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4/7/17 - Fearing a lame duck. Jason Buttrill, Lauren Cooley and Leon Logothetis join the show.

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Trump strikes Assad In Syria ...Where Glenn agrees with China? ...'Regime change' code words for failure ...Author and filmmaker of 'The Kindness Diaries' Leon Logothetis joins Glenn about paying it forward to those less fortunate ....Predicting Steve Bannon??? ...Fearing a lame duck presidency ...Trump needs a win from his base. The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio Facebook: Glenn BeckTwitter: @glennbeck

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This is the police radio on demand I am torn today. We It wants to missiles again Syria last night I do not want us getting involved in yet another foreign country, especially when we have Russia who was clearly complicit. Remember they were the ones that that you don't brokered the deal with Assad to get rid of all that nuclear weapons. So when John Kerry in the United States and Brok Obama stood opposite the app he's got rid of all. We got rid of all the chemical weapons. Now it was Russia that brokered that deal they were the ones who said the other all gone. We we made sure they're, Oldwick. Well, Russia was complicit with Assad. Now we launched last night a strike it was,
actually quite brilliant. In the timing. For several reasons we'll give those to you in a second. However, we are also talking about regime change. Can anyone tell me give me one example when the United States said now we want to get into regime change. That is either a worked out well or be worked out well, but call
does millions of lives. We begin there right now you shouldn't of entertainment and didn't lighting, and this is the common law. America, one with a programme, its land, tat stew. We also brought in Jason Jason, is my chief researcher he's military intelligence and a warmonger Armando half an hour among men and a man who mongers in war can help us work our way through a lot of this? With some of the the real facts,
that that he can get it he's together. I I I I want you to. Let me guess, cover a couple of things. I was concerned about Russia. But we have, but what Obama set up the DE conflicts in line with We called Russia in advance and we said hey by the way we're gonna blow something's up. May you have ten minutes, maybe have twenty minutes this is something that I am very concerned about, because I do not want to get into a war with Russia, Russia, does not care about this. Syrian people Amerika the people, at least I think we look at those children who have been gassed And we see that in say this guy's gotta go he's a monster. That's now, Putin is saying because poor doesn't care about that kind of gas heal, Cares about an oil pipeline
the only reason why he is involved I should say he is involved. With a ran as well, because he wants the Middle EAST to follow the influence of Russia, not the United States, What we're doing a good enough job ourselves screw in that place up and making sure everybody in the world hates us in that part of the world I don't want to get into a war with Vladimir Putin there two conflicts that we said yesterday about this time. I said you should look into gold. You should by gold, because if this thing starts to go unstable, the earnest! the price of gold shoot through the roof. Yesterday last night it was up. I don't even know what its up. Now it was up fifteen dollars last night, the stocks are down a lot yeah I mean the world can change over night. Are you prepared? because
not just about Syria? This is also about North Korea. Here's where it gets brilliant, And I am not sure that this was planned by Donald Trump but you have to be a master strategist too, Have this all come together? This way couple of things notice we're leading not with the Democrats using than or the Republicans using the nuclear option- Gore. Which is going to be confirmed here in just a few minutes and no he's talking about the nuclear option That is one of the biggest stories perhaps per that's one of the biggest political stories of our lifetime, because what it will mean for the Supreme Court for the Ex guy who gets out, which is probably gonna, be Kennedy we're talking about.
We're talking about a missile strike brilliant too, last night, he was having dinner last rob was having dinner last night with the President of China, the prey of China, the big topic, last night- and today is what are we gonna do with North Korea now, Trump has said: I'm gonna unilaterally strike North Korea, the That's crazy! Talk, because North Korea will attack. They have eight nukes They could launch a nuke, but even if they don't they will attack. South Korea. And they can level soul within two and a half hours. Millions will die. The last thing we want is a unilateral attack and lobbying some missiles from ship off the coast
into North Korea, especially without the support of China. Remember China, was really the force The communists in the nineteen fifties. That's why we have North and South Korea. China will block us. We have to have China on board ships does not want this happening on their on their border? So Now this morning in more logo, the President of China is getting up and their having little breakfast staring at each other last night, when president in MAR Largo said. Scuse me just a second, I ve got to speak to the american people. He went and he said: I told you something: I'm This is obviously not what he said, but he told you that when President draws a let red line, the president has to follow through on it
I told you this was unacceptable and I'm just just enforcing the red line that our last do nothing. President referred who's to enforce he said it was unacceptable. I send it was acceptable. I dont or what the rest of the world thinks. I don't care if its Russia on the other side. On the other side, I am launching. He basically says add to the american people well set something different to the american people, but that's what he was saying to China, Jima, so he ox, backed with the president of joy and So what the President of China heard, yeah I don't really care about Russia. I just saw that this was wrong and we're not gonna tolerated, and I don't care what the rest of the world thinks. Now what is the president, the giant not thinking about Donald Trump This is a red, I don't it
rehearse this for two days. So. This is something that They had been working towards since the gassing This was not planned in advance for this. It just happened to fall into brilliant. Also, providential timing, so What are the conversations with China gonna be How the president of China realises Cry We are not dealing with Barack Obama. We're not even dealing with a guy who, I think, has necessarily saying. He's a guy who said the one China policy out, and by the way, I don't care what you say: you're cheating at your your cheating us with trade. I want to better trade deal, oh and by the way I'm willing to lobby missiles. And go to war alone in North Korea. The pay
didn't of China, remember: their mindset is entirely different the President of China is looking at that saying if I'm looking at next five hundred years, I need to get past, So the next four with this guy, this guy just might do it. This worked out really well, If you are in the United States and concerned about war with North Korea, this possibly gay thus the upper hand at the talks with China today, because China, does not want a war, and they certainly do not want the United States going in there unilaterally mark my words. Neither do I I don't want a war idle we have known about North Korea and as if I may go back in time tunnel and rip
the words of a monologue I gave in about two thousand three, you must take care of North Korea, now. Because there will be a time when you have no good options and they will have nuclear weapons? You have to beat with them now on sanctions? Will that time obviously is for ten years ago. We do not want a war with North Korea. We do not one a war with China. We do not want a war with Russia and the Most disturbing thing. I heard from the president last night. Was regime change what regime change.
Can somebody tell me the last time we set out for regime change when it worked its work? New, Germany, Germany, yeah, ok was the price on that one. Fifty million people, sixty million pretty high, we had no choice but regime change. However, that regime change. In a western country, one that we understood. One where we the western world were very clear that's evil. All of the countries all of the western countries that had that same kind of culture and same kind of christian background. They all knew it. We knew take the bad guys out, don't kill the Germans, kill all the Nazis,
and we're gonna be fine because the Germans are now necessarily Nazis? Now tell me how clear we are as a nation that Muslims are not. All is. I'm not even sure our president understands that. We are looking into. Dead of looking at the Middle EAST, like we looked at Germany, and said there are Islamists and here's how you identify them, here's who they are, here's, what they believe, here's what they do here. Are their atrocities, instead say these are Muslims that have just been their poor and theirs. Add, and and they just love peace, no These are muslim Islamists, who he'll kill everyone on the planet. The disagrees with them,
they throwing homosexuals off rooftops because they believe, God told them to I'm sorry, You're an Islamist You are an enemy Muslims are not now: where do we go? who is leading that parade in America So we have a blurry focus next thing. Tell me who the good guys are in the Middle EAST that are fill that vacuum. Tell me who they are? Is it Saudi Arabia. Is it the? U n e? Is it does it Libya. By trust. Jordan and Jordan is afraid for their lives, right now is it is it Is it a ran or a rack? help of Russia Give destabilized, thanks to
What's her name, Susan Powers. We have destabilized the tire Middle EAST, and we did it at first thinking, oh well, it's like the west. We get rid of the bad guys and the good guys will have the balls to stand up. No, they won't. We have the but their surrounded humming Good guys do you see here stand up, they don't stay. Up here, except for patriots like Zuni Jasper, because they're afraid they'll get snuffed out here. Either stand up in the Middle EAST, surround by you know what let's be, let's be kind in the numbers, a million Islamists Probably more like ten million is at least let us stand up. So we, these stabilize what happens
who's gonna feel that role will we're not gonna pick it. Russia will pick it. Oh so we're gonna put worried about Russia. And have Russia who hates the west, whose the correct little, the history of the west, who hate Israel, the only democracy and freedom in the in the Middle EAST. Ok, have them do it? There are no winners here. What we look at or the children. When you look at things. Like Somalia, when you, look at places where was the other place? Do we were just talking about the other horrible tragedy that happened? Rwanda, Rwanda, Rwanda we can help
Rwanda, we could have helped. But nobody wanted to because why there is not in it? For us. That's the worst reason not to help we could have stopped Rwanda. Can we make things better in Syria sure. If we had a record of making any place in the Middle EAST better. You could make a case. Donald Trump. Is headed into treacherous waters. Strong base, who heard no more wars, are now beginning to turn on him this morning, his his.
