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6/19/17 - The end of the valedictorian

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Are we in any way responsible for the suicide of others? ...Guard your children from 'The Blue Whale Challenge' ...Elon Musk wants to connect your brain to a computer ...The world changed last night. Did anyone notice? ...We were arming terrorists in Benghazi and we're going to do it again ...Breaking down the Megyn Kelly/Alex Jones interview ...'The worst Alex Jones has ever looked' ...Is Alex Jones still referring to the Sandy Hook tragedy as a hoax? ...Using a government to replace God The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand. Hello. America welcome to Monday, what's going on, there's a suspected terror attack. Indiana in London, it was kind of the reverse. Somebody took a van anh mode into a lot of money as they came out of mosque, things are starting, to heat up, will tell you about an idea that I had over the weekend that I think we're going to do tomorrow. I I wrote to a lot of people, many of whom will remain nameless. But all leaders that you can respect, and then people like, I don't mind exposing this Brad Thor who are in the science fact kind of uh or fact and fiction world where they write these fiction books but they're all really. It's all based in fact, and I asked them
What would we be looking at a week later? If a lot of people, if not all, of the people, the thirty congressman and senators were killed. Last Tuesday Would America look like a week later? I'm to tell you a little bit about that coming up in just a second, also a high school, the band and there valedictorians, because competition is bad, Cosby mystery. While they couldn't come to a decision When you read about it and you see what was presented. I don't know if I could have come to a decision on that and one other trial that re lied to me is a bit confusing, and
if using because people are saying this person had no liability, no responsibility, it's suicide, it is the act of the individual. It is do we play a role at all in other people's lives? really dangerous slippery slope, kind of quest
we begin with right now: entertainment Levick Program, I'm so glad that you're here, let's start with the let's start with the story of a girlfriend who, in a case, that took in thousands of text, messages Michelle Car. I was dating a guy named Conrad Conrad Roy, the third. He had. He was a friend of hers and
And I use that in air quotes and he had dead terror for awhile, I'm going to kill myself, I'm going to kill self. I'm going, you know what I'm going to kill myself this Friday. She encouraged him through text messages. You should do it initially discouraged for months and told him not to do it and then eventually started encouraging him to do it right. Uh, I'm going to tell you a very personal story that I've never told before on the air that relates to this in some way as a story of bulls advocate, but she was just convicted of what was it third degree manslaughter. That was in involuntary manslaughter, ok in
Terry Manslaughter because he got out of the truck he put himself in the garage started, his truck up started breathing in the food fumes. He stumbles out of the truck gets out x her. He got scared right right. He didn't want to. He didn't want to die and she said What is wrong with you get back in the truck, and then she called police, never alerted nothing. Now in actually she actually created a charity softball game. I think two in his memory after his death- and you know, try to choose communicating with friends saying that he was missing before he had committed suicide. She I mean she very disturbed individual there's, nothing she's really disturbed and she she actually. He calls her and he's choking and coughing again, she actually listens to him die
over the phone, she does nothing. So now this case court and there's a lot of people that say she has Responsibility suicide is a personal choice and it was. It was his choice to listen to her. It was his choice to do it. She didn't start the car. She didn't do any of that. However, your laying, on the mind of somebody who is obviously ill. You are don't we have a personal responsibility to help. Another to first, do no harm. Was doing harm and it wasn't just that moment it was weeks and weeks leading up to it. It was things like you know your picture yeah. Your parents will be upset at first, but they'll get over it. It's ok, she's. She texted him. Finally going to be happy in Heaven, no more pain, it's okay to be scared. To normal, I mean to die.
She is so frightening. She did it over and over and over and over again over a period of weeks, if not months, I'm not mistaken. So much. She really went at this right and, if you're, if, if you're a friend and there's a boyfriend, really boyfriend girlfriend, there's at least that was the rumored relationship between I mean that is that is sick. That is really sick. This girl has some deep issues and we should point out too that he had already attempted suicide previously wasn't one of these things, where I didn't believe he even tried it already tried it a couple times. She couldn't say that, because she was listening to him, she listened to him die and did nothing That's I mean I listen to him that it was on the phone he that point where he gets out of the truck and she talks him back into the truck is pretty frightening.
At so that the argument anyway. So that's open in shock. Right yeah, because I mean I think you my job. My my job to people like Charlie Manson, never killed anybody. Cheryl Charles resident kill people, he encouraged others to kill people and they did, and he is in prison for ever right. Because of that said about the guy, the blue whale guy? This is, if you don't know this. This is terrifying, terrifying. This is a guy in Russia who is online and he he says I've the greatest challenge ever and anybody who takes me up on this challenge. If follow it all the way through. You will commit suicide. You'll gladly commit suicide. Take up the challenge and these kids. Most of them fifteen seventeen years old, they get online and they take the challenge and he
offers. I don't know how many challenges per day, maybe thirty or forty five days, and you have to every day it starts with something small you have to do who his challenge will about halfway through. He says that you have to kill a cat or a dog or a defenseless. Animal studies have shown that the people who kill the animal finish it the ones who don't kill the animal, don't kill themselves, And what he does is it's a group process. You gay into this game, and then Who are playing the game? Shame you, the all goes really to the Jonathan height? book that I've been reading the righteous mind on how the mind works once you set it into a path
as long as you have people around you. If you start to go off the path, as long as your friends are like no no go. Do it. You pretty much will takes very. Very few people will actually break free their friends and an so their the peer pressure is great. Can you to go and and to do these things. Well, at the end, he keeps you up, and so your tie, heard you're disoriented. He makes you up in the middle of the night and do things and then he's constantly disrupting your sleep pattern towards the end well by the end you're in a weakened state and the last one is kill yourself, and I don't remember how many is it one thousand and fifteen people that he killed and he still doing it by mail no longer on on the because he's in jail in Russia, but they say they can't stop him.
The idea he's in jail. Stop. From writing the letters your Russia. So I mean how hard is that? So when he was in under under investigation and on trial. He said only thinning the herd. All of these people are too weak to live I'm just thinning the herd in getting rid of the weak ones. Well, he's in jail what did he do wrong? If she didn't do wrong. He didn't do wrong If she didn't do wrong, Manson didn't do wrong 'cause. He never killed anyone. He just encouraged others to do it. That's where it's at, and I don't know about you. I at this point particular in our history. I find stories that are not just based on partisan lines, a lot more interesting. Yes, then, because he
can't tell who really believes the arguments they're are making anymore. I mean it really is the thing this is from David French, however, who's from the National review conservative. This is what he says. I see two problem with this verdict, one more of the other legal first Conrad Roy. The boyfriend is responsible for his death. To argue that Carter, manslaughter, is to diminish Roys moral agency. It denies his free will it's wrong to deny compassion to someone who truck who's trouble that they make commit suicide, but we can't move so far other direction that we race to find who's really to blame. When a person voluntarily takes their own life, k hang on just a second, it's not that she didn't offer compassion right. She encouraged she encouraged it
It's still an active self murder, and will Carter undoubtedly played it for the first weeks of role, I can't imagine where we will draw the line, okay, so high. That is that I mean that is hang on. Let me we will. I have a personal story that relates directly to this, and I think it is what David French is talking about, and I think that there is a difference all sure that when we come back in just a second The United States concealed Carry association, the U s c c, a concealed carry association, the first and largest organization that is dedicated to research, to protecting responsible, gun owners before during and especially after a Self Defense act. You know I spent a lot of time making sure that I'm prepared that I know what I'm doing that. I am good with I never grew up around guns, I mean my MIKE:
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chances to win. Do it Beck that program? Mercury seven hundred and twenty seven back. He seen the Glenn Beck program. We're talking about this girl who Friday was convicted of involuntary manslaughter because she encouraged her boyfriend to commit suicide and she was actually on the phone encouraging him while he did it. She listened to him got out of a truck in a garage and he had for months that he was going to do it. She was encouraging him for months, And he got out, he said he was afraid called her. She said,
and what are you doing out of the truck you promised you were going to do it you're going to be fine, get back in the truck and listen to him while he died a horrible horrible now the the the conservative point of view from David French is is two parts and I want to dress the first part before we get to the second. The first part is. We should have compassion and we can't regulate too, because it is your free choice to kill yourself. Well, yes, it is yes, it is, but let me share something
about my mother's suicide, I didn't know my mother was suicide. None of US kids knew that she was suicidal, but my grandparents did my aunt did and they had encouraged her to get help, etc, etc and, Is she apparently, in the last year of her life, had threatened this a lot and the only had done everything that they could and she wouldn't take any of the advice and she wasn't doing what she was supposed to do an one day my she went over to my aunts house in my aunt was very frustrated with my mother, and she said my mother said you know Joanne, I'm just going to do it
And my aunt looked at my mother and said you know what Mary then just do it now. This is not my that's not what her advice was her advice. The whole time was seek help, get help we're here for you, but you have to change your life. She was tired of hearing what she thought was an empty threat just to what gain sympathy or whatever she didn't understand it. My Carry that around for decades after my mother died, because my mother committed suicide about five, it was five days later.
