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Susan Rice under fire "I leaked nothing to nobody" ...Media under hands her softballs ..."Proof positive that the media is in on the game" ...North Korean defector says the 'world should be ready' ...Alec Baldwin's new book?...From the John Kerry audio vault? ...Conspiracy Hero to the Left, tells us what Trump will do to maintain control? ...Maniac Alex Jones flies off the handle once again The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio Facebook: Glenn BeckTwitter: @glennbeck

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This is the police radio on demand, and welcomes Glinda programme. Cnbc has asked Facebook fans. Do you agree with ISIS?
New York, small, instructs kids to defend Hitler's genocide against Jews, like that harbouring bread, students have started their new resistance. School so looks like everything is going really well and we haven't even begun to talk about politics. We begin with Susan Rice and the media right now. You should of entertainment and didn't lighten the gleam welcome to the global programme. I want to start with
Susan, Rice, here's what Susan said. I lead to nothing to know by now aside from the double negative, former Obama National Security Visor Susan Rice employees. There leaking nothing to nobody, Obviously that means that you leaked something to everybody I digress. Susan Rice, who once claim that deserve the deserted bow. Bergdorf served with honour and distinction is now vehemently denying any wrong doing in this scandal of unmask and leaking the names of trump officials which we will get back to here. In a second, There is the on masking, and then there is the quote: what the media is calling leaking the names it is a red herring because the meat is lazy, again respected collar.
Best Eli Lake, citing anonymous you as officials familiar with the matter end quote reported Monday that the National Security adviser requested the identities of? U S, persons in the raw intelligence reports on dozens of occasions that connect HU, the Donald Trump transition and campaign, She went on a media to yesterday to wear. It could be surrounded by friends, who would let her go on the record without pushing her on any tough questions here she is with Andrea Mitchell, Perceval Andrea to talk about the contents of a classified report to talk the individuals on the foreign side, who were the targets of the port itself or any Americans who may have been collect, upon, incidentally, is today was classified information. I'm not going to do that and those people, who are putting these stories out doing just that? Ok, so, let's boilers down
pretty clear the implication from her various statements on the scandal that she has given is in the normal process of the national security business. She indeed did ask the an essay for the names of certain Americans were involved with President Trump. The claim? Is she did leak those names. Well, you don't have to when you unmask them, it goes out. To the mass everybody who is on the list, everyone in government who got that gets the update. If the unmasked names, She also says she didn't seek them for political purposes. Listen carefully! That process and within the context of the trunk campaign, the tramp transition to you seek the names of people involved in to unmask the names of people involved in the trunk transition. The term campaign people surrounding the press that the President Elect
let me begin order to spy on them in absolutely supposed, absolutely not for any political purposes to spy expose anything but Jimmy Unique, the name of MIKE Flynn. I lead to nothing to nobody leaked nothing to nobody again will come back to that with grammar pad. Now, maybe maybe can be forgiven. Doubting the veracity of a woman who looked at in the eye, flat out, lied to us as the ambassador to the EU when in two thousand and twelve, stone the best information we have to date? What are Chessman is, as of the present, is in fact what it began. Antonia, especially in Benghazi, as a reaction to what it transpired some hours earlier in Cairo, where course, as you know, There was a violent protest outside of our embassy that sparked by this hateful video. Ok, so here
problem. She knew she was lying. Then Obama knew she was lying. Then, here we Clinton knew she was lying, then it contained the press, knew she was lying, then media, you wonder why Donald Trump became president of the United States, This is your example. You're doing it again. For anybody who thought passed. Sibley You would have a backbone that you have learned something that you ve become enlightened you're. Doing it again, You are taking a story and you are picking the winner you're picking the one you choose to believe she has no credibility. Was she following orders. Last time, perhaps is she following orders this time, perhaps
it's your job, to set this story and to show where the truth is and how its all being lumped together to make it a p. As though she's telling the truth, this is the problem with so much dishonesty in the government Credibility of those we have elected to serve us is completely shot and so what do we do? We like somebody like Donald Trump, not because the credibility of the people in the government, but because, he told us the truth and this is the truth. You can't believe if the media they are on the game and this Susan Rice story is proof positive. Now, let's go to, let's go to Pat,
he's going to take us to the growing is a little bit yeah. I lead to nothing to. Nobody just show me how I lead to nothing to nobody works here, power it well. First of all, this is obvious navigation, Pat earthy, chalkboard teaching negation, although she used a double negative, which of course leads to it. Positive statement, as you know, two negative numbers multiplied together. Makes it a positive. So if you like nothing too, nobody that does mean that you linked something too. Every body It was a true state or we know that it was a true statement. She obviously leaks something to everybody.
She was trying to sanction in league anything. Then you have to use the mega auxiliary it didn't leak? Anything pronoun anything or you could have to the negative article. Have not really anything. To nobody to any. Anyone can you see, can you say have not leaked nothin to nobody. If it was a triple negative should be a few say, I have not led to any one anything to anyone. Why isn't that a double positive which would lie? to a double negative because you have used the negative particle, not which obviously means
you haven't and also, if you multiply to positive together, you don't get a negative riot of positive. We know math is right. Have you checked with common correlate little fake math, fake news? It's all real! Thank you tat. We, regime that clearings for any one of you want to know exactly by the way anybody who is making fun of Donald Trump in the media and how he speaks right. Is anybody going over this? Is anybody saying Hey Susan rights? I didn't leak. Nothing to nobody is. Probably not something at a level I didn't leave nothing to. Nobody would have been ok because it's a trivial negative. However, she said I leaked none. I don't know about making it a negative and you are right and I'm sorry or actually correct- actually did we get so yes, but she didn't like it and here's how they're getting away with it may may I erased. May I raise your work, Mr Brok, border. Ok,
So can anybody tell me what Why is a means? for an intelligence security act, foreign intelligence security. That's act is it is an act, that's a man. So what does it do was therefore an intelligence service, surveillance, sorry, surveillance but he had no one. It does well in Theirs or an intelligence that serve veiled. Would this act that, That's all you need to know. That's all you need to know. They are surveillance, foreign intelligence, Now why our names masked adviser, so everything. We're talking about here goes to a Pfizer court, their mass, because If americans are caught up in it, they don't or to suck Americans? into something that their great, not Gill, nets.
Oh back a bit Does the fires of court work? What is the Pfizer Court House it supposed to work? Fine it was developed? because we found out in the seventies that the CIA was starting to spy on things, and we wanted to make sure that the CIA and the FBI and everybody was in their proper rules but we we saw that the CIA was starting to use surveillance in or in countries, and we were afraid we were gonna use them here in Amerika, and so they put this Wall Lamb, and this, the point of the fire a court we build a wall So no one could know see, I know, and I say, could ever cross in the United States and so on. The sea. I usually goes for the CIA to spy on Americans correct this all
comes from the Nixon era and all this stuff was started in your certain spy and Americans, so the fire, a court was designed and the FISA Court You was the CIA. You to come to a final accordant, say: hey We have a foreign intelligence that AIDS, TB, Sir railed we need to listen to their phone calls great listen to them. Phone calls and we're listen to their phone calls as they're coming in to the United States. They are here in the United States and we need to listen to them. Well, wait a minute, if they're here in the United States are gonna, be talking to Americans. Yes, but we'll do is when we issue the report we were black out their name, and we will put you s. Citizen number, one.
