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5/23/17 - A War Against Evil

2017-05-23 | 🔗
A war against evil. Remembering the victims of Manchester ...We have rules of engagement. ISIS has none. ...Remembering the victims of Beslan ...The $22.5 million dollar pizzas...Special Forces Marine veteran Chad Robichaux discusses his close encounter with a suicide bomber in Afghanistan ...Helping veterans and their families through MightyOaksFoundation.org ...The new type of terrorism ...Roma Downey and Paula Kweskin discuss their movie "Faithkeepers" about the genocide in The Middle East. The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand. These are the sounds Manchester England twenty two people were killed. Fifty nine others were Woon. Did it happen one thousand and thirty last night, just as Concert was ending Please say a man detonated, an improvised explosive device. This is the actual sound of going off? Oh my god, he's dead,
skaters say they believe the man acted alone, trying to determine whether he's part of a wider network. There are reports of the explosive device use nuts and bolts and nails as shrapnel children were those who were killed. There was a concert of the America pop star, Ariana Grande Grande. She felt horrible last night, as you can imagine,. The first victim was identified as Georgina Bethany calendar eighteen year old student, loved pop music. Her instagram account showed a young and joyful teenager. If you look at her account, she loved Ann
holes in Disney films,. She died with her mother at her bedside last night. If watching at all social media, you read messages like This we still haven't found a Livia Campbell. If you see her, please contact Charlotte Campbell was one of the parents were ambling to get onto sky NEWS or CNN last night she said she had last. Into her fifteen year old daughter, Olivia around eight hundred and thirty, she was enjoying herself and we haven't heard anything since we found all the hot
But as we found everywhere, we can think we've posted on every social network and there's nothing. She said it's the most horrible. Willing to know that your daughter is there and you can't find her. You don't know if she's dead or alive yes- Campbell continued her voice, breaking saying I just don't know how people can do this to innocent children. Isis today has taken responsibility. This is a war against evil? I know Jones. Everything. In the same way, We
Really free free, don't stay Do you guys?
I don't, I don't think we realize what we're up against. Because we're up against people who are not fighting a war, the way the West fights a war. You know the american Revolutionary they were and they were called savages because we hid behind tree. These we wouldn't line up in giant rose to be slow
Turn on the open battlefield we fought like the Indians fought. Quite honestly, we fought with common sense. Two hundred and thirty years ago that that Lee were considered savages for that. But that's not a savage. We have rules of engagement in war, ISIS has none. This is a fight not because they heat our lifestyle, not because they hate our freedoms, not because of the things that we have done.
They fight us because they believe their God commands them in their twisted ideology. They believe that Allah Gives them the right to slaughter the infidel? This is something that, Our first foreign war was about Thomas Jefferson, warned us if we don't, stop them, it will continue to go on. And even if we do stop them as long as there's one of them left they he'll come back, it's. Why urged everyone.
In the early 1800s to read the Koran, and it was printed in America. And we didn't read excerpts of it. We read the whole thing. And you're, not in the country, United against the barbary pirates. Our leathernecks were sent with leather around their neck, so they wouldn't be beheaded by the Muslims me. No mistake this isn't about Muslims, this is about Islamists and there is a I know Muslims. I get along with Muslims. An Islamist. Is living in the third century. An Islamist. Believes that they can take your children,
And use them as slaves. Use them as sexual objects. Or now that we have cut off their fun Thing with the oil use christian children for their organs. There's a lot of news that you don't get. And there's a lot of news that frankly, none of us want to hear, but by poking our head in the sand and Thinking that somehow or another, by changing our language.
Being more politically correct? That this is going to be solved? Is a mistake, is foolish and will get us all killed. You know when I was on CNN: we did a special embezzling. Then I don't know if you remember what does Lynn was, but I fear that that is going to happen again. There's a school in Beslan in it started on the first day of school in Russia. They have this tradition that the parents bring your kids to school for the first for the first day of school.
And so the parents brought their little kids into school and there waiting for them we're monsters. Armed islamic groups. They assured everybody into the gym. Anybody who spoke out anybody who cried, they killed the mothers and the daughters they would rape in front of everyone. It lasted three days
Or one thousand one hundred hostages, seven hundred and seventy seven children they killed. Three hundred and eighty five. Why won't they just leave us alone? Why. We just apologize for whatever it is. We've done. Our former president's best friend Erda one, is becoming a dictator. Why. Because he believes he's going to be the caliph. He believes,
He's going to be the one that brings back the Ottoman empire, I This is believes they are going to be the one not to bring back the Caliph eight or the Ottoman Empire. But they are going to be the ones that will hasten the return of the promised one if you don't know who the promised one is read the Of revelation, the revelation talks about what the end times look like. It is all almost as if those who believe in the twelfth the mom red the book of revelation and said: oh we're going to freak these Christians out, I'm going to make up the story about the promised one the return of the 12th imam and I'm it's going to make their good guy, our bad guy.
Are bad guy the good guy. The way you hasten the return of the promised one is through chaos. That's what they're going for. They know that children will horrify us, the killing of children will horrify us. This wasn't just a random hit this The hit on children they knew they would kill children you're going to see more of this. The things that mercury one has seen
as we are now approaching. Our seven thousand person, the rescue of are seven thousand person in Syria and Iraq and moving them out of the region, we've saved and others Seven thousand and move them away from ISIS, mainly into the Curtis Kurdish section, of northern Iraq for safety. Kurds is a barrier but we're about to move our seventh The person out of the region- that's more than most countries, have done And you did it, but what you don't know. Is that we are also,
going in. With teams, we've lost two members of a rescue team. Already we go in with teams and we rescue those who have taken been taken as sex slaves
those who have been taken to be sold on the open market, some of them, some of them, have been raped up to eight times a day for the last two years, and the world says nothing. We're living in times of chaos. We're living in time for the world doesn't make sense as Paulina one of the righteous among the nations told me when I was standing in outfits with my family. How do we be the righteous among the nations of this generation? She said just for remember.
One thing: the righteous didn't suddenly become righteous. They just refused to go over the cliff with everyone else. You can't make sense of the world. You shouldn't try to make sense of the world the doesn't make sense. It's trying to tell you and teach you that this is the way that it's supposed to be with ninety two genders. Not the way the world is supposed to be. Everything in our life is upside down and confusing. There are eternal rules and eternal principles that if we just returned to those things and hold right and don't go over. The cliff in anger, don't go over the cliff in rage, go over the cliff in political correctness,.
