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6/22/17 - What's wrong with the Senate's healthcare bill? (Tim Schmidt and Rep. Thomas Massie)

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London's massive fire last week and the charity song they released to help the victims ...What's next for Illinois and the rest of the country ...The money meltdown of Illinois ...Rep. Thomas Massie and the GOP plan to loosen gun restrictions in Washington DC in the wake of the recent shooting there ...Tim Schmidt of the United States Concealed Carry Association warns us about liberal plans for more gun control / ProtectAndDefend.com ...So what's in the GOP's new health care bill? The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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America more in the. U S now say: government is the most important problem. Terrorism is driving us to avoid crowds. Now, Republicans or outpacing Democrats in party fundraising Democrats have a blind spots on culture. There are starting to talk now the Democratic Party about getting rid of Nancy Policy, while Eric holder is thinking about running for president in twenty twenty and Donald Trump is now talking about a big fat solar wall. We'll talk about that. What happened in Saudi Arabia? What it really means that one hundred percent of the budget in Illinois is now going to pay for the pensions. One hundred percent of the budget in Illinois is going to pay for pensions and judges in announcing pant cut the pensions. What is Illinois gonna? Do the talking now in some circles about breaking the thing up. You actually have to cut a star off of the flag, because we only have forty nine states added gonna happen. You're gonna be on the hook for those pensions and it's gonna happen, state after state after state and let's get outside of ourselves for a minute and take a moment to look at what is happening over in London ties together with what is coming here. We begin there right now, fusion of entertainment and didn't lighting pcs, America. Last week we were so busy
Here in Amerika, with an assassination attempt We we failed to see and really look at fire that happened Set of London, it was bad skyscraper going up in flames. This still were missing a hundred people, couple of days after the fire. Simon Khalil. What yesterday I I saw they release this yesterday, Simon Cow, then he got there its released form bridge, troubled water and all of the artists in London are. Doing a song now
kind of a. We are the world song for the victims of the fire, but this started. Another conversation in London, for Let me show you the emotion that is happening now in England over the fire, You don't know where. To begin to start by saying I refused to give our views. Besides the glacier every law, so even though I could actually be among themselves could implement, could it be me there. We ve a web page to your friends on the ground from sea up their rather risky. Never pay by stairway to accuse come running. Pour some be right. Did stability, we?
and feel smart. when yes,
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community choose to gleams, will face in the street
so here? Is the problem over in London The problem is this: fire, they believe, was caused by the cladding on the outside its, it's an aluminum cladding that inside has a Polly file as styling core and this core. They say should not be used in any buildings over six hundred I'm sorry over eighteen metres. Where All the problem is, Is they made a lot of these apartment buildings with this cladding and there are six hundred apart, skyscrapers in London itself. With this citing.
And so nobody knows what to do, because this, fighting can be combustible, as we now know, because of one apartment building and everybody will be trapped inside. So the problem is, the new mayor of London, who is a strong, lefty and muslim, he is saying, shouldn't, we get everybody out of these and can't we provide housing for everybody in these six hundred apartment buildings. It's a huge problem. So now the city is panic, all of these people who are living in these apartment buildings are panicked. They have,
no place to go. They haven't been asked to vacate the buildings yet. But what is anybody going to do there's no housing well the Labour department or the I'm sorry. The the Labour Party The head of the Labour Party, which is the Socialists were in London, He just said this: on television was in there. A large number of them deliberately kept vacant flats and properties all over London is called land banking. People with a lot of money by her spire flat. You would see it forever or just just taking it for as long as that needed component Looking at the economic viewpoint, compulsory purchase it requisition, it there's a lot of things. You can do a car with society. Just think all of us, it's all, very well putting our arms round people during
the crisis, but there is homelessness, is rising the housing crisis getting worse. My point was quite simple: one in an emergency you have to bring all assets the table in order to deal with the crisis, and that is what I think we should be doing in this case. Surely, in the wake of Grenfell fire we have to reckon, something's gone is going badly badly wrong in this country. So what's gonna badly badly wrong. Is it for investment people by houses? and then they don't live in them, and they these huge houses, just being held for instance, I can think of like Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace you wanna talk about people who have lots of houses and lots of money. Your country has a queen. Don't deadline complained about these things. Right here is the late her party, saying in times of crisis
we should be able to seize property now Otis? He didn't want to answer the question, for all time more. A short period. It is time, well, I think can all agree that something has gone terribly terribly wrong. Never let it go just go to waste? Never let a crisis go to waste. Now this brings me to Illinois. And the election and what is coming next in twenty twenty? What did? Democrats, learn in in Georgia, the other night. What to run shouldn't. Are they going to go and what's on the table. What is coming next for our own society? When who have president from talking about me king the wall on the border into
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started. Ninety nine, a month, plus the sales tax, lifelong best identity theft, protection available, lifelike calm, slash back life, locked outcomes, lashed back or one eight hundred lifelong work. Sign up for the newsletter and get all the info. You need to know what glad that dotcom, hello, America backing When I was a fox, I did a I did a segment on pensions and how pensions were working for fire fighters and police and everything else, and if you remember it was like four five: when pensions first started for five workers would support to the fire fighter that left member. The problem is, is that The pyramid has been and turned
side down now what's happening is one person trying to take care of three. Or for pensioners? Absolutely? No way to cover it, the math. Work? The pyramid is upside down and there's a pyramid scheme so What did they do? The the the union's decided that they would take all of the money that was supposed to go to pensions. They would put it into the stock market and they had to get a return of five to six. Percent a year to be go to cover what they said cover all of the pensions it still, work still you're, it is enough to money investment? How how how difficult it is to get a guarantee
Return of five to seven percent a year is actually no such thing as a guaranteed return. In this particular climate of five to seven percent per year. It is in the stock market. It's obviously never guaranteed right. And end in the stock market or any investment. So I say, and I buy guy needs seven percent or I collapse every year is that something that you should put together more effect idea horrific idea, there's no there's nobody! Now you might get that! You might get that some years correct, you can do better than I am here and you're way, but are not going to guarantee its almost a guarantee. You won't get at every year because the pension is upside down the pyramid pension is upside down. Now you have one person being for three people, it doesn't work and this
market is been up and down? You never know if you're gonna get five to seven percent, but if you put your money in two thousand and eight, when the stock market was worded about eight thousand sixty eight hundred years six might have a sixty eight hundred. Ok, today. The stock market is at twenty one thousand, so you got a pretty good turn on your money. Don't you think, if you put your internal it yeah, you put your money into you know into the teachers union The teachers union is invested in stocks. That's her, stick? You went from sixty eight hundred to twenty, thousand probably the best run of. Stock market in history. You at an all time, high of twenty one thousand.
Illinois now has one hundred percent of every tax dollar coming in going out to pay for the pensions one hundred percent of every tax dollar. Which means nothing for schools, nothing for roads. Thing for infrastructure, nothing! pay. The mayor, nothing but good. Half down for City Council, nothing, One hundred percent and a judge has said you: can reduce any of the pensions They must. The state of Illinois must pay one hundred per cent of those pensions, which is now making one hundred percent of every tax dollar to pay. So now there saying we're gonna break Illinois up. One suggestion is we're gonna, break Illinois up into five different states and give an
portions of the state of Illinois. Congratulations Saint Louis you're gonna get a saint Louis as well, and we have to take care of that what what, when it is Z, Saint Louis, is there across the border, Congratulations! How many people in Missouri! Why up to now be responsible for a saint Louis. But congratulations, you might get that, You know it will now be part of your state. Congratulations EL. Thank you and you can for all the pensions and everything there. Well, that's not gonna work, the state aren't gonna. Do it because state is in this condition. So it's over Texas and protects us- be careful now
What are they talking about? Besides there they're not gonna break this data. So, besides that, what is the State of Illinois Signal sting that they do. The state has a great idea. They say that the wealthy, Our getting rich off of stock market people who have remember that The pensions are in the stock market So it's not just the wealthy that are getting rich on the stock market. It's the p, for who have their money. Four or one case I raise and in pension funds. They're getting rich on the stock market, or there at least getting partially paid
because of the stock market being run up. So what is Illinois plan I'll? Show you next and show you how this works out a little like what's happening in London when we come back. This is the Glen Back programme. Mercury. Let me just take you through this real, quick and then we're gonna get to what lessons did the demo rats, learn and where is the world headed? in Illinois is gonna hit every is gonna hit every state and it's gonna hit every state differently pensions and we're talking about the fire, the police, all all state workers, the pensions,
out of control and have been for a long time and back in two thousand eight or two thousand nine. As I outlined If we don't take care of these problems, and now we are going to be facing massive issues in the future and there will be no the outcome outcome will be dump it into the land of federal government. That's what I said at the time. Two thousand eight, two thousand nine. If you remember that episode well we're here now Illinois, which is the state that I used as the example is first one just to collapse. They have the money, they all people in pensions is gonna. Take. One hundred percent of the budget and the state has said that they have to have. They have to pay these pensions. So that's one hundred percent of the budget.