His base on economic stability, is very weak. Health care very weak. If he gets us roped into another war. The left is gonna, go crazy. The uber right is going to go crazy. We to be looking at a lame duck. President soon because of what's happening with Bannon and what's happening with Jared Kirsch cushioned his. What's happening inside the White House is beginning to change Presidency, we have to be very cautious Pray for the president pray for our military pray that we have some divine providence and last night, perhaps at least for North Korea. We heads
This is the Glen Back Programme. Trembling. Seventy seven back that claim that programme. This is this is the real problem we're talking in the break, remembering Jason, brilliant. Today in the break I dont have real confidence in what this government or what this administration is doing, because its split in Connelly and I dont know which side is winning banning apparently was saying: don't do it Commissioner was saying, do it, we did it so this goes against everything. You look at the Donald Trump tweets that reveries retweeting today he violated everything that he said. We know was wrong with the Obama administration. You know you gotta go to Congress. You can't do this stay out of Syria. Let the Russians handle it so It shows again. He has no moral centre.
Who is he listening to that's that? the scary thing about this. I don't know when he says regime change. Does he really mean regime change and what is he going to back them up with and what mean, does that mean as Jason. What happened with the French? How did we get the Assad family and so that was a French brokered deal and the French came in and they knew that they wanted to keep everybody divided. They did not want to see majority to run through, so they kept, they put the Alawite minority, which is what the Assad family so now is falling apart, because it's a puppet regime. It was menu. Actually, I was gonna do that us, or is it Russia, It isn't a put him in go ahead, started work out for well for us, but let Russia do it at least the people willing to Russia and not us, there's no good guy here,
you'll be listening to the Glen background. This is the Glenn Back Programme, A sister recap join us. Last night there was a limited response to the gassing of the syrian people. By the United States, fifty tomahawk missiles, casas forty nine million dollars took out an airfield and and those since some of the more destroyed, but the planes that that were left cannot leave airfield now it to cripple his ability to fly the plains and drop bombs, gas bombs on his own people If this is where it ends, I am fair. They comfortable with this response, however, we're too
he now about what can we? We know we have to Don't we have a responsibility to to help people? responsibility. We have the means to stop well, my purse. For me this is? Is it always turns into a quagmire it hasn't ever worked out. Well, it ll peace in the Middle EAST outside of the west, it doesn't seem to work out well, and Let me give you an example just from last night, Jason, what is the headline mean that just came out about Russia? Upping the defences so there's a lot more there then than meets the eye? If, if Russia sins and more s, three hundred missiles their missile defence, then that means that a totally screwed,
Israel, so Israel has been able to keep Hezbollah Bay and basely, stop them from their next. You know assault on women and that's coming to after after serious stabilizes. The next salt is Hezbollah into the Golan Heights. Mark my words, but the and keep them from doing that. Is Israel sending in planes they do a strike every other month or so, and they take out a weapons. Cachet will now they that basically take I doubt that Israel not gonna, be able to fly in there with those s three hundreds, and so that's a big step back for So so last night we think We did good. But actually now with the response from Russia is actually hurting Israel. Now Israel was with us on this strike last night, Israel, they weren't with us, but they immediately came out and said they approve Australia did the same thing. They approve, but. How is this going to affect down the road? That's the problem is:
but our nose in the people's business and we think we're making it better and we always call Burma's and we're like ok, we'll skies better than the other guy the other guys really bad in some that guy's overthrown, and then you get ISIS, not good. I'm no Middle EAST expert, but if I could suggest something I think could work would be to give a sign of Pepsi a lot of times it real disagreements are broken down. If, if Portugal, Eggs and Kendall Jenner there, and so at sea and anything About what would probably happened is that the people around what start cheering, and the walls of breakdown- and I would say, Jews and and Syrians are hugging in minutes really that justice, throwing it artists rode out there. I think it so that we should consider- and I don't off tramper ban at another who lose the right to go to with that. But I really do think candlelight knows that. I know that we have tried to teach the world to sing
in perfect harmony right now. That did not work, not just for you. The singing just drink this right- think he would trust anybody from the United States bringing him. Something to drink great, not right. Now, we're just referring assisting gentlemen might solve the problem. I know you're right. We all kind of agreed off the off the air that if this is the full response and that there is a one day of a few missiles to an air field, were sending a little bit of a message. We're saying will act unilaterally, which has some good repercussion. To others. And were it gives a small step it gives the president his first international test, which is always important, shows aren't screw with us. No show strong. So there's some. If this was it we could say. Ok, you know what they're some positive there and I know I worry about anything extended, but even then, even with that little
a thing we're seeing a russian response, you're. Adding no air defences which makes our ability to handle The situation with ISIS in Syria, more difficult it is it is. It expired, the rift between us and Russia, which is obviously not positive and in addition to that Israel situation, we just talked about, and that's it of one night I mean that The problem with these things is it it's impossible. It's like it's government trying to manage and economy a lot of time, there there their abilities. We note there in time, she's a great. They want to help people in they wanted to all these things, but it's just too complicated process and it never works. And that's kind of where I am now in these things they make me mortar must because we can never seem to handle it and that's one that does not occur even a commentary on Trump oral bomber or any president,
the EU could pick any money want less fifty years, yet it's just impossible. Look that I should say the last fifty years this has been happening since Theodore, Roosevelt Theodore, Roosevelt said, we have a responsibility. Now we are so big and so powerful and so rich. We have a responsibility to the police, the rest of the world, and that's where we when we started in with with you know, South America and Mister why why are there so many communists down there? Why is there such an anti american And really conspiracy, kind of central of the CIA is desperate because that what we did. Is all it says, is true. We did prop up puppet dick Peters down there? We did metal with influence and It doesn't work out. Well it Joe doesn't work out. Well, I would argue that so at this is, we are seeing offer. This is the hardest
situation ever and you hear like Senator Marco Rubio talk about ya, go when regime change to her destabilization. There's way for us to win. I think on this without any more action, and all once the Russia, all once there was a really the only region is sought as empower right now is because Russia is the granting of there. The building and end the regime right now everything. The Russia, and I would actually argue that Russia, so long game has well been to gain concessions elsewhere in the world, really, nobody has a dog in Syria fight. I mean not only do they want that they want the pipeline. I don't think so. Once they have no, they have no freshwater port it. We want the boy blood in the pipeline or the poor, but support sorry, the port. So the point I don't see again nothing stopping them from going somewhere else and getting that's. That's all it's a week naval port, there's nothing stopping them from going elsewhere in getting another one. I mean it's easily replaceable, where but they're not going to war over that port. There does not
they could get it in Greece. They could get it in. I mean there's they're, taking back up the Balkans in Serbia, the balkan areas that that's that's the next flashpoint that'll happen, but I don't think anyone's going to war over Syria, but everyone's playing Syria for their own goals right now and Think eventually rush can broker a deal where they win it looks like we win or even have a side stays in power in the family doesn't go even if he just ring keeps them under control. Saying do not yet you s us twelve family, like Jason. These are the Assad family, That's really bad! What about everybody else? The dad was really bad. He was the one he did. The same thing aside did when he first came into power. He did a huge suppression back in the one. Was this the seventies? I believe and he killed just Tom was just as many people's decided. I saw got into power, basely been he ended up doing the same thing is dad: did he thought that it would work? It worked for dad it's gonna work for me, he wasn't expecting the arab spring
so it didn't go well for him. I don't! Too much about his family members is no his sons and and all that going plasma, Al Assad. We know a lot about her. She is dark brown eyes, wavy, Chin length, brown, hair, long neck and energetic grace Do you know why you know jewellery apart from should allocates around her neck, not even a wedding ring, but fingernails lacquered and dark blue Green she's, breezy, conspiratorial and fun. Her access, Uruguay way way, she's breezy Various oral and fun that should be for wars. Guy thinks Jonesy allergens, easy breezy, good spirits, oral and written match that car doesn't nothing ever there asked her accent is english but not plumy. Despite was me, it must be a killer iq. She sometimes using uses urban
hand such as like, for I was like teen beat close. It was a legitimate profile, two thousand eleven vogue, vague, the it was called arose in the desert and they praised her as a fashion icon. Just before she stayed all started, gassing their people, and it was an amazing view of the mainstream media, then by the almost impossible, to find online there's if any full copies exist. I don't know, I don't have already ordered area a copy of the actual I guess you know we need one for the museum, but it It's true, I mean like think about that. That's how they looked at her at that time, and it was you remember you see, there's who was it as a fine stein that one over there with his odd that we see before this started the left love this he was now he would they were fans of a they liked. The image she was a modern western woman. I mean the etc. I swear to you.