You want to unite on something. Let's unite on the truth. Let's start there and the truth is. This has a hell of a lot to do with Islam truth. Is this? Isn't every Muslim but eh every single one of them is an islamist every single person who is strapped or thought about stress, a bomb to themselves or a child or Blowing someone up or who silently stay ends by and says. Well, they kind of deserved it That is an Islamist. And while we didn't have a problem with the german people, we sure they'll had a problem with nazis. It's time America finds itself again. Hurry up. America way
the hell up, because we still are the last great hope Freedom in the world this is the Glenn Beck program, some more bad news from England I mean not on the same scale, obviously but Roger Moore, passed away last night. He was a well eighty, nine wow, twenty two Old at the UK concert we're still getting tales on who the bomber was ISIS has taken responsibility and to our list
Audience we hear you, we feel you We're in the same place you are today is the Glenn Beck program, mercury. The Glenn Beck program can make you feel list can make. You feel overwhelmed that no but he's doing anything that nothing is happening and that. Year were sliding into chaos and we're. How to lose our way of life and nobody seems to recognize it. I want you to know, that's not true That is a lie, and
let me give you proof positive of what people and do what Americans can do when they, at their mind to it. A half ago. I asked you: let's save a hundred people, let's, let's go because I had a nun on my show, and she was in a a car, Ergo Container, where she had lived all summer long in iraqi heat in a cargo container, no air conditioning that How she lived along with the family and she was trying come here to the United States to be able to testify in front of Congress and she was desperate Her voice needed to be heard. We've doubt about her
And I had her on the show and halfway through she was telling me I'm seeing the sky image of her in this cargo container and I'm thinking about how hot it is. There an I'm realizing that I'm sitting here in a perfectly controlled, sixty five or six eight degree studio. So I break a sweat because the lights are on. And I'm listening to her fighting for other people, and I finally stopped the interview halfway through- and I said I'm sorry sister, but I'm not even listen. To anymore, I'm so caught up in the fact that. I'm doing nothing and she gave me this yeah. I have no you're covering the story yeah and is the Really doing all I can, I didn't know what to do, And then Johnnie Moore came and
honey came to the studio Ann. He said I quit my job. He was work with Mark Burnett, now imagine Europe Roxanne guy you're, a guy who wants to you know you we want to work in create. Jizz in movies and you're working with Mark Burnett, a guy who's actually doing it and you here the story of what is happening in Iraq and he in into Mark Burnett's office and said Mark I I quit. I got gotta leave where, where you going I'm going to Iraq this weekend he had never been to Iraq. Just as a private city Then he gets onto a plane, knowing no one and starts wandering around and going to church is saying. How can I help came into my studio dad. We got him. Where he's a million dollars, we got gotta. We can help these people. I have
all I'd like to raise a million dollars. I said that's done, let's think bigger than that so. I came to you in Birmingham. A year ago, last august- and I say- and we've already raised the million dollars- let's see if can raise more by Christmas and save maybe a hundred families, a hundred a hundred we have fed have you have, and I haven't been able to really talk about things because We are involved in things that put people in danger. But someday we are archiving all of the Kurds right now, because David Barton said to me in twenty years Glenn. This is the story of this.
Duration and he's right. Well, it is not as well, I can't say It's not dangerous for you and it's not dangerous. For me, it is Boodlers list for those who are actually going over on our request. Rb has to save these people. We've already lost two people one thousand people have been moved out of country, six thousand people, These people were the ones marked for death. How people have died in back in the last year of two hundred three- was not the last year, but it's it's since last. I think too. Two thousand and nine is so one thousand and nine one hundred and two thousand and twenty three thousand twenty three thousand one hundred and twenty three thousand terror attacks. Fourteen in one thousand, people who were marked for death have been saved because of you,
because of you. The mercury one efforts to save those who are targeted for death, which is just become so overwhelming, and so big and we are- I mean hi. I wish I could tell you the things then we see I would ask that you would join us join us on this mission. Look at what one audience has done, because we said we're not going to listen to the government.
We're not going to wait around for the government to do anything not going to wait around for somebody else to do it, we're going to do it this audience. I've told who sings almost probably since nine slash eleven, two thousand and one that I have a deep feeling. This audience is going to be the audience that is, is going to be a pivot point. It's going to change things There's this audience that history will look back, cat and say look what came out of those people. I don't know how that's ever going to happen, because nobody is making record of us except us, we're keeping We are keeping very good notes on what you've accomplished and what you've done.
But if you want to join us, if you want to feel helpless today feel helpless, me. I know who the bad guys are. I know where the people are that need help. I know how to help them. I know we can help them. I know we can actually get them to safety. I know the people that we are saving our
people that are marked for death, this kind of stuff that happened in Manchester that happens all the time in Iraq and Syria all the time. There's a group. I can't tell you trying to think of ways that I can tell you in a way that, but I can't I can't tell you, I can just tell you this. There are two
bring that we know where they are. There are children that are experiencing what our team went out two years ago to save people from the clutches of ISIS, these kids that were being kept as sex slaves, their mothers Watching their daughters being raped several times a day and then mom being raped in front of the daughters, our team came back changed.
What they are seeing now I'll give you the quote from one of our team members: Glenn EVIL is never satisfied. Evil's appetite is never quenched. What we thought was evil. Is HI olds play now. What's happening on the ground. Now is be on human understanding. We can help them, but we need your help. We stop taking funding
But we're moving into a place where we'll be announcing some things where we have a new partner to really help us, because it was so big and so overwhelming, and some day some day before you die or before I die, we will be able to tell you what you've accomplished But I a I want you to go to mercury, one dot org today and just donate. If you will just donate help us change the world one kid, The time maybe the Lord will smile upon us and save our children. If we do everything we can to save some
else's child. Your listening to the Glenn Beck program Then back program, yes, please could change the subject here I mean Bitcoin is going crazy going. Easy. How much is it up to today I mean I two thousand two hundred and fifty nine. I think so about a month ago we were talking about it's crazy. It's going to crash even better month, think about it in about a month. Talk about it on the air that day but yeah. So it was one thousand one hundred I invested, but I only invest half of the money. I was going to invest because I thought it's gonna crash soon as it crashed, but the other half in doubled my money in a month. I
but that up it's never going to synthesize. There's not a single bitcoin, eight billion about this going to crash at some point it's going to crash, but it it's like yes, yes, yes, and it's going to crash Bigley, it's I mean it's those things that you know is I can't I don't look back I don't know when it's going to 'cause, there's, no there's really no physical now, there's no physical things, not sure feel or look at I mean it's. Just a new currency entered digit as the world gets more and more afraid of what is coming. They start dumping, their money into Bitcoin, and you guys you guys, if you guys, like pizza right
yeah, I really like it. Sometimes you really want it right like a lot. Such a horrible story on the the first purchase ever of Bitcoin was of 2P John's pizzas, the price on that was ten thousand bit, Currently, those two pieces are worth: twenty two point five million dollars now, that guy, that's unbelievable- that guy spent all his bitcoins back. Then you know that would be sad, but I bet that person I mean if they're smart a lot of, probably still in the beginning mine, five hundred of that got for free. That would be now if you about one hundred dollars worth of Bitcoin on May 22nd, two thousand and ten you'd be sitting on around seventy two point: nine million dollars you bought how much one hundred dollars
now with seventy two point: nine million. Now this is like it's like you're in, like the first week right like who's in there, like only good enough for my downloads, my money in a month I mean that's incredible. I mean again it was. It was too hun in eighteen dollars in twenty fifteen so two years ago, two years ago it was eighteen now, it's ten times that I will tell so I mean dang, I just put in I just put in money that I was like okay. Well, I'm fine with losing this amount. I'm remember, I'm the guy who went to Vegas. I played one five dollar game of blackjack. Put five dollars down said hit me, it was over an eye to the dealer, and I said that wasn't five dollars worth of fun and that's the only that's the last time. I guess I have zero tolerance for LAS so I yeah, I put a small amount in, and but I mean this is crazy.
