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5/26/17 - Society is laughing at political correctness

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Dr. Tom Coburn discusses The Article V solution and The Convention of States Project ...'Written in letters of gold'...How a convention of states could've stopped The US Civil War ...Bill O'Reilly spends the hour with Glenn and discusses the events of this past week and the ratings collapse at Fox News we're seeing in his absence ...What's next in the war on terror after Manchester? ...Time to drop the Trump/Russia investigation? ...Climate change causes child marriage? ...Mr. Buzzkill Stu ...Falling in love...with a 7 year old? Blame climate change. The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand. Hello, Americans, its ride. A fusion quantity meant didn't might in the green paper. I know there's a happening in the world today and we're gonna get to all of it, but I want to start with the problem. The the Problem in our in our country is chaos, everything is upside down. You you'd
I don't know. I mean how many genders are there I believe the number now is ninety two Measures to but. Maybe it is ninety two how do I navigate the world? with ninety two genders. How do I what does that mean how what huh, how much change comes from just that. Or how about this? You can use the inward because your black, you can't but You was a white person, you can. Claim that your black but you can't, even though I'm white, what's the difference, oh your political perspective, How do you navigate this world in chaos? The reason why so much of this is happening is because we have
I laid the bill of rights we have set, weakened our constitution and so weakened the bill of rights that, because the constitution and the balance of power is broken. The president can write Never he wants. I gotta go a pen, George Washington, would have Well, George Washington have had a, but he he d D. Had pins, but he didn't use it that way, and this has been happening. For a hundred years, and we are just starting to feel the pain, In that even Ronald Reagan talked about in the sixties and then again in the eighties one of these days it's gonna hit critical, mass and you're. Not gonna. Have any good choices were here. So how do we return not to the good old days but two
to a country that we can understand and that will navigate around any thing, that the future is gonna, throw our way because the future is gonna, throw hey things our way, both good and bad We haven't even dreamt about thought about. Some of the world's oldest and crazy futuristic nightmares are just over the horizon, but so also are our greatest days. Our greatest hopes and our greatest dreams is going to be up to us to choose which PATH Dewey take and that's easier when you have the constitution as your gospel of freedom as what that is as a gospel of freedom is the sacred american scripture that tells us how to navigate
Senator Kilburn has written a book smashing the DC monopoly. The subtitle tells you everything, you know using article five to restore freedom and to stop a runaway government. Welcome to Doktor Tom Kilburn former. U S, sender Tom how're, you I'm fine Glinda, hope yours will ice, certainly am I found your Iphone your book fascinating and let let me take you to a couple of places at the beginning of the book. I wanna go to want to take you to William Barton, to tell the story of William Barton. Yet one Bart, what actual there were three people involved and ass. We want one was Colonel George Mesa who actually raised the issue
Oh she added with ever knowing whether ever a country that voluntarily power back to its citizens and whether or not they did or did not answer that started the conversation with Barton and bringing forward article five, the sub section, that we talk about their story about Martin in history, but his leadership in terms of this issue and restoring our freedom. Well, He said you wrote in the book. He said this clause. Ought to be written in letters of gold. We ought to observe the excellencies of the constitution. There is a fair, opportunity furnished four amendments provided by the states, but this clause should be written letters of gold well
it's right and the reason that causes there's, because right now, what we find yourself is that the only solution for the problem, a problem so will you would you agree with me that the chaos that we are for sing right now, I think we're having a crisis of chaos. I think I think that only time that people reach out for somebody who will make it stop. You know me of an authoritarian, progressive kind of of play. Is when they are afraid, and I dont think they're afraid of ISIS or war as much as they are afraid of the loss of the western way of life and I think we're not going. I think our countries answer Lately, people know somethin to all and wood
agree that it what's wrong. These problems are coming from the fact that we have not adhered to the constitution, so we're rudderless. What will we not only have not adhere to it? We ve had Supreme Court to lead, has changed its meaning. Irreverently, in my opinion, the work we no longer have the structure that would allow us to maintain the freedom and the upper gave. A picture fell to turn our selves right now What we were seeing today as people talking about problems. We have recent poll, I think, said eighty four percent american rightly so. Why would you. But there's a million dollars in their per family up there right. Oh, how they paid at all for their millennials bird one point: seven billion,
and her hand not counting there. I will tell you, though Tom I dont think It's a bad number that eighty four percent of blue of people to distrust. I think you go back. You go back to George Washington's time. I'll bet That number was in the nineties if they would have taken polls that I mean George Wash and said you shouldn't trusts government treated as fire well, but, but there are also saying: is we dont think it works anymore may affect anyone else, don't know how close to work, because education so been so disruptive, not teaching and undermining the principles of our country they were built upon. So so I dont worry that people I trust the federal German worried the fact that what that will lead to is no confidence in anything that comes out of there
you have. Let me you have a problem now, where forty nine percent of conservative, millennials, conservative millennials forty nine percent believe in freedom of speech, but that the government should determine what that speech should be fair and let scurry, because because we ve had our whole education establishment stolen in terms of freedom and the principles it built, this country and the judeo christian principles it allowed us to do that in the first place, so that all been stolen, and so we could, we ve had mind, been me: they're, not loaded breakdown, people out there, but what made them caught. You know it's not decreed, listen to a different to the pin, do not listen to a difference of opinion. Will only what you really grow, intellectually, is to listen to a difference of opinion and actually think about it. And now we have this whole. Innovation that done. Thank you. Wanna bet
wanna go my hairs on fire. I listen to reason and good logic in your discussions that a symptom, though glance of the problem, the problem is, we, the band, Eleven limited government? We ve undermined personal responsibility and restructuring you right in the book about Samuel Jones? Why the? Why article five solution? Why it exists? Can you tell us what about that story, while article five solution exists because it was forced to exert their, but it was the only thing on the constitution. Never heard heavy, though most people got real good, Madison's notes, he did
copious notes on the whole convention and the only aspect of that convention that didn't have vigorous debate. Vigorous hard fighting debate before they came to agreement was article but the very aspect that they would come around to allowing a restoration of the principle that is actually the history is the republic. And so they came around the idea that we have to put away forced at least put a sandwich echo in their Tom. I paced sure appreciate your rum taking on this topic in explaining it too american people smashing the DC monopoly using article five, too
door, freedom and stop a runaway government is available in bookstores everywhere it has it it has tremendous tremendous history, including a story about Jefferson Davis, after the war, Jefferson Davis said we should have just used article five. It led. Too much bloodshed. If we would have used article five, we wouldn't have had the civil war. I almost gladly almost did ya is small: sing the DC monopoly and, if you can get in volume in the article five movement in your state. It is it just passed in text. This end. It is starting to gain momentum and it is critical. They'll never give themselves a alive it's on their power in Congress. Never
You need to do it and it needs to happen through convention of states to change. The the constitution and put a few. Things in their like modern. Oh yes, said the money that you have not our children's money. Article five tension and the name of the book again is asking the DC monopoly by Tom Kilburn Tom. Thank you very much appreciated today's honourably. Anna Lindh attitude at the white stuff or with all new challenge your Saturday afternoon, better by adding another shot shock to the heart catch episodes of all three shows centuries, beginning at four p M Eastern Papa Booze