And so when the fires occur. When this Pfizer report came to Susan Susan rises desk, it said Here's the you know that the russian operative Igor Mole, allow ski whatever his name is to U S. Citizen number one How do you one mask that go to the USA or the CIA, and you say It can. I know who I need to know who this? U S, citizen. So how do you know who to go to CIA an essay? How do you know who to go to No, are you teaching us? I asked, I guess I'd ask you too, you know it's not ok, so whoever you boys to Lord, I will ever issued this report right now. The only people that have the key to unmask are the people, on that issue. The report so you go to the let's say the NSA and you say guys:
I see you a citizen number one, Think I know who this is- and there is something else going on that: you're, not privy to everything's compartmentalized, I need to see you as citizen number one unmask! U S! Citizen number one! So I know their name because I think they are connected in this other thing that we have going on over. Here we have to me sure it's the same person now. When they unmask it who gets the unmasked report. Person who asked for it. I would that's what I would think nope So when their say did you leak anything she didn't have to those reports. Go out to all of the like twenty people. Those reports go out. Every and they have on mask if they are, if they are unmask, they go up mast. Then, if somebody asked for them to be unmasked their reissued and they go out to everyone, we
the on masking Social didn't have to like it she gave it to twenty two, a hundred different people and someone there. Someone there leaked it. So she said the process right right, so the questions, and they should be at once. The blame, though, on the inner say, because they're the ones who decide whether the nasty unmask or not so she's trays, eight right so play this out path. That's she's, exactly right, they do play Susan Rice I'll play the USA, hello, an essay to know who citizen number one is wiser for whistle gotta called, while I hope you feel better Susan. I use sound really bad. You sound like that. Yeah, don't feel good right now, so I think I am a radio. What's his name man, nobody knows outcomes only lady, so citizen. I can't I can't. I can't just give you the name of that person you
aid to now I've got I've got another investigation going on another investigation. I tell me a little bit about. I don't need to know about the investigation, but can you give me a reason why you think that this name is important in clouds. It involves a Trump campaign in and make something on the russian campaign and the Russians. Ok, do you have something else going on vs? Ok, so you do need it. I do need yes, ok, good. You know just call them and say I need a name on mast. That both our mask as I wall, it is incumbent upon the the agency that, issued the report to then say: why do you need it? as national security adviser as the head of the President's national security. She has more clout than anyone else, but it is her case.
She cannot blame anyone else for saying, while they just released it. No, they release did to you because you are the President's national security adviser. You are the top of the pyramid, and you made the case if you say I have another case that you are not aware of They will unmask it because you're, the top of the pyramid, the only one higher, is the president a based on her into Is she the kind of walks this line that he or she does yeah. I did unmask something, but it wasn't for political purposes, and I wasn't going southern question should be then what were you working on re? Ask for it to be unmasked, which is usually s castle. The area classified correct, correct. She will so then. The next question is. So was that name the name.
Connected with something else: national security. We we have an Americans, you haven't Americans wife at stake here, their whole reason before the fire wall. You just destroyed their life. I think you responsibility to repair it and speak frankly, your listening yearning to back Glenn Back Programme, the Glen Back Programme, mercury. Your listening to the Glen VAT Programme so lead. The two men, I'm I'm so. I am so disheartened by the press on this. So disheartened by the press, except This kind of what you expect, though I mean this, is what they do right. Just a second, I cannot go on
because I know this is for radio, but Jeff he's gotta big alarm of glaze on his forty calories of icing on his free, but forty lucky to have forty. Somebody has brought his doughnuts from the doktor then show one delicious delays, ok, so anyway, but doesn't but they do. I mean it's. It's like the guy go commercials given what they do. I know but wait a minute. This is what this is. This is what they said that their honestly searching for and they're not You been bathers God of years on somebody to wake up. On the other side, the mainstream media so tell me what I wanted to tell me about marketplace yesterday, he's great more about he's not in the media
What I mean is that members in Hollywood only bear the kind of keep trying to break a blame. This isn't my story on the bright, far crowd. I heard that allowed on CNN today. So it's like a burglar need here and that do I like from Bloomberg, is not the bright bark cloud our products used me These are major news stories that resources that did reporters. So this is not some crazy conspiracy is actually looks like promptly. Maybe man saw away, let's go, our separate is british, so there next year were listening to the Glen background, carry. The claim that programme on its Susan Rice story and the Russia story, and what the media is not telling you, because they are only in for the quick kit and honestly. I think they are only in it for the ratings nobody's in it for the truth. Now, please, and it because there are actually intellectually curious nobody's.
Because they have any intellectual honesty. They are. It for their ratings and I fi I defy any media, go brain on baby bring it on Show me how this is wrong. You won't show it to your audience, and so what's happening is the amount can people are can stories together because there picking sides, because they know the media will not tell the truth. And so it's am I for Trump, which people, many people do not want to be, for they don't feel comfortable b, in his world of half facts and mostly untruths, but they think, just as bad and their sick of it, so then rather live in that world, which is pretty cartoonish because they're, like yeah, he's a cartoon. Nobody pays attention to. Instead,
and all of you trying to convince everybody you're, not a cartoon. You convince people that you're not a cartoon media. Here is exactly what you do. You show that it's not one story there are three branches to this story and there are very clear: the first branch is right sure tampered with the election. The second branches Obama, spied on Trump, the third branches Trump advocates are tied to Putin and Russia. Those three separate stories and everybody is conflicting them as one. What is it? The media is allowing because it serves their purposes. As well. There are saying, talking about the tree of Russia know we're not we're not talking about the tree of Russia.
We are talking about the true. The tree of whose what is the truth of these three stories? First, Russia, tampered with the election results. A smoke there, and there is some fire there, We know they have employed trolls. We know they have troll farms. We know that they have done this to other countries. So yes, most likely there doing it to us. We have, their own statements from the people around Putin that, yes, they engage in those kinds of things, We also have wiki leaks is that a a aren't, I know, but it's a Strong tie now, the question on this. One: did it affect the election, and this is where it becomes political the answer to that is no it didn't. Lou the election for Hilary
Clinton, HALO, Clinton loss the election. My got. My dead dog could have one against Hillary Clinton because it wasn't That was just she was running with her running mate lead less credibility. Then than any. What then Hillary Clinton ad and who is a running mate? You the media, why because you allowed people like Susan Rice to get away? the lie that she knew she was telling on Benghazi. Why? he's told us, there's nothing to Benghazi. Oh yeah there's a lot to Benghazi, theirs Like two Benghazi, revolves around Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton and I go Burma and in a election, that come out before the election would, if my gosh. It's almost like what we're looking for
on the first branch of this tree of truth? Did it fact: the election. Yes and so they colluded and you excused so it was, in effect, the election of two thousand twelve same exact, damn story, not surprisingly with the same people involved, the media vote, White House. And Susan Right, Susan Rice, next branch, the next day and she is Obama spied on Trump. No, he didn't. He didn't spy on Trump wiretapped trumped or no there's no evidence that he wiretapped Trump Tower they have recordings of Flynn, yes, because that goes
The third branch which will get to hear in a second did They have a surveillance going on with tat steam yes, but not he was just spying on Donald Trump for political purposes. Now. Here's where it gets muddy, Susan Rice the unmasked, the names of the Trump people. Now, why? she do that not to effect an election, because election was already over? Why would she do that. Here's an explanation that Susan Rice could give that I would appreciate, and I would even say, she's gotta pay for the price of this, but I applaud her for doing it. Susan Rice could say I release those and unmask those names, because I knew as soon as the Trump administration would come in. They would straw that evidence they were?
colluding or involved and had ties to Russia. And I would needed people to know that they had ties to Russia. So, yes, I am ass the names, the time to do. That was three weeks ago, I was trying to do that is when you did it actually, Instead, you lied about it, you First, you had nothing to do with it now. Suddenly, yes, I did on mascot, but I didn't leak. We you're lying again. Because you know there is no leak, it doesn't matter once you unmasked them. The names are out the third story is that from advocates tied to Putin and Russia. To places where there is real smoke. Is Russia tampered with the election, and it has. A thing to do with Donald Trump
It has nothing to do with with Hillary Clinton is not republican or Democrat that we have to answer and we already know the answer. The answer is yes, we have to sir. So we can stop it from happening in the future, but that's it a story that anybody cares about? Why? Because they're not intellectually curious about anything that actually saves the republic. Anything It adds credibility to our institutions what they care about. Is tearing down the credibility of whoever it is their against, and that goes on. Both sides. Obama spied on Trump; no! No, but now We have to find out about Susan Rice, but the media will not pursue it because they are not intellectually honest, so to strikes.
Two strikes against the republic because of intellectual dishonesty and laziness there, One is Trump advocates tied to Putin's Russia ballads, absolutely true. We know that one as much as we know the first one they take with the election and it didn't affect the out but we know that we also know Trump advocates are tied to Putin in Russia, and how do we know one we have hoardings of Flynn too, man afford. We have ukrainian officials and documents that showed that man afford was paid. Twelve million dollars what I was at a year and it was never reported he ever claimed it same thing with Flynn he was paid. He now proclaimed it. Why so we know that they are tied directly to Russia and they both tried to hide it.