Yeah. When the guy bought the pizzas one Bitcoin was worth zero. Which is three cents, and now Two thousand two hundred dollars a bit going: wow wow, amazing amazing. It shows you how unsettled the world is.
The blaze radio network on demand. Last night the world witnessed evil and saw evil first hand. It was. It would not happen chance that Children were killed last night everything in the same way we really Freeflyte don't stay
last night the world watched the end of it. Answer that we wouldn't even have known about fifty nine people were injured. Twenty two people were killed suicide bomber. Was the lone attacker. You know a nice, That incident nothing to worry about nothing to see. It was. Beyond the evil, some the who had gone in and and targeted a concert because of the ages of the people there targeting children. This isn't new. This is new to the west, but it's not new
Those in the middle east- those who are involved in things like this in the Middle EAST have seen their children or their friends children. Destroyed by a Evil ideology that we refuse to name. This is an islamist ideology. There's a difference clean, a Muslim, an Islamist know the difference, And then name the evil. There's a difference between a german Anna not see. No, the difference and name the evil. If you can't name it you'll, never defeat it. A man who has done eight tours of duty, a Chad Robichaux's with us. He Some he started the Mighty Oaks Foundation coming in just to talk about that today and we we asked him to come in
little bit early to be able to talk about his thoughts about what we're seeing happen and and and Manchester last night, welcome chat. How are I'm good, I'm good. What are you? What are you? What are your thoughts when you saw this last night? I think my immediate thought and you kind of captured it is. There is just the perception awareness of I think of us as a culture and not be acclimated to this, and- and I am I'm watching this and unfold on facebook- is seen at the lower spine which is kind of alarming to me, because you know anytime, start growing as a culture numb to all this I think we have such access to seeing all these tenfold. In the as through come down to it. What number starts starts us in a path of being complacent. Complacency ends up in results. We saw Manchester and I think I think we have be aware. This is serious thing. This is an attack on our culture. This is uh. Very intentional and deliberate act. It's not going to stop you
It me that they targeted children. For I mean there was it's it's. It wasn't by chance. No, it wasn't. By chance. I mean it's always straps straps I'm from their body and walks into a particular place that wasn't they don't just look for a crowd crowd or any target? They look at their looking for, specifically for some they have an agenda. I mean that's a pretty deliberate act to strap bombs cell phone go in and self detonate. What do you think they? What do you think they were targeting children? Can you explain it? I think I want. I think it's a anytime you look at terrorism is for shock, us so you know where they get the most bang for their buck and also places that are in contrast to what you know just and, in contrast, is Islamism. The place of a contrast, the concert any kids or make shock value. This road in a new book. I have started writing a road about an incident in Afghanistan where
doesn't do any kind of combat operations. I was just going shopping in a place called Chicken street kind of a a market area where people go shopping by power, dvds and those types of things and and we we met this Little girls that would always be in this corner selling selling maps and and different things to the tourists GL's go to this area, and you know it's typical afghan little girl dark bright, green eyes is kind of high remembered her. Those pretty eyes your sister were there we want. Nineteen years old, but lots and lots of map map from where we didn't need them, paid it paid or extra for him just an when inside my body, bank bought some Pepsis and Games and Pepsi's on the way out and we we made it be a a block down. We heard the concussion and look back so people running so some dust. You know we we we had no business military operation there so we just got in a vehicle and left and later we learn that Chechen suicide bomber head
in the area, and you get cars in this area. So they could do a vehicle bomb, but he went there to stand next to a very targeted to stand next to that a and a to ask a national army, the police. Control area there and tried to kill them, but ended up injuring the afghan soldiers, but killed, kill one of those girls- and you know this Zero zero bar for human life. They don't think the way we think is good. This is his first in the run up the Chechens coming down and doing that because I've been concerned for quite some time said when they get serious. They will perform some sort of a bezel in in America or in the west, and that will change the game entirely. You familiar with bezel in what happened with Russia when they, when they took the school and they killed. What was it three hundred and seventy or three hundred and sixty eight chill?
over three day period and that's when you know Putin just snapped and just went in and slaughtered them all, but I mean these guys they they don't have our values, they're, not there, not even into the level of nazis. They are animals, just animals, wonder very determined and they're not going to be derailed by you know there I going to be the real going to continue on this mission and less we take it. Take take the fight to them and and stop in, and I mean this isn't going to go away, just 'cause, you know just gives you a follow it and that's that's my as a culture that look on them to it. But how do we cuz? I found myself last night without wanting to turn on tv and didn't want to see it
How do you you know? I'm not numb to it. I just the world is in so much chaos. That I just I'm overwhelmed by it at times, and I believe call to action in a and president Trump is is: is that it this week it's called action in a month to the muslim people to to police their own s is, is not something that's going to be done. You know externally- it's going to be done internally within the culture of the muslim people as well. Tell me about mighty oaks. Tell me about this book resiliency path to resiliency. This is a simple hoodies at one hundred under is moraine size fits in your pocket is readable. Is really good. I mean it's really full of really good wisdom, really good wisdom well do you know mighty oaks were helping guys who come. From combat with combat trauma trying to rebound person.