The tunisian entertainment didn't like this. This is the glad that programme mercury. Program. I suppose I seventy seven back we're glad you're here it is. It is Friday, there's so many things to the talk about. First of all, the I'm administration knew that gang members were pie, two of an illegal immigrant surge ass, coming from a whistle blower now they knew that gang members, the Obama administration knowingly lead in at least steam admitted M S. Thirteen gang members who arrived,
in the? U S as illegal immigrate too arrogant, t, teenagers and twenty fourteen is the tops you're saying on Wednesday, setting internal documents that showed the teens Worship juvenile homes throughout the country, we knowingly let in Amis thirteen gang members, you're a gang members. Specialist pad for M is thirteen. Who are these guys the really pleasant aloes why I was not always expected for the area really plunging. It may not be the expert. I thought you were. If you enjoy your head beings laced off, I don't like it. I like extremists, that's one of their favorite things to do is to get their heads off their victims. I specifically do not so rude an thirteen has spread it started in Texas. Obviously, in is in reality used in its in almost every state. Now almost every state in theirs is thousands of these guys and their brood,
their one of the most brutal gangs. Is this one of the gangs that learned some other stuff not only those with those were the Zebra commando data. This conversation is one of those that relates to what we talked about yesterday with the planned parenthood bidding on hang on to say, I don't think I don't think we're thinking the same thing, you're thinking the people that were educated by the CIA. I was talking about the gangs in Mexico that were trained or picked up a law. Of their tools of the trade from Al Qaeda, far bombings in the beheading he's in everything else that that could also be amiss. Thirteen but daddy. That sounds like the data they do just talking about. This goes backed by her plan paranoid. Yesterday these women, who were again probably go out to dinner with friends owner
Delightful and you know they go when they do. They live their normal life. For then, during the day, they just pull legs off of light babies because they dont want to get in trouble for repairs Origin and you get this line more. Like your ideology or this thing you're trying to win, or whatever it is gets in the way of just basic common sense. You, you might be poor, illegal or illegal immigration with before more immigrants, you met before being nice to people from different cultures. All these things that are present. By the left, but it gets to a point where your defending this indefensible- dishing where you're, ignoring real dangers to the citizens of Europe of your country, and the same thing I think happens with planned parenthood. My parenthood would but lately We, these pamphlets of people, been finding from the fifties where they're, like you know what abortion is ending life, it's killing a baby and but you know, birth control is not abortion. You should know that and people like, while they use. Third, they were admitting they weren't
meeting this was killing or child, and that is it. Absolutely valid observation on that, but more importantly, I think is progressive ISM. At that time they were to win the battle about birth control. So they didn't care what they said about abortion abortion wasn't there. They had no better care. They say anything about it. Ocean to win this thing today and they will just have I importing gang members, they will act as if these crimes don't exist. The we'll say: well, you know what it really really Firstly, the wrong way, sometimes when an eyeball falls on my lap, which is another quote from one of those plain parenthood values. If you just yesterday, they say: the thing to win the thing in front of them to advance progressive ISM by one step and that its to me indefensible. So what was the? Why is he letting the embassy in Emma S, thirteen? gang members in
knowingly over the border. What is he trying to win bomb, and I think it's if you admit that we have a problem with gay? Ireland's coming across the border in any real fashioned right. Ok, so you're you're saying that deleted and he's not bringing them in to make a case he's silencing people from saying that what you have to be a whistle blower to afford it right right, I mean that it makes sense. Terrifying can, because these are you wish we were in a country which people weren't overwhelmed by that winning these little political arguments will we get off. Together? Stopping gang members from coming into the country should be fairly obvious. Even wouldn't you think, and I gotta believe these people exist, but wouldn't you think of reproach choice person could come out be ok, saying wow, it's really bad. What they're doing today with these clinics maybe you believe in something earlier on in the pregnancy or whatever, but they can bring themselves to criticise
people who are admitting pulling legs and arms off of children, so they dont get in trouble. I will tell you this. We said this yesterday. Its the evil people you have to worry about in the world that they always exist. It's the apathetic people, but the problem is the glad that program. Mercury. Your listened to the glamour programme hell on earth it is Friday and we're thrilled that you would choose to spend some time with us today. Thank you so much for that, as we try to figure out this crime z, chaotic world and make sense of it. You know we were talking in awesome. The sum cheap stuff a minute ago, but you know, as I said, before we wonder the brake. It's not that Evil people we have to worry about, It really is the apathetic people that we need to wake up.
How to talk to somebody who is dead, far gone and evil and I'm not sure can wake anybody up, but if we can just wake up a few apathetic people, the word changes? And if you don't, the world continues to sleep. It down hill because evil advances it owes its Adolf Hitler. Learned from the Turks Nobody cared, but the armenian genocide they entered the world was apathetic. He saw them and he said, look at the Christian. World, didn't even stand up for the Christians being slaughtered. Imagine what we can do, that I went to Auschwitz and about. I don't know fifty yards behind the gas chambers and the crematorium is the comedy. House may be a hundred yards. I think it's fifty, but maybe a hundred yards, but right there and.
There's a fence around the house. Now they I, from our seas, are obviously a monster, but he lived with his wife and two or three children, and the kids would be our back playing with bunny rabbits and then they had Oh buddy Rabbit Hutch put right there, billowing behind and its would go outside the kids, had no idea. Dad was a monster. They were playing one day with the Bunny rabbit and one of the inmates them. One of the kids screamed because they saw something move in the garden. And it was an inmate and he was he had crawled through the fence just to get a potato. Dad came out blues brains out in front of the kids in the bunny rabbit. When who are surrounded by
I evil when corruption, when it becomes so prevalent its advance so far the pathetic, or are there not just sleep there dead inside? They don't notice, as is the what people do and it's it's frightening, because. It's it's the its it because evil is advancing, but evil is always among us. It's always there. It's just that the awake usually pushed back into the darkness, So we really have to figure out how to be awake now, learning, as was one ways right? You have to know the information and know the history. How many times have we talked about progressives from the past and learned that what we thought was true about them ten years ago is actually the opposite. And this goes all the way to maybe the most covered thing:
All time is worth more to at least in our lifetimes. The Nazis, in others. The there have so many consistent commonalities with other movements and progressives. In particular, I love the letter that we have in the Mercury Library from the like. What is it the universal betterment for Man progressive operation in California. That says thank you for coming to Germany, the fifty million people, will have been inspired. By your progressive ideas and rest assured your name will always be remembered as part of the Eugenics programme that we are going to start negotiations, that was praised until the time they are
you didn't loved right, which is really fascinating. You, you told me two or three weeks ago we were discussing the environmentalist policy, of the Nazi regime, and you asked me to come to go through that, an and pick out all of the time, because their sensitive, because the aid of Hitler was, I mean he he he Ben and environmentalist at me: that's an environmentalist in many ways and he loved dogs and animals me no more than people. We were back and looked at it and there were a lot of similarities. Much of the nineteen Sixtys and Seventys overpopulation scare shared large parts of its concerns with Hitler. Both movements were obsessed with the idea that they could not produce enough,
food to feed the increasing numbers of people population will inevitably and completely outstrip whatever smile increases in food supplies we make as environmental legends, lash crazy person. Paul Erlich put it. Of course, it's not as plausible to find new space to grow food when you're talking about the whole planet. Hitler only cared about Germans and could solve this problem by gaining living space to the east. The book Hitler Assent quotes. Mine comes first volume, noting Hitler's belief that the new right would have to conquer with the german sword, the soil that the german plough would till in order to provide the people with their daily bread. Hitler's desire for living space was specifically to secure adequate food supplies for the german people. How important was living space? Hitler's two most important goals, the destruction of jewish bolshevism and the conquest of.