Now? Did they tamper with the election? Is this tied to the first one? Well because We can't believe man afford or Flynn on this. You ain't, got a dowel, take them and say: well, I don't know if I believe, your story, which is exactly the same thing, but the media, if they were honest, would be saying about Susan Rice, because you lied to me the first time. I'm uh fool to believe you. The second time. Poor man afford and Flynn. You lied to us the first time I no longer take your word to mean anything So, yes, there is a chance. You were involved in shuttling information, but I have no evidence of that at this point, but we need look into it. Did they tamper with the election well Roger stone and wiki leaks. He is said their close. We Wikileaks and Russia. We know that their close,
Do we have any evidence, no so what we have first story, sure, tampered with election Noah, bet on the final vote, but we need to look into how they did it, why they did it. So we can shore up the institution of our vote. Two Obama spied on Trump, No, he didn't they were looking in Trump advocates and they were looking for it in Russia, tamper with the election, the only story. There is Susan Rice, Why did she unmask the names Why did she do that? this to me is a more of a story about the Pfizer Courts and more story about the Patriot ACT than anything else. You are now wedding political operatives. Unmask explained. Susan Rice, but she won't because the press, what pusher and the third one is Trump Abbot. Are tied to Putin in Russia. That is absolute.
It's on fire, there's no smoke there. That's on! That's that's a that's it! Ten alarm fire. We know that to be true the depth of it. We don't know three stories, not one three but the media won't tell you that, because The media only wants to discredit Trump and Trump. He wants to discredit the media, when in reality there doing a fine job, both sides, her own. This is the glad that programme carry. Program. Welcome to the programme stu, I would like to take umbrage with the part of what I want. I laid out on the tree of true here, well, sort of I mean I just think it's important to point out that the
nothing you said is based on the information we have now curves multiple investigations going on, and we may very well find out that one of these one of them branches on your little tree are wine. If there's a significant new information we find out in this investigation that that changes these assumptions. But that is where we are right now. In writing. I would give you, for instance, run tampered with the election, there's stuff that we're gonna find out on that that, I think, will tie Wiki leaks to Russia. I mean, if you really wanted to do an investigation. Let's really do an investigation. What Trump is doing he's doing it or what Putin is doing he's doing all over the world peace. Hampering with elections all over the world Trump Advocates, I d, russian and food there there's more to come on. That's what I'm saying is I'm a spied on Trump. That is, something let's be honest- that I think Donald Trump does blurted out and now
retroactively trying to make things fit, but it's hard because don't believe that Barack Obama said I want to use some black up and go and spy on the Trump campaign. What but they did most likely is. There is fire on the first branch, Russia's tampering with the election fire on the second branch. These guys are tied. The Putin. Get the USA get all those guys to legitimately do a search and brief us on it, and then, if if we want to or if we can, there's no evidence at this point that they use. That during the election, The Susan rice stuff came out just before he was inaugurated yet and that's that couple things I've seen people who are on the right are getting in trouble with and in Facebook battles in such of your in one of these watch these two areas one.
Is exactly that all will. Susan Rice was trying to turn over the election. Will this happen after he was elected in about a week before he was inaugurated right, so it has anything to do with whether Trump was gonna get elected or not there the case seems to be from the people on the left, who are defined. Susan rice is she. The two, as you kind of pointed out, hold this information, because they thought Trump would destroy it, and I have no proof I mean I know wrong with that. It still wrong and she should still go to jail. She's be held accountable, but at least it would be a righteous. Jailing. It's like, I feel it Snowden if no motive stood, come and face the music and said, look go to jail, fine to go to jail. I wanted this information out there. I don't have a hard time saying he's a hero, yeah Susan Rice. You need to admit it. If that's what who did? Then you know what you're a patriot for laying down in saying I was afraid this was in I'm not agreeing with it, I'm not things what you should do I've just
at least that was an attempt her in her mind at a patriotic duty trying to protect the republic, because I think the present is going to lose all this information, that's all there is. I wish the media would explore this ass. They back programme. This is the police radio on demand. Is anybody in the press gonna take on Non Chomsky, predicting He's gonna stay the terror attacks to bolster support degrees showed
yeah. I wish you and I think we will soon as we get past this huge revelation. That tat was Police done by. I cannot believe he was stunned by this very Manilow is officially gay. I had actually said seriously I know you're gonna, pull the plug on rear, never said until the right easily he's never confirm that is, we confirm our suspicions by park? So why didn't you this? Is this to me? This was the story. Got agreements like, of course use gay really do is get no. No, we carry on I was in every report dated a female. I think it was saying about females non stop this does do. Why did he stay in the closet for so long here? He is
Shocking surprising answer begins right now. The fusion of entertainment and didn't lightened, and this is the Glenn Beck program the programmes of letter here You have to, I wasn't gonna maintenance on the air, but TAT was stunned by it. And just gave me the response. Couldn't I don't know if it was? I wasn't flabbergasted, but a smile surprised, Mile, Listen Roy, while the c I a he's, never said, he's never Ok, so now, let's think about, why would bury Manilow? Never so he says it me article
Don't read the article was this: let's just noodle it here. First, just why, when we read the article we have about areas because you can noodle this one through. This is why I was not surprised. Bury Manilow was gay. Why, you never heard his career correct. He's writing sense would be disappointed and thought we'd all the who worries fans when I growing up of the the joke was, it was only fat, lonely, chicks, right like very Manilow, and then it was me too the gay liked very man alone. It was like I yeah you're fat lonely chick and that and that's who they said that you know spoke just as good as a remedy right, but that put so if you, appealing to women and your singing love, songs, lonely, love songs to women, how a man by man for three letters or man,
it was very low rates of indicators and have no idea was married for a couple years to a feeble honey was married to remain the woman. It was practically a girl. I think they were married right out of high school. Was this high school sweetheart? fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, but ok steward tell tale signs. We see, maybe not gay right, right along? What is your evidence that he was your enemies, azeri mayonnaise Zachary men, which is not? What is that your eminence was not what we are doing here is you think you can tell by looking at him. Air supply doesn't know, happy songs, they're, not gay right. You know, air supply, never paid to reserve earlier air supply. I don't know I don't.
You're, not everyone who seek to be either, not that I had a problem with it. He was just like we had more than I may ones Nanda really at the woman. He was always alone is not normal for somebody to be alone, their whole life. It's just not normal. It's interesting that is essentially true, he's been with this guy for forty years, the forty years and din and got married this house having got married, got married, pointing to fourteen I mean how sad is that kept quiet? he's right, it is that is private and always insisted. I mean I think it is its encouraging. Neither are the fact that a heating and NGO through his personal life and get married and in no one you know he gets a challenge, as I think that a year, but to think that you had to keep something quiet, while you know that's, the debt depends like obviously, I'm sure there was a point in his life. He was with this person for forty years that that probably was its motivation however, maybe you know I don't want to deal with this road?
