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6/14/17 - Congressman Steve Scalise shot in DC

2017-06-14 | 🔗
US Representative Mo Brooks discusses the scene that he witnessed at the site of the DC shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise this morning ...US Senator Mike Lee discusses the latest from DC ...Leon Wolf and Jason Buttrill of The Blaze discuss this morning's shooting in DC ...What we know at this point about the DC baseball field shooter ...A man described as a 'progressive' and a "Bernie Sanders supporter'. The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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There's been a shooting in Washington. Today we have more brooks the report from him. My clean standing in the wings ready to tell us what he knows about the shooting. It's a tough day in America. We begin there right now, entertainment. This is the welcome to the program. America here is what happens according to mow Brooks today this morning, around seven am between seven and eight eastern time in Washington DC. We were we get here about six fifteen six. Thirty, if you're familiar with the movie, remember the Titans yeah, we practice on their baseball field. Six
fifteen thousand six hundred and thirty tomorrow night. It's supposed to be the game, hopefully, will still have it, but I don't know it raises about one thousand dollars for charity and we played in the Washington nationals, baseball stadium, frequently the president will come so so pretty good time for all, except fact the Democrats in so much Alan Jackson, his batting practice on the third base side of home plate and I hear a loud ram and I look around and behind third base in the third base, dugout, which the cinder block I see a rifle and I see uh a little bit of a body, and then I hear another blame, and I realize that there's, active shooter At the same time, I hear Steve Scalise over here. A second base stream He was shot. These are majority whip. Very with a semi automatic continue. The fire at the different people. You could
and all the people in the scatter. I run around to the first base side of home plate and we have a batting cage. That's got plastic wrapped around it to stop foul balls and hide behind the plastic. You know that plastic is not really good and I was lying on the ground with two or three others as gunfire continues. How the gunfire decided to take a chance. Him from home plate to the first base dugout, which is also cinder block in town, about two or three feet, so you can have better cover. There were a number of congressmen and congressional staffers who help us stop lying on the ground. One of them. I was wounded. In the leg took off my belt, And myself another congressman, I don't remember who applied a turnock. It tried to slow down the bleeding John, I'm towards
feel side of the dugout. And there's gunfire with about five or six. Seven feet in my head and I look up and there's a guy with a gun. Thing away. Fortunately, Hello, good guy, our budget good, is one of our dirty shooting back of course, it's pistol versus Rifle AR pistols this- the shooters rifle along the third baseline, just outside The chain link fence and he was ordering us to stay down another details. Detail person was closer to home plate, probably You can see him, but probably on the home plate side of the dugout. Inside. The fence line using the dugout discovers he's firing back and there must in one thousand five hundred shots part part to itemize, eventually it's.
Set the shooter shot both of our security detail. People there were some congressman on phones screaming. Reinforcements king like a long time and we weren't even hearing sirens from local police officers, which tells me they probably did not yet know what was going on. Eventually The shooter start circling around third base. This is my you're standing of course, I'm down on the ground, helping a guy who's got a bullet. It was like our in a shooter starts coming around home plate towards we are outside the fence line and Understanding is that's where our a security detail, and maybe some of the ones who were wounded still defending us, looking down which, for you, once we got the all clear at the
it was down, we ran out to second base, receives Gleason, had crawled into the outfield with leaving us a trail of blood, and we started giving him some liquid's um Putting I put pressure on his wound in his ship and Brad win Strip congressman from Ohio, Cincinnati, personally. The physician he started doing what you need to do to try to minimize the blood loss? uh. Shortly thereafter, more of the please showed up again my forever, but it probably what a shorter than what it seems as looks congressman tell Yes exactly what happened in Washington DC earlier this morning, CNN him on it for a long time, given the details, if they would not have they would not have
had the capitol police there. Many of the republican congressman say that they would all be dead by now? it was clearly some sort of an ambush, The some of the congressmen were asked in the parking lot by a strange man if these were the Republicans or the Democrats that were practicing, they said Publicans. They now have identified him as the shooter. We understand that the shooter at this point is still alive uh, but we have no motive and probably probably it is not wise to speculate at this point on His motive were
we go now to Washington DC and Senator MIKE Lee many of his colleagues. Flake Was was a part of this ran Paul was out in the baseball field as well MIKE welcome to the program. How are you Should I thank you very much. Glen sobered this morning. My thoughts and prayers go out to my friends who were there I was not I heard about this a few minutes after the shooting started. I got a call from my friend Ellen James, who used to work for me, she's on the staff of congressman very Loudermilk, now she called and asked if I could find out what it happened. This was the first I had heard of it. So I immediately started calling my friends, who were there. I called got through it's like who told me that Steve Scullys had been shot, he had been hit in the hip and was being taken to the hospital. I was, of course, shocked and it's a very scary thing.
Like there wasn't. Are you guys allowed to carry guns as senators or congressman uh I I do know that there are very restrictive laws in the District of Columbia. With regard to gun possession, I I'm not certain what the laws are with regard to members of Congress, specifically um, but I think you're right. I think you're right it in speculating that had police in his security, detailed, not been there because we've been sitting ducks now, is the mind: has it Steve, has a detail and we're trying to find this? We can't find that he is in the line of succession, but I I I believe he is the like fifth or something in line
I'm not sure that he is beyond being member of Congress. I think he has a security detail because of his position as a web, rather than based on his place in the line of succession for people who don't know the web is. Can you explain what the majority whip is short? Uh, the majority whip has the job of whipping votes, interline, meaning it's his job to track, where Both are going to head on particular pieces of legislation that are important. So if you watch house, if you watch house of cards, he's the guy with the matter with the Congress Map of Congress in his office n, he's counting the votes? Yes, that's right. His job is to count votes and to figure out where everybody is on the issue and- and I try to with people into the line MIKE. What's your counsel for people today.
Who are in the media and are looking to fill time. And the speculation, your counsel for those in the media and those at home who have. Uh know. Words are not bullets, but we are in a different time period. Our country and what is your advice on all the way to the White House. How should Looking at this today,. Well, first and foremost, I think you're right to counsel people not to speculate as to what the mode it might have been as to who the shooter was or what prompted to do this. Secondly, I think She's, always a sobering reminder that wards at reconciliation are always an order. You will never regret being kind, never regret, uttering words that have brought. So meant to bring people together rather than tear them apart and them and uh
Finally, if you're a person who prays as I do, and- and- and I know you do- we should all pray for those involved in for victims and their families. So it's going to change on Capitol Hill MIKE. I fear that it might this Congressional baseball game is a great tradition. It raises and for charity. It brings people together from across party lines, I'm not part of the team, because that would be a severe disservice to the team. But I have a lot of friends who are and I have always enjoyed listening to their updates about how the practices are going about who's. Good, the win in a particular year. I would hate for that tradition. To die, and I would I would certainly more? Broadly,
eighty four events like this to cause people to have to live in fear. It's a very sad thing. This is not a well publicized practice. I mean people in that area. Do know about the game. They do know that people are practicing, but it strikes me as this wasn't this this there was some homework in Often this it wasn't just a random guy who happen to be in the neighborhood and thought. Oh, here's our wonder who these people are Stickley at sort of sounds like we're still piercing this together, but I heard my friend RON Desantis Congressman from Florida, say earlier today that he was approached as he was leaving the ballpark by someone who asks specifically, is this where the Republicans practice or the Democrats, Uh and uh
I think he's wondering out loud whether that message if somebody knew it at least that there were members of Congress flying there. It appears that he did. We don't know for sure whether that was issued are asking that question. But one could speculate that If someone shows up and does something horrific like this- that they might know what was happening senator. Lee from Washington, our prayers and thoughts are with you and everybody on Capitol Hill. Today, we thank you so much thanks. So much appreciate back with some more and love to hear your thoughts edit, eight thousand, seven hundred and twenty seven Beck triple eight seven and eighty twenty seven back. What are you thinking today by the way I don't know if you saw this defense Secretary Mattis. Said that N Korea is advancing missile. Nuclear programs were the.
