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4/18/17 - What Will Your Legacy Be? & Allen West on Dealing With North Korea

2017-04-18 | 🔗
What will your legacy be? ...Who was Robert Godwin? ...Words of love and forgiveness from a victim's family ...Kim Jong-un has a plan for Americans ...Col. Allen West on how to deal with North Korea ...The comedy genius of Dave Chappelle ...Greatest comedian today?...The weird ways North Korea uses technology ... The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio Facebook: Glenn BeckTwitter: @glennbeck

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Hello, America, one! Never going back programme! North Korea is going to test missiles. Weekly says senior officials will be busy less good. We have three aircraft carrier groups now going to the korean peninsula. Yesterday I saw Ellen when you walk in and always hear the place and Mercury Studios City Alan when's, the last time we had three carrier groups in that region, and he said, let me think midway about where the United States has ten the carrier. Groups total three of them now are off the coast of North Korea that war footing. He said you can't hold that more footing very long and you lose credibility, you're, sending a message this either implodes or ex loads, but it is over. You don't put three carrier groups there without aid exploding or imploding, we'll have more on that in just a second also. The accused, Facebook Killer, Steve Stevens, faced multiple living systems and financial troubles and his mom wasn't very nice and I don't feel bad for him at all at all. They haven't caught him yet, but maybe we should look at the victim or just a few minutes. We begin there right now. You should have entertained and didn't bite in the green paper. Think about your legacy, I mean
dictators do that president's. Do that, but you're, really ever thought of the legacy about build. What are you building it will leave behind. None of us- are really gonna- be remembered by. A monument the vote will never have a. In the library that people go to read about. The intangible things. That you leave behind just because of the way you live, your life blessed. I myself, with my eldest sister Clodagh and we sat around the dining room table. For about an hour or so He's writing a book
a pie book the recipe book she said it may just be, for you know her family and the kids I am consulting out, a kind of I'm not to help I'm not helping over then he of the words I'm just testing all of the pies. And I suggested to her one of the last lines I said, consider this I remember people because of pies. I remember people because I remember my grandmother used to make lemon Marine pie. For me, every time that was just for me and she would make pie for each kids, but she would
make a lemon marine pie. I'd always get one. Every time I would come to your house. I remember walking in the front door and smelling it, and I must have been eight years old. The I guess you legacy she left for me what Lemon Moraine Pie says to me: I love you. What is it that were passing on to our friends in our family and our children, for better or for worse, you do today. Is building your legacy?. I didn't interview with the New York Times yesterday. It was in their style sex, some section and it was about watches and it was It was about it turn in the time said. Why are you
fascinated by watches- and I said I don't know- I have three We clocks, in my kitchen. There's something about time and always has been with me. Pat will tell you I'm a freak. I'm clocks, maybe because for some reason. Maybe it's my life. Legacy of my mother. She left me suicide. And maybe it's that that makes me understand and made me understand, even at a small age that line is short and life is precious. I want to tell you about a man who was born in nineteen forty two when the world was in the thick of fighting world war. Two. He was a teenager when
The segregation of american schools was just getting started. He was in his twenties. During the heart of the nineteen. Sixty civil right movement he worked deserve. Foundry worker homework we don't have foundries really anymore. King Metal and melting it down. Then pouring that liquid metal into a mould, and it creates new shapes new tools, new parts we have greedy printing, now Boeing just got the. A to approve the first titanium part for one of their new jet airliners. It's all greedy printed first time they settles, save bowing three million dollars per plain, just ahead: this one part three be printed. Foundry workers were for their hands. They
poor that liquid metal in and then they would They would remove that new shape from the mould and they would send the rough edges and then they would scrub, molds and prepare for the next batch. It was hard, honest and old fashioned work. This man raise nine children, had five daughters for sons. Was an easy enough for any of us? Actually, when you get a divorce and he had a divorce, he fixed I was on the side just to help keep food on the table and close on the backs of his children. He was dead that was there one of his daughters Debbie. He said always taught her in her sisters that they needed to fend for themselves and not provide not depend on a man to provide for them. She said he was gentle and sweet one of his son, seduce quiet and always respectful, eventually
retired his daily track to the foundry, was now replace with fishing on Lake Erie. His it had grown at fourteen grandchildren among them they affect rightly called him. Junk ban because his daughter Debbie, said he'd pick up things off the street and fix them. Pick up. Bikes and he'd fix them. He'd go on long walks. Usually, on the weekends. I need carry empty plastic shopping bag and he would collect care internally for money. Debbie said didn't? Need they extra money? He just. Just something that he did. He was seventy four years old His name was Robert Godwin Senior. He was on one of his long walks. This last
Sunday afternoon he was carrying a plastic bag. He held that empty plastic bag up as if it works. The old and the last moment of his life. I accidently saw yesterday his shooting by the quote: Facebook killer. Well, I'm never get that image. Out of my mind,. As he held that empty bag up, as shield and said: no wait. I don't understand. He was carrying that plastic bag. Looking for cans along the east. Ninety third street in Cleveland. When what he had left of his life was cruelly stolen From him and his family. And none of us would ever know
his name, had it not been for Facebook. He would just been another guy and a statistic on the streets of Cleveland. The real tragedy of Robert Godwin Senior. Is he wasn't done creating his legacy? He still had lot left to give to his family. He had just left his sons home to pick up basketball equipment and take it to one of his other sons on Easter morning. The opposite of God. Wins legacy is that of his killer. No real legacy there. What is He created blame hate, sir. Fishing darkness, despair.
I would hate to be a member of his family, because he has left today. I just I, due to spend just a couple of minutes today, at some point in your life, but down moment just think of the legacy that your creating, even small, just can mean the world people this last Sunday. Robert Godwin did not sure he wasn't thinking about what he's leaving behind. What am I building with my legacy, but is working on it. Nonetheless, by visiting his son, hugs that he left his son and his daughter in law now mean more than any them could have imagined.
Some good old fashioned work. We are the foundry workers when it when it comes to our own legacy, were Fashioning moulds pouring in the liquid metal bit by bit day by day and we are shaping that legacy. One of Roberts, daughters. Tanya said he. Let us about God, he taught us about love. He taught us about forgiveness. Just another I'll, never hear my father's voice again is devastating. I want you to hear the legacy that man left behind on Anderson Cooper last night, I wasn't going to ask you this, but since you brought this person off, but I'm not going to use this person's name in front of you,. But if this person is out there and there are listening, what do you want? them to now. Obviously, turn themselves in what you say to them
I would say turn yourself in that would be number one I mean because, although you know I do believe in forgiveness, Do you believe in the law, meaning when you the law, there's a penalty for breaking the law, and this man broke the law by taking my father's lie and so although I forgive him, there is still a penalty that he must pay for what he did to me. And so I would want him to turn himself in and- and you know what I believe- that God will give me the grace to even embrace this man in NJ and hug him without it anything I try. We do. This is it's just It's just the way, my heartiest and it's the right thing to do, and so you know I just what want him to know that, even in here is worse, a state that he's loved. You know
I got? The God loves him, even in the bad stuff that day to my dad that he still love and that that he is, he has I'm worthwhile, even though he's gonna have to go through many things, to get better, there's worse than him, and as long as life in him. There is hope form to. I do believe that boy, if That's the legacy I could live, leave behind children, tat thought leaved and behaved like that. My life would have been, all spend the Glenn that programme mercury.
