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5/12/17 - Bill O'Reilly talks to Glenn in his first interview since leaving Fox News

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Humans and sharks doing things they shouldn't be doing together? ...President Trump calls FBI Director Jim Comey a 'show boat' ...Bill O'Reilly joins Glenn for the first time since leaving Fox News ...Has O'Reily been the target of left wing lies? ...How far can you stretch a $25 million dollar settlement?...A lesson in pronunciation ...What is 'poogling' and does President Trump do it every morning? ...Child porn PSA. Real or not? You decide. The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand, hello, America. she's everything going on. I reject the news. they re examining go on. The only Lester holds strangely Jefferies president of his fanboys clubs. Lester hold the president yesterday, and there has been a little confusion about The story is: how is play? What does it mean? How does it your life. Why should we continue to talk about these things. We have some perspective on that also in just about six minutes from now bill. O Reilly is gonna, be joining us, the first interview with Bill O Reilly, since he left Fox we're gonna talk about call me and a lot more,
We begin right now you should have entertained, meant and didn't might in the green or there's a controversy brewing in Florida about a guy who was caught naked in the back of a boat with a shark doing things that men in short, Don't usually do well, If we wanted to have your house, where is your home, This is really little like us. Effie strangely looks like Jeffrey, but there's a conjure resigning a couple, a very famous people are seriously coming out and say: that's not me. That is not me
one of them is the head of the Florida gaiters of the coach of the Florida gaiters. the other guy, is Jimmy Johns. Finally, Johns founder and I gotta tell you, does look like the German found. I'm sure it's not, but it does look a little like the Jimmy jumps Johns Bill really coming up in an hour. Let's start with. Yes, is interview with Lester Hole, and the President of the United States listen he's issue bout he's a grand stander. The FBI has been We started to turn right may not get very far. President is this: you wanted to get rid of them because he's a show bolder and credit stander. Let's leave it at that and move on, that everybody knows that you take a look at the FBI a year ago, it was in virtual term less than a year ago. It has it
from that smaller stop. I know people in the FBI. That is not true. there was turmoil. It was because of the Obama administration giving dictates to law enforced that was causing them to ignore things that they shouldn't be ignoring the the call me is very well respected with the agents in the FBI. I find that very well. What is effective foreign testimony yesterday was of the acting F B. I director yet aim at that. That's not it's not true! The rank and file love us love this guy. Actually, this guy is sky really. Is the the guy in shining armor heat. They believe. The FBI agents believe that this guy is a decent guy. They may not agree with everything he does, but they, generally speaking, believe he is a decent guy who's, trying to do the right thing aren't gonna. Have you met with the
deputy ensuring general rod. Rubinstein right. Did you ask for a recommendation? I did is. I was going to fire common legislation, instep notice, he didn't answer. Yes, he and he slows down I'm a big I'm a big in the in audio, because I've been in tough enough and so I just know what you're thinking did you do you meet with him. What I did was he's being very careful now, don't say ass. What I did was I was going to fire him my decision. I was in a fire him anyway, why not you? that decision before they came, I was going to fire call me. it is no good time to do it by the way They live in your letter, I accepted accepted their reckoned media authority. May that is all I was going to fire, regardless of recommendations very room. He made a recommendation is highly respected, very good.
A very smart guy in the Democrats like em publicans like him, he made a wreck. nation, but regardless recommendation I was going to fire comic. Let me ask you. I absolutely believe that I am but we believe those may give Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt here. I absolutely believe. That's the truth. I do also believed that he asked sessions and what's his name, Roth's were what's today than a Rothstein. I I believe that he asked them for those to back him up, so he had the yet another reason to button up his case, but he wanted to fire him. I think that confusion comes from Donald Trump, we'll just make today and to do something and if he's got his mind, made up he's gonna, do it you. Let me put it this way, how many times in this company, when this company wasn't
wasn't in line with my values or principles. Ok and- say my values and principles were crazy, let's just say that and I would say, we're going to do this. We're gonna. Do this we're gonna, do this and everybody would say yeah yeah, we're gonna, do that and it wouldn't, and then I would just get on the air. He does drive you. Nuts, hey we're when the Jerusalem there we're gonna do they show when it was still being fought about behind the scenes. I just made the executive decision. I don't care what anybody says: we're going to rent Dallas Cowboys Stadium, We are going to Jerusalem and doing restoring courage. Because I knew no one would have a choice anymore. If we were spending all of our times, spinning our wheels arguing we're doing it. I think in some ways that's exactly the way to hold trump except I dont think he thing about it like I've played it all the way that I could and then I knew it's not gonna be done unless I just say it. I don't think you
in that way, I think he's just more impulsive and he's like I'm gonna fire him. Well, let's you know, can we have some other people sure how about if we get Rothstein end and sign a rolling stone rota, Sir Rosen Stein Rosen. as already go up. I don't know how or roses arose arose in Stein and and Jeff sessions to write that fine. He he's already there. He writes it now others go out. and probably not, even with him. I don't think he has. The attention span to sit around me in a bad way, he does doesn't idiot, this ban. Nor does he care about what the press people are going to say his press people. he thinks he's the only one that can handle it anyway, as though There- talk about ok, so they led his office there like So how are we gonna make this? Look? He did it because of this. He got the wreckage.
Asians. It says that in the letter, so let's just stand on that, I think, even if it were doesn't even if everybody believed that three days ago and Lester hoped did this. He still would have said this today, this he would have still country. because in his mind that's the fruitless he's he didn't here about I'm somebody else said. Maybe we Have those up good. I have those India, they recommend they recommended, but I was gonna. Do it anyway I think, that's true. I think if there was no controversy- and he was completely praised for this also said the same thing- I think it's true, I don't think there's any calculation here on his part. He's not here. made it worse, because his people are spent and he may have been involved in that I dont know, but his people are they're, playing, regular politics and spinning some,
that they know is horrible and hidden care he's, as I made the decision period and so he's. either either inadvertently or knowingly throwing his own people under the boss of his defenders because of its defenders were saying he had nothing to do with this. This was you know. He just took the recommendation and the same goes for several days and then you come, completely contradicts them right. That's why he creates a mess he's too. He lives in the moment and there's no thought of well. What's the right, to do what the right way to do it. Then there is- little bit of a focus on untroubled holding him to me like he can. He can be his decision And he also acted upon the wreck recommendation because recommendation agreed with his decision. Yes, you know, so it's not so implementation with club. It's just that. He is
No, why the white House- and this is not even trump per se- is much more. The surrogates come out and try to justify right. The things that he as in some are usually just as he suggests have come out, is if his arrogance came out, he should have picked up the phone or he should have just while picked up the followed and gone to twitter You said I will make it clear here. off the recommendation, but A fire him anyway. This is that they buy, up what I believed and then this this would have been, it would have been fixed, but it it would have been. It would have been consistent. Let go of more audio you about your termination letter to MR coming right. I greatly appreciate informing me on three separate occasions that I am not under investigation pointed to put that in their because he told
