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6/21/17 - What would America look like if... (Danielle DiMartino-Booth Joins Glenn)

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Democrats are very sad today ...President Ronald Reagan's ignored warning ...The world moves so fast ...Uber CEO is out. What would America look like if more GOP congressmen had been shot last week? ...The step by step chaos that would've ensued had multiple congressmen been killed in Virginia ...Warning signs about the economy ...Good or bad time to buy a home? ...Economist Danielle DiMartino Booth visits to discuss the curious policies of The Federal Reserve. ...The warning signs of a troubled economy The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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Hello, America, wow. It didn't work out well before the Democrats in again again. This is therefore through its orbit, the galleys for that they have all. They were all salivating overdue, yap handling. It is either the real trump task to they're gonna they're gonna take and end just spend a few dollars to make sure that they can show America what's coming. I think they showed America last night that possibly the only person more unpopular than Donald Trump is so I don't know anyone in the democratic party. Where do they go from here and what happened? We begin there right now, fusion of entertainment and didn't might in Kansas Montana, South Carolina and now Georgia.
The Democrats are going to go one of two ways there either going to get away from the Nancy policies. Of the world and are gonna get away from the Bernie Sanders of the world and they're going to see that America does not want that or they are going to go hard core to the Bernie Sanders of the world and that's what I think they probably will do Democrats were we're going for a a moderate approach. If you will that's kind of what they were trying to sell, hey we're just like you and we're moderate, and we just some of these things are crazy and in a word of thanks all of these things, and and the Republicans just held up a sign with Nancy policies face. I remember her that's, what they did in Montana too, if you
I've been there during that time period it it they made. It seem like Jim Forte, was running against Nancy Pelosi, maybe he's a lousy. Is it's not it's not a personal thing for Nancy Pelosi? I mean it's what it's, what the Republicans did what the Democrats did with New Gingrich afternoon Gingrich became unpopular. For a while New Gingrich was very popular because he made the contract with America in Amerika was saying it's time. I want some things done. And he went in and he got those things done. He did the opposite of what the Republicans are doing. Now they just what? What is it that you want us to do? Ok, Good, let me right these down. Is this? It? Yes Ok, I contract with you. We're gonna do these things and then actually do them hats not done
America anymore, what they, what what happened to New Gingrich. Was they started to see new Gingrich. The country start to see new Gingrich as Canada, slimy guy, that's just in there and kind of you know back of the room, x in deals, etc, etc? And so then they were all then than America was prepared to see new Gingrich in a different light. Well then, tell people see Nancy Pelosi, not as a fighter, but somebody who say we're gonna pull pole. We're gonna do whatever we have to do to get this done. Well, I warn the Republicans the way their doing health care right now is worse. And this is saying something- is worse,
then way, the way Nancy Policy and Barack Obama did the healthcare bill. You think I'm on our hands on quite a statement. They were asked yesterday to do soft vote. And none of them had even not only just read the bill. A bill had even been finished. I mean. How are you going to say yes or no? You haven't even written it, yet the Starlight oh well, I haven't read it you when met, however, are expected to say yes or no. Would you care about me with? I think, though, that you could say ya think pretty fairly like here's the general way we're going. Are you even? Would you even consider the spats at better no conversation inhabitants? Do that you now here's the basic things going to put in the bill? What are you guys think of- but we are taking. It was also saying at the time where the group of people who said look-
It's not right to say american people are going to have to the past the bill to see. What's in the bill, no, not. I was wrong when they promised the debate on the two right airs. They didn't mean we're, not gonna get a debate either. I think the line here on the healthcare thing, which is by the way, I think, the most probably, if you if you wanna take one thing out of this Georgia election, probably it protects the health care process and the tax. Reform process, because if they were to have lost this election obligations, they would have all been running from every single Dalia bill. So this probably protection. I dont know that it does anything for two thousand eighteen or to have. No, I don't know it just it's an indication. I suppose it this. I think it will actually do something for twenty eight teen in this regard,. It will show them that, no matter how much money they spent dock of the matter. If your message is wrong, Their message is wrong and
I dont trust their divining rod. No big deal they don't have any idea, why their message is wrong. Yeah, it's that's what I think. That's definitely part of its with there's an argument to be made to that. They put so much attention on this. It actually inspired. The Republicans they puts How much money and focus this inmates such a big deal about this election, that the reply that more Republicans showed up? For example, they were more heavily favored and there was no real conversation about South Carolina which wound up being closer yesterday Oh you know the partially that, but I think what the healthcare bill if they then I will continue to pursue it, which would be interesting. I wanted to be repealed. I don't like the way they have gone so far, but they have have some level of conversation to form something. So it's not just being picked a part in the press. Every single.
Step one ivory- and I had an initial legal information- needs to be like you need something to to talk about a debate I agree, but what their? What they're saying they're going to do now is keep it under wraps until they pass it because as they don't want anybody picking at apart. Well, that's factory assistance. I know that you can't do that and if they try to do that, that's ridiculous. That is what the Democrats did right. I mean You have to have a debate publicly. But you can look at these results in two ways I mean I think you could look at and you say hey, therefore, no that's great, you know, hey this, the you know not having negative effects and in every case they made about Trump, not the person who is really running so they make it out to be like oh, isn't, is another big protest. We already see just how unpopular this guy is America hate him in the? applicants have one every single time. So you could. That way, I think, than really backfiring big time autumn, although I, although they could look at the data, a couple different ways here was it is this is the last two. This is how these these four gone, two thousand while president CARE in Kansas,
one by twenty nine points Republicans introduced. Sixteen one by twenty nine points, distrust election. They want by seven percent, on twenty nine seven is still impressive, though, when you, when you take into account what has just how negative they ve been, but why I'll? Just how low just how low Donald Frumps Numbers Aria well beating he stays in the press, huge, be the the light at last her Foremans by the G, o p itself. The the the problems the President has created an the problems that have been created by the press. When you cut all of those things together. We were of all said, two years ago, if any other president, let me put it this way if any other president
would be going through right or wrong. What this president is going through, I think only Ronald Reagan- could have weathered it. Everybody else would have been dead. Republicans dead, I think the point of this, though, is these are heavily favor g o p districts that are getting kind of close No, that is not necessarily a gigantic positive. Well, it's also not twenty. Sixteen twenty fourteen, twenty twelve is that right? But I mean that the point here that right I mean the fact you write like it your answering me the likelihood that you know it was really republican and now it's not quite as republican, but the reason for that is because things aren't so great for the president or things aren't so great in the internet. Will that's the point you have pointed out that stuff? That's that's what the point you are making on this, but you could read I'm trying to read. Also. I agree with you that the gene o p is in trouble
The DMZ gets their act together with. I don't see happening they could beat the Yo P in in g o p districts I believe we have to, but I believe they are in worse shape now themselves. They do have the use that Seize them as they don't even have the socialists. The Democrats are odds to people who actually believe in Bernie Sanders so that that that that coalition, that they do Crafts tried to build is as weak as the coalition in the jail BP, as real through die hard small government, constitutional, conservative, libertarians, the people lean live there. They dont, The GEO P as their savior- they don't like they'll, take it if they have to, but there
taking it really anymore. They'll, really be selective. Well, that's the way the Dnc is we're. Just hearing that highlighted all the time on television does anyone talk about that all well Bernie as a parliament, now he's not there And his supporters, but don't like you guys. So if they get their act together, yes they could make a dent. If the jailer gets his is act which everyone gets their act together. Otherwise, may I suggest. The winning strategy in eighteen? Is is more like what they did in France. And it may be the winning strategy and twenty twenty. If it's not just a clear cut, win for is, which is what happened in France and I poor smarter than this. But maybe not. Somebody left the party Kay.