Belief. Seventy seven back that claim that programme north korean dictator Kim Jong on has a diabolical plan. According to C n n N, These tensions, with a: U S, continue to escalate. They are going to start kidnapping. Americans, that's gonna, be that well, be fun. That'll, be work, so. Happens with three aircraft. Area groups. Little that there's one battle group in the metal trained Mediterranean six fleet. That has one carrier, I'm not mistaken, so I dont know if I've ever seen more than one carrier in the entire Mediterranean. Maybe too, maybe we have three. When they are signalling that there is a legitimate change in policy, they learn,
You're signalling bigtime, their signalling war is coming while their sectors that they'd and saying this, so that the policy of strategic patients he's over, as is, in other words, we're gonna, stop appeasing this guy and returned with a hammer down, and you know I'm not sure, that's the best course of action. Again, I talked to Ellen what already was getting ready to go on danish show apart from in the green room for a few minutes, and he said you know, he said I Glenn. I know you ve been saying for a long time. He said I was saying in wonder: Clinton you get. You have to take care of this. These guys, you you have to going to get nuclear weapons and then all the since or bad you mean didn't, we say that we're headed right now we are faced in North Korea what we are going to face with the mullahs in IRAN think about that. What you think we're gonna do when a ran gets nuclear tipped missiles.
You talk about crazy people, their start, creating nuts. The mullahs in IRAN are are just nuts It's not, I will tell you, I'm not sure I think This guy is legitimately nuts Kim german bs Would you agree that yeah I think, he's legitimately nuts, don't think the mullahs or not, I think their religious ideology well, but to the point of being nuts
the people who like charms snakes in search are also religious zealots, but maybe not a little gave a baby. I see that back in just a second programme. A programme? Can I can I can I use? May I use, I don't know I mean I don't want to- I don't the sound like. This is a good thing
By any stretch of the imagination, but how can we haven't caught this guy? Yet I mean, though we have all this technology. This been spoke of the hell out of I don't know. Maybe we won't have the technology, we think we have caught a long time ago I mean we are always spooked by. You know how the government could just grab you at any time they get yourself. I know where every minute of the day, this guy's uploading videos in Le Monde snap and look at me- I mean how we will not find him already. I go back and forth between, unlike the Edward Snowden View of the world, would really have everything all of the time we're through this. We're like that, you know when the most basic things have disguised. How do we know what I mean. Before we can transfer video to their screen on their cell phone seventeen miles away. Why we right? We can't find this taken very seriously, and I mean I'm I'm torn on this, because I want
this guy caught Cleveland murder? I believe that we don't have him in custody and ours. I got up this morning and I thought this guy's Look I mean he's not the leads story today. He's not the lead story today and by tomorrow he certainly is going to be no down and does he decide. I know I gotta do something else we gotta catch this guy before he kills again and who knows. Maybe he already is killed people, We don't know where he is, and so am I really want to catch this guy and on the other hand, I am thinking well allow who, maybe the technology that the government with The government has They don't have all that, because I can't believe we haven't triangulated this guy's position,
yeah I mean for maybe just maybe he's just completely gone. They can turn on your computer in the middle of the night and watch you sleep you in writing. They could find the guy and he still apparently has his phone because they pinged him in and Pennsylvania he's turning off the fallen. Well, what happened to the whole thing of all turn your leave. Your phones never off yet will. Apparently, his is. They know which followed. It is so we it's really strange is real, these two. How do you even drive around these days, with From knowing where you are with cameras with which what kind of archives and artisans event what kind of car does he have, he has a new or how it is there not have. How do they not have a tracking? In fact he has they could come marrow or something done a newer. Something like that. He hasn't we're car. What decision vision, or was it a fusion.
Now he owes money on another car that wasn't a fusion, but fusion I mean it's a lot of technology in the fusion fears in has like Dunder. Doesn't the fusion have the the hard drive Darzac. I think it does and like you didn't, you can record your like cities or your ipod in the car and then the car just hold your music. Nice me. That's really cool would necessarily get you found unless you put the music really loud, but still no, but I know, but I got a lot of technology and they gave the voice recording boy. You know I had a lot of technology and yet the this the forms of today you
take the greatest car from the seventies and eighties and compare it to the rapporteur for today and its lids and that the new Ford is better than anything else. All its I mean to get go back that far you could be in the nineties and easily make that happen. I mean you know you go back to these older cars, which I have one as we're going to talking about the brain. You mentioned your Angie. I have to be as well lotta when I bought one, because I just love that when I was a kid so I have you know little in its society knows nothing is seventy eight m GB and we felt I've loved. I just thought: I'd love it that what isn't what I wanted to have. I had about a seventy one and I really wanted to have the hot seventy eight. It was still review limited in time, Ipod and seventy eight still to be used, but that was a great guy buddy info. You are driving a car, you you realize of how far we ve come, I mean well well. Well you a minute. That's English,
No! I wasn't gradually argued for the timely socks failure. I think you ve ever the diverse, but I mean just to the basic I mean you know that very basic elegant. For example, the car has no air conditioning, and it's like I mean Does that does not even exist in a car anymore? It was a soft. I heard a little, but it means that your air conditioning, yet I know, but not today what I have what I find a convertible, that's being sold today that doesn't airconditioning at it. Good luck, I never thought of it that were here I mean like those. Those these features are and then add, on the technology. Obviously, you know this between stereo and gps away than cars, and there are like just turning the car. This car is no power staring. No, it has reckoned pinion rivalry, I'd always atoms. You don't want powers to that. Article pinion was up gray, it half the time. It was the big thing, but now you can
You drive a car with my thinking. Ragged figure it out of the way way way way. Racking opinion steering, though I believe, is still ever were real sport scar. Sure that's going to be hard to drivers existing like it. Just doing the little three point turn I do. I get it possible, you don't like those, I remember having a re steering. Would you consider revives days if you drive a car from that eighteen, seventy six skip the job for you. Should you should drive you think, that's hard. Should drive my nineteen fifty eight patchy truck didn't you get rid of that. Yet! No, my wife gave it to me as a birthday and its be. You know a lot about you really get rid of it. I drove it. What you want to talk about in only driven by a little old man who only drove it once it's I drove it. We had to get a, I just got it
my daughter get it and got into the car Hannah. She said dad. I I'd love to learn how to drive the truck and I'm like a hot comb. Come with me, I'm going to run to the Walgreens and get something for Tanya. So We're driving down the road I get into the parking lot of the Walgreens, which is maybe a mile and a half away. I'm winded, unlike this, is the hardest damn car I have ever and I realized why my grandmother never derived don't never drive, never drove really had right. We had a truck like that my grandpa always drove. Grandmother would not have been able to handle that truck mean is, is tat it is a man's drug. You know why I get rid of what we think about that really late. The cheapest car that you can lease for a couple hundred bucks a month It now has tons of technology, and it is
ride so easily and smoothly gets decent gas mileage. Like I mean all, things that you know have been tough for car companies to do this the time they all do, all of them a key. If you know a of the cheapest cars I mean you talked about South Korea, hunt aim used to be a joke. I was a joke. Those currently is really good. Now Sonata. What is sixty five thousand dollars now? Genesis are that the Vienna Zactly writing early, I rise. Even their lower models are really nice there. Terrible they ride really smoothly. They could get gas mileage. They have the greatest weird, because my perception of Sunday is that it's you know to crap. Are you ram because no way to know what it is, we our generation looks at stuff like key is like the generation that we grew up with looked at anything from Japan, a Toyota
It looked in at I looked at Toyota, then went that's a piece of crap it's made in Japan and we're like no guys the an as yet eating, though not out of everything, now etc. That was really the every error. I guess has its has as you could it bill gates built into and overtime, even when the product improves its, possibly have you ever noticed. If you ve ever driven into like do you live Cadillac? I wonder you because you have a cadillac, but you have the sports Cadillac if you drive in a cadillac. Are you driving Mercedes or something like that that knowledge II in the car- not nearly as good as it is in like a Ford, What would the car of the fusion fusion I think it's because People who could afford to buy a Mercedes there there there their old their hobbled insular nine of the technology for fusion has to have causes your entry car, so it
ass to have all of the technology that everybody would expect is basically an Iphone on wheels like that. That's what they really are really is. Did you hear that Elon Musk said that next year, this and you know what let's talk about this tomorrow right this down because we're out of time here. Let's talk to me, oh about the new Elon, Musk Tesla, semi trucks. That are coming to the market next year?. That means not only that it will be an electric truck, but that is the first step. Words: self driving, semi trucks. How many people in the truck driving industry. I want you to tell you, trucker friends, to call tomorrow. I want to know what is the union, the
Workers Union saying about self driving, semi trucks, what they saying to the workers, are you hearing anything among the the truck drivers that self driving. Semi trucks are coming in the next five years and you're gonna be out of a job. This is going to be the first man Positive impact of technology will be the semi trucks. Unless the government and the union's get in the way, and my guess is that exact they what's gonna have us the union's will pressure. The government and they'll say you can't just get rid of these: it's not safe, it's not that It's not that and the unions will pressure the government to be able to stop the semi trucks. Being fully automated. Those stink Where are they? May, though, that would be in the way of progress here. Progressive really are you the progressive? you're getting in the way of progress.