Living space in the east, despite all the tactical flexibility and police maneuverability. He was to show later in his career. Hitler always insisted on these two goals. With dogmatic rigidity. The BBC wrote about the movement. Influence Hitler, including the growing concern about the allegedly negative effects of industrialization and urbanization. There is also a belief in the virtues of agrarian society and the panic over Germany's limited resources of food and raw materials. The only thing keeping those courts off a priest, bumper sticker, he's that there too long the environmentalists of the day certainly noticed the Nazis. Green efforts. German conservationists, Wilhelm lining Camper wrote that the Nazis refuse all kinds of compromise and demand strict literal fulfilment, those refusing the call of sacrifice are under attack, and rightly so sounds like something you'd here about those evil. Climate
deniers today, the book, the Green and the brown by environmental. Professor Frank, you collector dies, entered the debate as to why environmentalists worse, when thralled with Nazis. Much of it was an ability to overlook the nastiness of the regime to get their desired outcomes. But the similarities to modern day environmentalism are unmistakable, as you collect her sums up nicely. The lion share of conservationist publications between one thousand nine hundred and thirty three and one thousand nine hundred and forty five could be printed again today without raising eyebrows policy of doubt of or eternal forest was a nationwide top down sustainable forestry programme. That was a passion project of one airline glaring long before he sampled the sweet, tasters cyanide. He said quote only by the complete subjection of the individual to the service of the whole. Can the perpetuity of the community be assured? Eternal forests and eternal nation are ideas that
our indissoluble linked. Does that sound right wing to you for many of today's environmentalists, the Nazi Eternal Forest programme is as impressive as a yummy glass of lukewarm can butcher. Ironically, then, we might conclude that it was then it sees who pioneered the application of ecologically aware forestry in Germany. But is this assessment correct? The book rightly points out that when the war wrapped up the Nazis clearly prioritized the military over the trees, but quote. I would argue that this policy left a long term legacy for the german forest that was
Logically, beneficial Jonah Goldberg also outlined the regime similarities when it came to these areas. In his book, liberal fascism, Heinrich Himmler was a certified animal rights activists and aggressive promoter of natural healing, Rudolf Hesse, Hitler's deputy championed homeopathy and herbal remedies Hitler and his advisers dedicated hours of their time to discussions at the need to move the entire nation to vegetarianism. As a response to the unhealthiness promoted by capitalism, Hitler Youth Manual proclaimed nutrition is not a private matter. Organic. Food was inextricably linked to what the Nazis then described as the left does today, as social justice issues, the one environmental issue that you don't see Hitler all that concern about was global warming. Which is odd, considering the earth warmed about zero point, seven degrees celsius between one thousand nine hundred and ten, and one thousand nine hundred and forty just slightly low
then the entire amount of warming that has occurred in the last century cast the world had more pressing issues to deal with back then I think Thank you. Still, your listening to the Glen bad Programme. Traveling. Seventy seven back that land that programme. So here we are entering memorial day week in which is fantastic. And I like the way that we Remember those who fought and died for our country by eating our Athos by what we said that it was then I will tell you we swedes, we don't
that very often mean only okay. We do it. When we celebrate the Lord's birthday, we eat our face off when he died and and rose again, we eat our face off Thanksgiving we eat our face. Are I don't know if you see a trend on american holidays? but generally we eat our face off. I've noticed over time. I just really enjoy food, and will really look for any excuse. Can I ask you a question to eat? What would it look like be like without food aid I have often I often thought of your short. We have to live with you're, ok, I'm not gonna shit Who do I need this vacation? What I did, but I mean, is if we Have we just take a pill? We'd be get all the nutrition and everything else you wouldn't have to prepare.
Food. You would have to go out to a restaurant, you wouldn't have they wouldn't get fat. You wouldn't have a wife for you and wait what How is that we want and what we would need if we are, there was another wanted, Jeffrey, sexist, jokes, yeah just and I don't think, there's a sexist joke. I think real state materially, are you know, through this actually may have spoken to him about it, but a pendulum because p shall I went from a guy who rode really loved food aid in all the time I was here pen was a big guy and he wrote a book came out last year about his weight loss, for a hundred pounds in the way he did it now shut up in by the whale three months shut up three months and like a hundred pounds over everything over yonder. It was a hundred pounds and like a memory of a hundred pounds in a hundred days, so it is very close to that number shut up pan
and the way with the way you did it was he basically eliminated food from his world so like he started the first, you know it two weeks he ate basically nothing I swear to you nothing but potato potatoes for two weeks and we, but not about her nose and also to know gravy nothing at all to gravy. What kind of diet of you that may be why your diary know you're gonna, put gravy Tito's gravy and steadily limited habitability radio, and
You know some sort of why we need is for weeks if there was plenty of butter, sour cream and re ivy. Fight with sour cream. Andy agree, of course, was the way is it mill. Gravy was sausage pieces. I got it, I got it, we ve got a little. You know butter, no, sour cream, no salt, no bacon bits, no cheese, nothing just potatoes for two weeks and what was interesting. She described the choices centrally he just hast all real desire to eat food, like At that point we dislike well because he was saying that he it was. It was oh boy for so long that he would start to know like the little like he could actually taste of potato. It was no longer blind to him because he just had you almost like he like put his taste buds to sleep. So anything
wake them up. So when you would have like a little bit of tabasco when he started introducing that it was like this flavour, Vito Rainbow end, but would you describe was one the most difficult things of doing this. Here's a guy who's. Obviously an entertainment he's travelling a lot in all sorts of things was too that you realise how important to just the human interaction experience food is he is constantly going out to dinner. Eating with each other you're sitting down for a lunch meeting, you're here, go to, like you know, he's in Hollywood, so he would go to areas in Vegas, but you go to like a Hollywood type meeting and they're just be catering or at eleven a m of danish citizen, but the eagles and cookies and all its other? I dont, but all you just by default. Yeah have one data. Should then your walk invited grab a couple cookies, and you want to be eight hundred hours, I've been thinking about it or even when he eliminated that he realized how much of wait, that was was constant search for those times.
You don't care about it anymore. You kind of like free up your life. If the world without food would be first I'll short, but second of all, if it were, if you, if you kind of eliminated in the need for it, and you end because the guy who did the he was eating like he's calling it what's, the Charleston has the reference year was used only run agree business calling it so let us use it makes it or not, but I would say there was a dumbest name: I've ever yak is it's not you didn't want to pay cannibalism, yeah that started good me brother. Now, just like all that it was all the food you need, so we just use it as fuel. I don't care about food as a huge change, any
women s american experience. What those only does why do people eight soiling green, if I just eat on the holidays, where you, together with the family and stuff, so you're kind of busy doing stuff you don't have to talk to him- would be fantastic back programmes. The blaze radio network on demand. Hello, America, Bill Reilly.
