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4/11/17 - America's 'blame culture'... Benjamin Watson and Tuvia Tenenbom Join Glenn

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The history of school violence in America ...America's blame culture ...A violent culture leads to violence, NOT guns ...Benjamin Watson talks the violence in football, why God matters and his book "The New Dad's Playbook" ...Are we on the eve of global war? ...Evidence of Russian war crimes? ...Tuvia Tenenbom, author of the book "The Lies They Tell" calls in for his less than favorable view of America and why Political Correctness is to blame ...Is the right turning on President Trump ...2 + 2 = 5 ... The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio Facebook: Glenn BeckTwitter: @glennbeck

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Is the police radio on demand?
yesterday in California, a ban fatally shot bad news again. When are we or are we their views to these stool shootings? With the president's now changed, we don't have to sit through the obligatory another stool shooting. We have to get these guns off the streets, etc, etc. Some facts on shootings in facts on guns, but then let's look for the real cause for start there right now. You should have entertained and didn't might in May eighteen, nineteen, twenty seven bath,
Consolidated School in Bath Michigan. Farmer named Andrew key hole. Andrew had quite the plan for the day he set off to dynamite explosions at a school killed him six Adele and thirty eight children that was the first mass killing. School nineteen, twenty seven he was school board member in the town clerk. It was financial problems in an arguments with the school board, he killed. His wife said his home in farm on fire and then to school. He planted. An wired hundreds of pounds of dynamite in the basement of the school he said the first set of dynamite then got into an altercation will, with the school superintendent, set off the second set of dynamite in his truck the second blast. Him and the superintendent of schools the of happened before. But things seem to have chain
yesterday on others refuting this time an elementary school San Bernie did in California, strange husband. Apparently entered his wife's classroom. She was a special ed teacher. Shot her dead too, behind, or one of them was killed another when critically wounded. Then he killed himself. As I said in my office yesterday with the guys and we we, we watched tv we watch. This thing unfold we saw the newsroom at the blaze start to pick up activity. At the very early signs of this shooting. I thought to myself: when did we get used to this. Is it the media exposure. They just makes us aware of every single thing in every great detail. They have increased since the nineteen nineties.
But they're, not a modern phenomena. The earliest known schools shooting in America happen, in seventeen, sixty four for Indians entered the school house near Green Pennsylvania shot and killed the schoolmaster, and then nine children wasn't blamed on the guns. Schools Things happen through the eighteen, hundreds especial after the civil war and in every decade of the nineteen hundreds, but there was an increase in the nineteen nineties and a surge sorry, Greece in the seventies and assert in the nineties, Is it the guns. Guess Remy we can throw out the people, don't kill people guns, kill people argument. But let me give you the actual stats. There are now three hundred million guns in the hands of Americans. That's a new number because of the Obama menace,
Asian Barack Obama, the greatest salesman for the gun industry of all time. Three hundred million guns in the hands of Americans. Gun homicides are down forty nine percent. Overall gun. Violence is down. Seventy five percent it's not the gun. There are two trends: clear in school shootings specially since that eighteen sixties, Most of the school shootings are now committed. By a student at the school and they most An end in suicide by the perpetrator, whether it's a teenager or an adult suicide, It is usually the way it ends. So what has changed? Why did we have school, shooting or one tragedy a decade.
Since the beginning of our country. But now they seem regular. Is there an increase in school shootings, or is it just that see them all the time. On television we know it the increase of guns in circulation,. What happened in the nineteen sixties, Willa Nineteenth sixty two nineteen sixty three, the Supreme Court had some decisions. They removed Bible reading in public school and prayer in public school, but that, seems to be an all too convenient scapegoat. Because the decline in prayer and Bible reading in homes, probably more to blame. Forget about the school how many of us are doing it at home public Education is definitely broken, but
Were homes as culture now, parenting, pretty much easy for the most part. Let's admitted America, let's stop lying yourselves for the most part parenting, has become naive, spineless lazy. Point our fingers at other people's kids at other people's doings, we point our. Our fingers at our schools when proper. Education is our responsibility not to schools, responsibility, several consecutive generations. Of blame. The blame culture is now the norm in our society. We are too busy to care or speak up for common sense values, because common. There is now considered bigotry.
It's not heroic winter. When apparent indulges. There are three year old son who decides he wants to be a girl that's what we're told its heroic. No, it's child abuse. Maybe we got so busy chasing the american dream that we neglect the things that are most important, what good is it for somebody to gain the whole world and yet lose their sole? you know where that came from bidding The Americans would have known where that came from back in the nineteen fifties, maybe even in the sixtys but most people I have no idea where that phrase, came from. Because we too got out of the schools, but we took him out of our homes. We left him in church. He was even add our church. In the first place, we the band in God like
a key somebody. We left in a nursing home that we visit when it's convenient or just because we have to it's Christmas. We, but I'll see: grandma and the nursing home. Ironically, the progressive boom in seas. God is the problem because he's outdated. Old wives tales. We ve got this we're science. Now science, man left him behind to teach the girl, as while we, while we follow the march of mankind. Man's ingenuity is the one that has the answer is not God and ok is morally much worse off our culture. Is crumbling. Why as we abandon everything that we used to believe in. Once you remove God from the house. Once you remove God from the culture at large, and then
add technology right, marketable technology. Well then, you add fuel to the fire. We adopt new tax so quickly because we like sparkly nuth, These have you seen the new Iphone. Eight New Iphone eight gotta have that we don't even stop to consider the pitfalls of what virtual reality will mean, we don't think about the consequences of any thing we just dive in Just beginning to reap the dark Harvey that we are sowing. But the availability of pornography on hand held devices available our children whenever and wherever snatches porn but violence, pornography, As well, we ve letter-
active guard down so long? Our guard doesn't even work anymore. Hollywood, the entertainment business Long been that convenient scapegoat for influencing the violence in our culture, but it's not Holly What is our partnership with Hollywood They wouldn't make it if we didn't buy it, we're buying it we're watching it. It's not their fault. It's our fault, We buy a lot of it It's like giving drugs to our kids. There was a study that was released and conducted the researchers at Dartmouth University published the National Institute of Health? So this isn't crazy talk, so the nest. The Institute of Health a growing body of scientific literature documents, the negative effects of exposure to violent media on children, adolescents and adults. The work has been performed with diverse methods and samples, blah blah blah blah blah shore. And long term outcomes consistently find that exposure to violent video games.
Television, violent films and music has been linked to aggression and violence. Taken together a clear picture as emerged that it suppose you d violent media in creases the likelihood of aggressive thoughts, emotions and behaviour. It goes on the way, The scientific evidence has led organizations such as the American Academia Academy of Pediatrics, the America. Economy of child and adolescents psychiatry the amount can Medical Association, the american Academy of Family physicians, the American. Psychological association the amount In psychiatric association to sign a joint statement on the negative effects of supposing children to media violence which stated at this time well over a thousand studies, point to overwhelmingly cat.
