurance and I will say its apparent. It's a pretty compelling case. Let's say you're twenty two years old- you don't know you know, you're off of insurance for a couple months would come back on Would you bother getting insurance again? I mean I mean for though so if you get sick and you need the insurance and is a desperate situation, you gotta pay at thirty percent surcharge is that really a huge, a second dissuade you really from your decision. I know permit me to say on this and I keep a right. You know I'm not only did it. In our we're get it, and it is money when I was twenty three, I would have asked if I would single out
absolutely. I, wouldn't I wouldn't, by health Insurance yacht motor to prioritize other things. This because I'm just gonna role the dice that I don't need your health insurance and if I have to go, the girl just before it out of my pocket, because the Chances are great that nothing catastrophic is gonna happen to you. You know only too well three you're, not gonna, get cancer I have a heart attack or a stroke or any of those things in the in kind of gamble with that in I would really resent somebody trying to tell me why you should have spread the money. Not a cell phone in nice apartment reviewed, giddy health insurance like we try to make you do well. I did what I wanted to do. None of your business now you have except the consequences that go along that ramp international seem like anyone wants to do that. But yes, you're right, I mean look, you would could make a legitimate argument that Oh person in the United States, who does not have health insurance should have cable of cell phones.
These things by their own choice. Right, like you, should probably I ordered TAT. Health insurance over all of those things now, if you have health insurance and you get those things to that's great but if you dont have health insurance in your reason is because I don't have enough money to pay for it, you probably should health injured. Before you pay for those things now, no one wants to hear that in our society and although, although I harking back to the words of one Parag Obama back into our early two thousand eight when he said that the Mai it makes no sense because, if it that's what we were going to do. We should meet your homelessness, mandating level, but that was the barometer harmless and by hats and don't make any sense it doesn't it doesn't that's what you do have the government minded people make their own choices right, and so if they want to make a choice where they prioritize electronics over healthcare, they should be
well to make that choice. However, they also should live with those consequences and to tried to walk back a little bit later. Yesterday, retook, as he said the, maybe I didn't say it as smoothly as possible that I should have people need to make a conscious choice and I believe in self Reliance and going to have to make those decisions. So I thinking Is, I think, he's saying it? Maybe, but apparently a lot of people took it. The way I resisted So it's amazing about that is that shouldn't be particularly camp. Controversial and he went away for people to never learn, took two to prioritize health care. Over electronics is, if you enforce it by law that they have to have insurance that way they never make that choice. There never priorities they're just simply taking a government programme. So then it becomes an entitlement. And now they should get the entitlement plus their electronics. I mean
I understand that that's going to be a controversial thing, and we can all pretend as if that's the meanest thing in the world, but it went tracks, are not a God given right. Nothing there is neither is how I mean letters Healthcare by the way, but it's not. American right. It's, not your human right to have an Iphone, if you have a lot of electronics and look, this is the case not necessarily among the poor. Its it's more among the young, the young might have plenty of money to buy lots of things that they want and enjoy, but dont prioritize healthcare because they don't believe they need. It is in fact, their choice. These people are adult well under a bomb here. It's not their choice, because Obamacare was set up for the young. Pay for the old. That's that's all. Such as a workable and not very well, not very well cost whenever everybody it's a hell of Israelis, but though he, I guess the people who are so carry that more than anybody where the young people, nearer than we are footing the bill me up The bizarre thing all it is. I mean look in France is never a good investment by the numbers.
If it were a good investment by the numbers. Then companies wooden exist. They are on the side of the numbers, the people. Can acting money for your policy are winning this bet, but there be for an individual. It might screw your life up if you lose the bat right everyone knows, this insurance, when he's wouldn't operate. If they were on the wrong side of this bet, so every time a two year old. Making the decision to not be on healthcare is statistically making the right choice. The problem, is that one? The Bad thing happens that individual it wants a burning, and it can create huge problems and trains on the healthcare system. But we have to be honest about this. You have to prioritize things? That is what life is in. Human beings are supposed to be able to make these choices for themselves. That is what that's their role, their role and their life, is controlling what happens to them. We constantly you're going down this road where the government gets a decide. What happens to you? They are
once they are the only ones who can understand your priority system and that's not the right way to go now still in Geneva, Glenn on the Glenda Programme Triple eight. Seventy seven be easy. Gay would you the travelling for this job and occasionally personally, and I am a sucker for thee. The my phone I was running out of batteries and I was employment to us in other, the the community, the public, Porter public ports and I met that's pretty without risk right. I mean it's a little thought. So it's more you power up. Your phone is just juice, Covenant well, juice. Hacking is apparently a new thing. Technique allows used to access personal data from your phone when you were charges device at one of those public recharging ports. I mean they do this there, hoping it plug into that compromise, public of charging port, get your information and then identity theft. It's the Americas fastest growing crime, but you can protect yourself with lifelong lifelike, skin hundreds of millions of transactions each second, it
Hector Information being used. They send you an alert and if you ever problem a U S based agent will work to fix it. No income, that all I identity for vermonter monitor all transactions at all businesses, but lifelike is the best identity, theft, protection available them. Start started nine. Ninety nine per month, plus taxes go to life, locked dot, com or called one eight hundred lifelong used a promo code back, that's Beck, pretend turn off your lifelike ultimate plus membership, one eight hundred lifelike The glad that programme mercury. The planned bag programme triple exactly seven back. That's do Geneva Glenn! I love liberals who are trying to support Nord stream now, because Nord Strum dropped advocate trumps line and so can stick. Some Republicans and entrust supporters were saying: well we're not gonna shop at Nord Stream anymore, so Hollywood.