And his recap of the weak regains right now is lighter patient entertainment and didn't lighten the Green bitterly you still sharing his opinions, a bill, Riley dot com with podcast, where he comments on the news of the day. Every day you want to catch, that bill o dot com, let me in This is my friend bill really high bill back. Are you doin,
I mean, even after last week on the war, no wait, I was warm and causing that was not the kind of half snort half breath like she's How can we keep it pithy back into the good right? Ok, so, have you been fun You course you have the ratings over it Fox NEWS, since you left, What about him another very bad weak for Fox news third place. Your slot is in third place. And now it appears as they're coming after, as I predicted on this programme coming after Sean Hannity What we want on ratings are fairly did the Canberra coverage of Manchester terror attacks. Proxies number one night
we talk about his last week when he said that if you're gonna make the changes in any operation, whether its tv radio supports gotta have a plan that sure that the Fox NEWS who buys have up so, but I you know there's a lot of there has earned ease inserted, but I'm I'm concerned, you know Sean Hannity. I disagree on an awful lot of things to Harry things, interesting because it's the same play book. They use their media matters. Ryanair affiliated groups, and they got their going after amid exactly the same, her eyes response. I wonder if Fox is waiting to learn the lesson or, if their guns let that happen, and if he goes the next stop they clean house at Fox. The next stop. Italy is talk. Radio
Well, that's right. This is a very, very methodical and effective. And pain of media tower. That's what it is: media terror. These people sit up there and they threaten sponsors of you don't pull, out in we're gonna put it on the internet that nobody should buy your car or whatever product, and so they pull out. The key to it is if the broadcasts companies themselves are going to stand up to this and everybody shirt, because it happened, anyone clear what's happening, and we're going to expose it. My my team that I put together to investigate me, in another. Few weeks will have amazing information for everybody, how well funded and targeted is it safe, actually wants to keep any semblance
What it wants wise, it's gonna, have to fight these people and I'm not sure but they will win out before we gonna next topic. I just have to know terror, It is that is that a word for that's latin for land as an aid to Georgia, not a popular- that all I see in Latin isn t r? Why didn't know what you're saying? Because I know how to spell terror and pronounce it, and you seem confused because it sounded like you were saying that it has a long and I let her eye. Ok, I got what I got knocking down to me, my own, Mr O, Reilly you're, the king, Sir, and I would never do that are so: let's go to the terror attacks in Manchester England. What are your thoughts on that bill? I know This operation looks take the guy was trained in Syria, got there
Libya, his father and his brother, had been arrested. You know it's more of the same. Am I this quest for years. Why the world allowing ISIS Tab at headquarters in Aceh, in town CALL Rocca, why? Why is in every nation joined together and say we're going to obliterate these people by force, and It's, that I don't understand why they then able to sit there for four years, do you believe that that's that isn't. It employment of Donald Trump? He was at the EU yesterday in Brussels and not the EU but NATO headquarters in Brussels, and eatwild. You know the song Nato people said we have differences of opinion with Mr Trump, but not on We are united against ISIS. Well,.
But where is the declaration of war that NATO should announce against ISIS, singing, you gotta be some formalization here of the fight and there isn't it Did anybody get up there and say all this terrible going to fight ISIS, and then they? What are they going to do? What they do? Are you going to put troops more troops in Afghanistan because ISIS is there now Are you gonna pay more of the freight that Trump has been can the drama and are you gonna pay more of the of the cost of the NATO alliance. What are you gonna do so want to get to this? civic, so you don't hear much from them everywhere he's all yet terrible we're gonna go get em in and nobody goes gets him. Let me play com from billow rally dot com. This is, I believe this is Tuesdays. Podcast! Listen to this. If, if we have it, we have it wasn't that injury
thing you should talk more on your part we have it here is: do we have that clip some audio issues or somebody or issue sorry about that? Ok, so get back to it, it was a fascinating clammy really was we don't act? We have a clip. None of us have listened to your podcast, so in the you are you make the point that President Obama refuse to confront evil before it grew out of control and now and now to you know little those were killed. It a pop concert, but I want to you on that bill is, President Obama yesterday came out with a statement, and I quote at least we did something in Syria, My response was really.
How do you say that yeah? What did he do besides draw a line in the sand and then let them stomp all over him, I need to see a corporate I mean I think, the a Nation was cod. A policy of retreat that simply made terrorism worse. I and I think that Beyond reasonable doubt, so I understand I'll see you didn't want to confront. Terrorists on their own soil or Afghanistan or cases Alabama around you want to do it, so he withdrew, which detract from a or the truth from Iraq, Yeah portion Afghanistan's would happen. Isis pops up in iraqi strand, it goes over Syria causing trouble now there in northern Afghanistan, so I think,
present myself. You know my policy really didn't work with sincere. We thought it would it didn't, and now it is something else that seems logical to me. So you you also made the point this week in the podcast about Donald Trump. You know did what he could but to stop terrorist from coming to America. Potential picked terrorist coming to America and creating chaos in and committing these heinous acts here in Amerika, it was ridiculed, as you said, he was ridiculed. The judges went around him trumps the travel ban was blocked yet again this time, by the Fourth Circuit Court right, why a partisan issue? For me I mean if the present United States wants to stop immigration, seven countries. I can't do that we're getting on aeroplanes. That seems to be a logical thing, but the left is. Made it into an anti muslim screen the judges have
hell. That's greed is not being based on a constitution in the Supreme Court. The president will win and he should take it there as soon as he can make a big difference. Seven countries, you refugees coming here. No, but it's a symbolic thing that you know the world has to be an orderly place, and if you have a Somalia, where anybody yet on an airplane and go to Paris and then change. Please go to New York. You might want to stop that right, so it we all logical, and I appreciate you referring to the pike ass by the way I quit plug everybody, not just cream members will allow you to can listen to all a pike this coming memorial day weekend and get a flavor. What we're doing so, I when you get there is perhaps I was going to the beach. I didn't know about this. Might allow us a little headphones on. I get to sit in my house all day. Listening Ill orally, dotcom podcast, that's a yet. It's an incredibly showed known earlier, listen
on your introduction. You are the show of enlightened, and, yes, you just spreading that enlightenment by motoring, Billow Riley DOT cried ok bill orally Dotcom back in a second, we more abyla rallies on with us every Friday. To kind of you know tell us what he's picked up that we might have, Mr Other, certainly has miss. I have missed in the news reporting of the week. Every right, a bill, O Reilly, grandma sign up for the news lettering at all the info. You need to know what Glenn Back Dotcom mercury I believe that tromp ass coats and Rogers hate, if you don't have anything, would you please put that out, because my administration is under siege? That's a reasonable request.