Urgent threat to national security. In fact, yesterday he said quote: they are ockley. And present danger. The that is war, talk when you have the defense secretary, saying clear and present danger, that is that that's law talk for reason to go to war? We three aircraft carrier groups now off the coast of North Korea, the Only time that we can find that we have ever put three aircraft carrier groups together. What right before the Gulf WAR, and both for that. I think it was Bosnia, anytime. We have ever launched. Strike of any kind
where the country is near water, we have had three aircraft carrier groups in the area. That's the only time that has happened in our path, Hopefully, this is no, thing to see here, but with that and Madison clear and present danger, The world could change overnight the fusion of this. This is the Glenn Beck program. It's clear that program sign up for the newsletter and get all the info. You need to know what glennbeck dot com so David from his didn't. Take long as the first to come out Virginia
background checks. No licensing, no registration, no permit required for concealing. Concealed carry of long guns. May I ask, How do you conceal carry a long gun. I mean you have really long pockets. You have really long, Pock, really long ones yeah. I just got: I've got a concealed, carry holster for my rifle, like carried on the inside of my panties neo from the matrix direct entry. The only person I mean and- and I guess you have a there- is no permit required for the concealing of long guns in Texas either, because no one can steal carries a rifle this may or may maybe Columbine was. That was the cause that was, they were the trench coat to see. I remember the whole thing: yeah open carry along the lines of the and God's lover I,
I thought. I really thought this time. Okay, at least there will be that immediate drumbeat of where we're going to take two jobs, and certainly there are you know from from from from a g o p's guy yeah from a Republican via, so unreal On the other hand, if one those congressmen or senators have been carrying a gun. It could have been over even more quickly. They only had two people armed and that was the the Police who came with the the house whip? If more of those guys have been armed that guy would've been down a lot sooner. I was just at the shooting range last week. Thirteen shots at a thirteen shots. Reload thirty. Shots at a thirteen shots. I started moving now because you're not actually going to be standing there You know like okay, hang on. Let me get into position, seven shots out of thirteen all in a clump.
All you need to do is be a responsible gun owner and you can stop stuff like this If somebody would have had if skellies didn't have cat, police protection- all would have been dead, a certainly what Rand Paul beliefs right, the first responder is you who do you know who changed the gave us the name of first responders, I think that this is an old thing. Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter is the one who Started the first responder nonsense and nonsense, meaning because they are not the first responders. You are you you are we are, we are sitting End power until the First
This ponders come that's up until Jimmy Carter. That was a new idea. You don't wait for the police to come. You first get away from it? If you can you barricade yourself if you can, if they're coming after you but they're coming after other people, we have a responsibility to protect our fellow man.
And if we can, you just have to be a responsible gun owner and not live in one of the states where they require you to be defenseless and hide in power where somebody with a gun is eventually going to come and find you because they have a gun, and you don't again Rand Paul said if it wasn't for the Capitol police were there. This is the only dad program. I'm just going through twitter feed. I don't know why. The left is stabbing police horses in the neck and literally shooting our elected reps. If you don't realize it's a civil war, you're naive, Claire Mccaskill, please people, Partisan politics
come together against evil united by our common decency, amen. Uh, no Where she was the last age not help, not helpful, not helpful. I mean your mind can write. You curious though I mean. I know yes wondering. Yes, yes, but I think I think, that's the appropriate, that's on for a brief response. Every time it every day, if that would be your response every time good for you well, let us I'm with you. Let us let us lead the way. Let us be consistent on Gabby Giffords we said, do not jump to conclusions do not speculate and turned out It was a mentally deranged guy who, also someone from the left, not a republican, not a tea party member, a deranged guy from the left.
He was really just direct and, if I remember right, he was like, I was saying that he thought the one of the reasons you know he was the cause of grammar. He believed grammar was like a a here is deranged. He also was a he was also a guy yeah. He was also a guy who was a Democrat, d blah blah blah and then he went insane, so I'm just saying. If what he wasn't a Republican that went insane. He was a Democrat that went nuts and it had nothing to do with politics. He was nuts. And we said at the time don't speculate. They're like little put a target on obvious district right? That was their initial and let's say that again, don't speculate this guy may have been completely nuts this guy. This guy may be politically motivated.
Sky. Maybe somebody who says the Republicans are evil and I gotta kill all of them. This. Guy may also be saying the Republicans are evil, because I'm a conservative and I think now I don't think that's what happened, but we oh? No, what happened, Yeah, the more we know very little Mo Brooks was a congressman who were big fans of him. He's been on the show many times, He was there. He was doing interviews with CNN one of those we played earlier today in his batting glove still in his batting glove from baseball practice and imitated off. Yet he described the guy as a middle age, white guy, dark, hair and quote chubby and quote:
And really amazing, in the middle of this at one point they said well, but we have breaking news that we are hearing from Dana Bash, that this is. This was a deliberate act and Millbrook says: well, it certainly wasn't an accident well the guy. I don't know how he kept his head. I really did you, don't you know what you're driving around with your rifle and a whole bunch of rounds, and you happen to see a baseball game, and then you ask: are these the Republican? Yes, we don't know for sure if that person was was the person who is the shooter, but I mean you know. It certainly seems that the you can draw the conclusion so please please It is going to feel good to be the I mean they're literally. You will get a hit of dopamine
you really will get a hit of dopamine. When you read somebody when you read a to or when you when you see something that makes you go yeah, stick it to him, you literally will get a hit of dopamine your brain, it will feel good. Just because it feels good doesn't mean we should do and feeling good you, meaning that the other side, your bill, yeah, I am tired. I am sick and tired. Here's. What I want to say is what I would want to say. Screw you Democrats, look who's been look at what's in Vanity fair today in vanity, fair, there's, a whole painting of Trump's hell where they've made all of the people around Donald Trump Paul. Ryan everybody look as as they the they are literal demons and clan people and everything else.