We'll connections between media violence and aggressive behaviour in children. End quote ass, quite a list. Why you Talk about science deniers. We are so and deniers. Not just the Holy Rollers science is proving that were putting poison into our system. What is happening to us. As our world gotten better or worse. Can you even imagine dealing with the things that your kids have to deal with was laying with thy son bathroom floor? The other day His mom said: hey. Scorn on, and he was using a bad day he went into his bathroom any just laid down on his back
the floor and I walk in and he was lying there and I got down they lay down next moment. I said buddy what's happening. Said datum all jumbled up inside. I know what that means. You been on the internet, he actually begged me. Please, dad Is there a way you you can control and filter. Our children are losing their identity. They don't Their families, history, they dont know history of our country, they don't know where they came from we. We relegate american history to be taught by our coaches in public schools. Let me, as I interview people that are going to be teaching
Children next year in school, I'm looking for the history teacher that gets it s, not a great based start. Kids with american history that they getting college has been hijacked by zealot professors with acts to grind against their own country is even learn. You know that becoming a history professor now George Town University, only requires one semester of in history to be, history, major one- semester of american history, you can graduate from George Town University and have a shot of absorbing George Washington University and have a good shot at not knowing who George Washington is we don't care anymore and that's why
when you are going to places like Harvard asked last week. Whether President trumps rhetoric, or basis is more dangerous. That's why The people at Harvard the students at Harvard picked done. Trumps rhetoric. His words are more dangerous than the act of ISIS. Why are people shooting each other. Yesterday in San Bernardino. It's just too crazy man who had an hour with his wife. But we are walking around soulless. We are walking around being told the lie. That there is no connection beyond the connection of science. We are being told
The lie that there is. Hardship in life, this the first time in american history that we have had several successive generations that have faith that have not faced significant hardship at all, like the great depression or war or both. While at this same time enjoying rising prosperity, We ve had the long running war of terrorism, Afghanistan and Iraq, but that didn't affect us. All like it did in world war. Two, people don't even realize we're still at war. Flew when's is real. And increasingly we're a wimpy, morally bankrupt nation of entitled entertain. Junkies. When did this happen? When did we stop looking at tv
With shock and horror about the programme. We are glad that programme. We have you know you if you read it all with that monologue, we have thing for you, eighteen too, many five year olds. We have two sessions one in June, one in July. I believe we only have one more slot to And it's not easy they get in. We are looking to have an intern programme. We are opening up our our vault in our library for a select few to research. Original historic documents from collection, David Barton Line, mercury ones, collection, and We are doing two weeks of projects. Research and lectures focused on America's history.
And the people directly involved with the founding of our nation and if the philosophies and ideologies that shaped our laws and in the original document. It's a Little world view on our american heritage and american exceptionalism. If you would like to be an intern again, it is for eighteen it. When he five year olds there. Is a you know, a slight cost. Three hundred five dollars, but you also have to provide your transportation and and meals and lodging in everything else, but two weeks You can go to mercury, one dot, org, slash in turn, Fury one dot, org, slash in turn, he'll be
working right here right across the away in our inner studio lot at the Mercury one headquarters, mercury, one dot, org, slash intern protection from Zephine, not included back in just a minute. You will listen to the grand background. The programme. By the way I put hero, control on my on our Oliver, the device At home, as I was locking everything up in the safe in vino. Let led an Ipad out for one night. Rafe got onto it in is its bad this! This, how can you imagine everyone we kids and like there was one playboy that would like
you know the whole all the neighbourhood, kids, I need keep it in. Whoever had the tree for to the fort or whatever it was usually Jaffee was selling them. I have more than one year, but they were in the end. They were kept underneath the counter they weren't. Even in the magazine rack, they were kept underneath the counter you should ask for them. Was like I mean it was a big deal when we were grown up now, access to anything and everything. So I told Vanessa deadline inputs of I said. Yes, we put this hero. Parental control therein advertiser of ours and we talked- This is not an ad and so they were the ones it jumped to mine and I told him I said yeah Not only now will I be able to. See. What Donnelly only will I be able to block but I'll be able to see when each device was used. Where the gps location of where it was used
what you did, how long you did it. On top of that, I can act If it's in use, I can access the camera and I can see you use it- he was I go while that will be good. Yeah like that'll stopping that'll stuff from using the busy regretting trying to empower you in this way. After now is actually not it's amazing, how our kids at least mine, our kids, are struggling there really struggling? They want help. I've lately that I might embrace ebonite sham along the vision, village and kind of just put All into a field and just hope, a plain- doesn't fly over so their indicated that has actually modern times have some way to go to its another. Often it's! What about movie was like thought of his being so ridiculous, but I mean in re like today- you can totally see some a group of people we, unlike in no one screw it, we ve got babies.
Bring him into the village lot on, would take a bunch of medication and, let's see what by the way since lawyer alert. Thank you. Thank you. I do appreciate that came up. I want to use a guy. I see dead people yeah. I think you do. You just blew that we back the same premise. What movie The word is the worst is tat. You have to watch Green Georgia we its people, you ever watch that movie. Now you should watch it it's great will, you just gave me the latter's lie. Now that I know is solely green. Is people there's no reason to want to defend Pat? What was that, all morning decades, Memorial, that's what I said. I have ever seen it anyway anyway, so I mean it's soap They I think our kids are really struggling and their begging us
begging us for some lines? And I think that We don't even know where the light and think about how much how thing If changed tell me the things your kids are shocked by ORF. Frightened by that we worked five of there are things that we were, for instance, Don't even go that way on entertainment, let's go to the news. Do you remember how the world stopped on Columbine Entire world stopped on Columbine, I remember that vividly. Yesterday, in other school shooting we're like I and other school shooting what was a Dave chapels said Dave Chapelle in his new comedy things that I remember when the limit sure wheeled in the tv we had three channels and there are like kids, let's watch the the challenger experts.
Ready, and that was Rivet US law alert. Thank you ones that later today that he said now we have that everyday yeah. Now, every day, how do you guys care about anything? How do you care this generation? You dull, he really do we have that cliff by any chance. I saw one legislation that the Chevaux Cliff on the challenger. I thought we had that it was, it was, really so right. He was talking to the next generation, seeing how do you care. How do you you care care about everything and is happy All the time now lobbying us, you know that the point has been made by a lot of people that end again yesterday, school shooting was a domestic disputes doing the teacher in Hungary in the current stuff that used to happen and that stuff did happen. I so I mean it's a little bit different, but you're right, GINO, generally speaking in the fact that, like really mean far far more people care,
a doctor in is tough doktor life Davis a fly and get a bloody lip, then an eight year old who was killed. The Cross fire domestic dispute in annex you know why. I think is because ones too hard to look at and we don't know what to do about it. Now, where but you are United Airlines Easy target there, tweet out something nasty about United Airlines on the school shooting anybody who has any say sort of the direction we travel to fix. This problem won't even recognised that the problem is anything other than the gun. Yes, the gun itself. It is always the focus of the discussion. After what can I say something, you know what part or you know it part of the problem is we're mad at every thing, we're mad at everything, we're mad at United Airlines and ended this This application, look
I would not want to be the guy who was pulled off of American airlines that I'd be pissed.
I think they handle late horribly. I think the CEO of United Airlines is handling they're, not screening like a three year harangue. If they come to get, even if not all of your doktor I'd be I'd, be finding a new, and so what I did, I would to barely wasn't doing that. Greater business anyway was flying code, but only and I wouldn't find another doktor cause. I would look at this guy. Go. That's pathetic, dude. What what come on come on come on you're out you're! Only airlines is wrong. I hate that, but there is no good guy right about United Airlines is wrong and I came off like such a dear. I gotta do they want their dear line stuff between Amelia the internet and this doktor? They are turning me around it and becoming a United Airlines defend. I know I've are turning me around this. I just so irritated by all of them, and then part of it is like making this into
something worse than a school shooting. Everyone is obsessed about it, and I understood it was a bad incident they handled at poorly all relate to flying to. Yes, we all relate to that, but I think we can all relate to having no kids are going to school level with theirs of playing things to relate to, which is that this has become, because there's video of at its peak this gigantic story, and and and I get it like it's bad like There'S- no there's no way to defend what what happened there, but let's put things in spectre of areas the perspective in dollars and there is no perspective in you know. Did you hear it would soon lose said the new salute from from STAR Trek stunningly. I do not know whether so patchouli this morning that he said you know this. Just a typical. This is this: is the Donald Trump culture knows not blaming. Donald Trump knows United AIR right. Honestly, on business. This is ready to really have your head spun this. The George Bush culture
Any good have been anybody else. If Thou war would have one, it would be the Al Gore culture. This is the culture created by the Department of Homeland Security. Sit down shut up, do exactly, as you told us that we can you down. We can drag you out. Poor homeland security no way. Anyone have dragged an american citizen off the plane like that. No, what would they have done. They, they wouldn't have done it like that. I mean again, like my funeral, I like, you were like a really I mean you know unless you're real problem, but I mean like get I'm not defending what they did, but you, I think a civilised adult You're pretty yes, your this is an upsetting situation. You don't you want to go home. You paid for the flight now You did agree that they could bob you off the flight when you bought it, but and everybody knows, but ok, it's very frustrating.