Chips of their other service, and we found that we know great success in that so start moving, continue, moving left we're dealing with veterans, then we started dealing with guys who are transition, that the window or Battalion Marine CORE, for example, and sorry going into commands, and then we had the opportunity to be take the same things we found healing on healing the work for healing and use them in the front end and an through resiliency efforts and so we had the opportunity to go into places like I speak at Marine Corps boot Camp every quarter and talk about resiliency and spiritual resiliency, the United States AIR Force has to be at the yellow, ribbon programs pre deployment, so want to leave behind. So we wrote this past Thursday, and so you I mean you know a lot of people say that we we can't talk about God at all, with our military. That doesn't seem to be true with you now I know its it. People told me of when we first started body else that it just wasn't gonna happen at what we're we need to be secular, maybe sneak in the God. But the truth is like the military is hurting right now and
the military and its own nomenclatures talks resiliency, being mind body spirit that Spirit World has been kind of hijacked would actually means but we've had the opportunity to go in and redefine what spirit means to us and without trying to impose what we believe are people would just say: this is what works for us, and and we've we gained great traction. We have a sergeant major candidates, sergeant of the Marine corps on the border there's a general General General Boykin Rest Great military leaders who have come behind us to really help open those doors for us, and now we have just tremendous traction within the military That's good advice. I mean I'm just I'm I'm giving a speech tomorrow about moving forward and charting a new course and I'm chapter five of this. Is moving forward. So how do we go forward? Dare use it as an acronym? Yes, it means, I think,
I think the biggest thing that we have accomplished that I really realize that might be to help people move forward. It's just the decision to and oftentimes our life. We think it's much more complicated that, but it really does come down to a choice, to look backwards Our ships are alive from realize those things that lead us to where we are, but the choices we made since those things happen past in Afghanistan, Iraq, our childhood, whatever it's a choice to move forward you say, DIS, Adair stands for decide, accept, reject, embrace meaning, except the is that you can use an reject the things that you can't. That's right, you got it you have to. You have to accept the things that the good things in your in your life that things that are ahead of you and in in things that have happened to you too. Sometimes accepting the things are the bad things and say: how can I take these these traumatic, it's paired to my past and actually turn him into a good thing, and
the very nature of the program we have is is paying it forward and you can't really pay for the other veterans unless you that experience. For me, what I do it mighty oaks. It isn't, because I got educated and thought how I could you know. Mobile crafty way to help veterans. It's because I went to Afghanistan Probably when I came home I fell on my face and I got back up again. I learned some some lessons from those, and so I accepted the hardships and went through, but also embrace the ability to actually move forward and choose a different destiny ahead of me and paid that for challenge other guys. You same thing would tell me a bit with a mighty oaks. Is, is what exactly it's a a place for guys to go and and find their path forward. That's right! We have. We have we thirty grams a year right now and there are six day intense
and they all ran by by by fellow combat veterans. So we take. We take these guys into a six day. Camp on on a remote on remote ranch. We have four of them that nationally so would bring us from all over the country, and they want is really just challenging them to one. Just like you said to accept the position that they are in and make a decision to move forward. Very is is very a because it's, but without the twelve steps. It's like that one step you have to make that first step to say- I'm responsible for my future. You you right here who is an authentic person, a person of virtue and sincerity, a person who does right in spite of obstacles, a person of honesty person, who's uplift, and encourages others a person who who himself to a high standard, in all things, a person of his word, a person who me
the needs of others that rejects the things that will pull them back free. Did you write this? Yes, yeah myself and I Jerry Stahlnecker, who, whose works at my jokes with me and and you know we wrote it from my own experiences, but we wrote it from a plethora of experience from all the that. We've been privileged to work with and then once worked for them. So this is a this is definitely a book written off the experience selling this is this book for sale we're selling it, but we we give away. We give him away to all the troops, so we sell it on our website at Mightyoaksprograms, dot programs that are and this is give this- I give this to my son- As for myself, I give this to our employees. I mean this is this is just great. This is good little guidebook for your life, to put it in the back of your pocket. You get this is path to resiliency.
You can get it at mighty, mighty oaks, dot, org many of the programs that are okay, mighty oaks programs, dot org path, the resiliency. I wish you the best of luck, and thank you for everything you're doing where uh, if it wasn't honestly for the guys returning home that- taken charge of their own life and said I'm not going to be a victim. I think we would be creating another Vietnam situation with our troops, where we had left so many people behind 'cause the governments, doing it in general, population doesn't know how to do it and you guys are taking care of it and it's an honor to be able to support you in any way. We can we thank you for so thank you, mighty oaks program, org programs or apps programs, mightyoaksprograms dot Org will put it on our website as well. Thank you. So much appreciate
the Glenn Beck program, mercury. Glenn Beck program that was he marine Recon and an mma fighter. I mean yeah, so like a double bad as he could have killed all of us so quickly, so quickly, yeah and I would have gotten out of the chair before you. I appreciate it. I didn't know what cauliflower ear was, and he has all of our year. Yeah and you know you've. You notice it but you're not going to say something, but I didn't know what, because I you know, I thought maybe it was you know- could not very respected from wrestling yeah I had no white did pass like sold the a flower ear, I'm like hill till. You come back wondering if it was just from MMA or was your wrestler too yeah
there's a good deal of wrestling in MMA, but he I guess he did a little both, and I was interested that you actually pointed out considering Jeffy kind of shares, part of the health care cauliflower body, lower body wrestling with your dinner, so you trying to get that for all the way to your mouth breaks it swells yeah. I notice that yeah so yeah well mine. Does that too it lunch break since wells and lunch breaks as well. Snack breaks, dinner breaks, breakfast breaks as well, so this is all swelling is. If I take ibuprofen, you should see the washboard abs. I had to really just with Ibuprofen yeah yeah just swelling, but I don't want to take it 'cause. Then you guys will feel
inferior fat fat. You know what it's shockingly I do already. I don't know how that happened. I got last night, I got home and I'm like, I can't take it anymore. I just can't take it anymore, it's unbearable! It really is it's unbearable at this most of the day. It pretty well and then last night, there's just this big chocolate, bundt cake, in the refrigerator I was like. Why is that there? It shouldn't, be there? That's stupid, someone might read it, so I took care of it good for you. Are you kidding me? I'm not kidding you in my refrigerator last night was chocolate. Bundt cake was there really was who said I was like. This is wrong because in my freezer was.
We are good. Are wives will thank us, they will work. Saving those calories really didn't go right to their hips. We talk about food storage, you can do it in fat cells. That is one way to do it. I have to take you up on that eats because I'm fat and I'm fat, because I eat back in a minute back program. This is the Glenn Beck program works exactly April. Fourth, one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight.
Listen to this driving in today and thought it was really appropriate April. Fourth, one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight Robert F Kennedy uh. I was about to speak to a group of people in India, bliss and on his way there he found out that Martin Luther king had been shot and killed. Local police, said. You can't you can't go. We can't provide protection for you, people might riot, it was in the heart of african american ghetto at the time he Driving in the car and he decides to scribble down a couple of notes, nobody had helped him. Nobody said here's your proposed draft.