The pensions are indeed stayed in the stock market and for them to pay the pensions this but they claimed they needed a five to seven percent guaranteed return on their money that's impossible? I mean that's it's not birdie made off, but it's on the road to Bernie made off nobody! can promise you five to seven, but you had to have five seven percent in pensions because they wouldn't reduce the pensions, they promised everybody and we all accepted it and the politicians were too greedy to say these unions are lying to you. You're never gonna be able to retire, because this is this is Nothing, but a ponzi scheme right they're not getting enough of the return. They're not, to be able to meet The money when the stock market is at
twenty one thousand the highest ever. And they still can't make these pensions work. It's not like we and then we had a crash, and it was unexpected. None are no highest stock market ever. And it's still not enough what happens if we have correction and it fell- to fifteen thousand one. Happens. If, let's be easy and say of the girl, you know two thousand eight happens, and falls down to sixty, eight hundred or another great depression happens. What what happens to then the Illinois Pension Fund, which is now taking a hundred percent of the budget, is two hundred percent of the budget Illinois has bankruptcy. Now, that's
can a work his you can't stay, can't clear bankruptcy they could break the state apart. That's not going to happen, so they left with taxes, Let's take more from the poor right, isn't the poor? No, they know sorry they want to tax the rich. Now, who are they taxing? Who are they gonna tax? This is an actual proposal. Now they want to tax the rich, but in particular they are mad at the people who are making so much money on the stock market so what they're going to do in Illinois? There are now proposing small tax twenty percent, all MIKE on transactions in the stock market. Good going won T percent tax.
Over a certain amount for the uber rich, well, stew We are investing money in the stock market and Though I set a trap up to take twenty percent of your money, what do you do? putting my money somewhere else, because even if I'm successful I lose under this roof erect if I get a seven percent return on my money, want to move my money, I lose an additional ten percent I lose the thirteen percent, I'm sorry noted away. I lose your third, ten percent, because I've made seven, but there too, twenty. So I've lost thirteen percent of my money, even though I gained so there Of course, these wealthy individuals do not invest in the stock market and what happens to the stock market when they don't invested. What what are you talking about? Doesn't stay up right when you say
start taking reigners and billion years at the start, work that doesn't help right or because you are taxing the people in Illinois. Something else happens too. People move ahead, as is their ego. They move they. Take their crap and they leave Illinois that helps the pension funding right because no not having those people. There are so bad for the economy. Those rich people know no. So now they're gone I would go there's way about that. We ve gotta, make it does so that they can move right right, ok some others to problems. That's not gonna work. It will only things work and then this date will say we ve gotta, make it so people can move this is going to be. Others are another problem that is going on so that state will
move it up to the federal government, because the federal government will be the only one that could be the backstop because Illinois is too big to fail, another problem if I have my pension in firefighters union or police Union and I'm already seeing in places like Dallas, there is no way I'm gonna get. My pension is starting to collapse in a healthy city like Dallas. Ah, I'm gonna. Do what I'm ask for my cache pay out take less time, my money. Now. So once they start to see, what's really happening in Illinois, and they realize this whole thing is gonna collapse. All People who have pensions are now going to say. I'm get my money out now and that's what have
That's what we call that, when its happens to banks were running a bank robin upon the bank so what are they? Do they really close the bank. So you can, do a run on the bank, and then they tell you, you can only take out certain amount, so now you don't have a choice anymore. The federal government, tell you you can't take pension money. You can't take a lump sum anymore because little cause a run on the pensions so when the happens You have the stock market, let's say the stock market crashes and the strict taxes on the rich don't work and then people start to lose their job and lose their money and therefore one Kay. You don't have a pension. The federal government is going to bail you out. By putting the much money by printing that
much money. What happens then again to our money? because now we're printing, millions and billions of dollars that is going to have velocity devalued the money? Again, you have devalued the money. Oh now, you have two ways: to win the next election. In twenty twenty there's, really only two ways. To win the election and which way do you think each party is gonna, go when you have people who are afraid and I don't have anyone to go. We ve seen this in a country, the United. Dates of America, When we had our principles, when It had our principles. We ran to empty, are in the government and said socialism.
So you have the Bernie Sanders Type could you play the guy again out of out of London? a large number of them deliberately kept vacant flats and properties all over London is called land. Banking people with a lot of money by her aspire flat, but you would see it forever or just just taken for as long as that needed combined. Looking at the economic apply compulsory purchase it requisition, it there's a lot of things you can do, but Conway's society just think all of us, it's all very well putting our arms round people during the crisis, but there is homelessness, is rising. The housing crisis getting worse, and my point was quite simple one in an emergency you have to bring all assets the table in order. The deal with that crisis, and that is what I think we should be doing in this case. Surely, in the wake of Grenfell fire,
We have to recognise something's gone badly badly wrong in the cellar. May just try this in the wake of Illinois in the wake of the collapse of the pension funds in the wake severe homelessness in America because of the stock market and in wake up, federalism- just crashing down, I think we are we have to admit that something has gone very, very wrong. For anybody who believes that Georgia, the Georgia. What was this district or eighth district six. Georgia, Sixth taught the Democrats, that they should go more centrist and they should get rid of people like Nancy Pelosi? I believe the Democrats, our talking about getting rid of Nancy Policy, because now policy is, has used Oliver goodwill but that doesn't mean go more centrist because, but
being now let's say twenty eighteen, twenty nineteen We are going to have collapses, and pensions going going to have additional problems. Going the centrist way of look. Let's return to our principles that was good, you're gonna have to choices. I will fix it somebody who says, I'm gonna fix this and we We put all of our support behind a strong man Somebody says we will this surely in the wake of all, these problems, we can come together. And more of an effort, the are style saying we will fix it. Socialism. We are fully on the train, the tree. Tracts of of Europe. Now
we are truly in twenty twenty unless something changes, and if its, not twenty twenty it'll be twenty four main because by twenty twenty four all of the people, Who are college age now. That's what going to be the bulk and they don't have any idea what capitalism is what The constitution is our cultural values are so upside down right now that they're, not gonna, be anybody left. You spend a lot of time over the years talking about cloud and given the ashes a you know. Yes, summarised in a sort of radical leftist, perfect there is proposing this idea that you should load up things like welfare to collapse. This sums we can finally replace it with the socialism that we really need yes, and that was a sort of a revolutionary idea, I know that so many people in the audience, and so many good people
our on pensions, who got pensions. In good time. Yes, but I mean they are essentially the progressive as opposed to the revolutionary version of Cloud- was clever cloud in Heaven the problem is overloaded with the problem is righteous indignation, oh yeah, and I as rapporteur, I have worked my entire life under an agreement in which you were promised us, and it was then we'll ironclad. They promise me there's their orderly no way around, and this is gets into the pendulum which we ve talked about before, the job of the people, my age is suppose. To be for this to work this pendulum to work is. We are supposed to encourage the twentysomethings to take care, Of the older and the older, the ones who were promised the pensions to say: ok, ain't. Gonna get that
I'm not just gonna suck it out of the system have to go back to work or whatever, but calves. Can you imagine that, and can you imagine What will happen when they dont get what they were promised I'd be passed to all guy and I laid out hunting. I your entire life. Now, oh by the way we don't have. I don't respect. Looking back at this they'll be eight of this scam unit that use. We all should have known that these young, realistic by reason why people dont pay the money that you deserve at the time is because they were the writing. It I'll pay you next Tuesday for a hamburger today. Yes, they know that that we don't have it right now, but you know what let the person three decades learn our lessons job the loans should be in trouble are the unions and the, petition right. Those are the TIM that annoys me miss out on the union. Now, nobody- and now this responsible gun owners know the United States killed concealed Carry association is the fur
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five it might as well be you have five chances to win, go to protect and defend dot com, to enter, protect and defend dot com and if you're, carrying a gun without protection, make sure you check out what they have to offer. It is vital protecting defend dot, com right now, you're were listening to the Glen Bag programme. The glass back programme. There were just talking about the pensions and that the pensions are just ridiculous. Tat was talking about, as is brother you know as a principle the school retires he was. Picking nineties, making, maybe fifty or sixty now for them his life. That's possible for a town to do with everybody who retired you
The pay, the fair market value at the time of employment, the pension thing that doesn't exist in the free market- it doesn't exist anywhere else, stop it. This is the back programme, the blaze radio network on demand. Hello, America,
we want to introduce you again to congressmen. Thomas Massey, from Kentucky B, is proposing a really good change to our gun laws, one that I think that we can all get behind and help you. I want you to hear why he's proposing it and what it means we begin there right now. You should have entertainment and didn't lighting, and now you're gonna hear things like Congress, cars, woman, Elinor HOMES, Norton she's from the sea. She says.