Threes noble from president- and I am asking my guys look, do you have anything and if you'd all, can you just maybe go on the record say at this point in time this day we don't really have much that that boosts morale. It's a reasonable request, but is now being spawn as some kind of behind the scenes behind the back. Dastardly d, so you know bill what I like about this is act that you have. A dog bark is a very important point I'm a watchdog. Now, that's not a that's your watchdog, I'm coming to rob your house, that's a little The happy dog- yours, fears, cordial, What are you the Queen You never watched the dogs so,
Let me let me go back to this point, because what the press was saying this week about Donald Trump was. Hey, he went and he asked look. Can you just that you're? Not you, don't have anything. Well, that's the way they spun it, but I think the truth. Is what you just said and it is reasonable say. Look the country can't a long drawn out scandal. If you have something- or you know at this point, you can say we don't have anything but its continuing. Whatever can. Can you just keep the people up to speed, because this is causing chaos right? It's as simple as that The fact that trumpet addressed the issue with anybody involved in the investigation means to the
and he tramped press that he's corrupting it. So I think this is the kind of risk. Active that Americans need to hear because they're not hearing it The national news television broadcasts in the newspapers to not area is like we say every week is a negative and he's just the devil and everything he does is bad and that's that. But if your president, you would do exactly what you just said that you want it up ok what I want to know of any of my guys or and vision I'd like to know that you know about me and This is an to run the country. This demoralising the country. So let's get updates from time to time. In order. The other thing is is that he hired a private attorney. I would apps
loudly do that if I were heading five of them, yes, I think would. Finally, after you're sitting there, you are the most targeted man. I would law Europe because you know You saw this bill, but there is try remember the website. We found it it's of some crazy left, silly Khan Valley, tech website, at least us away I looked at it and I dont know it thoroughly, but it it just screamed. Lefty and what they did is they took old clips the nineteen Eightys and Ninetys Donald Trump, and then they took new clips and then they went to neurons Oh Jesus and Neuro speech therapists and said is C declining in health. I mean his brain house any Actually I mean you're not supposed to diagnose people. Psychiatry
neurologist. They were all on the record. None of them had their name expose saying. Yes, we it looks like he's in in in the early stages of dementia, their setting up the twenty fifth amendment. They'll do anything! oh trump, lose smart to higher, is private noise, but he's also does something else. It's interesting he's form they re. Deployment force. To answer, these leaks and provide some perspective for the country. When they come out in the morning paper he's got guys that are now dedicated to say more wait. A minute sat quite that way here. The facts despiser easily, not effective. Doing that. He's needs have a very methodical crew
I can run down what the allegations are, and then here are. The facts needs to do it on a website. People to read it, but there they are organizing that now has to because data drip drip, drip, you're, right, you're, gonna, try to set him up anyway, I they can t get him out of office that the goal the goes reporting, the honest truth, the american public. The goal is to get this man out of office. So let me ask you this bill on his question. I know it's a little bit of a CNN question, but let me ask you you respect the president. You, like the president. That question: why I've known him for thirty years, I like him as a guy, are so but you said, I'm worried exactly office. Familiar to you. Like him is a guy you. If he took a dumb on your desk Would you say it was art?
was occurred, remarked by Anderson Cooper Cooper. My my I didn't. Even what I didn't I was I've just Cooper EU leaders in traffic. In that start, Super is Cooper. I think lost his lost is is mind. Temporarily and he immediately apologize for it in the IRA whenever they write as allied tromp fine. We all understand that quotas doesn't Annette like me, and if you do like, the CNN? You really cannot function there and the same thing with the newspapers, but look for my purposes. Alright, I'll rubber Stamp Donald Trump, I've been critical and drop. Anybody remembering my interviews with him. I mean can find Putin. I put this worldwide thing, I can find him immigration. I can find them on a whole bunch of stuff, so start my job to be rubber, stamping Donald Trump
President, my job is to try to get to the truth of whatever is happening that day. That is my job and tell you what in the mainstream american media now by mainstream, I mean the National Press ten seconds they are looking to the truth. They do not look. More with more with Bill O Reilly from pillar rally. Dotcom next year were listening to the Glen Bag Programme. Sign up for the loose letter. I get all that you feel you need to know what Glenn back dot com Now I have Bill O'Reilly from familiarly dot com and it is a special Friday. Is usually with us for for an hour and on Friday swinging here his opinion,
I remind you that he is on every day on podcast it bill orally dot com, but I I wanted to take. This moment in and bill. I hope you take this as seriously as we. I know you do or will because you re body language expert? Am I not correct I had a segment on by language. I don't know about DNA, that's experts, that's an observer of your body, language back and that he is frightening. Thousands pasture, Oh I'm, you know, if you, if you look at, back in the way he moves around we have a very, very good discussion with an archaeologist paleontology bills, and let me tell you something right now: if you're watching those fingers are in casts. I cannot move those two fingers
and they just have one unbroken on each hand and nothing more so bill I want to ask you this because there has been quite a controversy over three events. This week, what happened yesterday and it happened, I think, on Tuesday and then one happen on Wednesday start on Tuesday he's landing in Jerusalem. President Trump, he's coming down the red carpet and there is footage. Of Maloney Trump, reaching out to hold Maloney his hand and she slaps it away. Did you see it yeah. I guess I mean I didn't take it as a slap. What might have been used, look. I can. I can make it down here myself for something I got stay away. Stay stuff, but he s it was. It was amusing to those who do not like the trumps
No, no. It wasn't amusing to because I've lived that life My wife has done that to me and I, I didn't know, I thought maybe somebody who's all hoity toity. Actually As that happen to him, then. The next day again on the tarmac he reaches. Or her hand, and she, whose her hand and crosses her face to brush back her hair. He doesn't reach for her hand again, maybe Madame had something s. Ok, I'm sorry! now! Here's the admit that, though it looks like she's mad at it, it might it might maybe maybe I mean, I know you don't like to connect the dots, but can we can we infer that he's pissed off at him? I think she's. I think she serious with Putin. Transferring annexed to the next and the next one is.
Things you do with malaria. Did you see the footage from yesterday with Donald Trump at the NATO summit, where he took. If you want to call on president the President of Montenegro and just put TIM out of him then stood in the rather like now you didn't even you haven't excuses, allocates he cakes to me for a second area here this evening. The way and stood in IRAN allays and then just gonna, like looked around I did not see that I have to confess, but I it read about that, but what I read on the progressive websites was, he kicked him
and the girl I now know no not arrived taking this series night, there is less than that. I am a real new Montenegro effort. Now you know in the modern nature of Guy President a king or whatever years, that's just as important to NATO. Haven't we don't have the fighting we Montenegro and it's over. We don't have the fighting Montes with us, we're in trouble. Listen. Montenegro is a beautiful country I'd, but there is a traditional. She don't know back as a sign of affection and respect s, the president right up to more you more, you loved, lush, lengthy, and I didn't
I didn't know that I didn't ya, We gotta International stopped just run a right by the so built you Benda, Montenegro married Have you ever condo their rights era by the beach area? Liquor it good here, Kosovo course is beautiful, beautiful, especially this time of year did? We miss anything bill that that we're Father is coming. Back in again. We want you to check out killing arising son for dad and granddad and Marine very hysterical and enlightening old school life in the same line. She want people to check that after dad makes good gives a dad does not want to tie the sheer dad told me and Grandad certainly don't want the Thai wants the books. The winner. Please check those are not all pretty I'll get. My dad doesn't want the the turn it. You put the books
grave very night, all over the last remembered, remembering that, but please What people don't know is that you're late Father is buried in Montenegro, really yeah right, thereby Lee the very serious, very nice, very nice bill, have a greater memorial Day memorial day. What are you? What are you gonna? Do gonna go out to the beach. My I'll send. You know just chant and try to try to get in touch with him with Chelsea Clinton, whose my new phase Really yellow Susie she's been saying something this week. You know that you ve kind of take The issue is yes, I am yeah yeah Charles. He wants to be the arbiter of what's racist and homophobic and sexy she's gonna make the decision,
and I dont know if Chelsea quite up to that. But perhaps I am wrong. How do you say? She's, not qualified. Who's, the daughter. No one is qualified to make those decisions unless you can have an x ray into a person's heart. If you know, because he wants to do is create this pc culture, where, if you say to you I support a border work. You're, a big it or I support work here. If you gonna get some government money, you really should go and look for your anti poor. This is which also wants to do so. I can't I took her to task for that. So his views ed. I identify as a black man, and I'm gonna work for the end of c p. Do you think that embrace you like they did. What's her name, a big. I believe that in this country, if we were