He got to the crowd and he stood at the top of of a flatbed truck. And they handed him a microphone- and this is what he said off the top of his head not using any notes. I have some very sad news for all of you and I think sad news for all of our fellow citizens and people who love Peace all over the world, and that is that the Martin Luther king was shot on the scale tonight. Martin Luther king dedicated his life to love and to justice between fellow human beings. He died in the cause of
effort in this difficult day. Let's difficult time for the United States, it's perhaps well to ask what kind of a nation we are for what direction we want to move in for those of you who are black. Considering the evidence, evidently is it. There were bite people who are responsible, you can be filled with bitterness and with hatred and a desire for revenge. We can move in that direction as a country in greater polarization black people amongst blacks to fight amongst whites filled with hatred toward one another
or we can make an effort, as Martin Luther king did to understand and to comprehend Henry that violence that stayed a bloodshed spread across our land, but that effort to understand Compassion and love for those of you who are black and to fail. Be filled with hatred and mistrust of the injustice of such an act. Against all white people.
I only say that I can also deal in my own heart, the same kind of feeling I had a member of my family killed, but he was killed by a white man, but we have to make an effort in the United States. We have to make an effort to understand to get beyond above beyond the small, the difficult time favorite call my my favorite color was aeschylus. He once wrote, even in our sleep pain, which cannot forget by drop until in our own day, despair against our will comes with through the awful grace of God. What we need in the United States is not division
What we need in the United States is not hatred. What we need in the United States is not violence and lawlessness, but his love, and with and compassion toward one another feeling of justice for those who still suffer within our country, whether they divide black, we can do well in this country. We will have a difficult time. We had different four times in the past, so
and we will have a difficult time in the future. It is not the end of violence, it is not the end of lawlessness and it's not the end of disorder, but the vast majority of white people, the vast majority of black people in this country, want to live together, want to improve the quality of our life. I want justice for all human beings that are by I dedicate ourselves to what the Greeks road so many years ago to tame the savage the life of this world, dedicate ourselves to that our our country. Thank you.
Robert F Kennedy off the top of his head, pretty amazing, standing in a crowd that police had said they're going to kill you. And as we know, Sir Han Sir Han a Palestinian ended up killing two months later, two months later ended up killing Rfk a man of great compassion, an great wisdom who I think uh, unlike others, actually felt, this to the marrow of his bones. It's interesting to listen to that and realize that that first moment can't really ever happen again. No, That moment where he announces it in the crowd is shocked, is actually impossible. I mean at this point almost there's almost no circumstance which something like that can happen where the audience would be surprised by it. 'cause they'd all be seeing it on their phones before he told them
It's really. I mean just think that he to think that he doubt in the car on the way and was told you can't go. What would the own have been had they known. What would He had been able to deliver that speech that telling that group of people that could have turned easily turned easily turn righteously, turned for him to be able to deliver that speech? he may not have had in today's world. He may not have had that opportunity because they already would have had their mind made up and their choice on, which course they were, so they had probably already would have made their their selection.
And they would be tweeting back and they would be seeing the hate filled screens on their phone. I heard that this morning, as I was driving in- and I thought that's the message for today- that is truly the message for today we can choose and we can choose to feel empowered or we can choose to feel afraid we can choose to feel hatred or we can choose to feel love and to feel love does not mean that you don't take a stand. There is. There is the other side if If love is your n uh truth maybe your w he did
It just means you need to move NW you you have to balance the truth. It's love and sometimes as long you stay within the rose of the compass, telling someone the honest truth but Liam knowing and having compassion and trying to solve the problem by saying, with all the love and respect that you can and mean is, is as Jesus were saying it it is about Islamists. It is. It is about Islamists, that's what's happening. And I know the world doesn't want to hear it, but it's okay and it must be spoke, and anyone who stands in the way and tries to create more division around the truth
will fail in the end. You may beat me now, but you will fail in the end, because the truth will prevail. It always the truth. All is returns and is red. Kipling said with with terror slaughter terror and slaughter. It returns, but it doesn't have to be that way. It doesn't have to return with terror and slaughter. It can return with gentleness and kindness and compassion you just Saw him return a group of people to the truth. Imagine what they were feeling imagine the righteous anger, any stood there in front of Our dominantly black, it was a black audio, told them that it was a white guy who did it and it still because of his tone because of the things
We're saying because of the deafness of his words, it was fine It worked out and he delivered the truth. He didn't pander. No, he didn't mince words he Just spoke with love and compassion: so we need to be. We need to tell the truth. This would happened yesterday in Manchester will not stop until we all come to the truth that it is about the Islamist. It is and we cannot live side by side with it. It doesn't. It has no reason it has compassion. It has no love. I'm sorry, I've I tried to ban the word Eve from my lexecon when talking about different ideologies and different things, but that is when you are
killing children. When you are raping children, when you were in slaving children when Slaving adults it's my way or the highway it my way or death, because God tells me, I have a right to kill you is no other word than evil and that's just the way it is and until we say there is is a large group of people that are following. Islam, the found the way it was in the in the dark ages that have not had any kind of reformation and they want take us back to the dark ages. Well, not going, and this time that the w stands up and says you are either going to be a part of the future which is bright. Or you're not
But I am not going back to the caves and the campfires. And to the terror and slaughter that you to bring us back to not going there then that program. Eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven back AAA, seven hundred and twenty seven back fax, that program hello, America, big program, just kind of gone down the wormhole of Rfk this morning and listening to some of the things that he said, he was every time we we find some interest. Tidbit from the past, we go down there. We just go down the wormhole, just keep going in digging. What was the one you were in today or oh
As I saw it last night I saw a three thousand and thirty presentation on uh Duke Lacrosse team. Oh my gosh, We need to revisit that, 'cause, that that is it. Now, they're doing interviews with the guys. Did they do any area of the guys, some of them the three who wound up in jail and being charged wouldn't wouldn't be entered. Can you imagine how you would just want to put it behind you pretty there nothing they had. Nothing did Al Sharpton ever, apologize apologize. No, no, neither did Jesse Jackson, he just kept saying well so that happened in that House old yeah. She danced and she left she passed out on their porch. I mean they tried to elude that one of them had dna under her fingernails and it was like a false fingernail that they found in the garbage in the bathroom. A knife on the prosecutor. Remember him he was just after these guys, but I don't know why or I guess
because he was in an election, yes and they were rich and he was yeah, but everything he could to bring them down and cut them down a peg. Well, it turned out but none of them had any dna anywhere near her but eleven other guys did of whom were the Duke lacrosse team. Unbelievable just amazing an amazing store and they had their whole season cancelled. Spent a year in jail? As we are, you know we were living at that time, mob justice yeah just mob justice, we've To get away from the mob justice mentality back in a minute.