Aware of capitalism. Companies making money. Yet, but it is, He can automate The highways! Think of how many lives will save how many think how your products will be moved faster and better? You don't have to stop pull off on the side of the road and stop think of the time. Of getting a product from one place to another. I feel that they don't stop. Truckers are good and on their sea bees right now that you're talkin about Breyer. What there's maybe they're talking about we gotta be here good buddy another reason why I am so tomorrow. Maybe we're gone void to the programme here, because I really like to hear from truck drivers down what your hearing overlook the Pittsburgh. You back then think globally, one point: three million people die in car crashes every year, one
three milled, while people, what is it like? Fifty six thousand in the United States alone, the hands of thousands of thirty seven thousand in rural crashes in the United States, I mean those those are numbers that action with. Technology could solve. At least percent of oil. You know what I heard from. I read an article from somebody in one that wasn't enough right right into that article was started in Washington. It was. It was a person in Congress who said We can only save one of we can only say four out of every five people is that enough, at what
two. If you see love, isn't it worth doing right? What use is it here? We can all nice day, four out of every five years and these seven, if you see there are dangers to automated cars and if you look at the documentary, the fate of the furious and which certainly staring actually, what have I had all the car or they are rising out of the rises, onset and worrying tear guys that's, not a documentary. Now I saw, No, it's not a I'll, explain, This is the glad that programme carry. This programme we're just talking about you know what happens. You know you get these self driving drops out and somebody hacks into them. ITALY mode out. A lot of people it'll be like what's happening now with Facebook. Here's, Two billion facebook users.
They had a murder and everybody saying this could be the end of Facebook live too Billion users- and one has done- as they, then, why are you in I've, had a few incident a few incidents yeah had some suicides, they had some rapes, they had some really bad stuff, haven't yet again It's too build, and I was just looking at something its run down of it. It was probably it was less than ten instances right. So With that in two billion people, less than ten better than any medication that you buy over the counter that everybody trusts and idle, Facebook had absolutely nothing to do with it. Now it was even on what do you see what I'm leaving? I won't keep saying it was faced with live, which it wasn't just uploaded. A video,
I mean there's that now. Can you ever stop that you don't know. You can't tell your video on Facebook, which sounds desired effects the side effects of Facebook. With this far in the point, zero, zero, zero percentage. I mean it's it's one of the safest things out there and yet everybody's freaking out. It was a bad thing, but one guy out of two billion back programme. the blaze radio network on demand.
Choose facebook killer still seen as do we have to call him the queues facebook I mean not calling the Facebook killer lighted with Facebook posted a video of it happening, he's a murderer. It's got, facebooks false cease, he's pretty face multiple evictions and financial trouble, and it was his moms fault in this girl friends I dont care, but can we get him off the street also yesterday Trump Cold AIR, the wand in Turkey, to encroach congratulate him on his contested referendum? Ok couple, then we should not be caught in congratulating dictator on his seizing of additional powers. But on top of that I can't take the press saying that era. One is now a dictator and he's doing all kinds of things to screw the country of Turkey when Bronco Bomber said that was his best friend on the world stage and he had the most in common with care to one and they praised era one at that time. Now, suddenly a phone call say: hey, congratulations on the referendum and Donald Trump is Tangley where they want to be dictator. I can't take the hypocrisy anymore, lots to talk about. We begin right now: you should have gone to tame it. Didn't might see us today we are talking about survivor G who knew that it was even Hon.
we are talking about survivor and how this one guy was was fine, heard because at the time for meeting the tribe meeting, he said you know he was trying to be useful. This guy's, not being honest with us. And the way he did. He said you want to tell him about your sex change. Any just shouted. At this point this guy was used to be a woman. I asked him: why haven't you? Why haven't shared that your transgender and I didn't, seem like a big deal on the show, but he was fired back home. I think from is urban Atlanta and. It's not what you do. One on those reality shows a couple of years. There's a couple of things here. If you try to get other people kicked off the island, didn't he was saying the guy's being dishonest right. So there's a The things that the two factor in here one- I don't think you out people I mean. Is this, like you know,
ear, you're doing something, and why do you going to help? You know you're going to help me for being a Christian? Are you going to help me for being even help me for being transgendered? That's just not cool, however, aren't they both gay? Well, hang out before you get to that This is a reality, show like TAT it a reality show to have rules like that, and if you re in the closet, probably a bad place to go is a reality for reality s right it's going to come out. Right. How did the guy How did the guy find out that he was transgendered, it It was either fed by somebody on the as you know, on the staff and the crew. Or it came out in some conversation will also ok. If you don't want to be out of you, probably shouldn't be on a reality, show where its killer Be killed.
The second thing is what Pat said the guy who out of him was gay which two thoughts on that Then you should know how outing is wrong. Would you have liked it? If somebody came over- and you know before you told your parents and everything else, there are like all bought the way. Your son is gay. Why? So he was added. He was out it by a gay guy, so compassion second Trends, gender does this now trump. Plain all everyday homosexuality, which special interests really winds in this particular battle. For instance, and genders. Now, women women you? There is almost no chance of winning against of the fence,
this are women's movement, women or lesser monsieur right, you have sent for the bathroom MR issue now Transgender B. Our daughters, children premium and are and our wives and women, they don't over anything up against transgendered. They lose. However, if leave your letter weird, hence a tournament guy now give their. If you're a lesbian, I believe you beat transgender. I'm not sure I was not much already be strange genders right now, so I think so. I've read I've read several articles that Leslie there's a thing because lesbians are saying you're, not I don't remember what it was you're, not real women or or whatever something. That's it. Nobody else could possibly ever say it is yeah, and I never see them called on it for it, because I feel like state like there certainly would never be.