honest with each other about look. This is my circumstance and here is were I'd like it to be better. And maybe you could help me there. I think that ninety percent of Americans would buy into all of that. But if you start to accuse people being races, this and that and it's all negative and you're a bad person just because you don't agree with me politically we're never going to solve any problem and that's what we find ourselves right now find ourselves with the progressive left demonizing and try to harm anyone with whom they disagree. What's when that is a bad place to be, Is the thing that reasonable people on the left side of the spectrum say about the right that is true or partially true. You know if you talk to moderate Democrats or liberal p, who,
open minded and will listen to an opposing? we view, rather than condemning it immediately, you'll find that they feel the right is not compassionate enough. That's the common thread. Are you don't feel sorry for them? oaks enough, but if you say to them as I do- and I think you do, this is well my solutions. Problems are more compassionate because will solve the problem at least partially your solutions never solve it. You feel bad for them, but nothing gets better. It is interesting that you know, like black lives matter, they fighting against depression, but I believe, the solutions that they recommending of you know an absence of capitalism, its efforts, cetera
only will create more oppression. It you know of education, family values, respect for the car, the that doesn't mean respect for the law. If the law is wrong. It means respect the constitution, those things led to freedom, they don't like the constitution, I'm only speaking the black lives matter, people they feel the constitution was put into place by slave owners by brutalized of their race. They don't want any part of it. They want to tear down that
Why are they say that the police are bad? Okay? This is the black lives matter theme police are bad police, protect poor people and defenceless people, but not in their eyes their bad. Ok, black lives matter. What would you put in place of the police silence? They don't have it they don't know saw about, recommendation from them. This is a crew. Dad, you know, has risen up based America is bad and you better know it, and if you don't know it then you're bad, that's what that crews stands for Bill O Reilly from Billow rally dot com all this weekend. You don't have to be a premium subscriber any. We can go to bill orally dot com. Even me I am your citizens about gas and upon learn many thing
Can't wait a bit o Reilly dotcom. We can also get fathers day, gifts for Grandpa. For a dad and in every size book you could possibly The imagine bill O Reilly Dotcom bill. Thank you, how much we have a great way again back best, all that's out there, a memorial day, we'll talk to you a couple weeks, we're going on vacation for a couple weeks and we'll talk. You then have fun I want to see life if you're coming to tax, as you can do, is that Mercury studios in dollars for taking a plan a television show to resolve your teeth. Email tickets have lain backstop com with your information ticket, Glenn back so powerful mercury, The bottom line is that our own grab living levies, levies, you play some audio here. Show you how crazy Chelsea Clinton has become listen to this and tell me
How are these all interconnected and which is to be? reserves in both our head and our heart listening to the consumer run education and climate change, women's health, child marriage, building technology. All of these are, of course, interconnected reactor for blood on each word. In the audience you growing yes, yes, vote in Kuwait and way wise old style of marriage and global warming are interconnected. It is so hot Have you not ever heard anybody? I am so hot I am so hot. I married a toddler now well known it is toasty out here today. I think you look it somebody when you will get somebody who's hot, don't you want. You know right, you're, lookin, somebody, who's smoking out.
In this? They have any children are, however, with seven year old children are closer to the asphalt so there hotter, faster. Why was it a theory, but I think you see the connections, though my gosh they're, on their right interconnect. Then, of course there are interconnected died. Bizarre. It was you don't access to technology, global warming, ology, global warming, Susan Glistening, here concerns round education and clarity. Logically, how women Self child marriage knowledge. Existence all deserve a class spirit did, of course, you're getting and you are getting a marriage certificate, so
you get out ever thought. Is that tie and then to climate change again, because it's too hard to get one outside you can't go out allies. I go to city all you gotta. Do it on why Craig. The blaze radio network on demand
hello, America. The world is so upside down, but the Good NEWS is: there are a few people that are starting to make sense, and we noticed this pattern and we thought we gotta save all this stuff for a Friday as it's too funny and too. It'll make. You feel really really good when He tell you who is starting to make sense Well, I got is actually start with a little child, Chelsea Clinton, which will make you
little bit a p might come out what here listening to it, then we get to some Domini. We begin that right now, because its rider patient, entertainment and didn't lighten the gleam are so I want to start with Clinton Justice show you people can say Andy thing now, and everybody was just Not their head, like their little Babo head back as some guys truck, is the rule room, LU, LU, Chelsea, Clinton,
is saying the craziest crap here and nobody's gone, who wait a minute? What Ellison here It concerns run education and climate change, women's health child marriage, access to technology. All deserve course collected. Firstly, we focused we want we shouldn't focus on, then we have to focus on all of them, because clay exchange is, of course, can did to child marriage. Will let me ask a question: he years ago, eighty years the average temperature for for the month of maize, but seventy one. Ok, now it's seventy two! Well, not quite seventy! Seventy one point: nine what're, you gonna, do you get married his child right. That's the only thing levels because uses asian yourselves to some. You see he said,
yourself at seven it's hard! It's almost it's almost a tenth of a degree hotter than it was forty seven two years ago, and that was pleading my age palazzo? Forty years, I set up a lotta there, but I gotta get married right away as what it is or ill, or is it a forty seven year old who is lived his whole life with this constant oppressive. Another tenth of agreed degree hotter this month. Another tend the degree otter as it was last year, another tenth degrees. It was ten years ago. Another ten living, maybe he hand, take the constant
tenth of a degree rise, so he proposes to a seven year old. Yes, so he immediately he's falling to is not less than others you romantic music. I have romantic easily. How do you not have you're the charge of the audio rules. Lobo Merrick Music, we comply with our long story. Lira. Do you have any very white love story. Anything you have only ever told you play very white with no problems. Barry White and love story absolutely just play them there right away and on the way out to submit your bank account to their the record company. So when they sue us, we don't have to be like delay. You and father you for the withdrawals later on,
Now you don't. We don't want to know what I did. I ever tell you and what was killed you out, how he is very tight. We just had we had MR no spin zone last hour. We have doctor no here the world. I use my school glued. I nothing, sir. You have nothing about somebody with a little sad is ok, ready. I point to you, you you, start playing that we are here we go now. Imagine I am really old, I'm forty says is really so far is really hard sell, I am I'm standing there and I've had forty seven years where The thermometer has crept up point
eight degrees celsius. So it's it's it's point eight degrees, hotter than was when I was a baby or I conquer, and I'm like of our first I've. I've kicked in I've screamed and I've. I've bought up. Yes, I've gone so far. I didn't do anything else to my house. I really I'm not that great recycling. I talk about I've I'll, get onto fat, airplane and I'll fly all over the world to talk about, but what I really have done is I've made that sacrifice a buying a previous and so on. I am now I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm out of options and I know that a hundred years. We all doomed it all right? so I'm standing there- and I just say, dear God, what have I got out and I fall to my knees and now
on my knees, I'm I'm sorry. And then I looked up, I see the most beautiful seven year old ends is really kind of creeping down. Can we stop Willis Starr? This is wait a minute you're ready to move. This is completely logical, jealousy saying how they're there obviously connect did yes This is the most obvious they I can see this happening much more than the seven year old, going I'm hot I'm hot. Now, back back on my knees, I look up she's beautiful and she saying she has a southerner
Why were mister, I'm just so hot anything to yourself? I must marry now that my friend, well, is how they can. That was really data. Irving preventive action are easily because you seem to specify her gender. I was. That was not ok, I'm sorry. I can we. I forgot my downtowns. I forgot my of in the moment of desperation of the point seven or the grand occasional guy the edge will hire so will. I was so blinded by the sadness that I forgot she, And tell me what she identified as in her sorry? I did it again into exile, ye know didn't tell you it is it now. I believe I believe
the right thing to say? Is it true? That's her I gather somebody that you now right right. Anybody know do you know why pay off nobody knows what to call people. You all believes that its act for a second you wait wait right, yeah, while chaos, us I'm telling you ok, so now when we come back, I'm gonna make you feel you gotta say why? Mister, Can we go into the southern voice and you don't even southern? I Steve I now know. Oh my gosh Jesse saying yes, he likes it. Never do it again, anyway. Here's what he's, gonna prove what you just don't approve, so it's so crazy. It's so chaotic.