Background was was, he was, You know? He was like a Democrat. He left the party Republican could do this to leave the party I've had enough of it. I'm not I'm not that party, I'm not this party, my own independent, because their party, a party he won with, has only been around for a year hebrew rice incredibly, and what happen. Was he convinced people both sides, were ridiculous, even though he was in The party he was you know what its who's, the guy from Utah that we considered voting for. However, better make galling that guy, that's exactly what MAC rounded. He was a big part of the party and then Laughed and said this is ridiculous and you're like what you are just in the Party and I'm not sure I mean you saying a lot of good things, but I'm not sure you're not still part of the party you're just a hedge in your bed
The party sake. You know I mean And I don't mean to describe the you know such nefarious principles to make mellings. I like him, but that's what that's really what happened in France and then they started to build a coalition in the center. Now I dont think that going to work, I hope, smarter than that, and I don't think it's gonna work in France in a long term. It's not gonna actually solve anything in framework, but I think that is the best winning strategy. If you're looking to be. If you're looking to play politics the real winning strategy is actually stand for something bought. What counts. Actually be a marxist and run on a marxist socialist platform, or actually constitutional list and run as as a constitution. Nobody has the good. Nobody has a gazelle behaviour, yellow Our sponsor this half hour
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order right now, simply safe, back dotcom that simply safe back dot com, a great sign up for the news lettering at all the info. You need to know what Glenn Back Dotcom carry. Paragraph? Seventy seven here is the: was this the accepted speech, or was this the losing speech? I'm not really did here. It is happen in Georgia last night with the Democrat who lost and the people around the world. This small community in Georgia, which has become the epicenter up
Politics, sometimes, through my chagrin for months now, I had nothing to do with me. I ve never had anything to say when you asked me it's about you. It's about its about an extraordinary community extraordinary moment in history, the first opportunity in this country to make a statement about vat. Use that can still unite. People did you win or did you lose at a time when politics has been dominated by fear and hatred and scapegoat And division this community stood up
women in this community elected a woman, the good- and you pick this campaign up, and you pick me up and you pick deletion up and you carry this on your shoulders and you took us all the way to a humiliating defeat in the most expensive house recently visited really weird is weird: it's really weird it's funny, because I mean what does say something about this tactic, because we could go through all the races, but it's the only race. They did not improve on dramatically from the presidential campaign. The Democrats out of the four only this one is the only one they didn't actually gaining ground after Spain, which is amazed at the London. What tens of millions of dollars dominoes one rise, don't think money matters anymore
I really doubt. I think we are so aware of the games that are played. We just don't believe it bombing or look at the presidential is right. I mean I obviously trump got a lot of radio, but I mean he spent nothing even close to what Hilary like a dollar ninety seven dollar. Ninety setting when they went to the dollar, starts like really us and they got really worldliness cut adrift strive for dollar ninety sites. That will will we will let you have this from ninety seven, since both really nice physics supporter online, like drops a quarter, demanded, sits its remarkable. There is a fundamental shift in America. And you know I want. I want to spend some time. There is a great article today. National review about we need in to go back and listen to Farewell addresses, and there are three: hell we're farewell, addresses that I Personally, I am so happy to see the national review pick this,
in three three. He farewell addresses from President's that if we would have heeded, just these three. We wouldn't be in the trouble wherein now the first one is George Washington, and George Washington warned us about these. Who parties and becoming patriotic. And having loyalty to the parties. He said that will kill us in the end as long as well as foreign entanglements, which we ve done. This how can one was Eisenhower his farewell address was the military industrial complex. If we don't watch what's happening with the Pentagon and the military, they are going to get us involved in everything and we will spend into oblivion and cause all kinds of foreign entanglements and then the third one
Give that one too and play a bit of a neck back programmes. This led back programme below murder, The programme was so glad you're. Here I'm coming up in about a half an hour. I am I'm gonna share something with you. I I asked some people in the house in the Senate. I asked I asked fiction writers. I asked some business leaders. What do you think would have happened? to the economy if a week ago. Everybody on that baseball diamond had been shot and killed. If we Were a nation in mourning today and we
or just finishing up the last funeral, the last flag drape coffin What would America look like today, a week later,. So I put all of them together now they have all said my name. Nothing except for breath or who was well. I, like, I, don't care. So, I'm not gonna tell you who said what- and this is pure fiction pure speculate, The reason why I'm doing it is because I I put two twofold one. I dont think that we have any idea how fragile how close to the edge we really are and how one big event can change everything now. I didn't tell these guys what my speculation was. I just I just asked them.
A series of questions. What would What would the FED do what we de just do what would the President do what would Congress do? What would the Senate do? What happen on Wall Street. What would now Korea do Russia what we happen over in Europe in the Middle EAST, I led There are just ass, a series of questions. Let them fill in the blanks, I'm gonna give you they're scenario that composite scenario of what We would be looking at at America today. We spent the last week, burying congressmen and senators it's coming. About a half an hour. It is truly remarkable, truly remarkable, There is also another story today that I want to hit from National review, there's a couple of stories
but one of them is on the advice of presidents, and they give a farewell address. George Washington was Leave was Obviously, the the first to give one and he never delivered it. He wrote it then, instead of delivering it in his speech, he just sent it to the newspapers and the news. Papers covered it and if you to be that You used to have to study his farewell address. There were three documents that you had to study. One of them was his farewell address constitution, declaration of an independent and up and about nineteen twenty. Farewell address was studied by every generation. Couldn't pass the eighth grade, unless you less, you knew it, we don't you,
with that, most people have never even read it little unheard of it it's one of the best documents in american history because as it is alive today. It shows you where we have gone wrong, the other. That I think is really really important in national review- agrees that The address that I think is the last risky. You totally honest warning any president has ever given us, and that is Eisenhower, Eisenhower's, farewell address is where we get the term. The vast Terry Industrial, complex. Here is a guy who was the winning general of world war. Two Here's that here is the commander of all allied forces in world war. Two he grew.
Up in the military. He's a military fan. And he saw a change in the nineteen fifties, because The cold war and He realized we are not going to de scale or de escalate, until World WAR, world war, two and and Korea nineteen Fifty's I would call an army together and we would go fight. Our army before World war. Two they were literally training with broomsticks. We don't even have it of guns, people would bring their own guns from home to train with That's a civilian army, The way we always were, and so It would call people together and say: there's a war coming, let's get together and we would train the nineteen fifty's The world changed because of nuclear war and we realized we can.
Dead in twelve minutes, we have to have a standing army. We up to now have nuclear weapons at the ready, so if we have that we have to have a standing military, we have to a military industrial complex that is building and researching the latest, the latest technology to be able. To do things His farewell address, he said Warning America warning we no longer are going to send these people home to the private sector? They are now ah here and as every thing. Unless you keep your eye on them, they are, grow in power for you know it, they could be leading us around on a leash, Now, here is a general saying. Beware of a military industrial, complex
beware of the collusion between the military and the capitalist companies that are gonna get rich off of those military sales. Extraordinarily brave and why that only cooks have listened too heavy I that the vast military industrial complex was a joke for most of our life? It was Conspiracy, theory. I dont think that that is by happenstance. I think that is people in the military industrial complex, Being that in to be a joke, oh, I know you got to be careful of the black helicopters. Well, you gotta, do you gotta do it could get? Out of control, as George Washington said, only those with a healthy respect for fire and what it is and what it does and how out of control it can be shy, be attending the fire. All that Eisenhower was saying
You don't have a healthy respect for what capital, And the military can do you should, pretending to it. They can go bad. Then there was one other speech. One other speech that I think, was misunderstood. And we were so fat and sassy at the time that I don't Anybody really listened to it. I want to play just above I've paragraphs of farewell address of Ronald Reagan. Finally, there is a great tradition of warnings in presidential farewells. And I ve got one that's been on my mind for some time. But hardly enough. It starts with one of the things. I am proud to stop the past eight years, the resurgence of national pride that I called the new patriotism? this national failing is good, but it count for much
and it won't last unless. Grounded and thoughtfulness and knowledge, stop you hear that. National pride is good, but doesn't count for anything. Unless it is grounded in kindness and knowledge. I contend. We have neither of those right now. On any side. That our national dialogue is not grounded in knowledge are you hearing talk about the real issues, the ones that face you and talk our real solutions. Who are you hearing talk about real solution with kind Yes and with knowledge. How many of us are? spawning back with knowledge Kindness.