They came to a point where they are offering all this money and nobody was taking it. In my opinion, they should up the money until somebody did take it. However, they do I need to do a lottery before the lottery came. Everybody knew they had a chance of probably a two or three percent chance that they will be one of these people selected to go on this on like everyone else who see their dreading the idea that they might be selected when you get so did you? Don't just sit there if you get pissed off and you walk on the plane and you complain any ready go on. You go on the internet in your right about how annoyed you are in Your money from the airline, you write a letter to united we all I own complaint of level do the belgian bright we all took them. I've been on the lottery and EU law. You don't sit next stop holding up the fly did not wait. The way they handled it from there was poor, also terrible the bill for both these things in the first place so
something more than you have while they didn't set this out more yes, because I didn't have room for the pilots who came up right now, there's always nail their fault the morning get obsolete and find a better way may make. An observation here knew that we made this, that we started talking about the shooting and what happened to our culture and look at it. We all just started talking about this, while complaining that everybody is making this into stew big of a deal right behind where we all live because its We are people that our search to have meaning and searching to have control over anything in our life So we look at this story as I Of controlled by self, better and Can slam United Airlines because, could control them with with slamming them. I hurt them, and maybe I can be in control of american lights and change their behaviour. That's all this
work is about and talking about, inconveniences more pleasant than talking about children being killed. Yes, absolutely! No, but again I guess it's an inch we're going back to the shape, and I wasn't I wouldn't talk about the shooting. I I I think that there is, I want to find out when in our culture did we when did we see When did we just where did we rather playin playing the national anthem? I gotta turn the tv set off a caution is: did we I mean when you look at it in a big perspective and you stepped back for a little bit yeah. We are having more school shootings in their terrible and A hundred percent, however, that is in the context of violent crime dropping dramatically overall, I don't think it's a school shooting, so I'm not time budget school shootings, I'm talking about Pat kids. Come over to your house. Do any of the king They come over to your house with your genome centre daughter. Do they treat you with the respect
nope, that you know I've never really or my house right, you would have treated. I remember going over to other people, I oh my god. I was almost afraid of other people's pairing, better, believe it and you treated that yes, mister so, and so yes, MRS so and so- and I don't know about you, but I would go nowhere in that house. If I weren't, accompanied by my friend just one and around the house by myself correct, like I own the place they do that now. I know they do, though I knew the refrigerator cover up stairs bedrooms yesterday or the tv mister Elton themselves to the music staff through the movie is what do you do when you go to your for a one page is ass. I believe a really important with your was like that with your. Why right it's real weight of large! Very! Is it odd thing? It's tough because really weird
but when did their genes, and why did that change? Because I think that is because part of the heart of it is part of the prayers and would not have been ropey society. But I think you go back to God. Nothing is sacred. Nothing is sacred. There is no joke. You can tell unless its politically incorrect and then If somebody violates that it's the state that, This is not God. It's the state that punishes its culture that punishes and so your God is the state and culture and theirs. Nothing sacred anymore, mothers, there's no hierarchy even of of children. Parents. It just doesn't exist why, I think it's because we ve lost wisdom. We lost wisdom and reason?
and the reason why we lost wisdom and reason is because we still reading the only thing that really gives a culture, wisdom. We stopped reading that you know our kids used to in the fifties they still knew the Bible they still new. So maybe ever read the words of Solomon. I mean it. Does anyone believe you're reading you're, like oh, my gosh, that's where that comes from Oh my gosh, ever that saying a million times yes, cuz they're, all true they're, all true and we Don't have that anymore. We're look to them of mankind, we're looking to science were looking to culture, to lead arc It's one that Taiwan eight. Seventy seven back, mercury.
That gland bad program. You know the good thing is that this generation of kids Changing I mean I never would have thought my. My daughter Hannah would have been the one who says you know: I'm a stay at home, mom, I'm a you know, I'm strong on that and I get home school or private school. I'm really going to watch that and I make all of my children's food from scratch and raw materials. I would have never thought that the next generation is different
this is the police radio on demand. Last I we started talking about the shooting in San Bernardino, which brought us to what's happening to our culture. What's happening to our kids in the family. It's not a breakdown of the school, it's it's a breakdown, really, absolutely everything, because we pulled away from some principles. Edward we're just experimenting with everything. Everything goes everything's. Ok, unless it's politically incorrect, the problem is with us. It's not. The gun is with us with our families, its wits society, choosing little things like devaluing a boy over a girl in school, but went from holding our girls up to make sure they could think of. No, you could do anything now we're doing that, but we're doing it at the expense of the boys. Moms are the most important focus of our society, but what about dad's Benjamin Watson- and he is the Baltimore Ravens tied end. He has written a couple of books e erode under our skin, which was greatly item on he's really new book called the new dad's playbook, gearing up for the biggest game of your life speaking directly to dance and sing man up, there's some things that you need to know before you start to be a dad. He joined us in studio right now, fusion, entertainment and didn't lighting. Benjamin Watson welcome the programme. Salaries are no. Firstly, does us create quickly?