Its being recognised by some very important people, and you are going to lose a love of liberal people. Yeah you're good, to love this. The culture is changing. And we'll get to that hearing. Just a second here I mean to the grand Back programmes Glenn Back Programme Mercury. Programme demonstrates that it be approved them. Ok, so here's the here's, a theory they have pushed this craziness like no child marriage and Ophelia is is because of climate.
Change. They are not connected, but warders terrorism- but all of it is clearly not connected and and they push these ideas so far, that culture is starting to push back, you see people who are generally considered. Liberals are pushing back in the comedy realm. That's the first place where it takes root. Once you can joke about it and the people, the audience laughs. When their ridiculing you it's over. Want give you examples, you're gonna, to you're gonna love these examples. We start with. Tat. Oswald removed allay, came out of the closet, told his parents, parents when the nice he's happy marriage happy running a business, but he has a nephew. Who
goes to his old Highschool spoken about a friend. Rarely have really protective of this kid, because nephew is openly proudly defiantly gay going to high school and my friend is like anyone gives to the great he's so protective and and I get it so he went back for Thanksgiving. And he saw canoes nephew and he does everything. Ok that school. You know I went there. I didn't have the best time. If you ever wonder. I talk to me about it. How are things or they are the oppressive? Ever they mean and is now he started, choking up and said? Ah you know it's pretty rough there. You know there's still really oppressive and it's it's pretty
harsh and my friend the way he put it to me was MIKE my my inner Liam Neeson woke of bright, he was is like he was thinking. They gave me a name. I didn't want a hoping wife, but he kept his corny. Was I put this? Let's talk about what's going on a cow? What are they doing here and, as you said in your, for instance, blew my gay, lesbian, transgender club at school. We wanted to have our problem the same night as the straight kids problem and they're going to make us wait two weeks, she's really arrested, and my friend had to stop himself from saying you need to shut
I got you know what I mean is. That is great. That's the moon. You back harder is its true is like ok, We have over played thy hand of oppression. Nobody even knows what oppression is any more now. Here's cut to can't keep up with the girl all of terminology? Listen to this. I could not be a more committed, progressive, feminist, pro gay pro transgender person, but I can not keep up with glossary of correct terms. Crying. I want to help put wholly baking cycle secret club. For they changed every week, you're in trouble. The word we use
it was last way hemorrhoids falling out how old says why? What joking? but I didn't know the right, report, wrote Paul got saying Tralee row. Comparison She lay down on the bar the wire of discrimination, nobody's ladys to this new generation on a cross, your back, the amateur first What Peru talent. Really we heard you guys on it. Had you idiot, I dont know you we all. Did. The same thing was that the Raven monitoring term nappy, because it changing all the time well queer
is to be a bad word in and now they openly embrace it and like it apparently, so why not it? And and yet you Don't know this. What went through my head, as you just said, that queer. Is it ok word. I don't know if it's over. I couldn't call you that, but you can identify yourself is that it's in El Jpg Q, our mental Bree desires in letters? You can say it. That's a real right that, as a rule, if it's in the letters that you have to say all the time you can say the word, Thank you, but you can only say it as the name away, but his cue questioning require that we never figure that out. Did we because I love you, Ask you give it gives a w zero square, its algae BT, Q, squared ok, so that makes a lot of Santa does
right. They want it was it was. I was confused about was was little little. People like little people seems to me so much worse than midget or dwarf or dwarf, dwarf, I like is acceptable. Level of evil is definitely diet. People, it sounds no dummy. Aided sounds condescend to me little people sounds So my, why are we just call him munchkins rattling around it really does lucrative illegal people that the reality show the little the little people should reality shows what they saw a little beer, but that is like the acceptable turn on that one seems work as easily we're going in the wrong direction there. Well, I might have been coined by little people and I'd hate to tell people what they want be called. I guess everyone gets need, only run areas. If some, you know, if Jane
call me as walkin around we're getting cold you little goings on federal dictators, not surprise us. Looking for the tallest guy in government, James go what should we call and waiting to take, not because he was FBI direction because he was tall or next one civil rights Dave Chapelle. Listen to this. I did it. I understand what date with a man. You know what I'm just tell me. This is a black. Do that's what you're movement! There's one thing a negro places, so please take away just because they pass lol I mean they're gonna, like round where support education was in eighteen, fifty, five
Somebody called me in traffic way, as with a lot of places takes them. In my wife, Stuart told me that my wife has allowed a gateway. Stores, the leader he has allowed a gay rights, are not illegal. Because a gay and judging them on the merits of the character they just that nice due to root out the signal, my couch digging with my wife eating my mother macaroons. Normally I led the bar is open. Door was known on Skype. Haunts me with tat, would speak of capital.