There are many told me he told you want under investigation, we gotta run. I regard her right hand, but I've heard that from others I think was attentive illegal stuff here that little escape hatch. The eyes you, he told you use it. While he told me that You heard him say that he said that to you three times, and I heard it from others- was a game had joined other road and but then he does double down. Are I go ahead? Big face? I had a dinner with him. He wanted to have dinner because you wanted to stay on. We had a very nice steadily. Why do you ask at dinner, was arranged. I think he has for the dinner and he wanted to say as the F b I head, and I said you know, Consider- will see what happens. but are we had a very nice dinner and at that time,
me you are not under investigation. I wish I knew anyway. That was one meeting. What was it will present a year under investigation you giving all sorts of doubt in examining? I knew I wasn't under one, and I heard it was stated at the committee at some Emily level than I was you go in the finnish nobles who they didn't come driving during the phone call, he said it and then doing another phone call. He said sorcery once at dinner and then he said it twice doing from this. Do you call him in One case I called him in one case, you called, and if you ask me my under investigation, I actually asked him. Yes, I said: if possible, will you let me know under investigation that too, but he's giving soaring testimony that there is an ongoing investigation into the Trump campaign and possible coup, with the russian government, you were the centrepiece of it. You are entirely right is all very well, but I know that I'm not under investigation me personally. I am not talking about campaigns
talking about anything else, I'm not under investigation It is a virus like there's just so many investigations that so many of them. I don't know, but I do know it's not me. I mean you can give us an in a million different ways. I think he he's trying to assert authority right I mean is it does not tell me that I took a recommendation. This guy, I hadn't, heard about twenty four hours ago. Rosen Stein who's that I made the decision? It's me rusting Goethe, we're gonna go across the river Roma than I ever heard of him right of Gore up until three days ago, either exactly like. That's not good from baseline, take recommendations from some guy he's. He realizes that's a justification. He doesn't care if their popular from Republicans, Regrettably, does he would have never been elected, but that's not the way. He ran campaign. That's not the way. He acts in his life right. He doesn't care about those things he realizes they came out and try to put the best face they
on this, because they are every one in the White House knows that if Trump comes out unjust fire, some guy who's potentially investigating him. It's gonna be a problem, so they came up with a good justification. as to why they give a detailed one and then you can trumped came out need, so it did so as not to use it s done is. I think this is what is theirs number inefficacious. Forty is an area so we're we're getting it into now. Sarah Huckabee and ensure spice or because there is some there's some intrigue. burning there that I think, is really interesting. Andy the Trump tweets today the tweets are important, which are really important and is it in his tweets? Where he's stocks about maybe a written statement from here and now so yes, yes, says you're gonna, look at you! You have to hear this, after a year at all in context, it's quite an amazing statement. Today. As I mean I hate to break the ice, I think I mean I think those tweets come out where
he's in the John I have these who sit on the japanese Rien these tweets and he's like you know what I want it. So you know. would you like a haughty talk of a he's alone. It is a little mad or happy. Has he any just? Doesn't that I've been I'm sorry? That may not be the case, but that's the way I always see, because that's we re People really are first, I'm using that when he was still living in New York, the young, It was always for thirty. Five lock them? Young eastern gear is getting our peace viewing obvious, since neither John any reading about whatever obvious do whatever lies. There is absolute you're listening eagerly the bird glaring that programme the Cologne back Programme- mercury
for the loose letter. I get all the info. You need to know what collect Baghdad com bill, O Reilly. In his first interview since leaving Fox NEWS, We're gonna talk to him just so you know in advance what try to pry a few questions for you, answers out of him on. You know him, but We have invited him to come on to talk about the news of the day. You know very important. Voices are disappearing. and I sure would like to hear different. It's a view and bill has had law. The time- and I am sure I will bet you like a rocket he is exploding- inside watching the news and not having his our show at night to be able to say, ok This is what this means. So we have him on in just about forty five minutes or so all right Let me talk to you a little bit about Sarah Huckabee she's been filling in
Sean Spice, or do we have the audio of Sarah? How could we could play a real, quick, fire. On my birthday, I don't think there every attempt to pin the decision on the deputy- look, I think his reckon nation again. It was extremely clear. The president, though, makes the decision the buck stops with him. Nobody's ever tried to say that this wasn't the president's decision that he wasn't the one that carried it out The two tried, I think, come late, those things it is just not what took place. How do you feel about an answer? I mean look, these be worn, impossible positions, but you know that is absolutely what they said coming. They definitely put the they didn't, pin it on them. He put it in
in a dynamic wrote a letter remedy agreed with the decision. Obviously he didn't lovey here, it's not what he did say or what they did say. It's what they didn't say. there. We were, they say they would nobody tried to do that? Well, when you leave out the fact that the press had already made up his mind. This was the last straw. That's that that simple information. That's a lie of omission, and it's it's. It's also just emphasis right, like I emphasize the letter and they didn't say initially that he had been thinking about it since the election. They didn't say any of that. They added that in later- and you know Thirdly, Rothstein was rose at a time when ever at that guy, he was up saying that it is a rule. By the way. Could I just break this down and ass? Is there a rule on the eye in the EU which ones are Stein and which ones esteem cause? I never get that right. I don't it's rose and stuff data that, where that is his actual now just keeps group made up of roses.
and he there are reports that he was upset that he was saying he might leave the Dear J saying: that's not true, so we don't know exactly what what the cases there. But point? Is they definitely seem to take a different direction? It may very well have been Trump saw, em We won saying well he's d just took the this guy, Rosen Stein said he didn't want call me so Trump listen and that annoyed drum that that actually taking the decision making ability out of him. I agree with you. It may very well that was a knowing him and that's what he came out again has pushed the other way and now disagreed publicly with right. So I dont think that it's a sincerity is a no lie of omission. Now here's agreed here's what I wanted to get to enough we're running out of time, so I get toenails. What happened is shown spice here this week there was a, I think there was a message being sent to shine spicy this week.
Somebody I dont know who fall into line he's been gone, spin he's been serving in the face of the National Guard of the reserve. These goals, begone for weeks, lilies back like right now and it's christening how this all came out. The way will there back programmes, the Glen Back programme are monitored. little bit here and then we gotta get to the tweets on call me. this isn't going well for anybody right now Sean Spacer is probably one of the only guys we're it's kind of working out for him earlier. This week, I read a story that looked like now. I want you to know I I I
I can be a little more open now about what the things that I saw at Fox, because it's out, and so I can vera some of the things I dont know. Any of other really bad things they went on I do know some character things that made me very uneasy other things that I do know is that when I was at Fox it was very clear that those at the top light to pit people against each other and the philosophy was. I believe that when talent is pitted against each other and when they are in somebody's trying to stab in the back mode, they'll do a better job, and so they I told the shows competing against each other. I never play that game. It bothered me deeply. You know I like em a team player, let's, let's play on the same team and
I strongly disagree with it as a guy who's worked in radio forever and don't respond to negative encouragement. It really bothered me Well, as I read this about Sean Spacer, it said that Sean spice her They were using this time of him away to see because ethical questions about him and his performance in the White House, well peaceful, he's out serving his tree, he's still in the reserve and he goes out and he spends a couple of weeks as required by law, and so here he's on reserve duty. So it's not like he's just out in the first kind of spin on this work insiders of the White House? That said, oh he's he's gone and its good timing, as they really need to view no work out some things which shone and we're gonna try Sarah Huckabee, and then it was all about Sarah.