The first light lines in this story for you weren't real, quick. She is a is a, a country where women earnest. But just men Oh, my god. Why? Well you know? Yes, there guessing their people but pay equality. So I don't know, there's no wage gap. There I mean it's pretty incredible the wage gap, because they ve killed a lot of the men Thirdly, gonna need everybody on board. This is the glad that programme carry. So I don't know how they show derailed and all of a sudden where the brake we're looking up to the the I, the brazier son Limbed fresh, most magnetic she's, really pretty
And then their know how sorry yeah but she's? No, you know queen of Jordan certain look in her up and then then the battle is yeah, but she's no Maloney Trump. I mean this is this is what this shows is turned into, what we're actually winning this battle now. Finally, having meanwhile, we will allow tourism was an. We have won the battle, the less to press for the hottest first, lady, like the United States, Well, no you're just talking about grabs Weiler, Ardour, talking just arms and other less seriously, and you wouldn't you- first lady who isn't known for her arms, and then you takes a picture of her arms folded in autumn in my country. So in that whole arms folded thing, even though it looked exactly like painting the very famous painting of Kennedy who
who has his arms folded little bomber well and a lot of the picture that was in every airport and behind every FBI desk in the country and with his arms folded. But what's your point I mean I mean I don't know the what's your name, asthma, never disease, it's kind of weird now now it's not what I saw. As Mirth Al Assad, o asthma to diseases, the Assad and as well. So what are you the Jason. What do you think the real goal of Vladimir Putin? Is it's not the port and airport pipeline, though I think Putin has always been and Syria one to distract us, because it is, great, when United States is bogged down the middle shirt wars in Afghanistan, examples and its allowed him to get stronger in Eastern Europe is allowed him to move in.
The lad and moving to Ukraine but I think now the point of him staying in there is eventually gained some kind of concession, so I said before the he doesn't have a major dog in that fight. We don't have a major dog in that fight, so no one if anyone's nervous. Today about going to war, I dont think that there's a larger chance of us going. Or there's always a chance. Someone does something crazy and that always foiled everything, but Think there's a large chance of us going to war, but I think right Can- and this is a good way for everybody to win. I think, now hold out and eventually get concessions concessions on the sanctions member, those sanctions. They have one m. What's that against Russia right and the sanctions against because of crime Urania anything Ukraine. I thought though hold out and eventually either vote, dangle that out for their support or a trump of Smart we'll take that out of his pocket and lay it on the table first and say: look supporters keep us in a rain him in. If you do, then how about those sanctions now release that relief release the release them
eager, but Putin could demi he's about a he could actually get the geopolitical mother lode on this. He can events they get concessions on. Those almost sanctions get those wiped out. He get us. Get the anti ballistic missile shield removed from Eastern Europe? I mean then he would be like okay, you got to do what you want, will pack up the very next day, they'll pack up and leave SIRI good, though never come back. I mean they really don't care. That is the only reason. I think that if you mean, if you're a conspiracy, theorist and think that tromp is in bed with with Russia to that too, level where they're playing games. If that happens, that seems providential for Russia. Doesn't it or it'll piss me off of people say that if people make the argument the trumpets in bed with with Russia. After this, they all z, we told you wanna, really so, sanctions. I do see that's good diplomacy. I don't see as a bad thing in the Anti ballistic missile shield, you could argue of the Bush AIR initiative that shouldn't even happened. You can make that
argument that we are relations with Russia declined after that happen, we should have happened, moved though, by the fact that this was the big anti war guy right. He was, track the whole time. Obama. Shouldn't do anything about Syria, gotta go to Congress. We shouldn't be doing these things. We gotta stay out of it within I mean it has never been a hundred days yet unease the missile attack against a sovereign nation. I think that's, very ironic- it isn't how many times did we say in the run up there because there were some levels of opposition, a trump on the right that we're saying what we don't like this? We don't like that. He's not once have involved unease he's isolationist, Olga RAP. No, that's not! Who is at all. Never knows there never was a real. Can criticism of him if anything, you're gonna be worried about transforming too many places not too few. Do you think that if you one that had so many losses within this first holidays that he would have wants that attack, I bet you
I think he would have listened to ban and because ban and would have had a better record agri. You know and he will eat, he doesn't tire of winning Back programme. This is the police radio on demand memory. We spent the last hour talking about powerful people in the world president of China, even Assad North korean dictator, the most powerful person in the world,
doesn't even believe it the most person that I know Is you if you That's your mind to it, and you believe that you can truly make a difference. If all of us do that the world changes I'm gonna, introducing next to a guy who believes he can change the world
convincing you, you can change the world. We go there right now, you shouldn't of entertainment and didn't lighting, and this is the Glen Leon. Logo. Thetis is a he's, a man who is running a documentary called the kindness doc. The kindness diaries on Netflix? You can see it in each traveling the world on a mission of kindness. I let him explain it, but I'm I'm first, I want just find out who you are.
We're what your background, where you you know where you from sure sure so I used to be a broker in the city of London. On the outside, I had everything and on the inside I had nothing emotionally spit. Bank Bankrupt and I happened across the movie, the motorcycle diaries. Which is of a man to size version of CHE Guevara travelling Round South America, giving back to me hang on just a second when you say romanticize version of jiggle marrow. What you mean by that. It wasn't the real image chairs the nice version, which I just wanted to make the Jaguar Vera s okay, and there were some but that movie that inspired make us he was giving back and in a profound way. I decided that I was going to quit. My job and stuff traveling the world. Will I kindness that she has done something good, then
as we see it least Lisi, and for you that's if nothing else exactly in the movie. That's why I always practice it by saying that a man to size is it's really interesting. Is that because you walked in the studio in you said, I love your artwork of Winston Churchill and we just had a quick conversation, Winston Churchill who you a door perhaps even more than I do- and I think was Churchill is one of the greatest men ever live, answer for you to say Rivero changed. My life is kind of like the internal allows that fit yeah yeah I mean in some people say that, like you know, CHE wasn't a hero to men too hastily, but simply the movie, you obviously have you watch them, and I have not just because Hu Jia is yeah yeah and I quit my job and I started to travel the world relying on kindness that mean means, though I had no money. I had no food. Place to stay
All I had with my vintage, yellow motorbike called kindness, one sort of like air force. One but a little bit yellower and I would give back to understand good, Samaritans, I've changing gifts based on being helped by them. They had no idea what was going on and it was really just lying unkindness. So it's kind of like the new testament make no don't worry about tomorrow, to worry about where you're going, where you and asleep what you're going to eat just go and do good tat was the aim. Ok, and What do you mean? First of all, how are they kind to you? giving you a place to sleep, I e, by Y yeah, primarily was human interaction, human connection. So if I fell connected to someone they felt connected to me. They would maybe give me some gas they would may be put the up in their house, they would mean give me some food, I'd go from from them to the to the next person, for example,
when a homeless chap in Pittsburgh, who you know had nothing really set one bag yet, offered for me to sleep on the streets with him he offered to protect me he offered to feed me. He offered to give me some clothes and that was an act of kindness based on you know. You didn't know what was going to happen, but I was fortune enough to be able to put him up in a house and send him back. The school but really it was. It was that he taught me a really powerful lesson, but true wealth. Not in our wallets, but it's in our hearts. Does that mean that money is not important? Of course, more money is very important, but the truest of wealth comes to mind. So how do you mean you mean who were lucky enough to be able to send him back to school and put him up in a house Joe Joe I've had many opportunities. I I in city of London. I had financial security. So what I mean Lucky enough is that I had the means to give back to him. I had the means give him an opportunity.