Is rallying behind Nord stream. Now orders they needed I think, think Hollywood celebrities are tweeting out and bragging about the fact that their their shopping for more than ever in spending thousands of Darya and shoes and whatever it is so pathetic, because Ivanka Trump thinks just like they do. What what are they try to make a point again, Slovakia, Trump for she's, a liberal. She's, a liberal as they are it's bizarre. First of all, that's bizarre. Secondly, I'm on the day without women you wouldn't make a point to hold the daughter. Responsible for what you think the Father beliefs Weird stands to take for lily. Weird right, that's because she supported her dad courtesy out on her of going to madness to madness but sure and heard her because
she's, just released that are clothing line, is posting record sales in the midst of up hundreds of percent right, three hundred percent, or something like that. You see it issue pulling her dad, though by lesbian do. We know for sure that their sales are that high we support a dazzled by saying the number one everybody. We don't know that. However, I would say that, like the target of Yvonne Cook, the Trump clothing before this election was not a bunch of republic, no, it was not raised every so you have a huge new audience. That's brought into looking right at these clothes, who probably never was looking at them. Before I mean the target of a vodka trump at Nord Stream. Clothing is probably not that the average republic, and, although some obviously by it, but it means that this business was probably constructed as their registered Democrats. Right, I mean They probably we're targeting more. You know high style fashion type people that maybe warrant our will be no percentage, wise
her ever ruffled guns and now Republicans like skirt. I don't care what it looks like I'm buying it is her clothing learn expensive, do not like elite stuck. His learned adds line is not now it's down yeah. I think they both done. You know barely affordable, but kind of interesting, and I loved in your face to the Hollywood crowd just so despicable relates to sum up. This is back programme. This is the police radio on demand that's too and gently the Glenn Back programme. He is course celebrating
a day without women, staying on endeavour, gonna being eighty nine percent woman himself. Yes, we were now. Can I tell you any any other information about what is not exactly why I now you see is actually out because our needs us yes, because he's mostly women. We need to get to the Wikileaks claim to that. The CIA hacking into your phones and televisions is happening so like if you have a Samsung tv supposedly, even if it's not on they can watch you. That's good report. Rewards crazy, plus another list of the best countries in the world come out we'll get to all that in more starting right now, you should have entertainment and didn't lighten the green eyed Jake Tapir. Yesterday
talking about this latest report. About the CIA and what what they're doing with their spy effort or nationally today, a stunning look inside the CIA hacking capability, seemingly straight out of a Jason Bourne Film, Wikileaks calls it the quote largest ever publication of car financial documents from the CIA documents they claim or from the CIA Centre, for cyber intelligence that reveal the methods despite agency uses together, information on targets without them, knowing among them. Turning how hold items such as computers are smartphones or a Samsung Smart TV into surveillance tools, turning your own electronics and despite devices, even when their powered off the CIA hackers are apparently able to bypass encryption on popular communication application such as what's app or signal or confide by hacking. The smartphones the APS run on and collecting the data before the encryption is applied. Now seen and cannot independently verify the information contained in these eight thousand
one hundred and sixty one documents and files which Wikileaks is calling vault seven? statement of CIA spokesman said quote. We do not comment on. DR intensity, or content of purported or intelligence documents. On quote, that is true. How will we not killed every terrorist? There is in the world for it is. If that is evolving, if their capable of all of that- and we should have no issues anymore. That's uh, that's amazing stuff. Unless they're just directing it toward american citizens, They actually have lines against Americans that they wouldn't have against terrorists. They could do whatever they want. Didn't have to worry about that. Institution necessarily when their when they're going against terrorists and Afghanistan somewhere, It is amazing, I mean you know obviously there are very answer to this- is a we need a warrant to do any of the stuff, and easily obtainable through Pfizer yeah, I mean the bride, but I mean Is that what you're saying, because most of em don't get
the overwhelming majority, get approved, but it oppressed one last you're right, but there's a process to get to the point they bring em. You didn't bring twelve million of those a year, but I think it was sixty in a hundred and eighty nine last year, and sixteen hundred. Eighty eight were approved right and what should we do? if the number was actual if they were spying, unseen hundred and eighty eight, how holds because they believe terrorism was involved. That actually seems pretty rational right, like that's, probably totally normal number. I think the thing the conversations that have been problematic of our around this or the mass gathering of data? of every citizen. Phone calls and everything that we ve learned from these past things, but the justly Billowy the fact that they are able to use you're smart TV to somehow monetary. You is kind of like what's coming out of this that
more noteworthy. We ve talked about these possibilities before without experts on saying that they could do these things. I guess this would be the deepest evidenced to confirm that, and you know the idea that they can do it. What would the power off is interesting as well? Talking about how Obviously, while your power of your tv might be off it, to be on at some level because the remote, no we like its detecting the remote right. If it completely offer. There's no power go into it. It would not be able to detect them it's an essentially asleep boat Randall in a google now and Alexa because of you, ok, the voice command on the team few say. Yes, I will use it. Then it's always listening all I mean it has to be able to hear. What you said now, you do have these devices in your own pet feel in the Alexa our Google play and when we have an election is not currently plugged into anything that goes. I found a kite worthless fairer
I like the Google home seems more viable. The elixir didn't didn't do anything I really care about? I mean it would give you the weather, but I can get that for me from my Ipad so but I do have a sound more than once have several Samson tvs that they could be watching me, but no verbal, but have you ok to use the? I think the big thing was in the beginning was that if you said okay to the voice command Then they were able to listen and take the information, because I have already used they ve already been. I think they were soon it a boy for using information about people were watching without their knowledge. For they were using that, obviously, for in August, safety and to help us purchase products better for our families, of course, the array
They were. I think there were already sued for that once or twice because they were using that information without our knowledge so loud in it. We talked about this yesterday that the principle of this is to elevated to a conversation about whether these things should be allowed anyway. Yak is in its so to elevated to a point where people can about it, because a lot of Americans think well. I'm not doing anything wrong anyway. What do I care if they're watching me, we'll, because you don't what they consider wrong any given point what you're doing might be wrong or they might construe it as wrong or we not always have the benevolence in power that we have today. So you don't ever want to govern to have this kind of power and use it against us. That's why whether you're doing anything wrong or not. Isn't the point it should Be doing this at all. That's the point, because the fact that they, can't do it means, if anything ever turns kind of ugly, and were in real trouble.
I mean you really talk about a seriously oppressive government. If they can do all the stuff, it's it's kind of scary. It's it's chilling. So an interesting report. Not again, I don't know if it's true, I don't know actually do this stuff or if they are doing this stuff, and if they are again we reached there should be but more dead terrorists than there are today these guys are using cell phones and if you can get it, before the encryption process, which I didn't think was possible. What good is incorrect encryption if you could, if they see I can take the the data before encrypted. Yes, oh the wayward like, for example, those encrypted messaging acts like confide in invites it's like a basically like covers all your messages that But if you send a message and confide the personal receives, it gets a messages covered and only when they touch it can they see what's going on Joe it's away too, so you can't really screen shot a message.