The blaze radio network on demand. Suicide Bomb Manchester Arena in Britain last night. They just released the name of the homicide bomber, Solomon, Abady ISIS. As claimed him as one of their own, they selected this site for a reason, it was chance that this was a arena filled with children. This is the new approach that we're fighting people who have values that are radically different than the west
and we rejected all of those- I mean we used to- we used to be a civilization that said that we looked to better ourselves and try to hold up the highest ideals. We had one point said that the highest ideal of a man what a man should be and how a man should act should to try to become as much like Jesus of Nazareth as possible. Now we've removed him and who are we looking to? I think, I have to tell you
That is sad is this. Is I thank God every night that we still have marvel around, that we can still look to captain America and still look to iron man, because when we've taken God out of the square, that's why those movies are so big. Those movies are so big because those are our ten commandments. Now, that's the bend her of this generation because, God forbid you actually talk. Ben hur- God forbid, you actually do the ten commandments. God forbid, you actually tell the story of Noah's Ark without rock people in it, but people are hungry to see leaders that will stand up and say we're better than this. I got news for you. We are better than this much better than this we just have to
Smith? The truth admit with the highest standard is and then hold to that iron rod. We are facing evil. That is so shocking that many of us don't want to even think about it, but until the world recognizes and calls evil by its name, we must stand up and speak the truth. Roma Downey is going to be joining me. She has made a film with Paula question.
Roma and Paul. I have made a film to show America and the West what they're really facing, especially when it comes to Christianity and use any children in the Middle EAST. They join us right now, entertainment, the producers of the new movie that opens up nationwide today called faith keepers, Roma, Downey and and pull all the question roll APOLLO, welcome to the program good morning Glenn. How are you
I'm grand it's literally I work around. Thank you, though. It's with heavy hearts every day that we open the newspapers and hear what's going on around our world is what happened last night in Manchester. As you guys can testify, and I'm so glad to have you on today, because people need to realize that we are getting against the people that do not have anything close to our values- especially when it comes to children. I believe I believe this arena. Intentionally targeted to kill the children to to shock us and to horrify us well from that review it certainly succeeded. We are shocked and we are horrified and we are heartbroken this morning as we start looking at the pictures,
coming out of Manchester in our hearts, and our prayers are with the people of Manchester this day. So I watched Film. Yesterday, from the Clarion project, called faith. Keepers and it is um I want to. I guess I want to say it's stirring- it's not depressing. It is shocking but it it stirs you into into action of it, at least at first recognizing what were living with Paula? Do you want to talk a little bit about what the movie is sure, so keepers of the brand new documentary film, as you mentioned, and our goal it is really to tell the story behind the headlines. We get so overwhelmed with the horror that- out of the Middle EAST that we forget that there is men, women and children who are dealing with the
every every single day, Christians who are being persecuted for their faith, who are experiencing a genocide and what we did was we sold these individuals, he heard their stories of bravery and courage and will bring those stories too, quick send an american I'm really trying to inspire them and have them stand up and be their brothers keeper yeah. It's true amazing and Roma we've seen this you've been involved. Thank you so much you and mark for being involved with the Nazarene Fund and Mercury one, but we've seen it first hand and the courage- captured in this film. The courage, of these some of them teenagers. That say You know every day we got a knock on the door. And if you want to explain that part of the movie it's it's Powerful salad opens up, and
how there was no fear involved, yeah. Some of these stories that we have in this film are just chilling Glen of the accounts that these some families went through a targeted because of their face. And you know ' those that we spoke to were the fortunate ones and that they were lucky, to get away with their lives. When so many others did not and um what we see what we were able to show in the film was not just the fear and the pressure on the lives of these people, but that there Is it design at play to eliminate the footprint that they had ever been there? We see churches being destroyed. We see holy relics and holy books. You know this. This is the holy land. This is where our christian religion started and to see
just being erased over. There is also very chilling. It's pretty amazing, though the heroics that we have seen, we know first hand, I don't to give out too many details, but there was some very important jewish relics in areas of the Middle EAST that ISIS was coming into and the Christians gathered around an dug up all of these relics and moved all these relics and buried them with GPS coordinates. So you could go back and find them, but they would not leave another person's faith in the dust to be destroyed and desecrated, I mean the people, the people over there um.
I don't know there is a just they I wish. More of us were like we're like them. I wish I was like them. The courage that they have is remarkable I think I think it absolutely is remarkable and and and the upset the thing- is that I'm sure that many of them feel forgotten by us over here. You know, the enormity of this genocide, it's occuring where we are a people, or half awake to the issues, and I remember as a little girl Glenn. School in Ireland reading it was. It was part of our reading, curriculum reading the diary of Anne Frank, I was just a child, and I was so upset by the book, of course, by the story by the by. Young understanding of the of the scale what had happened and and with the innocent
the child. I said well, what was everybody else doing like? Where was the world? Why was nobody else helping and- and I feel a little bit like that now- like where, where are we and what are we doing? You know there's this is so I think what has happened is so much fear has been generated and certainly justified by events like last night in Manchester that we, you know Emotionally we start to close down to these bigger issues. I think this some face keepers as really a way to let people see these stories to feel these stories. To get to know. You know one person at a time with but a number of personal stories in this phone to help Uh the american audience really understand. What's going on over there, you had to have done a great job in this balancing I'm you know we have through the NASA. Refund. We have moved a lot of
a lot of the Middle EAST, but we also started something called operation. Ground railroad, and this is all about the slave trade that putting all over the world and We really wrestle with. How do we get people to pay attention and the thing that struggle with? Is it's really easy for people to say? Oh, you know in the case of slavery, oh there but all our founders. They were rich white slave owners and they just didn't care slave. Slavery. Right now is is four times the problem, Then it was over a four one hundred year period during the western slave trade. So it's much more prevalent, but people don't want to see it 'cause it's overwhelming and they don't they just don't want to think about it, 'cause, it's so horrible
did what you are making this film. How did you balance that in getting people to see it without shoving it in their face, so they just can't look. So I think that the storm does a good job of balancing that incredible resilient spirit, and so what fire needs, are making a film with was showing even when there it seems, like all hope is lost? There are Aurora miracles that happen. There's the kindness of strangers and there's just kredible will to carry on so there's one story in the film where a woman was kidnapped and raped for being a Christian, and she was told that she needed to convert to Islam, which she refused to do then her Husband was beheaded in front of her and ironically, she escaped with her children to Syria, but she never lost her faith, and I think that the
Good stories are the ones that moved me and I think those are the great that will move audiences when they view the film uh Roma, Downey and Pollock question Where is the movie being seen or is it everywhere today. Limited nationwide release our churches and I'd like to encourage all your listener to go to ST keepers. Movie dot com: you can you can you can sign up for screening? This is really a grassroots campaign. Are you down declaring project and light workers to put so much into it, to make sure that people feel Our it would bring the story back to their home communities. L Mike is so. If you know the head face: keepers movie, dot, com, dot com. So if, if my true isn't one of the churches that have signed up for it. I can. I can, We registered to have my church and does it cost my church anything to to run it at the church? Absolutely absolutely they can