So when you say you had no money, you didn't literally our largest pretending. So I will do this as an experiment in everyday life. Of course I have money, In that moment, for those six months, I had no money and I was lying all now. Don't you line. Did you take you're like a credit card with you just in case no? Oh, you did really you had no back apply we with filming the Netflix show, so I had a coup Krueger Catering truck I implore you are, we really are major argument is wild is interesting. Is that would fill, and then they would and they were the book as well in the book is many moments that are not in the film, because the coup and their job. That night would tony. There was a moment where another homeless chap was having a little bit of a moment. Let's say, but no one film that because no one was there except me and Tony and the savage up as real
interesting. So what was it? Was there a moment where you were like? Looking at this in your saying, you know you have this crew there, Were the people suspicious of you sure. Look, I think. Ultimately, I would go up to people without the camera. If you just go up to Sonia there. Like you know, please try to explain what I was doing. Anything were willing to help author winning not to help enable, but they were willing to be on camera. I'd, say: look. We have a chemical, yeah, ok to be filled, that's really how'd go so with this homeless guy, you bought him a house. No, I put him up in a house so is now. He now lives in an apartment. Really nice an airing in these gone back to school and how's. He doing yeah it's not a Hollywood ending you. So Fortunately, homelessness, isn't just a units, not just physical. Its man is a mental exactly so he put it here. He found himself in some trouble, but he's got back on its feet, is back in a house and on working to get him back into into school
but it's not a Hollywood ending. I wish he was yet. I would imagine another very far too, but we know what's his name, gardener yeah precipice earner from the The pursuit of happiness, ok, no him quite well and in those endings few rare arbitrary, where there it's it's an interesting to look at that in and say Sego through this process, and obviously the stories are kind of about changing other people, but I imagine that like theirs, The huge changes happening you going through this process without a shudder. So who's, whose but what was really who is really helping, who, I think, we'd both helping each other and are thus to reality. I mean when I did the journey when you get such kindness when you meet people who opened their hearts up in such a beautiful way, he can't help but be changed and I was definitely changed. I was changed by Tony how some because he had nothing yet he had
everything- and it was like the opposite of me because on the outside, I had everything on the inside had nothing in this chap on the inside. Had everything and the outside had nothing? What what do you mean by everything he came from his heart? He showed kindness. He was open, hearted, and I think many of us live up here. I know that I did he told me how to live down here a moment just like that wasn't just like. I met Tony all changed, but it was. It was kind of the cap list. It was another moment like woe. There's a chapter has nothing on the outside and we're taught that you To have everything on the outside, don't get me wrong. Living Austria is not fun is goes. For years. Isn't many people to differ for the whole lies. You said it all when you said he said he would protect you. Yes, I mean that. That's that to me, that's you know you I'm sorry, but you know your british but to say Chap, doesn't even
eight dresses homelessness up too much more. An American were you worry afraid when he gonna win, because that is a part of being homeless. Its extraordinary Dangerous mental illness is a real problem with homelessness some people are homeless for a reason they are, they are social myth misfits and they like being social, misfits the drugs. I mean it's a dangerous world to a similar question and I was told specifically on that night not to stay in this specific park in prices to meeting Tony I was walking the streets and strangeness look, don't stay in this park. Pastor, Sundown! Yet when I met him, he said to me: you can stay with me, every part of my body was like: do not stay on the streets of Pittsburgh.
But there was just one little small voice. That said, you have to stay with this man and I followed that voice and it was cool Because, like I said he did protect me and my intuition, just guided me, took to that mobile you religious mineral, I wouldn't you religious, I would say: are your mother faith spiritually so who is it new for you it was. Yes, it's not anymore, but it was you I believe you can have experiences like that with Tony, not change and nor not feel You're connected. Somehow exactly did you say nights without, like the place to live from place to stay and days without food, yes, not days without food. I would always find someone to give me some food, but at times was no every day. Somebody give you yes.
Truly amazing? Just sometimes you didn't have a shelter exactly, and I was sleep in the side car there was a. There was a study that came out this week. That said that, while the wealthy do give the the proportion is way out of whack the poorer you are the more likely you are to give big. You know, you'll give half of what you have to do you find a difference while you're on this street did you. What did you learn about giving up? What I learned was that people with two don't have not often have a sense of community that people who have a lot don't have a when you have this sense of community. You just give look, I was in India and I ended up sleeping the slums with this, which will drive and his family and all on the outside, I would know want to sleep in the slums of never want to live in the slums there
the sense of community in that place. That was just actions, not people too any idea when you say slums, what indian slums or like that that that is I more sewage we streets, we all. We have our own struggles, you know, for example, the voice. Recognition of car almost never recognizes that? But I would imagine going through this is a is something we're like those types of problems are put in a camp fleet different perspective for you when you went back, did we you a little grow stout by air of former lifestyle. I was most out by the way that I was living on the outside? I was grow stopped by the fact that I had no In those days sets of connection, I would grow stout by the fact that I didn't have a sense of community that I wasn't coming from my heart that I wasn't being kind that I was focused on one thing and I was just
he money, there's nothing wrong with making money, but when you just make money in Europe, come from your heart, you don't give back that gross me out. You have a hard time holding. It would mean giving a hard time going back into the world and holding tight to what you had when you are on the streets, it simple question, and sometimes yes, but I made a commitment to myself I said to myself that I was going to commit to this way of life imperfectly, because no one's perfect, I was gonna- do everything in my power to come from a place of kindness I was gonna. Do everything my power to see another human being because for many years I wasn't seen what has happened to you, that I mean you just don't wake up one morning You know what I'm gonna give it all up. What happened to you so what happened to me, was it on an emotional level, I wasn t paint many of us who in pain it we don't face. It
and the pain was so great. Do you mind explicit flitted opinion? Have here sure I mean look? I was just. Very, very depressed I never felt seen in my home and also at school. I never felt like I was following us, my purpose, and it was just it reached a point where I just just broke. The dam, and leaving my job was the only thing I could do that The pain was just too much of that we had the pay not be that much. I wouldn't have done it. No, I would still been their father, may that we live in a society now that wants to take away pain and and stuff. And I mean this like you know we gotta help suffering people, but We don't want anybody to fail. We don't want our kids to fail. You wanna swoop in there's always a drug for something there's, always a bail out for something
every lesson of real importance that I've ever learned came from the bottom. Of my soul. You know up I didn't want to be that's where I found out who I was that's when I actually grew I'm just kind of drifting along and everything is ok and I'm just kind of even numb. There's no growth there. I don't connect with anyone. I dont really outside of myself testing your Winston Churchill, Fun Winston Churchill has very things closes, I'm sure you know, which is when you find yourself walking through Hell, keep working. An you, no pain is not a pleasant known, but if you find your way through it, there's a lot of light comes your way. What do you have to tell us