Five days later and my aunt immediately thought. Oh, my gosh and I told her to do it. No sweetheart! You didn't you didn't you. You said something very human in a moment of frustration with a sister who had been threatening to do it for a long time and you supported for years and that's a different thing than we're talking about totally different. So I understand because I partly I am afraid that you- you have a moment like that and anyway, could be blamed for it and that's not what we're talking this is somebody who over months was encouraging now the second part of his argue is where it gets dangerous it gets dangerous because we no longer have a right and wrong. We no longer have a moral foundation for our country and for us as humans we can.
Agree on what is right and wrong. So we need the judge to do it and don't think that will be people that will use this case to make all kinds of points, and here's where David French makes sense now he's a second. The First, amendment implications are real with this verdict: Carter's actions, the girls actions were reprehensible, but she was sharing with him thoughts and opinions she that he may have found persuasive, but had the Cassidy to reject a legal argument that renders otherwise protected speech unlawful because it actually persuades would blast a hole in first amendment jurisprudence when young man dies, especially under these circumstances, the desire to hold someone accountable is entirely understandable, but the law can't and shouldn't try right. Every wrong. Michelle Carter should go free. It argument now, because you couldn't think got this in the perspective of what happened last week. Let's just say the other way: it happened. A crazy right wing person who was influenced by all sorts of
right wing propaganda floor would be using that they'd be using this. This case this case, to go after people, let's say instead of Rachel Maddow how he was listening to me this case to go after me. Your speech could, if he was, he was if they had if he had called in and you talk to him and encouraged him to take action and even though it wasn't violent action, they would use that they will will take. This will use this picture as we call it. Let's use this as as true despicable speech on these, called right, Alex Jones and Ping Pong pizza or the woman who went up and what does she do threaten the life of one of the Newtown parents, yeah yeah, Florida amusing yeah, I mean a woman from Florida who said she was listening to Alex Jones. He had quote encouraged her to go. And take care of these lying Newtown parents. Well, does
can you play some role in all honesty? Yes, but don't we have free choice, yeah? so what is the answer? We go there next back program. Congressman, who is Kelis, has had several surgeries and is doing better today. That is really good news.
And tomorrow, I'm going to show you. I really believe Divine Providence kicked in last week a week ago, Tuesday, The shooting at the ballpark was a Tuesday or Wednesday. It was Tuesday, wouldn't it, but no is Bill O'Reilly was on last Tuesday was he said it was Wednesday I think and we're going to do a special episode. I've asked some fiction. Here's some thriller writers, some polity since the media experts, all Who will remain nameless? Tell me what you think could have happened if we were. This? Last weekend, burying thirty congressmen and senators, what would what would be happening in the world right now, it's pretty bleak, and I'm only- going you this, because I want to show you how close to the edge We really are.
But I may not make it to that, show to be able to tell you that why breaking news this morning we shot down assyrian Errol, not airliner of fighter jet. We shot it down. Russia has responded this morning. With this news We will shoot down any american plane. What is it was once a year for a mass of the frailties. They have also stop. The hop line between our military. There was a hot line between us, because this is a very tight airspace and it's easy need to make a mistake, and so we've had a hot line between our our flight directors. If you will hey
your plane is over here. Sorry didn't mean to please don't shoot it down, not hostile. It conflict resolution basic correct, a way for us to communicate with each other. Russia has just shut that down and said we will take There's a hostile act, anything west of the Euphrates. Again I believe we are either at war or we are really really close to war, and it is, it is not going to be like it was in- uh, you know Afghanistan or is in Afghanistan one of these wars that you can just all well we're a war with another country, and you don't pay attention to this changes the entire world we'll get into that here in this reason. Why I'm bringing up this? woman who encouraged boyfriend or this girl, who encouraged her boyfriend to kill himself for months is
'cause. You are not in your right mind when who are suicidal sorry, but all reason has broken down, and I know this as a guy Who'S- had two suicides in his family. Has been suicidal himself. I was suicidal. Pet of Arab, been I've, never been suicidal since we've known each other, and I think it was just before yeah just before it was in the 80s and I've depression, I'm prone my whole family is prone to clinical depression. And uh in the 80s before I- new about medication. They were still using things like Elavil, which is a really nasty kind of drug to help you, with with the depression
you before I've gone through it there. If I wasn't, I always say that cowardice save my life, but I thank God that I'm a coward. I could, think about putting a gun to my head. I just couldn't have done it. I looked at a pillar of a bridge about on eighty four in Louisville Kentucky. I passed it every single day and, single day, both to and from work. I prayed Lord, give me the strength to plow my car into that. He never did. Thank God. Uh. And when you actually go through it. All reason breaks down. You really do believe that if you were gone, everyone around. You would be happy that you are the source of all problems like I will read my own press
and you are the source of all problems and that it is true, who to you and no amount of get over it just be happy, go see a happy movie, let's go out and have fun None of that makes a difference. No reason will penetrate the second thing that you think is, and this is where this is where suicide becomes real. You just want the pain to stop if you've ever so what I hate to minimize it, but as somebody who's gone through it, I think I'm allowed to do this. It's like the moment right before you vomit, but no sorry like two minutes before you vomit to where you're like. Oh just let me vomit, I just
this to be over and then that moment as you're getting closer to it, you're like no. No, ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, I don't wanna vomit! Ok, there is you just want it to stop And nothing you've tried will make it stop. So a Not in your right mind and what she did was in sight. She went and personally incited that person that's different 'cause she's Can't say something like that to somebody who's not in their right mind, because they will do it and you're inciting and its literal incitement. So what is the cure for this
start here. Man's love for man is cold, men's hearts are failing them, men's hearts are are cold to their fellow man we, take care as much about each other. We are tired of hearing the arguments were tired of hearing the whining were tired of all of this stuff, and so. We're just sick of it and we want it to stop. Does that sound familiar, because that sounds like the mind of a suicidal person except we're not suicidal, we just don't my if other people's get out of our way, no matter what it takes. Just shut up that
men's love for man going cold and our heart has failed us because, as David French said, we We have to have compassion and it's wrong when compassion isn't offered. But we're not working on compassion at all. I wrote something yesterday: I got out of church and. And I went home and I wrote something that I want. Here with you. That is, that is really Known before the Greeks were around in philosophy, but it just hit me clearly yesterday that this is where we are in life, but especially
times of strife, you will not rise to the level of your expectations or desire. So think of this think this through with me in life. We all think we are or expect that when things tough we're going to stand up. We are going to be the one. Oh will do that. I would have stopped slavery and we would we all expect to rise to a certain level, but it is true that life, especially in times of strife, you're not going to rise to the level of your expectations or desire. Instead, you will fall
to the level of your preparation you're not suddenly going to become Hercules, you're going to become the person that you prepared yourself to be. So what have you prepared for? What if you mentally done the homework on it goes back to my father and the most important thing. I think my father well one of the most important things my father taught me should make a list of those One of the things he taught me is Glenn that you don't want to be like me. I promise you if you don't replace everything that I have taught you about being a father, your to be exactly like me, and that is true
I was very much like my father, a good dad, just not a dad that was very poor present in any way until I started to replace that image. Of what it means to be a good dad and and actually replaced it with things that I could see things that I could understand things that I could fall oh in good times and bad. I prepared myself to be uh. Better dad, then I then my father was. I had to prepare I sell for it. I had to do the things to to not say well, I'm just going to be better than that. No you're, not. I I I'm just going to be better. No, you are not going to be better than your mom or your dad you're, not unless you've done the homework to be better