How's, your injury is go until Michaelis. Last year spoke to you guys, a little while ago from the rehab field. Actually he is come along to seventy nine month. Injury so heard things where it happens. A people who today Achilles always say that, like somebody kick me- and he also look back hook mean a heel, and nobody was ere? I did a thousand and get the past get the ball and muscle it's just kind of in a flop and not connected, so it was painful, but I'm frightening is that is a guy who does this for living and did it go through your mind? Am I done? Oh you of You have had a number of injuries of my career. You know football has a hundred percent injury rate,
so. We try to do our best to protect players and in providing those benefits for them. But you never know when it's gonna, be it in the game and could be because of you know a younger play or because of scale diminishment or an injury some tonight that little is inevitable back so try to do it again. What do you think about the studies that shows that rugby players don't get hurt, even though they have no panting, because overprotect here. So you Jesse you just cut down about that. Allow lot I mean look at the two games. Rugby is more like soccer. As in the game flows, you dont have these collisions. We're guys are at a standstill from twenty yards away and the running force, meaning colliding with each other on number one. The collisions aren't to say as an forgotten number two when it comes to protect Then players, you look at a helmet right. If you dont have a helmet on You think you will use your head in a way to break. It No, you won't. If we have a helmet on though you are,
clients who use your head in tackling in defending in blocking as a weapon, whatever you want to put it, you feel this the security garage you don't have. However, your brain is suspended and fluid, so why you homer protects your skull at protecting your brain. Is that when you look at rugby this great point there they tap differently because they don't have the according to us all sense of security, but also the game. Is it set out the way footballers football is is a game of collision S? Yes, that's why people watched us while we play it. That's why you like a willingness to have someone who can now talk sports and also match the? What inability of Glenn so rare to have someone in here? I don't think we need to go here right now. I thought it was a pleasant. God bless, and I said I was holding my or is there so so bent to talk to me a little bit about that book that you just written. Why you why you have written it? I mean your yuruk, you,
in some ways a very controversial guy or an excuse me for not. I don't follow football at all you can't get us a about my return, I used to work with Joseph and I still don't actually route and mainly because I work with violent that I read for going out or are you the things that you say. Are controversial in society, only because I think they're, they're rooted in common sense and we're not a common sense place anymore. I know you I do have problems with Mere York workers in your fellow players and no I will say this. The thing I love about the Unifil. Did you have a group of six so gas from
walks of life and economic ethnicity, geographical locations, they come together. And of his done correctly. It can be a great place to bounce ideas. You have conversations that you probably won't have in any other setting, because it wouldn't be. It won't be rightful cobra guidelines. So to speak as they were able to talk about these different things, and you know I say something weathers about abortion weathers about ray so what does about social justice? Whether is about something political or? in this case would that, with a new book about fatherhood, an immense standing other being day as it could be something about domestic violence. You know what happened two days ago with the murder suicide. Ninety four percent of those the victims, females immerse, whose eyes, and so whenever a stubborn say some something like that. It's amazing how many guys say mad
I cannot agree with the two: let's talk about this, so let's talk the boy do you get. Two men and absorb book is even out yet so I read in a second, is: is: does the book talk? the role of a man in the way he treats a woman and it ass it does if as one really who got me to do it so Let's hope or has the story of every project they are? Women are the ones that make us do story what people, mainly by every successful man. There's a good woman exit, decide their say get up and man is the head, but the woman is the neck. Does this even try to come and meet him like this, but we are buying children, though this is eight and she'd, been important to write this book for awhile. As a handbook to help dares through pregnancy, really is supporting their. Why.
Supporting the women that the mother of their children through this process cuz a lot of it. There's when I have my first child she's right now, but I didn't know what I was getting into I did to do when my wife TAT morning sittings. I didn't know what to do when I went to the lobby and, he's taken for the heart beat and had all this anxiety that we have as men and so the These are for the book number one is to educate men, so men work best when we have information so Thing from area, let desire goat terms will be covered in the book. Technical terms than men know what they're getting into when it comes to being a father when it comes to do their work being pregnant, but also their practical application. Things that I messed up on things. I wanted them better, like like communication. Well, before I was very em out. To type a personality. Is my wife and I sometimes we but his that LISA arguments
first couple years of marriage want that one of the most pleasant element that but understand, you're on the same t, understanding that, you have her best interests at heart and number one? You need to be present. The number one thing for a man I'm for guys in his book is that they need to be present not just with their money providing for for over the head, but They me women need and the town these their time needs their support, we live in a time where this thirty three percent Much of tears go without a father, and that he's allowed the ills that we ve been talking about So my goal is to educate guys but also empowerment and courage, and that they can do it.
Concern that one of the main things you seem to be advocating in the book is to store your baby inside of a football helmet covered with credit levelled by the car. It's just that, but that means don't Shelly, I don't love or sometimes, but alone is a lot of us feel. Like you know, I've had these conversations before and I felt a little bit that this time, when their young does it really matter some basic. The book goes from conception up into the first few weeks when the baby's home, so so so so kind of, like action being that the priest In training camps in football, the civil ball being when the babies born and caught the posts game idea is when the bay, he's home those for a few weeks the mother, is extremely tired and you need to again, you might need the cook you might need to why this is. You might need to do some clothes. You need to do some things too. Because again you guys are a team and it's ok. If you get out of your normal comfort zone, what you ve been doing for her is also Really, I think, a hard time
At when you have a child, because everything is geared towards the woman and the baby them even even when you hold the baby. The baby is not looking at you like they look at the mom, because I mean God placed right. That's not true ass. I drew studies have shown their skin. This gang contact is vital when an early is born. I noted for the mother and for the fire. I agree with that. I agree with that. What I'm saying is. The guy can feel like it's not like I'm not useful, I'm I'm useless. I can't really. I can't you know. I don't have that bond. There is that bond its early days and the guy you can just feel likely viruses it right. Not a part of that I'm a useless year plan is net is a total lie, and I felt that one
I talked about is my wife, my wife nurse to our children for a year, all them for a year afterwards, and so one thing I would do would be. She would pump some milk from me at night and I will get up at night and do some feedings with it with the milk and I can't nurse Lotos away from me to Bonn with my children and kind of get tired to cause you're gonna go to design zombie stage and for me to get me to get up and let her sleep for a little bit was very important. So that's one way, but- one of the things I M always I'm always you're, full, and I think you touched on it- was I'm losing my wife say that with these town I fell like man and our political do this, because tat, the dynamics of our relationship, I'm losing her, are you gonna be gone. What are you gonna come back, but I found that when I'm intensively involved, those feelings start to go away sooner but those are real things I want to draw him in the reality of it is when the time comes to relationship where there is the first or second third or fourth or fifth child that done
stay now and for the children that are there before the husband and wife, but there has been a wife relationship is one that has to remain strong, not only for its benefit but for the benefit of the child. Is and that's really difficult to do because you, especially as the child, grows Yeah you have you know things that come up in here, like this. Child needs the attention right now and And so your relationship has done more for change and four to a guy. At least it does feel like you're losing your wife. You know, she's she's mom and not my wife, that it's hot is really hard work It is one of the things on you don't want to talk about privacy, irreplaceable, talks about communication, but that the that made they were coming. Harrison dishonesty as I would,
first, you mentioned something. I did wrong. My first couple hours and honest about my feelings, The latter is, I felt like I was losing her, that I was hurt, those sorts of things we pregnancies, I've told her. You know this is how I is how I feel: how do we combat this so that where she is aware of it thing we always have to do is get back on schedule with what our daylight for two after we have a baby after the schedules get all messed up. One thing we try to do with our relationships is have scheduled date. Nice during the season is actually easier during the season, because our schedule is very regiment. So we got my laser tuesdays, especially after her, in the town acting in that way. I talk. You know intimacy, you know this
contrary to popular belief by men, sexism, the only form of government- and this is why else- let me say that acceptable, but I talk about those things. You know, how do you navigate per changing body? You know when it comes to six how long afterwards, How do you rekindle that pass in when all these things have happened and it did the emotions in the the mood swings in the hormones and all those sorts of things. How do you make her feel beautiful? I wish this I wish I would have had this book for the first time
third time does it say in their well, don't be as out of shape as we are. Instead, we as good favours NFL player is, are they intimacy is much easier to secrecy, thus our guys the piazza, safer intimacy, but one that will tell you something otherwise. So so you know I can be richer, which are bigger. If you are not a view affirming me that, as you know, you lie in my life, I see my wife Lucy Chris proud. I would know what I'm glad, because they wouldn't you London's Alida restored bag. It is taking the name of the book. Is the new dad's playbook, gearing up for the biggest game of your life? Benjamin Watson is is with us and if you know of a somebody who's getting ready to have their first child or even their second third child.
Book to have any great gift is well the new dad's playbook. Our society does not pay any attention. To the guys, and when I say I think we really need to help back in a minute. This is the glad that programme carry. Layer, Watson, these with the Baltimore Ravens and author of a couple of really good books, the latest His first add some playbook we're Where did you come from Ben? I mean you talking to you. Here during the last break. You're near you, telling me What drives you and the search for justice in what is true and what is right.