about you know here an American in Europe to ensure good bad things. Are you know it over in the UK? There is trouble coming our way and I am convinced the biggest trouble that we face is from us not from the governments or many buddy trying to kill us, but from us we don't have a sense of community anymore. We dont trust each other. We dont trust our institutions and you know, do Tocqueville came from France and studied America and said in the eighteen hundred. What made Amerika great is. America was good and we ve let institutions and governments do things for us and we're losing our kindness, when you saw the streets of all over the world- and then he saw streets of America, is there difference in America, or is it the same? We more callous or we,
find, or we like everybody else. I think ultimately, one greatest lessons I learned was that everyone. Simply wherever you want does matter what religion you're does matter. What color you are simply just wants to be seen. By being seen, I mean being love being heard, having a sense of community in the western world? We come too much from our heads. We come too much, my iphones. We come to much from being connect. But not really being connected- and I would say just simplify things- go? And I speak as schools all time and I tell them look each and every one of you can change the world then you can simply change the world by being kind to each other by coming from your heart, it's such a simple thing and being connected,
and just dropping down from the madness Lee unloaded. Thetis he's got a new book out. An Netflix documentary called the kindness diaries. It is a pleasure to meet you, sir. Thank you, You were listening to the Glen Bag Programme. The programme. I have so much respect for people like Leon, and you know James alter these. The detective. You look him up. I can't think of a darn thing. I keep missing mixing up with Malcolm Gladwell. We ve had him on the show, he's a big investor. He looks very familiar Inga, whereas release of you really man, brilliant man. Fourteen million dollars in the bag and everything else, and he decided. You know what I am all about my stuff and he sold and got rid of everything,
his houses, car, his clothes. He put three outfits in a bag. Because cell phone, his computer, put it in another bag. He lives now in air being bees. He Me no doesn't own a car, he has no possessions if it can be carried in his bag. No, the Russians and the big that's a big. We had to give him on because he is interesting. The things he's learning living a life with no possessions is it's pretty amazing our cereal last episode of Calvin Coolidge. You don't want to miss it. Its next back programmes. The claim that programme, as one examines
life of America's thirtieth President Kelvin Coolidge. One thing becomes crystal clear. He is without doubt, the most underrated under appreciated President in U S history Woodrow Wilson years had wrongly magnified the office of the presidency to near monarch like status. Coolidge room First, all of that, as Amity slays, author of the book, Coolidge explains He was walking along outside one day with a senator named felt Panther, and The senator we're trying to jolly the often go on college to cheer him up and he said, wonder who lives in that pretty house with a white pillars over there and Coolidge said nobody. They just come and go Coolidge returned. The constitutional balance of power his hand Darfur Laissez Faire approach to government meddling in the economy couple
With the slashing of the federal spending and cutting of taxes led to virtual full employment and the most. Asperse Decade, perhaps in the history of mankind, the bring twenties. It worked great. We had strong growth, four percent growth, the kind of growth. That political candidates aspire to today we had low unemployment and a patent rate was through the roof. The patterns of the nineteen twenties are still studied. You know it it in scholarly journals, because inventors were so excited and the reason for all this growth was the pull back of government, but also the assurance that government wasn't going to stop pulling back people boy. But this is the new way, and there wasn't. This great uncertainty of an erratic government turned out
That wasn't accurate. The government did expand again and a little bit under Hoover and Alot under Franklin Roosevelt, but there was a sense of the private sector was winning cooled said: the chief business of the american people as business, the chief ideal of the amount, People as idealism any meant both he was a fear. Advocate for civil rights, for minorities, granting citizenship to native Americans in fighting for equality for blacks critics on the left there, often point to the immigration ACT he signed in the law, nineteen, twenty four, which dramatically chow. Off the flow of immigrants to America, is proof that it was a racist, but that are you mean, really falls apart pretty quickly, since the immigration at the time was coming from Europe, so it was almost exclusively white with a u. Population at the time of ninety nine million taking in some twenty five million new immigrants from eighteen. Seventy one to nineteen fourteen was
massive, an overwhelming challenge, Coolidge and the Congress. Wanted to give the nation a chance to assimilate those that were already here, The most controversial element of the bill was a ban on japanese citizens in the United States David. The truth. Calvin Coolidge Documentary Biography explain, the thirtieth president's problem Coolidge oppose this: his Secretary of State Charles having choose a this. They went back and forth with com several times on that. But in fact, what happens is that there is a steamroller, a steam, all are going through the Congress to restrict immigration and to restrict the Japanese, and he cannot do this. He cannot fight back against this. If he does, Beethoven what it will do is crash the entire immigration system, which was expiring by staff The fact was: Europe was a hotbed of trouble in nearly every.
The country from which the immigrants we're coming remember the backdrop revolution in just about every country in Europe. So almost rub revolution in India, Definitely revolution in Germany. Certainly ominous revolution in Russia and so on. Do we want although we should hear no and many of the immigrants here were quite interested in the revolution over their Sakhalin vans Eddie. So Coolidge was restrictions, as his party was and he signed the Johnson ACT. A quarter. Based immigration restriction, Coolidge had a presidency of first, he was the first to light the national Christmas tree. A nineteen twenty three He gave the first presidential radio address and he was the first to broadcast his inaugural address nation wide it strain
that he was the first voice to be heard because he was also a man, a very few words once when someone asked him why he spoke so infrequently. He said. If you don't say anything, you won't be the bond to repeat it, one of the few missteps of hooligans presidency couldn't have been foreseen. Coolidge had one shot. At appointing a Supreme court justice during his time in office to fill the role he eagerly he turned to his close friend, an attorney General Harlin Fisk Stone Stone, came with an excellent resume of conservatism and Coolidge confidently nominated him to the court. Sadly, as this has happened many times since, within a year, stone was siding with hard core progressives court decisions, Progressive, like Louis Brandeis, later when conservatives, like Chief Justice Hughes, join together to strike down several of abattoirs, new deal laws stone was part
the progressive element of the heavily divided court He became so reliable as a progressive than nineteen forty one after made him the chief justice. Fortunately, coolly didn't live long enough to see the decisions of those he had trusted, tear down so much of what he had built and what he had built was. Unprecedented he had strict we are here to the United States constitution. He helped pull the nation out of it deep depression in just a year. He Usher in a kind of prosperity, the country and the world had never even before witnessed when I was writing the cooling I often ask myself why I writing the biography of the twenties their warring twenty. They were real, our kids, great Gaspe. Notwithstanding our kids regret gas. And I think the twenties were alive. On the contrary, they were admirable. That was a period when we got Saturday off, because our productivity gains were so great, so think of it as a decade. The gave you Saturday
as the next election neared, the Republican Party was thrilled to have a wildly popular incumbent president. To run again, the trouble was the wild. Popular president was still really despondent over the death of his beloved son as party bosses continue to hound him about running for a second term of his own Coolidge travelled to south. The quota for the question: why would he run in twenty eight? It would only be the second time why not the Republican Party adored him. They said this is our man. He is deep. The popular could also run again or how, new weave, a sure thing. Of course, he'll run again, but in the summer of nineteen twenty seven Coolidge went to South Dakota.