This bill flies in the face of the calls for unity? What Congress is talking about is how we can protect ourselves and, of course, there are some that say, we want to be able to carry a gun, no matter where we go because work, Congressman Thomas Massey says I've got a better idea he's joining us now, hello congressmen? How are you doing call Glenn, thanks for having me on to talk about this bill. This is the shooting. Was a real wake up call, I think not just for congressman, but for all Americans, so first of all How is everybody that was involved in the shooting the avenue up up? I know that the Scalia was up. There, too, I think fair There was a good yesterday fair and yes he's doing much better he's taking.
Visitors, in fact, but we ve been encourage not to visit him because he's these such a gregarious guy, probably take everybody. They visited him. So we have. We have to restrain ourselves here, because we want to reach out to him, but he's recovering, but there's get it's gonna be a long recovery. There's gonna be rich. The location enough to walk, and why not, but so there's There's a couple things now that that I've been reading about that. That Congress needs to look at, and one of them is what would have happened if thirty com, Christmas died with. This is one thing that the constant doesn't cover how do we have Yet you guys you no reply he still you are, are killed, and the second thing is this: this idea that maybe Congress need more protection or need to be allowed to carry a gun. Well,
they respond has something that you mention about my colleague from Washington D C. If she saying this lies in the face of calls for unity. The fact the matter is this: unite the republican Party. It may divide the Democrat Party, because I can tell you there are members on the other side of the isle that would vote for this bill if we can get it on the floor today. So I they get actually works across the eye So why can't we get it? We control the house, a hand, the Senate and the White House. Why can't we get it onto the floor of the house today? Well, you know There are some members of Congress and their very pro gun members of Congress who want to bring up legislation only to protect congressmen, now listen you're good ideas in those members of Congress support the second amendment, but here's the problem with doing it just for members economy. Then the urgency to restore all right to self defence, goes down I'm seeing this with our leadership right now. The people,
who are in charge of whether this bill comes through the floor or not are the same. People who have their own personal security details, which amounts to less One per cent of the house are represented by the way. Quickly. Just so we all know what we're talking about my bill would make the District of Columbia honour your concealed, carry permit from any state. This is for anybody, not just members of Congress who comes and visit Washington DC over three quarters of the states already offer. Reciprocity among them date Washington DC, is an anomaly in its an answer spot because not only came in Congress not defend themselves. Members of the public can defend themselves here, so I know we're talking about Washington DC, but in and if I can look at gift horse in the mouth Why are we not talking about this for
the entire country that you can you gotta, be able to honour other states I have to honour somebody's marriage certificate why they have to honour my concealed weapon permanent well The argument that that some people put up the capital being oak? U S Congress telling state the day. Honor other states permit. There's some people there the tenth amendment. You have the balance that against the third amendment by but they're not payments are not doing that marriage license exactly And then I would love to see you be able to carry in all state, but the the beauty of me bill gland is that there is no conflict here There is no legislature for Washington You see there is no governor for Washington DC because the founding fathers wanted to, make sure that the? U S Congress,
right the laws for the city where they had to meet in just this exact instance, so that they could come here and be safe and so that there wouldn't be arbitrary laws that kept our government from functioning. So this is constitutional. The concept She says that we write the walls. Forty four out of the question that we, like you just said: if you gotta have a house, that's Republican assented, that's republican and a president, this Republican, and you have clear jurisdiction over the District of Columbia. Why does it have the worst gun control laws in the country so what is the response to your bill? So far so far, among the membership. Here, it's been overwhelming. Yesterday I pray then, at my idea to the entire GEO p conference and before it could sit down, they erupted. In applause- and I had members who are not members of the Freedom caucus come up to me and say
I know I'm not very conservative, but I sure, as heck support your bill, they literally said that to me and the its import air, but I think our leadership is not responding. Well to it. They say it's not the right time. I say this is the. Exactly, I thought. What, when is it going to be better one would have been better when, when thirty congressmen were killed, it's never going to be- better. This is urgent, in fact, I have forty four co sponsors. This bill already- and I just introduced at last Thursday and I'll- probably pick up another afore five today, CO sponsors and I'm telling you Glenn. If this went to the floor, Democrats would vote for it three to go, I offered legislate That would be fond. Washington DC gun control laws out. Ironically, I was able to get that to the floor under John Banner and Paul Ryan blocked it last summer. They said it wasn't there
time last summer to offer the legislation, but when I got it to the full or under John Vainer. Twenty Democrats voted to de fond washing and these gun control bodies, and there was oh imperative, then like there is now under way. Sokol so tell us what we did with. I have to tell you. I am so sick of hearing call you Congress would call Rob and because it they don't air, if you think Paul Ryan gives a flyin crap about you and you're in your gun. Rights oh yeah, I mean how it again for me once Shame on. You fool me, my entire fifty three years of life, while I'm here, I should be locked in an institution so what make the case that I should lift a finger. The call well, I think,
whoever is listening to this is probably not your member of Congress. Who is the problem. Is that it's the leadership there is preventing this bill from coming to the floor, and I know I it's like a broker record, but I am going to say you should call this speakers offers ends, We know you have protection for yourself. What about the other members of Congress and the rest of the public dont think this issue will go away the next time it could be much worse. Our So if we call the speakers, you have somebody look up the stupid speakers, phone number so weak. Give it out If we call the speaker, we spend typically need to ask for your bill to be introduced, awake otherwise, they're going to come up with one that just allows them to carry guns, which is a horrible, idea,
reason that idea problem more work is to allow members of Congress. Not only does it not restored the second member right here in the capital city, just extend it to members of Congress. It reduce the urgency of some members of Congress, not all members of Congress, but what they feel safe their urgency to protect you all right self will go down, but I'm going to have it for the speaker, but I will tell you mean they don't seem to care. You know they did that with healthcare and a lot of the Republicans or in on that they get all the special deals. They had everything screw HU, the american people? I got it. I mean it sounds like what they will do. Well. I'm sorry TAT, Thomas, I don't mean to take the wind out of your sales, because I really I really appreciate you. I really appreciate what you're in using and I want to help- and I yes, I will call the speaker but-
I mean, it's frustrating greatly been soldiery down. Yes, let will take there's not much wind, to take out of my sales, I'm here in the swamp when the non we're Trying to get a move on these creatures are not even get to the wind does tool to two to five or six hundred sound right for the further speakers of number. It sounds good you could. You could call the switchboard here or you as your member of Congress, the asked the speaker to bring this bill for a vote, because Democrats will vote for it. I'm telling you I will vote for it. I would love to see the senator who was elected in a state that tromp one that's up for election, this cycle telling people. But he is against reciprocity in Washington DC with the honouring
anybody in their states. Conceal, carry permit right. It's it's an indefensible position to say that the public and members of Congress can't defend themselves when the constitution says the? U S. Congress makes all the words for Washington DC, so let's play devils advocate. When do you have a second Thomas? Can I take a quick break? Please, ok, take could break, and then I want to pay play devils advocate here in and see how you argue the other side, back of the second Gimme, the phone number again path to two o too second, I just call Speaker Ryan due to far too do five to owe to two to five or six hundred call speak and then say you want Thomas masses gun legislation for the D c area to be passed, as is CALL York congressmen and tell him the pressure Speaker Ryan Waters The prize
Paul, Ryan. Turning out to be a weasel. I can't believe it call that number now one one more time. Here's a number two o too five or six hundred, ok back just a second our sponsor this half hour is gold. Lying last hour I told you and if you miss, did go back to the podcast as to the bottom of our number one and you will you will hear what happening in Illinois and that is not good one hundred percent of the money they take in so one hundred percent of the tax dollars. We'll go now to pay for the pensions that the judges in the state say, must be paid in full. So that doesn't leave any money for roads or teachers or schools or buildings, or anything else How are they gonna get out of it? Well, I can
guarantee you they're gonna push it to the federal government. The federal government. They laugh it up. Because the male control and it's gonna have then state after state after state- and it is just beginning now in Illinois, what that means for the dollar? means they're gonna have to print more money, and this money will have velocity, because this money will go into the hands of the american people who were problem. Their pensions and they can't pay for them. Oh they'll get the money and they ll spend that money vote ah city is the problem with What is the reason we don't have massive inflation right now means no, spending it does people who have it are all the rich banks that have put it all in the stock market wiser stock market. At all time highs it inflation, too many dollars chase too few goods