A law passed right now that gay people couldn't do something like, go into whatever bathroom. They want to write that that would never happen. However, there are still laws that are passed saying. Transgendered people can't go into their chosen bathroom right, so I think, like It feels like. Maybe no, I don't think that's true. I dont think there's a problem I dont think society has a problem with He transgender you're talking, or is it transgender transit? What's the difference between transgender transsexual, which one is had the plumbing fixed. I don't think anybody has a problem if you're having the plumbing fixed of your trends. Actual than you have actually had the surgery right right This transgender I'm just not uniting hormones and everything else. I mean it are committed to it? I think that's what I say to those who are committed to it. I don't people actually have a problem. You know that you ve committed
to that gender I think what miracle has a problem with is not, engendered people but perverts. People who are using that to be, well to get in and, moreover, that probably heterosexual, pervert zeal, yeah, just airy, possibly using the Trans Journal that ninety nine percent of the tiger using the land. That's what we said from the beginning: it was gonna, be the biggest problem on this. Now you ve, given the out to the head of a sexual pervert which don't even seem to acknowledge that that's our problem, really care that that's the issue because they say that that never happens and their dismissing what you're dying use denier. I mean that has happened now, it's happily, it has happened. It's happened twice to people on our own staff, twice I mean you know if it's happening in your own circle of friend you're, giving having a legal out. If some per wants to go into the bathroom and all goal. Women are girls now, can say while I was,
if I use a woman right, even though you can wearing nails, glowing legal defence right now, because obviously It's very rare right, I mean like you're saying you know, like you, say it's happened a couple times and it has itself, but isn't the vast majority of people who go into bathrooms don't deal with us. The vast majority of transgendered people who go to. We know the Percent right bathroom over the vast majority of people aren't perverts right exactly like. So this comes down to when someone who has a current current company except yeah, when you have a jiffy who just who uses this as an excuse for do they have a legal basis that you buy came in question. Someone comes in here and so can goes to court says I'm transgendered. I was in the opposite. Bathroom came even try to say no you're not You don't think you can only really that was Dave. Chapelle. Do you have that Dave Chapelle cut Is that Dave Chapelle, where he talks about how
american losing here they are he's like where we ve lost our blaze? Let me we ve struggled for ever and ever and ever and now, where are we. And he's the only comedian who's, the other comedian yeah. I'm aware we partners Walt did The kind of on this were Reno again, these are not. Conservatives knows are liberals who are like waiting guys like so was, what's his name Louis UK hours, here's a Dave Chapelle on on this on the gave movement. That's right now I don't they had to something that loud. I think it now we love at well he's got a very quiet voice. Seen him live, buddies, ease, very, very, very quiet. I understand why capable of man- and I hope that you know what Sadly, this is a black. Do that support your movement, If one takes one buys a negro pasty said
Just is they passed. The law doesn't mean they're gonna, like Brown, the boy s occasions and nineteen fifty five somebody called me traffic, whereas we have placed take cement, and these really forty really funding is really genius. So we have a much closer comedians. I'm going to take could break here with Mr Pat Grain and make sure that he has the most updated emails, have you're saying that maybe there's an f word or two. I you're playing, take it you're doing a great deal, and I will make sure that when we have read bowed their mouth? Your were listening to the Glen Bag Programme.
Welcome to the programme, so you know we're talking about political correctness and and who is who is at the top of the food chain used to be white males. That's long gone near the bottom of our very variable, very bottom long. Then it was females. Females are no longer at the top, then it was homosexuals. Homosexuals are not at the top. They might be transgender, but I don't think so. The top of the female is not the african American anymore, as you just heard from Dave, Chapelle yeah now listen, We ve got about four comedians that are right now out who are not conservative at all at a black play this play this currency has now it was this penalty. Could not be a more committed progressive famine.
Pro gay pro transgender person, I cannot keep up with a glass of sherry of correct, I'm trying. I wanna help wholly thank you cycle secret club past, where they changed every week and proper backstop. The word were used was last emeralds following out what people in all his gimme that I didn't know the right route, Paul, rope, ya, gotta, Saying Tralee, she laid down on the barbed wire of discrimination, drop, the seventies and eighties to this duty.
She didn't want across Europe are foreseen thread. I mean that's amazing. You know, aggressive fuzzy comedians are, or even noticing how far this is commented that I agree with the conservative audience on the points behind it, but that's the issue here is your even taking your own allies and people who wore we're rooting for you and what you to get everything that you want and they still torturing them over. These things seem comedian Patent Oswald was, it is nephew, that's gay! I think you have to. I was talking about how bad things were. Friends never came out of the closet, told his parents parents when in our eyes he's happy marriage happy running a business, but he has a nephew who, goes to his old high school So he's really protective of this kid, because his nephew is openly Proudly defiantly gay going to high school
and my friend is like an animal Gibson. I will burn them in town. The quantities and sole objective can get it. So he went for Thanksgiving. Talking to his nephew, and he does everything. Ok, at school? You know I went there. I didn't have the best time. If you ever wonder I talk to me about it how are things really are they? press it ever. They mean and his nephew started, choking up and said yeah. You know it's pretty rough there, you, they're still really oppressive and it's it's pretty is pretty harsh, and my first The way he put it tree was my my inner Liam Neeson woke up where I was just like he was taking like gave me a name like you just wanted to have a wife, but he kept his colony was like Buddhist. Let's
about. What's going on Macao, what are they doing here and if you said a war in your, for instance, MIKE lesbian, transgender club at school. We One or two have our problem: the same night as the St Kitts problem and they're going to make us wait two weeks have it so Really oppressive and my friend had to stop himself from saying You need to shovel God. I think you know what how true is because the very there was no gay and lesbian club Wrangle went there. There was no gay and lesbian problem. The fact that you had to hold it in a different day that actually seems more special ray you get your own day. It's amazing
to see that happening in you know in that, when the world of pop culture, We comedians, who are you, know comedians led the way, and there are the ones that will constantly. Walk over lines that the rest of society has drawn in they ve done this forever, they did it with religion back in the day they gonna didn't do this before they didn't they weren't ever making these kinds of points in the last twenty years. They were not making the hey, hey, hey, get control. They were not making those points. They were making the point of we ve gotta, move forward. We gotta progress where it look at these are saying that in adopting- and they still make us points this new area, but I mean this is you're right. It's the it's! The opposite is like wait a minute. You know like I mean we're trying to help you and still
the torturing us over these, that unity. That Rupaul point is amazing. Amount, remember that story, but I mean if Rupaul is getting heat for not being transgender friendly enough, you might be going too far is mighty align. Well, If you wanna be a hate longer like that still Then you can paid all you want. The rest of us know the rest, the rest of the rest of us and the rest of the enlightened ones, the enlightened ones, but the ship A thing is new, the pet non votes and unless I know there's a euro seek a thing to has also Jim. Nor do I have a dream. Norton clip as well. His latest Netflix special has openly edited this one. Jim Norton can Even if they didn't, if they did, they didn't editor, I just.
Say goodbye now, we're not just their associations are aware. Thank you for a time spent listening to us and not about over the year is, do you have a delay? This happens. You'll be fine, so funny with all countries like Trans crazy. We're really as to the so funny how, when the new thing happens, or because in the lexicon, you can't joke about it. On tv, they try to the table in no transition not even a mean joke about here, but we just don't like David been Eliza like look because you ve been marginalized. Does it mean that you're removed from the humor spectrum, like everybody, like it wasn't, even a mean gently for involved and that are cancelled. Her reality Your house, the realities,
when you are on a way these boss, you are now a woman. You are a car dash here, you killed somebody driving, boring, there's something happening would mean. I think there aren't you in the right place, but it's a little bit phony some of it. A little bit figures can't talk about Kalen, without saying how beautiful she is. Have you seen how beautiful Caitlin is? No, gypsy from centre am, I heard also admit that look I've, you know what three big comedians he also mentioned. Most came only run that cliff for tomorrow something, but it's like
bizarre trend right. It's it's strange to hear me shows that perhaps the pc pendulum is sweet back closer to the euro. Let's have common sense of being able to laugh at ourselves and each other just a little bit here. No execution for words. Safe zones are ridiculous. Back in a minute back programmes. Glenn programme. Have you seen the Dave Chapelle colonies, vessels on afflicts now not yet? Oh, my gosh you're funny I know I watched them, but grudgingly almost I mean I'm, not I'm not a day. Chapelle fan back in the day, saw some soft thought? It was funny seen some clips that I thought were funny. I am
huge Jim gave again fan. I think Jim gaff again is brilliant. I watch the Dave chapels special on Netflix and there Something about that. Guy. That. He is a master of comedy. He is ITALY he walks with this way I mean just so I dont know even what it is, but he just You can t, I think, he's the best comedian alive today. He may very well be I mean I saw him live a couple years ago after that goes when you first coming out of his sort of extended violence after he left, and I went there same thing, but got begrudgingly through not really thinking much of him. I wasn't a huge Chapelle show fan, I mean there's funny, I'm Lisbon, but he just owns the room he owns. I mean, like you some two years ago here, probably that two years ago he just commands you
Tension in a weird sort of way is is a weird and- and I didn't know if it was because I had seen him for what ten years When did he thus appear? Odors run two thousand six when you could, when he quit the Chapelle Show Sellen went often went to like Africa someplace the world right. So while is so maybe it's that mystique that heeded want the money so much, he didn't need the fame so much he was like. I know I don't wanna be that guy, that he's speed. You just know he speaking from a place of truth, his Ruth at least, and and he's just I mean any saying things that you just to have heard. I mean when you gotta a blue. Guy on stage defence, the cops that's risky and comedy and ass risk. That's the different like that of so many comedians will spend so much of their time figuring out some new way to attack religion for example, and like it,
we judge, Karla media you're, never gonna be George Carlos. That key he's real. You know that was something that was edgy at one time. Right, like there was a time in our history in which it was hard to push back again religion. That time is long past, so you know now tat you just heard it. That's really difficult like what comedy should do. If you don't have the audience, if you don't have a comedian doesn't say: oh come on at least Come on you know, that's true, it should offend. You would shift pusher yet should push that's. What good comedy does me Louis UK? Does that all the tap constant Has this moments where the crowd groans and is sure whether there are allowed to laugh even though they know it's funny, They may dont feel comfortable, actually laughing ass. It happened every time you go to accomplish. A good Chapelle was willing to say in in two thousand, for when you do this debt of performance in Sacramento, California and people kept shouting is catchphrase his Rick James.