You're not going to be the person that stands up and saves the world unless you've prepared to be that person. We're not going to be the person that can rally everyone around the cause, an lead him away from the cliff unless you've prepared to be that person Corrie, ten boom Corey ten boom the Paulina in in Poland that saved? all of those Jews that I quote all the time and you misunderstand, the righteous didn't we become righteous, they just refused to go over cliff with everyone else will. Why is that, if you look at those who save those who are really truly righteous, there was always something Oscar Schindler, what was his motivation at first, it was to make money he had prepared. Self to be a great capitalist. To be a great capitalist and prepare himself to six
see no matter what was going on at First Oskar Schindler just took advantage of the cheap labor He he didn't rise to the expectations Heath all to where he was prepared. He saw for two took it Paulina. Corrie. Ten boom, their parents prepared them to be those kinds of people because they study the scriptures because we prayed all the time because they used real examples because they actually went out and help people and their compassion for others was fostered. You just don't have compassion for others. This society we're swimming in a sea of filth, Are swimming in a sea that shows no compassion. Are video games is dead. The compassion, because it's
but they're, not real. Nothing is real to us anymore. Where does food from gang food comes from the supermarket, when you go and talk to kids, especially in the in the cities, and ask them. Where does meat come from? They will tell you from the store yes, but where does the store get it from the meat place? what is meat, they can't tie it to a farm but it to an animal. We're not preparing our children for anything. You will fall to the level of your preparation. You will not rise to the level of your ex expectations, sponsor this half hour is american financing Your mortgage experience doesn't need to be stressful,
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Today, they are shutting things down, will give you the latest on that. Also. Are we now at war with Russia? What does this mean? We go to the experts. Look at the Glenn Beck program. The blaze radio network on demand. One more step closer to war. The world is still moving in a very dangerous direction, the Russians have just cut off our communication, and coordination between our planes and said
this morning that if we cross into Syria airspace anything west of the Euphrates, they will shoot it down. At the same time they shut down our coordination. We always had communication with them. Saying: okay, we're going here, wait a minute. I see one of your planes. No, no, that's a mistake. Don't shoot at us! They shut that down the world is a much more dangerous place than it was, while you were sleeping
give you all the details and so much more right now. Entertainment welcome the Glenn Beck program, I'm so glad that you're here Some news happen over the weekend with the president's new attorney, an actual friend of the program will give you the details on that coming up in in just a second also high schools now are starting to two
abandoned their valedictorian because and I'm quoting competition is bad Some really amazing stats that you need to look add on why some very very smart people say the economy is not what everybody says. It is at least for the stock market. Five predictions from smart investors on why they say we should be watching an what we should be watching for the stock market to crash an Elon musk says He wants to link computers to our brains to prevent a threat to humanity. This is fascinating. He said Everybody else is going for artificial intelligence. Why don't we instead our brains, two computers, that
play. The computer won't see us as a threat. It will see us as part of it, okay, no okay, so good, okay, if part of Does sound really, as I mean boy, would it be great to be able to process anything that you wanted to process it? Would it would be pretty amazing if we could actually use You know our entire brain that work both ways, even if the computer could download into you a foreign language, images almost instantly know. Yes, that would be great it would be amazing. It would be amazing and hard to resist yeah, almost possible 'cause everybody be doing it just like. What's his face from Google says everybody will be doing it yeah and so yeah as well. You'll be you'll, be, you'll be an outdated model? You'll be a model t I mean. There's you'll realize that to succeed in
in business and in life. You'll have to do it because everybody else is, but wouldn't it be interest if you wanted to live the life you're living right now that we would be considered the Amish yeah, That's the way it would be, it would end any just society would not see the almost as a threat, any just society I'd, say just leave me alone Just leave me alone, I don't want, I don't want anything to do with you guys and your law as- and you know that crazy stuff that you guys are doing we're just going to live over here by are self. I don't think. This society would allow that to happen. What was that really awful movie with the what's her face? Johansson Scarlett Johansson, it was. It was no by
it was in the machines in the machine tool that was bearable, but it was along these lines. Yeah everybody was part computer yeah, an got, problems yeah. It didn't turn out well for them and turn out Well, we don't know because it still has, I mean there's another chapter or ten c Writing is we don't know because no one saw it out to you to. This is a gigantic. I see all almost every movie made so, but it was it was. Really bad, really bad, really bad, but it wasn't made for us. It was made for the asian markets so enough of that now We have moved to to a new place overnight. We shot down a syrian fighter. This is the first time We just been tolerating this kind of action for you
under Obama. This is just the way it was. You could do anything to us. We're not going to do anything to you. Well, Syria, fighter anime Confider fighter meat and we shoot it down? Was it that thing was the wrong thing it just at. This point is so when that story broke, the immediate thought, at least from May was oh What does that mean? The game has changed now, there's something to be said for being America. Isn't saying: hey. We these lines, but I purse We would like to know when we're going to change those lines. I'd like I'd, like some discussion to happen that oh by the way we're going to we're perceiving, is as skill later there, but I'm sorry, they're perceiving this is an escalation of of war
I would imagine that we all perceive this. As you know, just holding our own? That's not the way, the the Syrian see it and really concerned about Syrians. I am consider concerned about the Russians, the the Iranians have pretty much swept through a rack, we've pretty much lost Iraq and we've lost Iraq. Not ISIS Isis we are actually fighting back and making some progress. It's this furio. Sorry, it is the the Iranians who are horrible Carrera slot that are now all the way across a rack and now starting dependent The syrian border below US
below the Euphrates River in Iraq and Syria, so what the Kurds, and not the good Kurds but the bad Kurds. The syrian Kurds are bad Kurds, they don't even speak. Same language they're both Kurds, but their nations or their peoples have been separate since the early 20th century we separated and they don't speak the same language. They are marxist, leninist, radicals and terrorists because they are against Turkey. And Syria we love them. And we're arming them, which we Be doing but they're also against the Iranians. So there are friends. This is come and bite us in the it's, the typical mass that we get into all the time the time every time every week I mean that's what Benghazi was about guys, make no mistake. We were
Arming ISIS, he worked taking guns from Libya running through Benghazi, putting them on a ship sending them to Turkey. He bringing them across the border, an army, ices, that's what Ghazi is about. It's going to happen again and we now arming these really bad. The communist revolutionary killers- and nobody seems probably going to as to why we're arming syrian Kurds it's because their fight because they're fighting syrian regime, they're fighting about his regime and they're, also fighting against right and so in I have actually doing our job the way
You can do our job we're having some work, we're arming people by proxy. How do you even fight on the right side of this? You can't there's it there's no right side of the of the syrian conflict, none! So what I'm doing there right, but we do it You want to fight for Turkey. No! No! You want to fight for Syria. Now they want to fight for ISIS. No, do you want to fight for the syrian Kurds who are not marxist revolutionary terrorists? Now, who are you fighting for who are you fighting with only ones I want to fight with are the Christians in Iraq and the Kurds rack. They are all pro freedom. They all under and that there running they don't want to run. Just want to get up north to some safety to where they get some arms and they are fighting. Those
guys. I want to help, but those are the guys were helping. Me I don't know why we're not helping them, but the only good guys in the region. We decided not to help. So they're on their own once we continually not helped at all they're the ones that we can work, yeah they're, the ones we should. We should down a syrian jet today, but we don't give them a fly over no fly zone. We don't help them at all. It's crazy! what we've done to the Kurds and not the syrian You have to understand. The syrian Kurds are bad the iraqi kurds- are good, really good. So now There is a no fly zone for Americans if we cross Euphrates River to the West, if we cross the Euphrates River Russia has said they will shut, they will shoot down any of our planes.