Maybe I know, because I worked in television, especially with women when somebody would go on vacation they would put somebody else in and firstly with women. It was usually somebody younger and in this spirit. there now and they put that person in, and then hell yeah there on vacation, but boy, isn't she a great job, and It was a message to the person on vacation, you're replaceable, I own you play ball with me Kay. I think somebody was sending a message to shun spacer now, maybe they are not happy with his work. I don't how you could I mean I don't know what you expect from people who have to go out there and have no clue as to what their what you're to do and how to defend. But John spice
I dont think somebody in the White House was happy then, the next day we saw that what name the lunatic guy I'll extra Alex Jones HEAT weeds or something. What was it reads en route story on his website? Ok, that Sean spice may be on the way out. He'll be fired at the next couple of weeks. Is a white House sources confirm he's gonna next weekend, that's very bright bark, that's very steep Dan I would say that is very Roger Ales, but its very Steve Ban. It that's the way that happens, gay and sometimes not about being fired is about putting your thumb on top of them, so you're in control. Well, here's why that this is interesting, and why why I didn't bring it up two days ago, Sean spices on his way. to the White House how everybody is questioning Sarah Huckabee now the roles of reversed and when you are
King S, son spice, or as the hero to rush into save the day like mighty mouse. That shows how How were we, how would you phrases how thin the benches- it's not a deep bench for going out and and and and being the press secretary for for this White House now here is a very disturbing tweet. That is a threat, and I hope that it is well there's no way it has to stand on its own. There's, no two ways to read: it: Anybody who threatens this. You have to take seriously listen. What Donald Trump has treated today so that, as a very active president with lots of things happening, it's not possible for my surrogates to stand at the podium with perfect accuracy may be the best thing to do cancel all future press briefings and hand out written responses for the sake of accuracy, something as Jeffrey. You will tell you
over and over again he's predicted from the beginning gently rising, has still going. We have a different set of fertile, the blood willing. He said this is. This is why I have to take this seriously remember when they said they just spent all that money they tore up the West wing during Obama for other things, that They put underground, usually the usually the stuff. above ground is not what you know. That's not a big deal at the White House. I think they did some things: D, underground in the West Wing, but on top of it they built the new press way. And you remember, when went down from first came in he said, I'm moving them to the executive off, Do the executive mansion, which is outside the fence hey it's in another building its next door, but it's another building and He said that I thought holy cow, this guy it. There's gonna be no oversight from the press. If he's moving
press into another building, that's intense, so I gotta take him. seriously that he would do yes it's a warning shot. Really you want to We want to give my people a hard time, they don't know everything's going on good. are you with a with a letter. from time to time. I will now, of course, one of the main issues. Here is the letter that the letter that he released that were written are the problem in this particular circumstance or at least part of the problem, but the real power here is. Do you remember when Barack Obama used to say any room? I'm in remember that that quote that he said I, I wish I could remember where it was from, because this is the kind of stuff the press, so he says sorry, never so that yeah he did now. This is butchering it, but basically he said Whatever room I mean, I'm the best cancer there, I'm the best
p r on the best at foreign policy and even the whole from Valerie Jarrett, oh yeah, you're right you're right he's the best he has a hard time. It's hard being him whatever he's in the room, he's the best it whatever it is. Well know you're not and that's the problem with this president. He acts he is saying this. He actually believes he is the expert on everything they smarter than generals. Now, it's funny because the press certainly has best Donald Trump for that attitude and never best Barack Obama, further attitude, which was stated by his closest adviser, direct, but all that the head of what was it time or Newsweek actually came out and said he's above all, he's almost a god so again the here's, the tweets as a very active president, a lot of things happening, it's not possible for my surrogates distended put podium with perfect accuracy. Maybe the best thing
It would be to cancel all future press briefings and hand up written responses for the sake of accuracy. James call me better hope that there are no tapes of our conversations before he's leading to the press. Unbelievable now he's threat James call me. I mean why would you do that and wait are you'd now saying that there are two. I got news for you praise rob you better hope that there's no tapes going on in the White House, because I can guarantee you that there are some conversations have someplace in the White House. The other whether you're involved, are not involved that you wouldn't want on tape either knowing the people that are around This is a water. That's a Watergate threat! That's crazy! Interesting! I mean I, I guess his certainly your what you would take from that is, if he so confident that there are tapes of it, then he must have set it. He must have actually said there is no investing
your mind automatically jumps there. Maybe there's always saying well, hang on just a second, yes, and Isn't that exactly what this started with that, what he started with remember Sarah gets were told, hey, there's these connections There's no connections, there's no connections are these guys have connections yeah? Well, he said it and there's a transcript. Amber the entail- I don't know exactly what is called, but the Intel transcript proves it. And they look because remember we did. We did a chalkboard on this and I laid that all out, Nay said. That's very specific lines. which that anybody knows- and I remember the exact marking of it, but what it was saying was We have a tape of conversation yeah. It is he's now play it in reverse ease.
saying to call me. I remember when you told me no ivy date, guess who also might have a tape fascinated The cloak and dagger here is just Unbelievably agonizing because we are so much better than this we deserve much better than this. Our country needs, much better than this. We don't have the time for people in the media and in Washington and in the White House to act like children. An end. It would be easy to defend a side. One side wasn't trying to make us believe unbelievable lies and the other side, been saying hashtags. your call me two minutes before he was via here. We are. Will someone stand up in just be an adult and say why I just once
to walk into the bedroom of Amerika and say I don't care who started it both of you in bad turn out the lights. go to sleep, the sort of just what I want an adult to walk in two, The media, the demo, ass in the Republicans and say I don't care, I don't care. If your sister hit you, I don't care. If your sister punch you in the face, I don't care if she started it It just doesn't testify what you just did and little Miss DE to be sitting over there smiling, because I have even started on you. You don't punch your brother, I mean. That's what has to happen zones early familiar. Did it's amazing for a country that has what Two hundred million adults who do stuff like that, every single day that we
fine find one as a leader to do that back in just the same simply say by the way bill. O Reilly is joining us in about twenty minutes. From now his first interview since leaving ox. I want you to know up front because I do not wanna the accused of doing a softball interview this is what he's on for I M gonna. Ask him some questions, but that's not what he's on four. He said to me, I've asked him for that interview. He said when it's time we can talk about it, but it's not time So I want you to know that I am going to address few things, but that's not what this is first time since Leaving Fox will give his opinion on. What's happening in the world and hopefully also find out some things about, you know, what's been happening in his life and It's like to be bill, O Reilly today on that programme, drivel eight, seventy seven back
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James call me Donald Trump talking about that in the last hour, where it is not about at this hour as well, but we're take it in a different way. There is a lot of voices that are following silent right now that have separated a lot of people. over the last few years in the last few decades. Yes we found out last man standing TIM Alan Good ratings on ABC was back to be renewed down five percent, but the other returning shows we're down twenty to thirty percent, ABC and come up with a, I think, a decent explanation of. Why was that show cancelled? Italy's Dickens receive that you now. While I just don't want any Christian, you know right wing people on. I don't. I hope that not true. I dont believe that. I hope that's not true, but another one that reflects our point of view and position
now off: mainstream media another one in and a lot of people have opinions. I have a very few people have facts. A man I believe to be proved is bill. O Reilly avoid that has been heard for twenty years. and imagine the bill, O Reilly and watching the news and not being able to go onto a platform. How many times you must screen. What are you doing? What do you think what you asked this question. Why isn't anybody saying this He's only been heard on his podcast at Bill, O Reilly, dot com. This is his first interview since leaving Fox
We began with Bill O Reilly, his story and the news of the day right now, fusion, entertainment and didn't light in the green paper. We really wanted. So we sincerely gives him Alan on because there's something weird going on with this last man standing being cancelled- and maybe it's just me, but it doesn't when the media is in such disarray and they're so did so much distrust ABC, didn't do itself a favour by can, being a show that, had Better ratings, then some of the others the day they brought on
say before we get on bill really is a friend of mine. I worked with Bill O Reilly. We ve talked about it several times on this programme, our closely enough with bill on tours in particular. Where there's, single person on my staff and we probably had what twenty people travelling with is not a single person on my staff at any time. ever saw anything inappropriate or anything, with bill rally. In fact, the thing on bill was he was so buttoned up. He was always on time. He always it is marks he kept to himself and was always like nineteen fifties polite Oh, I happen to believe that he was gravely wronged, but that's not what this is the EU is about I will ask him some of these questions but we're not getting into a cause. I want to talk to him about the news of the day. Bill, O Reilly voice that has been silent? in Amerika speaks now
National radio, for the first time since he is left news channel. By the way you can hear him at bill, O Reilly, DOT, communist podcast bill. How are you, sir, I'm good thanks man. I appreciate it, I gotta get in everything I just. I just would like to know they'll happened. I mean tell us, you know- This was a hit in the weeks to come. We're gonna be here two boy, some of it. and it has to do with this- drawing voices that the are left in the organised. A left wing cabal doesn't like so that the GM role town now I can get specific because a lot of legality here so this can, I ask you this is Is this something you're going to come on and explain
Nor is this something that, when you say, there's lots of legality here that it will be explained possibly another venues MO. There's gonna be an exposition soon, I can tell you when about what exactly this crew that An entire arises: sponsors that threatens people behind the scenes that pays people to say things. we're gonna name them and it's gonna be a big big story. The soil be down by the left wing media abiding as I q and top radio and they are now get it, it's coming: and unfortunately I was target number one, and it said it sad for me: it's for my family. It's grossly dishonest I did what I thought I had to do to protect my family,
but those days are over From now on, when I'm attacked I'm going, to take action, mostly legal act, but It's not gonna happen any more to me, but it is their and our point you to an article of is very very seldom seen this week about nine corporations. Big corporate ships that are now being targeted by organised left wing groups funded by George Soros, because they allegedly are profiting from President Troms immigration stance you globally article. And it is that gives you your road map. Bill, I don't remember, is putting up big money
I know I don't remember when I was at foxes. I've I did. Is you remember? I did George Soros. The puppet faster, because we had received what we felt was a serious threat to life from one of George Soros is intimate surrogates, you remember you remember a few years ago that after Brian Williams, God hammered yes, for the mother Jones Outfit came after me and said I did the same thing. I was protected by Fox NEWS at that point and it was all bull. It was just a lie and now we voted at hand, but now it's ramp. Dobbs is present and tramples elected its round. Up to a place where I think this is going to become a major story in the next six months. So I to you. We exchanged emails. You were in Rome,
and you were coming home- and will you left the veto you're just then with the Pope and got on it and the impression I got from the email was Zagreb. it's all gonna blow over and it's gonna be tough, but you know it's all fine. When did you wanted first here? How did you hear about algae, about you, not being you being let go by Fox by turning stormy we were all shocked Mckenna say any more than that, because I when a good years at I fancy and you know? We were caught by surprise, but look it's their parag they can do whatever they want. They run the company and the only country in, and so, if that's what they felt was best for the company I'm not gonna happen I was thinking about. I was thinking about writing a new book called killing O Reilly.