For vacation and also to conciliate, he wanted to placate the farmers whom he had not given a subsidy whom he had denied subsidy with vetoes dead dead. So the result of a political part to this summer, trip as well in very was in South Dakota. Rapid city making former White House in the high school you can visit that and living in large out at in the park. Is there on that spot that the president made a decision inspired by the carvings on Mount Rushmore wiped going on in the park, alter got an bargain gulping Mount Rushmore
and he wants what. What does every artist want when he's working on something like that and appropriation or a further appropriation for this enormous gargantuan project, so in Coolidge is mine just to think of the summer he's trying to decide twenty seven, whether to run again and trying to decide about. You know, maybe visit this, this giant sculpture. Guttenberg when there's just getting going it's all together and in August Coolidge hands out a notice, I'm not going to run it and I do not choose to run again- the countries Coolidge would later right in his autobiography that the biggest factor in not running was that the job I was sucked out of his life with the death of his son
It really was the tripped amount Rushmore that help Coolidge decide against another term, as Amity Chalets explains. Coolidge goes up to Rushmore on a horse. He to see how guts on this doing, maybe two handsome dynamite over, and you can see from the video that courage is grossed out and of course he would be back Why is Mount Rushmore about superheroes, it's kind of meat in right, big figures? He are Lincoln, Jefferson and Washington, O member white dead, closed, might not like all the de are did for the Republican Party and he looks at it and you can see his ambivalence. You can see his disguise, then you can see how fast they turned away. So Coolidge determined then in there in that summer of nineteen twenty seven while in Rapid City South Dakota that he would walk away from the power of the president's there. It is exactly what it
didn't want to be the exact reason, either the monastery in office, any rights, autobiography after a while. The present gets vein the president had surrounded by yes men and he started. Believe in his own a grander and he actually says in his autobiography it's a great safety on paraphrasing hears. It may not be precisely, but it's a great safety for the president and the country and a great comfort to them for the president to know is not a great man. Carbon Coolidge is death, came just weeks ahead of the inauguration of Franklin, Delano Roosevelt, whose new deal presidency would usher in an era of massive federal expansion. So in hindsight, coolly, said something at the end of his life. That seems really appropriate. He told a friend boat. I feel I no longer fit in with these times end quote: he didn't and now in this century, since colleges passing it see
like any defender of the constitution wooden fit in with any time since his Coolidge not have considered himself a great man? but as we reflect on his incredible career, perhaps He would excuse us if we to judge him so back. The able unbelievable he's got no because I think he was a great great me that story where he goes to Rushmore and sees it being sculpted and any rational, especially the giant. Image of Theodore Roosevelt, who you didn't like these policies the way The directive is a progressive and it just. Him off. If you like, I that's what we're supposed to be about, and that's not who I want to be and what I love about. It is the ending where he saying you
become blind to. To the truth that you're, not a great man, you're surrounded by people who are yes, men, boy? That and if humility is real These scarce sure is, George Washington Calvin coolly I believe Madam Lincoln, maybe little into to No, I think Abraham Lincoln, he the easy his only his. If you can, We call this his only arrogance came, from a true belief, he was a man of destiny and not a man in destiny of get out of my way a man of crap. I don't want to do this. I mean I really believe he was true Lee Humble and all he did what he felt? He was really supposed. The difference between the two, though, is Coolidge strictly adhered to the constant? Yes, yes, and that not yes, but he was seldom.
Coolidge is. I am a new fan of Coolidge. He is definitely top three. He might be too. He might be number two. Whereas president's the glad that programme mercury. Program, so all right is going apps, Lee NUTS about the strike against Syria, and the reason why is because he was behind. Really soul. Then he sold himself as an anti war president and a guy he's not gonna, be involved, and he spoke four, and over and over again about not getting involved in Syria. Let Russia take care of this correct
he he made a big deal out of you. Ve gotta go to Congress. Brok Obama's gotta go to Congress before he does anything in Syria. Well, that's not what he did. Other people on the right and the big anti war people who believed Donald Trump was kind of guy now we're very upset. This gonna caused problems in the White House. I'll explain it to you. Next bank were correct.
This is the police radio on demand. Preliminary be careful. When I tell you that you can use the nuclear option last night, some of the things that are going on that was in Congress for the scottish Vote Supreme Court Justice gotta be voted on today. It's probably gonna come out what fifty five forty eight forty to forty eight, probably have added a few more senators hundred isn't necessary a hearty bats. Fifty five families live. It is eager to. I think, because there was two votes that happened last night. And the second one was for an upper down vote and I think it went. Five. Forty five one was stop it that went down party lines. And this one is this one is expected now that
Schuman released. Everybody said: look if you're in a red state you gotta vote. We got above and that's when that boat. When fifty Forty five. So that's all they got a few demagogic you'll get right. Camp Donnelly, Mass Mansion- that's what's gonna probably happened here in a few minutes. You gonna have a new supreme. Oh I don't know the story. I was making money or mass skills shut up and then and then gold is up. Stock market is down and the world is in real chaos, and I dont know how to predict the White House. I'm gonna give you a couple of stories, so calm, three people are dead this morning there was a terror attack. What's gonna happen with North Korea, and I want to talk politically here for a second and give you a scenario that I think is you,
agree, but I think likely to happen, and we go there right now. The fusion of entertainment and didn't lightened- and this is the glen- pray. Let me tell you about the war. That is, that is happening right now with the Trump supporters, the all right, who love Russia and do not want In war, in fact, the old right is is very nationalist, but they want to pull
back and bring the army's back into the United States, and they saw Donald Trump is a guy. Who would do that and the reason why they saw him is that guy's, because he said that's who he was, I don't believe that I haven't believed that you know here Who said we can't get mixed up in in a ran in a rack. Russia take care of Syria and last night he made a very bold and decisive move. Its risky move. I think with the timing of China being in there. I think it was providential because I I'm Hoping that it will show China that this I will move on his own and they don't want us moving in North Korea. I don't to be moving in North Korea, but something ass to be done, and maybe China will get involved in this. And maybe they will stop North Korea
I will tell, but But take you down the road and move move ahead and let's just let's just look at things. Are possible and ask: are they probable to happen? you're already seeing Donald Trump, having historic loaves of what thirty seven percent approval rating is used. Between thirty six and forty three or an historic glows. No president has ever been that low nets, not, as is pointed out that site. You know, Sir Please moving that along quicker than because I mean I every most president's hit a low point, an end. These this low point is not historically, over a president? Nobody knows that this is an area that is a honeymoon wrecked. The honeyed there's usually a honeymoon perry wherever runs a sixty five percent for a few months. Ok, so. Why is his approval rating that lot well? It started pretty low in the first place and then he de the Muslim Ban would
wasn't a muslim ban but he called it a Muslim, then a ban when he signed it. It was thrown together and Anne who, through together, who lead that. I mean it was abandoned the abandonment and locate, ban and move. Then that hurt him badly and the next thing that he did and remember also he brought they brought it back up and has again been overturned. So it's happened twice and correct. Then he starts with healthcare and who is the architect of Healthcare, Paul, Ryan and banning and ban and is the one that says: don't worry, you're going to be able to get the Freedom caucus two fold you just all their feet to the fire and tell them that they're gonna be primary and you'll, get them to fold intact, ban and was reportedly the one who actually deliver that message, along with the mulvaney to Freedom Caucasus, that battle how that work out did not work out freedom caucus. Elected representatives and they actually think for themselves
How did that work out for Donald Trump did not work out? Well that helped and if he was a big supporter of of that Ryan Healthcare Bill, I'm in here he went as they said, he's ex, even when they are turning them credit, the reins of the rose. Had he expended incredible energy and political capitals. Try to get that so now, a guy who does not like to lose Donald Trump. Has listened to advice from banning twice and has lost Bigley so Now what's happening there, and is saying cut off the goober right here near the son in LAW, Donald Trump, who is, put in charge about almost everything big in the White House. By all accounts, really really smart, really really good, but a Democrat.
And not a fan of banning, there now in aid death match behind genes according to some ban in his said, I like a good gunfight. Well, I like a good. Fight, but I like a good gunfight where its fair and here's It's not fair, here's why it's not a fair fight for you, because you're fighting the sheriff son, the sheriffs daughter, The sheriff saga, let that go on too long- the show if his knock and allow you off his son in law. So forget about gunfights, let's look at what's probable. Kirshner is bringing in Democrats down to the White House and the allies of banning has said there is a war inside the White House between the Democrats and the Nationalists.
The Nationalists, are going to lose just think of this in your own. If you're going to work, you have a boss who you are you are close to and you have helped out you know that his tendency is to go the other day action away from you? but you had a good run with him. Now you had too bad really bad experiences with him and he's gonna Can it you sideways and his family has Looking at you sideways for a long time, and now he's family members he's starting to turn to his family members. More and more- and you know when he turns to the family members. You know the family members are saying you got to get rid of this. Guy you gotta get rid of this guy sky is no good how many times this had happened before you start looking for a job. Now you
I'd, stay and fight it out, but you're starting to look for a job ok when you're, when the family member its bringing in more people than you can bring in then all agree with the family members. How long do you have. So Bannon whether he knows it or not, is a smart man. I'm sure he knows it is is done soon. His influence is gone now. One of the reasons why he has influence is because of the Mercer family, the Mercer. Are this family that that really are propping up bright Bart their spending. What sixteen million dollars of their own money at at bright Bart. They are the reason why they ve kind of pushed all of the ban and stuff in the White House, because they came with money and said I will help you Donald Trump, we'll get you elected, but we We want these things
I think, Donald Trump soon is going to say. You know what I paid for those things I did. I made some appointments based on your recommendations. I paid for those things than this guys giving given me advice that keeps losing, and I don't like to lose New York Times, reported that exact thing today. What that that that is exactly how trumpets reacting right now to the murders quickly that vague as exactly that. I'm telling you this is. This is not just prob I think this is likely to be the story soon. So then, what happens ban and leaves a ban in can leave the White House in shame but he's also a guy that doesn't like to lose You can say that maybe he wants to stay and keep some connections with the Eight house blah blah blah, but why. You will why you you're walking the walk of shame back too bright barred after losing your job to a Democrat.