right. I maybe he just wanted this relationship to himself with his that's that's that encouraging from a celebrity I'd like to see a lot less of the relationships from celebrity there s a lot like it's a lot like and in an ape. Twenty nine This conversation, who, who is the power country couple that their liberal Mcgraw Van Retail, so Tanya said to me on Monday I was only half list and So I really have this wrong what she said. Something about fate, ill luck, king. You know dressed up the ball. She's on the sea amazes rigour, Maria and she was dressed in something in ten years. Time is for comment was due to see how she was dressed like no. Why can you show me pictures and you'll regret article, and she said she said, come on you're, your country, Europe country, are,
about, and so there are just there they're just going main stream we are no lefty I will not read kite free prizes in our nets. Ladders girl go out and I had to. I Didn'T- want genuine answer. My heels. Their high point by point is: I think that She gets more crap because she's going she's left where countries stars I find that country star and I don't really like the piano. The values of the centre of the country are more in line with the people on the beach in Hollywood, Saying that I made up my mind three star you're. You know, that's not a popular place to be she's but I can say in it. It's like being in Hollywood. And saying you're, a conservative
you know you're in Hollywood, Euro career are not saying it just be shut up in your mouth closed that's what people do and habits to conserve. Hollywood in hers and every ended sad just like very Manilow. It's sad that he had to Now, if he's a private person- and you didn't want to that's fine, but thought it would just destroys career any couldn't and two: I don't love you want is doing, but if you will, the two, it's sad it, Sir, somebody has to work in a Hollywood and have to keep their political point of view quiet. That's sad, that's part of who you are sad that if you work in Nashville you you're a lefty, it's sad this is the way it is I've been aims depends on what you know again. I don't think it's sad when I dont know their views largely because I don't care, and it's not why I got was that was part of the that's. That's humility, By that I mean I I like I do
I liked the person who says you know what we flew if we ve talked to them before? Will you come out here and Hollywood into an actor, and you say you know what I know. No one cares. What what I think- and you know- I'm not gonna berate you with my political opinions. I think that's apposite, right. I think it makes me like those people more whether their conservative or liberal I'd rather have them, just you know sure thing, and well they only because I can't see past you like. That would be the greatest actor in the world. I would be horrible screen, because you would not see past run me, and I always be me and not to be repetitive amid this point before, but it's like, I accept it more out of musicians where musician I, should we kind of am going to them for their view on the world in a weird way like get my just be relationships or it might be. I mean you too, has it clear political standpoint in there in their music, great particular their earlier stuff. That's like, while you're going part of that part of
why you are interested in them is because of I like news right exactly like they have. Then why are you writing regime? because they say interesting, things about stuff it's that affects the world part of that not with every artist, but part of that is why you go to them in a way, factors. That's not at all why you ever go to them. For instance, like muse because of their political views, but there it is all political if I started hearing Adele, who I also really like. If I started here Adele talk about politics? go into Adele for politics, I'm gonNA four relationship, and you know her music is all about that. I'm not going to you, for I want to hear you. Let it go you're you're when you go to a musician, your largely interested in their perspective. The world, if their writing songs. Like I don't know, if the person who saying you know call me baby, is necessarily getting Maybe there's obviously pop stars. There's some union really care, but even
still some perspective, whether its you know a female empowerment or you know how to eat of relationships or whatever it is there you're here look at their perspective where intelligent like lady Gaga monsieur. Some minor, very she's, very intelligent. I just do just it's her name's lady guy not to take seriously China but she's extraordinary, intelligent, very intelligent, highly trained yeah. She is she's, she's, really genius at what she does so I can accept it from her because I know she's a deep thinker. Necessarily lookin for deep thinking from most people in their Hollywood or the music, seeing it were What but you're never this is the important part is you're, never going to. U never wanted from Hollywood What you're getting from Hollywood you might get from a director. You might get it from a producer, an actor
Is you never want their political opinion because their political opinion actually gets in the way, then being a real person to you gets in the way of what they're doing through and That's it that's what the huge difference I mean any other young and when a guy sings love songs about women problem. Being gay gets in the way of that'll, oh yeah does not it's not that it was wrong for you didn't live it with. It, wouldn't have rung truly weird out. Yes, it is leaving only through Saint George, Michael and he admitted wrote songs about girls because he was afraid at the beginning and it was inner I lose and when he was not sincere and when he did come out it, as weird yeah It was weird to hear him sing songs about almost people suspected with him to even before
evidence was Lord George girls. George. My eye was their evidence. Tat way it both because it may be that citizens without looking Elton John Bernie TOP and wrote the lyrics and so be Oh really care would Elton is doing with his time off stage. I mean bringing turbans lyrics were so great Elton. John music was so great I didn't I wasn't looking to Elton John. Is some genius philosopher. Who was an elderly gentleman when another one whom who married a girl at one point so confusing its Complicated work is a complicated life is messy Pat, it is life businesses, and then you die so levels to happy story. That's it that's a happy ending ds or right. That's the beginning. Importance
because you do here would NBC sit. Lester Old said about North Korea. Jeffrey did cause Jiffy is like less and less reason, Lester Vociferous finest news day. So did you hear what he added north korean dictator on kinda, none not dictator defector. Sorry, oh yes and I was able to see the defector. Yes, what did the defect or say he said Kim Jong on his serious he's a visionary and he'll. Do it ill to heal, nuke us he will not believe nuclear weapons. I believe my talk to a guy who is very high up in the CIA, this recently less week and he said I said what we do and he said were, quite frankly out of options that he just left like mine or no last summer.
And he said I think, we're out of options Glenn. He said we all look at first strike us, I mean already set out our administration and they should be absolutely. We got somebody threatening us with Mps and nuclear weapons and saying that he's gonna launch against Hawaii. You got. Take that seriously and maybe eliminate that threat. So here's what was said on NBC with less rolled he's a desperate dick and the world should be ready. Yeah yeah, did. You hear the statements from the administration is, First Rex pillars and statement on North Korea after they launched most recent missile. This is the entire statement, Korea has launched yet another intermediate range ballistic missile. The United States has spoken enough about North Korea. We have no further comment. That's really scared and then this is a senior Whitehouse official told report Tuesday night in a briefing with reporters,
he clock has now run out. All options are on the table. We would get Trump said. If, if China doesn't take care of these guys and get him under control the boat, will we will gay? So here's may, I give you an ad forego buying. What does that mean? for your dollar dance Gary? What does that mean to the car May we may and and honestly I said in that meeting and I said what do we do in this looked at me and said: there's a stability? We do first strike and I said nukes he said I wouldn't recommend it. I don't think so. He said but I don't know he said there is talk now about using ethical nukes on North Korea, and shot him down. No, you wouldn't even have to use nuclear weapons to take out his nuclear weapons right,
to get in to get into the real hardened places you would I'm tactical move They borough themselves. Yeah I've got other, they got conventional weapons to do that, and now they have still They then have solid fuel to switch harder to detect these launch is, I mean, there's all sorts of different and we're going to talk about by the way Syria, who is in the middle of watching chemical weapons attacks on our own, I right now, which carry said: do you remember the tweet founded this morning? He tweeted The last eight percent of all the syrian chemical weapon, just knew where there are just used under people, feel that other guy, just a good job to the EU and in the United Nations- and I got a job well done by us right- You'Re- were listening to the Glen Bag programme. This is excellent backpack.
The best marketing move in call a history. So the invention of new Coke, that's I claim the the live for now moments. With the Kindle generous. Have you seen this ad. Now all else really nice, snow, its breath as it is the marketing move, the best marketing move since the invention of new coke and will give that guy up in a few minutes, we also have a moron What is the right word glad now we all round is exactly the right. We have more we have more on North Korea and more on the syrian gas canisters that John Kerry got rid of well dear. However correctly, this is what I said back in two thousand birds. Is there anything at this point?