I have also because this is a tight zone. I mean it is really easy you're on inside the river boom you're on the other side of the river that fast imagine, you're going five hundred miles an hour. You cross the river in lightning speed so We've always had a communication center set up between ourselves because there were too many jets and they're too many chances for mistakes to be made, and so We have a communication center rush, has one we have one and it's like a hot line, an if one of the jets crush. Is a border crosses some zone. They pick up the phone Are we pick up the phone and say hey we're about to shoot down? What are your, what are your intense and then immediately the answer is given: don't shoot it down or yeah, that's yeah, we're we're doing the very things or whatever it is take this We know when there's a mistake and we've turned back jets,
over and over and over again B, As of the firing. Syrian jet today, Russia taken that away, and said we will shoot down anything that crosses the Euphrates River. So this is the war I talked about. This week. This is the war that is coming and the war is coming is on the southern border of seer northern border of a sorry northwestern southwestern border of Iraq, just before the Euphrates, So if you would look at a map, it's a crescent shape and that's what IRAN is after they're going for a crescent control of that whole region from a ran through Iraq to Syria. Up to Turkey. They want to control that. Well, Turkey wants to control Turkey
Syria into Iraq. So there both coming down exactly the same way and we're army people that the Kurds in Syria that also want their own nation in Syria and Turkey. So we are arming the people who are against not only Syria, IRAN, ISIS, but also against Turkey. That's Turkey wants all of them dead. We are on the wrong side. 'cause. As Pat said, there is no right side here. There is no right side and I just want you to know. You are one step closer, two total chaos in the Middle EAST. Now this my patriot supply boy, it's a properly timed
a commercial while the world events are moving faster every day and the bad headlines seem normal. Now, you can be prepared, for whatever comes, I said the last hour that. You. Never, especially in times of trouble. You never rise to the level of expectations, going to do this, I'm going to do that things get trouble I'll, tell you you rise or sorry you no rise to the level of expectations. You fall to the level of preparedness. How prepared are you for the world to change? May I suggest you start taking that position. Positive step and have emergency food supply be prepared before the next crisis. The company- I trust, is my create supply and right now they have four weeks arrivals food supply for ninety nine dollars. That includes free shipping. Four weeks of food, breakfast lunch and dinner for
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a bunch of students in for two week period. There we have new students coming in for leadership, training in two more weeks, I'm sorry next week and we really urge you to find out about this and and help support us in So you can do that by going Mercuryone dot, org and making a donation there. This is a leadership training for eighteen Twenty five year olds. These guys that came in last last week I spent Friday afternoon with him our they are ready to go home and tear it up. The we had one guy who was an agnostic and still left an agnostic. I think, but I asked him so? What was the thing that you really came away with and he said how important. The Bible was to the founder in of our country.
He said. You know. I've always heard it is a christian nation blood. He said in agnostic, you know, but here's here's I know now that this was the, Nation of the country, and I know how that is meant. The number one thing that I heard was from these kids and there are all you know. Some of I can't call him kids, two of them, maybe three of them were teachers, teach One of them was a history teacher. One of them is an english teacher and I don't remember the other one, and I said what did you What did you get have to go back to original sources? You? can't read anything that is some opinion on somebody's opinion on somebody's opinion, you have to go back to the original sources. A came over once you start teaching that once people start to realize, oh wait a minute. There is truth. Second thing I heard a lot was
uh. Our generation is looking for truth, just nobody's telling us where to find it, and third heard this from almost everybody. I have completely miscast the Bible. I have to go back and look and actually read the Bible concept, one concept yeah, because it's complete it's not it's not what they think it is. We invite you to get involved and read more about it. You can watch last Thursday show on the blaze to see these eighteen to twenty twenty five year old you're going to be very impressed. These are just the leadership interns, if you will, the people were coming in training to lead. The way lead the way back to common sense. No, How to find the answers know how to think not what to think and do your own homework.
It's all done by you and your donations at mercuryone dot org, and we thank you for that now in the opposite direction: schools now or abandoning the valedictorians, now it's so weird when I was in I was in my hometown- was it last week before last year, and I went to my high school's website and I was just out looking around and it the the valedictorian list? Twenty five valedictorians wait twenty isn't valid. Victorian the it is the student who has the highest grades in that particular class. Who gives the graduation address right? Not the 25th but you know I mean they all tide. They apparently all tide at the top and
Well, maybe they all give the graduation address together. I I'm not sure how that works. Well, it's not so so that's actually All this started was yeah. There was a bleeding wow wait a minute. Are you should get that sealed? My daughter should add. A large salt is just as good as he does so that, but you know that's what happened so they all started to bleed into more and more and more valedictorians. Now all schools are starting to say none whatsoever, but not for the reason you might. But the Green Box diagram signed up for the news, so I get all the info. You need to know what glennbeck dot com, hello, America, according to the National Association of Secondary school principals, nearly half of all high schools in the United States no longer report any class rank wow. According to the created press the
question can tradition of naming a senior class, valedictorian is slow, the fading into history, in areas where the tradition continues, more students are being named at the head of the class Helena Montana, how many two thousand five hundred and twenty five valid for many people are in the Helen Montana. Well, graduating class in my class or four hundred and sixty or something so it's it's probably fairly sizable. So here's listen to this. The reason is because administrators Erkens frequently recently concerned about quote unhealthy competition and students feeling pressure to perform better than their peers. I know as in real life that never ever happens in order to compete with their ready for any now ha ha. Everything is just handed. You know one of my favorite lines from Ghostbusters the original ghostbusters. You know what it
Jeffy the bill very library talks about. They make you work out there right now. He said no, it's Dan, Aykroyd, ok, but Dan Aykroyd and looks at him and says you don't know what this means results now. You don't know what it's like out in the private sector. They expect results. You see this, the Tennessee School a magnet school in Tennessee awarded forty eight valedictorians this year. Twenty five percent of the graduating class high School in Columbia, MD rank the students but kept the results private to each student. Of course, the students keep quiet where they landed. Two seniors from Hammond High School said: that's what everybody talked about. It makes everything ten times more competitive. Some parents, some friends! Don't like the competition saying students place too much emphasis on rankings and it can
it's a negative perceptions of themselves. You know what can I tell you something? You know what leads to negative perceptions about yourself living under a bridge that one that you will be like I'm a homeless person. No, no, no you're, not know you're, not! You are a person who has connected with the outdoors I I feel so much better now I'm a homeless person. Yes because mommy and daddy never taught you about competition. Competition is good, it can. Titian, you know this is why I really like Cross country training is competition is be the I know. Well, that's why I'm still competition is about being better yourself, I you better what you just did better your time. That's that's! I mean