What I want to say is if we would have produced that stuff about you and Gabby Giffords, you would have, you would have been scooping people up. You already were on the air saying Gabby Giffords. This is the tea party rhetoric. You did that for days, even after it was discovered that the guy votes, Democrat. And. He was. He was insane still we're doing. It. Turn around is fair play. Isn't it no? It's not! No! It's not. We have to find a way to reduce the friction to reduce chaos to reduce the hatred and it's it's going to go against everything that feel, good yeah, I mean it certainly tempting to,
and we have no idea what the shooter I mean he could have been someone who was who thought the kids. You know the GOP was too liberal right, I mean we have no idea idea, but it could just be a. We have no idea what someone who just wants to be buddies, everything off at the GOP. We will probably never know 'cause. I think they're reporting now that the guys dead, how they are so, oh wow, Fox news reports that I don't know if they would draw on that or not, but well they we had, they had been reporting, he's look at more updates on that, but ill it again. As a you know, as conservatives, if you want politics One of the things we believe in individual responsibility, personal responsibility and, as always with the shootings, the person responsible for them, is the person who did it. It is responsibility of Bill Maher, who said something three weeks ago, that made person. Do this, it is his responsibility That is what our society is based on is what our laws are based on and it's what they should be. I have. I have
Lots of guns, I've, of guns, you sure do and- and I e r literal arsenal- I would say I have lots of guns and I'm a good shot at I've been really pissed at a lot of people. A lot of people. There's nobody who's heard more Glenn Beck hate rhetoric, then Glenn Beck, yeah, I've heard all of it Well, another step we save Michael Stores but yeah. So I've heard all the rhetoric and the poison spewing from my mouth. I've never been tempted to pick up one of my guns and use it in anger. Never is what is in you. This is all a personal choice see, unfortunate thing, and we talked about this last night at five o'clock on the blaze tv. The unfortunate thing, is we
all running to a group we're all running to a protector. We're all running to the me to protect us or the president to protect us, we're all looking for a champion of our cause. That's the first thing we can do this country was founded on the individual. It founded on us. As individuals and collectively what we do in our life is what matters now, We don't know anything about the shooter. Yet. And him being chubby, I have a either in the army of the of the and you know one Chubby is another bands. He said he actually felt choose trivia, it wouldn't say he was obese was a very particular line. Really I wouldn't say he was he was obese. He said he was chubby
the thing I mean wouldn't hate that to be said, that's the thing that was said about you right before you die whatever he hates is what I want to be said about. Yes,. We don't know anything about him, even after the reports come out, We may not know really anything true about him. What is going to be said about us. How what is true about you? We Talking about this for a while, hey you know I I said- and I don't even know why I set it other than you know it. Let's just put it this way not smart enough to come up with this everything. You think is solid, will be liquid and everything liquid will be solid. The world will be upside down and inside out
When I started saying that in two thousand and six there was no reason to start saying that. Now we see what has happened. As convinced as I was on that I am also convinced equal so that there- now is no truth. There is no truth, and that is by design. There's no Ruth anymore, Our our colleges and universities are telling us all. Truth is subjective that truth. Is a lie. It's a myth. I want you to know. I am not going over the cliff with the rest of humanity. There is truth. It is easy to find Common sense does not exist anymore,.
It is now uncommon sense. But everybody has access to it. They just have. To listen, to the small voice Still small voice, listen, truth speaks, Lies with her all the time. But you can find the truth, This verifiable, it is easy, there is truth my question to you is what is the truth about us. Are we people who are at civil war and are ready, condemn our neighbors and our friends who I am convinced.
With an exception of probably ten percent on the right and ten percent on the left want us to hate each other that want and need us to hate each other. There is a good seventy to eighty percent of this country that doesn't want any of that And I stand in the middle on that point. I will live next to any man, no matter their faith creed, their color, as long as they respect my right, to live my way. Just like I respect their right doesn't matter to me.
I believe that is the majority of Americans and you can. You can go an be derailed and believe that that is the minority. But I will go to my grave. Not going over that cliff with the rest of humanity I do not believe that is who we are. And I would rather go out. Believing that the buying into the darkness that were at civil war. We've got a kill. These people we've got gotta, go to war. We've got a strap our arms to us. We got a The other side, I'm not going there. And I invite you to join me because it's a much better place
the Glenn Beck program, mercury. The Glenn Beck program representative Scalese, has been shot and taken to a local hospital. We don't have confirmation yet on the shooter Dewey We have, we have Fox news reporting it, but we don't have they got it from MIKE Lee who didn't tell us that he didn't say that a woman, we interviewed him about forty five minutes ago. So I don't know, maybe as better information now or maybe it's unclear now, but yeah. He told Fox NEWS when he interviewed, I think earlier this morning, that the guy had been had been killed. The shooter yeah. I know I seen that I'm not seeing it anywhere else, so yeah, it does seem like scullys went in for surgery. He
appears to be okay was in the report was he was in good spirits and talked to his wife right before surgery. But he's going to be ok, another one of the staffers was shot in the chest seems like he will. They will recover, not sure if it's male or female? Actually, I don't know if I'm supposed to judge that at this particular point in our history, but it seems like they will recover right. That's good! I mean great, this could have been horrible. Way worse, I mean think about this. It the out, can't racial members yeah, uh on the baseball field, if he
who killed twenty five, if you would've, killed ten Wanis shooting is bad enough. One dead, one thousand and thirty five dead. If the capital police were not, there ran Paul said they all would be dead. Now, if that would have happened, can you even imagine what would happen in this country? I mean, I fear for what's coming just because of this back in a minute. This is the Glenn Beck program, mercury. The blaze radio network on demand.
There is there's a lot to say an awful lot to say, and some of those things should remain on said today. If we want to be consistent and we want to be people of character, we take our own advice from when this happened with Gabby Giffords, and we say we don't. I mean, let me reverse the situation if this was a democratic president, and this word these were Democrats that were killed during the same week completely unrelated during the same week that Shakespeare in the park in New York had had a scene of that democratic president being assassinated, and during that same week, you'd have a shooting of democratic congressmen and senators on a baseball diamond. Our guns would've been taken away by now two hours later. That's why we don't act rashly. We also don't want to fall into the same pattern that sometimes the left and the media does. Let's be consistent and you know what we all make mistakes and we all want to blow off steam and it feels good okay if you need to blow off steam blow off steam, just do it in in a private way and then let's move on and try to bring people together. We have the latest news from the shooting in Washington DC, and could this have been prevented? I say yeah pretty easily. We go there right now, entertainment, the representative, Scully's one Capitol Hill aid and to Capitol police officers have been down to in a shooting this morning at about eight o'clock eastern time
we have Leon Wolf who's, our editor for the the blaze who's bring us up to speed on the latest. We also have representative Santos right, Dentist Desantis on with us at the bottom of the hour, he's the guy who left early said he? talk to a strange guy in the parking lot who said these, the Republicans or the Democrats sure. Yet if this is the shooter that he spoke too but will get it, first hand from him in just a few minutes Leon. So yeah you get. You know. We always want to be careful with stories like this, because there's always some some fog of war, and always things are said that that turn out later to not be true right now, they're saying the shooter, we have conflict, air force, the shooter dead. Is he alive? I think the most? reliable reports. I've seen say that he is alive. He's in the hospital he's in police custody, but we have heard some room
is that he may have passed away so he was shot by the Capitol police as he was attempting to go about you know his his master there and there's some confusion, we don't know we don't have an id on him yet We don't know what his motivations were obviously going to talk to Santa's on a little bit. People are speculating that this may have been. You know a partisan thing, well. He was he's described as a how old they 40S fifties Brooks 50S Middle aged white guy, dark, hair and chubby. It's all we know about him. So far. So, what's interesting to me- and I know, Jason is going to have more about this according to Rand Paul, who is admittedly, some distance away, and you know when you're in a situation like this, you know you can get your facts wrong very easily, because your adrenaline is about rand. Paul says that he heard between fifty sixty shots and it's a It is amazing, in one sense that only Or people appear to have been hit, and so far as we know, none fatally yeah I mean as as a joke.