but then he suddenly made do or offer doesn't stop and it has a bird. He could turn over every single, better, this chemical weapons to the international community. In the next week. Turn it off all of it every without delay and allow a fall in total accounting, Nobody is about to be earned. It can't be done, obviously well. Obviously, what does two thousand fourteen with respect to Syria we struck where we got a hundred percent of the chemical weapons out, put that nearby Pittsburgh,
And then they used some of those same weapon, the zero we got, but rather those where we are all do weapons. Somebody breathes bad breath, killed a lotta people. That's what happened. Air pollution, we work landing. Air pollution killed those people, global war, big global work. Well, that's what that's! What caused this Henry and conflict now actually do say! That's another! That's another Susan Rice deal that it was. It was begun by climate change. It is the madness, just in case you missed, it- is dead. Dozens dead, hundreds injured from this latest chemical attack that up with weapons that they already got rid of according John Kerry and brought about the one hundred percent under those Brazil Gub Gub fashion. Rapporteur, Es Gingerous cod with a story of those who have so you don't understand the plight of the syrian people and the drought that happen,
right before the on its right of drought or that a drop before and I'll, never only knowledge. This man cause drought that Magnus first, not in the Middle EAST. There was never a drought now, never not so there is a route, and while there is the seven years of drought and famine in Egypt spoken about by I will, but I'm sure gave us. However, that work will not like there's an idle oracles is ridiculous illegals. Does it is allocated everything in it even worry about that. So it was his bar poetry that everything else, the vital that's what it is really poetry, but more on North Korea. Yes, more and more, no! No! All these people. We have more things to tell you about North Korea and Syria and we're headed toward when we come back
Collierville Back programmes. We want to bring you in to absorb number two of our cereal on a man, I think is one of the greatest president's to ever live. He was was definitely the greatest president of the twentieth century Calvin Coolidge, The year is nineteen twenty, the United States, It was on the brink of becoming something radically different than its founding In fact, the transition was well under way. Thanks to the Racist Woodrow Wilson from seventeen. Ninety one,
the bill of rights was ratified until around one nineteen hundred the nation was a constitutional democratic republic. It was unparalleled in human history for the very first time ever, a nation had an actual balance of power between three branches of government so that no one man could undermine the law pretty that Americans cherished then came this tidal wave of progressive ISM of the law. If he very much similar to Marxism. All of the influences from Germany and the University of Berlin were starting to come in to the United States, and it all happened without a call to arms. The idea was that progress would come slowly but steadily until the principles championed by marks and anger. Became ingrained in society. This progressive idea- or, as I like to call it disease, actually started with the Republicans Theodore Roosevelt in this
He was a trusted fairly conservative Republican who had been poisoned. With this philosophy, as had european, influenced Woodrow Wilson, the aid it there's that Wilson served as president, whether Americans really knew it or not had brought the nation to the boy. Of crisis and fundamental change in the way Amerika was governed by nineteen What are you? The balance of power was really no longer there too Power- was in the hands of the president, a huge oppressive government, marxist economic principles and war accomplished much of what Wilson had set out to do so. The year, nineteen twenty the nation had a clear stark choice. Continue on this path. Press if path or return into the balance of power and constitutional principles. Now even progress Civism head had infiltrated both the democratic and republican parties. There
two men in the GEO P, who didn't appreciate the direction in which the country was headed, why it was a. U S. Senator his name was Warren G Harding and the other was the rising star in the Party from Massachusetts, the Governor Calvin Coolidge, who had just- Take it on the EIA and the power. Vice president of the eight avail, Samuel dampers and one. Father in historian, David cruiser sets the scene leading to the nineteen twenty g, o B national convention, taking a strong stand against organised labour. Even then will crush and ruin and and his political career. He writes back the gaubert that no one has any right to strike against the public safety any any place anywhere in these words resonate with the american public and cause a boom with a favorite son candidacy of his forehead
presidency. Coolidge didn't receive the nomination but the day, gets, refuse to let the elites keep him completely off the ticket he had now now made in nineteen twenty. But something very remarkable happens that convention it's supposedly a boss, run convention, but the delegates stampede and nominated him for the vice presidency, and when hardy guys in August eighteen, twenty three Calvin Coolidge was spent. Preparing for high? higher public office, without lusting after it of waiting for the american people orbit people Massachusetts to turn became when they are ready and he is ready. He becomes president of the United States, so nor Harding one the nomination and he in Coolidge one the general in the largest landslide in a contested election up until that time. In all of them, arrogant history, Harding Coolidge took,
just over sixty percent of the popular vote and swept a victory, with a forum for one twenty seven electoral votes over the democratic ticket. The nation had resoundingly rejected the further erosion of constitutional principles and the two men were thrust in office and they were about to face a massive crisis that they inherited from Wilson Administration, the United, said, lost over fifty three thousand men in world war? One and the economy was in ruins Amity slays explains what it was like for the veterans that Coolidge welcomed home to me Jesus as their governor, but imagine a governor of a state that has caused that's Massachusetts, though, The ship will come back with the men, the ship to go out with the men. The men who come back are missing one leg about one. Third of them have some kind of problem. Some have dire problems, and in this
Period there were no antibiotics, so if your leg was riding it continued you might have a riding leg? Your entire life in the only question would be. When is that leg amputated, so these men come back very angry and they come back World war, one very angry. We won, but it cost us a lot: debt, unprecedented debt for the United States and a lot of them. Our her and a lot of them don't have job the interaction Troops returning from the great war help solidify colleges anti. Or sentiments its Coolidge job as governor of the state reach even an actually to go out in a boat, Boston, Harbour and say: welcome the Massachusetts, dear troops, who are coming home and he thought they had and woods and might never recover totally, though, You know, anyone who saw world war, one of close woods grow stout by war forever and Coolidge did see it up close
in addition to the shock of returning troops, the nation was developing other serious problems, The inflation rate in nineteen nineteen was well over twenty percent. Then deflation kicked in prices drop by, eighteen per cent for retail and down thirty six point, eight wholesale more any single year during the great depression. In fact, the girl depression is in so great. This was a greater and a bird depression three million american troops return home for more and they were all looking for work and the unemployment rate skyrocketed too seven point. Seven percent is not just me saying that this worse. Many economists maintain that all the conditions existed for the nineteen twenty depression to be far far worse than the great depression that began in one. Twenty nine! The difference was Coolidge and Harding.
Policies of those two is what save the country first thing they did was cut spending from eight in point five billion to six. Point four billion. That was a sixty five percent cut in the federal budget. Can you met? sixty five percent in a year, just to remind you in today's. Environment, it has proven impossible to cut spending by one percent. The next fiscal year. Nineteen, twenty two they cut spending again to three point three billion. That's a fifty percent cut the next year, MAX they cut taxes to free up more money for Americans to spend and spark the economy. The highest tax rate was slashed from seventy three percent to twenty four percent and is mark the economy it did by,
one thousand twenty three unemployment plummeted from eleven point. Seven to two point: four: at times during the Wilson administration, unemployment neared twenty percent under Coolidge. The average rate was three point three, but what came first, let's remember the cutting of spending Harding and Vice President Coolidge had taken the nation from a deep depression the most prosperous decade in american history and was the result. Well, Harding and Vice President Coolidge had taken the nation from a deep, deep depression. The most prosperous decade in american history it called the roaring twenties. Now, you know the reason and with all tat he had done. His vice president dealt pollination out of the depression. It was a very different time in America is right. It says the vice president was actually in the Willard Hotel and one
a fire broke out the local hotel and it had to be evacuated when. Right was over Coolidge headed back inside, but She tried to stop him from returning to a sweet. You look through the officer and said I am the vice president. The Marshal ask vice prince? of what do which Coolidge said. The voice president of the United States, a hot summer of nineteen, twenty three President Harding decided to take a massive trip around the country to speak to people. Maybe he should introduce himself, he would travel. Fifteen thousand miles all around the nation, and the very first present into ever visit Alaska, but along the way, Harding fell ill and his doctors assume that he was just fatigue and had developed a virus and by Timing arrived in San Francisco, California. He was actually beginning to improve a little, but then on August. Second,
one thousand nine hundred and twenty three at seven hundred and thirty p dot M President Warren Harding resting in his. Suddenly slumped over from a heart attack and was gone. While Harding was travelling around the country Coolidge it dawned of her under visit his family and, unlike the homes that these President Stayin today, the Each family had no electricity, nor do they have any phone service. Thus, the light president of the United States, couldn't be reached. So a messenger was despatched out to the house, It was very late when he arrived so Coolidge had to be awakened. He dressed then he went downstairs to greet the throng of reporters and officials who had by now descended on the house to forty seven, a m in the morning by the light a kerosene lamp, stunned and humbled Calvin? ledge was sworn in as president of the United States of America,
He was sworn in by his father. Was a notary and a justice of the peace Calvin Coolidge. Was now the thirtieth president of the United States and at three the clock in the morning, his first active president was to promptly go back to bed. Next time a deep looked at the college residency and how this president supposed Woodrow Wilson. Felt about the glamour tomorrow when the Glen Back Programme in chapter three of our cereal and carbon Coolidge you'll, learn how Coolidge assumed the oval office listen life or online Glyn Baghdad, com, sliced Syria. I love our cereal. I love this serial killer. College is be forgotten. President, should be everybody's favorite of the twentieth century when you here tomorrow and the next day- and you realize who
this guy really was and that he shunned the power that was thrust upon it a big time? It's, it's almost on think well today, because nobody does this nobody's like that in when Harding died. He left Coolidge with all kinds of skin or pleaded did, did hard archives. Is Harding on the shaft here now because he was corrupt and boy bending by as you point, sixty five. Yes, I am we're doing that in the cool it yes on tax, but even that was Harding. Who was yes, it was his policy and obviously cool. Shared it, but it was. It was Harding's policy. However, Harding had he left Coolidge with some ridiculous Yes, he did and colors tomorrow is that, rather than on top of that article, What college rather made the convention thrust Coolidge of earnings that you're gonna erratic Galvin yeah? I will we like. You are ward, but the columns
what was probably because they sense that maybe calking was clean and heart, it was not Clean is an understatement, is really cool to this. He swore mean by a note, a republic inheritances, I'm Goin Justice, Father the note a republic How are you seven in the morning by by kerosene? Lamp is as great as we remember all the member others scandal about Barack Obama, not being worn it being sworn in twice and having these sworn in the air, no pictures this guy sworn in by his dad house, with no electricity, Lou let me shocking to if you haven't been listening to this, because we keep thrown this out there like he was the Twentyth centuries best President and for conservatives alive we women, Ronald Ray now this will run Reagan's. Hero gives first, what was Ronald Reagan favorite President, but secondly, I think we ve all come away from this.