She's away. They can get around some other messaging of things, services so The idea, though, is that their hacking and before its encrypted so like the way It helps if you want to keep send a secret message. Is I sent a message to pat at times, helping the people in between Pat and I from setting and on the internet right The way there I met with the CIA is as I'm typing it. There are able to see it before. I send it so actually no getting around that whole system I gotta soon. Maybe terrorists are thinking. You know what we'll get away with this government ascended through a commercially available messaging system. I mean, like I dont, tell me that dumb They probably are, and I know that some of them are, but if you think that you're right, like I get, I go back and forth with this, and it's like walked. Watching a law and order episode neurons wont load order. If you're like me,
you believe every tourney and every argument they make so like this, that the greatest of friends of all time you're like this guy, is so innocent and then there's, persecution of sound like this guy's got. Does I get back and forth and that's why it's a grip? Each Joe, I mean York, I'm constantly convinced the signal. I go back and forth with Do we have incredible ability to monitor everything everywhere, part of what done he's like this. I feel that way like they're, coming through our tvs and are able to do this and then a part of me is like so crap gets by them saw many things, so many obvious things are so many things they should have caught so many times do Roupell, who they have they talked
The FBI brings into the room and then they like go, and then they went of doing something terrible, we're told things like this all the time, while the CIA could monitor you through a legal system from my leg, don't watching your child play right, just building a little pirate. What why didn't? You might take a lemon years to get off some of the lot? That's their deal, the right they say. Isn't that what the c I a guy told us for the record is that They get all the information there It's a matter of obviously disseminated after going through a unless someone comes a them says: stupor gear and then they go to you and then are able to you knock out every. You're doing then they informations there, since there is no way that they can cover like to do that I do not think that They somewhere have a hard drive. Our multiple hard tries multiple thousands of hard drugs
with every word spoken in, I room this Samsung TV that has always recognition. I that's not a thing right here: However, can they go on a specific case and say you know what Pat Gray, we think pack rate or actually better example, deficient. We think Jeff Fishers a criminal hand, and we want to listen to his samsung to see you know, he's a door order is still examples. Do. Why are you telling me voice? I can they do that? That's that is, I guess, the news today, which is they seeming can, if you believe, Wikileaks and these documents. So you know that a pretty impressive, with technological advancement. Yet again, when you dont have these rules, there's nothing saying to them that they can't have the date from some terrorist who lives in Yemen right like theirs constitutional requirement, necessarily of them saying what we have to respect the privacy rights of the people. In Yemen, yet it I don't think they worry about them now, so if they can, get that information and its available,
now. I understand- and I know any sense of disease in Yemen, but you would have me that's a thing, but they have cell phones, probably no chances are pretty good. They got smartphones in, but the chilling part of this again is if the government is ever not as benevolent as it is today right. We don't have a chance if this technology exists or you don't have a chant doomed, I mean you're so dependent on, while so dependent on its incredible. I mean there is never a time when you're loan without the government beside you there's never time everywhere you go whatever you do. They How about it, I'm watching you. Why did they could be used? but every breath you take I'll, be watching you that was creepy enough from sting a lot creep from the though I must say I looked in my back yard yesterday and sting was there looking in, I will say that sting was there. He was you. I hate you. I love! You have invited the violence, not a surprise.
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you get through a day without women in the workforce, which so far seems fine. No I've, seen a big adjustment so far, though, maybe it's because in Texas there I'll just showing up for freaking work could be, but so for us, but if I did beaten so we we're talking yesterday about been Carson and his really weird comment about slaves and immigrants. Here, here's what you! that's what America is about a land of dreams and opportunity. There were other emigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships, work or even harder for less excellent, yellow They too had a dream. That one day their sons, but his grandson. There is great grants somewhere great granddaughters pursue prosperity.
The year has whether that's what they were thinking wonder when they were stolen from their land thrown at the bottom of a nasty slave ship sailed three thousand miles cross. The ceiling is well that's what they were think it one day my granddaughters in grandsons rich prosper, where I can't wait to get their part of ways and their positions are part of the strangeness of that moment. As these sixty five ambient delivery of wages but in our apparently this commentary, not all that rare, I know he's getting a lot of lacking right. I think rightly so, but Why he free settings want a little weird. However, he's not the first person to compare immigrants and and slaves like
in fact, is another matter only isn't done as the core of other than the federalist setting. Either we value of run that bursts of all of the countries we have. We have naturalisation ceremony, two thousand fifteen present Brok Obama referred to slaves, immigrants at any rate yeah, but this one inoculations naturalisation ceremony in two thousand twelve of said this unless you're one of the first Americans, a native American, we are all descended from folks who came from someplace else, whether they arrive on the Mayflower or a slave ship, whether they came through the Ellis lie, island or cross the Rio Grande it. Twenty eight two thousand alone and nobody, No, what is it a piece about that, while addressing crowd hosted by the Dnc on April, twenty Eightth, no matter where it, whereas esters get landed on Ellis Islander, came here on a slave ship across the Rio Grande, we're all connected one another. We rise and fall together April twenty two thousand eleven. We didn't raise the statue of liberty with his back to the world. We raise it with his light to the world whether your ancestors came here and the Mayflower slave ship weather,
He signed in L a silent across the Rio Grande Grand we're one. People now he's the difference here. Is he's he's comparing to immigrants, but he's not actually saying they were immigrants. So listen to this, we see right. Listen to this one. You're forebears, landed in L, a silent or the came here in a slave ship or they cross. The real kite grant use nothing it another way to my forebears. Didn't land on Ellis Island Ellis Island landed on me. You like you for that very. However, they got here. They typically had a commitment to hard work. Well, yeah you could say, slaves sure they did have a commitment alone work, the Indiana cast a whip and really helped. Was it that their Gregg kids would prosper? Well, that's bizarre, so they typically had a commitment to hard work and commitment to community and a commitment to family and a willingness to dream big dreams. I mean
pretty system allows that's close to accept to workers and said in a patriotism that was not rooted in ethnic city. What was rooted in a creed and a set of ideals and believes that in America, anything was possible died away. Slaves were thinking knives out. What were you get I mean? Maybe after they really did, they believed that nobody, lasers country more than I do but there's no way when you and slaves in a cotton field, being whipped women being raped there being too Richard killed in some cases sold to other people, I mean there is no way they had patriotism for the cut if they did while there they were far far far better p. But I am and then the other thing is. How do you dream big when that's your lot in life. There I mean you couldn't Adam such a thing. In those days, If you were a slave, could you When we did some areas where we did some stories in our cereals,
some of the during black history month of some other men, that fought for this. Going there weren't Andrews there was ample, is going to be some former their worse right. Yes among them black founders? There were former slaves who fought hard for the country when you're, not however, as a general point, I don't think the note. Yes, let me look. Everyone has a dreamer exemption air world to get better. Whatever the euro is yes, yes, they were all achieved. They were all hoping that some day they would be free to be able to pursue you know their lives there when they wanted to. However, I don't they would categorized patriots now that create those eleven of these by the way, and many of them are similar, What kind of amazing covered up next we gotta get were getting to our second segment in our cereal of the craziest elections. This one feature is the election of eighteen. Sixty just fascinating, hang on its Cabinet Baxter Neglect programme.