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up to twenty five thousand dollar investment to a year. It starts at twenty five hundred dollars and stare steps up to a year. Call them now get their important risk information. One, eight, six, six goldmine, that's one: eight, six, six, gold, mine or goldmine dot com, the Goldline Back Programme. That gland bag programme, here's the phone number for the Capitol Hill and Paul republican leadership and tell them you want Thomas masses reciprocity bill for, the District of Columbia, to accept your concealed, hurry, permit for all congressmen and the american public tool to two five or six hundred ok. So, let's take a couple of things, Thomas first, yet
Let's talk a little bit about the the leadership and why they would want to do why? Why they're not jumping on this bill, Re Thomas, I still don't see, Paul ryan- is necessarily an anti gun. I've never seen that. Out of him, I mean. Certainly part of leadership is Steve Skull lease. So this is, I mean when you set when you say leadership is at fault here who we talk about. What's going on once the motivation? Well, high. Pitched too members is GEO P conference here they love it, but had a really icy reception with Speaker, Ryan with majority, but Mccarthy. I I have to say part of their lack of urgency there. They say well, the kind of four, but maybe we should do it later does not now, I suspect their lack of urgency could be due to the fact that they have to security officers with them at all, not matter, while our eye somebody's. Let's get into that a little bit,
when you have security, you tend not to worry about all the other people cause. You start to look at everybody else, carrying a gun as a threat to your security and that's why, The other side will will say we're in Washington DC and you ve got me at all. We really gonna have a gun in the Smithsonian, a gun in the National Archives guy in the nation's capital. You can't do at the american people coming in with guns we'll go in, I could the across the river from here to Virginia, which offers reciprocity to forty nine other states, ok and no problem there and Virginia the Pentagon's in Virginia there, it being its utmost still nobody by Thomas the Pentagon. They have soldiers there, I'm just saying it s! The proximity to the cap. But always virtually the same area and they have reciprocity. In fact, these congressman we're playing and in Virginia at a ball field, but the reason they
but an carry a weapon as they were coming from DC and going to return to decency right, but the other thing Glenn, eighty eight percent of mass, public, shooting shooting. Since nineteen fifty have been in places where citizens haven't been able to defend themselves. And if, if you are in a gun free zone, which effectively all of Washington D C. Is yours you're, twenty Donna more likely in a gun free zones to be the victim of a mass you. So I can't take a gun into a federal building in any city or a state building or a school or anything else I'm travelling with my gun and I go in so are going to the capital, you won't. Let me bring my gun into the capital, but you have a locker there or something for the guns. Is that what you would imagine would happen in the capital in the buildings here in the complex people say? Well, you know, what tours carrying guns and there the capital is,
literally the only example of a true gun, free zone. Ok, the buildings themselves, because they have to police officers at every entrance and a metal detect erect when you are inside of one of these congressional buildings you're in what is revamping, Most a unicorn because it so expensive to create you are in a gun freeze out their criminal swill criminal. Don't have got, but if I don't, if, if every federal building says it's a the free zone has a sign that says you can't bring a gun in there My gun is locked up in the hotel room. What because I want to go to the museum- and we know go ahead if it were, may I would let you carry in the Smithsonian that would I don't see a problem with that right. There are, neither is it in fact. I think it.
Don't want a phrase it that way. I want you to be able to carry on this. Misguided would be safer in this myth, Tony, and if you good, I know you would be twenty times less likely to be the victim of a mass shootings, Tom Thomas Massey, the congressmen from Kentucky really truly one of the good guys keep up the fight, don't get discouraged. We will call speaker, Ryan and say, introduce Thomas Masses Bill for carrying a concealed weapon in Washington DC for all people back programmes.
Program. So why anyone would listen atomic Massey, he went to some lit college and became such a dumb college. You have to spell out the name of it. Every time I don T know you intimate twelve people who go there are so done. They dont know how to spell it, so you have to spell it out, for it would to tease, did with two million spelling right now. So amazing, we know he's from Kentucky. They have the local sluggards or made there, though he tried Myths apparently went to school foreign. It and didn't ended up a a mechanical engineers, so he's changing oil. These can it may easily you don't do it s easy to S. Eighteen scores! Thirty, five! Thirty five years, a thirty second, we all know. We don't know that six,
five and below is flunking. So he's double flunking been telling you that are more an announcement to measures taken handouts, and I mean how do you mean? Well, I mean he gets a check every single year from this Mitt College that he went to based on light licensing fees and royalties on a patent based on the work he did for his undergraduate. Let us do that any hour. I'll aims to be you know, conservative awry taken, handle the Afghan exactly man, I mean what they like. What has this guy tat? I ll get it all good thing. We ve got an expert on. We have TIM Schmidt, TIM? Is full disclosure protect and defend dot com. He is with the USA, a U S. Cecy yea, which is the United States concealed Carry association. That is a sponsor on this programme, but that's not why, having tit TIM on I'm having TIM on, because I want to be able to dismantle all of the arguments that Congo
is going to throw up on why you should, carry a gun. Now is the time to get the right person Report Rep Rep. For a single register. Property arise there, our identity, forget it Ah he for the Washington DC to honor you. Her concealed carry, and I didn't even go to met anyway. TIM is here and has some stats. They are the there really, the the biggest organization on educate. Training and especially the defence of the defender if you try to if you're, trying to protect yourself, and you have to decide this discharge, your firearm urine urine for three of Absolute hell- and these are the people that will help you- wait. Ten welcome to the programme how're. You hate morning do a fantastic, failed and beyond
I want to talk to you about what they're going to say. Cars is going to say. Is we can't have ex wife around the regular people walking around Washington DC with a gun we're going to give only Congress members again well, sir, certainly without wishing to Thomas ass. He talk I was I was I felt refreshed because he actually is thinking about this the correct way and if the presence of guns cause crime, Then, why would you want an armed security guard mean a false premises? If it does, the mere presence of of guns will increase the lebanese liveliness of crime, but actually the exact opposite is true and, as as Matthew talked about before your gun prisons. They lip essentially act as mass shooting, magnet and so really come down to your. Do you trust the people do you not trusted? You know, don't I mean honest? just won't play devils advocate with you. There's a lot of people in America to say no, I don't trust people with guns
I'm sorry, but I mean we review, has stated what we're a country of trust, freedom and responsibly then you can legislate any of those and that's just the way it works well, give me gimme. Some reason to trust people who carry guns. I mean look TIM I mean we all know, security people. They had training, you know, and I prefer honestly that all people who carried guns were former cops and that's it I mean they mad had training for years on how to carry a gun. The average person that doesn't make people safer Well, you know that's what they say, but unfortunately exactly what they say in and so that the first thing I talk about his like look, you know something as a natural born right. If you, if you don't believe in the natural right of self defence, will then you living in their own country. If you want to, the founders, the founders
their old dusty people a natural born right. I don't even know what did me natural born right, what ok well hub My next point would be that that you have used a statistic statistically look at them, but that the amount of of negligent negligent, negligent gun discharges of conceal tray permit hold. Versus off duty or on duty? Police officers is actually Laura, which can feel carry payment order, so does that status say that again why that again certainly do negligent discharges across all conceal carry permit holders is lower than with off duty and unduly police officers so they accidently fire there gun more than concealed carry permit holders give here. If you look across all too short term, from it. Others. Now to that, that comes down to the fact that I mean police officers does happen
The handover guns more often, but but concealed reprimand permit holders are by far the most responsible and well trained, carriers? Are I rent a stab from you? That said, when you have only three to five percent of citizens carrying guns Crime is reduced dramatically Fill that out at all what will surely lit the best of the best part about the concept of the responsible armed citizen? Is it it doesn't take we we don't I'll, have to do to get this powerful, deterrent effect criminals. Are we think that are concerned about a lot of criminals. They don't even care about going to prison, but none of them want to die if they're walking into a place at their walk into a room. And they don't know whose armed that will have a powerful the term this fact- and you only have to have three to five percent of the people armed, but for that to take place, people say
that the gun control got a gun control worked in in London because crime went way down. That's not true at all is at s completely false, every every one of those stature you hear about oh crime being reduced in Australia or London having firearms is completely completely made up. I was actually higher, I'm so the what they did and in London they actually compare. They dont do per capita. They actually do. You may compared ever ever in a country as if, like here, but the presidency, significantly less people in London Rank the soaked. So tell me this time. I do want to talk about this. One thing One thing that you do with the USA, which I never even thought of, is we all purpose. Error to carry a gun and the people who do have a concealed carry permit writing one of the reasons why we don't have it?