I have two brief. May go laws with s account date. Little argue. The last one was about a petition and federal court to take the words husband and wife out of the law as it were. Why would you want those words out the love? Is it because it discriminates against same sex couples? Please say with some methods Trust me take it gives and get them to see. No, you by the crab out, go outside talking over most sales and which have one dial. Does the wall. You wouldn't easing amazing. How he's ye say: take your chips after they will go home because you're about to crap out don't over
play your house too far, and it is that's the message from all of these immediate is more programmes. Were listening to the Glen that programme, So let's go back to this now, this is good news. Culture is changing the progressives. Ways. This is what happens in history every time they always over. Lay their hands and they did it so much in the early part of the nineteenth century. They had to change that Mother movement from progressive too liberal and a classic liberal. That's why That's why you hear liberal and conservative and it's the opposite in in men ways in Europe, Europe. A liberal means somebody who's really for freedom and a conservative is somebody
who is more of a fascistic kind of person, and then they have socialists in Marxists in everything else. Liberal, used to mean a classic liberal somebody who is very constitute Nolan, like small minimalist government like libertarian right so. They overplay their hand, they ve done it each time they ve raised. Their head and they spook the american people? and your hearing now in culture you're starting here the signs of this and every time, now. With these comedians or saying alone, it's dead people are laughing and sometimes clapping when it was a pot pattern Oswald when he says I can't keep up with the terminology
stop changing the names and what I have to an end rejecting me, because I don't know what to call you in the audience. Applauded so relate apple. Yes, they all go through us, because everybody is feeling that chaos of what that does to you. I can't keep up with you. What are you doing all right. So let's go to Dave Chapelle who, by the way, I think is probably, would you say the girl? this comedian alive today, the best comedian alive to want to see and live before. He say that cause here I mean his state presence. Isn't it is amazing, Greece very funny, and I was not a huge fan until I solemn life, but he's I've heating. I've seen him a video on. I think he's fantastic he's, just fantastic and I'm a big I mean I'm a big fan of Jim gaff. Again
and you know Regan Brain region, I think, is very funny, but gaff again is off the charts, but Jane Chapelle is just brilliant, so smart and brilliant Harry is where he is. He says, let's remember the space. Shuttle tragedy tragedy. Why was rather use right, woman, twelve years old, the teacher wheel, television set into the does it hurt one of the regions and, as you said, class display shows that and we're all gonna want to go. Man go grateful like three to five minutes as right. You were exploring right or others. Everybody on Board they immediately hulu who so bad,
rather give like you didn't go home. My boy is beside the space shuttle blows up every day so true, it is think of everything that has happened in the last four weeks. Think what has happened in the last four weeks. Fbi, director, fired. Esther into Russia,
the Manchester terrors, the Manchester Terrorism, North Korea and possible nuclear war. I mean one thing after another: one thing after another: it's not you! You don't have time to digest things, and then you take the cultural things on top of it, just the terminology, just how many gender, there are just hey who gets to use the girls restroom. Just one of those things is big. We're dealing with the biggest problems in our society and its like the space shuttle blows up every single day bear fortunately were able to do that and have a repeated do us every day on our hand held devices our laptops and our does tabs, but you'll move read over that happened when that happened,
Wasn't a week before that left of five five o clock news, I was that was on our news for weeks, because nothing beat that story. That was the big story for weeks. That story happens Today, it's over, it happens on a Monday, it's over by Wednesday over by Wednesday, so go to day Jim Norton. Now. Here it is Jim Norton, looking he Jenner put it so funny with all countries like Trans crazy. We're really says with it and it's so funny how, when the new thing happens or becomes, in the lexicon you can't joke about it on tv they are trying to do. A Caitlin generally and there are no transition and George not even a mean joke about here, but we just don't like it. They ve been marginalized. Unlike look just cause, you been marginalized, I mean that you remove from the humor spectrum like everybody, I like it, wasn't even
gently for than there are cancelled. Her reality shows how, the reality When you are on a wheat is lost your now, a woman, you are a car dashi, you killed. Somebody driving in the never goes as boring. This is nothing happening means well, I think there are two hearts are in the right place, but it's a little bit phony. Some of it is just a little bit figures you now they can talk about Kalen without saying how beautiful she is. Have you seen how beautiful Caitlin is? No, I don't think that gypsy from thinner Are you allowed to do that? I go later what every body? That's Everybody thinks And everybody just falls into line and says: oh yeah, she's, really beautiful, honest people say.
He looks like a dude man. She looks like a dude and in a whatever yeah negotiator- and I was bad and I don't- I don't have any recommendations for her. You know whatever it's her life and I would hate to he too have her. Like what recommendations have you have for. I really like that of road of all right. I'm no recommendations to Delhi live Long and prosperous Europe. Can we really that's all you got haven't make up tips. Rescues might look better. I think that's my new approach, I just I'm sorry, I don't have any recommendation or how special try is bringing you just sounded me in your life. You know, but did you know there comes a point faces like I can't work with this? I there's nothing. I can do you
oh yeah and is good. Is it's gonna get, I think that's the thing you're hitting on there is, which is so weird and the culture is how immediately we're supposed to accept everything new, as if it's always been and always had shouted the man not only resource to accept it, but also celebrated also known remote it. It's not that start. What's weird, it's that eighty. Ninety percent of the country does do it. Yes, it I've been asking for the last four weeks to someone hang on a project, and I have been asking for last for Everybody I mean how many there's other, one person has said to one one and you know who was Dana now. I would expect to say that everybody else has been like no sixty three a better utilised meaner thinking, Walter's. There's too
but but they don't say that their immediately thinking how much there is a society that I want to say the offensive right to work. I suppose they just know that society is saying that there is more so they just fall in line with and how, where it is it when Bruce Jenner, one gold medals by the way in eighteen, seventy six, what gold medal for his athletic prowess, not just a man who was a strong, powerful fast man is Superman, good. Looking, may I good looking man so now, I'm expecting you to indulge you're, sixty eight or whatever is she is a years mostly? good. Looking woman products really haven't seen you, since I is the same thing and it is with a woman and I'm sorry too, first everybody's bubble, but I see now computers to see run vacation for two weeks, yeah yeah. This is spending.
They just now makes it worse if our eye, so I'm ok so anyway, but You see the the pictures of share at like Grammy's Bilbil were visible she's, seventy and he's wearing the same outfits that she was wearing when she was Ford an inappropriate under the battleship ship. Remember the matter she was wearing that outfit. Seven, oh, my God, So here is now here's the thing and you're not supposed to say anything right right, not sustainable recommendations were right. So long. I have one emphasis for her. I have puts okay, so so yes, he doesn't look. Seventy but then put it forty that was on an inappropriate. I mean it was just stop it. Stop it
They're all have the right, and I know that I don't know a range of yours. Seventy year old, nipple ring you know it's just like all right, all right where you could talk that in please and you didn't talk it in where your belt is so just talk? It away what everybody, what everybody was saying was. Isn't she magnificent? No, this is what you say for seventy She is really in shape that's an amazing seventy year old woman. He's, not hot she's, two magnificent she's a grandmother, possibly a great grandmother, Jiggling herve goods were everybody is like.
You're, probably not supposed to say. I guess you can every sexual preferences. Ok, unless you don't think a particular woman is beautiful. Every other sexual preferences completely embrace, but if you have a preference for a time the five year old model, God you're, the devil. I mean it's fixed, unbelievable yeah, yeah, They can. You can fallen over a seven year old woman or a seven year old man, but if you look at a model in Victoria secrets and you look at her and wow bar. You want less, fire by you, but what has happened one that drivel eight. Seventy seven back if a clear programme are doing
before you today is that there is there is a pattern in the culture that shows that the left, the extreme left and the extreme progressive is overplaying their hand and that because the comedians now are on and they are starting to make fun of the culture programme it is by the extreme left and people are up putting and laughing if they weren't fee In the same way, you know I mean there are these committees, Sir Big, in LOS Angeles in New York and Central Cetera, here's Louis see, k now, listen, there's, there's cut here: and this about abortion. So it's a little rough but listen to what he said: This is a very good boys is exactly like taken. It is one server sent the exact same thing as taken it
Or it it soreness, if either taken it or it's killing a baby. It's only one of those two things other things,. So if you didn't like hearing that is like taken, do you think is killing a baby? That's the only other one you get to have. I mean that's hard to believe. That's obviously mean so what well, that's a pro life has a pro life bit right there right yeah, Is there any other with its aims and nor does it say, say it is an honest way to free met debate. Yes, sir, it is an honest observation. You and have lived, never happen. You have to say that it's just a piece of crap that I'm
pulling out of my body or it's a baby and I'm killing. It he's right. One more listeners, people hate abortion protestors, It's a real and awful. They think it baby our big, what these supposed cool their days these murders several babies all the time. I don't think it's killing. Maybe I don't I mean: is it it's a little bit It's a little recovery like your baby, fuelling a whole baby lives. I think that women should be allowed he'll babies, ideological babies.
Instead, I regret this so, where is shot and killed them better early in the day, all clarity anaemic, far babies last night is retarded. So, but if you think about that, that's it framing. The debate like that, which is the honest way to frame the debate. It's either taken to go to the bathroom or murder So there s a little bit of murder and it's a whole murder you're killing person or you're taking her and a guarantee that its? hard to hear joking about such a serious issue too, for some people, but but it is the effective way to do a guarantee that affect the people in that audience, while guy tomorrow, I thought of it. That way, and I guarantee you that people who cheered when
said, skills and baby. Is that probably bother them feel because somebody, their respect, just called the baby back programme.
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