That's doing jumpy for good men back programmes. This in the series we're talking about an phrase, the elections and one of Crazy elections happen in the eighteen hundreds they were turbulent. It was an amazing century. For the United States, the nation was discovering who it was what it was. It was growing exponentially. It was assimilating tens of millions of new immigrants and it was expanding. It was discovering flexing its muscle. It had cap the imagination of the entire world, but was also the time when it was finally force to confront the evil that it didn't and on its inception the founders had laid the groundwork they stopped
the importation of slaves, but ending of slavery itself had to wait for the rich. Leader at the right time in order to see the country safely through to the other side. That is why the election of eighteen sixty was so critically important. The two party system at the time was just comprised of the Democrats and the whigs and the sitting democratic president. James Buchanan was so unpopular, but he wasn't even brought up by his party to be nominated your fun for re election. They made the front runner Democratic Illinois, Senator Stephen aid Douglas John Breckinridge, the vice president from Kentucky he was representing the Southern Democratic Party, John Bell from Tennessee was the Constitutional Union Whig Party candidate and then Representing a new four year old Republican Party was in awkward, lanky, Abraham, Lincoln
here's the question. I asked whether Americans in eighteen, sixty that we're saying you know if you vote for Abraham Lincoln you're, just wasting your vote or better, Vote for Lincoln is actually a vote for Breckinridge because Lincoln was the third party candidate in eighteen, sixty and the country was a mess. Many southern states were already threatening to succeed in the least up to the election, and one of the things that was well known in the South about Lincoln was that he hates slavery and many in the south, especially the Deep south hated him for it at the time Lincoln, had no intention of going to war with the south, if elected, which in part one him the republican nomination but those in the south. They didn't believe in Lincoln headed an interesting strategy for the campaign, which was very different from the plan. Douglas had photo
have played a vital role in the election of Abraham Lincoln. As the sixteenth. U S, president! In the final weeks of the campaign, instead of giving speeches Lincoln took every available opportunity to pose for photographers and sculptors simultaneously his old rival, Stephen Douglas, made the critical mistake of hitting the campaign trail in the eighteen, hundreds of presidential nominee who actively campaign was ridiculed for seeming so desperate, and this is exactly how the public reacted to the Douglas Whirlwind. Tour Lincoln was campaigning just as hard, but not by making visits and giving speeches. Instead, by having his photograph show up everywhere. In his place, actively campaigning was seen as desperate eighteen, hundreds if we can only get that desperate part of our country back,
lot of secession talk from the south, rumors were swirling and scare tactic. Rhetoric was abundant that if Lincoln One there'd be secession in war, but Lincoln and his team ignored their. He carried the north and did well enough elsewhere to win the presidency by a significant margin, taking the Popular vote. Thirty nine point: eight percent to twenty nine point, five percent for Douglas and the sectoral vote. One hundred and eighty two, seventy two over Breckinridge but by the time Lincoln was inaugurated. Six states had already seceded from the union. Nine more would follow as well as the bloodiest war in american history. Abraham Lincoln was perhaps the man born to see America through its most perilous period in eighteen. Seventy, five Ulysses S grant the two term, president of the United States, about two camp to become America's first three term, president ignoring the tradition set by George Washington,
self limit to to grant himself despite the terrible economy, in fact a three year: depression three million Americans unemployed and being bogged down in corruption and scandals grant was ready to go for the presidency again, as were his advisers, but then Congress passed a resolution by a vote of two thirty three to eighteen stating that washing and started the two term tradition to avoid a dictatorship and apparently that help sway the american public as it turned? the tide in the thinking and the plans of Ulysses S Grant in the end finally decided against running for a third term that left the action to the eventual republican nominee, Ohio Governor Rutherford, be haze and the democratic Domini Samuel Tilden, the governor of New York after winning the republican nomination on the seventh ballot,
Political writer, Roy Moorish Junior, explained that haze and has accepted a letter to the republican Convention, Nominees didn't appear at the convention in those days They promised a return to good honest government a reform of the civil service system. An elimination of bribery and corruption in Washington computer. To the other republican candidates such as Blaine Conklin. He was squeaky. Clean So is his wife tireless temperance, crusader known as lemonade Lucy, for her refusal to serve alcoholic beverages. Artificial official state functions, killed and, on the other hand, presented by newspaper men at the time in a rather unusual way he was a lifelong bachelor. And during the ensuing campaign there are several cartoons ran, showing him wearing a dress,
which was not so subtle suggestion that he was gay. Even with the insinuation of children being gay keeping in mind. This is one thousand eight hundred and seventy six and a very different mindset. Still and you'll Tilden one. The popular vote for presidency. Fifty one to forty eight. Oh, we were such eaters. Also one. The electoral college vote One before one sixty five with twenty electoral votes unresolved, wait a minute with yeah. You heard me right: I did you say that SAM Tilden One both the popular and electoral vote, we don't have President's SAM Tilden anyone anywhere what what what what happened. Well two days before Inauguration Day Marge. Second, Seventy seven facing it institutional crisis, the likes of which the nation had never experience. Congress create A temporary group called the Electoral commission which,
two preceded the electoral college. You wanna talk about election being stolen, one determine what to do with the twenty unresolved uncommitted electoral votes, Democrats threatened to filibuster through inauguration day in order just to get their nominee than necessary votes but instead a deal struck with the Democrats by the elect World Commission, they would accept report. Looking rather averred haze as president and in change. They would withdraw the northern occupation troops from the south. This. You're not to be a really bad thing, because it ended reconstruction enabled the south to reenact all the laws that we're discriminatory towards blacks. So, yes, once again, the demo, That's in all the weasels politicians in Washington made a deal that, now worked out for them, but not so much for the american people
The twenty unresolved votes all went to haze, giving him the closest margin of victory in american history, one eighty five to one, eighty, four electoral votes: it was all the election with the highest percentage of voter turnout in american history, eighty two, percent, it was all. The only time in american history when a candidate received more than fifty percent of the popular vote, but is denied the presidency. A kind of That's the whole election mess of two thousand into perspective. Doesn't it the election, of nineteen twelve progressive versus the progressive for the first time in american history and the election, of nineteen forty eight, next episode.
Tomorrow. The Glen Back Programme in chapter three of the craziest elections in history, you'll learn how Woodrow Wilson was elected. Listen live, Bore online, Glinda, dotcom slashed cereals that crazy you're crazy elections. If you have no idea of blue how crazy our elections have been in the past in case you guy one, the popular children when the popular vote, eighteen, seventy six popular vote, and the electoral vote, but was d, the presidency, because there are twenty votes that we're uncommitted right solely to decide those twenty they put together in a the commission and rather than be Hazel camp. Promise them to remove the troops the occupying troops from the south. If everybody would throw the votes his way it won't. It worked anyone despite the fact that he lost both the actual vote,
you should have seen the tweets from told him after he was doing them. I imagine that after the data I gap, sad, stolen, any be right. That would probably mean that it's hard to argue that it will that wasn't stolen, it's impossible to argue it It was there and see how that was constitutional. I mean I. I clearly think that was unconstitutional, I think he's was a you talk about. What did not elected? He was these alleged elected president, and maybe it was not elected to do that I built through that whole thing, I'm in his tweets, where they say publishing pictures of him and address inspector was bad. While it's hard to believe that kind of stuff habit is. I like it and the reason why we decided to do this. Particular cereal was because
we were going to the last election and everyone was just saying how unprecedented everything was and when you look back at history replaced the Netherlands is unprecedented. Unprecedented, really, isn't I mean these? Some of these elections are insane and it's it's honestly amazing. The union made it through some of them the fact that the union made it through that election is incredible. Strong, it is weak. I mean where we can get through anything. I guess if we can get through that and the election of eighteen, twenty four that we talk about yesterday when through thirty five votes, the House of Representatives just the thirty ride. Thirty five before they finally came up with John Quincy Adams. I mean some just staggering, unbelievable stuff that we we'd have a connection over today, If it was to remember controversial. It was going to be if the primary on the republic inside went to