yes, is there going to be a winner? Yes,. But are you better? Can you? beat your own personal time can you be better? Yes,. This this whole idea that I don't have any responsibility to be my best self but I don't have any responsibility to compete in life. How do you think we got the light bulb. That was that was a literal competition between people in France. People in the United States, Edison Tesla, I mean we're competing to be the first one to bring a light bulb. What do you think Tesla it's all about being the to go to Mars. What do you think- well. What do you think apple is all about
competing against Google and Microsoft, and everybody else, plus the competition within within the company itself. There's going to be a ton of competition, no there's not you, there all get participation, yes right. Everybody lives in a very big house, nobody as any other car. Well, this in this particular case is true. Everybody drives a prius, but uh everybody has exactly the same stuff, it's all equal outcomes and Steve jobs. He didn't have more money than everybody else. I think you're going to find. That's not the case. No, there was no competition there, the case no, no competition, even liberal, as liberal is bill Gates is he's, got a fifty two thousand square foot home. It's a little bit bigger than most of his employees really not sure everybody listening to him Codex and everybody gets it. Over their fireplace for a month. If you work at my
Chris off to everyone, gets to hang Leonardo Davinci's Codex over there. Whether you're, the janitor or and there's no competition for its. It's just alphabetically, uh you know, assigned every employee is just guaranteed. To receive it? Yes guaranteed to receive it? You hang it over your no matter what the deal is. You could be the employee. That's on your way out doesn't matter. Well, you could be the employee that stealing from the company doesn't matter, you get it now, it's again it's alphabetically assigned, but they just because that is showing preference they shuffle the alphabet so what and it always lands on gates or jobs or her here. Is that what it is that we gave it gave the gates that wire live allies? Well, it's interesting because you were the one that was propagating this idea. That stealing is something that's PA all the indicating you believe in ownership. Private ownership
material. Yes, I'm sorry that was the that was the old Latin coming out. Thank you, I'm glad. Finally, using the money, they don't see competition as helpful. Well, I mean how do you not? We look at all the benefits that have come out of it. Well, what we hear so here's what I think the average person doesn't look NC as helpful, the competition. The way we have it. We used to believe in country that it is your personal responsibility be your best to make your own way to not be a burden on others that you had a you had a blessing Getting an education how it's not that now oh, it is especially you go to,
like New York. They, the parents, will shiv you for a spot. In a pre nurse the school, because that pre nursery school will write will lead you to the right kindergarten which all right led. You lead you to the first, the primary school The secondary school and you'll be able to get into Harvard, but if you If you drool too much in the pre nursery school, they I'll tell you. This is a sign that they're not going to make it to Harvard and they really need to stop drooling so much there. Five months old, I mean that. That's that's the unhealthy competition. I think a lot of these parents, though, can't see beyond just their feelings right now feeling, like oh gosh, I I'm not I'm not number one in the class, so I'm worthless well, they're going to have to deal with that they're going to have deal with that in life, and I I don't know that they're looking forward there so short sighted,
but it is again the parents what happen when the school said keep this to yourself all the kids. They know competing, it's now Natural who's better at this than you can't play sports unless it's always a tie and even then you're going to know when this guy gets up. He is going to slam this thing out of the park. You know we all have different skills and is in sports, along with the valedictorian races. It's a good meaning. Thing to teach that lesson on right, like losing a sporting event in the grand scheme of your life is not that big of a deal, but it's a great way to learn the lesson of how to react after you lose it's a great way to to learn a lesson of how to work harder in the future, and it's about the it's it's about the parents, spending that the right way for the child to help them understand and deal with that, and it's also it's also important to understand. It's also important Justin this, and I think this is a great stat. Just read this one a couple weeks ago: well, Victorians
are not, generally speaking, the Movers and the shakers of the next generation they generally they they'll get good jobs. They're generally, not the ones who are the big entrepreneurs are not the big money makers, etc, etc. Because of this they are talked exactly what to say they they they live in this box that is struck buy a college and high school. And really honestly, what are you learning in high school you're, memorizing dates, you're taught to learn skill that you will never ever use again, not the information. The test taking the memorization of dates and names and places where, when does come in handy, so it makes I mean it's not without value.
Like these. A lot of these people are making one hundred thousand dollars a year to good jobs and discipline in the hard work windows in the system and there's a lot there, but it was into an interview with the guy who started five guys. Yeah the place was a financial services. Guy goes in decides. He wants to start a burger place in New Jersey, the New Jersey and he are no Virginia Virginia and he starts at and he let's, his kids pick out all the ingredients. You pick the best tasting man is won't, tell them anything about food costs. What tell them which more expensive, because you want to just pick the best one they pick the best one. This is a ridiculous way to run a business they go to name the business. He has four kids he's like I don't know. Let's call five guys will change it later now, there's one thousand five hundred locations because he decided he wanted to go and, and he believed in the quality of the product, he started to work hard and do it in a different way. He wasn't there. So there's here's! Here's an in
thing phrase that I'd like to share that kind of goes into that everybody says Think out of the box, you got to think out of the box. You got to think out of the box. Yes, if that box is flawed, And doesn't provide you anything but the same rubber stamp, but you don't want to. Think out of the box is: creating a business. You want to create a new box. You have to you have to have framework like I can't go into five guys. I know what it looks like and say you know what we're going to do we're going We're going to put up some fake grapes, side here, 'cause it'll, look kind of will attract those people usually go to an italian restaurant and we're going to put some of those really cheesy chinese lamps hanging. The ceiling dugas will attract those. No they have a box. They have a box we're five guys. It looks like this. This is
we serve. The secret is forget. The design your own box. And stay within your own box, but nobody's teaching that everybody teaches, get out of the box, which says there are no rules there are rules, but in a state. You have define the rules that e r, colonel, like theft shouldn't be part of our business model. It's not true! It's true. Every one of the interviews with one of these crazy ceos does something different. There are five hundred stories of people who, these things and failed, but that's the difference that part of it is important,
many of those failures came from the same people who wound up succeeding later. Yes, you have little time brace that filter self esteem for a little while, maybe it might have sure, might help should, but they overcame it did things differently. They mean that's possible. There is, I have learned much more dick ulous. I've learned much more from my failings than I ever have for my success is because my successes don't make me question anything my successes go dig me look at this huh How great is that I don't actually know what caused my success here or there. I can speculate but I haven't had to put like crap honey. I don't know why we're successful? How did we six? where did we go right? I haven't done any of that. Every time I have a failure I am going. Where did we go wrong success?