to sign up we're going to be pushing for screening throughout the summer. It's it's practically, no cause we're doing some tickets at eight dollars a pop, but we really just wanting to There are few. As many churches and as many communities as possible, so it's not too late to sign up now for a screening for your own church or or community center. I can't recommend this highly enough. You know the you know the underground railroad slavery stopped all of the worst things in the world stopped because the West numbered who they were, and we are people that have always followed God and the best way to serve. God is to serve your fellow man. We truly are still the last great great hope for the world and free
and if we don't remember who we are soon, the world can fall into profound darkness, but it doesn't have to, and it will happen in the church is so please I watched it yesterday. It is really good. It is something that everybody needs to see, something that can if your community- and there are action, steps as well. There are many ways we can get involved and help save the Christians use and the the women children over there that are facing absolute horrors. This is this is the Holocaust. Of our time, and- and hopefully we stop it before it gets any worse and and travels. But we need to stop it now. Go to face, Keepers movie, com, faith, keepers, movie dot com and Roma and Paula. Thank you so much. I appreciate it Glenn
thank you so much for having us on. We really appreciate you, God bless. Thank you. God bless you. They are aroma. End Mark Burnett are really he's it. There are amazing couple: aren't they with everything that they're doing right now? They are almost to Ryan, Seacrest level of jobs at one particular tag, they're producing ninety six percent of all television and movies. I mean, it's really good stuff job stuff. When you know down with the heart and done with real mission. Yeah, I'm done with mission. I mean you know, he's he's gotten to a place and she's gotten to, is to where they're like. I want to do the things that make a difference now, theaters aren't even enough for them. They want to take over the churches, I have a feeling that the theaters weren't weren't running for this movie as yeah as it has a real message,
real message to it, but I will tell you when you see these: when you see these Christians over there year, you'll be ashamed, you'll be just ashamed of yourself, because and not because of anything that they're going through, or you know that I haven't helped out everything just my gosh these visits. It opens up with this. This voice thing I we would get in the knock on the door and we would open it up, and there was a note that said we will. We will take your sisters and your mother, and we will take them as slaves and rape them unless you convert and the family got together and we're like we're, not converting the me. In a week later there was a box at the door and
knock on the door they opened it up and in the box was a letter. It said, keep this box because we're going to store your families heads in this box, if you don't convert, they finally got out. I mean that the can you imagine. Can you imagine that. Hit the Glenn Beck program, sign up for the newsletter and get all the info. You need to know what glennbeck dot com so more bad news coming out of England today, Roger Moore, has passed away, It was eighty nine years old and that seem bizarre. The Eighty nine um hardly 'cause. He played bon until the late 80s right, yeah, we I mean yeah. I know if you do a kill, which is because I'm a Duran Duran fan back in the day when my favourites, that was
mid, 80s nineteen. Eighty four was a view to a kill. Uh died of eighty nine and indicted eighty nine yesterday, he was my favorite bond growing up and I think it was because I grew up with him. Me too. Wow watch it now. Not good, I still love you to a kill, but yes, I think that it was much more. Sketchy that yeah yeah yeah. It was yeah it and I think I'm the only one that liked Who is the other guy that played Bandelin Dalton. I like Timothy Dalton, because he was more real at least at the time, compared to Roger Moore but he hated him, but I kind of liked him, but Fun? Now, what's his name, Daniel Craig is the greatest bond bar none, Sean Connery, Daniel Craig
fist of fury coming up next pathway, fist of fury. This is the Glenn Beck program. Was amazing story coming out of California today, where they have run the numbers and they have the price tag for California Universal Health care? It's not bad single payer, healthcare, it's only four billion dollars, four hundred billion dollars, so just about a million four hundred billion, just about half a trillion dollars now they're saying that This will require a. Small increase of taxes in California only have to double that
Now they only have to double the taxes in California. Don't worry, but with who in California doesn't already think I need more, I'm not paying my fair share. Almost everybody thinks that buddy forty four million people in California and three million nine hundred and eighty seven thousand yeah, it's very rich bastards yeah better, like I said I think, I'm paying too much right now, taxes in California. What how many of the forty four million are left, I mean I would move in a second, I don't care what our four of what I like about California they're doubling the taxes, I'm already the highest tax state. Oh my god, all you would do you destroy business. Everything would be gone. You would shatter the state, so here listen to what they're planning. Now this is their stated intention to do to the insurance companies, the idea is to overhaul the California insurance marketplace. Who's overall health care costs and expand coverage to everyone.
Cluding illegal aliens and what you're going to do. This is to just will take away the first of all the double the taxes on people, but there also going to eliminate healthcare company profits. Good, so they'll be able to do some work for free for everybody. They make wages. Do too much money, which is, which is what a communist state does Communists remove all the profit and take the companies over by the state. They take the company's over, and they say this belongs to the people, and so now the state is to run it and there not going to be prophets 'cause we're all sharing in it, so who's going to offer coverage if you're, not making any money, what are you doing for the state? The state with the state? Does the state will and all and think about how much that will be terrible. I'm looking for something how much money you'll save Series
think how much money you'll save. Now you have to double your taxes, but after that you're not paying for insurance, you're just double your taxes think about something. Surance is free in one of those right document. Don't because it's so expensive now you can just go and we should point out your insurance might be free. Your health care, on the other hand, there's no necessary. Play any reason to believe that's going to be free because you probably can't get into the doctor's you're going to end up paying for separate healthcare anyway or going to another state where your insurance is no longer exciting, encourage California to do this, and if they and make it work It really does all the great things. That's great. However, if it doesn't don't come crying to us, The problem is they're, going to be bailing them out, yeah, which is sucks to be M, doesn't it I think we need to pass a law suck to be you law, which you could do whatever you want your stay, but
it doesn't work sucks to be. You know this is tip. You know what you would say yeah. I typical you hate, mongering conservative right right. What you're doing you know? What I would say is don't do this idea it it. It never works. It cannot work it It makes. No financial sense at all you, everyone will move out of your state if you double the taxes due that alone. Plus the government is not going to be efficient at healthcare. You listening to this end Are you listening to what he's saying believable I mean: what's the alternative, the draconian Trump budget, this that they've released. This is incredible. I mean. Is so right now Medicaid we're spending four one hundred billion dollars a year on it and we're supposed to be if we were sane, spend
seven hundred billion dollars a year and Trump wants to cut that he wants to cut again, these are poor people with their health care costs are dramatically cut by six. Turn twenty seven billion dollars the Medicaid and you know you might say- wait a minute- you said there are only spending four hundred billion dollars a year yeah, but he wants to cut it by six one hundred and twenty seven billion dollars a year, well now over ten years, but still now- algorithm. You might say: ok, so it's four hundred billion dollars now it says sixty billion dollars a year so that would be cutting it to three Forty billion dollars a year right, you might think that you, dumb for thinking that why, because Trump only wants to increase the budget from four hundred billion to five hundred and thirty billion. All he wants to do is increase it by uh,
one thousand three hundred and thirty billion dollars. That's it per year, that's being presented as a cut. No I've seen all the stories. Uh then how they're are all draconian? How this is going to kill everybody? How this is the biggest lots of all time. Albums and thousands will die. Thousands will die before they were piled up in the streets before Obamacare. Remember that, ok, remember something at the hospital, but I say something: have not gotten the smell of burning bodies out of the Hankys we used to have to wrap around her face.