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really beautiful specially this time here, you know, the in Uganda, religious there's, nothing like actually the number one country in the world what we expected to be also without the United States of America? Not me? It's not me. It's gotta be something like Norway or something very courts which so why such a handsome and has some really things they do better than us when it comes to free markets honestly, but that's it probably not why the rating the money they rank it on categories, they call adventure, citizenship, cultural influence, entrepreneurship, heritage, movers. Open for business power and call body of line of those United States should rank anything above twenty, five or thirty. Not why hello. Nevertheless, number two is Canada. That's why, everybody's flock and across the killing. Your wholly resumed their causes a second greatest place in the world to live
That's why thirty five million people live in a country that, like twenty times the size of the United Kingdom, is number three come on now, stop it Fourth is Germany, Germany's always in the top five of these while not since their certain decades mechanism for certain that gave a very those same thing with Japan, their number five and maybe in the forties them in the thirties. They weren't quite, is high. Number six, you might be thinking ogier, we there. No Sweden, Sweden Six learn some issues right now. Yes, they are never that number seven, the United States of America and we went from forth. Two seventh, they rank. Thirty fifth adventure come on really know what that means. We should look at the criteria is and see. How would you mean adventure venture of great places to go things to do. I would think a lot. An area is a lot here. Citizen I don't really know what that means. Citizenship like
many citizens there are currently a lousy is how getting citizenship yet or the value of citizenship or hold choice influence they went us third How do you rank the United States of America? Third in influence? whose more influential than we are and call here I mean with Hollywood and how I mean maybe because we're not as high a country in the world has been americanized how'd. You get us third in that give us crazy entrepreneurship. Airship number three, something we should be never won his heritage. Twenty two, movers, whatever that means twenty four molded for business were thirty, creates a weird but is over three men and a truck in the middle of this countdown is gonna, be stirring. Look age is hard to book. I'm honest about it. That's why the number twenty two we are number one in power, so obviously,
most powerful nation on earth they actually did seem that to us. Thank you. Thank you, but that's evil to them. The courses and quality of life were only eighteenth. What I probably things like prime factor into that. I don't know sure and I'm sure, income inequality, equality and probably health care. Does the government pay for everybody's healthcare? That's why the United States will never do as well We should in these in these things, because of criteria, involve hollow. Seventh, I'm actually impressed with an answer that usually it better than I thought it would be like right behind North Korea is where we have seen are usually the way these things go. Australia, France and Norway, of course, round off the top to triple seventy seven back more than
program runaway bank programme work This is the police radio on demand. Through the woods, with TAT, still Geoffrey and for Glenn today, still celebrating a day without women think about once a woman you'd be wrong. He's about eighty nine percent is in fact not about. He is eighty nine percent woman we studies, there's been dna testing and its confirm the Brookings Institute, Susan Hennessy. She should stay home every day to day we'll get into that come up as well as new regulations of the tea. I say that you're gonna love well
I will tell you what those are and it's so much more. The fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glen Programme, dribbling soldiers, a bed. Soon Chevy for Glenn Susan had from the workings Institute was on with Chris Matthews about climate. It's because, as you know, the world is its boy, burning up with a fever. Right now, It's got a fever of a hundred and three so come on. Baby do
you do more than dance it's hot blooded. The earth is hot blooded, But here's the thing just keep repeating the same, tired, untrue dog every single time they talk about this stuff, like from the Chamber Menstruation Forest focus. Refugees I'm the single biggest national security, such as climate change? We need it wasn't which climate change has either sparked conflict. Sores made existing conflicts the worst again and again we see the ways in which climate change has sparked conflicts. Can you mean one for me? what is a syrian thing over climate change, it got. Wait nine degrees hotter, so everybody tat to overthrow Bashir Assad terms that what happened to you, just nailed. It I mean that's inside of you now are right the world before, though I believe the title, the desert storm positive
currently going on in pig trade overboard, title the desert storm yet nominates. This is a typical thing they pitch. I mean how do you even make that case? How do you make the case? What what's the evidence. Climate change is causing war or strife or even famine and hunger is, is there any evidence that this has been a major gnp materially, whether two years ago, which it the weather two weeks ago. Okay! So now it's ok to talk about the weather cause the weather is the climate. It used to be every time you set. Will what? What about the snow you? So wasn't it's! No! Now it's knowing tat, you can see always whether for acquiring internet and now they do it every single time. Every single day What about the weather two weeks ago? I know that always are a warm front in winter. That's never happened before right,
other than every single year in human history. We have worked so we ve seen this out even giving, as you know, the whether women having I don't think that that necessarily has sparked conflict so you're now how to share in record years in a row now the hottest years right. So it has not been the hottest years on record. Many years in a row now, in fact, for no in and roses ninety. Ninety eight and- and I know that, back when they try to manipulate the data so that they can get rid of that fact, but the fact is theirs, but pause in the warming. There's been a pause in the warming, ever since the sun activity went down, it's been paused, also, the amino messes, with the weather we ve had that coming and going getting everything more intense sort of conflict for resources and more things more and more displaced people that reminds us that has spillover effects with really dramatic security grounds. If you're right about the Horn of Africa, Somalia Place like data, just horrible would be are driven to by the way, there's no in the word horrible.
He's a horrible national, Horowitz H, a are central, our horrible there's no way in the word, not horrible. Our rural areas, it is not at all men made, is HIV. Our leaders to AIDS are a be underlined and addiction, arable, pretty sure, honourable Norway and the word horrible, but that he knows horrible it. There is anybody who knows horrible segment was horrible. Just agonizing is. Are they really saying that the climate has that the temperature has gone up every single year. Is that a new thing now, because our while they were admitting now there's a pause? Yet we don't know why there's a pause but there's a pause and now just ignoring. That fact. Now will two thousand sixteen of again. Obviously these efforts have just come in the last month or two, the two doesnt sixteen, I believe, was either equal or a slightly above or slightly below to. Ninety. Eight is statistically
on adjusted set surface or satellite I've already tells you right back to set the satellites have shown, what would you think if you, if you want to come up with more accurate way of measuring temperature and about with satellites. Of course they show less warming, so we We ignore alone would only go the surfaces temperatures. Well the surface can be manipulated. You can put on indirect son, you can you can put him there air conditioning unit light topped up top, I mean and that's where they do and they have standards visit was in which they say. Ok, there's a girl there, Five tier system, if I remember right in and basically the the really bad ones if you put it next to a heater, for example, not sounds ridiculous, but there are examples of photos of this of the surface stations that are next to heaters and heating ducks. Are in the middle of blacktop that obviously a hundred years ago were not in the middle of blacktop.
And they have a way of showing what the error is in the errors huge. There is more than the temperature rise on many of these stations. Well now they try to adjust Fort, they say they are just import. They go back in the past six seventy years ago and adjust the temperatures from the past, to do that today. I don't know. I don't know how to do that today, but I mean look the organ. Is not about whether it is warmed. Ok, the arguments about a what has caused what's causing a and b whether it be catastrophic in the future, if you wanna, go to see its, whether we can do anything about it and in and as for, I think, you're on be, which is which how much is it the eye with how have catastrophic as it? Nor will it be most many of these, so called climate scientists admit that some of the warming is really good because I dont know grow.