I did maybe not not the company so much, but Well, that's your, but when you have organised people being paid to demonstrate outside of your headquarters, and all of that I mean you know it's its intense, so I gotta do this method. We have got to do it in a way that we don't make any mistakes. and we were so. Is it just a couple more things? you didn't have a chance to do. A last episode, if we're going to do a last episode bill. What what is what would you I wanted to leave the viewer with what would you have said? Nothing I don't mean it was so complicated in another. I don't I don't mean about. I dont mean about that about the situation. I mean. What would your words to have been to people who watched you for two DEC
I mean I put a statement up on bill, Oreilly, DOT, com and- and we, you know, had a very strong bond as you do with your listeners and viewers. We had that same bond. people were very very sad when that happened, and I felt very, dad for not only me in people close to me and my staff, but for the viewers and listeners because- that I understand what happened? I mean a hero of stuff. And yeah people know that the left wing, media hates Fox news and age me. I mean that's, been in twenty years they know that, but there are no the extent of it, and I just couldn't at that point lay it out. I can at this point lay it out. I just have to wait in work relating information and hopefully some a law be clear, but something
is that something is coming out radiance. I trust the audiences instincts because they ve been waiting for so yeah last question on this. I got up the next day or though I think it was on a weekend after you had been, let go, and I it was in the guardian they I saw this and because Part of the reason I moved down to Texas was was what was happening to my family. and so I see me, but I mean I if I would see Michael more. If I don't, even though he has kids man? I really don't like if I saw him with his kids and it was tough. I would feel great empathy because I've had it happened with my kids on the street, I saw a picture of you son you're, like going to Walmart or something the next day, and I thought to myself what a horrible situation free,
you to have this with Europe. Your children how's your power, your kids, dealing with this has your son, ever talk about them and I'm not going to now will tell you that the press in certain precincts is vicious. and evil as it gets not on this are, I think, equally break billow, Riley, dot, com, billow, rarely dot com where you can join his podcast end. Hear him and his take on the news is the first time people in America have heard bills voices he left Fox organ start with the news of the day and what happened yesterday with lest her whole to end NBC with Donald Trump, and we firing get his view on that and so much more when we come back Villa really got. This is the glad that programme Gary.
Nuclear programme. From billow rally. Dot com worry, as is daily podcast, first interview with Bill O Reilly, since he left Fox NEWS log back to the programme bill, I'm I'm guessing that some of your time has been spent yelling at the television like I do when incompetent anchors are giving their opinion on the news. Let's hear it you been saying privately about. Let's start with James call me fired on, whose day you saw I'm sure the interview last night Where do you want to begin what's begin with the fact- and this is a fact,
that an american journalism right now very few are seeking the truth, not what the press is doing. They don't seek the facts to back up what really happen? What they do, particularly in the newspapers and on cable television, is come up with a scenario and then try to reinforce that scenario, all right, Sir James CALL Me- is fired by president from the rest. and he was fired, and I know this to be a fact is because Trump does not trust him. This is simple as that. Donald Trump does not trust James common lot.
Ok, three reason number one: he doesn't like the fact that call me is unpredictable, dont know what he's going to do now. That might be a compliment. To call me right. These unpredictable number two They call me would lot aggressively investigate the leaks that a plague the Trump administration since he was inaugurated, he is Well he's gone now, but he was not investigating those leaks. Number three Russia Present rubbish, raised about it emotionally involved with it. Ok, he believes that, from the beginning, his enemies in the press and in the Democratic Party have used
The wash your thing to deal legitimize his victory. So he's very emotionally and tightly wound about Russia right. He did not trust me to do an honest investigation about Russia, Those are the three reasons that call me was fired. Ok, so I agree with you on all of them and I agree with that. I agree with the idea that he doesn't trust him and he wanted to fire him. And was going to fire him because he doesn't trust him back of the wire tap thing. He wouldn't back him up on the wire tat he is not going in to the the leaks, who I think, has Susan Rice and he finds that abhorrent, but he also doesn't like the fact that on Monday, he,
said under oath. It makes me a little bit squeamish that, I may have affected the election. I think Donald Trump interpreted that as you know I didn't want him to win. Instead of I'm squeamish that I had any effect, in one way or another, just reinforced it was an primary mover. you re, so it was, but a trumpet menstruation always makes mistakes. By being on discipline right, so trouble, I'd call me out anyway, probably wanted amount from the jump from the time he was worn. It he why duality wait? Why did he praise him so hard begin at what he always does. Everybody's terrific everybody's, excellent everybody's, doing a great job. That's his way are a tragic
try to get people over on his side by doing that, flatters that and he wants to convince them that and how they should be loyal to him. He didn't see any good response from call me. So personally, he just said: well, we gotta get rid of this guy, but the messaging, is always a problem with the top white acts. They don't have strong people beyond what the press I mean, I think How can these daughter is much stronger than spicy? Spices is weak. imagine. The president himself sends muddled messages all the time. For example, he asked yes department to evaluate call me now. That's a legitimate request from the president so legitimate request. Look, I need to know your opinion on the FBI. Direct, ok so the assistant attorney general, because sessions is refused, comes back and says, he's just grow up.
I already did things and will require an email investigation that were unprofessional and made the bureau look bad. So that's an honest assessment. I think because the guy was confirmed by all Democrats he's gotta ideologues, the assistant attorney general okay, so so Trump has that, but then they put it Well, that's the reason we can read it call me, but it was the real reason you see. So if trumpet so the message, and you said in the beginning. I just don't trust him. Ok saw my card so let lemons remote levy. So he had to do. Let me start there are going to take a quick break and then let me start there so is that problem of Donald Trump. Is that a problem of the White House and all of the leaks that are coming out. What what does that tell you
and we'll go there back with Bill O Reilly from Pillar Rally got come next back programmes. that programme? young young talent on the phone that you might have heard of used to work at the Fox NEWS network. First interviews, sir leaving their had amount. A few minutes ago he's sound and crazy about some Damn George Soros Can- piracy, but that whatever that's what he does I'll try to keep him in line it's a bit o Reilly helpful.
wait a minute! You egg me on to you. I don't remember that I would, I know you're bringing these crazy conspiracies, and so I am I am I am in this. I am in fact business. I don't want to get into these crazy conspiracy to want to Toy Ulysses joined us. We are posting the entire interview and bill orally dot com and on the blaze, so they can see just how naked Lee? I am so anyway built. Let's, let's go let's go here, you said something about you know the press. Is it losing looking for truth and I think you're exactly right and the clearest case. I want to listen to the whole part here. The clearest case is no one is pointing out that James call me, was the biggest enemy of the left.