Where where's that coming from we're out. How did you learn? This is right course is deeply rooted in my faith honestly on You know, as a Christian, every everything that I do. My worldview is one where I want to search for kindness for justice for right Is this not because I care about it because that's what guy says he cares about in the book of Germany and I wanted to lighten the things that he delighted we always virtual. There was a reason why we can believe in Algeria your eyes he didn't know as much. I know now by it the first time when I really understood that are needed to repent and put my faith and use cries by far. Is a minister. Now I grew up and in what people call a christian home, but I was told early that your parents faith in grand ass, they can't save. You has to be your own. You have to make a decision. Would you want to follow me? We all make a decision when it comes to that and so
you have been a believer for Some time of I've had my Emma the out, of course, but the court does a goal of why I am so so everything I do. I want to please the Lord. What I'm doing with is how level I feel it a weathers addressing some of these Things that are happening in our country, how do you teach how'd? You teach kids. In a society that says so much as relative, and that God, if he exists at all costs, just about love, and so as long as it's love, there's no restrictions anywhere Well, you have to have understanding what love is love isn't it. It does not feel loves, it's the best friends recipient, and so love the alarm, opponent of love is mercy. Alaska poem of love is justice and what we ve done. A wheel taken part of of love and turn it into what we to be, which is full acceptance of everything, gives us as a God is love and because he loves, you must Josephine. So part of love is the lead
thing to do is to hold or to a certain standard of truth The loving thing to do we're not being loving when we don't people the truth. Then In the name of the book, the new dad's playbook order at online right now, then things will be back programmes. This is the next programme, The programme blood you here, I'm actually talk a little bit about what's coming here, instead of waiting an hour it important to know. What's going on with Rex tellers and and and Russia and North Korea, because I believe we we are possibly on the eve of of global war? And let me
these things together and explain what's happening in the world are Secretary State Rex Tillerson is going. Russia today to discuss Syria and the powder keg that it is his wheels will touch down in Moscow. As new allegations hit the news yesterday this is a really big deal. For some reason, the United States decided to announce that We believe that Russia and Putin was fully aware that sod, maintained a stockpile of chemical weapons weapons, Putin and Russia had promised the world no longer existed. A? U S. Official also said yesterday that a russian drone was flying over the sight of last week's chemical attack shortly afterwards, Russian or Syria jets bombed the survivors, presumably to get rid of all of the witnesses. So
What exactly did we come out that this is really important? Stuff. We just said that Putin now. About the chemical weapons. Putin nude in advance that Sudan that Assad was going to use them on his own people, then that they launched a drone cover up. Survivors to cover up the evidence of the war crimes so so knew about a war crime and then committed another war crime to cover up for war. Crime that a pretty big deal. That if there is no red line in the sand on that one remember this hang stuff. We are now. Calling Cecily: arse department, and the White House came out He said we have evidence that these things are true. That means that the United States,
it is saying that Vladimir Putin and Russia are engaged in war crimes, complicit doesn't begin to cover it. That is significant, and only one reason why I say we are headed towards a very dark place. I don't think it either should be surprising. I mean Vladimir Putin the all, knowing former head of the KGB. We think was completely unaware that that, aside, cheated. Of course, he knew. Now eleven hundred miles from where till since plane is going to be putting down more. Complicity is, is occurring this time, happening with in Russia's own borders? No, can convince me that Vladimir Putin isn't involved now
thing in Russia happens without Vladimir Putin's blessings. Nothing anyone will tell you that from Russia, This is. This is happening with a guy who is a dear friend, Vladimir Putin. Ford came out on April first, that homosexuals were mysteriously disappearing in Chechnya. Over the previous week. Up to fifty gay men had just vanished and the rumour that over a hundred were being detained now. Listen to this. This is that actually in leader, but by present president rums on a cataract cataracts. This is how he denied this, that they are. Picking up any homosexual and murdering them or torturing them this denial you cannot arrest or repress people who don't exist
Such a people existed in Chechnya, gay people, long Horsemen, wouldn't have to worry about them, own. Relatives would have sent them where they could never return. End quote, while now. This is a muslim ruler of Chechnya, who in bed with Vladimir Putin he's a strong man. He's basic, saying all the killings, what killed the homosexuals already. We don't have to do it. We don't have to do it what the the Our killings keep that population under control. There's a guy that Putin per Simply put into power yesterday Other russian report came out in a very credible russian publication that homes actual are now being kept in a concentration camp. Quote tortured with electric currents and heavily beaten. Sometimes
to death and quote there. Are Things happening around the world that we have not seen since the nineteen forties. Are we to believe? First of all, that Putin knows nothing about any of this anybody who is now telling you that Russia is on the good side, the right side and, and and hey. We haven't done some things. You know we're not all saints over here, don't send them you. We'll find yourself on the wrong side of history. This is Inside of Russia, this is not some distant land He knows job pedestrians email and Gmail Password, but he's missing the concentration camp, that's happening inside his own country. I don't think so all been told that the world is chain, and I have been telling you this for a while You will not recognise the world
we are here gang. Seventeen hundred miles away. War drums are growing louder in North Korea, President Trump, ordered the Carl Vincent Naval Strike group to set off set, sail and part right on Kim Jong earns backyard. China. Has now responded. Are you hearing any of this from your mainstream news. China has responded. Yesterday by sending a hundred and fifty thousand troops to the noise. Korean border now. Presumably This is to deal with a mass wave of refugees that they are expecting. After a U S, attack North Korea issued a statement warning the United States of catastrophic consequences that would fall any american military action. Make no mistake here.
This is not a rack. This is Syria If war re starts with nor Korea, this warfare on a completely different scale, violence, possible here. The kind of violence that we haven't seen since world war to analyse The that South Korea in the capital of South Korea will be completely levelled after North Korea. Is counter attack. That means too, Millie is a tool or five million people in Seoul plainly Riley ten million people and they have the weaponry and they have already said they will do it. Don't for what kind of man Kim Jong Hoon is. This is the guy who just assassinated his own family members He maintains his own concentration camps, death camps for his own people. If somebody
wrongs him. He imprisons he and tortures. He tortures, not just them. Not just them in their family But if you wrong him three generations of your family law. In a concentration camp and are tortured includes the elderly and children, if no Korea ever falls. We are likely to see atrocities that we, seen since the allied troops freed the Jews in world war. Two. I want you to listen to the next words, Do you remember when George Bush used to say freedoms on the march. Freedoms on the march. No, it is not freedom is in. Retreat, darkness, tyranny and oppression, we are on the march, the writ turn all over the world of men? Stalin, MAO Mussolini are
just active as they were a century ago. Remember. The world was weak in the eighteen, Eightys and Ninetys, who were the leaders of the. Repressed world it was, drop off. The big repressive leaders had left the scene. And we got Gorbachev A guy who was more in our camp than their camp. And the real leaders of the world were Thatcher and rigour in and Pope John Paul. The leaders that are happening now, the tyranny that is rising from the darkness all over the world, Putin in Russia. One in Turkey, Le Pen in France, Golan DAWN in Greece, jobs in Hungary. The DE in Germany,
things that we stamped out in nineteen. Forty five are raw ring back to life. When we were kids, when I was a kid there were black It's a way tat. It was really easy to know the difference between the good guy in the bad guy. It was easy for to justify what we were doing in the world, but it could be further from the truth now. It was easier when we were kids because we had Weekly really defined, who we were we clear Defined what we believed clearly defined our principles. Know what our principles are now. I don't know who we are now.