Remember, it was your paper, your website. That said, oh, no, that will never happen. He'll never turn left he's one of us after you ve been the man to man. These minimum, I augur well he's been the main any was shown the door by the democratic, son in law. Now ban and has a guy he's a guy who likes to he's, got axe to grind and he'll find acts after acts after acts and he'll grinding all day long. So what happens to too bright Barton Bannon. They start to become an anti trump site because Trump has. And in his people. Remember all that ban and really wants is chaos. He wants to burn the whole system down so that actually helps him, going now on the outside and say I was part of it, but This guy is a sell out this guy's dangerous.
Guy, went and he's ease, or why you're here then became a Democrat and brought all of his kids in will now, He's got the chaos, because it takes the goober trappers and turns them against Donald Trump, the People who were in the middle, who held their nose for Donald Trump, are now seeing that Donald Trump is going to start looking at universal health care that but what they wanted. The left, is going to smell blood in the water, though, in Congress who want to put the president in there in his place. They were, They will do the investigations and if they don't do the investigations on the mid term elections o the Democrats will, I think, you're looking at a lame duck, president, if not now very soon what happens with with poor
What happens with this strike last night. It goes well. It helps the press. And for a little while, but he better, have a win here and a win for his base and If ban and leaves, I think you looking at a lame duck president, and as We are saying that this may have from MIKE Alan who we know very well known, insider Washington, president. Is considering a broad shake up of his White House, they could include the replacement of White House Chief of staff rights previous and the departure of chief strategist, Steve Band AIDS and advisers. Tell us tat. They do tat says is contemplating major changes, but the situation is very fluid at the time of that and it is uncertain. Things are happening, but it clear that the president is willing to pull the two Insider say that the possibilities for chief of staff include Kevin Mccarthy. As majority leader, we
urban of Blackstone Group, a wash in heavy hitter was assistants, who was an assistant secretary of Commerce under George W Bush Dave of the Washington advisory firm American Continental Group, former chief of staff to Ireland Spectre. Only and Gary Cone trumps economic advice your former number two Goldman Sachs was also you know close with commissioner he's part of the reserve, commissioner, he puts the Earl Inspector or the Goldman Sachs guideline. The ban and leaves you think break. Part is the dock starts spinning up that he's a Goldman Sachs guy. Now, how about all of a sudden I care about? Go all of a sudden they'll be globalist in the White House, I'll be a fun. Throw back I'll, be obvious. Choice is the old Spectre guy Why would you said the Earl Inspector guys, the person who should be put into this particular role? I do you have any
I will give you an answer is not very often that we get to do I'll. Insect general leaves tromp last. I always like he's back from the dead every. How can I can I take this one step further I have a lame duck. President if this, if this would happen You'll have a lame duck, president that will only have executive orders and war to do yeah executive order, Jan WAR. What usually happens when somebody wants to drive their ratings up? it's usually war or its big gifts. If we have war, if North Korea becomes unstable, if the Middle EAST becomes really truly unstable.
If we go to war, look what happened last night Goldwyn up fifteen dollars stock market too immediately last night stock bar is already losing money because there are there you're saying. You know what we baked in this cake. Something the Trump drunk going to do, and I don't think he's gonna do it now. And so now the stock market is starting to retreat. We have a huge hit somewhere. All bets are off all that's her off, because when Ronald Reagan or somebody else said I have a big huge shake up in the White House- You usually went either bad, because he's got become softer with the press. You know he's gonna care or it's good. Because he's gonna be a little stronger I have no idea what this shake up means, I have no idea.
He's a wild card now with. Could we're getting is so much power. It tells me that he's probably going to lean towards the Democrats now, but that mean what does that mean for the economy? What I mean for anything, What does that mean if we go to war it's also amazing to see how the Democrats keep reacted to this, because if they, if they played the smart he is so vulnerable to agree with Democrats on every policy from all you have to do is charming and instead, they D day after an operation that their protest. We remain at your. How is it link haven't gotten that meant cause? They will get to do any of the nice about the guy and he loves you can't I've. I convinced of it. They can't because they ve made him so toxic. Any is so toxic. They use
I don't want to stand by him. The tunisian entertainment and didn't like this. This is the Glen Back Programme, mercury. This is. That programme has turned to Stockholm, Sweden. This is gonna play Well Ford, Donald Trump and I mean I'd say that way: three people are dead, but it is in Sweden. Exactly. He said there is a problem, and then everybody in the press, there's no problem in Sweden, is seems to be the new Emel of terrorism right driving into a problem that was part of what they called for. So that's that is indeed what happened in Stockholm, and I thought nothing was going on in I thought everything was fine, so isn't it what they said. What do you mean? Things are gonna Sweeteners, often Abigail Jerry will. Sweden is on them
the all of Europe is all of Europe. Is Europe, Is it your eyes on the brink of disaster and to please, Listen to please don't listen to the main stream media this? It's it's Europe is on the brink of disaster and its its for multiple reasons, but most of them, revolve around multiculturalism by the way, The daily mail is now reporting at least five people dead and through gunman opened fire more on that and Syria when we come back. This is the glad that programmes are. This is the Glen Bag programme. Gimme the update on what terrorism in Sweden because nothing is running suing. Others go on and positive,
there is actually no way anyone was shooting anyone in Sweden because they have strict gun laws, has some of the strictest in the world up to five people, however, are believed to have been killed. Stolen truck rammed into shoppers in Stockholm and then three men leaped out of the view, an open fire on police who surrounded the vehicle, they also ran through the shopping center stabbing in shooting at people seventy wounded. Do you know yet it doesn't? It doesn't say here at least Five dial dead there has to be my wife or wounded to suspects, have are thought to have been arrested. Probably no description or any name The tab store, no nine, those who has said that it appeared to be a terrorist attack. Ok, something
The conclusion, no doubt there I know they're, probably fraud. Brown. French protestant. Probably yes, so will lie Ireland worth Irish yeah. Well, there's irish terrors array of they were if they were territory. If the governments going on terrorists, they know that the irish Irish, the fighting IRA, shallow ratio will keep you, Two speed on that and I'm sure there's gonna be some huge surprises on who perpetrated that attack. Also with Syria. Last night, fifty nine crews missiles fired at an air base in Syria where the Sarah gas was believed to been originated. Russia- is in a tough spot here, because Russia brokered the dealey, was Putin's credibility. Putin said You know what I found out knows. We ve gotten all of their chemical weapons.
And so now did you get all their chemical weapons? Did you even look for their chemical weapons, he's under fire from the global community, because He was the one that lied to the globe about chemical weapons. Beside now that he's use them. We ve practice this or rehearse this for two days and providentially the President, was meeting with the president of China last night the reason I say this is providential is because we have North Korea. North Korea is a much bigger problem than Syria weak, not go it alone, and North Korea, we we strike North Korea. Kim Jong on, is crazy enough to launch nuclear missiles. He made lunch nuclear missiles. But he has enough or out or artillery
the fire over the border, the Demilitarize zone and hits? all that within two hours, soul, will be wiped out people living soul. Can you look up live lives? If five million a year is not to be so but does it again the dead, the death toll? We'll go through the roof. This is this like world war to kind of scale conflict. We, don't want to go that alone, ten million people so. Why was this providential last night because president has said in several statements he's done with North Korea, he'll go it alone. He doesn't matter care about what the world says he's done with it. We didn't have any credibility with our allies and with our enemies abroad that we meet what we say he said earlier
here this week, that Syria would that that would not go unpunished or unanswered and we just answered it and we answer did in a pretty, ballsy way, and we did it while The president was having dinner with China. He's look, at the leader of China. In the eye and saying look, I don't care if anybody but he joins me or not. We are going to not that stand, which reminds me we need to talk. North Korea, because we will. That stand either. China, does not want us destabilizing that area too It has also not wanted to go in and do anything they like it when we're busy with North Korea, but having us in their life. The korean war, there also knocking alike. So perhaps.