Till the minute Donald Trump fired him. They were running a hashtag. Fire call me campaign that people have Colbert, didn't even know how to react. They cheered when they, he was fired and compare had a comical backers lay not allow. No, you don't understand. So there was no, coverage of that? However? Well you expect upon it So the Canadians and the people who are making money on ideology to do these guys of things which you don't expect are right and what is an absolute scandal is at the street press the journalists the hard, whose reporters ok they now are devoting most of their time to trying to destroy Donald Trump. I've had it not even debatable. That's what they're doing so is the best example of this kind heard up this
that won't himself ordered his campaign staff to collude Putin and the Russians to destroy Hillary Clinton Scamp at that Why why I even heard any credible person in the new say that what credible I haven't heard any oh yeah. That is the insinuation on every Arnie our on MSNBC and see in it that Trump himself is under investigation. Trump himself was involved collusion with the hackers. Of course, this is what it is. We need an independent prosecuted. Did you miss that back? We, No, but I get out of your sight out that tromp was just like Richard Nixon exactly. a weaving this big conspiracy. Ok firing call me so pull me was too close to blinking tromp to the Russians.
What it's all about? You must know that. No, I I used, I look at it slightly differently. I think that they believed that there were people in the campaign that word Flynn word dirty and doing things. What's his name, the guy was the campaign manager. I can't believe you ve turned into little bo peep. You are Bobo peeping out here Dan. Rather this we go covering up some. Dan rather stand right, nobody's listening, Daddy Dan, rather learners, you're, not here, call bury steam, Did you not hear Carl dingy? Did you not also hear Carl Bernstein Lecture the press at that, in that seems, needs were at the White House Press dinner that you can't just go with what you think you actually have to have the facts. To back it up like through the president and drop is neutral, covering up all of this stuff
involved in it. Listen I'm telling you. If you do if you sit down there with a notepad you'll find out After hour after hour, this is the insinuation, so not only by the cable news that was put by the by the big liberal newspeak. So here's where here's where I am on this bill and I'd love your perspective on this. I believe I think most everything that you believe about the press. I've where I worked in a major news like you have for we know, however, along you, ve worked it four hundred years. And maybe longer but I've been around it enough to know, there's no. intellectual curiosity, there's no real intellectual honesty. In most cases there just dead in they ve got an agenda whether they know it or not. Is this group think and they're just going that way? No way they hate him that. I know that, however extension,
Anybody who who gives trompe fair play anybody is gonna, be attacked as well and What is the way we re really wait. Let me live. Let let me finish desire that the rest of that statement that I wanted to start with his eye. If I am with the other presses, They don't get it there. They wouldn't you can't I get it to do it on purpose. I believe you were little bo peep family issues you have in the studio right here is the other side. If you want to make progress, Somebody on the on the left in the press needs to say: are you kidding me fire call me: are you kidding me? You can't eat. You can't I'm sorry chucks humor and Hillary Clinton. Anybody else. You can't have it that way, but then somebody on the right means to say come on man. Donald Trump is out of control with is
means with his lies with his fabrications. I mean it's just quit Chris, easy. What the man says a lot, at a time when you say that back right, eye, yeah. I do I'm pretty much allow their here. There's your voice. I consider you a rabbit. Where I mean I think you're you're independent thinker, but you say it and there have been other people. am I mean he doesn't have much use for the president, but I come look what trying to tell you is that this is monolithic. I mean, and very powerful industry that developed to get Trump at office. I agree with that period. I agree with that, but there was the same thing with Barack Obama I don't think that was porkers hang on just a second, I don T get within close. I don't think he was orchestrated I remember I'm the guy who did you know you're crazy conspiracy, George Soros Ease, wait. I love him anyway.
You know I I I I was on the George Soros and the Tides foundation. That's very well laid out and very brilliant the way that thing is put together. We don't have at on the right, and so it is much more of an organic kind of thing, there was a big movement that among the people, this guy is out of control. It didn't reach. the levels like it does with the left, because color change. Media matters. All of that. That's what they do. for a living. Didn't really matter in the sense that the folks make up their own more reason. Any filter or any dishonesty you're, giving your opinion about president drop ended by that? I disagree with it somewhat, but you if your opinion advisers on the right do is well yes state, I might have yet, but they don't like balance, yes,
on the right as far as tromp is concerned, some like some dope, but on the left, you don't get any of that. What you get is we're gonna, take him all right. I'm here's! What we're gonna take advantage of every single thing to take him out. Only Maxine Waters is the only one who's honest enough to say that runs around the country they were beaten. We're gonna get him out of office. We this is that I mean it. That's what the New York Times do. I don't think I've always will arise when we usually, I don't think I'm helping your blood pressure. I dont Does it get there? I don't think I'm a calming force on your right. Now we don't have an island. I don't need it. So maybe the way I am better. So let me ask, let me ask you this when it comes to, the White House and the leaks that are going on in the end, the the back and forth.
The press in the stories weird is that box stop is that is that Donald Trump, is that his people doing him a disservice. What is then look? Here's the best example? EC story earlier this week was that call me was fired because, because he wouldn't give in to tramp tramp, pressured him to stop the rush investigation. That's all you're hurt and advocated this I'm girl comes into data there. That's true comedy nor the way out and asked for any money. Ass for any money at the White House. We don't do that. We come to converse ass money plus we have it We have plenty of money to investigate Russia and we both as aid is all over it, so that only dishonest garbage story. with peddled by the major newspapers and all the cables. Ok with was the old out of water by Mackay is a Democrat
whose wife ran forget for office as a Democrat blown out of the water? Okay, so another funny story down drain will do so and another one here we go come on back. You gotta see it. You gotta see how damaging it is to the country and I'm not stick up for tromp here as a person or a president. I'm saying the dishonesty in the media is hard. Your fish nation. You are, I am with you one hundred percent on the damage that, though, that the law is doing right now, the media, what they are doing, is inexcusable and have I'm one I've been trying to reach out to them and they don't the leads obvious to me that they don't actually want an answer, because I can help show them where their disconnecting from the they don't want to know they don't want to know they know and they they they are happy with the way they are. They think they're right
so they don't like you back the yeah. I know that I d never too little dying or that, like anything about you, didn't let your aircraft didn't like two sweaters that you wear Like the blaze I mean address radio show a guy. I don't and what you do not tell me why you like azure compliment here back, doesn't work for anybody but himself, and he was smart to do that, because the left now can't get back because that controls its own destiny. Unlike me, I had to deal with a whole bunch of other things when they came after me and people should know that you're that you can say and do what you want to do, because you control Glenda controls its own destiny, which is very different from most other people in the media. well. I would I thank you for that bill and I would like to say publicly honestly: and I know you're not can get into this so just shut the fat trap? It's why I would like you to
for the blaze, because I could not get the couple. The cable coverage by myself, because not powerful enough, unless you have a giant corporation behind you and when you have that then you're beholden to somebody, but if we could unite our powers for good as opposed to evil. But that's another conversation. We offer minimum wage and benefits. I mean you in sandwiches, like you, can't believe them different, that's different story. Is there anything nice about my box? I can now say that out I don't want to do what. What do you think about this? I'm serious, I'm serious about a new radio network, ok, calling
killing O Reilly it'll, put in your crazy conspiracy stuff about George Soros. We did. I can't believe this will also absolutely over eighty went through it and now he s the mock me now I don't know what you're talking about press does not know what you're talking about these relate? I know you haven't read all school life in the same letter. I know you haven't read it gotta get a concentration spanish about fifteen seconds right when you die marked by old school life in the same way perfect for an old school mom, Grandmama or fathers day. One so then killing the rising sun, one of the best war books. You will ever lead that we are celebrating the heroism of Americans in the Pacific. The I read that when that one's really good you'll learn a lot really Rita, I really did thank you, push? Erin? I guess I didn't realize, where the real life that biller varies enough. I read that one is really good, really got now bill. Yet again, I'm thinking about right. Killing O Reilly and