Then he discharges of earth, accidental discharges of our guns, is As we know, we are in so much trouble and we propose error- and I you know- thought it all the way through on. You know I am I really willing to fire a gun? Yes, I am, and I you gotta be responsible and I'm willing to kill somebody if, if I feel my life is in danger, not my stuff but my life for my family's, you bet, but I never thought of the aftermath and the aftermath can he as tragic or it It may be in some cases more tragic than actually having to fire your weapon, Jack. All glad that that's so true in and one of the things that the EU, as you stated that we do here, is that you said before we talk about a preparation. We talk about avoidance, because the last thing you want to do is being that situation where you,
so you are forced to defy your gun in and not no one wants to kill anyone. We just simply want to stop the threat, but you're right. If you train properly and if you are prepared but if you are in this situation, I know that you do the same thing that I do, which is to do whatever it takes. Check your family loved ones and it in your right if the media was was once was a threat, is gone and you pull the trigger now. Your life is gonna, be hell yeah now you're. Now nobody is protecting the dependent the protector now you're on your own, and you have about three years of but all hell with attorneys. Do you not at least please and what one of the things? Actually you ask that you actually set it to me once we're having a meeting. You said you know, timid its expensive to prove your innocence nowadays and that that's exactly what it is you you're gonna need up to five thousand. Maybe a million dollars have the best criminal defence lawyers. The Basle expert witnesses, essentially to keep keep you
jail and and how many people, when your fight, when you actually fire your weapon, how many people, actually go through that. What is the percentage of people that actually go through? That is what is it pretty much guaranteed everybody gonna go through. That is itself Much of it going has to do with with where you live in any of the politics of the district journeys in your area. So Living in New York City earn in LOS Angeles, plumage, any big city in the country. There are toast charges, yeah sure you, your test, Ok, TIM. Thank you so much. I appreciated the any idea of way we how you think that Congress is going to act because of last, shootings gas, unfortunately I don't have a ton of confidence in inner better. I hope we do the right thing and I also hope
according to the National Reciprocity ACT going in, and I mean that every time something that happens, you want to learn from it in your come up but our laws and make better legislation. Unfortunately, frameworks in our country, the outward backward, some Thank you so much that I appreciate it. I want you to call packing the number again. I want you to call the speakers office and As for Thomas masses, bill to be Pascal corn in two and say you know like this to happen all over the country We know from Massey that you know his is constitutional to be able to to do this in the District of Columbia. Bigger Ryan's offices to owe to two to five or six hundred requests going on the BBC are a Her care reconciliation act of twenty seventeen, the Senate version of the Healthcare ACT has just been released, so we're gonna go through as we speak and was loves details for you coming up to him a good.
You know what it is. I can tell you right now it bad that a couple things the long term state innovation fund dedicates a sixty two billion dollars over eight years to encourage states to assist high cost and low individuals to purchase health insurance by making it more affordable. We also have another job, I enter fund in here. This is interesting. So the complaints on this off he learned of drop off a health insurance. So here's how they're trying to address it again. These are just the initial details, have not read the entire billiard shorter Stabilization Fund to help a balance, premium costs and promote more choice and insurance markets throughout the country. The stipulation civilization fund would help addressed coverage. Exe access disruption by providing fifteen billion dollars per year in twenty eighteen and two thousand and nineteen ten billion dollars a year in twenty twenty and two thousand and twenty one and will continue Real assistance, through twenty nineteen to help lower health care cause for low income Americans in the individual market so
kind of reads. As and again we go see, the details reads as ok we're to get a few ears up a lot of stuff that you are already getting from Obama care to continue and would bring it up do twenty nineteen now, of course, if it goes through twenty nineteen, then it comes off during the election year a year where trumpets TRAIN run for real action and, if demo, that's going to come in there and say. Obviously these things are going away. Trump won't stop. It it's gonna be a mess. That's why this is just the beginning. Stew it was just the beginning and we're gonna work. Auditing, live and put it together. So it's better for the american people- and there are some good seven year to say, of course, I'm starting today. There is an awful start with the good stuff at the top the hour, we go through it together? Now this road trip this summer,
nothing like put in the kids in the car and go and on a road trip. Nothin like it are we there yet I gotta go party. Are we there yet? I gotta go party I gotta go potty followed by. Are we there yet wreaths of local mechanics and Arkansas to fix a broken water pump ass? I did then get back in the car. Are we there yet I gotta go party. Why are we going in the first place? I didn't want to go on this trip. She's hitting me she's, hitting me she's hitting me no, I M not. Yes, I am banner, then, across country car trip with your kids. I beg that the water pump goes until I have to actually pay the bills. Does well said she back about five hundred bucks air conditioning or are we there yet I'm hot, I'm hot? I know
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paying the mechanic and waiting for a check to come in. They pay the mechanic, whether its at the dealership or your favorite mechanic or some guy. You don't have any idea along the way they pay it and take care of it directly. Car shield, dot com used a promo code back you'll save ten percent. A duck deductible may apply to percent off. If you use a promo code back eight hundred car sixty one hundred or car shield, dotcom drivel, eight, seventy seven back. This is the glad that programme couple things that I want to alert. You programming notes first of all. Today for members of the blaze. I am doing a a call in Joe five. O clock live,
You just called the number that you normally call for radio, aided eight seventy seven bees UK. I would call a few: it's early, as are gonna be taken calls to, because I want to just start right off the top with your phone calls so called few minutes early and they'll start to screen calls probably about. I don't know for forty five eastern time again the All times will be eastern, but why love to hear from you and I'll take anything I really. What I really want to do is take the car. If you are a blaze subscriber and you ve never been able to come down for the studio audience, but you you want to tell me about I really would like to beat everybody in your company to a bloody pulp, because whatever I want to hear from you any question any topic on anything: keep it Eighty eight, seventy seven be easy K is the phone number that begins at five.
P M today, that's blaze subscribers only then Wednesday on this programme its? You and me, and the phones all next Wednesday Go Miss. It it'll, be a noble adverse weather, hear from you? I have some questions on that. One, for you, talk about a bank were correct.