Looking now only is as Coolidge as potentially the best present of the twentyth century, but maybe the best presently driver had no casual and in the reason for that regularly in them. An earlier, I think, is George Wash and that's incredible thing about that statement. I mean Abraham, Lincoln Lincoln because there are obviously were were times of turmoil that their country fell, or in both with Washington and and and obviously Lincoln as well. But you know in the current sense that that the it's hard to relate to this, a war Reno nearly all this is merely is going on. You know, but the eight oh it's hard to relate to that. This is like this is a guy cutting the budget, sixty five percent this year and then another fifty yeah he's coming common soon. Another fifty third year about forty percent, incredible audio of we will find out later cereals. How people enjoy coming meet with them and ask him for things.
Because he wasn't favourable to the word yes, now was not that we get cut one from our definite budget. Any more than we can cut one by one hears anything: here's where Ronald Reagan got it wrong. What did Calvin Coolidge. Do he spent two years cutting before he lowered taxes he cut too his words. Seventy seven percent he cut spending twice before taxes, the glad that programme mercury travel. Seventy seven back the glad that programme really amazing is conspiracy, theorists that around, for instance, non no George Chomsky predicting the Trump is gonna stage a terror tat to bolster his support. We should play that coming up. We will also Elizabeth Warren Ongoing
saying it's crazy to confirm him, because these investigations, we should wait until Trump is out of office to confirm anybody right while programme. This is the police radio on demand America and welcome to the global programme want to talk about this hour. We just got a narrow you dumb. We want to talk about enough. This group, half trump supporters. Now say they support a single payer healthcare system. Oh my gosh. I had gone to explode also.
Nome Chomsky, where is where is anybody saying that he's a wild conspiracy? There is now claiming the Trump is going to stage a terror attacks to bolster support. Will you Anyone take on NOME Chomsky now outside This programme are programmes on the right now. You absolutely won't hear that, and still has a story from Alec Baldwin that he swears is relative. I find it hard relevant relevance. Yeah find it hard to believe that
Baldwin, is relevant. We begin there right now, diffusion of entertainment and didn't mightn't policing. The Glen. Just so you know who norm Chomsky is no Chomsky is a guy that it's done. Document trees for PBS, always a hero of the left, hero of the left, bigtime thinker, he's communist he's a easy guy, of course, we're not gonna where it with nobody is going to take on NOME Chomsky, nobody Visa is a great guy. Don't we all love him now?
I would say, no music. Now, no one. There. And so nobody's it, and nobody will take him on we need to how they're, not calling him a conspiracy, theorist Here is the latest from NOME Chomsky. Sooner or later can you imagine a world of people understand he's not bringing back. He's not gonna recreate the year. Hardly illusory, partly real picture of what life was like in the past. Manufacturing jobs and better functioning society get ahead of time. Something it has to be done to maintain control the obvious technical scapegoat, so blame it on the emigrant son, Muslim was somebody, but that
so for the next step would be said an alleged terrorist attack, which is quite easy. So if I just absolutely unbelievable, say outrages things at a very quiet tone it leave now. Let me just say that he's right. He just doesn't necessarily have it right about this. President, like I didn't. Have it right about the last president. I said the same things about look you, play this out in your head. If the collapse, what happens well. The most logical thing from history would show that you need to control this this in this. Ok, that's that's what we did a fox, our facts were not wrong at Fox his facts here are: not necessarily wrong when things when things begin to collapse, What are they going to do here
happens to believe the worst of Donald Trump. I happen to believe the worst of Barack Obama, and so If you believe the worst yet, that's that could be, Does that historically is what happens, but can we have? that conversation? No, we can't we sort, they cannot. I don't I don't know. It's what historical happens in the United States of America on the United States. Its president's are not doing terrorist. Historically, we had not had a marxist revolutionary as president and we haven't had a crazy billionaire. This is over This is this: is the stuff of Alex Jones only Alex Jones is so far up. Donald trumps, rectal cavity,
that he has a brown bell. Interestingly enough, they both me those accusations against republican President right, which, what does that tell you about, is an interesting. Isn't that fascinating that hard core conservative? He is by the way we have to play his audio today. That's that's the highlight of my day. There will be new Alex Jones. Audio is the best thing and we still why we haven't talked about it in a Moroccan, our three. I have no idea the only things that way, so I dont unsure of we're saying the same thing pat or do you think we're agreeing with each other. What were the gnome Chomsky yeah? I think so, because I believe that you don't believe Trump would do something like that right. We're just going to say United as Oda balloon true every square mile, I dont think he'll kill you few. I really do. I believe that people
Steve Bannon, wouldn't take advantage. Ever I don't think anybody would plan a terrorist attack. This is already under its it's fantastic and we need results now way way. All the way here. Marrying maverick Zagat stop say I know you're trying to stop me from a freight train, but I think this is important in places like what you say about Alex shows. Our default would not so great arid her Nazism salary, but I get stop Just like I dont think Sdr planned or knew about Pearl Harbor? I d you'd think George Bush, Rocco Obama or Donald Trump, would plan anything or would knowingly let it happen. We should say half of Democrats believe George Bush did that right, tat. I don't- and I don't believe Barack Obama would do that. However,
do I believe that there are radicals in the White House just like they were radicals in the White House last time It will use anything to their advantage? You saw this last president used. Every single shooting as away. Never let it go. We gotta whenever let a crisis go to Asia are their p. In this White House that way I use it and push you bad we would like to see is a real example. We'll Donald Trump Strike North Korea, because It will be good for the headlines apps, lately nano. I don't believe that and I dont believe. That anyone in the White House would do that, will they use that to their advantage. You bet they will want to give it the ultimate example. I mean that's different than what Chomsky is. He saying he would launch one
yeah. I guess so that's a difference. The Hitler Assent is the new sort of biography on Hitler that came out last year and in it they basically say the most likely thing. The rice dog fire was Hitler. Did it was not that Hitler did it was that it actually was not done by Hitler, but Hitler care. Who did it he blamed on the communist anyway. I believe that one hundred percent- but that's amazing, to me- I honestly I'm going into that red. I thought it was Hitler. Did it to take power, control as well, because I've never thought it mattered. Did Gordon Matter to Hitler, wrote it doesn't matter in that kind of a regime they will use whatever comes their way. I mean you know when the rice stock was burning. Hitler said are our. Those are done now get mean. You'll, never have a problem ever again with with doing what we need to do that in care bright, and I think that's
The same way, you can't tell me that you I think that there there have been those political operatives on both sides that have looked at the news of the day and said that, of course, Benghazi the who didn't say that about Benghazi on the right or while their toasts now they are toast, now goes We're gonna make sure tragedy, but you Take advantage of what. Is on the ground near I mean you know this. This happens so much in our society. I mean, like you know. This is the The thing with Syria that was a great example of both sides, are trying to make their political points based on the you know is fixated children. I think that's, I think, that's what people are sick of yeah really sucks. I mean I understand how its applicable and I understand how that is always the motivation to always bring it back to the president. How many times have you hosted a tweet about some charity or working within every risk.