Ronald Reagan, said a word to count for much unless it's couple, With those two, an informed patriotism is what we want and are we doing a good enough job teaching our children what America is and what she represents? in the long history of the world. Stop those question: that's a question. And you can answer that question now. You couldn't answer it then are we doing a good enough job of teaching our? children, they hiss free of Amerika. There was a question back there, and I believe my parents probably said yes, and if I were apparent back then I'd say yes, and if I Apparent in two thousand, I say well kind of pretty much. If I are apparent in two thousand eight I would say: well, it's kind of bad. If I'm a pair, in two thousand seventeen. I'm like look at the failure we didn't even see how rotted this
This item is You can get your doctorate in history. In what is it now eighty percent of colleges nationwide and not be the required to take any The american history now How can you be a doctor in world history. How can you have your degree in world history and not have to take any american history that doesn't make sense that Exciting world history, why I'm I'm an expert on world history, foresight, d? I didn't study Englander Rome. What How is it possible? Well, then, you are not a world history, you, you might be a historian on, Asia and the Middle EAST, but that's only part of the world. He goes on. Double shore, over thirty, five or so years of age. Weapon, a different America. We were
not very directly what it used to be an American, and we absorbed almost in the air, a love of country appreciation of its institutions. If you- Get these things from your family. You got them from the neighborhood from the farther down the street who fought in Korea the family who lost someone at MCO. You can get a sense of patriotism from school. Post, failed. You can get a sense of patriotism from the popular culture stuff The movie shut he's talking in What nineteen eighty nine he's getting ready to leave office, a nineteen eighty nine and saying we used to have this in popular culture. Go back and popular culture and nineteen, eighty nine and it's practically
calls everybody's almost in Uncle SAM pants. Compared to now I got watch things like ghosts. Busters is a tribute to capitalism. Yes, when you go back and watch, you can't believe how excited they are. We are trying to save the day of like when they're saying with wait a minute. You you'd want to go into that the private sector. They actually expect results there right. I mean that throughout that higher era there so now think about what what culture is doing. Remember entertainment creates culture, but culture creates values. Our culture was creating values that work good kind. Gentle strong. American art. Our entertainment is none of those sore. Entertainment is creating this culture,
what are the values that are being mind and minted right now in our culture? They are not what we grew up with and he was my president when I was a teenager. Democratic values and employee We reinforce the idea that America, with special, Tv was like that too. Through the midst, sixty but now we are about to enter the nineties. Some things have changed younger Parents, I'm sure that Ambivalent appreciation of America is the right thing to teach. Hundred children for those who create the popular culture. Well, the patriotism, is no longer the style arson For it is back, but we haven't re institutionalized it got to do a better job of getting across that America is freedom, freedom of speech. Freedom of religion, freedom of enterprise and freedom,
the special and wring its fragile. It needs production. So we ve got the teacher based not on watch in fashion, but what's important, why the pilgrims came here who Jimmy do Little was and what Thirty seconds overtook, you meant four years ago, when the fortieth anniversary of the day I read a letter from a young woman writing to were late father, for Non Omaha Beach Her name was lizards another in and she said we. Always remember. We will never forget what the boys of Normandy did well, let's help her keep. Her word It's an amazing call to arms. And one that needs to be. Again in wonder. He answered and, I want to bring you along for the ride that we're going to take us. We are going to answer that call in a different way.
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timid? Eight cause a revolution in order, no assassinate people, so I don't know how we say wasn't part of a terrorist operation. Yes, he wasn't do now Qaeda. He was the sole member of his group, but this was a terrorist act and an act of assassination and an act that could have changed the country and the world possibly forever. That's quite an amazing statement to make, but as the country to discuss who he is- and here is the information the police have I don't know how we say: wasn't that is part of a terrorist operation. Yes, he wasn't in Al Qaeda. He was the sole member of his group, but this was a terroristic act and an act of assassination and an act that could have changed the country and the world
possibly forever. That's quite an amazing statement to make, but as the country begins to discuss who he is, and here is the information the police have. I want to take a look back seven days ago today and look at what happened on the baseball diamond with new wise. We begin there right now, patient of entertainment and didn't write an ant pcs green. It was exactly one week ago that James T Hodgkin's and opened fire on thirty republican congressmen as they practice for a charity baseball game in Virginia.
Witnesses say and police now confirm fifty two hundred shots were fired. It took nine minutes for the people, is to officially respond after its they engaged Hodgkin's and in a five minute shoot out. That means the assassin had four. In total minutes to get off as many shots as possible and one can see the Republicans we're sitting ducks in the end after between fifty and a hundred shots. Fourteen minutes and thirty targets, only five people were injured, only one of them was injured critically and is recovering. We know that the Majority House WHIP Steve's police over
over a went under the knife Several times had murdered multiple surgeries over the weekend, condition has now been upgraded from critical to severe and if it, I was in for the truly heroic actions of to capital police officers who were there in the currently detail all This would have been much much worse in fact, aiming to go beyond that. We spent a week talking about wow how lucky These congressmen were how lucky They all were too To have the security there too, able to minimize the damage that was received.
How do you explain how a shooter, with two guns, who fired Fifty two hundred rounds firing fourteen minutes to a crowd of thirty people, not only didn't, kill anyone but only managed to energy injure five people? How do you explain that. We know now that the act was premeditated could go. We didn't know of this. Guy just walked up and said to me Christmas hey are. These Republicans are Democrats and then happen to have a gun with him? None at we know now that this, premeditated, We know that he was an assassin because he had a list of all the Republicans. He was planning on killing the plan alone, the level of planning that was involved. He had the means he had the motivation he had. The will. He was willing to give his life to kill as many as republican congressmen as he could.
How did this guy fail? Is it perhaps divine Providence now to answer this I want to. I wanted to come up with a way to show you what I think We need to imagine here: we need to see in our minds I. Why The world would be like today, a week later, as we were fine, putting the last coffin in the ground? What would country look like during the next hours, the next few days and the next week's what would be happening today if he would have been successful in taking out thirty republican congressmen so here's what I did over the weekend I reached out to security experts. I rode out to a few, fiction, writers.
A few business people assume actual lawmakers some sense There are some congressmen, And I said: look I'm not asking you to tell me exactly I'm telling I'm asking you to tell me what you're got says. Knowing situation in your area of expertise, what do you think would have happened. In a realistic scenario, I have taken them and folded them all into one cohesive, storyline, to show you what these many experts all believe in their area of expertise would have happened. The next day. A week from tomorrow, the Opening bell or a week last Thursday,
The opening bell for the New York Stock Exchange would be set to ring but the futures would be down so far that we probably would have closed. It waited until the following Monday, so the stocks, And just like, I did on nine eleven, we hold it till the following money until we can get our sea legs. When we rang the Bell Monday morning,. We needed to have of a rally in the stock market. The president, probably would have said, go, spend money futures would be way down. Leading into the open as the rest of the world would believe. America had finally correct cracked within I've minutes exe its tell me. They think the New York Stock Exchange, the circuit breakers, would have been tripped and the mark
it would have been shut down, they would have tried. Open those circuit breakers, two more times to open the markets, only to have even bigger drops, as people all rushed in to get out of the stock market. They would have then announced some orwellian. We good morning that It's going to be announced but give the markets a chance to remain closed until the following week. Behind the scenes, the Federal Reserve would in that, massive highly secretive futures manipulation to help inject stability. This So what happened after nine eleven? This is what has happened before the great depression. They closed the market. They get everybody who has big money and say you have to get in on these futures The markets remain closed. The dollar would go into a freefall country, owning large amounts of. U S. Debt would begin to contemplate. I'm their sort of their sovereign funds and their dollar reserves
In the end we believe they would decide to wait and see how things would worsen for the United States in the next few weeks partisan. Media would begin to stir the pot in response. The violent leftist, such as therefore would take their movements to an entirely new level. Far I killed her protests would engage them in the streets and this happened in most major metropolitan areas of the country, but the rest The country would be frightened watching it and not know what to do then copy cat Tax would begin on more local and federal law makers. Possibly on the media, is well Congo. Would then go into action to decide? We need to update the Patriot ACT. New Patriot ACT style LAW, It would enable the essay to go after Americans, planning riots and attacks hate speech pause, would crackdown on Facebook and Twitter, the american
The president would make a speech calling for quick action Need to act right now on health care, reform, tax reform and the balance of the Trump agenda. We need this and send a message to the country and those who oppose the Donald Jake Trump Administration will not be deterred. We also need to provide security detail for every member of Congress and or concealed carry permit for every member of Congress She'll elections would be called to replace the thirty congressmen that were killed, So all the legislation could be fast tracked. Riding, would intensify, pulling areas would be threatened with firebombing. If they open is scheduled, martial law would be declared to ensure peaceful elections. Countries such as China, Brazil and India, all the explanations would see a chance and begin dumping. U S. Sovereign funds were
this case scenario, the dollar would knows dive. Martial law would stay in effect until the economy would stabilize are. He's abroad, would look to capitalize on our weakness and the pre your patient, with our internal problems, ran with closed the straits of her moods China. Mobilizing on the north korean border and Russia would it. Finally, fully invade the Ukraine. This. This. The experts that I went to all agreed would happen in the first month. Some have said that if Hodgkin's would have been successful, it would have created the largest social and political shift. In modern history able if that's true, but in fourteen minutes, with two gun fifty two hundred shots, a plan.