It's free from the show, which was what I'm regimes bitch. Ok, and sold? He got frustrated any left the stage and then a few minutes later, he came back and he said to the audience. You know why my show is good, because a network officials say- you're, not smart enough to get what I'm doing in every day. I fight for you. I tell them how smart you are turns out I was wrong to have it have half a brilliant That's brave at it's brilliant, really, fight! the comedian name, the name, the George Carlin of today. I think it it could be Chapelle near we are probably I mean really well thought out. Carling did the same thing like you. Obviously, Carlin was not conservative, but I mean you'd to him at times, and you say like while that really like, even though
if you are literally, could like it. If you're conservative you'd like alien ain't, you could be a a real religious person and listen to him on God and laugh all the way through Lucy K is definitely not conversation as well I mean have you seen might but Wrigley oh yeah, he's great Emily totally to hold different style. I think he's one of the most brilliant storytellers I mean his. Have you seen him? bad law. I dont know that look up early, there's Netflix special, their several of them on Micro, Bigley. One is stay God for jokes, I think. Is this latest one and He tells stories and will? He starts out and it's just like I'm running monologue with the with the audience any just starts to tell stories about his life or whatever, and it all ties in and wraps up at the end is really well crafted really well. Crafted he's great. I mean gaff against gratuity to it a different style, gas when is the Quintus
control, committee. In for these times he's Doesn't offend anyone doesn't offend anyone and that's like I feel like that. While I think largely true, except for maybe the makers of hot pockets? frequently invented by his coming or did I think it only or fat pasty white people wait when you say so they get. It almost feels like here's, a guy who's, just he's just say, incident artist stings, and these get rightly that nodded at all. It is an incredibly talented comedian and you lose talks about things that everyone can relate to a lot harder to be funny without the F word, oh yeah, he and without being without all rowing hard. You know throwing people under the bus really really really funny. He never he throws himself oh, you know and rags every time, and so he there's no malice to what he D just box worthy there forever
yeah. What about where the cable guys, with those guys do, yeah, that's the Jeffrey School of Company or at their elbows with I had about alike. So I get some little. It's totally different styles. What s great about it, though, right now it is! You watch the geographic and show that he had after a couples. Try to watch that with the kids boy. Don't do that! It's not, and it's a little edgier, however, and you really funny round- and he quit that show legitimately in this net. This excuses, never real, but would you
Forget it was to actually be with his family because he was spending too much time on the show they wanted to show back desperately. It was really funny seem back as the colonel now in that five, but for five meals I've had to do in the early. They wouldn't. Let me be the colonel. I want to be the Colonel Colonel European Heritage, the hair for it. I look like I've been re buckets of chicken great current ideas. Have you throw your name and I have not come off and you'd like you been preparing for the role for then I have on throwing Glenn bag. I right right, Grandma Jacon! Then you don't answer is nothing like it either. I don't think he. Actually. We should cut our own Kentucky, fried chicken with me as the colonel and just put it. Out. There is given right does shone with their or what dumas and then maybe they'll jump on some of that did have someone had KFC?
It seemed like a good idea down. I could see it. I guess I'm just saying ass: it were a campaign very unique, because you keep changing like every few months. They change who person it's and is really not an impersonation either it's just dressing up, but the outfit. They're not even trying to sound like him. It's it's kind of weird, so it's weird presentation of a parody of the character. I guess it's stray riddled amateurs. Ok with that now there family, I don't The colonels families been involved KFC in forever, ivy You know how I got started because no the store. We have carried out of his trunk right out of the bag driving around with a variety of his car. I lived in Louisville where right past the place on the highway. All the time where he just
no on weekends. He just have is here. Is big mineral cadillac or something, and he just opened up the MAC and he had not yet one of those in one of the first guys that I think agreed to use this recipe. That's why and they ve Thomas of Windows word we're because I don't know I don't got- was- was the one who taught them into being the colonel beer and promoters of bright autonomous helped about. Maybe Thomas worked form. It was it. There is an interesting as high there somewhere adapted burn up on it again, but you know where the first Kentucky Fried Chicken was Do not forget that disappointed if it's any place in the United States Players in the United States am disappointed, disappointed that all existing you to really get out of town like. Why is fascinating? No,
What do you think it would be in Kentucky? Could look ridiculous now, boys I personally have adopted my might be somewhere. That was two of these names Kentucky, for it and it would have been boring if that would have been the answer. I rang not not quite supporting his salt Lake City? The glad that programme mercury. If you sign up for the letter and get all the info, you need to know what Glenn Baghdad cause. You know we're just talking about when it when it twenty four end. Was there was little episode, well, twelve episodes, so they should call it twelve. I should have called me up with about ten minutes left and in in the hour they go Marshall breaking and come back, and they start with Talk like they always do, and then it says
twelve hours later and the clock speeds up really did we go be twelve hours later and then they just finished up that sucks. Really weird cheap. So it did did did was a good. I mean it was pretty good it it is as good as you probably expect, without keepers, so Sutherland on it I see without black jack. Do you have twenty four? I didn't think so, but I You know why every week so- and it was good, pretty their ratings weren't that great went Superbowl Sunday was one day be right. The after the ceta you'll want to television was commercials. Why don't I a bit. I record it and then watch it later The first episode had seventeen million five hundred thousand the second epoch. Six million to twenty five. It ended up with three point: one but the person was posts, Superbowl right, Georgiana from six to three zero hemorrhage viewers, the whole time
I don't know: maybe we will just have accept it. Without Jack Power this is not something I mean Then I don't know the last time you early, not interested. The only I'm not interested they all my thing on television that we watch is hdtv, that's it does not the television does not switch from that. Unless its news, really here I don't know what we watched. Maybe the actual temporary also watch history channels. So did you wanna was others? Do we are watching when we have to we are a z, tv, I'll, come home, and you know tomorrow, we in and it'll be hdtv and everybody will be in Libya.
Kitchen or something and then they'll, say. Ok, you ready to see your new house and then they'll come around the corner, refrigerator lily. So you don't have the colors color stags about you should have seen it before it had a different really because you don't like such an occurrence shows that are like currently coming out with like new episodes Forty four was the only one I've watched with ours. Now I don't want anything unless lecturing, I must Netflix like House of cards. When that comes out. I will I will. I will watch that's what I want, but I'm not watching and until Ribby what, with such a lot of things that are broadcast on television, but its dvr
Firstly, the wizard of OZ, alluring wizard of OZ on NBC, definitely not now, actually really good red, Vincent Dunno Frio, and it was a different story, it was was she sailed out, is a completely different story. Has not to think this through megabyzus ways wasn't the with somebody Michael Jackson, genes, genius. As actual I thought I was actually pretty good and evil was the wilderness gray always was awful aimlessly awful right, oh great, there's! No! What is it TAT was any Philadelphia did something on based on the ways in this last season. Again, it was one of one of the few shows I do watch on television and it was a tremendous butts.