When that radio, that were a man, this is not going to be a pleasant our because we have we ever GEO Peace, healthcare bill would start breaking down. We have the new solar panel wall and have just accused me of having in a rational hatred for Brendan Frazier movies, and there is no such thing as irrational hatred of Brandon Brendan Frazier movies, everyone, not from you. If you ve seen a Brendan Frazier Movie, you have a fear of seeing another one and you automatically he's trying to convince me that the Brenner freighter, Mommy's were great. Then we're threatens a great. I said they were good weather was watching the horrible as real or allowing he's ever been. There were one or of all horrible now, and I have just piss you too often, I have a review of the transformers movie, which I saw in my son, yeah yeah.
I await your ever. These are usually very strong the new it's up or not. Except for all examples where, due to start with health care, and it's going down hill from there right now, the fusion of entertainment and didn't lieutenant these things. I am so tired of Washington, D C I have to tell you, I think I have to apologise for me. You know my behaviour over the last year and a half when I was
for TED crews. You know. I believe that we could fix this country because we can refer. You know we can go back to the constitution. You were ahead of me You know that, Washington DC is so broken that there's no one going back to the constitution is just not going to happen in today's climate. So I apologize for actually believing you're ahead of me on that. Let's look at what's happening with with the health care Bill now Healthcare bill and we have to. We will get a mind. This is republican solar, their fixing, this its banks, he's mine, is giving its just a bit is where you and then replace a bachelor. Really ticket Ard stand here, keep in mind where at eleven o eight Easter in time in the morning, if you happen to listen to the showed delayed, so we're just getting the bill, it's just been released, so what kind of
who is looking at the whole bill were looking at the reeds of the bill so weak. We can give you our opinion. Quite yet on this, but we will tomorrow they have. There. They ve really Is there a GEO peace Senate version, the bed, her care reconciliation ACT of two thousand and seventeen it looks more than a little like the House bill, which kept most of Obamacare structure in place, these plan actually looks closer to Obama care that already on the books You don't have to be told this, but this is why I am so sick Washington DC and I apologise to you. The average plan has work has risen by twenty two percent.
By the way that that was last year the Plan rose in caused by twenty two percent, but bearing in mind that this was gonna, save everybody twenty five hundred dollars per family per year. Right, remember, that was the promise in just the last year, and early reports show large spikes are coming this year as well the the for profit to health in its providers. You know the people who actually think We need to be able to make money to be able to keep this thing running, have lost so much money that either scaled back their product, their participation or have dropped out entirely Obama care is collapsing. Now the Unlike the house plan The Senate plan does not allow states to apply for a waiver to opt out of those rules.
It does eliminate the health insurance mandate. Here's due to give up who's been trying to read this one hundred and forty eight page summary. On exactly what it means. It's pretty, I mean it's it's interesting here here. Is I like this, this gimme the boil down here to start, it is exactly what critics predicted. This is from reason, a bill that, at least in the near term, retains weaken versions of nearly all of bomb cares. Core features well affixing few. If any of the problems that Republican say they want to fix it Obama care light, the health care law that Republicans lane to oppose, but less of it it represents total failure of republican policy imagination. Here, some of the details of it more even more than the House plan the separately and by the way, can I ask I heard last night, the Republican, are saying they wanted to keep Donald Trump away from this bill because it was
so hard to get done and they one eyed him, because they were afraid he would make a mess of this, that they wanted to Keep him away from this bill. It's true, I know that debts what I her eyes. I saw a a report- and I saw the actual screen grab of that text. From a congress and look Yet this how if anyone made this worse, partly been lobbying for it. He's reportedly, was lobbying Rand Paul to try to get him to vote for it. Likely had also been lobbied reportedly by TED crews. To see how he could get down the road what does it mean TED Cruises, for it had not been announced. There is for one report. I dont know who they are yet, but there are four: they need all but two Republicans to sign up, and there are four republic, Who said from what I know so far? I am not interested, but I'm
ruling it out and that's a look. I think that You shouldn't rule it out yet now you're doing this is rather Bill bill. There's a lot of debate to happen. The problem is what usually happens and he's debases. The is the thing worse, but So? Let me give you some more of these is the actual details of this again. This is the new Senate version of the quota quote route. Dylan Replace Bill from Obamacare More, even more than the house plan to set up plan retains the essential structure of a bomb cares of an individual market reforms. Like the house plan the set when retains Obama, cares major insurance regulations, including the requirement to cover pre existing conditions at the federal level K. So, that's the thing that trucks humor said it's a very, very sad bill. It's a very sorry, very, very mean bill because They were saying that they wanted to take out pre existing conditions. So you understand, so your friends understand
The entire thing about insurance is, and this has been lost through SS. I social security insurance. That's not insurance, that's a guarantee the hell care is not a guarantee. The way insurance works is urine, pools of people and the bigger the pool, the better What do we do? We break those pulls up? You cannot prostate line, so I can't be in a pool with people all across the country. So what happens if you put in the pool the company, is betting that you're not going to get sick. Knowing that some people will be born was cerebral palsy in somebody will have a heart attack and somebody in their pool we'll have answer but it's not a sure thing? I said I'm gonna cover everyone who has cancer and you don't to pay me price.
Or to having cancer. That's a losing proposition cancer. Enters can't. Do that the American? cancer society can't do that. If you cover everyone with cancer, then you should demand that the american cancer society covers every one with cancer. No, and you can afford to do that, and this is why we said the beginning is if this passes there is no getting rid of it, not because once you ve given this to people, Can you possible to take it away, and if you wanted to do something where people, had pre existing conditions of sums up something. Then you and you can't feel like you can't take it away. Ok, then, up with a government programme, which I am completely again, but I dont hearing anybody say this- that is out. Side of the insurance system come up, with something different for people.
Pre existing catastrophic conditions that need help. Okay, I don't like that. I would never proposed that, but That's the way you do it to protect. The insurance for people who have the sniffles and the cold, and broken arm what happening is people are You have insurance and I can't go to the insurance companies ahead just broke my arm. I need you to I'm gonna sign up, no, I'm sorry. You can't sign up once you open your arm. But that's what is happening don't have to have the insurance you don't have to pay in, but you're guaranteed. If you have a pre existing condition to get it so I've never paid a dime to an insurance company, I'm not paying and for the pool Wait till you get sick and inside right and when I sign up and then the insurance company
to take you in cover. You says ways on whose somebody insurance companies have dropped out of the exchanges. They write us and there aren't do if this continues. Insurance companies will go out of business, they signed. I have no sympathy at all for these insurance company. Many of them pushed for this yes or abandoned the biggest ones did better. Of course you know, I don't know, could it because it? If it's them in the long run, I mean basically what they have designed as a system that it legally required people come into their store and by their product. Yes, so of course, obviously you're going down a road here which ends likely in them. We know getting did their industry getting money from every single citizen in the country, but but it doesn't work. It doesn't work here is a half step to something where they're going to again. I don't like any of it works, but that you don't you hazardous colors, liked it for that years. Let here's what we're Lytton! Let me explain, is outside of insurance. If the NFL.
Said everybody has to listen. I know we're going nowhere. Ok, grower, ok, ok, worker! Damn everybody has devised a danger. Everybody has to buy El season tickets everybody has to buy, bought the guy Then said you have to guarantee that those, people who already have season tickets, it season tickets and those are those are free, though those are good, don't have to worry about it. They pay regular price. And it's a reduced price but then no one else in the country is buying their season tickets, Because I didn't want them and it matter to them? What the hell's happen to the NFL, the Unifil thou the universe just having to, by all their own tickets. There's no they're, not making any money. I think they thought well, we get everybody in the country hey, we're gonna make tons of money nobody's doing it.