You can say, that's how I know it wasn't a conservative. Well, we have a lease fire guns but to to to take. Well, then, if you took thirty shots, which was the third of the first report now I'm hearing as many as a hundred shots have been fired. That includes the capitol police correct I can direct, but if he he just fired thirty. It is a miracle that like. I only Woon did four people. Well, here's here's the reality of this and, of course, you know Jason. This is something you know as well in the movies, it looks very easy to shoot somebody in reality, unless you're very practiced with a firearm, it's difficult to hit a person from any distance away. So, even though the Capitol Hill police may not have hit him initially and according to Rand Paul's account, they started firing back soon. Taking return fire. Even if it's not coming directly out, he was going to really affect your know, your accuracy in your ability, if you're the gunman who's trying to shoot, you know being able to to do what you want to do, that capitol police were on the. If he was on one dog out
Capitol police were behind the other dugout? That is a long, almost impossible shot with a fire with a handgun with a pistol, yeah yeah I mean I can not doable in. If he's. If he's, shooting thirty shots I mean if it was sixty to two hundred shots. This guy was reloading if it was with thirty shots, that's probably one magazine and he was probably shooting some kind of AR type weapon. That's just my guess, but Don't you think I mean that's a remarkably bad shot, yeah I I don't think this is just the way it looks to me. It doesn't look like a targeted. I don't think that Scalise was his target, I think that was just whoever would be great. Publicans were target I think, probably in general, That's the way it sounds, but I would I wouldn't say that he was specifically targeted. Doesn't look that way he was going to bring in just a second. So you know Jason is former military intelligence Also, private security he was on my detail of
a long time with Gavin De Becker Associates, which is which is the better arrived rather have Gavin De Becker, and I sincerely then secret service, because We have been standing with firearms inside of a secret service, area and we were like how do they not? I mean it's not see that whole. I think the secret service is is in trouble. Quite honestly, that's why I've said under Obama and this president pray for the secret service, because I think they are horrible right now, but anyway it I saw this and we know that he was in the parking lot after the it started. Then he he was carrying a his long gun.
He had to get it out of his trunk or his car then walk up with his long gun to the baseball field. They had capitol police there Just knowing what my security would have done, if Correct me: if I'm wrong, you would have had a guy in the parking lot and you would have had a guy near me. Some place seeing the whole thing you would have gotten him in the parking lot. Would you not absolutely would have. It is a different students. How Gavin De Becker says associates runs their businesses. They treat every single one of their protectees as basically the President United States and their acting every single time for wherever they show up something bad is going to happen. That's the mindset
now there's a difference between. Let's say you jump in your car: go to seven eleven yeah you're, not sending out advance agency out of no, but if you're going someplace population and public and known yeah, so that that is the that is. The big thing here is that it's known it would on a schedule. Everyone to talk about everyone knows that the Republicans are going here to practice at this time and there's thirty of them. Here's here's the thing. It's crazy, the capital, These were only protecting one guy, That's because he's the majority whip, but it it's probably way past time. For us, too, tective vents events where there's groups of these guys in the then, and I know Leon that they love that walking around. Part of the DC ethos is we are. We are senators and congressmen, but here we mingle with the people. We just go out to restaurants and you can see us and come up and walked to some sorry and is that, where they're totally fine but all if I'm a congressman
I want to be able to carry handgun right. I want to be able to defend myself. The world has changed. So if I'm, If I'm, if I don't want security carrying a handgun, you can't do in DC. Right I mean there's not. I mean it's very difficult to actually do that. They obviously are fans of exempting themselves from things yeah. They have secular cell from almost I'm one of help here, because what right there at a baseball park tonight you know you. Thank you. I added a small practice. I would have had it in my I would have had it with my other car. Persimmon and senators- and, I would have said guys, We're all in this together my hand gun right here. It's in my bag Leon, I trust you, you watch this, I'm going up to bat and I would have but it kept it in a bag. They did get back to the dugout where their stuff was right. So theoretically, if they had brought something they could have potentially, Again I mean look, you can't it Great thing, and as a general concept to be able to defend
so if there are situations where it's not necessarily going to be as helpful as others, no yeah, but at least I have these copies today I have a chance. This time of year. Am I good any sport. No haven't we can all. Do you think I'll ordinated? No, at all note down the hallway correct note, I'm and you're not exaggerating right. I am horrible at all of that Jason, my good shot about, say, you're, good, shooter, yeah and I'm a good shooter. So I mean you, don't have to be you. Don't have to be. You know Beretta or or you know, iron man eat, eat you can be a good shot and protect yourself if you're responsible- and I want the right to protect Myself- with that being said, Little police need to be retrained if they are watching somebody, somebody needs to be behind in the parking lot.
So you're seeing what's coming in and somebody else needs to be watching, but for one of our tech we five members of Congress on the baseball field sitting ducks security definitely needs to evolve. He tell it needs to evolve, and I've said this before and terrorism, like is five at airports. Now terrorists are not striking the the the the birds in the sky there should they be involved in there now striking the back up near the backlog. Is people are standing in line waiting to get in it's the same scenario here where yeah can, the I agree they have to. They have to move beyond the the mindset that they had it's a completely different era. They have to like in that mindset of we described as going this, there's something bad going to happen every single spot. If it's a location, is to be in advance team that goes out. This is the arrow live and I will tell you this: here's problem with good service in particular, I know nothing about the capitol police, and I I thank the capital for what they've done today, and hopefully these
is: have we heard a report on the police officers? I have not. I I believe that their injuries are not believed to be life threatening, okay. This is from what I understand is, so our prayers are with the capitol police and I'm not tearing them down, and I'm not tearing secret sir. This town, I'm warning America. That is your line of defense between Today an complete chaos uh the secret service they rely too much on technology and money they're doing, everything they. Let me tell you this. When I was when I went to see pack When I went to see pack the lines were out of this world out. This world it took two hours to get in, so all the people were standing in line for two hours. One of my security officers said: you're not going to
leave this, but you want to get in yeah come here. We walked an open door stairwell and I walked that Stairwell into the back rooms on stage now what the hell is, the secret service doing. We alerted them by the way, what secret service doing They depend on the regular they just ten on the money. This is how we always do it where the best in the world. You're not you're, not. You're just not. I told this story before we went to church with Mitt Romney. He had secret service. I say right behind him with a gun secret service. Didn't bat, an eye. We had a guy who was
the parking lot. Walking around who is obviously armed security secret service, never approached him. My guy approached him and said by the way just want to let you know, I'm carrying a gun this is who I am. Oh, ok. Thank you. Oh ok! Thank you. If it is possible that they didn't believe, Glenn Beck was going to kill, Mitt Romney I mean that is possible. Right, the I we had a tremendous run of luck in this country. If you think about JFK was the 35th president, he was the president to not finish his term due to death, of one sort or another. So prior time. President had a twenty percent chance of not finishing his term since JFK Of course that has never happened and it's cutting remark. Think about it. Think about the age of people. You know who are president and all the pressures and all the partisan vitriol Some
marble and I, the mood of the country, is getting such that I do agree. This. The secret service does need to kind of. Maybe they've been lulled to sleep a little bit about this tell people this all the time as a guy who's done. You reporting in DC. I say this Krista and getting literally anywhere is just to act like you belong like if you If you act like you, belong in, we can walk right into Senator's office in they look up anything. Can I come on. Staff are like hey how you doing and I've talked to so we were that's how I got in here. I don't even working when I tell you something I just started coming so I worked with somebody who said that very same thing. Just. Like your blog, we were going to Pittsburgh to a Brooks and Dunn supposed to meet done and he was waiting for us backstage. Plane was late, so out there very, very late, huge line we drove on the other side of the road. Pulled right up to the correct there that you were there, six were the case yeah, so
we pull right up to the car, This is the guy says, he's sitting in the front. He says just don't look Don't look at anybody. Just look at me. He said we're getting in and up for their like whoa whoa whoa. What are you doing? He gets for the car he takes cone. Is the yellow the red cones and he moves them for any starts waving. The driver in an the cop says wait a minute who the hell are you. He said, and I'm with Mister Beck, I'm his security, he supposed to be backstage, come on, keep going cop says you're not going anywhere stops the car and he said I'm telling you Mister Beck, needs to go in and see. The cop looks at us. Not at the car, looks at another cop then looks at the guy with the cones shrugs his shoulders and says: ok just have to did it happen. Just like that. Just like that, I mean you just have to act like you know exactly what you're doing and you
through anywhere seven back, the Glenn Beck program. This is not a. This is not a police fail. This is a A a difference in mindset, police Ark. Are trained to react when something bad happens and then go in and get the bad guy Good service is train to look for things that could happen. Prevent them from happening and get the principles out to safety? You don't have police officers work as protectors. It's a completely different mindset agreed, but there should have been a fixed security location of this thirty congressman there. They should have roadblocks set up police cars. There should have been Rover roving police officers that are actually protectors just security.