Providence, has lent its hand and help us make a case to China that you need to take care of North Korea, so we don't have to have this made of do not put a little low shock to a little. In North Korea to say- and I see we will- the sheriff and yeah there's possibility. Learn, coolly is in town, Lauren is but he who's been listening to show for a long time. You were in high school when you start essential yeah I school, do you did your parent serve any time for that cruelty or not at all? In fact, tat I was watching you, tv when my parents were watching one thing, and I was in the in the other room watching Glenn back on tv, you, while you were weird q- yes, that's true or not, and I did so and then, when you were in high school, you read common sense and it
the book. That may mean decide. I wasn't just a Republican, but I was actually a conservative to and probably conservative Pherson Republic second, and why was that? Do you know I think it's gonna cut through? all the talking points, and it said like here's, some common sense, no pun, here's some common sense issues that nobody is talking about and explain things so simply that it wasn't like after to vote for this party or Thou party? Wasn't you have to toe the party line? It was. These are things that are really gonna to help our country and make sense there things that have been around it's not brand new. Why are we talking about these things? Weren't? We thinking about these things and for me it just it clicked and it made sense. So how would remove the doom I was sixteen or seventeen well. How much would you love to have your sixteen or seven in your old reading on their own, something like common sense, and we, like I'm thinking about these big issues that that's remarkable.
So then you live in Florida and you're doing is speaking to her now for college students. Ok tell me about it s our trail action. I was helping students get out the vote and doing a big voter registration RAM and then now the elections over all right. What do we do on campus right? So all these students have come to mean. Ok, you gave me such great direction during election, but now what- and so that's The practice of speaking to us called make campus great again when you own purposes, sometimes So where can get away with it? Last night we heard screaming yelling outside the door. We thought maybe this protesters it wasn't, but I thought that would give me some street credit. But yeah, going to different college campuses and basically saying. For so long. We ve been playing defence rate. We wait around for some left his group on campus to say we hit the amount. And flag, let's get rid of it, and then we starts all what we love the flag. We want to keep it when you're, always playing defence. Why don't we want?
offence for these America first policies that we care about instead away, for some kind of controversy and keep us to happen when we start pushing hard and I'm going to the student government saying hey. We received taxpayer dollars, we, of our country, we wanna always prominently display the american flag and get something passes. A resolution on the front end that we were not always playing defences, what things that's a good example is you're when you say multiple things, because you said a couple of things: is kind of put a red flag up in my head and that's America first that we have to be careful with America. First, it's is our principles. First Where do you stand on free speech on campus and safe spaces and people, your age stand on that rights out to answer America first, but I always tell people Obviously when it comes to principles, everybody has equal intrinsic value right. But when you come to it a nation state, that's where you have start, deciding with a social contract
What is what is the role of that organization that government sown in that sense? That's what we're tired America, first girls by yacht free speech on college campuses such a difficult topic, because it's not but the administration wants to shut down other ideas, although a lot of times it is they just like to have controlled and they don't like any type of organised chaos, and so for college students on most camp this is even worse. On private campuses, there's something qualify. Each zone. You can only articulate controversial values. This small little area, and so I've actually encourage students to do on this tour. Is to go out and purposefully provoke. Their administration, into telling them that they are not allowed to be talking about some issue outside of the free speech sound so upon purposely instead of just outside of the free speech them with a sign that says I'm not in. Free speech zone. I have first of many whatever might be and get them on film.
Our so that they can actually go and use it either with the student government, our trustees or you for media or even for a legal case and say here's an doc. An example we ve actually shown. The administration is trampling on our free speech rights and then be able to make policy change. What we wouldn't people dream. I would think that college students, would be the first to say, don't trample on my right to speak in any correction. I mean the reason we have ten year is: that is so that twenty five years ago, a professed could say global warming is gonna happen, we're all gonna die. We ve got a ban oil because it was under virtual right and needed to make sure you could keep his job now, We have to be able to have ten years, so some professor could say Global warming stuff is not of a crap. On a university campus
It should be the place where you are the most uncomfortable yap solely. I think gum learning is supposed to be exploring new ideas, things that are uncomfortable. I've seen at least when I was in undergrad about for five years ago. Free speech zones trigger warnings. They weren't really that big of a thing it's really even been in the last five years or so with the left- has become so extreme. Who's driving that is at the students is, is it the faculty? I think it's our culture and I think the culture comes from a lot of times these astroturf protests that gets into, culture, celebrities promoted different student groups on campus that are left wing. Have different organizations that are funded made by George Soros, giving them talking points indifferent, activism, price next and then that starts creating where it looks like it's natural and calmly from the students students for the most part left and right agree was safe zones. Now, absolutely not clothes getting at is about five years ago? People don't care.
Where the other, but I think the farther left. Our culture gets the more that people are going to push back that's. What we're seeing even with teenagers in high school and now on college campuses is that it used to be countered, sure to be liberal, but now we see in Hollywood in our government for the past eight years, our culture, that normal ultra. Is this liberal progressive, be nice, be politically com You can only use your free speech and in a safe little box words away from Ruby else, young people like to be radical. They liked to be counter culture, and I think that's where we're seeing conservative values come back. This push against political correctness, a push against trigger warnings, and it's really need to see in actually pulling and trending the younger generations even younger than millennials, and then New wave of college students now, as opposed to five years ago that were voting for President Obama, there's a push back and really excited about seeing that on campus and that's kind of my tours about is these practical ways is actual tactical steps. They can take to make a difference and push backing
See things Lauren, coolly, Lauren, cruelly dot com is her web addressing find out more about her and what she's doing Lauren coolly dotcom nice to meet you. I thank you for having thanks for by that time triple eight seventy seven back. Carry. So got to North Korea. We ve Syria and now Sweden, Sweden, everything spoke about. You know do no made this November November thing twenty first or twenty third is my turn. The first year of sobriety, nowhere in Moscow I turned twenty one. Which I believe is the universal date for drinking granting a white Riah leave. I have graduated my twenty first birthday
that I will be able to drink again and again moment, you will convince resolve. That is true that as a good ally, luckily I won't by year. What is it now wait? A minute so maybe arises. Jeffreys mapping added boy was Arthur. I well, let me make it to the darker, for you think you re bear reporting foxes learned. A russian warship has entered eastern Mediterranean Sea heading towards to U S Navy destroyers, that launched airstrikes last night. Yes, They are going to protect the ice now, while there are going to protect them Space they're gonna. Make sure that we don't do anything like that again, not going to launch against us they're, just gonna, stand guard and and protect the airspace. Hurts Israel that hurts us, but if, Donald Trump does what he said in the campaign, which is walk away, walk away.
Let them have it, but I, there's gonna, be a negotiation for this. Quite honestly, I think we're, I have to give up the missile shield we talked about it earlier today. I think we have to give up the missile shield, which was which would be horrible. My opinion- that's horrible! That's good in Poland. Back to the former Soviet Union, Romania, Georgia. All of that just give it back. I mean if this is it right, I mean it's. No one wants any of these. Things have happened, but if this is it hopefully We can send a message and move on. Yes, you know, I really know ass. My hope might hope is. Is it he struck, Divine Providence wakes China up. That take care of North Korea. We leave Syria, Russia alone and You go back to arguing about things that really are stupid and say what you want about trompe. Does he has some real smart military means? Rather I mean I sat and master is not hopeless,
Yes, he does pray for our nation pray for a president. This is the Glen Back Programme,
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