Food right for decades and decades of desolate salt. For now, eventually it could get to the point where it really cumbersome negative aren't up your crops. However, usually that were nowhere near that right now, and you know look this an easy thing to do right because you can come out and you can blame every and me to blame a war on climate change. Is so rich. It was almost Alex Joneses it really is on that level. It really is on that level, They'll mark that, because the Mock Alex Jones, you know every day of the week, which so will we however, that is just as ridiculous. Let's be honest about it, you know it's not to say that the way there the weather, arguing that if you know, if you not following their logical What I would understand is they'll say look if, if A huge drought caused by climate change,
and so one group of people loses access to water. They will get desperate, and maybe a war will start at that how they sort of do these things so envelope for every environmental factor to retroactively blazing along lines of single war that has begun that way, admittedly, on either side, while I mean I've never heard of it Villa will find a way to justify it. I mean insensitive it it's the same way. We really hot, so we went to war with the Sudan because it was too high, but they country, but they say exactly that path and then we're gonna be lectured at and we realized tat was even higher there. So we went to the opium and detect them at other justifiable of the murderers and Chicago uniting ride like getting about this. They will say when and its warmer in the summer, people get more. Irritable name will commit or crimes. Therefore, as it warms from climate, those climate crime, deaths will be worse, will be included not till it's exactly why I killed more people in Houston than I haven't Dallas, because its hotter there
I remember that you said you killed what eighty five people in Houston and only a few yards, eighty nine houston- and I think, I'm up to fifty three awhile as or even active with coastal this fort worth. Well, I guess I didn't dramatic here fifty three, fifty three, I mean this is more believe opened. To feel what the children are feeling god I love you. This one. We gotta get people to speed up its use. Paypal, benzene, we gotta get people good people to stand up against. These but you have a bumper sticker in your car. This has got to have good people to stand. I did I did. I won a companion, bumper sticker. That says people, people who need people are the luckiest people in them you do
as we heard greatest moment, Guess I'm probably should you just heard it right. The dumbest radio show today for any because I have this disgusted cover is take the globalist less with Armenia, and I got I just get flippant and angry, but it's because deep down folks, I can see what they're doing we have a responsibility rests: These globalist. Where are the mere in my country, where our little man in this world tat I live with it. We can offer our children up to the system for the water, the GM alerting Flora we live. I'm perverts grab at the airport to train them for the pedophile government trade in Berlin. We ve just got such a six society sick, but all that is truer than the warming, correct
least, on par with the global warming grab. More open still Jeffrey for Glinda the good that programme come up as we discuss stir a lot with Glenn, especially about the effects of the economy and where we're going, the negative effects of a cashless society? What could they have? your privacy, we ve talked a lot about privacy. Today, working have on your savings cyber security the huge issue Oliver Wealth store digitally and we don't seem to have a problem with that. It's like we just did. Who's gonna. Given this took three, it is, so as not to get us with all the stuff. It's convenient all the stuff we were warned about. We don't care about anymore because it be. It just became convenience to us and we didn't realize the danger right. I mean it. Then things gonna go wrong with it and it can have assumed cause everyone's doing it dine ETA, rolling stone it. A lot of it is fine, it's not to say that you need You have all your money under your bed. You don't need to need to never go on the internet. That's that's not the answer, but the answer
maybe to have an insurance policy or you could go to Jeffrey Wage, does not have any money ever that's the point you have has enough for you I mean ah from outside, is effective. It looks like it's working well, but how is it I mean you're fed? Well, there is no question of that so seeing as Euro Overweight haggle. I understood what hacking our identity theft could dare could destroy your savings. The cost of online it. Breaches is already expected to reach two point: one trillion dollars by twin, Don T, let us is it a lot It is not about what really major world economy for sure. It's, not a quadrillion, that's true! It's not that Barack Obama would say at least does not a quadrillion isn't exactly what its how about having so that you can actually hold in your hand in case something like this happens in case. We have a major failure in these systems that we ve come to trust have gold go. Play is something that has been a long term aid since the beginning of time has been had incredible value and is
it's it's a hedge against some of the things that could happen in this world. Do your homework call gold mine today and ass Their updated free, cashless society risk report, red gold, mine, important risk information to see if buying gold is right for you, but call them check it out. Do your own homework, eight hundred and sixty six four hundred and sixty five three hundred and fifty four six thousand one hundred and eighty six, gold by listening to the Glen Back programme. Mercury. Traveling. Seventy seven back glad that our programme- indeed it is that's doing jetting for Glenn, probably back tomorrow, Tripoli. Seventy seven back, you know Alex Jones- reminded us here a moment or two ago, but the situation at the airport with the pedophile government training child abusers would have you know they. They feed them toothpaste and then they go nuts and then they sort of using people.
And it still does not right, and then you ve got the full right in the water which has killed two twenties of millions of people, not just tens, but twenties of millions of people is its other Florida. The work but there's something else going on at the airport. Now that you're gonna love Jeffrey. You Earl of this lot pat downs of the ports are becoming more intimate under a new man. Well guideline to improve safety for travellers, awful, though, because since nine eleven we had so many so many air all the they finally decided to really do something do something up until now, there has been five different ways: they can pay you down. Others the discreet away there. This nine intrusive way and usually that's what they do- people who died,
Just randomly selected, which is no good to anybody and render them random without elected, but I haven't, got no understanding it. It's the dumbest thing of all time to go through the the scammer, though you know the like trotted go, yes and sometimes if you have something else, though, have to want you after because I always go left wing and I've got the replacement go. Do me the WAN we move and then, if something happens with the one, that's when you get to pat down or if your randomly selected like every fifth person or whatever criteria that but now everybody gets the more intrusive abusive. Sexual assault was that you call it aside, call it assault, you call Friday night downtown you, where tell you, where they're gonna there too, I'm feel your Gillette's now that makes it better when they do no. No, not to me
so you're saying you would rather not have them touch her genitals when you go to the airport picky. That way I M pick. Interesting stance at another word that I want to know the man doing that to mean that is other than my wife. I dont want another woman. Do it to me so, Just leave me alone leave me alone at the airport, and I see everybody put with this. In the happy attitude we need to do in schools is safety. Pisses me off, I may go through. I want to say something soberly aids like this. Is First of all, this is not about me: it's not helping anything, evil rabies in a random way. What are the odds that you actually randomly screen The terror isn't dear argument, though women Your argument is that we haven't had any attack since nine eleven words