Focus- and this is something I learned from working With- select something I learned from working with Glenn Beck, which they were not there for thirty congressmen, they were there for one congressman right and the way that I remember hearing about this was hey If something happens to Glenn you're on your own, basically like they're, we're here for the principle that is, now. I know I'm going to run as close as I can to Glenn, because I don't respect him, but that is not their job right. I mean they're focused on one individual. Now, of course, in that scenario, they're going to do everybody's gotta change that you can't, but I don't want to to a place where we have road and everything else, but you at least you would think things through where you have thirty people
you have thirty congressmen and senators showing up in one place. You need to have some watchers. You need to have some security personnel, at least even if there's not police out in the parking lot, with actual like with just security controls, basic screen controls it could have been contracted out. At least I highly highly recommend that things like this are contract it out until you solve the bad problems with secret or the secret service back in just a second more on the shooting in Washington, the Glenn Beck program. Atlantic program among us and RON. Desantis C is from the six fifth district in Florida. He is the guy who was
The baseball game left a few minutes early and then went out in the parking lot and supposedly talk to a strange man who asked are the Republicans or Democrats an shortly after the shooting fired, are the- started. We we don't know if it was the same man is the shooter, but RON is with us now congressman our thoughts and prayers with you and everybody else that is involved in this in any way, shape or form all across the country? thank you yeah I mean look at this. Is we've been doing this for years and uh? It's just a kind of a municipal whole facility about ten miles outside the capital. The fact that Steve Scott east of majority whip was there meant that he comes with his secure? pretty detail because the leadership gets Capitol police security. Detail had Steve not been there. There would have been zero, secure,
pretty, and I think this guy would have mowed down a lot of people and so for and false police ran pulse. The difference maker, Rand Paul said that he thought that you all might be dead if it wasn't for that security detail, why? I think that's right, because this uh and here's the thing Glenn. Ninety for me, I'm just kind of coming to terms with I mean like Steve is playing shortstop were basically the guys are hitting BP. I had already had skellies it already had Jeff Duncan SC. Play in short and we're just kind of taking the balls as their head to us doing. Whatever do you know turn into do the whole thing and then, after. About ten minutes of that Jeff and I kind of look at each other and say: hey yeah, we've got a good work out, let's beat the traffic, let's get out, let's get get out of here and so like all right, so we basically just just jogged away and had, we not left early, I mean we would have been in that same line of fire, a man even closer to the shooter. So it's just
these things, you don't know kind of why they happen, but I mean I don't know if that's the same guy that that confronted us in the parking lot, was the actual shooter I I've put it be given the police. My description just done the same thing and I think will figure out very soon. I would recognize him if I saw a picture of him but What was the description you gave kind of a non discriminant, some middle aged caucasian male. There was it on the dark side, but but not the type of guy. If you were just turn down the street- and you saw thirty people- walking on the other side that you would like notice him. I mean he wasn't somebody that was terribly noticeable and what exactly did he ask you? He asked Jeff. So I was the backseat and he asked Jeff he's like he's. Okay are those The demo are those Republicans or Democrats out there in Jeffs, like Republicans, they just turned and walked towards the field, chubby cuz, he was described the shooters described as chubby.
I mean he wasn't in. I don't know that it struck me as as a being chubby, but I I kind of because I was in the backseat so with the way he came up. I kind of basically saw from like his chest up, Is all I was able to see, so I don't know if he was caring anything. I definitely didn't really see his. You know his physique beneath that. So it's hard for me to say what should we take from all of this you know the discussions that are coming well. I think we will be able to figure out in short order, this this individual Motivation he's in custody, these guys have digital trails, social media trails and will be able to to see that you know both sides could just be a random thing. That happened, obviously that's problematic in some ways, and it could have been motivated by
medical for political reasons and that obviously opens up a whole new can of worms. So I think we'll just have to wait and see what we how about this individual and then- and from there, but I will tell you Glenn we, the capitol police, here had been honest about secure in terms of when we go back to the districts, much more so than even in the past. Your district office has your town halls. All these things Here in Washington you everything secured the DA office, build With the capital building everything, this is kind of an odd thing, we're not in the district, but we're definitely off campus being in a place like Alexandria, so I I think got to how we approach that may have to change if, in fact, this is motivated politically, but I can tell you I don't know whether this is put
Play motivated, but we have received much more threatening communications us since President Trump took office, and that's just something that I think we've taken seriously, but now just looking at this, if it had, if it does have a political action man? I got to start taking more the stuff, even even more serious is it was reported. That is that it is been confirmed that it was an m four you're, a former service guy. You know what an M four is, and you can. By the way you're not post to be able to buy an m4. I guess you can buy them, but it's really more of a military designation. That's an Ar15 Robert Glenn. I would. I would bet that it is the kind of civilian version where you do not have select fire in other ways.