Rehearsal in the woods, a kill list how was it he was only able to shoot and hit five people and not kill any of them. We were at the or step to what have could have been the largest flashpoint in our nations history. What happened a week ago, most of us don't even care A week later, most of us now look at this as old news. What we we are all talking about last week and we were all saying we have to have more. Tolerance for one. Each, that's long forgotten have happened before last weekend. I believe this was divine Providence.
I fully believe that God intervened in this apps those capital police officers. This was that this list was the day they were born to live. Perhaps Lee I pass of the bullets, were changed more likely vision and fear was intensified in him as he squeezed the trigger, but I believe Just as much as I did in the American Revolution, it was, it was gone that made that happen. I believe in many ways as Most Jefferson said when I realize that? God is just I tremble for my country, because we would Stop slavery. We were not worthy of his divine protection.
While we were enslaving people, We are not really worthy of his divine providence and protection. Now. But for some reason I am very grateful that he gave it to us last week after looking at what could have been happening today, I think my patriot supply for sponsoring this segment. My patriot supply who's that Formation is critical to preparation, you're, not prepared, unless you have information, you're not prepared, unless you really understand how close? We really can be too mobile change. How close we are too being each of us to pay. Text away from Not having any food on the table and
at the mercy of the government or somebody else, information is really really important and it's a lifestyle by patriot supply knows that a lot of your friends, you know have said Bell. You know it's no big deal that you know the truth, that things really haven't fundamentally changed. There's a lot of work to be done yet and be prepared so what they ve done is They have put together a four weeks. Survival see food supply for only ninety nine dollars that include free shipping you can prepare for a lot of things mentally, but until You have done the hard lifting. You have a really prepared my pay Trade supply was started with people who want a, expensive way? That is good, nutritious and will last for twenty five years a good way
to be able to make sure their family has food on the table. No matter what happens come, what may be prepared go to prepare we Glenn Dotcom? That's prepare we're Glenda come eight hundred two hundred seventy one, sixty three eight, But two hundred seventy one sixty three the Glenn Back programme. Mercury. The programme looking Daniel do Martino booth. She was she's former. Nfl colonists at the Dallas morning NEWS she was, nine years as the advisor to the FED chief here in the federal, deserve in Dallas Richard, sure who I have a lot of respect, for he was one of the only real guys fighting people like JANET yellin.
She she now runs money, strong, an economic advising firm and She's coming back on with us here next hour, she's going to talk a little bit about the the FED raise the interest rate and He told us last time she was here she said ill thing, and I'm really watching are Otto sales and the defaults on auto loans, and she said well very close to defaults on auto loans, and she said that's the real task, because that's where people are the closest when you you know fighting to make ends meet have your car out of you yeah any start to default fault if you start to see a lotta defaults on auto loans and a decrease in sales? What's gonna happen, and is now you're starting to oh GM and all the car makers and the banking sector
in into crisis again, and she said that too, heard. That is the tip of the iceberg. That she's been watching. She said Otto sales are down. Now. By five percent. She also said. There's a new survey out that shows. Americans think that this is the worst time in seven years, to buy homes to my home, while not everyone like who had I'm just saying that everyone thinks it's about. You not mine, so you know you're not buying Hauser it no I'm not I'm not buying. Who else could be an interesting conversation? We're having coma, got stew arriving here now, yeah really thrilled about as a great story, I'm going to bring it to me today know what Americans are saying now nothing of this, because Americans are all ways we are who's behind the curve when things get hot. That's what!
Eric and say I to buy a house gay when they are at the bottom. That's not what american say to buy we're at the top down, and this is only the second time that Erikson's I've ever said. Now. You don't want to buy a house right now. You look at the housing indexes, which is one of the things you use a lotta schiller, Reconnect, Schiller and others that you used a lot when you are predicting the first grow larger. You see that actually there quite a bit higher than they were you know when we had, the actual collapse meaning that maybe we're moving more inflated than that time is that's why I'm buying now, by guys actually heard by high so low that it you want to do what was most Americans are now saying. This is the time to sell, not the time to buy. So now I don't I actually I'm on. My particular opinion is never is the time to
yeah, but why is all about you? Ve lived this this whole time. Yes and you ve been right. For most of that time have been like. I can't tell you how many times I thought you know. Perhaps This right, these should not on house. Yes, yes, that is deftly my opinion. You I mean, you know, look circumstances push. You would do things that you dont want to do. Sometimes I mean there's your work here. So you're gonna, saying one example: also the minimum hourly wage. Now that you would need to make sure to pay for your apartment in Georgia? It's eleven dollars and forty six cents an hour in San Francisco?
fifteen dollars baron! I now know San Francisco the minimum hourly wage required just to afford housing is fifty dollars worth sense. Wholly talked about people hurting there. It is. She joins us next. Our bank programmes. The claim that programme first Day of Summer Illinois Koreans into a financial meltdown and not even a lottery, is safe. What a surprise! Blood they don't have all that money in the lottery sitting there Sha LA
I've got versus you're they that all that's why I wouldn't have ever taken it in a lump. Zion always take the lump sum and there is also a new trend- called try parenting I just want to get us. I just want to give you I just wanna gives us do this, for I parenting, is Thou legal in California. Then it's gaming, traction and other states Bonner or the She was now seventeen set. Are parents who, just like anybody else, I just happen to have three of them: the bay. Picture. Is you just have more people there to support you more love for you, no matter what you can look up to all of them somewhere Like Hell, try parenting is worked out so far. He wants to do it again, this time with his husband and female for end.
This is a this is a story that could could never have been written and any other time period in the history of the world except right now will give you that, probably tomorrow little on try parenting. You know something we didn't hit yesterday. That I wish we would of. Is the sad NEWS about carry Fisher her autopsy. That's the way from sleep at night. When you wish in orange, yellow nor interstices midtown seamlessly bad MIA. I may lead to me you know I had to go out on a limb. Bribery cause death pets with quarters sleep. Albania now could have also she died from snoring could have been noticing. Backing is really did not have it I know you have a really bad. Unfortunately, has the plaster foe also really bad- that here wherein the masks or anything else.
We also have changed a lot by the way if you take if we are to have a little heroin in your system that might affect, Usually very name is well yeah. Professor videos down heroin learns thousand breathing the Yellow Heroin ceasefire, harrowing heroism, cocaine, little king, Harold Methadone, that's the method. I well some ecstasy, ecstasy, ecstasy, that was it Belgium years european. Looking into a street version of Walgreens Jets, Prozac share the Vienna prescriptive reproductive gentlewoman. Without ever, a little bit of amplify LE medical. Of both those Europe Christians on Monday dies, as did the drugs that we're not Israel, so little oxy go to prescription for those socially just you have a first for the heroin cocaine needle needed.