That's right out of this. I believe it has nothing to do with this. I believe it has nothing to do with this. I think the next thing they do is gonna be some other. Is it they ve got a different direction. Now we have a little discussion with us yesterday and on the patents to Russia, which, by the way, errs on the blaze ever after the show every day and during that show, I said something that I have said many times, which is. This is a great. So ts a preacher and which you walk through the line, basically with almost no delay when you go to the airport, Yet it done wants. Then it's over. Where than in use, keep going, and you said an interesting response. I'm gonna do that today, I did say which, yesterday, which I did not do well, there's the uptake, The EU does not come way and made. No, maybe really goes you out of here. You like I get caught up in stuff, and I forget I do now. I would like at least they bought me dinner for Armenia. Candle lit long neighing intimate over on the side the little table there. They serve,
me? Some wine? They get me liquor it up. Then they re only. I so now it so now what you're saying rose pay if you don't wanna get felt up going through the USA on an airplane which no Y know what else you got to do the airport, but if your pad and though ought to do that now you want to go to the tears. A pre have give them every bit of information about do everything, but I hear ever to the the time just so you can get on a plane. Corker we talk about things being either not doesn't, but I'm ok with it. I mean, given the tree between the two I'll take the t say: look I mean we taught you talked about this with with these train transgendered bathroom issues. We doing news stories about people who are walking into were into bathrooms and are having conversations which they find offensive. That's a new story. Did my feelings. Don't matter in this feel up when you're touch, I think, I'm some reeling uncomfortable with the first volume of private person to begin with. Secondly, I really don't want you touching my
yeah, I really don't, and- and super uncomfortable that does it matter to them, nope, not one iota, they don't give a rat's, but about that I mean that given us rectal exams, almost at the at the airport, now than I do When you cancer screening feeling directive irrational reach, up there in your I'd like to talk about some little swollen military visually, the example of what errand airline is doing visiting though it may be that this afternoon, maybe just put to flight to the recipe. That's gotta upside. So it's interesting because you, you know it's not obviously there, that, but it is really one of annoying right Don T say project is the exact Then there is also a clear, I think is the other one which is who is. This is a separate service, but is really good. I've heard beauteous a project is government solving a problem. They create an account
its frustrating because you're right, Jeffrey you're, giving them a lot of information you're going through appreciate. You have to go on for an interview its, the worst process in the world. This doesn't include a lot of your time, but it does include you hitting appointments and deadlines, and it's a little bit. Frustrating and you wouldn't need it that I'm uncomfortable at all. Unless I wanted it, what why our transgender people, the only people, were worried about their comfort level, why? Why is that? Why is that the case? But here's how bad it's gonna be? Due to this change ts, a asked the field secretary directors to contact airport law enforcement in brief them on the procedures in case the pole these are call of autumn, so there's other calling police departments in their saying: ok, you're, getting a lot of complaints and are talking to the airport security. Ok, you're gonna get alot of complaints. That's how bad this is gonna, be you're. Welcome America, your well thank you. Do you say
you'll, be listening to the Glen background. Well, first, we were concerned about fluoride in our water and then it was, it was the two faced: that's killing our children and then of the airports with the perverts training. This sexual predators, children have something for us, forget other words about jobs, but now it's the pat down in the back down is real and their lives. They used to do it five different ways: I don't know depending on the risk, maybe I don't know Now only do it one way and that's intensively. There is they're calling a comprehensive and they're so convinced that it's gonna be offensive to people that
for alerting figure authorities that they're going to receive complaints from passengers. Let's go to deal in Kansas, Dale, you're, Glinda Programme, with that's doing Jeffrey Jeffrey. I wanted to make sure you under third that there is a thought parlor their imbalance that will give you a he had inspired, not now allow There are key to reach your decimated making your colleague we revised real safely. Like that, I would like to know that that's a barrel, he rose the business. How do you not know still pursuing? What do you think about this? This is, after all, But what about these? massage shares that are now just everywhere. In common spaces, there are Jim's there at airports.
There at grocery store, unless we can, unfortunately, must be united to notice now to your right to know what I think about it, because they used to be where they just pop up, whether it be like for five of them together and now granting another old when you workplace? Those are the words of one by itself, get malls you guys you're trying to go through a mall and there's just a bunch of people with their heads down towards the ground. Getting my back massages from these people in the middle, the aisles that's It seems like a new thing. Is it a little weird it's been gone. A couple years, then was the cheers breaking off on their owners is new, but my question is: is it that I don't know I mean I've never had one at a massage? I fear like this. It's insane you massage Charles. You laugh. I like it because it feels like private moment. I don't know why. I mean it's, it's not sexual. Now I didn't say I was actually voice. That was private. Your fully clothed, I agree. I know we clubs, the dsl, is badly down. Do you have it I'm being touched on. Nothing touched
the chair in those areas, it's my back that the chair is touching. That's what I'm worried about If the USA wants to touch. Are you talking about? I bought a maiden massage chairs, or I'm talking about attended by MRS about the actual loosely ass under your hundred about the electronic nineteen. Oh I'm talking about there is someone employed, yes, giving live Messiah like great by mall. They do that in the middle of the mall here that the legal and illegal, while errant stations and hear, and then they also have one inside a retail space, so you can get more, extensive servers there as well, as only ever done that five dollars
you, ve done live Masood, ass, ordered Messiah. Possibly I dont think you ought to say that I am right now, every time you see, I have done every guide. Yes, you ve been resolved and given every kind- and besides we got that Jeffrey though quite structurally and we're in the autumn, massage thing you know when the Robin your back and shoulders, I've never been. You are asking that you wouldn't do that feel so so I like massage imo, massage fan, I do like I like the fact that I like it in the mall, because as opposed to what when you go to a spot, you don't have to be naked. You're there, we cannot really should be more to me, but it looked like the naked yes ouch thing. Let me ask you this to actually stop you from good negative them all. They might
you Jeffrey when I saw that police hanging out or managers, it's gotta whale body lay whale body. Is that landmass over? Why would I as much as it might seem mean its Nero so no offense tiles. Now known ass, the well obviously we're just illustrating will be much lower body. Fat percentage did not me too felt an entire species that that would be wrong. So we should clarify that to avoid seventy seven back what about this, but thing whether they had to move. This is fascinating. We ve been waiting to do this story all day they at birth.