Like I didn't know what the references, unlike what now with a guy, I suppose to be so in tune with the wizard, went to get all these joke settle. I did not happen, but it wasn't. Diana Ross metal denies us aware. I dont know which one plea Dorsey. I dont get it right. How does it not gonna Michael Jackson, on a path of sinking, back programmes. The blaze radio network on demand.
Hello, America, but under the programme Romano College student say there's no such thing is truth
fruit as a tool of white supremacy of Alexander Dugan, instead ban inside illogical ties of Lattimer Putin's Russia, vanity, Fair, says deep ban and is in through, would prompt just yet and trumpet said, there's a big shake up coming in the White House staff. We begin there was so much more right now, using entertainment and didn't might in. All of this is from business insider ten ways. North Koreans use technology differently than other countries.
Here's the first one, no one uses the internet. I mean there's not using it differently, the heads not using it- North Korea Band Facebook, but has built a clone Facebook is well Facebook is banned. The regime seems like the concept country the clone, which was discovered by DIN networks, the clue was fully functional, allowing users the sign of the email imposed matches is on each other's wall. It is unclear whether the cologne went on to attract more users in North Korea after the act or not What do you say a communist country? Will you say with it with a clone? facebook you feel uncomfortable with that here there are not there to die you I just like these new policies and with me
one in ten North Koreans has a smartphone again, that's not away. They use technology differently. I dare not using technology visa that using another smart phones for a spade and their garden. Then that's using it differently that as they don't have it, what where they use breathing differently they're, not for even longer. They can't make any international calls. Yeah- let's not using it, let's not using technology, is not doing it differently. Koreans do use PETE Pcs Data for like a door Silas, inevitably using it differently. Listen to this, screens do use pcs, but Hopefully only the elites solely or get a mere differently
you see. Access is so restricted that tell usb SB stakes are a fashion accessory. Now there you go using a differently. Ok, what's a fashion x, you, the usb sticks, while they, let you know, I don't like a necklace or earrings. I don't know what it is nice to those that good. The. U S, all go out at stake are under net. All four of these stick, your home you're here cheap these tablets are only for the elite. Some people own tvs, but they can't watch. My tv ownership is unusual in North Korea. I imagine What is this country so event? Wall ever comes down it is, never going to be able to mean How are you ever gonna be able to talk to them?
they are in a different world. They have no idea what's happening around the around the country around the world, I have no idea that's our pre tuned to north korean stations, police visit, households that have televisions to check what The tv settings have been tampered with, what so you can only watch certain you remember that Gestapo radio that we have in the museum right? They did the same thing all right. They block the BBC, and so this blocks all of the chinese channels, the north or the south korean channels, or you can watch anything goes. We must deal with it. Imagine living in a place where they you just knock on your door and say we need a check. Your tv. Without using technology differently. It is the people The choice is between two mobile phone carriers. I mean
this is a bad thing. There are still people saying that the deregulation of the phone industry was bad. We just tat, mean automobile system. We we'd be North Korea. Do not military parades do I know, I think it is very you, as the military parades if you have this assigned you just need to be annihilated as a as a government if you have military, operates, big pictures of of your leaders on the sides of buildings If your troops MA, in good step, I mean that's like I mean that the sign that year the higher you go step, the more evil and more he will you are after I saw them or lose a parade over the weekend and they're all of you that stepping in unlike clearly evil these people all should be wiped out and then, for the first time ever that I've ever seen. Kim Jong on
was wearing an actual suit. Like a like we would where, in the end the west, now now like, I was put out loud, it was like a Pavarotti jacket for thinner people. Yes, that's a good look for you know. It's not did you know you think your hands are alike, Navy Bell bottles. Are there not bell bottoms? If you look at em, they're they're, like they're like the size of the waste We are both by all the way down way. Doubt is really it's bizarre and it looks like it's Everything on him looks like you need a tailor you don't have a tailors. Get such a reared body shape that I think it's tough too with cloth yeah investigating the ruler. Wasn't I hear they heard the other day the said he's, I think, was one of you guys say that He's kind of in between of you know,
being fat in and given up his life circumstances raining because a jiffy, for example, might be a little. Oliver wait, however, known he is limited by his circumstance. While I'm overweight, unlike Crypto, now but he's limiting further, in that we dont pay him a salary we he doesn't have any of you know he's been. Somebody can lose both well well. Well. Well! Well, this is the opposite. That's what makes you work out Kim Jong on- and everybody has to say, oh dear leader, who you are sir, Ok, you sexy, but that you are sexy it and why work out right, there's, no, there's nothing in Kim Jong on life, That would lead him to be in shape right.
Also you're saying you should be fatter. I think he should be fat or because why? Why would you stop at what does he was he Jeffrey three fifty I was summoned values while exultingly lies, probably wasn't hypothesized when I was growing up in Asia and the possibility that, to my point, having at what point when he had me surgeries duff, you probably pushed three There is not one of the other where, when you're built like that right, so that's. Why does the Nehru? What as they deal with the day, reject these cities, looks like he's the fifth member of Herman's hermits in the ninety six? What is the deal with seriously with with all the chinese leaders where that? And it was around a lot, but you ll, never jacket. That's a good look at your comrade. Hillary Clinton thinks it's a good long hours it all the time. Only western To where the her, he's hermits outfit and lying. Doesn't this guy, where the uniform.
I mean if you're gonna be a dictator. Is dad, did you gotta get yours snappy, uniform yeah, I mean I've honestly. You look at because again Antonov the uniform would look like on there's a lot of the military guys at her, although we carry yes, there's a decisive there's, not a lot with one says: there's a lot: that's not com! You can leave it because you will lose their trial for war crimes. They are looking to go and we can hang this guy now, there's no way we can hang. We have got to shoot this gas get the Jeffrey problem. The army. The outcomes are basically is what many security are saying. There is, You're, overweight, that's what he said. Therefore, I understand what you are going to use the right, whatever they used to. Hang you so Kim Jong, owing to the contrary, is essentially out of this.
Silly God right like he, rules in the country claimed re claims to be got right. He can do anything he wants. If any one looks at me says, while it looks like you put on a few key will vote at right, and this is all in this nation. Anyone who says anything about, if that was in that position, either actually, I would eat eddies everything. I realise how exhibiting restraint. Here you be job. That diversity is only three hundred pounds is act. Pretty impressive, for him again. Like you, can do anything. You want to get any forty once you can spend anything, on food? No one sees that about. If you say you would live the life of job of the herd. You'd have somebody on little chain in as swimsuit or whatever
and then you would just have people feed you and you re like. Ah, yes, one would alter. Let's be honest, we would in the rest of the world may not or the population, but the whole of self respect not do that now, but obviously we would have been freed have moral lines I would think probably putting a princess in a net color and a bathing suit is probably not the the grid this idea there, but it means what would you know? Everybody is telling you that's genius, but through let again like you get to this point of the food thing. Never stop eating, you'd never stop now would be at my six hundred pound life would be like the minor leagues compared to the show you'd be I mean I know, there's gotta, I'm stuck it. You wouldn't put the princess in a net collar. You ve, just you
snuffed your brother out at the airport. You mean you're. I mean you're killing running until this brother at an airport know this guy did I mean you ve, killed everybody who disagrees with you. Oh I'm gonna put a princess and enact collar. I mean I think, the princesses happier than being gale. She actually survived it. I'm just saying that you know there's a lot of things that job I may have participated realise how lucky see as it is actually right. Ask him John Openness and participating in many horrible horrible things, but we're just you know we are we're talking a little surface, you're in a lot of people are gonna, go into depth on these issues and we will not we'll stay now that I've asked about the way it is dress and his Erika and it's pretty Erika, which is reason enough to go to war with them. Their hair cut is so dumb that I think we should actually seriously this guy has all of the year marks of Hitler. I mean a bad haircut, right,
he's got the goose stepping troops, Ethiopia, the Ladys accuracy he's got the bees got the during fans, the with the giant pictures and then they always thou. Germany never really did this, but for some reason in the asian countries the dictators in the asian countries. They always Have everybody where, like certain color had sir something in that spells something out? Many of you are not aware that the dictator is always way up. Everybody else. That's why It is down on the street, but he's up on the big podium. You know everybody zoom, the only one that gets to see what their spelling out with their hats.