tell some of the things you know that happened behind the scenes there you know f and see about you know things that you know I'm just saying you know you could come up The market is jumping on that too. either and it would be a story? The story is not going to do it, I'm not going to do it. I just don't think did right thing to do what I want to do down. The road is logical the dialogue about Lhasa cash lots of how does Europe oh, come on: how long can you live on twenty five million dollars settlement seriously, I mean why. Why are you crazy recently? Why would you take anything, that's printed in the media serious and why would you believe it when you know they'll throw anything in there don't, say anything your print. Any women are using way way way way. Are you saying to you? Had a hundred you just signed a hundred million dollar contract made again? How would you possibly know that
I mean when I happen to know I mean I saw you do not back your pay me that's. What I'm saying is what I'm saying is. Did you more or less than twenty five years we got more. Can I borrow some the higher somebody money or corrupt. You are There were a great to have your bill, O Reilly, dot com site at first podcast by his books, blah blah blah blah blah Bill, O Reilly Dotcom. Thank you. Bill appreciate talks again when you were listening to the Glen Bag programme. The glass rap. Now, I'm sorry to say Jeffrey. I got more out of that interview than Lester holds overview of the president to four there was there was reviewing that head that. What was? Unbelievable interview with yes well arise that
Will we go into gay submissive? What bill said and also the Lester holds interview with the president and we it's Friday I wanna hear from you folds and wide open next hour. Eighty eight, seventy seven back call us right now. the blaze radio network on demand. What little programme Friday lot going on is that an amazing interview, a bill o Reilly, talked about coming from the situation in Germany Our number two in the pot, casket alembic dot com or the blaze dotcom. Also
We have an amazing story out of Florida, a guy who was naked and actively resting on the back of a sharp, and I put it that way. Shark rate is what really is worth of gay. Actually shark necrophilia restart your these as its possessor and, unfortunately, really that cover. Thank you, Jeffrey. A couple of people are still standing up. Saying by the way that wasn't me, there are three main people and they look like the guy in one of them is Jeff Fisher, but that's it that's a different story, shaggy defence being used here. It wasn't me: what did you have a photo of em? I mean yes, oh yes, it's really difficult hand. I want to hear from you where to start this hour with phone calls from you hated eight, seventy seven visa k and anti malady: what's happened with TIM Alan, we get to
this hour. We begin right now, the fusion of entertainment and didn't lighten the gleam. Let me go Carol Karel in all higher Europa Glinda Programme, our yeah, I'm very good. Are you care Graham by the canoes and yelling about my daughter, drop day at school, figured your daughter's drop. You know you pack an egg and in the teacher as to the top of the building, and you try to make it so that when they get thrown up the building, a dozen crack say a packet in Berlin, Ok, ok, good good good cause. Her daughter doing now grace you, like science,
safer antonov that science as much as that violence reflecting the white man being dropped off of the building, Parma, there's gotta, be some deeper psychological damage that we're all doing to our kids, but that is a different story. Little girl, what what does not arise I wanted to tell you, you asked earlier had an open, styling, earthy you're, so I thought German. I thought German for eighteen years ago and I would have beginnings german student first, your Germany, to my class, who may be like yeah. We want to learn German because the word dies in the language of all the time. One of the articles for Germany D, I e and is pronounced, actually be made up a little rime and it was if the item ye go a walk in the second one. Does the talking sofa Stein S key? I add its pronounce like an eye sky I love those you ever. I have wondered this. My whole life and I've never known
Steiner Steen. I have no idea so if the I and II go walking. The second does the talking correct, that's brilliant that's brilliant! Even if it's wrong, that's why I started to say no the family. When I came over whatever you know, they could change the pronunciation or maybe even the valley, but that the general rule look at great thanks a girl. I appreciate it you know, Godspeed on the egg dropped. Let's get off Scot free hello, Scott. From a national actually yeah your Tumblr Donald Trump and his early morning, tweet is that's actually term is called. going
so I would be sitting on the John while googling would be Puglia exactly goin related to cultural educational taught you that's really does I think a lot of those tweets are Bruegel, treats a lot of let me go to Anthony in Michigan, hello, Anthony our! U Castro, Friday morning. Thank you very much really get back to traffic and whether the AIDS coming up against diseases export. Let s go ahead. What are the comment on your interview with Bill O Reilly, an contrast with Lester all Centre I'll bring an area where work, not only welcoming but sounded collegial when you're talking with bill when Lester Vote. The president he came across as challenging and combat is not a good way to get a good interview.
well well lest her whole doubly Jaffee. I mean you hear what Anthony highlighted here, what you say, but I was taken your man on. They look. Warbling information came out of their Donald Trump Interview. Pay less today but as good as you can do, we went into the lions den yeah. I might add, yeah it was also not the man. I'm also about doing your heart. You are debating interview, I mean if bill will give me the hard hitting interview. I will do the hard hitting interview, but that's not what we had agreed to do so was doing the hardy and our interview having to halt you got something out of that when he was, he tried to think what he was pushing months, thing was friendly as appropriate end in hard. We needed to be higher than I've heard reports that he's actually Republican Lester hold one of the rare public well in law as large. If you cannot be true, president of his fan club, that primary easy burners inherent dignity that could forward you have no idea fan boy. Let me
Dave hello, Dave you're on the global programme, the low Dave. Ok, let me to us, sharing in Missouri, Missouri or Mississippi, Missouri, hello, rethinking, Mississippi's How are you guys eyes good morning that, with such a great interview and bail out the day you I've, MRS boys lifted, take on fighting and we love for you got to get him on the blight sword. I I payment sandwiches, my two events on that, but going wanted to ask you something you were talking about about awake or maybe two ago about how theirs blogger guy. That was trying to get everybody to boycott thoughts. The advertisers yourself because you get any traction in the United States, so he went to the british advertiser sees no running. Media matters is not is neither that's the stop back, I think he's running could be wrong, but he's running one of the big ones. I think its media matters but go ahead, bride
and well. I can tell you this: I am on I'm not gonna. We caught anybody and lay. There are many of our family members in freedom, but we have decided sense, we're the older generation and the money really resides in our pockets and our bank accounts not in our children that we're gonna be paying a lot of attention, Who is the poor who we spend our money? We're like? I said I'm going to be boycotting anybody, but I am going to be paying attention whether or not they appreciate my money. I will say this station for your phone call. It will tell you this ABC is is really This is an interesting thing bench What is the head of ABC television? He doesn't make all of these decisions, but Ben is a friend of mine. I know him, I really respect him he's it do indeed decent guy doesn't hey. You know, Chris. So the centre of the country. He really. I really think he understands all of that and appreciates it, and you know,
one thing that I found it, gazing at the height of funeral. The Glen back is the most hated man in the world. I was at a big. television conference at all. They everybody's, where they're giving here as the head of Veto ABC Disney, and he sees me crossed the room? I see him and what my guy says gonna go say to hide a ban on like no he's in a pack of you know. All the big it is from all the big networks. I am not going to do. The first thing he will you want to do that to bear. I am neither our daily depends. A friend, I'm not good at home myself on him in that circle. Then look so he sees me, I'm across the room. He sees me. He I see him say. Excuse me. He walks, over across the room, and I start walkin towards him halfway there very added with all the it People in allay gives me a hug, and says at eight, as I'm hugging am, I said, are you out of your mind and he said well you're, my friend,
that he's a really good guy. So I don't believe this stuff about ABC firing. You know you're not getting rid of TIM Alan because of You know we don't want Christians. We dont want the centre of the country that doesn't make sense in the first place. But you know we looked at. What is that you know tv, gallows, tv, grim, reaper, yet even grim reaper, guys usually right about stuff, and he said the TIM Alan Show was was gonna, be brought back. It was called on the bubble, but it's really good. Performing, shall look at us there's this. Let me give you some basis to this, so this the guy, who does it's a site that predicts whether shows will be cancelled or not, and they do this time. Don't you is that you can make money is doing its based on like ratings, ratings that relative to the rest of the network, also really intricate things like once you get this. I think it sees in five years.