Oh my god, that's over the cowards. Over kind of over there ever the window, sill of the door, save gunners, academic, ecstasy, probably writer of the Gulf Holy cow attire. Tail very very you know I don't know little hepatitis and local head smell about what you were supposed to take it. Well, I don't know it Larry Windows MAR Drinkings up there. You shouldn't drink alcohol with the heroin, cocaine, the ecstasy forego she died of sleep out in Turkey. S. Mother, though, is the primary cause. Sure that's really sad jurors is really sad what was happening in her life that I don't know about that. That's out there! That cocktail is like. So that's what was given her through the day right you while the prescription, drugs and the other little drove up- and she wasn't that's it- system and the heroin was or was they couldn't tell how much was then because the family had What them to get a full toxicology report,
so this is just a partial amid this is what like it. So you know some of the drugs were. There were saying, maybe three days old or something you know a better system for three days, so that was just what was getting her through the day. Setting researching, there's a lot of stress and our life, because she was in the whole star wars thing to go cell facial cream, there's a new railway, real and the market Ashura Emily Joanna gains. Yes, you heard about the yes, I suppose must together yes, agreement as I did not know that that is really in the very sternum about yeah yeah. Said Larry, I let you in on the job here. Let's do just studious told What was it Sunday? I click the blaze and I'm reading a story and its to free words, as these are the undisputed facts and then these are the contested facts
and how to read the story? And I'm like? Oh wow, that's great. I got to click a magically come back. I could yeah wow. I didn't know that that's interesting and then right in between it says like breaking or some like that. Joanna gains leaves each the tv I think it was real reason she's leaving. Yeah, that's what I was an area where the real reason she's leaving a thought. What Jean you're not leaving their shining. No, she was leaving that show, and so I said we gotTA says sponsored content Let us say that dumb as the owner of the blazing somebody who is now getting more involved with the blaze? I was happy to see that sponsor content. Why? Because I order you, don't care about the joining yellow lying. I first of all. I could not believe it was true if you dont, if you dont, know Joanna Gains, she's part of fixed or upper on HDTV its huge
huge disloyal chip and Joanna gains. Yeah, and it said you know, the story of peoples from the story was written in such a way that ship was fine with her moving on. You know because she really is found herself and, unlike what is that's, not possible how's the show going on with just chip and without Joanna their great together, no, but that doesn't make any sense at all and when you looked into it as we both did the same day independently of eighty million. I didn't know you'd been looking now, do it and you'll find out there is zero truth to any of its zero and you go to her like zero zero, not like kind of our, maybe me rumour, euro and and this story so prevalent on so many websites, the sponsor content from this issue, cream company, They have addressed it on their website and there been numerous stories about her denial of it. She was on the today show or someplace and set its absence.
Lately Alai bribes and no look truth. So so here's the amazing thing, so I see this and then I go to their website. Now, let's not leaving right because it says she's Lee. To sell this facial cream, which at the time of that part, I wish mainly sense. I mean you jump right into the facial cream industry of Europe they make in five or ten million islands. I leave that, but I thought there was a possibility that she was leaving. And maybe she's gonna help promote yes, but that's not why she's leaving you know. I thought there was a spin on no, it's all absolutely one hundred percent prove oblique falls, but but other than that, it's absolutely accurate, and so so when I get in on Monday, I call does it was actually on the blaze. It was on the binary content and on what that was unbelievable, and so I I went to our sails department.
I said Omar, who is great. I said, I'm her and he said Chip and Joanna Game yeah, what's the deal it turns out. Bye This this there's, like this add agency. I remember what it was called them, but this is an ad service that all they who is they buy place in mass on, All of these websites are alot of digital ads or broaches they're, not like actually being approved individually by the weather right, and so they just fill that when it becomes available, they fill that add with whatever and so we apparently have gone to this place several times. Goin. No not to run and what they do. Is they just take that one out and then they just replace it with another bad,
there's another one and then it is somewhat related that says a Lebron James and Michael Jordan have this sort of war going on with each other's war of words with Michael Jordan. There was one also completely false. There was one about Anderson, clearer and Stephen hawking taking this rug that enhances your concentration and everything else that, unlike mild vitality, other right embryos that we're ok none of these are clues and so add company just just outwards We called and in an Omar said, okay we can drop it, but there is going to replace it with another one unlike well. No I mean you, talk to them right away? You told them that that was absolutely not true they're, like key data yeah they're very well aware that absolutely not true and I'm like how, health and they don't care, they don't care they don't
I don't know how you can do that so all get away with so Omar, so he calls me up later. They have Isaac, call them back that that's that's too crazy who doesn't care and he call back so call him back in and He wrote me later in the afternoon, and he said they're off, we ve cancelled not using them we're not allowing them to buy anything ever again. And I said, thank you and then I was stupid enough to say how much did that just cost us too? hundred thousand dollars a month. Alma, two hundred thousand dollars a month audits two point four million a year, thank you think Lastly, I appreciate that is giving you a different way to give a full picture person, but now there are only way this what'd, I tell you, the carry fisher reselling face, grew up. So here is that so here's the thing, that's why people do.
That's why those adds last wrote. Because if the money that no one is willing to lose that kind of money and it answered question when I said that care will know because most companies don't carry their they'll? Just take the add- and I said How can we possibly have any credibility if we're taking ads we ourselves! No are one hundred percent falls. You can't you can't you can't I credibility, even though I do approve all the ads and everything else, and we try to do our best, but this kind of stuff, their ads that are filled, will use not adequately that on the website, you're, not even trying you're, not even trying to set up a bold face, lie right. They know it, they don't care about who have put money over. Integrity and I news for you. I don't know how I mean oh Mary. I have to share this evening from him I said, testing
four million dollars. That's a lot of money. How are you you, you're you're gonna, replace at right, and he wrote this great Emily's like onward an upward brother YAP that help our credibility, that's gonna! That's the right thing to do. We're gonna, be! Ok! Thank God, thank God, but but he's right, I think that's why I want you, Thou sponsors, the ones that we especially the ones we endorse the ones that we know like that. This radio show their ads that we cell and know, and then the network just puts up. Adds and then the local stations put other adds, but our low stations and our network, you know We know the credibility, you have our local station. So when somebody is selling and add locally, Can trust that add, is true, as we all know me at this level- the stations that their level the network at their level, we not know what each other are doing, but we were
I'm trying to do the right thing, so when you see and add, or you here and add frequent those people, Because this is one of the problems that that Conservatives have because They have blocked us every step of the way from getting the American Airlines of the world, because the left his boycott it and put us on no by list. We have fewer and fewer options available to us and beak, As of that, many people and we did for a while to take adds like that, and he just can't do it. Then you are left in the position of well. What do you take that's why that's why having Billow Riley is going into business for himself and that's why appreciate your subscription at the blaze sounds like
corruption. It helps us won't. You made ever watch even watch the tv. It helps us right stories and keep the doors open. So there might be a little extra add space to for somebody with legitimate products to advertise on the black Glinda sounds like someone who does not want the world to know about the true benefits that facial going out, and I would like to make right what I like someone working for big league beauty, big pharmaceutical, that once the push down the truth, may tat sounds like to me Mattel, something star, was to say this now, but I'm gonna to steal the announcement next hour of a major announcement, I'm leaving the industry for foot cream, the fact that it is not our sponsor this half hour, the United States can sailed carry association. They are the first in the largest organization dedicated to protect responsible, gun owners before, during and after a self defense incident. This is critical. If you carry
two, I am a supporter and I am proud to have them on also be fourth of July. Just a couple of weeks away. The USA is celebrating our forefathers and our second amendment with the great I can give away five lucky winners will receive one thousand seven hundred and seventy six dollars seventeen seventy six to buy the gun and ammo of their choice. Now is that just wrong one winter. We're we'll drop five winners. All you have to do is go to prison. Didn't defend Dotcom five. We of seventeen, seventy six to buy the gun and the ammo of your choice. Seventeen, seventy six- can be yours, protect and defend yours com enter now nothing to buy red official rules on the site, its protective dot com and, while you're carrying a gun without protection, make sure you check out the protection that they have to offer. There is nothing else They're like it and believe me, you need it protect and defend dot.