We can no longer run around the world and be the policeman we shouldn't have in the first place but we are no longer in that position. We are England. We are England in the nineteen thirty's, but Is no Amerika to run to our rescue? We better be fearful. Military action must be the last alternative. We don't start a war, we must by redefining our principles, what is it we stand for. Let's get beyond ourselves. I again ask Glad any organization like glad I will stand with Who, at my own expense it will? be popular with with
Fans of mine- if I am standing with you- and I know it- will not be popular for you to stand with me, but if We can't stand against homosexuals being put in concentration camps. If we can't stand together against homosexuals b? thrown off the roof. We will never make it to the bed agree. It requires us all. To forget about politics and to lose our self? Stop her to save yourself your job? Your plans for the future, your bank account whatever stop try. To protect whatever it is you value.
We are not willing to call evil by its name. We are not willing to stand up for what we know is true, because we don't want to lose our popularity. We don't want to lose likes on Facebook, the righteous in nineteen. Thirty and Fortys did not suddenly become righteous. They just refused to go over the key with everyone else. When you turn a blind eye, and you say I will. Stand with someone else, because well I disagree with them on these things, but I am not willing to stand with them on throwing people off the roof or putting them in a concentration camp. You repeating the mistakes of the nineteen forties. Because this is what happened in America in nineteen forty,
same way. You know how we found out about this concentration camp in Russia with gay people. We found out because somebody escaped the word out to the press, but just like the nineteen, forties when there was an escape from our wits and they got that that message. To the press. No one listened because they didn't I too have to stand where they didn't want to stand decade, the police in the world have concluded our founding print, I've clouded are our founding principles. They are so clouded. We can. See them any more. We forget what we even stand for, but if we are to face the tyranny that is coming. The darkness that is gathering. We have got to find those principles.
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try to pierce the scorn, Donald Trump, with the call for the Eu S to preserve Syria's territorial sovereignty. There also moving a hundred and fifty thousand fruit to the north korean Porter, apparently because they believe we're on the prowling going to attack and sir looks like this is some really not good. Things are happening. Crop is taking its all of the GNP machines already getting ready for twenty twenty and changing out the people. If you are against Donald Trump, you are fighting yourself no longer in control of the local party or the State Party, with a GEO pcs. Replacing all of that, and today, a big important election in Kansas Republicans are nervous about this. This should be an easy win for them if it's not, if even if the GNP wins but its closely contended give exports are saying it spells real trouble for the geography emitters. That's happening in Kansas today, nor on that and a guy who seems to be on the same journey that to talk very reside in the ninety are the eighty numbers when the total was in France, wanted to figure out what the secret of America is. One of the really learn. What Amerika was all about couldn't find it in the institutions could find it in the big cities. So he went from town to town and he's a guy who said America's great, because America is good. There is an author, a very well respected european author, who just did the same thing. He didn't come out with the same point of view. We talked to him right now. You should have entertained and didn't write and how this is. This is quite fascinating. I wonder, introduce you to
tv tuba tenant bomb. Who is the author of catch, the Jew and the book that I want to talk to about the new one? The lies they tell, which is a very big best seller in Europe right now he a native born Israeli, the journalist, a playwright, he loves America. Now I want to just read this part from the from the prolonged I love America, but I won't let this prejudice of my cloud. My judgment in order to draw the fairest portrait of America. I make knows this big plans as to which places to visit and where to what what people to meet. I will the winds blow wherever they may, the America, I find is not the America. I wish defined It is racist, it is hateful and its sitting things are bound to destroy themselves be they blacks and some spanish who have nothing better to do with their time than shoot each other in the head.
Be they Jews who are possessed by a terrifyingly psychotic illness of self hatred B. Indians who have given up any semblance of spirituality in exchange for acres and casinos or be they all the others. The whites, the rest of the spanish Muslims Mormons and others who live in fear of one another holy, well. Well, to the programme to visa. Good morning to you good morning to you only smell, welcome to you as well? so to Libya this is not a happy picture that you found. I wish I could find a better picture, but I still believe that come from the sky you only you, as you say you see something you say something I said You see something like something. Ok, so I said, are you see you right, but I you witness your weight. You said
add which Europe America was surprising to me, this is my prejudice was favourable. I sought are you writing a globally bit about America and I wanted to buy the reality, stood in the way so why? Why is white? What what why do you think because you coming you basically painters as a group of people, who are wrapped in hatred and our honour self destructive path. What is it, what you will be a unit? One say, first of all, despite my axe, It's I'm an american citizens I live in America for many years as well in Europe and America, partly partly down I made my studies, we university studies for fifteen years and the United States. I have sounded a deer, in the United States in Europe, the jewish state of Israel and so I am familiar at least a little bit with this country, but I leave
in Amerika I live in Manhattan in a bubble in the home in american bubble and you see the world from that perspective. But what happens if we stop blocking? If you stand I think America, most baltic states and utilise met on the highway. You drive on the sidelines sideways, which means you get stop you get to meet people from all walks of life and you get to see what's illegal Gonna be the country you get to see, for example, which I never believed would exist. You get to see the life of blacks in the inner cities. You'll get to see hoods black matters that I can tell you. I could not believe I was in the United States of America both last year in twenty. Sixteen, I could not my eyes. I could not the minute. I have been to refugee camps in the Middle EAST.
Are you not only to what his arms and places like this I'm a journalist? I do this to top it all around the world, and I can tell you that the refugee camps in the Middle EAST
now? It is unfair that sets outrageous. That I mean I have to stop you bend a refugee. Aida upsets outrageous, cleaner air. If you ve been to place a strict, give you an example, as you ve been to replace, say, to put it the once looked. First put Barack Obama into politics into into a seat and office into state the Senate in Illinois. The people about it for I went to visit, and I want to talk to them to see what they feel they getting. It wasn't a hand up Obama's presidency wanted for the lack of water. Have you been there? Have you seen it? I was there. Everybody tried to stop me. I thought I thought my colleague in the garage I took a bus, it was the last west
sounds like a cargo. The driver sees me getting off. Let when he says to me why you're going then I said last up, I'm getting off said no joint. Having got you ain't good place, you stay on the back and you let go back. I have to argue with you to get off the master I get over the last up. I get off started walking in the neighbourhood, it owed working seconds and then stopped me. Let me of white them to my not inside which protracted bullet for best machine guns opened the windows down and to say. Excuse me where you going. What are you doing here?
Cried all the best they could to make sure I don't go inside, enabled America in how they, who were they, who were there was any way wing poorly worldlings people, a police with machine guns released. Yet when animals have looking up here, you can't believe what happens. Videos of everything. Every single you recorded. I want with my wife and also a team of people wearied with video oriented pictures of it. Because always, I said to myself: you must document you see, because you never know when you come back and you start typing it. If people believe you So I document everything so I saw zone repeated person, I hear the sound bill, so we go to places nothing Candide come on a bit earlier.