Are more likely first indication, so almost everyone renews everything when it gets past season, for they always gives us our seas and yet is using when you get out of it, you get ten seasons. You you ve, got your indication, for years and years and years and yet so they they put all that into a formula and come up with a percentage chance, gonna be renewed. So then they make a pretty. Will it be renewed or not? Listen to this record, this is two thousand nine. They were sixty three and eleven. Eighty five percent correct. and ten ninety four percent. Correct, too, eleven ninety three percent, two thousand twelve. Ninety two percent, two doesn't thirteen. Ninety three percent, two dozen fourteen ninety two percent to doesn't fifteen ninety percent. So very over a long period of time, with this formula in the way they figured they figure. These things out, they re every year and its up on the site. Now a final renew work, final renewal cancellation prediction for every show, and they do it by percentage of how? How likely is it? For example,
looking at the agents of field, is one that they missed with here they ve been they do MRS used, as I just said about ninety percent right. They had it as a thirty five percent renewal. and it was renewed. The catch on ABC was a forty five percent chance to be renewed american crime, twenty five percent chance to give renewed vigour cancelled. the real own eels fifteen percent chance to get renewed, it got cancelled, go to the toxic, pretty accurate. All these are out there there's one missing there, but yet I thought there was a good chance. It would get yet they would be wrong, but not a huge blackish one hundred percent chance. It will be renewed, got renewed, Goldberg. Ninety nine percent chance, if we get renewed, got renewed, modern family. Ninety nine percent chance would get renewed got remote renewed goes through. All these designated survivor. Ninety four, has it. We renewed got renewed last man standing ninety purse. since it would be renewed, got cancelled as interest the tweet from from
site. This is again tv grim, reaper message. I love it. I would say that last men standing was among the most surprising renewal prediction, MRS in the reapers history, get this is ninety percent accurate and they miss occasionally, but when you're, when they think, there's a ninety percent chance of being renewed, it almost never is cancelled there's only one other show that I found this entire season. That's even closer is one eighty percent chance they felt would be renewed. That was cancelled now could just be. you know that one was also on doktor can on ABC, so it's possible. But maybe ABC, is very council have The season I don't know I mean you can make excuses, but it is. It is a stand out for people who look at this thing for a living and it's it's. It is also a stand out for people who are looking for shows that relate to the centre of the country. And, quite honestly, if your programming- you don't what you don't, want
be just on the coasts? You dont want to be a network. You need to connect with the centre of the country. This a highly successful now on the worst knight of the week Friday night, though we stay at home, watching it shows on Friday night. It's the worst show of the week, and it is the day was only down five percent. Other shows that stayed we're down thirty percent and it just doesn't make any sense, but it doesn't make sense for ABC to cancel it but I will tell you if I'm sitting in a room and I'm the network, there is something that I would sit at the table and say guys guys guys this show relates to the centre of the country. This show relates, like Roseanne did this show is that relates to people in the country that disagree with our politics.
we're having enough time getting people to think that we are not against them. Leave that show on that that's doing well, even doing worth leave that show on it helps us in the long run it doesn't make any hence I didn't really were come with a girl. You mentioned Roseanne that the issues in talks for possible new shows or maybe she's just taken. about. Why will tell you know why she's in talks I mean, can you imagine she's she's she's called for the exit They burn headings the literal seriously, not joking the bee headings of bankers. She is if not a communist, the closest thing to a communist and said some, the raises things I've ever heard LE literal non joking calling on Russia TV for that headings of bankers and that's not to extreme? You know, that's not to extreme. You have to say what you're talking about
crazy media people where they Roseanne thing reminded me of the rosy thing that does Trump tweeted, which actually was really funny to me. Did you see this? He? tweeted, hey, finally, rosy you and I agree on something, and it was just a retreat of her saying fire call me that rose, excellent programme. Mercury a programme they who seventy seven back seriously for you to judge if somebody wants to identify as a shark and falls in love from the back of their boat, who are you to judge will get into that story here, just a second, it's insane also the. Darker history the mother's day. It was not, as this is not a happy Worry ends in asylum, I'll give you that coming up in a second. Let me Dave in Florida, holiday you're on the glimmering programme, I got sick
I very much hope that great interview with Bill O Reilly. Thank you. I just think it just shows that there is a liberal. It's not only liberalising, stated and progressive certain destroying everyone to disagree with him, follies, silencing them, and they will stop at nothing. I personally experiences, and that is what, in after you continue to ask to dialogue, after this date is continued to try the dialogue, but in the end you can't reason with them all do destroy everyone. They disagree with it. So let me say this that day. Thank you. I found it to be many many times. True. However, let me let me please direct. You on being an crystal Tippit Christa is This seems a woman that I've started to talk to behind the scenes over the last year and in PR, because we have a mutual friend and she is. She did an interview. I think, is like a ninety minute interview with me and I dont frosty
anybody, and I generally don't listen. Yesterday I started getting calls from you saying? Have you heard the interview that you did on being with within PR? I said: no, you need to our tweeted out and facebook it this woman went extra mile no one has ever. She really tried to understand me and see them I can read some of my books. He who I was and threatened track. It back She was amazing, so, just like I don't say that you know you know from supporters are all you know, NEO Nazis know there's a few that are let's not throw everybody on the left into the you can't reason with them, because some of them you can end and Finally, some of us Can be reasoned with as well thanks so much for your call, Linda in a Fournier, hello Linda? I got
Thank you very much, and I just wanted to thank you for that In our view, with Bell O Reilly, I thought that you guys interact if we are used to love it when you are on his shoulder by Japan and now that You know he was on your, shall I just think, and you ask the right questions any of you. It was humorous and get it was serious it just. It was compelling. Thank you very much Linda. Thank you. I presume but on the bill, he's probably you know, he's older, so is probably out having an early bird dinner gotta get to bed here soon, but he's gonna, be joining us on Friday. Next Friday, he'll be back next Friday and our number two in case you, MR denies vessels and Glenn backed outcome, did he seem to not? Do you seem to think that you didn't understand? The media was bad generally and let you notice and kept pushing you on that point too, but you gotta understand this. How can you not notice, as I think you do understand, I have to go back and look at the Fox broadcast because I think he used to always make fun of me about George Soros to private
let's just a legally am I just have two beetle indifferent. Thank you. So much. Listen to that. We have a couple of really unbelievable stories that are in the news that licences used to say, there's no way, that's true value like hop another one making love to start on a boat, and To that end, the the true history behind mother's day that you ve never heard that listening to the Glen Back Programme. Glenn backfire, gravel mother's day. How did it start mother's day was an anti war protest day. Don't you know that Anna Jarvis founder of Mothers Day
she was a little militant, in fact, after her death that I think there were like ready for law, suits still going on trying to stop those evil, hallmark people and every who had tried to commercialize mother's day. She- said, along with Woodrow Wilson, was the mother of Mothers day it. It actually kind started with Julia Ward, Howard she's, the one who battle him of the republic and after the American civil war. She said Instead should gather together in churches and social halls list. Then this is. doesn't mother's day. Listen sermons Prs. Essay seeing him the prey if they wish all in the name of promoting peace. So that's the way it We gotta started than Anna Jarvis started her. You know suffrage movement for Mothers day and you see God Woodrow
Listen to pass it as an official day, but as an anti war day and on her press releases. She included any charity Institute Hospital Organization or business using mother's day as a name work emblem or sell, Jason forgetting money making sales or on p. Did forms should be held as and fosters by proper thought. and reported to this association. So she was militant that you don't by flowers. You don't buy chocolate. Nothing mom is to go in the other room and pray for peace agreement. Thursday goal, as you know, a sermon some place right here, Say mom. This is the one thing that I got out of the history of mothers day that I really like. I hate carnations, carnations suck. they are the now there lay there like the there, like you know, like live is, but it has put a piece of wheat. You know when you're lapel
I dont know why they just don't. I dont like them. Gotta thing against them, too, weird Kay so that is the original flower of Mothers Day and listen. Why? I think this is great now remember. This is according to Anna Jarvis, so I you had to grow your own carnations because, God forbid, you went and bought one from others day, but it was for Anna Jarvis See said the carnation does not drop its petals but hugs the petals to its heart as it dies and so to mothers hugged their children to their hearts. Their mothers love, never dying. I love that maybe system
Does not elaborate, I'm sorry, but I'm going to live up to this. I Haven T got carnations for me. You garret guarantee. I never sent them unless it's on mother's day. I may make an exception to the rule, but I will only by from somebody who is not selling me those carnations. They just want to give them to me too about peace now said another stay here, Sir, is rarely depressing man, yes misguided in asylum. She waited knots and who is really too yes, you really dead, that's kind of those same. It's a little bit of a different focus on that story for want of a world of student. I early. about how you know she really she was so bitter. She went into restaurants and would, by the mother's day, salad and just throw it on the floor and walk out he was not refuse, not really loves. You know she was. She was, you know, We everything we learned about Keller, Helen Keller, Y know, system, lies see what
an angry bitter communist, yeah? We did have a ruining your heroes, anonymous our threw up Athens at the end, I would thank you caused a stink with one of our urban big people and in our museum to work as they have all the Helen Keller stuff. All native like that, because their Fan of Helen Keller and choose do not look at the communist side of healing. Truth has no agenda gone. I don't know, I didn't hear me say not just just like by the way the man who blew actively resting on a sharp. Yes, that's a baby. The way to put a naked big story today and the shark was naked to the shark de Nevers pants on that's true It's gonna be geared towards the Missouri, but I hear so this guy is there's a picture of him smiling at a camera naked laying on it. dark looking like he's, making a potentially a move on this, and this argues TAT breadthways. Even it is doubly
and I guess it simply going to be a drunken boat photo, but somehow it's been it's gone viral and there are multiple People who look just like there's a man like me that my answer yet who are now coming out with legitimate statements saying this is not me. under of Jimmy Johns, the sub company restaurants, Are you saying that? Because he doesn't look, I mean you just don't want what long jokes with that picture. So he said That's not me! It's not me! It's not me coming out with a serious statement. I am now the naked, but it looks just like him does, or just it's not a flattering picture of whoever took this was obviously wildly hammer, and I think that it is not a flattering picture. He is not a small attractive got. Nobody is looking at his picture. No lady is gone. Oh yeah, looking at this naked picture, it's not pretty it's hard to.