Their removing twice, A thousand free online videos to comply with some just department ruling because of the hard of hearing the American US with Disability ACT, is an incredible story. You know what you re really weird think about this for a moment which is Berkeley up an expert expenses school which is responsible for the right sort of nonsense all over the country, but they decide to give twenty thousand lectures on Youtube. For free what a growth rate of like sort of like the TED talks Series Ray it is a kind of a along those lines, isn't it opportunity for you to go to Berkeley sort of free movement- look at the degree- but you can actually goes through a lot of learning. You'd go through if you actually ten and twenty thousand different lecture, where the great thing so a school in work across the country. I want to say that in its call for the deaf
in Washington Dc Father comply with a deal J alleging that Berkeley Online content was inaccessible to the hearing, disabled community and act, Looking into the matter, the deal J determine that Berkeley had indeed violated the Americans with Disabilities ACT in Berkeley. Had two choices either spend a fortune adding close capturing to twenty thousand videos or of them from public view. They do so to just remove that visitors pull the plug available to no one there. Now, no one gets them because they were not available to deaf people in close captioning I mean That is in insanity insanity. Tom survive as people this stupid some five, zero, I mean. Eventually, you don't worry. Eventually you don't does this is that legal government on its own and let us financially dumber, though right I mean stupid things during the Bush administration and we complain about it a little bit. We talk about it
and it would make for fun, radio talkin collars would sound off now it's every day, all day, something that's just exe, toward merrily. Ridiculous is everyday, usually what I mean it's completely upside down, I don't know I mean this, I'm sure it's not top of the agenda for the trumpet ministration at the moment, but this is the type of thing you think double trouble. Would would be completely right and say wait a minute. This is ridiculous. We need to stop this because of it. For decades we ve seen it with the same thing. Happen with net neutrality because look: how does it help the day people that has been removed. It doesn't now it can even see it. So they're just happy that nobody can hear it if they can't I mean that is essentially we remove. Every television show, then, are all tv shows clothes. Many, maybe maybe they are either by the hour, maybe three even the cable systems in so I have to say the close captioning button, more than anything else in life really does
does the words the pop up at the bottom driver, not single its right to watch a show. I hated him then again invite when it returns. I wonder where, as you know, what shows that need to be travelling now, I don't want to give you a lot of foreign film, so he's yeah they tell a moon muddy Della mood has not tabled. I like that. Capturing nor that you get the close capturing is helpful, is on flights when it's like a ringer near the engineer loud and you're. You know you're not the right headphones yet on the noise blocking headphone. Sometimes you can't make out a reward pop that on it works well. What we sense with with net neutrality in that, I think, was too, mobile and a couple of other services decided to offer us but it's streaming too you tube, at flicks Hulu, all the video streaming acts that most people use and they saw you wouldn't waste your data by using
We avail service, exactly a great great idea right and a lot of other really nice services, their customers right. So ok, you have that wealth. People who believe in net neutrality- and luckily this is being pushed to the background now with Asia Pie, who's, the guy who fcc guy he's the only disguises whose saying are. They have cc net neutrality, control, which is nice, but he the here from people who believe that neutrality is wait a minute, you can't give free data to Netflix an Hulu. And all of these other, unless you give free data for everyone to stream, because we got a treat all data as equal, so the What have they would have to give free dated everyone which means they give it to no one? They couldn't give everyone's. They would give it to no one. Instead, they could, have they were able to give it to these companies where most people do their streaming and that's a huge advantage again you're, taking away advantages to the consumer to hit these
serious the guidelines you ve built for yourself and that the Berkeley situations the same thing. Obviously the intent of the Americans with Disabilities ACT is not to pull, Twenty thousand lectures that were given for free off of the internet because deaf people would not be able to consume them. That is over Dickie Le Standard and what it meant is people lose access to information? They lose access to free content, that that would that organization itself wanted to give away for nothing and now can't cutting off? You know Despite your face, I do ask, and I guarantee you could ask: if you sampled, deaf people around America. Ninety nine percent of them would say that that's ridiculous, and yet but is there what law do it puts this into winos? I'm I guess at some point they might be able to find an automated way, but it might not be accurate, who knows, why would they want to do this there, trying to do something nice for people give way twenty thousand lectures to make
people a hell of a lot more liberal. They can even do that. They need they want to do, is indoctrinate people on Youtube for free and they can't even get away with that. How sad how how are there any television shows that are broadcast visually when there are blind people ends. To my point, one of the problems, the laboriously money right, where going and I don't know that I read the Lucchese still. Ok, whether they have bye, bye that that's why they have to do with them if they were private, they gave them down library. Why are you the reason why they have to do it down? It's? It's any has nothing to do with the content of the law. Nobody. Thinks all you know will be a great idea. We get rid of all the free material that people can see and hear attendance. Nuclear standard makes no sense at all, and it's not that you know I have a real problem with public funding of unit these, and in so I you know, I understand,
to me. That's a separate issue here, even if you, what public funds funding for him for these universities, It just shows how bad government is at present. No doubt you know, the even when they truck everyone agrees that people with disabilities should not be abandoned by our society. We all freaking agree on that. Yet the link, the government is so bad at what it does on a daily basis, that they can't even bigger something like this, which is blatantly obvious, we used to call him common sense. All the time it was one of the first things that it seemed like one of glens: first, catch free, their brands that sort of cod on in the early days of shall we talk about United Cannabich is common sense that dead there, no common sense. It doesn't exist twice, not common to why we don't talk about anymore as its extinct. Article seventy seven back more than Glinda programme so infuriating. This is why we need a good night's sleep
this is why you need when you later- and I know what last night I got almost too much sleep- how really to have two three, Our view is so now, I'm just groggy, yet as worthless to its impact. Though I mean you know you think about this Greece thirds of your life right. You spend a thirty or life working. Most likely. You finish your life sleeping and you've been authority or life doing everything else. Most people spent all their time. Thinking about the everything else, they spent no time trying to figure out of their working at a job that they like spending. Turning a ton of money on our cars cause earlier home, yet vacations, but a bad but critical. A bed is critical and it's a third of your life you're gonna, spend in this thing? Why would you not focus and get the best one that you possibly could Casper matter? It was invented with two high tech forms. They give you all the support you need and guarantees you get the best knights leave so comfortable area. It does for free in a box it's so small. You don't even think that it could be, Somebody fit a mattress in it.
It turns out and said you should have it on the bed when you, opened, he has it springs to life right there, don't open an entire areas. Arrived unbreakable You need to open it on your bed, but Casper Match, Did you try the mattress four hundred days, the opposite of what the government does right here, you're so confident that you're gonna, like this they're gonna, let you have it in their for over three months and other hundred tat. You could say you know like it so much and they will come in and and pick it up, the refund everything. No questions asked breakthrough design its path Jane to lend you try a hundred night is no wonder. Casper was named one of fast companies, fifty most innovative brands of twenty seventeen gotta casper dot com, these code back for fifty dollars towards the purchase of your mattress, its casper dot com code back it fifty dollars, purchase of your matters now casper dot com, and conditions apply. Your listening to the Glen Bag Programme.
Man back programme, but that still- and today looks like the legislatures. Looking into the the transgendered situation, not vote today is everybody here, they're sort of I ve been holding hearings and people are showing how the jagged, as you all know, that there are some there's. Some heartbreaking stories will have some of those for it tomorrow. Oh yeah, oh wait till you hear some omnivores her a diver Well, they make you really water now, yesterday, we played that there was a little dust up it at Tariff County Community College. Here well it's worth area, because I think this is a high school student corrode, they were at a college. Last or somethin, they will not have any event with the counselor ia and then so this person,
was actually has the physicality of a man went into the woman's bathroom because she considers yourself. I met a girl, a girl about an end, but the the teacher, said the king. I got an issue that is first of all, you're, not a girl so ill Marjorie see Gazer, knew no, that they're gonna go straight to Aston and they're gonna die at this end, it's gonna be interesting to see how Texas handles is well. They cave like everybody else, is look at. The pressure brought to bear on was itself Billina North girl in order my gosh anne- and there was another state to indexes headed a reason, and they were talking about it cuz they were in it, no more super bowls right and- of the others, took up a lot of businesses they brought in North Carolina does the lieutenant governor, I think one of the world, the leaders in North girl out to talk and say that have not lost that. What business from this are like the
that the United stand strong good and that businesses are not left out there, but they have not lost very much business and also for high profile examples, but really that's about it. I mean that's so use here, saying stand strong, hopefully it'll be ups. Whatever losses you incur will be offset by the gains you make from other people trying to support. You marry you It would be that way and it really has been for a bunker trump by the way triple eight. Seventy seven back Furthermore, this is the Glen Back programme. Mercury.
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