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the back dot com go. There now get a special ten percent discount off your home security system. When you order today, it's simply safe back dot com, ten percent off simply save back dot com. Glenn Beck program? Yeah? This is, the gland that program. So we have a couple of minutes here. Let's talk about the actual it Is there something to I'm broken hearted scientists now say? Yes? Yes, it's the apparently something that you also maybe never heal from they've actually found physical changes to your heart that take place. The british heart Foundation just did a study and they say that a broken heart
provoked when the heart muscle is suddenly stunned, which causes the left, ventricle ventricle to change, shape and is typically prompt, prompted by intense emotional stress. So that affects the heart's ability to pump blood and the means no known medical you unbelievable, they show That's amazing that we have always a for forever We, I would love to see when me being heartbroken, became part of the I bet you hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years ago and now to find out. Scientifically that that's actually true actually happening is amazing system home come in the next seven minutes right also, we have a few really kind of fun. For you that I think you'll enjoy coming up after the break,
the blaze radio network on demand. Hello America, welcome to the Glenn Beck program, Elon Musk, God wants to link computers to our brains- and he said that's to protect us an. I actually believe he is correct on that, we'll get to that. If we have time this hour, there's a lot going on, it's going to collapse, if predictions from some really smart investors that you need to be aware of, because all of them are saying, there's there's a lot of scenarios that make this whole house cards come tumbling down. One of them is, I don't know war things have changed since you maybe even got to work or left for work today, and that is the: U S shot
A fighter jet from Syria and Russia has now said, any american jet that crosses the Euphrates, we're taking down and by the way we're getting rid of the hotline between our commander world is a much more dangerous place, but I would say there was a little bit of progress made last night. They begin there right now, entertainment so glad you've joined us today. Let's start with Megan Kelly may,
and Kelly did a her controversial interview last night, which my gosh did. The press help her out. Uh, you know everybody trying to tear her down, that was the least diversity old, the and I think I've ever seen she handled that so Well, I think, on behalf of the families of sandy hook, I couldn't done any better, but I mean I still too, with Alex Jones. Are you kidding me that was a puff piece, compared to what she could have done. All my gosh. She did in creating those incendiary weirdness yeah they didn't bring up, brings to the table the animal human hybrids and get into the weird sort of funny stuff they have. The sandyhook stuff probably, is the most incendiary yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yes, but I'm not shooting get into the the golden babies being roasted, been eaten by the builder burgers or the l, people or whatever. That is because they'll be able to see all people
yeah. You can get in the area that sells bohemian grove. Yeah yeah, I don't like you, don't know I don't even honestly understand- and I didn't understand this last week- the human as to why she shouldn't do this. It's been you know, he's been profiled by other sources before that have been high profile, Yes, it is. It really isn't a lose lose situation, there's so many people that just don't like Megan Kelly now, because they just thought that she was you know making this. You know that started with the first trump question at first debate: that's where she lost the right: the left in before that because you got your box and she they saw her as true conservative, which means she's. I don't think you know she's not she's a journalist here, but you know you see but now she doesn't have the right allies or the left allies. She's got nobody. This is absurd targeting the idea, You would say that she was doing something irresponsible by bringing up a guy. First,
the president went on her, show you we should be on his shelf and that was a pretty big deal at the time, secondarily the other. President Obama also called out Jones. In the last campaign, so we have two presidents on record talking about this guy. So maybe you might want to know something about the way. Folks, the lack of credibility, I will say the way she presented the relationship between the president. An Alex Jones with we'll tape. She didn't allege anything. She asked him and you know She presented the evidence and I didn't even know I thought that was pretty stunning woman get. So how much of this is Alex Jones lying because he's constantly? No, no. She said because he was, he was silly lying and did anybody else notice? He didn't make eye contact with her when she would ask him a question a tough.
He said he would break eye contact and he would look down and he would look around and then he would finish and he would look up at her and I mean it is a social safety, a sweaty mess yeah. That is that I think that's the you know who he is or whatever he's on or, and it's also partially Jeff is Andrew yeah. Yes, yeah, but I mean the idea that she's going to be like giving him some sort of credibility. By this interview I mean he looked terrible. He looked at her father's day. Bearable Jon Ronson have had on the program before this is a guy who are first ever exposure to Alex Jones. He came on the show when we were in Tampa, I believe, Alex Jones no Jon Ronson and he wrote a book. Name I don, runs and runs and yeah yeah, but he's he's great he's a great guy he's gonna shows on the show a few times he was just on. That's where I used to talk to RON Johnson of it, but not the not really willing to, but anyway he's he was just on our show, he's the guy with the english accent, yeah he's really quite per.
He wrote a book about people get shamed on the internet, which is why the law ever the most recent everything we had him on to. However, he wrote a book and he with the Alex Jones yeah. This is by you know who he was Ali and growth of the human growth to see the owl ceremony exactly what all morning session about roast did golden babies being consumed by these guys, yeah, that's the same yeah the same thing same time same time at the same time, with the same thing with the same time, anyway, long story short. This guy is known, Alex Jones before anybody anybody else has in the media. He said that interview was the worst he's ever looked at an interview. I believe that and this is a guy who's been following him from long before. Any of us knew who he was. He said that Megyn Kelly Megyn Kelly thing was the worst he's ever looked at an interview. Well, we should listen to this you be, the judge here he is on Infowars in December. Two thousand and fourteen
think about a year was sandy hook to come to grips with the fact that the whole thing was fake. You said the whole thing is a giant hoax. How do you deal with the total hoax? It took me about a year with sandy hook to come to grips with the fact that the whole thing was fake. I did deep research and my gosh it just pretty much didn't happen at that point and I do think there's some cover up no! I said that is pretty much what I believe, but then I was also going in Devil's advocate, but then, when others Machin, that was as a okay. That is a weird series of sentences: okay ok. So at that time I really did feel that way. You have it also there's some. There's some weird things going on and then it I was also play devil's advocate and then I.
I believe he did happen, but I've really take it every position on every single, but that's what he does. He says he does things and then he says well at that time I was only playing devil's advocate or entirely he was not. He did believe it believed it was promoting it. He believed it for months and months and months, if not years, and by the way he never in the interview actually says he doesn't believe it. He through. Some listeners drew right now, I'm not if you were wrongly, went out there and said it was a hoax, that's wrong, but what I already answered your question was listeners and, and other people are covering this. I didn't create that story Alex blaming live. Yes, one after the other devastated the dead bodies that the corner
Autopsy and I blocked all that they won't release any of it. That's that's on press to come out and and lie about their dead children how to decide what happened to the children. I will sit there on the here and look at every position if play devil's advocate was that devil's advocate the whole thing is a giant hoax. The whole thing was fake, Yes, because I remember home, a little better memory, then saying, but then some of it looks like it's real but then what do you do when they've got the kids going in circles in and out of the building with their hands up, watch the footage and looks like a drill. When you just looked at this footage in and out he keeps referencing, it's going around the building in circles. What is that I mean? You know it appears to just be People walking out of one side of a building and walking into the ground, but not over and over again, just once, like
walk out of one exit and walk into another entrance in a line which, What you would do if someone said hey, we need you to walk to the front door. There's another area. You need to go to their like that's what it appears to be. I mean again I don't know the full and it's obviously manipulated like crazy on line. If it was a hoax, that's not, but why would that? Would you mean? What does it mean that they walked around the block? Nothing. What does that mean? Nothing, that's the point so I that's why I hate even looking this stuff up, because when you look it up you're like oh well, maybe this is true. First of all, it's not second! Even if it was true, it would be, nothing You know again the nine slash eleven is the nine slash. Eleven towers came down under this idiots of reasoning, to throw us into war with Iraq, so why hell did we blame Iraq for it the hell did. George Bush come out the next day and say you know. Well, who did this again? from Iraq
Why the hell did we go to war with Iraq right away? Why did we waste time going to war in Afghanistan? Why did we tell anyone about the Taliban? Why didn't we just go to war with Iraq? We all would have believed it right if, if, if the press United States came out and said so damn who saying we found he tweeted something even before Twitter. That said, I'm going to takedown the World Trade center. We all were like holy crap 'cause Saddam Hussein. Obvious adversary. He had done we had already been to more with them. We he had tried to assassinate a former president all would have believed that they were. Responsible. In fact, people believe that, even when we didn't say it stu and I still- and I actually did homework in nineteen. Ninety eight, ninety nine on Osama Bin Laden, we knew who he was. We knew that he had threatened New York. We knew that he had threatened the financial district and when the world trade centers came down two years later, we said to each other who the hell
I have done something like this, we knew it. We had done her homework and when they said it's Osama Bin Laden, we were like. Osama Bin Laden who's hey wait a minute! Isn't that got if we had done our homework, nobody, nobody knew nobody knew 'cause we had even forgotten about it. Nobody knew, and of course it all This goes on partisan lines, if you remember correctly, which people don't today about half of Democrats. Believe George Bush either took down the world trade center or allowed it to happen, to go to war with Iraq based largely on theories propagated by the Moron Megyn Kelly interviewing here. This is not a right wing thing. The left half of Democrats believe this because they didn't like George Bush at the time now, because Barack
I'm a became president and then he started saying things about he wasn't born here and he was doing all these other crazy things to the to our society, many of which were not true, just like they weren't. True against George W Bush people on the right started embracing him because they were taking that they were taking down someone the right didn't like That's not the way. This is supposed to work, you're supposed to actually analyze, and this guy has done enough crap that you should always start at not believing him always one hundred percent of the time when he is something if he says the sky is blue. You should assume it's green until confirmed otherwise always his record, is so lengthy on these things there is no reason to ever believe anything. He says unless you see it from a thousand other sources. He's got an incredible reputation. All the here's, a look at the news what's interesting is, and I think what we saw happen.