Like what they're doing for I got issued, you have it's on safe, you could click one one shot for every trigger pull. You can do three shot burst three shots for a trigger, pull that you could do full auto. Pull the trigger continuous fire. My sense would be, be a rifle that probably looked like that, but probably didn't have. The continuous fire was probably just a state. Semi, auto semi automatic weapon dizzy was not firing in bursts, all right, and so it seems like I think, like when the bird news reports come out. Very few journalists know anything about fire arms. I think a lot of the stuff can be MIS reported to my sense would be the probably it would have in a semi automatic rifle and then I do believe he also had a pistol as well. What's it like, dear family and describing to them that just because you left baseball practice, a few minutes Lee. You avoided potential death. Well I'll tell you. My wife is very
very concerned and shake and uh. We have a six one, slash two month old daughter and uh. It's just that the thing where you know when we first got in all it me. My wife was with me every step of the way you know two thousand and twelve while knocking on doors, and we got into it because we wanted to make a difference. We wanted to help change the country and then and I think her perspective is. I don't want you in that type of situation at all, and so I think it's been really really tough. On her, and obviously I was a guy who I was in the I was able to I left before it even happened even though you know I was obviously proximity at. I stayed dumb. So imagine what like Steve Scullys's wife is thinking right now, So I think it's I think it's really really tough on the on the family members, because they
Don't know, what's going to happen to somebody that that they love- and I think we have an environment now, where there's just a lot of a lot of currents going on and if one individual acts yeah that could really up upend somebody's whole whole family life. Does this make this more difficult for people to stand in Washington. You know going on. I think that, at the end of the day, you know we'll see what this guy's motivation was by. You know if he was targeting congressman specifically or even Republicans specifically, I think it will be taken by but I, but I think that the reaction for me is got to be. You know it just means you gotta stand stronger, you can't let people like this grind you down You would not have a country if we allowed that to happen, and so uh You know, I think you're going to see a lot of resolve come out of this. You want this game to happen tomorrow, night I'll play
if it's there. If it's not, I understand I mean there's a lot that goes on with that. I know that they've they've canceled the votes here today that we have a couple hearings that are still going on, but I think that the leadership is to figure out how they how they want to handle this situation going forward. That. If the games on I'll be there do your for any regulation on guns. I mean I got my second amendment guy. I what I want people to be able to in here's the thing you know those capitol police guys were we're the saviors. You look back at other instances that have happened. I don't I'm not saying this is terrorism, but if you look at some of the terrorist attacks, the St Cloud MN, last September where the guy stabbing people, shopping mall, there's an individual with a concealed carry permit who shot the terrorist. He probably saved you know people's lives. By doing that, so I think response double use of firearms. Can help save lives, congressman
Did I hear right that the Democrats have a winning streak going in this baseball game, actually no. They lost last year that could run for a time so that organs are one and whenever the last year, and so here is you're denying that this is a false flag just to get out of the game tomorrow, yeah congressman, thank you so much and get our prayers are with you and the families and and everybody who is involved, anyway they are. Thank you so much. Well. Thank you appreciate This is the Glenn Beck program, mercury. This is the glad that program to Patty in Connecticut falling and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven Beck hello, Patty, hello, Glenn, and thank you for everything.
Still and all the guests that you have and the truth and the honesty that you bring to the american people. Thank you, honestly and truly, I have to honestly say the truth is everything it affects how we think it affects our decisions. We make it respects how we respond and over my lifetime I have never seen the country so divided. I understand you know everybody has a different thought that we should learn to disagree more agreeably and more tolerance and respect for each other, because we are the people we, the people is what makes this country strong. It enables us to stand for, and it has given us all. The sheer Individual freedoms and liberties that are invaluable. The truth is everything the dialogue that we are using can be calming. It can be hopeful and it can be more communicating in a way that's more positive for our country as a whole. When people work together to bring out a better outcome, it does
here to me that some of the the language used in some of the words used are more devices and truthfully they are faltering perception and it makes people go into decisions. Everyone is divided more than I have ever seen in my lifetime, and I lived through the sixties. There's more divisions, there's morgenthaler mints and there's more lack of respect for each other as a human being and with all due respect. That is a very very concerning road and I think even politically perceptions and agendas can be driven by words and some of the words are very destructive and they are to structures to we, the people and the country as a whole. I think we should learn to respond enough free act, but I appreciate your point of view. I was having a meeting last night with the leadership of the blaze and
uh we're going through. I've got done now about three months research on some things and we're going through another three months of probably research and training. And I I want to explain something that I've I've been reading for last couple of months. I'm going to lay this out on the Chalk Board tonight at five hundred o'clock, but I want to explain how our brain actually works. Why we are one reason why we are so divided and how we get past some of that next
The blaze radio network on demand.
Well, we had a shooting this morning and in Washington DC it is the first shooting with multiple members of Congress. Since nineteen fifty four no member of Congress has been killed since the shooting Robert Kennedy and we are in a we're in a different world. Today we have the identity now the shooter, and we also have his political background. We go there right now, entertainment, so the suspect in the in the shooting, according owl to the Washington Post, was
Sixty six year old man, who owned a the home inspection. Business that lost its license or didn't get its license. Renewed about a year ago. Still has some more details of, and then I'll tell you the political. If, nation of him uh. Those were those were some of the details that I do have should go ahead here. This is coming from the wall and it does not mean that this is why he shot Aaron anybody we talk to Congressman Desantis from Florida. Who said, as he was leaving he talk to a man in the parking lot, seemingly fitting the description, but he didn't know if it was the same guy who if those were Republicans or Democrats playing, He said they were Republicans and he turned around and walked towards the ball field. We don't
know if this is the same guy, but here are the details. So he is name is James T, Hodkinson Hodgkinson. As a was talking about, he did own a home inspection business which the license did labs We are here now from an acquaintance of again, this early reporting, it's important to know that these things could change. That mean that the news is lying to you if it does, but What they're saying early again. This is the Washington Post. So not a concert. A source. Or rear. Who is fifty he's a restaurant manager in Saint Louis said in an interview Wednesday, which of course is today became friendly with James the Hutchinson who law enforcement officials identified as the shooter during their work in Iowa on center Bernie Sanders presidential campaign,
or Rear said Hutchinson was a passionate progressive and showed no signs of violence or malice towards others. You got to be kidding me or Rear said when talking wouldn't told by phone. I met with the Bernie Trail and I work with him in the Quad Cities area or rear disc. Dr Hodgkinson. As a White Guy who's, very mellow, very reserved stayed overnight at a seder supporters, home in Rock Island Illinois. After canvassing for the senator, he was a he this union tradesman pretty stocky and we played up everyone's, What is weight a unit of v, eight union trades been pretty stocky and we stayed up talking politics. He said he was up re on the really progressive side of things post free. Shout to a rear after seeing that he liked one of Hodgkin's or Hodgkinson's Facebook posts. Again. This is an acquaintance of his. However, they have obviously found his facebook page and they're going to be hearing a lot about this guy. First, vacations were big time. Bernie guy big time progressive. That's all we and can jump to at this point,
but it is important to keep bugging update. I don't think I've ever seen a shooter like this in in one of these situations. This old, yes, six hundred sixty. So that's got to be the oldest ever yes, That's amazing that there's a guy who shot. I don't think this is this certain necessarily shocking. My sister is sixty and she was at tail end of the 1960s she just missed 1960s kind of. Radical age, she was you know what fifteen. During the the late 60s, and so I think, there's a or twelve, I think, there's a there's, a difference the by sixty six year. If you were, you were in that high all college range- I am- and I know that you know because I think you're right paddock. Usually this is it's much younger people who do these types,
things specially mass shootings, the one that did jump. To my mind, which was a little bit different of a situation, was the Holocaust museum. Shooting remember this in two thousand and nine, when the guy eighty nine. I remember that Holly was a white supremacist. All remember that yeah I mean the user if, while a different type of shooting and and and everything, but again. That's I mean I think that kind of goes. If you were a scribe by his friend a deep, deep, progressive that has real, meaning, you know a deep, deep, progressive, you know what it. What do you mean exactly by progressive there? There are two kinds of progressives Those who know what the American Progressive Movement really is about and was about, which is the destruction of the constitution and eighty you, the new world order. That is socialist and if that's how he understood progressivism.