This is why you should have thought of voted for our way. What you didn't do it's like, our lives gets so governed by who is in this one freaking job, and it's like, I know we're bigger than this refused to let that happen. I'm in your bed every every person out there should refuse to let that happen. I mean it. Certainly, politics are a big part of our life and that's why we spend a decent amount of time talking about it, but you can't be obsessed, but it can't be obsessed with it all the time. Not everything goes back to this all the time but especially the way it's being played to where towards black and white. Like this Russia thing. Susan Rice and their right, I'm sorry, Susan Rice, the laughed and Media are wrong, but So is Donald Trump many of his advisers they're both wrong on and on on this story. It's nice black or white. It's not like these are the good guys. These are the bad guys. There are
doing two separate things there: there there arguing now about this, then rice and there may that they ve made about the weakest case, which is I'll drop said that the Obama was spying on the White House. That's the one! that's the weakest part of this, while I'm in and probably the most offensive part of it, in my opinion, is accusing Alex Jones having russian foreign agent, which he is not, and he wants you to know. He is not he's a set up a little tad upset little absurd clause. Does he say, excuse me at the envy. Of course he does cause whenever you ever. Has it out persicos as ex these schemes are, Let me say this right now: let me I'm not against gay people, but a lot on the rifle here looks like the art type. Archetypal
with those little bolder in the headlines, eyes and all his stuff and there's something about this ferry howling around gassing everybody around trying to intimidate people like me- and you are the telecoms and all the rest. Oh hey, listen all quit saying Roger and I never use causing in twenty years, but added for what you have already dad you're, all right bombing. As you know, these are all just he's saying, and this is about our human Roger stone. Yet right assurances on the show with him. That's a great that's, that's that's a mixture. Defer disaster. Yes, it is you son of a what does your problem? You want to sit here and say that I'm a damn can russian you get my face with that I'll Beecher. As you son of a bitch, you pieces,
given my sworn in twenty two he's. Never these words are all unfamiliar yeah he's, never use them before any almost can't remember what they were, how they sound legit ed the cross, the line that, through your damn can head start. Pushing yours you're, the people that if this country over and gang rape is out of the last election, so stop shoot your mouth of payment on the enemy. You got that you damn son of the fill your hand, I'm sorry, but I've done. You saw me a foreign agents. Those are tight. Words excuse me and we should point out by the way that those bleed were added later on the air. They were full vehemently, full frontal every one of those words said and I ain't there's this rumour that he has actual radio affiliates, so we thought we'd like to I've heard of this a hundred times. I've never heard him on a radio station, but I dont know if he said this are the show I now in oh now
about a thirty eight million dollar. Fine right, that's it that's! Every station he was on licences are poorer than earlier. I mean a number of years ago in which he kept saying whether we had radio stations, or at least people did eligibility people. I couldn't find one instead the website. Maybe it exists. I don't know people would not, but if that air- and I mean I guess maybe the Trump administration wouldn't go after him for Fc see violations. That's our easy, politicize unhinged he's crazy t, deeply troubled, deeply troubled at the very best. I mean what and now I would also argue I mean I, I really hope he's not deeply troubled, because he is the most hilarious part of our society, for they re now like it's. The only way I get enjoyment of is listened to Jones go crazy he's? So not all the time
I believe the only explanation for it is his mail, vitality formula, so rise exercise. Some stated last night after night now that he's thirty years on my shirt, real, quick Algeria by pacts on braggart, I'm just saying are you unity. Agencies should be written in shirt off in moments like that. It's like road rage, Roy rages, it's called he It's his shirts off in moments like that and then usually ends up talking about how lapenotiere that I'm sorry, I just heads of Albania, while I don't know what I'm Albania's you have, but you should stop. Having had the worst thing is like his business or according to multiple reports, as essentially himself shocking, shady supplements but he owns the company for like he makes them and that's his whole business. He get people in there. They all believe is shady supplement stuff and he sells the two of them, but yet at the same time he is not in shape at all
and in addition to that claims to be forty three years old and look. Seventy I've been legitimately looks at me. You looks or a look lovely older than genuine, almost identical to Jeffrey Jeffrey is zero. I mean he looks good for ninety four, which years, but it is one of those lay Jeffrey, is almost one hundred percent supplements, yes or no, yeah back, Mercury. This is a clear sign up for the newsletter and get all the info. You need to know what Baghdad com Who says that we're going to be fascinated by Alec Bob new book, and I think he might be actually kind of action I mean you know, there's a lot of things about Alex Baldwin, that or Alec. Like whatever I like to his friends. Call me Alex
there's a lot of there's a lot of stuff about Alex that, I would love to hear his explanation on, for instance, you're lucky you gonna bet he's got a new book out so luckily, for you, you're going to be able to hear them if you choose to purchase is but one purchase it, but of its laying around someplace I'll pick it up of his agony, doctors office and sweetly is not here and the guy of magazine is not there and there is not like a vomit bag to read, or something about psoriasis or venereal disease. To read that I might read it damn. I read it now. That's a hive! That's hyper Asia! For the Alexandria! Look. He was pissed about losing the gig for hunt for rhetoric October. He had that gig for Jack Ryan in that serious? And then they came up with a the sequel Patriot Games, which you, Mr Harrison Ford and I guess they
it asked for it. If he was aware the paramount was still negotiating with Baldwin when Harrison for took the job for its reply. According according to this executive, was f him. Some eleven telling outlaw into F offer quite a long time knows by the way I for out here we didn't just say the word. Yet. How does he get? How does he have a career? Because every I've ever heard about him is is absent. Mutely unlikely, but yeah if it is any everything but he's not great It was obvious. Movies have been really. You said he didn't get. Africa over here. Don't you think you re a serious. He was trying to get more money out of it. He ran into the he wrote right in the book. Harrison forward in person is a little man short Ronnie and Weary, whose soft voice sounds as if it come it's coming from behind the door by the way, Baldwin is shorter than Harrison for distant for the record
he also said. Really weird is ball when recalled hosting S Adele, when Whitney Houston was the musical guest approaching or backstage after her dress rehearsal, and he said to her, You truly are the most talented singer out there today I said a bit starstruck she paused and says I know baby. Then walked out are you the most talented. I know baby figures free cats, a when he was so Baldwin's in the marrying men. One thousand one Katzenberg tried to put him in to put by telling him that actors were employees and expected to do their jobs and create a little trouble is possible. I love he said I can get the guard at the gate to play your role. It makes no difference to me. The film itself is the star, while wow like every Katzenberg Data, a playing a role in knots landing. He overdosed on cocaine went to work, never spoke with anyone about what happened in and the girl driven at the hospital.
Are you ok, as if I had poison ivy? He eventually got out of that and he also apologised for his voice mail here, does daughter yeah? That's. So when I really want to hear the we'll get to that when we come back This is the glad that programmes were curious. Program lives that have been ruined. We're gonna go to the story about the New England Patriot, who case can be made here. He did not commit a double murder. Everyone just assumes that he did will get to that here and as the second another life that has been ruined, Alec Baldwin by him
Some people think he's innocent of wrecking his life and I point to the evidence of the phone call that he made to his eleven year old daughter. I don't give a damn that your dwell, pure gold or eleven years your child. Your mother, was pain in the ass, we'll get a clear about what you're doing the twentieth, would be like about what we are now while you on here. Those, but also at the same time, eventually think I did my mom release that oh yeah because they were in the middle. The nasty divorce right I mean
Is that really makes it now because now we're playing it up again about ten years later right, like that's the consequence of that And he talks about it in his book says he, my relationship with Ireland, whose the daughter has healed. Just as something that has been broken, is never quite the same, the fragile user, a years of Charles childhood that are battered by high conflict. Our irreversibly affected the worst thing that one could do is put a child in the middle of those battles and that's what I did and I am reminded of it and I'm sorry for it every day, good for him, only let those medication now, at least for the moment. You know it's aren't you. Could you dont you'll, never believe Alec Baldwin, just a guy just reflexively d, Leave him, but I mean you know you make more seems like a guy. He does, but I guess he's trying to make amends anyway, I mean this is what we see in Hollywood, though show like shale above. Remember him, the guy who is using transformers and Alice stupid movies,
But he also was in in the video where he was screaming at trumped supporters. In the face any ii we flew a flag, necessary steps. Does the love this story flew flag and it's not gonna be taken down until the end of the Trump administration? if we ve hidden as flags flying someplace and you'll, never be taken down location. Unfortunately, people on the internet just looked at the whether looked at the star placements, in pointing out that the trails from the image, or else them training centre as over everything else that got him to the right location to the camp general acidity, and then they sent one of their people who lived in the area where they thought it was around beeping. Their horns silica wait till he heard it they only heard no internet found. If so, then remove the flag to overseas, is that, where it with its own place, it would be safe for the flag I'm. So he can any place in America somehow to hide the stupid flag, which is courses ridiculous anyway, but
then I'd flag says like you will not intimidate us or something that we will not be divided. We wish is a bit of that was what he was screaming in the ear of the White Supremacist Ashraf Van men. This guy was a white, as you seem to be dividing people by scream like a lunatic near right. In the face of that guy, he will not divide us. He will not divided them to the point of a glowing out his vocal accords. So. I saw this story about Shiela booth. Any new movie man down and the west. It was man down a war thriller with Shiela, both gross seven million dollars or seven million pounds in the UK where premier, however, and I read that sentence this is what this is actually says. Man down a word. Thriller was scheiler, both gross just seven pounds, dollars and seventy cents when implemented in a single Uk Theatre over the weekend, according to calm score, only why one take me that is the equivalent of selling a single ticket
They say it seven dollars and twenty seven pounds twenty one. Whenever about what they do and you can quit Kush queer whatever, squid, pretty pretty bad, so sales have room to grow gave here. We are, We asked by one hundred percent gives me and my friend went well word of mouth spreads. Yet it could when Tom tells Bill, if he can get together and twenty box aching, your bill building bill, might bring his whole family interesting. They. They actually think that might be the case, This is how the story ends. While the attention about the small grosses may have aside benefit, it could raise attention for the low profile project there, could be a silver lining to those seven powers. What what? What? What? What is the project that he decided to spend time on its a thriller it? This is This is the right of the Sharia LAW above Career ARC ran up after school.