So are you telling me that you're telling me that in Germany or in France or in muscles or in the Netherlands, I mean I was, I was just in Sweden. I was in that exact same situation. I won't get it. For example, Mark slow in internet in Germany in those book, that's a rude turkish if you're, not tax dumping, and even the police must together, but you know a nice place, it is. I have been to pretend I say stable for ten days. No. I enjoyed it. Are you walk into the street? I felt safe on other well, I was just in Sweden, which I was just in Sweden and I was in. I was in one of the worst places in Sweden and I was there literally for ten minutes power. You you weren't with me. I was there literally for ten minutes and security. It's all over us we are, I mean well knows Teddy, we had happened, exactly the same thing that the sixty minutes grew happened to them,
I'll give you one before them the title. I never collaborated authorities Maybe I'm gonna go to this basis. I dont, everybody you buddy, don't do it I'm saying and I what Can anyone that's a refugee camp in Jordan on it? I've been there. I stayed When I left you, I tried, I did you write for them, for the fate of those people inside Did you have a good experience anywhere in America? If we had, still you in America closer good experiences. American in America is a great country. It's a beautiful place and in some of the places sure, let's shocked the nature of the sources Sheila uneasy. Have you ever been in any new tiny link in an alarm at the other building,
I don't mean that I am here. I don't mean the natural beauty. Did you find anybody? I mean this is exactly the opposite. Many people I met. People have amazing the book I find many people are amazing that they really bundled within such a funny level. Again, you know what they say It's about a little guy doesn't mean a blessing in America, God forbid nowhere. Nothing exist one hundred percent Don't be so so so that what is I never ever forget some so we have to tell you they'll come. We have two Tocqueville coming in the eighteen hundred who said America, great, because America is good. If it You had to sum up what is happening with America, why we, you say this is happening because we are living in an age of political correctness. Is it all went and MIKE. People cannot say any more. What you think people cannot,
feel any more what you think people have to. I thought ass though rich american, strange able to state in any of the states from America what they bought it for last election. You will not get an answer. No politics! No relation, Have you ever experienced that in any other western european countries, european funding? but ass. The people already bought for lasted last election openly, tell you argue with you. No fear in Amerika people are afraid I'm not afraid to talk everybody almost. No! No, it's no relation, not thinking about everything is controversial. She asked me to tell you what you good luck. The political cooperation Amerika S, gun, We all need like there's nothing. You can see animal
few other men and he looked at the woman just understood it might be asked. It became cayley. We ve done crazy increases walk if you're, the maiden and your coworker came with a nice And you say you look good, that's sexual harassment and what you think I'm inflict. Why do you think people did I miss. You got a book. This is a perfect description for parliament. Bobby behind, although this is a public authorities for the people, they like pizza terms, The truth is, nobody knows with obvious. I don't if he knows what? Oh, yes, but the point is only those political backing, six euros, a guy who talked hardly. Will change its mind. Everyday life is beautiful. Woman is questionable
but you cannot afford him. Why? Because people look at his men and said, look this guy. He says what he thinks I wish I could. We know that I thank you for the Americans, the gate keeper of culture of our country, of the United States of America forbade and asked to say what I think most of the media is surely to media he's. Not here anymore, you following the death of what they give. You turn out. If you wanted to citizens feel arable. So is this Yes, it is up to be attended by the author of the lies. They tell tv you do this. You made this trip across Amerika in the middle of this election. How much Negativity, doo, doo doo, ascribe to just a really tense. Time in american history.
I don't think that was it because usually what a kite do I mean, if you do some of these data, like you know them also, basically few social they set at your place. If it is a new, the five minutes talk again then its affected, but if people in talk with them ten minutes fifty needs something an hour I dont think you Amity start asking you to tell you everything. This is unrelated to give political, as for the election year. They seek. That's it. That's. What's my feeling, my feeling that people were destiny, we want results me and then I was taken by them fighting for anybody to say what they think of course, but and then what I find out, which is very very amazing, is that people, because your flash like it-
the beginnings of the other things backs the ladder. The body at the black loves a dual Abdul much. The black and white left black had a blacklist white as much diversity, everybody's happy. But the next day about it now wants to be getting ahead of. Everyone doesn't want you, yes, yes, and but generally should Donna touched it often enough under tonight it goes different. All of a sudden was executed, to read what you will do me. A tenant bomb is the author of the book is the lies. They tell a frank look. Add America, at least the American TV found we it has to be a thank you so much for being on the latest. What to say what you want to do anything whatever
the book was not a point of ok school you? It was more or less see the NEO. I put it in love. Let elated now has to be. I appreciated and I think some of the conclusion I'm sorry that that's the America that you found is, I don't think, so we are, but I do think that you're right about political core, Does and what is driving us off this cliff multicolor, wisdom and and political correctness EL. Thank you so much to congratulate a jewish while others like ITALY, I mean yeah guidelines, You bet nappy pass over the fusion of entertainment and enlightened by the Glen Bank programmer fury. Listen to the programme. What I was a tough interview I may have a tough.
I think I mean there's a lot to digest there think he's mining the things you He was looking for not necessarily wanting to find but things he was looking for. It was mad at the bus driver for being kind right. You don't go here at the police for stopping him saying, don't go go here, that's like being matted Laskin. If I go up and I'm going into bear come to country, No I'm from New York there like do don't go here, shut up you? U Alaskan, sir! So you're going to where there are bare are varied. I can do anything. I walk ass, crazy. You can't go there, but third dangerous parts of america- yes very diverse kind. Of course there's gotta be at, but with all the negative stuff he said I do believe he's right when he says you know you just talk surface area
Gloves every white, every white loves every black and everybody wants to now be actual Lester. I think that's absolutely through. Yet we all love diversity and even though we do, we have other things we are feeling, and I dont think that I dont think that but neither those feelings is hatred. I think NATO's feelings is an anchor of. Why are you pushing me into a cookie cutter, I am it's the same thing with Rex. It right there's not a hatred of Europe. It is I don't want to be in the cookie cutter and that's what that's what I think The whole world is missing. A least anybody in power we don't want to be in a cookie cutter is: is the Glen Back programme? Mercury. In the programme, the programme Obama's debt interest bomb.
We'll talk to you about that here in just a second. You know we just had We just had this author on a minute ago, who is there Spiegel best seller? The lies they tell us about America and the pretty horrible picture of us? and what I don't agree with, but I do agree with his assessment that we are a bunch people that are suicidal. I mean listened at the distant this listen to this part of the this, partly America that I find is not the America wished for its racist, its hateful and its citizens are bound to destroy themselves. I don't think it's racist. I don't think it's hateful and think it is confused and angry right now. And it is bound to destroy what I mean. It seems like we're on a self destruct path, because nobody is willing to use reason only using emotion, sound bites, and we are so.
Angry at the system were so angry at the things that have been put? thus around. Were willing to look like he said. You know me it wants to know why Trump One, because This guy is just saying what he's the what he thinks and everybody is like. I want to be like that. I can't be like that. I can say I can't get away with that. Not that you want to say the things he said you just wanted. Pulled up. Somebody who's like he's here saying at all. He didn't care so utterly I agree with him. I don't care if I agree with him, he doesn't care and and he's right. I think he's right on that exotic yeah. I'm not sure. I agree that I mean he sounded like he couldn't find one he's, a group of human knowledge in the whole country I mean come on now, come on
internal, even when he brought a beautiful, you talked about the mountain scenic beauty of it will have you ever further PAN Times surprised you couldn't find anybody he light, at least be tolerated, and this is not the America that I know it's interesting, because it seems like a lot of people. Have the opera laughter's experiencing reassessment cells, one we talk to lately the liberal one into the middle of right up to nine rating. We just had from Rwanda, but today's yes, came in here and he found America to be really give a generous, generous nation. Helpful I mean, I just think is: I think what he fight we get to the end of multiculturalism and anger, and we all know that part is true. That's true! That's true, so Throw the baby out with the bathwater. I mean that part. True, but seems like an angry guy. And I mean I don't know. I don't know anything about him, but is appalling.