He's doing, and I hate to us step on we're point which is a good one. Obviously, their pre existing conditions are there's something we ve had for a long time. However, that argues is completely irrelevant in our society right now, currently, Obama, care guarantees for existing conditions? The house built guarantees pray. Best conditions, the Senate bill guarantees for existing conditions, and the president has said he must have pre existing conditions in any bill that he would support so, it is like there is no one on the other side outside of nine people in this audience, right who actually think insurances, insurance, anymore right, and so that's the problem. If you want to take pre existing conditions and come up with something that is not insurance, then that's good. If you say all right, we're gonna do pre existing conditions. We, as the United States of America, believe no one should have to worry about a catastrophic failure and you know what that there's a lot to be said for that
that no one in this country should ever have to lose their house because they have cancer or their kid has cancer and they ve lost everything. Ok, We as a society step in and say we're gonna take care of you. I don't that's a wise idea, but it's charitable and it's nice, and it makes us feel good and it is a nice thing to do. Ok, great, but that's not insurance, so solve that problem, and then how can we make the insurance that everybody needs real a cheap They are not doing that not making insurance more cheaply there taking it much more expensive. This Only gonna make things worse and collapse. Entire system quickly.
Point as I would women this is point one of this, and this is really not even one- that's being argued about at this, yet it also retains another thing that is in Obamacare in the House plan now the set plan and also something the president once which is you keep your kids on your insurance until their twenty six years old so that the only difference here. How is it my kid? Is adult to the government- and the doctors, when their aid, and they can that when they, get birth control the minute they started to men straight and have an abortion and their an adult, and they have nothing. I have nothing to say about that, but the kid that I have to continue to pay for until twenty six, I will add to this. The one difference between the health house in the Senate plan is some of these restrictions under the House plan gave the option for states to opt out to get a waiver
an opt out of some of these restrictions, not all but some the house. How likely is it awful? It was already bad. The Senate build, does not give states the option to get it. If her and drop out of some of the more will see what you likely on saving it likely on I'd love to hear what he has to say about this bill. I may just I was just coming out so he may not. You know what I mean arose about it. May we eurobonds but aren't, let me take break zip recruiter Are you gonna need a job and there's gonna be lots of people looking for jobs. How do you find the right path. To work for your company, the purse, that you hire is so important and you just can't hire people. And and go wrong. It's a statue, you back, zip recruiter. Finds the right person zip recruiter. Now you can post your job to a hundred plus job sites with one click over.
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I believe that paragraph eight, eight eight, seventy seven back ready so were look at his own soul. Stew says Glenn shut up. You ve brought up two things that are not in the bill and nobody's even arguing for an there. Okay. So let me ask you this state lights in its across state lines right that back that ones I mean. That's it no brainer, that's what everybody thought could think this surrounds debtor in your seeing that right I mean reasoning and political unerringly gases like point one not is not point one Gansu least mention and all the articles that you read. I know you ever read the full bill right, but well, it now, it's it's way now. Where is it, then ok, it's not the Friday morning. Articles about it now it so it's interesting in that it's hard to believe it can't even do that, isn't it
Why don't? I just don't know if it's like we know. I get well hang on may I have an interval it's time for it, and I agree with that to mean American. I save intervention you're talking about, but yes, I referring to like having one with me now. Ok, I would, I think, it's time for an intervention of Pat he's like it's crazy, that they couldn't even get that them. Stop it let go of that silly belief that these people stop at pad its harm. To you, your family relationships in our relationship, the country give up on that belief, give up all hope in her governor of all hope- and I mean people are already giving up hope of the feed this help. Aircars continued arrives, they're going to start zone face groom We are worried, worries is already doing right now, actually got an email from someone very beginning of the sort of Trump administration from,
who was a big from sceptic, did not like spit trompe l. They said- oh my gosh, when these first reports about oh, my gosh, they're gonna, repeal oh boy the care, I can't believe this. I do not think this would happen and what their yeah this is where we are now just a few months later, I mean all of that, even that the hope I think from almost Everyone on the conservative side looking at these bills is dead, You hope. Maybe you can see into a mandate and a few of the tax is gone and you say: hey celebrate we backed off too and on the horrible scale to at nine point five, that's all we're hoping but we're even wishing for out of this bill anymore, and that is really where we are. If you, if what your hope. Or is a small government and a free market and a conservative platform that you're not even hoping any more for something good, you're, hoping to take a ten m. Reverse it a little bit too and hoping that they don't torture me
Are they shoot me and I had the other? The message has got to where we are just will you kill me quickly. More, no half the torture me to back it. Just a second bank programme. This is the Glen Back Programme. Let's, let's go to the healthcare bill, really give you the full rundown of this tomorrow, what it means- and they will hopefully talk to a couple of Us Senate leaders on it tomorrow. There's just came out about an hour ago so where we haven't read the entire bill. Yet we're trying to scare as we go in between the brakes. Stew has a couple of up:
AIDS and then we're gonna move on to something else that is happening. The border wall? Ok, so we know one of the big complaints about the House bill was this complaint is going to create all this instability, simply abundance of insurance, blah blah blah blah blah. The waiter Annabel attempts to manage that is by by Our health insurance companies with payments Republicans previously argued, were illegal and should be stopped. It is They're called see our payments cost sharing reduction payments, their sub these due to ensure, through twenty nineteen, authorizes those and back payments of those subsidies that ensure have not received on this front. It is actually an expansion of Obamacare. Now so wait so we're paying our tax dollars. And we're giving subsidies to insurance programme asked me of, two insurance companies to make it essential worth their while to cut to Rick reduce their costs about my frickin twin one percent increase that I paid last year as being their incentive yeah now too
to do as you have trump some credit here this. These are the payments that he in particular was talking about or at least been floated in the media that tramples talking about with holding these payments. To the insurance companies which basically would make the entire inch Individual market fall apart. So this is the Senate saying no we're not only we gotta do them we're making them back payments more, actually gonna, give them more money and actually expand Obamacare slightly on that change, but this, if you only know that the insurance company lobby got their got their chidden, get they got their stuff India. So They do so via the he did say c h, yeah I'll say isolating just swear, and I guess I'm just some kind of everyone who look at each other and I'm like. I just want to think what was that word. They got theirs. So the so. This is probably if you want the clearest example as to what
the GEO Peace Senate Healthcare build? Does if you I understand it with one little function. Is this: the house version of the repeal provided free money to people for healthcare, as does Obamacare. They did it based on the Senate bill, does it based on income, which is the exact same wear away Obamacare? Does it here's the difference? However? Again This is what I'm talking about when the difference of these plants Obama care gave free money to people? to ninety eight thousand dollars a year and sour that's Obamacare. Ninety eight thousand dollars a year. You did for me you have to ninety eight thousand. Yes, the Senate Bill, will give free money to people for healthcare up to eighty, six thousand dollars here. Wait were so that's the difference. It is, instead of ninety eight thousand they're making at eighty six thousand so away. That's more money than now
What are these numbers one or even used by waving wavin, say them out loud weight, so late, so a free if their own up to eighty six thousand dollars a year under the GEO people remaining. Ok under a barber care was ninety eight thousand, so it is a soul. I gotta tell you mean tv roll back. What this means is that if you want to look at it easily its, if, what we had in two thousand: it was a zero and Obamacare was a ten as far as worthy funds. Are this nine? This is what let's say the G8, the health. The house Plain was an eight, and this is a nine. Right, so which is exactly what we said. It would be Yes, we ve said it would go to the Senate and it would get worse and everybody said no. No, it's going to get better. Just the beginning, work and throw Kay.