No somebody raised in the radical age of the 60s. My say: I've had enough. I've had enough you: I've got a home inspection business, that's gone out. I didn't get my license. Renewed I've worked hard. My whole life, I'm living you know, there's I'm reading this book. Tribal. Leadership is a couple. Books that I'm going to I'm going to have best that you read another one on the left side, yeah there's like five hundred and five now yeah yeah, If we have any Glenn told us, we read the read five books just the five- oh, that was it- there was like seven thousand. It was only five books immediately right, are they different than the ones we got the special email from on vacation rental, rail
so have you read any of those blue. You haven't, read it and am words you're talking about you can't read any words. If you don't have that ability, there's five books and you don't have to read them if you don't want, but I just think they are game, changing an what I'm looking for is uh. How do we move if we looked at this country like a a business and a tribe, as we are we're going american tribe, Where would we be and and there's five stages of tribal leadership and the first stage and I'll go back and talk about these here in a but I want you to think of this as the country, not a business you're going to relate to it as a business, but it's exactly. I think it's exactly the same as a country, the
first stage is: things sucks everything sucks life sucks, and because life sucks, you have knife fights, you have gangs, you, of suicides. Now I've never worked in a place that that was. Stage, one tribe where everybody was you know depressed or angry and stealing, and but I'm sure those places exist, but Most places do exist as cities in our country or neighborhoods in our country, where life sucks, nothing has any value. Second stage is my Life sucks, because of this boss. Because of this hardship, because Of my lack of education, because of my upbringing, whatever it is, something is holding you back, Life sucks because of them.
I contend that that is where we are as a nation. The next stage is, I okay, you suck you are the problem, but I'm okay. That's at least a step up. I'm ok, okay! You suck! I think that's where we were me, Eighty four years ago, six years ago that were like. Ok, you know we're ok, but everybody else kind of sucks the Next one is we are ok, add everybody else. Sucks now I that's where we were. I don't even know when maybe in the 50s maybe okay, maybe we were this way and with under Reagan for a lot of people, we're. Okay, it's Russia that sucks. That's the that's the fourth stage, the fifth.
The fifth stages. Were great, and I don't really care about anybody else? I mean come on. Join us, it's great. I that's where we were, maybe perhaps in the eighteen, hundreds, Why not paying attention we're not making you into an enemy I'm not worried about you come and join us. This is great look what we can accomplish. Our goal is a country should be as a stage five tribe, but I think we're stage one in some areas and a stage two and Meek stage, two we're going down we're not going we're going down. Life sucks it's Not going to get any better, nothing is going to change. We've tried that it didn't work, all language from business school That's all language of a stage two. Tribe. It's not gonna we tried that we've done that you-
No, you know what you don't know. You don't know who runs this place? You don't know you don't understand what the rules are. They say one thing they do another. That's the country. So, as I'm reading an I'm trying to find out and figure out, ok, how do we? How do we break this cycle I want to tell you about another book that we've mentioned that I'm reading that I think you need to understand, and I'm going to go over this tonight at five hundred o'clock and this isn't going to be for everybody. This is I mean I hope it's for you. I think, I think this tribe, this group of people are going to be the ones that help save America. I believe I we still think alike. We may have our differences of opinion on you may have disagreed with, Quite honestly, the way I've behaved in the last couple of years with with Donald Trump, because I didn't hear you
I didn't hear you I saw, Principles- and I didn't see the people. And so I didn't hear you I think I do now- I get it. I think. And I'm trying to figure out a way. Okay. So how do we proceed from where this country is and move forward and heal. I'm going to give you a piece of what I'm reading next that I think, will open up your mind of what we're facing right now. In fact, the guy who wrote it said I called him up and he said yeah, that's that's not gonna I'm like you you're presenting the answer like yeah, but it's such a slim chance of that working. Well, no, it does work if enough people Begin to work it So yeah it doesn't work if we just rely on people. You know
one person finding this answer and then the next person, you know what hey I've. Six months later, I found this answer but if we as a group, decide to do something we can change it. We have an amazing opportunity. I'll share that coming up in just a second you're listening to the Glenn Beck program, mercury. Program. Seventy seven back lot of breaking news happening now were awaiting President Trump statements at one thousand one hundred and thirty. My guess is it's going to be late only because there is so much news that is breaking now. We have very loudermilk, also, hopefully going to be on with us very was there. He just saw text
into David Barton, who was trying to get him on the phone for me, and he said I was shot at several times, but God was there and We hope to have him on before the end of the hour, depending on what happens with the Trump speech on is shooting with stations we are going to carry it live just FY. I and we also have more info. And we know that the shooter was an active Bernie. Sam Early reports are, yes, sorry, early reports, We do know confirmed by law enforcement. His name was James, T Hodgkinson, from Illinois so There is an acquaintance that, with you, miss this that was interviewed. That said that he canvassed with this guy to support Bernie Sanders for president.
Out. The his social media stuff is starting to come out. Phil Kerpen is highlighting a bunch of the stuff bill. Kerpen is very reliable, yeah he's not going to I mean I would assume it's right, although again it's early and we don't notice, he is saying first of all his his picture. His avatar is a picture Uncle SAM, but with Bernie Sanders face he. Posted about how corporate corporations are the ones writing all the bills and forcing them through He called the Donald Trump a lot of names, including Adolf Hitler. He said the republican election, that's coming up the he said you called the female Republican, is there a once people to work for slave wages when a livable wage is the only way to go. Vote. Blue, it's right for you! He was at the climate March.
He was again they're already in none of these are that Congress doesn't set wages, but I want to know they don't determine what you paid in your job. Well, he wants to be like them to be. He did not like the Coke brothers, he loved Neil Degrasse Tyson, the which is not a surprise when you have someone who's on the far left and was seemingly an atheist, but based on posts. Here. I know we're not playing this game, if this guy was on the roman God and love Glenn back and I'd like to Glenn back and the show and was, and was my guy and was this activity with tea party. It would all be being blamed right now on yeah. This is definitely yep. Again, we don't know a hundred percent yeah. This is Jim at Lee walked vote. Laughed hoped for from the tea party or yeah,
we constantly try to create out of thin air. But there was all this violence that these people, this guy, is if these postings are accurate, yeah. He is deep in this community and containing for burning so now the question is: we must not be, who. We begged them not to be with us, Can we do that? It's going to be It is going to be hard, it's going to be it's going to be hard. We literally, you know, I'm not going to get to this. I'm not going to get to this other book because of the President speech and loudermilk and everything else, but watch today at five hundred o'clock and we're going to get into this later on in the summer, but, You literally get a hit of dopamine dopamine is the chemical that your brain puts off. That makes you feel good. You literally get a hit of dopamine by, either.
Saying something or seeing someone else strike out. And he punched one of these people in the face So when you see a tweet today It says you know, boss, CNN, will you are it's in the feel good, and there is a cat- cold reason in your brain that it feels good. But used. You need to recognize that, And try to avoid that as much as you can Because it is only going to get stronger, stronger and stronger and harder and harder to avoid, and I truly believe and maybe I'm wrong. But if I'm wrong, I I want to go to my grave wrong on this and proclaiming what I believe to be the truth. I believe Seventy to eighty percent of this country, they're good, people the.