If it's even real, but apparently the picture Israel. It is not the Jimmy Johns founder. It is also not the coach of the gaiters Right Florida gate coach. It's embarrassing their blaming it. On these. These other people I mean really is embarrassing that are blaming well. Is it afforded gaiters head coach Jeffrey that that is the other person? I think that's the universe, that's what the story. I think it is a good idea, and we had apparently is also saying he's. Not everybody is denying. It is embarrassing that they have to deny. Do I hear? Is Europe this conference, knowing that there should be willing to doing it. The present here blaze mediaeval guidelines, ask him on here. I guess we have impromptu press companies here. Yes, Mr Fischer, hello, yes, are we on the good thank you for coming? I called for this so that we can get this shark humping conspiracy, but I don't think anybody was claiming it My name is John Fisher Little over a week ago.
animal rights advocate and tv presented a neck goes. Events got started, fewer on whence you tweet, the image with a call to find him and ask him why you did this where the humorous humiliating slaughtered animals? I would like to say that it's me in the picture and I'm not humping the show not that there is anything wrong with that. I was drunk fishing in the gulf. the girl, you ve, got to search slipped and fell on it Captain laughingly took a photo I don't even remember and then passed out on the shark, so we can only as a girl. I submit animal manure Lama, others animal rights ever came across this bottle. We may never know, but the Then blaming guessing who is on the shark has got to stop. It was me just a week and of naked physically ocean? Thank you. That's a man ass
as Mr Fischler, Mr Vinci. Mr for just one question, just one question: do you normally naked fish. Is there a reason that you fish naked all the time? And if so, how come the place where your pants are supposed to be The picture is very, very white and the The view is very, very sunburn, well, I don't know that I really want to answer them right I am thinking to myself What are the greatest billionaires that for you? I think I can very well. We got that I don't care park. I ask one more question: random representative bright bark is one. That is the reason the fishes dead to actually put act in a humane act from the fish having to see your body.
even funny things around him, and I know that is a serious question are going to back out. I think that was a very good question hour, back with another story that you need to hear that a couple of people have tried to convince us is absolutely true, and it just takes you a couple of minutes to realise it is absolutely. not true, but it's gonna be going around the internet this weekend and you should know about it. We'll get that to you here coming up injustice, call. the glad that programme mercury gland deck programme are low, last story that we can get to today, and we may have to revisit this one on Monday, because this is just amazing, invents in Arizona publics about announcement that references for
of naked juveniles has been causing controversy among Benson Arizona residents, the PS has aired on the cave. Ninety seven point: seven fm according to station Your Paul lots of now and at first I think, of his lots of what lots of transport yeah. There's lots of child porn. This thing is wreaking of, am I just although and Nobody put me up. Is nobody paid by feeling? Is these people deserve life in prison just because they have pictures of naked juveniles, but we should listen to the audio here has yet here's here is the actual quote: PS ay actually aired captured by
but you just all their vote after the car speaker as it was being aired on a that ban. Listen family physician pictures is worse than the penalty for murder. You should understand the provider put report. You can't you looking at me drawing vague. If you look at your house and sees your computer, if you have this material, you can save yourself and your family is on a brief answer: the taxpayers of Europe. I never saw of pictures on the hard drive up your computer using external drive and hide it where nobody will have replied it likewise. Never keep paper pictures taken or films of naked. You work. Anyone else complained to the person from the citizen. Is it now
on Thursday, we really is being reported by major new sources all across the country. So to give you the basis, they are saying it's real. There is a website for this radio station. Apparently that does not look at all real to me? It looks like it: designed in like nineteen, eighty, what it looks like Craig Brady, Crisp radios out of our guys who, who made the original Glenn backed outcome. He used to do stuff like this, the clock in the morning just to disagree with the metal, and that is exactly what it looks like. Yes, they ve written out an extensive Abed Spending to the controversy saying that look, I'm not saying you should have child porn, but come on. Like I mean, You know he's Ramstein about the guardians of public morals. He's Listen nobody's if you couldn't hear the ad, he says: if you have such material airport, don't put it on your make! Sure you store it on an external arrive and import hide it in a place where no one can find it. Didn't you
those modest nomadic. There has been a real okay. So now here's the thing without being said. There was a guy that we were going to have on at Fox, and if you remember this, he sat down right. for I never met the guy knew nothing about him and he said that a tough day I just got back from visiting a friend in prison. Rain on that's not the way. Usually people started conversation and they must be set out. What what? What? What? What was the imprisoned for, and he said you know this country is so out of control they have. You know he GAD Child porn on his hard drive. Like that's a big deal. you go to prison for that and I went hang out just a second gas, this guy's gonna, go make it on the air, yet ha what a surprise hello. So there are people
actually are walking among us who do believe that right to stop the urban network one of the issues in the affair. In the second half of my message, I suggested that if, for any reason a person has such material, he take measures to prevent happiness years behind bars for about two years, yeah, it ran Lenin completely oh well, occasional Zimbabwe that them so frightened, look I played. If I play you remember, W L, energy and long island are due I don't know Johnny Ology, all the terminal lived in New York is little long island station that is poor family owned. Is doing doing radio literally like it. I like time stopped eighteen, seventy one and not less a parody, not like. How can we make its leg. Literally. Everyone who was there are nineteen sixty eight degrees. Everyone is still there doing. Zactly the same way, the same thing It's amazing. It is so bad. You
It's a parity so I mean. If I were to give you a tape of w allergy would have done. No way did I guess it doesn't seem like it would possibly system to today's immediate. Yes. However, this is another story. Teller not pass this story because there's no way this is true, but we will do our homework over the weekend and we will come and bring you the evidence of a Europe pedophile poured in favour of this programme.
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