I'm just go, their registered a win right now protected defend a guy like that, Thailand drivel eight, seventy seven back Your listening to the Glen Back Programme, we're just like love, is the basic freedoms, scam. That was an absolutely unbelievable breaking new young Reagan. Huge October know not what what were doubled. Donald Trump is a resigning from the presidency. No shot he's indeed always getting into the facial Krim industry no light matter. You gotta worry that an elder running not there are running it yet I have had a number of globally and done this do and honestly? I wrote because A friend of mine was involved in one of these facial green things, and I wrote- and unlike
how are you not suing them? It's not worth it, somewhere that it cost you so much money to lawyer up and they make this company, so they can just shut it down start something else shut it down start something else Think of the credibility that they are burning through.
They're burning through all of these people. These faces that you like or trust there just burning them and their credibility and people look at them. Say it's gotta be true. They would soon they couldn't get away with that bag. Yes, they can in today's crazy world, they are and they are getting away with it. Unless more people say I'm not running those adds, it's not worth it at any cost programme. The blaze radio network on demand.
Hello, America wonder the global programme. You have so much to worry about trying to hang onto your job, trying to educate your kids just trying to make it through. I don't know about you, but there are days that I just don't get up in the morning. Just like my goal for today is just to make it back here to go back to bed. Maybe that's just, but life is tough. We want to argue with information, so you can prepare yourself for what's coming, both good and bad lot of great things happening in the world of technology, a lot of great things on our rising, but there is also some really big bumps in the road as well. We are thrilled to have back with us Daniel De Martino booth. She is the author of FED up she's, a woman who worked on Wall Street and then said this is me, got out started to expose it for the Dallas morning, news the FED here in Dallas, run by Richard Fisher, was run by rigid Fisher at the time he was, I think, really want, and one of the really good guys in the fed- and he saw her work- is that aid she should come to work for here. She was working for the FED kind of in a lower position. She was ringing the bell about two thousand aid in the collapse. Most people made fun of her for that the collapse happened and Richard Fischer said you need to be my right hand, man on information and what is coming. So that's what she did. He left the FED she left the FED. She is now ringing the bell on. What's next, what's coming another two thousand eight she'll describe what she seeing in the last few weeks and last couple of months, since we saw her last, we begin there right now, use of entertainment and didn't lighting and welcome to the programme Daniel. You guys you're circulation, going as eleven of the programme, Daniel De Martina, both how are you doing great Harry? Don't very good lot has happened since we last talk. The world is in a way
is he place that we are just we're? literally last week, dodging bullet that could change the world. We have Syria and Russia this week with a downed. The syrian jet that we took down in Russia said oh yeah. By the way we were where cancelling our hotline- and if you ass? The Euphrates will shoot down. So we have that on the horizon, it- was it was that around her was one of the first times we did it in the thirties. Dumped. Basically, this or kid at a Cincinnati. They just dump a practically dead body on our doorstep and he is now yeah, like you know, almost like a Don Corleone move, just saying: hey: here's! Here's the trash the aftermath of years of doing nothing. Yes, yes,
and then last week a shooting that could have changed the world, I don't know if you heard last hour, but I presented a scenario anything, son that scenario, Crazy. Did that scenario sound to you? It did it and so crazy I mean there is something called the plunge: protection team and its dragged out in times of extreme market giraffe. And who was it was a round. Her was one of the first times we did it in the thirties. As I know the Rockefeller of the world really asters of the world kind of stepped to the plate and said I am going to dump money in and where you're gonna. Do it, too will bear in mind the four nineteen thirteen with the establishment of the Federal Reserve when there
or economic calamities. Somebody like J, P Morgan will bring people together in his parlor room and say: ok, guys we gotta rights and checks. Here we got to save the world where that's it. It was his realisation that he was mortal that brought about the FED after the panic of nineteen o seven really but even if you go to modern history, you know that Bank Paulson others. They they. They brought the biggest banks into a room, and they said we ve got trouble you're, all gonna have to pony up, and a lot of the lot of the banks are saying no and would not move em, looks down and says: no is not an option. I know. What's really crazy is I have a friend who was in that room that might then Sunday night he and his I said, no, we are not doing it. Don't need the money right, we don't need the money, we're not doing it and the banks get blamed, and I think the bank's deserve a lot of blame, but the bank's get blamed for this.
When it really was the United States government, the Treasury, That said, no you are taking it in fact that the exact quote from basin was you aren't? No one is leaving this room until you sign until you brandish your scarlet letter. Yes, hooded on take the blame. Yes,. Ok, so you said a few Weeks ago, when you were here that the law, something thing you were looking for. I asked you first signs of the economy, What do we look for as a sign that things are not going? Well, if you pay attention at all to the FED. I do, and I think this I'm a little more than the the Avc person to wear out actually just read what Yellin has done, but I'm not gonna red deeply a story that I heard last week was or was it this week,
things are going so well. Things are great right. The economy is doing so now get hot right that they have to raise the interest rate again, I'm sorry whose in the White House, why wait I understand your digress. I'm just trying to figure out what has changed to make things so great, we're raising interest rates. Will things have gotten worst, so we should tighten so that we don't have to tighten wait. There's no logic. Their road the New York FED gave a speech a few days ago builder. Bear in mind. This is the vice chairman of the Federal Open Market committee that sets interest rates JANET yell and if something happens to her and she's got the flu and she can't make The F o, I'm see, meeting he's the guy in charge. People do not realise that the guy in charge of the New York FED is really the number two and commanded the FED he made his way.
That said the economy's doing so? Well, that were afraid the unemployment rate is going to crash. His words crash and therefore we're gonna have to get out of this and tighten more So we don't have to tighten so much more down the road that we put the economy into recession. Wait wait, wait, wait! eggs, exactly exactly what a. Why would we be afraid of the of the unemployment rate crashing? That would be Oh my gosh panic. We have a serious percent unemployment rate right, well that it makes sense to the last time the unemployment rate is with where buys wages were growing about at four percent. Today with the same unemployment rate, wages are running at two and a half percent Ya and we wonder why, there's a shadow economy, we wonder why people are driving over at night. There's a reason, their wages aren't growing their pay check has barely moved and not kept
with inflation and bill. Dudley is worried that the unemployment rate is going to crash and make wage inflation run away, sort the average working Joe, wants their paycheck to go up its theirs. Thing intuitive about we, the reasoning right now that nothing can see. This is the problem they are. They are trying to convince the american people that Is no inflation and on some very little wage inflation? Yes, Baghdad, take much convincing correct and on some things there there isn't inflation, but on on other things there is a gigantic inflation look. How prices? Today we had a report that came out it showed that home prices are growing at five point: eight percent, their record high prices right now. No wonder the average working Joe can afford to buy a house and finally begun to push back look at to wish
a gallon of milk, every data feed my or gigantic growing children. I can tell you that Galileo milk keeps getting more expensive. It does does These are not figments of our collective imagination. My retired mother tells me about what her oh pay is and what her her farm What what her drugs caused the pharmacy These are real aims. Okay, so you said one of the things to look for so wait. Wait before we get on that one. This. What a! Why are they raising the the rate them? Well the gallows humor is that they wanted to make sure that they kept Trump in place. So if you slammed the economy into recession, bite beginning financial conditions. Forcing a recession. Then you ve got trumps attention and heat for and he doesn't put independent people independent. Girls dissenters in at the FED who rough
all the doves fed now. Let me give you two seconds: last ones: the day the Federal Reserve raised interest rates, there were story strategically placed on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. That said, breakdown is looking for, replacements for the FED and by the way, before you even had to open the page to get to the rest of the story girl. Yeah, one's name was thrown out there as being a potential contender. Do you think the administration has folded to the pressure cause. Something's gonna make the FED bet back off, tightening interest rates. The rumor is- and I dont know if this is true or not, but this is what happened to Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan, Volker got in and Ronald Reagan said all you'd only the FED. Ok, that's when try me interest rates And through the roof, He had a recession eighteen months into office, forward correct
trust me. Somebody has read Trump this playbook did I say that, yes, you do I'm sure he read it himself, so watch the president, do, I would for him to stand firm, I wrote a whole book about it. I mean we aid independent thinkers. We need people at the FED who are on the receiving end of their own policies, not bureaucrats who ve been their entire lives in academics, who don't even understand the implications of the decisions they make. They dont understand what they ve done to a generation of a baby boomers trying to for a around the president, that can tell him this Steve, Conan steed minutiae, and do you think, He stopped listening to them now. No, I in that same Wall Street Journal Story, Steve Cone was, was quoted as saying that Similarly, I have faith in the FED. The FED knows what it's doing, they need to be. Left alone. I mean these are the things that just stand up there
back in my head. They really did so What should we watch for or be wanting the president to do? What would be a sign that he's pushing back on them? If you comes out with a nominee to replace one of the three current open vacancies that doesn't comply with what the media has been suggested. Sting. Those individuals will he should be. When will he make those decisions yet he's gonna have to make them. They soon I mean, is that the fact that he's been in office for what a hundred fifty days or so and has not taken opportunity to name a single individual put up to the Senate is questionable. How will they fair in the Senate last I check Publicans still have. Even I don't know what that means. Well, that means that ok, so it's undefined, but I think that, given especially
Representatives from Texas, hence rolling Brady, they ve been pushing for reform at the FED. I think vase, that we would have seen some independence re introduced at the FED by I dare say in private they're, probably little frustrated that they haven't because there are leaders inside the Senate there there people on the hill who will push through truly independent nominees knowledge go to the next thing you said we should watch for, and that is automobiles might months a weakness in a row. What does that mean to you they tell the average person yesterday report can We know that automobile defaults. When Quincy's arising, we, the payments are beginning to cripple households. We know that aside, So in places where block commuting. They have to have their part to get to work since the law.