Over the weekend is just playing into this. The GOP has come out last week and said They are going to run against the media in in eighteen. So what does that mean? That means that they don't believe they're going to have an actual accomplishment to be able to it out. They just have to go against the media and why They do that for a second reason: it's working people perceive the media as the big big. Bad boogeyman. Ok, do they have problems? Yes, do they have credit Cody, no in many cases in some they do, but because it was Megyn Kelly who the right wants to hate and the left already does she got pummeled from both sides and we're not allowing ourselves to see the truth about Alex Jones. If you are on the right, you
giving him a pass, because Megyn Kelly is persecuting him: If you were on the left, you I don't know which one is worse: Megyn, Kelly or Alex Jones. We have to decide what truth is- and there is truth you can find it and the best way to do it is just to say: okay in the last five thousand ten years what has worked and what hasn't what worked well a society where people say I personally am not going to lie. I personally am not going to cheat. I personally am not going to steal. I personally am not going to cover it. I personally am not going to mess around with somebody else's wife. I personally am not going to kill. Now if you need somebody above you to say us,
Sky God with his boomstick to say, do those things, then that's good. If it stops you from doing those things. If need. If you need nothing above, you you're just a really good person and you're not going to do any of those things. That's good ok, I'm fine with that. But if you think you need a government to be able to teach you not to not to lie not to come I guarantee you, it will fail. Why? Because of fire thousand years of history, because the government covets the government steals the government lies the government murders. Or five thousand years. You have lots of evidence of that. We have to find truth again and we have to pin. Are elves and make ourselves morally responsible for that. Otherwise,
these things are going to continue to go the way they're going and right now, five scary stock market predictions from smart investors stocks have been trading at near record highs, but not everyone is so certain that the acceleration will continue. This is crazy. This is longest run up, we've ever had what goes up. Always will come down they're talking now that we're looking at a crash bigger than two thousand and eight I'm going to send this out today in our newsletter, I don't have time to read it today, but it's important. Jim Rogers says. Within two years we have the biggest stock market crash since the great depression bill gross. All markets are increasingly at risk act responsibly right now. Call gold line, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line They'll, give you the historic truth: they'll show you what is
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Apple insider program. We allocate eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven back pressure from the feet from the Fidel was Charlie, Sheen's, hernia, a hoax or playing devil's advocate referring to are are really strong. Well, you know what I've seen your hernia. I think that was now he's just playing devil's advocate I want to take your phone calls towards the second half of the hour coming up in a few minutes. Eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven bck I'd love to hear if you watch them Kelly thing. I know a lot of people didn't watch it because they're still so mad at Megyn Kelly, I really don't understand. I don't understand either, but you know that Lot of people are really mad at Megyn Kelly thinks she sold out when to MSN went to NBC. I think she did exactly the right thing by the way I think bill O'Reilly is finding out the best thing that ever happened to him was leaving Fox news. He is
announced over the weekend. He is surprise, surprise, going to start his own news, and it will be tough available at billoreilly dot com billoreilly dot com, whoever something like that. I know I talked to bill and I so afraid he's going to go back into it and I kept saying to him- and I think this is why he sounds so happy. He sure does he sounds really happy for bill? He sounds yes for uh, I think, for a lot of Americans right now. He seems really happy. You know it seems the most miserable man in the world. Yeah he's like the e or your verb, broadcast professionals and He is really uh. He sounds so happy and I said to him: this is early on. He was like you know. Whatever I gotta do. I got lots of options, but what I'm going to do blah blah I'm like bill, do none of them do none of them. What Do none of them? Let me explain the power that you knew it now have, no boss
zero boss except your audience staying true to the audience, and you will never have to worry about it again. Oh that's. Yeah. Yes, yes, no one will ever tell you what to say what to say you never called into somebody's office, say well. This person is a friend of this person and that front nope. You're, your own boss, he's doing it and I'm grilled for him bill, billoreilly, dot com, the world is changing, big big time and he's not going to be the last to come out on his own. More a second with Alex Jones, your phone calls and so much more
Glenn Beck program, black hair. The Glenn Beck program, I'm going to take a few phone calls. Eighty eight seven twenty seven Bck, eight hundred and eighty eight seven twenty seven Beck. Let's go to the Carrion South Carolina hello, Kerry, you're on the Glenn Beck program, South Carolina about education. Like there so wondering when America was going to happen now and I think there's a homeschooling revolution going on and there are parents who are all in their kids. But not look at the warehouse. Their kids have had enough and they're pulling out and I will make a prediction that the kids are either going to be pushed out of the country or they're going to be martyred or they're going to be running things.
In twenty years, because they know how to think there's a generation coming up. That knows how to think they've been raised mostly by two parent households, because single mom can't stay home and home school, their kids most the time there is a revolution. Is here the I? It is scary, and I agree with you. Thank you so much for your phone call. I there's an old joke to pat your member. This I used to say this in the nineties. I it I could completely agree with you and you want to fight so hard for everybody gets a ribbon in a trophy. You are exactly right, because your kids, have a very bright future and MIKE, Kids are going to need your kid to be on the other side of the speaker when they say yes and extra from, please it is it's true I mean, is you beat your kids are being dumb down and there is a revolution happening in education revolution,
that is happening. Luke in Texas, hello, You're on the Glenn Beck program morning, gentlemen, if I, if I cost, because they keep dust it'll pass, though yeah you can let you know first off Jesse stay strong, your honor, and so it was when the Listening to your cell there there there there blabbing about something, go ahead. Please I'm trying to listen Luke Sup today that I'd like to connect up the first off I'm about to fire in nineteen days from now we've done twenty years, and that is with This morning, I think a lot of stuff is important. Talk about competition, so the ghostbusters for you years about how the private sector expects results but I doubt into the military: the pilots over the Euphrates talked about losing communications area after reading dreamers and deceivers. I think everything kind of ties together so in the in the army? I can't talk about the army when you go from staff. Sergeants on first class has e sixty seven '
big army has a board and they say: hey we're going to look at everybody. Possibly thirty thousand steps aren't eligible and we're going to pick some. So when you get picked up for that, you may be in the top six percent. Now you're each seven now you're looking for e eight. Now you might be in the top four percent get picked up. So I just look at this for me, just tell me why so now we're going to retire instead, two percent, and so as this pyramid goes up to the army's, not dumb, and neither will the Marines or Navy and all that, but they want the top and everybody else. It also mediocrity. Is they never get promoted? So I'm thinking about these pilots over the Euphrates, we want the people that are competitive. We want that people that cared about. You know, leading soldiers in combat missions only stuff. We don't want one of the twenty five dollars in Torrance from one of those states in schools. Talking about. We all want that dreamers and deceivers. I love talking about EPCOT Center, did you. I love talking nobody on a dreamers list,
so one of the twenty five dollars yeah, I know uh in the last thing, your last call it looks like the home schooling now. So, as I retired family to Indianapolis, never live there, then between my wife's books online, but I've chosen to teach sixth grade math at a charter school never taught before. But I know that's what I want to do so. My five kids we've been home schooling and we decided if this charter school is good enough for me to teach I'm going to take my three investing go there and I'm excited about the charge. One was going experience, but if I had a wrap all up when appreciate you, let me get the marks on honest. We want the competition, those twenty five dollar? Those are twenty five people that are going to put that on their resume, for either a college or for jobs and they have no clue- is absolutely no clue how watered down that is. We're going to get a job somewhere and they're going expect them to perform and they're going to
and they're going to blame other people there's my two cents. Thank you very much. Lou can thank you so much for your service to our country and to my family and all of our families. For last twenty years, I will tell you that I have more respect for the military. I think that I ever have really knowing so many people now in the military, not that I ever thought that, military people were DOM or anything like that, but the quality made his because the population is getting so stupid that the quote ladies of military people, but the military people that we know they are all so much smarter than almost every I know. Would you agree with that packed I mean it's really, it's really remarkable. It is how Look at the guys we've had in here I mean
Oh my god, get Marcus and his brother or you a couple of killers, yeah yeah yeah, brother, is a doctor. Now just went back to this a doc I mean guys are just shy. Again. Take brains, and you know that that's why We have the military that we have that's why we have the protection that we do. Let me go to James and Tennessee hello, James you're, on the Glenn Beck program, hey Glenn's honor, to talk to you. I could have maybe just proved your little statement,
got the military in two thousand and one not hearing anything about politics and uh in September, 11th happened and I started tuning into you and if, let's never sick, so I watched Megyn Kelly Interview yesterday. I've had an conflicting thoughts on 'cause. I would listen to it in the Knoxville market: I'd listen to Glenn Beck for nine hundred to one thousand two hundred and then from one twelve to three. It would be Alex Jones, and I did this throughout the twenty sixteen election so well. It was always tough for me to listen, but it was good. I got both perspectives and I have respect for both. You guys, I know he's a little bit more unhinged if you are but you're both have so much in common. In that you know, there's been many a times when you're on Fox NEWS who are just according to the mainstream media.