This, like everybody else in the country, have no idea that bear their hats are certain colours and when they stand together, it spells out in our king, John you're, the best or whatever it says. Usually that rough, exactly he's the only one who gets to see it, nobody else gets to see it they're all down on the ground and primarily on matters that he's care about anyone else. Seagulls needs to see. It is just right. He's just now needs to know he's the better put them had better instead roto to stand back it only Britain, recent ticket and other people, s either the drone, and they all say we could bomb, but you know he's the best so maybe it's as if maybe what it says is Kim Jong on is not here and purpose. Trusting life. He leads to happen Did you see all my gosh? There was this agonizing editorial safe. I have it agonizing editorial about.
From the New York Times today. I mean you want to talk about your head exploding was about how Donald Trump, no Here it is others make your had exploded in time of crisis. Credibility is an american president's. Most valuable currency it's one thing for a foreigner foreign partner to doubt. The president's judgment is entirely more debilitating when a partner doubts, the president's words from can France twin challenges of North Korea and severe and Syria any must overcome credibility. Gap of making is, if own goes on and on and on about how he has oh credibility at all. Then says, President John F Kennedy value that demonstrated the value presidential credibility as I do the Creek cuban missile crisis when he sent emissaries to America's allies. In October, nineteen sixty two to secure
support for the quarantine of Cuba he designated dean? How do you say his name at absent the former secretary of state to deal with Washington's prickly as partner Charles De Gaulle of France, when he offered to show to call this biplane imagery degree threw up his hands and said. I only need the word of the President of the United States. That's good enough! For me, every country has a founding mythology for American. It starts with our first president's you, full encounter with a cherry tree, Mr Trump would do well to fine inspiration in that story. You ready. Youth Forum Counter. Mr Trump is challenged by relationships, Mr Obama these more than a hundred detainees from Guantanamo, will return to the battlefield and Democrats may and that debt
rats made allegations about Russians efforts to influence the election. Mr cannot risk undermining his ability. Ok, I hate it. Cannot words undergoing bill is oh, do not a hoodie say this is a guy who used to be in the in the state department for Obama. He's saying that Donald Trump is saying that Obama Lee released a hundred detainees from Guantanamo, who turned to the battlefield yeah. That was true and and that the Russians were influencing our election. Yeah. Well, that was true. He then goes on to say that it Lee, with President Obama Obama pollutants propaganda campaign made our job tougher than expected, but we had one trump card that usually carried the day President Obama Head credibility,
Foreign leaders trusted his word even when they disagreed with its policies. How many times did we didn't see that for leaders had no risk for President Obama, and by the way he had. He Credibility the red line in the sand of Syria, really. Well, he be did make them pay for crossing the red line. He drew another one. I know I know, and so now here here's what here's what the problem is with this show of force in North Korea, you can't and three aircraft carriers, and then turn them around like pen. Will you can, but you, Don't I mean you showed this kind of force unless it implodes you, then I have to make it explode. You can't marshall your forces like that, and then do nothing and just go back to earth stalemate sold.
Something's gonna happen in one way or another. There saying very specifically, they will no longer continue to stand me right. Like they mean they're, nothing. I gotta go to war, but they're, saying we're up in the pressure right over to change this situation. No more strategic patients, we ve uptown. Russia now as saying right now about the programmes. The glad that programme lieutenant looked up at the generous you MIKE Mike pants in in the And I feel good about that of. I would. Feel good? If I were him, I'd be like what is this a hassle? Something you're not like here, I? Why are you sent me to the war zone, but if this incomes undone, it may be because of my pants he's working overtime, you're saying in a good way, in a good way. Yeah I hear he's a very calm.
Balanced guy in a crazy world and skies, and that is actually it's interesting to see what happens with current and abandon because hence is gone because pensive fairly is not a two pronged words of three from war and then some really interesting things happening behind the scenes. We get into that political talk. When we come back back programmes. The Glenn that programme suited Donald Trump has made millennials more politically active. Than ever before they say twenty two twenty election, twenty twenty gonna be, save one way or another, because the millennials
activated and they don't like what's happening in January, and we believe that they were. If they were aggravated last time, he would have lost the oriental. They voted for him like they voted for a bomb I've trumpet of law that they it depends on who the person is running right. I mean you, don't really know if they go marxist if they go Bernie Sanders that might catch Iron and actually win rumours are gone. Andrew Cuomo, maybe you better start from New York. What is I mean? Please, every one hundred km of the over every screaming for Andrew Cuomo? Here's they'll problem with America. Yesterday This is our audience. This is our audience. Yesterday, Glenn backed out come about six thou. Then people took this pole while we were on the air yesterday and it was the tax Quizzer gave it to you yesterday. The average score the average score was fifty five percent, That means that those questions were pretty simple. I lean on,
however, were there are some challenges and were. There was eighty percent Edwards. For seven percent of their understand, not fifty five percent. If we take it up desire to see if you can get a couple of hundred ok, I mean that's, that's incredible to me. We don't know our own history about. You know things basic income tax, by the way, how charitable do feel today, I'm Chris, See that's why I for an extension to draw the pain out even longer it is on a drag it out and just let a needle you and let them get add ons and fees very much do that every year, due to many there's a couple years. I've made it on time it usually something is always going on. That's absolutely insane. We in the beginning of the year and now and I can never get to it so yet again, another extension. I've had a lot of crazy thing hasn't he never goes back and files as taxes be files for these two
then there's never does. I heard you gotta call from someone in your office is that I hadn't pay taxes in ten years I gotta get now is out there and you should answer for it. I just it, but that's a different story. We know you're talkin about pants. You know I have confidence in in my pants yeah me I mean gives me, do you know that makes me question, might panzas the sometimes the blind following of Donald Trump on things like get off the capitalist system, Thank you working I'll, be ok. What are the fears that something like the fruit of a free market for a long time, we're losing yeah because losing its we wait, a minute actually were the most powerful country. Can I suggest this is part of his gig as vice president right I mean you know you excuse that at zero level you know Sarah Palin was no. We gave a lot of things egg. Her Mccain disagreed on alarm use. It really liked Governor the wondering
India has said it really did pretty well so yeah now who's oppose the most popular governor in America. Ok, so yet this is incredible. Actually many of the top ten number ten Gary Herbert from Utah Sixty four percent over ten percent, while tied with number not like Gary, but don't necessarily like is policy. I don't know much about it, but I, like him, he's a nice guy is for governors tied at sixty four percent, Gary Arbour, Gregg Abbot here in Texas, Greg Abbot is only sixty four percent, pretty good Gregg evidence should lose their number one hundred and America for top ten, that's pretty good! That's that's! That's tat is an insult to Gregg Hennessy Bill Haslemere, Nevadas Brian Sensible of sixty four percent in six play. Arkansas ISA Hutchinson at sixty seven percent, which so far
Aren't all of these. All of these guys are republican or they will follow you. How book is the fifth place, South Dakota, Dennis Door Guard? Another look here said nobody also tide of sixty eight percent Vermont fills Scott also a Republican in Vermont in interesting number. Three, The court has dug Bergen at sixty nine. Percent are also a Ribeiro Publican number two Marilyn's, Larry Hogan can't be a Republican, all yell, a republic. It is you gotta, be kidding seven tons of eighty percent approval Marital when Ireland for a Republican. Why has he done why pack with the devil, has emails. Amazed, that's incredible! Around parliament. Governor would indeed have actually represent approval in Maryland and nine points higher than Gregg Outgoing rang out a crazy, I'm telling you, America,
Greg abbot is the greatest peace hurrying. I vote for him in twenty twenty, I vote for it. He is running and twentys warning now he's diagnosed a Republican here likely museum resident for President he's remarkable is he's remarkable. You could remark upon him. Yes, yes, and encourages it have the ability to remove its historic. It happened in history number one governor of approval rating in America. To choose: Charlie Baker. Seventy five percent- Holy Congress, a rebuttal, my gosh all tat, the role of the whole top ten, as are all Republicans number one To a number for Massachusetts, its Maryland and Vermont, Republicans disk I mean look, they might have these conservatives you might want, and by what this number eleven is Nathan Deal from Georgia. Where do you have to go to the first democrat number, twelve noon
Andrew Cuomo at sixty two percent, which is, I wonder why that, but who I just fits New York? I mean you know yet I am obviously in a you. Ve got the history there with his father, everybody screamin. If I could just get another New York liberal to choose from right. I had Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Now you get Donald Trump and the governor of New York. I now that's for me. I'm adobe. We only allow people from New York to run for president, namely that is an internal constitutional amendment the top of the bottom. This is kind of Pressing away, when was this taken, very recently last week. It was released Is the governor of Alabama, alas, what I bet not, I bet
even with that scandal, I bet he's approval ratings scandals, but don't on a long term you doesn't thirteen or started a long time, whereas the robber Bentleys, who you're for two years a forty four percent of rule rating, it does not terrible if not terrible he's had, is a part The gene written By his mistress, she, like his chief of staff or whatever so does either form, She was a lot of it ass it to have. You wanted a lot of stuff for me, so she he's actually and forty first place. I'm out of thirty, and I love it is forty nine governors in Nepal, because Nicky Hayley had just left so there's no South Carolina pull out What does we are addressing a who would be the top in either the other can off? The air was gone. Scott Walker was guest, he's actually fortieth, so is only one.