He just interacted with Jeff you several times, and that was really gotta tell it is possible, but obviously it is possible that you know he dismiss this, but the America you found during the election. I didn't even recognize that America's, but it was very tense and little revised. Hungarian very eyes were to do a little bit and I went to places that I've never seen that were as angry as they were and we were a divided. I mean we're, not, I don't think is divided as we were during that election we were really real angry, and really divided and you know if you're going out and talking to America and expecting to find the America that we all know and love at that time, I didn't see it and part of that was. People wanted an end and they listen to reason and now we're starting
return a little to reason. I thought people were being told two plus two as live. We kept trying to say no, four other, wouldn't listen for its use. This now you're seeing Big fall away from the two plus two equals five people. Because you know there are people who said hey. We gotta we gotta vote for whatever the reason and People said no fix reach. Firmly in her seat, that doesn't add up he's, not I'm going to do that and the first ones to really get burned, and I warn you I warn you the same way. I warned about Barack Obama and thank God this didn't happen, but I said if Barack Obama gets in and he is not The guy, the radicals, think he is, he is in grave danger from the radical left. I think he was enough. What they thought. He what we have to placate them now.
This might be a different story, because the people who thought Trump was a peacenik and raw you did. Appointed and really pissed off and throw Russia yeah. I mean! the Russia, the Russia, I mean he is picking a fight with Russia. I think personally, that's what Putin is wanted. The whole time I mean if you remember right, I believe I said I know stew- did- that we'll be in war with Russia by the end of his first term and and one of the biggest supplier. Is a guy who's in the tank forum. The whole time is now all pissed off. Let him Michael Savage, it was granted in re, write a book about him. He says is a matter of fact: you did what was it wasn't trumps, worlders or I think it was like an older who is all we also know that more governs all the front? We D run chanted right now, but this was what savage said yesterday.
Let me go back to my main contention here. This was not even a sovereign gas attack. That's aside from the fact that Assad who has been accused of guessing his own people had I think, the gain by gassing his own people. Let's assume you are in the camp that boy look like to think of the big lie. Side would gases are on people with it with sovereign gas. Now what A sign of gain by doing that is he stupid. Is that still not you have figured out what would happen a day later So why would he do it? He was winning stop was losing was desperate was a desperate enough. Sarah on children, of course, not so who's got herring gas. Isis. No he says it wasn't. Sir some other gonna get Zheng as Desert LE who use the gas ISIS noted the United. Dates, young, who actually I mean who actually gas the people If I'm gonna go make us all not just now to false, like
Chemical Messina, so look into it any deeper than that Glenn. It's a false false, like you, don't have to write, you know that did not have any other. I believe land, it's a false fly to fly. Ok, it's a flag, it's a false! What's a false flies, no such thing as a regular flag. Only prosper. But there's no logic in America yet urges robots are seers NEO cons pretending to be hard over the various let me give you some evidence and you decide for yourself. Ok, because this military tweet by President Trump is an embarrassment. It was not a strategic move he thought about what follows. The cane is glowing over this. What does I tell you this? moreover, globalist Cabal has now one tromp is doing their bidding. Yes, why isn't this? What. We told Hilary we didn't want different is the reason why we, though their giraffe and using this? Why are you sacrifice the year of my life right here?
Forget tromp elected as I'm sure why you sacrificed a year, your love to go, or if they like, those that re bizarre move, it really was or everybody who did that. That was a bizarre move. I just really don't like his disloyalty here: ideologists Sturgeon, Johnny, Roselli alleys, not selling, is not you won't. Stick will allow university backing the progress that labelling directive. I better get two hundred and four thousand dollars. I remember our money when us, probably around probably Hilary endured, hesitate for a war drum swore that's what a battle for America Tunnel or any other things is. He didn't want Trump to get us into war, and one of the things that we talked about was. Are you kidding me? This guy is likely to get as long as I'm the idea that he's this restrained guy that's going to want to be a non interventionist. When he's an offer you ever been on twitter, that perception is incorrect. I've had a provisional cutter here here. May I say two plus two equals five. What
no visas to vehicles, fire. No. If you solemn, plus twitter is to go to a fire boy naw man by the way, solemn on twitter right I did. I always has to be to five. Ok, not dare not the only one by the way he seems to have lost over the seriously. Is Michael Savage. Now Donald Trump Junior said that MIKE Cern of which the conspiracy theory should, when a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting on Susan Rice, just a couple days before he went on, and said they were, he was not a trump was being conned into believing that people want war, he did a live stream protesting it. Then all right? Philosophers, Stefan Moldau,
Joined certain of its to condemn the action must say, whereas it wasn't, you have never heard it, but it's almost like. I have really responsible for the chemical weapons attack he said, question whether Assad was really responsible for the attack is saying who was responsible for what I'd like to hear? What was it it's a false like us elsewhere, I I almost forgot. That was my argument. Just a few minutes and value for years about my lawyer, Annapolis, oh yeah, who is very upset, called the airstrike, fake and gay. Oh boy ah Is my lounge novelists cock serve? It is apparently, I think so- White Nationalist Ritual Spencer, oh no, he's been lost. He says he said it was a sad, shocking and deeply frustrating moment. I condemn the strikes these All of them are allowing them to our Russia's supporter ease, becoming globalist and neo. Con shill arrests, globalists pretty Fraga for eternity Gary another
The freedom in the water. Soy saw mill, you know are starting to scare gay, so it was exactly where dumping soy Milton Vernon decide now makes you gave back, don't dead like you, don't know that where our about, where are the best, is the family thoroughly people happy just sad because they know and culture you pointed out as well as is turning on Trump over. This is very sad to see their dislike. Guilty, why won't they just line up what are high this resident by? Why they do not understand? Why do they simply hey trees, the President get on board? Why did he wali dad? I'm bored? they're dead on board? Now? Why what they listen? I don't know it's incredible
That's what all of them were saying: one us about health care just three weeks ago, and now they do trumped up something they don't like end Now there bitching about him sad, I just don't like it. Sad acclamations were disloyal, will tell you that much. The thing was a false flag, though back on board The problem is a problem as I go back, I go back to where we, where we work. You know a year ago, work out well. They're not gonna, be happy. We're not gonna, be happy Syrians are going to be happy. Russians are gonna, be happy. There is a chance guy We are going to global war, while it no, no you're, not war. This is really important for people to understand. Not the kind of war you are used to kind of war that we use staff in world war to that.
Kind of war, not kind of war, not theirs, said our we still at war kind of war. I mean a global war, When you look at you see the tenuous circumstances where it in Syria, where we ve struck. Them at Russia has said: if we do it again, they're going to strike back at US and you ve got the way we like TAT, grew way way before you get there in Korea. Don't forget what we also have in in Syria, and that is yesterday in earnest Bounding move No, I haven't heard anybody really lean on this in an astounding move. We have all well said, oh by the way right, You knew about that war. Crime amide ants ran then sent a drone out today Roy the evidence, and so it is Russia who put the painted in a war crime and a
cover up of crime readily serious charge. Oh my gosh that is like in nobody your memory, Felt like when they shot down K, L double and seven thought we were going to war with Russia. You remember that Nineteen eighties and that that was the last time it felt like real yeah this this guy's who it does not understand we just said yesterday, we just said you're, an accomplice in war crimes Meanwhile, there people are saying you know what space Sir, is saying America is setting you up and then don't forget on the other side of the globe. We got the north korean situation we got an a Navy battle group poised off the coast, of North Korea and again potentially strike and again something that people are talking about in the news. One hundred and fifty thousand Chinese. The troops on the North Korea on the north korean border just been moved there, not good
the glad that programme, mercury. Glenn programme. A couple of these. We have done to the republic so nervous about the Kansas election that is happening today. There was a deal on that day, deal is there. I don T think so. It's gonna be really tough to get to it. If this is even close, there should be a blow out for the Republican, ok, you're ready if it is close. Forty of the Republicans lose. This seat is a very big deal and could spell disaster for twenty eighty than tomorrow we should talk about the alibi Mcgovern are residing in that sex scandal. It is evil. Definitely no. I don't want even think about seventy four years, meringue for leaders and now we lost his life. That said, this programme
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