Likins and Democrats they're good people there's maybe ten percent on each side that want this vitriol and anger for one reason or another, but the average American is good stand up as one of those people today. This is the Glenn Beck program. President Trump is about to make remarks in the shooting of the GOP congressman in three other stations. We are going to take it This is his first and it's really is first chance to be truly presidential real moment of crisis yeah. This is a moment of national crisis uh. And you know the first, the first national cry. Is that we watched under
Obama He gave a shout out to medicine man, Joe first, if you remember that, yeah, that's right states and it it it it it. It's a weird changed the way, ooh I was ready to. I was ready to have him really be my president on that day, and the way he reacted to that. By shout out to medicine, man, Joe and blah blah blah blah blah and oh by the way, there's been a shooting uh really hurt him. I think with a lot at least a lot of conservatives. I guess, is president Trump is going to step to the plate and hit it out of the park I've: I want him to so badly. He has a real chance of of making friends and influencing people and
And all of that will see? They gave five minute warning about three or four minutes ago, so we're waiting for him at the White House and there's been another potential of social media account from this guy with the same type of stuff listed week again, don't know for sure which one is which and who, which one is real and which which isn't but does appear to from every indication that he was a Sanders supporter. This has not Bernie Sanders fault. Any means. However, it's not progressives fault. No, no, it is not it's his fault, he did it yeah. He did it well. What about what about the gun? You guys are blaming guns fault. No, although I will say the president he's stepping from now. For those of then wanted, we have We have been walking to the microphone. No. Shortly after seven hundred am this morning, a gunman open fire.
When members of Congress and their staffs, as they were practicing for tomorrow's annual chair. Baseball game at These are continuing to investigate the crime. And the assailant has died in from his injuries. The FBI is leading the investigation and will to provide updates, as new information becomes available, Congressman Steve Scully's, a member of leadership was shot and badly wounded and is now in stable condition at the hospital. Along with two very courageous, capitol police officers, at least Two others were also wounded men, many
lives would have been lost, if not for the heroic actions of the two cap, Police officers who took down the gunman, despite sustaining gunshot wounds, do a very, very brutal assault. Melania, and I are grateful for their heroism and praying for the swift recovery of all victims. Congressman. Skelly's is a friend and a very good friend he's a patriot. And he's a fighter. He recover from this assault and Steve. I want you to know that you the prayers not only of the entire city behind you, but of an entire nation and frankly, The entire world, America praying for you and America's praying
for all of the victims of this terrible shooting ice. Who is Steve's wife, Jennifer, and I pledge to her our full and absolute support Anything she needs were with her and with the entire Skelly's family. I have also spoken with. If Matthew Verderosa he's doing a fan. Astek job of the capitol police too. Press our sympathies. For his wounded officers and to express admiration for their courage, our brain. Capitol police perform? a challenging job with incredible skill, and this sacrifice, makes democracy possible. We also commend the brave first responders from AL
Andrea Police fire and rescue who rushed to the scene. Everyone on that field is a public servant, our courageous police. Congressional aides who works. Tirelessly behind the scenes within. Mister version and are dead. Added members of Congress who represent our people. We may have our differences, but we do well In times like these, to remember that everyone who serves. In our nation's capital, is here. Because, above all, they love our country we can all agree that we are, has to be Americans Our children deserve to grow up in a nation of safety and peace and that we are strongest
when we are unified and when we work together for the common good Please take a moment today to cherish those. You love an all. Please remember those who serve and keep us safe God bless them all. God bless you and God bless America. So he stuck entirely to the script and they had to did what he had to do didn't graze in take on the media. Didn't didn't do anything, not time for that, and he recognized that right. And- and I hope we hope we stay this course I would I would love to see somebody from the left on CNN have some sort of recognition of
what they said about tea party people, and and how these things historically,. Almost always come from lunatics or the Ical left in America, the shootings that we have had have all is Ben lunatics. Palestinian or radical left. Those the history of our at assassination attempts in America and the unfortunate assassinations that have gone through that doesn't mean like with Martin Luther King, that a White racist doesn't pop in either It happens as well. Generally, those people are all in stable, that's where all lunatics all unstable they're. All stable. I mean it's, not rational. Two,
who go in and and shoot someone, but if you have a collective mindset, Sometimes that happens and and it seems more logical because the individual is not as important as the collective we're republic and the Democrats. I know, do not want this the stuff to go on, and the Republicans that I know do not want this stuff to go on, Are all Americans were all decent good, many God fearing people. And they would be a good day too reflect on a couple of things. I mean. You know very Loudermilk, said in a text a few minutes ago that he he was there
and he was shot at several times- and he said God was there. Uh I just want you to recognize the divine protection we had today you had thirty Republicans on the field. Thirty You have lost ten percent of those in the Senate and Congress that were republican. Ten percent of the Republicans could have been dead today. That would have changed our country. Much perhaps is September. 11Th did God only knows what would have happened to our country, had This guy been successful. He wasn't God was there and those who are on the field- I know they have thinking I doing like doing. Is this really worth dying for yeah?
I think it is. What are you doing it with integrity? Are you really sure doing we spoke to just earlier today he was at the field. Left the field a little early, Jeff Duncan. North Carolina as they were going to the car. The a man came up to ask them if the Republicans or Democrats at this field and review that story Jeff Duncan is now confirming that the shooter was the person they spoke to so that were sold this speculation of whether that was true or not. We didn't know if they seen the picture now has been released. And it was James, T Hodgkinson his wife. As told ABC News that he had been living in Alexandria for the past two months so, apparently it is potentially a long term sort of plan here to do this
And he had been there saying, at least since two thousand and fourteen they have social media postings of him being very critical of republicans latest updates there that doesn't make, progressives, Bernie Sanders and Democrats No, I don't have to say this to this audience. I know you know that, and people are rolling their eyes. I know you know that. But we have to say that out loud to say that to our democratic friends, because They won't believe us because first already the crackpots are. On social media from the left side, they deserved it, a guy who wouldn't vote for healthcare, maybe should have been shot all that kind of stuff is happening. Do now, not engage in any of that Malcolm x was wrong. Martin Luther king was right,
I'll come ax said get on Martin Luther king said faith, hope and love face hope and love do not lead you to get them. It's going to feel good and it's going to be hard, but please be part of the real America standing I've been saying We said this about Gabby Giffords and it turned out that. It was a Democrat and a crazy man who did this to Gabby Giffords. He didn't do it for Ical reasons he was crazy they were trying to make that into a tea party guy. He was, a tea party guy. He was a Democrat and crazy week could make this about. Bernie Sanders it's not about Bernie Sanders. It's not about rhetoric. It's not about words.
It's about the words this guy had in his heart. The word. This guy out of his mouth, the words that this guy turned into action. We all have an individual choice If you don't want to live in a collective, then you can't blame the collective. You're listening to the Glenn Beck program. Nice hit the Glenn Beck program. Seeing pictures of the shooter in the attempted murderer youth on television, James Hodgkin's. Which I believe is the name we've used on the program is a made up name how
can close earns yet just Hodgkinson Jensen, Jensen, since but you're, seeing pictures of him now from his Facebook post. Of him. You know tax, the rich, the, like Stu pointed out earlier, he's called Donald Trump Hitler and a very passionate, passionate leftist progressive and it's to put it out a few minutes ago, it has been confirmed He was the guy who came up to the congressman in the parking lot. Instead of these are Republicans or Democrats
And when they said Republicans, he turned from them and walked right towards the stadium. They didn't see a gun, he must have had it stashed somewhere because he used a rifle. This is the Glenn Beck program, Mercury,
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