Slot away. I had of Alabama robber memory. Wow! Look it's interesting, though you do know this range. That now does it he's at forty six, which is not terrible, whose blue state, Scott Walker, he's going to dance economy around here made. How is how does he have an approval, reading so low? So forty, four I'll bet he's robbery. Only mitya foiled zoo is New Mexico, Susanna Martinez, another one is talked about for VP roles of Alaska bill. Walker at forty three percent is also forty third place. I think I ll ask it's gotta be hard because everybody else is like theirs. Called they don't even know. No, they didn't want. You know I mean what a lack of any government right alas, are like I want to kill a bear with my bare hands and my boys tease you gonna use? You'd always accidents are like EU taxes are like the northern California goes. Every people lives up in Alaska, be accept. People were like one
I want to prove to myself every day the normal Sarah pale and had I really high approval rating when she genuinely disputing wolves from L a carpenter. Maybe that's the secret Illinois Bruce Round or forty two percent then. This would surprise me actually Oklahoma Mary fallen at forty one percent. She sold out on a couple of big things. Yeah the Tata, who was one of a kind was available around on their own right. At least we have nobody believed area so she's in forty fit that of forty nine forty six play Michigan Rick Snyder at forty percent. Now he had the thing going on in that we got the blame for that would hurt, however, you'll trump one Michigan, and they republican governor. He stood at only a forty percent pillory at how do you blew it cities, water thing on the governor. I think you know I had to see if you can After two years, you can't put the water output:
is? Water you use water to put fire echoed window, water is on fire and he's got a fix that some water was led and it's just gotta fix. It kind of was the little scary also so that we come off a cliff because we ve gone through the first forty six governors and we're still above forty percent. Now we fall ethical. If there are no governors in the thirty percent approval rich none, so you go down.
Twenty nine percent, is that acts of ruler and the governor of Alabama is not there now easy. He he's way ahead. Twenty percent who's got the Connecticut Dan Malloy nine years that it's hard to blame, Connecticut on anything other than a hundred years of nasty democratic corruption right, but they have, they got their guy right. Emmy Malloy is that guy, I know, and they should be thrilled with that, because it has a resident of Connecticut for most of my life. I realise that this is what they want with their state. Is this is it this is what they choose every time I remember now, but they think that it's gonna end differently. Every time. That's the thing you talk to them in your like no neighbour.
It doesn't work out and remember. You have done this for the last forty years and its why we're paying taxes, so I and bridge port is turning into North Korea. I mean there's a problem here, change the way you vote and there like noticed this guy now, you're sorry that Germany, France, are gonna, be Correia. They deserve it, Second, to last place. Yes, Kansas, SAM Brown, back. Twenty seven At present that was interesting. I house happen to SAM Brown behind we thought we are actually AIDS and the second on the sun on patent studio today and it's like there's that it doesn't seem to be a real rearrange, their doesn't seem to be, there's been some, he lower taxes and they ve had some issues like you know, but we I heard that he lower taxes and then didn't cut spending, so only too
half of the formula, and there is an issue there. There's we learnt from violent ve got to cut first, but he was important. The popular guy at one point of senator from there, and that's fallen off the rails there, and it was one of the reasons why they think the most recent the replace them for my part, peo. The congressional race was much closer than it was The presidential race is was seven points he won by the Republican within our district. Was heavily favourable hobbled drivel, eight. Seventy seven back. When the story it is just broken and nobody is updated it yet the Facebook serial killer, the Facebook killer, Is dead self inflicted gunshot wounds, apparently they found him an eerie Pennsylvania. Yes,
and they cornered many shot himself also he did not kill. Facebook, therefore, is not their facebook killer. He's action. Just a murderer and the video was posted there, which has nothing to do with Facebook. Just started pointed out for the fire hundred fifty two time: european surveillance lust. Two hours from Cleveland. Yes go the other reports, he was even further away about tat. In theory- and I am now thank God, because he was obviously and active, danger. To every one he was near, and so that is over, thank God Anchor Any idea- and we don't have anything yet others I have seen Stevens man- impose the Facebook video to Facebook showing and fatally shooting an elderly man in Cleveland was found dead on Tuesday. The self inflicted gunshot were near at hand, Slovenia Stevens
reportedly driving a white Ford. Fusion was found dead inside the car Tuesday morning after state troopers follow the car. Stevens was on the run since Sunday thought to have been spotted as far away is Philadelphia on Monday, so there you go Philadelphia Glenn happens to be just across the river the least popular governor, no in the way of America, haven't way number forty, nine. Forty nine of forty nine is Chris Christie, my guy massive failure. Twenty five percent proliferating. Seventy one percent disapprove. While how did those at all trump now Actually he had really tanks and nothing more than a great thing problem. Educating, I would say, is the biggest part of that, because he obviously Diana was tied into that he's battered MR climate change,
yeah well in that, but the in New Jersey. They didn't want to get hurt him that much the issue with him was the bridge gate. Things started it and he had. He had already fallen from his heights. At that point, the bridge gate thing made it worse than he was oh desperate knowing His career was essentially over in New Jersey heat. That's when it why he ran for president. A lot of people argue of course, it's also. Why Christie, who is the guy think would be, would not be the one immediately tongue tied to Trump was one of the first people to endorse and because he kind of thought saw it as is only way out of what the listen, he was in Trump wins and still gets his a giant so that is not for him, but the twenty five percent less place for a curse, Christy, he's not coming back. I won't be shocked to see him get some role. He did have some transition roles with the trumpet ministration would be shocked to see him get something you know at some point. And he was very, very loyal to tramp in itself. In the toughest of moments of Roman
look at the policies of the top ten there Republican, but let's see how conservative they really are, let's see what's making them so popular in each of those states. And see if there's a thread, a conservative, a real conservative thread that ties them altogether. I mean the reason why the Texas government is so popular. Is it only meets every other year they still there and only for a few months, they're, never in session. So he's like I'm good with that who again? What do they do? They programme
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