Soaring in big book studio blockbuster such as transformers in Indiana Jones in the kingdom of the crystal Skull, one of the worst enemies of all time are out of the last part. Rebuff has focused on more indy projects, with mixed success he did or and strong reviews for last year's american honey. You guys also about none of you I heard of it now. Many do I see movies every weekend that was highlighted by the way of his recent career path. Where he got the high reviews. Other work such as the company you keep and Charlie countrymen. Barely registered with critics or audiences Instead, the media has focused on the bus, offscreen behaviour such such as several alcohol related roulette arrests performance art that recently saw the actor participate in the art installation protesting Donald Trump Presidency, so things are going too well. There that too, I guess he rather be him than Erin earn. It is who we do think is probably going to be convicted of all these crimes, but listen because this is the guy you're talking about former noon. Patriot tightened? Ah, he is
Aren't you a double murder? They think he may have come back they. It in multiple gang related murders, actual multimillionaire on a trajectory in the Unifil like grub grunt Cowskin, was have superhuman financial year, so listen to this, this is from Yahoo sports. Some crazy. You know, conspiracy, blog. The prosecutions entire case in the case against Aaron Hernandez is that he got into an altar patient at a bar and someone spoke to drink on him. He was so enraged by this drink. Being read spilled on him that he went two hours later and murdered two people and shot another one of the face. Guy, that's the case. However, the first offence. Witness was Anton Salvador who may Just ripped apart the prosecutions entire motive He is a psychology doctoral student, testified Monday that he met. Her name is at the lounge that night in two thousand twelve
He said he was with her is for seven to ten minutes of that. No point: did he see someone spill a drink or Hernandez appear angry. Now, of course, seven ten minutes, you're not gonna, see the historic rank he asked for a photo, the guys we're, Hernandez, politely, declined and then eventually relented the time here. Important. However, in that surveillance, video shows that Hernandez was inside the club before only nine minutes, meaning Salvador is testimony puts to the two together nearly the entire time the two than reengage outside the club for a few minutes were Salvador thanked him for the photo. No prob. Have a good night said Hernandez: we witnessed just testament they expected to conclude this week is reasonable, asked if the press, you should have overcome its burdened, proving Hernandez guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Here's some points on it there is no forensic evidence directly linking Hernandez to the shooting one. It is to the murders initially told police. The shooter looks like a female, with corn rose
the only I witnessed Fingering Hernandez, as the ghost gunman is Alexander, Bradley, adding knowledge drug dealer who admits having a bone to pick with Hernandez. The defence revealed Bradley whose testified Hernandez shot him in the face to shut him up about the double murders deleted, text message that stated, he didn't know for sure who shot him in the face, which is something you did remember! I know if that's so anyway, I've been it's kind of interesting in that this is what everyone thinks was open and shut cases guys definitely going to prison and now the difference actually seems to have somewhat of a case, and we ve seen so many these stories recently John Ziegler on about the Jerry Sandusky scandal we ve seen me historical figures that we bring You have been revealed that have turned out to be later in life or after death, we sort of red they had their reputation, rejuvenated, Ojo, Jason
I'm sorry, I don't we both were yeah. I mean I see. I forget anybody in the always thinking. Where is the real killer? Radio out on a Gulf war is poor, guys rotten in jail. Well any easy prey most to go. Look on every Gulf anyone's, maybe we're on devising serial killer. Hopefully, when you cereal, growing gets out, I think they're talks to have a reality shows a baby I'll start. Looking again, that is the This rumour on Oj Lithuania, but he's gotta, come out that he might actually be released. Finally, the sure he's been trained jail stock is overloaded, Vista, really What does it ten years fifteen years floor for trying to get his memorabilia? He held people at gunpoint and he asked but gradually jail for it's not like he's killed. People only also did that, but he was not charge for that is I mean you view is found initiative that charter you. He did it, but the In fact, he wrote a book if I did it, which is totally different than actually doing it. Yeah
but thank you for it now data. But the point is I to truth to pats point here right, you don't additional penalties for a crime you commit because they think you could But that's exactly what happened: Zactly MAX darkness print this penalty on this, may I hate for what they perceived as an injustice before that's what they did they get. They put him in prison for a really long time. For this and it's hard to say Hence that we adopted, but it is just as it in the to operate only machinist innocent right and what is more, of an innocent in a court of law. Well, he might at least not guilty. He was found not yield to the US. That's tough data court of considerably. However, is it to go through court of IDA. He was, he did lose these civil trial, and you should not. You should not be in jail on another crime and punished for the crime that you were approved. Innocent- that's, not our legal systems, grows double jeopardy here
and on the road, but I'm saying if they put- in jail for the stealing the memorabilia extra long because in pay is timely. That's where all eyes. I, however, I think it is quite clear that they did that now he didn't just steal his memorabilia. He held people at gunpoint because he believed they solar memorabilia, which it does not even clear. They did. It does. You know so as not to mention the lot of the stuff that he grabbed was that we were supposed to have those thereby facts we're talking about what was it is going to have a nice, so nice, green, color, Colonel Magnesia Agnes in it now he western Small Donald Trump gloves, while the according to a documentary which won the asker from ESPN this pattern of the thirty four thirty. He went well when he was forced to be selling off a lot of his possessions me. Maybe some of them didn't make it to the auction. And he be he may have acquired some of his things, cost
the supposed to sell all this stuff to pay off the bill from the civil trial and maybe heating get to everything the gold mines courting to the documentary get not one penny from him they. They won a settlement of thirty four million. I think thirty, four million so far he's paid a grand total of zero dollars locally peasant zero, now now eagerly was tried to pay, is trying to get his stuff back to get some money poor guy, It was really sent home to get a cheque book and get a pen or ways and others guys came in and one of them said. Would you hold this gun to my head, and he said what for and he said because I have some of your memorabilia and he said I don't care about any of that stuff. I need to get a cheque for, the golden Examples- family
That's when things got dicey and then the police come in and he's holding the gun and ease black. So what do you think they're gonna do so, but I dont think any of that disaster Racist, that Thailand drivel eight. Seventy seven back, the claim that programmes are one of the guys that I have warned against for since the beginning. I warned about man a Fort Flynn and banning Tromp has fired ban a fort, then from fired Flynn and now Trump has fired ban and at least from the National Security Council he's removed him from that, and we haven't seen the reasoning yet I'm sure maybe he was busy. Maybe he needed to spend more time with his family. Maybe he was taking up croquet and learning it, and you know that big move, because Trump fought hard to put him on. Yet he took a lot of heat. To put him on that Security Council now he's gone.
And, for some reason that's a big move. Any word on why the stories just break up with just sailors, to shake up Yet it is already a reorganization going apparently within the administration and these things to happen for president's? But it's pretty quick for this to happen and one thing happened like an hour after you get inaugurating ethics and his and his family is moving in. So I mean we have a royal family now wishes to be, and I I am much more comfortable much what honestly, with the family that I am with Flynn and and and Bannon and Manafort, I dont think the Trump family wants to. You know, see America burned down to the ground reset after a giant failure. I don't, I don't think any of them think that way where banning does So I don't know what we're getting with the family other than a royal family, but
and I love people who say that you know the press is no nobody is causing. This trump is firing. All these people ease, walk in saying the world famous you're fired liking air monkey saying while the media is going after a while, I mean Donald Trump keeps firing these people that the media goes after, so either he's folding to the media, or he agrees with the media wanna too and sometimes he's been leading the mean, let it on manifold. You didn't let it on that this is the man back programme. Mercury,
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