So very garment. If you want a basic understanding, that's what it does to good things that we know of really only a little more about the individual man which show me- and I said this before many times- I believe- is the most offensive part of of above all. It is the way it will make individual mine constitutional Committee back MC. Maintain that, regardless of what is a very important, individual mandate is the only thing that makes this work. Supposedly I don't know I mean you could argue that one person who argue the opposite of that was barocco bomber in the campaign. He said you didn't need an individual mandate. If you wanted and of any real individual visual mandate, you could have made have any hopes. I wanna be no homelessness. I mean like he used to mock that idea, but you're right I mean there is a function of it to force people and gather all their money through tax penalties to pay for this nonsense. It and the Cadillac tax got the keys. Our tax? I have not read that on this particular the house. Bill pushed it out, but did not renewed murmur Jesus Christ. In this the other one is you continue? Look
while the as a business man, I can't run my business and plan for the future. When I don't know what the government is going to cost me next year or the year after over the year after that, I have to have a stable environment to be. To run my business. So much of this is just is just bookkeeping legally right. No one will know what it is. It's only booking Figuring, it's also, when is the next election, that we need to be the saviour of the world exactly, for example, Medicaid. What they're doing with medicate is their slowly rolling back the medicate and their cutting. It deeply deep cuts to this medication Raymond, that's one of the things that the Democrats you're gonna, say about it, however she's those cuts so far out in the future, but still in the ten year frame. The tenure framers import. That's how they score these scipio bills. So when there are trying, They have to do this to get reconciliation to work so
what they are doing is they're telling you. You know what we're gonna cut Medicaid by nine hundred percent by we promise in twenty twenty six. We oh no, that is not going to occur when it comes down to twenty twenty six there Did you just change it, and instead spending that money again, so it is not even real. The savings come here is not even real. There obviously going to change that later on, as they ve done many times before on both sides of the heart. Well, it's let's at least go to something stable, that we can trust. We know the wall is gonna, be built, the laying of reservoirs talking about it. He guaranteed when he went to. I love this week that he guaranteed eager indeed, that old bomb on will be repealed, fully repealed and replaced guarantee, that he so said. He has a new idea on the wall and what an idea is. This is another area where already spending a lot of money and design, but I'll give you- and I
Nobody is heard about yet, and I'm not sure but I'm a builder, that's what I love to do. That's probably what do best. I'm a builder I wouldn't think of something that unique we're talking about the southern border, of Sun lots of heat, we're thinking about building the wall as a solar wall. You so much energy and pays for Advantage this way MAX. We'll have to pay much less money, and that's good right is that good,
not really. I don't even know what to say. So. We pay for the solar panels on the wall is. Is that what you get so Maxie? How is it going to delay for the wall? The solar panels are going to be expensive and of any, but he's a word now. The reason no hang on Jesus is how this word is the only way for that sentence. Stephen work, Mexico's gonna pay a lot less for the wall. Ok Are they pay a lot less for the wall, while the walls will be very expensive, very much expensive obvious if you're putting solar panels. Let's talk about the solar panels in a minute, please K. So that's gonna be in a very expensive all right, but what we're gonna do is worrying but solar panels. We will will put solar panels on that wall. So now we'll get the energy saving. So we, the wall technically, will cost us less, because why Well, because it's not just a wall, we're also gonna build a huge energy farm,
So if we wanted to build that energy farm as well, We're just gonna build this energy farm there on the wall. So we are going to pay for a lot of that and where, our money back, because the energy is gonna, be so cheap, eventually right. That's the solar energy using cheap, now it's really cheap, because once we build it, once we build it, then you have all energy rolling in Yemen, the cost to building it. Helium We build it while always, although those savings in a number of decades right and so that's why you don't have to worry. You don't have charge Mexico so much because it's not Thus the wall, where renewing, Witham working to build these solar panels and then they can build a little bit of the wall and then we're gonna build these solar panels in the bill little bit of the wall and it's more of a some more of a north american partnership hear tee. Also a bizarre understanding for a republican of what solar panels do because they don't see you money. That is not at all of this,
not something that actually happens you were when you, when you say that, if I can, I tell you something I have solar energy Oh yeah yeah, that's solar energy. So far, my solar energy has cost me I'm gonna buy new batteries this next year, which are another forty six thousand, but without the forty six thousand world batteries. What with the forty thousand for the batteries. While I have spent only two hundred thousand dollars on my energy programme with solar panel s pretty good, because energy is more dollars. You see even every month in electric bills, ask where no one in and when I need a year, and it will have paid for this, and I go to that. The house- and I use it probably about six months a year, I'm sorry, six weeks a year maximum, out of those six weeks every year,
that's about probably five trips a year up there only about see ya gonna hafta four point: eight times do I have to have somebody come up and work on the solar panels or the generator to make sure everything is ok, I'll, really screwed. So there is that I won't hear you bad mouth, solar, energy saving, and so I say we are saving and bought load of money and we're helping the environment, and I now I'm it did I the part during the campaign where he said make sure that it's easy for banks going to pay for this wall, we're gonna make it less expensive. So then they'll agree on only one of these birds rats coming I that's right. I mean we do want to be good friends. We actually do. We do we do and making it cheaper by having eyes build something that just for my house costs over two hundred grand. It's gonna be so great when we put those solar panels all across you know a cow,
pull a thousand miles and he said what did he say to the top of the wall, the better, because then we can get more solar panels on it which again like I think you could argue, that he just trolling the left right. He, oh, I guess they could what're, they gotta be opposed to. So proposals on this wall. I argue this is not a real proposal. I guess it's the best argument, a guy! Don't wanna give serious. It sounds like you're serious, but I don't know what's real and not did you hear and its being presented as a real proposal, but it's already a law. He said I am proposing that who can have welfare. You come into the United States. You can't take any welfare benefits for five years it's already along law that's a law already, so you can propose it all you want, but I have to go into a time machine together Congress to to pass it. Has it because they ve already done it done it unless you want to repeal and replaced that law
working with Obama care just and we have raised within one we're. Just it was exactly the same thing on the wonderful work to on the place. This Friday is my monologues actually about. Teslas solar roof, which goes do the economics and these are numbers from Tesla. So these people trying to sell you a solar roof, Even they say you're talking about for an average home fish, The two seventy thousand dollars of up front money to put the solar panels in greater something that cheap, oh yeah! This is for a small house again, this is, and this is not the average middle class home person who be living in a house like this would not have said three thousand dollars to kick around to throw off their roof. Yes, if you do this, you get the tax credits and everything else you might
to break even in thirty years, based on their flowery x and in thirty years, all of the stuff that you spent seventy thousand dollars is going to be so unbelievably lately obsolete. In addition to that, the real problem is not the solar power. That is the problem there still too big stilled they're not as efficient as they need to be, but the other part. MS batteries. Battery that you have to spend money on that trendy end the bad keeping the batteries charge, to the right level make sure they never go down, so they don't crash, I mean it is. It is not easy, nor is it cheap. Yeah doesn't work yet again to get to the numbers where it might come close to paying off. You have to get a giant tax credit from the government which, by the way you would Yet if you're building a wall- and you are the government- then we'll be attacked, credit there thinking at the door Bell twelve over the viagra they will end. A part. Is you know when you're building a house,
you're, adding on property value, so your property taxes are going up, not to mention you took seventy thousand dollars out of an investment or bank account and put it into down in the roof So now, that's not you're, not getting gathering any new money. You are in this one way few live from people who say I wanna be off the grid. I do you love me. I mean, if answer that than that's ok, you're old and reason, and you have the money but the financially, that that's not it there's. No, there is no final regional rating as yet, there is no financial and musk has all but admitted that by the way, if you're, an activist- and you love solar and really want to be off the great cause, you might be a believer in something else, like There are reasons to entertain this, however, even with IRAN must pouring a lot of his own money and a lot of government money into that. They still can't make you it's like buying a tractor in one thousand. Nine hundred and three, Ok, that might work, but you're gonna keep the horses there because you're
factors gonna break down a lot, it's not time. Yet it's a novelty and it might work for some of the time and in you can get it stable enough for some of it, but not for the load of your house usually and make it economical. Me. I know right now is the video of neighbours in New Mexico. Taking down a burglar is, is going viral. It illustrates an important point, most boring Greece happened during the day when you're at work. What happen was so, The alarm went off in the house, and they called the neighbors said: hey something's, going on in my house. Can you just? Can you just check it out before please come well. That What happened? The neighbors? You know you're in New Mexico, they got guns, they are taken the burglar simply It is a completely wireless system that is easy to install. You can build the arsenal for all day protection in under an hour. It's
fourteen ninety nine for monitoring, simply save back dot com get ten percent discount right now, Sir please safe back dot com that simply safe back dot com. This is the glad that programme carry. I've heard about insanity of solar power at this point, what
so we really gave it whether it be great oughta be great and it will work well. Eventually, it will- and you know it was aimed at Berlin to horse supplemental power. It is really really good for really powering your house and do you not yet not yet I mean it's really tough and expensive. It can be done, but it still early on that this house back programme
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