Thing. They want to stop making a payment on in the report and can swooping really quickly and just kill, switch and not turning your car anymore and he's gonna come in and repossess it, but we ve seen Reports come out the last few weeks that show that the two thousand fifteen vintage of car loans made is gone. Maybe that Our prime car loans made in two thousand fifteen will reset- become the worst performing ones on record all ago. We know that Yesterday, experience came out with a report that showed the credit card. Delinquencies have started to take up as well so you're, seeing a trickle down in terms of household stresses, rising, anything on the horizon in the next few that you are looking at and say this could be the real big trip wire
anything that you're factory came out last week with a report that said things are really worse than we were anticipating right? They would be if restaurants, which employ ten point, six, nine Americans, if the rest, Braun industry begins to follow, but and mortar retail into the abyss we are in. Soup they employ lots of people. A lot these big restaurant change. Their foot prints are too big we're gonna have to start follow. The J, C pennies, the maze of the world down path of downsizing. This is not good news for people? skills or not transferable, so I'm going to choose. Factory today to support the cause me thinking about that myself and I sure I could go for some turn on the name of the book. Daniel De Martino, booth in the name of the book is fed up and insiders take on why the Federal Reserve is bad for America, a lot
People have been saying in all we wanted to disband. They were a federal reserve. We won the day. We have checks and balances on the Federal Reserve. Great reader book too actually educate yourself on what the Federal Reserve is, what they do, how it works where they have gone wrong, fed up. Thank you so much appreciated our response is ours. American financing, you ready so your home, Now. You might be a good time to sell your home might be a really good time to refinance. As Yellin is starting to move the interest rates up. You might want to get in on a refinancing loan right now, lot of people have bad experiences with mortgages, that's where american financing comes in their salary based mortgage concerns. So
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financing it one: eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty, eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty or online, and american financing dot net american Financing Annabel as one or two three, four W W W that animal s consumer access that org the Glen then programme, the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment, the Glen Bank Programme, Mercury. Seventy seven back glad that programme, we have again you'll, do Martino on this for a few moments desire. We started talking during the brake about Illinois. Illinois is in financial meltdown and I want to listen to this line. We talked about this earlier top financial official, just warned: one hundred percent of the state's monthly revenue will be eaten up by court,
ordered payments, know what that is. When we read Fox remember, I used Illinois said these pensions, These unions, it's Us sham and when the Chicken comes home to roost. There's no money left its now happening in Illinois. And you said There is a there's, an opt out there today. Look it up. That said, we should potentially jettison Illinois. It's as bad as Venezuela? Let's get rid of it? Let's break the state up into many little pieces and have the neighbouring states absorbent, because it. Cannot this dear three with no budget mood, came out lashed last week and that there were downgraded to one not above junk a junk bond state Illinois is the fifth Lord, economy in this country, and it is in a state of shambles, because the dickens as you say, have come home to roost. He states or are approaching this.
Well I mean don't talk about New Jersey, you you, you can talk about Rhode Island. I mean it's a really small state with a really bad profit. What do you think the geniuses Our gonna do then you know what are the genius is come up with to get us out of this remains meeting these areas. Twitter, popping up with the stock market at record highs. Think about that holy cow fully girl. Genuine prescience yourself, look at things, we'd love to have you back the name. The book is FED insiders take on why the Federal Reserve is bad for America more and is that you will listen to the grand background.
We have so many stories that we have promised all day that we are going to give to an end. You scared the hell out of me why, yes, it ensures the iron until they, whether to scare you don't. I read this story, but it didn't really come home to me. I read the story earlier Illinois. Koreans into financial meltdown. Not even the lottery is safe. Ok, that probably should not be the headline, here's here's the meat of the story, tat? financial official just warned one hundred, percent of the State of Illinois Monthly revenue. So that means Greece, single tax dollar they bring in be eaten up by court, ordered payments. Now, what but what is at the core, in Illinois has said payments
pensioners cannot be caught? they must be paid. So The state has over promised full for their pensions like crazy, they over Palmer's the firemen in that book member, when I was on Fox and I did a little pyramid- and I showed- and I said when this thing starts to unravel you- you know like five hundred firemen for every one, that is, that is retired. Well we're here now and if you Do you think of this one hundred? That means no roads, no schools, no teachers, no one is being paid for anything thing can be painted there is zero amount of cash, as one hundred percent of the budget is going to pay. The court ordered pensions. Now, what do you do? I look This quote this good work,
like a banana republic, no you're, not like a banana republic. You or a banana republic. This is from the Illinois, how speaker Nobody in Illinois is considering bankruptcy because, first of all is not allowed. Oh, ok, ok, and second of all it Damage the reputation of the state groundwork and probably what is having all of your money go to pensions that you shouldn't have promised and cant afford. Also hurting the reputation of the state and they have such a fine reputation I'll, be tagged all the politicians in jail to that email. Yet now it now appears that now here's what I said it scare the life out of me. Ok, we know that we knew that was coming. Scary, that you know now it's here, but did you hear the last? They once the last thing she said We're just add Daniel De Martino, both from the from former from the FED trying to explain. Don't listen to the fair dollars into the vat.