As we would drag the bodies out that had been kicked out from the hospital over and then just throw him on a pile and burn them in the public square? You always knew you were getting close to a hospital 'cause. You smell the rotting bodies in the burning body and you can see the piles off in the distance and so maybe like wow wow wow more. But the Good NEWS is when you had insurance, you could walk right into a hospital and get care that fast. You did. Have to wait around for people who didn't have insurance You know you didn't have to wait around 'cause now we're using the hospital as a gp. You know you have to wait around because the hospitals serve. Those people are nine hours. You know right, but that's because there great healthcare, and it's because we didn't consider healthcare, a fundamental human right, that's what California is going to do. Now good fundamental human right, just like clean water, you're going to keep
in this thing about all these things, just a second. How do you define clean water, water that isn't dirty, very all right back up to uld. Alright, ok! Well, I mean you really. Never I mean God never gave you that right, because there would be like a dead moose. The band that was riding in the water and so a lot of people would get sick and die. This call this movie, is what you're drinking at that point. Okay, I don't know, I don't know if you can it's a movie, so I don't think that's what that was called, but uh. So guess so, God didn't even Give us the right to clean water now, No, it's not paying for that water. Let's say I'm up, someplace n someplace
is Michigan a throw a dart on the board Flint and I'm paying for that water. Then I think I do have a right to expect that water too, He clean. You have a right to get it clean. I don't know if you have a right to expect the governments involved uh, but you have the right to get it. You should be getting it. How is it that people think that government is the solution? and so many of our they can't do anything right when so many of our problems are caused by the government. I mean You could? You could even say I'll you to loot was: what's the government do right, military yeah, the military they do right, but the they're not doing right the part when the Washington is actually involved in it, when the military is cut loose and it did military, you do what you're doing, but every time the polity
shouldn't get involved in Washington in the red tape and everything else they screw it up and not to mention it's not an efficient organization. I mean, like the military, is not an efficiently run organization. That's not what I require now, of course, I gotta listen to him. He's just he's calling for nuclear weapons low. He is calling for how the hell did you get there from what I'm talking about see on killing people, officially spending that we're talking about spending yeah spending what throwing money on all sorts of different scaling mission? What is the military do or Monger Hill people it murders? Why are you monitoring woolly wow? You guys are the ones that said it was a good organization like thirty seconds ago and now you're completely flipped in your calling them. I wasn't even part of that discussion. Online were part of your by your warmonger,
whom the monitors gone by owners in your own monger he's r, a m e mongrel may okay, this is the one for that. That's what that is. Is it had something like something like that? Okay, all right, monger mongrel! I get back to the ahead with budgets that so the eating the Medicaid thing they're talking about this is a huge cut. As I'm saying this is a huge increase in the budget of measures not as big an increasingly wanted. They wanted sorry. However, it's still rising at a faster rate of the past ten years, it's rising at a faster rate from two thousand and eight to twenty seventeen zero. I mean oh unearth: can you propose that as a cut ITALY? Just did they just say it? They just say it. And you're supposed to believe it. I know because because the media will all parrot of go along they'll all go along are saying it's horrifically you're, trying to you trying to keep this week.
So this is why unhealthy. This is why, when they talk about talk radio- and we come straight out. Say we're- not a new show. This is not a new show These are not getting your news from here. Do you hear any listen for the teletypes, no teletypes Hedjet. There's no there's still doing around pretending to be news here, we are commenting on the news. This is opinion on the news, so, If you want to actually report the news you report, Here's what it was? Here's, what we're paying? Here's the budget, This is the proposed budget. It's a cut in the proposed budget in increase, which increases and decreases left, but a slower increase, but still the fastest increase since two thousand?
but they said they don't get anywhere near that they don't get anywhere near that know. Well, that's why no one trusts you yeah, because You know what honestly I didn't read the stories on the budget As I read all the headlines, I saw how is all in lockstep- and I knew that's not true- yeah- I mean, listen the three main fit causes here. You got Medicaid Medicare Social Security over the next ten years. This is a draconian budget. Remember, but with no changes they were supposed to spend five point. Three trillion dollars on Medicaid Trump wants to spend four point: seven trillion. Now that we've spent, probably I mean maybe three trillion in the last ten years, so we want go from three in a four point, seven trillion they want in five point three they're saying: hey, that's a big cut six hundred billion dollars? Ok, that's that's! Medicaid! Part, what meta is going to kill us all going to kill us, this is a really well ai,
see and diagnose all of us and go jump in the the problem? Is people yeah the problems, people d'elite Part two of the budget, Medicare ok, propose spend eight point, seven trillion dollars the draconian Trump budget. Eight, six trillion dollars by the way way way more than we packed we spend over the past ten years and finally, Social Security proposed budget. Teen, four trillion dollars Trump's. For Cody and Budget thirteen point. Four trillion dollars. Oh my gosh. Why am I gay way more than we were last headline that said that he's cutting social security against all advisors? Ok, and it promises but she's. Not writing writing testing to do their same thing is the same, and if you don't here, here's the thing: did anybody let's get out of this, how many trillion
are being spent, no matter whose budget it is yeah and we can't afford any of that area. Anybody adds those three numbers up. We had to go sorry to be selling seven trillion. Seven trillion, don't worry about it. We got it. I got just left it in my other suit. We have it. You know we should do double taxes. Well, If we could double just will make. Right, exactly right! This is the Glenn Beck program, mercury. The command back program, there was a big controversy that was happening around here yesterday we had, I haven't seen from anybody that I expected all the excuses to come pouring out nobody's cover. Nobody on the rights covering it Melania Trump Slap Donald's hand away when he was trying to hold her hand in Israel, as they were on a tarmac is that where they were
and I I mean I've barely. I saw the video and I'm not sure that that is also in their own yeah Yoshi ABS. We slept I haven't seen this, so I want to see the slow motion I want to see. The directory. I want to see the slow motion Let's see this magic bullet of yours patio, it's it's obvious, it's So I don't know what's going on there, I don't pretend to know the relationship she's pissed at him, for something or just done
I know can be bad. That's a forever love going to see the Pope today, blessed be nice for that tomorrow. Thank thank you.
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