Ralph. They're. Talking about you, know the Middle EAST and arab spring, and all this all these things that were going on that were truthful. That mainstream media didn't want to report on, and you know how this is just a little bit further healthcare yeah more than a little bit. Well when it when it, when I get down there of human fish hybrids, probably a little more than a little more out there, but go ahead. I mean you guys have a son the same interest in terms of like stopping you have on child trafficking. He's he's also involved in the And I've done a great job with a piece of restaurant yeah I mean if it anyway go ahead. Go ahead. Make your point okay. So a lot of that stuff was edited in. If you listen to Meghan Callie, which you were smart and not knowing that it was going to be a hit, you know they take. Everything she did so that they could have the other side of the story. We've heard it, he totally sold him on it. I mean everything that she said that she wasn't going to do. She did exactly
She said she did. I heard the tape and I I heard the tape that Alex said says what you're now parenting here I disagree with you. She said he was she he would get a fair hearing and he his what the point he was trying to get across us would be left in. She didn't say he would free reign of it by any stretch of the imagination he shouldn't expect it, but he made his points he he said, I didn't say that I was only playing devil's advocate. He made all of his excuses for it I mean it's okay that he took every side of the sandy hook issue. That's that's a good thing: he it was uh huh, and then he was playing devil's advocate, and now it's actually none of it's true. So I mean how do you how do credibility to this guy. Well, I disagree with him on sandy hook,
but I do know that there were a lot of things out there. I mean if you looked at you know some of the tapes there's a lot on that thing. That just had me very conflicted and actually one of my military friends is that with a special investigator um in the and so I I've heard first hand from his side of the story. So it's a real thing are you at nine hundred and eleven truther No, I'm not- and I live down here so there's two things to pretty: damn big things or disagree with it on wait, wait what what The government knew more government had knowledge of what was coming in. Perhaps let it happen Oh my wow Well, that's a nine hundred and eleven truth. That is an Allen truther. I mean the government knew that something Was a foot perhaps yeah that they knew that airplanes were going to crash into the World Trade Center. That's not that's crazy. Talk very specific. I do believe that our government does
I always tell the truth so far cry from the nine slash eleven virtually since it different stand. Pizza is what we do. We follow that we fall down to lower and lower hurdles to clear, and we all can clear that hurdle. But the question is not that's not the hurdle of whether the government always tells the truth. We all know. That's true also believe that virtually every islamic terror strike is done by our government because they're false flags, no, not Oh that's right, that's what he pushed me day after day. Yes, he does day after interviewed the guy for two hours. At one point he he believes is virtually no islamic terror, it's all a false flag by the government so that they can. Form. Whatever other power, move they're trying to perform his duties all these? They are mental stuff. Do you believe that, in the in the beginning in Grove that the elites, including Bill Clinton, the bushes, its entrance centric eat golden babies? I don't know about to. So babies, but I hope Union Grove as well as other elite organizations definite,
yeah, there's a difference with other standards. Another ask about Golden dating babies and you said, meetings exists. We agree on meetings exist, we'll run lodge me too, but they don't need golden global conspiracy happy to beat this guy. We appreciate you listening for sure. There's a lot of people who like because now currently Alex Jones is talking. A lot of things you know where he says he's he's small: Government I mean that was not when he was hanging out with Cynthia Mckinney, who is a socialist and ran for President Essentia Lee as a socialist in one of these splinter parties, he was. He was not saying the same things that the issue here is an and I'm amazed by the idea that 'cause people said this before you guys have similar. Yes, I mean Glenn, just nine hundred and eleven is a great example of this. We took that so seriously to the that you've written you've got to the part of writing a book called. It is about Islam. We've we've done thousands of hours of coverage about the real threats. You've gone deep
into the islamic extremist threat than probably any other host on television, and yet this guy says it didn't have with islamic extremists. Now that just one incident but as Paris pointed out shooting after shooting after shooting after shooting he said, was not islamic extremism. He's constantly folders files said that I mean He was the guy who said that I was a c plant as no one has ever risen to the heights that I rose, I nowhere where just appeared right, the each of nine hundred and eleven. I was coordinator for CIA coordinate the coverage of cover up of nine hundred and eleven and by the way, popular mechanics is essentially a division of the CIA right because they debunked all this nonsense. Part of that and then
It's nonsense. He still says that this is an FBI, the blaze that Mercury Studios is an FBI a plant or was what call at the front that there are. There are FBI offices in CIA offices in my studio that's a fact, easy talk. It's just crazy talk. I can assure you, that's not true. I will tell you that there will. I will tell you- and I know this going going to offend James, our last caller, but it is true, you will agree with a of things that Satan says as well, because he will take a little bit of truth and then will take you into territories that you never thought. Well, I don't agree with everything he's not going to be completely false on everything, although he's starting to become that
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fix it. Membership start at nine hundred and ninety nine, a month, plus the sales tax, Lifelock dot com, slash back one, eight hundred Lifelock one, eight hundred Lifelock or Lifelock dot com. Slash back! This is the Glenn Beck program. Mercury and that program. So glad that you are here today. Thank you so much Bill Cosby his uh, his defense lasted. A total of six minutes which is longer than anyway. Six minutes is it was the whole defense and then they rested. That's phenomenal and hung jury. And there there speculating now, whether or not he will come back another trial. Whether they'll try it again whether they'll do said he would other questions already said that they're going to retry it yeah so wanted by the end.
Summer. He goes in and he's got another trial or is the next judge? The hope that they are they got gotta have. Is that the next judge will let Accusations in that was the problem. Yes, there were only one or two accusers that were were let into say yeah. He also did this to me. So if they open the opens the door and there's the flood of women. Then that's a different story, but this this case is being tried. What ten years old, fifteen years old, so it's hard when you go that far away from the actual incident It makes people say well wait a minute. Why didn't they say anything in the first place? Do we really know that this is true? You know Some of those were true in old days, but is this one we don't really know and with Cosby they expected to make a long defense, and I think that played
to the jury, I think the jury was like. Let the guy set up for six minutes there's nothing to say here, a good move, yet whether it will go to a jury trial, a second time we'll see, but as the boys pointed out, that's what they're saying ' but again we'll see what happens Cosby. Data over the weekend will see you at five, talk with a think tank, a lot to discuss cluding a step up with uh or with Russia they said the Glenn Beck program, mercury.
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