What what did she say less about what our greatest I'd worker was. She said this happen, with the stock market at the at an all time high, Why is that important? That's it important, because these pension funds, like the cattle- many teachers association. Fund is you know, Probably billions and billions of dollars sheriff what money with the stock market and they dont more, you need an ex percentage. What what is it a minimum of like six or seven percent of return to be to afford the pensions all the way in the future. Well, or if you left your money and then two thousand and eight look at the percentage of returns that you have now, that shouldn't be a problem and there out of money at the top of the stock market. What happens if the star market just resets to fifteen, thousand, as is as opposed to twenty one
what happens then. There's no way these states, maybe it will all have to get into the facial cream industry. That's a point made around in the face of cream and its society. Take me off on this out something that we have promised that we were going to talk about today. Somebody take me away from this. Take please That's terrible The Han solar directors got fired. This is bigger yeah and you know the new star wars spin off yet on how on several did. But did you see why they were arguing with each other? I mean oh who hire these two guys created our differences ready. Yet you know the creative differences were gathered, A comedic spin apparently in more improvised improv of myself, so here's the deal one director and I he's the guy, I think, from the Lego movie. I don't have any transfer of gay, so one of them is is very sarcastic and wants to be funny and
said HANS Solo should be very sarcastic and funny the other director and these guys get along, but they just couldn't in this because you can't back they don't they couldn't reconcile their differences here, the other Rector said: no HANS is not sarcastic keys and ass. And he severally sarcastic writer, but he's not he's that funding is not funny. Looking the other one said, no, I want to make sure everybody knows he's selfish quite honestly, a little meme yeah, I'm warriors with the quota according to an insider people that need to understand that consular was not a comedic personality, he sarcastic and selfish. Yes, so they
thing is, is one believes in justice area where it is going to catch it on the fly? Let's just improvise, the other guy is known or no every word. I want action tied to it. Every word on the page. I want to know where the camera is gonna be on the page and the other guys like now. We don't need to go through all that much is you did well these guys are not compatible. I I think the two directors were on the same page. They were clashing with Lawrence casting who's, the writer of the original right. I like it, I read it generates empires, for I read it as there was a three way problem. Yet these guys we had a lot of them has ended in cash. Is the one who sang now, we need to be stick to the script and he means to be sarcastic and unselfish he's Atta comedic figure,
and so they they released a thing that, unfortunately, our vision and process weren't aligned with our partners on this project. We normally fans of the phrase, creative differences, but for what this cliche, True You see also other thing about replacing him with replaced the two maybe run Howard, oh yeah, yeah, that's pretty good. He begun Beatrice. That's the ultimate gate, greater mean forgetting that star wars franchise, it's basically the best big you can have. Can you tell did Lucas film. Is that what sold to Disney? Yes? Now Four billion dollars for a franchise of what it was so there's a girl rolling Oregon theirs. Calling these I gotta eat. I saw the lab rogue and it said Lucas film at that holy own subsidiary of Disney. Now don't let the franchise was sold to Disney, but I mean look as former still involved in some ways: Lucas, isn't I mean
think it some well know he's died out, may be fine. I don't know remember when it is a foreigner pay off, but I do and one of them said I mean he's, he was kind of testy when First, big star wars, film came out without a me said: no, no Disney made it very clear. They don't want my inputs. Why haven't seen anything of Smart Disney, yet it going I'm tired. I've looked at Disney in awhile and wet yes thank job. Well, I mean I hopefully he's not making decisions like these. These new superhero movies are doing like, for example, their only paying the only paid Gal Godot. The wonder, woman actress pay her anything the hurons they paid or three hundred thousand dollars, and they boys The old Superman fourteen million, the guy who is like a nobody and then he was what made one moving they paid in fourteen million. You believe that tears its outrage, isn't. It is true, of course, not now not. Of course, true ghetto did earn three thousand dollars for one woman, which at first blush seems low
he always going to be one of what one of their tenfold will we shouldn't you receive more, but a relatively low paycheck has actually par for the industry. The way the model works, especially with regard to superhero films, were the brand, is more important than the actor is that the actor gets a salary around three hundred thousand dollars for the early appearances, and then they can negotiate for more when a film is a success and their brought back for sequels as vote Europeans are three thousand dollars is what Chris Evans made for Captain America, the first avenger he now make. A lot more than that, forty million dollars for the Superman guy action includes many bonuses for box office performance and might include multiple films and, as such, is not a salary, so the left was. Crazy, like this? Is sexism they're paying her? Thirteen thirty got two thousand and importing forty million yeah, not apples, ass, long ass. She was first while she was relative, unknown right, and so was he, but that why not when I compare item, I know that, but she was a relative unknown. She also did not. Sign it's, my understanding did not sign for multiple movies she's. For one.
Yet now negotiate earlier. I would much rather negotiate after one hit movie where, where I'm sorry, but she is now wonder woman. Randy, shit. You know, you change wonder woman. It's like! I can't take Spiderman anymore I can't take spider man. And bad man is pissing me off. The you know, those they're coming out with another stupid been afflux yeah and I have like movie that Batman Movie was awful. Why didn't you just take them man series that you had an bill On that you had three great that man's
Why would you flush it down the toilet and and totally changed everything weird, but make any sense we're here? There would have to change your wonder woman, though, because Gal Godot just quit to join the facial criminals. I got really quit while that must now creates really. I guess it must now to make a lonely Lahti Times, which you made a loud and get a thing. You have to remember that the man of steel militias released in too much doesn't. Thirteen did makes its thought of as a big bomb did make civil amendment sixty eight million dollars worldwide right. So why was it you know? You're gonna make some cash. When you, when you're wondering movie gross six hundred and sixty million dollars in the months reality regarding. I have made a lot more than that. Superman. Either it's a fair argument, and and and obviously they believed, that billion dollar for us, the considering what they ve done since all that's up, but it was an awful mostly right. That's what we're here. Are you fucking, Batman Superman
war men of steel was what was awful. They I mean these, comics. You know I've never seen anybody with a bigger opportunity an DC comics and its It's a mean you should, however, running it, you should let children run you d, C comics. I will says you're making deals and then choices on things that children wouldn't even make a sad and want to do this. I did not want to do this on the are. I wanted to take you to a private meeting into this, but we're right here, and I can't resist. Guardians of the galaxy to, was terrible, terrible, terrible her they do. It was not not even mediocre, it was tat.
And I loved the first one to the second, the sequel man. How did you think that was a perfect movie and built? It was all know somebody somebody said it was a mess pack right. Oh that's, right again that the battle between Pat Gray movie taste in Glenn, back Manito Arrival and settled those consensus. Science has done I agree with you glad that goes at any rate in Africa and other Y, all really canned trying to wait too hard to be funny with their money lines in this when it was not natural at all lots of stilted terrible comedy number. Two How did you get past the non stop sentimental poverty? all throughout the movie. Every ten seconds was another like. Oh here's, a here's, a nice sentimental scene of these two characters that used to disagree coming together. Having this nice moment over and over and over again and fared,
if transfer, doesn't even set the standard, it's as if they had every special effect possible on a key. And they just master their hands against the entire movie, deceives the there's nothing to it, and it does not stop explosions and lasers and achievable writing the evil. The acting, wasn't good and I likely actors in it. That was a disaster to me. I can't say I was so excited about it after your review and impact like I don't know it was, as I sought Y gotta go, see, I'm so excited code. That was terrible light. Let movie I'm labourer guys like you, go watch it again. I loved it, and so so here's the so so here's the thing, I went to see wonder woman based on your guys. I have not seen news. I have not seen wonder woman called curse. You don't like it as much as I did cause you got terrible taste and how can I do take the opening fourteen. Hours of vague,
horrible, accents and vaguely. I couldn't take it really the early bottom? He icons you're looking at Robin White right now. The women was anybody speaking our sponsor this f, our gold line coldly cow, I'm glad we took a break from half of that was no they're. Not the prisoners was talking about anything to stop us from the idea that ill the first state to have one hundred percent of their budget going too pensions, though it's almost as if socialism doesn't work yet ass, the thought and on off that's you now you can't cut those, because if you cut those pensions now you all of the people who were promised their pensions now they ve and for their life. Now. What are you gonna? Do you put them out on the street? We oh boy. This is just stupid. We are.
In the place with, nor Korea where, in the place with Russia, were in the place with the Middle EAST, where place now with de the immigrant problem over in Europe, wherein the place where you're starting to see the Bubba affect happen. We're in these places, because nobody wanted to recognise the truth, maybe I liked guardians of the galaxy, because it was in this case a yes. It was, I'm good film making. I want you to go to gold line now at eight hundred and sixty six four hundred and sixty five, three thousand five hundred and forty six for as little as twenty five hundred dollars. If we, We ve been talking Alaska blood days. If had such success with people for the twenty five thousand dollars were younger a year a guarantee that your money is going to not fluctuate. Will you will not lose a dime up to a year,
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This is then led back programme dialogue how bad all the other companies are trying to be. Like Marvel comics, you know you ve got another Spiderman coming out, which I mean you know, rubber, Daddy Junior is practice. I expect it to be on a speaker phone at some boy, guys, like you know, I'm really iron man and that pollution mask on kid. That's too much he's dead inside this boy back programme
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